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Virtual Fantasy Date - Latricia


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Domenik 2017.10.14
Nice game. Decent graphics pretty simple gameplay

KitCarsen 2017.07.04
Simple, short game but fun.

Poisoned 2017.05.05
It was fun. You have to search a lot or you will miss things.

fiftypez 2016.11.21
fun. graphix are...ok? but its still fun

stach56 2016.07.02
i like the very nice style of the game

zorrie 2016.07.01
short and sweet..no excitemet

Top-Ramen 2016.02.04
Game froze after buying things at the store, couldn`t exit to continue rest of game.

carlvanan 2015.12.28
Nice game, Simple game and too short

doblexd 2015.06.24
I loved this game ! is incrible :D i loved so much

clark108 2015.05.18
great game, sometimes the choices are not obvious or easy but graphics are good


katmortal 2015.02.19
not bad...love thT YOU DATE AN ELF

Beedge69 2015.01.09
Simple game, there are better ones in the series, but I do like the elf ;-)

Iva_bigun_12 2014.12.27
this is great game and good story line

flash_21 2014.11.10
the babe i nice but the gameplay would have been much better

Futuros 2014.09.30
Enjoyed it and the medieval thing works for me. Beautiful girl and interesting story.

stoad69 2014.08.07
Cool game with great images and graphics

ASSGARIAN 2014.06.01
nice game very very good like this game and the website thubs up!

Borsuk15 2014.04.23
hot girl and beautiful locations. Must play!!

dogman7r 2013.12.28
Good game, a bit to challenging needs more endings !!

Lwis2 2013.11.29
This is great. I`d love to see a sequel to this.

daffy123 2013.10.15
great game really enjoyed it

noogad 2013.09.19
hot and sexy game like it tooo much

toughguy0318 2013.07.19
game is pretty good. she has a really nice body but her face can be sorta creepy. could stand to have more options/endings.

cliffypaul 2013.07.04
Didn`t care for this game endings too limited and the options within the game where way too subtle

DiegoJAyala 2013.07.02
A simply game, only two endings.
When Latricia smiles seems like Gollum.

sturmi 2013.06.03
loved the game! the graphics are just absolutly AMAZING!

genecapes 2013.04.07
lucy was a great game but a little short and kinda hard to play

imiko 2013.03.16
Pretty fun, way too short though

slayer_007 2013.02.09
amazing game great graphics wonderful animation !!!!!!!!!!!!! wowww

Gordn3 2013.01.27
Good game , nice graphic.

oscar500 2013.01.16
background screens from elder scrolls: oblivion game made me giggle

oscar500 2013.01.16
nice game, nice endings, nice graphics, all nice. good

kdogg1 2012.11.26
The gameplay was great and gaphics were great.

Horgretor 2012.11.11
Nice dating game. Unique in its epic fantasy world. Needs sound effects and better graphs to be perfect.

spud06 2012.11.10
Game was good but short with moderate difficulty

Tyler Bain 2012.11.05
Not great, no options and kept going to the same place when i clicked in different spots, girl looks hot though

Empiq 2012.11.03
This game was pretty good, but there weren`t a lot of options.

pranav king 2012.09.27
the girl in the game is hot

Tataigor 2012.08.18
Good game but a bit too simple..

wankstar 2012.08.07
this chick is pretty sexy. Game is fairly simple

randy06 2012.08.07
yes i finally had sex with her and want more meet and date like girls or sex and more sex scenes and more action

Ryan1813 2012.07.30
i like how screenshots were used from oblivian. nice job. full props

badb0ys 2012.07.29
nice game, nice endings, nice graphics, all nice. good

Ninja7 2012.07.25
Very fun but it was kind of annoying

nicolasp13 2012.07.22
very good game and a little dificult but thats all part of it

Krypt0 2012.07.20
This was an enjoyable game. Not quite as difficult as some of the others but still took a bit of skill to get the desired effect.

sventhecoward 2012.07.17
She`s a great girl, and I definitely enjoyed the medieval setting.....but overall, too short of an adventure....

lolo86 2012.07.13
very nice graphics and hot game

kari69 2012.07.11
great graphic and everything was good

CaptFantastic 2012.07.05
Just like real life, better know all the right lines and the right moves.

bahamut86 2012.05.18
She`s so sexy! Like this scrolder`s elder style :)

justme99 2012.05.11
Not a lot of endings. is an ok game. Later VD games have much more options.

lenso123 2012.05.05
nice game, nice graphics, nice girl, it has everything for an awesome game.

BonesMD 2012.05.05
Not bad, but doesn`t quite measure up to other VDate games with more endings and/or more women. I like the medieval setting, but it seems you cold have done a lot more with it. You might start with options to make use of the other items you can buy at the store.

udin1979 2012.04.24
Yes: this really good games

Akrasjel 2012.04.06
This is great game... I like it very much...

wassup481 2012.04.03
I hate math but try this equation Hot busty blonde + medieval looking town = AWESOME!

slitplayer 2012.03.29
Nice game, she`s sexy and fun

jak01 2012.03.25
nice game but a little too easy

opop 2012.03.21
Great game. Did it on easy by myself. Used an AIF Sans Mystery walk-through for hard. Get three complete bonus scenes. Great almost photographic rendering. Animation is smooth.

WolfXII 2012.03.08
Good game hot girl but far to short

maverick23 2012.02.19
beautifull game...but very short

samielxx 2012.02.12
very good graphics and a very very sexy girl

gorex 2012.02.10
nice short game with good graphics

BigDaddyPsycho 2012.02.02
Nice game, but a bit too hard...

adam111 2012.01.30
background screens from elder scrolls: oblivion game made me giggle

lesP 2012.01.26
didn`t find it that difficult to move around and do things.

imperatrix 2012.01.16
nice, but very short game.

Renath 2012.01.11
Very nice game, Latricia is very cute, nice graphics and interesting to this game and hope more scenes with more chalenge. :)

Secretmister 2012.01.11
The graphics were great good game

sir mulle 2012.01.05
nice game.. i`ll play again

Hex 2012.01.04
The graphics in Latricia are good, and the game is fun.

