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Virtual Date - Jennifer


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Stormspell 2018.09.10
Nice game, but taks a while to get any were, could use hints to help out.

blabla47 2018.08.24
Super pretty girl and super fun game

lukerage121 2018.07.15
I already played this game in the original site. PF posts games so late.

fargfcexx 2018.05.11
This game is actually pretty decent just needs more.

supertrucker 2018.04.28
I loved this game. it keeps you wanting to make the right choices so your date will never end. can be fustrating at first but gets good once you get the hang of it.

dezaum 2018.03.17
That game is pretty awesome, I just wish the animations had sounds. But I guess it`s part of the system in which it`s made, i really don`t know how these softwares work

life of passion 2018.03.06
Great game with awesome animations!

cacotrepa 2018.02.17
Amazing Jennifer. Such a beatifull and hot chick. Love the game

dragonking72 2017.12.23
Great game good animation. A little heavy on the guessing to progress through the game but overall very well put together.

aqsze 2017.12.10
Incredibly difficult game, but with hot animation scene :)


lolkidmaster55 2017.12.10
The graphic and animation looks goodrn

sailorguy123 2017.11.30
I. love all the options you have in this game

Luis Otavio 2017.11.27
Thas a good game with nice animation! Amazing!

arcticc 2017.11.16
Cool game)))) Wonderfull girl)

netto 2017.11.11
Great game with awesome animations!

DarknessGaming 2017.11.04
This jennifer from this game, looks really much like Jennifer Lawrence when she played in The Hunger Games, lol.

Capiche71 2017.10.22
very nice gam i can not wait to see more

marcool47 2017.10.20
The game is really fun and the girl is hot. It was a tough so good luck everyone! Have fun! ;)

BengerBang 2017.10.18
Always like seeing more animated scenes and adding audio was a nice touch. Animations need some tweaking but overall good fun game.

StarO 2017.10.15
Good game, very sexy girl, somewhat old graphics though.

Bicudo_SA 2017.10.13
The story is good, the graphics are good, but the best are the animations

Raider22 2017.09.29
I really like how this game incorporated videos into the game along with the gameplay

TEX TIGER 2017.09.24
Good game, very sexy girl Jennifer, but very hard to play.

Moonstar9210 2017.09.10
the game is to long for my taste

Valhalla62 2017.09.05
Damn! Perfect animation! I want more...

dropgunx4 2017.09.05
My favorite of the virtual date games. Really good animation scenes and Jennifer is super hot

dropgunx4 2017.09.05
Super pretty girl and super fun game. Would definitely recommend

hdjeep93 2017.08.30
very good game to play, very hot girlrngood graphics

StgE 2017.08.24
Game crashes right before I meet her

Rainhard52 2017.08.09
Great game, takes a buch of tries to figure out the possibilities

wlscks7 2017.08.04
i was looking for like this game

samsmith1169 2017.08.01
I love the interaction in this game! Keep your volume on. Very realistic and sexy.

JK1922 2017.07.31
It was a fun game, just difficult enough to be challenging, with good graphics and a good amount of activities. I liked the addition of sound, but mine kept cutting out after a couple words.

smentoma 2017.07.26
Nice game but a bit hard to get girl. The woman is hot and its worth all the time you lost when you find youreself starting the game cause you dont know what to do and everything is refuse by her except call the night or sleep. Great graphic and animation but a little slow on my computer when changing the images. Thanks!

qeadzc 2017.07.18
awesome game, with nice graphics and a good storyline

KitCarsen 2017.06.29
Really liked this one and there`s a nice bit of back door action too!

phillipkk 2017.06.18
Good game, Jennifer is hot!

littleGamer 2017.05.14
funny hot game - got all `needs`

Bw86bw86 2017.04.29
good mix of narrative and sex. needs a few more sex options

matiksonnn 2017.04.23
Great game, virtual date games are all really nice.

savd209 2017.04.22
thorough and fun game mate.

Poisoned 2017.04.18
This game was awesome! Good choices lead to good things. The parts with the smooth animation sets this game apart from most others. We need more games like this one. The one negative is that there should have been a better money shot at the end.

