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Weekend with Bradleys


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Winterfreund68 2019.06.04
Very good game, with some hot scene

suckurboobs 2019.02.26
Awaiting a weekend like this :P

Andrew 1123456 2019.02.23
brilliant graphics n good music

JDB68 2019.02.10
All in all a very hot and sexy game. Good job!

taison11 2019.02.09
I just have ending 1 ,3 ,7 rnplease help merni can`t fuck brooke.rnhelp me

czpettit 2019.01.25
great game sort of slow in the beginning but really good game still curious about whether you can see brook and the mom have sex

jetset28 2019.01.18
Love the action and graphics especially with the boss`s wife!!!

nik333 2019.01.08
real great game,very intersting story,thx to lop

adyee 2019.01.04
nice game with different endings

alick123123 2019.01.02
traffic and story i will say ok


Badman.SP 2019.01.01
Excellent game. Ending 6 and sex with Brooke was awesome. Ending 7 swing with William and Melissa very good, I just could not figure out if I can get a threesome with Melissa and Brooke or a full Swing among the 4. Can someone tell me if it`s possible ???rnCan not increase working time for a week? Who knows?

moine_s 2018.12.29
Nice graphics and quite short so you can easily try the different endings.

MAGCs 2018.12.14
Nice game. good graphics. fun.

jkoaq 2018.12.11
great game with sexy girls and nice endings i recommend to play it

Tron70 2018.12.10
nice but not the best I played,rn

todd1975 2018.11.23
had a great time playing this gamern

Matty9745 2018.10.08
Nice game, beautiful girls

bianca29 2018.09.19
Some nice Ending and Girls which have a good graphics

Blitzkriegbob 2018.09.15
While the graphics are good the game itself is quite boring. Most times I feel like having nothing to do at all.

Luis Otavio 2018.08.31
Thas´s not my favorite game, but is very good.

GP69 2018.08.16
Not great. Didn`t enjoy it at all

looner 2018.07.27
hot sexy boss wife.... wanna do here more and more

MAGCs 2018.07.26
Great game. Multiple paths to hot women. Good graphics.rn

geertje75 2018.07.24
decent game, nice graphics, story could use some tinkering to make it a bit more interesting

Ya boi skinny penis 2018.07.05
This game has good quality girls and it is easy to get into and play

Schmitzi987 2018.06.28
Good game with very good short story. I love the sex with his wife

Chuck1 2018.06.21
Really good graphics and a good story would recommend.

bianca29 2018.06.20
I try but i don`t get a sexual ending with melissa, brooke is no Problem

perkan 2018.06.19
Very interesting game, u`ve got several possibilities, differents girls and the game is easy to understand in the end, so u can do it all

poulsimun12 2018.05.23
i love the quality, nice girls

Gracts 2018.05.21
Awesome gameplay with a variety of fantastic graphics and very hot girls.

Dawid21122 2018.05.20
excellent game. Ending 6 and sex with Brooke was awesome.

carrotadrian 2018.05.17
very cool game nice and multyiblre endingsrn

tomgochi 2018.05.15
It is a very cool game with a lot of endings to reach, very well done by Lopgold again !

Johntim5881 2018.05.08
Great game good story great graphics

fargfcexx 2018.05.06
The game is long and you can`t do much with Brookern

Rammbock123 2018.05.05
Love all lesson of passion games. Animation and story is good

Diosmialo 2018.05.05
It`s a nice game, but there`s lots of time when there seems like nothing to do. Annoying when you want to focus on one girl.

woody77 2018.05.01
Fantastic game, I would love to see more with Brooke.

rls83 2018.04.30
Melissa and Brooke are very hot

banditmain 2018.04.30
one of my favroit games to payrn

MAHMOUD1997 2018.04.27
very nice game very naughty

rls83 2018.04.26
I only get the endings 1 and 3

ap9998 2018.04.26
the animation is so good, I love this game

kimak23 2018.04.26
nice graphic . good gameplay

supertrucker 2018.04.25
the graphics were good with this game. but playing it was a little drap. go to this room-go to this room- go to this room

banditmain 2018.04.25
sooo hot and cant wait fo more to come to the gamern

Grandma Leonardo Squidmilk 2018.04.24
i love this game, its soooooo sexyrn

edy777 2018.04.24
Nice looking new game, liked it.