Guillaume 2012.01.03
This is a little short but it was a cool game

sublime 2011.12.31
i love this game, Latricia is beautiful and well designed

mikicostanza 2011.12.28
cool game but the girl is a little weird

dobrica 2011.12.27
Awesome game. She is so hot

jb31N 2011.12.20
excellent game, nice variety. Can`t wait till the next one comes out though!

gracourt1987 2011.12.14
very cool game but too much of a fantasy

urmom112 2011.12.13
the plot advances wonderfuly

lovesandyyy 2011.12.12
i like the very nice style of the game

ntomber 2011.12.05
good game i like it a lot

andy_regresa 2011.11.25
it is a very good game we need more games like that

Aeok 2011.11.25
hot girl as always in this games

Kelly-Lover 2011.11.23
I love it! Got both endings! Girl looks great! But animations at the sex scene would de better !

zenginoglu 2011.11.21
This is great game... I like it very much...

wrnyhuise 2011.11.19
graphics leave a bit to be desired

BallIdiot 2011.11.14
Fair short game. The flow of the game was good. Latricia looks scary in some of the scenes though...

raffinato77 2011.11.09
I like fantasy and sex together in a game, please more fantasy games!

Fuck machine 2011.10.31
this is the best game ever

huddy111 2011.10.25
such agood game, one of the better fantasy games on here!

TBar39 2011.10.16
Very hot girl and scenario. I just wish there were a few more sex scenes and endings...

edizzle 2011.10.15
good graphics and nice gameplay keep em coming

koba74 2011.10.07
nice game so far as always, but will be better when all the bugs are fixed too easy

qwertyop 2011.10.02
is it just me, or does this looks like oblivion`s backdrop.

horair 2011.10.01
I like it, but she ie a little odd looking. something in her doesn`t look as good as the other girls.

peko 2011.09.20
nice graphics but a little bit to easy

elo77 2011.09.01
too long game
with poor animations and graphics

whiteghost 2011.08.26
interesting and ca little confusing, but fun over all

DanielMCombs 2011.08.23
I like this game but it needs more endings then just two

mouselee 2011.08.23
She looks so sport. I think she can do more sex with me.

goldgriffon 2011.08.17
love the setting , she is hot

busu99 2011.08.16
A very good game, Shame there was no sound but it was nice and easy

Herrushingu 2011.08.03
nice game, nice endings, nice graphics, everything is nice :P

tman29 2011.07.31
great game, the endings are a little hard to gt to but really good.

joeepicbc 2011.07.28
OMFG way to copy Oblivion`s settings -_-
be inventive and use your own

patty23 2011.07.18
very sexy game with a hot chick maja aavi gai

sindon 2011.07.17
nice game so far as always, but will be better when all the bugs are fixed

m4t0n 2011.07.16
hots girls makes this game superb

Amiyah88 2011.07.09
Very easy game, but i still enjoyed it. Great graphics, animation and flirting. One of my favorite games!

chrischaos 2011.07.06
It was an interesting and fun game.

pawan2modi 2011.07.03
good game but can be more interesting and more thrill was requird. As requested earlier, make some games more free or put some more games in this website

photu 2011.07.01
nice graphics and pretty straightforward game but a bit too short

shady123 2011.06.30
quite good game but cannot make her nude in bed

PlayForce00 2011.06.26
SIMs taking place in the different time period, nice!

SoloDrifter 2011.06.18
good graphics....short story line

hunter rose 2011.06.17
pretty good game but I will have nightmares from those teeth..

hotcplmp 2011.06.13
This is a difficult game cant finish it

greef14 2011.06.13
I reached all of the endings! :D

fbc 2011.06.05
this game is very good perfect.

derda 2011.06.05
A bit short, but I cant complain about that. Although having more endings would be nice.

Arbaal 2011.05.30
Very nice game. With good graphix - as usual in VDG - girl looks very nice and "story" goes well. More options with girls would be good add.

C.C. 2011.05.27
Graphics are off a little during sex, but worth playing. A beautiful girl.

cbk.ganga 2011.05.26
Good game but more options would`ve put it over the top

gimmino77 2011.05.25
Wow..great graphic...but the story can be better

Mike_Shinoda81 2011.05.16
This is great game and i like it...

Peterd 2011.05.12
a nice sexy game not too difficult and worthwhile

banes 2011.05.10
Very good game, but too short. Good graphics, I liked the interactive play.

BLACK9 2011.05.05
Not bad! really nice game.

Twelvepak 2011.05.05
High marks for the Oblivion backdrop!! That rocked dude!!

bilko 2011.04.28
Nice game quite simple, shame tho that the graphics are rather dark and I can only find 2 endings is that it?

ralph danford 2011.04.26
Good Graphics, liked the positions. How many endings are there?

LicasG 2011.04.17
Great challenge, took me a well to get to the end

jayphab 2011.04.16
Another great adventure game with beautiful girl

MrTonyG 2011.04.16
hmm, this one`s challenging. i will play it a few more times i think to see if i can get somewhere.

round 96 2011.04.08
a nice sexy game not too difficult and worthwhile

imthewolf 2011.04.04
Good game. I prefer evena because it had more options but this one was fun too

big fro 2011.04.01
How many endings are there

AragornI 2011.04.01
I love pretty medieval girls!

conbron 2011.04.01
good story & graphics, but not easy to play

tgx 2011.03.31
the graphic is very good, i love the end.

b3go123 2011.03.30
the game is really good i like the ending

b3go123 2011.03.30
really good, another one of my favorites

cidermeister 2011.03.23
nice game, good setting and story. more to come i hope

Smyxter 2011.03.20
Good game,good graphics. Latricia is a little scary looking. Needs more choices and endings

adun 2011.03.19
This game was pretty good, but there weren`t a lot of options:)

u191595 2011.03.17
this game was reaaly difficult does anyone found more than two endings

jrpm37 2011.03.07
Latricia is very sexy! Nice game, quite hard ! Is anione found more than 2 endings?

dajasand 2011.02.27
I like the game play ...... its not too hard an the graphics are great! these types of games are my favs!!

perechon 2011.02.24
Good: fantasy setting, many options, nice graphics and gameplay.
Bad: No sound/music!

achubbykid 2011.02.18
love atmosphere and graphics

alex0412 2011.02.18
A good voice would enhance, pretty good otherwise

jupat 2011.02.16
very very good graphic and story line

Mixmax 2011.02.11
Love the oblivion environment! The medieval feeling rocks!

babo_23 2011.02.11
got both endings i enjoyed the outdoor ending

suikz 2011.02.06
having a girl like that would be fun

Nick2 2011.02.05
Very nice and amazing game.

