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Zoe and Vince


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Tiodor 2017.06.27
Good animation and have many option. Zoe is hot and Vince is cool.

kemode 2017.06.07
Good game and a very good looking couple

skpng 2017.04.22
this was a good game but it started off abit slow

tnarailed 2017.03.06
okay game, not amazing the girls are hot

kemode 2017.02.03
Good game and not too difficult

mynameisjeff123 2016.10.04
this is the best game ever

Lesbianlover4534 2016.06.25
good game great graphics the girl is hot and good story

sserigne323 2016.03.26
Game was ok graphics could have been a lot better good story line some very hot scene but left a lot to the imagination! overall ok game

Scissors 2015.11.18
i really dont understand this game

godsebose 2015.10.27
the game was good and i liked one of the ending


OldCuteBoy 2015.09.02
Doesn`t work ...
Game stucks at "40 Cent" - Having enough money doesn`t open the possibility to buy the drugs for the beer :(

vijayaustin 2015.08.17
hmmm really superb and good game

rocky21 2015.06.28
i stuck when to turn off the fireplace the game its exelent great graphics and good endings

Lovingplayforce1 2015.06.23
Love this game good animation and gameplay

AceCoolz 2015.06.08
well not very suprising, but jizz, THATS AWESOME

dodgas 2015.04.21
why do most games have this pointer issues...just spoils the mood to play it

john milton 2015.04.19
quite a good game, i`d expect more sex scenes but zoe is just ravishing

Zeblast 2015.04.02
love this game a lot . love the graphic , love the story , definitely a good game!

darkboy 2015.03.25
love the story and love the fucking game

xslayermkdx 2015.01.23
nice game can be longer tho and more characters involved nice girl

xslayermkdx 2015.01.23
cool game nice girl can be expanded

nahid123 2015.01.06
Nice game with different endings

pieffepi 2014.11.25
Nice game. Zoe is just amazing, I wish there was more sex in this game. But overall playable and easy. Well done

TheCajunPhoenix 2014.10.15
Will somebody please tell me how to unlock the "Romantic Spirit" achievement? I`ve tried just about everything and I haven`t unlocked it yet.

And it would be fantastic if the devs modified the bankroll so we could buy both the lingerie at Appleville and meet up with 40 Cent at Ravenport.

Iva_bigun_12 2014.09.16
Good like most of the other games, the endings are enjoyable and the graphics are good

RashinRayne 2014.09.05
Amazing game. Love the endings and great graphics.

Jk369 2014.07.29
I say the game is great. short but good

jerrycom1234 2014.07.23
great game love the girl!

FastE 2014.07.22

For those who can`t find 40Cent. You can find him this way:
When you are at the last hotel. (Where you can talk to the couple)
Go left with you mouse.
Click on the girl.
Reject her.
Then go with your mouse a little bit up right.
You see "Go to toilet"
There will you find 40 cent.

Kind regards,


bitz94 2014.07.13
Short & Sweet. Good graphics. Nice game.

aussimal 2014.06.22
real good game ,great story lines good graphics.

RP1212 2014.06.07
Brilliant game. Great graphics as well

dimis1 2014.06.01
I like this game was good

assal 2014.05.23
it really has good quality.

bubbles9995 2014.05.19
Nice graphics and good story line. Overall a good game.

deffy duck 2014.05.15
good game grea graphics and nice girl

elliot26 2014.05.12
love the concept - zoe is a great girls

gapesix 2014.05.08
i never succed to finish this game but it great so far

julio1980 2014.05.07
Good story line. Nice couple... Hot...

themaster69 2014.05.07
The couple looks crazy, but the game is very good

timmytwoshoes 2014.04.29
I love the two zoe and vince its a great game i love cumming to zoe mm

ShdwVortex 2014.04.25
Great game! good storyline

TroyLancea 2014.04.23
great game love the girl!

Borsuk15 2014.04.23
my first game here and the lovely one. Awesome scenario ang cute girl!!

dogfight1234 2014.04.18
great game.has quality graphics

dogfight1234 2014.04.18
wonderful girl nice graphics

fenraehl 2014.04.14
this game is much fun a? like it

ojuego 2014.04.11
Nice Setting - I wonder though what is the purpose of some Scenes, like the on with the tree. Does it help you, can you do something more in this Scene?

kmjkyt 2014.04.09
great game and nice graphics!

bluesmanjax 2014.04.02
Very nice looking game - a few odd dead ends - and not too many sex scenes but pretty good all the same

farfallaz 2014.03.23
this game is very good with nice gameplay and cool ending.

piebot 2014.03.22
Kinda hard, but nice concept and fun to play.

piebot 2014.03.22
Nice game, loved the graphics.

2coolkid9 2014.03.16
one of my favorite ones hard but sexy

tanaman11 2014.03.15
the game had a lot of options on thing i did not realize till i was almost the end was when you click on other people and they are selling you something you can exit it.

onthefirstpag 2014.03.06
love the fact that there are achievements. as usual graphics are on point

vitorpingas 2014.02.25
Very good game the girl is sexy.

Sleeepy 2014.02.13
Not easy, but a good concept.

TheOne678 2014.01.18
I love this game, fun to play

panorama59 2014.01.13
Hot game with sexy girl.. amazing graphics

crowa4 2014.01.03
really loving the story vibe, but I ran out of money by the end

DaltonWood23 2013.12.16
Great game with cool graphics.

partyfox 2013.12.05
it is a great game fun and fresh

demongamer68 2013.11.28
Really fun game, played through to get all the endings, really enjoyable graphics.

edisonace 2013.11.26
excellent game, good model and interesting story.

Asli_Rana 2013.11.26
? like this game much :) not bad exactly

missingcase76 2013.11.25
Agree with a poster above, it`s still the non-linear RPGs I prefer. But this was damn good. Do like that these games are getting more attention and thus better storylines and more importantly better "games".

megabee 2013.11.21
it`s a great game with great graphic to....

ladiesman420 2013.11.19
very sexy storyplay,nice graphics,erotic,albeit a too lenghty.....
great game to have a hard on!!!!!!!!!!

Fab Baf 2013.11.18
some great scenes and endings :D

TakeshiKawa 2013.11.17
well it looks like you must have the druf from 40cent to get out of the bath room. Just go to the first beach from where you start, let Zoe take a swim and talk to guys there; they will introduce you with 40cent. save 120 $ to buy drug from him... Have fun...

jbs 2013.11.15
a very great game. I haven`y enjoyed this way for a long time !

riliy456 2013.11.05
the graphics in this game is sweet

Hotguy29126 2013.11.03
I love this game! Awesome graphics!!

mattstest118 2013.10.31
I guess I`m pretty new to LoP games, but it`s nice to see that they don`t all follow the same formula. I think I still enjoy the slightly more non-linear RPG`s a bit more (e.g. Jordan 500) but this was still a fun play.

jonni swashrod 2013.10.23
I think there is enough variation to make the game interesting, but it could be better

stud055x 2013.10.19
very nice game not that bad

Thestar 2013.09.28
I enjoyed this game, its graphics were pretty good and it had a nice story to it.

noogad 2013.09.20
amazing game great quality and sexy endings

blomman007 2013.09.16
this was for sure the wierdest game yet

Shomy 2013.09.16
Great game keep it coming

Askie 2013.09.14
Very good game...interesting story

ImrtlWolf 2013.09.08
Awesome graphics and great interactive scenes with a good story

asdf1212 2013.08.24
very good graphic....... i like the game

rakz_440 2013.08.23
really nice game.. i like it.

sweetheart6462 2013.08.21
this was a well put together game i do although think they could have dine better

nakarams 2013.08.19
Story is quite short, but graphic is good

goofygamer 2013.08.19
good graphics,the story makes me wet

satguna 2013.08.16
the game so damn nice.i`m speechless about this.exelent ilove tis ame

ecchiboy 2013.08.15
the story to short, but anyway the character design is beautiful

ecchiboy 2013.08.15
Quite interesting, but need more extensive story

SolidJoker 2013.08.13
From the golden era of free games.
This is a fine example of how a game should be.
It has used the full potential, good story, not to long, not to short, would probably not be as good if the story was longer.
As usual, good graphics.
In general, its a good game, and it couldnt be better.

shimar 2013.08.13
nice graphic and style i like this game

ghgaud 2013.08.10
Fun game, decent variety of situations.

63ted 2013.08.04
Good game and graphics but cannot get romantic spirit achivement.

adoredstar 2013.07.30
if it`s longer it could be better

country1 2013.07.29
why cant i upload an avatar i pick on and it tells me it has failed. can any one please help!!!!

Skafti 2013.07.28
good gameplay like the graphics 8/10

skyrope 2013.07.28
Can`t pass it properly, game ain`t so easy. Advice - screw beaches

demon16182 2013.07.27
Favorite game on this website. Please make more with them together. Perhaps while they`re in the air?

max369 2013.07.26
great game but it can be a little bit more longer fun game

smartsex 2013.07.24
could have better animations

rockmaiden1 2013.07.23
good story great graphics

grimes 2013.07.22
Wonderful graphics as always!

hHurb 2013.07.19
I wonder if its as hot as is sounds

omar99 2013.07.14
good game .perfect graphics

dazza201 2013.07.07
this is a hot and cool game

Andrew Jackson 2013.06.22
Ah, I`m fucking my self!
It`s so real!

Nikhil1011 2013.06.16
wonderful game, fun to play

Nikhil1011 2013.06.16
very exciting, so many endings

Nikhil1011 2013.06.16
i like the story, but hope can add more parts

gjovanni76 2013.06.12
good game, zoe is fantastic but the game is difficult

opt 2013.06.08
if it`s longer it could be better

opt 2013.06.08
holly molly wow, that`s wonderful

JOBBB 2013.06.03
really enjoyed this game, great graphics and animation, took several plays to get the endings for each girl doing everything

Fakeshut 2013.06.02
graphics look good and so is the story

Fakeshut 2013.06.02
great game and its graphics and animations

rodr1ck 2013.06.01
this game is just amazing. Great model and fun story.

rence17 2013.05.16
Good story, nice graphics, it makes me wet

gwazz 2013.05.15
still can not get zoe to leave room HELP

TAA 2013.05.13
Great Game. Good graphics

imavirgin27 2013.05.10
very sexy and great graphics

harryima 2013.05.05
aahhh this game make me wet....

gwazz 2013.05.03
HELP how do you getzoe to leave the room so you canget surprise

magicman23 2013.05.02
graphics look good and so is the story

Guybrush_4 2013.04.30
Nice game, with some great scenes. More if this please!

