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Virtual Date - Sara


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Joester 2017.09.04
my favorite game yet i can not wait to see more

samsmith1169 2017.08.11
love these v dates! This one was fun. The sexiness in this girl is hidden but is discovered more and more

Tiodor 2017.05.13
Wonderful game with nice girls. I like it...

abjbreal 2017.02.11
cool and easy game. a must play game

kaftos 2016.09.12
I didnt enjoy it..Mediocre graphics and some pics dont load

stach56 2016.07.12
Not enough different choices though and a little short, but good one.Great graphic ;))

cobras81 2016.05.28
The game has great potential, but I get easily annoyed when they`re buggy like that. Hard to enjoy myself

swordslasher27 2015.12.30
Not very good at these games but i thought it was fun

nomnom789 2015.11.12
Very nice. Sara is gorgeous. Good game

pepujo 2015.06.05
very good game good graphics!!!!!


SK1TZ5150 2015.05.07
Love Virtual Date Games. Fun & HOT!!!!!

john milton 2015.04.19
sara is so extremely beautiful... i liked this game... quite a nice one

bitz94 2014.07.13
Very difficult game but the graphics is nice.

Sexy007 2014.05.22
need to find an office with women like the ones here...wow!

Alcestis 2014.03.14
Nice length time-wise. Makes it easily re-playable in order to see all the endings.

blabla2 2014.03.08
Takes away the fun to follow it directly

JustJeff722 2013.12.19
Very good game! A threesome would have made it even better then it is!

noogad 2013.09.20
amazing game great quality and sexy endings

SolidJoker 2013.08.13
Not bad. Dislike the graphic changes from VDG`s usual games, great that it has a female perspective.

Thanks to all of you who have been posting up the walkthrough,
but didn`t follow it until I got the two first.
Takes away the fun to follow it directly, so let`s keep it from being the first post anyone sees.

lucyamanda 2013.08.03
really nice, i love that game

dogbate101 2013.07.24
the game is grate but they should make a sara part 2

lancer62 2013.06.29
i really enjoyed this game. i would like to see more games like this

dback1030 2013.06.14
Older game. Not bad, with a few good endings. Not as good as the newer games.

sturmi 2013.06.03
loved the game! the graphics are just absolutly AMAZING!

killiansirish 2013.05.11
Good game and it didnt take too long so as to lose my interest

MacPau 2013.04.12
As usually game from virtual dates is fantastic...

SameyaTooSmoov1234 2013.04.12
his dick was outrageously huge with a fat dick head im gettin fucked rite now wit a big black juicy fatdick

Dave719 2013.03.23
Still enjoyed it, the girls were hot and it wasn`t that easy.

Sir_Loins 2013.03.21
Got the guy anyway more play needed here :)

Gordn3 2013.01.27
Nice story and grafic , good game but way too simple.

josiewilson 2013.01.17
This is a pretty good game, albeit a tad short

SLYguccii 2013.01.03
i love this games girl is so hot

Hieblan 2012.12.31
good graphics, not hard but not easy, like it

Glass jack 2012.12.23
fun to play but not as much content as i would like

NK240 2012.12.07
NICE, i like these kind of games!!!

maidenforce 2012.12.07
i actually cant get enough of this game, does jess still fuck you without the strap on?

Shadow1345 2012.12.01
i really like the concept of this game

yashar 2012.11.19
great game. no doubt it. i loved this game.


Horgretor 2012.11.09
Very nice games I totally like these series. What would I add? More choices and sound sound sound.

Asghan 2012.11.09
great game loved the multiple endings

therealme 2012.11.07
i didn t like this much, have to give it another try i guess

mitzzuki 2012.11.06
this game has really good graphics and a good storyline.

Powerhouse 2012.11.02
This is a nice change not nudity right away

collins 2012.10.30
limited number of choices in each sequence. would have liked to play with self in office or do something else a little more daring. felt like game was too directed with so few choices. would be nice to have more options on using the computer or doing things in the office (with a locked door) also could use a little more varation on screwing in the end, but realsize it is a free game after all....thanks to all the computer guys and gals who put this (and other games like it) on the net for us to kill some spare time....

Ceaxy 2012.10.29
good game...nice graphics

cb1997 2012.10.29
great game loved the multiple endings

blackhawk_86 2012.10.27
i love the graphics...characters are good

freak3425 2012.10.25
love all the endings to this game

rahulcurrent 2012.10.22
loved thisgame...good to cum

Ryderz 2012.10.20
I love this game woooo yes made more great games okay fantastic bravo

manon89 2012.10.18
wow lots of comments!!! lets see!

hoppster 2012.10.09
that was super sexy and super hot

Jarney 2012.10.05
sexy ...... hot ..........

Jarney 2012.10.05
Like this ! So hot and fun

Joeballs 2012.10.04
have to say was a fun of all the endings :)

googleplay 2012.10.02
what do i have to do in order for me to get jess?

curan 2012.09.30
Sara is incredibly cute and sexy, and so is her friend. Playing with a chick is always a turn on and there are 4 different endings, some of them pretty hot!

Jokke1 2012.09.26
A really hot virtual date game, god graphics and hot girls. I recomend it !!!

valyrian 2012.09.20
good story but the game was pretty average

Tages 2012.09.09
Played repeated times and found the different story lines great fun. Would recommend playing it again and again as every different choice leads to a different result. Good game.

McBoon 2012.09.07
Fun to see some favorite models across different games

bluenoser1972 2012.08.31
One of my more favorite games to play. Loved the graphics. Very beautiful women..

ACERT 2012.08.30

brad7060 2012.08.30
fun game with decent graphics

luvfinder 2012.08.29
Great game in story line!

kalle813 2012.08.21
amazing game but would love if there where some kind of end with the anal beeds

gslwatch 2012.08.19
getting a 404 web hosting error when trying to watch adult movie on couch in underwear (on day 2 I believer)

s04421 2012.08.19
Kinda rare that I can actually download this LOL

randy06 2012.08.07
sara is so sexy and love to see more of her and more sex scenes with her

kalle813 2012.08.05
great game but is there any way to use the analbeeds?

Rejin 2012.08.03
not the best game i played

scttwith24 2012.07.31
this was a pretty good game

alfamale 2012.07.30
error #404 came up and the game finished

lovebro 2012.07.29
one of my favorites i love the lesbian scenes
i wish there were more like this

Brian0704 2012.07.25
any working walkthrough out there? It`s imposible to go shopping on the 2nd day and to do anything else in badroom then to go to sleep!

tboss 2012.07.23
nice game play and scenes

Jeanmarit 2012.07.19
Great game amazing graphics and animations definitely turned me on

banes 2012.07.17
Great game. All the girls are hot. A bit too short though.

jacob123great 2012.07.06
an amazing game but too short

CaptFantastic 2012.07.04
The dating games are always pretty cool. Makes you think about what you;re doing.

jukio2011 2012.06.26
good game and graphics too

max1819 2012.06.21
interesting game, i like it

glukos37 2012.06.21
o my good this game make me so much horny...............

stevie 2012.06.20
his may help out a little. To get Sarah with her boss I downloaded it and looked through the pics to see what I needed to do for that ending: You need a dildo and the christmas costume. Other then that I still don`t know what to do.

cewj1967 2012.06.19
I can`t believe how cool these games really are. I mean the graphics and just playing around with all the options make these games the best. Keep up the good work and keep`em coming.

surfkungen 2012.06.18
Good gameplay and ok graphics

ravitavi 2012.06.17
o my good this game make me so much horny...............

uhspsxcfhnd 2012.06.13
graphics are a bit bad but furthermore a good game

chris_avril 2012.06.01
Not up to the expectations.
Not much interactive either.

sexykelly166 2012.06.01
love this gameplay very helpful thank you

DAN24 2012.05.30
Need a few more women like that in my office

KDGRfm 2012.05.26
good story line great graphics

bahamut86 2012.05.24
Like the storyline and grafic too:)

Evilpanda665 2012.05.24
the game stopped just stopped as soon as she took of her shirt in the beginning

pusshound 2012.05.24
This is a really great game. Sara is totally hot, graphics are good. The game is a little buggy, but worth playing over and over to get all the endings.

kinkywaffle 2012.05.11
Tough to get all the endings but still really awesome. Love it!

chrispie86 2012.05.06
Pretty fun! Bombed the first time around, but got a good ending the second time. Graphics aren`t too bad either!

macheto 2012.05.02
awsome game! One off my Fav! The endings are great! A "must try" game!

rokey_triikz 2012.04.19
This is very good game and the graphics are good

MONK117 2012.04.18
super game, very intresting

Mdslyman 2012.04.14
I love it another multiple ending game plus love sleeping with the boss

Bramadon 2012.04.12
So good game to play. I like it

bob247 2012.04.09
good but not great just soso

pyanzabraham 2012.04.06
awsome game..i love the ending for this story..

Kira17 2012.04.06
hot dress and action good game

Flexxz 2012.03.31
cool game,i enjoyed the grapihcs though it was slow

rupert4 2012.03.28
great game lots of fun, tough at first.....thanks for the walk throughs

micky2344 2012.03.27
loved this game cant wait 4 more like it

jak01 2012.03.25
good game but not sure what to do

Thumper_1 2012.03.21
Wasn`t bad but I`ve seen better. Be nice if there were a few more quests to do but over all a good game.

Redemption12 2012.03.19
Greatest Game I`ve ever seen . Its so hot !

johakym 2012.03.17
Nice game and funny ! good job

austin95 2012.03.17
this game is very apitising

Chuck22 2012.03.16
Tad short, but great game. Glad i played it. Sad i found only two endings. Hope you make more!

madman1954 2012.03.14
cool game....nice graphics....sexy women....love the different endings

kratos666 2012.03.11
i love this game i hope thers more of these coming :)

LesboHunter31 2012.03.11
The animation in this game is GREAT. I just love the lesbian endings for sure.

scorpion68 2012.03.05
a very nice but tricky game. i gonna play this one again

BUSHIDO64 2012.03.04
very fun game very exciting too

airforcewun 2012.02.24
how many endings r dere....can sum1 tell

fluffy1490 2012.02.23
This game is kinda tricky. I had to start over to get the ending I wanted...

SQUIDDEY 2012.02.22
good game alittle tricky though

flybikes 2012.02.20
alot of fun tookme a few times but finally got it

sexy19111 2012.02.19
great simple fun sexy game but could have better detail

conner99x 2012.02.13
A lot of options, can be tricky to figure out. Good game though.

brit_man33 2012.02.10
Fun game, Sarah is very cute...Although the boss might be hotter!!

bob247 2012.02.03
kinda hard but a very good game

afewlessbraincells 2012.02.02
fun fun stuff. thanks for the help to get the lesbian ending.

avtrainer69 2012.01.31
I need more time to get through this one.

kylew24 2012.01.29
awsome game so many endings

appu55 2012.01.26
a great game..i love it.....superb..

okok 2012.01.26
good game, excellent graphics...i like it!

gizmo13 2012.01.24
amazing game..just fantastic

shishkabob 2012.01.23
Sara is sexy and shy, but she sure can come out of her shell. The games has lots of options and the game is not linear. The graphics are great.

dee5dee 2012.01.22
good game sarah is sexy and shy two good things in a girl

flybikes 2012.01.22
im stuck in this game on thursday

Renath 2012.01.19
wonderful game from vdate games, very good story, very hot animations, Amazing girls!

azncookiesz 2012.01.19
isnt this the girl from rachel part 2?

wolfman71 2012.01.17
very good game must have played it a dozon times

ryan2330 2012.01.15
Decent game, had a hard time with it though for some reason.

mikicostanza 2012.01.14
very cool game with many exciting ends

gorex 2012.01.11
nice graphics, average game

newone 2012.01.11
easy game play, enjoyed it

Guillaume 2012.01.10
Nice idea, but the girls been better

playmantwo2 2012.01.10
i really liked this game but im kinda stuck because i cant beat it

qwerty3250 2012.01.09
Another good game with 4 different endings....

qwerty3250 2012.01.09
There are a lot of possibilities in this game. The scenario is not strictly defined. That makes is more interesting than most games I played before.

