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Virtual Date - Pool Party


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Raider22 2017.09.29
this game is awesome it has so many different women in it, and each one has there own body type and style to fit every need

OzzieGuy 2017.08.23
Nice game. Could be longer.

marcus747 2017.08.10
Pretty good game with lots of endings, too bad each of these is very short. Still worth a few playthroughs!

Tiodor 2017.06.27
Hot girls, pool, party and sex it`s perfect combination.

Wena 2017.03.21
Hard game but well worth it. I really battled in the beginning with the nerdy lady.

marKus730 2017.03.16
Nice game, not overly long, plenty of girls to get it on with. One thing I was a little baffled by - you appear to be in some sort of relationship with the cop, but she freaks out and leaves if you ask her to put on a bikini BEFORE you`ve offered her a drink and kissed her, but once you`ve done that she can`t wait to get into a bikini and then have you get the other girls naked.
Hint the cop and her friend are the only two who don`t freak out if you walk in on them changing.

batagor 2016.12.11
What should i do to make that nerdy girl Kelly wearing a bikini ????
She`s such a pain to deal with

Sola_KMT 2016.10.21
This is a decent game with great artwork also has a good story behind it. But after you figure out how to get them all naked by the pool the sex scene is disappointing.

Gandalf7843 2016.10.09
Fairly straightforward game. Wish it had ways to get the girls involved with each other too.

Atreyusan 2016.08.11
very good, great graphics, interesting trying to keep all the girls happy.


ozzy934201 2016.07.19
Nice game, very nice girls :) the sex fun could have been longer.
SPOILER ALERT: to get Kelly: ā??We should see each other moreā?; ā??I mean youā??re an attractiveā??ā?; kiss her cheek; finish kissing.

stach56 2016.07.11
Game isn`t that hard, I like how challenging and nice it is. I also like how they took the place from hitman blood money :

luv2drinku 2016.06.17
it could be more exciting by letting the guy lick all the pussies and even butt holes or making the coy one become more ... of a whore

zorrie 2016.06.16
sexy ladies ..great sex...little short

PLATEROVM 2016.06.09
What happened .? Nice graphics .. try again

buttlover2169 2016.03.20
Amazing game, i will definately reccomend

Dremeldude 2016.01.23
Great game, but a little too simple. Not horribly linear.

Gn0me96 2016.01.02
Once you figure out how to get the girls to change into swimsuits it`s pretty simple from there. The sex scenes are generic and wish there was a way you could do a bit more with the girls. Overall though pretty good game.

carlvanan 2015.12.25
Love the game. very nice story.

thirevudd 2015.10.21
very good game but a bit too easy

htopper 2015.10.03
awesome game. the cop was hot. I liked how you could alternate between girls.

matthew2 2015.09.30
great game love erica and rachel the most

_purtzi_ 2015.09.03
Love the game. Great story.

welp 2015.08.31
hot ladies and lots of options, a very good game

CableDelta 2015.08.29
The actual sex part is too short and simple, but at least you can switch between characters. But about that, you may be able to get all characters at once at the end, but you need to appeal to them all, like Mass Effect 2 loyalty missions, but if yo ufail one, you have to start all over.

Besides that... the cop, she looks amazingly like a friend of a friend I know, and well, that makes this my favorite because I always wondered what she looks like under her clothes lol

willbear48 2015.08.06
it is okay nice graphics but not a favorite

Mike82 2015.08.06
The story is quite funny, and the game becomes quickly easy when you`ve learned how to please the girls. Some of these are really pretty, so the game is pleasant.

vishnu007 2015.08.03
i liked the game
very hot and nasty game!!!!!!!!!

hornygeek85 2015.07.31

ccraft28 2015.07.07
awesome graphics truly great game

Gateway 2015.06.30
there is need for some improvement, but overall good gameplay

Amardu54 2015.06.28
i love vdategames. This one is one of the best. It`s fast to have great rewards. Therefore good animation.

jacky21 2015.06.01
the game is good but to short i think it needs more action

ranamovil 2015.05.24
i will fap to this every day in my life... graphics are just outstanding, just as the girls are

SK1TZ5150 2015.05.17
Several gorgeous women at a pool party = FANTASY! GREAT game...

Varek 2015.05.07
sexy hot girls
this is great game

Varek 2015.05.07
nice graphis i like this girls

fergal 2015.05.03
good game, liked the graphics and the story!

network22 2015.04.21
great looking girls - would love to have more sex options but fun game

sclong 2015.04.02
sound would make this game really good

Zeblast 2015.03.26
A very hot game with good story and hot girls, loved it!!!

network22 2015.02.20
Fun game - not ridiculously easy but easy enough. Would like to see more sex positions and cumshots.

timb06 2015.02.16
sexy hot girls. fun game!

gflygare 2015.02.13
really like this game. Second best game i`ve played on here.

eagleata 2015.02.09
good game, i love it. graphics and girls are great.

donsmith 2015.02.07
could have been so much better really let us down

kdr198 2015.02.04
Good game! It would be nice to offer different positions with the different girls.

krankheit 2015.01.31
i cant get kelly in bikini plz help me

sushmitasen 2015.01.08
Very hot girls...but however,the game was quite easy!!!

Nicholas_Hanz 2015.01.07
This game is really hot !!! With five sexy chicks and good graphics.
but, the fist play im fail........lol

ujuju 2015.01.02
What a lot of little minxes. Leilani went naked like an old pro, but Crystal and Kelly in spite of their bashfulness were in their birthday suits in no time. Erica and Rachel had a good time, and rarely has so much flesh been on show. This might be a little long in the tooth, but is enjoyable all the same. Well done to the programmers for turning a good story into an excellent game.

MarkerGamer 2014.12.16
I loved Christy! It took me like forever but it worth it! She`s so hot!

Tobi1994 2014.11.23
really great game i love it :) but to short

Petri33 2014.11.15
This is sooooooooo hot :D

larry23 2014.11.12
such a good game loved the sex scenes

network22 2014.11.09
Just some good, not-so-clean, fun. Easy to play and fun to do.

Cyrilo 2014.11.06
great game! I had difficulties with Kelly but once I was able to cross this level was so good!

Dhorian 2014.10.06
Haven`t found all the endings, but still working at it.

MidKnight38 2014.10.01
One of the of the more challenging games to play and combine that with graphics and it makes for a good game to play.

pieffepi 2014.09.20
It is a nice game, probably not the best in its category, but enjoyable. A bit awkward at times in the sequences

duckray69 2014.09.17
Great game good graphics, love the hot women and game play, A+

artik20 2014.09.16
had some hard start but still got to the end!

Futuros 2014.09.13
I think there should be better explanation for options. Very hard to find.

ru2l8 2014.09.11
I liked it. good quality picture

SilverFlurry1 2014.09.07
Lot of good characters and good graphics

Matthew.Mellison 2014.08.30
I see no way except getting a walk through or cheat on this one.

doug26 2014.08.29
little challenging but nice , good graphic

agetoki19 2014.07.29
this one is so hard. but I think it will be worth it

KingChaos888 2014.07.28
Loving it, if there is more games like this, then sign me up

gigantic 2014.07.27
I love this game! Funny, nice length, pretty girls - well done!

enha16 2014.07.21
im stuck cant play the game

bitz94 2014.07.11
So Sexy. What a graphics.

stoad69 2014.07.10
I enjoy the graphics and story line and that you have to work at it to achieve what you`re looking for. I would recommend this game to others.

