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Workaholic party


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Legend27 2017.02.10
I think that the graphic is very good,

cambridge4453 2016.06.12
Short but pretty good; the girl looks great

Misterdqm 2016.01.06
Nice one but a bit too short

Dogtoffee47 2015.09.14
good graphics but fairly straight forward

brettymac93 2015.08.24
very short plot, nut the graphics were good

Dan the Man 2015.08.16
A little too short on story line, not much to it.

alanwake 2015.08.16
shy girl, decent game, can be a little bit longer...

cloneforce 2015.06.11
This game is good but the plot is alittle too short.

neverendless 2015.04.06
it was a little easy game and the graphics is great

Kel-Johnnie 2015.03.11
i think the graphics were good. i just wish the ending was better. all in all it was good


lionfool1957 2015.02.25
good animation, easy play.

Agonoize 2015.02.03
a short and easy game with nice graphics

gwazz 2015.02.02
easy game but fun to play

RomanticWanker 2014.11.16
Pleasant story, sweet graphics and easy difficulty. Another nice "quick shot" game ! =)

Road Ninja 2014.11.14
Awesome game with good graphics for animated.

pokpokpok 2014.10.13
too short, everything happens too fast

TheNate1745 2014.09.25
kinda short for me but still a good game

joooona 2014.09.09
yes: great graphic but too short

GP69 2014.05.17
Game was ok! Bit repetitive. Good graphics though and easy enough to play through!

EdgewoodDirk 2014.04.21
pretty good game, not as short as expected which was good

crazy8s17 2014.04.07
3/10, not very detailed and same ending no matter what.

dandraft 2014.03.06
well it was nice and all,but not very challenging and wewe seen those hentai-chicks soo much that there is nothing new under the sun here,i give it 4/10 very short and not very surpricing.

yanki 2013.11.16
not the best game but playible

noogad 2013.09.20
amazing game great quality and sexy endings

madmax68 2013.08.30
great game, loved the graphics and storyline

Jokke 2013.08.28
Ok game, a bit to easy and a bit short. The graphics was ok, worth a try !

ImrtlWolf 2013.08.17
A very short and easy game could have shown a bit more nudity.

bilbily 2013.07.09
short but the girl says she doesnt wanna do it but she ends up doin it anyway

LegendaryHero 2013.07.07
Nice game. I keep getting stuck for weird resaons.

kevinloop007 2013.07.07
he game is short but the girl says she doesnt wanna do it but she ends up doin it anyway

Hotguy29126 2013.07.07
fun game but a little bit too short tho

midion 2013.05.21
good graphics but a very short game

sam6415 2013.05.09
nice game...good graphics

gwazz 2013.04.19
nice graphics but a bit short

Sir_Loins 2013.04.06
Very sexy girl, not sure why she has second thoughts so the story does not flow well.

shadowfriend 2013.03.29
its was a good games however it needs to be a bit longer with more angles

hugin 2013.03.20
The game was super. But the answer were to easy

mindatplay 2013.03.11
Meh. These games are way too similar. Act nice, wait until they get horny, on to sex.

Gordn3 2013.01.27
Nice story and grafic , good game but way too simple.

vikrai 2013.01.22
it`s a fun game with a nice story but is a bit too short

dwj197662 2013.01.21
very sexy woman in this game

jhill1122 2012.12.26
Good game that allows you to go back if you make a mistake

Act132 2012.11.29
A fun game to play but really short

koei 2012.11.21
is that a work girl like that? can i find it like this game.

locknloaded83 2012.11.20
that experience was pretty interesting, i enjoyed it.

yashar 2012.11.19
great game. no doubt it. i loved this game.


DAVID3456 2012.11.03
cool game made me horny

pyrotech12 2012.10.30
its an ok game but it could of had more nudity in it

Cyraxel 2012.09.24
Could have showed more nudity in my opinion

pablo13 2012.09.23
i like the graphics alot but the game play was short.

KyannayK 2012.09.18
not a bad game would have been better with more movement but was a good story

Froizmann 2012.09.12
Crazy girl, funny game, thank you

billu.shah4 2012.09.11
enjoy to play this game love this really wonderfull

Soulbrood 2012.08.30
it`s a fun game with a nice story but is a bit too short

honeykb 2012.08.23
a short but nice game with nice story.......

steeve 2012.08.16
the game is short but the girl says she doesnt wanna do it but she ends up doin it anyway

najam 2012.08.08
a bit easy but good graphics

tooler3 2012.07.30
A bit too short, but fun!

ImrtlWolf 2012.07.29
I liked the graphics very much and the combonation of the touch and button press. It was however a bit short.

jhase433 2012.07.26
she was very sexy babe... very good graphics

chap74 2012.07.21
I think it is beautifully drawn.
It`s a bit simple, yes, but it still is a very nice game!

kimostad 2012.07.16
Sooo mucch cum. I hope she`s on some kind of pill lol

kimostad 2012.07.16
They need more blowjob parts in these games it makes it hotter. And the cum could look a little more real.

Just1SF 2012.07.13
Cool game. But please give the comment box above !

whiteplay 2012.07.10
this is a great games ; it`s very good graphic and animation

sexyplayer21 2012.07.10
Fun sex game but a little on the short side, girl was great though.

horyn1959 2012.06.29
it could have last longer

smurphy 2012.06.16
well nothing special nice and simple game but it could have ended better

Soul Assassin 2012.06.01
well nothing special... why put the mood thing if it doesn`t influence anyhing? and the animations are too static...very softcore..

[BY]WEGAS 2012.05.26
very nice game but to easy and too short

bahamut86 2012.05.24
nice story and game! good grafic

dhaifan hafizh 2012.05.23
it`s a nice game, but the story is to short

bigbellend7 2012.05.05
A nice short but sexy game. Needs more and varied endings.

Jada2123 2012.04.28
this game was pretty good, just wish there were more positions.

johakym 2012.03.17
Nice game and funny ! good job

GHOSTx 2012.03.01
nice and simple game but it could have ended better

Nexbin 2012.02.25
Animations are too static but the sound effects weren`t bad if not repetitive

gorex 2012.02.23
very nice game but to easy and too short

bceltsau 2012.02.23
not bad for a short game could have added extra dialogue.

BigDaddyPsycho 2012.02.02
Nice and easy little game.

smeel 2012.02.02
This is a good game. It is challanging but not too hard.

aldyboy 2012.02.02
easy game, not bad after all.

flex_singh 2012.01.26
was decent, not to difficult

spoonbill 2012.01.25
It was fairly short, but at least it was doable

isma28 2012.01.21
well nothing special... why put the mood thing if it does influence anyhing? and the animations are too static...

bigbubba97 2012.01.19
This game is way to easy.

lobster4321 2012.01.18
The game was cool and the girl was hot

topos1999 2012.01.17
This game is not bad, but should be little more sexy

redudd 2012.01.16
i like how the storyline moved so quickly

romanose 2012.01.14
good game. a little short, but at least it`s winnable.

mikicostanza 2012.01.13
a cool short game but not very hot

Guillaume 2012.01.09
good game but too short, and to easy

zomalagasy 2012.01.09
nice girl but ... i don`t like it... so short ans so easy

brit_man33 2011.12.31
Simple, easy to play. Should have more interaction though.

bad075 2011.12.30
Fun game, a bit too short and simple though.

xenomorph 2011.12.29
Nice animation, but too short and predictable.

Abelkay 2011.12.21
well nothing special... why put the mood thing if it does influence anyhing? and the animations are too static... umpf

energy8883 2011.12.11
Nice starter game. Natalie looked fine and nice soft music.

bsalover47 2011.12.08
good game shame it wsn`t longer

tedibear1 2011.12.04
great game an great animation

Lizzie 2011.12.03
Nice starter game. Nice hot little bod on Natalie.