Player41 2012.01.02
Jeg synes godt om dette spil

FraterBusujima 2012.01.01
One of my all time favourites, nice plot and characters

jbnutt 2011.12.30
game was OK with OK graphixs

tonytiger 2011.12.29
Probably the best of these dating games Jess and sara are both fit

chumak 2011.12.29
this game is very good and the girl is sexy

evilwitch 2011.12.24
i like it.nice story,graphics.But i have not unlocked all four endings.

najibski90 2011.12.24
excellent gameplay. I would have love some video sequences however. All in all I`d give it a 4 out of

seifered2011 2011.12.24
This is a very hot and sexy Game

latz90 2011.12.22
great graphics..awesome games

Evilcandi 2011.12.22
pretty good selection of endings

diesel69 2011.12.20
sara is my favorite by far

jdoberman 2011.12.17
Another good game with 4 different endings....

venki_123 2011.12.16
??ice gameplay...can get a little boring in the middle

messeratti 2011.12.14
great graphics...it was ok..

sexrex77 2011.12.13
nice endings a little difficult too

b...hol 2011.12.12
I liked how you could be the girl in this game.

Spud 2011.12.08
Awesome! Great graphics too

paulfool 2011.12.08
i liked this game shame it wasnt a bit longer. supurb graphics .

Dea_fly 2011.12.07
Is so really good graphic, and nice sex game

smartass18 2011.12.02
it was alright. a little confusing at first

tonix18 2011.11.30
the best game , like the strategy...

Maik-80 2011.11.30
This is a very hot and amazing Game

JJ A 2011.11.30
Another amazing date game...i love the stories and characters are very good,i`d really appreciate the secretary!!

zeeshanas 2011.11.29
interesting game with nice animation

andy_regresa 2011.11.24
Very good game, in the line of the other of the same company, awesome

theblackman 2011.11.23
I like this one. It looks great!

Sacklbicka 2011.11.22
cool game, multiple endings, maybe bit less of story behind but I liked it

Vleergon 2011.11.21
sarah is a hot one,, the game is interesting at start but then it gets boring,, I also don`t like leaving the site

JTAnimal 2011.11.20
difficult but sexy. I will be playing this again

gamingtool 2011.11.20
Super hot game, my fav. ending is the lesbian one.

dude101 2011.11.16
I LOVE this game my favorite ending is with the boss. the sex cenes are good and the storyline is good.

justin_rhodes 2011.11.15
Played it a little bit, sure I`ll get back to it. Looks like a fun enough game, hot girls.

miyuf 2011.11.14
sarah was hot:) the game is interesting but then it gets boring

ghost04 2011.11.13
looks like the games has some glitches now... some weird gator pop up covers the game

ufft 2011.11.13
stuck? :/ dont know what to do on thursday?....

kklove 2011.11.12
i wish sarah was in more games! love her!

frost6 2011.11.11
great game. was a little difficult the first few times playing it.ending sequences could b better

zenginoglu 2011.11.10
This is great game... I like it very much...

Uncle Dick Bob 2011.11.08
Help! After I go to the adult store and department store she goes home and is laying on her bed, sleep is the only option I get. How do I get her to undress and watch tv?

ctsDanny 2011.11.06
It`s hard for me to move around in the game. Choices are not very clear. There were several times when I stumbled on the "look around" for example by mistake. Cool graphics though, I like the redhead Jess, sexy looking chick.

Darkmoor 2011.11.05
Not a bad game, decent graphics and fun to try from a different angle

Cons69 2011.11.04
decent game would like more positions

PeterJorer1 2011.11.03
this game is very good and the girl is sexy

cwb2000 2011.11.02
cool game n cool girls lol

buddhika 2011.10.30
super dating games.. what a tinking

jryle 2011.10.30
I like the way its put together, but on day two. I have her get a drink then go to her room undress. then sit back in the lounge with the adult film. the game stops. Something about not existing or path not found. WTH?

l hero 2011.10.29
It was a hard game but a it was fun

duke#3 2011.10.29
really like how the girls look

rakai_handara 2011.10.28
I can`t directly play this game... So i have to download first at the other link.

bluedevilcindy 2011.10.28
love the strip dance...love the girl on girl..that is what I do

bluedevilcindy 2011.10.28
nice game...girls are hot...love flirting with other girls

icelamlagi 2011.10.27
gameplay, graphic, animation the best

mikkooh 2011.10.25
cant stop playing this. so hot

titmousetm 2011.10.22
really good game great graphics i love pussooy!!

incircles 2011.10.21
Sara is sexy. The graphics were great. Can`t wait for another!

TheLyconoar 2011.10.20
Smooth gameplay and story, very nice graphics.

rlt6547 2011.10.20
finally got some sex. about time!

AngelStorm747 2011.10.20
Cute one, liked the idea of the setup. It just could be a bit longer, would like to see more buildup.

sluggrj10 2011.10.20
I was ok, a little frustrating to start

Noramil 2011.10.19
Whoever decided to make the playable character the girl is a genius.

jackrabbit 2011.10.17
Again, I`d recommend making the clickable areas more obvious but otherwsie hot!!

Coolcat 2011.10.17
I like the multiple endings that you can get in this game. They`re all very good.

DGL611 2011.10.16
all virtual dates are more or less the same

rtuttle12 2011.10.12
great game, better than most that I`ve played

smart409 2011.10.12
vry awsome game better than most games

ray4 2011.10.12
not a bad game, nice graphics

a1_wall 2011.10.10
amazing sara is super sexy. this is a really fun game to play

pezboy 2011.10.10
great game. need to make more like this! graphics are hot!

Aktuh 2011.10.09
Good game I really loved it.

smoke32 2011.10.06
great game nice change from other dating games

kyslik333 2011.10.06
this game is very good and the girl is sexy

getpor 2011.10.05
fantastic game, i got the lesbian and the guy ending, but the solo ending i read it was kind of tricky

remoroy 2011.10.05
sara is cool she dont need to change.....

ikaruichijoe 2011.10.05
shes a slutty little thing!

ecafyrgna 2011.10.05
i love this game its soo much fun id play this over and over again

Maikelvr 2011.10.04
Again, great game with super interactions.

Voyagerinc 2011.10.03
nice game, wish to make more on a day

Upallnight 2011.10.02
Love the games featuring Sarah. Would like to see more of her

BrianBB 2011.10.02
Sara is still my favorite. Unusually, the three bi endings are the best. The straight is rather boring.

jadefalcon 2011.09.30
Not sure what i did wrong ended up fired! will try again

hetiek 2011.09.29
It was a little difficult to figure out at first but I really love this one.

bondy9999 2011.09.28
my fave out of the vd games !

Elmoe11 2011.09.28
well very cool it was amaizing trulluy i want to get farther in the game and see what happens

seaton 2011.09.27
good game, good storyline

ron57 2011.09.26
got to love a girl in glasses

playboy1982 2011.09.25
kind of dull,not much gameplay,but the graphics are good.

BrianBB 2011.09.25
I love Sarah! i`ve got all 4 endings. How about some new 3some endings???

bitvypr 2011.09.25
Well...uh...Yeah. That was odd. Kinda clumsy, awkward, dull...

Edschiedam 2011.09.24
Not so good en i don`t like the endings

jonny1337 2011.09.24
to easy game and bad endings

zilly 2011.09.23
pretty game, but a bit stupid

pipsickle 2011.09.20
Good game but I never seem to do very well on this one. Oh well

DreamTim 2011.09.20
it`s a good and interesting game.

maverick23 2011.09.20
very entertaining and beautifull game

jack977 2011.09.20
one of the best game ever! original storyline and gameplay.... lot of fun

julianjames 2011.09.19
love the fact that it has 3 endings

gautham 2011.09.17
wow what a fuck.........suck him..........

chisox 2011.09.17
decent game couldn`t figure out endings

peer268 2011.09.17
good game with good graphics i like it

Melimelo 2011.09.16
Good one.
Not enough different choices though and a little short, but good one.

jack977 2011.09.12
great story, great game. Several bugs to fix (missing pages on online version)!

B_random87 2011.09.12
wish game was longer but i also wasnt fond of all the pop ups

chaplin55 2011.09.11
love the graphics, but: what about getting a chance to get closer with the boss ??

dandrik 2011.09.10
Very nice switch in this game

Eoline 2011.09.09
great game! very entertaining. Hope to see more of this kind of game!!

dennyjc 2011.09.08
This is kind of a hard game. I will try it again

Revan-Ghost 2011.09.08
Now, that`s what I call a great game! Lots of things to do, few endings and high replayability.

mhtsos 2011.09.07
excellent game with good graphics

captmorgan16858 2011.09.07
the game was great it would be better if there was movement in it
i would like to see the girl move life like.

khaikyler 2011.09.07
Great game! alot of challenges!

BarbieSlut 2011.09.06
yes a great challenge and hot graphics!

Sew 2011.09.06
A very nice game. I only wish it was longer.

mmamm 2011.09.05
Nice graphics and gameplay, liked the game. Could include more hints though

DiogoMends 2011.09.04
Love the various endings, Would love more with the student that walks in...lots of potential for a sequel!

nightrider 2011.09.04
Like RPG games, nothing to do, if you not explore things. lol

Arbaal 2011.09.03
As great game as other Virtual Date┬┤s

dcsnoone 2011.09.03
great graphics, love the girl. are there any more games with her in them?

a_levinga 2011.08.31
good game, loved to fuck the redhead

Skittlez 2011.08.31
this game is nice i like it

jobe 2011.08.31
good game, but the popups dont always show up so I dont know what choice I`m clicking on.

klokkie72 2011.08.30
great game i love it to play

sora1991 2011.08.30
gamenya keren abissssssss
i love this game

outragedhammer 2011.08.29
kinda tricky at beginning, but then i figured it out

jiwe 2011.08.28
another great dating game with lots of different ending

erwincerdan 2011.08.27
another nice game.. well done

hello123987 2011.08.26
nice game but kinda lengthy... i bought some dresses on monday but didn`t appear on friday..

astuttle46 2011.08.24
The game was fun but too short I the girl is very hot

korokosan 2011.08.24
I like these games but after a while it feels like theres alot of repitition.These kind of games need voices to keep the player hooked for longer so you go for alternative endings.

baleine 2011.08.24
There are a lot of possibilities in this game. The scenario is not strictly defined. That makes is more interesting than most games I played before.

Rasu891 2011.08.24
I like this game. Haven`t unlocked all endings yet.

docmu 2011.08.20
we can`t have sex with the costomer as escort girl ?

holmes1701 2011.08.20
Good game. Wish there was more stuff to do in it. Too short.

mouselee 2011.08.18
Pretty good. A VDG game that doesn`t rely on the same much used set of locations and juggling how drunk you get your date and what present you buy her in order to determine whether or not you get lucky. A female protagonist, even if a rather cliche one, adds something of a twist too. Not spectacular, but at least a deviation from the norm.

gotcha212 2011.08.16
she`s hot. too some time to figure out the path to get good endings

Captain Shepard 2011.08.15
Awesome game. Graphics are great. Story is great and the girls are sexy.

shagrat1313 2011.08.15
great game, easy to find the endings

cas26 2011.08.14
great game great endings got all of them great fun

gobioffivetails 2011.08.14
wow great game. i`m hooked!