MetroTEX12 2017.03.31
A hot girl in the bar.You guys need to play this :)

ianjames 2017.03.20
very sexy girl with great graphics

marKus730 2017.03.16
I really like this game, it was the first one I played. Was a little tricky to figure out to begin with, but I eventually got there. Awesome sex scene(s) at the end, just wish you could choose where to cum - not just in her face.

aliantito 2017.03.13
Overall a great game. Definitely worth a full play through, very fun and hot game. Let`s see if any game here can beat this one.

kemode 2017.03.07
hot hot hot...great game! check it out

BraZZer 2017.02.21
Best game iv played on play force one as of yet. And I haven`t even played finding Miranda yet. This game was amazing so I imagine that one is just as good if not better. Btw Halestorm is one of my favorite bands and definitely fits well with this game.

SGreasly 2017.02.19
Overall good game. A lot of guessing far as the correct answers. Good graphics and sound!

Kripah 2017.02.16
The voice act is amazing. I have never experience anything like this.

jackalmond65 2017.01.27
omg I love it its so good

lordalex 2017.01.15
sound was nice and graphics were cool too......enjoyed it

peteanders82 2017.01.06
Really good animations, but a lot of guessing to move forwards in the story.

JD1826 2017.01.02
Great animations and a hot girl. Amazing game.

lobo4512 2016.12.31
Fun to play, aesthetically pleasing, and overall well done. The animations were very well done and the gameplay was nice. A little more diversity would be nice, but I was pleased with this one.

RiseUp 2016.12.23
Very good game I enjoyed it

ken2016 2016.12.20
good graphics good job LOP

danrecker 2016.12.17
Great story, good diversity of story lines. Great images. My only problem is there doesn`t seem to be any way to save the game and return to your saved point. That would help a lot.

Hammyy 2016.12.10
really good game, lots of decisions to make. recommend for sure!

haddy1202 2016.12.06
this game was a real erotica and the animation was not up to the mark

Rayan12345 2016.12.01
omg this game is soo epic that it made me cum all over my laptop screen

ThaneOfAss 2016.12.01
Voice acting wass a nice addition

icybear21 2016.11.23
Wow! Amazing quality. Great rpg game.

Exist 2016.11.20
Very enjoyable game. Had a great feel for it

vel119 2016.11.08
that game make me crazy, it´s so hot

KillerKeemstar 2016.11.04
this game definitely has potential but it`s not perfect yet

daniel Amini 2016.10.31
i think the best features is the gameplay and graphic

Newy94 2016.10.31

spc129 2016.10.28
Great game. Nice animation and Jennifer is great.

janhuahua 2016.10.26
Wow! Good game! The graphics is great and so is the dialogue.

Sola_KMT 2016.10.17
Maybe the best game on PF1. Has the best animation, great graphics and a great story line. Haven`t done all the scenes yet but will play it over and over again.

Crusader_1 2016.10.16
Excellent game. I think Jennifer is one of the best girls here. A little slow moving but worth it.

Jstew 2016.10.01
I love everything about this game, great animation and an even better girl.

tsr79 2016.10.01
I love the graphics when I played it and the sex scenes were well done.
lets see a part two

Pratik1997 2016.09.30
wow it amazing. the graphics is superb

figgah69 2016.09.28
nice animation. love it!:)

Profizzz 2016.09.27
One of the best games here.
Great gameplay en nice graphics

draco1921 2016.09.26
Great game, great graphics

markyman11 2016.09.21
hard to beat at first but jenifer was hot

welshninja1972 2016.09.17
another good game well enjoyed

gttt 2016.09.17
I love the vdategame site, great games with alot of detail

leon.ken 2016.09.17
Great story, good diversity of story lines. Great images. My only problem is there doesn`t seem to be any way to save the game and return to your saved point. That would help a lot.

chilinh12313 2016.09.13
Jennifer is absolutely gorgeous...
if only I had the money to buy vdate games...

