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Virtual Date - Crystal 2nd date


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kevin1701 2017.08.04
Not a good game quite slow in interaction

Tiodor 2017.05.13
Short story and game.Graphic is good , but animation need more work.

kemode 2017.03.09
Crystal is really hot. Decent game and good graphics

zorrie 2016.07.02
sexy lady....good game....little on the short side

JapanSeven 2016.06.11
A short nice game... Not a long story.

cambridge4453 2016.06.10
Its okay but very mechanical; Crystal has no character to speak of so its just a question of following a walkthrough and there you are; some straightforward sex. People give this really high ratings but I`m not sure its that good

Sucks911 2016.05.30
i Like it,good graphic,gameplay

souli81 2016.04.25
Nice game. I like the way how it turned after a while..great :)

stefan653325 2016.01.22
I prefer this type of games

rickyb68 2016.01.01
good games as always, maybe a little short


magellan 2015.11.29
a nice game with good graphic i liked it

nomnom789 2015.11.12
Always nice with Crystal. Fantastic per usual

alanwake 2015.08.15
dating with a beauty in peace & ease, like it...

Dersonrn 2015.06.11
good graphics, good story, i like !

pieffepi 2015.03.07
Love the storyline. Pity that animations are just so-so

Beedge69 2015.01.08
Short and sweet, just how I like my women ;-)

Following the outdoor sex, there`s no orgasm option ? :-(

Iva_bigun_12 2015.01.05
great game, great graphics, hot girl

ujuju 2015.01.01
Crystal is a very confident and naughty woman and sexy as well. Many thanks for the guide, well written and fabulous endings.

stoad_69 2014.12.04
Awesome game with Crystal. She`s got a hot body and makes you work a little but worth it in the end. Enjoy playing more than once.

Petri33 2014.11.15
crystal is soooo fcking hot, i want sex now *-*

Road Ninja 2014.11.14
Great images and story line. Worth playing again.

Digiman 2014.09.23
The game has many glitches. kitchen is labelled living room and vice versa, and although I am playing it for the first time, she says we have already watched tv and gone to the park

morpeus 2014.07.16
seems alright didn`t get to play through it had a few glitches.

bitz94 2014.07.14
pretty good , not the best gameplay, but really cool graphics

frank1974 2014.06.10
Nice game, nice to play,hot girl .... but little bit hard to complete

ASSGARIAN 2014.06.01
good game but hard to find something to do c

son0fmoon 2014.05.29
very nice graphic, i love this game.

Kllez 2014.01.29
Thanks to BigShotRob for the walkthrough. Nice game!

BigShotRob 2014.01.12
Amazing game, decent story, great graphics as well.

If you get stuck:

I don´t want a gift
Knock on the door
I am glad
Go to the kitchen
Visit the living room
Sit and watch TV
Nuzzle her neck
Finish nuzzling and go back to the kitchen
Have a drink and go back to hallway
Suggest going out
Let´s go buy
Have a drink
Go to the room
Enter wardrobe
How about something
Go back to the hallway
Suggest visit the park
Compliment her beautifull face and kiss her
Go back home
Go outside
Jump into the water (with clothes)
Let her get changed
Go back to the swimming pool
Jump into the water
Take off her top
Help her undress
Kiss her breast
Explore the lawn (or just go to batroom and finish
Suggest nude sunbathing
(rub her back)

Hoags2518 2013.12.23
Awesome Game, I love games like this!!!

artyomkass 2013.12.19
very interesting game. thanks for that/ would love to play it one more time

Howler18 2013.11.08
really did like this game. Crystals very hot altho a little frustrating at times.. Hate hving to find walkthroughs, but sometimes ya just get stuck! lol

noogad 2013.09.20
amazing game great quality and sexy endings

Jimmey 2013.09.16
Yeah, this game is really good!

Magic Knight 2013.07.21
Good game with very nice graphics.

glukos37 2013.07.20
Graphics a good but i keep getting stuck.

Cubalika 2013.07.11
Nice graphics, though I keep getting stuck.

DiegoJAyala 2013.06.26
Nice game, but only 2 endings... Anyway, it`s a better second oportunity.

quarter86 2013.06.20
hell yeah beat the game shes damn hot :*

linoc14 2013.06.14
it was hard bot it woth it at the end

kalindrius 2013.06.05
the second part is wonderfull

sturmi 2013.06.03
loved the game! the graphics are just absolutly AMAZING!

LIVIU85 2013.05.29
i love this game....nice girl!!!

andersonanderson 2013.05.07
cool game but where is part 1?

codie25craft 2013.03.27
crystal is so hott i love her games

darren007 2013.03.15
?????It?????s a pool party. Do you any problem with changing into a swimsuit? I have some upstairs.???????

luckydrum 2013.02.28
Nice but a little bit cold.

ashleymassey59 2013.02.15
a great carry on from this first game and great graphics to

eric johnson 2013.02.12
plz help me, game is not responding properly

akrenes 2013.02.11
I keep getting to her in a bikini and trying everythig and it doesn`t advance...

Gordn3 2013.01.27
Good game , nice graphic.

sriharia161 2013.01.23
no so interesting game poor graphics

oscar500 2013.01.15
good game i hope will be have new virtual date argin

Asphyxia 2013.01.12
Lovely game, hope to see more like this!

Mr. Magic 2013.01.10
Crystal is another one of my favorite VD girls. But this game was way too short, especially compared to the first 1.1 version.

pericka 2013.01.07
She`s so gorgeous,and sexy

jit 2013.01.05
this is my favourate game

wsy19770727 2012.12.30
it`s wonderfull;enjoy and thanks

aloulou0719 2012.12.27
Good one. i just couldn`t find any ending

gizmo78 2012.12.18
good game with plenty of options
more like this please!!

that1guyno1knows 2012.12.17
Extremely hot, love these games. She`s so gorgeous.

ben77 2012.12.02
good overall, not as good as the first game

playfo1 2012.11.27
Enjoyed it but was frustrating too, she is really hot though

nixo 2012.11.21
Nice game! Could be better if the game were a bit longer

yashar 2012.11.19
great game. no doubt it. i loved this game.


burtlancaster 2012.11.18
Using my Internet Explorer Version 9, I was unable to execute a single action toward making progress in this game.

hitsushi 2012.11.12
I`ve played the first one. And this better than the first one.. Nice

Horgretor 2012.11.11
Very nice game. A bit shorter than others but easier and therefore it doesnt strike you the wrong way but failing agian and again and again. Sound needed.

El flacooo 2012.11.07
great game amazing interactions and seems pretty real

Tyler Bain 2012.11.05
Liked this one but the options were slow to appear on screen

hangem 2012.10.31
good game and good graphics

hanibal194 2012.10.22
nice games and nice story but too short

J i i z 2012.10.17
This game is pretty cool! I like games when it is not easy.

harrywibowo 2012.10.02
Nice one, why no update for virtual date ?

Joeballs 2012.10.02
Like it but not as good as part 1

Jokke1 2012.09.16
Sexy game with nice graphics and a hot girl.

tristanm12800 2012.09.10
great game enjoyed good graphics

luvfinder 2012.08.29
Like Crystal on single game.

AllyB 2012.08.26
I`m stuck in the bit where I try to have sex with Crystal in the pool, please help!

steeve 2012.08.16
a very nice and hot sexy game

t889900 2012.08.14
good game i hope will be have new virtual date argin

bags 2012.08.13
a little shorter than the others, but well worth it

randy06 2012.08.06
hello more meet girls and more sex scenes and bettere ones

badb0ys009 2012.07.28
The game play and graphics are awesome and overall a real good game.

Just1SF 2012.07.13
Easy and hot. What else ?

benc333 2012.07.10
Favorite game on Play force 1. 5/5.