Telvaen 2013.04.28
Phew, was hard to find that pill !

isaac_aidoo_927 2013.04.27
great and hot game
wish it lasted long

VeNNoM 2013.04.27
Ahhh good game. Reminds me of the good old days.

madmax68 2013.04.18
Excellent game, love the different ways it could go

addaxe115 2013.04.16
Good game wish they could do more ...

Daddyluv1982 2013.04.16
Seems like a good game but I cant get Zoe out the room

gwazz 2013.04.11
help could not get zoe out of the roomand the graphics look so good

rodmichael 2013.04.07
fun game, never used the flashlight though :S

KillJoy2190 2013.04.02
I ran out of money too fast...other than that, good game.

PAZZ 2013.03.31
awesome...such good animated game... never seen...

§ 2013.03.31
the game have good story and the quality is realy good

Krush 2013.03.30
I rly want to be Vince right now, Zoe is an amazing and hot girl

tadasas 2013.03.29
nice game animFirst game I played. Good actions with nice imagesation good

Joshua008 2013.03.29
Great game, beautiful girls, but can you have a threeway with both girls?

shadowfriends 2013.03.28
good and fun game but needs to be longer

4queijos 2013.03.27
Awesome graphics, really good game and pitagoras said that a?=b?+c?

jakeshadow 2013.03.18
really good game liked the fact that it has many options and doesn`t end soon :)

Username2603 2013.03.08
Great game, liked that it wasn`t that short

Thesmaulo 2013.03.03
good animation i like you can look around

lonesttarr 2013.03.02
wow! so many choices! the amount of choices makes it a little more challenging that some of the other games, but well worth the work

qqsasrr 2013.03.02
very good game i was awesome :)

49fp 2013.02.26
Good game wish they could do more at tree.

dafy 2013.02.21
good game wished it had a longer story thou

sasquatch80 2013.02.21
good game, got all the endings but did I miss something? do you actually use the flashlight?

awesome112233 2013.02.18
im stuck at the part where you have to find the ring in the sneaker

bigedward27 2013.02.05
this is a great game with very sexy girls in it

DarkAngel5 2013.02.05
I can`t find the engagement ring near the speakers...help??

Tomo2401 2013.02.03
Girl is amazing I love her, one of best I`ve played so far

Hardmanlol 2013.01.31
this was actually quite a difficult game due to all the routes you can take

kataramenos7 2013.01.29
it is the first game i have play i like it very much.Very good grafics.A satisfy game mode with different paths and different endings

winz 2013.01.29
Great game................. and Zoe is incredible

angrypussy 2013.01.26
Shit. Fatal sex. Aaaaaah. Fucker.

Gordn3 2013.01.25
Nice story and grafic , good game.

marmadukexx 2013.01.24
great game..... you can choose to be honest with your girl or play cheat. Nice ending too

coolboyypro 2013.01.22
nice game graphic and play =D

OMTOR10 2013.01.21
very good game, good graphics and good story

oscar500 2013.01.19
This is amazing! I love the graphic + the game. It is very nice. :)

egane 2013.01.18
super seksi and hot game
super girls

yusuk 2013.01.16
realy nice game play graphics are real good and all round its a realy good game

sex seven 2013.01.08
zoe and vinci is a very hard fucking game

ionion2733 2013.01.07
Good game, good graphics...interesting storyline.

mackopolo 2013.01.07
this game was perfect its a good adventure

Sparklex 2013.01.05
this game was absolutely perfect :)

monkey12 2013.01.03
great game. loadsa fun really enjoyed

V1ct0r 2012.12.30
very good game, good graphics and animations

dummi1 2012.12.27
kinda boring not much action 6/|0

wolfpredator855 2012.12.27
great game had good graphic and animation

wolfpredator855 2012.12.27
great game had good graphic and animation i love it

fucker123@ 2012.12.26
how to make her to now watch while he is taking the ring

rajkumarsingh 2012.12.22
its a great and sexy game and the graphics are i love this site

mrbiggstuff 2012.12.19
The graphics are so real! Great quality. Love it

CaptainHammer 2012.12.18
I love the interactiveness of this game!

sarahh9110 2012.12.17
More interactive than others ... 9/10 x

tuneless56 2012.12.16
this game is so awsome it have very good grafics too
i love it =D

xxshaggyxx1 2012.12.13
1) in the beginning there are some books to the right. One of them is the suspicious book, click on it.
2) On the big tree there is a heart. Use the screwdriver on it.

Long Dick 2012.12.08
How do you get her out of the room to get the Ring?

mohmoh 2012.12.07
lovely but boring for me ... could be better than this

thugdaddy 2012.12.07
The ending was very good :)

monkeyhunter42 2012.12.06
great game had good graphic and animation

katakana132 2012.12.04
fun game. wish there was a scenario where Vince leaves with the couple or where he can invite the hooker back to their rom.

sohamsahu99 2012.12.03
zoe and vinci is a very hard fucking game

sohamsahu99 2012.12.03
high school romance was very horny

sohamsahu99 2012.12.03
i liked the game of hot wife story very much

sohamsahu99 2012.12.03
Vince did a very hard fucking!

sohamsahu99 2012.12.03
well done Zoe, for loving such a nice and handsome guy

sohamsahu99 2012.12.03
very nice game,i would like to play it again&again

fuckmania69 2012.12.02
Great game but how do add that something extra into zoes beer

Tusher 2012.12.01
love the story and love the fucking game ;)

Tusher 2012.12.01
its really a fucking great romantic game

ksexscene 2012.11.30
zoe.is super hot......great story and good graphics

ksexscene 2012.11.30
amazing....................sexy and intense.........

dpfreire 2012.11.28
The graphics and the animation are nice

thking 2012.11.27
very good game just can`t figure out how to get rid of Zoe at the bar to get that ending.

joseph vijay 2012.11.26
wow this game makes me horny

sexmaster202 2012.11.25
This is soooooooooooooooooooo fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111
It makes me smile
I never ever ever ever get stuck

danleej 2012.11.24
this was alot of fun think I may try again with different endings next time

brookeishornny 2012.11.24
great games and nice graphics

BigDaddy321 2012.11.24
The graphics and the animation are nice

sexiemama 2012.11.20
good game but got stuck cuz i didn`t take the stuff from the dude in the bathroom

yashar 2012.11.19
great game. no doubt it. i loved this game.


vadei 2012.11.18
great game hot girl and great graphics

tts1 2012.11.18
My favourite game..and Zoe is so hot...:)I would like more games with her

Ayushank 2012.11.15
Awesome game.....full of excitement and thrill.....U never know what may happen next :D

virtualpervet 2012.11.10
good game - nice variety of options

ganjahtreu 2012.11.09
There is definitely a glitch with the deep throat. I do love that this is sort of a sequel to Jordan 500 though. Other "punishments" for Brooke should include a three way, straight lesbian, strap on, even a scenario involving the mafia boss from Jordan 500 HCC. Jordan could challenge Brooke to find and seduce him.

therealme 2012.11.07
Good game, good story, fun to play

qweasd111 2012.11.07
Very god game really enjoyed it

Majinu 2012.11.07
i´m stucj in this game in part when you get the lantern!

missuniquecups 2012.11.04
the graphics are good game play could be better

masterboy307 2012.11.03
very good game of my choice

PlayFOne 2012.11.01
Orgy was a good idea. Loved the BJ ending too.

Phelim 2012.11.01
like this game. but its boring to repeat all the way to get a new ending...

f1rstt1mer 2012.11.01
would have enjoyed better animation but interesting storylines

pheralfire 2012.11.01
i like the swap thing ;]

david101 2012.10.31
best game i played so far. everything was great. the story was the best.graphics were awesome.

TGxViiperzx 2012.10.29
Small talk :
- But you defended me so chivalrously...
- About that CD you lent me... "Eyes Set To Kill"
- I need to ask - why the pink glasses?

Gossips about friends :
- I saw you talking with Ted, yesterday.
- It looks like Angelica and Mr.Steve... You know
- Why did you break things up with what`s his name?

About Emily :
- So... Nice tatoos, by the way
- Always the perfect student... How Do you do it?

About date :
- Emily, you can`t just give up on men!
- *Stare deeply into her eyes*

Ask her for a date

Buy item :
- Spiked Wrist Band 30$
- Blindfold 70$

Hmm, I could get used to this

That you are not who you pretend to be
Smart, sexy, sensitive, I could go on
I don`t know, I just feel that we... connect

Give Spiked Wrist Band to Emily

Touch her legs

Kiss her

Remove her shirt

Lick a salt
Drink a tequila
Bite a lemon

Squeeze the lemon on her breasts

Let her pick it up

Touch her boobs

Touch her there

Move your hand there

Give her a blindfold

Kiss shoulder

Kiss belly

Kiss her just above the skirt

Lower her skirt

Remove panties

Remove your pants

Ask her gently to suck you off

Remove your dick from Emily`s mouth

On her face

1 stop at the start
2 stop at her home
3 touch her boobs
4 screw up with the tequila
5 dont take the cock out her mouth and then select leave
6 cum inside the condom
7 cum on her boobs
8 cum in her face

OFP 2012.10.28
Favorite game, love it!!

bastid2006 2012.10.28
There has to be an undo button, cause if you accidentally do things wrong, you have to restart the game or stick with it.

Dexterous 2012.10.28
man i cant get the second achievement

manon89 2012.10.26
i am so addiicted now. can`t stop. lets see how this is going to harden my dick. oh yeah baby

Theosopher 2012.10.26
sounds good. could be better if the sounds are not just music. voice of the female character is music to my ears. Sync female voice and expressions pls.

