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Virtually Date ArianeB


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chico642 2017.11.20
Long game and so much options to play with

bullsextra 2017.11.15
Super sexy story line. much erotic too.

Organtoxic 2017.09.19
one of the best games i have ever played

dixiedude1921 2017.08.24
wish the guy who created this would upload another one for free

casson 2017.08.15
Amazing game!! Good graphic and Ariane is a beautiful woman.

LarrySA_01 2017.08.07
Great game,, not too long.

leo_moon 2017.07.31
This was the first virtual date game I ever played and I still love it. Turned me on to the whole genre. Still one of the best.rn

richardb1285 2017.07.14
This game was an instant classic and I find myself coming back to it often. Only wish they had the anniversary addition with the new graphics.

Tiodor 2017.07.03
I love this game. A lot of endings and a lot of options.

littleGamer 2017.06.30
nice game with good graphics - a hot girlrnstory is a bit difficultrn


KitCarsen 2017.06.29
A really nice game to play. Great to look at.

Santorx 2017.06.24
I love this game since so long :)rn

Hassan1010 2017.06.03
Graphics are very good. Lots to do

Ombresournoise 2017.05.18
One the best game. Very nice girl, goods situations.

RADOST89 2017.05.17
Very good gameplay, graphics and script

TMAMA 2017.05.04
Takes you elsewhere and seems to be a lot of fun.

Poisoned 2017.04.25
Needs to be longer with more action. Good graphics and fun to play.

kevin014 2017.04.03
very well made! raw beautifull and challenging!

ianjames 2017.03.27
all i kept getting was page not found will try again later

bubi3375 2017.03.02
I already played it....Top:)

Corgath 2016.12.11
great game.. almost looks real

Beginner584 2016.12.01
really cool game with lots of endings

Ehrsi 2016.11.11
one of the best Games ever. Made with love and it is really great plot. hope to see more games from this guy

bradlyamanda 2016.10.23
Always fun to try out the old games.

kaftos 2016.09.10
Sexy girl but very difficult game because of the lot options you have...I didnt enjoy it

nik001 2016.09.01
great game, nice storyline and graphics, love it

huko 2016.08.25
Awesome game, i have to play it more to see what else i can do

horrybull 2016.07.27
i enjoyed this game, i have played better but still good

Maxblue 2016.07.27
Gameplay with this version (with help options) was my favorite so far. The story was fun if a bit "hit or miss" However the back up feature aided in that annoyance. Advice I`ll give is to choose your options over the progression of the night, not of a particular sequence -- i.e. a kiss won`t progress to something more in THIS action but rather if you kissed her earlier, progress it now.

JapanSeven 2016.07.19
Very hard to play, challenge the player to try a lot of times. It has good pics but in the sex scenes it fails.

titslim 2016.06.28
one of the best dating sims made, Ariane is hot, and with multiple paths you have lots of replay

crypticedge 2016.05.21
A classic, this one set the bar for so many others

giroform13 2016.05.09
Classic game, konami code then enter and it gives you better stats

godzilla58 2016.04.16
Really good game , love the new version good graphics

Ripperd 2016.04.12
This is my all time favorite game and even better since it has been updated.

masodesmati 2016.04.08
my game crashes everytime I try to eat steaks for dinner :|

deadsnake 2016.04.02
Ariane is my favorite ever!

magichat 2016.04.01
Always enjoyed this game, good graphics, a likeable Araine who is easy to warm to, all sorts of adventures and endings to get so well worth a multiple playthrough. Or 10.

thewhiterider27 2016.02.23
To start the game click the icon that looks like an NES controller, and the game pops up in a new tab. (If you have a pop-up blocker you may need to add an exception here)

latinagr 2016.01.27
How you play that game there is not a stasrt link active

kieth 2016.01.27
great game good graphics one of the best dating games i have played

raman 2015.12.23
this game has been my favorite game all time

luv2drinku 2015.12.20
endings are disapointment

sahz12 2015.12.19
it is a long interesting game

mimmata 2015.12.15
Classic, but is nice to see it`s still improving

MajinSetoKaiba 2015.11.26
A Very fun game to play. The different choice you make give it a nice replay value. Have to see all the endings

GemLord 2015.11.09
Nice game,good graphics , complicated without walk through.

matthew2 2015.09.30
great game ariane is so hot

ddeke 2015.09.18
Seriously! This game has great potential. With all the graphic sex scenes out there, this is a disappointment. Sex scene animations are lame...Ariane is really HOT. Need to show more sensual sex scenes. Story line is magnificent...develop it further.

hxxxsmoker 2015.08.27
I couldn`t play it online, it`s just a downloadable game?

Captain_Savaho 2015.07.22
Still love this game. the one that Started them all

Dersonrn 2015.06.11
new graphics are great !best date game ever. Like!

ehow0109 2015.06.02
The new version of gameplay is fantastic

Sthyll 2015.05.31
This game is awesome ! It`s pretty hard but not impossible. Graphic is beautiful. I recommend this game !

11bobo11 2015.04.29
Really great game with lots of different possibilities and hot girls

Gorgolock 2015.03.17
Pretty great game, but the scenes could use some work. :)

stefw 2015.03.10
one of the first good porn game that I played and stil one of the best

ThePacMan 2015.02.28
The Graphics on this game are great and It really easy to get a good ending, wish they make more games like this one

cambridge4453 2015.02.07
Its very, very good but the sex is rather ordinary and without foreplay. Ariane is a wonderful character

pieffepi 2015.02.05
this game has a lot of potential, but sex scenes could be much better. Also, it would help to have some sort of a meter that shows whether you are doing the right things or not, else it is just wild guessing

gwazz 2015.01.21
nice graphics but it seems a bit awkward for some reason

ujuju 2015.01.01
This is one very hot and sexy game, Ariane is a veritable fox. Takes a time to work out how best to negotiate your way through the choices (complex) but when you get it right it`s very rewarding. Congratulations to the programmer.

olyg7 2014.12.29
it was an amazing ...date.Realy good...

candy007 2014.12.11
schlechte grafik k??nnte ich sogar besser

Iva_bigun_12 2014.12.09
good game, lots of paths and good ending

Buddy1991 2014.12.07
really nice game, with a hot Girl and very good graphics

yoost 2014.12.07
the start for me to play all these games here.
still one of the best games

stoad_69 2014.12.04
Great graphics and this one makes you work a little harder to get the happy ending but worth it in the long run.

Road Ninja 2014.11.13
Great story line and makes you work for the great ending.

wonderboy001 2014.11.11
Great game loved finding all the endings and the girl was so hot.

sexydailynudes 2014.10.28
best dating sim game out there, really enjoy it everytime, the 10th anniversary edition should be added

Ironman49 2014.10.27
I added this game to favorites, because of the fantastic storyline, and the game play and the awesome graphics.

naughtythings 2014.10.27
A classic! The new version with the new graphics is well worth another play, even if you`ve played it before.

mjuanjie 2014.10.18
Graphics and game play are very good.

zwarn 2014.10.12
new graphics are great !!!best date game ever !

63ted 2014.10.07
Graphics and game play are very good with updated version.. I do miss some o old scenes like telescope.

droopy1988 2014.09.30
great game interesting graphics would like to get to know her better. would love to have her everyday for life

Futuros 2014.09.17
Interesting game but graphics need work.

miracle2004 2014.09.10
Nice game, the graphic and the animation is very good....nice to play

oldtonius 2014.09.01
The new grapics are very creative and makes the game even better. Looking forward to see the entire progress.

jaimz 2014.08.31
Love this game. Many dating sim games were inspired by this one, I believe.

J.Prasetyo03 2014.08.29
One of my favourites...... Wished there was a second instalment to this......

Peter_1678 2014.08.15
One hell of a game, love it.

stoad69 2014.08.12
I love this one because it`s set up a little different and you have to work a little harder to reach the sex scenes but so worth it when you reach them.

HipHop 2014.08.02
Best game I ever played, hands down.

portopaok 2014.07.31
The new version of this game is even better than the previous already good version.

Grigori 2014.07.18
The graphics are nice and the game gives a lot of choices of things to do but needs more endings. If you make one single mistake game is over.

Ramses93 2014.07.03
I like the game Rally its not too easey and has good graphics

yannos34 2014.06.29
such a awesome game but not get the end yet

aussimal 2014.06.28
love this game love the challenge it gives u ,one of the best not easy but best .

oldtonius 2014.06.25
The new graphics makes the game even sexier.

MrBosingwa9 2014.06.23
I`ve always loved this game, by far one of my favourites on the site and the update is really good. The buttons make it easier to evaluate all possible options rather than searching the screen for the hotspots and the graphics are excellent,. I am having one slight issue though in that every time I follow her into the bathroom it ends the game saying `don`t come in unless I invite you` and gives me a 4/10 even though we`d just had sex in the hot tub and she invited me in... this is an annoying problem but the game is brilliant nonetheless

deadsnake 2014.06.02
Ariane is my favorite. The best game ever

applehead12 2014.05.22
this is one of my favourite games and i think that she is very sexy

DamienDar 2014.05.22
I really like the game but the missing sound makes it a little bad.
Great graphics in the newer version =)

savber6 2014.05.19
Another great game with multiple endings. Only improvements would be sounds, and perhaps more chances of something spontaneous happening. One of the top dating sims around.

BverComander 2014.05.17
great game... really good graphics.. challenging

dgkesquire 2014.04.30
So many different endings, definitely replayable. Good graphics, so-so animation.

qwerty1* 2014.03.29
Awesome game. Very good graphics but little difficult to play. Would have been better if the ending love making scenes are more

lucky_chep 2014.02.21
Great game,
The new version seem harder than the old though.

littlecletus 2014.02.19
really cool game with lots of endings

apistogrammaborellii 2014.02.19
Very nice game, i like it =)

Fandeff 2014.02.06
very hilarious game with lots of possibilities but also difficult too

LucianxXx 2013.12.21
great graphics, many variables, high replayability all in all great game!

X.man 2013.12.18
an awesome game ! i really liked the graphics

ltworf1 2013.12.09
very tricky, has many options , keeps you guessing, very high replay value

socal89 2013.12.09
very fun game so many possibilities

Fandeff 2013.12.07
I love this game ! We have a looot of posibilities and ending !
Complete and with good graph : AWESOME !

Lwis2 2013.11.29
This is actually rather challenging, though I love all the different endings and locations.

ramarra 2013.11.26
good game overall, would be nice to get more than one chance with a mistake though.

J165 2013.11.10
Awesome game with lots of fun endings

dempsey 2013.11.04
love it, one of my favourites. most of the endings are too difficult though

studi_jungfrau 2013.10.19
the game is a bit to tricky for me.
too much experimenting around and its too hard to actually get her naked

hfdgdgf 2013.10.16
this is a very hot game and i rlly love it

mrright88 2013.10.11
great game with easy content

maklksh 2013.10.07
nice game with beautiful graphics

abcdefghaiqal 2013.10.05
wow.,very good game, love the different endings

dennyjc 2013.10.03
Fun game. There are walkthroughs available if you search

sharmajack79 2013.10.02
A great model for a lot of fun but I could use some hints.

noogad 2013.09.19
hot and sexy game like it tooo much

james3377 2013.09.15
Another very nice VD game.

Badvoc 2013.08.16
brilliant game, so many endings, do yourself a favour and download this

lalhurliana 2013.08.10
nice one plus great graphic

BamCogan 2013.07.31
teach me courtesy,
taught me not to be too fast ... Lol,
nice girl for a date.
nice game for the graphics.

bilbily 2013.07.27
Love the fact that you have multiple choices and the different scenarios and endings. All in all it`s a good dating game.

raiha024 2013.07.24
this i can say is one of the best games i have played...

toughguy0318 2013.07.16
good game. graphics are pretty good despite it being an older game. I like the options and the different endings. definitely worth playing!

cementshoes77 2013.06.24
One of the best games on here, I enjoyed it a lot.

Quill 2013.06.16
Wow, a lot of Work. Too much actually....

gjovanni76 2013.06.12
good game and great grafic

whois 2013.06.09
little old game but was ok

jamers 2013.06.07
a little older but it seems they are working on a new release sometime soon. still a good game in my books

yumeoh 2013.06.04
ho yeahhhhhhhhh good game

shaggy629 2013.06.01
i liked this game good graphics and loads of options

raiha024 2013.05.28
one of the best dating game....