Surfdude1001 2012.06.29
I`d love to fuck Crystal. The game wanted me to have her, and therefore it`s a great game! 9/10

cewj1967 2012.06.19
These types of games are great to play. Plenty of options and things to do and see. The game play and graphics are awesome and overall a real good game.

jcm0824 2012.06.19
Game can not be played on IE. Looks hot, but problems playing give it a poor rating!

Tolpan 2012.06.03
That game is very nice !!
I like it

Soul Assassin 2012.06.01
well it needs some debugging but crystal is awesome!! great work chaotic! we can`t wait for lucy too!

pusshound 2012.05.31
Hot girl. Good sex action. A little difficult to figure out the sequence. I`d like a few more options. Good graphics. Worth playing.

Artie21 2012.05.28
please add more games like this!

[BY]WEGAS 2012.05.26
i love this game, good graphic and story

bahamut86 2012.05.24
Very nice second dating! Great grafic!

BonesMD 2012.05.08
Frustrating, until I checked the hints left in other comments. Would have been nice to have a couple more endings, based on different choices of gifts and activities.

yinyangg 2012.04.17
you can not play this game using ie you have to be playing this game on firefox..

Snedde 2012.04.10
Good game over all, but her attitude is a bit unbalanced... Graphics could be looked over aswell

pyanzabraham 2012.04.06
it was awsome game..i love it, i like it..good graphic as well..please do little bit smooth movement..

fastlad 2012.04.06
I needed a walkthrough to beat this game

simiki 2012.04.01
i love this game played over 10 times

titsrmyfavorite 2012.03.26
im going through playing some of the older games to see how far we have come and we have been pretty far but this game still rocks

kal6 2012.03.20
Really enjoyed this game. Took a while to get to the good stuff though

zoostorm33 2012.03.20
bit short bit short the graphics and game play was great

sexmegirl915 2012.03.20
its a little 2 hard u cant sit and watch tv she wants 2 do something a little more lively

austin95 2012.03.18
very interesting to say he least

johakym 2012.03.17
Nice game and funny ! good job

denis.toth 2012.03.15
nice game but i played better

Jason21516 2012.03.07
I love how real these virtual dating games seem. The girls are amazing.

Krackerjack70 2012.03.07

BUSHIDO64 2012.03.04

jinopodin 2012.02.25
Game ok. Hard to find what to do.

instantclassic 2012.02.23
Quality game with good graphics

Astral99 2012.02.19
hot girl... nice game... love it...

sammyshambles 2012.02.08
cant get this game working!!

marcel1970 2012.02.08
good game, Crystal is very hot...great work, well done :))

chaos911 2012.02.04
graphics rock like usual and gameplay is smooth and teasing which is always a plus

BigDaddyPsycho 2012.02.02
Nice game but a little bit too short.

CoMIYC69 2012.01.29
Tried for a while, I could move around but none of the activities were available...

pilotomega 2012.01.26
fucking asom game ultra cool

trunks172001 2012.01.26
Nice game, great quality, and multiple endings

sansantenna 2012.01.21
one of the best games all around.

sparky7543 2012.01.15
games great, animations brilliant

mikicostanza 2012.01.13
a cool game but short its a nice girl

angeline 2012.01.11
Thiht is not an easy girl. You need patience and a l;t of tim to convince her. But keep on trijing. who nows?o

layne16 2012.01.11
Good game, I enjoyed playing it.

Guillaume 2012.01.09
Would love more to do here

kidback 2012.01.06
it`s a bit easy but i like it good game

morelos 2012.01.01
jeux tres sympa bien qu`il soit un peu court. graphisme sympa

clitfucker 2012.01.01
i love this game but i wished it would had more to it

ipenk86 2012.01.01
i love this game, good graphic and story

karang2000 2011.12.29
nice game really erotic n sexy

najibski90 2011.12.24
excellent gameplay. I would have love some video sequences however. All in all I`d give it a 4 out of

mikegurd 2011.12.17
It won`t let me watch TV :-(
anyone found a solution to this problem
using IE9

aldyboy 2011.12.15
This is the nice dating game, oh yeah....!

whatcha 2011.12.09
i love every game i have played and i am going to be amazed at this one as well.

Rondo71 2011.12.08
this games is the best

JJ A 2011.11.30
LOvely girls for a nice game,really!! i like the story and it??s ending...

fada 2011.11.29
very nice game, I like it

higados 2011.11.28
Great, great game. Hope all were like this one

andy_regresa 2011.11.25
it is a very good game we need more games like that

notes1 2011.11.22
virual date games are my favorites....

REIVAJ311 2011.11.21
Crystal is my favorite, I never get tired of fucking her!

Bear620 2011.11.20
Great Game the walkthrough guide really helped . I really like this site and this game

lovelyangel0196 2011.11.19
this is one of my best games i played

giancarlo005 2011.11.17
lets see, overall very interesting game :)

giancarlo005 2011.11.17
hahaha this much better than the othrs

zenginoglu 2011.11.11
This is great game... I like it very much...

marialynn 2011.11.10
I can`t do anything. when i try to get her to sit and wwatch tv she says she doesnt want to. everything is a dead end.

mrkoolnerd 2011.11.10
fun but hard great ending

maniu 2011.11.06
those games are pleasant but hard

malcontent 2011.11.05
great game and one of the hottest looking girls

Darkmoor 2011.11.05
Nice game and well worth playing, not my favourite but its right up there :)

blackworld90 2011.11.03
mmmm im enjoyed this game!! love it

Rokas 2011.11.03
great game! although it needs some debugging:)

johnylee 2011.11.01
I Like it) Difficult enough

SeptimusGrime 2011.11.01
These games are always of really great quality.

duke#3 2011.10.31
great game and one of the best looking girls

rakai_handara 2011.10.29
It`s sounds interesting, this game need the sequel. :D

Helcaim 2011.10.28
Enjoyed it more then the first one, but agreed it needs more endings.

eman8717 2011.10.27
are there any more that the 2 endings? Lawn/Bedroom?

Sensei0ne 2011.10.27
Nice Game, Good quality. For me there are enough endings :D

PJC57 2011.10.22
Good game. better than the first one.

strife3333 2011.10.22
great game. Love the animations

jbarcarr 2011.10.21
Couldn`t figure out how to get past the bikini.

ketor 2011.10.19
It`s a very Good game, I like it

outrage 2011.10.19
like the other, got stuck with bikini.

firion69 2011.10.19
it`s a great game, and crystal is quite hot :)

Tygafifty 2011.10.17
Thanks for the help guys. I really enjoyed the game once i knew what to do.

rsalem84 2011.10.15
This game wasn`t working when I tried it. There was only a limited number of options and you could not get very far. She didn`t want to watch tv. There wasn`t an option to swim with her. There was nothing to do. I was dissapointed.

wbailey 2011.10.14
one of the best, like al virtual date girls games, but she looks crazy!! lol

snizzyboy 2011.10.14
the animation is great and i love the gameplay its great

nb 2011.10.14
nice girl but tricky game. didn`t realise i could get out of house until read WT

randones 2011.10.13
good game great fan of vdt games nice plot girs rock

imo2211 2011.10.13
finally got the hang of it. Crystal is stunning :)

ratonius 2011.10.11
I liked the different options,,,Not too bad ...nice to play

dgkesquire 2011.10.11
Hard to get all the right moves in the right order, but well worth the effort. Great graphics, nice animation, good resolution.

jehz 2011.10.10
Mixed on this one, seems like it has much potential but is kinda hard and feels a little buggy and unfinished. The outdoor sex scene was great, but took a lot of trial and error (and not in a very intuitive way) to get there.

cobankurt 2011.10.08
it`s hard to complete but good game and sexy girl. idont like graphics of sex scene

fw190pilot 2011.10.07
It`s an OK game, but a bit short. Girl has an odd expression on her face!

vaffel 2011.10.06
Nice game. difficult, but fun

Allie1404 2011.10.04
Nice game with nice girl and good graphics

ymptynt 2011.10.04
Very good game and a beautiful girl.