Jello 2011.08.13
This is a good idea for a game, I like it,

Alyster901 2011.08.12
Took awhile to get used to the game
but great game

ogdih 2011.08.11
i loved the story im hooked

DimS 2011.08.10
Just awesome. I loved this game all the way...

legendkiller060 2011.08.10
Great game again. The endings are so cool. Great graphics with good story(s). Thanks.

jjhayes79 2011.08.10
Great game, great graphics hot women A++++

pran12shu 2011.08.08
i didnt liked the game much because..its time taking and quite hard

Greedz 2011.08.08
Another virtual date game, I love these series

mage208 2011.08.07
Not a bad game at all. The alternate perspective was kind of cool. I`d have enjoyed a few more endings or variations, but still fun.

johny_mckay 2011.08.06
Not bad, a little hard to follow

mickey1 2011.08.04
I like the ending with the friend best.

bob_500000 2011.08.04
This one is pretty easy. BUt i still love how the girl looks.

mehito 2011.08.03
Well not what I was expected from the game but not bad though

dionna244 2011.08.03
boring game and pretty hard

slothboy24 2011.08.03
it was a good game the graphics were good

aarontosh 2011.08.02
sweet game the should make alot more like this

erzerz 2011.08.02
Good game - would like to have gotten a better ending though

MrChance 2011.08.01
Enjoyed this game very much. Kind of liked playing from a girl`s point of view. Sara is very cute. Need to figure out a couple of endings still.

dranem 2011.07.31
cool game, awesome graphics

ballin510 2011.07.31
cool game with good graphics and sexy story line

gabbas 2011.07.31
Good game, but not perfect.. A bit to short. Good animations though

Maniac018 2011.07.28
Amazing game and great story and graphic.

paoseland 2011.07.27
it`s a good game, i had a little trouble getting through it, though.

matty 1234 2011.07.25
how do you get grace please help ??!!

charles2 2011.07.25
I Like This Game Because It Has Multiple Endings

bigcock1992 2011.07.24
great game great graphics

stone_elton 2011.07.24
I`ve just finished and get one ending. I can`t figure out the others endings.

spencer7665 2011.07.23
Amazing game, they should fix the bugs that prevent getting to the boss though.

khafanoo7 2011.07.22
i need some walk-through to finish this one :( anyone can help?

hotrahul010181 2011.07.22
Nice and quick. Sometimes these are grt during a office break.

sederfist 2011.07.21
great story but i just find 2 of the 4 ends

Stefann 2011.07.20
Very fun and great game to play. love it.

limex 2011.07.19
I just can`t understand this game every time i loose but i like the graphics

ayosylver 2011.07.18
The bikini end is superb, nice lesbian sex to finish de week!

secret8p 2011.07.18
Woah can someone help me, I can`t figure anything out. I bought dildo and thats about it

phlicker 2011.07.17
nice quick storyline. Action is a little jerky

zerocool123 2011.07.16
a nice game with fantasic graphic, gameplay is quiet intesting because u have some choises to reach different endings

pedmond 2011.07.16
Yeah its not too bad, Seen better but a good game

guepardo_df 2011.07.15
Good game, as usual.
Graphics are good and the gameplay is player-friendly imo.

nstar247 2011.07.15
Pretty good, but it takes a long time to finish

pawan2modi 2011.07.14
nice game but still little bit more comples and little bit boring

ged169 2011.07.13
I love Sara! More female POV games, please!

WishyTheCrazy 2011.07.13
Still have to explore the other possibilities

sudhsaddicted 2011.07.12
I found this game a bit disappointing. It was slightly complex to go through multiple days and the eventual endings weren`t exciting at all. Could`ve done with some more fun stuff in between.

phillippoooo 2011.07.12
it`s nice to choose action for the girl this time

Amiyah88 2011.07.09
Really fun game, nice graphics.

tukangpoto 2011.07.09
great game and the girl is cute

ravitul 2011.07.09
Loved it, the scene with the boss especially. The red head girl was a disapointment.

solaarsslave 2011.07.08
It was almost too easy to fuck the redhead girl with the strap-on, it felt just right :D

photu 2011.07.08
i nice relaxing game with cool graphics

chestcat28 2011.07.07
this game is sexy and amazing

boyboss 2011.07.06
thats a hard game to finnish

Mr.Cat 2011.07.06
Cool game, I like how you control her instead of the typical game setting

Needles_Kane 2011.07.05
Fun, but might be better.
This game is very short, it might be much longer.

wateshito 2011.07.05
I can`t get the guy ending, i all ready try the post upthere, dont work for my... after return from the store with the dress, sara appear in the bedroom with her regular clothing and i cant found the door to exit to the lounge. please help me

noonnoon 2011.07.04
Fun Game, good graphics, nice variety of endings.

thevoice 2011.07.04
This one was fun. The boss is definitely hot.

stainy101 2011.07.04
I have gotta say that this is my favourite

lihosta 2011.07.04
the lesbian ending was amazing

dragon987 2011.07.01
nice game but there should be more poses

djwcdj 2011.06.30
i like how you got to be the girl for a change good graphics couldnt get 1 of the endings

SexySlutxx23 2011.06.29
i tried loads of times for the lesbian ending but i couldnt work it out :(

Furyious 2011.06.29
I love the idea of playing as the girl, hope they make more like this

ilatan 2011.06.29
sexe scene are only one in the ending game, and only one position

jorden2814 2011.06.29
I liked that this one was from the girls perspective it was hard though

liddir 2011.06.28
At the beginning it was kind of hard but once I figured out what to do it was quite nice. Haven`t had the lesbian ending though

SexySlutxx 2011.06.28
A bit hard however a fun game!

yes2skin 2011.06.28
this kind of games, are more fun.
lot of options and endings.
keep up the good work, with this free games. maybe instead of credit card you can arrange some sponsers and publicity. mutch beter.

rud 2011.06.27
YES: i`m stuck in this game (describe where), please help me

eneko 2011.06.27
haber cuando se inventan unos de video

rambo54321 2011.06.25
the girls in this game are georgeous

wolman2060 2011.06.25
Not as good as some of the other games in this series. Not bad though.

thom962 2011.06.25
I dont like the way this game has to relaod to work but the endings are really hot

DerekAlmeida 2011.06.24
like the lesbian ending of this game

Nihalus 2011.06.21
interesting but difficult

SoloDrifter 2011.06.19
cute girl...awesome rear view but never see it naked :(

chrischaos 2011.06.18
A fun game. I got the lesbian ending with a little help.

chip chipperson 2011.06.17
dull. good graphics, but dull.

yashico22 2011.06.17
Not so exciting I dont like lesb

Orange69 2011.06.17
Awesome virtual date...I want more game like these.

snow01 2011.06.17
a little slow, takes to many tries

just-1 2011.06.16
virtual date are my favorite !

Fizban 2011.06.15
Getting the boss final is easy, u need costume for the party, compliment boss on monday, on wednesday strip to underwear with locked door, talk to Jess (do talk, then u get the info that ur boss is lesbian), copy u bare breasts and after that u can flirt with the boss.

robert_tm 2011.06.14
Great Game Love these and the Graphics WOW!

madtrfnpok123 2011.06.14
Does anyone know how to get the lesbian ending

Dakeshi 2011.06.13
Great, but difficult game. Worth playing.

danteking 2011.06.13
nice but a lil long.but the girl is good

Lokii0229 2011.06.13
this game was really good

tk3230 2011.06.13
the game always freezes when i lock the door

levoyageur5 2011.06.13
I liked the lesbian one with Jess the most.

ggaras1995 2011.06.11
great game with good graphics...keep going

gnac 2011.06.10
maybe this game could be a bit longer or expanded. still its great art and story

Lumuscian 2011.06.08
This one was a little harder to find all the endings. It required a lot of trial and error.

lotscum 2011.06.08
so hard play this game...so much choise...

bicks260493 2011.06.08
i think that sara is a very sexy woman and the part where u seduce her is grand

BallIdiot 2011.06.06
The game play is a bit awkward with clicking the pictures. Graphics are good. However, the animations and sex scenes are mediocre at best. Not very erotic...

sunshine98 2011.06.05
found the game easy and fun

mole 2011.06.04
Wasn`t easy to get into this at start, but finally managed all the endings. Solo ending I would have never guessed without reading the comments though.

jpsacrey 2011.06.04
great game, cute girls. great animations

guest2098 2011.05.31
Very nice game, really enjoyed it.
Interesting endings, too

joseph1902 2011.05.30
I really love games like this... It looks like the christine game :3

Alexlesbo 2011.05.30
this game is cool but i`m more intrested in having sex with Kelly

Mikeydu1 2011.05.29
These virtual date games are the best.

bubba291 2011.05.28
Not as good as some of the other games in this series. Not bad though.

KellyKans 2011.05.28
love this game, girl is hot

dannyboy1234 2011.05.26
great game, cut girls. great animations

tommi77 2011.05.25
office girls are naughty, realy sexy outfits if you compare the innocent look

fameasser 2011.05.25
every of the 4 endings a very good, played the game several days before
if you copy the url from the opened window into your browser, you can control the game much better

fameasser 2011.05.25
Awesome! Love the choice of getting with a guy or a girl (lesbians = best). Really want to fuck the boss, though. Anybody help with that?

Greyulfr 2011.05.23
I loved all three endings I`ve found so far.

virus_man2k2 2011.05.23
Hot game. Purchase the strap-on at the adult store for the ending with jess.

izzy 2011.05.23
It`s odd playing as a girl, but I do enjoy it more when the girls are kind of shy like this. It makes it that much more rewarding to undress them.

mmm601 2011.05.22
Very nice game, really enjoyed it.
Interesting endings, too

hornyvirginboy 2011.05.22
well damn, I screwed up. did anyone get her to be lesbian and how did you?

smithy128 2011.05.21
Good game, took a while to complete but the lesbian ending was amazing!

doorstop 2011.05.20
Not a big fan. The gameplay was hard.

bakabon 2011.05.19
not a abd one, but i don`t like play as a girl

TheDaxtron 2011.05.19
How do I use the anal beads? Do they have any significance to the game?

Skarn62 2011.05.17
Nice girls, differents ending.
More interaction & sounds were be appreciate.

davidjcart 2011.05.17
great game, loved the graphics and everything else! i thinbk it should have one more week, that would be nice!

Firefoxwizard 2011.05.16
Still to unlock the lesbian ending, but otherwise this is a really fun and interesting game

oreo31 2011.05.15
I`m not going to lie i didn`t get this game.

tastimanLH 2011.05.15
pretty good game. Like the multiple endings, although I still have yet to unlock all of them.

wildawg99 2011.05.15
cant get anywhere in this what am i doing wrong?

umaixx 2011.05.14
I liked the lesbian one with Jess the most, I couldn`t get the boss ending

msking2011 2011.05.13
what about the lesbian eanding so gay

Terastios 2011.05.11
Great game, would love to see more of these

shakezulla17 2011.05.11
My favorite part of this game was the girl, super hot. Getting her to do things is a bit of a challenge but still fun

Peterd 2011.05.11
`m laughing! That`s a wonderful game, by being simpl and so old school action from arcades.

purple13098 2011.05.11
great game as always
found a way to have scene with boss
it was awesome

gamerman9800 2011.05.10
I like that the graphics sticks out to you.

photofan 2011.05.10
nice girls...especially i really like jess :)

bob247 2011.05.09

leobruto 2011.05.08
este game e mito legal recomendo a todos

biggiej 2011.05.08
finally a good challenge to get to all endings :D
more stuff like this please

pike11777 2011.05.07
another good virtual date game

Theguy12 2011.05.07
This game is cool. I really like this site.

banes 2011.05.06
excellent game, got all the endings. Sarah is hot.

pike11777 2011.05.06
another good but pretty hard virtual date

Stewartjosliniv 2011.05.06
Great game, only got one ending. Trying to get to the others.