Grorm 2013.05.23
I downloaded the last version and it is ok. Still you notice its one of the first date games of this kind.

kret 2013.05.16
thx for sequences:) nice game played before but without help... was difficult

MrBucknu 2013.05.06
Fantastic game, looking forward to the sequel

dwell76 2013.05.05
this game has nice ideas, i`ll try some

Existence 2013.05.02
This is still the dating game simulation that all others are measured against.

sweettea 2013.04.30
I would have to say this is one of the best dating games every. Very addictive but should definitely replay this game over to discover all of the different possibilities.

adr1964 2013.04.26
Complex. Programmers work are irresponsible.

matt9001 2013.04.09
Wow, this is such an involved and detailed game. Played it multiple times just to be able to get successfully through. Maybe I`m just no good at these. :(

regis1234 2013.03.30
This is a great simulation

thatguy31 2013.03.24
wow. brilliant game. definatly 10/10

hugin 2013.03.22
I think it´s one of the best dating games ever!

RowdyRod 2013.03.16
I`ve played this game many times on the original website. One of the most detailed adult games out there of this style.

zarathos 2013.03.09
Great I couldn`t even get it to start.

assman192 2013.02.19
Without a doubt, this is the best dating sim IMO. I love all the different options and the shear length of this game. I cant wait for the sequel Well done to the creator of this one.

jrjr567 2013.02.18
wow, lots to this one. its nice having all kinds of options!

wafel123 2013.02.17
good game. nice graphics and a nice challange

ashleymassey59 2013.02.16
great game but not as gud as the racheal series

Urmanhun 2013.02.12
I found this a little difficult, but very enjoyable and i found myself burning most of the night away on it.

kpjr278 2013.02.11
A very hot game, I like the multiple endings

akrenes 2013.02.10
lawl game, harder without walkt..

Gordn3 2013.01.27
Nice story and grafic , good game but way too simple.

quark 2013.01.12
Very clever game. Options are not the obvious ones so you got to think before acting.

pericka 2013.01.08
Excellent game...and sexy girls!!!

shyman44425 2012.12.26
Delightful game. Nice play and a beautiful woman.

Dampeer 2012.12.24
very long story but i like it
ouch @_@

Kararasch 2012.12.22
The game is fun to play, but would be even better, if animations were added.

ferdixon 2012.12.17
Thoroughly enjoyable, but wish there were some animation.

mariozc31s 2012.12.17
A great game, it´s long and difficult, but this is the beautifull

z1945 2012.12.13
love it wish they made another one

ohlala 2012.12.09
great game it was the best and its so good to play

Pecos_Bill 2012.12.03
The dating sim that all are compared to. Great game, looking forward to the sequel

thking 2012.12.02
very nice game I like these kinds of games alot.

kdogg1 2012.11.26
The gameplay was good and graphics were good.

yzenginoglu 2012.11.24
this is great game... i loved so much...


C.C. 2012.11.16
Absolutely one of the most beautiful women on here. Would like to see more stories with her.

Horgretor 2012.11.12
Nice game, would like more options to the gameplay and sound effects.

Tyler Bain 2012.11.05
Good fun if a little frustrating at times

meowio94 2012.10.25
Hard without guide, but it`s great

Steveaux 2012.10.12
Very enjoyable. Challenging without the walk through.

kothartheshadow 2012.10.10
such a great game i just love to play it

hrnylee 2012.10.09
love playing this one, there any way to get 3some in this one? her friend always leaves after playing around in the pool

jezucigales 2012.10.07
game very sexy, but complcaded and large

playerhg 2012.10.05
great game. Awesome level of replayability.
Need some fix thoug. I have found a bug at the drugstore.

Stoid 2012.10.04
Awesome game, one of my favs so far

jeffs 2012.09.30
love this game......such a pretty girl..fun too find all endings even the ones that dont lead to sex

anti_aliasing 2012.09.29
this game is always exciting

KyannayK 2012.09.18
one of the best games i have played on here by far

aidenko 2012.09.16
interesting game with many locations and cases

Souls at Zero 2012.09.14
This is possibly the best virtual dating game ever ... I can play this game over and over ... A must play ...

gamerator 2012.09.06
The best virtual dating game I have played yet. I enjoy the variety of options in the game. She can be very reserve to completely uninhibited in different situations, depending on what you do. Good job!

Jan.Tyo 2012.08.31
One of the best Virtual Dating Games of all time and it`s very addictive.

Jojo82 2012.08.31
Sorry for my last comment, apparently this website cannot take HTML tags like , < HTML > or <HTML>.
So of course the HowTo install the patch below is not complete...

shuvobd 2012.08.30
I love this game .... awesome

hias 2012.08.23
waked my interest, because it seems to become a real challenge!

picture_fool 2012.08.21
Awesome game. I love how much time was put in to making this character interesting and getting all the endings is a fun challenge.

ryan94 2012.08.20
its an ok game, not much action it it for me

busu99 2012.08.19
i feel like im trying for a real date, nice game

manyk85 2012.08.19
Ariane is adorable! Loved the game.

Steve050 2012.08.12
Could be a little less longer. Prefer LOP over this one.

CTSharp13 2012.08.11
great game, love the graphics and how you get a different ending each time

oranjeboven 2012.08.10
Very good game. Lots of decisions and options. Really hot.

Brian25 2012.08.02
awesome game. best simulator so far.

Raju888 2012.07.31
superb game with excellent graphics. Please introduce more realistic games.

Jeanmarit 2012.07.19
The woman is cute can be sexy and horny

MacPau 2012.07.13
Hm, I want more games like this...

AngelStorm747 2012.07.06
Ahh how did I missed this one. Really a good game with lots of choices and nice graphics. Need some time to play, so be sure u have it! :)

SmilesGB 2012.07.02
Great game! like al Virtual games, With style and great graphics! Thanks!

coronelporrito 2012.06.24
I think it is the best erotic simulator ever! Waiting for more!

WayneB 2012.06.23
lot`s of non-linear possibilities in the game-play, which makes it very addictive. More variety of options (and maybe ways to mess up) in the bedroom would be good.

Fly_ForOne 2012.06.23
Game is a long one and has many choices and many endings,played without reading the walkthrough and got further than I thought I would before she ended the date. Got two differnt endings so far, going to try for more.

17dvldog75 2012.06.22
Love this game. Fun and entertaining.

LusciousLesbian 2012.06.20
Love this game!
Nice grahpics!
Overall 8 out of 10 I could play this all day especially since this game has mutiple endings!

surfkungen 2012.06.18
Pretty good gameplay, nice grapics

carter646 2012.06.17
I don`t know if this was the original dating game, but its one of the best

chris_avril 2012.06.11
i didnt like the sex senes. they werent interactive.

rednekmech 2012.06.08
arianne is sooo hot, nice gameplay, easy to navigate through, multiple endings keep it interesting

Soul Assassin 2012.06.06
excellent game. Nice graphics very realistci funny and quite addictive..

croe 2012.05.30
not very fun.. but still have certain sensual charm..

DAN24 2012.05.30
What can you say Hot Tub = Good Time

williamswolf4 2012.05.27
very addictive game and ariane is so cute

Skysnake 2012.05.14
wonderful game! it is challenging and diversified

roni@cox 2012.05.13
One of the sexiest ladies going. Makes it fun looking for new endings.

benwolf19 2012.05.11
AWESOME GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Really good!

bahamut86 2012.05.09
The photo session was very hot! :D

bahamut86 2012.05.08
Beautiful game very variously! I love it! It`s hard to fuck her :D

mrforce1 2012.05.07
I love the game i had sex with her twice already but i cant get her to go skiny dipping

daemon77 2012.05.07
one of the first adult oriented games that I ever played and I still love it

K_Pchaos101 2012.05.03
I have had some problems with the loading but i like the sim. decent graphics overall and good storylines in the game

lalo123 2012.05.02
geat game but i cant play it here so i went to another web

marmarluv 2012.04.27
one of the best games i have played

marmarluv 2012.04.27
very addictive game and ariane is so hot

justme99 2012.04.23
Excellent game. Not too long but lots of options and good endings.

reptilover808 2012.04.20
This has got to be my favorite game. my only complaint is thats there are few sex scenes and you dont see much.

justme99 2012.04.17
Lots of good endings. Just because she wants more to drink or says you wants more touching doesn`t mean that`s the right direction - a lot like real life!

ben763070 2012.04.12
this game is fucking awsome

JulietDelta 2012.03.31
i`ve manage to invite back home this girl from a lingerie store but I still don`t know how to do something with both of them

haha42 2012.03.28
Cute girl, nice game, not too hard. Btw ty for the guide miky.

jtstick 2012.03.23
Very addictive, I think I found all the endings but Imma keep experimenting

xxdrexx21 2012.03.20
great game like all the different possiblities

danielsyd2 2012.03.17
The best game of dating sims

brit_man33 2012.03.11
I like the multiuple opportunities for difernt endings, quite complex.

deek 2012.03.04
this is great game and i like it...

sorethumb07 2012.03.01
love this game lots of diff. choices and ariane is hot

Arny 2012.02.29
The best dating game ever!

network22 2012.02.29
Good graphics - real looking breasts. Walkthroughs are helpful

120489 2012.02.27
This is a intersting way to a game

samcor1982 2012.02.23
Just below the top LOP games, comes Ariane... Great game, one of my favorites virtual date games ever.

omajack 2012.02.19
I love it but I think it needs more variations in sex scenes

klf 2012.02.12
best game in the web. great storyline and im glad creator have work on it before first beta

samielxx 2012.02.12
wow it`s a little tricky first but a very hot and sexy game

avtrainer69 2012.02.09
That was a fun game once I figured out all the tips and tricks

Phenruss 2012.02.09
Good game, especially if you use the tips and tricks. It is a little odd that listening to her suggestions during the date tend to end the date, so the tips really can help. Nice that there are different branches that you can succeed on, it really helps with the replayability.

BigDaddyPsycho 2012.02.02
Great game, and thanks joe_5690 for the tips and tricks.

Marti1920 2012.01.18
definately a great game and shes so cute

oldtonius 2012.01.17
Cannot but like Ariane. The graphics are good and so are the animations, but should like a bit more variation in the sex scenes.

oldtonius 2012.01.16
Great game, wonderful lady.

m_barnes1985 2012.01.13
good game but the sex scene was really glitchy

repoort 2012.01.11
Nice .. soo many different pathes ... but would be nice if i could save ... without saving you always need to do everything from the beginning when you mess up ... which turned out i do a lot

dragonstar 2012.01.07
this game is great lots of chances for redos

amador 2012.01.07
good and interesting game
the story is good and the graphics are good too

jcc1985 2012.01.05
good game like all the opions very fun

sublime 2011.12.31
one of the best dating sims made, Ariane is hot, and with multiple paths you have lots of replay

dobrica 2011.12.27
my the best sim date game

oliprik 2011.12.27
One of the best and most complex games of this kind!

mikicostanza 2011.12.24
cool game with many great endings

Tekilla 2011.12.23
great, really good game with a lot of choices

pontiac20 2011.12.18
An older game but it`s pretty good.

DUDESKI 2011.12.18
Fun game kept me interested for quite a while

cherryman 2011.12.09
amazing game. this is one of the best games

fwoodbine 2011.12.08
There is an option when you click to download the file - it`s externally hosted, but seems clean. 78mb total. Wish more games had this feature, actually.

markie 2011.12.04
Always a pleasure to play this game

dragonstar 2011.12.03
really good and easy to correct mistakes

pratik0803 2011.12.02
beautiful game .........i loved d girl in it........

andy_regresa 2011.11.25
it is a very good game we need more games like that

Aeok 2011.11.24
it was a funny game, a hot girl

medjai 2011.11.21
defentely not bad, a little bit harder than a ususal sim date

bowsyr 2011.11.19
Not a bad game - graphics quite good

1qazwsx 2011.11.17
Pretty easy. If you mess up you can just use Alt+Left Arrow to fix it.

observer 2011.11.17
This is good. we need more games like this

miyuf 2011.11.14
cool game but not the best

lal 2011.11.06
its the best game ever want to see more of her!

REIVAJ311 2011.11.04
What do I do with this baby? Big and beautiful but I do not understand this game

blackworld90 2011.11.03
interesting i like this game .....

marrius 2011.11.02
great game, good graphics but her teeth look a little weird, more options/postions when having sex would make it even better.

rellu 2011.11.02
i really love this types of games

twystedspyder 2011.10.31
Fantastic replay value on this. Challenging and sexy.

garfield11 2011.10.30
excellent game. Ariane is very hot and a good ending

hoopsracer 2011.10.30
Excellent game. Great story line and several options to explore.