Thanny75 2018.04.23
Great game play and amazing graphics.

krithick 2018.04.20
i like this game and the graphics was amazingrnrn

malmaksimal 2018.04.18
the animation is so good, I love this game

matteous 2018.04.18
good game ! enjoy play it

Erhrgggfh 2018.04.14
The graphics are great i love to se a 2 week

D1NGBAT 2018.04.13
I cannot remove the `Living with a nympho` image in the corner, so I give up.

Graindesable 2018.04.13
Very nice game. Good graphics and story. Not easy to find how to get to the good endings but worth trying

LucMei13 2018.04.06
Awesome game !!!rnrnLuv itrn

Strawboi101 2018.04.02
Aweosme gameplay and graphics as always

aaa343 2018.03.28
SOOOOOOOOOOOO much fun you get to choose what you want

killo123 2018.03.26
awesome game but sometimes got problem to get into bedroomrn

MaximusDom 2018.03.22
Interesting idea. I`m surprised there`s no MFF threesome though.

Emp3r0rr 2018.03.12
this is one of the better games i have played on Playforce one so far. love the girls and the variables put in place to seduce both

ksenia123 2018.03.08
I wish there was a second week

balabak933 2018.03.07
How to get ending 5 anybody help me please

life of passion 2018.03.07
i`m stuck in this game in 3rd option help

suggrddy69 2018.03.07
L O P is a great site have had a lot of fun playing their games over the years rnkeep up the great work

zalag 2018.03.02
great game and fun to find all the endingsrn

Scorp10n 2018.02.25
Hey any advice as to what to do? Kelly is stuck on a loop after my first quest. all she does is show me more and more of the same pictures. I`ll exit and go back to the flash games but then the Kelly keeps calling :/

bob247 2018.02.24
Good game,but it`s kind of short.

yian71 2018.02.24
very nice game cute graphricks

crimsonfrog 2018.02.23
is there an ending where you can date brookr?

yian71 2018.02.23
so exiting and hot gamern

Tourenn 2018.02.22
very nice game and good picture

Bashir99 2018.02.21
awesome game with nice animation.

cadet84 2018.02.21
Cool game, but a little hard to me.

SweetRabbit 2018.02.19
this is a really good game, look forward to play it

Domelek1 2018.02.18
good game but I have always 1 ending

torres213 2018.02.09
Good game, although not upto par sex scenes, loved the blowjobrn

buraxnr 2018.02.05
mmm wow nice sexy hot game really liked soo excited

davidmariner39 2018.02.05
Images are good but the animation is just okay... wish it had a little better movements

MGC 2018.01.31
Good gameplay , with hot and many endings and sexy graphicsrn

freakybaaz 2018.01.30
1 of the best game i have played from this guys!

crimsonfrog 2018.01.29
how mant pts does brooke need for her to date more

max1992 2018.01.28
cool game with good animation

spass1234 2018.01.28
is there a threesome ending?

LordCorinth 2018.01.28
Sorry, but I was unimpressed by this game. While the graphics were good, there were too few options and a lot of time wandering around an empty house. Also people magically appeared if you chose Watch TV sometimes but not others... all in all, not my favorite. Sorry.

bonnieblonde32 2018.01.25
mmm wow nice sexy hot game really liked soo excited

76 2018.01.22
I like the animations and it is a good but not to easy short game

decconan 2018.01.19
Ending 2`s hints:rnDanny had a relaxing weekend, but something feels missing. He refuses every good opportunity with Brooke or Melissa!rn

decconan 2018.01.19
Danny had a relaxing weekend, but something feels missing.rnHe refuse every good opportunity with Brooke or Melissa!

alfamale 2018.01.19
Good game.still trying to get all endings. Good graphics

Rabber 2018.01.18
Very good game is fun. And good implementation.

ToXeD 2018.01.18
great graphic , amazing story

TEX TIGER 2018.01.18
This game is short to play, not fun.

Trokkar 2018.01.16
A very good game, lots of endings to achieve. Very well done with sexy graphics

crimsonfrog 2018.01.15
like this game only found 3 endings trying to get enough points with brooke

Micrus 2018.01.15
"Thoughts on the pool" - if You are good with Melisa start with her on a pool with untie bikini. Still no ending 2 :(

Vittor1982 2018.01.14
i cant finish with Brooke, can you help me?