Upallnight 2011.10.02
Keep getting an error: "Well hello, Null, my name is Erica", then nothing more.

BrianBB 2011.10.02
Crystal`s breasts rock! Great job on the animation. She is sexy & hot, and has a great bod

horair 2011.10.01
I think there`s an error in this game, because on the I can`t sit and nozzle her neck in front of the tv.

BrianBB 2011.09.30
Crystal is hot. I love her body & its OK, but canbe better

madmikenmolly 2011.09.29
It was a pretty alright game, but it got old real quick....it has nothing extraordinary to it- the graphics aren`t all that good...but girl certainly is very hot

hetiek 2011.09.28
I liked it but it was just to short.

Temperor 2011.09.27
Hard to handle without a WT, but the girl is hot...

DreamTim 2011.09.26
Interesting game but not the best.

Bruce_D 2011.09.26
its an ok game but the graphics are not that good, ans i agree it gets really boring afterr a while

DonKim 2011.09.25
nice game but i needed a Walktrough... :D

sameermalhotra 2011.09.24
Very nice game, really enjoyed it.
Interesting endings, too

stifreg 2011.09.24
A great game....AFTER i read the walkthrough. Before that it was hopeless to get any further from just running around the house.

Gery1 2011.09.22
None of the walkthroughs work! I can only make her show her house and that`s it!

antoss 2011.09.21
Very good games!!! i love it!!

tehn00b 2011.09.21
Needs better graphics and more endings would be nice

Zaak 2011.09.18
More and less obvious choices than the usual virtual date type of games. Liked it more than the others for it. ??

aldotampan 2011.09.18
great story and hot girls

DoubleShadow 2011.09.18
Ah i LOVE these story about crystal and rachel and so on!

Pls show us many more storys and games like this one!!!
Maybe with some more options ;)

eaglesix 2011.09.17
A good Dating Sim, with a hot girl. But a bit too short ;)

icebruin 2011.09.17
very good game with nice ending. the graphics could be better.

Gery1 2011.09.16
I don`t know if it`s me, but I can`t do ANYTHING. I can go to the rooms and outside, but then I can only go back and eventually say goodbye because I can`t get her to do anything at all!

Unbelivable 2011.09.14
One of the games where I find it really difficult to get some real ending

scipio 2011.09.13
Is it just me or is the game glitched? I can`t seem to find any working options. For example, if I suggest to watch tv, she says she doesn`t want to watch tv any more. Any suggestions how to break the negative spell?

pipsickle 2011.09.13
I found this one to be difficult early on and thus lost interest

geminiscorpion 2011.09.13
i have always loved girls with black hair

sex5683 2011.09.11
Great Game, kinda heard

sml2112 2011.09.09
great game, keep up the great games............

hammuh 2011.09.08
I liked the different options and the action was hot!

thexcpl 2011.09.07
wow, really good game. Like specialty the graphics :D 9/10

myselfuself2 2011.09.07
Nice gameplay and graphics. Great job

khaikyler 2011.09.07
great game! needs more action!

05 2011.09.06
graphic quality is amazing, though the animation could use work.

Robert1990 2011.09.05
good game but very complex

mickbhoy 2011.09.05
I think i am doing something wrong. I cant get the game to an end

Rasu891 2011.09.04
A good game but too few endings and rather short.

dryguy 2011.09.04
im stuck i can`t finish i wish i could

nas2cole 2011.09.03
Crystal is super hot. Cant wait for the next part

Jaaru 2011.09.02
Very nice game, i like these a lot.

paard 2011.08.30
Was expecting more. the game is kinda short and there isnt any depth in it. Liked the Crystal game much more

calotaionut 2011.08.28
it`s a great game witth a good graphich

markimarek 2011.08.28
Beauty women !! She is very sexy ! I love this game :)

graygost 2011.08.27
good quality game. few bugs good overall.

wajeeha 2011.08.27
Good game, but a little bit short...

nagla 2011.08.26
sure i loved it as i love the life yeah

juliax33 2011.08.24
entertaining, but difficult to move on

DanielMCombs 2011.08.23
I liked the first game with Crystal and the second when will there be a third

canard15 2011.08.22
good game with great history simple gameplay and very good graphic

father 2011.08.20
grear graphics & animation

kaal 2011.08.15
a little too easy, but still hot

j0sh 2011.08.13
i like this game, one of the best ever

ironmaiden 2011.08.12
i couldnt get anywhere in the game...too tough.

Drifter11 2011.08.11
Really nice graphics, but not much fun to play

arvin83 2011.08.11
Game is pretty good the girls are hot!!! nice graphic too

hotguy1234 2011.08.10
this game is very hot and good gameplay

Topgun 2011.08.08
great graphic,easy to handle

Vitu 2011.08.08
Nice game, too bad the cum scenes are not animated

Dada111 2011.08.07
Nice graphics at all but a little hard

Sedento 2011.08.07
excelente game. deixa qualquer um excitado

onewytboy 2011.08.06
a little too easy, but still hot

onewytboy 2011.08.06
pretty good, rachel is much better

chap74 2011.08.06
Very hot game. I love the possibility of having different final stories. And the high quality of the images..

handsofstone 2011.08.06
i cant get past the bikini

Gewoontje 2011.08.05
I love the dating games and the diffrent endings

mariov1978 2011.08.05
pretty good game,girl look`s great!!!

salami69 2011.08.04
Great Game...
I love the diferent ends
coll graphics!! and hot girl

domingo77 2011.08.04
i can play it all night long

Randyfck 2011.08.04
good game but also bad graphics and hard to complete

gogu20 2011.08.03
I keep getting to her in a bikini and trying everythig and it doesn`t advance

nbcman 2011.08.02
Either game was changed or walkthrus are wrong. Unable to get her to watch TV

sukonit29 2011.08.01
Crystal is a hottie! PF1 needs more games like this!

fall3n 2011.07.31
So fun and beautifully made

ballin510 2011.07.31
very hot game if you are into approaching different strategies on a hot virtual woman

executorSL1111 2011.07.30
coll graphics!! and hot girl

shiv07 2011.07.30
the game was quite tough..needed the walkthrough to complete it...however, nice graphics and the girl is hot as well..

poop32 2011.07.28
Graphics are great, but I need help doing SOMETHING all i can get her to do is say "Let`s find something else"

mullberto 2011.07.26
got stuck a few times but got thru it. i really like virtual games please get more of them. good game good graphs etc

jingstir 2011.07.25
i really enjoyed it hope theres more to come of her

Nosferaty 2011.07.25
This is one of my favorites,hope to see more of this girl

lyoko 2011.07.24
Verry good game, i hope they make another one with this lady

stone_elton 2011.07.24
Very good graphics. But dificult to get to ending withouth a walkthrough, maybe I am not good at this games. LOL!

hotrahul010181 2011.07.22
The animations are one of the best I have ever seen. Super job creators.

justafry 2011.07.21
Love these games, they keep me playing trying to get all the different endings.

sederfist 2011.07.21
the stupid game doesn`t work

fra1110 2011.07.21
one of the best game eva :D i like it so much the story is amazing! i`m finnish and my parents like it so much

SecretLife 2011.07.20
the game was hard. I had to use some help from a walkthrough :X

shepuds123 2011.07.19
great game! although it needs some debugging

Kallion 2011.07.19
great job, well done and thanks for the walkthru too. this is not as hard as some and the graphics are nice

