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Virtual Date - Rachel


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Domenik 2017.11.23
One of the best games with hot scenes and perfect girls

HOTTOMMY85 2017.10.05
Great game, great story, great sex scenes, and Rachel is breathtaking, and super hot. Wish I could meet a woman like Rachel in real life.

Emperrorr 2017.07.26
Creazy good game, really love girls with big boobs and Rachel is my favourite

iamfeelinhorny 2016.11.16
this is a hot game i have played it hundreds of times

iamfeelinhorny 2016.11.16
hot girls nice game play and superb story

kaftos 2016.09.11
Mediocre graphics,short game,mediocre animations

Land_Of_Pickles 2016.03.13
Love how many endings there are
Great gameplay and like how you have to work for it

Crazer22 2016.02.20
I like it, the story is long and good can`t complain on that.

Natural1st 2015.11.28
very long story, sorry but i have to keep my scrool operational cause of the walk through is far below

onan 2015.08.30
Fun game, I very much enjoyed it. It seems like there`s a whole lot of hidden stuff just beneath the surface. I`m looking forward to playing through #2.


alanwake 2015.07.26
absolutely fantastic, marvelous 4some at the end...

nic666 2014.12.29
I love her body shape and style\!!!! great game

Remi_Ingrao 2014.12.27
Alyssa is smoking not very often a cartoon character makes me wanna orgasm instantly

Cristiano R 2014.12.18
man, i cannot start. i click on the game and it takes me to another site on a new tab.

SDGPModz 2014.12.12
Great game really fun playing all these types of games!

petergaard1 2014.12.01
well made game good dialog

Road Ninja 2014.11.13
Rachel`s one hot blonde and I enjoy all the stories she`s in.

youngbooi337 2014.09.23
Possibly the best story line so far

stoad69 2014.08.05
Hot girls. I enjoy all these games especially with Rachel and Erica are involved. Great images too.

Dadog 2014.08.02
a really good game! I really enjoyed it!

Schattenlaeufer1 2014.07.18
not thaaat easy...but very funny game...thanks for that!

bitz94 2014.07.15
Enjoyed game, graphics and endings.

cristiano1234 2014.06.11
porn porn porn amamzing fuck it alllgirls for game to fuck thoes girls

mikadavid 2014.05.24
A very nice game and a very pretty girl. With a good story to, the grapics could be better

natsudragon 2014.05.23
my computer is hungry of porn

Trimex 2014.03.09
Great game, good quality and sexy endings. Truly amazing!

asdwerte 2014.01.09
So hot, the graphics are great and good gameplay

demongamer68 2013.11.12
Great gameplay, good graphics, decent animations.

JR04GINGKA 2013.11.08
technology rockss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! give it 100%

noogad 2013.09.20
amazing game great quality and sexy endings

Larsie22 2013.08.13
great game with a wild chick in the spotlight

63ted 2013.08.10
Enjoyed game, graphics and endings.

Maniek150 2013.08.08
good game and good graphics. Enjoyable but easy.

Sam2013 2013.08.07
looks simple but loads more to find and plenty of options for sex. Shame that Leilani doesn`t fuck in this one but she shows thye shape of her great tits in a stretch top

dday66 2013.07.20
says shes banned from casino from the start so cant get any thing

feder 2013.07.16
Awesome game, Love VDG games

glukos37 2013.07.11
Decent game, if you like vdate youll like it

DiegoJAyala 2013.06.26
A glorious game. Six endings. I`ve particulary enjoying with the jacuzzi foursome.

63ted 2013.06.05
Good game and graphics with a lot of options and endings.

sturmi 2013.06.03
loved the game! the graphics are just absolutly AMAZING!

ewok145 2013.05.30
The strip club competition was a great add to the game.

killiansirish 2013.05.12
the gam I wasnt allowed to do anythinge glitched out and

dark-minded 2013.05.02
I loved this game, very interactive and a lot of hot finals! very good

adamrambo 2013.03.11
This game does not work properly allyou can is the strip club can anybody help

dephunk 2013.03.05
Game doesn`t seem to be working properly.

49fp 2013.02.26
Enjoy the v date games and wish Rachel has more adventures.

ashleymassey59 2013.02.15
great game and graphics and love the multiple endings

big99999 2013.02.01
Decent game, if you like vdate youll like it

Gordn3 2013.01.27
Nice story and grafic , good game but way too simple.

Mr. Magic 2013.01.09
One of the best virtual date games I`ve played. Crystal is very hot.

chiefs 2013.01.06
can`t get in casino,they baned me

playforceoneboy 2012.12.18
Really fun and addicting. Best ever!

MDona 2012.12.17
its a very good game :D
I like it...really nice

Diablos 2012.12.08
Damn I love this game as it has so many possible endings.

Its good to get a good one to as Rachel is HOT!!!

kdogg1 2012.11.26
The gameplay was great and graphics were great

kmga 2012.11.20
great ghraphics animation

kmga 2012.11.20
this is the best game ever

kmga 2012.11.20
great game,love the model

kmga 2012.11.20
good game with very hard ways

kmga 2012.11.20
the game is good is the sexyyyyyyy

Horgretor 2012.11.11
Very nice girls and action, not too hard but just enough to make it interesting. Just needs sound effects.

collins 2012.10.30
Wow I had a didfferent experience than most of you here. game stated and she walled into my apartment. We go out have some drinks, go to the strip club, have her act like a whore and she blows me and then says come to my place tomorrow and we`ll skio the fore play....pretty straight forward fuck!

hanibal194 2012.10.23
very long game maybe too long but good end!!

jacob97 2012.10.20
I wish you were having sex with Rachel than the other girl.

howlingmoon 2012.10.01
that game was just sexxy

deadsnake 2012.08.29
Second best game after getting to know Christine!

coolguy4life 2012.08.11
i love dateing games like these that puts you there an you got todo your best shot like real life

diary 2012.07.25
another nice one...rachel`s hot

Jeanmarit 2012.07.19
Great graphics and animation hot and horny turned me on

duredual 2012.07.18
what is the relation between the Rachel and Rachel II

duredual 2012.07.18
it sounds like the details of walkthrough has come

smuggler 2012.06.22
wonderful games :D cant stop playing

Sacklbicka 2012.06.19
second best game after getting to know Christine! tons of options, dead ends, multiple endings, wrong decisions... you`ll love it!

yudi_1976 2012.06.10
if I try to be a male, would I do every day with rachel

XxAgathodaimonxX 2012.06.03
great game, love the girl

DAN24 2012.05.30
Go the secretary route if you can

bahamut86 2012.05.22
Awesome game! Great gameplay and grafic, hot girls and many storylines!

[BY]WEGAS 2012.05.20
very good game i loved it

bro1234 2012.05.18
umm crappiest "virtual date" ever??needs tons of improvement

deathscythe 2012.04.21
great game with hot girls. animations is good too

Atlas500 2012.04.17
Another favourite, although the animations could use some work with these particular games

bobytt 2012.04.06
It was Ok , but nothing special.

tank570585 2012.04.04
I like this game but it can be a little tedious to do tasks like put the flashlight away.

kakashibladebolt 2012.03.24
loved the game gr8 graphics it rocked

jjman44 2012.03.21
It seems fun, I just need to get better at getting the right ending...

namildog 2012.03.19
simple straightforward and dishonest - great fun.

mikicostanza 2012.03.16
great game very hot and funny

robert010 2012.03.12
Can someone help me how to play this game?
I don`t know why, I can`t pplay the game.
I must fill in a name and if I click continue, there appears a white screen with "hello my name is Erica" .

dirtybill763 2012.03.09
This is a great game, many options, good images, but there are quite a few bugs. it IS older tho, is there a sequel?

airforcewun 2012.02.22
never liked it cuz it just keeps u roaming around... cant find an ending

sammyshambles 2012.02.03
These games keep you occupied,for a while not too easy(thanks for the walk through) and the multipul endings keep you addicted

BigDaddyPsycho 2012.02.02
Really good virtual date game with great graphics, only bad things are the bugs...

Ryoxxx 2012.02.01
Excellent game with good graphic!

VentusLau 2012.01.31
I think the game is okay and i love the varieties

Only for the gambling part it is too a matter of lucK

dell10781 2012.01.18
nice but hard to get a ending if u dont know how

layne16 2012.01.11
Great game, love the model.

raznag2001 2012.01.08
this was really good, love the amount of options, the various ending possibilities, good graphics and decent motion. Would like some of the final scenes to run a little longer.

Guillaume 2012.01.07
good game with very hard ways

mikicostanza 2012.01.06
this game is awesome with many differrents endings

sardini 2011.12.30
Great Game and great girl. The only thing missing is SOUNDS.

dunmer 2011.12.24
great game, ive found a bunch of endings already, lot of scenes from hitman though ;) alot of these characters are in the photographer too. You guys have made me want to play hitman now...

Lizzie 2011.12.08
I found the game difficult. Not enough instructions apart from the walk throughs.

BrianMcgee 2011.12.06
A ending not mentioned: at the club with Leilani the stripper.

- At home go to the roof and grab her ass
- Afterwards drink wherever you can (including with the girls from the fitness centre)
- Kiss Rachel whenever you can (room and casino)
- May also need to dance and talk to the friends from the fitness centre
- Buy the double ended dildo
- Speak to Leilani
- Meet her at the bar, but DON`T take the ticket
- Go to the club
- Have a drink
- Work it out yourself from there

magnosmago 2011.11.26
I don`t know how to get the end
what about some advices with the game choices

matty66 2011.11.21
I decied to play this game cause i saw there was a part to this game is hot i like the freedom of different endings its always good

medjai 2011.11.16
even after download still doesn`t give me ticket option in the bar

shagrat1313 2011.11.13
Rachel is my favorite girl , i love this game

zenginoglu 2011.11.13
This is great game... I like it very much...

stephenar 2011.11.08

TBar39 2011.11.03
Hot looking girls, and I love the different endings, especially the 4-some at the rec center...

Fuck machine 2011.10.31
this is the best game ever

Ops123 2011.10.30
this was awsome.... it has alot of threesome and cool story...

noone99 2011.10.19
Definitely one of the most fun of the VD games. Lots of flexibility and options to explore.

Noramil 2011.10.19
I love this game. Every time I play it I get hard.

jjjl234 2011.10.18
very good game i loved it

burghman11 2011.10.16
Once I figured out what I was supposed to do it was a hot game.

sasdy 2011.10.07
so exciting game with a nice graphic.

tuqueen 2011.10.04
its a truly fabulous game, if they input music that would make it perfect

bryan310 2011.10.02
i loved this game rachel is so sexy

horair 2011.10.01
imo, rachel is the sexiest avatar on the net!

BOBOBOBOBOB 2011.09.29
I love this game! Rachel is such a hot girl and I wish he would make a part 3!!!

firion69 2011.09.29
this is great =D
with so many paths to take and so many possible endings.......

though i`m checking this one out before i check out the sequel =D

blaster274 2011.09.24
i like how there are so many options in this game

sameermalhotra 2011.09.23
very nice game
all endings are good
nice graphics

DoubleShadow 2011.09.18
The classical and best game for Datin Sim!

Pls show us many many more games to rachels story and more options with her friends!

gardner 2011.09.16
The girl is a little too slutty for my tastes, but the graphics were outstanding and stimulating. :)

Badapple40 2011.09.15
Nice game. I played the solo ending in the bedroom. I can`t wait to try the other endings.

dsbboo 2011.09.09
The best virtual game I have ever played.

khaikyler 2011.09.07
Wow great game! needs more action though

khaikyler 2011.09.07
greaat graphics but needs more action!

Sew 2011.09.06
One of the best games here.

thexcpl 2011.09.06
wow ... mad game, very hot ending :)

HeLL666 2011.09.03
nice game with very good gameplay.. i really enjoyed this one.

Jaaru 2011.09.02
Another VD game, like them all.

Big Dog 63 2011.09.01
Love the alternate scenarios, makes me keep wanting to come back for each different ending!

Hobgoblin67 2011.08.31
Hot stuff from Rachel,her games just get better and better

danilipe 2011.08.30
one of the best dating games

whiteghost 2011.08.26
it was a good game and was very fun to play

astuttle46 2011.08.25
Great game good graphics fine girl what more could you want

Busterncleo 2011.08.22
Game is bugged will not let you go to casino

father 2011.08.20
great ghraphics & animation

cas26 2011.08.15
Awesome game such a hot lady very very good game and as always fun to play

j0sh 2011.08.13
this is one of my favorite games.. go rachel!

domingo77 2011.08.04
That one of my favorite games here and its pretty hard..

zeus_pariah 2011.08.04
rachel has always amused me. great graphics, great story, loved all the endings, rachel is such an easy and horny girl...and thats why i like her. great game

Herrushingu 2011.08.03
Very good graphics and a lot of endings. amazing. Sugoi. great game!

shiv07 2011.07.30
great graphics and nice gameplay..not to hard to play..had a lot of endings which made the game interesting to play...

stone_elton 2011.07.24
Very good graphics and a lot of endings. Every single game should have lots of endings to make we play it again.

fede1594 2011.07.22
very nice game, the game isn`t too hard but isn`t too easy
i didn`t like the graphics, they were too static

FicklePickleTickle 2011.07.21
One of the better games. Many options and paths. Well worth your time. :)

gielar 2011.07.19
very nice game with funy story

Kallion 2011.07.18
just finished, went the Secretary route and nice ending with both. Played Mozilla and it does take a moment to download scenes or seems stuck, Just re-click

secret8p 2011.07.18
Absolutely loooovvveeed this game. I just wish the second one was a easier. I`m stuck :P

m4t0n 2011.07.16
hots girls makes this game superb

Fofally 2011.07.08
Overall the game was fun. Was a bit difficult though because the game was too linear at times. Would be nice if there was a few possible outcomes for a choice that gets you to the same place. The animations added to the experience... great artwork of the ladies.