GOGOGO1096 2016.09.13
Like the game, keep up the Good Work

hallnnash 2016.09.09
Got stuck in the apartment. Could only let her sleep

GemLord 2016.09.08
Awesome , one of the best models and best bj scene yet :)

AlexLetar 2016.09.05
Nice game but difficult..
Good graphism and good story

Veteran15837 2016.08.29
This game is very nice. I found it difficult at times, but I managed to finish. Love the sex scenes!

kaftos 2016.08.27
Nice game but difficult..
GERMA from what game is your avatar picture?

francium 2016.08.27
not the best one of the lot

broski 2016.08.26
The game never loads, I have to go to external website to play

WillieJohnson23 2016.08.16
Love this game. The sex scene are so hot

Asbethe 2016.08.15
Nice game with good graphics

GERMA 2016.08.11
its a good game especially the graphics

labmunky 2016.08.08
Very good game, nice graphics, and dialogue. The sex scene at the end was a bit too linear, but still worth the game. two thumbs up.

roffels 2016.08.08
another really good game from these guys! love everyone

Jaxxx Longrider 2016.08.05
Really great game, with nice graphics and a good storyline

Ton_Star567 2016.08.03
it was an excellent game and the dialogue was great

elpro1234 2016.07.31
I cant stop playinmg it

itay2405 2016.07.30
Great Game.. concept of video is nice

dixj17 2016.07.30
dang this game is amasing

BondGwick 2016.07.25
Hot chick
I like v date like this. Hope works in real life loo

dtb336 2016.07.24
the qualitiy of this game is great the graphics are good they give good option the sound is great the whole game and website is great

elturrero 2016.07.20
Great game, it`s hot and challenging a funny. "This is how you suck a cock", holy Jennifer, great character, hot as hell.

nico20998 2016.07.15
Honestly the best quality game ive seen in here

nattybbss 2016.07.06
was challenging but a great game

Saiajimbo 2016.07.06
The blowjob scene after watching porn with her is so well done!

Lover78 2016.07.05
I LOVED this game her face is very beautifull

pieffepi 2016.07.04
This is one of the best games for playability, linearity, and quality of sex scenes. Definitely top range, thank you to the authors! I hope there will be more like this one

xxxPeanutxxx 2016.07.02
A great improvement to the audio/visuals, well done, all you need to do now is try and improve the engine. Nice to see how you`ve improved over the years

titslim 2016.06.28
Good graphics, but not my kind of game. Since you know nothing about the girl and there are no clues, you end up guessing which is the right path. Which means repeated plays just to find out what she likes. The writing for these date-games needs some work.

mafs 2016.06.24
really good game thank you

momoga 2016.06.24
good game, good graphic, but need to improve the animation

Alex716 2016.06.24
The detail of the voice is great. The videos and GIFs make the experience so much better. The story can get better but is a pretty nice game.

haremmaster4 2016.06.24
the best virtual date game i`ve played so far

haremmaster4 2016.06.24
amazing game, first time you actually have movement which was a major turn on

Anonimo.123 2016.06.24
that was almost a great game, the history isn`t bad but can be greater

stach56 2016.06.21
Really nice game. Very good game!
Great finish and great fuck

drummerboy500001 2016.06.17
This is so hard but a lot of fun!

iamshy 2016.06.13
Great game but it feels a it unresponsive and laggy, good scenes thoug

Duggu30 2016.06.11
i love this game so very much

Seinaru 2016.06.10
This is probably one of the best games I`ve played so far on this website. I absolutely loved the fact that there was voice acting and cut scenes. It made the experience all the pleasing.

Zatiro 2016.06.07
is a fun game , i like the interaction whit the girl , but it would great that u can to play the diferent chapter .

feelthebasse 2016.06.06
great game it`s hard to pass but it`s worth to do it without any help

bforeman33 2016.06.06
Great game, could have continued it bit more, otherwise, great

peloso 2016.06.06
I love the animation and the graphic it` beatifull!

jasonmccallahan 2016.06.06
Game opens in another tab, and then again in a new window.... Kind of annoying IMHO

wolf 123 2016.06.06
I cant play this game it just redirects me into another page

GLTN 2016.06.05
I keep getting the phrase: "A plugin is needed to display this content."
what is that all about?

Sucks911 2016.05.30
good game,good graphic and good gameplay

Mighty2000 2016.05.29
This is a great game.Animations and graphics are nice.