Huey1000 2011.02.05
That is a fun game! Very easy to play and good action.

inman 2011.02.01
I realy enjoy the fantasy setting

carl88 2011.02.01
it a good game but bit to easy

evilboy4499 2011.01.29
This game is very great and the graphics and animations are also very good

ozorne_6 2011.01.18
Background graphics are familiar, Latricia herself isn`t very appealing and the storyline is too ridget.
stil,l thanks for the effort to make it available.

tonito 2011.01.17
I tried many times but couldnt find happy endings the graphic was very nice

Lost King 2011.01.13
Good game. Love the setting!

ws 2011.01.10
An update on a new version?

mbe32405 2011.01.09
Liked the setting of the game. Fun to play.

sukhmank 2011.01.05
the graphics were nice.... loved the game..!

xronik 2011.01.01
Very interesting game! The remarkable drawing and a plot!

gensai34 2010.12.30
Nothing like heading out with what appears to be an elven ranger. That said however these graphics are taken from the game Oblivion; it will be an understatement to say that Bethseda Studios won`t be happy should they ever come across this!

Gemman67 2010.12.30
With First fantasy date you could get a 3some and Counts daug. says we should do this again , im wondering why not on this one or havnt i found it yet?

punchline 2010.12.30
i got both endings i enjoyed the outdoor ending better

hellborn87 2010.12.24
a great game with some oblivion graphics, nice :)

mick149 2010.12.21
i completed it usng the walkthrough :)

silverfang30 2010.12.19
good storyline, a bit slow, graphics were great

lummpy 2010.12.16
loved the game ...well done !

wloo175 2010.12.03
Nice game a little shortbt enjoyable

guy23xx 2010.12.03
fun and an easy game mabye to short thou

themoda 2010.11.30
very good, I ever like to fuck a elf girl ;)

7900 2010.11.28
the gameplay is boring and the story is bad

teijgertje 2010.11.27
good game, smaller than the other ones from this maker. good graphics, good looking girl.

brosurt 2010.11.25
The game was a little on the short side but overall ok. there have definitely been better on this site

Sensei Grey 2010.11.17
I`m just curious why some of the "dating" games work, but others do not. they all look cool, but I am sure it would be more fun to play them.

cabman 2010.11.14
Again a fun and challenging game. thanks

paddywhack 2010.11.10
great game well worth the gametime

smokay505 2010.11.06
very great game but shhort ausome animation

yxyx 2010.11.01
enjoyable, challenging, but very quick

kingpin626 2010.11.01
great game, awesome graphics .one of my fav

Reggie77 2010.10.29
Just wait for the next game from VDG. Can`t wait any longer!!

elgrancesar 2010.10.17
nice game but still not able to have sex wiyh her

devil989 2010.10.17

Sorry Guys I had full Sexual satisfaction with Latricia, One Tip Treat her like Ur Own Girlfriend then see the Magic U will also have all the fun that i had.
I treated her like my Girlfriend I bought her Gifts, I Complimented her at the Right time, looking at the situation I slowly started to behave a little Naughty, even her reaction was Good & she felt Comfy & rest,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Happy Love Ending.

devil989 2010.10.17

Very Short Game & Boring

sean7 2010.10.15
interesting and ca little confusing, but fun over all

frostee 2010.10.13
good graphics and interesting endings

love all of VDG`s games

Horneybabe 2010.10.12
Good graphics. i loved it

kir22 2010.10.11
this game is slow at loading and man it is too hard to root the girl

dakara 2010.10.07
Love the morrowind/oblivion theme of it

dazza30 2010.10.05
good graphics hard to get her in bed tho...

dhaun 2010.09.29
Old fashioned graphics and too hard to play through. I do not like those virtual date games.

pyanz80 2010.09.23
kind of slow but still fun to play.

tom90 2010.09.22
too short and not enough options in my opinion. Never thought id enjoy mystical sex games etc lol

KennethS 2010.09.18
Enjoyed the game, but how do you woo the girl with only one instrution?

andiyan 2010.09.17
nice games..nice picture!!!

S.I.R.! 2010.09.16
Just two endings, the game feels incomplete..

adam5 2010.09.15
its hard to get the girl.

mal1109 2010.09.14
i tried playing this game, but just like dating amy the link is broken.

shn01 2010.09.13
only first 2 virtual girl is working plss fixed this issue

xIDud3Ix10 2010.09.12
Only virtual date game working is with amy

Thernielle 2010.09.10
Crap. None of the dating games seem to load - page not found. I`m eager to play, so please solve this issue fast! Thx :)

0bamaSux 2010.09.09
game won`t load
page not found

flicory 2010.09.06
ok graphics, good in a way

komax155 2010.09.03
nice& sexy game in old time !!!!!

Tomchat 2010.08.27
Nice graphics, but quite difficult to launch on Mac OS

eteetto 2010.08.26
is there any other place we can go at this game?

eteetto 2010.08.26
why that game is so hard to finish?

eteetto 2010.08.26
i love this game and its hard to finish

sinsear1071 2010.08.24
kind of slow but still fun to play.

stuff.132 2010.08.21
the formatting is not my favorite, it has to be said, it slows down the game a bit, the page having to load at every option. i`m lucky, i have a quick connection but for those that don`t i can see it being a problem.

katie916 2010.08.17
please fix busted link or remove

birly 2010.08.15
I mean to say "write" Virtual Fantasy Date -Laetricia

birly 2010.08.15
write "Virtual Fantasy Girls - Laetricia" on Google and play it online: this one of my favorites of the serie, funny and good graphics

jansch83 2010.08.12
Game is not working. Page not found...

dark1 2010.08.10
I attempted to play this game but the link didnt work

zslash505 2010.08.04
hell of game, they do not games like this anymore

rjmueller 2010.08.04
i loved this game and others like it hope they come out with more

andy557 2010.08.03
Not a bad game. The link was broken on the website so i used google to find the page with the game. Not bad, I found a few different endings and did not play it that long initially. Could be improved upon with sound and perhaps more scenarios and charecters.

sporty312001 2010.08.01
link is broken, send maintenance to game 456789123

chrisattewell 2010.07.30
the game is broken cant get on it

bonzi1989 2010.07.26
this game dosent work...... link is broken.