Calico 2011.07.19
Enertaining to play though it seems to be a run around game, going to play it some more though :3

l4gun4 2011.07.18
a few bugs but stunning al the same

l4gun4 2011.07.18
wow. the animations are to die for. love the game play

sic7 2011.07.16
This game very intresting

ged169 2011.07.13
I like the more recent games and how there`s a little more on the sex scenes. What I`d really like is some more extensive foreplay, maybe with the sex changing depending on what you get into while fooling around?

gustaveglans 2011.07.12
nice game, she just looks a bit spooky when fucked cowgirl on the lawn.

hellotitty 2011.07.12
this game is hard but sexy

takumii 2011.07.11
great scenes but its not as well done as rachels part 1 and part 2 if you ask me other then that a great fight

jwood272 2011.07.11
this game was fun but i couldnt finish it

tukangpoto 2011.07.09
good graphics on the bedroom ending

achubbykid 2011.07.09
great game with amazing graphics

Laura1 2011.07.09

Finnick 2011.07.07
I don`t get to an ending. It feels like it`s impossible.

noonnoon 2011.07.04
Fun Game, good graphics, nice variety of endings.

photu 2011.07.04
a very nice and mind rattling game good graphics

Darkotsu 2011.07.04
i like more the first one but it´s a nice game.

stainy101 2011.07.04
good game however was hard to complete it

pawan2modi 2011.07.02
very nice game, cant stop my self, my girlfriend screwed me when she watched this, more like this and please make My new Ukranian wife free for us, thx

ozorne_6 2011.07.02
Can`t get the game to work. Tried to follow the Walkthrough but options required are not available.
This game sucks. I wish she would.

kokain666 2011.06.26
Nice graphic! And a really interesting game!

PlayForce00 2011.06.26
I love the girl in this one, Nice Sim!

big.L 2011.06.26
how do you get her to watch TV??????

edwin4483 2011.06.25
good game but was a little hard to get the ending

wolman2060 2011.06.25
Very Fun . I like the game play of this one

snow01 2011.06.25
good graphics on the bedroom ending

LiamHyung 2011.06.21
Good game, graphics weren`t that good

ltworf1 2011.06.21
This game is okay. Sometimes it got confusing. but fun

akulll 2011.06.20
this is kinda hard for me but its good

Saracus 2011.06.19
Pretty good. A little hard needs a walkthrough.

bubi 2011.06.17
I like the characters and the challenge to finish this game

shinjisan 2011.06.17
I love Crystal she`s the hottest out of the three.

just-1 2011.06.16
An easy game perfect for the beginner

yashico22 2011.06.16
Nice game,.. I ended up in a lawn.

Skarn62 2011.06.15
A little bit easy to find the twoo endings.

sas_deu 2011.06.14
great game but there should be some more endings, two more gifts are not being used

xadstorm 2011.06.13
cant get the game to work.
i`ve bought every present, but the only actions are to move inside the house or leave.
tried the bed but that didnt work.

bizmark 2011.06.13
Once again, a terrific game with good storyline and payoff. Wish there were more of these...maybe a part 3 soon?

hubi 2011.06.13
i like the art of game its amazing

nylon1700 2011.06.13
great game with nice graphics

jpsacrey 2011.06.12
Nice and classical game and the graphic too !

kpiper88 2011.06.11
Crystal is pretty hot but they should`ve made it more like keeley

Waterbuffel 2011.06.11
Vdategames got some wonderful games! I really loved this one and looking forward to their next release!

lotscum 2011.06.10
i like all type this games!!!

andysamen 2011.06.10
i can`t get the ending and it is hard

Raven68 2011.06.10
Great graps and games too pity that my conection is very slow nevertheless i enjoyd
May be the sex with her could be in different rooms etc

dragonman1961 2011.06.08
quality a little better...it would be nice to have more realistic sex scenes, cumshots and body parts..thanks..

Lumuscian 2011.06.08
I can`t seem to get all the endings.

bicks260493 2011.06.08
bug, in the game, wont let me play

BallIdiot 2011.06.07
Great graphics on Crystal and the sex scenes. The animations could be better.

Thanks for the walk through. Got stuck in a loop without it where none of the options lead anywhere.

marijuss 2011.06.07
nice game but too short,crystal is awesome

vinci1243 2011.06.07
gud game.. i loved playing it... awesomest

b3ru4ng 2011.06.03
a litle bit get counfused at first but it`s a nice game and decent graphic

moltack 2011.06.02
wonderfull gameplay and graphics

konozuki 2011.06.02
Interesting to have multiple paths to the ending, overall a good game

grazman1980 2011.06.01
It was an ok game! didn`t flow to well

ravijme96 2011.05.31
Nice and classical game and the graphic too !

Alexlesbo 2011.05.30
This game is the greatest thing i ever played before!!

needinsex 2011.05.29
It`s a little disappointing, but still a good game

p0lp0l 2011.05.27
great graphics and gameplay

Soha 2011.05.24
This game is not as good as the others but still its pretty nice!

C.C. 2011.05.24
Beautiful girl. How many endings?

skb_sakabo 2011.05.23
Amazing game, I`ll definitely be playing this again! And thanks so much for the wt :)

mmm601 2011.05.22
Very nice game, really enjoyed it.
Interesting endings, too

plose 2011.05.22
I love this game. This game made me cum :)

speedballz21 2011.05.22
seriously a very short game

Math76 2011.05.20
fun game and nice graphic !!

Dolgar1 2011.05.18
could not get it to work :(

McLovin91 2011.05.18
Thx Sheldon! That photocamera tip came in handy

active03 2011.05.18
great game, good graphics

recruit 2011.05.16
Can someone please tell me other endings?

recruit 2011.05.16
Great game. Pretty easy though, but good.

arushah 2011.05.15
graphics are good but didn`t like the game much

funledupdave 2011.05.15
Enjoyed, hope they make better games soon

wildawg99 2011.05.15
i wish there was a walkthrough

kamilunta 2011.05.14
better then the last one. graphic is good

nicbag 2011.05.13
great game better then the first one

wulf13 2011.05.12
game was difficult to get a ending but a good story though

zombiedude 2011.05.11
it was fun.just had issues loading it

gamerman9800 2011.05.10
This was a nice game but add some more action.

Damien747 2011.05.10
love the curves of this lady. Damn

hotanddirty 2011.05.08
this game needs some definite debugging it will not load for me

washyge 2011.05.07
very fun game really enjoyed it

caveman911 2011.05.06
pretty good game but kind if short

truckinron 2011.05.03
good graphics just not exciting enough

JesseTheKid 2011.05.01
great graphics, kinda challenging though. :s

ozpaqm 2011.04.30
This one didn`t seem to take as long as the other virtual dates. good tho

Mike_Shinoda81 2011.04.29
This is nice game and i like it :))

C.C. 2011.04.29
I love games like this. How many endings are there? The graphics were a little off near the end but still a great game. Also, is there a first date? Will there be a third?

winsley 2011.04.29
Really good game! nice graphics!

cumhard 2011.04.28
i like this game the girl is hot and it even sats your name very good

jason1 2011.04.28
love this game keep it up

flitzan 2011.04.27
Great date and Crystal looks good. Recommended!!!

alexander_zap 2011.04.26
Decent game, however, it is a bit confusing in the beginning. Perhaps an objectives list would be helpful.

RingTime 2011.04.25
This one didn`t seem to take as long as the other virtual dates. good tho

nayrb 2011.04.25
good game,facial expressions a little off-putting in sex scenes though.

solidsnake3 2011.04.25
love the game,really creative and stimulating:P

deadrabbit 2011.04.23
Love this series of games. More like this!

ichigo1990 2011.04.23
very hot and nice graphic too.. maybe too easy the only wy to win is buy the camera..

jpsacrey 2011.04.22
Very hot, nice gameplay, just a little to simple. Wonderful graphics

aceofspades 2011.04.22
erm it wont load the page pls help

saturnus 2011.04.21
not good enough ? prefer meet n fuck game

wabbithunta 2011.04.21
actions are limited. would be nice if there was a progress/score bar to see how you are doing.

