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Virtual Date - Rachel Part 2


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HOTTOMMY85 2017.10.10
I LOVE RACHEL! this one was better than the first more choices, more girls, and very, very, very, very hot.

marcus747 2017.08.10
As always, Rachel is hot and easy to get in the sack. A nice little game that`s not too difficult to navigate. Boobies!

samsmith1169 2017.08.09
Rachel is one of the sexiest characters on here! I love to imagine eating her out

mikerules1 2017.04.21
Great story, really makes you think of the choices

kaftos 2016.09.11
Same as part one..Mediocre graphics and kinda short game

perrango 2016.08.14
Great animation, plenty of girls, not that easy, not that hard, this game feels just right

buttlover2169 2016.03.20
played the first one, this is probably even better

jessy555 2016.02.20
deffenitly one of my fav,,,for 3some and lesbian sceens..lots of replay

SarahNewton33 2015.12.22
it was kind of thought but easy in the same time... continue like that

SarahNewton33 2015.12.22
i play 2 times and i have to say that it was really good !!!


SarahNewton33 2015.12.22
wow ! one of my best game ever play ! I suggested for you !
Nice graphics and story !
Guys continues !

nomnom789 2015.11.11
Another good one. Love playing

ArthasMenethil88 2015.09.27
I use to hate these type of game but then after learning some walkthrough and some trick now I`m starting to love these type of game but sadly just Free one not Member one :(

picatcho 2015.08.21
i suggest you to play this game

fergal 2015.04.30
Good game, a bit tricky, lots to do.

john milton 2015.04.19
rachel has been always a sexual fantasy of mine, since i`ve seen her for the first time!
so sexy.... can`t forget you

Arhees 2015.02.21
Love the graphics and all the options.

cameronw 2015.02.18
really strong game and quite difficult too

donsmith 2015.02.07
way better than the first one

sirbob1967 2015.02.07
great game loved the actions

hentai 01 2015.01.29
Graphics and animations ok
pretty girls but too simplx gameplay

hentai 01 2015.01.29
really like these virtual date games, have not played a bad one yet!

smaximus 2015.01.20
story and gameplay is great. sex scene could be better

Beedge69 2015.01.14
Love this series of games and this is a better sequel than the first ;-)

lurking 2015.01.08
Rachel looks so innocent. Hehe... ;-)

Iva_bigun_12 2015.01.05
great game, great graphics, sexy girl

§§ 2015.01.05
Best game so far, nice overall with graphics and story, got me horny.

pyanzabraham1980 2014.12.17
Great games like the story and the gameplay
Quite addictive

petergaard1 2014.12.01
very good, way better than the first game.

ttomcat 2014.11.20
Racheal is super hot. go to the nightclub and hook up for a threesome. great ending

Road Ninja 2014.11.14
Rachel is one hot blonde and it`s great the you can work it into a foursome with her two friends.

Hood1703 2014.11.04
Interesting game, although I only seem to have her fall asleep on me.

Ironman49 2014.10.26
Love the game and storyline and the graphics are great.

pieffepi 2014.10.26
Super nice game with very sexy characters. The story is simple but cute. The only area of improvement I can think of is the sex scenes that could be better

handsome15 2014.10.04
I wonder where you find those amazing games guys

akshit11 2014.09.12
the game is too awesome i am doing this just for points -_-

Iva_bigun_12 2014.07.14
great game, really fun to play

bitz94 2014.07.12
The Graphics quality is nice as usual so is the gameplay.

forgotten prince 2014.07.09
way better than the first game

Ramses93 2014.07.04
Much better than the first one

Rahat1212 2014.06.28

dadykid 2014.06.18
a bit to long time to load on the sex scenes but i`m ok with the game. Awesome graphics and Rachel is damn HOT

makila94 2014.06.16
im a pretty fan of this kind of games and this one was no exception

kuydster 2014.06.11
the whole game was all right. could have been improved, but definitely with playing.

beralt 2014.06.09
awesome game the endings were awesome

Raio10 2014.05.11
another great game never knew about this until now will play this again sometime.

Safsbro 2014.05.09
Interesting good game :)

Nazgul62 2014.04.11
A very nice and good game. I enjoyed playing it!

a1xyz 2014.04.06
One of the better games! Look for different endings, have fun,

Abraxis 2014.03.22
Great game, and great style too! Not only are the girls hot, but the locations look great too! They look as though someone went out and shot them on camera.

SGreasly 2014.02.16
Great game and graphics. My fav!

gariman8 2014.02.08
great gameplay nice game pf1

soulslayer 2014.01.31
love this game, it has replay value to it

KingTanner 2014.01.26
Great game, Rachel is amazing, as are the endings

asdwerte 2014.01.09
great game, graphics are good and girls are very sexy

Serntez 2014.01.09
Thought it at first buggy since I needed 8 attempts till I finally managed to have sex. Now I got all endings except the bj in the park... the stripper is super hot.

akshit11 2013.12.23
i like this game good graphics

lovepussy23 2013.12.06
a vey good game very sexy
give it 5 stars

Inchigo 2013.11.17
I enjoy the game. the endings are very good ...

supercandy 2013.11.09
I think I will try the first one.

Sam2013 2013.10.26
Another great virtual date. Found threesome, neighbour and secret stripper so far.

nyorz02 2013.10.25
the game was hot and i love the sarah and rachel ending..

Jerezano 2013.10.18
i like the date sim games

maxim204 2013.10.18
Awesome game! I highly recommend it!

geno909 2013.10.10
i need the walkthrough for rachel part 2, cause i`m stuck in this game.

play67station 2013.09.30
awesome game with great endings

member 1 2013.09.29
it is a beautiful game it really really liked it i would suggest others to play this game
it is the best

noogad 2013.09.20
amazing game great quality and sexy endings

traffic_x1 2013.09.17
Great game, enjoyed the endings... :)

ad1021 2013.08.03
great game!!
its got fabulous endings!! :D
just loved it

11Laurens 2013.07.26
Freaking good graphics and soo sexy

krish91189 2013.07.24
this game series is good. the girl was very sexy

Rowena 2013.07.17
I really love that game, kinda short but still fun.

SnowRMk 2013.07.07
Fucking Awesome game played it like three hundred times

DiegoJAyala 2013.06.25
Great game. I`ve enjoyed the six endings.

monkeydude420 2013.06.17
One of my favorites I like the threesome options.

autopilot 2013.06.15
Loved the threesome ending!

Eyeseeker333 2013.06.13
Another WILDLY exciting game with amazing girls. Loved the foursome ending, although, ha.. who wouldn`t?

Landon469 2013.06.11
Good game, much better than the first one

hugedick88 2013.06.07
I liked the fucks with them.

sanju007 2013.06.03
Flash content does not load

shaggy629 2013.05.31
really good game great graphics

gigiolo69 2013.05.29
Really hot game with some awesome girls

girthy 2013.05.24
totally hot girls ... lots of endings
very good game

jtestba 2013.05.18
best game of the of the 2. best game play graphics and sound

adadd 2013.05.13
wow is was hot, i was comming

dark-minded 2013.05.09
very good game, i liked it a lot

peppis 2013.05.05
Liked this game alot, had good graphics but almost too manny options

Gibsmir11 2013.03.30
This game is really great and doesnt get boring at all

Dave719 2013.03.23
Oh I love Rachel, what a honey. Sex scenes could be better though.

Howler81 2013.03.19
Both parts are really good. I luv that Rachel is Bi. As a guy, that`s great! But as with most of these, there`s no sound: (( And hardly any foreplay with the ladies. I luv to explore a woman`s many virtues, otherwise Fantastic!

chrisa 2013.03.18
Great game, one of my favorites

rippintide 2013.03.15
good graphics and action multiple endings all are hot

Gangstabill1984 2013.03.11
I like that it is many endings, so you can choose with ending woy want

andrey2203 2013.02.16
got it all...very nice game

ashleymassey59 2013.02.15
great game and second part to the racheal series

CB54 2013.02.13
Really hot game with some awesome girls; just needs a little more control.

a80123 2013.02.13
I reached just 2 ends .. one with Rachel alone n bed and the second is with the sad girl on her birthday ..

gaford 2013.02.10
Nice game, just doesn`t seem to go anywhere with a plot. Great looking Rachael, though!

JBourneFTW 2013.02.07
I love these games with multiple endings, very sensual game.

milany 2013.02.06
great game. great girls but the casino part is hard...

wallenalle 2013.01.29
Great game. vdategames rachel is one of the best. 5/5

Gordn3 2013.01.27
Nice story and grafic , good game but way too simple.

HotWedge 2013.01.27
Shes my fav character in these games, hot

mariemassacre 2013.01.26
this game is super exciting because you have no idea what happens if you say the wrong thing.

1d rocks 2013.01.19
nice but its a bit hard tats what i dont like about it

Mr. Magic 2013.01.09
Even better than part one. What I wouldn`t do to date a hot chick as free spirited as Rachel.

tradeononline 2013.01.06
its taking a lot of time to get loaded ..but i need to play

zenginoglu_yasar 2013.01.03
great game. no doubt it. i loved this game.

casillasvvbb 2013.01.01
i really love rachel and love her games because her very sexy

fucker123@ 2012.12.30
nive grahipcs .
Rachale is hooot

Rotagivan 2012.12.18
It was tough to finally get her naked.

hungandhard725 2012.12.18
i think keeley might be my favorite girl on this website

MDona 2012.12.17
This is a great game. Wait for part 3
Rachel is very hot

kaitokid1990 2012.12.14
Woah... this game took me quite a while to finish...

HotAllan 2012.12.12
Fuck this,he is really hot

Diablos 2012.12.08
Damn Rachel just gets Hotter and Hotter.

This is definitely going in my favourites.

mafranco 2012.12.07
this game is awesome the graphics are incredibles!!!!!!

notes1 2012.11.25
There`s a lot of endings, so I feel like there`s a lot of replayability, and the graphics are pretty good, but I didn`t feel as involved when I was playing it

Xanderheart 2012.11.25
sexy women really great bodies

yashar 2012.11.19
great game. no doubt it. i loved this game.


wadester234 2012.11.16
great game play, though one of these games needs to end ina creampie or something a little more sexy

Pecos_Bill 2012.11.13
This is a great game. All the endings are great, getting the blowjob from the stripper is lots of fun. And Sarah is also such a cutie, not to mention Rachel

hitsushi 2012.11.11
I always like virtual date girl game.. This game is so lovely

Horgretor 2012.11.09
Excellent game I love the scenery. And the girls ;). Sound, sound, sound!

chudak 2012.11.06
YES: great game , I like the date sims

cityyelowlollipop 2012.11.05
This is a very nice game and has good graphics..:)

zoobida 2012.11.05
this is a sexy game had huge fun playing it

Ceaxy 2012.10.29
good game...nice graphics

roughrider 2012.10.27
rachel is hot still it could be iteresting

Anatik 2012.10.25
oh man that chick is hot:) niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice game (Y)

mapcabra2 2012.10.22
awesome the best game i ever play
i recommmend it

Steveaux 2012.10.12
Glad they revisted this one. She is a lot of fun

Dragoneyes 2012.10.10
One has to admire Rachel`s quirky personality. Full Of Spunk Knows what she wants. She is still one of my favorites.

nssd702502 2012.10.04
great game. nice graphics.