Ruffneck 2011.10.27
the images are great, good quality, the choices make sense and ariane is sexy

kriptos 2011.10.27
one of the best dating sims

a_m_o7 2011.10.21
great game .. i love so much

xxxxx342 2011.10.17
So many different endings

sexyboyG 2011.10.17
This was one of the first few games on this site and arguably the best. It got me hooked to this kind of role play games. Very much appreciate all the new additions, thousands of sexy pics.

molceonly 2011.10.17
played this amazing games couples years back.. good game, could be better with the graphics

broadway57 2011.10.15
these types of games are so hard but they are the best hands down

falconjs 2011.10.14
agree..one the the best dating simulations ever. A wonderful game. Worth playing again and again and again to see all the possible scenarios and endings, and try various combinations of them. Sometimes even the same scenario is different just based upon what you`ve done earlier in that playthrough

NightStalker73au 2011.10.13
awesome gameplay and graphics

luvumadly13 2011.10.13
So many different endings, so little time.

Kracker4402 2011.10.08
Hey I think I found another ending, I need to know what to do after Ariane B,You and Chrisyine get back home from the cabarette and YOU do a striptease for Both girls.

musicace2 2011.10.07
This is a really fun game with an incredible number of options. Took me a long time to get a good result, but it`s worth it!

maverick23 2011.10.04
probably the best dating game i`ve played...

Gurneyhal 2011.10.01
Her body is good, just her mouth, not quite right, sort of looks goofy with the toothy grin.

Gurneyhal 2011.10.01
Interesting game, but a little hard to play properly. Lots of errors on the page if you try to backtrack.

canuck2011 2011.09.30
awesome game....loved the choices and variety of the story..1 of my favorite games

tenacious 2011.09.27
Great game, one of the best I`ve played so far. Good graphics... didn`t like her teeth though :)

gottagettit 2011.09.27
this game get better every update. love the new options.wish more games were like this.

e8msgt 2011.09.26
Enjoyed the game play, Longer interaction at the end would be nice

Slipmeister 2011.09.25
still one of the best by far

des14 2011.09.24
This is still one of the best games out there! After 2 years, it does not get old. Great work!

Biggie18 2011.09.24
Classic game, really one of the best and most in-depth out there.

joker12 2011.09.23
Very addictive game. Can`t get enough!

darsan 2011.09.21
Still the most exiting game here.

NightStalker73au 2011.09.19
Just have to keep playing this one, definitely a favorite of mine.
Want more Kelly quests.

NightStalker73au 2011.09.19
awesome gameplay and graphics

christofolos 2011.09.18
love yhese games, you gotta go thru a little frustration before getting the prize

christofolos 2011.09.18
great game, lots of fun, not too easy, ou gotta work for it, just like real life lol

eaglesix 2011.09.17
One of the first sim i`ve played. Many Options, many endings, but i think it is too hard.

Bill12 2011.09.16
there is a lott of choices...very good

crzyone 2011.09.15
I`m liking it a lot, great game, keep them coming, love them all. :)

traxckxed 2011.09.15
Amazing game with many choices, love it!

deadsnake 2011.09.10
Ariane was my first experience with this kind of games. Difficult, but fine :-)

dandrik 2011.09.10
Great game lots of endings, many choices, very good

colormehappy 2011.09.09
Great game cause theres a lotta choices to click through

lrdraptor 2011.09.09
This is probably the best dating sim I`ve ever seen or played. Multiple paths guarrantees enjoyment to play more than once.

S_Lav54 2011.09.08
Love this game and especially the multiple endings it has. You can never play this game enough.

ysr6581 2011.09.07
this is great game and i like it...

Bon-Bon 2011.09.06
Beauty arianne, more i play more i like it.
I found arianne friend at lingerie shoping when i can bought some lingerie for her and i wonder how i can fuck her?

cousinvinny 2011.09.04
I love this game. It`s one of the best on the site. Highly recommend!

2000918 2011.09.03
this was another great game

Jaaru 2011.09.02
Another very nice VD game.

Big Dog 63 2011.09.02
Girls in Jeeps, does it get any better?

Dave Maxim 2011.09.01
One of the best dating games ever. Good quality graphics, many choices and easy gameplay.

nyguy27 2011.08.31
amazing game so many different endings

Dragonfire91 2011.08.31
really great game can`t wait for more

david thule 2011.08.30
good game. i love you ariane.

whiteghost 2011.08.26
this game is really fun now i know what to do on a date.. lol

mr.playa 2011.08.24
i keep getting stuck when i need to find to constellation

busu99 2011.08.23
excellent game the best past time

baleine 2011.08.21
Fantastic game ! You can navigate inside for hours. You will find new features. Absolutely not linear. And last but not least, you can restart the only scene in which you are with recharge button (Ctrl+R) !

bongobongo 2011.08.21
one of the best games ever, really nice gameplay

Mike03 2011.08.20
This game along with another title similar known as Christine, were both very enjoyable with their unique style of play.

malado 2011.08.15
a very easy and super addicted game so far.....

malado 2011.08.15
iiimi`m very addicted to the game......

bigb23 2011.08.11
Top game just need more options to choose from, espically in the sex sences.

rohan2011 2011.08.08
one of the best dating game
The best game of dating sims

mage208 2011.08.08
Love this game. This was the first one I ever played and it keeps getting better. Great story, great scenes, and innovative ways to get through to the ends. My only wish was there was more group action.

domingo77 2011.08.06
Great game, very nice graphic.. i hope we will see more games like this one soon.

veselqku 2011.08.03
It`s very amazing game. I play with pleasure. Multiple endings is a great. But is dificalty to finish all.

Michel99 2011.08.03
Awesome game but really hard in some moments. Animations should be done better.

MrChance 2011.08.01
I really enjoyed this game. Arianne is a awesome. Keep coming back for more.

indra_hrys 2011.07.31
I love dating game and Play Force One is my favorite site :)

canuur 2011.07.30
?t was good but can bebetter

woodyardlr 2011.07.28
This game has so many ways to go, so many twist and turns. I`ve play it for months and am still finding diffrent things. I`ve heard that a #2 will be comming out soon, I`m hoping they inclued a 3some, or maybe sex on the beach, that would be a great Christmas gift idea lol.....;)

bRon 2011.07.27
Good game: interesting plot, excelent graphics, worth replaying for the endings.

Wera 2011.07.20
Everyone know the program used?

Kallion 2011.07.18
So went thru the walk thru by Ponteaus, thanks. I went the backyard direction. what i found different was after waiting for steaks, ask her a question, compliment her, eat steaks, then drink wine. Back in the living room, you need to give her another kiss before you can caress her breast. once you do that the walk thru took it to the end.

Xsci 2011.07.17
I agree this is a great date sim game.

pawan2modi 2011.07.15
?????????, very nice game but christine is much better

photu 2011.07.13
excellent game the best past time

dan1987 2011.07.13
what should I do here? nothing really special!!

val4161 2011.07.11
ahh good game good graphic and animation

m4t0n 2011.07.10
hots girls makes this game superb

misiexx 2011.07.08
one of the best, very addictive, lots of different endings

startky 2011.07.08
Ariane is very nice. But she is not so hot as she could be because of bad graphic and anime. Keeley is much more better!

B_enjo 2011.07.06
Fun game, but its a bit to hard without walkthrough

chocolateboo1234 2011.06.28
best game ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

urgnisten 2011.06.27
ok game, cute girl graphics ok

busu99 2011.06.26
nice game
beautyful girl
, graphic and gameplay ok

edwin4483 2011.06.25
such a good game nd does anyone know if there is a threesome ending nd how to get it?

jbartu 2011.06.23
This is not the best game on here but it does have a little challenge to

edwin4483 2011.06.21
good game nd is there a threesome ending to this

s3xfun 2011.06.18
she`s fisty doesn`t know what she wants. she`s hard to get but wonderful game. really

SoloDrifter 2011.06.18
lot of work for so-so graphics. not as good as others here

chip chipperson 2011.06.17
thank god real life isn`t this hard

totmas 2011.06.13
great game, lots of escenarios, lots of choices. I love it

Ronnylogo 2011.06.13
Great game. super graphic and not too easy to play

Waterbuffel 2011.06.11
Really nice game, Ariane is very well made. Would love to see more from her!

hagelmand 2011.06.10
real difficult game but nice rewards

andysamen 2011.06.10
very good game and it mne favorite

schwupp3 2011.06.09
I just love this game. So many options and great graphics.

dragonman1961 2011.06.09
nice game but dont show much during the sex scenes...

fukwit001 2011.06.09
I am rubbish at this gama - guess thats why I am not doing it for real!!

hqhqztzt 2011.06.08
good game and the girl is so beautiful! i love this game!

shadow91 2011.06.08
the game was great since there were many different endings

C.C. 2011.06.07
This game and Christine are absolutely the best.

Serg1 2011.06.06
very good game. ariane perfect

az89 2011.06.05
ouch. can`t ask her to take off her shirt

davet25 2011.06.03
good game and very entertaining

BallIdiot 2011.06.03
Thanks to `MikeyMike87`, I got through to all the endings!!

BallIdiot 2011.06.03
Somehow I can`t get pass the initial greeting where is sitting down... >_

chell 2011.06.02
Really great game, but so hard! Guess im a mess up date

d3zzi311 2011.05.29
this game is really fun now i know what to do on a date.. lol

armagedon 2011.05.28
More of the same, the only difference is the subject of the questions. I would like to see more origanallity.

Arbaal 2011.05.28
One of those better dating sims. If they bring this kind style further in future - It will became very good game.

speedballz21 2011.05.28
i love this game. does nt matter how many times i play i think so i love her

firion69 2011.05.26
very niiiiice =D
i wonder what program creator uses for such games... very enjoyable, very addictive...
with soooooo many possibilities this game has had me coming back for quite some time now.

tommi77 2011.05.26
this is classic, but is it possible to have threesome in any ending??

C.C. 2011.05.26
One of the sexiest ladies going. Makes it fun looking for new endings.

Skarn62 2011.05.25
White screen during striptease, i cant` reach this ending.
Medium graphic, no sound & few interaction.

suzie_sweetie 2011.05.25
Great game, lots of sexy senarios. Keep up the improvements

BartsMorning2 2011.05.23
soo adicting have to keep on going till the end

speedballz21 2011.05.22
best dating game ever . always a fan of her

Abhishek02 2011.05.21
really an exciting game....enjoyed every bit of it...

EroticMoaner 2011.05.19
i really liked the story line

Hrld 2011.05.18
This is the hottest i`ve found so far. Excellence in all aspects, (graphics, story, etc)

thebasser 2011.05.17
Ohh, I think I`m in love with Ariane.

az89 2011.05.16
the sexy competition at the club with rebecca has been broken. damn

az89 2011.05.16
the new one can ride the ferries wheele and many more unlike before

Mike_Shinoda81 2011.05.16
This is great game and i like it...

Schwalbe 2011.05.10
She has a very difficult character, but it`s quite exciting!

Schwalbe 2011.05.10
Excellent graphics, very cute girl - what I just have seen before she threw me out...

biloulecoon 2011.05.09
i tried two ends it`s cool ariane is cute and the game is attractive

joce 2011.05.09
Get us anothet game like adriane b.... This game is amazing!!!

washyge 2011.05.08
what a good simulation it is

davefa1 2011.05.08
awesome game love the grafics

BigDaddy8234 2011.05.07
very good graphics and gameplay. but too short.

Ethereal 2011.05.05
A challenging But engageing game - likely one I will come back to well done Playforce this is the type of game I like

The Bob 2011.04.30
This still holds the title for the best dating game

tsntsn 2011.04.30
really like this game able to do different things alot of programming here

Elfe 2011.04.30
This is one of the best I ever played. You have to work hard to obtain what you are looking for and satisfied this pretty nice girl. More game like this one please.

sexy10101 2011.04.30
Nice game, many endings...

arulegong 2011.04.28
This is great! I love the graphics! Looking forward to new games ;)

T M 2011.04.26
One of the first games that set the bar high for dating sim games. Wish all the rest were as good or better.
Many many roads to take. many many endings. Some times she don`t make sense. She tells you to do something and then ends the date when you do.

Zorgon 2011.04.24
The best dating game ever. So old yet it`s still the best.

shawn07 2011.04.24
Original99 how do i get her without the towel?

shawn07 2011.04.24
this game is awsome! really enjoy playing it!

limlim145 2011.04.20
Really a classic dating simulator, I actually downloaded a fans version to play-the one with threesome possibility!

jmeoff 2011.04.19
Sex would be bwetter with genitalia.

adrain 2011.04.11
The only frustrating part is the intro where there isn`t much you can do but click to proceed. Other than that this is a brilliant game, incredible artwork and storyline!