NiGHTS4life 2010.07.23
The link to play this game is broken.

bball23 2010.07.23
excellent game with good graphics

DarkDrow88 2010.07.23
they really should change the links on these games

kpyrinikos 2010.07.21
another great game with excellent grapfihs

radman64 2010.07.19
another link that is now bad error 404

henryjohnson 2010.07.12
the graphics are very good

xxxwilliamxxx 2010.07.09
whats is up with all this unworking linkes

playgame 2010.07.07
This game is excellent with great graphics

Jocker26 2010.07.07
sexy n wow amazing experince

vitali 2010.07.06
the link is not active anymore. Games id not to be downloaded.

MrMaggles 2010.07.05
Bad link for this game, dosnt work anymore, shame as it looked kinda hot!

roblesjavier 2010.06.29
Why is the link not working

Mattius 2010.06.26
Very sad that the link is not working... Would like to play this game

Fireblade 2010.06.21
Not fond of the fact that many of the virtual date game links are not working.

olba 2010.06.17
how this game works it says to me page not found

arefin3d 2010.06.16
good graphics and interest to a fantasy

behrouz_up 2010.06.15
Show me that your emotions and add at least 3 games to your favorites. ----> How can i do this?

zeretet 2010.06.02
The game is very cool and very sexy

emetiel 2010.06.01
And another game where I always get this message

Sorry, the page you requested was not found.

ford_xy_gt 2010.05.31
the graphics is not bad but the game it`s self wase`nt bad asweel

kormus 2010.05.31
good graphics and interest to a fantasy

lmy1988 2010.05.30
good game but too short, and needs actual voice acting

stoffel1be 2010.05.30
game does not work. Link to yahoo gives "410 gone" error

tiec 2010.05.28
Don`t even try to play this game on a mobile phone, the graphics are way to big to load on it properly.

notcpip 2010.05.24
plz fix that file. yahoo kicks me. got an 401 error

22 2010.05.21
good graphics and interest to a fantasy

wahooman48 2010.05.18
the medival version of the game

bobobo 2010.05.14
good graphics, its not animation but still worth playing

boinky 2010.05.11
seems all the virtual fantasy date game links are broken. Too bad, I wanted to play this one again

herb 2010.05.11
I love these games they are frustrating but fun at the same time

val2062 2010.05.11
Really good game very interesting..tres bon comme les autres

AChambers123 2010.05.10
All those who can`t get it to load: the VOFF in the address should *not* be in capitals. Manually change it to lower case. Same goes for all the virtual-date games on this site.

TroelsHH 2010.05.10
the link to the doesn`t work

joepie 2010.05.10
all Virtual Fantasy Date games offline :-(

bigboyblue 2010.05.09
Link Is Down On This Game

Jiggleman97 2010.05.08
This game captivated me to the end hope everyone else felt the same since it was a great game.

nicholas123 2010.05.07
nice game a little tough but nice

lukesky127 2010.05.06
game is good but the link is broken so u have to go to the original site 2 play it

srw121 2010.05.06
good game but could be a little longer

budnum88 2010.05.05
not a bad game but a little boring

Radeknr 2010.05.05
does anyone know what happened with the main site? i can`t seem to find it

steelerguy26 2010.05.04
Just like other Game... Sending you to Yahoo! :(

Sexkitten900 2010.05.04
love it.very sexy. It took me a little while to get her clothes off though

vaultdrinker 2010.05.04
The link did not work I will try again later

a123b 2010.05.03
the link didn`t work, try later.

BUGSY033 2010.05.03

Kalaam 2010.05.02
The link doesn`t work...error.

Jefferson 2010.05.02
game has an error... to bad

AuMiner 2010.05.01
I couldn`t play the game. All I got was an error message.

gorondy 2010.04.30
I guess it`s great game but i can`t open the link like many others.I wonder what was the diffrence before when the guys were able to play it and now.

lss 2010.04.30
it show`s the error message "yahoo 404 is not found"..........

Marrokko 2010.04.30
i like the very nice style of the game

Ret 2010.04.30
i keep getting that stupid error message "yahoo 404 is not found"

pollepel69 2010.04.30
i think these dating games are broken. i get linked to Yahoo

arnaldo2204 2010.04.29
Nice games of this series. Downloaded a lot of them...

elf05 2010.04.29
the link doestn`t seem to work.. please fix it~~ thanks~~~

schmolin91 2010.04.28
I couldn`t get this game to work. Was it not working for anyone else?

tarot 2010.04.28
the links is missing, but is a good game. short though

vlad01 2010.04.28
The link is no longer working

dlcoyne 2010.04.28
link is missing again, pitty

lostknight5 2010.04.28
too bad the link dosen`t work

iinsaneboii 2010.04.28
why cant most of these games be found when the new window opens up

atchman 2010.04.27
the game link seems to be broken

THEMAN1024 2010.04.25
Really good game very interesting

glue2305 2010.04.25
i cant play this one it shows me an error when i click the image

HomeTexas 2010.04.24
why cant most of these games be found when the new window opens up

satyro620 2010.04.24
the pages of this game does not work anymore

joshflippind 2010.04.24
Another broken game because of a broken link very upseting

Ollemoy 2010.04.24
The game looks like it is a lot of fun, i hope you manage to repair it soon, so we all can enjoy it!

papaG 2010.04.24
clicking icon brings up error message from yahoo.

merandor 2010.04.24
link was broken -game has been removed

ozguy 2010.04.23
Her outfit is so sexy. More endings please

dangerous4267 2010.04.22
another broken link. cannot open page

whitedevillegend 2010.04.21
realy the link is still down?
Looks good from the screen shot.

rmsllie 2010.04.21
game looks good but the link is down hope it comes back soon

Ph30n1xzero 2010.04.21
The link doesn`t seem to work. Shame

dokazan 2010.04.21
nice graphics bud ... verry ... brain ...

w00t 2010.04.20
good graphics, its not animation but still worth playing

stevie 2010.04.19
whats with the error messages? is there no way to log into these games?

Vollrausch 2010.04.19
write in the adresse liste " virtualdategirls.com "and you can play this game and the others.

biggsreddy 2010.04.17
Why is the game not loading.Y2 write comments when nobody replies

rajath4 2010.04.15
im stuck. i can get her in bed and take her cloak and shoes off but i cant get any further. can someone help please?

corsarius 2010.04.14
very horny beautiful girl, the game was designed very well

glydin 2010.04.14
The game won`t load, and it comes up with a Yahoo not found page. Don`t understand whats going on.