Dovion 2011.04.21
I promise not to give up attempting this game! I will find the way to get to the great ending!

kldxxx 2011.04.20
didnt really like this one much. it was really difficult to find actions to do before it came to a stand still.

Maddog62 2011.04.20
good game needs more endings though

reddeep 2011.04.19
Very hot, nice gameplay, just a little to simple. Wonderful graphics

Secesh 2011.04.18
way to difficult easy to get stuck with no hints at all

MrTonyG 2011.04.16
didnt really like this one much. it was really difficult to find actions to do before it came to a stand still.

juniorz 2011.04.16
Nice game! Is there only 2 ending??? coz I juz get 2... 1.outside 2.bedroom....

najib101 2011.04.15
im stuck at the beginning does the game has to be download or anything??

blooddoner 2011.04.15
Pretty good game, challenging and worth playing through to get the different endings

fameasser 2011.04.14
great game..the more i play the better i get pleasure. lol

Arbaal 2011.04.14
As good as other Virtual date-games before

dyoiram 2011.04.14
nice game and good graphics

phager2 2011.04.13
crystal is sure hot in this 2nd version

oligarchy 2011.04.13
So other than pointing and clicking directions how do you interact with her because it seems I get to anywhere at all and she just kinda...sits there with no ability to talk or do anything really except in the bedroom. Playing on IE :(

77jester 2011.04.13
the first date with crystal was much better. This one seems unfinished.

rogerpoger 2011.04.11
It works fine in Chrome at least

martas33 2011.04.10
i liked this game. but there was so many combinations! I had to look for the right sequences.

waym5155 2011.04.10
gud graphics can`t wait for the next part

mixmax2 2011.04.10
Always nice to see a game with some story into it!

bruce8bruce4 2011.04.08
this was a great game hot graphics i really enjoyed it

Sathiriel 2011.04.08
Can`t succeed to have outdoor ending :(

Gewoontje 2011.04.07
It`s a bit short but great looks

mutante 2011.04.07
i always love this kind of games

GreyWarden 2011.04.05
This game is great. I would like to see more options.

frabago71 2011.04.04
game was a little too simple. Hopefully the third date will be more complex.

erraticmuse 2011.04.04
This is great but sound would be REALLY nice

booby56 2011.04.03
great game, yet could be more action in it

xKxMxSx 2011.04.02
Very cool and relaxing game. :)

Tudedude 2011.04.01
Good game but will not play on IE had to download Firefox to play.

SeriousMen 2011.04.01
Great game, nice interface and it has a little storyline attached.
Obtained all possible endings, NICE

Doan 2011.04.01
Couldnt really play the game. I experienced to many bugs. The game kept shutting down on me. I dont know what was wrong. Please fix the bugs.

tgx 2011.03.31
Good game, but a little bit short...

weedz 2011.03.31
good game..nice graphics too

kimboslice 2011.03.31
great game, they should make a third part

b3go123 2011.03.30
great game, one of my favorites.

gumball 2011.03.30
great game thanks for help
it´s reallly hot

zakarea 2011.03.30
I think it`s pointless to do the same second time. I don`t understand why these possibilites couldn`t be placed in the first part of the game.

eddiemueller123 2011.03.29
insane game with amazing graphics

Sgarrista 2011.03.28
Another great game! Great graphics!

steelvamp 2011.03.27
awesome game totally love it

gammorob000 2011.03.26
I would tap Crystal any day :D

jblarney9 2011.03.24
bummer. cannot get the game to work

DejaVu500 2011.03.23
Exellent game the iv enjoyed playing this.thanks for upload.

mk1868 2011.03.21
missing more different endings to reach.
the different ways to get to the 2 possible endings are to similar for me

Sep 2011.03.20
Not sure what all the complaints are about, some nice walkthroughs typed already and they all worked for me. Good game play need more defined areas for her options which would eliminate some of the confusion I suppose.

Magicwand40 2011.03.19
Great game , can`t complain :)

Tommy13 2011.03.19
Crystal is beautiful, but the game was a little too simple. Hopefully the third date will be more complex.

weliuscaesar 2011.03.18
love the gameplay of these kind of games

cazzocazzo 2011.03.18
nice game, but there`s only one ending i guess.

nis9000 2011.03.18
Good graphics . short of endings

credsoxs 2011.03.18
great game with good graphics very pleased

areuwithme 2011.03.17
they expanded it and now there are more endings

Garv 2011.03.17
one of the best, like al virtual date girls games xD

howsthis14u 2011.03.16
Don`t know what the problem is but the games not working.

jblarney9 2011.03.15
what`s with these games not working???

bbombwor 2011.03.15
great game her tits were amazing !!! most amazing virtual game yet!!! (;

jodi123456 2011.03.15
I`m stuck at the point where she`s in her bikini, there seems to be nothing else that she wants to do please help me.

drgnbrn1 2011.03.14
Defently a great game and great site just wish there was more

uliss2000 2011.03.14
Your WALKTHROUGHS mentioned above don`t work!!!!!!!!!!

condor 2011.03.11
it was hard couldnt seem to figure out the correct steps

cccman 2011.03.10
Great game, especially the last scenes...

blackknight 2011.03.09
Ok, the game is a bit short, and navigation is a bit unclear sometimes. It should be somewhat better. But all in all, good game.

Mr.Smolderhotter 2011.03.09
Awesome game.... but could be longer

jonnyfever 2011.03.09
games keep getting better on this site

suikz 2011.03.09
awesome dating game, love the girl

BKnucklehead 2011.03.08
fun game, nice looks...little difficult to find the path to advance on.

Lois_Voom 2011.03.07
This a a wonderful game but sound wouldn`t hurt.

touchface 2011.03.05
cant play it will not load

fameasser 2011.03.05
liked it..its dificult guyzz

wabbithunta 2011.03.05
Game won`t load. I try to select an item at the start and I get a blank window with a greeting and am called "null"! lol

marcelino21 2011.03.05
cant play it will not load

LeXX333 2011.03.05
very great game..thumbs up

nstnst 2011.03.04
does not work i play online IE and cant watch tv so nothing goes anywhere

Brave Heart 2011.03.04
Although it only works with firefox, I liked it. Is is possible to finish the game in different parts? In the park, for example?

rabkalufias 2011.03.04
what was that,. fuich..its game really make make my day awasome

treilly 2011.03.02
Crystal is beautiful, but the game was a little too simple. Hopefully the third date will be more complex.

Yollerholler 2011.02.28
Loved the game, all the Vdg games are pretty good

oregon02 2011.02.27
i just love this games from virtual dating girls

Jack74 2011.02.26
this game totally rocked it was awesome great graphics

pretty1 2011.02.25
this game is better than eny other game

pretty1 2011.02.25
this game is soooo coooooooool

alikomal67 2011.02.25
i cannot play the game, anybody can help me?

jbhawaiisc 2011.02.25
I really like the game style but the ending graphics were aweful.

sexychik9091 2011.02.25
Hi it only said "well hello nulll" and then "my names erica" then nothing will happen... ive treid it loades... Please caan some1 heeelllllp[pppppp me thank you?! xx your sexxii

dragonj 2011.02.25
very nice game. nice graphics.
had a little trouble finding the right way but managed it.

silver12 2011.02.25
This game looks interesting

soopahspammer 2011.02.24
why do i only get
Well hello null my name is erica

buggy_man 2011.02.24
very great game..thumbs up

vvlvitor 2011.02.24
well it needs some debugging but crystal is awesome!! great work chaotic! we can`t wait for lucy too!

dajasand 2011.02.23
cool game good graphics good game play i love it!!

vladek983 2011.02.23
Definitely one of the better `virtual date` games. It`s not so much about graphics, the story is great!

alcatel521 2011.02.21
Nice game...earned a good ending.

kiko9475 2011.02.21
i like that kind of games...but better if protagonists can move their bodies

thomasxoxo 2011.02.21
It`s easy enough to get to the TV (although mine says the TV is in the kitchen), sit and watch TV, but I sure as heck cannot find a prompt to nuzzle her neck

scorpionback 2011.02.19
very great game..thumbs up

stark8g 2011.02.19
this game is nice but it is not very complex it`s 2 short

achubbykid 2011.02.18
great graphics. does anyone know where i can find the first one

Nick2 2011.02.18
very interesting and hot game with very nice girl.

ery1990 2011.02.18
it`s nice, the picture is so real!! I can play it along day.

ery1990 2011.02.18
it`s little difficult but I like it...

lobao 2011.02.17
Not to good. A little shorty.