MrNunYa 2011.05.05
Greats game with great endings.

cdlm26 2011.05.05
Easy game! Sara is Hot! So is the boss!

eCS7ASy 2011.05.04
Nice Story !
Nice Grafic`s !
Hard to play .

tonykunz 2011.05.04
Was a good game, I like the fact it had a variety of endings.

nerzul 2011.05.04
Job = STRIPPER ::=
Stripper, pick Costume:
001 -> Dance
002 -> Remove Tie
003 -> Dance
004 -> Remove Belt
005 -> Dance
006 -> Remove Shirt
007 -> Dance
008 -> Remove Shoes
009 -> Dance
010 -> Remove Pants
011 -> Dance
012 -> Remove Underwear
013 -> Dance
014 -> Finish Routine
015 -> Leave the Stage

Stripper, pick what you are wearing:
001 -> Dance
002 -> Continue
003 -> Leave the Stage

Stripper, pick swimsuit:
001 -> Dance
002 -> Continue
003 -> Leave the Stage

sef2121 2011.05.04
this game is harder than usual

deathwind 2011.05.03
great game and graphics. Many routes and options.

Matthewooo7 2011.05.03
after sitting around in underwear and watching the dirty movie the next page is missing?

nabur1976 2011.05.03
luvd this game very fun and hott..

soulhuntre 2011.05.03
fun game and nice graphics

ryan55547 2011.05.03
ok game i would say a 50 rating score

tuxboy 2011.05.01
great graphics...short game though

Rorken 2011.05.01
It`s very good game but a little bit too short; however, it`s still worth playing.

18nhorny 2011.05.01
good graphics nice gameplay

Faye 2011.05.01
Lovely game.
It;s the best.

tsntsn 2011.04.30
good game like the graphics, gameplay a little slow though

Mike_Shinoda81 2011.04.29
this is the awesome game... and i like it...

Lezboluvr00 2011.04.29
oh i like how they made this game from the girls perspective, especially since they had two lezbo scences

winsley 2011.04.29
Really good game! nice graphics!

snrtzcn 2011.04.28
not bad :) i find 4 endings, enjoyable...

BigRedTongue 2011.04.27
Got all 4 endings. Would have enjoyed it more if it was a bit more challenging, but still a fun game :)~

nielynator 2011.04.27
first i tought it was hard, but it`s worth the trying

C.C. 2011.04.26
All girls are hot. I especially like Sara. I`ll try to find all endings. Please give us more Sara.

fcbrugesboy 2011.04.26
I WANT THE BOSS! She`s so damn hot!!!
(Can`t find the way to her...)

Zorgon 2011.04.24
Another great game from chaotic. A bit too short though.

branknock 2011.04.23
nice game good graphic`s only got two endings so far jess and the guy. fun to look for the rest

yohoman 2011.04.23
i`m stuck, the game game during the second day after she finish watching the movie

yohoman 2011.04.23
i`m stuck in the game, after she sees the movie it block

mustim11 2011.04.23
very smooth gameplay and fairly nice graphics

booboo90 2011.04.23
The game was good it was a little hard but overall i liked it.

Breasts=) 2011.04.21
Wish i could be inside the game >.>

wabbithunta 2011.04.21
Good game... I got the lesbian scene at the end.. lovely animation of the girls in the scissors postion.. tribbing away. sweet! :)

now I`ve got to find the other endings.. lol

sakuhina 2011.04.20
i love this lesbian games, thanks to Voron and Mikeymike for lesbian adn boss ending guide

zarapastro 2011.04.20
finish the boss going for the other girl now

zarapastro 2011.04.20
just one endind with the guy how i finish with the girl?

Benoit07 2011.04.20
a lot of work for very little reward

vadersghost 2011.04.20
Nice game. Could be longer though.

r12456 2011.04.19
having trouble getting all the endings, any suggestions?

crzyone 2011.04.19
I really can not wait for the next installment, which I hope is in the making

xenon956 2011.04.18
very good game with an amazing storyline

smooth69 2011.04.18
good game, can only get 2 endings.

thesphinx 2011.04.18
I saw some potential, but was having a lot of difficulty loading

TheMightyAnvil1 2011.04.16
It took a while for this to grow on me, but having completed 2 of the 4 finishes, ? I`m eager to cum back and find the other two!

rhemkiki 2011.04.16
Pretty good game! I like that you get to be the girl. Sex scenes would definitely be better if longer and more options.

MrTonyG 2011.04.16
i didnt really like this game. unless it wasnt loading properly and i was missing things it seems rather difficult for her to find things to do.

monoxes 2011.04.16
great game, but hope they make a secuel...
i didnt get al the finals but i will

wishall 2011.04.15
Intersting change of game plan from a girls perspective. I totally loved playing this game. Appreciated a little longer version though.. :D

NADOSH 2011.04.15
very nice ..
really nice

Mr M 2011.04.14
Great game and great graphics.....I am cour─?ous for all end─?ngs:)

dyoiram 2011.04.14
nice game and good graphics

rohrerby 2011.04.14
This game was short but was fun to play. The boss ending was the best followed by the ending with Jess

77jester 2011.04.13
this had so much more potential. I hope there`s a reboot of this one.

cherubim 2011.04.12
I wasnt satisfied with this one date sim...

mendragor 2011.04.12
nice game, anyone an idea how to use the sextoys?

THEDESTR0Y3R 2011.04.11
This is pretty good game but it needs sound and it gets REALLY LAGGY during the day change its probaly just me so yeah great game

kanf 2011.04.11
Very good game this onem really worth playing. Had some bugs though, with missing pages...

mendragor 2011.04.11
really nice on, you`ll have to play it several times without walktrough

cronos23 2011.04.11
A very interesting approach and thanks to the comments below because reading those gave me help for this game.

Gabriel the white 2011.04.11
Good game ...very good grapichs!

badboy2k12.mr 2011.04.11
great game but couldn`t get the boss ending.........

JakeSucks 2011.04.11
its a bit short and in places a bit tricky. i think there should be more games like this from the different perspective. ;)

hhsmith 2011.04.10
the game is good but it needs sound

Quixotic 2011.04.10
When are they going to make another of these games, with more endings and girls preferrably

mixmax2 2011.04.10
Agreeing about the "more close-ups" comment!

Danny199 2011.04.09
Another fine work by the artist.

tky3k 2011.04.09
Kind of straight forward. Graphics are good, but would appreciate more close-ups. About what I expect from vdategames. Got two endings so far (hetero and lesbian). Any idea how to make the escort job work?
Great game!

topgun289 2011.04.09
game is a bit short but great graphics

Sathiriel 2011.04.08
Good game.

Sara is sexy as hell :)

A bit short, however...

Dmoney291 2011.04.08
this is a good game,got two endings

andy1009 2011.04.07
very good and easy to navigate

SpamdocIPA 2011.04.06
Kind of straight forward. Graphics are good, but would appreciate more close-ups. About what I expect from vdategames.

reper 2011.04.05
the graphics are a bit ad and the game a little to short

omeganeo 2011.04.05
rather nice bud still easy maybe part 2 will be a bigger challenge

GreyWarden 2011.04.05
Good game but it would be nice if someone put a walktrough

bubba001 2011.04.04
sex should be better developped but any how fine

pooldaddy 2011.04.04
Excellent game. Although I prefer to play through to the endings myself, I appreciate the published walk-through details others have published here.

misha06 2011.04.04
Loved this, interesting idea, with a playing from the girls point of view, great stuff

shah 2011.04.03
short game slow game play and short story

redlight 2011.04.03
Interesting game too slow tho

booby56 2011.04.03
good game but too short...

sammy_jay112 2011.04.02
This game was ok. But i don`t like that they used sims2 stuff for it

tristar 2011.04.02
Thats absolutley great!
beautiful girl, nice specials and cool poses ...

please make more games like s┬┤this!

junior 2011.04.01
a little to mixed game, liked it more simpel

kildon 2011.03.30
love the game lotsof ending can you tell me how to get them all

lolzfff 2011.03.30
great, but could be better to an extent

pavel203 2011.03.30
nice game, I did mange to get all four endings

zolkesh2 2011.03.30
a good sim which is easyish, good graphics and interesting format

cliss 2011.03.29
Didn`t like this one as much as the others. But I did get all the endings so I guess I liked it well enough.

jayphab 2011.03.29
Love office romances, but this games provided several different endings

LightningSnoop 2011.03.29
Good game overall but do not like all the trial and error. Suppose I could just look up the proper sequences at this point however.

113walter 2011.03.28
Still cant get the ending with her alone...any suggestions?I got the other 3

grigus 2011.03.28
Great graphics, as usually, but consequences should be more obvious. Don`t like trial and error.
Someone care to post a walkthrough for other endings?

caint 2011.03.28
Exellent game, easy to play, good graphics.
I like the story, but it`s to short.

alex-zloj 2011.03.27
good game, some sound would have made it

steelvamp 2011.03.27
Nice animations, all ending are great, overall great game

shayraypullay123 2011.03.26
best game in playforceone for sure

nitnelav03 2011.03.26
It was kind of fun to play. It was also just a little to easy.

horny22 2011.03.26
great game, but it would be nice if we actually got to control the sexual parts

Immolatus 2011.03.25
hmm what can i say good game lots of choices to pick from finding all the endings can be a pain but thats what makes it fun :)

aspir2011 2011.03.24
Good work, but beta version was a bad hand of author

bambi123 2011.03.24
great game and graphics. Many routes and options. Quite complex.

NudeRaider 2011.03.24
Great graphics, as usually, but consequences should be more obvious. Don`t like trial and error.
Only got the straightforward ending with the guy.
Someone care to post a walkthrough for other endings?

dixiedude 2011.03.24
a very fun game, could use some sound with it during the animation

tky3k 2011.03.24
fun game.. I like the rather unusual style. but then again, they seem to be getting more usual lately and that is awesome!
Hope there comes more!

lah-lah 2011.03.23
this game was so annoying

FatalBazuka 2011.03.22
relevant comments concerning gameplay, graphic, animation

hasil 2011.03.22
A good game is accompanied by images and animations are nice too

pyanz80 2011.03.22
wowww!!.. very great game..i love it...