SatinJackson 2010.04.14
This is one of my favorite games.

phreakadilly 2010.04.13
another VG game that is fun and has multiple endings.

Robbiie 2010.04.13
There is no dog, well I cannot find it. This would annoy me ha

pyratemime 2010.04.10
I can`t find the dog mentioned in the walk throughs

pyrotom 2010.04.10
this leads to a bad link. : (

superkalieb11 2010.04.10
the game was very challenging

Jezta92 2010.04.10
interesting gameplay, somewhat wierd but otherwise ok

freeofsanity 2010.04.08
this game would not work.

ThePMP 2010.04.08
realy strange game,i wont play it again

Atridiz 2010.04.08
Cannot load the game, a link errow. What ...

niro 2010.04.07
nice game to play......good graphics..it looks real

dalrock123 2010.04.07
not able to get it to load

cynthia 2010.04.06
this waz a easy game but liked it

thespar 2010.04.06
this is not good 2 in a row crapped out time to move on to another one.

cminwvnow 2010.04.06
This game won`t load, comes up with a page not found error.

lolada 2010.04.06
great game as this site
thanks for putting this game is this great site

joeleon 2010.04.06
the game won`t load for me it just comes up with an error (404) i think it was.

1911 2010.04.06
It seems all the virt date games are experiencing a 410 fault and won`t load.

paulo424 2010.04.05
this game is great
thanks for this site

drago96 2010.04.05
ok my heart is breaking can i play any of theres games ?

unagi77400 2010.04.04
Is the game currently available?

astregos 2010.04.04
i can`t play because the link is dead.

mugsy 2010.04.04
the gamepage is not loading ..shows an error...pretty sad..the page looks very exciting

cristi75 2010.04.04
why i cant see this game?

raudix 2010.04.03
I am also getting an error when loading the game.

mrjamesd 2010.04.03
This game will not work, all I get is an error page.

tfaulk00 2010.04.03
is there something wrong with all the virtual date games i cant play any of them

wingolf 2010.04.02
Another game... another broken link!

cobra152535 2010.04.02
non of the games are working for me

ganicom 2010.04.02
this game is good i like it

spectare 2010.04.02
Doesn`t work again...........
May be later (hope so)

DIZZLE 2010.04.01
nothing ive tried is working

myserio 2010.04.01
Aye, not working for me either... sadly.

sexymotherpucker 2010.04.01
i love this game xxxxxxxxxx

hood2010 2010.04.01
Virtual date links still not working.

Bat-man 2010.03.30
I enjoyed this game more than i was expecting. The sample image makes this girl look a bit weird and elf-like, but she is actually pretty hot in the game.

lankyguy77 2010.03.30
none of the virtual date links are working!

jukumbo 2010.03.30
I can`t play this game and I don`t know why

Sinister 2010.03.29
really great game, had to look at the walkthrough though

jfs2 2010.03.28
Sorry, the page you requested was not found.

Additionally, a 410 Gone error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

reaper613 2010.03.28
why arnt these games working?

tenoremu 2010.03.28
Game is not working right now.

sincer 2010.03.28
Game is not working - error 404

1lilnic 2010.03.28
man i suck at this game lol but it`s still great

qpalzm 2010.03.27
Good game, not as complicated as the princess game. I think this game should be played first before playing the princess version.

paperclip007 2010.03.27
This game was pretty good, but there weren`t a lot of options.

stowaway84 2010.03.26
Sexy Girl,Outside sex is the best

rasengan090 2010.03.26
a bit compex but very fun

medmarine2 2010.03.26
she is relly cute, nice game btw

#1bill 2010.03.25
i have been here for 2 days the vf dating games are N F G they play when they want to online sucks down loads dont work back to sexy games

rsy32 2010.03.24
really well made if impossible

jason35 2010.03.23
keep getting stuck in bedroom-not sure what to buy

gose5000 2010.03.23
a very fun and challenging game, i personally like using the game to get her naked part the best :p

Henste 2010.03.22
Very nice game, smooth animations for it being played in the browser

ManifestChaos 2010.03.22
A bit complicated to get started on, but once you figure out the concept, it`s a pretty good game.

sicnarfj 2010.03.22
Great graphic,s and an overall quality game

dans175 2010.03.21
i dont know personally i think this game was pretty lame

skyrider 2010.03.21
virtauldategirla are hot :)

muscle1956 2010.03.20
Not a good sexy game to play!!!!!

LittleRicky 2010.03.20
very nice Girl! Game has cool theme with the medievil thing! Its going to take some time though! could use some hints.

zedek 2010.03.20
had trouble to begin, but turned out ok

jcmal 2010.03.19
i`m not able to reach the end

lumpster69 2010.03.19
Love free games like this.

nachocreech 2010.03.19
interesting...many endings! not bad at all!

stasochki 2010.03.19
Great game and a very nice addition to the series. The chasing the boss is a little easier than the secretary, but you have to choose at the very start.

nick123 2010.03.18
game is easy like both endings

USBear 2010.03.17
It is hard to finish this game

Erubyr 2010.03.16
Not as many endings I could find as the others, but still a great game

urza368 2010.03.13
A bit short, but I cant complain about that. Although having more endings would be nice.

demoman 2010.03.13
i wish the game was ON this website, no links, makes it hard to play

Flasher1 2010.03.11
good game but keep getting kicked out have to play more

jboxwell 2010.03.09
game is easy like both endings

braindead48220 2010.03.09
good i found the blow job scene i was looking for when u fuck her on the bed.

braindead48220 2010.03.09
Nice game, cute girl. Need to have tits to move more, and have a blow job scene in it.

coopertrooper 2010.03.09
the others in the series were better

dirka12 2010.03.08
difficult game, but worth trying again.

sexyles 2010.03.08
nice game graphics nice but could flow better

boogiefan 2010.03.07
hard game, and graphics are very nice as well.

sharsh 2010.03.07
it was an awesome game and it was hot r

King dingeling 2010.03.07
this game is very hard but nice even the graphic is from oblivion ;)

blead 2010.03.06
More complete version will be coming out later

Tataigor 2010.03.04
pretty nice game,good ending

psycho0311 2010.03.02
This is an incredibly fun game, multiple endings, it is very creative. Girl is very hot and animation is great.