Marmot 2011.02.17
yeah great game, good graphic

jupat 2011.02.16
ca`t play...keep giv me white blank page

Argyre 2011.02.16
Crystal is way more beatiful on this game!

Tiger21 2011.02.15
I have to agree that the original game was better, but this isn`t bad.

AleGer 2011.02.14
Nice game. It could be great if there was voices too.

jamrsf 2011.02.11
The best game series by far!

preciousbabae1234 2011.02.11
i keep getting stuck i need help

ysteros 2011.02.11
Great game , i mean really hot chick and everything...the graphics could be better tho

sliceitup 2011.02.10
nice game keep it going! great graphics and animation

babo_23 2011.02.09
nice game but have had some problems on stuck and difficulties in find the way, nevertheless I enjoy

twitter 2011.02.08
not a good story,and good graphics

saif6585 2011.02.07
this aint wery funny, and its not very difficult

John18856 2011.02.07
I just love this kind of games! Great replay value, medium quality graphics, in my opinion and medium quality sex scenes.

kb99ai 2011.02.07
excellent graphics! loving the crystal

marcelino21 2011.02.06
a nice sensation of playing give by the fantastic graphics

picture14 2011.02.05
ery sexy game i love it this is a real hot game!

morey 2011.02.05
Great quality, it builds of the first one perfectly.

mikehunt1986 2011.02.05
good game but a bit short imo

ratonius 2011.02.04
It is a decent game.The patient gamer will be rewarded in this interesting game.

randy06 2011.02.03
yes cant do anything u sit and watch tv and cant nuzzle neck ans do things after that she always gets up

xalukardx 2011.02.03
Crystal 1 was much better, simply had much more options.

Sampson120 2011.02.03
Game was fun but not enough variety. I would like to see different endings.

redcobra 2011.02.03
I love these virtual date games. they are very well done with excellent graphics (in my opinion) also the most complex dating sims I`ve found

wankingbastard 2011.02.02
Liked it, but lacking cumshots in the endings:( but she is so hot.

iyeSCREAM 2011.02.02
very well made. the graphics were nice as well. Turned me on.

seanforeu2002 2011.02.02
this game is hard, but i like it!!

jon36155 2011.02.02
fun game, nice looks...little difficult to find the path to advance

Boykoff 2011.02.01
it`s little difficlt game... hard to knew write answere... it will be greate if could be save a game, or could step back

kid3008 2011.02.01
what an interesting game, you have to follow the hinting to get what you want with her.

elvesshame 2011.02.01
well it needs some debugging but crystal is awesome!! great work chaotic! we can`t wait for lucy too!

az89 2011.02.01
is there another ending apart from the 2 that have been get?

locke04 2011.02.01
this game is awesome. and crystal is very hot

bulldogger 2011.01.31
It`s easy enough to get to the TV (although mine says the TV is in the kitchen), sit and watch TV, but I sure as heck cannot find a prompt to nuzzle her neck

fanch56 2011.01.30
very interesting game and nice to play

Ccjj11 2011.01.29
The game was good, graphics were good, loved it.

cherry_puss 2011.01.29
im kinda stuck i dont really get what the board game is for

Xianmaster 2011.01.28
A very good game with excellent sex animations

zzbink 2011.01.28
good game needs better graphics and animation

fiktou10 2011.01.28
fantastic breasts. how many endings are there?

fiktou10 2011.01.28
great game but there should be some more endings, two more gifts are not being used

fiktou10 2011.01.28
cant play it will not load

fiktou10 2011.01.28
well it needs some debugging but crystal is awesome!! great work chaotic! we can`t wait for lucy too!

fiktou10 2011.01.28
not the best but not a bad game

tintinares 2011.01.28
a great game in which each of the gifts may be used to reach one of the two different endings

chris_c 2011.01.27
i keep gettin stuck in a loop. also when in the kitchen the prompt direct to the kitchen but actually bring you to the living room

0904038 2011.01.27
just plain doesn`t work on my computer

PrInCeSs011 2011.01.27
great game but there should be some more endings, two more gifts are not being used

bloke189 2011.01.26
Great Game but it seems to take too long to get anywhere

bloke189 2011.01.26
For me its too frustrating, not a big fan of click in order or nothing happens

farmer7 2011.01.25
very hard game. not a big fan

hungrob81 2011.01.25
not the best but not a bad game

krean 2011.01.25
Watched tv, nuzzled, went for a swim and to the park... then couldn`t find anything else to do.

amy666 2011.01.25
Nice graphics. but it`s difficult to find the right way to play the game.

Elementeca 2011.01.24
I thought the graphics and gameplay were great

yaris98 2011.01.24
very nice.. good graphics but it tas too small

pornoman6666 2011.01.21
how do you cum during the sex?

pornoman6666 2011.01.21
fantastic breasts. how many endings are there?

humorme 2011.01.21
It is a decent game. New style for me. I am sure I didn`t explore everything (I got ending 2) but was fun enough. You want to go to buy alcohol first. Then let her change into something for hot weather. Go to the park and then bikini. She will not change after you ask her to wear bikini first and you will get stuck.

humorme 2011.01.21
i just eel stuck in this game, don`t know what to do

king2pm 2011.01.21
i loved this game, so amazing, cool

sk8erman41 2011.01.20
Yeah, it didnt load, but looks fun

snozzo 2011.01.20
not having alot of luck with this publishers games, this is the second one i get an error and can go no farther.

kalbs 2011.01.19
i cant play it it doesnt load the game

tonito 2011.01.18
great game but there should be some more endings, two more gifts are not being used

l3gle 2011.01.17
doesnt work clicked everywhere nothing happened BORING

jakob_m 2011.01.17
great game really liked it

colt5120 2011.01.17
Here goes i am trying my first game

hope it works

muxa 2011.01.16
i just eel stuck in this game, don`t know what to do

peter33 2011.01.16
very good game with nice ending. the grapfic could be better.

gamemaster676 2011.01.14
I wish every girl was like that :)

mow10352 2011.01.14
awesome!!!but take a long time to finish the game

kennethkeeton88 2011.01.14
pretty good gameplay but the ggraphics r the best part

leparty1 2011.01.13
remember Mars, olympia, Canada... after bed room and voila

Mr. Trouble 2011.01.12
pretty weak game here, very limited. Would love more to do here

Kuppz90 2011.01.11
Not very into these kinds of games :P no idea what to do , heh

satarer 2011.01.11
i`m stuck in this game (describe where), please help me

nabur1976 2011.01.11
an awsem sexy funn game coolness

C.zeni 2011.01.11
gameplay is little boring but i like the girl

Raver 2011.01.10
Graphics are decent, but options are few. There are only a few endings and few ways to get there. This makes the game short, easy, and have low replay value. Other games from the site are much better.

mbe32405 2011.01.08
Had problems gettinganywhere inthe game.

juanjo_007 2011.01.08
the graphics are soo good! but i cant complet this one :( its a little dificult...