Kittyofsin 2011.03.21
Mhh awesome game.. I like the rather unusual style of taking on the role of the woman for once.. but then again, they seem to be getting more usual lately and that is awesome!
Hope there comes more, as always!

zbahi 2011.03.21
love that type of game is good not to long not to short.

jasher 2011.03.21
got all 4 endings nice game!

joebkc 2011.03.21
good game,great graphics!!!nice!!

mk1868 2011.03.21
it is just the cristmas dress working with the chef and the bikini working with jess ?
Or are there other combinations possible ?

antman59 2011.03.20
This was a nice game, Liked all 3 endings. Hope more come out.

bigdog999 2011.03.20
geat game, great graphics

bukabuka 2011.03.20
This game is interesting .. just may lack the graphics are less attractive. themed games such as this nice graph like anime

IronCobra 2011.03.20
Good game with good graphics and even better concepts!! =)

wonga 2011.03.20
Different style of game. Good graphics, and the three endings are tricky, but achievable.

adun 2011.03.20
Awesome game, I really liked it a lot!:D

imthewolf 2011.03.19
fun game, god graphics found all the ending with the help on here

pawel17 2011.03.19
amazing way of control. my fav

jpsacrey 2011.03.19
Great game. I loved the boss ending.

hvymetlhed 2011.03.19
Not my favorite pov for a game like this, but these VD games are always pretty good.

redglove 2011.03.19
Can`t find the boss ending... Any help?

chickenabc 2011.03.18
1) boss
2) other girl
3) guy
4) solo

chickenabc 2011.03.18
Tough game... fustrating but worth the effort

Deleterious 2011.03.18
Really good game. Sara the lead character is very hot and it`s fun seeing what you can get her to do.

supermario123 2011.03.18
great game i loved the boss ending

weliuscaesar 2011.03.18
Good gameplay and nice endings

shika3173 2011.03.18
very good, too many times to get it though

dadakara 2011.03.18
I spent a while on this game trying to get all four endings.

cazzocazzo 2011.03.18
a little bit difficult to nderstand how to proceed on the start, but well done, even if i just can`t flirt with Jess (for some reason the talk can`t go on after the first sentence)

DeaconFrost 2011.03.18
Very good dating game, I spotted 4 endings and had real hard time finding them (Jess/Grace/The guy and her Sarah alone). It requires multiple attempts to find the right timing and things to do...
Far to be easy, the games are real fast to go through but it is quite fun to go back to it and look for something you didn`t do yet. Makes the approach interesting.
Good graphically, it is a click and play, sex scenes are decent without being extraordinary hot, but I like the office shy girl theme, good concept.

aalchemista 2011.03.18
I would like her. But she is too damn sexy! What now?

credsoxs 2011.03.18
great game with good graphics very pleased

areuwithme 2011.03.17
this game is so hot, i`m having trouble with the boss though

HornyPorny 2011.03.17
very good game, these are my favorites

zzfuck651 2011.03.17
Sexy game. I love how you can choose your own path and vdategames needs to make MORE!

T M 2011.03.17
I really like these VD games. They should have a full fledged RPG with these girls and different story lines to follow.

Nick2 2011.03.17
Good amazing game with interesting subject.
Nice girls. I like this.

aurelius 2011.03.17
toller sexs,leider ohne Dildo

woody159 2011.03.17
Absolutley love it ive got all 4
1) masterbate
4) Jessica

chuck152 2011.03.17
nice game, differennt approach liked the red head

Scoliosis 2011.03.15
good game, love the red head. awesome art

krazy 2011.03.15
good game, some sound would have made it great

johnsmith1212 2011.03.15
good game, a little short though

johnsmith1212 2011.03.15
Great games, a little confsing at the beggining

sza 2011.03.14
oh yes another great game

fightinirish 2011.03.13
this game is a little hard to load on my laptop but otherwise an excellent game

ceebee221 2011.03.13
This game is awesome love it !!!!!!! Really good storyline and great graphics!!

samdefcon4 2011.03.13
Not a bad play, love the thought of hanging around work all day in undies.

Micky20 2011.03.13
good game graphics are getting better, got all 4 endings

lll 2011.03.13

Blaban 2011.03.13
Great game.How many solo endings we got here....i only found one...

mrs.sex 2011.03.12
great game - and i got to a good ending too. :)

silver12 2011.03.11
I really like the ending where she has sex with the guy, she is so hot

brandan996 2011.03.10
vey good game but a little to short

ManKyYen 2011.03.10
Finally got all 4 endings. Very fun game to figure out.

reards 2011.03.10
great game but there sould be more detailed sex scenes

eblobb 2011.03.10
Nice flow to the game, hover spots are a little slow

B1983 2011.03.10
Nice game has a few bugs hope they fix them

Stevie B 2011.03.10
i think is game is hot love it just love need more games like

swigman 2011.03.09
is anyone getting the boss ending without downloading the game

jonnyfever 2011.03.09
nice game, this site is awsome

centuryvideo2004 2011.03.09
One of the best! I keep coming back to my favorite ending!

Jasn20 2011.03.09
The graphics are well drawn keep up!

marcelino21 2011.03.09
does anyone know how to get the lesbian ending

TyMan3176 2011.03.08
Very fun game. Great graphics, and really cool, office storyline

tjmoore 2011.03.08
these games are amazing!!!!! i love playforce one

WolfWarrior 2011.03.08
Not the greatest but not bad! graphic and hot spots are nice.

rukai 2011.03.08
ETA: I love that I get to play a laydeee. Happy Women`s Day to me. :3 -dancedance-

rukai 2011.03.08
I don`t like games that link to other sites, but this one looks cool. :3

tigerwoo 2011.03.08
I thought it was really good. Fun to get all the endings.

NoOneImportant 2011.03.06
could i get help with the boss i know you need the dildo but what next

drart2 2011.03.06
fun gameplay wish their was more characters and longer story other then that great job

gclg74 2011.03.06
enjoyed the different perspective

hahahaha1 2011.03.06
Its nice to play with the girl for a change

Lyly 2011.03.06
I finally finished it it is amazing

Lyly 2011.03.06
Excellent game although I can not finish it

SAMahler17 2011.03.05
fun game how instead of being the boy you`re the girl

wolfinn2 2011.03.05
great graphics and it`s different to play as the hottie

angel_of_chaotix 2011.03.05
I thought it was really good. Fun to get all the endings. Just wish I could see the masturbation angle to see where it goes from there.

milowz 2011.03.05
i like the game, it`s a challenge te get to every ending and that makes is fun

H.K 2011.03.05
every ending has its own fun...great game...carry on making them...:)

LeXX333 2011.03.05
Nice twist on the virtual date games and the girl is sexy

osiris11 2011.03.04
Nice endings, very hot game

brink7000 2011.03.04
Great game, finally got all the endings. Super hot!!!

ichigo_k95 2011.03.04
good game!!! and great graphics!! awesome!!!

Hardheart 2011.03.04
good game, hot chicks, nice story and very interactive too

Invictuss 2011.03.04
the gameplay on this was very simple it was almost to easy the trick is figuring out all the options before you act on one you may have to play this one twice to get all the way through.

jrpm37 2011.03.03
I have a problem. When Sara is watching dirty movies and starts masturbation, appear a page with error 404.

garfieldnumb 2011.03.03
good game where the graphics are great, how do you get lesbian ending?

amitbe84 2011.03.03
cool game not bad grafics

fameasser 2011.03.03
loved this game..graphics are good

manloveboobs 2011.03.03
good game. really enjoy it. great quality

Sateister 2011.03.02
this game is very good and the girl is very sexy

HornyPorny 2011.03.02
good game, hot chicks, nice story and very interactive too

coolstorybro 2011.03.02
i liked this game it was really fun. it was good graphics too

tractor 2011.03.02
Hello again!
Many thanks to nothingtolose for finding an ending with the boss, it was difficult and i couldnt find it.
however i did find the other three endings.
i like the graphics of this game and hope to see more where you control the women and not the boring man.

Towy 2011.03.01
great game, I just wish the sex scenes were better

daveman30809 2011.03.01
Not a bad game, wish it was easier to figure out what the girl is supposed to do during her off days

rob 2011.03.01
Not a bad game, only got 2 endings

Perry1+ 2011.03.01
It is a great game. I would like more of that kind

TRANE66 2011.02.28
I love 3d sex games! there amazing! especially this one. The graphics are totally real.

shadowhour79 2011.02.28
it would be great if they keep updating these games at faster pace

nothingtolose 2011.02.28
The Boss
On monday , use the computer pick the stripper job
sit and undress her,, go see the boss compliment her go back to office
tuesday-go to your kitchen then go for drinks, when you are back go to the couch and watch the adult movie then leave to go shopping. at the adult get the dildo and at the department store get the Christmas outfit , return home.
wednesday. go see Jess talk to her ``shes a lesbian`` back to office lock the office door get undress, then go see the boss and flirt `if you did everything right Sarah will bend over` go home
thursday. Go do the strip job pick the police uniform, dance , remove the tie, dance, remove belt, dance, remove shirt, dance, remove shoes, dance, remove pants, dance, remove panties, then leave stage go home
friday, pick the Christmas dress go to party get the boss, and have fun

labrie 2011.02.28
Sara is hot btw i would have loved 2 had more fun, but the game is soo short

labrie 2011.02.28
This game was very fun igot stuck because ididnt know what ineeded at the endiinq when i downloaded it !

adock2112 2011.02.28
I really like this game but is there a way to score with the boss? I found the Jess ending but I can`t seem to nail the boss...anyone know?

jay50 2011.02.28
Good game, as usual.
Graphics are good and the gameplay is player-friendly imo.

Matis221 2011.02.28
Good gameplay, graphics too and sexy animations. I like this game

cucuvn 2011.02.28
nice graphic and game play, but i can`t get lesbian ending

alkiki 2011.02.27
the other girls were sexier

kameno 2011.02.27
nice graphic, cool game although couldn`t get all the ending

rooter 2011.02.27
Good graphics and gameplay, gets kinda hard at the end though

tractor 2011.02.27





Lucianobe 2011.02.27
Wow good storyline and graphics, but again at the end it gets difficult

zelda813204 2011.02.27
very good game there is a bug in it though where she watches the porn move does anyone else have this problem?

Jack74 2011.02.26
i liked this game it was really fun. it was good graphics too

flintstoneflop 2011.02.25
It was OK alittle difficult to navigate

Dormir 2011.02.25
this was a very entertaining game

Bionic23 2011.02.25
ok game but alittle hard

rohitsingla 2011.02.25
the story was not that gripping enough..
but my net is also not that fast

-.-stipe-.- 2011.02.25
this game is great.does anyone know

t dub24 2011.02.24
this game is a great game does anyone know how to get the better ending??

gamecon99 2011.02.24
Does anyone know how to get the ending with the boss?

Bionic23 2011.02.24
Decent game. graphics are nice

rashmodan 2011.02.24
I approve of this game, but short. I`d recommend it though

hasil 2011.02.24
i like this game, graphic is good

vvlvitor 2011.02.24
would be nice if someone can put on a walkthrough

steamroll2012 2011.02.22
I liked this game its fun to go around and redo the different options.

rcman02 2011.02.22
great game i love how u control her

flyman21 2011.02.22
I cannot click next to the bed I only get "go to bed" help please?

lowovic 2011.02.22
funny game but only for one week

dragonj 2011.02.22
very nice game. had trouble starting it but i got it.

Titansteel 2011.02.21
Nice game! A little bit hard to begin, but great ending!

thomasxoxo 2011.02.21
This may help out a little. To get Sarah with her boss I downloaded it and looked through the pics to see what I needed to do for that ending: You need a dildo and the christmas costume. Other then that I still don`t know what to do.

TitanForce91 2011.02.20
Really like the game but still trying to get the lesbian ending

alcatel521 2011.02.20
Short but nice...liked it.

sonya00 2011.02.20
sexy i rally like this games

spunkster 2011.02.20
Good game, want to see more of those ones

sexymexyles 2011.02.20
Beautiful art and gameplay, top quality story

blaz 2011.02.20
Good game, as usual.
Graphics are good and the gameplay is player-friendly imo.

matsx 2011.02.19
very cool game, nice to play

Stevie B 2011.02.19
good game want more of them soom

bhopal76 2011.02.19
good game but there is a bug when she masturbates with the adult channel on tuesday!

pawel17 2011.02.19
finally no problem with boss ending

kingofsinz 2011.02.19
Anyone how to reach the lesbian ending? Need help!

acebandit 2011.02.19
Does anyone know where you use the anal beads

achubbykid 2011.02.18
good graphics the escort job does nothing though

mayor 2011.02.18
Good story, as well as the graphics, but should have more interaction

malafate 2011.02.18
nice game but should be improved though

BaddibuPF1 2011.02.18
Its okay for a flash erotic game!

jrob2685 2011.02.18
good game, i loved the graphics and the story endings

r_jay 2011.02.17
Tough game....frustrating but worth the effort.

alcatel521 2011.02.17
Nice game...Need to work fast to gain a good ending

ginger21 2011.02.17
so many options in this game, played it hundreds of time, such good fun

fistrojander2 2011.02.16
We`ll, just checked and now it`s possible to get de 3 endings (not more 404 errors)

thewombat06 2011.02.16
I loved the different perspectives. all 4 endings were great

jupat 2011.02.16
this is so hard...i keep fail...is ther anye trick?

qwaszx 2011.02.15
good game hot babes nice graphics

alecs00 2011.02.15
i like the gameplay and sarah is very sexy

itsup 2011.02.15
really good game, fun to play and discover all the different endings, would like it if there were more options as well!

aggio64 2011.02.15
This game is simply great! Very beautiful graphics
I love to play it

geeko 2011.02.15
cool ending and the gameplay too

Colvin 2011.02.14
Its a good game and graphics too.

lordsilver 2011.02.14
Found all the 3 ending. They were really hot especially the one with Jess

deepakshihot 2011.02.13
I like this game... Good graphics... I think its nice to handle a girl for a change but still awesome game.. loved it...

damiancho 2011.02.13
me gusto mucho es divertido quiero mas jeugos de ste tipo yeha

hubi 2011.02.12
this game are nice with a good graphic

chris8822p 2011.02.12
wow good game the graphics are nice and the music is really good

Darkkakashi188 2011.02.12
Great game but could be better though.