Thunder35911 2014.07.07
It was fun and the graphics rocked!

toolzombie 2014.06.19
Love the style of game. It was fun to get them all fucking each other as well :D

mystery666 2014.06.19
nice game and good graphics many beutiful lady

spider122 2014.06.08
it is a ok game i found it quite difficult to play

konha1 2014.06.07
This was positionally one of my favourite vdtes games there is.

Sexmenot 2014.06.04
This was great. Enjoyed it a lot. Great play.

ixsigmaxi 2014.06.02
great game but the girls not seem original

vedant upadhyaya 2014.05.27
awesome game. wanna play that again

vedant upadhyaya 2014.05.27
interesting game had fun playing it

GP69 2014.05.15
Nice choice of girls! Easy to invite them round! More difficult to go further! Needs a lot of work put in! But worth the effort!

heatpm95 2014.05.11
Lots of girls in this game, makes for a lot of options. Very fun game to spend a little time on.

Safsbro 2014.05.09
Good game :) nice layout and play.

planlos2002 2014.05.07
Good game but i wish the end would have more options

firedog12046 2014.05.07
very fun game wish it was longer

presin 2014.04.26
This game is awesome. the graphic, the ladies, the story is really great

disturbedhrt 2014.04.12
Nice looking game, liked it.

demonwolf83 2014.04.09
great game virtual date is my favourite series

hornyguy199 2014.04.05
sound effects would make this and other games much better

hornyguy199 2014.04.05
Game is one of the best ive played before

bob13579 2014.03.31
nice game, but i don`t like how you have to start over if you mess up

abdulkadir 2014.03.31
great graphics and animination

qwerty1* 2014.03.29
Would have been better if more hands on is present

Assurbanipal 2014.03.27
Nice character artwork. Gameplay isn`t very challenging. But the endgame is a bit boring: same sex with all 5 girls; no variations to explore. Wish they would put more effort into a satisfying conclusion.

network22 2014.03.27
hot girls - story is pretty easy to get through but still fun.

flat6 2014.03.19
very good game, need more.

Darksky8201 2014.03.18
I like the virtual date games, but always seem to get stuck on them b/c I am not sure what to do in certain situations. any advice anyone?

Laylia 2014.03.15
This one is really easy. If you played the other games with these girls, you`ll know their personalities and maybe get a couple extra scenes

ItzBrody 2014.03.13
Nice game, loving the gameplay style, nice change from most dating games ;)

Flowowow 2014.03.05
nice game, multiple ending is good

anti1990 2014.03.04
Awesome game. I love the virtual date series.

littlecletus 2014.02.26
fucking hot game i love fucking all the girls

littlecletus 2014.02.21
great game wish we had more like this

Edmilson 2014.02.18
Excellent jeu ! C`est du bon travail ! Continuez !

mcmannanan 2014.02.16
Incredible game. Not too difficult, not too easy. Able to have sex with all of the girls in the same scene, well done. The graphics are very nicely done.

nacho500 2014.02.09
took forever to beat though i cant say it was worth it though

soulslayer 2014.01.31
liked the game, but the endings could have been a bit better

toukun 2014.01.29
Great game, sex scenes are good

lolikas1942 2014.01.22
Great game sometimes makes you think how to do it (Also you can cheat)

wet harmonica 2014.01.21
This game is good I guess

tairporn 2014.01.06
What is sexier than pool plus chicks? :p

mattyb76 2014.01.03
interesting game but tough.

mattyb76 2014.01.03
Love the game, good quality.

mimi83nl 2014.01.03
too bad there`s one ending but it`s nice

auetim 2014.01.02
this was hard for me I had to start over 5 times

HeyyBitch 2013.12.23
I love this game, it is so awesome!

watermancable 2013.12.21
its a fantastic game, just wish at the end you could be with more then one girl

JustJeff722 2013.12.19
Great game! More interaction would make it even better!

dusan 2013.12.14
mind blowing game i really really like it :)

love2010 2013.12.13
im stuck on the bit after the police officer gets a drink

love2010 2013.12.13
good the graphics are good and has good story

arismetal1990 2013.12.11
game is good, too bad my server is slow today

Tarascan Ninja 2013.12.11
I`m glad it works on this site. I have tried elsewhere but it never let me past the finding guests part. On here though it runs a little slow for me

socal89 2013.12.09
it was a fum quick game. i liked how they used the back ground from hitman

RealWL 2013.12.08
OMG THIS IS AWSOME!!! Got me banged by my GF after playing it...HOW!!

funlovin 2013.12.05
How do you get Kelly in a bikini?

kaydubs 2013.12.01
same chicks from the photographer game. lame.

cmata147 2013.12.01

mrkaduyo 2013.11.28
good game where it includes all the girls from other virtual date games

Rajsu49 2013.11.24
challenging game
how many endinds are there?

sanos 2013.11.16
it`s hard to play, many way to get the girls

ChrisX1 2013.11.06
good game and i noticed alot of the vdate games has scenes from hitman blood money does anyone think that since we never see the male who we are controlling do you think that could be agent 47 or based on him

berry7009 2013.11.05
Game isn`t that hard, I like how challenging and nice it is. I also like how they took the place from hitman blood money :P

USMCMarine 2013.11.05
the best part is the ending lol

shakestir 2013.10.31
too bad there`s one ending but it`s nice

mavgunnery2 2013.10.30
what isn`t hotter than a cop in a bikini? Sexy game

kamjeet 2013.10.28
Really great game with awesome ending....

darksoul396 2013.10.28
great game. great girls. had a lil difficulty wit kelly though

alexanfer 2013.10.26
it is a super game with some mega hot girls

jacob16great 2013.10.25
its great how many options there are

deathstr1ke 2013.10.24
Really great game with awesome ending

epic702 2013.10.20
the game wont work for me

Lomma 2013.10.17
A tried and tested formula. Quite a fan of the variety of choices we can have

aylaaa 2013.10.17
this game is awesome, i really enjoy play it

yannos33 2013.10.14
its true its a perfect game for who want too wait to see result

shaunr43 2013.10.09
nice girls cool game great graphics

guerro 2013.10.09

jaso2901 2013.10.03
Kelly is the hardest one, its a shame there is only the one ending, if you piss off one girl the game ends but it is easy enough to work out the right options and not too long to restart if you go wrong good game

Badvoc 2013.10.02
I enjoy this, you can see the advancements that Chaotic made from the earlier ones. graphics are better, just look at crystal in this to crystal in her own two games. Kelly is the hardest one, its a shame there is only the one ending, if you piss off one girl the game ends but it is easy enough to work out the right options and not too long to restart if you go wrong

RUDYTIO 2013.09.26
nice story, nice games, nice girls, i like it a games

steveyboy82 2013.09.15
Amazing lesbian orgy at the end shame there was not many options for positions

cheldee 2013.09.13
Great Game. Will definitely play again.

oldfart40871 2013.09.12
I liked this game it was fun to play

tattoosunny 2013.09.06
ohhh yeah tahts is a very nice game

fauzan kamil 2013.09.04
ahh another sex game i like sex game very much

network22 2013.09.01
Pretty easy game at first and then have to make sure you do the right things in the rightr order

vgluck 2013.08.27
I`ve found the 3d ending. Will try another way. Interesting thing!

zelda81 2013.08.27
hot and sexy lovley game and endings yummy

bobrojas1016 2013.08.26

edy010 2013.08.26
Great Game Great Graphics ! :)

4Finger 2013.08.25
One of the favorite games.....

justlee12 2013.08.19

thebest12345 2013.08.19
This is one of my favorite games to play

mrenigma101 2013.08.17
man, this is tricky at times

Ashleymariekitty11 2013.08.15
this gave is very adventurous and super exciting

JustJack 2013.08.14
I liked the game but the ending could have been better. Maybe be with each woman one on one and the in pairs or more.

airgear123 2013.08.13
Nice game and very interesting and pretty hot girl!

xxxxxm 2013.08.12
Where I download pf1 games in swf format plsssss help

frank12 2013.08.11
This is a great flash game!