BigGXXX 2011.12.01
The Sex Scenes were abysmal

jbarcarr 2011.11.30
Story line was fine, but the sex scenes were pretty lame.

ksnova69 2011.11.28
hot chick good starter game

andy_regresa 2011.11.25
it is a very good game we need more games like that

Hornyme14 2011.11.24
its too short. but still an ok game =))

btsom 2011.11.19
very easy game a bit to predictable

nicole506 2011.11.17
nice game. but so common.

medjai 2011.11.14
gameplay not original and same graphic as all the others

maspencer 2011.11.11
She talks just like a co worker after a night of Drunken Monkey Sex

zenginoglu 2011.11.11
This is great game... I like it very much...

bowsyr 2011.11.09
Graphics fine just a simple game though

jcoelho67 2011.11.08
A joyfull game...Graphics are good...a bit simpel but nice :))

57chevy 2011.11.07
could have been longer and also more flesh to see i gave it a rating of 30

KaiAxton 2011.11.07
it is a short game but it doesn`t mean that it`s bad. I find it refreshing after playing some more time consumed games here so all good for me ^^

JRib70 2011.11.05
Fun game, a bit too short and simple though.

Waaghi 2011.10.31
its a funny game but i think its too short

HStebbs 2011.10.26
You basic game with very limited story. Decent graphics, but not much in terms of replay value.

onwards 2011.10.21
A joyfull game...Graphics are good...a bit simpel but nice :))

rlt6547 2011.10.20
Find these games too short without any choices or options

sts04 2011.10.20
nice game, easy to play but a little bit to short

crazycrab 2011.10.19
good gameplay enjoyable to play bi too short

5x4t9 2011.10.17
It was pretty short, and the sex wasn`t that great. 6/10

CowboyBob75 2011.10.13
the graphics are only ok. the game play is to short and to easy.

alimta1968 2011.10.04
Should add a scence in the office. Making love with a secretary in the office is alway a man`s dream.

cannon84 2011.10.01
Not bad, could have been longer

Dante787 2011.10.01
i think it decent not bad but not great

moseswalker 2011.09.30
Nothing special at all. No challenge whatsoever.

a1232 2011.09.30
Great game love the graphics

kmaxx 2011.09.28
cool game graphics or anything blistering

57chevy 2011.09.26
i found this game very good but would have like to see the dick go into her pussy and after fucking her to see him cum

DreamTim 2011.09.21
it`s not the best game i ever play...

Stepan Simakov 2011.09.20
It`s the hottest game I`ve ever played

Boa1154 2011.09.19
It was HOT!!!!!But not as hot as the first one.

D3nh1s 2011.09.15
Its not best or bad its average classical.

r2053man 2011.09.12
a very nice game the girl is very pretty

Boogeyman 2011.09.09
whatever you do - does not matter.....
so little boring and easy going

realmadrid67 2011.09.08
nothing special.. same old graphics but the girl is very pretty and has a great body..

KptAnt 2011.09.05
Nothing new, but this girl is so pretty.

ShinMasato 2011.09.04
animations are a bit boring, and the mood thing doesnt even do anything lol

Forum 2011.09.04
not very intresting game, good anough to play once

fadi 2011.09.03
simple game not so bad sexy girl good graphic

mouselee 2011.09.03
This game is not so good. If he can have sex with her in their office, it will be better.

Jaaru 2011.09.02
Nice playable game, liking it.

yodawg2323 2011.09.01
amazing game great girl too

miha95 2011.09.01
nice game but i bit too short

macmanve 2011.08.31
Nice game, a little short.

Stereoman11 2011.08.29
Very simple... Not as entertaining as many.

magik220 2011.08.27
too simple. wish it had more content

chandraagus88 2011.08.27
i like it... reminds me about my past

jerryjb13 2011.08.20
it was a great game but the graphics suck

jerryjb13 2011.08.20

Day_Man 2011.08.20
its ok but i like the graphics

Busterncleo 2011.08.16
Average henti easy cheesy

mouselee 2011.08.14
Excellent! I love this lady.

kow123 2011.08.12
this game is good but cant see the sex properly

hardcorepov 2011.08.07
The story and animations are good.

kingsize 2011.08.04
short and eazy game but nice to play

bdb696 2011.07.31
it`s an alright game but graphics are not that good.

charles2 2011.07.25
I Really Like This Game

bceltsau 2011.07.22
Outstanding, they should make games like this more often.

azozure 2011.07.22
the only bad thing is that the game is to short

zelda813204 2011.07.19
not bad short and hot i loved it

mylix 2011.07.17
the game was realy good but a bit short.

Kallion 2011.07.15
Short and pleasant, worth playing thru

zrtp 2011.07.14
short and eazy game but nice to play

darrelq 2011.07.11
Short and simple game and not much of a challenge.

ditzimitzi 2011.07.09
I started to worry you wouldnt see her tits but then it happened :)

AndyPandy 2011.07.08
Very nice game, good graphics buts juts too short making it longer would make it a better game than it already is :D

jsc420 2011.07.04
love this game, like the story in it

ditzimitzi 2011.07.02
really great game with really good graphics and animations

ditzimitzi 2011.07.02
im stuck when you have to convince her please help

ditzimitzi 2011.07.02
This game is sooooo good if only it was real...

ditzimitzi 2011.07.02
I love this! If only it was longer...

besogrone 2011.07.02
nice girl, but nothing to do, very short

Gundalf 2011.06.29
great graphics ... but story is just too short .... still you gotta love hentai pics :)

runninemcrazy 2011.06.27
graphic are awesome but too short

PlayForce00 2011.06.26
Gotta love this hentai game!

wlwlvr 2011.06.25
Not sure what the point of the attitude meter is. There is no difference between maxing it out and getting the minimum possible (you can`t lose, it just hits bottom and stays there if you keep saying the wrong thing over and over). Other than that it`s a pretty good game.

nero89ca 2011.06.23
i love these cutesy anime girl games i am a sucker for a hot sexy anime girl

SEZAR-H 2011.06.14

tedward64 2011.06.13
I like the idea that I can choose what is going on in the game. It was great

Soozuo 2011.06.10
The second round to see her made it interesting. I actually enjoyed the clothed making out. Also the music was better than average although the game was pretty linear.

frey111 2011.06.08
good game but nothing extra and too short but i like it :)

kennethlaw 2011.06.07
the gameplay is good. the animation is nicely done

m4t0n 2011.06.04
hots girls makes this game superb

stuffedinvader 2011.06.01
There`s not enough showing during the sex scenes. But otherwise a fun game.

Donbastiabo 2011.06.01
good Game but a little short!!

timcrwc 2011.06.01
Pretty good game. Great sex scenes. But getting to the scenes could have been longer with better story lines.

daddyo 2011.06.01
Not that bad of a game.....But needs more skin showing

sindit20 2011.05.31
Ok game but a little short

i0017985 2011.05.30
The woman is so sexy and lovely.

bdubrous 2011.05.29
Too short ... I luv secretaries ...!

BigShaun 2011.05.29
this game was great one of the best

rickq 2011.05.26
like this game make me come horny

MattR 2011.05.25
Good game but on the short side

tyte1 2011.05.23
Game is okay. Many better ones to spend your time on

sexycanI 2011.05.23
like this game..its sexy..lovely..and make me come horny

righto 2011.05.22
Whats the point of the dialog...I get em all wrong and still get into her pants?

1fat2 2011.05.21
This game was nice. Easy to complete. Not much hard core stuff. Play it and enjoy what it has to offer. If you like soft pron should love it.

gensai34 2011.05.19
The office romance concept was great; my only complaint was that this game is alittle too easy to simply push through.

StaBlazed 2011.05.19
decent dialogue and scenes but absolutely nothing special

lovelesbian 2011.05.18
Ok game. Could have better music and storyline.

magicfingers69 2011.05.18
I would love it if it was a little longer and maybe had to girl calling about her getting pregnant and make it more realistic

weeboa 2011.05.18
the game was good but a little short

johnthe 2011.05.13
nice graphics and such, although a little disappointed with ending

banes 2011.05.12
Very sexy girl. Good graphics. But too short.

long55 2011.05.12
Good game need more options, like it

shakezulla17 2011.05.12
Pretty good game. Short, but I was glad to at least sleep with her a couple of times

photofan 2011.05.10
easy and straightforward..but not bad..

speedballz_21 2011.05.06
short and simple and with a storyline

eCS7ASy 2011.05.04
good grafik but very short gameplay

Skarn62 2011.05.03
good, but too short and too easy. no matter how much you messed up you still got her in bed.

go5515 2011.04.30
good game to practice social expression with other people, but this game may seem to short.

Mike_Shinoda81 2011.04.29
This is nice game and i like it :))

C.C. 2011.04.29
I agree with those who say the Mood Meter should make a difference. Good storyline, Great girl. Maybe a little more interaction before sex.