Schipan 2018.01.14
really good game , nice pictures

BrandNew31 2018.01.13
It was a great game to play, couldnt find ending two though

carrotadrian 2018.01.13
Very nice game I play it ALOT

shyman44425 2018.01.12
Played this game several times. Very challenging but the rewards are worth it!

Sovrano777 2018.01.12
I like this game) very good graphics and hot endings))

luca.brilla 2018.01.11
Great game, but there is an issue with the Host bedroom. I cannot click on it, I try to go there but the mouse stuck all around that option.

greenfox54 2018.01.10
great game, love the girls

aaaaaggggggg 2018.01.08
nice graphics, nice storytelling and nice distinctive endings. a nice collection of awesome features

ScottS69 2018.01.08
Great graphics and images. Makes you work for the prize though which is a good thing

labmunky 2018.01.07
gREAt game, loved the choices and the graphics.

Rev332211 2018.01.07
Awesome gameplay fantastic grpahics very hot girlsrnrn

trailsman 2018.01.06
wow ending 7, very nice guys

fireball322 2018.01.05
good game, both girls are very hot. i kinda wish william wasnt there

LX0809 2018.01.05
This game is very cute. I went through this a few times in a row. But, in my opinion, this game lacks something. Alas, I do not understand that))).

GEPilot 2018.01.05
Very nice Animations and sexy girlsrn

amareteajj 2018.01.05
I like this type of game,but l can not get all enddings

jasseplayer 2018.01.04
decent lop game, story is okayish and girls are good. not too impressed.

Micrus 2018.01.03
I did all sex scenes in one game bud still can`t reach ending 2 and workplace fantasy, any help?

spanner 2018.01.03
Really enjoyed this game one of the best.rn

Lust4Life 2018.01.03
I really enjoyed playing this game...the graphics were great...just wished you could have sex with Melissa without having the husband in the room

james635400 2018.01.03
one of the better games good buildup not too longrn

pcxlog 2018.01.03
few clues to accomplish what you want to the girls over the weekend. I had a boring weekend there. nice looking girls. i fail to score

ethank1234 2018.01.03
Super good game, you get the best scenes if you ignore the husband as much as possible and I think the assistant might be more rewarding. I think that the wife has more scenes though so if you want a lot of scenes then I would focus on her the higher score with her the better.

hihowareyou 2018.01.03
Good Game, A little short but has excellent graphics and game play exactly what to expect from LOP

khahan 2018.01.02
Enjoyed the game, wont deny that. But to be honest, its a bit of a let down compared to other LoP games. There were so many spots where it felt like the game should have an opportunity for more. Given this is just a short 2 1/2 day experience for the main character. But still, lots of times I felt like somebody should be there to talk to, interact with or more.

John Snow120 2018.01.01
Game graphics is too good.rnBut I cant click on Hots bedroom.

CapnMorgan 2018.01.01
it took a while to figure out how the interactions would work in this game, and it took a few times to get anything but ending 1. overall it`s pretty good, enjoyed the sex scenes a lot.

suzukirider0630 2017.12.30
good game overall.i think there should be a little more paths with mellissa though.ending 4 was nice.

trailsman 2017.12.30
cool, ending 3 is a let down, ending 4 is sweet, now to try and get the others, this is a nice game, hot graphics, nice game play. a game you can play over and over

Kbulger740 2017.12.30
How do u get to fuck Brooke?

kohtet 2017.12.29
nice game and awesome graphic

akhilgupta32 2017.12.29
Awesome Game with Cool Graphics. Brooke is so lovely..I just hope she exists for real

vukalo 2017.12.28
I wish there was a treesome with both girls.

cambridge4453 2017.12.28
This is a really good game that brought be back again and again until I had endings 3,4,5,6 & 7.rnThe artwork is good, the sound is okay and you can kill the music. The story is straightforward but with so many variations it does become addictive, and the girls look great,

bill ivy 2017.12.28
Great game just wish you there was a way to get both girls

bing6541 2017.12.28
I`ve been able to get all achievements, and all endings except Ending 2. I tried being a complete asshole, and I`ve also tried ignoring the women and just sucking up to the boss. Both times resulted in Ending 1. I can`t imagine what Ending 2 might be.

aceonesj 2017.12.28
Good game play, especially on the different combination action yield to different unexpected ending. Trying to get all the endings!