herger 2010.03.02
this is good, but really difficultly

ZaBsOn91 2010.02.27
the game is short but nice and the girl is hot

tlb 2010.02.27
Great Game with good graphics like arianeb

krzgrgbrmbl 2010.02.25
this graphics are from tes4, how did they create such a character?

morgan akita 2010.02.24
my mistake maybe it is latricia that goes swimming..?

arkantos from asa 2010.02.24
hot game, good graphics but a shame the sex part is verry short

corgan 2010.02.24
easy, but very very nice to play over and over, wonderful setting and beautiful character

Helmael 2010.02.22
I had to look so long to find some of those hotspots...

qwwww 2010.02.21
she is relly cute, nice game btw

patrickk 2010.02.20
very good game :D it keeps you guessing. 10

craven 2010.02.20
realy nice game and a realy nice girl

gordantravis 2010.02.20
Super hot elf, awsome story, however these games have a tendency that my story will act as if I have already played a scene, when I have not played it yet.

mariu 2010.02.19
good game, very good game, realy!

hellz 2010.02.18
the graaphics are fantastic

sxd 2010.02.17
Wow, i lIke her outfits. I taught for a while the robe at the shop could have a purpose though, since she always wear the same.

Stevie B 2010.02.17
i have no clue about this game huh

Alcoroc 2010.02.17
More complete version will be coming out later

Raiha24 2010.02.13
this was a nice game, although there only a few options to click onto...

LEXX33 2010.02.12
Very good game,would have bin nice to have sound

ray123aa 2010.02.12
can be tricky. few more options. vey hot

ray123aa 2010.02.12
Very good game but would have been great with more possibilities, places and teasing like in some other games of that kind.

ray123aa 2010.02.12
Simply the best date-sim i`ve played

ray123aa 2010.02.12
A very good game, Shame there was no sound but it was nice and easy

pyrax72 2010.02.12
Excelent game ....keep up the good work

dick4fem 2010.02.12
man these games are just seriously good now

with the technology nowdays man....i wish i had pussy right now...

Chunzill 2010.02.10
A very good game, Shame there was no sound but it was nice and easy

Slifer91 2010.02.10
It`s great! Wish there were more options though.

boywonder0586 2010.02.10
Awesome game. She is so hot.

lopos 2010.02.09
Simply the best date-sim i`ve played

mac12 2010.02.08
can be tricky. few more options. vey hot

celmack2000 2010.02.08
I enjoyed that there was a spin off of another game

Eustice 2010.02.07
Yet another great game. The lesbian ending is hot.

tuzigoot13 2010.02.07
an excellent game very hot

gaming2009 2010.02.07
such a lovely game. Takes me back to mid centuries. Latricia is too sexy. Gr8 game

myrddraal 2010.02.07
i like it, desent graphics and not all that hard to find different endings

killerofgods 2010.02.06
haha love this game i give it a 8/10 but i still love it.

Radoo 2010.02.05
i like a lot date games because it seems to be like in the real world....we can actually learn from this how to be a good man in bed...

doug69 2010.02.05
i love all of these games challenging and fun

JeiJei 2010.02.04
I love Chaotics games, if they work

popoop 2010.02.04
Friend of evana with better face nice medieval game.

JazzzyJo 2010.02.04
Love this one. Not so hard but just enough

EEon 2010.02.04
Great game! I liked it very much! fun not to easy and hot

derzin 2010.02.03
Very good game,would have bin nice to have sound.

oldcwbyhat 2010.02.03
Another fun game, but complex and a little frustraiting

omuh 2010.02.03
Very good game but would have been great with more possibilities, places and teasing like in some other games of that kind.

Luzi 2010.02.03
a really nice game with nice endings!

edgefox 2010.02.03
This si easliy my favorite and the best of the VDG series so far. I think the many different types of endings make this game one worthy of repeat plays.

kiteq 2010.02.03
great, i,ve finish game :)

sentaired 2010.02.02
one of the beast game like to plat

sportzfun 2010.02.02
nice game--I liked the outside ending

justag469 2010.02.02
haven`t foundd all the ends, but so far i love it.

misfitrocky 2010.02.02
good as always. Latricia is a little freakish looking thou

elgrandforever 2010.02.02
nice game so far as always,excellent quality, game with great graphics! )))

mdick34 2010.02.02
the girl is really hot and i have played several times

clnkrazy 2010.02.01
Main ending walkthrough.

Do these tasks in order :

- Greet her by complimenting her outfit
- Find the dog and take it for a walk. Hold her hand. Make sure you tie him up outside.
- Go out
- Visit the Inn. Sit & chat. Tell her a joke.
- Go to the park. Share a kiss.
- Go to archery. Show her how it`s done. Nuzzle her neck when you can.
- Take her back home. Get to the bedroom. Get her on the bed. Kiss her.
- Should be obvious from here.

For the outdoor ending :

- Greet her by complimenting her outfit
- Find the dog and take it for a walk. Hold her hand.
- Go out
- Visit the Inn. Get a drink.
- Go to the park. Walkthrough the park. Share a kiss.
- Go to archery. Show her how it`s done. Nuzzle her neck when you can.
- Go to the store. Buy the game.
- Go home, upstairs, choose `Sit and talk`. Feel her chest.
- Still upstairs, select option to play a game.
- Cast spell at her outfit
- Suggest going outside
- Should be obvious from here.

muffinman7 2010.02.01
Very challenging, good graphics, good gameplay and a good looking girl.

L0v33_B4by 2010.02.01
I love these games very much! Keep on Force One!!

laurizis 2010.02.01
Nice graphics, but it was a little confusing to fing ways thry but still not bad :)

HoneyKen 2010.01.31
Awesome game. Bit of challenging.

ocandela1 2010.01.31
i can only get her naked by using the game to make her clothes disappear

ajcool 2010.01.31
good game as usual, challenging and addictive just can not get enough

icydragon129 2010.01.31
This games seems a little bit long to finish but then it has as pretty good story line to it.

harry72023 2010.01.31
one of my new favrits if I could rember how to favrite it lol

ocandela 2010.01.28
i can`t figure it out... how do i get her naked?

coko 2010.01.28
very good game is very hard from the beginning but after that is very good

alexus68 2010.01.28
I love dating sims. This one has some nice graphics

dtdtdtdt1 2010.01.27
All the chaotic games are good

lbstyrer 2010.01.27
I think it is hard to get to her. I cant do anything she likes