RingTime 2011.04.25
Kinda short game - not a lot of detail either.

deevo 2011.04.23
The mood meter doesn`t seem to have any effect on the game, since you always get another chance to answer. If more scenes were available dependent on how well you did during the conversations, it may be more effective.

KarmaKane 2011.04.21
All in all good for a Meet-n-fuck game, way to easy though. Good graphics, for it`s type, and story. I give it a 5.5 out of 10

Maddog62 2011.04.19
game is ok but to easy to finish

ary123 2011.04.18
u got to like meet and fuck games

h1r0 2011.04.16
pretty good graphics were nice and good scenes

George_sAlterEgo 2011.04.15
I can`t say that I felt really adventureous...

Gray Warden 2011.04.13
Good game need more options

Tudedude 2011.04.13
Not bad but needs more options

spazalmighty 2011.04.11
good game just not long enough or explicit enough

queenredbear 2011.04.11
game was great, but really easy and short

Benson1982 2011.04.09
This game has great graphics, but is a little bit boring. You can`t see much...

jesssex 2011.04.08
nice game but cant the angle should focus abit..

Innocent 2011.04.07
a bit short but the quality is fantastic

frabago71 2011.04.06
girl is sexy but game is to short

casti 2011.04.03
this game is very nice but its to short and easy

Zeus69 2011.03.31
Poor game. To easy, to short...

DIVI 2011.03.31
I think all these hentai games turn out to be quite boring...

smooth69 2011.03.30
good game, good grafics, needs more

GuPPieKe 2011.03.29
awesome game. good graphix. continue on.

kendricka 2011.03.26
Very nice concept and great animation good games:)

hotcoffe 2011.03.23
this games is really nice...

tdrawr 2011.03.22
the grafics were good and sex scenes were nice

kot1468 2011.03.19
Good game, love the sex. However, could more of it, like, oral and anal.

xBankai 2011.03.19
Not the best and but good long scenes

tomswan 2011.03.18
format is old, graphics are fine, sex scenes are longer than usual

lordsilver 2011.03.17
Wow a hot chick & the sex was great.

Also loved that she didn`t want any comitment

DeaconFrost 2011.03.15
Not too bad, the office romance theme could have been used smarter...
It ends up being just one more of the kind, nothing special and nothing extraordinary.
Average sequences, decent graphically.
Just play it once.

Skylink 2011.03.15
not too bad and like the graphics

crazaychica 2011.03.15
real good but dhe has no faceal expretions but over all good

russkay2010 2011.03.15
not a bad game could do with bj scene though

S_Lav 2011.03.15
Not a bad game. I would of liked to see a bit more of the girl though.

Gewoontje 2011.03.14
short game 2 litle options

brain 2011.03.12
Too short. I don`t like too much this kind of games

paddywhack 2011.03.10
too gamey not enough action

Lois_Voom 2011.03.08
I thought it was going to have some type of office romance. Maybe when she was working one night late again. They would probably go back to the office and have sex on the desk or all over the office. In many different ways. Just a thought

sexii_Lexi 2011.03.06
this is one of the best games ive ever played.......other from the `Meet `N` Fuck Games`

jedj6 2011.03.05
nice work, i love these games

ryanciske 2011.03.03
this is one of the best games ive ever played

kuningata 2011.03.03
in the final scene, look at the guys right arm, it is like massive, it`s either he is drugged or he goes to the gym...Alot

Magnanimus 2011.03.02
Too short. I don`t like too much this kind of games

alex21 2011.03.02
nice game but a little too short

schmakkes 2011.03.01
nice one, wish we had such a hot secretary

adrian1672 2011.02.28
girl is sexy but game is to short

ski9072 2011.02.27
An ok game, but nothing really special. Everything is pretty much handed to you on a platter, prefer something that let`s you think, at least a little

tiusdan 2011.02.26
Nice game and graphics, but rather short

mido dragon 2011.02.26
nice game ,good graphics hot babe this is a ok game..

-WiNnEr- 2011.02.26
i love this game. Good game !

deathfather 2011.02.25
hot game, a bit short though

chainxxx 2011.02.23
Really good graphic
easy game play but too short
and there`s nothing else to do beside clicking

aukai87 2011.02.21
the game was okay. wish the story lines were longer.

jokeybrd 2011.02.21
Nice game, and hot babe. The game was easy to play

jam210 2011.02.20
this game reminds me having sex discreetly

AleGer 2011.02.19
Game highly enjoyable, with good emotion in the character`s face.
Easy to play and with good sound.

Jess123 2011.02.17
awsome game abit short :( :)

Greg1976 2011.02.17
Good quality but its too easy

alex0412 2011.02.16
nice game ,good graphics hot babe too ,ok when you get the hang of it !!,
we need more kelly ! come on guys.

Necrataal 2011.02.15
Cool game but short, lol.

geeman23 2011.02.15
good game but not spectacular... it was wayyy too short... had so much potential too... maybe a sequel or add on?

coolash 2011.02.15
This game was highly enjoyable, I like the emotion in the character`s face and this game is so fun

roxormyboxor 2011.02.13
great graphics but the game could be longer

cool_ed 2011.02.12
great gameplay not too short

boxer200 2011.02.11
great game i hope you make more games like this ..

ken3ma 2011.02.10
It was pretty good not as short as i thought it would be.

huggy123 2011.02.09
This is a simple game with some nice animations

novski 2011.02.09
graphics is standard japanese manga, good one. need more challenges hehehe

marcelino21 2011.02.07
amazing game, i really love it

Luis4x 2011.02.05
This game was highly enjoyable, I like the emotion in the character`s face and this game is so fun

m4lv1n 2011.02.05
I love this game, if only that would happen to me in real life

Nick2 2011.02.05
I like such game very much. It`s a amazing game.

PatrickKane 2011.02.05
Nothing special, ended very abruptly.

akamaru14 2011.02.04
This isn`t that special but it does have a certain charm to it. Also, the girl`s mouth looks too face and small.

bardock391 2011.02.04
This game was highly enjoyable, I like the emotion in the character`s face.

bropro 2011.02.03
it was an alright game, a little dull

justme4386 2011.02.03
very nice art... predictable dialogs... boring gameplay in the end... overall mediocre.

fuker4 2011.02.02
it a great game but a little sort for me

sanjuro94 2011.02.01
Its very stop and go and the english is alittle weird but personally i liked it very much.

Krausxh 2011.01.31
Simple game. Pleasantly entertaining.

joeschleb 2011.01.31
Nice & easy...though a bit short.

masterblue22 2011.01.29
great game i hope you make more games like this ..

Oy1980 2011.01.24
The artwork is nice but always find these a bit superficial/short.

alfamail 2011.01.24
This was fab. Great stuff

zembot 2011.01.23
nice game,,,its easy
but i like it

nightbliss 2011.01.23
Probably one of the most logical of the series.

Costas 2011.01.20
Story is good, but it`s too short...

lenman 2011.01.19
Great game. The game play is average. More graphic sex scenes required. Nice girl but the scenes need attention to detail. The game could have been more horny.

ninjahunt11 2011.01.17
It`s a good game overall, but it`s a bit too short for me.

mick6502 2011.01.17
The sex scenes were enjoyable, but could do with better orgasms.

kenn7176 2011.01.16
I like the story line,and the sex scenes are good.

blue warrior 2011.01.16
a really attractive game, but too short

Kuppz90 2011.01.14
Very Short but it was ok :/ no nudity tho , bearly

asianboy 2011.01.12
good.but the story is too short.

Cyrus83 2011.01.11
I realy enjoyed the game, was very funny and adorable.

R_bOnEz 2011.01.11
the game is good ,needs more interaction though , beautiful girl though

pointer 2011.01.08
This is a very simple game. It`s almost impossible to go worng.

pankajsri25 2011.01.07
a nice interesting game. it would have been great fun, if it was more horny

NDR 2011.01.07
Nice graphics, but kinda too simple. But okay ;)

hardcoreharry 2011.01.07
nice and simple mnf game

sauljr 2011.01.06
great game, i wish it was longer though

SIUL 2011.01.06
Game is just click, click, click, cum and done. Could be a lot better

jackman2011 2011.01.06
Very simple game. Good graphics. It`s to short.

helianemaine22 2011.01.06
overall it was an okay game!!! but fun!!!

jeff4 2011.01.05
one of the best games EVER!!!!

qwerty314 2011.01.03
fun game, was worried there wasnt going to be any nudity, then there was the last scene :)

Micky20 2011.01.03
need to be more of a challange but good game

kotor717 2011.01.03
this has great graphics, i liked the "mood" system, though the game could be longer

Junio81 2011.01.03
Really a good game, maybe it was better with the blowjob!

xllJustSmile 2011.01.02
good, but too short and too easy. no matter how much you messed up you still got her in bed.

newplayer 2011.01.02
The game is preety fun and easy.

hugo19791 2011.01.02
HMMM graet game!!!!! I Like It!

wolf33 2011.01.02
nice and simple game, quick and simple to complete.

pandorebrig 2011.01.02
all in all simple but nice distracting little game...