active 2017.12.28
brooke ending is best but i love if there i a sway yo fuck both of them. anybody know guys

Oconner 2017.12.28
Doing the wife our your carefree boss was Off the hook

Ty1900 2017.12.28
Nice game, but not too different from other ones. a little more variations would have been nice. Like the possibility to go out of the house.rnBtw. does searching the office anything good?rn

deckmate 2017.12.26
I thought it was a pretty decent game. To get the assistant, you need to get the picture. Ignore the husband gets you most of the scenes.

iamWardeR 2017.12.26
Ending 2 is still a mystery, ive tried getting loaded just focusing on william. and nothing. To achieve ending 4, you need to get pts SUPER high with Melissa, and TAKE the bottle of wine at some point. then on the final day go to watch tv and watch until melissa shows, a cutscene will happen and you will be givin choices. "better with wine" I want to too" and a way you go. that should get you ending 4 as well. rnrnAlso CanSir "Thoughts on the Pool" work on melissa, and at some point On the pool portion undo her bra FIRST before the others and she should talk about a Vacation. Then you are done.!

ss94 2017.12.25
I was completely stumped on how to get the Brooke ending, it`s frustrated me so much.rnrnI used to walk through above and... Oh, it was so worth the wait! My cock is throbbing.

vincentkm2 2017.12.25
aw man ending 4 is hard to get i still dont know how to earn ending 2 or how to get ending 6

vincentkm2 2017.12.25
for ending 7 just keep having william and Melissa states to go up and then they will be a cut sense at the end and you get the ending

rzass 2017.12.25
Nice game, but only could get to ending 7

Can Sir 2017.12.25
This is a really nice game. Managed to get most endings except Ending 2 (Not sure how to unlock it). Also I cant get the "Thoughts on the pool" achievement. Anyone knows how to get it?rnI`ll also add some short guides of the Endings I got:rnEnding 1 - No sex ending (Just have less than 30 pts for each of them)rnEnding 2 - ???rnEnding 3 - Partial Melissa Ending (Get 40ish pts for Melissa and you can have a Handjob from her. After that just do whatever you want except for interacting with her)rnEnding 4 - Full Melissa Ending (Get your pts as high as you can with her. I think you need at least 60 pts for this ending)rnEnding 5 - Partial Brooke Ending (The key here is to get only 15ish points for Brooke and ALWAYS search the office when she isnt there. You dont have to get high points to unlock her "office scene")rnEnding 6 - Full Brooke Ending (This is my favorite one. The key here is to get as much points as you can while being able to "find that thing in the office" before she comes the 2nd time. I managed to get 25 points with her while being able to finish searching the office. Then after the "office scene" get as much points with her and you would be able to unlock this.)rnEnding 7 - Threesome Ending (I unlocked this by accident. Since unlocking the Full Melissa ending was easy and I had a lot of "idle time" in the game. I tried to get my relationship with William to go up. I managed to get this ending when i have 35ish points with William and quite a high score with Melissa.)rnOther Notes:rn1. Melissa will be in the kitchen after 2 actions in the beginning BUT your 2nd action should be in the kitchen or else you will be forced to get the intro for Brooke.rn2. Brooke offices choices: 2nd option cannot be done unless 10 pts or above. 3rd option is 15 pts and above. This is also true for Melissa in pool.rn3. Melissa Kitchen: Cannot do 2nd option while 20 below score. 1st option is fine whenever. This is also same for Brooke Kitchen.rn4. Watching TV - Brooke: Cannot kiss cheek while below 20. Melissa: Cannot massage feet while below 20.rn5. William - Only bad conversation while meditating on pool so try to avoid it.rn*The points I mentioned could be wrong since this is only the result of a little trial and error method. Feel free to correct me thanks!*