MootjeNL 2016.05.25
this game is so enjoyable... especially the girls

zorrie 2016.05.23
Also a game i enjoyed very much......loved the story and sexy girls

zorriekie 2016.05.21
great game..very hard to get layed..but worthwhile

iivailoo85 2016.05.21
It was a really good and interesting game especially the animation.

HarlanPED 2016.05.21
Great game, quality it`s not the best but good anyway.

wldsxwizzard69 2016.05.20
another good game little glichy when i play online other wise lots of fun

dmamo98 2016.05.19
Virtual Dates are the best :3

bluedevilcindy 2016.05.19
This is a great game. There are a lot of choices with many different outcomes. Jennifer is very sexy.

Peekaaboo 2016.05.18
Now this was a fun game.. with nice animations :) nice graph and alright story although wee bit simple.

Can`t complain :)

namas14 2016.05.17
Loved this game. Great story and animations

allroundperv 2016.05.16
The best part of this game is definitely the voice acting and outstanding animations, if it`s not motion capture it looks as good, unfortunately this quality wasn`t always transported to some of the sex scenes. As for the gameplay, I felt it was too restrictive, forcing you to choose a very specific path in order to get into any of the real fun, rather than being a bit more fair and diverse about the rewards. The luxurious presentation assets shown in this could shine even more if integrated into a better game structure. The impossibility to skip cutscenes was a nuisance, especially when you`re failing over and over again. In conclusion this is an OK game propped up by Excellent assets.

Jlexa-aJlexa 2016.05.15
Very good game with good animation

darkicewolf2005 2016.05.15
was fun alot of choices but with only one real ending could have at least another ending with all the work put in

illtryagain 2016.05.14
Personally liked the game, the animations and the graphics are both great, would enjoy more

sgs1985 2016.05.14
Great game, plenty of options to choose from throughout!

Kenven1990 2016.05.14
Great game im almost addicted.

rckhrd69 2016.05.12
Fun game to play. Lots of options to choose from and really challenging to beat.

LPS1 2016.05.09
One of the bests games, it`s a very nice challenge.

ben850000 2016.05.09
This game is a challenge but unique

cantorsjw 2016.05.01
Great game. The game was challenging enough and the animations were really good. The sound effects were a nice bonus. The linear sex scenes could be difersified but overall I enjoyed it a lot.

lulea 2016.04.30
Awesome game and quite the challenge!

whizzardnoise 2016.04.28
perfect girls would love to be in my life

smaximus 2016.04.26
good games. great graphic. love it

MeeP 2016.04.15
it is a great game the graphics are great and the animation is great too

Maddog82486 2016.04.15
Great graphics and fun to play. I love a good challenge.

Raidenk 2016.04.15
The game was very enjoyable, challenging at first, but after a few hours, and slow progression, (and the help of comments) I was finally able to get the scene, the only thing that made it feel a bit weird was the voice over, sometimes it just didn`t feel right.

5mokey 2016.04.14
it is a fun game and realy good animations and stuff
but without the walktrough it would be hard to finish

fuckerfenil 2016.04.14
It was the sexiest game and most interactive one

raulxtreme130 2016.04.10
good game, amazing graphics and good animation too

Rubiee 2016.04.09
Interesting to see a game with actual sounds of her speaking to you.

Tinus18011971 2016.04.08
great game, sexy graphs

mastegun 2016.04.06
I wish this girl was in my room

verylongjohn 2016.04.06
Wiithout the walkthrough i would be still dancing

jj11824 2016.04.05
great game and girls although the videos should me skipable

rex90 2016.04.05
Good graphics interesting game

Marcus Crassus 2016.04.03
One of the best games here.
Great gameplay en nice graphics
I like it!!

Pussyeateryum 2016.04.03
I do not see how to finish it?

iPineapple 2016.04.02
Had a great time playing this game. Graphics are overall pretty good and the storyline is simple but fun.

playwithme2016 2016.04.01
I`m new to this whole thing right now however I do like the graphic and the animation it all seem so real like which is great but I`ll keep trying to get use to how it all work and perhaps I might need help from time to time if that okay. I would like to see more of these kinds of games be like hidden object games where the game do most of the talking during the process of the story lines and what have you if that is possible however it`s just a thought and my personal view.

me 2016.03.31
Nice game, but I needed the walkthrough. This was very helpful... 8-)

Hobgoblin67 2016.03.29
Excellent game with nice cut scenes. Graphics are decent and the storyline is enjoyable. 10/10

Nialel 2016.03.29
Nice gameplay and graphics. Its the best.