MB78 2012.10.25
Very good game really liked the interactive in the ending. Again a lot varieties in the game.

zhihanchew12345 2012.10.24
Let`s pray the scenes in the game become reality as they are what I am currently expecting them to be while I am in paradise!

zymuthh 2012.10.24
Very god game really enjoyed it.

shlomi606 2012.10.22
like this game really good good job guys

malice4 2012.10.21
VERY sexy game i loved it Zoe is hot

blarzog 2012.10.21
great game with lots of options, lots of fun

jayker 2012.10.21
This game is pretty good

woody300 2012.10.19
Very good game really liked the interactive in the ending. Again a lot varieties in the game.

johnnyrocks999 2012.10.18
very sexy game
i like it

jlmerry11 2012.10.18
sweet ass game got me really horny

frogman2118 2012.10.15
Good graphics + sex= AWESOME GAME

abigdude 2012.10.14
This game was amazing I came three times

loveulikesg 2012.10.13
the animation are great and graphis awsome love this game

chrischau12 2012.10.12
best game i have ever played nice!!!!

banzai95 2012.10.11
Very well done game with plenty of options, good job

DA57 2012.10.11
This game is great once you get past some tricky parts.

NK240 2012.10.10
One of the best games i ever played, fantastic

l0lwut 2012.10.10
This game was seriously amazing! The graphics were great.

begenx 2012.10.08
thats a really good games

russian1 2012.10.06
i managed to marry her at final

BitSpyder 2012.10.06
great game, had a few problems, i kept getting a black screen from time to time, but still. great job

iamashisno 2012.10.06
Very well done game with plenty of options, good job.

smallfry_isa 2012.10.05
I liked it, but I didn`t get very far. Would like to get further. Help me after the bar scene?

jamsterkk 2012.10.01
great idea of using a road trip in this game

wezel87 2012.10.01
And again a nice game.. Good work!!

prettygirlswag 2012.10.01
how do you get zoe to stop loking so you cam get the ring

Zark 2012.09.30
Interesting game enjoyed it

digotueio 2012.09.27
I like the girl is very hot

gregscallywag 2012.09.26
Animations need a lot of work. Graphics are pretty standard with the engine used; It actually seemed a bit petty in the requirements for progressing. It lost my interest fairly quickly. There are loads of better options here than this. Try better animations and tasks next time. Definitely room for improvement.

erpoly 2012.09.24
best game....i like it...graphic also best,sound background music also nice then nice gameplay...love it...

Stese 2012.09.21
i wish it has a longer story

jezucigales 2012.09.20
A game very hot, sexy and interesting

mings 2012.09.19
want to fuck that girl awesome game

sexyboyever1 2012.09.17
this game is great,and fun as well and i like it

Jokke1 2012.09.16
Not the best gameplay but nice graphics sexy girls.

unbelievableuseless 2012.09.14
like this game, different scenes much longer than the last one =))

stefanher14 2012.09.11
Love this sort of games quality is very good

JohnMcKrusty 2012.09.09
A Road Trip with a lot of Action....
How shows your Way....Great ;)))

robbielennon 2012.09.09
God it took me a while to finish, but good graphics. Loved it.

mayleen 2012.09.08
awesome game with a really good graphic. I like it !

howydowy 2012.09.08
this kind of games are great, love the graphics

Psycho1611 2012.09.08
very easy game .good graphics

bellacullen1 2012.09.06
It had good graphics and was a really good game

potato0000 2012.09.04
it had good graphics and was a good game

mystic_m 2012.09.03
nice game. but going back to collect all the stuff at home and putting in the car gets tiresome when u want to try different endings.

minhdo 2012.09.02
really great, the graphic was awesome, but its a bit short, nice game though

mocamanman 2012.09.02
i`d like some more kinky costumes to turn me on

mocamanman 2012.09.02
this type of game is way too complicated, i didnt even get a single fuck scene :(

Stevenion 2012.09.01
Ah, screw it. I cant get the speaker open :(

biochm98 2012.09.01
fun game..bit short..thx for the help in other comments

polux 2012.08.31
its a great game but litte hard

dhruboPassion 2012.08.24
the game was a bit short....loved the storyline and the ending

kkkk9903 2012.08.19
good and fun game but needs to be longer

djerard 2012.08.19
Pretty short to be honest but nice graphics

sedrickduncan48 2012.08.18
Haha awesome. I always drug zoe!

Nastycookie 2012.08.18
really nice game but a bit short

Alex101 2012.08.18
good game but a bit too easy.

qzfanat 2012.08.17
Best game. Would be fanastic, if there was more endings. Swinging one is great.

jesterpester 2012.08.17
game play was good, ending was amazing

sexmachine59 2012.08.17
This is one of my favorite games. Everything is so great and I love the different paths.

stevie 2012.08.16
We`ll wait for next part !

coolguy4life 2012.08.11
need more high school games like this one i love games like this that take you back to them days.

blahblohbleh 2012.08.10
excellent game, a little repetitive when trying to get the alternate endings

luckyjarhead 2012.08.10
graphics are good, had problems moving luggage to kitchen.

jhs233 2012.08.10
Another fun LOP game, although it is rather short.

Jaiyah 2012.08.09
i liked it. It was different

Superdawg18 2012.08.09
good game, graphics look great kind of a short story though

Troyking11 2012.08.07
Wow, not 1 of my brightest moments lol just put the flashlight and lunchbox in your bag and she leaves the room

Troyking11 2012.08.05
I`m constantly getting stuck in this game which really sucks cuz the game looks awesome. How do you get the engagement ring out of the speaker without her looking??

teramorch 2012.08.05
really nice game I loved the ending just wanted a longer story!!

olio22 2012.08.04
pretty good game, altought the story is a bit short. Still, it`s pretty good.

sdnath 2012.08.03
it`s a great game. i like it.

seruin 2012.07.31
cant stop replaying this one...

seruin 2012.07.31
Best game ever, wonderful graphics and stories.
Many hidden features for extra points.

purple666 2012.07.30
I like the mix of environments

fucker213 2012.07.26
hot and wonderful.the girl is so sexy.

LCPLSmarty 2012.07.26
My god. The shower scene was probably the best part in the game. An absolute turn-on, I loved it

XXXCXXX 2012.07.25
nice game but the storie is to short

Lelouche 2012.07.25
Great game! Maybe make the story longer and add something with the saleswoman?

robd_7 2012.07.23
nice game, good story line. Decent graphics as well

chief007 2012.07.23
i like adventure games...and it`s a good one..endings are great.i like it.

bbcslut669 2012.07.23
nicee i will be playing this again

sunneil 2012.07.19
is very good game should be little longer but i like it to play

thefishman 2012.07.17
great game, nice graphics, could be longer tho

thelumpage 2012.07.17
this game is awsome great choices and graphics

YahMuddah242 2012.07.17
The graphics are so cool. I love the animations

BigCock115 2012.07.17
AWesome Game I Wish That There Were More Like it

ledondon 2012.07.15
good fun game with multiple endings, wished it had a longer story, the girl is hot!

HornyZ 2012.07.14
Im stuck after first kiss... can`t find action

clivesinger1986 2012.07.14
Great game. Lots of possible places to fail!

kuydster 2012.07.14
The gameplay is awesome. I hope you make a lot of these games

champion4 2012.07.13
really impressive game, to bad it wasnt longer

white woolf 2012.07.12

clbass90 2012.07.11
i like the graphics and animation on all the games here

sweethornyboy87 2012.07.08
i really like this game, nice Graphics

basdren 2012.07.07
This was the first LOP game i played and still i play this game over and over.Thank you LOP for this great game.

fuckerst 2012.07.07
well great game 1st f all n gr8 hidden clues once u miss n game meets a dead end ... gr8 game n sexy gal

Troy0 2012.07.06
Very exciting, so many endings!

bigjdizzle78 2012.07.03
Had a great storyline and plenty of paths to choose from. Overall it was a great experience.

earlgrey 2012.07.03
This game has great endings!!!!

elton.alex 2012.07.02
Great game can`t stop playing

thestud 2012.07.02
been looking at this game for a while and finally decided to play it great game

motyu7 2012.07.01
really good game with nice graphics bit complicating though

austin123 2012.06.30
A lovely game truly loved its graphics

Killa00 2012.06.29
Storyline is great with good graphics as well.

umbro12 2012.06.28
Great game,i loved the animation and the graphics.

stefan88 2012.06.27
could do with being longer, all in all good game thou

stefan88 2012.06.27
good game, great fun to play

stefan88 2012.06.27
really enjoyed this game :)

Fhrozen 2012.06.26
Nice game :D Really good graphics

mex911 2012.06.26
good game but a bit too easy.

mustaine7 2012.06.26
One of my favorites on the site, many different endings.

jackmar 2012.06.24
great game, managed to get all endings. for those who cant put that special thing in Zoe`s beer here is what u need to do. First you need to talk with the guys from the rocky beach and when you are in that pub go to the toilet and buy from 40cent.

mt57 2012.06.24
Nice game with different endings

becky789111 2012.06.23
where the hell is the wedding ring ??