CursedG 2013.08.10
oo to many Comments And Downloadable Game -.-
99MB=3 Hour :`(

rkm12345 2013.08.09
game is very realistic and graphical

rkm12345 2013.08.09
very good game keep it up

rkm12345 2013.08.09
i m stuck in this gamei m searching for help please help me

resolute49 2013.08.09
It seems too easy to get to ending three. I will play again later and see the other endings.

nat36090 2013.08.07
BEST GAME EVER really good graphics

aliboustani 2013.08.06
i want those girls wet. game is tempting

Sxygirl 2013.08.06
The game has great animation and great beauty and sexiness.

harduncut 2013.08.05
Love the variety, but I`ve got to be honest: if others hadn`t posted a walk-through, I`d be stuck in this one several times.

ad1021 2013.08.03
it has a lot of different outcomes
its a long and nice game with a lot to explore
graphics are as always awesome
lovd it

sexybitchfuck1001 2013.07.30
Absolutely sexy girls in this game. luv `em

mozza2k10 2013.07.29
good endings and a great game

Dawings 2013.07.26
Awesome, I like the ending

noogad 2013.07.24
awesome game, i love the pool party sex, girls are secsy as usual

krish91189 2013.07.24
very sexy girls.. its nice game

ad1021 2013.07.21
this is one of my most favourite games
the graphics and storyline are just superb
the sex scenes are just awesome and the girls superhot
a bit tricky to get to the ending though
but itz a wonderful super sexy game

liverpool.fo 2013.07.20
i love this game, i play it all the time

obobobo123456 2013.07.20
Oh well cool light high bye bye nono no

tinybitch123 2013.07.16
really good game good story line!! had to restart all found it quite hard till i got the hang of it

cbailly95 2013.07.15
I liked this one. It was a little tricky getting Kelly into the bikini though

Zack143 2013.07.12
Nice graphics(: Love the game

zbb1212 2013.07.12
I loved how the graphics complimented the girls

JustJeff722 2013.07.10
Fun game, I enjoued playing it.

ajax1234 2013.07.09
a lot different than the other vdate games, but in a good way

Dannobio 2013.07.05
This game is a great game and I really enjoy when I play it. Here is it many good and beautiful girls and the are horny to. They have great body`s when they are naked.

hapciiii 2013.07.03
There could be more choices and different situations with girls... at the end to pick just one girl to have sex with ... but good game

liuck25 2013.07.02
great game with good graphics and sexy girls

Sam2013 2013.07.01
Wow. Tricky to start but 5 hot girls all willing to strip including a naughty cop.

Sineater 2013.06.30
Good game with many girls, always a big +
A bit dull that you have to pick them in a certain order or it will fail.

sk1761 2013.06.30
Fun game, but very predictable.

bonehead52 2013.06.29
awesome game, i love the pool party sex, girls are secsy as usual

sexguitar1 2013.06.25
I like the idea, it keeps me wandering the develop of the story

DiegoJAyala 2013.06.24
Great game, but I I expecter more for sex scenes.

DEGGES86 2013.06.23
game is good just ended to soon

ne0365 2013.06.22
Nice premise and good variety but frustrationg that you cant close the deal with any of the girls.

black2 2013.06.20
good game that offers a variety of choises

quarter86 2013.06.19
not what i expected by reading the title but n1 game anyway

jizzfuck 2013.06.16
great graphics and gameplay

32elephants 2013.06.14
I thought this game was fun. A bit more difficult. The only thing I don`t like is it`s lack of interactiveness. That`s not even a word...I mean, like, I wish it was more interactive.

tl-morteza-tl 2013.06.13
it`s nice to be like a story

linoc15 2013.06.10

atze1977 2013.06.07
little trouble to finish the game but still working good

torand 2013.06.05
I love these mostly because it could go anywhere in the end.

Megatron72 2013.06.05
Fun game, but kinda on the short side.

sturmi 2013.06.03
loved the game! the graphics are just absolutly AMAZING!

Grumpy01 2013.05.31
Enjoyed playing although it could do with a bit more variation at the end.

Thorgoden 2013.05.30
A good game that offers a variety of choises.

shone61 2013.05.30
New nice looking game, liked it.

Apinizar 2013.05.29
Would be better with more sex scenes instead of just the last.

fuc1234 2013.05.29
I love the graphic and the game

rollbob33 2013.05.29
loved this game. really enjoy seeing girls from other games

mkeros 2013.05.28
little variety i think .. prefere other games with more different options and more story

sam21090 2013.05.28
difficult but nice game

kel56 2013.05.25
the graphics are excellent

pabstcaptain 2013.05.24
difficult sometimes to find the hidden moves but fun and sexy

jorge.nitales1993 2013.05.23
ove the game. Begining to end. Wonderful

trucknut 2013.05.18
it was too easy to get them all naked

donchori 2013.05.16
good game, but it is too short

abcdeedcba 2013.05.16
i really enjoyed this game

Weegie91 2013.05.16
The gameplay seemed pretty easy but the graphics looked pretty good!

jory1234 2013.05.15
its a very good game, the game is never boring its always good

Aryavan 2013.05.15
good game however i feel there isnt much time

croz 2013.05.15
one of the best games i ever playd!!!

lez201mik 2013.05.15
played several times great graphics :0

andyy 2013.05.13
beautifull girls, but i think i will be better when ist will be a longer story with more girls.

girthy 2013.05.13
really hot girls / fun rpg / lame ending; should be able to get threesomes and more combos for endings

bubs 2013.05.13
Not as good as early virtual date games. This one is linear, and not very challenging. Just about the sex.

Snakeninja1 2013.05.12
great game i wanna have a pool party

steelfish 2013.05.11
A little tricky to play fully, but worth the repeated effort.

mark24 2013.05.09
exciting game !!! wonderful

KellysErmac 2013.05.09
Kind of got stuck at some parts but I love it

verog 2013.05.08
That was a a good game. I like the ending with the girl.

face42 2013.05.05
I really like this kind of games, but sometimes they are a little tricky.

SilverDiamonds 2013.05.05
I love the game it is nice, I love the girls too. I just can`t get Kelly into a bikini

henkiehjk67698 2013.05.03
the graphics are excellent

ashish411 2013.04.28
very challenging and additive game

pilotmaster01 2013.04.28
Very nice game, the story could be more interesting

xxDAxFREEKxx 2013.04.25
It`s fun getting games that offer multiple girls.

nlprocks 2013.04.24
This game is great good walkthroughs posted helped me a lot

FoxxyFelicia 2013.04.23
The graphics were good :)

user654321 2013.04.22
great ending, would have liked more positions

Nimsajevil 2013.04.22
Oh, I totally loved this game! A lot of action and quite hard to get through!

gwazz 2013.04.14
didnt get further than the dining room will have to try again graphics look really good

MacPau 2013.04.12
Great graphic, fine scenario. More games like this, please. :D

Piolt 2013.04.11
I am stuck at the liqor part with the police

NoMySql 2013.04.11
awsome game. loved the fact that u get all of the girls.

shroomtip 2013.04.06
Nothing like a big orgy of women next to the pool.

zr77z 2013.04.05
nice game, funny story, ... worth playing!