Stereoman0011 2016.03.28
Great game!! Love the virtual date games!

yolt 2016.03.27
good game! the graphics are great

mankomuncher 2016.03.27
Amazing game, just so stuck on her

naeryus 2016.03.26
great graphic with nice animation

whattupbae 2016.03.25
very sexy game. love the gameplay

whattupbae 2016.03.25
very sexy game. love the animation

Dadie 2016.03.25
Realy nice game. Very good game!

brink7000 2016.03.23
I`d like a little more variety in the sexual action and I always want more lesbian stuff than most people, but this was a decent game. Kind of fun just to play through quickly. Love that they`ve got voice and animations going.

jpb811 2016.03.22
enjoyed this game there is good content and graphics are good.

rod9usa 2016.03.22
im sorry but this one is not very good

nightwing2004 2016.03.21
Nice game and Graphics. The animation is good

ridman64 2016.03.20
Nice game, decent length,good graphics, enjoyable gameplay.

ski9072 2016.03.20
Seems like a good game so far, still trying to find all the achievments

rexdfas 2016.03.20
It was a nice game with good graphics, not the best game I played but it was good game anyway

kitsuneko 2016.03.19
Nice game and Graphics. The animation is good. Loved it.

Digity97 2016.03.14
Pretty nice game. Hot Chicks

VanityDire1 2016.03.14
I don`t know how I feel about the audio, at times it was pleasing and at other moments it was a bit annoying. Same goes for the animations, some were on point while others were just awful. It was rather simple and I enjoyed it though.

notsleeping 2016.03.13
This was the first one I played. (I`ve played several before setting up an account) and it suckered me in good.

I`ve played better since. but as an introduction to the game mechanics and sexy ladies this is a good start.

CRiiS_Mv 2016.03.13
i love taht game is very nice

Land_Of_Pickles 2016.03.12
I enjoyed the game and like how many different outcomes there are

johnnyrotten 2016.03.11
Meh... It`s OK.. but not great.

shyman44425 2016.03.10
Still trying to get the hang of this one. Not sure if I like it. Walk through was appreciated.

gallentethe3rd 2016.03.09
Interesting game, quite different to what I`m used to

dre10000 2016.03.07
not much store to this game but still a good game

jhordan001 2016.03.06
I think the game is too slow

Ladiesman127 2016.03.06
Playing games like this one is great. LOVE the grapic man.

leggey 2016.03.06
This is definetly the best sex game played so far. The animations were amazing!

labmunky 2016.03.06
The game was merely ok. Jennifer graphics looked good, but the gameplay was easy and mostly linear.

STNeish 2016.03.06
Kind of quick, kind of shallow. The videos and sound are an interesting addition, and the character is pretty... but not as good as some earlier efforts. It felt rushed.

tyriba2000 2016.03.06
this is by far my fav game

cambridge4453 2016.03.04
I agree with Daddio: Good graphics, but since you know nothing about the girl and there are no clues, you end up guessing which is the right path. Which means repeated plays just to find out what she likes. The writing for these date-games needs some work; the best characters are the most plausible and a context would help otherwise I`m just looking for a walkthrough

Wakit 2016.03.04
Definitely worth a full playthrough, very fun and hot game

aNullisGood 2016.03.04
Nice game and Graphics. The animation is good too

boyo111 2016.03.04
I don`t see how its new since its been around for a few years, wasn`t a bad game but not one of Chaotic`s best IMO.

Daddio 2016.03.03
Good graphics, but not my kind of game. Since you know nothing about the girl and there are no clues, you end up guessing which is the right path. Which means repeated plays just to find out what she likes. The writing for these date-games needs some work.