Endymion73 2011.01.07
Very good sequel to Chaotic`s first Crystal game

pilou 2011.01.07
Great game but i can`t finish it

drake_red518 2011.01.07
i have problems on finishing the game..

romeo86 2011.01.06
good graphics but lots of thinking involved...

keithdw77 2011.01.06
love these games, cant wait for the next

visionati 2011.01.06
another favourite game of mine~~

HellO_o 2011.01.06
Nice game, with minors bug. Nice graphics, and story.

black123 2011.01.06
the chick in this game is really awesome

black123 2011.01.06
cant finish the game though

Dkan890 2011.01.04
can someone post a walkthrough please?

Fanx 2011.01.02
i liked it, but here eyes were a little weird...

sean7 2011.01.02
could some please tell me how u give the girl a gift,im stuck & i dont know how!

yugene 2011.01.01
This isn`t the best but the graphics have improved alot over previous versions

desgeiter 2011.01.01
Good,long game,lots of choices,just great!

xronik 2011.01.01
Very interesting game! The remarkable drawing and a plot!

VDiesel88 2011.01.01
here are too few options in this game. I`m sure I missed something in the process, but it seems like you just click between places in her house with nothing else to do.

hansolo 2010.12.31
very nice game, with a good story

mematola 2010.12.31
nice game, but i`m stuck. i cannot finnished the game

JamesonJJameson 2010.12.30
A little glitchy at times but wonderful graphics!

koneks 2010.12.30
The Crystal games are the best
so is all the other VDG games!

pinric 2010.12.29
It was hard but i end it.

saif6585 2010.12.28
very nice game and good animations

xxxPeanutxxx 2010.12.28
Not as good as some of his others, only 2 endings is a bit of a let down. Still, keep them coming, they`re far better than the meet n fuck style games, infinitely so

mrdodo 2010.12.27
that`s a nice game:) i like this kind of games

cantwait 2010.12.27
It`s a good game in general, but the sex scenes are not as many and pleasing as the Keeley dating game.

wloo175 2010.12.27
Get stuck when she changes into bikini, cannot then seem to do anything?

dorimi11 2010.12.26
Great game, very attractive girl and straight forward gameplay, keep it up.

cc6789a 2010.12.26
great dating game crystal is fucking hot

awesomatron 2010.12.26
good game, really good graphics.

furill 2010.12.26
it gets boring from time to time ... and i want a beter storyline ... to bad for this game

pixxel79 2010.12.26
nice game, and interesting story. I love vdg games

JFOX 2010.12.26
Nice graphics and so a quai good game

silverfang30 2010.12.26
game didnt load, need to try and fix that

arskates 2010.12.26
Hm. I seem to be stuck with getting some of the endings. Anyone know how to get her naked in public?

john abram 2010.12.25
i cant play this game...not cool

DarkRanta 2010.12.23
nice graphics but the rest is a little bit boring

karthik 2010.12.23
very nice dating game.. feels so real...

HornyPorny 2010.12.23
its an ok game, but wheres the sex???

quack93 2010.12.22
Gameplay was great!! Also, I liked the animation

gameking007 2010.12.22
i like it like i like sex witch my partner

Soveriegn 2010.12.22
nice, simple date with 2 easy endings to get to. def a beginners game to the more complicated ones.

dee5dee 2010.12.21
i like this game one of the best i played

shuguy 2010.12.21
Hm. I seem to be stuck with getting some of the endings. Anyone know how to get her naked in public?

XNabuk 2010.12.21
Can`t play this game, have a bug?

torgalek 2010.12.20
This game is good i need more of them.

punyu 2010.12.19
this game is so awesome..

mick149 2010.12.19
i can`t play there is an error! unfortunate as it looks good

domodomo 2010.12.18
this sequel is great! hope there`s sequels to the other girls as well

Finalcalm 2010.12.18
crystal is really hot, =D excellent game pretty tough tho

komada23 2010.12.18
I don`t know if I`m doing something wrong, the reason why I am saying this is because instead of a game, which in my definition means something that is playable, all I get is a screen that says "Hello null. My name is Erica" and there is nowhere for me to reply. Does anyone know how to fix that?

ankit_abc12 2010.12.18
hot game makes me go mad over play force one

ankit_abc12 2010.12.18
great game with nice background

sportswiz83 2010.12.17
Great game! Crystal`s amazing! Game could be better but overall very good!

jgovro 2010.12.17
tryed wathing tv, would not letme, infact could not do anything. i do not get it.

frerdi 2010.12.16
Great game! The graphics ARE REALLY GOOD and Crystal is one sexy chick!

star 2010.12.16
can`t even load on to it, how to play.

robbygr8 2010.12.15
the game is not working ........please help me with this problem

ptalgh 2010.12.14
The game is good, i wish it would load faster

jayronimus 2010.12.14
this game is bugged right now

possessed27 2010.12.14
Crystal is super hot, but does anyone have a walkthrough to get the best endings?

silver12 2010.12.13
This game was not working for me

Thomika 2010.12.13
that`s a nice game:) i like this kind of games

Melvin_H 2010.12.13
aside from the constant error pages, this game is pretty good

zeretet 2010.12.12
this was a great game. good graphics, nice stroy and the girl is so hot.

bbowsin 2010.12.11
Loved this game, crystal is really hot

godnueng123 2010.12.11
not as good as the first one. its ok though

falcon802619 2010.12.11
first white screens then black ones bit tired of getting called null aparently it isnt loading properly tried ie and firefox

BuckRanger 2010.12.10
One thing about games from this game-maker; once you goof up, you are stuck in a circle of choices that goes no-where

planter 2010.12.10
What a good game. not as many things to do like the other VDG games but still nice.

trustweber 2010.12.10
Cool game! needs more interation

csandhmech 2010.12.09
Would love to play the game but it wont load. A pop up about allowing scripts to run shows up, I say yes but the screen goes white anyway. Not sure what to do.

blinky112 2010.12.09
game was awesome took me a while but great game

Bergosse 2010.12.09
Virtual date are the best games. Love those girls

schrottie 2010.12.09
I wish this game was longer and a bit more interactive. But good game overall

jonsp 2010.12.06
very nice game ! more dating games

qwert123 2010.12.06
fantastik i play this game for two hours

Brave Heart 2010.12.05
The game is good, but I can`t get any good ending. Maybe it doesn`t work well with IE? Should I play it with Firefox?

kessie51 2010.12.05
A shadow of the original - Chaotic seems only interested in his pay site now.
Such a shame...

lamboman28M 2010.12.05
I wish this game was longer and a bit more interactive. But good game overall

LIss 2010.12.04
That was quite crap really. Looked like it would be hot but got stuck with nothing else to look at in the house

guy21xx 2010.12.03
was reallly hard to get and rather boring didn`t really care for it

ijustwannabefriends 2010.12.03
love the gameplay and graphics... wud be awesome if the game was longer

vegasvlad 2010.12.03
i just ADORE these kind of games -- they should make much more like these !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ihatlaggs 2010.12.02
Liked the Graphics, But the Game was kinda Boring as it took a while to figure out what to do. >:P

altres 2010.12.02
hope i can play it on my pc

altres 2010.12.02
cant play it with on my pc to bad

ZAHIM 2010.12.02
well it needs some debugging but crystal is awesome!! great work chaotic! we can`t wait for lucy too!

merfderf 2010.12.02
The game was frustrating at times, but still pretty good. Although while the girl was smokin` for most of it, she was surprisingly weird looking during the sex scenes.

mjwm54 2010.12.02
This was a good game. I wish there had been a few more options, though.

raklooster 2010.12.01
I just love all the vdg, but this one is very hard bud fun

608nate 2010.12.01
These games are really hard, tough to find the right places and choices.