AKK! 2012.10.03
Me do like this game cuz very nice graphics and much options...sii

meestazak 2012.09.23
Wow, great game a bit long but all in all pretty good.

happy5hour 2012.09.20
great game could of had a better sex scene

kaizerblood 2012.09.17
good games and nice graphics

makila88 2012.09.17
it was really complicated but not hard or impossible
6 points

harmann 2012.09.16
its my favorite game wonderful!

Huhwell 2012.09.14
Rachael is fun. She is down for anything. Love the graphics.

jahe 2012.09.11
a lot of ending,great
the graphic`s great too

Karvakamu 2012.09.09
How do i can put this in to my favourites??

eoin69 2012.09.08
great game, good variety of endings

howdy1 2012.09.06
Great game, sneaky at times but fun to play.

2b4ever 2012.09.03
like this game very much plz game some more game like this one.

deadsnake 2012.08.29
this is a great game. very hot

biochm98 2012.08.28
fun game...will play some more

gamer470 2012.08.25
The foursome ending is really amazing all three of them are very hot.

Twiddis 2012.08.19
There`s a lot of endings, so I feel like there`s a lot of replayability, and the graphics are pretty good, but I didn`t feel as involved when I was playing it.

picadores 2012.08.17
Rachel is always the best dating girl. Great game

derda 2012.08.13
Good addition to the first game, lots of endings and a challenge to find them all

robd_7 2012.08.12
Great game nice bunch of endings could use a few more sexual positions

Superdawg18 2012.08.11
this game is amazing there are a lot of choices which means you can come back and play multiple time for a different ending :)

Rasha 2012.08.10
this game is nut`s, good graphics tho`

iamwise 2012.08.09
like this game very much plz game some more game like this one

getcool42 2012.08.04
yay part 2! i loved part 1. pls make a part 3 this series will be so cool

DarthBill 2012.07.27
Nice complex game with many possibilities and great graphics.

badb0ys009 2012.07.27
It ok, game not soo much interesting. great graphics and animation.

trendo 2012.07.22
great graphics and animation, realy enjoyed it

kalaunni 2012.07.22
ok ok game not soo much interesting

Sexxxyboy 2012.07.11
Another good game with good graphics.

corotand 2012.07.08
there are many endings i have not tried. i will do my best to overcome all of them.

corotand 2012.07.08
if you want to fuck rachel, drinking and dancing are important.

corotand 2012.07.08
after about tring for 17 times, i succeeded put my pines into rathel`s pussy!

corotand 2012.07.08
i have many difficulties at the first several tials. i only get rachel`s tops off without fuck her.

musesx 2012.07.06
Rachel is hot, quite hard to get to endings without help

kilted 2012.07.06
Lots of fun, a great Part 2 to an really fun game.

branknock 2012.07.03
nice game. part one was/is better. good graphic`s game play ok

Marinejedi 2012.07.02
This games is great trying to get all endings is fun. Repeatability is always a great thing in a game.

WayneB 2012.06.23
A few texture improvements would help so Rachel doesn`t look Photoshopped. This game is challenging in that choices made sometimes only affect options available later (so one cannot tell right away if that was a good decision... and might never know what was never made available because of a decision). Some save-points would be good.

kari69 2012.06.22
nice perfect o like this game

Sacklbicka 2012.06.19
rachel part 1 was definately better, anyways, glad to see a part 2

cewj1967 2012.06.19
Rachel: virtual date is another favorite. Great graphics and game play. There are plenty of options to choose from to make this game a real winner.

ravitavi 2012.06.17
the game make crazy and make me to play the game again and again............................

rickynewbie 2012.06.13
i really love this girl.. but megan is hotter i think :D

[BY]WEGAS 2012.06.10
Awesome game!!! Found all endings

Matt0909 2012.06.08
What`s the basketball for??

Faker331 2012.06.03
great game, eventhough it´s very hard to find all endings

sexykelly166 2012.06.02
very helpful and funny game need lots more of dating games

Soul Assassin 2012.06.01
Nice game with new possibilities..thanks for the tutorials they help alot

lokativ 2012.05.27
Gameplay as always a bit simple, but good graphics and multiple endings really makes this game.

nabur76 2012.05.25
wow a real good game i liked it so much

iloveboobs92 2012.05.25
Excellent game. Great graphics and animations.

ifuckyourmom7 2012.05.25
Very hot game! Great animations. Rchel is ver hot.

ap_bhoot 2012.05.24
nice game somewhat different from other games...but nice

sittingduck58 2012.05.23
Good game, I always like sex with Rachel

Ryuuken 2012.05.22
I love the virtual date series, and Rachel part 2 is one of the best!

tmarkley 2012.05.19
this game is great, enjoyed it a lot

sam1680 2012.05.19
l. I feel that the designers can really kick ass if they wanted too. Appreciate your efforts though as it`s easy sitting on this end and commenting without understanding why and how the designers work.

roni@cox 2012.05.17
this games great. the guide below is correct however i was unable to get he park ending possibly because of an update. also the stripper ending was not clear. when the guid says left or right it means the option closest to the ball on the left or right. (press tab to see them) the options on the far left or far right always miss. hope that helped someone out :)

baily 557 2012.05.15
someone HELP MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! first part

baily 557 2012.05.15
someone heel me fisrt part begging

Blackstealth87 2012.05.14
Nice game and funny ! good job

Giexa 2012.05.11
nice game with great animations

Dragon1337 2012.05.03
The foursome is very hot, recommonded to everyone.

nikki_hunter84 2012.05.03
Rachel is the hottest VDG girl yet!

raimillend 2012.04.22
this game is one of the best games

deathscythe 2012.04.21
Probably better than the first game.

zgoregeek 2012.04.19
another great game, gotta love rachel, great gameplay and graphics

Akrasjel 2012.04.12
Greatest Game I`ve ever seen . Its so hot !

Atlas500 2012.04.12
It`s almost ridiculous how sexy I found Rachel, nice job

lastgasp 2012.04.11
like the idea of multiple endings, gotta watch `em all!

jap 2012.04.08
sexy girl and nice story
that`s great

glukos37 2012.04.07
urmmm their should have been more venues on this verison i i think

pyanzabraham 2012.04.06
i love this game so much..good graphic,ending was awsome..

akp_007 2012.04.03
The offsite games at their site are also worth looking at. Very good games and quite hard to master

johnandjohnful 2012.03.30
Rachel is so sexy !! x]

crabb 2012.03.30
Greatest Game I`ve ever seen . Its so hot !

rimmer 2012.03.28
tough game without the walkthrough

micky2344 2012.03.27
i love this game i would like more like it please

pyanzabraham 2012.03.26
i love this game to much..maybe if have sound i will love this game more..

erfanrassi 2012.03.26
the weather get warm because the game was very hoooooooooot!!!!!!!!

titsrmyfavorite 2012.03.26
i wish that she was my girlfriend

kaiserc 2012.03.25
loved the graphics and interaction :)

jmrem1 2012.03.25
lots of posiibilitys great fucks as well

butman 2012.03.24
urmmm their should have been more venues on this verison i i think

maverickx1416 2012.03.23
this game was great though had a little troble with the first play through

CoMIYC69 2012.03.23
Great game I loved it. Lots of optional routes and you can screw just about everybody.
A little hard without the walk-thrus
Most of the artwork is excellent

Raptorgirl 2012.03.21
Great story line need more games with rachel in it

Redemption12 2012.03.19
Greatest Game I`ve ever seen . Its so hot !

aythar 2012.03.18
nice game i like the girl

johakym 2012.03.17
Nice game and funny ! good job

gogu74 2012.03.16
great story line, super hot girls, awsome game

Chuck22 2012.03.16
Great game, very interesting, make more!

olvaggg 2012.03.11
Wow...nice game ! i love it

shadowcreed 2012.03.11
hot!! nice graphic and animations !!

fffbbb12 2012.03.10
The offsite games at their site are also worth looking at. Very good games and quite hard to master

kjdehn 2012.03.09
great game but i need date with kelly i need to fuck kelly

JagGillarDinmamma 2012.03.08
One of my favorite games on this site

michael27 2012.03.08
having loads of fun in this game
love the endings
and great storyline

nikss 2012.03.06
Great game. Sexy girls. So many different endings you can`t get tired of playing it!

batmancum 2012.03.04
nice game love the story. cant what to see more games

lookin2pls 2012.03.02
Great game can`t seem to stop playing just to see the different endings!

sumitz 2012.03.02
the girl is too hot...nd thnx fr the tips

batucada 2012.02.29
I love this kind of game!
excellent gameplay... and the girls... are HOT!!!
i could play it other 1000 times!

butman 2012.02.26
could have had alot more venues to go around to

batmancum 2012.02.25
any1 like my pic? if so please let me know.

camper5034 2012.02.24
how do i get the two other girls

airforcewun 2012.02.23
almost same like the first part

fluffy1490 2012.02.23
Got to three endings out of five. Very good gameplay.

Rauhe 2012.02.22
so far so good, nice graphics lots of possibilities

Napsacker 2012.02.20
great graphics , nice hints had fun playing

sexyjam 2012.02.20
The gameplay is great and the graphics are really nice. I totally like the amazingly rendered closeup kiss scenes.

Dravish 2012.02.19
good game. not as good as the date with megan, but still fun

cubfan101 2012.02.15
Really liked this game had good graphics

ben12 2012.02.15
nice game and graphics good

Mr_Red88 2012.02.13
Love this game, funny to play and good graphics

conner99x 2012.02.13
Good game, the walk-throughs really help.

