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Comments (224)

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    one of the worst games i`ve ever played… sim system is bad, sex scenes are for kids and much more shit

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    D E E P D A R K F A N T A S Y

    It`s a hard game for me, can`t complete ;(

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    extremely hard and repititive

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    this game is super hard. does anyone have a guide tht actually works?

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    make more game like this thx

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    When discover good walkthroughs on this game i may tried again, but without it too hard seriously…

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    Once I enter a place I can`t leave.

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    200 girls.
    Hide your daughters, sisters and mothers !

    I spent my first week working as a cleaner and passing the test at the university. It`s not obvious but quite repetitive, so with a little training it`s easy to get an average score about 40-45 (my personal best is 64). After that, you can work as a teacher, or in the bank.

    After two weeks, the stress had grown up and I travelled to Snowville, where the girls are easier and there is no threat of sexual harassment… With my money, I spent about 10 days there, between the hotel and the bar, When I was back at home, I worked in the bank until I had enough money (about 3500-4000 $) to fly to snowville again and stay there until the end of the game.

    Quite boring but efficient.

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    I like the idea for the game, but getting the women is a bit difficult.

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    For those that are wondering how to reduce stress here it is:

    Use the bathtub in the apartment. I find it best to use the tub every day at the start to reduce the stress keep clicking the tub till the stress goes down completely. Yet if the stress is really high it will not go down in one day. I find that a full day of using the tub gets rid of around this much stress — if you have more than this then you will have to do this for days.

    The other way to reduce stress is to actually pick up a female and have sex. This is best by far yet not always likely.

    Having sex with the hooker does not work for anything.

    Another tip is that if get the $100 fine then is best to just go after women and not work on paying the fine back. This means eating the Mustard and hitting on women each day with the time that is free and reducing the stress. I found that on these days was the time when the using the bath tub a day takes the whole day for even the normal stress level as mentioned earlier.

    If you go to the Gym do not hit on the females there. Use this time just for working out and make sure to have energy and hit points high prior to going as the Gym is a one time use and each trip costs that.

    I got a neutral ending when getting 25 women pregnant so need higher than that to see the really good ending.

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    a very odd game graphic`s not great

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