AnGeL1029 2011.04.11
A really addictive game
So simple yet very good graphics

jayphab 2011.04.09
love to play this game over and over

Gnosis8887 2011.04.08
This is probably one of the first dating sim game I played and still one of my favorites. Was very happy to see it available for download with the patches. It seems to be considerably improved over the versions I played long ago. Great job!! Kudos to the creator! I also found it interesting the past to read the comments from the creator and what he used to create the graphics, models, etc...

tom90 2011.04.08
really enjoyed it and was perfectly balanced not too hard but not too easy and it not a bad sex scene at all.

bubba001 2011.04.07
some time difficult to read the move but well done and amazing

nyakapakko 2011.04.07
i like the game but wasted my time

coffeemonster1 2011.04.06
probably the greatest dating sim game ever

Tmbrwolf83852 2011.04.06
This version surpases the previous one I like it a lot.

C. C. 2011.04.04
Love this game. One of the most beautiful women to play with.

inspector d 2011.04.02
this is a legend! bravo with good images and fun!

az89 2011.04.02
can`t do her at the couch anymore like before

az89 2011.04.02
still can`t get with rebecca

b0bcat 2011.03.31
Finally made it to 10, back button dont help. loved the game.

zoranag1 2011.03.31
very hard and time taking

relict0n 2011.03.30
good game and good graphics and nice girl but more action would be great

steffino 2011.03.30
I love the game, its not to hard. but not to easy ether :D i love this type of games

Popsickle 2011.03.29
best virtual date game. had sex with her in the hottub and then in bed.. WOOO

aristarh2007 2011.03.29
One of the best dating game! I spent half a day to try other endings and wasn`t disappear!

az89 2011.03.28
sometimes this game make me frustrating

blinkbullet 2011.03.27
i find this game alright however sometimes the pictures don`t load so its hard to progress.

kendricka 2011.03.26
Very nice concept and great animation good games:)

Smartboy0815 2011.03.26
A wonderful game. Worth playing again and again and again to see all the possible scenarios and endings, and try various combinations of them.

angelor 2011.03.23
Addicting Game but hard to get anywhere with her

skier_789 2011.03.22
good game, very good graphics. Now if only i could get a 10 in real life ;)

adun 2011.03.19
this is one of the best dating games :)

Nick2 2011.03.15
Very, very nice, good, hot and amazing game!!!
Interesting subject of game.
I like this one.

Flyboy718 2011.03.14
Best date game I have ever played, Ariane is really hot!

Gracerus 2011.03.13
Felt really old-school, but it was still good.

dnhman 2011.03.11
Great game, lots of options, good graphics. More like this!

marcelino21 2011.03.09
very addictive game and ariane is so cute

garan 2011.03.08
very good game one of the best dating game i played

Pietr Vlaminsky 2011.03.06
Great Game, Love IT! A lot of endings, great stories too. Best game I play here. Keep the good working. Thumbs up.

kasparov 2011.03.04
what a interesting game!
that contain many supriseses..

it make me confuse at first
but satisfied in the end..

blackburn68 2011.03.03
i simply love the game !

KerwinC 2011.03.02
Thanks for the help, Ponteaus

coolstorybro 2011.03.01
This is a great game. These games in general are excellent quality with the many different routes that can be taken

king2pm 2011.02.25
this is very nice game to play

dragonj 2011.02.25
nice game. very good graphics. good job

Ponteaus 2011.02.24
1. This game basically tracks three stats through-out your date:
a. Drink count - drinks are required to loosen Ariane up, but too many too fast and she`ll call it a night or simply pass out.
b. Fun level - the amount of fun you let Ariane have. It can`t be all going for the goods.
c. Romance - kissing, hugging, fondling and like. Ramp up the romance slowly but surely; too fast and she`ll kick you out, too slow and she`ll get bored.
2. Often Ariane will suggest activites (some wine would help her relax, go lower, etc). Do NOT listen to her, as this will often end the date. Consider the balance of stats above and be sure not to push one of them too far too fast.

====THIS GUIDE====
This guide is written for version 7.0 of this game. It may be out of date if a new version has been released.

This guide uses a "[location] option" format for all clicks. Location is a hint to the location on screen of where to click; Option is the hover text that pops up when you find the right location.

* This is an opening sequence that should be used to begin all dates.
1. [forehead] You look beautiful this evening
2. [book]
3. [cheek] You kiss her cheek
4. [text] 18 or over
5. [hair] Run your fingers through her hair
6. [anywhere] Stop touching her
7. [lips] Kiss her
8. [anywhere] Finish the kiss
9. [book]
10. [back wall] Let`s check out the rest of your house
11. [kitchen] Let`s go to the kitchen
12. [wine bottle] Shall we drink some wine?
13. [anywhere] Finish drink
14. [shins] Go somewhere else
15. [living room] Let`s go to the living room
16. [boombox] Dance to music
17. [list] Jazz -OR- soft rock
18. [lips] Kiss her while dancing
19. [anywhere] Stop kissing
20. [neck] Dip and kiss her neck
21. [anywhere] Stop necking
22. [corner] Go back to the couch
23. [wine glass] Drink some wine
24. [anywhere] Stop drinking
25. [back wall] Go to another room

====ON THE COUCH====
2. [back door] Let`s go see the backyard
3. [grill] Let`s barbecue something for dinner
4. [bench] Let`s sit on the bench and look at the moon and stars
5. Answer her question correctly:
a. Aries: [top left] Maybe here?
b. Trianglus: [just below center] This one?
c. Crate Copernicus: [left] this might be it
d. Sea of Tranquility: [right] may be here
6. [text] flash my boobs
7. [anywhere] Wow, nice tits
8. [grill] Wait for the steaks
9. [face]
10. [breasts]
11. [plate] Eat steak dinner
12. [wine bottle] Drink wine
13. [anywhere] Go somewhere else
14. [living room] Go to the livingroom
15. [breasts] Caress her breasts
16. [anywhere] Stop fondling her breasts
17. [belly] Could you take off your shirt?
18. [anywhere] Help her take off her top
19. [pants] Want to take off your pants?
20. [anywhere] Help her take her pants off
21. [hip] Massage her butt
22. [anywhere] Stop massaging
23. [panties] Take off your panties
24. [anywhere] Keep going
25. [Ariane] Have sex
26. [anywhere] Reach orgasm and finish
27. [face] I don`t want this night to end. Can I stay the night?
28. [Ariane] Let her get in first
29. [anywhere] Click through sex sequence

====ON THE TABLE====
2. [kitchen] Let`s go to the kitchen
3. [white cabinet] How about dinner? Let`s make spaghetti
4. [face]
5. [breasts]
6. [plate] Eat spaghetti
7. [wine bottle] Drink wine
8. [face] I`m sure we can find something to clean it
9. [bathroom] Go to the bathroom
10. [wall] Wait for her in the hallway
11. [Ariane] Use the bathroom
12. [living room] Go to the living room
13. [breasts] Grab her breasts
14. [anywhere] Stop fondling her breasts
15. [belly] Could you take off your shirt?
16. [anywhere] Help her take off her top
17. [back wall] Go somewhere else
18. [kitchen] Go to the kitchen for dessert
19. [cake] Eat dessert then go somewhere else
20. [kitchen] Go to the kitchen
21. [face] I didn`t bring my suit
22. [breasts] Hand me a glass
23. [Ariane] Drink whiskey
24. [anywhere] Finish drink
25. [face] Kiss her
26. [breasts] Grab her breasts
27. [anywhere] Stop fondling her boobs
28. [thigh] Rub her thighs
29. [anywhere] Finish the thigh massage
30. [anywhere] Yeah, who needs pants anyways
31. [thigh] Rub her thigh
32. [anywhere] Finish the massage
33. [anywhere] Yeah, who needs panties anyways
34. [pussy] Touch her pussy
35. [anywhere] Finish the clit rubbing
36. [anywhere] Finish off the bottle
37. [belly] Carry her to bed
38. [belly] Make her more comfortable
39. [belly] Tuck her in
40. [anywhere] Get in bed go to sleep
* Sorry, no sex for you in this plot, but fingering her is hot!

2. [kitchen] Let`s go to the kitchen
3. [face] How about dinner? Let`s go out to dinner
4. [wall] You wait for her in the hallway
5. [anywhere] Let`s go to dinner
6. [anywhere] Take the next exit
7. [anywhere] Be seated
8. [menu] Order dinner
9. [face]
10. [breasts]
11. [plate] Eat dinner
12. [wine glass] Drink wine
13. [check] Pick up the check
14. [anywhere] Sounds fun, let`s go
15. [bar] Let`s get something from the bar
16. [spouts] One martini and one beer
17. [breasts] Would you like to dance?
18. [face] Keep dancing
19. [Ariane] Protect Ariane
20. [Ariane] Get her away from this guy
21. [anywhere] Get out of the club
22. [cross street] Head to the outskirts of town
23. [sign] Let`s check out this Live Cabaret place
24. [poster] Hey, it`s amateur night. Want to try and win $500?
25. [hostess] Encourage her to striptease
26. [anywhere] Let`s get started!
* - the duration of this event seems random, but I`ll give you a sequence that consistently gets Ariane deep into her routine. Even if you cannot complete all steps, you can usually still continue with her at home.
a. Remove jacket
b. Sexy dance, Rmove skirt
c. Pole dance, Chair dance, Remove vest
d. Sexy dance, Pole dance, Rub body, Remove bra
e. Sexy dance, Chair dance, Rub body, Remove thong
f. Sexy dance, Pole dance, Chair dance, Rub body, End routine
28. [anywhere] Let her get dressed, then celebrate victory
29. [anywhere] Take her back to her place
30. [Ariane] You follow her into the bedroom
31. [anywhere] Let her finish getting ready
32. [anywhere] Let`s go out to the hot tub
33. [wine] Have more wine
34. [anywhere] Finish wine
35. [breast] Massage her breasts
36. [anywhere] Stop fondling her breasts
37. [above either nipple] Kiss her nipples
38. [anywhere] Stop sucking her tits
39. [waist] Grab her butt
40. [anywhere] Stop massaging
41. [pussy] Massage her pussy
42. [anywhere] Quit rubbing her pussy
43. [Ariane] Make love
44. [anywhere] Finish having sex
45. [face] I don`t want this night to end. Can I stay the night?
46. [Ariane] Follow her into bathroom
47. [anywhere] need me to help you out?
48. [anywhere] Grab a towel for her
49. [anywhere] Get in the shower
50. [anywhere] Let her finish doing her hair
51. [Ariane] Let her get in first
52. [anywhere] Click through sex sequence