W0lf68 2010.01.27
enjoyable, challenging, but very quick

squall80 2010.01.26
great game.need more like it

john777 2010.01.26
Another great game by choatic. I think first fantasy themed one and definitely a good first go of it. Similar to arianeb and others by chaotic

unknown 2010.01.26
Really good game. Love the graphics

Kilo 2010.01.25
the graphics are from elder scrolls oblivion

zorro 2010.01.25
the new scenario is great, i like latricias character, the little princess =)
maybe a little more importance of the stuff you can buy in the store would be nice

JJJaCKaLLL 2010.01.25
I love dating sims. This one has some nice graphics

felix_thehouscat 2010.01.25
i m stuck in the game a buy the present and I can not give her this wat must a do

pete123 2010.01.25
I love blondes! Their the best.

stalker415 2010.01.24
a little to hard to manuver through but great graphics

vampwisher 2010.01.24
looking at past ones they are getting better

sentaiblue 2010.01.24
a super game very fun lots to do in the game picks great one of the beast games

prev 2010.01.24
Fantastic, Latricia is gorgeous,

Sentius 2010.01.24
Nice new interface! Takes some getting used to, but once you learn it great fun ensues! :)

sneglen 2010.01.24
i think this is a good game

BigNasty 2010.01.22
yeah this game is great and again its got good graphics

catdog 2010.01.17
very sexy a little sound would be great

mackam75 2010.01.12
very good game is very hard from the beginning but after that is very good

max2k 2010.01.09
nice game like the others

JediGooch 2010.01.09
If anybody could help me, I would greatly appreciate it.

pronsander 2010.01.09
Nice one.. Simle but nice endings

Bearc 2010.01.08
Extremly good, had some problems with cookies not refreshing.

Flash301 2010.01.07
nice, graphics are borrowed again but it can be forgiven if they are just trying to proof a concept

More complete version will be coming out later

hiperdemon 2010.01.06
very good game is very hard from the beginning but after that is very good

bubbanuts 2010.01.06
Good game. Took me a few times to figure it out. Also remember the town from Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion game. Good game nice graphics.

the dude 2009.12.13
not as good as the larissa dating game, but definitely entertaining.

tybernexus 2009.12.11
nice, graphics are borrowed again but it can be forgiven if they are just trying to proof a concept

delldiag 2009.12.11
takes time to work out how to bed her with the dog turning up all the time but found the answer evenualy

az89 2009.12.10
after almost 3 month

Xyzzy 2009.12.06
Excellent game. Great graphics, very complex, lots of possibilities.

Osteve 2009.12.05
This game had potential but she`s so hard to get on with!

Puntsch 2009.12.02
Nice pictures but it was not so funny.

nissehult 2009.11.30
Very sexy an cool game, litte short story

stefan1511 2009.11.30
its impossible to finish up the game

tony41 2009.11.29
really like these games. try them all.

huey1555 2009.11.28
Absolutly love this game! Great job with everything!

Amarik 2009.11.28
This girl is in the Evana dating game too. Cant seem to get a good ending in this game though.

huey1555 2009.11.26
Tough game! All the more reason to play it some more.

slippy 2009.11.26
the game is good but i get stuck in some places

Ppiizz 2009.11.23
Haha played in the game Oblivion :) really cool game, great done and such!

codys456 2009.11.19
i got the crazy ending but what is the other one?

LariatQ 2009.11.19
I like both endings, biggest problem is choosing one.

sexyboy 2009.11.17
how can you fuck this girl the dog every time ic comeing

giantswin 2009.11.17
fairy or elf - who cares she`s hot

Fr4gH4ppy 2009.11.16
Hot, but kinda short. Still worth the time.

Bigmanbishop 2009.11.16
took me a few tries but i figured out what i was suspose to do and it was GREAT

nalasttop 2009.11.16
there don`t seem many options about where to go and what did i buy thiungs for.

jtail69 2009.11.13
good graphics but not enough depth.

itunes 2009.11.13
I really liked the fantasy aspect of it

coldice 2009.11.13
she is very hot and sexy she gives me a boner makes my cock happy

sexyman 2009.11.11

coolstuff2 2009.11.11
seems to have a few gliches

flayer 2009.11.10
nice graphics but a little dificult . I need help to play with it

Meoweom 2009.11.10
Looking forward for the full version..

rahnkev 2009.11.09
good game, not great. needs more options

greg316 2009.11.09
The game is some what hard but it was very good once you figure it out

sellinch 2009.11.09
This game was hard but cool .

templar 2009.11.07
great game liked the 3D but, would have been nice to have sound, or music but other than that no complaints here.

chiefherron 2009.11.07
this game is good but short

fallenslayer 2009.11.07
a truly interesting take on the choose your adventure style

Modi 2009.11.07
i have no idea how to finish this game :)

Noppamise 2009.11.07
Only problem with this game was the interface. Otherwise, everything was good!

agrim62 2009.11.07
loved the game, a little short and not many choices but said there was a more full version coming, cant wait to try the full version! great job on this one

Raizan 2009.11.04
nice game ^^ has been made with the help of the game *Oblivion* xD i so know all those areas there... but the lady sure is a nice hottie ^^ more of those games pls

Gorthank 2009.11.04
The `Fantasy` setting was a nice change from all the other Dating games. I was "stuck" until I realized we could walk the dog ;) Looking forward to the "additions" :)

ryanv999 2009.11.04
add mores scenes... it way better that way...

justin fancher 22 2009.11.03
this game is 190 perfect better game then them all

justin fancher 22 2009.11.03
this game is 105 percent perfect

andrei83 2009.11.03
very nice game, nice graphics,but to short and to easy

b3d0w 2009.11.03
excellent gameplay and graphics, few bugs but still a great game

dennis 2009.11.02
cudnt figure what to do for a long time

snoopy666 2009.11.01
Nice game, some actions are not clear (e.g. buying something), great graphics, sound is missing

spirek 2009.11.01
Great game, the scenario is nice and Latricia is awesome...