Dracohorn 2011.07.07
@sroy1986 how did you get the leilani ending

boyboss 2011.07.06
its a nice game, a bit hard thoug

sroy1986 2011.07.05
This is a nice game. I got all 7 endings(3some with Sophie & Rachel, 3some with Kelly & Rachel, Rachel Stripping, sex with Rachel in casino bedroom, 4some with Erica-Crystal-Rachel, 3some with Alex & Rachel and 3some with Leilani & Rachel).

zelda813204 2011.06.26
sexy game i love Rachel she very hot so is her boss keep up the great work love part 2 by the way also

banes 2011.06.26
Rachel is a very hot ladie and so is her boss. Great game.

Roskabouter 2011.06.25
Complex game, but totally worth the time.
All endings were great.

Cactus2 2011.06.24
This is one of my favorite games here. :)

hornynwilling69 2011.06.21
Love this game hard at first but gets better

jmeoff 2011.06.20
Rachel is my kind of girl!

chuck360 2011.06.18
very good game hope they put sound in future games.

derda 2011.06.14
The V.D.Gs games are some of the best, and this is one of their best.
Can`t wait for the next one.

uguns 2011.06.10
This game was great. Took a lot of tries to get them all right but well worth the time. Keep them coming

lotscum 2011.06.09
i really virtual date games..so pleasure for me...

BallIdiot 2011.06.09
Fairly long game with a lot of different endings so it`s worth replaying. Graphics are good, but the animations seems out of place. (Seemed like the girls are floating in air)

riad02cmc 2011.06.05
amazing game, i got 3 ending . it will be more interesting if it is animated

dragonman1961 2011.06.04
nice game indeed. finished one story so far and the sex scene was even more realistic on this game than any other so far..love it to be very realistic in the sex scenes..

ravijme96 2011.05.31
Nice and palpitant game !

johndellsman 2011.05.30
cool game nices graphic need more action

rohan2011 2011.05.28
very good game
beautiful girl

Arbaal 2011.05.28
One of best virtual date games

zigau 2011.05.27
This is one of my favorite. It is really hot. I love it

babaperenoge 2011.05.27
One of the best dating games here

Mike_Shinoda81 2011.05.16
This is great game and i like it...

az89 2011.05.15
need to buy a right thing to get leilani with rachel together in v 1.2

Juzam 2011.05.14
excelente juego tiene muchas coasa buenas

az89 2011.05.13
this is the older one, unlike the 1.2 version that had been upgrade

waldmichel 2011.05.11
Really good dating game with some tricky parts - i love it

Damien747 2011.05.10
very interesting game, I will say that.

InfamousHugo 2011.05.10
This is one of the funnest in the dating category. Highly recommended.

hotanddirty 2011.05.08
am i the only one that this game does not load for

BLACK9 2011.05.05
Not bad! really nice game.

philip_pedersen 2011.05.03
Didn`t get the ticket from the stripper. Anyone experienced the same problem?

ifqvp 2011.05.02
really good one, IE9 bug impossible to give ticket information to Sophie, with firefox no problem

winsley 2011.04.29
Really good game! nice graphics!

paarthdave 2011.04.27
Didnt find anything much more exciting here... it could have been simpler

someoneelse 2011.04.27
tricky, but good if you make it

bags 2011.04.26
great game, I like the multiple endings and the hot chics

Xander317 2011.04.26
fantastic quality, don`t change a thing

Hos 2011.04.25
great game, my first to play, just loved it!

nayrb 2011.04.25
Great game once I founnd the secret of the `2` use,super graphics, took my time with the awesome `foursome`.More please

frozefreeze 2011.04.22
Love it. Absolutely brilliant.

kyle01 2011.04.21
omfg the best game ever!!!!!!!!!!! everyone must try this

p03scr0w 2011.04.20
a good game with a lot of endings.

Maddog62 2011.04.20
great game gonna try to find all the endings

TheIncubus 2011.04.17
Incredible game.. I love the stripper club :)

juanmas 2011.04.16
the game is awesome , great graphics and multiple endings

eralph67 2011.04.16
keep up the good work. A little hard at the beginning and some source of help would be appreciated after a lot of dead ends.

giorgos231 2011.04.15
possibly the best virtual date game yet,cant wait for leilani to joi

suavejunho 2011.04.14
very fun game. i would prefer it to be easier though

Michaeltoms 2011.04.11
One of the bast virtual date games i have played, nice array of ending. Couldnt get the rachel hotel ending to work tho

Quixotic 2011.04.10
I hope they never stop making these

Sathiriel 2011.04.08
My second favourite game.

rachel is really hot and exiting, I want to see more of her :)

Gewoontje 2011.04.07
Looks great had a lot of fun with it

Rockers 2011.04.05
nice rachel looks very good on the action parts

Immerhin 2011.04.03
Nice game but in the beginning a little hard

ramraj54321 2011.04.02
i cont play due to error result

luannepearl 2011.04.02
awesome and hot i cant help thinking of it

inspector d 2011.04.02
i think this game is fun but kind of repetitive. need more improvement, try to birng to the next level.

hentai1337 2011.03.31
nice graphics, but a little slow

zakarea 2011.03.30
very hot, very tasty and nasty. I would like to meet somebody like her :))

carl88 2011.03.30
not a bad game but it a bit hard

Lippi1983 2011.03.29
great game....great girl =)

Yarn71 2011.03.28
Great Game. Love that it has all the different endings. These games are always so well done.

gammorob000 2011.03.26
I like the ending, plus the graphics,( SHE"S HOT) 0_0

dunno123 2011.03.26
One of the best virtual date games going! Fantastic graphics and animation. awesome ending

Delcer 2011.03.22
Slutty girls like her are so hot

Smyxter 2011.03.20
One of the best virtual date games going! Fantastic graphics and animation. awesome ending esp. the leisure center one...

Bob101 2011.03.20
The game is very good! I like the girls in this game!

fadoulaping 2011.03.20
grat game and possibly the best virtuel game ever

adun 2011.03.19
Another good game from virtual date girls and i cant wait to play the next one :D

dadakara 2011.03.18
I spent AT LEAST an hour getting all the endings.

gigitlah 2011.03.17
one of the best virtual games ive played,great grpahics,erotic story

S_Lav 2011.03.14
Thats a great game! I like the gameplay from those types of dating sims, and this one is one of the best.

mrs.sex 2011.03.12
this was a great game and it was very fun to play

trey9wli 2011.03.12
not bad, kinda fun. I wish these ones had sounds

ManKyYen 2011.03.10
My favorite dating sim on this site.

reards 2011.03.10
needs more work on the graphic could be cleaner

dragonj 2011.03.08
One of the hottest games I played

dioneischimidt 2011.03.07
Can someone help me, no matter what I make it always ends in the strip club

Nick2 2011.03.06
Very, very hot and amazing game with sexy girls.
I like this game very much!!!!

fameasser 2011.03.06
i loved it...sexy chick in this game.nice

SAMahler17 2011.03.05
I love this game. This game is the graphics so good

dioneischimidt 2011.03.03
Can someone help me, no matter what I do so I can end the club strip.nao Importation path I choose, the game goes straight in the club strip.assim happens to other games of a date so final.porque? porfavor

hasil 2011.03.01
I love this game. This game is the graphics so good and I enjoyed it

Arhangel_Trener 2011.02.24
Basic start for all endings:
Finish up your work
2. "Hey. Nice outfit!"
Step outside
Take in the view
Grab her ass
Walk to the north end of the street
Travel uptown
Take her to the casino
Book a room for the night
Book a room
Book a room
Go to the room
Go to the room
Sit on the sofa
Kiss her
Finish kissing
Do something else
Go back to the lobby
Have a drink at the bar
Buy a vodka
Go somewhere else
Go gambling
1. "Just pick a number."
(Now open the number 1 in a new tab until you are winning, it`s random!)
Kiss her during the excitement
Finish kissing
Collect winnings
1. "Let`s go somewhere else."
Walk back to mid-town
Walk to the south end of the street
Walk down to the port
Take her to the strip club
Talk to Leilani
Let them talk
Meet Leilani later
Walk back to mid-town
Walk to the north end of the street
Take her to the bar
Speak with Leilani
Talk with Leilani
Take the ticket
Speak with Sophie
1. "Err...hi, boss. I...don`t seem to have any pot on me."
2. "I...have a ticket to a strip club competition."
Give her the ticket information
Say goodbie to Sophie
1. "Let`s get a drink."
1. "Two beers."
Finish having drinks
Suggest dancing
Finish dancing
2. "Let`s go somewhere else."
Walk to the south end of the street
Take her to the restaurant
Talk to the barmaid
2. "Can we get some drinks?"
Collect the drinks
Finish having drinks
Talk to the barmaid
1. "Are you OK. You seem distant."
2. "Actually, I don`t know if it`s your thing, but I have this ticket to a competition at a strip club..."
1. "Apparently, you perform the best strip and win $5000."
1. "Maybe we can help build your confidence."
Let Kelly finish work
1. "We have a room at the casino. How about we go there?"
Take her to work
Follow them to the room
3. "You two should dance together."
Finish dancing
1. "Have a seat."
1. "I think you two should kiss."
Let them kiss
Let them kiss
2. "Let Rachel touch your chest."
Let Rachel finish
Say goodbye to Kelly
Find something else to do
Go back to the lobby
1. "Let`s go somewhere else."
Walk back to mid-town
Take her to the store
Now it depends an what you want to do.
- Buy the dress on the right if you want to fuck the secretary.
- Buy the scotch if you want to fuck the 2 girls at the fitness center.
- Buy the camera if you just want to fuck Rachel in the bedroom)

Alex (hotelroom):

Buy outfit (the one on the right)
Go somewhere else
Travel uptown
Show her where you work
Check in with your secretary
Let Alex work
1. "You`re supposed to be my date."
1. "Do you think we should invite her along?"
2. "We have a room booked at the casino. What about the bar there?"
2. "I bought an outfit for Rachel earlier. Would she mind if you borrowed it?"
Take Alex to the casino
Go to the room
Have a drink
Finish having drinks
Show Alex the bedroom
1. "I was planning on doing it a little later."
Let Alex get changed
Let her change
Take her to the bar
Have a seat
1. "Let`s get some drinks."
Finish having drinks
Ask Rachel a question
3. "Would you ever have sex with me in public?"
Ask Alex a question
2. "Do you think Rachel`s attractive?"
Ask something else
Ask Rachel a question
1. "Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?"
Finish talking to Rachel
Ask Alex a question
6. "Would you spend the night with us?"
Go to the room
Use the bathroom
Sabotage the taps
Finish in the bathroom
Switch TV to music and dance
Let her go
1. "You might as well take them off. You can`t just hang around wet."
Let her undress
1. "Why doesn`t Rachel show Alex how to really dance?"
Watch her dance
Watch her dance
1. "Your turn, Alex."
2. "Just copy Rachel`s moves. She was good."
Watch her dance
Watch her dance
Finish watching
1. "Give me a lap dance."
(You will find your way from now on!)