2. [kitchen] Let`s go to the kitchen
3. [white cabinet] How about dinner? Let`s make spaghetti
4. [face]
5. [breasts]
6. [plate] Eat spaghetti
7. [wine bottle] Drink wine
8. [face] I`m sure we can find something to clean it
9. [bathroom] Go to the bathroom
10. [wall] Wait for her in the hallway
11. [Ariane] Use the bathroom
12. [living room] Go to the living room
13. [wine] Drink some wine
14. [anywhere] Stop drinking
15. [back wall] Go to another room
16. [car] Go for a drive
17. [anywhere] Go for a drive.
18. [anywhere] Merge right and take the next exit
19. [right side] Let`s go to the gas station then
20. [pump] Fill up the tank
21. [anywhere] Nice find. Let`s hit the road.
22. [left side] Let`s drive towards the outskirts of town
23. [left side] Take a scenic drive out of town
24. [anywhere] Continue on driving
25. [street sign] Turn right into the pullout
26. [anywhere] Let`s get out and look around
27. [anywhere] Yes, the view looks lovely
28. [anywhere] OK, let me take your picture next
29. [anywhere] Take a snapshot
30. [face] Better than nice. You could be a model
31. [belly] Try a modeling pose
32. [face] Gorgeous
33. [belly] How about an even sexier pose?
34. [face] Very sexy!
35. [waist] Take off your jeans and pose in your underwear
36. [anywhere] Take a picture of her in her underwear
37. [face] Nice legs!
38. [anywhere] How about an action shot? Jump in the air like a cheerleader
39. [face] You would look good even in motion blur
40. [anywhere] Pull your shirt down over your panties
41. [face] Yes, that`s exactly what I am looking for
42. [breasts] OK, this time, lift up your shirt
43. [breasts] Lift it a little higher than that
44. [breasts] Just a little higher
45. [anywhere] Yes, that`s perfect
46. [face] Very nice breasts
47. [anywhere] Yes, take off your shirt
48. [face] Wow, now that is sexy!
49. [anywhere] Face the camera and slowly lower your panties
50. [face] The innocent look is so cute
51. [arms] I`ll let you decide. You can quit anytime
52. [anywhere] This photoshoot just got interesting
53. [shoulder blades] That was a brave and sexy move
54. [anywhere] Let`s try an artistic nude by the car
55. [face] You are just too hot to be arrested!
56. [anywhere] You are so sweet, lets do something hot this time
57. [face] You are really getting into this. I like it!
58. [anywhere] Let`s try a picture of your backside
59. [face] Wow, nice ass!
60. [breasts] Play with your breasts a little bit, and I`ll go a picture
61. [face] Your breasts are beautiful in any position
62. [face] Here I`ll let you take the camera then
63. [face] Take off your clothes and pose nude
64. [belly] Let it all hang out
65. [face] Pose for a gratuitous penis shot
66. [dick] Is this sexy enough?
67a. [pussy] How about a gratuitous pussy shot?
68a. [face] I`m so aroused, what do you say we do it right here
69a. [anywhere] Reach orgasm
70a. [anywhere] Drive her home
71a. [text] Yes
72a. [bed] Strip naked and wait
73a. [Ariane] Let her get in first
74a. [anywhere] Click through sex sequence
67b. [face] How about one of you touching my penis?
68b. [anywhere] While you are down there, could you do me a favor?
69b. [anywhere] Reach orgasm and let her stop
70b. [thigh] That was nice, what do you say I return the favor
71b. [anywhere] Stop licking and take her home
72b. [text] Yes
73a. [bed] Strip naked and wait
74a. [Ariane] Let her get in first
75a. [anywhere] Click through sex sequence


judoman66 2011.02.23
so where is this poem at to start

themoda 2011.02.23
Awesome game, one of the betters

dajasand 2011.02.22
I love this type of game. Great graphics good game play...keep em cumming!!

4nik8 2011.02.22
Good game, worth playing to get the different endings

alex0412 2011.02.18
A good voice would enhance, pretty good otherwise

coldvians 2011.02.18
Im stuck at the middle of the game.Can someone help me?

rael 2011.02.17
hard game butwe get well rewarded sooooo its nice this game have nice grapphics too, girl is nice and i already played this 2 times and still playing

jupat 2011.02.16
very very good graphic and story line

AD8 2011.02.16
Effort well made for those endings =-)

voltz 2011.02.15
Whoops sorry me.I mean ``Dirty Pictures`` ;x

voltz 2011.02.15
This one, Dirty Letters and I Love Laura should be released as a full games :)))

Benninator69 2011.02.13
i love this game!!! i play it everyday!!!

chris8822p 2011.02.12
wow good game the graphics are nice and the music is really good

m4lv1n 2011.02.12
I would like to learn how to do more sex scenes with her !!

Tiger21 2011.02.11
First and still finest of the dating games, excellent graphics, multiple endings, always being updated (although sometimes some good parts are lost) and downloadable too. What`s not to like?

leparty1 2011.02.10
I love this game... like the update also

az89 2011.02.07
i wish i can see her wearing thong

Nick2 2011.02.07
I like this game. It`s hot and amazing.

saif6585 2011.02.07
this aint wery funny, and its not very difficult

randy06 2011.02.06
yes great and good endings and love her body tto fuck

az89 2011.02.05
the new one feel some kind of suck. just drink 2 glass at the couch and she already go straight to toilet and can`t caress her, just a few kiss, touch hair and give massage already end. when she dance with her friend, her clothes change and the dance became short and went straight home

Mando66 2011.02.05
This game has so many options and endings to it, it is unreal!

Mando66 2011.02.05
One of the best games on the site!

YuriAkamura 2011.02.04
Think it was ok ...
Still trying to figure out if you can have a threesome or get the otehr girl

az89 2011.02.04
i`m still waiting for the threesome

1NT0X 2011.02.03
this is a quite old game but great! super gameplay nice graphics, i love how many different options and outcomes you can choose from

ikke2 2011.02.03
nice gameplay and good graphics

redcobra 2011.02.02
This is a great game. These games in general are excellent quality with the many different routes that can be taken

az89 2011.02.02
the scene where the two girls dancing when rebecca play ariane breast and skirt has been cut as well

lazyone 2011.02.02
ariane b is one of the games that i play with enthusiasm and lust
congrats to the developer becouse for a time i acctually think that i`m in the game.

Mujic 2011.02.02
This one is awesome. Took awhile, but I think I got all the endings.

az89 2011.02.02
the take picture scene has been changed. now she give blowjob and got her pussy being lick and got 10 points, not the sex scene that used to be

adejean1221 2011.02.01
i hate having to go to other sites

linnus 2011.02.01
I love this game. A lot of endings and a lot of options.

az89 2011.02.01
i love this game and always keep playing it

prince asher 2011.01.29
decent game with alot of ways to go in the game play enjoyable have found the sex in bed will have to play again to find the car on thanks

0904038 2011.01.27
good game, tad confusing though

paolo13 2011.01.26
This is was of the all-time greats - loys of endings, lots of possibilities

bohnen500 2011.01.24
got an error before french kissing

luk81 2011.01.24
great game! it has soo many solutions !

aurelius 2011.01.23
es ist mein lieblingsspiel,tolle grafig

Elfe 2011.01.22
This game was the first dating sim i`ve played and it still nice! I really enjoy Ariane. When next coming?

sk8erman41 2011.01.20
that was nice, and actually entertaining

Ramdon 2011.01.14
Just completely awesome game. I`ve tried around so much but I feel there are probably still a hundred more endings left.

rohit goyal 2011.01.13
it`s a very sexy game by presenting A hot girl

onloone 2011.01.09
graphic is alright. Storyline requires more work as it is really really hard, but a incredible game!!!

WTFMikey 2011.01.09
Good game - tough though!

Pikelivan 2011.01.06
awesome game. took me a few tries though. lol

manny619 2011.01.05
i love this game you should play it

Clarky 2011.01.05
The best adult game online, absolutely huge amount of choice of what to do and many different endings.

RESSAT 2011.01.03
great dating simulation with lots of possibilities, but it was too difficult

xronik 2011.01.01
Very interesting game! The remarkable drawing and a plot!

wirenut 2010.12.31
I really like this game alot I just wish it had motion instead of all still images

Dusty 2010.12.28
not enough action but ok game

kennerfreak7 2010.12.23
great gme. igot a boner from it

sean7 2010.12.23
this game is fun but very hard! good graphics, it would be better with sound

Soveriegn 2010.12.22
An amazing game with multiple endings and several mini games. And its remade too! Nice upgrades!!

mick149 2010.12.21
don`t understand help from michael 22 disliked game

torgalek 2010.12.20
Great game with many possibilities

az89 2010.12.17
especially when ariane going topless in the jeep and go to downtown

az89 2010.12.17
looks like some new update based on the few upgrade

Groud 2010.12.15
This is my favorite game. So addicting and awesome

lughbelenos1 2010.12.13
First and probably the best of VDG`s dates.

dgkesquire 2010.12.13
One of my absolute favorites. Nice character graphics, excellent multi-tiered paths, hot action.

long55 2010.12.11
great game,hight quality,much ends, lovely

dunckjosh 2010.12.11
good game. i`ve played the earlier version and the additions are nice

az89 2010.12.11
during on the boat, how to get her skiing naked? any walkthrough

kinky888 2010.12.10
Great game, I played this game 4-5 months ago and just played it again now, and the gameplay/story is pretty similar however the graphics have completely changed and there are new parts to the story as well! Extremely good replay if you haven`t played it in a while!

valence 2010.12.10
great game,hight quality,much ends

az89 2010.12.09
cool. the game has been update. nice quality although i hope there were 3 some act

hasanf 2010.12.07
this is the best game i `ve ever played

Bill46 2010.12.06
Great game, many options, several endings too some not very rewarding but some are HOT

Fredyx 2010.12.04
great game amazing graphics

markovnikov 2010.12.03
most realistic dating game here, addictive and great fun.

WolfWarrior 2010.12.02
I really enjoyed this game, it`s more satisfying in the end when you work for it.

jaydude 2010.12.01
Probably the best virtual dating game here., at least the most diverse, I think.

SloAn01 2010.11.28
nice game with a lots of images

alikss 2010.11.27
very addictive game and ariane is so cute

Zedasiobud 2010.11.26
Great game with numerous possibilities.

sexy123 2010.11.26
i like this game but it could use more graphics

Eds 2010.11.25
Really really hard, but a incredible game!!!

daveyyjoness 2010.11.25
Interesting game with a cute girl!

teijgertje 2010.11.24
great dating simulation with lots of possibilities. some good action as well.

lower5 2010.11.24
i love this game good graphic

xronik 2010.11.24
very very good! i like it!

maxc 2010.11.22
I love the way there are so many endings avalible and the multiple options makes the game really enjoyable

wateshito 2010.11.21
Great Game!!!! somebody know how to get both girls in bed. i try lots of ways but all finish in the same.

Hspawn46 2010.11.18
need some work inthe graphics, good responses, a little dificult at first

prats 2010.11.18
nice sex scenes.......should have more endings though......arianne is hot as hell...

hole 2010.11.17
this game is the best dating game ever, it needs to be updated soon though and continue the ideas into the 3somes and strip games.

hash19 2010.11.15
Has to be the best dating sim so far, the gameplay is brilliant, so many choices to do and the graphics are excellent, though I guess I ha all endings, great

yxyx 2010.11.15
Awesome graphicsa and a real cute girl, too. but i have not find 3 some ending! if there is 3 some ending could someone give me a walkthrough , and maybe more endings

stringfellow 2010.11.15
another great game with nice lokking women. good game play

jpsacrey 2010.11.13
Another excellent game. Awesome graphicsa and a real cute girl, too.

davduckie 2010.11.10
great game amazing graphics

Kyrozen 2010.11.10
Great game, nicely put. The girl is so cute i want more !!

hugo57 2010.11.08
should have more endings..got to the boat ride only once forgot how..had to do with thne seedier part of town..scenic drive..great graphics..at times difficult ..but good because of all the different
endings..the dress shop and lingerie shopping were a bit boring but funny ..
like most games the possibilities for a sequel are endless..lesbian date..3 some..sex toy act..
swinging with a mixed racial couple..

likeme 2010.11.08
Really good game. But difficult too get fun endings.

themoda 2010.11.05
very nice and awesome game

sandinista 2010.11.05
I love this game, it is difficult but there are loads of options.

playforce8 2010.11.05
good game, and nice graphic... like it.

wyllosz 2010.11.04
Very good game, nice graphics but difficult.

tpain241 2010.11.04
great game great graphics abit difficult

pnxxx 2010.11.04
ok played this now for crystal. please chaotic keep racking these out .

nova01 2010.11.03
great game, how can i get a 3 some ????????????????????

popcorn2002 2010.10.31
Really good. Nice ending.....

MadmanXXX 2010.10.26
Better sim games out there lol

gradandrei2006 2010.10.26
this game has some really good ending

mr. anderson 2010.10.23
worth playing even one of the biggest

Cypress84 2010.10.23
not the best graphics and no clear close ups during sex scenes...
on the other hand great story and a lot of options...
awsome game... loved itt..
take her out to dinner after dancing in living room and buy her sporty lengerie downtown after having dinner...
att store shill meet an old friend get them to the bar for a few drinks... dance whit ariane then let them dance buy second round of drinks
after that go home to arien go swiiming naked
when playing marco polo whit closed eyes move to right to touch ariens breast..
her friend will leave
go showering after that go to living room drink vine massage her body then kiss her
have sex on couch after thyat ask to stay 4 night and have sex twice in the bedroom...best ending i discovered so far

eralph67 2010.10.21
A great model for a lot of fun but I could use some hints.