S3cr3tiv3 2011.02.12
Great i got all the endings

bense88 2011.02.11
you can say what you want but a nice game indeed

jamrsf 2011.02.11
a little buggy but an alright game.

jimmyswizzle 2011.02.11
Pretty good. A VDG game that doesn`t rely on the same much used set of locations and juggling how drunk you get your date and what present you buy her in order to determine whether or not you get lucky. A female protagonist, even if a rather cliche one, adds something of a twist too. Not spectacular, but at least a deviation from the norm.

ddm98 2011.02.11
excellent game good graphics

aflac123 2011.02.10
dude i think the main girl is freakin hot

liguify 2011.02.10
The main character is beautiful and the game is fun and exciting. Plus really good graphics.

Tiger21 2011.02.10
Not bad, but Vdategames graphics aren`t too good & I prefer the original Ariane B game.

kinga 2011.02.10
Anyone know the lesbian ending?

romalijeco 2011.02.09
Interesting spin on this kind of game , i like it

dzikmen 2011.02.09
The graphics are getting better and better. Keep it up!

CapnMorgan 2011.02.09
I think there are some bugs in this, but overall this is one of the harder ones I`ve seen like this. Lots of fun though. The bugs could be related to Chrome vs. Firefox.

suli 2011.02.08
i like this game ~!
sad ther is no sound :(

Salander 2011.02.07
I get an error when she masturbate on the couch

PaanuBlue 2011.02.07
Nice game.
Getting the guy laid seems to be too easy though.

Death6God 2011.02.07
This game is great. I like the graphics. But it could have been better though.

LoveLaugh 2011.02.07
good game could have been better

mik201 2011.02.07
the animation could of been better but i really enjoyed the game

twitter 2011.02.07
good,ok game with nice graphics but not a good story

Zeke24a 2011.02.07
love the game and i got three endings, but the boss ending doesnt seem to work

LtCmDData 2011.02.06
awesome game, love the multiple endings

Kopeleto 2011.02.06
THE GAME IS GREAT .... But has one bug ... that i hate ... At the second day when she is in the couch and watching adult movie or is it just for me ?

djviking1 2011.02.05
it was a nice game but i didnt understand it the graphics was great

Nick2 2011.02.05
It is nice and hot game with super and beautiful girls!!!

albert_over 2011.02.04
interesting game...nice endings

gelatinous bob 2011.02.04
Can there be more options after she visits the two stores on tuesday?

warburton19 2011.02.03
amazing game cant wait till the next one

xalukardx 2011.02.03
Chaotic is doing an interesting project, but I think he needs to work harder. I`m on of the few who paid for the official site - and there is not so much more over there. It`s per 3 months but I get the feeling that I won`t get much out of it in that time.

Drakonous 2011.02.03
every of the 4 endings a very good, played the game several days before
if you copy the url from the opened window into your browser, you can control the game much better

Dukan 2011.02.03
I like the game it just is a bit hard to get the interesting ending without walkthrough

Adam_10485 2011.02.03
Great game but! I find it sometimes a bit glitchy, maybe only me but that was a huge drawback in my opinion. Other then that it was a great game.

gradandrei2006 2011.02.03
The idea is actually not that bad. But it feels it is more about the dick than the cute girl.

magic2hr 2011.02.02
Not the greatest but not bad! graphic and hotspots are nice

magic2hr 2011.02.02
nice game! played it through all endings, only problem is that i think the endings are a little boring

mediclang 2011.02.02
Sara is hot! I would love to play with her more, but the story is so short!

heatround2011 2011.02.02
I liked this game and I got all four endings. I love the boss, she is hot

Ollie 2011.02.02
really good game, fun to play and discover all the different endings, would like it if there were more options as well!

mageofdoom50 2011.02.01
awesome game. does anyone know how to get the lesbian ending?

0904038 2011.02.01
decent enough game, relatively fun while it lasts

linnus 2011.02.01
Very nice game. Good graphics and interesting animations.

kurokoi792fuji@gmail.com 2011.01.31
Unique interactions, and the women and man are full of little quirks in being their own character.

bdous 2011.01.31
nice game too bad u have to donwload it

joeschleb 2011.01.31
Yum...Sara`s worth the effort.

triplex 2011.01.30
Really great developed game but I can`t seem to use the beads.

elchico12 2011.01.30
managed to get all endings, fun to figure it out on your own

Hunter99004 2011.01.30
Good game, no issues on a request, that would be that you could do the boss or the friend with the strap on....

Endziuxxx 2011.01.30
these games seem to follow the same pattern like previous games like rachel or crystal, one time I tried to play all of "virtual game dates" but the more I played the more disappointed I was getting . the very first of your games "crystal" (assuming it was the first, sorry if I am mistaken) was a masterpiece, I mean multiple endings and the amount of choices you can make and most of them had a different consequence.. it blew my mind, I couldn`t wait to play next game of yours. but it just seemed you just got lazy, no offense, after that. If you are reading this, and I doubt that you are, my advice is- just take your time man, don`t rush into releasing because your fans are getting impatient. think things through.. even if it takes you six months , hell even if it takes you a year or two, but make it count, make it another masterpiece man

hozaykwairvo 2011.01.30
The virtual date games are always great. I just wish that there was a way other than reading walkthroughs or playing through the game repeatedly to at least have a clue what the results of your actions will be. It`s almost impossible to get a decent ending the first time through one of these.

truyers 2011.01.30
more games please....

iggi3132 2011.01.30
with this comment i get more than 100 points

khalidakhtar 2011.01.29
the game is good and graphic are nice, 2bad my net is slow :)

ILIKECHEESE 2011.01.29
This game is really cool, And i like the animation Very great game!

Fly88xx 2011.01.29
Good game, want to see more of those ones

AIVAS 2011.01.29
It won`t let me play... I don`t get it...

Creator19 2011.01.29
I didn┬┤t found how to get the lesbian ending, but I liked the game. If you wanna spend a good time, this is the way...

J Creezy 2011.01.28
Got the endings, animations were up to par.

billside 2011.01.28
How do you get the solo ending?

whalerack 2011.01.28
great game. needs a bit more. keep it up.

raunak96 2011.01.28
nice game.... nice outfits especially the red costume... n jess was damn sexy!

sanane807 2011.01.28
that`s great game. i like this game that`s very sexy.

rob36 2011.01.28
Does anyone know how to get the lesbian ending

nathanblake 2011.01.27
cant seem to get many alternate endings! good game though

NuclearNinja 2011.01.27
easy to play but fun enough

jeanmimel 2011.01.27
nice game, easy & good graphics, need more sex action i though

bos13 2011.01.26
I enjoyed this game but not enough sexuality!!!

abashantix 2011.01.26
sarah is naughty christmas girl

Sirius1990 2011.01.26
the graphics for this game are great

magic2hr 2011.01.25
i wish there was more to do during the sex scenes otherwise i found it kind of boring

grey 2011.01.25
Great game to bad it wasn`t longer, or if they gave you two weeks to biuld up confidence. oh by the way dose anyone else get an error page when you strip down and masterbate to the adult channel on tuesday?

asheme 2011.01.25
Kind of difficult the controls.. does anyone had any problems with it? In general, this games doesnt have so much interaction

djjerks 2011.01.25
can`t wait for the next one, good endings.

trencin 2011.01.25
good but hard to finish with lesbian ending

hungrob81 2011.01.25
good game but can be difficult.xx

husten 2011.01.25
nice, but too many bugs for me

gradandrei2006 2011.01.25
Nice game has a few bugs hope

Law 2011.01.24
Nice game has a few bugs hope they fix them

notyet1234 2011.01.24
from the girls point of view, thats different

101sexy 2011.01.24
i love the ending to the game and the graphics are wicked

Elementeca 2011.01.24
I`m stuck on what job to get her. I need help

Speedy1977 2011.01.24
very nice game with lot of storie...
the babys where fine too

bc 2011.01.24
fun game.... liked the graphics and different endings

yaris98 2011.01.24
very nice game with lot of storie...
the babys where fine too

fkf,fq 2011.01.24
magnificent game only it would be desirable more terminations

MegaMasterBlaster 2011.01.24
I think it was a boring story

Nicolinho 2011.01.24
There are more bug in this game!!!

angel_boy 2011.01.23
awesome game, hot girls, but a little hard.

vash42 2011.01.23
I even downloaded this one, it`s quite hard

BladeSin 2011.01.23
These games are pretty fun and the girls look amazing. Nice job

snoopy666 2011.01.23
Nice gameplay and graphics - keep on publishing such games!

u2man69 2011.01.23
Its a pretty good game. I like how you play as the chick.

callmebast 2011.01.23
well, its alright, but not the best.

Rimboythreeinch 2011.01.23
Nice lesbian scenes, interesting game. Time to introduce a male secretary role play, where he can make out with the MILF boss, younger colleague, or a sexy TS shemale, which he doesn`t find out til she undresses!

mattbro 2011.01.23
I love it from the girl`s perspective! Hot game. It would be nice to be able to do a few things on the PC.

fishbrain 2011.01.22
good game i like how you control what she does

bootypirate72 2011.01.22
Overall good game, got all four engings

Alsheimer 2011.01.22
a bit hard to get through but nice one

Costas 2011.01.22
Not the greatest but not bad! graphic and hotspots are nice

n3mes1 2011.01.22
very nice game. good graphic and simple find hotspot

mayor 2011.01.21
Fun history as the protagonist performs several roles should be longer history

pornoman6666 2011.01.21
this is def one of the best VDG games yet. I wish there would be some more nudity mixed into the game and that the sex scenes would be longer, though

Bigvoltron33 2011.01.21
It was a fairly interesting game, with a decent amount of replay value. The graphics are superb, although the animation is both weak in content and visual stimulation.

All in all, not the best erotic flash game but one worth playing for fun.

sutty 2011.01.21
good game, need to find some other endings but there is some good guides in the comments check em out.

uraboy 2011.01.21
good game for a virtual 3d game

paddywhack 2011.01.21
all endings are great love this game

smilinjym 2011.01.21
I think this game is a lot of fun and the girls are smokin`! I have a question though...has anyone found out how to use the anal beads? I can`t find where they are used. Maybe a combo with the other toys or something? Even a hint would be nice. Thanks

jcole 2011.01.21
Thanks for the tips i found here, it was great.

anacche 2011.01.21
It`s great to see a lot of options, and representations within the game, great visuals, fun game, although frustrating at times.