Fandomar 2011.01.01
the graphics are "passable". The story.... normal. Normal game.

Maphael 2011.01.01
would be nice if you could lose if you make poor choices..otherwise good game

roob95 2011.01.01
average graphics but good game. mood meter does nothing but still fun game

creamin4u 2011.01.01
gameplay is very basic and simple, graphic is well done, animation could be done better... overall good game

Liyah 2010.12.31
Very nice game. Good graphics. Too short.

s.s101 2010.12.31
Nice but the ending should be longer

cool_chap1607 2010.12.31
good game but could have been better in terms of story

Sovrano 2010.12.30
Very good game! Even the romantic

hotcoco 2010.12.30
its a good game but i beat it kind of easily

anteater 2010.12.29
Graphics good, character great, but the game is a bit easy

GigaNetBoy 2010.12.29
The game is ok, good graphics but as already said its to easy.

lolzak 2010.12.29
nice game, but i think it`s too short

nightgamer 2010.12.29
its was a good games however it needs to be a bit longer with more angles

normi92 2010.12.29
beautiful and exciting game

Raven1003 2010.12.29
This was a nice game but it was a bit short for me. I would have liked to see them explore the romance a bit more

nairo 2010.12.28
A nice game, but a little bit short

bfmvfreak409 2010.12.28
i liked this game but i found it to be to short

xxxPeanutxxx 2010.12.28
ok storyline, could be fleshed out, ok graphics, just... ok. Expect more these days

vagbangr69 2010.12.28
It was ok, could use more interesting positions.

da_spinner 2010.12.27
Great graphics but short story.

mrdodo 2010.12.27
good graphics but very short

zzzokkk 2010.12.27
love it, my favorite, ok story and beautifull girls

Longay 2010.12.27
I love manga grapichs but this game is so simple...

Aminadab 2010.12.26
nice game, but too easy and nothing exciting to do. Graphics are good.

riz 2010.12.26
good graphics but very short

tildas 2010.12.25
good game good graphics but too short and easy

st jimmy99 2010.12.25
this game was too short and too easy

Danji 2010.12.25
The game was too easy. Needs to be more challenging.

drews12 2010.12.24
graphics good but a little short

gledasme 2010.12.23
good graphics but really short

DarkRanta 2010.12.23
game has a good story and makes fun...but it is a little bit to short

Gemman67 2010.12.23
Good game not to hard like some,Lil to short though...

jesuscl 2010.12.22
Good graphics, but to short and easy

scar211 2010.12.22
good quality but to easy and far to short

amer4274 2010.12.21
its good. its make horny. like wanna to musturbate while playing

juicybooty 2010.12.21
It was a okay quick and easy not really a challenge to it

dickie2010 2010.12.21
far too easy just a click and watch game

cranber 2010.12.20
Nice picture but game too easy and too short

smp420 2010.12.19
I enjoyed this, easy but fun

long55 2010.12.19
nothing special and too short. this is a ok game..love it

silverfang30 2010.12.19
old game, graphics, storyline boring

matthew601 2010.12.17
boring game don`t play same old thing

FRASIER 2010.12.17

frank5418 2010.12.17
needs more interactions graphics not the best

fkingnoob 2010.12.17
nice game but too short and boring

weromont 2010.12.16
Graphics and animation are good

Douglas 2 2010.12.16
Again a little too short and could do with variation.

Marten09 2010.12.16
good gameplay, graphics, and animation

matthew601 2010.12.16
it was not that good a little boring

thenny 2010.12.14
nothing special and too short. this is a ok game..

lummpy 2010.12.14
ok the girl is cute but its alittle short on fun

dmnic angel 2010.12.14
lol im stuck i can`t figure out where else to caress her

HotSpot 2010.12.13
i really like this game good graphics and all. but a little bit too easy

mick149 2010.12.13
it was good but random ending :)

dgkesquire 2010.12.13
Pretty good for a basic game. A little short, but some satisfying gameplay nonetheless. All you have to do is be a nice guy, let her know that she`s not just a one-night-stand, and it will happen.

JenniJenks2010 2010.12.12
Hot game. I liked the 2nd outfit she wore the 2nd time they had sex

fox123 2010.12.12
this is a short game! but it´s very good

zeretet 2010.12.12
this was a great game. good graphics, nice stroy and the girl is so hot.

libswimr07 2010.12.11
Good game. short but cute girl. wish there was more girls or more like a office situation.

dxkt 2010.12.11
nice game sex could have lasted longer

planter 2010.12.10
It`s ok but same old thing.

bizon1978 2010.12.10
easy , short and boring game

Nadin 2010.12.09
Amazing game i love it.

robert_tm 2010.12.09
fun game. But it was too short. It was also easy.

grantrol 2010.12.09
easy but very pleasant game

daryl772003 2010.12.08
good game. once you figure it out its fun

teijgertje 2010.12.08
nice graphics, but game play should be harder.Any time you give a displeasing answer you get the same options again. And without the max of her mood you still get to the sex scenes. It should have been and could be more challenging.

sydpride 2010.12.08
good game but too easy...

dirtsurfer 2010.12.07
game is a bit routine, not one of the best

freylex 2010.12.07
not bad game, quite enjoyable but a bit short

takishi 2010.12.07
nice look and play but it needs to be longer

klanlider2 2010.12.07
The game is to short but i like this.

ozorne_6 2010.12.07
boring and boring game to play. concept to Old

lolilol 2010.12.06
well nothing special... why put the mood thing if it does influence anyhing? and the animations are too static...

fuckme123 2010.12.05
easy and fun game to play

wolfje 2010.12.05
Very easy game, but I like the graphics.

NickFisher 2010.12.04
real easy game, options would be a nice touch though :)

ijustwannabefriends 2010.12.04
its was nice story but very short

zeretet 2010.12.04
Good graphics and a bit boring

long55 2010.12.04
nice but too short, more scenes for more fun please

Adderz 2010.12.04
She is very hot, but there isn`t much to do. Is there any point of the mood meter?

hesk 2010.12.04
didn`t really find it that much fun. too short as well

blackfox2 2010.12.04
Very good graphics and short and to the point.

csandhmech 2010.12.03
These types of games are a fun and quick way to pass the time. Right to business!

Eddie Roc 2010.12.03
Nice game but a soundtrack should be more than one looped song.

modified_59 2010.12.03
just point and click. graphics good but the scenes aren`t all they could be

deimmunization 2010.12.02
the game is short and sweet, which i appreciate. the worst part by far is the music loop that you can`t turn off - i don`t need to be listening to `lady in red` on infinite repeat while i`m trying to fap.

myackee 2010.12.02
alright game but too short. definitly ended way suddenly

grunt2 2010.12.01
The girl is great and the scenes are good but the responses seem contradictory and the ending is pretty sudden. Needs to be filled out better as a complete story...

608nate 2010.12.01
I like these kind of games, but this one is a little bland and short...

rider21126 2010.11.30
Also this game is too short in future can u guys make the games longer thanks

rider21126 2010.11.30
Not bad Not bad but it can be improved on by having more interaction and graphics are awesome

sutty 2010.11.30
like the game ,game play easy nice babe,just a little short.

keith bramwell 2010.11.30
this game is soooo good !

pantekkau 2010.11.30
great game i like the girl

freakinflash 2010.11.30
goo graphics... could have more interaction.. overall a good game

fickgott 2010.11.30
nice game - not very difficult - hot sex

trouble4U 2010.11.29
quite exiting... Not very difficult...

bubulino 2010.11.29
well this is a true game

skindog21 2010.11.29
nice game, ok graphics, not much to do.

quickbrownfox 2010.11.28
The choices were pretty obvious, no way you can lose, hehe

bigboi2128 2010.11.28
game was great, hot female nice curves

selim321 2010.11.28
the game was ok it was also kind of boring

dandan892010 2010.11.28
its a bit shrt and should b harder

zeretet 2010.11.28
this game si intereeresting and very hot

guikfra 2010.11.28
kinda short, but the girl is great. and so are the graphics

Dannii 2010.11.28
This was fucking awesome done just love it!