KaiMgarth 2010.10.20
rather complicated and confusing, plus the girl looks like kinda scary in a few of those scenes. those teeth are gonna give me nightmares.

ejbakk 2010.10.20
Really great game, but so hard! Guess im a mess up date

paddywhack 2010.10.19
so frustrating but so good

edawgsburg 2010.10.18
Good game lots of choices very fun

keko 2010.10.18
the best of the dating games but will be the best if it was little bit easier

Andre212 2010.10.17
It`s amazing how much these games have improved since the very first Virtual Date game

Rob-63 2010.10.16
Has to be the best dating sim so far, The gameplay is brilliant so many choices to do and the graphics are excellent.

smrdo 2010.10.16
Really good. Nice ending.....

ookami 2010.10.16
Very good dating sim, somewhat slow or my taste, but very entertaining.

wonderingsoul 2010.10.13
I`m really enjoying this game, can`t wait to find other endings. Also looking forward to the other VD games

frostee 2010.10.13
good graphics and interesting endings

love all of VDG`s games

Horneybabe 2010.10.12

tarantela 2010.10.10
probably one of the best dating game ever!

junkcar 2010.10.10
Very great game, enjoy playing and trying to find different endings

RiesenKopf 2010.10.09
Super cool game as it has so many ways to play through...
I`ve found four different endings and I guess this is not the whole list of`em

rudess 2010.10.09
its difficult to get beyond meal time though...she keeps complaining that i talk to much or to little...

rudess 2010.10.09
A good game, challenging, but fun

drom 2010.10.08
My favorite virtual dating sim.

nandoa 2010.10.07
the game stop in the middle

DBlake17 2010.10.07
nice game, kind of hard but is pretty good, good graphics

Trustnorich 2010.10.06
added to my favorites i love the virtual date games

Tatache 2010.10.04
I love graphisme, this a good game

waylander98 2010.10.03
This was one of the first Virtual Date games i ever played, i played it on a different site maybe a year or two ago and its still very entertaining, very much one of my favourites now as it was then.
I`m glad to see its still popular.

HeinH77 2010.10.02
i played it so many times and I am still not bored. I like the beauty of the pictures, the witness and all the possible paths in this game and it will never be to long.

L3g3nd4ry 2010.10.02
Very nice graphic but it`s tough to beat.

Trustnorich 2010.10.01
i love the virtual date games

Reconnoob 2010.09.29
I love this game. Multiple scenarios, multiple endings, great girl and impressive scale of complexity.

The first time I encountered this, it got me hooked for days.

MC5 2010.09.29
This is the BEST dating game I`ve played so far.........so many, many variations. This is what made the game SO ADDICTIVE!

dillon 2010.09.28
i like the fact that the game can open into different fields

P_Raider 2010.09.28
beautiful graphics, great replayability and just adictive :)

spike29 2010.09.25
Nice work! A little tough, but it has great replay value.

Dreadhorizon 2010.09.25
I love this game. Multiple scenarios, multiple endings, great girl and impressive scale of complexity.

The first time I encountered this, it got me hooked for days.

exe1325 2010.09.25
II always liked this game, it`s has a nice interface.

kage5243 2010.09.24
great game nice graphics i love this game 10/10

SpiderWeb 2010.09.22
Awesome game, love that you can go to various places in and outside the house.

pyanz80 2010.09.21
this is hands down the best put together game out there. awesome. multiple endings. updated..i like..

Cockroach 2010.09.20
Very playable, nice game.

Sypho123 2010.09.19
Great game Keep up the good work

zebco1253 2010.09.17
fun game but can be tricky

L3v3nT 2010.09.15
Nice game thanks playfoceone

yasarzenginoglu 2010.09.13
This is wonderful game...

jhaus 2010.09.12
this is hands down the best put together game out there. awesome. multiple endings. updated.

helldarken 2010.09.11
Interesting sim game to play with multiple endings

grygost 2010.09.10
lots of great endings and several ways of reaching them

tony012 2010.09.09
This game was first of its kind. I remember playing it some time ago. It was the game that turned me on to erotic dating sims. I liked the gameplay at the time but now feel it is a bit lacking. the girl is hot though.

beatpoet 2010.09.06
Thoroughly enjoyable, but wish there were some animation.

Darkker 2010.09.04
Good, very goood. This is a excellent game ;))

AssMan919 2010.09.03
jhitty 2010.09.03 if you want different endings try picking different choices. i`ve gotten the chick from the lingerie shop to go skinny dipping with us. just by switching up my choices. the first 7-9 choices are the only ones that you should repeat every time

jhitty 2010.09.03
it was a very good game i love it but i only keep geting the same ending

actek 2010.09.01
oow sexy lady,thats reall,no harder:D

newshoes4youtx 2010.08.31
well I have only got to first base, but love this game, always different. The download does not seem to work on my pc.

themclovingood 2010.08.30
I like this game. time consuming. but if this was a reflection for my "real-life" dating, i`d fail at life. because Ariane doesn`t like my moves x]

jed776 2010.08.30
Great game! There are so many different endings. One of the better dating games I`ve ever played.

max29 2010.08.30
Love the games with multiple endings, one of the better ones

ace7 2010.08.28
Multiple ending mean i get to replay to get all ending..but is there sound?

thetims88 2010.08.28
This is the best dating sim on the site, imo.

T M 2010.08.28
LOTS of choices. one of the best pic your path dating sims I have played on here. Dose not always make sense, like she tells you to go lower, and then when you do, she gets mad. But over all I would say 5 stars. Need more like it.

kjedi 2010.08.28
I love this game. I just wish I could find different endings. I wish you
put in a part for oral sex. Either to give or recieve.

kipper999 2010.08.28
Absolutely awesome game... so many variations and responses to actions. I`m waiting for the threesome with rebecca to begin...

puma420 2010.08.25
This game is a lotta fun!!! only thing i dont like is that its not in video mode....

scratchinvinyl 2010.08.25
The graphics are great and the game is very challenging, the basketball court scene is good!

ramoshorta 2010.08.24
Nice graphics very pretty girl and realist 2. hope shes real .. lol

alaquin12 2010.08.24
i must say this game wus really annoying.. but then i got in her pants so i took my time trying to find the other spots you could take her in XDD

Nimrod 2010.08.24
I like it, I feel the need to keep trying for more. So far I have only got 5/10 so I have to do better.

qeadwrsf 2010.08.24
One of the best dating games ever. The parts I like the most are definitely the strip club and the photo shoot above the city.

tanis888 2010.08.23
pretty good game but i`d like a more easy navigation way went your reach the end of a scenario.

Suave49 2010.08.23
thank you for the best game ever, since there are so many endings

RyuSaotome 2010.08.22
Very nice game with great replayability.

GotYou 2010.08.22
HArd when you`ve tried to come back to an other situation. Nice graphics, addictve games. COOL

sheepyo 2010.08.22
Tis good thou the more you get into it

sheepyo 2010.08.22
Hard game, and no restart feature makes it frustrating to keep opening new windows

kaitokid1990 2010.08.22
nice graphic, took long time to play though

mat_97 2010.08.21
arianb lotos of en-ding, meny pleisses to go

badboy1980 2010.08.21
it was from the best games i ever played!!!

bmhitman 2010.08.21
this game is very addictive i had to play it again and again

loucooley 2010.08.18
took a bit time w/o the walkthrough but loved the hard and kinky endings
would love to find all of them(endings) but didn`t have enuf time

Grable 2010.08.17
One of my top favorite games to play I love this game

mr. anderson 2010.08.15
it s always a classic one anytime worth doing it

mh42 2010.08.14
still the best date game out there

kanas83 2010.08.13
Love the games with multiple endings, one of the better ones

bigcock696969 2010.08.11
great game, cant figure out how to get laid tho

Juha 2010.08.11
this is a realy nice game :) i like it

az89 2010.08.10
love this game. never tired or bored to play

Card 2010.08.09
for the time being the best dating game

doomspoon 2010.08.08
This is the best offsite game you have linked on the site. I never get tired of finding new options on it.

kjedi 2010.08.08
I never get tired of playing this game. I keep looking for different endings.

dominic 2010.08.07
good game but its a bit hard so it took me a while to complete having some help like tips would be a good idea to make it better/easier to play

milipu 2010.08.07
it is a great game but hard
with a walkthrough its easier

Tobiasbeacher 2010.08.05
This is probably my favorite game of this type. Loads of replayability and great graphics. Alot of work was put into this game.

lahereyou1 2010.08.05
Its very good, different choices= different endings, you cant always win...

Antvar 2010.08.05
One of tehe best game...more

bc_uga 2010.08.05
Love the multiple endings and some element of chance in the store

GhostPirate 2010.08.03
Fantastic game. She makes my heart sing. She makes everything grooooovy.

andy557 2010.08.03
Another great game with multiple endings. Only improvements would be sounds, and perhaps more chances of something spontaneous happening. One of the top dating sims around.

koming 2010.08.01
hard game but nice game to play...

unup91 2010.07.31
gud game !! i just love playing again & again

nemesisnerd 2010.07.31
very good game. Can`t stop playing!

porky666 2010.07.31
VERY good game. When you start you just can`t stop. Big + for many `to do` things.

amtays 2010.07.31
you really cant stop until you`ve had sex with her

vickman11 2010.07.31
This is a great game; so many different endings. A+++++++!!!!

kjedi 2010.07.30
I wish they would have done something with oral sex in this game.

hackapell666 2010.07.29
it is a really hard but addicting game

args2 2010.07.29
The game is ok, but a bit more action would be good

kaimaster111 2010.07.28
These types of sim games are great...but there are way too many dead ends...it would be easy to turn alot of these into sex scenes if rape was involved...im not saying you have to....but the option would be nice.....to tie her and her friend up and have your way with them....that way the player feels lie he has more power in the game...........and the final ending could be like the police coming and arresting you..

kaimaster111 2010.07.28
Amazing game...i love all the choices you can make...but i wish it was a bit easier to get into her pants...
but if anyone wants a redo on the choices they made, just open the game online and copy the url into a new window...then when you loose the game, just go back to the last page....
or you can just download the full game and view all the pictures...but it takes the fun out of playing the game, because you have no idea what the hell is going on

az89 2010.07.27
somehow i manage to get different ending with rebecca. first, we swim in the pool and play marco polo games. second, at the nightclub rebecca start to took of her clothes and been warned by the bouncer

firefistace 2010.07.27
really good game! walkthrough doesnt always work though..

jagick 2010.07.27
I realy liked this one. One of the first I played, great story, lot`s of endings!

krank 2010.07.25
the classic one, and alwayss a god chice to mplay

Satans Angel 2010.07.25
Love this game.. .lots of different endings... and nice scenarios.. :)

needinsex 2010.07.24
I always ended up without getting any. This nice-guy-finish-last thing is getting on my nerves.
It was nicely designed, though.

goodwork 2010.07.24
This is the best dating game i ever played!
i want more of these kind of games!

filthy 2010.07.24
arianeb is the best game ever

byder 2010.07.24
realy a good game, but realy need more help to get dificult endings. who can help?

captain savaho 2010.07.23
love this game! so many different options and endings,
one of my favorites for sure.

panzerv 2010.07.23
Interesting game, but long loading time. Why the Virtual Date games take so long to load?

Thel20 2010.07.23
i love this game it has great graphics excellent gameplay and great replay value it gets a 10 from me

pablo76 2010.07.22
Great quality game with several options. I just wish there were a way to go back when I`ve made a wrong decision.

pippo67 2010.07.22
Good game.....most slowly....but good !!!

quickj 2010.07.19
One of the best simulations I`ve played so far. Worked very well with almost no bugs

Immortalking 2010.07.17
Took me a long time to figure out some of the endings. Still havent found some of the endings people have mentioned.

alexty89 2010.07.16
very good game with great graphics

Gemman67 2010.07.16
love this game always something new to find out

fioo33 2010.07.16
Mentor of all dating games creators. Love it

frezz 2010.07.14
woow... whis is very good game i like this game

wow21sexy 2010.07.12
Good game, lots of possible endings.

Baddibu 2010.07.11
i vote for the game 50 points

willsflake 2010.07.10
great game..almost looks real

nameit 2010.07.09
quite boring, nothing to do don`t even have a story

Bryce325 2010.07.07
This game is absolutely amazing

az89 2010.07.07
crap! it stuck when i played it

Amlici 2010.07.06
I found lots of broken links but I liked the concept.

Orlam 2010.07.04
Nice game but I think some actions are bugged. No ?

shadowfox122 2010.07.03
kinda fun and interesting game

rob0413 2010.07.02
a lot of options. I played it for a while. Though some pages had trouble loading.

TDurd 2010.07.02
Graphics are kind of lame, but it has a lot of options, which is good.

DeathDrakon 2010.07.01
I love this game took FOREVER and I mean FOREVER to find the 10/10. I did go outside for food, home, beer, then sleep.

kingcobra 2010.06.29
a superior game for all types.

Mattius 2010.06.26
OMG so much replay value... Loved this game... will play it for many more hours

guytheguy226 2010.06.26
very well done dating game. i like how many possible endings there are. it gives it a good replay value

trandear 2010.06.23
so um what is with the game?

gimmino77 2010.06.22
this is my favourite game

Styngetier 2010.06.21
Very nice pics but too easy to loose and then have to start from new, thats bad.