12gg3 2013.04.03
Its a different kind of game, i have never really played one like it, but it is still pretty fun.

kresnik 2013.04.02
Should have been able to have a scene with each girl after you got them naked, game was kinda boring.

poop1234 2013.03.30
very nice i love this game hot girls too

Valkorn 2013.03.30
Game is pretty good the girls are hot. but i ran into sum parts where i couldn`t do anything because what i was suppose to be clicking didnt work other wise everything else seems good.

hunted 2013.03.29
Good game nice graphics pretty good story too overall very good

Ftasova 2013.03.28
Great game I like and enjoy very much you should play this game for sure

zoosboy 2013.03.27
would have great to have cum with them all in one game, otherwise great stuff

mister niceguy 2013.03.27
great game with nice graphics and gameplay

silver wing 2013.03.25
love the fact about so many choices

Thank you for a good game!

Dave719 2013.03.23
You would thing this one was heaven, all the girls in one. Sorry too easy.

liujie 2013.03.23
this is a great game one of my favtine the graphic are great but i like to more place to visit i was stuck at the beginning with the bag the meal and the car key but got them thank to commment in al great game

supershadow2021 2013.03.21
this is a good game, but i like ones without stories

JasonC74 2013.03.20
really nice game this would be great pool party

likeaboss22 2013.03.19
I do agree with wtcjrusa it does have a lot of outcomes

chrisa 2013.03.18
Great game, one of my favorites

triskel92 2013.03.17
very good game and dialogs and graphics

SJS1965 2013.03.17
Be careful with Kelly. All the girls are hot. Nice to see them all together.

nathanco 2013.03.16
a bit hard to finish with this game but awsome

nathanco 2013.03.16
great game thats was intresting to find out next

Darksun 2013.03.15
Nice game. Could use a few more opitons maybe eating their pussys and anal sex.

darren007 2013.03.15
?????It?????s a pool party. Do you any problem with changing into a swimsuit? I have some upstairs.???????

darren007 2013.03.15
this is in the official sex 40

darren007 2013.03.15
this games got really sexy chicks

darren007 2013.03.15
this game is hot and really realistic

lessons of passion 2013.03.13
SO SO SO SO HOT! Epic orgy game best I`ve played.

lessons of passion 2013.03.13
Thanks walkthrough-makers!So hot!

Howler81 2013.03.13
Very hot game! liked the interaction between ladies the most

Madelene 2013.03.11
Very cute game. I liked it a lot. :)

RandomMember 2013.03.11
Amazing game! I love how the story line played out.

akashuncle 2013.03.10
what a superb game all the girls were great

samjack97 2013.03.09
how to get the police girl to change into a bikini?

gikumcgiq 2013.03.08
Awesome game! We want more like this!

bruinmaster 2013.03.07
Loved the game....good graphics.

esche 2013.03.07
graphics are fantastic....great!

corzande 2013.03.06
I`ve played this one before, but it never stops being visually entertaining.

geunie 2013.03.04
I realy love this game, alltough it seemed a little bit easy! I had no trouble finishing!!

keke21 2013.03.04
I really enjoyed this game.

Sir_Loins 2013.03.02
One a bit more difficult then the rest but worth the effort for sure

HBK9950 2013.03.02
good game needs to be longer

jaxsonhawk 2013.03.01
I liked the pictures! Too bad i`m horrible at these games.

zane314 2013.02.27
it is pretty easy i did get stuck a few

49fp 2013.02.26
Really enjoy v date games. so many choices.

madmax68 2013.02.25
5 naked ladies - loved it

Spark4495 2013.02.25
I took me 4 or 5 tries to complete the game, but It was enjoyable.

trishaliciousss 2013.02.25
wish i could have this on real life

busu99 2013.02.24
Good game , nice graphic.

kamiliukx 2013.02.24
I loved the graphics. I loved the games.Amazing.

boreed12 2013.02.23
Great game play , good graphics. Can`t wait for the next from vdg!

derda 2013.02.23
So many ednings, so many choices, so many girls. I Love it

kelhus 2013.02.23
really enjoyed this one, some typos at end suck is labeled as fuck

Jarlaxle69 2013.02.22
Good game, sex was a little contrived.

ChristianMH 2013.02.21
Great game with hot girls, the sex scenes was a bit boring thou

jizzlord 2013.02.20
How do i get passed the second scene?

wafel123 2013.02.17
Good game, nice girls but the finish can be better

johntheman0503 2013.02.17
it`s a damn good game. good resolution quality, nice story as well. It leads on well, and fun to play

andrey2203 2013.02.16
i like this game.. Having un with 5 girls? that impossible for me in the real world lol

Shush 2013.02.15
Fun fun fun! Storyline is lacking but interactions more than make up for it. GFX are great, although varied animations could have made this game better still. Overall: 10/10

firewalkr 2013.02.14
was a good game enjoyed it

stnick 2013.02.14
the sex scenes suck otherwise a nice enough little game.

buckeyejacketnut 2013.02.12
This game was a lot of fun, but the scene at the end was kind of lackluster. The graphics could be better too. Still worth a play, though.

jackme42 2013.02.12
Really nice game, but could have more positions and endings.

orbit 2013.02.10
great game, some of the best graphics i have seen yet

ljk2000 2013.02.10
This game is great good walkthroughs posted helped me a lot

marvel302 2013.02.09
the game wont let me play it

jucaralho 2013.02.08
Fucking love this game, love the graphics xD

busu99 2013.02.08
this game was great i loved it

momo17 2013.02.07
fun...lots of choices to make

ralfwolfgang 2013.02.06
So nice gameplay and graphics.

Dj92881 2013.02.05
Like the dialogue choices, the girls are also incredibly sexy!

kkfan1234 2013.02.05
This game rocks I fuck all them befroe i chosse one to cum with. the graphacs are awsome and the girls are hot

pietje119 2013.02.05
this game is freaking hot.. i liked it very very much

Aro Los Diablos 2013.02.05
lots of sexy girl....
i like this game very much....
100 vor this

marksmanx25 2013.02.05
The Vdate games are always pretty good.

jayrec 2013.02.05
Overall, an excellent game, however it is a bit long

estong 2013.02.04
good game and nice graphics. But it seems to be lacking a little bit of interactions. Would have been better if there were one on one scenes with the girls. But overall it was good.

Dreus 2013.02.03
realy cool and funy game.

Thunderbird8500 2013.02.03
This is an awesome game. Great stuff.

woody56 2013.02.02
Very good game. Could have been a little better sex scene.

natural_born_G 2013.02.02
lots of outcomes and really sexy!

HENTI LOVA 2013.02.02
makes me horney oh i want to live this game

liquidogg 2013.02.01
pretty fun game. I enjoyed it

snoq 2013.01.31
Nice game! Really enjoyd it! :)

randykate 2013.01.31
what a good game.. is there away to go with all the girls?

xxrpricexx 2013.01.30
good game, good graphics, tough gameplay but fun at the same time

ironman2007us 2013.01.29
had many different outcomes

wallenalle 2013.01.29
Love these vdategames. New zoe is a favorite

taker3345 2013.01.29
rlly awesome game love and sexy ass girls as well

kataramenos7 2013.01.28
I want to ask something there is way to go with all the gils?

bmanjayhawk 2013.01.27
Wish there were more games with orgy scenes.

TalEWakker 2013.01.27
This is a pretty good game. I had trouble finding the neighbor that later goes to sleep in my bed. LoL.

Gotter 2013.01.26
Very nice game. Nice graphics though going to a new site to play was annoying.