Nero92 2012.06.23
one of my favourite game :D

digbicksallday 2012.06.23
Always one of my favorite games, no too easy and lots of differant ways to go... it awesome

inmortal914 2012.06.17
game was pretty cool but i could not find a way to get the "special thing" into zoes drink.

superdick245w 2012.06.16
lets hope its gonna be good =) also good game wished it had a longer story thou also hey guys, what should you add to the beer. i couldnt find anything

hemi 2012.06.15
gooodd dreat graphics very very much sexy zoe

hoptita 2012.06.11
very sexy girl, great game

karanp 2012.06.11
very nice n hot games....... love its graphics........... very hot girls

Demii 2012.06.08
This Game was soo awesome love the sex nd the story!

kiva_bat 2012.06.08
cool games & Its so great

chris_avril 2012.06.08
Cool game. It should give more money to spend.

jinga11 2012.06.05
Cool games with good graphics..

telece 2012.06.03
This one is truly my favorite game on the site

jk1024 2012.06.03
agree with Chris2001uk. It has great quality but too short!

stars_galaxy2100 2012.06.03
Not able to find the pot guy which the beach bums were talking about. Any help.

xxksgxx 2012.06.03
Amazing game, got stuck a few points. Zoe is so hot LOL

thomaskia 2012.06.02
Yeah this is a great game. very sexy also

blackwolf87 2012.05.31
game was pretty cool but i could not find a way to get the "special thing" into zoes drink.
the controls were also somewhat confusing at the beginning.

kurtrussell 2012.05.30
occasionally quite annoying but otherwise cool

elluu 2012.05.30
Nice game and gameplay! Thank you

[BY]WEGAS 2012.05.29
great graphic and cool game

KAYLAP96 2012.05.27

omarlfc 2012.05.27
excellent game, great story and sountrack. 10/10

dundiddly 2012.05.26
great gamme. good story line

zurielm01 2012.05.25
this is a good game one of the best hope there will be more great games like and i`m stuck in this how will i continue?

tjbond911 2012.05.25
The graphics were really good

bahamut86 2012.05.24
Nice game and gameplay! Great grafic and story

ocomon9 2012.05.24
Not a terrible game, but it could have been better

shivshiv 2012.05.23
good game wished it had a longer story thou

qwerty15021999 2012.05.23
i am stuck in the game where we need to mix with beer,please help

alguemanonimo 2012.05.20
the forest way is better in my opinion

tmarkley 2012.05.19
this games looks amazing, it was also fun to play

missmarr 2012.05.16
This game has great endings!

matzee321 2012.05.13
wow its a really nice game

periodeeee 2012.05.13
good quallity game with nice and hot end scene

roni@cox 2012.05.12
super sexy. great storyline. never have enough money for drugs and then sex

sexizu 2012.05.11
it`s a very very cool game

yudi_1976 2012.05.10
Awesome game, the game kept me wanting to play more...very interesting and good graphics and user gameplay

rommelsarmiento 2012.05.10
There is no way to get anything from 40cent... Did someone else find it?

inamo 2012.05.08
Very interesting outcomes here, replayability is good

Veecon 2012.05.08
It was ok, but would be better if it had more action and better graphics

Gray Warden 2012.05.07
great game love graphics and animation. But how do u put ring in glass

altair744 2012.05.06
great game, got stuck tho

wolfx 2012.05.05
please add more sex cuntent

qweasdzxc4 2012.05.03
not bad of a game. good graphix

otictaco 2012.05.02
very good game with nice story and graphics

reyuba 2012.05.02
good game just wish have tons of money..:)

zolo513 2012.04.28
This game looks great. It has a nice style to it and is really fun.

domo098 2012.04.27
great game, good graphics, wish there was a way to get zoe and the clothes store woman together

nompants 2012.04.25
love this game the graphics are great

123qwer 2012.04.21
I like the achivement features. MAkes me wanna play more!

Rathgar 2012.04.19
nice game, wished it had more chicks

Playboyxxx 2012.04.19
Game is a little hard but great game and graphics!

MONK117 2012.04.18
best game on this site, really good

helgasts 2012.04.18
Good game , love the multiple Ending

smokeweed411 2012.04.18
good graphics, but it had a long story

xXzombiexeffectXx 2012.04.18
I just think that this game is confusing

xXzombiexeffectXx 2012.04.18
Nice one this is these characters look so good together.

joepie0102 2012.04.15
i love the different roads you can take

acekill 2012.04.12
Talk to the guys on the beach when Zoe is swimming. They will tell you to go to 40cent. He is in the bars restroom. Make sure you have $120.

acekill 2012.04.12
Woot got all 4 endings .
get the drug from 40cent to put in the beer. costs $120 for it.
great game and good graphic

elsharaawy 2012.04.11
game was pretty cool but i could not find a way to get the "special thing" into zoes drink.
the controls were also somewhat confusing at the beginning.
you should be allowed to make the decision on buying pot off the guys in the beach and not the computer

elrien12 2012.04.08
would someone be so kind and write a walkthrough?

baseupp 2012.04.07
zoe is so hot even girls want her.

aceasd 2012.04.07
Great graphic nid a walkthrough i`m stuck .

IAMME4 2012.04.06
Good game but a bit too easy

bobbobbington 2012.04.05
a bit tedious at the start but gets better and better

dubhgilla 2012.04.05
Not as good as most of the others. It needs more destinations and sex.

akp_007 2012.04.03
Great game Zoe is a real sexy looking GIRL

Mrneverbackdownn 2012.04.02
Awesome though the game could have been a little longer.

ozzie123 2012.04.01
exciting game, a turn on....

dms 2012.04.01
one of the best on here so many choices

ghost104 2012.03.31
gangster game best one yet apart from travvelling

1179g 2012.03.29
Great game Zoe is a real sexy looking GIRL

Ben2mine 2012.03.29
This games amazes me
nice graphics

persian_gunner 2012.03.27
i like this game... it is good to play
Good grafics, but I would like more sex!
Great game

poopstein 2012.03.27
IM stuck right in the beginnning can somebody help me

manbarber 2012.03.26
Great game however would have liked to see more different endings

jak01 2012.03.25
one of my fav games, i wish more games were longer and had more options like this one

bernard.m.c 2012.03.23
this game is great and sexy

undone 2012.03.21
".. graphics is great!"
".. and ZOE is awesome!"
".. i only wish the story was longer. :D"

XenoFAPS 2012.03.20
it was a good game a bit short but the graphics were really good

jaqhuir 2012.03.20
especially the first ending was great

jaqhuir 2012.03.20
wow thats my kind of game

marozet 2012.03.19
nice game, nice graphics, little bit slow though. And I got black screen after talking to 40cent.

John G 2012.03.19
Really like the results the different choices make.

stub24 2012.03.19
Good game. Really like the way its all set up, may be just me, but had a few problems finding some of the items though

rooiewillem 2012.03.18
great graphics i like the story line and i love just the way the game is maked.
go on like that :D

CrimsonD 2012.03.18
great graphics and game!! more options available would be better though

sexiestgirlever 2012.03.18
i love these games the are so realistic

johakym 2012.03.17
Nice game and funny ! good job

wassup481 2012.03.16
A bit short but not without its fun.

dreefyfr 2012.03.13
I love the plot, but i think i messed up when you mix the beer.

Yoss 2012.03.12
good graphics but too less options to choose

jpsacrey 2012.03.11
great graphic, amazing game !

jasooon 2012.03.11
what an amazing game ! love itt

Lycanthorpe 2012.03.11
That was quite good, and the girl was very sexy

ihatewhenulie 2012.03.10
wow, nice graphic n the girl is totally hot i like it

amalin9669 2012.03.10
the best game i`ve ever played for a long time

ike121951 2012.03.09
good game although slow starting

jancok 2012.03.09
lets play the greats game

jancok 2012.03.09
its very beautiful gilr on this game

Lee1986 2012.03.08
this game was very good, its had a nice little story, nice characters, aswell

Maloney1996 2012.03.07
Boss game but too short and too easy

imcool12 2012.03.07
This game was great, lots of hot girls and great graphics! The animation was great too! Everyone should try this!

hitman-don 2012.03.06
Had some great qualities.
1. Great Storyline
2. Great animation.
3. Great Graphics.
I wonder if it has a Walkthrough

Fahreza 2012.03.05
great graphic and cool game

MrBosingwa9 2012.03.04
This is a brilliant game, great graphics. don`t like the way it pans with the cursor though.

richard6541 2012.03.03
the game not really all that cause it was too short and u can see the owner didn`t spent a lot of time on it

unlimited 2012.03.02
very ggod game, but a little to short.

ionut_p86 2012.02.29
great graphic, amazing game !

LineKK 2012.02.28
I can`t stop playing it, again and again!

taelyn 2012.02.28
seems so real characters and all

c0updegrace 2012.02.26
man i cant get the second achievement, any ideas guys?

Hater_69 2012.02.26
One of the best games here :D

servan 2012.02.25
nice too bad i went through only few scenes... :( anyways i`ll just explore more! hot girl and nice ride :)

KDRULES 2012.02.24
Great Game :) more like it ?

T0Ni.[454] 2012.02.24
easily one of my favourite play force 1 games

Murray654 2012.02.24
super sexy. great storyline. never have enough money for drugs and then sex

Pipen07 2012.02.24
girl is so hot and the graphics are superb!

estong 2012.02.24
very original..still a bit short.

lovesandyyy 2012.02.24
always good graphics luv these games
awesome and erotic

Litewolf1 2012.02.22
Want to see more of Zoe - maybe a Zoe 500?

coolguy34 2012.02.21
great game keep them comeging

LiberatorA20 2012.02.20
Hey, I`m having problems. I keep ending up short on money for the aphrodisiac. Any solutions?

andaru 2012.02.20
A sequel would be great. I think the beginning is too overdeveloped - there is no need for the flashlight in the game.

conawins 2012.02.18
i like the ending with the couple

asdfqwer123 2012.02.18
Good graphics. nice playthrough

samas 2012.02.16
good game just that it isnt complete

samas 2012.02.16
a very good game but isnt tooo long

Mike77 2012.02.16
The graphics are good, but the animations are a bit simple. I like the classic adventure elements like the inventory. A few sound effects could have created more atmosphere.

slitplayer 2012.02.15
Great game three good endings one bad

Proper009 2012.02.15
very nice game, really enjoyed it

xScarl3tSpid3rx 2012.02.15
great game very hot game also

rot 2012.02.15
What do I need to add to Zoe`s drink and where do I find it?

Mr_Red88 2012.02.13
Love this game, funny to play and good graphics

southerncross6 2012.02.13
I could not get further after the beear part. the man in the toilet is not helpful.

m17ke 2012.02.13
This game was amazing, wish the adventure went on even further, could play this one for a while!

raghav99 2012.02.12
can anyone help me with that beer part. and plssss tel me do we have only 9 Kelly Adventures

davenavarro71 2012.02.12
great game.loved the graphics

novo1987 2012.02.12
i love this game and the graphic are good and its got a hot girl in it

chrisa 2012.02.12
nice game..really great grafics.

shubh17 2012.02.10
great game sexy chics,,,i love it

1poop1 2012.02.09
Got stuck at first..but after that good game. Wish i had more money though.

monsterlovingcookie 2012.02.09
pretty good game, Zoes hot and nice graphics. i liked the road trip factor also.

cankijo 2012.02.08
this games really amaze me! i love it

rx7g6k 2012.02.08
very nice game, really enjoyed it

dickman 2012.02.08
That was a great adventure

DyaDya 2012.02.07
excellent game, but i`m guessing i shouldn`tve bought the blow job!!

rema 2012.02.06
liked the game but needed more scenes

fucker556 2012.02.05
goog game and nice grafix

Rajkumarmalhotra 2012.02.05
It was fun, its worth it try. It doesnt take long kinda fun to see all the endings.
waiting for the next

IRNOOB1337 2012.02.04
as always LoP has really good games nice scenes as well.