Jaaru 2016.03.03
Nice looking new game, liked it.

pberke 2016.03.03
Cool game, somewhat old graphics though.

tiqris00 2016.03.03
Good game. Animations and graphics are nice.

Stormyqq 2016.03.03
I already played this game in the original site. PF posts games so late.

Ripperd 2016.03.02
Love these games, great story and graphics, kudos to the team.

crankyx3 2016.03.02
It was a really good and interesting game especially the animation.

Zhalafi 2016.03.02
This game was really good, I love the interactivity there is going on! *thumbs up*

misswipp 2016.03.02
The following is one path through the game that makes most of the content visible.


"Wow. You`re gorgeous just from behind." (Inf +5)
"Can I buy you a drink?" (Inf +5)
"I`m ."
"Would you like to dance?"
"That`s enough dancing. Do you feel like talking?" (Inf +5)
"So, what kind of work do you do?" (Inf +10)
"Do you like books?" (Inf +10)
"I like non-fiction." (Inf +10)
"Do you feel like dancing?"
Put your arms around her
Kiss her (Inf +10)
Finish kissing (req Inf > 60)
Take her phone number (Inf +30)

Apartment 1
NB. Your score will be reset to Inf = 35 and Lust = 25

"Thanks. I like your outfit." (Inf +1)
Decide what to do
"Let`s look in the kitchen."
"Let`s get something to drink."
"Let`s get some sodas." (Inf +2)
"Let`s go out."

[At this point you can either go Downtown or to the Mall. However, the mall is the objectively better choice since it`s worth more points and allows you to buy several items that unlock extra content.]


"Let`s go downtown."
Go downtown (Time +2)
"Let`s get something to eat."
Take a seat
"Let`s start with a salad."
"Then, let`s have the pasta."
"Then the cheesecake."
Order and eat (Inf +10)
Leave the restaurant
"Let`s try the bar."
Enter the bar
"Sure. Let`s dance."
FINISH DANCING (Inf +3; Lust +5)
"Yeah. You deserve to be taken somewhere more exciting. Let`s go." (Inf +3)
"Let`s head back to my apartment."
ENTER APARTMENT (requires Inf > 44) [go to Apartment 2]


"Let`s go to the mall."
Go to the mall (Time +2)
"Let`s go upstairs."
Follow her upstairs
"Let`s get a drink at the bar."
Order a drink
"Give me two glasses of wine."
Drink (Inf +5)
"Let me buy you something at the gift store."
Pick something to buy

[At this point you have a choice of three objects you can buy. The necklace is worth the most Inf, but there`s more than enough Inf to complete the game without it. The water pistols open up a short extra scene. The camera is the objectively best choice, as the photoshoot scene is worth a number of points and opens up several other scenes, and this walkthrough will assume that you bought it.]

Pick necklace (Inf +8)
Buy necklace

Pick camera (Inf +5)
Buy camera

(water pistols)
Pick water pistols (Inf +3)
Buy water pistols

"Let`s go back downstairs."
Follow her
"Let me buy you something from the clothes store."
"I`ll find something to make you look even more gorgeous." (+3 Inf)
Pick an outfit

[At this point you have a choice of two outfits you can buy. The bikini is worth more points now, but the robe opens up a short additional scene later.]

Pick the bikini (Inf +5)
"Maybe you should try it on." (requires Inf > 49)
Wait for her to change clothes (Inf +3)
"Wow. That`s hot. Let`s buy it." (Lust +2)

Pick the robe (Inf +5)
"Maybe you should try it on."
"Damn, that makes you look sexy. Let`s buy it." (Inf +1; Lust +1)

Pay for the outfit
"Let`s just go back to my apartment."
ENTER APARTMENT (requires Inf > 44) [go to Apartment 2]

Apartment 2

Go to the lounge
"Let`s just relax"
"Let`s just talk"
"Are you a morning or a night person?" (Inf +1; Lust +2)
Finish talking
Let`s just talk
"If you could have any job in the world, what would it be?" (Inf +2)
Finish talking
Let`s just talk
"What kind of person do you find interesting?" (Inf +1; Lust +2)
Finish talking

[Did you go to the mall or downtown?]