LemonSeed 2012.02.13
great game!, i played it several times :p

tigerpirro 2012.02.12
A bit to hard and needs anal. Also there could be more text and pictures to the sex.

divya 2012.02.12
Good game, multiple endings is a plus. Graphics and animation good

ElGeorgioLoco 2012.02.12
Loved it. Great game with plenty of replay value. I wan`t more!

pilot123 2012.02.11
interesting game i like all the options

spatel01 2012.02.08
rachel is hot and i wanna fuck her for real

sausageb 2012.02.08
good story..great scenes...beautiful ladies.

drudder09 2012.02.08
Great game. Love the graphics. Keeps you coming back for more. Sexy girls

stvenjake 2012.02.06
superb game i really loved it :)

madmax45 2012.02.06
Nice game with new possibility !

jameskillzone 2012.02.05
very good game the top comment help me to get though it

chaos911 2012.02.04
like usual the graphics rock and the gameplay is ok but for some reason i keep having to play on a diff site which is annoying

radiantatwork 2012.02.03
sexy game, and a good challenge!

Jack0NZ 2012.02.01
Really hot Milf, I could do her any day bro..

adam111 2012.01.30
great game, love the multiple endings

gre 2012.01.30
Still one of my favorites

lickitung 2012.01.30
Hard at first to find all the endings .. but then i noticed the guide -.-

mahesh4800 2012.01.29
this games great. the guide below is correct however i was unable to get he park ending possibly because of an update. also the stripper ending was not clear. when the guid says left or right it means the option closest to the ball on the left or right. (press tab to see them) the options on the far left or far right always miss. hope that helped someone out :)

Barendd 2012.01.27
Maybe my favorite game. Very good story hope they keep it going

topos1999 2012.01.26
Great game, many good endings,......

appu55 2012.01.26
good game....cute girls...i like it...

jpsacrey 2012.01.26
Good long story game, the graphic is good, i love it.

yoda 2012.01.25
cute girls with a good variety of endings lots to discover there

channick18 2012.01.25
this is a good gime ,part2!!

drudder09 2012.01.25
Great game. Sexy girls. So many different endings you can`t get tired of playing it!

wwe44 2012.01.24
Good long story game, the graphic is good, i love it.

thundertim22 2012.01.24
i realy like this game,. it`s a good story!

freddysaenz 2012.01.21
the game is good like som tips to get through the level of the night club

freddysaenz 2012.01.21
great game and still remains to be descovered

jigsawmoto 2012.01.21
loved it could play it for hours on end

totalcarnage 2012.01.20
I love this kind of game!
excellent gameplay... and the girls... are HOT!!!
i could play it other 1000 times!

dman66 2012.01.19
this game was hot and sexy wish will add more to this to keep the game going

azncookiesz 2012.01.19
sexy game but how to get a good ending?

miller5788 2012.01.19
The game is great. Tried to get the park ending but was unable to get because of an update. Overall a fun game and i still want to get the other ending that i haven`t got yet

pleasurechloe 2012.01.18
this games great. the guide below is correct however i was unable to get he park ending possibly because of an update. also the stripper ending was not clear. when the guid says left or right it means the option closest to the ball on the left or right. (press tab to see them) the options on the far left or far right always miss. hope that helped someone out :)

Bigballerj 2012.01.18
pretty good game and awesome graphics

brit_man33 2012.01.17
That was great, I need to go back and explore ALL the endings.

dany_29 2012.01.16

Show me that your emotions and add at least 3 games to your favorites.

andy34759 2012.01.16
awesome game. it would be better if it had sound or it was animated. but i love it!

betelgeuse49 2012.01.16
Girls are nice and well rendered but the game play sucks. Way too specific a series of triggers to achieve the endings with no clue as to whethe ryou are on the right track. Seriously... have two drinks in a row in the nightclub, leave, go back in, meet the girls, have another drink, then talk to them? You`d need the walkthrough to figure that one out as any more likely to gain success and that rathe rdefeats the fun of playing the game. Not one of my favourites.

Peter22 2012.01.16
Great sexy posing by Rachel going out on the town. And when she gets topless for me that`s fantastic! Excellent rendering of Rachel! However I wasn`t able to have sex with her.

black fairy335 2012.01.15
Really enjoyed the variety of endings.

Jake431 2012.01.15
wow very nice.........very good to play

wwejosh1985 2012.01.14
This is a great game. But it really need sound.

mikicostanza 2012.01.14
very hot game with many awesome endings

Obeaux 2012.01.13
Decent game with good graphics. I guess the secret is to get this girl drunk.

Guillaume 2012.01.11
Good game, multiple endings is a plus

suki37 2012.01.11
Great game,Rachel is like a goddess,keep her coming

playmantwo2 2012.01.10
loved the first part now second make a third!!!!!!!!!!!

Temperor 2012.01.09
Great storyline... Loved all possible endings...

Dman69 2012.01.09
wow, great game, the best ending is the one with rachel and the two nightclub girls

bryanmoo54 2012.01.08
very good game. i hope they can create more games like this

LUCKY.on 2012.01.08
great game!!! virtual date is always the best game here

lionheart478 2012.01.07
The best game i´ve ever played. good graphic .And the animation is also good. At least i reached to the endings with bj, fuck her alone, with neighbour, with the sad woman from the park and the ending with grace an jess.

Ricoh124 2012.01.04
I love this series and its challenges to overcome

qwertyuiop.123 2012.01.02
The story of this game is great and the girls are very beautiful

deedum 2011.12.30
anyone got a good ending? if so, how?

jainneha 2011.12.30
very nice game. seems like reality.

chumak 2011.12.29
very good game . the graphics are great

bondy 2011.12.28
good game turn me on so all is good

brit_man33 2011.12.28
Ahhh. All that work and she went to sleep!!

oliprik 2011.12.26
I enjoy the game. the endings are very good

jvonm 2011.12.24
Had to use the walkthrough to get a decent ending. A bit tedious at times, but still fun to play.

emaznboy 2011.12.24
much fun. i liked the connection with the photographer. it was a nice tie-in

louis_fir 2011.12.23
Couldn`t finish `sex with stripper` ending. Followed walkthrough, but on beach didn`t have option to `catch left` or `catch right` only `catch`. Stripper then leaves

sam00spade 2011.12.22
Awesome graphics. Needed help with game play, but it was worth it!

sam00spade 2011.12.22
Graphics are awesome, but still can`t get to the end.

sam00spade 2011.12.22
Game play is nice, however I end up sleeping everytime. What am I doing wrong?

NEOW 2011.12.21
wow nice game, very good to play

yourself 2011.12.19
HAhahaha, i love it how her top breaks in the club. so hot how she takes it!

erin0127 2011.12.18
i love game and it is so awsome!

redlight 2011.12.18
Great game I like all the challenges and the graphics ROCK!!!!

shuvobd 2011.12.15
great game with nice graphics....

Riesen 2011.12.15
Rachel must be my favourite girl among Passion girls/// love yolu baby

J0hnnyB0y 2011.12.13
really great game, but pretty hard to find all endings without cheating

pontiac20 2011.12.11
Very hot game, looking foward to seeing more of Rachel in future games.

spbba121 2011.12.09
Good very good hot game .LUV LUV LUV

whatcha 2011.12.09
from a one to ten every game i have played has been twenties and they all rock, thankyou to thoose whom made it, and had any part in the stories.
i love this website and the games here this is amazing.

bsalover47 2011.12.09
great game she is hot cant wait for another date

Spud 2011.12.08
Awesome! Great graphics too

Benny100l 2011.12.08
nice game, with 7 endings.

Sumanta 2011.12.07
great game game endings are well graphics well

Lizzie 2011.12.07
Only played part of it, am looking forward to playing some more of this game.

TFHOA 2011.12.06
realy hot chicks and a good story. i like that one!

Les 2011.12.05
liked the story and the variability. Good graphics thugh I`m not personally thrilled with the ovrly large breasts.

bigstick36 2011.12.05
awesome game very sexy girl

ChilledHaos 2011.12.05
Hot game but seen better

rparadis 2011.12.04
have not quite figure this one out yet.

xcoolplayz 2011.12.02
Excellent looking, great visuals as always!

arankakoko 2011.12.01
graphic could be better , good gameplay by the way

Snakejake11 2011.11.30
one of the best games yet

zeeshanas 2011.11.29
nice game with great graphics

passionman 2011.11.27
very good, even better than the first one

cellosoul 2011.11.26
this is a great game. very hot

bunnybeers 2011.11.24
the girl rachel is sooooooo sexy

andy_regresa 2011.11.24
Very good game, in the line of the other of the same company, awesome

Stinkton 2011.11.24
Not bad, but i think the first one is more fun

Pownbitch 2011.11.23
a really good game with relly good sex scenes

temp47588 2011.11.23
Hot graphics and girls, great gameplay. Definitely recommend this game.

woogityboogity 2011.11.23
Love this game. So many possibel endings.

stangdriver44 2011.11.23
Excellent game with many endings, all of which were fun

notes1 2011.11.22
very good graphics... i believe that game play must be better

dcurious 2011.11.21
Loved the endings. Took a while to get anywhere, but once I figured out the pattern it was awesome

dcurious 2011.11.21
Great endings, took me a few tries to get anywhere, but entirely worth it

Keeler 2011.11.21
Wow! This game is amazing! Rachel is a lot of fun ROFL.

ladd 2011.11.21
If you liked this game you should try part one on this site not as good as this one but neither the less good.

matty66 2011.11.21
just how many endings are there anyone remeber when these games were simple

laxguy26 2011.11.21
really difficult without the walkthroughs

rofe01 2011.11.21
Great game, love virtual date games... more games like this plase...!

shadowwolf159 2011.11.20
I reached just 2 ends .. one with Rachel alone n bed and the second is with the sad girl on her birthday .. if u can help in the other 5.

112233q 2011.11.20
thanks for the guides, i got all the endings

peter65 2011.11.15
She`s a great girl, but i guess that i`m to fastgoing tot try and try

dude101 2011.11.15
Good game but the seex scenes could have been better

Blackstone 2011.11.14
Will play again for alternate endings, but other than the great art it wasn`t very interesting. There were plenty of options, but it didn`t seem like the designers were really interested in what they were doing. The girls were hot, though.

dragonstar 2011.11.13
graphicsextremly well detailed

cipix 2011.11.12
I love this kind of game!
excellent gameplay... and the girls... are HOT!!!
i could play it other 1000 times!

pussylover88 2011.11.12
this is the best game ever for puss ylovers like me

sexseeker 2011.11.12
awesome game had sex woth all four

sexseeker 2011.11.12
my sixth time playing and still cant beat it

sexseeker 2011.11.12
it was a good game wish they make some more adventure ones

CoolBlue 2011.11.11
One of the best Datinggames i played and rachel is such an unbelievable slut.

oik01 2011.11.10
loved the first one
cant wait to finish this one as well

Mortarman 2011.11.09
A lot of fun to play and graphics were excellent

hans234 2011.11.09
this is a really amazing game

sereet 2011.11.08
Nice graphics nice end I like it

stephenar 2011.11.08

paulk_277 2011.11.08
Great Game couldn`t figure out all the endings with out the tips

Torro 2011.11.07
Meh. Chaotics games are so dated now.

lucas5D 2011.11.06
os graficos sao bons e qualidade e otima

ctsDanny 2011.11.06
It`s a pretty cool game, but I just don`t see how many people would play it. Unless the person is really into classic older animated games. With the Flash games and choices we have now. I do have to admit that graphics are pretty cool. I just wish that when the game was designed the choices were a lot more visible and clearer than they are. It would make for an easier game play for me.

luo0008 2011.11.05
nice game with a frame by frame progress :D

rebanha 2011.11.05
good gameplay and more good graphic

castilho 2011.11.04
There are 7 endings:
Rachel at home (just strip her on the couch)
Rachel BJ in the park (dance at nightclub, return through park, take shortcut)
Rachel and the neighbor (buy soccer ball, meet her back home)
Rachel and the nightclub girls (compliment them, go back home by train)
Rachel and the stripper (buy beach ball, let Rachel do the strip show)
Rachel and the sad girls in the park (talk to her, buy the present)
Just the stripper (win the roulette by number, proposition her after private show)

rock_star_258 2011.11.04
easy to play and enjoyed alot...........................