Sophie (stripclub):

(Buy her anything)
Go somewhere else
Walk to the south end of the street
Walk down to the port
Take her to the strip club
2. "What about the competition here?"
1. "Hell, yes."
Speak with sophie
1. "I`d love to be your coach, boss"
Pick an outfit
Pick what she`s wearing
Pick the opponent
Pick Rachel
Go to the stage
Speak with Sophie
2. "Loose the pants."
Speak with Rachel (actually another mistake, you`ll speak with Sophie)
2. "People really need to see those breasts."
Continue (Click on Sophie, tooltipp missing)
Speak with Sophie
1. "Strip naked on stage."
Continue (Click on Sophie, tooltipp missing)
Speak with Sophie
3. "Concede defeat then fuck Rachel in the back room?"
Let her choose
Continue (Click on them, tooltipp missing)
Walk into the dressing room
(You`ll find your way from now on)

Erica and Crystal (fitness center):

Buy the Scotch
Go somewhere else
Travel uptown
Walk up the street
Walk to the park
Take her to the leisure center
Speak with the employees
Let them talk
1. "Sure. Let`s go."
Speak with Rachel
1. "I`ll see what I can do."
Suggest getting some drinks
Buy Cocktails
Collect drinks
Speak with Erica
2. "I don`t know if she`s really my type."
1. "She seems more interested in other women than me."
2. "I`m just worried she`ll run off with one of you two instead."
Rejoin the group
Speak with Crystal
Suggest having a seat
Have a seat
Move closer to her
Kiss Her
Finish Kissing
1. "No complaints from me."
Finish talking.
1. "Why don`t we do something else?"
1. "Maybe we could have some fun at the leisure centre."
Go to the leisure center
1. "How does this equipment work?"
Pick Rachel
1. "Maybe you should take it off."
Watch Rachel undress
1. "Maybe Erica should try it."
Watch Erica undress
Finish watching
2. "Can someone show me around?"
Pick Crystal
Continue tour
Continue tour
Kiss Her
Finish kissing
Finish tour
3. "They have Jacuzzis here, right?"
Strip naked
Get in the jacuzzi
3. "I think I have a bottle of scotch in my pile of clothes."
(Autopilot from now on)

Kelly (stripclub):

(Buy her anything)
Go somewhere else
Walk to the south end of the street
Walk down to the port
Take her to the strip club
2. "What about the competition here?"
1. "Hell, yes."
Speak with Kelly
1. "Sure, I`ll coach you."
Pick Costume
Pick maid`s outfit
Select opponent
Select Rachel
Go to the stage
Speak with Kelly
2. "Do what you`re comfortable with for now."
Speak with Kelly
3. "Try to look naughty."
Speak with Kelly
1. "Take your dress off."
Continue (Click on Sophie, tooltip missing)
Speak with Kelly
3. "Flash your pussy. It`s the only way to beat her."
Speak with Kelly
2. "Slide a finger into your pussy."
Follow them to the dressing room
(You can`t do anything wrong from now on)

Rachel (stripclub):

(Buy her anything)
Go somewhere else
Walk to the south end of the street
Walk down to the port
Take her to the strip club
2. "What about the competition here?"
1. "Hell, yes."
Speak with Rachel
1. "Let`s do it!"
Pick an outfit
Pick what she`s wearing
Pick opponent
Pick stripper 1
Speak with Rachel
2. "Strip all the way and look even hotter."
Speak to Rachel
2. "Touch your pussy."
Speak with Rachel
2. "Dare you to stick a finger up your ass."
Go back to the dressing room
(Have fun, there`s nothing you can do wrong now)

Rachel (hotel room):

Buy the camera
Go somewhere else
Travel uptown
Take her to the casino
Book a room for the night
Go to the room
Go to the room
Go to the bedroom
1. "I need to take a picture of you like that."
Finish taking picture
2. "Are you OK with a more naughty photo?"
1. "Can I see a little more?"
Listen to the rules
1. "Let`s play!"
Go down to the left corridor
1. "Let`s get a picture."
Watch her strip
Take the picture
Go somewhere else
Go down the right corridor
Use the elevator
Press the emergency stop
Watch her strip
Take the picture
Go somewhere else
Take the elevator down
Walk over to the corner
1. "Let`s chance it. Strip."
Watch her strip
Take the picture
Go somewhere else
Go down to the lobby
Go to the casino floor
Go to the bar
Go into the toilets
1. "Let`s chance it. Strip."
Watch her strip
Take the picture
Go somewhere else
1. "Let`s go back to the casino floor."
1. "Let`s go back to the lobby."
Go up to the elevators
1. "Let`s go back upstairs."
Take the elevator up
Go back up the corridor
Go back to the room
Follow her to the bedroom
(And have fun)

lowovic 2011.02.22
this game is very funny but i had need some time for it

jerk96321 2011.02.21
good game the girls are hot and nice sex scenes

stark8g 2011.02.19
really nice game and complex :D

Yankee27 2011.02.19
Awesome game! Very fun to play and great graphics. Lots of options!

achubbykid 2011.02.18
love the storyline and graphics

r_jay 2011.02.17
A bit complex but worth the effort!

jupat 2011.02.16
good. but a little bit hard

Argyre 2011.02.16
I wish there was more positions, and I could see her pussy better. ;-;

hatton95 2011.02.16
played the game before an enjoyed it although a bit easy

bronzecin69 2011.02.15
some great options and great logic to get your head around

geeko 2011.02.15
cool ending and the gameplay too

babo_23 2011.02.09
this is very hot! action bit slow wish more active, but hot! it is a good play...

dzikmen 2011.02.09
Rachel looks stunning. One of the greatest from virtual dates. Still i think leilani is the best

suikz 2011.02.06
i want a friend like that, nice tits

bulbo123 2011.02.05
incredible game, and the chick is hot

Nick2 2011.02.05
I like this game with hot interesting scenes.

LINKERS 2011.02.05
Lots of choices. Decent game, needs a rough outline as to what to do since i got bored halfway.

Sampson120 2011.02.02
The best virtual dating game I`ve ever played. I had to keep playing until I found all the endings great endings.

Costas 2011.02.01
Great game with interesting endings :)

sweettooth 2011.01.30
wow fun game love the endings

65t9 2011.01.29
nice grafic,nice girl cool inside loved this game

onon 2011.01.28
loved the ending and the picture game too!

vidboy 2011.01.27
i didnt get thi one at all it was kinda pointless

232kevin 2011.01.21
it wouldn`t let me stert the game it sis that there is an error in the page

tdenny59 2011.01.16
Rachel is very quick. She is very hot.

peter33 2011.01.16
i like this game because it has so many opinions to choose..... great

nightman1869 2011.01.15
very good found all the ending will keep playing

avesmazzic 2011.01.14
I love the game, but there is a glitch if you play in IE. No matter what you do, you can`t get the ticket to the strip club for Sophie or Kelly or Rachel endings in the club.

rbjr 2011.01.14
good graphics and interesting endings

suup92 2011.01.12
Lots of different endings and once again good graphics!

ratonius 2011.01.11
numerous possible endings..thanks for walkthrough.
A little difficult but fun .

generaltao 2011.01.11
this is a pretty good game, not as good as the more recent virtual dates but still great game

Raver 2011.01.10
I`m a big fan of Chaotic`s games, but this one tops the lot. Fun, sassy, lots of possible paths, several endings, replayability, and hots girl(s).

Aminadab 2011.01.09
great game with many differnet endings. Graphics are really good.

tester2 2011.01.06
Really nice game with a decent amount of endings

sukhmank 2011.01.06
nice graphics.... easy and great game

erkki12 2011.01.01
good game of it`s style, many different endings makes you want to play it over and over again.

xronik 2011.01.01
Very interesting game! The remarkable drawing and a plot!

hansolo 2010.12.31
nice game but its really really hard to get to an end

anteater 2010.12.30
Rachel is great. I love playing it. I thing I found all endings, but continue to see if I missed one. The graphics are super and the interaction between characters is outsanding.

fgkfjgk 2010.12.30
that was awesome she is so hot

anteater 2010.12.29
great game, super graphics, but had hard time finding some of the achievements.

hotakon007 2010.12.27
Great Game but i got a little confusion with places

hotakon007 2010.12.27
hotttttt game i suppose i`m gonna play for the first time

tintinares 2010.12.26
great game with impressive graphics and numerous possible endings. very addictive

JFOX 2010.12.26
i thgink it´s very good but i have to try with more time

laceygee415 2010.12.25
The game loads very slowly for me

yan100 2010.12.24

i go through the motion, but I can`t get any of the other girls to join me and rachel. I have the tickets for the competitions, but I don`t have the option to give it to them. How do I offer the ticket when I don`t have the options. Help please

robberto222 2010.12.23
how you get the ppl from the bar too follow?

shani_910 2010.12.21
that was good kewl n sexy

Thucydides84 2010.12.21
I enjoyed the game, and the endings I got to were good. I couldn`t figure out if there was something else I needed to do at the gas station, though.

shani_910 2010.12.19
kewl game.. nice graphics.

mick149 2010.12.19
really good game strip club perfection :)

mick149 2010.12.19
DID NOT LOAD - very unfortunate :(

666fox 2010.12.19
where is the leisure centre?? please help

domodomo 2010.12.18
this game is awesome! all endings are great! can we get a sequel to rachel please?

panteik 2010.12.18
Great game. But i think too short

silverfang30 2010.12.17
very nice game, wonderful graphics. could be a little longer............

Szwarcus_PL 2010.12.17
Very good game! I love all the endings! Nice great graphics!!!

ania_F 2010.12.17
Nice game, like the others
More of them please

farkas 2010.12.16
Nice game, good graphics and interesting alternativ endings. I wait the sequel.

miguel8y8 2010.12.16
nice graphics, she is gorgeous, but noty as realistic, kind of a man`s fantasy. love erica

kurtwpg 2010.12.15
This is the best of this series, although I haven`t played the pay ones. Rachel is a freak, and a hot freak. I can`t remember all the endings but there is 1 on 1, at least 2 threesomes, and a foursome!

repuindy 2010.12.14
very good leo! models are awesome and the story is short but funny

robert_tm 2010.12.14
awesome foursome......keep it coming...

jzarb15 2010.12.14
Not bad but the gameplay was a little jumpy. Not as fluid as most of the other LOP games.

matz78 2010.12.14
is it possible to use the light or something?

jerryonly83 2010.12.14
good story dude and very good graphics.. u only have bad taste in cars :P

Andy78 2010.12.12
Good game.Fine story, hot girls and not bad graphics. I hope to reach all endings. One of my favorites

WastedAgain 2010.12.09
? Didn`t work for me? Error on page, straight away

jdguy1986 2010.12.05
Love all the different options -- solo, threesome, *foursome*. fantastic.

zeretet 2010.12.03
this game was really awsome

wloo175 2010.12.02
Cannot seem to get to ending, take ticket, but seems to make no difference - disappointing

scrip 2010.12.02
very nice chicks in the game, interesting to play

mjwm54 2010.12.01
This is definitely one of the best games here! I really hope there will be some sort of sequel to it!

Hadrian 2010.11.29
Lots of fun. Really great how you have so many options to choose from.

zeretet 2010.11.29
good game... nice to play and so so hot

az89 2010.11.28
love this game. nicely done

atomicthrust 2010.11.26
Great Game. Love that it has all the different endings. These games are always so well done.

Eds 2010.11.25
Best game ever! I love all the endings!
Absolutely great graphics!!!

sirbobinious 2010.11.24
definitely recommended to play, as i`ll continue to do so

yogou 2010.11.23
this game is juste perfect. the jacuzzi scene is amazing...

dominique 2010.11.21
wow rachel is superb and the others too sexy and hot
nice game a bit hard but that make a good game

jpsacrey 2010.11.20
Awesome game. Good graphics.

Trent 2010.11.19
Lots of good endings, make it a good game to play again and again

yxyx 2010.11.15
Great rhis was awesome, many endings, wery good foursome endings

xtum 2010.11.14
i think this is my fav game

lolsnake 2010.11.14
nice game great womans und great grafik

Kramtitude 2010.11.11
I love all the possible endings and the story. Keep it up.

smirnofje 2010.11.11
nice game play and a great story trully easy

godenfisher 2010.11.11
so many players that is to say many men and women like this game.

markovnikov 2010.11.10
The best virtual date game here. 6 endings available, including a 4-some ( the good kind). Rachel is one fun girl!

davduckie 2010.11.10
Awesome game. Too bad it has so many bugs, but well. Hope to see a bug free one soon

Duncan90 2010.11.10
amazin game and quality but to be honest not the best i have played on here.

Towy 2010.11.10
pretty easy game but good for that, just wish there were some moving sex scenes

Ballcano 2010.11.08
Awesome, kinda hard to figure out where to go. Could only find one ending.

Rambaldi 2010.11.08
Nice game! I dont know if I`ve found all endings, I have 3 till here. Are there more to find?

Maikeru 2010.11.08
By far, the best of the Virtual Date games.

zip0186 2010.11.07
Good characters quality graphics amazing replay value and it`s not buggy.

MrSharkus 2010.11.04
I love that game, very hot girls and nice quality !

Pipo66 2010.11.03
Great Great game. Super quality game. Love the pictures. The girls are so cute.

costel 2010.11.03
good graphic, worth playing to find every ending

nightwalker 2010.11.03
cool graphic for sure, but bad storyline imho

faked 2010.11.02
thay should make a second one

faked 2010.11.02
the best vd game there is

Hardheart 2010.10.30
Great game. Would like to see another one with Rachel

navnuc 2010.10.30
this is bugged will not work in explorer

vipor56 2010.10.29
games is great, awesome graphics especially love the leisure center ending

mattyt123 2010.10.29
Fantastic gameplay loving the endings graphics are good quality aswell :)

davduckie 2010.10.28
my favouritw date game- amazing

Christoffer 2010.10.28
Love the virtual date series, this one is good, but this is among my top 3

magic2hr 2010.10.28
good game but i like lesson of passion better
hot girls in this but need more action !

themoda 2010.10.28
For me, the best game, very, very good, I know all the endings ( the 6), and its very exciting

roogzorz 2010.10.27
A few bugs, but the foursome is great.

prats 2010.10.26
done wth all the endings...most of them r threesome....and a foursome 2....that makes it even more sexier...

thundergod 2010.10.26
Absolutely decadent. Well done!

prats 2010.10.26
awesome foursome......keep it coming...

navnuc 2010.10.25
when redircting to game page I cannot play it lets me click one ot two items then locks

aku7 2010.10.25
this game was quite tricky. took quite long

menestrello 2010.10.25
The possibilities that the game offer are simply amazing, not to talk about all the possible endinds, good one!

Raul777 2010.10.24
Yahoo! Kudos to Rachel. Like all endings. The best was at the leisure center with 3 girls. (>w< )

trsss 2010.10.23
pretty good, lots of endings

Studley 2010.10.23
Lots of great endings. Kind of confusing as to what to do though. At certain points copy URL into a new tab so you can go on from there. You can always go back to your old tab to pick a different path.

holdenBA 2010.10.22
Not the best of the games, but very pleasing..