Hrco 2010.11.28
Linear plot and unimaginative sex scenes. Hardly what you`d call good

schrottie 2010.11.28
A little short but fun as always. :-)

Dannii 2010.11.28
Really nice game want to play more like these

Rawlitz 2010.11.28
The voices could be a little louder, at least a little louder than the music, otherwhise it`s a good game

erikef 2010.11.28
Frustrating : the plot was too linear and the sex scenes censured or blured...

ahclem 2010.11.27
While it IS beautifully drawn and the animation flows smoothly, the lack of visuals of the actual penetration are a BIG negative

Graeme Green 2010.11.27
very prodictable.......enjoyed play...not that great

4loco 2010.11.27
maby next time you should be able to see whats going on

RobbyWilliams64 2010.11.27
the graphics were pretty good in this one
the audio quality of the girls is a lot better too

richard.hughes18 2010.11.27
very good game animations were good all it needs now is a sequal just as good

jokester1801 2010.11.27
fun game. But it was too short. It was also easy.

marcodeg 2010.11.26
good scenes but the story was to short

nabur1976 2010.11.26
very fun and entertaning game

LouieLou 2010.11.25
exceletn gameplay!!! 2 thumbs up!!

gillz2786 2010.11.25
the animations are ok but the game needs to be longer

varkis 2010.11.25
this is an easy game and very short

cristylopaz 2010.11.25
i like it but it could have better storyline to show different characters

kirov 2010.11.25
nice game, but to short

dsvjr19 2010.11.24
I liked the story and the sex scenes weren`t half bad the nly thing was some of the girls sounds. I`ll give it a nine out of ten

gastud 2010.11.24
game was good maybe need some more to it

gelato 2010.11.24
Simpatique game but too easy

4nik8 2010.11.23
Good game but too short

itsup 2010.11.23
nice game, kinda short but other wise good

Nodrit 2010.11.23
just awesome ! good graphic, story and gameplay simple ! i delicious things for my eyes

hash19 2010.11.23
gameplay was great, graphics were great and animation was great

agentlj 2010.11.21
this is a good game the girl is nice good graphics

jpsacrey 2010.11.21
Quite a good game - graphics were great, girl was cute.

kukrhcp 2010.11.21
it really makes me wanna Fuck!

Champ094 2010.11.21
excellent graphics, very smooth animations

Zeek 2010.11.19
The game is decent and I agree with Jerry, what`s up with the mood bit? Maybe if you run out you fail but it`s pretty much impossible to do that. I give it a 50/100 but it could`ve been so much more.

kenjiasakura98 2010.11.19
Quite good,but I have seen better.

bombguy645 2010.11.19
ok game not really enough to it though, too simple

smoerf 2010.11.19
i like it but it could have better storyline

freederm 2010.11.19
quite a good game - graphics were great, girl was cute, but some of the games were a little silly

silver12 2010.11.18
This girl was really hot, I thought it was a nice and simple game

bhupesh89 2010.11.18
The girl is cute. And that`s all.
It`s just like any other ordinary game.

bhupesh89 2010.11.18
Alright game sorta basic play. 2 of 3 sex scenes dont show boobs on a big tit girl

bhupesh89 2010.11.18
niseeTo short. No point. Boring animation. They have to stop with the flashing lights too!

Rjka1702 2010.11.17
The girl is cute. And that`s all.
It`s just like any other ordinary game.

mcgwier 2010.11.17
Not a bad game but it should take a little more effort to get her to go to bed with you. That would lengthen the game. Also her expression should change as you fuck her faster. It seems like she`s not enjoying herself.

kord99 2010.11.17
very nice girl, wonderfully made....

trueguy1964 2010.11.17
Good game and nice graphics

mike01 2010.11.16
not to bad of a game could of been better tho, and way to short

pyesta25 2010.11.16

pyesta25 2010.11.16
it really makes me wanna Fuck!

A_Carlan 2010.11.16
Graphics are nice, wish there`d be a way to speed up the text though.

bam.blah 2010.11.16
Good game and nice graphics

boobear07 2010.11.16
game was good but the graphics could be better

redsea 2010.11.16
Very Sexy but was too short

arathor 2010.11.15
very nice girl and a good game, but its too short.

tubs 2010.11.15
I really liked this one, a great game. Keep up the good work

Aoson 2010.11.15
I like the game, but very short.

lnknprkmetora1 2010.11.14
this game is fun it is the type of games i enjoy playing

oOHenryOo 2010.11.14
The graphics are good but they´re kind of censored

sakurali 2010.11.14
kinda short, but great game

tubs 2010.11.14
its a good one, i really like this game.

Ack 2010.11.14
Poor dialog and a bit simple, still played it though ;)

appointments 2010.11.13
only the last one was good, other two only okay

3cmFaT 2010.11.13
The game was fun... but too simple.

wow123 2010.11.13
kinda short, but great sex

squidras 2010.11.13
Alright game sorta basic play. 2 of 3 sex scenes dont show boobs on a big tit girl

zorrokuat 2010.11.12
nothing new....normal gameplay.not very good.

elliot19 2010.11.12
not very original, I prefer the games like passion hotel and high school romance that are 3D

dawsid1 2010.11.12
very nic game :) I like it

weldingcrow 2010.11.10
the game was good but the graphics could be better

ahclem 2010.11.10
It was simple yet fun. I wish it lasted longer

justo01 2010.11.10
Good game, i love nastysecretaries. :)

azurizo 2010.11.10
nice sweet gameplay, animation, and graphic.. very simple linear story.

captain savaho 2010.11.09
not a very challenging game

djones 2010.11.09
i expected there to be more interaction

lighstaber77_99 2010.11.09
pretty design, but no challenge

Zlatan_X 2010.11.08
good graphics but too short

shawnypawn 2010.11.07
boring ... no real effort needed on this one

atrik 2010.11.07
one of the greatest game on the site

dennot 2010.11.07
Easy to play, OK graphics

chuana 2010.11.07
the animations are too static...and it needs to be longer

alonez6 2010.11.07
the game is too short and not good at all

loadedgunx24 2010.11.06
good game. similar to every other game in the genre. the dialog after the first night was kind of confusing to follow along with

fkman77 2010.11.06
the story line is not that bad but it was short and to easy

gauravluv 2010.11.06
great game with happy ending.

tequillaxxx 2010.11.06
id like to see it with good 3d graphics, not hentai & more interactive. but this is good!

pezhman 2010.11.05
its a good but a short game

drake42 2010.11.05
longer definetly, perhaps a bit more interactive too

gambit13 2010.11.05
very good game ....graphix were a 10 but like most everyone said it needs to be longer ...creator you had the right idea just expand and add more scenes ...dialouge was great as weel

Karter 2010.11.05
Very Sexy but was too short....graphic, animation are ok ok game

sophia2435 2010.11.05
i like this game it is great :)

jamieberry 2010.11.05
great game, like the girls.

DeaTHGrim1 2010.11.05
man.. its so short it should have been longer the graphics is nice

DeaTHGrim1 2010.11.05
oh man the girl is soo cuute

sanford 2010.11.05
i liked it. it was inner active i was even playing with my self. she was so hot and sexxy. im gonna go and fuck my wife now. thank you .

xtotalchaosx187 2010.11.05
good game enjoyed it short tho

babygirl18 2010.11.04
It was too short but still liked it

Whitefire 2010.11.04
What`s the point of the mood meter?

tpain241 2010.11.04
pretty cool little game. It was very easy to follow and the graphics was really good i will be hope for more games like this.