Ilovetitties! 2011.11.04
Nice game wiv welll hot girls! I love rachel she is soo sexy making me horrny!

PeterJorer1 2011.11.03
this is a really amazing game

woles 2011.11.03
wow nice game, very good to play

rparadis 2011.11.03
the game play a little hard, but over all not to bad.

charlieoutlaw 2011.11.03
very good graphics but tough going .Rachel is too sexy

tdot123 2011.11.01
Broooooo rachel can suck mah dick, good game yo

Artis 2011.11.01
Playing smart, but she just wonderful and matchless

abuelotopo 2011.11.01
good gameplay and more good graphic

leo007 2011.11.01
the game rox . but u gotta use your brain

rakai_handara 2011.10.31
I like this game.. With many endings and botherless time to finish them. Nice!

vamp_92 2011.10.31
Nice game good graphics need more to do though

Diomedes 2011.10.31
one of the best games on the page

SexyFucker 2011.10.31
i love games like this and this one was amazing and really awesome.

moguel92 2011.10.30
this game is amazing ...!

Shell66 2011.10.30
I LOVE the Rachel games, probably my favorite flash games of all time. Plenty of girls and options. No other flash games has this many "endings" and the variety make it replay happy.

haha I notice the whole cast of "Sarah" made it onto this game which is fine by me.

lilcuckboy69 2011.10.30
Not as good as some of the others... no real animation

mutrommi 2011.10.29
Fun game and sexy endings. The dialogue is weak and does not offer clues though. Hard to figure out what needs to be done so it feels random, like the first Rachel game.

Enki2011 2011.10.28
Awesome game, with lots to do and a very high re-play value. More of this please.

sah49 2011.10.28
too much fun, interesting consequences from choices

ary723 2011.10.28
she is so pretty and sexy

ary723 2011.10.28
this is great game really life like

ghl 2011.10.28
Nice games to play but to hard to have all the endings without read the advice

wytzen 2011.10.27
very nice, nice endings to

TrayZett 2011.10.27
Played both parts of this one and really like it! Nice gameplay and sexy graphics! Keep going the great work - MORE PLEASE!

rock_002 2011.10.27
super game ....nice story

sebgui 2011.10.27
very good game... with gorgeous girl

pranksman 2011.10.26
Game is Amazing! Graphics are awesome as always!

cameroon 2011.10.25
loved the original rachel, the second part is a worthy sequel. Keep it up!

android9677 2011.10.25
I love blonde....what can I say?

noname89 2011.10.25
great quality screen, intresting gameplay and nice multi-choice sistem

benoitb11 2011.10.23
very good quality of the image
she super

buddhika 2011.10.22
dating is always hard.. taken that into this.. very well done :)..

LamboRoscoe 2011.10.22
great graphics and love this game in particular

AnthonyM3 2011.10.22
very good game . the graphics are great

tj7500 2011.10.21
Graphics are great for this game.

incircles 2011.10.21
Hard game to get good endings on, really enjoyed it though. Wonderful endings.

Blourock 2011.10.21
great game.. so many possible endings..

Opalm 2011.10.21
this game has his qualities

forest 2011.10.21
Very good game, I would appreciate more games like this.

TheLyconoar 2011.10.20
Glad whoever made this decided to continue with the story, good graphics and plenty of endings.

noone99 2011.10.19
Difficult game. Found a couple of endings easily enough but had a hard time with the others. Thanks for the walk through.

sluggrj10 2011.10.19
Fun story with great graphics. An excellent Sim!

Shadowzechoz 2011.10.19
an interesting game so many possible endings

Orion9161 2011.10.19
Great Game. better than some which only offer 3 endings

jackrabbit 2011.10.17
Enjoyable, but suffers from the same flaw as all of these games. Not immediately obvious which sections are clickable.

Improve the interface but otherwise good.

jimiren 2011.10.17
Cool Graphics,but too hard !!!

arial1 2011.10.17
nice game with new possibility

DGL611 2011.10.16
Great story and graffics but rather difficult in places

dri 2011.10.16
difficult game, but very sexy

outrage 2011.10.16
nice graphics, but hard to find the proper ending, after several trys, I always endup in the bed

Slice 2011.10.15
very good game, could have more added to it

Avon1991 2011.10.14
Thanks to the people who showed how to get all the endings! Really great game !

darknesslight43 2011.10.13
this is a really fun and cool game

ukeoz 2011.10.13
Brill, lots of variety!

ragini.chirag 2011.10.13
i thnk part 1 ws better...but nice

cmorineau 2011.10.13
Great game, the seconde opus has been more sp??cify. I wait the third with impatience

flampard409 2011.10.13
nice game with new possibility

cody1989 2011.10.13
its ok the first one is better

kronos2121 2011.10.12
Good game, would definately play again!

usar101 2011.10.11
This game was one of the best i have played had fun finding the the endings.

molceonly 2011.10.10
Love it, always love this kind of game, make more curiosity.... hahaha

M03SCH1 2011.10.09
love thoose long games but i never reach all endings

neggis 2011.10.09
nice game, great graphics, easy gameplay.

nowayy 2011.10.09
Great fun sexy game awesome would polay again

TheCaptain 2011.10.08
This is a great game... Some fantastic endings...

ShadowFury 2011.10.08
this game has a realy good gameplay and graphics story was good too keep up the good work

DBK00 2011.10.07
Not as great animation-wise, but still a fun one.

ipe 2011.10.07
rachel is best looking character in games

princessjessica 2011.10.07
Wow! it`s great...i like it...so funny..

nathantckr 2011.10.07
the game was pretty good.

jbkieth 2011.10.07
Weel, I found game interface slow with few choices to make.

yahoo123 2011.10.06
I wonder y i cannot play this game...

Gulli 2011.10.06
Very fun game but far to hard to get every ending without the help of the comments...

ikaruichijoe 2011.10.06
very fun, love the different endings, though should be able to continue date after getting blowjob from stripper

smoke32 2011.10.06
amazing game love all the different endings and choices

Riswords 2011.10.06
awesome, then again the vdates are always very impressive

RickyBalboa 2011.10.05
A game with good graphics and quite hard. Explain well how women are so complicated...

getpor 2011.10.05
awesome game with the hottest chicks and so many endings its great

remoroy 2011.10.05
this game is cool
Rachel is look sexy..........

naughty pilot 2011.10.05
this game is very entertaining, the girl is beautiful and the game just turns me on!

madmikenmolly 2011.10.05
Hot game....the different endings added soem spice to the game...Rachel, needlesss to say was incredibly hot.....could have had some sound effects....some moaning and groaning during sex would have been nice...

ecafyrgna 2011.10.05
i love this game its soo much fun id play this over and over again

varungupta_1992 2011.10.03
great graphics and animation

tre982 2011.10.03
The multitude of endings was nice, but honestly the girl wasn`t as hot as some of the other girls you meet along the way.

pliek 2011.10.03
Nice game with new possibility.

me2011 2011.10.02
Nice game, the pictures are a nice change

blackfox 2011.10.02
good games but not the best

Kiddblaze486 2011.10.02
Awesome game there are so many endings.

tonymidsuk1 2011.10.02
great date game again. need time to work out the best way to be successful though. will play again

junkfodder 2011.10.02
this is such a cool game!

Safyr 2011.10.02
Cool game. Lots of options, nice graphics, high replayvalue.

Ivancdk 2011.09.30
Rachel is so hot! So do Grace and Jess

BOBOBOBOBOB 2011.09.29
Great game, I loved the ending with the neighbor but I wish there was more of the lesbian action, like in the first expanded game :)

Bughder 2011.09.28
Lots of endings good game

horair 2011.09.27
Ahh... Rachel... What a sexy woman... I love this game!
If the story line was a little longer it was even nicer, I think.

snow165 2011.09.27
I love the Variety of story lines,

Fucker from hell 2011.09.27
wow.....i`ve just seen the 3rd ending and i think is the best of all endings......really hot game

domination305 2011.09.27
Like the 3d Graphics in it, and very easy endings with a nice walk-through.

DreamTim 2011.09.26
I like this game. really good

Hiker 2011.09.26
Wow, I`m not sure there are many ways this could be better.

bonecyco 2011.09.26
Very nice game. As good as the first. Gonna try the others.

NightStalker73au 2011.09.25
awesome gameplay and graphics

ColinC 2011.09.25
great game, completed the ending :)

Liehovar 2011.09.25
awesome endings in this game..thx FiereyPhoenix :D

bigdick41195 2011.09.25
Best game ive played so far with great graphics

Someoneb 2011.09.25
I can`t get blowjob ending with Rachel, help me, i can`t get three drinks in a nightclub! Please help!

nniffar 2011.09.24
Very nice game - graphics and good variations

Biggie18 2011.09.24
This is a good game, the vda guy does good work.