"Let`s have some whiskey."
Drink (Inf +7)

"Let`s have some wine."
Drink (Inf +4)


[Did you buy the robe earlier?]

"Let`s order a pizza."
Go to the phone (Inf +7)
Order pizza

"Let`s have some ice cream."
Eat (Inf +4)

"I`d love to take some photos of you against that scenery." [NB. requires you to have bought the camera earlier]

[Do you have the bikini and want Jennifer to change into it?]

"What about the bikini we bought?"
Wait for her to change
"That`s hot." (Lust +2)
"Show off your legs and ass a little." (Lust +2)
Take the picture
Show her the picture
Take another picture
Wait for her to get into position
"How about cupping your bare breasts?" (Lust +5) (Inf +1) (Been Nude +1)
Take the picture
Show her the picture
Take another picture
Find something else to do

"I can`t think of anything else to wear. This`ll be good."
"Stand with your legs apart."
Take the picture
Show her the picture (Inf +5)
Take another photo
Watch her sit on the table
"How about you open your legs a little?" (Lust +5)
Take the photo (Lust +1) (Been Nude +1)
Show her the photo (Inf +3)
Speak to her
Do something else

"How about the park?"
"I`ll grab the whisky from the kitchen. Might be useful."
Grab the whisky and go to the park (Time +1)
"Let`s hang by the lake."
Kiss her (Inf +2) (Lust +3)
Finish kissing
Follow her to the play area
Decide what to do
"Let`s play a drinking game."
Pass her the bottle
"Sounds fun."
"I dare you to slide down the slide." (Inf +3)
Watch her slide
Do the dare
Finish swinging
"I dare you to surf the see saw." (Inf +1)
Walk over to the see saw
Do the dare
Finish the dare

[There are two dares you can choose here. Skinny dipping is worth more points, but running home naked gets Jennifer naked in your apartment which is what this walkthrough is going to assume.]

(skinny dip)
"I dare you to skinny dip in the lake!"
Watch her undress (Lust +1) (Been Nude +1)
Watch her undress (Lust +1)
Watch her undress (Lust +2)
Watch her skinny dip (Inf +5) (Lust +10)
Pass Jennifer her clothes
Follow her back to your apartment
Decide what to do

(run home)
"I dare you to run home naked!" (Time +1) (req Inf > 69 and Been Nude)
Watch her undress (Lust +1) (Been Nude +1)
Watch her undress (Lust +1)
Watch her undress (Lust +2)
Follow her to your apartment (Inf +5) (Lust +2)
Follow her to your apartment (Lust +5)
Decide what to do

"Let`s watch some TV."
Pick a channel
Turn to Jennifer
Watch porn (Lust +5)
"How would you do it?" (Inf +2)
Slide down your pants
Let her suck your cock (Lust +10)
Finish watching TV
"Let`s play a drinking game."
Wait for her to come back
"Sounds fun."*
Take bottle
"Dance on the table wearing only your boots."
Let her stand (Inf +3) (Lust +3)
"Dare accepted!"
Jump (Inf +2) (pick the option close to the top of the screen)
Sit back on the sofa
"I dare you to do the sexiest dance you can."
Watch her dance (Lust +5)
Kiss her but
Finish kissing (Inf +3)
"Any time."

[Did you order pizza earlier?]

"I dare you to answer the door naked!" (requires Inf > 69)
Watch her answer the door
Watch (Lust +5)
Eat pizza
Finish eating -> 400n

[Did you buy the robe?]

"Kiss me passionately." (112)
Kiss her (Lust +3)
Finish drinking game

"Try and catch the bus naked!"
"What about the robe we bought earlier?" (requires Inf > 74)
Do the dare
Follow her
Take her robe (Lust +10)
Go back to your apartment

[Go outside via the bedroom. The exact route will vary depending on the outcome of the drinking game.]

"Do you want to try it?"
Follow her
Finish relaxing (Inf +5) (Lust +3)
Find soemthing to do

[At this point, once you`ve exhausted everything you can do, go to the bedroom.]

"Kiss me."
Feel her chest (requires Inf > 89 & Lust > 59)

[The ending sequence is mostly linear, and there is no way to screw it up so I`m not going to describe it.]

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