ChaosDMNS 2012.02.04
It says there are 4 endings, but I`ve found more than 4 endings..

killera 2012.02.04
good story, little short though

tnadev 2012.02.03
good story dude and very good graphics.. u only have bad taste in cars :P

tnadev 2012.02.03
hey guys, what should you add to the beer. i couldnt find anything

tnadev 2012.02.03
good game wished it had a longer story thou

PumaDAce 2012.02.02
very nice and epic chooses

josh_big1 2012.02.02
fabulous graphics...
hope zoe was for real

josh_big1 2012.02.01
really awesome game with good graphics..
zoe is terrific..
just hope it was more wild..
gimme more

honey911 2012.01.31
Awesome game a little difficult

pasat 2012.01.28
Another good game by LOP.

sexyman545 2012.01.28
great best game i have played

johny carter 2012.01.28
hot and fuck horny game

blehmeh 2012.01.27
hmm, idk
i`m kinda stuck after the car ride... cause idk where to go next

lavndrdream 2012.01.27
I liked it, it was cute and fun, will have to play it again and see if I get an different ending...

Barendd 2012.01.27
First game I played. Good actions with nice images

John G 2012.01.25
Really like these games where your choices during the game have a direct impact on the ending.

playforcegames73 2012.01.25
Zoe`s a babe. I`d fuck her senseless and my wife says she`ll watch.

bachferguson97 2012.01.24
Gud game, nice graphics, nice contents

Bowden 2012.01.24
pretty good, didn`t like all the clicking lol

yaright35 2012.01.24
I enjoyed this game quite a bit, it`s interesting and Zoe`s pretty hot. :D

abhiromanus 2012.01.23
wish this games has more endings

abhiromanus 2012.01.23
she is soo hot i could play again and again

abhiromanus 2012.01.23
good graphics and nice idea

m3992010 2012.01.23
I liked it, but possibly could do with some more endings. The girls are hot and the graphics are good, though.

LexiiE 2012.01.22
This game was really good. I love that the games have a plot

pawason 2012.01.21
great game i like it..sexy girl

peteski197804 2012.01.20
Well done Joe is hot and 3-some is hot

sex girl in a world 2012.01.20
this girl and boy me and my boyfriend i love the sex every day

firedragonnatsu 2012.01.20
good game. kept me entertained for a while...

katrazz 2012.01.20
The game needed a little bit more of adventure with sex.

Semnick 2012.01.20
Goog graphics, I apreciate this kind of historys, the final part of the bar its very cool.

bigirllover 2012.01.19
This game along with the graphics are marvelous! Vince and Zoe are extremly sexy!

azncookiesz 2012.01.19
awesome gamee great quality!!!

estong 2012.01.18
I really love this game. Nice graphics.

zaksoar10 2012.01.16
good game but could be better

pistolfli 2012.01.16
how do you get the drugs?

Woodert 2012.01.16
Still waiting for the continuation of this story..... or at least a version that includes all of the originally planned features. By far one of my favorites.

Dr_Jekkyl 2012.01.16
I think this game is a great one! I just love the looks of Zoe!

Shimmer 2012.01.15
just wanted it to last longer :)

AmandaJones 2012.01.15
please help me im stuck at the bar part

xSnipingGloryx 2012.01.15
love everything about this game

corner 2012.01.14
a hot game graphics were nice

daycarelol 2012.01.14
the way the mouse moves the camera in these games is sick

Killjoy81 2012.01.14
Good Graphics. Wish there were more endings! :) Any idea how to unlock the "romantic" achievement?

Boomber 2012.01.14
easy playing, good game and hot girls

potterbhoy 2012.01.14
didnt get it one bit, also kept freezin

mikicostanza 2012.01.14
a nice game with a good story awesome

Ghem67 2012.01.13
great graphics, I like it

HeartcoRemo 2012.01.13
really nice graphics of this game i like it

wwejosh1985 2012.01.13
good game but it needs voice

Obeaux 2012.01.13
Decent graphics. I liked the QTE made a nice change from the normal games.

kietack1203 2012.01.12
as expected of the gameplay and great story, this makes me excited when i play it again

C.C. 2012.01.12
Not a bad game but not a great one either.

newone 2012.01.10
was the first game that interested me in this site

luiza1000 2012.01.10
this game is very good i like it

Guillaume 2012.01.10
very good story line to it and a good varient of endings

morningscot 2012.01.10
really enjoyed it. great story and zoe is so hot. animation as good as others.

zclawer 2012.01.09
this is a nice game.. not bored to play again n again..

bigge12 2012.01.09
kind of a boring game but its ok just kinda boring

aray21 2012.01.09
real good game graphics were fantastic

siddharthchauhan 2012.01.09
mind blowing graphics and gameplay

heretoplay 2012.01.08
this game is a little short :/ love the graphics as usual, though

rahoold30 2012.01.08
gmeplay was not up to the mark

koti 2012.01.08
real good game graphics were fantastic

aardbei 2012.01.07
I like the part where zoe and vince were together you know.

hamxa 2012.01.06
nice game and the girl is really sexy

hamxa 2012.01.06
nice gamplay animations and grapics

haydenfloyd1 2012.01.06
really good game, i enjoyed it

stemctost 2012.01.06
great game but a little short!

Perry95 2012.01.04
Good game but can only get 5 endings

Chaotic_Cross 2012.01.04
a nice game with great graphics.

mafsuas-3 2012.01.03
Game has different ways for finish. I played it all.

golu8884 2012.01.02
nice game with good endings got ending 2

slut4569 2012.01.02
i love this game and the graphic are good and its got a hot girl in it

shadowclub6 2012.01.01
This is an awesome game.

liv 2012.01.01
I really like this game. The gameplay is fantastic!

liv 2012.01.01
Love it! Played it like a 100 times, because of the graphics.

bigdick14 2012.01.01
Great game graphics are amazing

corner 2011.12.31
please tell me how to get out of there

Darknatiaa 2011.12.31
That was a really great, and funny game =)

Kracker70 2011.12.31
I really like this game,butthere REALLYneeds to be a Zoe and VancePart2.So much has NOT BEEN DONE YET!

dynamiteOP22 2011.12.29
good game but i didnt have enough cash to add spice to the drink!

DUX94 2011.12.26
The game is vedy good.
Greate grapich,stor and edings

ifucksomanychicks 2011.12.25
it has good graphics but it glich when you play it sometimes

jasontidus 2011.12.25
good graphics, nice story. a good game.

jvonm 2011.12.24

Lots of story options, but I just plain didn`t like the characters as much I have for other games in the past.

zangaaru 2011.12.24
this game was really good, but getting her to put out was rather difficult.

viperman33 2011.12.22
graphics could be better and a little longer gameplay

speedy21 2011.12.22
graphics could be better.

horny76 2011.12.21
cool game realy loving it;)

chech 2011.12.21
That girl is so hot! Please give us more games like that.

ZHBarcaFan 2011.12.21
Another good game by LOP.

SwangIce 2011.12.21
Fun Game. Great dialogue. The swingers ending is so hot!

lickatoad2 2011.12.21
fantastic game, graphics are alright

playforcegeoff 2011.12.21
Sa va il est bien, mais bon ya beaucoup mieux et jm moyen moyen le style

Goschlong 2011.12.20
Really great game loved the endings!

penesas 2011.12.20
How is it possible to get the pills? Is any sequence I have to talk to people in the bar?

grindered 2011.12.20
Find this one a little difficult - it seems to depend where on the map you go as to how far you can get. . . could there not be a way to pick both destinations one after the other?

milo12 2011.12.19
this games is so sick it makes u feel so horny and wanna fuck Zoe lol

arefin3d 2011.12.19
nice game, good graphics.

nikolasvearens 2011.12.18
Very nice game.Very beautiful story

Homersimpson 2011.12.17
good game, has potential but too short

whiteygriggs 2011.12.17
Short game, but really good!

xpeeksaboo 2011.12.17
great game no absolute doubt ;)

bertadezeekoe 2011.12.17
i loved the graphics to but, i don`t understand everything

bertadezeekoe 2011.12.17
zoe is so hot and tina is also

bertadezeekoe 2011.12.17
i loved this game zoe is looking so horny

bertadezeekoe 2011.12.15
fantastic game i like to play games like this one

3mo0or 2011.12.15
good game nice graphics i really got excited when i sighned up to this web sites it is number1 and there is no better

grenadeboy05 2011.12.14
One of my favorite games, I kinda wish that there was more...nudity? involved

Akrasjel 2011.12.13
Nice game, super grafics and all :)

PyMpmYsTR 2011.12.13
Not enough options for my liking, it`s a little to juddery

aphrodite_j2003 2011.12.13
i could not complete this. Zoe became sad...

hontemp 2011.12.12
great graphics but a little short

ArneDeBacker 2011.12.12
I like the game very much and it is easy to play

Johnny Boy 2011.12.11
The gameplay is amazing

Andresmf69 2011.12.11
Maybe you could make an update for a foursome at the first beach ?!

UKfuckman 2011.12.10
Great game wish it had a longer storyline.

poutaniarisb 2011.12.09
very good game and reallistic

acid157 2011.12.09
fun game. great multi endings.