Dragonhart 2010.10.21
Love this game alot of endings to find.

jopsy_pox 2010.10.20
Great game
One of my favorite

yvonne 2010.10.20
perfect game!and Rachel very sexy babe!!
The endings are very hot!!!

paddywhack 2010.10.20
great game loads of options

Erragon 2010.10.19
not bad game but i saw better

ciriaco 2010.10.18
this is a wonderful game. not so easy !

paladin33 2010.10.17
Woohooo.... the best virtual date game so far! however it is very difficult to get one on one with Rachel

daresiganteng 2010.10.17
this game is quite pretty enough to play, the graphic is wonderful, animation is poor but generally i,ve enjoy this game

majsterpiterek 2010.10.17
not easy to play but playable

meoweom1 2010.10.17
Getting the threesome scene was challenging!

cyber409 2010.10.16
There is so much to do....all the different endings and the multiple girls. Awesome.

elgrancesar 2010.10.16
this game is so hot god damit i have a hard on

joker370 2010.10.16
This game is huge! I love it

Elexis 2010.10.15
The depth of the game was impressive, as were the sexy endings! Its nice to have multiple paths open to the player, dropping enough hints to keep them from being frustrated but without making things too obvious. Aside from increasing longevity, it makes finding the endings much more satisfying!

Jola 2010.10.14
Rachel and Kelly are super

bt5121 2010.10.14
please do another one with rachel

stnick 2010.10.14
How the heck you play this game without cheating beats me, just copy the address and amend for scenes you will never see otherwise.

frostee 2010.10.13
good graphics and interesting endings

love all of VDG`s games

dani12345 2010.10.13
tricky one , but i still love this dating sims a lot

tkerr5197 2010.10.13
Not a bad game. I thought it took a bit too long though.

viiciiousdolly 2010.10.13
Gotta say, of all the VD girls, Rachel`s gotta be the best one there is. Not only is she easy going and hard to upset (she hardly ever ends the date no matter what you do) but she might just be into having a three(or four)some more than you are! Great game!

gregdog316 2010.10.12
great story line and good graphics

Xiege 2010.10.12
awesome dating game,two thumb up..

afpatfan 2010.10.11
i love the variety this game offers

Me123 2010.10.10
wow this game is very sexy , the graphics are amazing

XsWeETdreamX 2010.10.10
I like this game tried all the endings :DD

RiesenKopf 2010.10.09
Rachel is the girl I`d love to have as a lover... She is the most easy-going chick of all ))) You could bone any chick of that game with her help ))) The most full game of all!!! Rachel is the sexiest girl in the serie, when naked

Hipnos1981 2010.10.09
All the virtual date games are awesome!!! They have good graphics, good stories and very hot sexy girls... For Rachel game i love the treesome ending!!!

Skeletor 2010.10.05
Muy sexy!! Tengo la garcha dura!

Nicholas 2010.10.02
great game, this was a good experience

saugata8888 2010.10.02

Martin148 2010.09.30
Graphics on the game are cool

got ot one endingn, looking for more

dage1979 2010.09.30
nice game, nice graphics, i like it

maloney 2010.09.30
great game only the graphics could be better ;)

dhaun 2010.09.29
Old fashioned graphics and too hard to play through. I do not like those virtual date games.

Mitchy2010 2010.09.27
very beautiful game, nice gameplay, and beautiful graphic, Quality and Quantity

Subject_Delta87 2010.09.27
Amazing game, there need to be more with this much in depth work. Graphics and animations were great.

Hotspik 2010.09.26
very nice game !!!

but i can`t have the end at leisure center ....

az89 2010.09.26
when will the next episode come out?

joker14 2010.09.25
great endings but poor graphics

joker14 2010.09.25
great endings but bad graphics

jturner7 2010.09.25
wow is an intresting game, but the graphics are cool

jturner7 2010.09.25
wow is an intresting game, but the graphics are poor

amlutias 2010.09.24
Difficult to find what to do in some spots but still great!

doomlord 2010.09.24
the gameplay is good and fun

gniffiy 2010.09.24
hot game, i love it :) all the games here are awesome from what ive seen so far

awsomeness8330 2010.09.23
the best game eva gonna play again

4nik8 2010.09.22
Great game!!! I like all the different endings.

pyanz80 2010.09.21
the game was great..i like the ending,but i still love playing virtual date wit keeley.. i like!!

Vincent9271 2010.09.20
seems like this game was error....can`t play like the hints u all gave.

Sypho123 2010.09.19
Great many endings loved it

kikimilu 2010.09.19
can`t play this game. game only shows a controller

royro2010 2010.09.18
Awesome game.... love all the ending, thanks for the hints

KennethS 2010.09.18
I like this game. The stripping compition was fun.

andiyan 2010.09.17
emmmh..I think that`s very nice games!!!

kanzi67 2010.09.17
what a nice game...the story is cool!!!

Google22 2010.09.16
Love this game :) Beat all the games on the offsite. Can`t wait before the Lucy game comes out :)

joedude1029 2010.09.16
I liked this one purely for the vast number of girls. Nice one!

InsidiousWeasel 2010.09.15
Tips for Kelly ending:
Get drinks from her and say sorry about money
Go to strip club and meet Leilani later for Pose Off Ticket
Drink, Gamble, Get room at casino
Go back and tell Kelly about $5k Strip Off
Take her to room at Casino
Have her dance, sit on couch, kiss and get felt up by Rachel
Meet her at Strip CLub Back room and coach her
Choose Maid Outfit & Rachel as opponent
heh ... Kelly takes a lot of coaxing or she`ll walk out but if you simply leave
the Strip Club and re-enter you can replay with her from that point
so I won`t spoil the thrill or frustration of coaching her moves ;)
When she wins , Rachel and you "win"..... take screen shots hehe
Sadly, Firefox is still primarily the only route to go on the virtual date site but they do have some tips in their Help and the walkthroughs for some other girls are handy

PS, Kelly from PF1 they have a new girl out that looks hot .... we should try and `recruit` her too =p

weewangwang 2010.09.15
go thru many threads, but can somebody teach me how to download for offline playing ? Cuz i am not always online

jimmyclarke1994 2010.09.15
Quite a good game, but some aspects were inferior to other dating sims

ekosurya 2010.09.15
good game with very hard ways

kuzdydavid 2010.09.15
Very good graphics and good gameplay but a bit hard

fuckit 2010.09.15
I played this one a few days ago. it`s the first time I realy enjoy a game from that creator. now I want to create my own ^^

Jolly Roger 2010.09.14
Fun game. Rachel and Sophie are hot. I haven`t figured out how to do more with Kelly though. Any ideas?

pteth 2010.09.14
took your advice and went and downloaded the free firefox browser. all the dating sim games with broken links can be played through the firefox browser.

dmxi 2010.09.14
unfortunatly it only works on firefox... minor set back

mal1109 2010.09.14
tried playing it but it kept saying that the link was broken

cyang118 2010.09.13
The game doesn`t work anymore. Anyone knows how i can play it?

absmith12 2010.09.12
I cant get this to work for some reason, any help?

WhatWhatWhat 2010.09.12
Bah the virtual date girls site which this links to is still offline.

jhaus 2010.09.12
This game doesnt seem to work for me. It keeps saying that the link is broken...

Dashvance 2010.09.12
it`s too large friend i dont know what to do

matthewt97 2010.09.11
this is the best virtual date game ever

mirko 2010.09.11
its a very good game :D
I like it...really nice

hina_kae 2010.09.11
can`t get her to do anything

pteth 2010.09.11
whats with all the broken links? and how often do new games show up here?

Andi202 2010.09.10
I want to play, but it is down.

aaha 2010.09.09
Cant open the page aswell

Elfe 2010.09.09
Hey! I`m unable to access this game... Impossible to find the page. Someone knows what`s going on?

Drakonloki 2010.09.08
is it true that the site is down and what about the offsite it was linked to

Drakonloki 2010.09.08
is any one else unable to load this game and if so does any one knows how to fix the problem

sportingthug99 2010.09.08
good game but hard but worth it

kangaroo 2010.09.08
No possible to play that game...site down :`(

none 2010.09.07
The website is shut down.

uglymogwai 2010.09.07
One of my favorites. Love the multiple ending

adam5 2010.09.07
what a sexy game & what a beautiful girl wow i like it.

happydog 2010.09.07
my favorite game. love the multiple endings

evol 2010.09.06
good game a little more of these would be nice

MUFC999999999 2010.09.06
game only shows a controller, cant load

MUFC999999999 2010.09.06
all virtual date games have no sound. Music would have spiced up the game

MUFC999999999 2010.09.06
wonderful game, multiple endings

MUFC999999999 2010.09.06
nice graphics, should have sound

palmat 2010.09.06
cant get it to load it just shows a controller

kaeser 2010.09.05
Great game, love that there are different endings.

goldeni 2010.09.04
i like all the other ones in this series but the site seems down for this one.

ill be back later

Dr-Nuke 2010.09.04
The game`s site appears to be down

silvergirl12321 2010.09.03
I really like this game, and she is very beautiful, but for some reason the game won`t work for me, but she is very sexy and icant wait to figure out the problem and get into it with heer

jbottz 2010.09.03
Game doesn`t seem to be working :(

nepp 2010.09.02
the games still do`nt works

you01 2010.09.02
game isn`t working for me

ElBigBoss 2010.09.01
Very nice game , great graphics !!! one of the bests ever played

nepp 2010.09.01
why can I not open VDG free games on yours site

greg316 2010.09.01
Please can you fixed the link for virtual dates girls !

CDPII 2010.09.01
He has been having some issues with the site. Earlier last month the site was down for six or seven days. He missed two updates as well. I don`t think he will be sticking around for too much longer.

AssMan919 2010.08.31
broken game is broken, you should prune the website for broken links every now and again

kursor13 2010.08.31
"problem loading page"
server not found

NiGHTS4life 2010.08.30
The game`s site appears to be down.

ajconiker 2010.08.30
this is very well on of the best virtual date games i have ever played

kaimaster111 2010.08.30
Dont worry about the link being broken...you can get all the virtual date girls at the original webiste virtualdategirls.com (it should work unless chaotic

styx2272 2010.08.30
The link is broken.... Can`t play anymore.

alleng14 2010.08.30
Cant seem to get to the game, it says URL not found.

xkima77 2010.08.30
wow.... i`m speachless.... i think this game is one of the best virtual date game ever.....

kissessa 2010.08.29
Very nice game ... more !!!!

nich951 2010.08.29
like game but get error logging on

DanDe 2010.08.29
None of the games from virtualdate.com seem to work.

Mck 2010.08.29
This game is excellent anyway it do not work correctly if you play it online you have to download it

kjmayville 2010.08.28
Sounds like a good game, I just wish the link worked :((

lunchbox85 2010.08.28
awesome gae. the multitude of different endings was cool.

ragerage84 2010.08.28
The website appears to be broken?

puma420 2010.08.28
}}}}}}}}AWSOME GAME!



h123olla 2010.08.28
the link isn`t working =(

magnetiquenorth 2010.08.28
the link doesnt seem to work

kipper999 2010.08.27
Fun game... I like the different possible outcomes. Not too many games where you can shag three lovely ladies at once.

greg316 2010.08.27
Cant play the game the link is broken.
can you fixed the link so people can play the game?
I like the game .
so please fixed the problem

revvy 2010.08.27
Real nice game, gonna try more of these

brandamhong 2010.08.27
I cant wait to find more endings

greg316 2010.08.26
Please can you fixed the link for all the virtualgirls dates games


Avogadro21 2010.08.26
Rachel is hot.... I watched 4 or 5 endings, but I couldn´t see all of them. Finally got bored
The graphics are good, and the story is fine

didier66 2010.08.26
the game is great and i so exiciting to play again

Beurk 2010.08.25
This game is hysterical and so much fun to play. A sequel would be great and maybe next time sound and music could be added.

joe9463 2010.08.25
the game wont work 4 me either

hooman7272 2010.08.25
fun game solid game play nice endings

Dedicated87 2010.08.24
I can`t get the game to work. Does anyone have any suggestions?

qeadwrsf 2010.08.24
Nice game, the largest so far I think from vdg. The only think that could be better is to include more of Leilany (but that`s only in the payed version).

SeexBoomb 2010.08.23
My favourite Too *-*

Thanks for endings.
The game is very hoot, and the graphics great !

lombardie 2010.08.23
Nice game with ok graphics and pretty wild girls. Several endings and possible to select few nice opponents in the strip joint. Rather short game and not too complicated.

shadowhearts 2010.08.22
game glitches in hotel when trying to take more naughty pictures.. can`t get to ending

swordomatic 2010.08.22
the game was wonderful, and i cant wait to play the next one!

tokra 2010.08.21
enjoyed veru much, wouldlike more varied ednings

badboy1980 2010.08.21
That Rachel Was cute!!!!!This Game is very nice

aaar 2010.08.21
game seems glitchty on opera

max29 2010.08.20
possibly one of the best gamee on this site

ABDV 2010.08.20
fantstic. one of the better virtual dating games. a lot easier with a walkthrough, and numerous endings

allen666 2010.08.20
this game was great but full of bugs :(

Wizardroma007 2010.08.17
Thank You Muskini for your help. It was great. You save me a lot of time ;-)

tjyman6 2010.08.17
this game was alright i wish i could do more with the game. love the graphics

hash19 2010.08.17
It takes a lot of time to find the endings, better play it with the guide to get all endings faster

bshdaddy1 2010.08.17
great game, however, some parts do not always work the way the walkthrough says. great plot and graphics

bloodbaron 2010.08.17
great game really interesting

freeees 2010.08.17
almost every background it this game is from Hitman:Blood Money game

freeees 2010.08.17
LOL that`s bar in the Murder of Crows level of Hitman Blood Money

kdogg 2010.08.17
gameplay was good, graphics were good and animation was decent.

humptypkt 2010.08.16
Why do I go to some places and it says I already been there when I haven`t?