Yousuf 2013.01.26
YES: relevant comments concerning gameplay, graphic, animation

derekto 2013.01.26
Really great game. It took a little time to get to the end but it was worth it

dovahkin 2013.01.26
like the graphics and the story

Robbyro 2013.01.25
great long game but hot scenes are not enough interactives..

steve00234 2013.01.25
interesting and amazing great game.

Gordn3 2013.01.24
I liked the game, but i think it could have been better.

letsgetiton0007 2013.01.24
WOW this game was great and the graphic were awesome!!!

Sam_Roth 2013.01.23
I fucking love this game! It`s one of the best!!!

Jake0324 2013.01.23
the animation on this game is great

WARDOG77 2013.01.22
this ending is much better than the original but i think it could have been better. perhaps different positions with the different girls. just a thought.

coolboyypro 2013.01.22
nice game ejoyed it and so so sexy :3

ab tak 56 2013.01.22
what a amazing grapic and logic games best site ever

Creatura 2013.01.22
not what i expected but ok

sexytimefuckme 2013.01.22
Such a sexy game. I`m so wet right now.

aceelvin09 2013.01.21
good game interesting that you hav to get all the girls naked......

FootLuver69 2013.01.21
The game is beautiful.....and moreover the women!

besyidiol 2013.01.21
Really great game. It took a little time to get to the end but it was worth it

egane 2013.01.20
wery hott game
i,find a good ending

egane 2013.01.17
i find game interesant
bud betrs are to---

jimbo493 2013.01.17
great game - thanks for the tips guys - I kept getting stuck in a few spots

ironicprod 2013.01.16
it was a little overly challenging

redy4acshun 2013.01.16
Would be better with more sex scenes instead of just the last.

CB54 2013.01.16
Really sexy girls; challenging story; average animation.

godot_1256 2013.01.15
that took me a while to get through, but it was really rewarding, so i recommend it

craig83 2013.01.15
excellent game but a little tough

worzi2 2013.01.14
Nice game! A bit hard though.

leon52 2013.01.13
excellent game, I like the story

worndaram 2013.01.11
i`d like it too much...maybe they can make a new one...it`s a little hard but the end is great "

sriharia161 2013.01.11
wow great game,
lot of fun with girls

dkrcat 2013.01.11
Lots of hot women. Love the game!

fuckingasshole1990 2013.01.10
girls look so hot in bikini

fuckingasshole1990 2013.01.10
awsome ... just fucking awesome game

bchen1204 2013.01.09
Great game! i thought the ending was pretty good very sexy game overall!

Williamhot 2013.01.06
I like this game its really sexy

one2punch 2013.01.06
had a good time playing this game nice and lomng

numnuts11 2013.01.05
i love this game its awesome

wladi 2013.01.04
great game nice graphic and good gameplay

sexy dude 01 2013.01.04
i am stuck in the beggining only

saquib.khan966 2013.01.04
great game with nice graphics

codytall 2013.01.03
I like the game it is really kool

kotokkotok 2013.01.03
such a hot girl, really really love this game :D

astroyer 2013.01.03
sexy and on edge,liked it

Berserk307 2013.01.03
Great game but it`s too short

Petri 2013.01.03
This is so so so HOT game :)

conbron 2013.01.03
not enough sex positions / combinations, but very good graphics & nice story

Rick999 2013.01.02
bit of an unrewarding ending and if you said 1 thing wrong you are game over right away. kinda lost interest to play it but finished it anyway. a 6.7

Sumptuous 2013.01.01
One of the best games ever on this site

zenginoglu_yasar 2013.01.01
great game... i liked...

mickbho1888 2013.01.01
the game itself is quite good, however the endings a little poor

Zocker2709 2013.01.01
One of the best games i played here!

Lokairn 2013.01.01
Legen.... wait for it ! Dary ! This game is awesome

Trav68 2012.12.31
Girls are hot. Nice to get all the girls.

Hieblan 2012.12.31
I like the other games of this creator, but this in particular is kinda predictable, not a real challenge

SubZer0GG 2012.12.30
This game is really nice. It`s always good to have a lot of hot girls willing to get naked and have sex.

stevo79 2012.12.30
Great game and the girls are very horny. Can be a bit frustrating if you dont hit the right answer but good fun

lolidunno123 2012.12.30
Very hot game! I Like it!

Misterio 2012.12.30
ItĀ“s a great game, i like it a lot, i love the end and i want more of this type of games

marilu 2012.12.29
aee gatos e gatas gosto de fazer sexo e trio

heygirllez? 2012.12.29
Great game love the ending

heygirllez? 2012.12.29
I love it its cool but nuffin else

starboardchef 2012.12.29
pretty aweesome variables in play

ac4sites 2012.12.28
Attractive models and good graphics but terrible sex scene at the end.

ouo12 2012.12.28
They should make a second game like this with all the girls and you have FUN ;)

Docklander 2012.12.28
Graphics are good but the game play is a little robotic, fun though :-)

hubi 2012.12.28
nice game, like the art to play

hunted 2012.12.28
Beautiful girls ....Great gae

hotstuff16 2012.12.28
awsome game! great graphics

scoot 2012.12.28
Is everyone nuts? This game should rate in the mid to high 90`s at the very least!

manox3464 2012.12.27
brilliant. great story line and 3 hot girls

reflexian77 2012.12.27
very nice game :) ... played it some time ago aswell... still lovely :)

sex_pal3124 2012.12.27
Graphics are 10/10 most of the girl sexy :) good game

Xaque 2012.12.27
Nice game, but the sex scenes are pretty the same.
I would love to have them different just like the difference between girls ))

gman3399 2012.12.26
nice game lots of choices

TheChemiZt 2012.12.26
real nice game, had to check comments to complete it though

Makkxs 2012.12.26
Awsome game, but it`s too easy to win :/

jemoeder 2012.12.26
Nice, sexy girls (as always)...

giomaniacio 2012.12.26
it could be better if we could fuck the girls one by one in the end

traffic_x1 2012.12.26
I wanna host a party like this... :p

theman3435 2012.12.26
does anybody else notice that the scenery is from the game Hitman: Blood Money lol

dwell76 2012.12.25
i liked it....fun and nice

cutepoisonxxx 2012.12.25
Really good graphics in my opinion, im happy there are scenes with all the girls. Crystal is my personal favorite!

nap000 2012.12.24
awesome game, abit challanging, but not too hard. i like the story and the look is good.

sjva24 2012.12.24
it`s a very nicegamewith very nice girls

Glass jack 2012.12.23
Exelent game. challanging enough to be interesting but still playable

lolwutindabutt 2012.12.22
another solid vdate game. a bit long, and the graphics aren`t the best but he gameplay is great and the girls are better

maxime1406 2012.12.20
love this game but the finish can be better

alb0317 2012.12.20
Interesting, but I think I missed the point...

Mangrove 2012.12.19
Love the fact about so many choices, thats whats lacking in most other games!
Thank you for a good game!

Scappy220 2012.12.19
Pretty long and drawn out. Didin`t really care for the lack of action at the end.

Raiha24 2012.12.19
I like the graphics of the game, but I think the game play is quite easy..

theonlysunwolf 2012.12.18
It`s a bit simplistic, but I lost the first time I played, so maybe I`m the one who`s simplistic...