Arbaal 2011.12.09
Good game. Outlook looks fine.Bit more options at certain places would been an extra. But fine as it is.

bylyfyzytsyf 2011.12.08
Awesome, good graphics, like the threesome ending

ErinXx 2011.12.08
really good game, love the characters

lennard 2011.12.07
oh yes this is great games ever

Spud 2011.12.07
Awesome Great graphics too

suckdboobs 2011.12.06
aahhhhhhhhhhhh a true lustful game...... :)

rahulkrishna1234 2011.12.06
good game good graphics and sexy girl

Malb1 2011.12.06
Not bad at all, but seems that money rules the world here

Billo1311 2011.12.06
wow what a good game is this? nice job
keep it up :)

johan14 2011.12.05
Good game, the "sex" scene arent so good

mannertt 2011.12.04
Great point-and-click adventure. I could really spent a lot of time with it.
Graphics are good too

blueclouds00 2011.12.03
i think i need a walkthrough for this.

jeffha99 2011.12.03
this is a really good game and it has great graphics

jmack954 2011.12.02
This game is the total bomb!! Could spend hours here!

vist 2011.12.01
Good game, good graphics...interesting storyline.

sho23456 2011.11.30
graphics need to be better otherwise it is exellent

theattack 2011.11.30
Great game, awesome gameplay, the animation was really good, the characters were sexy as!

John G 2011.11.30
The only other thing to make this game better would be sound effects.

ryand 2011.11.30
very good game,, nice grafic and good story and make curious to find more

lichtschalter 2011.11.29
game play, graphics, animations are nice
just need to figure out what to do to get
all endings

mike97 2011.11.29
This game was amazing. I play this game a lot of time.

fada 2011.11.29
very nice game, I like it

ginoko 2011.11.28
good game i hope they will have lots of this!

Harimau 2011.11.28
Worst I played so far... did not like at all....

fufumcgoo 2011.11.28
Love the Story and Graphics

hoopsracer 2011.11.27
Good game, good graphics...interesting storyline.

Saarland 2011.11.27
nice game very good graphics

Bruneinho 2011.11.27
Nice girl, nice history... It was one of the best games.

firess7 2011.11.27
very good game but needs a lot more sex in it

kursat 2011.11.27
a very good hot game and zoe is very hot

cyclonic 2011.11.26
Not bad, but Zoe needs to be a bit nastier....

facebookorton 2011.11.26
The lady could have been more cuter...

d0ra123 2011.11.25
The game is good.The quality best(in my opinion)and don`t see much animation...

qwert2156041 2011.11.25
this is a awsome game i love it

molock_v 2011.11.25
Really good game, quite few endings, but is really funny

mark_the_monk 2011.11.25
yet again another awesome game

aburt 2011.11.23
nice game but i cant complete all the achivements..

jordyfl 2011.11.23
Awesome game as most LOP games. Girls looks good and story is fine.

keeven 2011.11.23
verry sexy game.. hot girlfriend, nice grafic, nice gameplay

funfuck101 2011.11.22
im stuck cant get ring out of speaker used the screwdriver to open it but cant grab it

OliviaWilson 2011.11.21
this was a great game, i liked the fact that it was a couples game

mikeisking0496 2011.11.21
pretty good game. i liked the diferent ways you could go. gaphics were pretty good too.

cherries-girl 2011.11.20
love this game .and zoe is so cute lol .

jomi 2011.11.20
sexy chik and cool graphics what else can i get from these kind of games?

SexyKitten 2011.11.19
I think the story could have been longer. Great sex though.

mikeisking0496 2011.11.19
very good game. nice graphics. always enjoy games from this site.

nohba 2011.11.19
How do i get all 4 endings

Krueger 2011.11.19
Awesome game but... Any special thing you can do at the Gas Station than paying the gas?

barbe 2011.11.19
understand: why truck in game?

fada 2011.11.18
Great game well worth the time!

Krueger 2011.11.18
Great game. Best graphics and story. Awesome!

ayushshah1 2011.11.17
i love adventure games. You don`t know what might happen.

HarSlan 2011.11.16
Nice game nice gameplay! game very nice

ragini.chirag 2011.11.16
best game till date...i rate it on top !!! thumbs up !!!

aque 2011.11.16
Great graphic the story neither too long nor too short. Just nice...

justin_rhodes 2011.11.15
Saw a couple different endings, took too long to get to any of them. This game is pretty meh overall compared to the other games you could be playing on here.

DareDevil 2011.11.14
nice one, ease, but nice

chikara 2011.11.14
It i a good game and great graphics

kaylabinka 2011.11.14
the game and graphics are great nice story line and endings.

Krueger 2011.11.13
Graphics and animation are great. The story was very good, I enjoyed it a lot. This game was very awesome and it`s one of the best games I played here.

GBPackers12 2011.11.13
Great game and graphics one of my favorites!

Faetter_BR 2011.11.13
Really "paid off" to be a nice guy ;o)

rocketman9 2011.11.13
i love the graphics. zoe is a bit too hot for virtuality! :O

blackop22 2011.11.12
nice game with multiple ending. love it

sharingan123 2011.11.12
amazing game zoe is so hot

monster.swag 2011.11.12
good game. good quality. could`ve been longer

anis97 2011.11.12
Good game but a bit too easy

el_vengador 2011.11.11
this is a great game, i love it!

Cirollo 2011.11.11
To unlock "romantic spirit" click on the carved heart on the tree using your screwdriver.

zenginoglu 2011.11.10
This is great game... I like it very much...

DevilCheriffer 2011.11.09
I love this game. It`s like one mistake and you about to ruin the vacation.

hans234 2011.11.09
I love this game. It follows a realistic plot with good graphics

richy22 2011.11.08
quality game, great endings and stunning graphics

castilho 2011.11.07
One of the better games of this type. How many endings are there?

ackexxx 2011.11.05
zoe is so freaking hot!

T-Dawg 2011.11.04
Zoe is sexy and hot in the lingerie ending.

T-Dawg 2011.11.04
Graphics are still good, but the 2nd ending was kinda lame.

T-Dawg 2011.11.04
Fantastic graphics. Zoe is beautiful..

charlieoutlaw 2011.11.03
very erotic game with good graphics and ending to great fucking

Krupp 2011.11.03
good game could have been longer better !!

kamenarif 2011.11.03
the girl on the bar turn me on :)

rebanha 2011.11.02
one of the best games of this site

dolerhyde 2011.11.02
A really enjoyable game, so far have found 2 endings but I want to find the ending where Vince can use the ring. Guess I`ll just have to keep playing...
More adventures with Vince and Zoe would make an interesting expansion.

tdot123 2011.11.01
Decent game. ggraphic are great but all girls looking the same now.

Vivianne 2011.11.01
Great game. I was a little confuse on how to make Zoe leave when i need to take the ring

ron57 2011.11.01
the game is alot of fun to play excellent graphix

1asd123 2011.11.01
Nice and long game, but hard to figure it out and to see the different endings.

JasonKuroson 2011.10.31
Great game, i played it over and over just to see the different endings i loved this game, Great Job!

jjwert 2011.10.31
great game. shower scene was the best!

simenh 2011.10.30
graphics are great! but the storyline is a bit boring.

moguel92 2011.10.30
this game is amazing ...!

ko172011 2011.10.30
i am always dreaming about this game

mrloversss 2011.10.30
i really like this game 5 star

pappuyar 2011.10.30
DIdnt really like the story...

monster0 2011.10.29
the game is cool but got me stuck because my cumputer was cool and the game is cool every one should love it like me

monster0 2011.10.29
it is very addicting and fun

monster0 2011.10.29
cool game any one would love it so cool

maximillionbc 2011.10.29
Great gameplay and graphics

damnmadadd 2011.10.29
superb game; great graphics

sah49 2011.10.28
great gameplay, very realistic

liam mitchell 2011.10.28
great game theres no other game like this relly fun :)

kalle69 2011.10.27
great game and a wery sexy girl

q246810 2011.10.27
i really like that scene on the beach with the sunset. its really sexy

ayush1 2011.10.26
Wow! What a sexy girl. I like this game and prefer everyone to play this.

Kinkyboy69 2011.10.26
This game was great, lots of hot girls and great graphics! The animation was great too! Everyone should try this!

Decaff78 2011.10.26
This is a great game. Looked beautiful and played great.

tdaynis 2011.10.26
nice game........good graphics........good story......simple and fun!

shuvobd 2011.10.26
One of the exciting games & I enjoyed a lot to play :-)

ottomobile92 2011.10.26
Neat Game. Think mine got stuck but it still worked in the end.

smoggies 2011.10.25
great game right length and enough things in it

olabil 2011.10.25
cool game :) difficult but good

kwash38 2011.10.25
this game was very sexy , the graphics are great .

C.C. 2011.10.25
I keep coming back hoping to find something new but it doesn`t happen. Hot girls but needs to be redone with more action and more choices.

danny572006 2011.10.23
Nice graphics. Nice multiple choices.

17mkauff 2011.10.22
THis game is really great it has a good story and a hot girl.

shuvobd 2011.10.22
very nice graphics & story

AnthonyM3 2011.10.22
very good game . the graphics are great

bubba90 2011.10.22
Great game. I wasn`t too good at it but still fun

the_kanderson 2011.10.21
quite a good game, pretty difficult at parts but overall a decent game

cocomicrob 2011.10.21
good graphics, nice story. a good game.

sluggrj10 2011.10.20
Game quality was good but the story was a little slow IMO

dri 2011.10.20
game was cool felt like i was stuck in it

roni4uhi 2011.10.19
I wasn`t very fond of this game, the graphics were cool though.

irwan sex 2011.10.18
this game is awesome..! i like it :D

hardly106 2011.10.17
Good game although some of the dialogue was badly written and confusing. Good graphics and long enough with a real story.

5x4t9 2011.10.17
Is it possible to get pills from 40cent without talking to those other guys about him first?

praztyo 2011.10.16
i like this dating couple...nice game

Tygafifty 2011.10.16
cant get zoe to leave the living room. help?

dornell 2011.10.15
game was cool felt like i was stuck in it

snizzyboy 2011.10.14
the animation is great and i love the gameplay

NightStalker73au 2011.10.13
awesome gameplay and graphics

Million 2011.10.12
Nice game good grapics
Great endings

ragini.chirag 2011.10.12
best game i have ever played till date...girl is hot

koba74 2011.10.11
We`ll wait for next part !