RocknRollDave 2010.08.16
one of the best games i have played

jaimeflirter 2010.08.16
Quite satisfying, except i could not go farther than the bedroom, and clicking on her while in bed judt kick us out to the corridor

qazxswedc 2010.08.16
Good idea, but way too many bugs

titolepanto 2010.08.15
Great game lots of possibilities difficult at first

marines216 2010.08.14
great game and awsome grapichs

rancid08 2010.08.14
fun game solid game play nice endings

mh42 2010.08.14
not his best effort, but still a good game

kanas83 2010.08.13
Game isn`t working for me either

mark_20100 2010.08.13
hey this game really kicks tail i like the graphics but the lack of options could use improvement clothes so on and so forth

sasumemoku 2010.08.13
well after a lot of work i did finally get all the endings. i like the one with the threesome with the boss

Fiddler 2010.08.12
Love this game, just can`t get enough of it :)

hretic 2010.08.12
I like play this game but loading stop on 68% :(

darkjwock 2010.08.12
cool game there is many ending

CactusZ 2010.08.11
Loved this game! Lots of replay value!

msoriano 2010.08.11
Probably the easiest of the virtual date games for me. Girl is really easy and has a lot of scenes involving other women.

paragon117 2010.08.11
The game seem to be lagging out every time I want to play it. very strange.

dark1 2010.08.10
its a good game but i had trouble getting to an ending

mikeydu 2010.08.10
I love these virtual date games the various endings are so good

logan1030 2010.08.09
hot+sexy+boner+horny=this game

az89 2010.08.09
love this game with characters from the previous virtual date girls except for ariane. wait for another episode of virtual date

GhostPirate 2010.08.09
Wow. Another quality game from this great franchise. I can`t seem to sleep with that sexy secretary yet though...

bigpapa777 2010.08.08
Great game....lots of choices. Good action

Grolff 2010.08.07
Great game, but quite buggy, or just server overload?

milipu 2010.08.07
the game is cool
i think it is the best virtual date game

noob12321 2010.08.07
Those Virtual gir dates are just very good

rokrok 2010.08.07
the graphic is great, hope more of this game

Alpha X 2010.08.07
Very awesome game, one of my favorite ones on this site! The only thing that could have made it better would be sound.

henryhorntail 2010.08.06
great game! quite challenging as well!

CDPII 2010.08.06
Great games, I just wish they came out more frequently. though that is the price we pay for quality games isnt it?

GetUsuM 2010.08.06
This game could use a little more action to it.... I can`t get anywhere

player7 2010.08.06
I love this game, it has like 10 endings.
Only thing that misses, is sound

Tobiasbeacher 2010.08.05
Awesome game. Sometimes it`s hard to see where you can make different choices to change outcomes though.

Antvar 2010.08.05
Wonderfull game and nice graphics...more games

blueeyedangel57 2010.08.05
I couldn`t get the game to work.

punjabi 2010.08.05
very big game, nice girls cool graphics , many possybiltis

calendardoll 2010.08.05
goods graphics. a little glitchy here and there but still good!

howeirdddd 2010.08.04
great graphics could`ve mixed in some anal and been nice to swap from pussy to mouth! i`m just sayin

firefreak 2010.08.04
nice game but hard to get al of the endings

gantha 2010.08.03
nice one, but maybe we need more choise and visibility

JanekWar 2010.08.03
good game,nice picture great story

andy557 2010.08.02
I have found too many glitches in the game starting off. Very easy.

richiester 2010.08.01
does this game has a lot of endings?

pixy816 2010.08.01
One of the better VDG games. It`s got a good amount of variety, and the animation`s good.

princecharming 2010.08.01
awesome graphics and good quality

Peeroo 2010.08.01
one of the better ones but i`d recommend ArianeB as the best dating sim......

Gabriel the white 2010.08.01
Fantastic game!
Great grapichs, great girls and very various endings.
Sometime a little bit difficult.

satandevil 2010.08.01
awesome graphics this game has!

alxxx0011 2010.07.31
cool game with good endings

Superedd 2010.07.30
Fun to play, easier than the others like it. Is is possible to get with her friends?

haha92 2010.07.29
I really liked this game, it is possibly the best game I have played so far, can`t wait to try all the other great games in here :D

manzom 2010.07.29
I loved this game, very interactive and a lot of hot finals! very good

acc249 2010.07.29
good game just couldn`t figure out the strip club endings because i think shes happy enough but the game won`t do it

kaimaster111 2010.07.28
Ok game, but there are so many other better sim dating games than this one, it felt like it needed more characters and maybe more options to interact with the girl, even though its suppose to be a more outgoing game style....

-More girls to choose from
-More clothing
*It should also be easier to select to go places....half the time i didnt know what i was choosing

hackapell666 2010.07.28
i have yet to get to an ending becuase of the bugs

conquer1000 2010.07.27
wat do u do after u give the bartender the money

rockie101 2010.07.27
i reealey love this game.

Deacon 2010.07.26
I really liked this game. It is very entertaining! LIked the girl too.

webby56 2010.07.26
its good but sound and graphics could be a bit better

bajo071 2010.07.26
ervthing is ok. but the graphic can be a little bit better.

timmytan 2010.07.25
game took far too long to get into.plus couldnt tell wher i shud be going or not going. would be good to have a map or some kind of objective list

necro_anjelis 2010.07.25
I`ve loved every single game from VDG ever since i found out about the site. I was looking for more games in the style of ArianneB and hit the jackpot. Can`t recommend this game enough as you can easily note an evolution when it comes down to the variety of choices you can make and the number of endings you can get. Very good! Play it!

p0rndude 2010.07.25
Cool. Almost every ending is a threesome. Since one is a foursome I guess it`s about 2 girls average per ending :P

krank 2010.07.25
damn godd game but ai can`t guet the ending

Slider 2010.07.25
I don`t get any errors, but I don`t seem to be able to get any ending whatsoever.

ibro1993 2010.07.25
i cant get to the ending, dont understand

Predator79 2010.07.25
Rachel is hot... nice game

johny1baby 2010.07.25
Rache`s trully hot !! I love her

captnQWERT 2010.07.25
One of the better VDG games. It`s got a good amount of variety, and the animation`s good.

Supica 2010.07.24
this game is really good for being a v-date game one of the 2-3 best of them^^
i hope more like this one or even better comes up soon:D

hiroshi1 2010.07.24
i`ve played better games, she allways rejects u, its not very funny ..=)

filthy 2010.07.24
a very good game. love photoshoot

JJ9900 2010.07.24
Great Game, wish they`d make tones more like it.

motorboater111 2010.07.23
Really good game. Was put together well

Szar1313 2010.07.23
Great interactions Fun game

fioo33 2010.07.22
This character is my favorite !

damanboy780 2010.07.22
this game is one of my favorite

paniwine 2010.07.22
Best game in the site!!!!!!!

Futano 2010.07.22
This one is one of those games you have to keep on playing, I want to see all the endings in this one

Towy 2010.07.22
now this one is hot if I could just manage to get her into bed

brasil 2010.07.21
The Virtual Date girls games are all quite good. This one is no exception.

righto 2010.07.21
I love the VD girls...great games....keep em comin!!!

123omg123 2010.07.21
one of the best games on this page

bigGlodd 2010.07.21
very good game could play over and over again ;)

axelswat 2010.07.19
I can`t start it... can someone tell me why? it says "page don`t found"

vondue77 2010.07.19
Rachel is very hot - hope to see more of here soon

willietoms1 2010.07.18
same author recognizes what works and does not and repeats award winning games

x33l0v3 2010.07.18
I like this game, but I couldn`t complete it

Fraix 2010.07.17
Very nice Game, Fantastic Graphics

Knight_Stranger 2010.07.17
Great graphics, good selection of endings, and the author did a grood job of incorporating characters from related games.

Drantag 2010.07.17
Couldn`t do much... It`s just too hard for me without walkthrou

packer 2010.07.17
rachel is the most sexy girl of al virtual date girls!

Dendred 2010.07.16
Great virtual date game. I love all the different possibilities.

fioo33 2010.07.16
love this game. Virtual date powa ^^

Gemman67 2010.07.16
Dam good game so much to do w/ lots of endings loved it.

kpyrinikos 2010.07.16
Great game with many interesting endings. You have to try it

Kernlawyer 2010.07.15
Good game with a hot girl I`d recommend it

fabio_81 2010.07.15
these are the games I prefer!!! the first 1 I played was sim date 6. You have to try it!!!

whatta 2010.07.15
the animations are almost real

badrobot 2010.07.14
Another good game, especially as you can cheat by copying and modifying the URL.

cptnutra 2010.07.14
good game, make sure you use ff as it won`t work with chrome

fmd 2010.07.14
so great game, like the people in there

linko 2010.07.14
fun game and i like all the different endings.

misterzim 2010.07.13
I love this style of game, reminds me of the "choose your own adventure" more animations would be nice.

style 2010.07.13
that was a really fun game i love playing date sims

HeyImMexican 2010.07.13
This game is a fun play :) Interesting too

kapo 2010.07.13
best game!!! i like the game quality

bich 2010.07.13
is this game currently the latest game made in the series?

sweetypie 2010.07.13
the games was cool but there were a lot of bugs and i couldnt finish the game

johnj 2010.07.12
One of the best - need more games like this!

tht1guy 2010.07.12
not bad, but too many bugs

darkou 2010.07.11
Good game, but really buggy for me, got error on most action any solutions?

Daveman3080 2010.07.10
Haven`t really gotten a chance to play it yet, because I keep getting an error on page from the first scene

raindance 2010.07.10
wow is an intresting game, but the graphics are poor

deathsquad 2010.07.10
great animations... good girls.. pretty nice game

MJ 2010.07.10
One of my favorite sets of games. The women are stunning.

vespinosa2000 2010.07.10
Great game, got all the endings.

Scappy220 2010.07.09
Pretty dull and to slow paced. Needs to be a little more interactive

firttd 2010.07.09
it doesnt work for me but looks like a good game

Zoby 2010.07.09
Lot of ends and nice graphics.
It can be download if you want play offline.
And there`s a lot of girls ...

Super game.

simplesex98 2010.07.09
I like this game i like the many opitions it has to choose from

igotthefunny 2010.07.09
good game nice concept very sexy

moonunit1 2010.07.08
This game is certainly one of my favorites

mellllll 2010.07.08
love the game, it`s easy and well-detailed

Robert_69 2010.07.08
Great game, but I think that it is too difficult to come until the end

juliolugo 2010.07.08
this is a great game easy to get into but extremely hard to finish. How do i get alex to come out?

Jocker26 2010.07.08
love this game lot of fun

etch 2010.07.08
This game is fun. Lots of options of things to do

boobooA 2010.07.08
unfortunately pretty buggy, but the endings are quite nice and compared to the other dating games on this sites different ^^

jophito 2010.07.08
YES: relevant comments concerning gameplay, graphic, animation

polo1234 2010.07.07
too many bugs at this time will try again later

atg4 2010.07.07
I cant figure out the secretary.

az89 2010.07.07
great game nice graphic love it virtual date rocks

Jocker26 2010.07.07
goood game,graphic n animatiaon

playgame 2010.07.06
best virtual dating game ever...excellent graphics

Amlici 2010.07.06
It`s hard to tell what will work and what will not.

wildcard 2010.07.05
Couldn`t get it to work =(

Yimzin 2010.07.05
Fan of the Virtual Date Girls series. Rachel is a definite improvement upon the options and displays.

backdraft1985 2010.07.05
Great Game, love the different endings and outcomes!!

blazekw 2010.07.05
tried to play online, received error message

kaimana11 2010.07.05
Couldn`t get it to work, haven`t tried to downlaod it yet though

pkwn1944 2010.07.05
Took me too much time to see the right ending - but with such a big number of possible actions - it was worth it, although I got stuck too many times, I think.

fluxis 2010.07.05
sexy game - very well done

RenColthar 2010.07.05
Is there an ending to the game... it was quite long to find what you are looking for.

Hayn 2010.07.05
There are almost too many options in this game. If you try to play the pickup artist you`ll almost certainly lose.

hidefree 2010.07.05
Nice virtual date game, hope there will be a part 2 soon

birkhenrik 2010.07.04
Very intense and funny too

dirtyminx 2010.07.04
Love the graphics in this game and music fitted well also

Pwlkane 2010.07.04
The V.D.Gs games are some of the best, and this is one of their best.
Can`t wait for the next one.