EmerikQ 2012.12.18
Well.... I like the story and maybe one day I`ll have the similar house :) for parties like this one ;)

C.C. 2012.12.18
I never get tired of playing this game.

mclovingood 2012.12.18
Loved it. Took me a while to get it all done, but it was AMAZING

hungandhard725 2012.12.18
OMG i loved this game. had to play through a few times to make sure i got everything. i loved it

that1guyno1knows 2012.12.17
Lots of girls, very sexy, very good ending. Will play again.

samarth19 2012.12.17
these girls are sooo hot. i`d love to have a foursome with them

Dennis400 2012.12.17
It`s adventerous and threesome is not a word to come close to it.

zantha 2012.12.16
Not as enjoyable as some of the other Virtual Date games, but still very fun.

kouloya 2012.12.16
a very nice game great pictures and action thank

Dna816 2012.12.16
I liked the game, very hot chicks, and thanks for the tutorial

itsmylife 2012.12.16
i really liked this game only weird part was the sex at the end

dragonstar 2012.12.16
needs an extended story

WarNeverChanges 2012.12.15
None of the artwork is made by the game-maker, the entire town was ripped from the game Hitman : Blood Money, I can tell since I just played the game, all they did was take the map and add the women, very disappointing

mattchew1224 2012.12.15
wow very sexy love the graphics too

Bratch 2012.12.14
Annoying that you have to open in another tab, but the graphics were good and really enjoyable.

HotGuyxD 2012.12.13
great game good story to the game i will play again for sure

Rickardur 2012.12.13
Hah, it`s pretty fun. Shame it has only the one ending ;(

D3nhis 2012.12.12
Not bad but they can give there some more positions

xyphoide 2012.12.12
good game and graphic, hot chick, but the sex scene is not very enjoyable, though

ruceni 2012.12.12
Nice game,I`m so hard now and just want to get a fuck

Zaeron 2012.12.11
Nice one, but the ending felt a little underdone. More poses/animation for the final scene would be cool.

kalva 2012.12.11
great game, a bit tricky but its not too hard, very sexy Characters, but i wished for a bit more poses in the end

auldgit 2012.12.08
The game had (yes past tense) great potential: an array of incredibly sexy women, all in one place and ready to go !!!
So what spoilt it ??

The interaction was just a little too easy.

The sex scenes were limp, not a single wild scene and considering the high quality of the of the artwork, I felt extremely let down by the end results !!!

The designers should take a leaf out of Keeley and ChristineĀ“s book on how to make the sex scenes enjoyable !!!!

Even my score of 75% was being generous !!!

Summing up: I think the developers got lazy at the end !!!

Carmen87 2012.12.08
Pretty hot game but I prefer some animations..

Mr. Magic 2012.12.08
This was a pretty cool game, but it would have been better if there was a way to have some group action. How about a 2.0 with some real fun in the garden?

Diablos 2012.12.08
Damn I want to have a Pool Party like this.

One Guy and 5 HOT!!!! Girls, what more could you ask for.

sexslave53825645 2012.12.07
This game is amazing and very sexy!

DirtyDave56 2012.12.07
very nice good group of girls my grilfriend loved it

cewj1967 2012.12.07
This game is great. Fun and entertaining. The girls, gameplay and graphics make this one of my favorites.

gizmo78 2012.12.06
Great game i am glad if finaly became a free game
very hot i wish something like that would happen to me lol

Messer13 2012.12.06
Finally came out of the members` section,huh?? Nice........

FearThePink 2012.12.05
So many ednings, so many choices, so many girls. I Love it

-UnionJack- 2012.12.05
Love the graphics and different personalities of the girls.

player9000 2012.12.04
i really love this game it has very nice graphics and u can bang all the woman

derda 2012.12.04
Really like this game. Only wish Maddison and Sophie were in it.

sexytexan18 2012.12.03
A little hard but worth it

soulreaper01 2012.12.03
its a great game... lots of hot girls
Rachel is my favorite :-)

ben77 2012.12.02
Great vareity of girls, but u need to be able to interact with them more?

Maggot4life 2012.12.02
Dunno how happy the Hitman people would be if they found out one of their levels had been ripped

sammmm 2012.12.02
great graphics, gripping animation

Tusher 2012.12.01
lots of sexy girl in the game hot

a67chevelle 2012.12.01
this was an awesome game, i really enjoyed the graphics and gameplay. i would like to see more of these kinds of games.

dhans7776 2012.11.30
Excellent game. 5 women, YES!!!

LeandroO 2012.11.30
The best part of the game is that you do not have only one final girl!!!

knoll 2012.11.30
It was good, though there is room for improvement

xenonach 2012.11.29
Great game... but really, the games from VDG tends to be.

qwerty135 2012.11.29
I liked this game a lot. It had the right difficulty and was worth figuring out in the end.

gork 2012.11.28
great graphics, gripping animation.

Richie33 2012.11.27
I love this game, all the different girls to get it on with, Heaven.

xes9960 2012.11.27
good game love all girls in the game

ozorne_6 2012.11.27
Hooked on games, bring them on there getting better and better......

thking 2012.11.27
awesome game good graphics overall great game 9/10

jizzman111 2012.11.27
this game was great keep making them like this

dees666 2012.11.26
just one word...
it`s a dream come true...

stalker96 2012.11.26
I just simply love these games. They`re so good. Chicks are sexy, gameplay isn`t bad and lots of girls to choose from.

mathsums 2012.11.26
Nice game but the end is too short

joseph vijay 2012.11.26
its so great and very hot i m getting wettttttttttttttt

kinou21 2012.11.26
Would have loved more options with each of the girls. Finally found a way to take in the whole story. Maybe a threesome and maybe even the guy with all five.

sexybitch132 2012.11.26
i like the game it is addicting and very sexy

ohhanalittlepussy 2012.11.26
nice game ever !!! im addicted !

shivers1 2012.11.25
i wish you didnt have to go back to the start when you screw up

oranjeboven 2012.11.25
Could have been much better than it really was.
Great idea for a story.
A bit of fantasy next time please.

sxgmes 2012.11.24
I like the way the dialogue branches its pretty cool.

brookeishornny 2012.11.24
cool game the characters are super hot

blade123 2012.11.24
great game - but very difficult because you have to start from the beginning if you failed

madmikenmolly 2012.11.24
Worst game I`ve had the misfortune of playing. The sex is ridiculously pathetic.

auldgit 2012.11.24
Very disappointed !!!!! The idea shows great promise, but ultimately fails to deliver: I donĀ“t mean to sound pedantic but surely a sex game should at least be a little bit exciting !!!

As one commentor says the sex scenes are a total let down: all in the same positions with no variation, in fact it reminds me of looking through a catalogue to get to the lingerie part, but without the thrill of something more promised !!!!

Looks like the (normally very good) developers just got lazy on this one !!!!!

Nicodemus 2012.11.23
Great game just like all of the Virtual Dates. Really good graphics and all. Sex scenes and lesbo scenes could be a bit longer.

Pecos_Bill 2012.11.22
The one thing that I would have really liked, would to have been if you could have played out the fantasies with the other girls. Like when you get Crystal on the couch all naked, and she says that she and you could have fun after everyone leaves, you should be able to do that. Same goes for Erica and Kelly. I still enjoyed playing though.

MusicGuy529 2012.11.21
This game have nice graphics and I wish there was a scene with all of them

mathsums 2012.11.21
how do you get full screen

ski9072 2012.11.21
Good game but didnt live up to its potential. Could have been soo much more

loloxx 2012.11.20
good game and cute girls but the story should have different ending. A bit too easy.

kijlocke 2012.11.20
Nice game, decent graphics. I`d probably play it again some time.

ocandela 2012.11.20
I wish that there were more endings. Otherwise, great game!