PaddyB 2011.10.11
Nice, but could use a bit more action. Still, looking forward to the sequel!

molceonly 2011.10.10
you can find screwdriver at kitchen... good game, love it...

stickinthebush 2011.10.10
I am stuck in the living room cant get the screwdriver to open the panel

RainingBrawler7 2011.10.10
Amazing but started off a little slow.

coreleis 2011.10.09
We`ll wait for next part !

rocknrollguy27 2011.10.09
this game is an adventurous mind bending game

kevinboyz1234 2011.10.09
great games and beautiful lady.i hope it happen to me.

heplay 2011.10.09
I like the story, but hope can add more parts.

anton9100 2011.10.09
very good game Great animation wish there could be more threesomes hopefully there will be a sequel all-in-all 10/10

tehnoman 2011.10.09
fun threesome, i waiting foursome, but..((

keitoman 2011.10.08
game could have more sex in it, otherwise good.

DBK00 2011.10.07
Great animation as usual - solid game

cleric71 2011.10.07
ggood game and sexy girlfriend

Reekon 2011.10.07
Not the badest but thair ar some better games here

bigfunluvinguy 2011.10.06
Great story, good animations, fun game overall.

zoostorm33 2011.10.04
im stuck in the game in the house the girl is very sexy

husain 2011.10.03
the game is damm kool ,and it`s graphics are awsem

Tubbs2385 2011.10.02
great game, love the detailed graphics, the girl is damn hot.

abbass 2011.10.01
cool game, wish more threesome graphics, will there be a sequel

SidAsrani 2011.10.01
Great Gameplay... Sex scenes could have been better

twistoz111 2011.10.01
good game wish can download and longer story

kiba90 2011.10.01
nice games,i hope i can download them thanks

kiba90 2011.10.01
damn nice,i started like with this site,thanks

pippo007 2011.10.01
man i cant get the second achievement, any ideas guys?

slim_fighter 2011.09.29
Great game, the achievements add some points to the game. Recommend!

dhav005 2011.09.29
Seems good at first look. Hope i enjoy it too.:)

SidAsrani 2011.09.29
fucking!! awesome game :D

madmikenmolly 2011.09.29
Amazing storyline....it`s nice to play a game with some substance.....and as a bonus, the characters were absolutely smoking!

Highlife1366 2011.09.29
Amazon Queen had it right, "*yawn* I cannot imagine why this is considered a Hot game. Bad story, horrible animation, totally stupid conversations.
I`d rather do math. This designer sucks"

This game was so cheesy fake romantic it made me sick. The sex scenes are softcore too. boooo.

Simon Hunt 2011.09.28
not too sure about the drugs

automattiq 2011.09.27
solid game. hot females. story line too short

BillnWa 2011.09.26
This is a very good game, lots of different directions you can go with the game. Thanks

playboy1982 2011.09.24
awsome game good graphics and a great storyline.

frogzilla 2011.09.24
too easy and needs more sex

Slayershini 2011.09.22
Nice and long game, but hard to figure it out and to see the different endings.

ruben10111 2011.09.22
I love this game, so sexy !

Uhtux 2011.09.22
amazing story, and great graphics

wtf430 2011.09.21
nice game, I am playing this for the third time.. still figuring out how to get all the endings

TheDarkWarfare 2011.09.21
Great game like all the options.

Watkins1 2011.09.20
Ive played this game 2 times and it still amazes me how hard it makes me. Great graphics and amazing story line

california432 2011.09.20
Hot but too much wait at the start.

Brookeishorny 2011.09.19
pretty good game and theres a couple good endings

NightStalker73au 2011.09.19
awesome gameplay and graphics

joejoe666 2011.09.19
Good game. different outcomes and scenes along the way.

DreamTim 2011.09.18
nice and good game. i like it.

nicolegrace 2011.09.18
this game is hot and sexy

DreamTim 2011.09.18
This is a nice game. Interesting.

coolchick 2011.09.18
it was ok this game
i may play it again

AmazonQueen 2011.09.17
*yawn* I cannot imagine why this is considered a Hot game. Bad story, horrible animation, totally stupid conversations.
I`d rather do math. This designer sucks

Sparx419 2011.09.17
Wow, she is hot, but the detail should be a little better

despistat 2011.09.17
That`s game is amazing!!

Seyenne 2011.09.17
Really nice game! The looks is just amazing

masterman 2011.09.17
loved it, this game is incredibly awesome

Artibor 2011.09.17
Luxury game character is very sexy. But in general, an excellent site.

mauzayat 2011.09.17
cool game diferent endings nice history...

marshae 2011.09.16
I had fun playiinthis one.. still trying to get the rest of the endings..

pafren2010 2011.09.16
the story line was great, I especially liked the graphics.

C.C. 2011.09.15
I keep trying. Maybe other routes with other stories would spice it up more.

piskerg 2011.09.15
Nice graphic. Izzy story. Not shore i find the ending. He proposed her.

tycobb 2011.09.15
great game, be nice to skip parts already seen tho.

frulpo 2011.09.14
I liked this one the first time through wil play for the other endings

kunal602 2011.09.14
good game wished it had a longer story thou

matrix529 2011.09.14
Wonderful game. Always fun to play.

Schmalen 2011.09.13
Nice, but ran out of money ;-((

Erickson11 2011.09.13
Wonderful game. Always fun to play.

kool4dudes 2011.09.13
how to earn money?? i ran out..:(

kaizar 2011.09.13
A bit too short. but hell yes its a good game

Decstarr 2011.09.12
another really hot game, yet a little bit too short... love the chance to drive different routes though..

decconan 2011.09.12
great game for it`s chosen pass, different from others!

mgh 2011.09.12
very very good game good storyline good graphics as well

Pedrodelacrosa 2011.09.12
Zoe is amazing i want make love with her...

audax666 2011.09.11
Very good game. I played it several times to get all endings.

Jay619 2011.09.11
that foursome scene is hot, don`t buy the lingerie if you want to get that ending though

HAWKERpwnz 2011.09.11
meh kinda short but pretty good none the less

kujikumming 2011.09.10
i love games liek this, muliple endings are always fun

Marvin6905 2011.09.10
Great game but I want many more options with the other girls :/

killerme100 2011.09.10
great graphics! keep it up!

lrdraptor 2011.09.10
Nice game. Zoe is a hot and cute girlfriend.

ysr6581 2011.09.10
This is great game and i love it...

farber 2011.09.09
great fun,it was good that you just didnt answer question and monologs

Eoline 2011.09.09
great game! very entertaining. Hope to see more of this kind of game!!

yaz 2011.09.09
Pretty complicated actually, Lot of pathing and choices possible, along with missed click opportunities. Like how marriage ending is str8forward.

thuglife92 2011.09.08
the best one i played so far , love the ending

realmadrid67 2011.09.08
awesome game.. i wish that the story would be more loonger but its an excellent game no doubt

Erickson11 2011.09.08
Awesome game. Added it to my favorites. These flash games all have great graphics.

pxuser 2011.09.08
I love blonde girls. In this game she is perfect

benzilla 2011.09.08
nice i like the ending alot

smarcs 2011.09.08
the best one i played so far ,, love the ending

Richard123456 2011.09.08
Very good story but wished it was longer

bloodd 2011.09.07
good game, good graphics, but a bit confusing

durmil 2011.09.07
A fantastic short pleasure trip

juan_887 2011.09.07
THe game was good, but the girl coud have been wilder.

azuri12 2011.09.06
really great game n good graphics

medar 2011.09.06
nice game, graphics n animation, enjoyable

geurede 2011.09.06
Good graphic, beauty girls, but why the ending she sad?

thexcpl 2011.09.06
Wow, Its a mad game, I highly liked the graphics and not to mention the endings :P

beterbocu 2011.09.05
Great game, liking it a lot.

rudolfalex 2011.09.05
Zoe!!!! You are driving me mad! I really love the artistic approach to the girl.

hotty123 2011.09.05
Damn Zoe is hot. And after the pills she goes mad. I love that ending. Good work Play force.

elishacuthbert 2011.09.04
Its either me or its in the game that we dont have a nice enough fuck scene with zoe

alies1024 2011.09.04
going to add this as my favorite! fun story and nice graphic

alies1024 2011.09.04
nice graphic.. making me think I am reeeally in this game

Lickkking 2011.09.04
This is a great game, I enjoyed all tthe things, the history, te chick, alll.

ChadChaddington 2011.09.04
easy play control, lots of endings, plenty of sex, all in all great game!

Ninjaben88 2011.09.04
Looking for more of these great games!!! love the story.

jovo 2011.09.03
This game is good.
Zoe is really hot,
more please

login7 2011.09.03
The game is short, but definitely enjoyable and it does require more than one playthrough. Even though the animation is not fully fluid, the characters are so pretty that they are a HUGE step above other games, which DO use fluid animation. I much prefer these better looking characters to more fluid information. Uh... *SPOILERS* Vince in particular is very well drawn and I SO wish he could hook-up with the couple (WITHOUT Zoe) and be in the middle... or with the guys from the beach when Zoe leaves to go swimming. I cannot find ANY guy-guy oriented material on this site and REALLY wish there were some... even if it just involved re-using characters from other games. PLEASE? But even still, really fun game.

yaris 9867 2011.09.03
nice game with very nice plot. i`m waiting for the next

ashnguyen011 2011.09.02
Im stuck on the loading screen it wont load

Jaaru 2011.09.02
Great LOP game as always.

Portable 2011.09.02
Love the gameplay, wish it was longer though

pbaa123 2011.09.02
nice game, good graphics, too short :/

xyphoide 2011.09.01
the story is just too short and lack of sex scene

Forum 2011.09.01
really nice hot game, what is left to have is a cuty ha ha

mustapa 2011.09.01
good graphics and nice gameplay

Haunse 2011.09.01
nice game, high quality but too short

sweetboi 2011.08.31
great game, i think the sex scenes were lacking though

elo77 2011.08.31
good game, but not enough sex animation and not exiting sounds

DemonDemon 2011.08.31
One of the coolest games in PF1

DemonDemon 2011.08.31
Enjoyed this so much its one of my favorites

shash 2011.08.31
brilliant game.but too short

shash 2011.08.31
very good game.........story line is short

blackburn5368 2011.08.31
verrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyy cooolll game a must play

SecretJ 2011.08.30
The endings are nice, but I thought that some of the paths were too easy to screw up.

danilipe 2011.08.30
very cool game, all of it

dudebri 2011.08.30
great graphics but I want more movement

blackhawkeye64 2011.08.30
It`s nice to see a game with multiple paths like this.