TRATC 2010.07.03
The graphics and story in this game is fun. Good game

pitons 2010.07.03
loti intresanta un aizraujosa spele

kray23 2010.07.03
MMM love this game. best on so far =)

erkkimies91 2010.07.03
Almost the best game i`ve palyed in here

jeroldtan 2010.07.03
i love this game especially the main character!

nameit 2010.07.03
best virtual date game nice graphics

diet-rich5 2010.07.03
that was a really fun game i love playing date sims

Kermit007 2010.07.02
Ha, this game give me a good chuckle and had me scratching my head at some points! A really good game.

rob0413 2010.07.02
had trouble with the game. some pages wouldn`t load. But I`ll try it again.

hachak 2010.07.02
Fun game. The model for Rachel was especially well done.

the_clown 2010.07.02
really great game.
many different endings

shark101 2010.07.01
Not to crazy about this one. Maybe it`s the characters i don`t like.

jackhaze1211 2010.07.01
this game is so hott. you can do so much! i couldnt get it working at first, but its really really good.

chrisperry245 2010.07.01
Not really easy to get into...kinda hard to see what has to be done in order to progress on certain stories

combowalker 2010.06.30
I did it to the end, but failed

combowalker 2010.06.30
nice game, almost made it to the finish

jaycee 2010.06.30
the game was okay. but it was kind of a dead end each time i played it...

lenman 2010.06.30
Frankly, I could not play the game. It opens in another window. Then it asked me to active or allow `windows scripts`. I did that and got the `knock knock` part and I saw Rachel. When I selected one of the messages, I was taken back to the `Begin Game` screen and another window opened with a message saying, "hello null, I am Erica". This was typed in a notepad like format.

Gunshot1 2010.06.30
I find it hard to actually get in bed with her

PinoyPride702 2010.06.29
it took me awhile to get through this game lol

alwaysabsent 2010.06.29
Enjoyd it, looking foward to having a run through of what i missed with the guide.

cake567 2010.06.29
I think the game should not include nudity.

Juice15 2010.06.29
great game but hard to tell if you do some thing wrong

Spearheady 2010.06.29
Its pretty hard to find out all the different storys. You dont get clues when you do something wrong or right thats pretty annoying when you keep fucking things up.

roblesjavier 2010.06.29
i like the old game better

danielgomes.007 2010.06.29
great game wish all the screens had motions

kingcobra 2010.06.29
okay game, enjoyed it a bit.

eezypink 2010.06.29
was ayight have played better on this site and others

TziGaNuUu 2010.06.29
a very game to and i am ok with the controls now:X

pdlboat 2010.06.28
I really like these games. The girls could be prettier, but the options and paths and freedom in game play is wonderful. I`d like to see more dialog choices though.

DarkShaper 2010.06.28
These Virtual Date games get old fast.

nickolas012 2010.06.28
hey got stuck in casino room...:(

lfro15 2010.06.28
GREAT GAME!!!!, good graphics and really hot chicks

kaluakmeng 2010.06.28
i enjoyed this game because it was longer than most of the games and had a nice selection of options for the girls etc.

demonraptor 2010.06.28
great graphics
fun story
loads of endings
great game a must play

tnbknifepro 2010.06.27
this game is fun and cool

Eothonium 2010.06.27
It is great that you have this game on your webpage

spinex 2010.06.27
wow this is my favorite game. rally good game

guytheguy226 2010.06.26
love all the virtual date girls games, but this is probably my favorite. best ending: leisure center

Dynare 2010.06.26
Great game nice qualtity i just love this game :D

Chanellee 2010.06.25
I liked this game, took awhile to understand but towards the end it really was fun

TIR 2010.06.25
not special game, looks like the more other the same games

flabmaster 2010.06.24
I thought this game was pretty good, although i would have liked to get the stripper, also.

shark101 2010.06.23
Liked the previous games better.

moh888 2010.06.23
Very awesome game good QUALITY

Pierrtoez 2010.06.23
great game:) nice gameplay

cantonared 2010.06.23
How do ya finish this game, I keep going around in circles

saintmorin 2010.06.23
yeah ! Great game with lot of possibility

mannmeister 2010.06.22
great game, many options, took a bit to figure out though

shark101 2010.06.22
Still waiting for the walkthrough.

daniboy 2010.06.22
Virtual date is always VERY GOOD !!!!

dall8178 2010.06.21
these games are fun but i have alot of trouble with them on my computer

sexymama1 2010.06.21
this game is awesome.i like it alot.

abnorris 2010.06.21
As usual , another great game by VDG! Rachel is so hot!

Styngetier 2010.06.21
Nice game but wee bit outdated. But it`s really fun to spend some 15 minutes.

ozgeden 2010.06.21
Very very wide choices. i like it

tjn67 2010.06.20
Wow! So many directions and possible endings...bravo! Now if only to integrate some sound and it would be even hotter!

BendyThumbs 2010.06.20
Chaotic`s games are some of the best around!

TheOriginalSyn 2010.06.20
entertaining, pretty fun for the most part

buickman1969 2010.06.19
Sexy graphics - hot characters, and lots of fun!

sexy dick 2010.06.19
There`s other games on force one that involve members in this game where you can date them as well. Walkthroughs can be found on most from the site though it`s a yahoo site and it only allows you to play so many pages before you have to wait for more stream time. eh... that`s free for ya.

Yumi ;3 2010.06.19
The grafic is very good, and the idea is also good :)

Eyeseeker3 2010.06.19
Officially the BEST of the virtualdate games. Oooh, and don`t forget to check out that walkthrough, it`s ruddy convenient, isn`t it?

komax155 2010.06.19
Grafics is very well & dating game are nice !!!!

darksareth 2010.06.19
great game. great animation

OnePlayerForce 2010.06.18
The graphics in these make the games.

bonquiqui34 2010.06.18
humph. wouldnt even lemme play the dang thing

pinolo 2010.06.18
great game but very long.

simson235 2010.06.18
it´s really hard the first time. i´ll try it again

trueblood83 2010.06.18
it was a good game and was very fun to play

Alvin174 2010.06.18
This game should be the best game in Virtual Date Girls series. Good graphic and story line with many hot girls :x

sosexy1 2010.06.17
I could not find any endings because i am stuck...

king85 2010.06.17
excellent game.good graphics realistci and addictive

eagleata 2010.06.17
i love it... good game good graphics and story.

olba 2010.06.17
love this game, it gets me horny

arefin3d 2010.06.16
very hard to play but it is good

bravox34 2010.06.16
Great game. But having trouble getting the two gals to continue partying with Rachel and I. Any ideas?

psoke 2010.06.16
Nice Story and Nice good

psoke 2010.06.16
Nice Story and Nice Quality

az89 2010.06.16
got alex finally
great game keep it up

Harley 2010.06.16
Great game. But having trouble getting the two gals to continue partying with Rachel and I. Any ideas?

hornysex32 2010.06.16
A little buggy but it work anyway

bommiewommie 2010.06.16
i had some doubts but its sehr nas

zainab 2010.06.16
Probably the best of the Virtual Date games, heaps of good endings to be found

latinox88 2010.06.15
Wow this is one of the best dating sim, I ever played^^

benm14 2010.06.15
does anyone have a walkthrough?

wallstreet212 2010.06.14
A bit buggy in several places, but nice that there are so many combinations of outcomes.

chiefton 2010.06.13
Game is very buggy and it very frustrating when not working

brdkk 2010.06.13
I wished there was an ending with the stripper :( even so, great game.

krisztian_sz 2010.06.13
great but very long game, hard to find all endings

huuron 2010.06.12
Fun game was starting to get frustrated by it tho

lostknight5 2010.06.11
great game, a little buggy though. I get the strip invite but I never seem to have it available to use. Any ideas for this?

sekrets 2010.06.11
this is challenging as always, but i like it like this!

stuntmage 2010.06.10
very hard to play but it is good

moltez 2010.06.10
It`s cool virtual date, love the graphics and the diferent girls in the endings

brandshimon 2010.06.10
this game just isn`t working!!!!!!

ladeezgeek 2010.06.09
This game`s pretty decent and if you play it right you can see allot of action. There`s other games on force one that involve members in this game where you can date them as well. Walkthroughs can be found on most from the site though it`s a yahoo site and it only allows you to play so many pages before you have to wait for more stream time. eh... that`s free for ya.

sosexy 2010.06.09
does anyone have a walkthrough? is hard for me

pieman01234 2010.06.09
Good game and pretty good graphics

mthate77 2010.06.08
Damn! Awesome.. those girls are hot as hell was diggin the threesome ending.

r2will2 2010.06.08
Great game! There are some bugs (ie the strip club challenge just repeats until you beat it), but the game is nice and balanced. It`s not to hard but makes you work for some really good endings.

rickfuentes 2010.06.08
Really liked this game, but it took awhile to finally work it through to an ending. I put Rachel in the strip contest, and when she won, the game moved onto a nice ending. This was a great game, just takes awhile to get through everything.

137877 2010.06.08
great game again!!
but i think it is quite hard to have a good ending

rj212 2010.06.07
it has an eror at the end

capfriend 2010.06.07
Great game this ones hot very good graphics and animation excellent effort from VDG as usual

des14 2010.06.06
My favorite endings was the 4-some with her 2 friends and Sophie.

startabus 2010.06.05
Nice Story and Nice Quality

shishkabob 2010.06.05
This the the culmination of the series. After dating each girl of the series, you now have the chance to have threesomes (or 4-some in one ending). Rachel has `cartoon tits`, but the rest of the girls look great.

engtav 2010.06.05
No bad, but takes a long time for little gain

VascoF 2010.06.05
the sex scenes suck, it could use a lot of work

chiefton 2010.06.04
Has nto finished debugging the game and still has the problems.

dzambic_R 2010.06.04
not bad game... only a couple of bugs .... but a great game

Isengart1 2010.06.04
The story is very good, a perfect virtual date game!

Crowley 2010.06.03
Nice graphics but no animation or voices. Found the gameplay a little frustrating since it is quite easy to do things in the wrong order and not get what you want.

Steinkel 2010.06.03
Wow!!! I really love this kind of games!! Fun and veeeery difficult. I`m always looking on a walkthrough xD

pablo07 2010.06.03
I liked this game. VirtualDateGirls games are evolving more and more.

I think Rachel is hotter than Ariane, hehe.

Bman217 2010.06.02
Wouldnt work for me the site wouldnt load

jaws 2010.06.02
best ending was with Sophie imo.

hunted 2010.06.02
the game was great with graphics and plot but it could be better with sound or voice.

Joe. 2010.06.02

RedRover 2010.06.02
Virtual Date Girls has the best games going today.

Xenos 2010.06.02
Really good game. It`s fun to play and find all the different endings. Also somewhat challenging at some spots, the only downside is that the sex scenes are kind of lackluster.

Koalaman 2010.06.02
My favorite ending was the foursome with her 2 friends

shadydick 2010.06.01
good game but kinda confusing

Mikey_nz 2010.06.01
Good game... Great graphics

kevinos 2010.06.01
the game is hot but a little short i think

Doffer 2010.06.01
Cool game, all work fine. Love the graphics. More games like this, thx.

Virtual 2010.06.01
great game.
best of the serie yet.

yet to find all endings

fuckmenow34 2010.06.01
this game is really sexy and good

weekendpoker 2010.06.01
great game ran into a couple of error but the graphic are fanstatic

TheMile 2010.06.01
The best game yet from virtualdategirls! I like sophia ending the best =).

DonLeon27 2010.06.01
the game was great with graphics and plot but it could be better with sound or voice. There is also a part where i was stuck when u have Alex some questions but i always failed even with walkthrough

Renzo 2010.06.01
This game is absolutely fantastic - Rachel and Sophie are hot!

mania1234 2010.06.01
good game but too short, and needs actual voice acting

wolfpire 2010.05.31
i thought the game was great

themoda 2010.05.31
Very hot and very fun, awesome game!! have another bugs, but is god to play

kartman314 2010.05.31
amazing virtual date games, and plenty more games on the website.

kartman314 2010.05.31
online version is buggy and crashed, but the download works much better. fun game and great animations.

trees 2010.05.31
nice game really good graphics

ico 2010.05.31
cool game
all working fine
it will be perfect game if it have some music and voice

snajder 2010.05.31
Super game, love the graphics and the girls

wpowder 2010.05.31
Super game, love the graphics and the girls. Great help re walkthrough

obijoe 2010.05.30
Excellent game, love the multiple partner endings. Story is a bit simplistic, but a lot of fun.

lmy1988 2010.05.30
good game but too short, and needs actual voice acting

flos 2010.05.30
cool game, many different endings, nice grafik, and there are tons of other girls on the website too.

psycho133 2010.05.30
quite hard, thanks for the walkthrought

lmy1988 2010.05.30
very hot girl i like this game

EmeraldoFan 2010.05.30
its tricky, but its cool
i like these games

R0B63 2010.05.30
Enjoyed this game lots of stuff to do.

25bucket 2010.05.30
i really like bannanas before i drive

robbezzz 2010.05.30
almost a good game only not all links are available

quynh1656 2010.05.29
thanks for the walkthrough it helped a lot

maxima 2010.05.29
It`s a little confusing to figure out. A lot like the "date Arianna" game. If I was given just a little more direction perhaps the date would have turned out better.

kalehr 2010.05.29
Great game, lots of choices

krloz 2010.05.29
really hot this game all the girls are very sexy i love that

Moudjafi 2010.05.29
I did like this game but not more. I just had 1 ending... Maybe I must play again to enjoy it ?