BendyThumbs 2010.06.20
By far the best dating sim ever created!

TheOriginalSyn 2010.06.20
The rewards are definitely not worth the amount of time and frustration you must invest to get anywhere in this game. Well made though.

VRaptorX 2010.06.19
Dinner at a great restaurant, clubbing, theme park, beach, then she gets naked right in front of me and skinny dips in the pool. And I`m only a 7/10 date? Great game though. Lots of stuff you can do.

buickman1969 2010.06.19
Lots of Fun - Great Graphics! more, i need More!

Yumi ;3 2010.06.19
I played it lik six times to get the right ending xD
Kinda fun, i think..

ATOZ 2010.06.17
This is one (or is) my favorite of the Virtual Date games, this one has many options and has a nice storyline to it i wish the others were the same....

king85 2010.06.17
excellent game. good graphicsvery addictive gameplay

eriklefish 2010.06.13
Awesome game, love the number of differant paths.

dreamcatcher232 2010.06.13
this is a sexy game. The graphic is good.

Joshmofo1 2010.06.10
This is one of the best dating sims ever. It`s never garunteed to get in her pants.

flutterbi69 2010.06.10
one of the very first erotic games i`ve played and still one of the best!

Whitney 2010.06.09
hot game, very sexy animations....

ladeezgeek 2010.06.09
This is a great game utilizing html pages for all those basic browsers. The story line and endings are well put and many different ways to finish.

kage123 2010.06.09
there must be a glitch in the game because i cant get her 2 drink beer in the car the giude said u can but the game wont alow u to do so

geobush1 2010.06.08
This is one of the best games I`ve played like this. There are lots of options and it keeps things interesting.

engtav 2010.06.08
It takes a little to get going, but a good game

Snakpak 2010.06.08
no matter how many virtual date games are released, this one will be my favorite

scannatore 2010.06.08
Too many options, where is th good ending?

engtav 2010.06.07
It took a while to get going, but a great game.

Petterviking 2010.06.07
good game, with many nice solutions

Mirri 2010.06.06
I think I found every possible path possible, such a multi faceted game.
I like it very much.

lazer 2010.06.06
wow!this game is awesome!

eggowong 2010.06.06
Have always been impressed by the quality of the graphics in this game. Storyline branching makes for a pretty good challenge not to mess up and fail the date.

rob63 2010.06.06
This has to be my all time fav dating game.

BigKahuna 2010.06.06
Oh, yes! I like this one. Good graphics and the entire game is addictive.

security12 2010.06.05
My favorite game. There is always more it could give you and the erotic parts are not just straight up, but that just makes me like it more.

chiefton 2010.06.05
Would like to see more on the ending or different endings wih multiple chances to be with her.

dzambic_R 2010.06.05
best sim dating game ever

mynameismatt 2010.06.05
i can only seem to find 4 endings

hickle84 2010.06.04
This game had good graphic and the game play with really good

Isengart1 2010.06.04
Is the best dating game that i have ever played.

Athlumney 2010.06.04
A very deep and complex game this is. I like it a lot.

Turner9 2010.06.04
One of my all time favorites, The only way to make this game better is to add more active GIFS and hidden bonus section! All in all, The one that started it all.

zeretet 2010.06.03
great game.very incitant and sexy

bryano 2010.06.03
great game. Nice graphics

van plur 2010.06.02
its very nice game...
make me laugh...

lmy1988 2010.06.02
A bit slow, i like the other games better

fuckmenow34 2010.06.01
this game is really addicting . it is really good.

obijoe 2010.05.30
Huge game, so many options. Would be nice if there were more girls though...

EmeraldoFan 2010.05.30
i love these virtual date-sims!

andeeel 2010.05.30
the dating game all ohter should aspire to! a classic!

baceface32 2010.05.30
Really good game. Offers a lot of options

transferemail0011 2010.05.29
I love it! I tried many combos and was able to get over 5 different ending. I like the one in the park. A little tricky to get there though!

maxima 2010.05.29
This is game is like crack. Absolutely addicting, but I find really hard to gain other endings. The one I`ve managed to get so far is making out and fucking her on the couch then going to the bedroom and fucking two more times. Good stuff, but gets a little boring after a while.

goseebananafish 2010.05.29
great date sim. If you are having trouble try googling "ariana walkthrough"

kalehr 2010.05.29
fun game, lots of options and replayability

web79 2010.05.28
Nice game to get hooked on to find all the endings. Lot of options to have a successful date.

Eric I 2010.05.28
Good game with multiple options for positive ending

parekhnish 2010.05.28
i get stuck after the hugging part...can anyone help me?

yourmom.. 2010.05.26
A bit slow, i like the other games better

84desperado 2010.05.25
i keep getting the blank screen. is it a bug or something?

loxs 2010.05.25
good game but hard gameplay

Curtis615 2010.05.23
i don`t know how to start but i try it

Rakier40 2010.05.22
many options but many deadends too.

marc45 2010.05.22
One of the best every .....

marc45 2010.05.22
One of the best games every made extremely addictive

sexy101 2010.05.21
Plenty of choices and branches in this game. Its terrific.
There should be more games like this one, perhaps with more girls to interact with.
Kinda hard at first though.

davisdraco 2010.05.20
A little difficult at times. You can`t always do what she prompts you to do because some times she`ll respond negatively if you do.

Ahhdamn 2010.05.20
I like the virtual date girl clone Crystal more, both babes though.

bigshippy 2010.05.20
good game but a bit slow

christ4041 2010.05.19
thats a beauty and I enjoy played that game

senel24 2010.05.18
Games slighlty confusing, but onve you get the hang of it, really fun

tazz2892 2010.05.18
this is one of the best games i have ever played

Sionife 2010.05.18
Great endings great idea pretty cool game

hottiechick 2010.05.17
didnt really like this one

woody12 2010.05.17
This is one of the best virtual date games out there, it really make you think.

kage123 2010.05.17
how do u water ski on the boat and plz tell me if u can have a threesome

woody12 2010.05.16
This is a great game so many different end you have to pay attention

chikita 2010.05.15
i like this girl shes hot

chikita 2010.05.15
good and nice game romantic

chikita 2010.05.15
what thehell wow good game insteed

chikita 2010.05.15
i like this game and it makes me feel happy

Outlaw046 2010.05.15
The best dating game out there, definatly my favourite

blah21 2010.05.14
Ariana is the best simulation game. It has multiple endings making it seem realistic. By far the best sim date

jonnyboi6 2010.05.14
By far one of my favorites.

escmax 2010.05.14
thats a beauty and I enjoy played that game!!

Zabzarab 2010.05.13
Sch??ne Grafik, Die Animation fehlt ein weng, aber ansonsten ein gutes Spiel :-D

kaismith111 2010.05.13
it was a good game not the best i`ve played better

heser98 2010.05.12
how you get that thing in there

Big Jay 2010.05.11
this is the best game on here

ThePeml 2010.05.11
I know the game better ...

maikel black 2010.05.11
his wars nice but the server wors going in the play down. shit happens the game wars looking good and the women to.

gapdieu 2010.05.11
my very first virtual date, I love this game.

boinky 2010.05.11
great game, not too easy and lots of options.

November 2010.05.11
I like the fact you have more options in the game unlike some other games where nothing really changes

jocofx 2010.05.10
It was an amazing game ! funny aud sexy. a such combinaison is rare!

cheezmonky 2010.05.10
Very nice game, cute girl, simple controls, first person always a plus

nobbs 2010.05.09
Not super crazy about the game; the model is primitive and the branches obscure

cocaptian 2010.05.09
A very hard game. i just end up with 8 of 10 as best

Lucky Frank 2010.05.08
the graphic of the game was spot on

boogie33 2010.05.08
still one of the best games around. really good game

KILL007ER 2010.05.08
This game is very good she is very hot can be diffucult but i figured ir

1hardon 2010.05.08
I just love this girl er game she play hard at times but who cares.

delthedaddy 2010.05.07
excellent game can not get enough

STOWA 2010.05.07
The game that made me visit this site over and over again.. a brilliant game, and has made me a fan of this kind of games!.. There is so many possibilities, and interesting endings, that this is indeed MUST play game.. There is also lots of fun during the game itself, which makes one want to play it for the game itself, and not just to see the ending.. 10/10 from me ^^

rovanerns 2010.05.07
Very interesting, very different from other games.

sunchips1 2010.05.07
This game is long but its gameplay is great

hotwet 2010.05.06
this is good, with choices for the player
and different choices makes the adventure more interesting!

tyla14 2010.05.06
yery good game and so addictive

wwhho 2010.05.06
The best game i ever saw...

charlie38 2010.05.05
Absolutely brilliant game! Lots of ways to ending! I can`t stop playing!!!!!

gettingwarmone 2010.05.05
This is the hottest game, you feel like she is interacting with you

shishkabob 2010.05.04
There are a huge number of endings. Search online & find `strip club` ending with Ariane and her friend.

nbcman 2010.05.04
This is an excellent game-many different paths to different ends. Not all endings are the same.

radarer 2010.05.04
this is one of the best dating sims I`ve found. great game, would like to see more!

ethanlew22 2010.05.03
a bad game all it had was pics

what 2010.05.03
great game yet.....very so hard to get a 10

kaley 2010.05.03
Very good game!! love it made me very wet :P

chuckster22 2010.05.03
good game, lots of paths and good ending

redbull44 2010.05.02
this is always a classic!

Kalaam 2010.05.02
One of my favorite game. Excellent game. Well thought out and executed.

hot_guy_1982 2010.05.01
This is a very interactive game. Pretty good graphics. Probably the best game out there. Hoping for a new version with more endings :)

kjedi 2010.05.01
Is there anyway to get or give oral sex in this game?

marty- 2010.04.30
Hands down best sex/dating game ever. So many different scenarios, best graphics on any game and very nice gameplay. Gotta love it

neogeo2 2010.04.30
its a fun game you can pal over and over agen

chaos7777 2010.04.30
Pretty hard to start with but a good game with lots of endings.

MailmanJ 2010.04.29
Good game. Took me a minute to figure out the best way to go, but liked it after that.

captin savaho 2010.04.29
very good game with lots of different options and exelent

dbgtrst743 2010.04.29
my favorite virtual date game. there r so many options. although the sex scenes couldve been smoother.

rabidpulse 2010.04.29
There are just so many paths to take it makes for a very replayable game.

Henk 2010.04.29
The game is pretty need, but to hard for me

Achielles 2010.04.28
I would also defiantely reccomend this game to anyone else who hasn`t tried it too

Achielles 2010.04.28
Brilliant game, loved the ending in the hot tub :D

LP83 2010.04.28
One of the best sim date games out there

tarot 2010.04.28
this one sure have lots of possible endings. that is good

shimon103 2010.04.28
The best game of dating sims

lostknight5 2010.04.28
great game, right amount of chalange

billyjean2 2010.04.28
static image entertainment at its best! :) There is a lot of twist and `stuff` to explore. =D

zonersboner 2010.04.27
Ariane is hot!! The most addictive game I have played in a while. Too bad the threesome isn`t an option, though.

ulf123451 2010.04.27
An excellent game. Please continue!

reinler 2010.04.26
Absolutely awesome game! There are so many different turns and each play leads to a new ending! Definitely one of the best dating simulators out there.

rparadis 2010.04.26
this game is not bad and a little difficult

kjedi 2010.04.26
I have played this game over and over again, and still finding different stuff

to do, Great game.

ftsumtermin 2010.04.26
The plot really has a lot of variables nice game!

peteryy 2010.04.26
favourite game played it alot

markie74 2010.04.26
played this game many time one of my favs.

meddo19 2010.04.26
nice game and many different endings

az89 2010.04.26
won the striptease but rebecca`s gone

GOMICHIGAN69 2010.04.25
great game i love the graphics

polarbear 2010.04.25
My fisrt one. and the best yet

kjedi 2010.04.25
I would like to learn how to do more sex scenes with her

crag 2010.04.25
fantastic game brilliant graphics

HomeTexas 2010.04.24
Still a good game from the many other times i have played it

satyro620 2010.04.24
Great Game
One of my favorite game

flyguy89 2010.04.24
I love this game but i can never beat it. Its so hard.

lovesmallones 2010.04.24
My absolute favorite game. Lots of variables and endings.