SargeantW 2010.11.04
Kind of hard to follow, but Ok if you want to while away a little time (very little time).

steve00234 2010.11.04
i liked it very hot girls

lemojo2988 2010.11.04
it`s a good game with a pretty girl and wonderfull tits

lolsnake 2010.11.04
this game is great ^^ nice woman

MrSharkus 2010.11.04
oh yess.. I love secretaries, make more games with them

Zorrotwee 2010.11.04
Not very original game! And not a nice one either

sauce 2010.11.04
Nice and simple game to pass the time :) the graphics and animation was good, breasts a little too large for my taste tho

m4x1mu5 2010.11.04
the game is okay but its old

darlinth 2010.11.03
it was a ok game nothing to wright home about

dinhoreliquia 2010.11.03
OMG.. very nice... i cum here

coachwizard 2010.11.03
awesome game, but way to short

simplepilot 2010.11.03
Loved, it but it was too short.

NaZi34 2010.11.03
great game. but it is too short. its not that adventure type.

hugo57 2010.11.03
good graphica and audio ..again game could have been longer , maybe adding another woman
i realize many men like lesbian scenes ...
another suggestion for the game designers ...maybe have a woman`s game designer for a serial
soap opera type game..with both male and female interaction
more college type games but longer character interaction

woodman527 2010.11.03
nice game but a bit to short and easy

mafianek 2010.11.03
It is fine, but much easy.

oetti 2010.11.03
this game is ok. but not more!

Arty 2010.11.03
game is great/ I like it so much

venkopld 2010.11.03
nice, maybe the game is a little bit to easy

Nemezis53 2010.11.03
nice game. But it wery short

pytheas 2010.11.02
graphisms are nice, maybe the game is a little bit to easy

lesbianlove 2010.11.02
i love this game i think im gonna play again

haskib01 2010.11.02
game enjoyable it was not so bad

Nemeziz 2010.11.02
the story started well but... in the end... it wasnt that great all... too bad but i had fun anyways

Jack81 2010.11.02
Nice game original plot to have to convince the girl to pursue relationship after sex.

samluv13 2010.11.01
nice game but not nice story..

mamaface123 2010.11.01
nice game, graphics were good. better if its longer

leagen717 2010.11.01
good game with nice story

Charles1981 2010.11.01
Quite short and not as graphic as I`d hoped...

arawen82 2010.11.01
i liked this game but was to short

michealsex 2010.11.01
Great game,but too short,wish it will be longer~~

sanji 2010.11.01
It is a good game, i really enjoy it

aschaosfalls 2010.10.31
good game but should be longer

bisexual_Mystery 2010.10.31
i said whats above about the "Awesomeness" of this came cuz i didnt play it yet O_O

bisexual_Mystery 2010.10.31
i think this game rocks good graphics and totally rockin animation .. AWESOMEEEEEE

filak 2010.10.31
Very nice game. Good graphics. Too short.

laravicious 2010.10.31
The story is pretty nice.

dbrvr 2010.10.31
not bad but the game should be longer

infinitusvox 2010.10.31
the graphics are nice but the animations could be improved

sutty 2010.10.30
hetal style ,soon get through game play to the action content good.

flossy 2010.10.30
this game was awesome!! love the sex scene they should make a squel

renonly69 2010.10.30
nc game even its too short

kawish33 2010.10.29
kind of boring not that great

Shinelava 2010.10.29
It`s a good game but it seem the game are too short. That will be great if the game are more longer

mikefrost 2010.10.29
This was a great game but i think it should be a little longer, it`s too easy.

nissehult 2010.10.29
Yes like this game very much, could have been little harder to succed, but it was ok

king2pm 2010.10.29
Good game with an interesting story, good gfx.

smancmmom 2010.10.29
A little simplistic, but still enjoyed it. Graphics were good, I like detail in art!!

rock12345 2010.10.29
good game but should have had more girls

Damianos 2010.10.28
Nice game but far too short!

Ashtep 2010.10.28
Bad game, it should be longer, no enough posibilities.

atallsk 2010.10.28
didn`t really care for this game, too short and not alot of interaction!

loiner 2010.10.28
i liked the game but only having the choice of one girl really annoyed me

magic2hr 2010.10.28
good game but i like lesson of passion better
hot girls in this but need more action !

themoda 2010.10.28
I don`t liked, boring and the scenes of sex are very old

cooldt11235 2010.10.27
pretty simple game, but some great scenes

sinsear1071 2010.10.27
Not a bad game at all. Pretty simple and straightforward a game to have fun with if you get bored and want to kill some time.

Urim 2010.10.27
Good game, i like the story even it`s not to complicated

Quaxire 2010.10.27
nice to play easy games sometimes. sounds are very poor

ckkent 2010.10.27
Nice little game, but not very difficult to play.

prats 2010.10.27
not a very good game.....

TheSexiiJuanito 2010.10.26
the animations rnt tht great played better

sentaiblue 2010.10.26
a very good game wish thers was mor girls

playoneforce 2010.10.26
not bad for animated stills

thundergod 2010.10.26
Some odd translations, and perhaps not the best of these games.

frostee 2010.10.26
ok game, but i like the more naturalistic girls better

chuck muppet 2010.10.26
Just one more game... I don`t like too much, because you can guess everything that happens

gradandrei2006 2010.10.26
this game has some really good ending.

blingy24 2010.10.26
am a future secretary, hopfully my boss`s a girl.. ;D

iedoo 2010.10.25
too bag my college isn t this fun

SuperRichie 2010.10.25
nice game, college life rules ;D

mike cook 2010.10.25
Nice little game, but not very difficult to play.

somerealsexywomen 2010.10.24
nice, but i like the more naturalistic girls better.

chrswalks 2010.10.24
nice game good animation. wish it was longer

treefarmer140 2010.10.24
Simple, easy, and short. This game is nice but as it requires less it also gives less. Beginner`s fun.

FlamingNite 2010.10.24
good game, but way too short.

Sandman_20 2010.10.24
great game, and a wonderfull girl

chencho198 2010.10.24
good game, but it would be better if it was longer

bolle11 2010.10.24
This is a Great game! I like it.

nephilimm 2010.10.24
this game can be longer a bit

xdmax 2010.10.23
not a bad game at all nice graphics and sounds but the scenes could be a little bit better

Chuevo 2010.10.23
Good game, Good grapichs. Could of been longer for sure.

saxxxy93 2010.10.23
this game needs to be longer

tjraven 2010.10.23
Fun to play,, but not one I`d go back for - the mood meter doesn`tseeem to make any difference, and even if you make a wrong comment, the game just letsyou correct it.

coolerguy 2010.10.23
The game should be longer

dekestokn 2010.10.23
its ok. wish it were a little longer. kinda predictable.

brandamhong 2010.10.23
well,the picture is ok,but story is too short

magicdoc 2010.10.23
I will agree with the previous opinion ... nothing special!!

doe467 2010.10.23
descent, but needs to be longer...

firefireharted 2010.10.22
short but fun, artwork was good

krieger2707 2010.10.22
it`s a nice game i really like it it was fun to play

puma420 2010.10.22
i love the art of the game... b ut thats probably it... Short game! nothing new...

jakawho 2010.10.22
Not a fan of the linear stories. Would be nice to have some sort of challenge.

moonjam 2010.10.22
nice little game, good gameplay, although maybe a little too much clicking

marcoco 2010.10.22
Good graphics but not too much interactions. maybe there is a little bug in button next on second sex scene (it appears cum)

kpyrinikos 2010.10.22
it`s a nice game i really like it it was fun to play

lughbelenos 2010.10.21
As usual... these are getting to repetitive, graphics are just average.

tactac 2010.10.21
as normal ..
nothing new

Thousand Master 2010.10.21
The animations seem a bit better than the other games. Still new sound effects I recommend.

hari027 2010.10.21
The game was nice but the ending could be a bit bether.

urban70 2010.10.21
nice game, but a little short i think

Cypress84 2010.10.21
nha... very booring... pretty low quality

kjdehn 2010.10.20
i need someone like this girl

kjdehn 2010.10.20
wish i new a girl that worked all the time

kjdehn 2010.10.20
nice game for the on the job

headhunter87 2010.10.20
great game, bit to easy though

guin 2010.10.20
good grafics
but its typical mainstream
too easy

beachman33 2010.10.20
the game play was not bad. a little too easy to get thru

navnuc 2010.10.20
Like sexhotgames.com good site fun games

John Hawk 2010.10.20
this game is very nice, enjoy to play.

pietje119 2010.10.20
it`s a nioce game i really like itit was fun to play

yvonne 2010.10.20
but the next day`s continue is OK

yvonne 2010.10.20
the first night that stops so early... surprises you...

yvonne 2010.10.20
and I think one girl is not enough...

yvonne 2010.10.20
nice but too easy game...
needs more erotic scenes.

marcosdeto 2010.10.19
Loved the graphics, but the game is too easy. I think it would be better not to give a second chance when you give a wrong answer

overseasman83 2010.10.19
Cool game it was fun graphics was good as well

ondeckman 2010.10.19
very good game nice end scene aswell.

brandyluvsbj 2010.10.19
Hard to load the game, but i like them

lovelygirl 2010.10.19
This Wasn`t the best game but it was ok

res1991 2010.10.19
not very good game. it`s boring.

jstodd23 2010.10.19
graphics are hot, gameplay is boring

chriskid 2010.10.19
good sidestory and game play

roux25 2010.10.19
bad game.. the story is short and not very exciting

mnadam 2010.10.19
Graphics were poor, and not a very exciting story.

alchemy253 2010.10.18
it was alright, the graphics weren`t that great but the storyline was well put together and it seemed to really romanticize office romances and one night stands

aj22 2010.10.18
that gameplay is quite easy

hellooo 2010.10.18
Bad game , not interesting , bad graphics.