Raichiu 2011.01.21
These date games are so good but so hard... Still this one is very interesting. Boss ending is hardest imo though

lover3857 2011.01.20
Very good game, but it is kind of hard to find out all the different endings without the walktrough. The girls are so freaking hot. Keep out the good work!

sk8erman41 2011.01.20
Its a very fun games, and it has a few endings to

yankslover753 2011.01.20
fun but its really hard to get the boss ending

thehotboy 2011.01.20
bizon1978 thank you very much!

king2pm 2011.01.20
i loved this game, so amazing, cool

pietje119 2011.01.20
this is a really good game i enjoyd

fistrojander2 2011.01.20
Very entertaining and replayable, the same as the other games made by this author.

It`s a pity that some scenes are unreachable due to 404 errors.

ungjente 2011.01.20
Nice game loved det grafics keep up the good work PFO :)

bronzecin69 2011.01.20
really gets you thinking and the juices flowing. Great game.

mrcoolerz 2011.01.20
Great game! managed to get all the endings thanks to the guides:)

pankajsri25 2011.01.19
game is consuming a lot of time to get load. can`t it be faster?

MACHOTEASER212 2011.01.19
this game was okay didnt really sastisfy me though

TXRaistlin17 2011.01.19
great twist to the dating games

omid_mhp 2011.01.19
great game, nice graphic, and original story

ptalgh 2011.01.19
great game!!! And the girls is nice..great

jawel 2011.01.18
Is there many end possible?

wasltweasle 2011.01.18
just like the other virtual dating games, this game was great. found ending with Jess and boss. any other endings?

xxxPeanutxxx 2011.01.18
Fantastic idea, wasn`t sure about playing as the girl but it worked out great, I love it, so much better than those boring MnF type games, seriously, wd

roundroom 2011.01.18
great game!!! Wish there were more encounters

adytza9621 2011.01.18
nice game i love it...nice graphic nad great gamplay

snozzo 2011.01.18
got an error is all on this game, with just the hello my name is line and nothing else.

karakurt 2011.01.18
I cant found different endings :(

bizon1978 2011.01.18
thehotboy!! kelly is a mobile phone right corner on the screen

lobao 2011.01.17
very good game, but a little dificulty sometimes.

thehotboy 2011.01.17
Who can say me, how i can Visit Kelly to get a QUEST (on my account)????

pls answer

NiGHTS4life 2011.01.17
I need help to get the ending with the Office Guy. When you`re back home on day 2 the only option is to sleep.

satvik 2011.01.17
very very very good games

satvik 2011.01.17
i like theese type of games

weekendpoker 2011.01.17
another fun game had a blast boss ending is not working for me yet

linkinpark965455 2011.01.17
good game/...interesting..

sexeddict 2011.01.17
Another challenging game where getting all the possible endings is gonna take the entire week ! :P
Great utlization of the click-to-the-next-scene, imo could be improved by loading all images at first rather than loading each time it is clicked, could way improve the pace of the game.

scannatore 2011.01.17
Great game, but the escort work is too short. Maybe improving it with more scenes?

alexus68 2011.01.16
i want more type of this game

zip0186 2011.01.16
great game i liked the change up on the main character also you can get the boss ending w/o buying the strap on (less im wrong and i bought it and forgot thats the one i bought)

tomlovesanal 2011.01.16
great gameplay good graphics and good storyline

osugobucks91 2011.01.16
nice game, but it just needs something more

MDLS 2011.01.16
i like the game, a lot of options, but it could have some way to get a threesome

hoptirinay 2011.01.16
enjoyable but we`re waiting for more specific things

peter33 2011.01.16
Nice game , i missed a little bit more action and choices in this game.

godzwig 2011.01.16
not so bad, but a little bit linear

popcorn2002 2011.01.15
easy game nice to play had a lot of fun

lauber 2011.01.15
hm i think its good but it take a time 4 me to load all the stuff

king21 2011.01.15
i got all 4 endings all great scences

fracturelike 2011.01.15
Got guy and lesbian ending - any walkthrough to individual or boss ending?

drock03 2011.01.15
Got all endings i believe. Game was very fun but too short.

dreadwolf 2011.01.15
game play good graphics, animations good good game fun to play

Cobalt77 2011.01.15
nice graphics and story development, little hard to find where the spots to click sometimes.

nightman1869 2011.01.15
really enjoyed found all the ending little harder then some but well worth it..

pratik5887 2011.01.15
this game is really wild and horny. steps are less but easy to complete......i got all the endings and all are good(best). i would like more of it, I mean the game should continue like Jordan 500.

maximini 2011.01.15
good game!!!!!! this is fun

Silveralpha 2011.01.15
Great Game, 4 ending and a lot to do for reach each one!

Maggot4life 2011.01.15
Only issues are a glitch if you manage to get sara to masturbate, and boss ending is dependant on buying strap on, not the dildo :D

salasaro 2011.01.15
not bad,good graphics actually.

Kr4g0tHiC 2011.01.14
Interesting game! good graphics

Finder49 2011.01.14
Great Game Love these and the Graphics WOW!

flying_circus 2011.01.14
not so bad :) a little bit linear, meanwhile

haa 2011.01.14
easy game nice to play had a lot of fun

NotVenom 2011.01.14
I little tricky at first, but a really fun game once you get the hang of it.

AnnaRainbow 2011.01.14
This was a lot of fun! It`s nice to have a game from a female point of view. I would like playing more like this. And both the endings I reached were quite nice :-)

jaguarty 2011.01.14
very interesting game , grfafics are medium.

az89 2011.01.14
got all the end thanks to those who help with the walk through

drackxman 2011.01.14
This is a really fun game. Thanks to all who helped with info on finding all the endings.

7z9 2011.01.14
Good game, really like it being from a girls perspective

DoubleShadow 2011.01.14
Simply great!!!

I loved to play it again and again :D

ifqvp 2011.01.14
fun and not boring, good game !

namor1 2011.01.14
easy, nice grafik, I enjoy it, thx so mutch

carltonfc 2011.01.14
nice game but would be better with more options

Loudelk99 2011.01.14
Got to the boss ending. excellent. Sara could do more at the jobs. Would like to see her and the stripper go at it.

hotcoco 2011.01.13
the game is fun but it goes by fast

zalamier 2011.01.13
great game but hard to get the boss ending.

kenny85 2011.01.13
woops my first comment is 4 another game lol

kenny85 2011.01.13
best game by mnf in my opinion
i like da graphics but i find it tooo short of a game

zeiler88 2011.01.13
what this game is about is fun and the story adds up!

az_a_az 2011.01.13
lots of fun, got most of the endings but the boss one is pretty tricky. A+

xxxMax0731xxx 2011.01.13
LOOOOVE this game. great scenes. although i get stuck in the one with jess and sarah. is there any way for her and her boss to have sex?

kaitokid1990 2011.01.13
ooh, I got all of the endings... nize!

achubbykid 2011.01.13
i think the graphics in this game are great

Mister LD 2011.01.12
yes i finally got to da boss

lobo2453 2011.01.12
A very enjoyable game. great graphics, tremendous storyline.but I think it is too bad that you can`t buy more than one item at a time

flutterbi69 2011.01.12
still a little hinky but most of the bugs are gone. still a pretty good game overall

saysell 2011.01.12
Decent game, took a little getting into

nicks296 2011.01.12
Good game, really like it being from a girls perspective

Ack 2011.01.12
A bit rubbish to be honest

snozzo 2011.01.12
decent games on this site, however the interface can change with each game makes it hard sometimes to figure out how to do certain things. is good that you can play online or off

Mr. Trouble 2011.01.12
Love this game, though need to figure out the Anal Beads

planter 2011.01.12
nice game how do you get the boss?

Andi202 2011.01.12
Wonderful game. Great graphic, and not to easy to play for ...

Shafty71 2011.01.12
Always loved the Virtual date girls and this one seems changing the prospective of the usual dating game...really nice....Ive not found anymore the bugs of the last days...great work again.

swigman 2011.01.12
i still cant get the boss and there is an error when when watching the adult movie and your undressed

conbron 2011.01.12
5 endings, nice graphics, good game

chook2109 2011.01.11
very nice game very good graphics

ninjahunt11 2011.01.11
I`m stuck in the game. how many endings are there and how do you get them?

Thetraveler000 2011.01.11
I`m confused, is it even possible to get her to photocopy her butt on the first day?

DARKMOUNT 2011.01.11

robr 2011.01.11
Sarah 1.2 has just been released. Now, you can get all 4 endings(including the boss). You can play online or download. All important bugs have been fixed/removed. If you think you are running into a bug or a 404 ending, just try a different route because you are not on the correct route.

zantha 2011.01.11
After playing through all 4 endings I find that I`m not so impressed. The game just goes by too fast, and the sex scenes need more variety to them. Maybe if some foreplay was included before they jumped right into sex.

Nimrod 2011.01.11
I liked the different angle it took, being the woman instead of the man, but I am another that cannot get the boss ending, I recieve the error page too after touching herself, don`t know if that is what is needed for the boss ending or if their is another glitch. I just know that at the party only see the boss when she comments on outfit.

travismfw 2011.01.11
Good game - would like to have gotten a better ending though

deethewurst 2011.01.11
I wish you could play this game on the site rather than having to go to another site. Good game though.

nabur1976 2011.01.11
wat a cool funn game i liked it

mago99 2011.01.11
While the game is interesting enough the graphics and animation need to be improved. You would think after all the games he`s done he would have figured that out by now.

timlager 2011.01.11
Nice game, looking out for more! Still would like to see the sex scenes to improve

Madelene 2011.01.11
I have so much fun with this game. It is a little tricky on some places but more for me to play around with. Thank you so much for sharing this game with us! :-)

WhiteRhyno 2011.01.11
Good addictive game, even with the bugs it is still hot

throg_spelding 2011.01.11
The download played a lot smoother that online.

etch 2011.01.11
this was a fun game. Liked the sex scenes especially

Ally 2011.01.11
Good game but bugs with boss, download game got walktrue from rikwar at sharks lagoon with patch fixes , boss ending was working great so where the hints, but Kelly is still the best game IMO

bo bo 2011.01.11
how do i get a different ending

leparty1 2011.01.11
monday-first use the computer in your office and get the modeling job the sit in your and precede to undress. after that talk to jess and comment on her dress and go home.
tuesday-go to your kitchen then go for drinks, when you are back go to the couch and watch the adult movie then leave to go shopping. at the adult get the strap on and at the department store get the bikini, return home.
wednesday- lock office door then sit and then precede to undress. leave office and talk to jess, flirt with her. leave your office again go to the copy room to use the copiers, her breast
thursday- go to you room and put on the bikini(its on underneath) then go to your modeling job pose sexy then continue. remove top and buttom
friday- put on bikini and go to party talk to jess, precede to ending

C.zeni 2011.01.11
graphics was good , the girls were so sexy , i really had fun ;)

deansk 2011.01.11
this is a great series of games - hopefully they get around to fixing this one

Jola 2011.01.11
Great Game! My favorite type of game

gibbo24 2011.01.10
game is pretty good with some good endings

shadowdarklight 2011.01.10
The gamplay was awesome, all the different options, stripper as a job and lesbian endings especially were... creative, awesome game

tomcatdr 2011.01.10
for those who don`t know there is a newer version out now... all 4 ending work!!!

eagleata 2011.01.10
i found all endings. Thank you phyro ;) oh god, that`s hot.

zantha 2011.01.10
This game is really a disappointment because of the bugs. If anyone knows a way around them, please let us know.

sero 2011.01.10
nice story but hard to find endings

Raver 2011.01.10
A little shorter than most of his games, but still very good. Lots of options, though paths are fairly convergent.

mules 2011.01.10
seems to have a lot of bugs in the online version. found a patch on another site that fixes them but still nothing special...should have more sex.

guapo2002003 2011.01.10
Great Game!!!! 4 HOT endings!!