WolfWarrior 2010.04.23
It`s a nice game, it`s cool that you actually work your way through Like a real date.

cazzy86 2010.04.23
good game to play.. can be quite challenging

bloob 2010.04.22
realy great game accept that she gave my only a 5

bc 2010.04.22
great game... fun trying to find the different endinds

pussycat007 2010.04.22
Nice Game A Little But I Think It`s Better When You Can Go Back

paultease 2010.04.22
Strip club.
1 action each (exotic dance or Pole Dance etc.... remove vest and skirt.
3 actions for Bra and Panties.
2 actions + rub body for masturbaion on stage.

You should have given her 3 drinks prior to going to the outskirts. also if you get kicked from the bar goto the lengerie store and pick up Rebecca.

jbraindoc 2010.04.21
Ariane is bueatiful. This game is great but so hard to play sometimes.

chris123 2010.04.21
really who has the time to read all these comments?

baddriving50 2010.04.21
A little bit hard to understand at first, but worth the time.

Czar13 2010.04.21
The graphics were great hard to get too end but fun

Marx 2010.04.19
Honestly, this is a good game..
but unfortunately there`s no hint about where do u have to click, so that we have to move around our mouse until we find the button..
(I meant the options are not appear.. We have to look the button by ourself..)
but at the top of that..
this is a very great game..
I always love every simulating games :D

DaMan27 2010.04.19
gameplay was good and graphics sort of life like

big8797 2010.04.18
fairly long and annoying once ya fail

bobby54 2010.04.18
A realy amazing game and so many endings and paths to discover!

PF1chick247 2010.04.17
the best game in the world i love it

mbc 2010.04.16
great game... hard to find all the endings but fun trying to....

Vyper 2010.04.16
great game. it´s not that easy..

gp78 2010.04.16
great game.. i`ll be playing again to c other endings

kmax 2010.04.15
The branching plot and multiple endings make this series of games unique and fantastic, well worth the time investment to see them all.

@lexander7 2010.04.15
God I love that simulator. So much possibilities, so many endings someone should write some walk-throug just to be able to explore all the endings.

ksweet18 2010.04.14
it was ok, i still like laura better.

snoopy 2010.04.14
game is ok i like i love laura better

asdfasdf321 2010.04.14
best dating game i`ve played so far!

gudge16 2010.04.14
i love this game! so many good endings!

nightblade 2010.04.13
This game will not load for me.

stevie 2010.04.13
great game, any help on getting into threesomes? walkthroughs would be helpful

rolandios 2010.04.13
nice game several endings nice locations great girl nice interactions with the player

BigH 2010.04.13
very good and addictive game ... also fun to play

Kwather 2010.04.13
it`s a very good game!!!!!!!!!!!!

phreakadilly 2010.04.13
the best game there is!! no question about it

ajoes 2010.04.12
i tought so..........best site ...best game

richbitch 2010.04.12
great, lts of things to do, but graphics could be better

bloodgreaver 2010.04.11
nice quality and very kinky at parts, but it gets tedius to locate options, perhaps change the mouse cursor over clickable parts, or shade it a little lighter/darker as you pass over? Otherwise a righteous game.

az89 2010.04.11
got invited by rebecca to strip show but don`t know how to encourage ariane to participate the show

ratje 2010.04.11
nice game and many different endings

vitormiguelinc 2010.04.11
a bit hard at the beginning, but very intuitive

Santana 2010.04.10
Poem, compliment, cheek kiss.
# Mouth Kiss, Touch Hair
# Music:soft rock, Mouth Kiss, Neck Dip
# Go to Kitchen, Fridge, Wine
# Drink Wine, Click on chairs to see stars
# Get right the questions: google copernicus (center, left), aries (left, middle-top), tri?ngulus (center, middle-left) and sea of tranquillity (center, middle-right)
# Flash boobies, Click on terrace table, talk, compliment, eat, drink
# Swimming pool, go out from pool (not repeat swimming)
# Hot Tub, Mouth Kiss, Wine, Play Truth or Dare
# First Truth (you have never f**k on a hot tub), Second (she) Truth (ask whatever you want), Third (you) Dare, Fourth (she) Dare: Undress Top

Here you have two different ends:

Final A:
o Dare (you) and Dare (she), undress bottom
o Drink wine, french kiss, massage shoulders, grab bubs, lick nip***s, massage low back (tummy), massage thight (legs), grab as, finger
o F**K!!

Final B:
o Dare (you) and Dare (she), go to a shop dressed only with a towel
o You are on the car, click on the towel (she will enter on the shop withou for $20)
o Buy snacks, come back to car, beer
o F**K!!

Lynx35341 2010.04.09
Ace game, tried for ages but eventually got a home run

wulf911 2010.04.09
fun to play hard to get right

Saikan 2010.04.09
wow.... perfect game, there should be more of this games, its unbeliveable detailed in choices, im absolutly impressed

johny172 2010.04.09
This is a massive game. Couldn`t get the link to work off of the site, but i`ve played it before. It`s a really good game should try to get it fixed.

Mani 2010.04.09
:(( the game does not work for me! :/ got error, please fix it :))

Ciusu 2010.04.09
how do you get past the dinner?

mwafaq 2010.04.08
great graphics..good game..hot ladies xD

111spartan 2010.04.08
Doesnt load.. looks so hot! fix it...

Arkdemon 2010.04.08
good game, hard in a begining, i can`t get a good ending yet

slm_jng 2010.04.08
There are so many endings and things to do! I just wish the navigation system was a little better

freeofsanity 2010.04.08
its alright, kinda hard at times. graphics are pretty good and there are tons of options. Shes hot too, lol.

Ergo 2010.04.08
Amazing game! really good and i love that it gets updated now and then

Baskovc 2010.04.08
Great game, there really are many options tto choose from. I keep playing it again and again :) Too bad it`s not animated, though. :) And the girl is kinda hot :)

rchnemesis 2010.04.08
greta game! quite hard to get a perfect ending

Thel20 2010.04.08
at times a bit hard but great graphics and nice gameplay

Saswat 2010.04.08
the gameplay was mind blowing ...simply erotic and sizzling

kendallphoenix 2010.04.08
There are so many endings and things to do! I just wish the navigation system was a little better.

13axel 2010.04.07
well i didnt find any big problems

Canswe 2010.04.07
Great game with lots of variety

Jack2711 2010.04.07
I love it very nice graphics and shes very hooot

khaidean 2010.04.06
great graphic and animation

hinosaki 2010.04.06
this game is really good, but also really hard, she is so sexy xP

sweetchig 2010.04.06
I Love this game.... I have played it in a million different ways... I love the Hot tub the best so far...

obidos 2010.04.06
yer it was pretty awsome and she is sooooo it

loverboy 2010.04.06
awesome work man very good game

loverboy 2010.04.06
the girl in this game is really so cute

loverboy 2010.04.06
Very good dating game for those who loves games like that.

loverboy 2010.04.06
nice date game with good pictures

Demolt 2010.04.06
I like this game .... but it hard...^_^

jackflame 2010.04.06
this game flashes a white image after clicking the play controller icon and then nothing happens - i am in IE but it doesnt work

HeroOfWar 2010.04.05
The start of the game and the building up part is great... but the ending wasn`t all that great.

paulo424 2010.04.05
very good game
and thanks the site

gordonfan48 2010.04.05
that was amazing and very sexy

cmms 2010.04.05
great game, graphics,game play,eviroment

blueruin 2010.04.05
fantastic best game ever until they make another

nimbus99 2010.04.05
great game, good graphics, plenty of options but has a few glitches (won`t always progress to next scene when clicked)

MARCIN 2010.04.05
another wonderfull night with Ariane ,this time in her bedroom, twice

az89 2010.04.05
did anyone know how to do a threesome with ariane and rebecca?

surafel 2010.04.05
thank u for everything starting from willing regestering me

CleanKiz 2010.04.04
cool game not bad for starters

kektuche 2010.04.04
good fun to be had with this game

letstalk247 2010.04.04
it`s an okay game. A little boring for my taste

moobs 2010.04.04
Fun game with lots of endings

xxxdebbyxxx 2010.04.04
game is super i like dating games like this i m enjoying this site really

mwafaq 2010.04.04
finished it 6 times already xD

bashir 2010.04.04
i feel like im trying for a real date, nice game

OmgNoWai 2010.04.03
fun game, sooo many endings, I just wish you were able to go back when you misclick somewhere

cindyhaha 2010.04.03
what a long and big game. still downloading and waiting unpatiently to play.

jimbo3 2010.04.03
great game .diffrent endings .very big game

elLiss 2010.04.03
the best dating game in the world

nolan 2010.04.02
this game doesnt want to work for me? wtf?

DDiggler 2010.04.02
Still one of the best dating sims around. Great game

8jtf 2010.04.02
great game. is there any way to go back to a previous screne?

spectare 2010.04.02
Cool the one works.
It`s amazing, you have so many ways to play, the best is to let you tri them all.
If you want to to go back to the previou page, don`t forget feet pict and text.

draco2119 2010.04.02
Like the graphics and the diffrent possible outcomes also make it rather enjoyable

fx5574 2010.04.01
Need a help screen when stuck

Egomaniac 2010.04.01
Lots of different outcomes. The more you play, the more you find.

llamalord 2010.04.01
this game was way too confusing, i couldnt get very far at all

geffy 2010.04.01
best graphics and animation.nice game

phsoldat95 2010.04.01
The graphics for a dating sim are great! Loved the endings.

Damianos 2010.04.01
Great graphics and very challenging.

sxcfr 2010.04.01
i thought the game was very intreging but quite hard at first, the graphics are amazing and it was very sexy. i enjoyed it!

garylorance 2010.04.01
Great game made all the right moves

myserio 2010.04.01
Not bad, a bit hard to play at the start, some ppl might find it frustrating but offers multiple ways you can play it.

yea 2010.04.01
good graphics but the game got kinda irritating as i progressed. Example: while eating steaks we had to click thrice before drinking wine... if clicked 4 times the game would end and if less then she would not drink the wine... the game was hard enough without having to be so specific and is completely unnecessary.

Hotfly 2010.03.31
I read that there are modded versions. Where are they. I cannot find any. Please help me.

Hotfly 2010.03.31
Is it possible to cruise town with her naked without having to go home directely?

badr 2010.03.31
Shi Excellent Earning everything to pull the succulent

fadetoblack23 2010.03.31
It`s already been said before, but it`s so true that the original is still one of the best games, so much more variety and endings than some of the others out there

Donpaul69 2010.03.31
What can I say, original and still the best, they nailed it first time with this one

chouchomiga 2010.03.31
enormous game love the graphic and the story

grubber 2010.03.31
great game, love the whole choose your own adventure thing, its also awsome that you can have sex most anywhere in the game

bdmcqueen 2010.03.30
hard game but good graphics

Eunit 2010.03.30
i think this game was hard. the graphic was real good! So are the animations of the woman

18Daniel 2010.03.30
i love this game you can nearly have sex everywhere

agragr 2010.03.30
It`s a very good game. Wait for additional different endings

LuckyRavein 2010.03.30
different not my type of game but you might like it

az89 2010.03.29
yes got the sex in the car
is there any other place they have?

oteropablo 2010.03.29
A wonderful game. Worth playing again and again and again to see all the possible scenarios and endings, and try various combinations of them. Sometimes even the same scenario is different just based upon what you`ve done earlier in that playthrough

txfrank 2010.03.29
the best dating sim. great because of the replayability. a lot of different endings and paths

redman69 2010.03.29
This is a great game with a great looking girl in it, best simulator out there.

az89 2010.03.29
i love this game
ariane`s so hot

reaper613 2010.03.28
cool 10 out of 10 best ending

az89 2010.03.28
i got the hot tub sex
did anyone knows how to do it in the car?

Eladarion 2010.03.28
This game is so cool and she is so cute

JeepMan612 2010.03.28
Addicting Game but hard to get anywhere with her

marcraw 2010.03.28
Very good. Ariane is really hot, although it`s difficult at the beginning...

z7master 2010.03.28
have played this before, not bad, but gets kinda boring

cloudownsall 2010.03.27
ariane is pretty and this is a good game

elrod 2010.03.27
very nice game.... have played this one off and on for a couple of years... but still enjoy it

RichardRahl 2010.03.27
I always do terribly at these games. It seems that no matter what I do, I always end up pissing her off somehow.

amped85 2010.03.27
easily my favorite game on this site

nayickuvat 2010.03.27
This is my favourite game, it`s very addictive.

Killgore32 2010.03.27
I`m having trouble getting very far. I really like the game but could use some help.

XxB34utiixX 2010.03.27
Great game! It rocks! I played this game like 23 times and it is so kool!

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