Bajuba 2012.11.19
I liked this one. You can make some fun with 5 girls. My favourite girl was Rachel. I liked some tricky ways you can win sympathy of a girl.

mattbro 2012.11.19
A little difficult to play. Once some others posted walk-throughs, it helped a ton. Great game though.

Rambaldi 2012.11.19
Nice game like usual, same ending as usual not as interesting as the last one with Christine... Wish there was more options to explore. I finished the game in 10 minutes and it looks like there`s only one ending to find this time... By the way i didnt read in any walktrough that you can join Leilani and Rachel in the bathroom if you want to see boobs once more... but not more. Hope better next time, i`m still hungry ;)

cookielord 2012.11.19
i love these sort of games, the animation is great.

yzenginoglu 2012.11.19
great game. no doubt it. i loved this game.


bullman87 2012.11.18
Very nice, wish there was more interaction.

theghost1623 2012.11.18
great game but not many ending

chrisa 2012.11.18
Great game, I always like this style of game

picture_fool 2012.11.18
Great game, I always like this style of game, and often mess up on purpose just to see what happens other then the obvious losing. The graphics are above average, but still hot.

bobtotempole 2012.11.17
I love the concept. Great game

emetiel 2012.11.17
I like the game, and I love the idea to get all girl naked in diffrend places before having some fun

Hunter99004 2012.11.17
Liked this one, liked that it gave you choices on the women - all in all good game

IamBri 2012.11.17
The one problem was all of the endings were identical with each partner, otherwise a good effort.
The graphics are great, but for the most part the story just kind of marched through to end.

buffalo87 2012.11.17
Like the gameplay, although it can be a little tricky at some point. Girls r sexy!

jingstir 2012.11.17
Really great game, 5 hot beautiful girls! whats not to like?

Ricoh124 2012.11.16
Everyone is round your home and you have to do is take your pick

Whitney 2012.11.16
hot gameplay, good story. very sexy!

DoubleShadow 2012.11.16
Lange habe ich auf eine Fortsetzung gewartet!!! =)

Danke! ;D

Anatik 2012.11.16
oh man this is the best.... thx :)))

mystic_m 2012.11.16
Sexciting game.. Great ladies and nice gameplay. Just wish that the finale was a bit better.

JohnMcKrusty 2012.11.16
I like the way, where the girils go, but i miss the a litttle bit the Action. Peace.....

Cj2k 2012.11.16
This was a very good game enjoyed every minute of it.

lancelotalbion 2012.11.16
great game!! all the girls are hot!! highly recommended!

dandydon 2012.11.15
One of your hottest games yet. A nine out of ten.

crashj 2012.11.15
I liked the game. Ending was a little lacking

higados 2012.11.15
Great game as usual, but a few more endings would be much better. Nice work anyway

Gabriel the white 2012.11.15
Really a good game: good graph and "well-known" hot babes!
Perhaps too short and a little too easy ...with only one ending.

SuperNarut0 2012.11.15
This game is awesome. the graphic, the ladies, the story is really great

chap74 2012.11.15
Good game graphics were good and the game itself could have used a few more options leading to different endings

trpdnhcktwn 2012.11.15
great game amazing ending, just the right mix between challenging and sexy

hash19 2012.11.14
Nice girls, as usual; but this game is very easy and the ends are alike more.

elishacuthbert 2012.11.14
I enjoyed this one more than a few of the others, will give it a 7/10

kaiser_ray 2012.11.14
nice game but still expecting more

georgefilipe 2012.11.14
Like all games of this series, IT`S GREAT!!!!!! the grafhtic, the story, the girls... all good!!!!!

leezl 2012.11.14
the gameplay was perfect not too long not too short graphic was great and i like the rachel

Thund3r 2012.11.14
Enjoyed the game. Perfect amount of dialogue and ending is great.

banes 2012.11.14
Great game with very good graphics. A few more sex scenes and this would be an excellent game.

Sydguy181 2012.11.14
NIce game. Could have done with different positions for the sex scenes with each girl

ECRIDER 2012.11.14
Great game that is easy to follow. Wish it had more action in the end

adamblackstone 2012.11.14
awesome game loved the graphics

Jokke 2012.11.14
This game is really hot !!! With five sexy chicks and good graphics.

randy06 2012.11.14
nice sexy girls all of then to p,lay with and do things with

dgkesquire 2012.11.13
Nice, sexy girls (as always)...wouldn`t mind some different locations for the love scenes

suki39 2012.11.13
Would have loved more options with each of the girls. Finally found a way to take in the whole story. Maybe a threesome and maybe even the guy with all five.

Soul Assassin 2012.11.13
Good game, nice girls, but the finish is so bored and repetitive. The same with all girls, but i`ve got a good time playing

chairman066 2012.11.13
i really enjoyed this one, lots of sexy girls, lots of fun...

mastermiro 2012.11.13
Easy, but very good as allways.

electro*** 2012.11.13
I like that game is very good great work P.F.O...

NK240 2012.11.13
Nice Game, cool graphic like it!

Houngan 2012.11.13
I thought that was fantastic. Some interesting situations, the girls are as hot as always. Love the graphics. These are the best games.

MB78 2012.11.13
Would have loved more options with each of the girls. Finally found a way to take in the whole story. Maybe a threesome and maybe even the guy with all five.

kalbs 2012.11.13
I liked the game, it is sexy and has a lot of different outcomes

reallytycho2 2012.11.13
It wasn`t great. The orgy scene was a little underwhelming. The game needed more endings, and less interchangelable positions for the orgy

andy_regresa 2012.11.13
The game is nice, too short, but nice, sexy girls

Pecos_Bill 2012.11.13
Really like this game. Only wish Maddison and Sophie were in it.

qwerty10101 2012.11.13
the graphics were really well done

f1rstt1mer 2012.11.13
How come I never have neighbors like this?

harrywibowo 2012.11.13
Totally awesome, hot and georgeus chicks become one ... especially Crystal and Leilani, luv women with black hair look so so damn hot ... :)

Asghan 2012.11.13
This is a great one again, many thx
But what about Kelly Storyline?

eagleata 2012.11.12
What another good game :) thnx pf1...

derda 2012.11.12
Excellent game as usual in VD-series. Hopefully VD can keep at this level of games in future as well and i think that they can.

Tiger21 2012.11.12
Not bad but these VDG games are getting a bit samey.

C.C. 2012.11.12
Would have loved more options with each of the girls. Finally found a way to take in the whole story. Maybe a threesome and maybe even the guy with all five.

Vallheruh 2012.11.12
This is a great one again, many thx
But what about Kelly Storyline?

jacob2323 2012.11.12
a great game with a real story line...,hot girls and a hot pool party.graphics and gameplay was awesome.i will be wait for next party with neighbours.

weedsmoker1st 2012.11.12
A fun way to return to all the women in Virtual Date World.

jerryonly83 2012.11.12
chaotic always does it great!!!! awesome game and girls!

andy_regresa 2012.11.12
very great game, i wanna play it more

WookieeOne 2012.11.12
All in all, a fun little diversion. I was a little let down with how easy it turned out to be, and how the big finally was very repetitous. (all the girls get in the same positions, and you can`t see anything below the waist.) I downloaded the game and looked through the files. Looks like there is supposed to be more in the story, but I can`t access it. (various pictures of the girls in different locations in the house, and in differing stages of dress)
Like I said, I enjoyed it, but it doesn`t seem to live up to its full potential.

shishkabob 2012.11.12
A fun way to return to all the women in Virtual Date World.