Ending up getting most of the endings

jonny1337 2011.09.24
good game hard but fun


sameermalhotra 2011.09.23
very nice game. all the endings are good
the endings could have been more xiting

Gplow 2011.09.23
Very nice game
I reached all ends and they are great

sexybitch564 2011.09.23
perfect game but extemley hard to beat

Papaman 2011.09.22
I love this game and still want to see rachel quicker

shonb130 2011.09.22
great game but very hard one ....

frulpo 2011.09.22
Great game a little difficut but that is why we are here

TBear9877 2011.09.21
Good game with good posibilities.

antoss 2011.09.21
great!!!!!! one of the best game

saifshakur 2011.09.21
The graphics of this game are amazing and and really addictiv

88Gomez88 2011.09.21
I enjoy the game. the endings are very good ...

vbhv05 2011.09.21
really nice game lots of fun an addition to some adventurous skills....

hotdiggitydang 2011.09.21
great game, could add a little more at the apartment, other than that it was great

GreyWord 2011.09.21
rachel is my favorite of the virtual date, she and erica

Pabbs 2011.09.21
Good game. Secret ending is actually the easiest.

dragonstar 2011.09.20
really great ,party all the time

Rosenberg 2011.09.19
Rachel is hot, super hot

julianjames 2011.09.19
great game, awesome girls, nice story line

djyadigg 2011.09.19
great game greatbgraphics

joejoe666 2011.09.19
nice game! shame it gets stuck sometimes!

nellykayden 2011.09.18
I will have to try the secret ending. The graphics and motion are great. these games are my favorite. Can`t wait for the next one to be released

jjake132 2011.09.18
I love this game too. lots of variety and fun. WANT MORE!!!!

pajamahammer 2011.09.18
very fun game just like date with keeley and a bit more open to suggestion

marios874 2011.09.18
Reached 3 ending so far - Rachel alone,, Lucy(sad girl in park) , and Grace and Jess. Similar to Chaotic`s previous games. Difficult to know what to do with store other than obvious gift. Few spellings errors but graphics are good.

newjjman 2011.09.17
awesome very good game with good graphics

liyu3331 2011.09.17
I think that this is the best games so far.

Seyenne 2011.09.17
Quite nice game, was a little confused by not knowing what I was clicking on. But good anyway

peer268 2011.09.17
good game with good graphics i like it

kjdehn 2011.09.17
great sexy game but need more kelly

mauzayat 2011.09.17
Hi nice game... really hot rachel. In the first one we got nice options but this is fucking amazing

jrizzle 2011.09.16
good game. Challenging but worth it.

atakan22 2011.09.16
really good game but a bit hard

pafren2010 2011.09.16
An awesome date sim game. A lot of fun, a lot of choices, great graphics!

merchantmen69 2011.09.15
the graphics in this game are really good and its fun to play!

Ruza 2011.09.15
Great game with great graphics, however scenes could be better.

Badapple40 2011.09.15
Excellent game and good graphics. Love the different endings

fill ur hole 2011.09.15
so far so good, nice graphics lots of possibilities

max77 2011.09.14
i think i like this one,spend few hours with it and still did not discover all endings

PwnsGuitar 2011.09.13
definitely my fav on the site!!!!

Decstarr 2011.09.13
Rachel is a hot girl, I like the numerous endings

AntonChania 2011.09.13
Nice one as the 1st one was as well!!! Great animation although in some motion photos o had a problem and it wasnt showing anything plus i cant take the blowjob at the park ending....It seems that after she has 2 drinks(instead of having more...) she wants to leave any help? Thanks

kirky01 2011.09.12
another solid date game, I personally found this one a lot easier than most. I reached just 2 ends .. one with Rachel alone n bed and the second is with the sad girl on her birthday .. if u can help in the other 5 ends

TagawaSuzuno 2011.09.12
I do not mind trying again..

Zacharias 2011.09.12
another solid date game, I personally found this one a lot easier than most.

rofl 2011.09.12
not that great and requires redirectionm from PF1. Not a reccomend...

hothunk 2011.09.11
nice game. i enjoy it.......

Hotdaddy 2011.09.11
vd games r that dam good,love the work

AlmightyThor2 2011.09.11
VDG games are always awesome. and the graphics in this game is an improvement from the previous ones.

piscos 2011.09.11
One of the best games I`ve played. I love the graphics, storyline and I could only ask for better animations

jameskan 2011.09.10
is there a way to get all the girls

smoker21 2011.09.10
i fucking love this game!

francaisdelafrance 2011.09.10
It`s a very good game with many endings ! But sex scenes were too short i think

Vengeance360 2011.09.10
Now that is a girl, the multiple girls and endings are a definite plus, Looking forward to the next one form this group.

Gontxven 2011.09.10
Hmm....seems a little like plots in this game series are re-used over and over, but other than that, nice job on the game. :D

dsbboo 2011.09.10
I love this game series. I definitely can`t get enough of Rachel.

djninja 2011.09.10
This is probably the best game from Virtual Date girls

thethirdman 2011.09.09
love this type of game keep up the good work

Osina 2011.09.09
this game was awesome i think i got a bit wet playing that

Erickson11 2011.09.09
Very nice game. I really like the alternate endings. Rated it a 100

papaBR 2011.09.09
all the different endings are great, you can play this game for hours

no2all 2011.09.09
my newest all-time favorite.
Very hot and thanks for the comments/instructions.

lil niqo 2011.09.08
great game,nice and too easy

S_Lav54 2011.09.08
reallt like this game on of my favorites

RobertGGG 2011.09.08
I like her dressing...is very sexy

Duster 2011.09.07
i like very much virtual dates games and this is one of my foavorites

zwen 2011.09.07
a great game from lesson of passion. i luv it

azuri12 2011.09.06
best game so far for them

BarbieSlut 2011.09.06
very hot graphics, thats an amazing game!

Sew 2011.09.06
All endings reached. Another great game with Rachel.

brandamhong 2011.09.06
nice story.Hopefully can come out this kind of game even more.

scipio 2011.09.06
Again a nice game. Could not have found all the endings without the help on this board.

Zorg1 2011.09.05
I love these games, played every single one and they just keep on getting better.

mickbhoy 2011.09.05
Hottest gome on here worth playing over and over for the endings

canbok 2011.09.05
I like this game, The sex scenes are hot. Could`ve been longer

ploter 2011.09.05
good game and very good endings...

fren2010 2011.09.05
fun game, and great graphics

Shadez1112 2011.09.04
Awesome ass game! I really enjoy it!

DiogoMends 2011.09.04
this game is the best, i think this was better than the part 1!

nightrider 2011.09.04
Easy game, good pic and animations...

maishey82 2011.09.04
i cant get her to have sex with me

rockyrin 2011.09.04
I can only offer her a drink 2 times in the night club, its says i need to do it 3 times in the walkthrough

Blood_32 2011.09.03
Wow...nice game...can`t wait for more...

srusnak102 2011.09.03
this game is ultra tough without the walk though. But it is very well put together and the girls are hot.

rambunction 2011.09.03
Awesome game graphics were good
Could not have gotten all scenes without walk through thank you

nas2cole 2011.09.03
Love this game. All the endings are great

HCOCAL19 2011.09.02
Virtual Date is allways big fun!!

bender1212 2011.09.02
is there a way to get all the girls

Jaaru 2011.09.02
I like these Virtual Date games, nice ones.

BobbyTally 2011.09.02
Good graphics and good story. Many endings but the sex scenes are a bit too short.

HeLL666 2011.09.01
good game and very good endings...

Tomahawk 2011.09.01
nice game, however I could not finish the offline mode with any internet browser, can any1 help ?

bill1411 2011.09.01
Thanks for the walk-thru I could not have gotten all the endings without them.

bill1411 2011.09.01
I love these virtual date games I can`t wait for the next one to come out!

bowl-247 2011.09.01
This is an awesome game. One of the best

shishkabob 2011.09.01
Rachel is a lot of fun and these stories are rich a varied. I really like these games

Big Dog 63 2011.09.01
Very challenging... still not sure how to sequence it right. The addiction to the game helps!

hunted 2011.08.31
Great flash. I love the several different endings, although can get a little repetitive

nyguy27 2011.08.31
these vdate games are really fun

blackburn5368 2011.08.31
very cool game and a lot better then the first one

Hobgoblin67 2011.08.30
Excellent game,10 out of 10!!!

kenta420 2011.08.30
Nice graphics with a beautiful girl! Funny game, i like!

tigerboi938 2011.08.30
very hot game with nice graphics

munsterman 2011.08.30
i like her she is one of the hottest girls i have ever seen

dudebri 2011.08.30
I find these games to be nearly impossible to play but I still like them

klokkie72 2011.08.30
game is difficult to play butt wen your`e in to it it`s great

Pumba30 2011.08.30
Great game! Nice graphic and animation, and actions are more logical. Almost every ending can be found by logical way. A had problem only with neighbour ending, and had to use help. But this game is really worth playing. All 7 endings are great!

Alex54 2011.08.30
very nice game a little of gameplay improvement would be great

feararchangel 2011.08.30
so many options so many fantasies i love that these are animated sex scenes and the guy comes on her, it doesnt randomly appear

playforcex 2011.08.30
very good :D and it is interesting

gandalf_the_white_42 2011.08.30
Gameplay was good and took time to get all the endings

macmao 2011.08.29
Yeah, dating Rachel was fun. I had a great time playing to all endings! ;)

macmao 2011.08.29
Found all the endings - GREAT game. Can`t wait for more in this series. Spinoffs with some of the other girls, perhaps?

macmao 2011.08.29
marvelous game can`t resist to see them all

macmao 2011.08.29
great game....finished successfully....

dragonpainter 2011.08.29
The Rachel episodes are my favorites of the Virtual Date series

rannvann1 2011.08.28
excellent game.......enjoyed very much..

rannvann1 2011.08.28
great game....finished successfully....

jiwe 2011.08.28
another cool dating game i love it

bruno75 2011.08.28
great game, food scenes, lots of possibilities

markimarek 2011.08.28
HOT WOMAN !!!! But how I can fuck neighbor ?? :)

ramraj54321 2011.08.27
The sex scenes are hot. Could`ve been longer

ramraj54321 2011.08.27
marvelous game can`t resist to see them all

erwincerdan 2011.08.27
Great game with lots of endings. :))

hankhank 2011.08.27
Fun to play and the multiple endings were fun.
great graphics as the girls are hot.

xerxxes 2011.08.26
give me premium member pleasee

crazychristian 2011.08.26
this is a good game i like seeing how good they made the girls in this game

bellyBoyFeet 2011.08.26
I reached just 2 ends .. one with Rachel alone n bed and the second is with the sad girl on her birthday .. if u can help in the other 5 ends wew

NerdyBoy 2011.08.26
great game - the mouse hover to click can be hard work tho...

anotherguy21 2011.08.25
good game i like the end and great storyline

tsael 2011.08.25
nice game but having pb finding

kasuga 2011.08.25
It`s a great game. many different endings. and there are 3 girls! awesome!

say12222 2011.08.25
wow nice game.... very good to play

thegamefreak 2011.08.25
isnt that luis` house from gta 4 ?

cuddlewumpus 2011.08.25
Great game. The sex scenes are hot. Could`ve been longer though.

mr.playa 2011.08.24
great game love that i can get it on with 3 babes

Firo_44 2011.08.23
Great game! Thanks for the comments on how to do it.

utes 2011.08.23
Like the different endings.