Dasroth 2010.10.18
Not a bad game but it could be better

dequentia 2010.10.18
pretty hot, quite short. with the mood bar it feels like it`s going to be part of something bigger

Jada 2010.10.18
Nice game overall but a bit too easy.definately recommend it for beginners Artwork is excellent Story good overall more positions would be nice touch.
I think this game is very good overall 7/10 can use some improvement maybe even add some twists in to make it more challenging.

skeletor22 2010.10.17
It was great game but a bit too short...If it waslonger I might enjoy it more

TNTom 2010.10.17
Short game, kind of generic

sexxatron5 2010.10.17
nice, but a little bit short

deekrueger00 2010.10.17
it was a good game but too short, and to easy

xxrammherxx 2010.10.17
This was a pretty good over game ta play

RunawayHydra 2010.10.17
Story didn`t make much sense, but the gameplay was fine. More attention to story next time?

Sakaime 2010.10.17
An okey game with pretty graphics

ian12345 2010.10.17
great game njoed playing it

cliff67 2010.10.17
not a bad game i`ve played better

ECRIDER 2010.10.16
easy to play but worth it

bobsinclar 2010.10.16
Not very original.... D??j? vu

kabuto 2010.10.16
i don`t know why but I like this game more then "college life 2" and it`s nice eve though it could`ve been better)

KyleSherry 2010.10.16
love it! i got turned on from this

deathangel1977 2010.10.16
Nice game and easy to play. A little more action where good.

lilng 2010.10.16
i like playing this game. love it keep up the good work

rikis944 2010.10.16
I like this game , the girl is sexy the graphics its note the best but its very good !
In the game dont have something new but its good game to "relax" :))

kasun.iw 2010.10.16
The game was good. But it can be much better with more scenes....

majoram 2010.10.16
pretty run of the mill stuff

Sipi 2010.10.16
A bit too short but the girl is really pretty.

alvinfiery 2010.10.15
length was abit too short, but overall was alright.. Could do with more scenes..?

chrisgrinch 2010.10.15
it was ok but not really much to do in the game if u dont get the right answer it comes up with the same choices theres no alternatives to the game

HenryWarrick 2010.10.15
Not really original but the girl was really pretty. A bit too short too.

humbucku 2010.10.15
it was a nice game . butt i found it to easy

sexy1 2010.10.15
Nice game. Interesting story

mloh 2010.10.15
was ok, but needs more variety in actions...but it is a free game...

Bryan89 2010.10.14
needs to be longer but good graphics

AhzianRai 2010.10.14
Very Sexy but was too short... make it longer next time

Asimov 2010.10.14
I didnt have trouble with the influence bar, and the scenes were only average. Shame I couldnt get down with more than one girl, I thought it was a "party", should have been renamed Workaholic One Night Stand.

kyakya 2010.10.14
nice game, i love it... because its fun

AlexFalcon 2010.10.14
not bad easy entertainment the graphics arent great and a lil more interaction would have been nice

hollerguy 2010.10.14
Could have been a good game with more to do and more scenes.

bazza212 2010.10.13
Super awesome and easy to play.

bazza212 2010.10.13
The graphics could be way better.

Kotton24 2010.10.13
its not bad could be a little longer and harder

karthik 2010.10.13
wow, nice game.... the chick is beautiful......

Lollo92 2010.10.13
Yeah! This is a great game. Nice sex scene.

shaylin123456 2010.10.12
loc ethe theme hot girls nice sound

Hornygrl 2010.10.12
There wasn`t much challenge but it was pretty good as a short time waster

shooter32 2010.10.12
I think with some more interaction it could be a better game 4 out of 10.

davet7087 2010.10.12
why always loading game`s until half and then the loading just stop, what is the problem of that???

UDEAD 2010.10.12
its ok but 2 short and needs 2 be more interactuve but its ok

mrsir 2010.10.12
good game. didnt feel as much pressure to get every answer right.

girl is hot, and more than one scene is a plus

andylp 2010.10.11
this is a nice game love the chicks

juppen 2010.10.11
good game could use a little less questions

Psyden 2010.10.11
Is there any bonus to getting max on each chapter??

hunter rose 2010.10.11
pretty good game,but graphics is a little shady

kranktheprank 2010.10.11
Some of the graphics need work, but it could be my computer.

Gavote 2010.10.11
It feels like there`s a chunk of story missing at the end.

Wraith6 2010.10.11
Nice graphics, a tad on the short side but still pretty hot.

javo 2010.10.10
Good story but grphics must improve

duke1505 2010.10.10
the graphics of this games isn`t good but the story is fun

chumak 2010.10.10
good story and music. The end feels kind of abrupt

jimmythedriver 2010.10.09
Similar to College Life 2: only one girl, limited story line - but still not a bad little game.

chumak 2010.10.09
A bit too short for my liking

teentank99 2010.10.09
it was a good game but it was too long to get started

pilotmaster30 2010.10.09
Short, interactive, too simple, not much excited

Rob-63 2010.10.08
The graphics are good quality, gameplay could be better.

juggernaut13 2010.10.08
i dont like how slow it is, but good nonetheless

mpssg76 2010.10.08
Great graphic seemed so real but the play is slow.

philiplynx 2010.10.08
good animation and graphics. not very challenging. To short.

rovanerns 2010.10.07
Veru good! I like this game, great!

paddywhack 2010.10.07
good game but too short wonder what ill do next!

wahooman48 2010.10.07
this game is ssooorrryy

th3sub 2010.10.07
meh... it`s okay. the game isn`t that hard, but the graphics are pretty good.

rob 2010.10.07
OK game, not very challenging

mgebs 2010.10.07
good animation and graphics

chriswbc 2010.10.06
nothing new and special abt this one.

fmeyen 2010.10.06
An easy game, with nothing out of extraordinary

dammilionaire 2010.10.06
to easy not a challenge at all

gp78 2010.10.06
i`ve played better then this one

bigone12 2010.10.06
cool game gr8 graphics and secenes, could have been longer

davduckie 2010.10.06
great game, great scenario, and very nice animation

Jola 2010.10.06
Nothing specjal, the game is not worth the candle

fepeter2 2010.10.06
Good game but its very short game T_T

donnie01357 2010.10.06
very easy game, nothing out of ordinary

tarfoot 2010.10.06
to easy not a challenge at all

starlancer 2010.10.06
Graphics were good, but not very challenging, I got it wrong almost every time on the last conversation, and still managed to win.

Robbie1981 2010.10.06
game wasnt to bad,just a bit on the short side is all

ke114 2010.10.05
ok game could have been longer and used the mood meter better

grunt2 2010.10.05
Nice looking girl, but not much depth. Would have liked more of a challenge and a longer tale..

jewishcowboy 2010.10.05
Great game with a hot girl but its too short! Maybe a make it a little harder?