Nick2 2010.05.28
Very interesting game, but without end.

sexybitch59 2010.05.28
i like the graphics and girls

pedro.trust 2010.05.28
i`ve found a few bugs here too...

ArchAngel227 2010.05.28
Great game, really got me hott. The control where a little sticky but still good.

testbob 2010.05.28
Good like the other vdate games. The scenery is starting to get a bit boring after so many games.

boobs1 2010.05.28
game is fun, but i find lots of bugs, have to start over too many times, maybe it will be better on firefox.

didizi 2010.05.28
this game is very hot i like this one

sornage 2010.05.28
greatest chaotic game ever

sun_ce 2010.05.28
i got the endigns with the boss, the secretary and the barmaid, is there any way to do it with here to girlfriends?

Muskini 2010.05.27

(RACHfun +1)
??Hey. Nice outfit!?
"Step outside"
"Take in the view"
"Grab her ass"
(RACHdri +1)
??Hey. Nice outfit!?
"Go to the kitchen"
"Get a drink from the cupboard"

Go to strip club
"Talk to Leilani"
"Let them talk"
??Meet Leilani later?

Go to bar
"Speak with Leilani"
"Talk with Leilani"
"Take the ticket"

(RACHdri +1)
??Let`s get a drink.?
??Two beers.?
"Finish having drinks"

(You can also dance, but that doesn??t affect anything)

Go to casino
"Book a room for the night"
"Book a room"
"Do something else"

(RACHfun +1; won??t raise RACHfun higher than 2)
"Go gambling"
??Just pick a number.?
(It doesn??t matter which number you pick, especially if you edit oneroll.html and comment out the line ??arLinks[1] = "casloose.html";??)
"Kiss her during the excitement"
"Finish kissing"
"Collect winnings"

(RACHdri +1)
"Have a drink at the bar"
"Buy a vodka"
"Go somewhere else"

Sophie Ending
Go to the bar
"Speak with Sophie"
??Err...hi, boss. I...don`t seem to have any pot on me.?
??I...have a ticket to a strip club competition.?
"Give her the ticket information"
"Say goodbye to Sophie"

Go to strip club
??What about the competition here??
??Hell, yes.?
"Speak with Sophie"
??I`d love to be your coach, boss?
"Pick an outfit"
"Pick what she`s wearing"
"Pick an opponent"
"Pick Rachel"
"Go to the stage"
"Speak with Sophie"
??Lose the pants.?
"Speak with Rachel"
??People really need to see those breasts.?
"Speak with Sophie"
??Strip naked on stage.?
"Speak with Sophie"
??Concede defeat then fuck Rachel in the back room??
"Let her choose"
"Walk into the dressing room"
(You should be able to manage things from here)

Kelly Ending
Go to restaurant
"Talk to the barmaid"
(For RACHdri +1 choose ??Can we get some drinks?? here and then talk to the barmaid again, it??s not necessary for this path though)
??Are you OK. You seem distant.?
??Actually, I don`t know if it`s your thing, but I have this ticket to a competition at a strip club...?
??Apparently, you perform the best strip and win $5000.?
??Maybe we can help build your confidence.?
"Let Kelly finish work"
??We have a room at the casino. How about we go there??
"Take her to work"
"Follow them to the room"
??You two should dance together.?
"Finish dancing"
??Have a seat.?
??I think you two should kiss.?
"Let them kiss"
"Let them kiss"
??Let Rachel touch your chest.?
"Let Rachel finish"
"Say goodbye to Kelly"
"Find something to do"
(This sequence increases RACHinf by 1; it may have been intended to increase RACHfun as RACHinf is not tested anywhere in the game)

Go to strip club
??What about the competition here??
??Hell, yes.?
"Speak with Kelly"
??Sure, I`ll coach you.?
"Pick Costume"
"Pick maid`s outfit"
"Select opponent"
"Select Rachel"
"Go to the stage"
"Speak with Kelly"
??Do what you`re comfortable with for now.?
"Speak with Kelly"
??Try to look naughty.?
"Speak with Kelly"
??Take your dress off.?
"Speak with Kelly"
??Flash your pussy. It`s the only way to beat her.?
"Speak with Kelly"
??Slide a finger into your pussy.?
"Follow them to the dressing rooms"
(You should be able to manage things from here)

Rachel stripping
(You need to increase RACHfun to 3 for this path; the two options above (grabbing her ass & winning at the casino), plus buying any item from the store will do this)

Go to strip club
??What about the competition here??
??Hell, yes.?
"Speak with Rachel"
??Let`s do it!?
"Pick an outfit"
"Pick what she`s wearing"
"Pick opponent"
"Pick stripper 1"
"Speak with Rachel"
??Strip all the way and look even hotter.?
"Speak to Rachel"
??Touch your pussy.?
"Speak with Rachel"
??Dare you to stick a finger up your ass.?
"Go back to the dressing room"
(You should be able to manage things from here)

Rachel hotel ending
(During the introduction choose the RACHfun +1 option; you will also need to win at the casino or take Crystal & Erica to the bar)

Go to store
"Buy the camera"

(Have a drink at the bar and the restaurant)

Go to the casino
"Book a room for the night"
"Go to the room"
"Go to the room"
(You can sit on the sofa and kiss Rachel, but it doesn??t have any effect)
"Go to the bedroom"
??I need to take a picture of you like that.?
"Finish taking picture"
??Are you OK with a more naughty photo??
??Can I see a little more??
"Listen to the rules"
??Let`s play!?
"Go down the left corridor"
??Let`s get a picture.?
(The options in gamecheck1.html are the wrong way round so the game will not let you take a picture here, you will have to edit the file so that if (start == -1){
window.location = "game21.html")
"Watch her strip"
"Take the picture"
"Go somewhere else"
"Go down the right corridor"
"Use the elevator"
"Press the emergency stop"
"Watch her strip"
"Take the picture"
"Go somewhere else"
"Take the elevator down"
"Walk over to the corner"
??Let`s chance it. Strip.?
"Watch her strip"
"Take the picture"
"Go somewhere else"
"Go down to the lobby"
"Go to the casino floor"
"Go to the bar"
"Go into the toilets"
??Let`s chance it. Strip.?
"Watch her strip"
"Take the picture"
"Go somewhere else"
??Let`s go back to the casino floor.?
??Let`s go back to the lobby.?
"Go up to the elevators"
??Let`s go back upstairs.?
"Take the elevator up"
"Go back up the corridor"
"Go back to the room"
"Follow her to the bedroom"
(You should be able to manage things from here)

Leisure centre ending

Go to store
"Buy scotch"

Go to leisure centre
"Speak with the employees"
"Let them talk"
??Sure. Let`s go.?
"Speak with Rachel"
??I`ll see what I can do.?
"Suggest getting some drinks"
"Buy cocktails"
"Collect drinks"
"Speak with Erica"
??I don`t know if she`s really my type.? or ??It`s the worst date I`ve ever had.?
??She`s just really not my type.?
??I like redheads.?
"Rejoin the group"
??I don`t know if she`s really my type.? or ??It`s the worst date I`ve ever had.?
??She seems more interested in other women than me.?
??I`m just worried she`ll run off with one of you two instead.?
"Rejoin the group"
"Speak with Crystal"
??I just wanted to talk.?
"Suggest having a seat"
"Have a seat"
"Move closer to her"
"Kiss her"
"Finish kissing"
??No complaints from me.?
??Finish talking?
??Why don`t we do something else??
??Maybe we could have some fun at the leisure centre.?
"Go to the leisure centre"
??How does this equipment work??
"Pick Rachel"
??Maybe you should take it off.?
"Watch Rachel undress"
??Maybe Erica should try it.?
"Watch Erica undress"
"Finish watching"
??Can someone show me around??
"Pick Crystal"
"Continue tour"
"Continue tour"
"Kiss her"
"Finish kissing"
"Finish kissing"
"Finish the tour"
??They have Jacuzzis here, right??
"Strip naked"
"Get in the jacuzzi"
??I think I have a bottle of scotch in my pile of clothes.?
??You only get to drink if you`re taking something off.?
"Watch Crystal undress Erica"
"Sit in the jacuzzi"
(You should be able to manage things from here)

Alex Ending

Go to store
"Buy outfit" (it??s the one on the right-hand side; if RACHdri is 2 or greater she will flash you when she puts it on)

Go to office
"Show her where you work"
"Let Alex work"
??Do you think we should invite her along??
??We have a room booked at the casino. What about the bar there??
??I bought an outfit for Rachel earlier. Would she mind if you borrowed it??
"Take Alex to the Casino"
"Go to the room"
"Have a drink"
"Finish having drinks"
"Let Alex get changed"
"Let her change"
"Take her to the bar"
"Have a seat"
??Let`s get some drinks.?
"Finish having drinks."
"Ask Rachel a question"
??Did it hurt when you fell from heaven??
(NB. The below is what I believe to be the intended sequence of the conversation. Currently with v1.1 you only have to ask ??Do you like your outfit?? and ??Do you think Rachel`s attractive?? before asking her to spend the night)
"Ask Alex a question"
??Do you like your outfit??
"Ask something else"
"Ask Alex a question"
??Can I have a better look at your bra??
"Finish looking"
"Ask Alex a question"
??Have you ever found a woman attractive??
"Finish looking"
"Ask Alex a question"
??Do you think Rachel`s attractive??
"Ask something else"
"Ask Alex a question"
??Would you spend the night with us??
"Go to the room"
"Use the bathroom"
"Sabotage the taps"
"Finish in the bathroom"
"Switch TV to music and dance"
??You might as well take them off. You can`t just hang around wet.?
"Let her undress"
??Why doesn`t Rachel show Alex how to really dance??
"Watch her dance"
"Watch her dance"
??Your turn, Alex.?
??Just copy Rachel`s moves. She was good.?
"Watch her dance"
"Watch her dance"
"Finish watching"
??Give me a lap dance.?
"Pick Rachel"
??Your turn, Alex.?
"Pull her in close"
"Kiss her breasts"
"Let them go"
(You should be able to manage things from here)

justag469 2010.05.27
game is fun, but i find lots of bugs, have to start over too many times, maybe it will be better on firefox.

systembug 2010.05.27
I couldn`t go till the end, but is nice.

1911 2010.05.27
this is hot! wish the graffix were more active, but hot! 4 finish I think it is and good play...

dansuus 2010.05.27
One of the hottest games I played

arthurwa 2010.05.27
please tell me how do i make her perform at the strip club

Bebo12344321 2010.05.27
its actually pretty good!

ajax046 2010.05.27
typical chaotic game, frustrating

Norzu 2010.05.27
Great game but more places to go woudl be nice.

jackjimmy 2010.05.26
so exciting game with a nice graphic.

Terryporkins 2010.05.25
This was awesome, these games are great.

loxs 2010.05.25
nice game annimation cool

hahahahaha 2010.05.25
Awesome game. a lot to do

jsec 2010.05.25
The best of the virtual dates so far! loved the leisure centre ending. Great graphics and many endings.

Flasher1 2010.05.24
possibly the best virtual date game yet,got to the room with Rachel took the pics
but only found 3 spots where is the 4th??? got elevator,corner & bathroom help:)

loretana 2010.05.24
this game is AWESOME!!! lot of things to try out!!

84desperado 2010.05.24
excellent graphic. but i need walkthrough...

lawnutt 2010.05.24
I love these games, great graphics. I only wish there were some audio included.....that would make them amazing

Dono1973 2010.05.24
wish there was an ending with Lelani

jejemon 2010.05.23

adamgob 2010.05.23
i could not get past the first "knock knock" scene. IE kept saying error on page

alexus68 2010.05.23
at game. Seems not to work properly on Chrome though. Got errors too often

dadykid 2010.05.23
i found 2 endings ... hot girls, anyway

InfinitiveBlue 2010.05.23
Good game...
A few bugs but nothing to be totally concerned about.

Curtis615 2010.05.23
I don`t know how to start

lucky dawg2345 2010.05.22
kjedi, how did you get the 3 endings at the strip club?

Evil 2010.05.22
i`m stuck in this help plz anyone cud help!

Evil 2010.05.22
I love dating games cud any1 provide with more???

kjedi 2010.05.22
I can only find the three endings at the strip club. I have no luck at the restaurant,or at the bar, or with her two friends.

sexy101 2010.05.22
Better play it with the guide to get all endings.
IMO better than the other 1.

22 2010.05.21
The best of the series, wow

1q2w3e4r5t6y7u8i9o0p 2010.05.21
any1 have a guide to help?

1q2w3e4r5t6y7u8i9o0p 2010.05.21
the gameplay is awesome although some parts they can work on it

bc 2010.05.21
good game but a lot of bugs

sharad_s 2010.05.20
multiple endings makes it more interesting

SilentWalker 2010.05.20
This is his best effort yet, keep em coming

November 2010.05.20
i cant wait to play this game.. my comp kinda slow

grimboy777 2010.05.20
best game made by these people rachel is hot

obidos 2010.05.20
its preetyy awsome but iv seeeeeen much better

Ahhdamn 2010.05.20
This girl was so much easier to charm than kelly was, kelly was such a prude lol, but then again, I think she was hotter...

lucky dawg2345 2010.05.20
i can only get that ending, and the 4 some. some help please with the rest of them

lucky dawg2345 2010.05.20
for alex you need to win at casino, then book room, go to strip club talk to dancer. go to store, buy outfit on right. go to job and talk to alex. get her to go with you. when at room click on table to have drinks. go to bar, and chat it up, dont have rachel try to kiss alex, or ask alex to see her bra, or if she had a 3 some. she will leave. after only 1 drink ask her to stay with you the night, back in room, go to bathroom, sabotage the faucets, tell alex to take it off, then dance
pretty easy from there

az89 2010.05.20
love this game. each character from the previous series got in it.
got almost everyone, just alex left. any walk through guys?