Ninio 2011.08.29
good game enjoyed a lot the grafics

blackhawk 2011.08.28
very very hot game, made me cum really hard

Alusandrex 2011.08.28
nice game, high quality but too short

jingstir 2011.08.27
Good game Always fun to come back and play

kaushik 2011.08.27
let`s hope i will collect 20 exp point soon

Terragon32 2011.08.27
great graphics enjoyed endings

mao 2011.08.26
Guys help me please! I can`t get "Lost between pages" achievement.

xerxxes 2011.08.26
i want to jerk off :D
this game realy hot

makavelidog 2011.08.25
really splendid game in order to so more

poppa 2011.08.25
Starts slow but worth playing to the end...Great graphics

pkripper37 2011.08.25
This was a good game but the beginning was boring.

travis21 2011.08.25
Decent game with good graphics. Beginning is a bit tedious though.

jamiewan 2011.08.25
The game`s pitcures are very beautiful! And why i couldn`t buy the madicine in the bar`s bathroom.

sabajo 2011.08.25
all lessons of passion games are great ya"ll need to put more of them and please more
outcast aceday

sabajo 2011.08.25
this game s awsome wonder why life could`t be so easy

farkas 2011.08.25
Nice game, good graphics, interesting story endings but quick slow a game loading.

Witcher666 2011.08.25
It`s a very nice game!I loved the extra pictures!So good!

smlang11191 2011.08.24
I like the graphics. i think that if they made the characters move better, it would make the game more gripping.

marutu19 2011.08.23
Great Game
One of my favorite game

avanj 2011.08.23
I love this game its my favorite

zerocama 2011.08.23
that`s my favorite game is very great the history

evalee 2011.08.23
I love this game very much.

nanas 2011.08.22
Very good game, with very quallity, I like it very much.

Packz 2011.08.22
It was fun, its worth it try. It doesnt take long kinda fun to see all the endings.

ericjayz 2011.08.20
Nice graphic but this game is too easy.

father 2011.08.20
nice graphics and quality

Racot 2011.08.20
graphics is cool, but story... it could be more interesting

kapo 2011.08.20
great adventure game!! i love the graphics

krk 2011.08.18
Very good game, with very quallity, I like it very much.

tmac20 2011.08.18
do the following to all 4 endings

1-bj with the blond at the bar and break up with zoe
2-foursome with weird couple at the bar (drug required)
3-nice action with zoe (buy lingerie at Appleville )
4-marry with zoe

flampard 2011.08.18
very hot game and nice grapics

mihir0buddy 2011.08.18
this game has some good graphics and animation it is awesome

Derlinda 2011.08.17
Nice game but Where do u put the flashlight and the car keys?

Dadone 2011.08.17
It is too easy to call it a game. Can`t find any challenge on it. The graphic wasn`t good either. We can easily find another game that better than this.

Bi_Love_01 2011.08.17
Great Game! I Wish It Could Have Been A Little Longer!

wumbmasta 2011.08.16
couldn`t get anything bsides a bj :( girl is hot tho

edward9891 2011.08.15
one of the must to play on my list

abaza 2011.08.15
waiting for it to load for the past 3 days dont know what the problem igoof

John G 2011.08.15
4 endings and 4 different results. Wonderful.

Goldem 2011.08.14
very good game i liked all the several endings

Jello 2011.08.13
A good game, should be a little bit longer though

3t 2011.08.13
Awesome game, as always, Zoe and Vince really turned me on so bad :)

shaa 2011.08.12
love this game a lot . love the graphic , love the story , plot EVERYTHING !

Chesterfield 2011.08.11
i like the graphics very much

ooopalm 2011.08.11
It a very interesting game. i like the several endings

mortadelo76 2011.08.11
Excellent game and excellent girls!

pasat 2011.08.11
clever game with good endings!

gorch 2011.08.11
a little short... longer would be great.

AvengingDemon 2011.08.11
Great story, a lot of details in the game, the achievements are a great addition to it. Zoe is just awesome!

logan1 2011.08.10
Lesson of passion is amazing

tearea32 2011.08.10
i love this game it it the best

hotguy1234 2011.08.10
this game has a very good story
and good animation

jjhayes79 2011.08.10
Great game. zoe super hot! A+

mars67 2011.08.10
I found 3 endings, but I think there are another 2 or 3.

Ma1789 2011.08.09
Great Game. Hard to get to 2nd and 3rd ending

Hijo_del_escorpion 2011.08.09
I seem to have made all the wrong choices, was kind of a douche, but still a cool entertaining game.

augustus66 2011.08.08
i want more action and longer game.

Greedz 2011.08.08
Very good game, good graphics and nice gameplay

Leifwar 2011.08.07
All tree ending I found were great and the art for Zoe was just right

onewytboy 2011.08.06
Couldn`t buy the drugs though.

onewytboy 2011.08.06
I longer the longer gameplay.

sexbombxxx 2011.08.05
this game is one of my favourites nice graphics

Billy_77 2011.08.05
good game, graphics and gameplay pretty smooth, spend money wisely

ben666 2011.08.04
good game and hard at the same time

stenna 2011.08.04
excellent game funny story

dionna244 2011.08.03
nice storyline alright graphics

spheric12 2011.08.03
Zoe is smoking hot! luv this game

paerarru 2011.08.02
Didn`t seem like much at first but the game is a lot of fun. Zoe is smoking hot!

all1909 2011.08.01
nice game i like the graphic and sound and the girl is hot

asmodi 2011.08.01
Great game, one of my fav so far. Lots of choice and zoe is hot!

mc3991 2011.08.01
Zoe is really hot: the graphics are as good as ever from LOP.

Only criticism is that the game is perhaps a little short

sroy1986 2011.07.31
This is very good game. I got all 4 endings. But there should be naked sex scene with the sexy girl at the bar.

Chrisc78 2011.07.31
Magic Trip, good story and hot fuck !!!

fred1371 2011.07.30
I am really terrible at this one!

fred1371 2011.07.30
very good and exciting game

shingo85 2011.07.30
quality gme with nice endings, would like to see more like this

bartinkopl 2011.07.29
Pro graphics included also, love it!

bartinkopl 2011.07.29
MY DICK IS HARD! lovethis game, pro work!

MC388 2011.07.29
always good graphics luv these games

LordGeolog 2011.07.29
great game,time past well on this game!!

snoo 2011.07.29
great game, it could be perfect if it isn`t that short

wekatm 2011.07.28
i love the graphic and the animation but the story too short

DumBum 2011.07.27
its a good game but its to short!!!

PlayForceOne00 2011.07.27
A very good game for all events!

lightdark1 2011.07.27
good animation; i loved the game

mullberto 2011.07.26
great story and all but could have been abit longer? and more options? more games like this pls

Herrushingu 2011.07.26
Brilliant game. Almost perfect. Loved all the endings and loved the girl. Good storyline.

piratul22 2011.07.26
graphics are excellent...good game...thank you

PierceSatan 2011.07.25
I like the story but I think the animations should be more revealing.

Spencer335 2011.07.25
Awesome various storylines, allowing you to replay without getting bored. Great interaction.

spencer7665 2011.07.23
Short story though, wish it could be longer, would be a really great then.

sharkboyfire 2011.07.23
The story is really well made! I Like It!

C.C. 2011.07.22
Still not sure what to do with the screwdriver after getting the ring. It goes along on the trip but doesn`t seem to do anything else.

veselqku 2011.07.22
This the game ! I want this girlfriend

Blabouc 2011.07.21
Really nice graphics as always int this series. Fast to play through (good point to get the different endings). Just sexy

cm punk 2011.07.20
a epic game for sure

but how many endings there is in this game ?

because i got 2 only and i dont know if there is more

stoney007 2011.07.20
good fun and good choices

Danish 2011.07.19
Nice game. could use alittle longer or maybe more choices but else good :D

crazyspartan 2011.07.19
This game is very high quality. Graphics are superb and the sex scenes are hot. I love this game.

Schraubi 2011.07.18
good game wished it had a longer story, the girl is hot, but I don`t like the car.

frullo 2011.07.18
good game wished it had a longer story thou

mahmut 2011.07.18
the best sound system game

atulluta 2011.07.17
that was the hilarious ending

icebruin 2011.07.17
good graphics, fun game with multiple endings

qmoney4lif 2011.07.17
i really hope they make a game about college

qmoney4lif 2011.07.17
i really liked the grphics of the game.

jack spero 2011.07.17
so short story....huheuheuehe

davido 2011.07.17
There are a lot of choices you could make in this game that make it interesting...

Userfrank 2011.07.17
Rather short, the the various routes makes up for it.

asymonds998 2011.07.14
less sexy...but nice graphics

Alfatar 2011.07.14
the animation very real , i enjoy the game

photu 2011.07.14
waiting for it to load for the past 3 days dont know what the problem is?

chrissy26 2011.07.14
i always fail at these games ugh

11inches 2011.07.13
it took me few attempts to reach an ending i wanted but still, this game is great

mcfcchar 2011.07.13
i found the game very romantic

ak_is_pro 2011.07.13
Good game, has very good graphics however could be a little bit longer, but all in all a pretty good game

elputoegaz 2011.07.12
It`s a good game...excellent history. I like. 5*

photu 2011.07.12

Ricochet92 2011.07.11
The start of this game was amazing but i cant pack the bag or get the ring please help?

Djin 2011.07.11
A great game, and zoe is awsome

dnash 2011.07.10
awesome game , just the right length and a superb pair to play on , ...................

oliver155 2011.07.10
cool game nice graphics nice story

james7176 2011.07.10
good graphics good sex fun game its hard to rember how to get the keys.

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