Matshin 2011.08.23
Very good game...This is my favourite

Nick88 2011.08.23
perfect game ! i loved it

evalee 2011.08.23
Very nice game and good graphics.

PY666 2011.08.22
It`s a marvelous game. Lot of different endings. Lot of fun action.
You can`t resist to see them all

jpsacrey 2011.08.21
Nice game with new possibilities.

bart15 2011.08.21
i like this game very much!!

hello12321 2011.08.21
good game with good graphics i like it

jakeman35 2011.08.20
great game, the different endings are all really hot

Calsem 2011.08.19
fun game not too hard to figure out

0904038 2011.08.18
fun enough game, I quite enjoy this type of game

zzzzzzzzzzzz 2011.08.18
this game is awesome hot girls

badman0077 2011.08.17
great game great story lines

gibbon7 2011.08.17
nice game and very hot girls

bigbob21 2011.08.17
i like the different endings good game

SuperStew11 2011.08.17
Good addition to the first game, lots of endings and a challenge to find them all

mariobioondic 2011.08.16
the whole plot of the game is awesome its fun to play

ski9072 2011.08.16
What can I say, gotta love Rachel.

youngdaniyelle 2011.08.16
really wanna your great games. i love the graphics!

incor 2011.08.15
exellent jeu de rendez vouz virtuel.

wrik10 2011.08.15
Truly a great game with advanced gameplay and superb graphics ...... the whole plot of gthe game is awesome .

donutdude 2011.08.15
does anyone have a good walkthrough most below dont work

stitcherz 2011.08.15
Not bad, good with many endings.

Arkaide 2011.08.15
great game with a lot of variables. definitely has replay value. got to a point with three girls at the apartment but then had to leave :(

DimS 2011.08.14
Yeah, dating Rachel was fun. I had a great time playing to all endings! ;)

Roflamao 2011.08.14
good game but to easy but still a nice game

mytre 2011.08.14
Has to be the best adult game in content for adult related games.

lilith9 2011.08.14
Absolutely awesome game. Has anybody else also discovered that if you take Rachel to the strip club and then to the nightclub and have drinks, her top falls off while dancing? You should follow that up by taking her to the park (the blowjob ending).

fish76 2011.08.14
good game with 7 ending all.take a long time to finish it all

boarts 2011.08.14
Nice one, keeps continuing the vdate quality

George69 2011.08.13
Can`t really say that i loved this one. But the girl is pretty hot

spacewolf 2011.08.12
i love virtual date girls games more please

mouselee 2011.08.12
Rachel is beautiful. I love her.

blibul017 2011.08.11
Great game!! I think the graphics are easily your best yet. Once the english gets tightened it`s almost perfect.

tomtom1121 2011.08.11
Amazing game. So many different possibilities. very sexy girls, best in the whole series.

Drifter11 2011.08.11
Hot girl but needs more of a plot

geurede 2011.08.11
Hot Chick, but need story

Aren 2011.08.10
Have to play this One again !

legendkiller060 2011.08.10
Very great game with nice endings. I wait the 3rd version.

lightfingers 2011.08.10
huh? I must be stupid or something even following the hints in the comments I still get nothing.

benj123 2011.08.10
thanks for the walkthroughs. really great game

OrcsBane 2011.08.10
Found all the endings - GREAT game. Can`t wait for more in this series. Spinoffs with some of the other girls, perhaps?

thalionmel 2011.08.08
i love this game very good pix and animation

Greedz 2011.08.08
Intresting game, very hard though

Simpleton 2011.08.07
game is good but how many endings are there!!?? people have listed so many!

matt_damon 2011.08.06
the graphic is just too good. i love it :D

fmeyen 2011.08.05
Nice graphics, not all endings found so far, keep trying.

cheese101 2011.08.05
chaotic churning out the same old stuff,a new big project would be more fun that the same thing done over and over.the attempt to revamp the map didnt work for me,although the tiredness idea is one that with some refineing could work out very well

bob_500000 2011.08.04
Man i love this game. I need another game like this. Its like a choose your own adventure book.

Th3eL33t 2011.08.04
Really good game, and great graphics. Also love the number of possible endings and the inherent difficulty in trying to get each of them. All in all pretty awesome game.

nani007 2011.08.04
nice awesome games with many options...fantastic to be said...neat graphics...:)

Lrd x Voldemort 2011.08.04
Alright So The Ending With Neighbor Was Absolutely Amazing

k22288 2011.08.04
Rachel...Nice Rack. Loved the first one....Love this one too

toddybcool 2011.08.03
i thought this game was great concerning quality

mehito 2011.08.03
I highly recomend this game to anyone. Great fun to play and enjoy the graphics.

gogu20 2011.08.03
Really nice game , good graphics.

s5543 2011.08.02
such a good game very interactive

stevezeman 2011.08.02
All Vdategames are very good to play cant wait for more

Sturmo1 2011.08.02
love this wirtual dates pitty dont have the same in real

jinxy 2011.08.02
great game, with good selection of endings and graphics

erzerz 2011.08.01
Awesome Graphics loved the game

indra_hrys 2011.07.31
Playing this game is better than watching porn movie...

Leafing 2011.07.31
Oh Wow, this is a real ly good one. hade so much fun.

tigerwoods 2011.07.31
Nice game, a lot of different alternatives

Randyfck 2011.07.31
all the endings are real good, but its difficult to find all

Elfe 2011.07.31
Nice game I really enjoy it.

dar103 2011.07.31
I can`t get to any good endings, it seems like all the walkthroughs are wrong. Good graphics though.

gabbas 2011.07.31
Fantastic game... Almost perfect. Good graphics and animations

shagrat1313 2011.07.30
Excellente game, really the fantasy come true. . . . diferent endings make the game very interesting

DannyA 2011.07.30
Tried the girl in the park , but nothing happened.

DannyA 2011.07.30
Game has good graphics and several good endings.

DannyA 2011.07.30
Very good variety of endings. Like the neighbor.

shingo85 2011.07.30
really high quality game, and nice length to it.

davj5 2011.07.29
Awesome game, Awesome endings too

scooter33 2011.07.29
very good game, n fect a very Sexy game

LordGeolog 2011.07.29
great game,time past well on this game!!

johndowe 2011.07.29
great game i hope theres a part 3

Mr.Go 2011.07.29
Good game... Tough finding the (right) ending

pranksman 2011.07.28
nice graphics and fun gameplay

Eniram 2011.07.28
Good Game well thought out and for pictures going frame to frame the animation was quite good

jorjum 2011.07.28
I`ve been enjoying the games from this publisher. This is one of the better ones.

bRon 2011.07.27
Good game: interesting plot, excelent graphics, worth replaying for the endings.

lolcake1 2011.07.27
liked the multiple endings

lightdark 2011.07.27
Awesome Graphics loved the game

Funnygecko1435 2011.07.27
i keep getting stuckk when they get back to the house can you guys help me

EricDey90 2011.07.27
The graphics are fantastic and love all the endings

mullberto 2011.07.26
thanks for help in comments. i like rachel games cus every ending got variation.

tman29 2011.07.26
pretty nice, needs a little better area but not bad.

humptypkt 2011.07.26
Fun game, worth replaying for the multiple endings.

mohab 2011.07.25
I like this game very much because it has attractive sexy scenes

mydick 2011.07.25
great game reached all ends - good graphics - quite hard

jingstir 2011.07.25
It`s not bad found all but one ending hopefully i`ll get it on this try

mohab 2011.07.25
Must see for BOOB LOVERS. Busty heroine is back ????? and this time, she moans in English!

Nosferaty 2011.07.25
Verry nice game,still havent discovered all the endings :(

Maksim 2011.07.24
An interesting solution was pleased that a lot of endings, not all at once turned

lyoko 2011.07.24
Played this one last week but i just read there are 7 endings? hm maybe i should try it again then to find out wot i missed
Great game

ssg52054 2011.07.24
Awesome game, great graphics.

Liltommytucker 2011.07.23
So many girls so little time!

mjw2011 2011.07.23
interesting game, great ending

rendra 2011.07.23
so nice game I love it.....
I wanna see more sexy girls...

Guisir 2011.07.23
I love all the different endings, ah rachel !!!!!!

rush2112 2011.07.23
all the endings was good!!! great game as always!

jeff1981 2011.07.23
as good as the first still better animations ans some moaning please

lovesandyyy 2011.07.23
ohh rachel you are really a hhotty

khafanoo7 2011.07.22
more fun are here in this game but game-play still need to improve :)

elo77 2011.07.22
difficult but very hot game if you the solution

fmeyen 2011.07.21
Nice graphics, great game

sederfist 2011.07.21
great game the girl looks very hot and sexy

suikz 2011.07.21
awesome game, babes were hot, tough game

Towy 2011.07.21
the graphics are HOT Just wish the showed more juring the sex scenes

The_Who 2011.07.20
Excellent game. Not too hard, but still fun.

matty 1234 2011.07.20
i loved this game
this is the easiest game i had played iv got 2 endings left to do :)

riseabovecheese 2011.07.20
I love these. Vdates get better and better, definately need to play both!

pratik5887 2011.07.20
I love playing this games......they are awesome........there should be more games like this

Stefann 2011.07.20
She is a great girl i love the game.

dani18bg 2011.07.20
Super sexy girls, various endings and great sex scenes

castilho 2011.07.20
Beautiful girls and nice story....

wish i could meet girls like that!!!

shaytan 2011.07.20
Great game...had so much fun playing it!

Andr237 2011.07.20
great game and nice graphic

67Jondan 2011.07.20
The graphics in this game where amazing and I loved all the different endings

Nex12345 2011.07.19
Everyone using walkthrough? CHEATERS! :P

GoldenGamer 2011.07.19
This was the first Virtual Date game I`ve played, and it`s amazing. Love how many options you can choose from too!