Hunter99004 2010.05.19
Forced to download just to play....not a bad game just a little to close to the others from that site...

kanf 2010.05.19
Well, just reached 3 endings for now, looking forward to figure out the remaining ones :) Great game with lots of choices, largely extending gameplay

Wndrbrwr 2010.05.19
Awesome game. You met all the ather girls and yes you can olso fuck Rachel alone.
Win in the casino, do everything you can and buy the camera, then go to your room in the casine. Good luck.

mago99 2010.05.19
Excellent game. Just wish the sex scenes were a bit more dynamic.

blazin 2010.05.18
Rachel is a very open girl making the game fun.

Fundudeguy99 2010.05.18
I`m having trouble getting through the secretary path. I can get Alex to the bar in the Casino, but I can`t seem to figure out the correct conversation pathway through there. Anyone know the correct sequence from when you get Alex in the room at the Casino to the end?

wahooman48 2010.05.18
game is awsome...so is sharks lagoon check it out

ryan1415 2010.05.18
Rachel is dirty dirty dirty! and i love it. every minute of it.

jrc 2010.05.18
can anyone tell me how to get alex to do the photo shoot i can get her to the casino bar and all but when i buy the cam she wont leave the office

g.windman 2010.05.18
Great gane with nice graphics. I have found almost all endings. I still have not found ending in strip club with Rachel only.

fugyto 2010.05.18
Fantastic Game.... one of the best
I only can`t finish with the bairmaid and with sophie.... maybe a problem with the IE!!! don`t know
But the game is great

Sionife 2010.05.18
Really like these 3d games, virtual dates are cool

s@nt!no 2010.05.18
Great game. But the Alex date & photo shoots are buggy and don`t work.

rovanerns 2010.05.18
This like all the other virtual dates are great.

GenkiElite 2010.05.17
my anti virus went crazy as soon as the page opened and I had to abort the connection...

shadowoftwilight 2010.05.17
I visited the strip club,m got drinks at the bar, danced at the bar, bought the liqour from the store, drinks at the casino, won gambling, did the bar tricks with erica and crystal, got them all to go to teh leisure center, can get rachel and erica topless...and that`s it. I can`t tour with crystal, and if I try to go to the jacuzzi the other girls leave...what didn`t I do to get to the foursome ending?

az89 2010.05.17
got the end with sofie,
by the way, to get into jacuzzi, you need to brought a liquor at the store first

az89 2010.05.17
can someone tell me how to get alex do threesome?

flyguy89 2010.05.17
This game is not working for me. Why is it not working? Can anyone tell me why?

shadowoftwilight 2010.05.17
I can get to the leisure center and get rachel and erica to go topless, but I can`t get crystal to take me on the tour after that to proceed to the foursome. what am I missing?

andy_regresa 2010.05.17
The best from chaotic so far... Thanks!

abott_hero 2010.05.17
long distance games.. nice

Kedar 2010.05.17
Wow. I finished every endings :)

Kingboo 2010.05.17
I love the game and the graphics are great 8.5/10.

fakebakerake 2010.05.17
I dont know why but i cant seem to play it.

rianonn 2010.05.17
very hot and long e game, love it

gp78 2010.05.17
truly a great game this
excellent graphics, variable endings

boinky 2010.05.17
these are great games, but I get many errors when playing

icrazyur2 2010.05.16
once again they let me down great ideas bad finished product its all buggy and erro pages all the time and when it did play once again they made it with out sound so will be last game of this line i will play

Riese3 2010.05.16
This is a great game. I just got the Alex ending. Working my way through the rest soon.

Xanitos 2010.05.16
the down-loadable version works fine.

kjedi 2010.05.16
Only got to one ending so far. Looking forward to the others. Not sure
how to get there yet. Seems like the only place I can take her is to the
strip club.

Xanitos 2010.05.16
Every move ends in an error, can`t do much of anything. Any advice?

zak332 2010.05.16
great game it was one of the best i played so far

mikey2much 2010.05.16
i love this game! it`s great

sellinch 2010.05.16
I love this kind of game

hardcorechad 2010.05.15
I can`t find Lielani at the bar? Is it the same bar you find Sophie in? I`m using Chrome and don`t get any errors but I seem to be going in circles....

Ricoh124 2010.05.15
A quality game with the old favorites in a new light and with a fresh twist. Compelling and worth finding each ending.

az89 2010.05.15
go to strip club, talk with the dancer, find her at the bar and got the invitation, go to restaurant talk with kelly about the competition, get a room at the casino and teach her until she got her confidence, go to strip club, choose rachel to compete with kelly, make sure kelly win, and you got it

jivaka 2010.05.15
Great game. Seems not to work properly on Chrome though. Got errors too often

trscroggs 2010.05.15
One of the best of the series. It`s awesome.

bravox34 2010.05.15
very hot game i like to play every time

DeepNight 2010.05.15
wowo wowo wowo wow really hot. I have finished with only Rachel (with the blowjob), with rachel and sophye, with rachel and kelly and with rachel and alex and the best actually is Rachel and Sophy. But is possible to fuck Rachel, Cristal and erika? If it possible someone say how?

bestia99rom 2010.05.15
good game i like this sim dates

blllue25 2010.05.14
very hot game i like to play every time

eldiablo 2010.05.14
enjoyed game lots todo good graphics the ladies are hot

danilo 2010.05.14
is an excellent game of my favorites
with many endings to discover and rachel is
very interesting simply sensational
I quite like

eagleata 2010.05.14
good game great graphics.

argonidas 2010.05.14
very hard to finish, i like a walkthrough too

Manimal 2010.05.14
I have a question for az89 how did you get that ending? Also zonersboner whenever I ask to go somewhere else she says that she is going to spent the rest of the time with the girls and I lose. Am I doing something wrong?

frango 2010.05.14
Very nice as all of these games

zonersboner 2010.05.14
For the foursome, you need to take Rachel on the balcony at the start and pinch her ass, go dancing, get drinks from 3 different places, and (I think) go to the strip club to talk to Leilani. I don`t think you need to talk to her at the bar, though. Most importantly, you need to win at the casino. Go there first, and restart if you lose.
Once you get the girls at the bar, order a drink then talk to Erica. Tell her you`re not interested in Rachel 2x and that you like redheads. Order another drink. Talk to Crystal. Take a seat, move closer and kiss her. Ask to go somewhere else.
Once at the leisure center with the girls, pick Rachel to show you the equipment. Suggest that Rachel works out topless, ask Erica to do the same. Take the tour with Crystal. Kiss her in the locker room. Once back with all three, go to the jacuzzi. Pretty hard to mess up after that.
Awesome, awesome game. I only wish that bisexual girls were as common in real life as they appear in this game... :-)

az89 2010.05.14
great game, got the end with kelly and rachel
still more to go

jonnyboi6 2010.05.14
Beautiful game, closest one to ariane b dating, really good.

jonnyboi6 2010.05.14
really good game, fond all the endings just a slight problem with yahoo.

Warzuk 2010.05.14
A very exciting game.The babe is very hot indeed.

ronnyponny 2010.05.14
thats a beauty and I enjoy played that game!!

samyboii 2010.05.14
good game but i could`nt complete it :(

DeepNight 2010.05.14
really good and hot, but someone have other finsh often the trhesoome with sophie and rachel?

DeepNight 2010.05.14
really good and hot. But someone ahave other results often the trhesome with rachel and sophie? (but i think it`s the best)

THEDUDE2464 2010.05.14
Guys just before you start the Game. Report the Errors instead of complaining here. The Yahoo error means too many people are trying to access the Game. My advice wait 5 mins. Anyone know how to `Lucky` with Sophie?

angelus 2010.05.14
Really cool. But keeps going to yahoo security centre page very annoying! any ideas?

aaaa1111 2010.05.14
Awesome game. Too bad it has so many bugs, but well. Hope to see a bug free one soon

clllaude29 2010.05.14
good game i like this sim dates

escmax 2010.05.14
thats a beauty and I enjoy played that game!!

rbell 2010.05.13
i dont understand it wont let me play. an error i guess. i looks like it would be interenting with mulitple endings though

hot_guy_1982 2010.05.13
Brilliant game. great graphics and pretty good endings. A little difficult but fun !

Apac20 2010.05.13
i love this game so much..!
more oft hem would be like heaven :D
lesson of passion are simply the Great, hell yeah!!

Drizzil 2010.05.13
The best so far. really good endings has a few bugs tho I think it only bugs on actions that lead you no where. keep up the good work. :)

quelani 2010.05.13
the game might be good...but I cannot get it to start

Manimal 2010.05.13
Need a walkthrough please!!!!!!

GESTORBEN 2010.05.13
Nice game downloading.................

cedric09 2010.05.13
wowow!! one of the hottest games i played, i only got the foursome ending but that was realy awsome! i am still horny ;-)

nintendofilo 2010.05.13
always love these virtual date girls games, but sex scenes could use some work, specially in interactivity

andy_regresa 2010.05.13
good game an the scenes are hot

Charista 2010.05.13
not fun when you keep getting errors

komax155 2010.05.13
Virtual date is always VERY GOOD !!!!

Stuhl77 2010.05.13
Yeah another Virtuell date game im loving it

Macho 2010.05.13
As great as all the virtual dates games but with big program mistakes

Kedar 2010.05.13
Yeah! I found one ending! For few minutes maybe I will find next :)

Al 2010.05.13
another great game from "virtual date", this one the most interesting, many endings, we have to play more and more to find all possibilites and it`s great !
good job, thank you ! I`m glad to see Leilani , she`s the hottest (with Rachel now !!!)

Joee 2010.05.13
delicious game! it is probably the best virtual game yet! i`ll inform my friends to play this game

Jack18 2010.05.13
Another good game from virtual date girls, even if it still has some bugs to be fixed.

Raiha24 2010.05.12
it is a good game, but it still crashes at some point whhile playing game..
I hope that it will be fixed soon

Doffer 2010.05.12
Thx. Nice game. But a lot of bugs and trojans?:(

Vendaf 2010.05.12
Seems like a decent game, too bad ended up with 6 different trojans. My recommendation is, stay away from this series. Better safe then sorry.

australis 2010.05.12
This one is still in testing or beta, you can submit bugs etc to the maker of that game instead of just complaining about them.

davsig 2010.05.12
This game constantly crashes and needs to be fixed

BUGSY033 2010.05.12

Papa2123 2010.05.12
wow is an intresting game, but the graphics are poor

reaper87 2010.05.12
i think its ok not the best but average c+

Xyzzy 2010.05.12
Game has tons of potential, but way too many bugs and crashes, rendering it almost totally unplayable.

randy06 2010.05.12
good game like the others so what happens when u go to strip joint how do u get rachel and boss or other things i keep running around and nothing happens please hepl me

andy_regresa 2010.05.12
Awesome game. Too bad it has so many bugs, but well. Hope to see a bug free one soon

faheem 2010.05.12
It is good but the graphics are good but is full of bugs

paranoid 2010.05.12
If you download it, it works just fine.
It also seems to have many possibilities, but I only managed to get to the threesome with the boss and rachel....
I mean it was nice, but how do I get to any of the other endings??
I wouldn`t mind a walkthrough or a hint for one of the other girls...

aryaxx 2010.05.12
it was a fun game but it had crash and the crash ruined everything :/

Silver_Wolf5636 2010.05.12
damn thing was getting a bit good the had an error and crashed

chiefton 2010.05.12
Caught a spyware virus from playing game. Full of bugs

babylonx 2010.05.12
i dont know it dosnt work for me

charlie38 2010.05.12
Good game, as all the virtua date girls are but still having some troubles. Better if you play the mozilla version and much better if you download the game to your pc

storm 2010.05.12
wonderfull game .... more this games

sweetwildcat 2010.05.12
The best from chaotic so far... Thanks!

jerryonly83 2010.05.12
great game! the very sum og vdg! it`s just a little bugged sometimes but it`ll get greater in a little while!

gapdieu 2010.05.12
Great mix of the diffrent character, a good game.

haplo 2010.05.11
fun games, but i can`t seem to succeed at anything

tenken 2010.05.11
my favorite free game series easily. waiting on vip extras to be released.

anjingbeol 2010.05.11
downloading the game......

tuzigoot13 2010.05.11
too many bugs. keep getting 403 error messages or kicked out after knock knock. allows me to enter a name then crashes

LP83 2010.05.11
Awesome game. Too bad it has so many bugs, but well. Hope to see a bug free one soon

Haggis 2010.05.11
Can`t get past the intro after opening the door. Anyone have a suggestion on how to continue with the game?

chris123 2010.05.11
too many bugs at this time will try again later

juicybooty 2010.05.11
mine isnt working for me ):

Blitzkriegbob 2010.05.11
most actions I do have a error as result :(

cheese101 2010.05.11
possibly the best virtual date game yet,cant wait for leilani to join :D

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