CactusZack2 2012.11.12
Loved it! Crystal and Kelly are my favorites!

hitsushi 2012.11.12
Wow.. Three amazing woman from virtual date combine into one game.. This is truly amazing.. Love it.. Deserve high score

audiominer 2012.11.12
pool party is the best game submitted so far!!!
the only thing pool party lacks is a seductive soundtrack...

mikicostanza 2012.11.12
preety game with good graphics and hot women nice

Blitzkriegbob 2012.11.12
good game, pretty relaxing. Besides of the relatively disappointing ending the game is real fun.

Tataigor 2012.11.11
Great game,but a threesome ending would be a better ending....

gorex 2012.11.11
preety game with good graphics

PAL1 2012.11.11
great game like to see more like this

scshaw2011 2012.11.11
Good game graphics were good and the game itself could have used a few more options leading to different endings

DreamTim 2012.11.11
Pretty nice game but the final scene is a little disappointing

Gray Warden 2012.11.11
Like great graphics and anamation good need sund

chook2109 2012.11.11
not bad of a game but an orgy with the lot of them would be awesome

voodooacidboy 2012.11.11
great game, but dissapointing ending, no variety.

reader012 2012.11.11
Good game til the end, but you only get the girls one at a time and they alll do the exact same thing. A threesome or even some variation in the positions would be better.

badboy_4578 2012.11.11
nice graphics but could have had more endings

schbob 2012.11.11
I do not understand this. This is an old game in the virtual date games. And I looked for new things but didn`t see them. Disappointing.

SexAdict 2012.11.11
Amazzing. Hard at first but cool ;). the graphics are better than most games..

NightStalker73au 2012.11.11
awesome game play and graphics

theghost1623 2012.11.11
it was a great game but they are not lot of end

kalle813 2012.11.11
great game but wish the sexscene would have more to do like doggy and threesome sex

Ronnylogo 2012.11.11
How can i "Start the Barbecue" ????

Horgretor 2012.11.11
Very nice game as all those series. I like the complexity and reasoning behind the actions. Need sounds+++.

BallIdiot 2012.11.11
The end sex scene is a bit boring, but the plot to get all the girls naked is good.

SparklingJuice100 2012.11.11
How Do I Play these games. What do i need?

BobHope 2012.11.11
Good Game. Could use some more girl on girl action

ladd 2012.11.10
Give us a new game this has been out for ages.

bestia99rom 2012.11.10
Great graphics, animations and gameplay

pabloD12 2012.11.10
game play to get them naked was cool but sex was boring

pusshound 2012.11.10
This game is not really new. Hot girls and it`s great that you get them all, but the sex scenes are really boring. Needs more graphic sex scenes, anal would be good, and more variety in sex scenes. Overall just average.

Ringo70 2012.11.10
This was an interesting set up. Unfortunately, when the big moment comes, it`s just a very basic animation, with two options. This idea has alot of potential, but the execution was lacking.

tony41 2012.11.10
awsome game. loved the fact that u get all of the girls.

thomas1992 2012.11.10
Where can i find the walkthrough for this game?

Raju888 2012.11.10
Superb game, I haven`t played a game like this. It`s a different Game

s@nt!no 2012.11.10
Meh, SSDD. I can`t believe people are still paying chaotic for this level of "game".


perechon 2012.11.10
Great game. Good idea to involve many of the girls we know so far.
Amazing graphic as always.
Negative: No music (as always), just two styles with every girl (and furthermore every girl has the same styles!). Definitely further improveable.

virtualpervet 2012.11.10
Little boring - sex scenes not great but girls were hot

jmeoff 2012.11.10
Thanks to all for the walk through.

1NT0X 2012.11.10
great game !! not too short, good graphics, nice storyline

Arbaal 2012.11.10
Excellent game as usual in VD-series. Hopefully VD can keep at this level of games in future as well and i think that they can.

samffffgggg 2012.11.10
u bring d best games!!!
plz bring more wich would include 3some and plz bring it a bit fast.......waiting 4 ur next sexy game

spud06 2012.11.10
Game is good but graphics are slow and choppy. Could just be my computer...

Jaxen 2012.11.10
Another awesome game from VDG

spencerth5 2012.11.10
Graphics aren`t as good as usual

HeartcoreRemo 2012.11.10
very hot and nasty game!!!
very sexy and hot girls!!

kk13 2012.11.10
Good game. Girls are hot, but could be more graphic in the sex scenes. Kinda boring in that department.

Fisher 2012.11.10
Very nice ........ hot
We are waiting for Kelly....... when we will have her new game.

Saracus 2012.11.10
I really like this game. Second best game i`ve played on here.

veryhardcock 2012.11.10
best game i have played so far

garonbrown 2012.11.10
Very nice, wish there was more interaction.

scott19711971 2012.11.10
Too long, saved points would have been nice.

cool_ed 2012.11.10
Good game n storyline. No sound n no gangbang

lov2eatu 2012.11.10
Nice game. Could use a few more opitons maybe eating their pussys and anal sex.

bobbybluefire 2012.11.10
Great game wish there was more interactivity as a female

themoda 2012.11.10
The game is nice, too short, but nice, sexy girls

pdude25 2012.11.10
Love the way the girls look. Maybe add another sequence to drag it out more.

brink7000 2012.11.09
Fun game. I`d like to play that as a female character, but still a lot of fun!

C.C. 2012.11.09
I love it! Any way to get all 5 girls on one game? Any way for a threesome or more?

nr47 2012.11.09
Game is really good, but i wouldn`t make it without the help in comments

maxxxy 2012.11.09
Excellent character artwork. Gameplay isn`t very challenging, but at least there`s a lot of it. But the endgame is extremely disappointing: repetitive and not sexy; no variations to explore. Wish they would put more effort into a satisfying conclusion.

Jonah666 2012.11.09
kelly puts her swimsuit when you talk to her and says she was atractive, then i remenber that you must kiss her neck. After that, she go up and put it

Jonah666 2012.11.09
Good game, nice girls, but the finish is so bored and repetitive. The same with all girls, but i`ve got a good time playing

gp78 2012.11.09
same as usual

cgi could be upgraded

C.C. 2012.11.09
Progress. Only had sex with two. I`ll keep trying.

TheCin 2012.11.09
The game is ok.
Only the women are the same as always. They are very pretty, but a graphical refresh would not hurt them. They are somehow still so artificial.
The gameplay is very smooth, but could sometimes use a fresh idea.
Nevertheless, the game is again made ā??ā??very interesting and not at all bad.

q7q7q7 2012.11.09
how do you get kelly in bikini?

ramraj54321 2012.11.09
Beautiful girls! I can get them all into bikinis except Kelly

maycombios 2012.11.09
good game but boring ending. not much variation

jcc1985 2012.11.09
great game hot girls love the bikinis

Jaaru 2012.11.09
Nice looking game, liked it.

Ryoxxx 2012.11.09
Great graphics, animations and gameplay

C.C. 2012.11.09
Beautiful girls! I can get them all into bikinis except Kelly which messes up the game. She`s my favorite so I`ll keep trying.

Angerfist 2012.11.09
Awesome game, found it very multiple times how to go the correct lines.

Picnic 2012.11.09
Nice girls, as usual; but this game is very easy and the ends are alike more.

dreadwolf 2012.11.09
game play, graphics and animations are great
as all ways

ganjahtreu 2012.11.09
very hot and nasty game!!!
very sexy and hot girls!!

kjdehn 2012.11.09
love to have kelly and her friends over for a pool party

wtcjrusa 2012.11.09
I liked the game, it is sexy and has a lot of different outcomes

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