Towy 2011.07.19
she is SMOKIN hot love this game about the only bitch I have about it is that the sex scenes could be a bit more graphic

Wowbagger 2011.07.19
Couldn`t finish `sex with stripper` ending. Followed walkthrough, but on beach didn`t have option to `catch left` or `catch right` only `catch`. Stripper then leaves

Userfrank 2011.07.19
Very nice game. As good as the first. Gonna try the others.

ayosylver 2011.07.19
That 4some end was really hot!

dubidu 2011.07.18
i love rachel so bad=) cant wait for some other good stuff=)

uk1muppet 2011.07.18
i love these games they are fantastic always look forward to the next one

ayosylver 2011.07.18
Finished... in the park... Nice! :)

jdgray68 2011.07.18
a good follow up to VD: Rachel pt 1, keep up the good work.

l4gun4 2011.07.18
such beautiful animations. i would love to see more

Nickt121 2011.07.18
this game is good ans the sex is hot

Daemonshadows 2011.07.17
Great game, thanks for the walkthrough

jctrain12 2011.07.17
Does anyone know if the basketball does anything

7z9 2011.07.17
rachel..... my favourite virtual girl

tgp 2011.07.17
I love games like this 1, can`t wait for even more of these games!

vgab 2011.07.16
A very nice dating game, though extremely easy. Be sure to buy a soccer ball ;)

SexyKen 2011.07.16
love this game racheal is great

gorch 2011.07.15
I think first game was better but this one is hot as well

donlamor 2011.07.15
lots of possibilities and endings makes it very replayable, nice graphics but needs more animation

rackovan52 2011.07.14
game is good i really like the graphics

dgkesquire 2011.07.14
Great graphics, nice options...love this game! Definitely replayable.

ftccms 2011.07.14
great game as always but i still like the first one a little bit more. this one was just too quick

jpsacrey 2011.07.13
cool game and good graphics

bRon 2011.07.13
Interesting gameplay, good graphics. Thanks for the game.

markie 2011.07.13
Supereb game sexy lady great ending

gimmino77 2011.07.13
rachel..... my favourite virtual girl

sudhsaddicted 2011.07.12
Was looking forward to this for quite a while. Rachel is the most outgoing among the others and I am very happy seeing so many possible endings. Only disappointing would be how quickly or futile some of the more exciting endings turn out. The foursome would have much more exciting, for instance. Nevertheless, excellent work that deserves praise.

phillippoooo 2011.07.12
really nice game, with great pictures

kkuubb 2011.07.12
funny game,sexy girls.,but not much animation

lillove123 2011.07.12
cool game and good graphics

derda 2011.07.11
i have gotten aall sweven ending the last one was a bitch to get but i did it

raflebi 2011.07.11
good game. good graphics and story

Djin 2011.07.11
Great game , all 7 ends are so good

Django01 2011.07.11
Rachel knows what to do !

dadykid 2011.07.11
This is an amaizing game, the graphics are sooooo good and Rachel is so hot.
6 endings untill now ... but i will try again.

takumii 2011.07.11
its actaully harder then it looks but thanks to the walk through comments its easy hahaha i got stuck so many times >

dowz 2011.07.11
great graphics. fun game. easy to play. will definitly play again

sinsear1071 2011.07.11
Alot of fun with each scenerio!! Sex with lucy from the park and sarah the neighbor were great, but sex with grace from club was the best!!

Mikemo 2011.07.10
Took a while, but the endings were pretty good

Grin 2011.07.10
Great game, interesting endings. Excellent graphics very good to play

beneathuk 2011.07.10
Great game, great artwork.

mercuryphoenix 2011.07.10
Nice job this time, loved to see Rachel again

james7176 2011.07.10
cool graphics good interaction and I`ve gotten all the endings,very fun and some what of a challenge.

sjva21 2011.07.10
nice ways to end the game

Rickey986 2011.07.09
this is a very well done game gj man

John G 2011.07.09
Great graphics and game play.

boby6k123 2011.07.09
good graphic good story one of the best games

Lippi1983 2011.07.09
This game is one of my favorites.some of the best endings

Madelene 2011.07.09
I like the part two. Lots of options and ways to end the story. I usually mess up somewhere by doing something wrong but this time I managed to get to one ending without bother and will go try get the other endings as well. Thank you so much for sharing this game. :-)

Amiyah88 2011.07.09
Great graphics, fun game. Sexy scenes. One of my favs!

achubbykid 2011.07.09
im hoping for a third one, great game

blobz12 2011.07.09
great game great graphics hope to see more games of this quality and quantity

startky 2011.07.08
Good second part of dating with Rachel. As first part of this game better animation of sex scenes is needed. I also missed longer finish scenes.

rotiw 2011.07.08
i love this game , and has a lot of diferents endings

aion 2011.07.08
very nice part 2 i have appreciate

NickX 2011.07.08
Nice continuation from the previous episode

gguihgifudgui 2011.07.08
thnx for the walkthrough

jayjaybrns 2011.07.08
There are A LOT of endings if you are very patient and have some time.

kpyrinikos 2011.07.07
wow nice game.... very good to play. i`m waiting for part3

kid_vicious 2011.07.07
one of my faves! this game is a great addition to the first one. nice graphics too

Houngan 2011.07.07
That game, as is usual for VDG, was fantastic. Love the different options.

pbot2 2011.07.07
Great VDG game. Love the focus on threesomes.

builtyisawesome 2011.07.07
great graphics great game

Hehehe3467 2011.07.07
Beautiful girls, but its perty much the same thing for each sex scene. You should be able to do more.
Yet I still LOVE Rachel.

teaser123 2011.07.06
perfect and nice game...

AlecWasha 2011.07.06
i thought the game was good but i think they should have more endings.

sean06388 2011.07.06
waw.. great game with high quality graphic, good gameplay and animation.. Love it!

boyboss 2011.07.06
thats a really nice game i like it

Sgtjoao 2011.07.06
very good I really liked this game .. thank you guys

WobbaDoo 2011.07.06
These are amazing graphics and the babe is hot!

MolemanTux 2011.07.06
Very good game... Hope to see a new one!!

WiWonka 2011.07.06
a nice VDG as usual. Many good endings as well

garonbrown 2011.07.05
even with the walkthrough, this seemed challenging at spots.

flyguyx 2011.07.05
really cool graphics and nice gameplay!

gustaveglans 2011.07.05
great game with lots of varations

sroy1986 2011.07.05
This a great game. I got all 7 endings(sex with Rachel in home, blowjob by Rachel in perk, 3some with Lucy & Rachel, 3some with Sarah & Rachel, 4some with Jess-Grace-Rachel, 3some with Nelena & Rachel and secret sex with Nelena).

frostee 2011.07.05
nice ending variety

Love all of VDG`s games

juanjo_007 2011.07.05
grat game! nice! to easy!

venom1989 2011.07.04
Not bad! But I like Part 1 more.

keijonen 2011.07.04
Really great game.It looks fantastic and it´s not too easy.

Darkotsu 2011.07.04
i love this game, multiple endings and Rachel is very hot

HornyPorny 2011.07.04
once again a very good game, love everything about it

lihosta 2011.07.04
i like how characters from the other games were re-used

pain_321 2011.07.03
great game and great possibilities

incredibleman 2011.07.03
Fun game. The ending I played seemed a bit lackluster, and it almost felt too easy really, but looking around this game seems very nonlinear with multiple endings and multiple ways to go. So, there`s probably a lot more here than your first play might lead you to believe.

tomassko61 2011.07.03
nice game good grafic...i like it :D

Batthory 2011.07.03
Fun Game, good graphics, nice variety of endings.

serv 2011.07.03
good game like it a lot
very fun to play

methusala 2011.07.03
I have even tried the walkthrough for the sex with the stripper on beach: When Rachel finishes Her dance at the strip club, I can`t ssm to find the place where to click for (Dress and meet Nelena outside) I always come up with: (Meet Rachel outside) and then Rachel wants to go somewhere else. I have tried this walkthrough many times. I have gotten all of the endings but that one. What could I possibly be doing wrong at the strip club??? Excuse me for being ignorant.

flynn 2011.07.03
Nice gameplay i like that graphics and these animations...wow great

0904038 2011.07.02
great game, I really enjoy this type of game

JaviO 2011.07.02
this fucking game is great with the muit-ending

pawan2modi 2011.07.02
good game but shuould be hints there to get all the possible endings

weedsmoker1st 2011.07.02
This Game Was Fun and Hard

tut 2011.07.02
amazing game with great animation

pibe94 2011.07.02
Is there a way to fuck ur neighbour, she always ends up tired in the park

thans 2011.07.02
Difficult game. The challenge made it better

thomloch 2011.07.02
good game and great endings sofar

Kaka109 2011.07.01
This Game Was Fun and Hard

hash19 2011.06.30
this is a sexy game had huge fun playing it

ink781 2011.06.30
completely cool and hot girls

cristina21 2011.06.30
i dont know why it doesnt let me play it from the site...it just doesnt load when i click "click here o begin " ....

exam 2011.06.30
completely cool and hot girls

Jaydog0120 2011.06.30
i love the VD games. this one is one of my favorites so far

SexySlutxx23 2011.06.29
i love this game the girls are so fit!!!

long55 2011.06.29
Great game, thanks for the walkthrough, vy funny

tukangpoto 2011.06.29
great game..nice graphic, hot girl..

Tiger21 2011.06.28
Nice game but could be so much better with better graphics.

SexySlutxx 2011.06.28
Great game and a fit!! girl she is so peng !!!

fmeyen 2011.06.28
Nice game, very good to play

karthickkv 2011.06.28
Good game, multiple endings is a plus.Graphics and animation good. Sex scences are all the same except for the bowling ally was the only downside

az_a_az 2011.06.28
fun game, good graphics, like the multiple endings.

edwin4483 2011.06.28
fun game all the endings were good but the secret one not so much

fukwit001 2011.06.27
pretty cool, large number of endings so keeps you going back for more

MyselfRD 2011.06.27
Well made. Interesting enough for several playthroughs.

yes2skin 2011.06.27
nice download option. all should have, then sincronise online experience

B_enjo 2011.06.27
Great game. Would be nice with some other positions with the park girl/threesome... Dont really feel like its a threesome if they just switch.

edwardo82 2011.06.27
Love the game and the variety of endings, really fun

wingrob14 2011.06.27
Great game with lots of possible endings, I would love to see more sex scenes in it with perhaps the possibility of trying to get all the girls to go along to a sex club ;Op

khlav 2011.06.27
lots of variations in gameplay. great work!

georgefilipe 2011.06.27
Can`t stop playing.... you guy`s ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!1

tonito 2011.06.27
the game was excellent because all the girls were involved in this game

CoolAde 2011.06.26
this game is rly good !!!

mjwm54 2011.06.26
I love these games, and rachel is so hot!!!

kokain666 2011.06.26
Those virtual date game are always perfect!

mendragor 2011.06.26
Great. I really like this games and 7 endings is impressive.

thatoneguy000 2011.06.26
you can only like this if enjoy reliving the same parts over and over because you keep restarting for new ending and if you make a mistake

perverted101 2011.06.26
great game.. so many possible endings.. you wont be bored. repeating it all over again

So69Social 2011.06.26
You gotta love the graphics in this game. the endings are good to.

jason1 2011.06.26
i love this game so much the technique, different possibilities and level of challenge is amazing. Please make a third date!!!