Kedar 2011.01.10
Yeah! The game is good, but something is wrong. After porn movie is page with "Error".
I can`t end story with boss!

Luzi 2011.01.10
after trying around a lot with editing the url, i finnaly found the boss ending.. and its really nice :)

dont know if im allowed to post here how to do it ^^

tky3k 2011.01.10
great game, lots of fun endings.

zagnut2011 2011.01.09
Game crashes when watching adult movie on couch. Otherwise pretty good game.

Patmatticus 2011.01.09
Boss Walkthrough doesn`t work. She went right to bed after shopping. Masterbating on couch leads to bug.

mjwm54 2011.01.09
Well, it sucks that you can only get 3 of 4 endings, but I`m really looking forward to this getting fixed. From what I`ve seen in the stills, the boss ending is the best!

Darkside4ever01 2011.01.09
Great Game! it can get a bit addicting

humptypkt 2011.01.09
fun game. pretty challenging

randy06 2011.01.09
another great dating one got 3/4 diddnt get boss had problems but all is great lie all of them

beaver218 2011.01.09
Can`t get boss ending. I get dildo, costume, then go home and straight to sleep. won`t let me get undressed and watch porn again

argosx 2011.01.09
se disfrita un rato no mas

Baedin 2011.01.09
It is a great game. I can get 3 endings, but the boss seems to have a bug after the adult movie. Hopefully it can be fixed soon.

HeinH77 2011.01.09
I downloaded one version and patched 2 returns:
1 you need an extra point on the first day before continuing so after buying the return is set to living room in stea of the bedroom and going after the boss on wedness day there should be a checkboss4 in stead of gong to boss3_6

Then everything is running smoothly
Gr8 game I enjoyed it a lot

onloone 2011.01.09
nice graphic. storyline is kinna cheesy. movement around the place and actions to be done in the room should be highlighted properly for better game play.

dragon69 2011.01.09
this was fun and quick it was enjoyable

cheese101 2011.01.09
glad to see chaotic expanding his repetoir,good idea,not perfectly executed but done well...the boss is unattainable unless the bug is fixed

ocandela 2011.01.09
Good game. I have found two endings, trying not to read the cheats here.

ukmuppet1 2011.01.09
Love these games have downloaded a load of them i find them orginal and always great to play

tamer 2011.01.09
very of the 4 endings a very good, played the game several days before
if you copy the url from the opened window into your browser, you can control the game much better

paddywhack 2011.01.09
as usual a great game loved it got all endings thank you

docmu 2011.01.09
Sorry for my bad english but i spot a bug.

The day 2, without "go out" and after drink booze,

Go to the lounge
turn on adult channel
do something else
go to the bedroom
undress x2
go to the lounge
watch dirty movie

and i have "host gator"

Bishop1 2011.01.09
I enjoyed it. Seemed a bit smallish but still fun.

Sharpie 2011.01.09
Is the boss ending impossible?

WTFMikey 2011.01.09
Good game - would like to have gotten a better ending though

lm91051 2011.01.08
for the 3 endings i`ve found game play is good, but the endings lack details

lm91051 2011.01.08
Can`t get to the boss ending - stuck with going to bed after going out on Tues.

farkas 2011.01.08
amazing girls, good story.

Kuppz90 2011.01.08
I actually got no ending :p hah , but ill try it again a few times ;D good graphics and all tho

subby 2011.01.08
Very good graphics, its clear lot of work has been put into, looking forward to more of these :)

fuggax 2011.01.08
Im new to this but found the tips in the comments to be very helpful. Good game, just a little confusing to start out.

sexyboy 2011.01.08
I can┬┤t get the boss ending
in day 2 i can┬┤t do all what i must do and if i what the dirty movie than comes an Error.
Someone know why?

david 2011.01.08
Great game, nice graphics and details. Keep the good quality on please!

edwin4483 2011.01.08
fun game with really good graphics

king2pm 2011.01.08
this is a wonderful game and i love it...

gelatinous bob 2011.01.08
I like this game but it cannot be played to the Sarah and Grace ending online.If It could be played to all endings online I would like it more.

ICE Dude 2011.01.08
good game not the best of vdategames but still good

retros1 2011.01.08
I`m still waiting for new episode/ quest with Kelly. This game is good

daveyeah 2011.01.08
nice, sarah is sexy even with the glasses on

mbe32405 2011.01.08
Enjoyed this game. Could eventually use a walkthrough.

juanjo_007 2011.01.08
i like graphics, but i cant complete this one :(

0bamaSux 2011.01.08
I love the game but can`t get out of day 1 with the download version. Keeps saying i need to stick around at work

erpel9999 2011.01.08
i couldn`t get the boss ending

Ricoh124 2011.01.08
Good game, still seems to have bugs playing on line. Day 2 after shopping goes straight to bed so can`t get Jess or Boss endings. Are these bugs going to be sorted out?

themoda 2011.01.08
It`s good, but, is not the better of this games series, are very awesome that this

bidon101 2011.01.08
where is kelly? we want her back

sissa08 2011.01.08
good game. ladies are very sexy ;)

thaura 2011.01.08
phyro the second day don`t work for the boss , are you sure that it ?

dee5dee 2011.01.08
great game lesbian scene is the best

anab 2011.01.08
this game is very good and the girl is sexy

phyro 2011.01.08
Sarah`s walkthrough

The Boss
On day One pick the stripper job, ``dont go to the copy room at all for the boss ending !``
Take her top off while sitting in her office,, go see the boss compliment her go back to office no need to talk with Jess
2nd day , sit on the lounge pick the `adult` porn movie, go elsewhere, kitchen, go out get booze, drink, go out again via the door to the adult store buy dildo `not sure if necessary` then get the Christmas outfit at the store, go home, go to bedroom, get undress, go back to lounge and watch porn movie, go sleep
3rd day. go see Jess talk to her ``shes a lesbian`` back to office lock the office door get undress, then go see the boss and flirt `if you did everything right Sarah will bend over` go home
Day 4. Go do the strip job pick the police uniform, dance , remove the tie, dance, remove belt, dance, remove shirt, dance, remove shoes, dance, remove pants, dance, remove panties, then leave stage go home
Day 5, pick the Christmas dress go to party get the boss, you now know what to do :-)

On day One.. pick the model job, sit take off top, go compliment Jess, talk to the boss, go back to the office go home
2nd day.. sit on the lounge pick the adult movie, go elsewhere, go to kitchen, go get booze, drink, go out, buy strap-on at the adult store then buy the bikini, go home
go to bedroom, get undress, go back to lounge and watch porn movie, go to sleep
3rd day.. Lock the office door, sit and get undress, go flirt with Jess, back to office, now go photocopy breast
4th day..go to bedroom, put the bikini on then go the to the photo-shoot, do all poses wearing bikini and get naked, finish job after talk with photographer go home
Day 5 go to the party in the bikini and meet up with Jess, flirt with her ..take it from there `if she falls asleep on you then you forgot the strap-on`

Office guy
Just do as usual to start on Day 1, pick the escort job from the computer , sit take off top, go flirt with him, back to office,
Day 2, sit on the lounge pick the porn movie, go elsewhere, kitchen, go get booze, drink, go out buy dildo at the adult store then buy the dress at the department store `choose to walk home` when your at home click near the bottom of the bedroom door ` undress but not go to bed` ps: if you choose the middle or top part of the door only option will be to go to bed so dont !! ` go back to lounge watch the porn movie then go to bed
Day 3, Lock the office door, sit and get undress, go photocopy her breast, go talk to Jess, go home
Day 4, go to bedroom , put the dress on, go do the escort job, choose just to kiss the guy then go back home
Day 5, Put dress on go to party, choose the office guy, kiss her, go to her place with him....enjoy

`mind you if you did the same things for Jess or the Boss ending `strip or model jobs you can still get the guy instead pics are different on Day 5 `Friday` hes not too fussy lol

Alone ending do any one of the above, choose job and pick the right outfit at the store for it, make sure you bought the dildo at the adult store as well, go to the party with whatever clothing you bought but choose then to go back home alone, while in bed click on the right side of her room to get the dildo ending

That`s about it..hope I didnt forget anything.......Rikwar

phyro 2011.01.08
The Boss
On day One pick the stripper job, ``dont go to the copy room at all for the boss ending !``
Take her top off while sitting in her office,, go see the boss compliment her go back to office no need to talk with Jess
2nd day , sit on the lounge pick the `adult` porn movie, go elsewhere, kitchen, go out get booze, drink, go out again via the door to the adult store buy dildo `not sure if necessary` then get the Christmas outfit at the store, go home, go to bedroom, get undress, go back to lounge and watch porn movie, go sleep
3rd day. go see Jess talk to her ``shes a lesbian`` back to office lock the office door get undress, then go see the boss and flirt `if you did everything right Sarah will bend over` go home
Day 4. Go do the strip job pick the police uniform, dance , remove the tie, dance, remove belt, dance, remove shirt, dance, remove shoes, dance, remove pants, dance, remove panties, then leave stage go home
Day 5, pick the Christmas dress go to party get the boss, you now know what to do :-)

RobSASR 2011.01.07
Good game. top graphics and good story line. however it Could have been longer and had more sex scenes in it.

Kotton24 2011.01.07
Very good game good job on this one

ron111 2011.01.07
To get boss ending, you need to download game, or it doesn`t work!!!

shinobialx 2011.01.07
it`s nice to choose action for the girl this time

666fox 2011.01.07
really nice game... working on "boss"ending ;)... sometimes the RIGHT idea will come^^

noxblood 2011.01.07
nice game! played it through all endings, only problem is that i think the endings are a little boring

markh2 2011.01.07
Lesbian ending is with bikini to party

Endymion73 2011.01.07
Very nice game, as Chaotic`s games always are. Requires a bit of thinking, which is good!

DoubleShadow 2011.01.07
Very great!!!
I love this sort of games, please show me more ;D

hayden1 2011.01.07
Great game, but still trying to get the Boss ending

bobothecubanmidget 2011.01.07
The game has great potential, but I get easily annoyed when they`re buggy like that. Hard to enjoy myself.

AYORK 2011.01.07
Nice game has a few bugs hope they fix them

castilho 2011.01.07
How can i get the different endings?

Stewby 2011.01.07
Great game, Found the 3 endings, just need to find the boss ending. Probably get that when bugs fixed.

Loudelk99 2011.01.07
Need to fix the boss ending. Can`t get to it.

Hagbard_Celine 2011.01.06
Nice game but i kcant fuck the boos

Santana 2011.01.06
ok i found it too the masturbating on couch.day 2 buy alcohol drink it sit on couch turn on adult channel go to bedroom undress than return to lounge sit on couch and she touch her self but to bad that after that page error 404.i hope the fix it.i had all other endings but not whit boss

robr 2011.01.06
To get the `solo` ending, make sure you buy something from the adult store. The ending with the boss has a bug in it that will not allow you to get the correct result when you flirt with the boss on day 3. Once this bug is fixed, the path to getting Sarah and the boss together is cleared.

osawkew 2011.01.06
I am stuck trying to get the boss can someone help me?

unup91 2011.01.06
Great game, but still trying to get the Boss ending

fracturelike 2011.01.06
I got her :day 2 drink than undrress than back to lounge and watch the dirty movie and BUG is on. No page found. Pls fix it; BTW: any walktrough to boss and solo ending?

mjwm54 2011.01.06
Still no boss or masturbation on the couch. :(

lvcvcb 2011.01.06
a different way to play a date sim

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