SpiderWeb 2010.10.05
Nice graphics, the game is a bit too easy.

dadomax 2010.10.05
not bad...i hope in something more....the game is so short!!!

cstegner 2010.10.05
It`s a decent game, but too similar to others from that site.

bshdaddy1 2010.10.05
not one of the great games that sexhotgames comes up with but still a nice game to play

ErickXXX 2010.10.05
it has good grphics and the gameplay is good but i think the music is a little loud

aalex1319 2010.10.04
It was ok, nothing special

Avenged 2010.10.04
Ireally like this game. Graphic is nice and animations are really good

Vane 2010.10.04
graphic, animation are ok. Nice game

Aladin 2010.10.04
Cool Game and a nice Girl. Like it.

kuroiryuu 2010.10.04
Could`ve been a little longer but still enjoyable

spida 2010.10.03
as this type of game goes, very enjoyable

Madelene 2010.10.03
A little short but fun as always. :-)

marko41 2010.10.03
nice game i love alcohol and sex

rob 2010.10.03
Not a bad game. Nice graphics

hockeymaster 2010.10.03
This has great graphic, a good story, and a good annimation. I particulary like the ending:)
The sound make you feel the scene:)

toracethenight 2010.10.03
the graphics were pretty good in this one
the audio quality of the girls is a lot better too

chap74 2010.10.03
it was a nice game . butt i found it to easy

millo 2010.10.02
little bit boring,...too short

Nicholas 2010.10.02
this was an awesome game

tuff_987 2010.10.02
very easy but boring also. The girl is too decent. I also got stuck but anyways I`m not interested to continue this!

jeanmimel 2010.10.02
always nice pics but ... a little boring

spirek 2010.10.02
The game is preety fun and easy.

hanshotfirst 2010.10.02
Decent enough, but I didn`t notice the mood meter actually affecting gameplay. There might as well have just been a button that said "have sex".

saugata8888 2010.10.02
Great game.
The graphics were very good.

Thernielle 2010.10.02
Stupid, boring, linear, don`t know what else to say. This shouldn`t be called "game".

kenney 2010.10.02
she is hot great grraphics

pesimist 2010.10.02
Great game, excellent graphics. The first scene is the best.

ICE Dude 2010.10.02
it`s not bad but there needs to be more girls and a better story

vhht 2010.10.02
The game has no challenge, and is completely linear. It is not fun, really.

linda 2010.10.01
The graphics are cute, but the conversations are tedious and the options are quite unreasonable.

sexylilmama0101 2010.10.01
it was not alll that good

sexylilmama0101 2010.10.01
this is ok but it did not make me wet

Rigald 2010.10.01
I think it would be funnier if we could play with others girls... but it`s a good game^^

NotVenom 2010.10.01
Not bad, but kind of boring.

Miq01 2010.10.01
Game was okay but should be longer...

surfnaked4 2010.10.01
really easy game, not really worth playing

jffitz 2010.10.01
boring, conventional, poor translation etc

Daenerys 2010.10.01
A good, quick game. My only criticism is that the clothing changes break the continuuity.

mrcoolerz 2010.10.01
simple and short storyline but nice and sweet!

kpyrinikos 2010.10.01

golfbot 2010.10.01
mediocre game, nothing to it, graphics good but that is all

mrglisar 2010.10.01

tarfoot 2010.10.01
i give it a 1 for overall score game is to easy not a challrnge at all

haneef 2010.10.01
very nice graphic...and nice game

whowhowho 2010.09.30
too easy by far, nice tits though

Zoomie71 2010.09.30
nice doggy style, good graphics

kevin569 2010.09.30
I really like this game, I better try them all out =p

trueguy1964 2010.09.30
very nice game, good graphics...

Franks 2010.09.30
Nice story, but not very detailed

ligmartos 2010.09.30
Nice game but too short. More interaction could be good

Kazarian 2010.09.30
Shit game to be honest... i could do it with my eyes closed

flier1285 2010.09.30
okay game, short and straight forward. good animation but only took about 5 minutes to finish the game.

andy_regresa 2010.09.30
great gameplay and animations, but it was way too short and easy..

danigonz 2010.09.30
Nice graphics, but maybe to simple and short...

dage1979 2010.09.30
very nice game, good graphics

osawkew 2010.09.30
Great game, excellent graphics. The second scene is the best.

killber11 2010.09.30
pretty nice game easy to play and its fun what more can you ask for

nightsky3 2010.09.30
Love this, and enjoy games like these with the good graphics

snoopy666 2010.09.30
Too short and too easy but quite nice graphics ...

SpiderWeb 2010.09.30
Noting special, way too short and simple.
Don`t really like the game, nice graphics though.

vicious 2010.09.29
not bad, but we`ve seen better!

HeinH77 2010.09.29
not to bad, but i have seen more interactive ones

Brandon2611 2010.09.29
very nice........but too short

jamiel 2010.09.29
wow... nice game..
but quite short...

Spekule 2010.09.29
Good game, nice girl, but too short :(

lapine 2010.09.29
it`s a good game with nice graphics, but too much short......

dylutez 2010.09.29
It`s already been said, but this is fairly mediocre. Short, uninspired, boring.

emetiel 2010.09.29
a funny little game but to short, a longer story would make it better

bobIwanna69 2010.09.29
I liked the game although it seemed to short, maybe a longer story line would make it better

storm 2010.09.29
nice, but too short overall is a good game.

star 2010.09.29
nothing special and too short,but overall is a good game.

Mslooj 2010.09.29
Could have been a good game with more to do and more scenes.

sittingduck 2010.09.29
nice game like the graphics and gameplay

mitroi 2010.09.29
Graphic, animation are ok, nothing special and too short, this is a ok game.

handsfree 2010.09.29
ok game, needs to be a little harder tho

kjdehn 2010.09.29
wish i had girls like this at work

andiyan 2010.09.29
not bad..but to simple..!!!!

jdante13 2010.09.29
kinda unrealistic with her just jumping on you. but would not mind that in real life...if only

Ricoh124 2010.09.29
Different storyline, more thought perhaps in the outcome but a little too easy and too short

farkas 2010.09.29
good graphics and nice story.

patbeau19 2010.09.29
good graphic, but too easy and too shot, but i like easy girl like her!!!

devilove 2010.09.29
simple game so exsited !!

sire 2010.09.28
good game but isnt very sexy for me.

Stevie B 2010.09.28
this game is to short need to be longer with more things in it

randy06 2010.09.28
a good game should have more things to do and more office girls that get jealous and u have to work things out and do them all

vitali 2010.09.28
short, easy and no special idea behind. I voted only 49% :-(

alowan 2010.09.28
jeu sympa mais sans grand interet scenaristique

T M 2010.09.28
M & F has made better games recently. But all in all this one is not bad. Interesting story twist that the girl wants no part of you after the 1st night and you need to convince her to have sex with you again.

Xyzzy 2010.09.28
This entry is a bit disappointing in the SexHotGames progression. Not much advancement here over previous games, so this one seems to have been tossed off very quickly. You need to try to avoid becoming too formulaic. Add more variety in the game play. Please stop the flashing white light during orgasm. Show genitalia (isn`t that the point?). An okay effort, but just okay.

callandor 2010.09.28
Not much to this game. Don`t really see any reason to come back to it

tightywhity 2010.09.28
good game,very instructional

heeroo 2010.09.28
I think it is beautifully drawn.
It`s a bit simple, yes, but it still is a very nice game!

omid_mhp 2010.09.28
nothing special and too short. this is a ok game

Luzi 2010.09.28
great gameplay and animations, but it was way too short and easy..

Michael86 2010.09.28
gameplay was great, graphics were great and animation was great.

Nimrod 2010.09.28
A little simplistic, but still enjoyed it. Graphics were good, I like detail in art.

bloodgreaver 2010.09.28
nicely drawn, smooth rolls, kinda short though. A little more interaction would make the game a perfect quicky.

dubidu 2010.09.28
good game, though i like more the other ones all of them hell yeah ;D

lxpriestxl 2010.09.28
nice game, kinda short but other wise good

kati1 2010.09.28
Amazing game , i really loveit.

kdogg 2010.09.28
gameplay was great, graphics were great and animation was great.

ranmagh01 2010.09.28
To short. No point. Boring animation. They have to stop with the flashing lights too!

dreadwolf 2010.09.28
graphic, animation are ok ok game

boinky 2010.09.28
Too easy and not a lot to do. Game is just click, click, click, cum and done. Could be a lot better

eagleata 2010.09.28
nothing special and too short. this is a ok game..

Juniorchef 2010.09.28
nothing new and not very good

prady 2010.09.28
nothing new and special abt this one.

jerryonly83 2010.09.28
well nothing special... why put the mood thing if it does influence anyhing? and the animations are too static...

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