picallolaugh 2017.12.25
Walkthrough Brooke (Ending 6) :rnThursdayrn - I hope i don`trn - office -> searchrnrnFridayrn- Office -> Search -> Living room (run into brooke)rn- Nice to meet you.rn- Office -> Compliment -> Flirt -> Living roomrn- Host`s bedroom -> Look at photo -> Living roomrn- Kitchen -> Talk with herrn- rn- 16:00 TV Room (Movie with brooke achieve) -> living roomrn- Pool -> Talk with her -> put you arm around -> living roomrn- Office -> Rub shoulders -> Search rnrnSaturdayrn- Office -> Search (should find the hidden compartment) -> Living roomrn- Say good morning -> Office -> Masturbate while watching (missing vibrator achievement)rn- Compliment -> flirt -> Living roomrn- Kitchen -> Talk with her -> Drink wine -> Take wine -> Living roomrn- TV Room -> Kiss her cheek -> Living roomrn- Pool -> Talk with her -> Put your arms around her -> Living roomrn- Office -> Rub shoulders -> Living roomrnrnSundayrn- Pool -> Take a dip -> Living roomrn- Say good morningrn- Office -> When you first walked in... -> Kiss her (Trying new things achievement)rn- Office -> Compliment -> Flirt -> Living roomrn- Kitchen -> Talk with her -> Living room rn- Read a book rn- Pool -> Take a dip -> Living roomrn- TV Room -> Kiss her cheek -> Living roomrn- Pool -> Talk with her -> Put your arms around herrnrnEnjoyrn

LuckyJack 2017.12.25
nice pictures during the game, but i always end up with ending 3

KitCarsen 2017.12.24
Nice sexy game but still can`t get to fuck Brooke.

elfoldo 2017.12.24
excellent game. Ending 6 and sex with Brooke was awesome.

demonfox1 2017.12.24
to get ending 4 Melissa 60 buy sunday and brooke 30 buy sun good luck for ending 4 can someone tell my what photo 4rn

sailorguy123 2017.12.24
its a good game but I`ve only be able to get to of the endings its so frustrating

evildave86 2017.12.24
I`m obviously missing something with hidden scenes can`t figure out how to be with brooke have tried different things with no success I`m guessing something scripted is what I`m not seeing.

vincentkm2 2017.12.24
really good game but its also hard im just missing endings 2, 4 and 6 other than that its pretty cool game and the arts are great.

bullsextra 2017.12.24
nice and sexy scenes. super hot.

Eomas 2017.12.24
i have NO idea how to do the Brooke ark. any help would be appreciated by many

krysty0608 2017.12.24
Nice game and very good game.

xrawex 2017.12.24
How can i have sex with the other girl?

samsmith1169 2017.12.23
Help! Does anyone have any walkthroughs? Especially with brooke, I`ve gotten above 60 with her, but i always get ending 1

KH4L1D 2017.12.23
really nice game but it is vey hard

harleyd 2017.12.23
Really nice game. good graphics

warfighter.man 2017.12.23
great game with good graphics

Eddie371 2017.12.23
Great grapich, good overall game

gboydog13 2017.12.23
Can anyone help me. I love this game . I`ve only got Endings 1 and ` Ending s 3. How can I get `Endings 5-7? I love this addictive games. rn

speedyyyyy 2017.12.23
i cant figure out how to get 6

cacotrepa 2017.12.23
Nice game, but only could get to ending 7

burningluxray 2017.12.23
Managed to get Ending 5 before ending 6. No idea how to get ending 6 lol. Tried everything I could think of

farkas 2017.12.23
Good graphics, interesting storyline widt alternativ ways. I like.

Doom_Random 2017.12.23
Update: I finally got Ending 6, where you end up with Brooke. I`m not going to give a walkthrough, but i will say that you need to jump on that train ASAP. It`s kind of tedious and ultra specific.

Doom_Random 2017.12.23
Short and sweet, was able to achieve endings 1 and 7 so far. However, i am having difficulties figuring out how to get an ending with Brooke. Had her affection rating as high as 60 in one playthrough, but still got Ending 1.

akhilgupta32 2017.12.22
awesomely cool graphics,,,good game

GaGoBoKo 2017.12.22
One of the best games i have i ever played the graphics and story were amazing

Solvace 2017.12.22
Loved the atmposphere. It invites to try different endings. good job!

Santorx 2017.12.22
Pretty nice game... Like itrnrn

jackpuncake 2017.12.22
Pretty good graphics for a new game, the animation is pretty nice, a good game overall.

Jaaru 2017.12.22
Nice looking new game, liked it.

Shadow13 2017.12.22
A good game I am Interested howe to get all endings. Now I only have ending 1 and 7.

marcus747 2017.12.22
I enjoyed this and will continue to do so for a while, as there are multiple endings. Graphics are -as always- top notch.

dhanushj 2017.12.22
Awesome gameplay fantastic grpahics very hot girlsrnrn

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