JedahDemon 2009.10.30
Was a decent game, not to bad.

peterctv 2009.10.30
it was nice but not too challincing

jmonke 2009.10.30
These games are great. Really glad for the walkthrough

BeMoreDog 2009.10.30
Very nice, as expected... but right now only 2 ending found :(

deadbrain 2009.10.30
nice game, but i always get off the date :(

sauce.secret 2009.10.28
I`m still doing something wrong...I seem to have done all the scenes but maybe not making the right choices. Maybe more feedback on your progress would help...otherwise I`m not sure when I do things right vs wrong.

hobo088 2009.10.26
Solid game, but I wish there was a bit more to do. Nice preview though.

christophe67170 2009.10.26
nice game i like fantasy

jerryonly83 2009.10.26
maybe it`s a bit short but it`s tricky and funny enough... and Latricia is daaaaaaaaaaamn hot!

toto 2009.10.26
Too bad that this game is such short.

htorafled 2009.10.25
A fun, quick game. I didn`t explore every alternative yet, but the game you buy at the store is nicely worked in. Do the other store items do anything?

thomc 2009.10.25
Boring game and I think I have seen the settings from some where ellse..

paki74 2009.10.25
Very nice game.Only a little bit short compared with the other virtual date games

BadTazz15 2009.10.25
Nice game once you figure out what to do

MrJabs 2009.10.25
looking forward to the extras

Dolph 2009.10.25
very promising start. can`t wait for the complete version. could be his best yet.

r2043man 2009.10.25
it is a bit boring not a lot of action

lohan 2009.10.25
when will the complete version release?

branclem 2009.10.25
Great Game with great graphics!

thematrix 2009.10.24
I wish the author had waited publishing the game untill it was finished.
The current version is entirely to short.

matt0424 2009.10.24
i cant find out how to finish the game

bestia99rom 2009.10.24
great game,cant wait for the version with more scene

projgo 2009.10.24
A nice game i think , but sometimes takes along time to load

jda106 2009.10.23
i cant even play this game

weromont 2009.10.23
NonCould analyse with the first times. Encirclement is taken with plays "Oblivion"

Pwlkane 2009.10.23
Can`t seem to do certain things, maybe bugs ?

jescotto 2009.10.23
Very good game, it would be interesing to continue adding different options

Smooth David 2009.10.23
A gr8 game. It will keep me entertained for days. I was a huge ArianeB fan.

tukimors 2009.10.23
Very fantastic game. Latricia is so hot and naughty. This game needs some soundtreck, but very nice graphic

metalsmurf 2009.10.22
good game as usual, challenging and addictive

mailliw31 2009.10.22
very hard to play i dont understand how to and there are no instructions...

tonyuk 2009.10.22
i will need a few gos to work out the best way to complete this

almeida67 2009.10.22
A very promising game, that opens a lot of perspectives.
We all expect the next chapters

aaleexxx 2009.10.22
Nice game, but it`s a little difficult ...
I`ve buy the magic game in the store and then I play it with her in her room

snoopy129 2009.10.21
Great game.....needs the bugs worked out.

DeepCore 2009.10.21
These games are awesome! A bit to much repetition though

bnasty 2009.10.21
nice game need more thing to do then go to the store, inn, park that about it........

markdbomb 2009.10.21
Nice graphics will hopefully be better when finished too many locations dont seem to go anywhere.

lojo2 2009.10.21
hopefully once it is done, it will be better :)

dxrules 2009.10.21
kicked out when I tried to get the cloak otherwise nice game

I Want U 2009.10.20
got stuck at the same part twice

Chewy85 2009.10.20
To use the game, go upstairs and click on the floor. I haven`t figured out the flowers or dress yet.

abrk90 2009.10.20
help plzzzzzzzzzz.........

shark 2009.10.20
I need help. How can I use the thinks that I bought in the store?

trpizza 2009.10.20
Nice theme, excellent quality, lots of avenues to endings

curilad 2009.10.20
great game, but needs to be a little easier or people will get bored easily.

xpertcunilingus 2009.10.19
Nice theme, excellent quality, lots of avenues to endings but they just aren`t worth it when you get there. No sound.

zigs44 2009.10.19
pretty boring, needs to be easier

Selrac 2009.10.19
Actualy, BORING! All maid with Oblivion places and caracters....

woody 2009.10.19
srry chaotic but this is your worst game yet i had high hopes for it but its fell flat

albertuccio 2009.10.19
my 3 favoourite games: virtully date ArianeB, Lesson of passion and dirty girl

bill98661 2009.10.19
This is a little short but it was a cool game. Good concept. Would have liked more choices. This game could really be something if it didnt end after you laid the first girl. You could go out and find a serving girl (not the bartender, that was not attractive) and do her. Maybe find a girl in a field. Maybe that is too much code and without a way to save progress would ahve to start over anyways. Well good game though

bigj66 2009.10.19
too short, needs more choices

link120 2009.10.19
Too shirt, nothing to do much, buying stuff from the store is.. useless?

Accept 2009.10.19
Nice game, but too short :(

santa 2009.10.19
Nice game. Similar to other virtual date girl games but with fantasy setting. Not as involved as previous versions, but supposedly this is just a preliminary version.

bikercoppia 2009.10.19
Great game, similar to ArianeB. They are my favorite kind of games!

dx61005 2009.10.19
the game`s not completed yet, and the story line`s too simple, not many location and possibilities unlike ArianeB of the same kind.

kannon 2009.10.19
Show me that your emotions and add at least 3 games to your favorites. ----> How can i do this?

kannon 2009.10.19
Nice girl, but i cant do a lot of things..how i need to see her naked?

franky135 2009.10.19
there is not really much to do i hope the next version would be better

Aekold 2009.10.19
I agree to Anomaly that this was little too short and easy when compared other VDG-games. But will wait updates for this game as well :)

harryhardon 2009.10.19
i havent been able to play the site keeps freezing up. hope to play soon

Kasei 2009.10.19
This is very intersting, nice graphics... Needs time to master though

randy06 2009.10.19
another great game if u can play them for free

sprungfire87 2009.10.19
im stuck. i can get her in bed and take her cloak and shoes off but i cant get any farther. can someone help please?

swizzard 2009.10.19
great game she is HOT! cant wait for next one

cheese101 2009.10.19
great game,cant wait for the version with more scenes:D

walrus13 2009.10.18
nice game so far as always, but will be better when all the bugs are fixed

fared 2009.10.18
its impossible to finish up the game

dessad 2009.10.18
More complete version will be coming out later

anomaly 2009.10.18
nice graphics but a little bit to easy and to quick if you compare it with the other versions, maby try to concentrate on making one version with all the girls in it to make it more challenging ?

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