Ray_man 2011.06.26
Nice game to play, verry hot outfit.

PlayForce00 2011.06.26
MMM, love her in that red dress!

Al Jizzera 2011.06.26
Great Game!! I love all the different endings so many things to do.

fisherino 2011.06.26
Fun game, good story, lots of endings.

rambo54321 2011.06.25
great game! love the multiple endings

squidras 2011.06.25
Awesome game as usual, and so many great endings. plus seeing girls from previous games , BRILLIANT. Keep up the great work!!!

dragonman1961 2011.06.25
nice game, hot women, sex scenes need to be more realistic..but has me hard..wish i had someone to chat with..

vincentvalentine14 2011.06.25
I like the graphics, and new options

wolman2060 2011.06.25
Good game, multiple endings is a plus. Graphics and animation good

thom962 2011.06.25
This is perfect wiht its many options and its hotness

scooter33 2011.06.25
it would be cool if it was longer, so far can`t figure out how to get to the magic act girl

Roskabouter 2011.06.25
Shorter than the first one, but also better than the first one.
I want even more endings.

utizun 2011.06.25
Long, hard and has a lot of multiple endings. Almost perfect

ban446 2011.06.24
Rachel is one of my favorite character in these games

N1990 2011.06.24
Good graphics, and stories. Well connected with the other characters in previous games.

gustaveglans 2011.06.24
what`s great are the multiple endings and the involvement of many other girls in3 somes and 4 somes..
Awesome !!

Smyxter 2011.06.24
Good game, multiple endings is a plus.Graphics and animation good. Sex scences are all the same except for the bowling ally was the only downside

Smyxter 2011.06.24
Overall a good game. Good graphics ,animation and multiple ending is a bonus. Except for the bowling ally scene all the others look the same.

tempo3 2011.06.24
Pretty good game. like the multiple endings.what is with "clean her off" or "clean your mess"? who wrote those stupid lines?

Cactus2 2011.06.24
Sarah us one of my favorites in the series...glad she was included again. I just can`t figure out how to run through the park in the blowjob from Rachel ending.

goldensteve73 2011.06.24
awesome game rachel is hot

mick149 2011.06.23
this is an ok game but there is too many endings :(...

yunaforever 2011.06.23
Very good game.I love all the girls!

butlerab81 2011.06.23
Great flash. I love the several different endings, although can get a little repetitive.

kinou21 2011.06.23
Rachel is a nice womann and make love very well

Flasher1 2011.06.23
LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT Virtual date games ROCK !! ,wife loves them to

kinky folly 2011.06.23
love the chance todo it over again,like "ground hog day dating"

Tudedude 2011.06.23
Great game nice bunch of endings could use a few more sexual positions.

momosquiton 2011.06.23
The graphics on this game are so amazing
wow nice game.... very good to play

tyla14 2011.06.23
great game very nice graphics so easy to finish

harunaba 2011.06.23
nice graphics and lots of options nearly best of its kind

0904038 2011.06.23
quite fun, but a bit too easy

animalism69 2011.06.22
One of the few games I would play again even after getting every ending...

Theleb 2011.06.22
Great game. time goes by fast playing.

Xyzzy 2011.06.22
Since Chaotic fixed many of the bugs in the game, it has turned out to be quite a good effort.

paco_vuong 2011.06.21
The Graphics on this is wayyyy better then PS2 graphics

paco_vuong 2011.06.21
The graphics on this game are so amazing

LiamHyung 2011.06.21
Great game, thanks for the walkthrough

hellfire380 2011.06.21
not bad at all, though the ending animations could be better

hd79 2011.06.21
endings are quite the same, but the game is not bad

Blackfeather1 2011.06.21
Love the game and the variety of endings, really fun

DrMcCrank 2011.06.21
GOOD GAME awesome graphics

naza999 2011.06.21
good game not that much of strategy to be used though

paladin33 2011.06.21
Better animation but i still like the first one

tigerwoo 2011.06.21
good game, good graphics and lots to do.

hogu1984 2011.06.21
I like all the VD games, the stripper is really hot!
Thanks a lot for all the walkthroughs!

Chelsea 2011.06.20
there are many grils in this game and you can play with all of them, i like it

TheCin 2011.06.20
Graphics and animations ok
pretty girls baut too simplx gameplay

unstoppable191 2011.06.20
this site has lots of cool games like this

grefven 2011.06.20
good game, good graphics and lots to do.

asszzzxxx 2011.06.20
nice but unfortunately you cnat play it on this webside

ozorne_6 2011.06.20
Great game, love the various endings. Thanks for the walkthrough and thanks for making them.

kinky69 2011.06.20
good game, not too brilliant though. some flaws, i.e. when doin Rachel doggie style and cummin, she`s suddenly face 2 face.

jackysy 2011.06.20
nice game,good picture,easy to play

markovnikov 2011.06.20
Not among the best in the series, but still a good play.

Skialkal`s walkthrough is wrong for the stripping scene. Basically you should change the music everytime the url goes to .XX9, i.e. the last digit is a 9.

Haggis 2011.06.19
Great game, Really interesting endings. Excellent graphics as usual.

Arbaal 2011.06.19
Awesome game, with lots to do and very much re-play value. This is direction for better :)

sadfdf 2011.06.19
im stuck trying to get the bj in park can some one help? i cant find the take a shortcut option..whats the link ending for it?

darkangle 2011.06.19
good game and great awesome.

chip chipperson 2011.06.19
for some reason i always enjoy these games even though i feel there are too many hoops to jump through

Izzy:O 2011.06.19
Great Game, Nice Graphics. :)

vegasvlad 2011.06.19
lol the backround pictures are taken from GTA IV
still preety nice and fun game though ;]

nadav318 2011.06.19
good game and great awesome.

plewis197928 2011.06.19
Too much to read and too less to do...

demander 2011.06.19
The most hard final to achieve is the one with less interest... she doesn`t do many things after we give her the money...
but that is a addicting game, with girls to almost alll the genres... well done

dude2 2011.06.19
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mike cook 2011.06.19
Great game, super girls, fun to play. More of the same please.

kungipungi 2011.06.19
very nice i like that it was very difficult

ebstewart 2011.06.19
fun but to predicting and ending

titsrfun44 2011.06.19
this game was so hard I couldn`t figure it out but there was good graphics

shadow16 2011.06.19
this game is awsome ive got quite a few endings and they were great

BigBadWolf68 2011.06.19
Interesting game with mutiple endings and excelent graphics

kingofch 2011.06.19
Very nice , I must admit.

pujdo 2011.06.19
its am awsome game very hot !!!!

VillaSmith94 2011.06.18
Good game with a good story, good to play also

surfnaked4 2011.06.18
pretty much the same as all his other games....hot women, but its the same sex in all

Reggie77 2011.06.18
Really hot game. I like it so...

medzhul 2011.06.18
Rachel is back with more sexy scenes

star 2011.06.18

n3mes1 2011.06.18
very nice game! good graphics and and beautiful story with different endings

Cameltoe 2011.06.18
that are games i like!

but its a bit too straight

jpsacrey 2011.06.18
wow nice game.... very good to play

Mighty2000 2011.06.18
Very good. Just another nice, in known style and graphics.

boka 2011.06.18
nice game, good graphic and veriety of endings

aurelius 2011.06.18
endlich wieder mal ein hei??es spiel

decconan 2011.06.18
I can`t get the "Secret Ending". Can anybody help me?

SoloDrifter 2011.06.18
longer game...variety of endings

mayor 2011.06.18
realmente divertido y exitante

Lanun557 2011.06.18
i,ve finish with jess & grace... nice...

king21 2011.06.18
i have gotten aall sweven ending the last one was a bitch to get but i did it

torbkkahne 2011.06.17
I like the multiple endings. I also liked how they incorporate the other game`s characters

classicalname 2011.06.17
Pretty fun. I managed three endings without walkthroughs just trial and (lots of) error.

Typhon 2011.06.17
thanks for the walkthrougs. a very nice game

bubi 2011.06.17
nice character for Rachel
good ending and easy to play
also good graphics

goldenboy13 2011.06.17
nice game but it was hard

The Bob 2011.06.17
This is better then his previous works. New fresh locations and I haven`t come across a looping dead end yet.

bob12345 2011.06.17
nice game as usual. thx for the walkthrough ;)

dreadwolf 2011.06.17
game play, graphics and animations are great
great game

andy_regresa 2011.06.17
That game was great amazing graphics and very good endings...

dzix 2011.06.17
now i`m waiting for part 3 ;]

chuck360 2011.06.17
great game hope they make another soon.

fallenghost900 2011.06.17
The graphics of the game were great i enjoyed it

Hivedragon 2011.06.17
As always a great game the characters are just splendid the endings worth the entire option exploration, the endings are just great and worth the everd to play it multiple times, wonder what they will come up next.

retros1 2011.06.17
Perfect again. Diferent endings, many girls, still easy...like it

prats 2011.06.17
done with all the seven endings.......rachel is sooooo sexy.....

primus21 2011.06.17
I like these games when they come out

sincubus 2011.06.17
Love this game. Multiple endings. Cool graphics. And lots of different adventures.

Voron 2011.06.17
Rachel seems a little easier to please, perhaps it is because it is the second date. Very good game with variations and fun options. Can`t wait for when we`re going steady.

jmeoff 2011.06.17
A fun game, but I prefer Christine`s multiple fun encounters throughout the game to Rachel`s multiple fun endings.

ewan 2011.06.17
all games are fucking very nice!

ross69692 2011.06.17
very good game, and a great follow on from the first

Ricoh124 2011.06.17
Rachel seems a little easier to please, perhaps it is because it is the second date. Very good game with variations and fun options. Can`t wait for when we`re going steady.

Sciakal 2011.06.17
I have found 6 ending.

But with Lucy i have a problem. Rachel don`t acept to play. Some one help me?

Lanun557 2011.06.17
my 2nd ending... fuck rachel in the bedroom at home...

Lanun557 2011.06.17
my 1st ending... Rachel BJ in the park...

m4lv1n 2011.06.17
great game!!! some of the best endings ....

DavidLFC 2011.06.17
really good game, brilliant. I hope I`ll try to play again

lobao 2011.06.17
Fantastic game, and thanks to walkthrought!

Orange69 2011.06.17
This is a great game...i love how we can see manysexy scenes.

derda 2011.06.17
really enjoyable game, fun to play. could do with some help with the events leading up to rachel stripping

SpiderWeb 2011.06.17
i really enjoyed playing this game, too bad you couldnt fuck the girls in more different positions but overall good game

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