Rapid85 2010.12.01
I love this dating games they are so hot

asbajo 2010.11.30
awsome game chanlenging but very fun

Sobaan 2010.11.30
The animation is very realistic and sexy, it`s like you`re really there. 10 out of 10 for me

micky234 2010.11.30
love the game one of the best she has a great body very nice hope 4 more

az89 2010.11.29
need to wait `til xmas to see whether there is a new game from vdg or not?

driera 2010.11.29
Very hot game. I love the possibility of having different final stories. And the high quality of the images..

crazzarc 2010.11.28
very difficult on hard but is very good game

Hadrian 2010.11.28
Great game. Would have liked more endings but story and art were good.

Dannii 2010.11.28
I dont really like this kind of games but this one was really nice

schteek 2010.11.28
The graphics are great and the gameplay now has basically reached "tried and tested" status.. too few endings and ways to take though

itsup 2010.11.27
im happy with this game, im really enjoy it

mjmabile25 2010.11.27
Very tough game. I didn`t get very far.

zeretet 2010.11.27
the game is very interesting and very hot

emfo 2010.11.27
Its not bad i hope they make more better games

Pedro delacrosa 2010.11.27
I was finish that game and i make sex at law with her :)

ags2004 2010.11.27
gets boring after a few clicks

hanazawarui07 2010.11.27
owh..i really want to have a girl like that

Zedasiobud 2010.11.26
Great game, great graphics. Needs more endings.

456thy 2010.11.26
great animation and graphics. but its hard

ania_F 2010.11.26
next amazing game
I found it very exciting

robs_email2003 2010.11.25
great game but i wish they would do a situational like at a docters office with ore than one girl!

bearcatrb 2010.11.25
like crystal, but im struggling at this game, cant really do much besides tour the house, go to park or store, then swim. not sure what else to do

valence 2010.11.25
Good game but difficult to find the differents ends

daveyyjoness 2010.11.25
i am not a big fan of the interface and quite hard to start the plot. but gets good!

Eds 2010.11.25
great gameplay and graphics, but I don`t know if I find all the endings

nitecrawlernz 2010.11.25
great game a bit tricky to begin with but once I figured it out very hot!!

colts 2010.11.25
the graphics are the best.

bsnell0 2010.11.25
Graphics were good, game was a little hard though.

teijgertje 2010.11.24
good sequel to the first game. should have more places to move around, but really entertaining game.

ashleyx0x2 2010.11.24
not that bad of a game, but i hope they can make a better one!

JeffersOne 2010.11.24
Very good graphics and great gameplay...really enjoy these games.

xronik 2010.11.24
very very good game. i like it

amandaasmus 2010.11.23
Cool awesome game , but i do not like these kinds of games..

korvac68 2010.11.23
i loved it wish more like it little to easy though

kirov 2010.11.22
I`m stuck! does not want to watch on TV !!!!! Can anyone help me?

badboy2196 2010.11.21
i really like this crystal is soo hot!

des14 2010.11.21
Great game! The graphics ARE REALLY GOOD and Crystal is one sexy chick!

kukrhcp 2010.11.21
perfekt game,i want some more.

jackyhour25 2010.11.21
i love game like this it like real :) nice

noname1 2010.11.21
this is one of the great game ........

Baedin 2010.11.20
Each time I try to play it only allows me to meet then walk around the house and then the park and then leave. hope they can fix this. All the other virtual dates have been great games.

ehlerion 2010.11.20
WAAAY too short. Too little to do as well. Not grand to say the least!

andyGenki 2010.11.20
game too short,but good to play,great graphic

peterch1 2010.11.20
good game but too short, and small animation

hok122 2010.11.20
Virtual Date games are lots of fun, and Crystal is no exception

bizon1978 2010.11.19
Great graphics, great game

godenfisher 2010.11.18
i love her great nipples.i like to touch them all day long.

hole 2010.11.17
i have to say that this game would be fun if it wasnt all jamned up with bugs. 1st date was great though and will enjoy the memories

rayz323 2010.11.16
It wouldn`t let me play and it kept going to erica

bam.blah 2010.11.16
Great date and as always, Crystal looks good haha. Recommend anyone with free time

Centurus 2010.11.16
good gameplay and graphic !

redsea 2010.11.16
A very good graphics, caraters and gameplay.

chumak 2010.11.15
Its not bad i hope they make more better games

yxyx 2010.11.15
perfekt game,i want some more.

cabman 2010.11.14
Cool game. a little less difficult than others.

csr89 2010.11.13
a little boring at the start, after is very interesting game i want more

dvega7 2010.11.13
good graphics i love dating sim games

jpsacrey 2010.11.13
All the date games are excellent.

g2xxx 2010.11.13
Buy the boardgame
give gift
watch tv
nuzzle neck
go upstairs
go in the study
suggest playing board game
3 let`s just play later
going out
buy alcohol
have a drink
go back upstairs
go in the study
playing board game
1 for every question i get right
3 mars
2 mount olympus
1 canada
go to kitchen
go upstairs
enter bedroom
"join me on here"

away you go

thebouchon 2010.11.12
real good simdate !!! maybe beter for the 3 date ?

monkeymaster132 2010.11.12
the game wont load on my computer... looks good tho

ccmn 2010.11.12
Little bit dificult by my opinion, but really awesome game!

Apac20 2010.11.12
Incredible game even if it was never finished.Being able to purse several different girls helps to provide a great deal of replay value. Not a big fan of the model part that was added and it seems to get away from the theme of the game. There was a demo of a fight portion the author was working on adding before I guess real life became too much to continue the game.....and yes she is hot and sexy as hell

Kramtitude 2010.11.11
Crystal is HOT! and for the game pretty good but could be better especially with the options.

Apac20 2010.11.11
Great Game...
I love the diferent ends
coll graphics!! and hot girl

Gudda80 2010.11.10
She is hot but kinda confusing at times.

mabacich 2010.11.10
I didn`t experience any bugs...i thought it was a great game, although I would have enjoyed a cum shot at the end for a finale

amda 2010.11.10
good game and great grapichs

scheunenfund-customs 2010.11.10
great, but pls. more options!!

i love vdg!

chiliraptor 2010.11.09
Great work on the game, found one ending

dees666 2010.11.09
great game...............really top...........its so hot fom me....

Dharp 2010.11.09
Good Graphics need to sort out some bugs though

prcko 2010.11.09
i completly lost interest in Crystal,to boring and to dificult

Ballcano 2010.11.08
This game is sweet. I would like to see more options.

Andil 2010.11.08
Wow these games get better and better everyday

Hades12 2010.11.08
nice game the best than first verson, but stiil cool

knux6666 2010.11.08
fun game, couldve had more to it though

demonic2010 2010.11.07
did they update it yet so it works on ie??

loadedgunx24 2010.11.07
virtual date games are always interesting... so much to do and discover!

BenK 2010.11.07
Good game, a little bit difficult to find the right sequence, but nice graphics.

atrik 2010.11.07
nice game with really good graphic

JustinW 2010.11.07
Nice animation, are there only two endings?

dreadwolf 2010.11.07
outdoor ending
buy camara
give gift
watch tv
nuzzle neck
buy alcohol
change into white dress
go to park
jump into pool
change to bikini
jump into pool
strip top
go to lawn
nude sunbathing
rub back
go on!

bedroom ending
Buy jacket
Give gift
Watch TV
Nuzzle neck
Buy Alcohol etc
Change into bikini
Go to park
Sit by trees
Take off her top
Undress etc
Back inside
Jump onto bed
Ask her to join you
And away you go

zip0186 2010.11.07
Fun game but it took a while for me to get it to stop glitching, also I do agree much to short and not enough room option though it gets a major kudos for details and graphic quality. Also it did accomplish having a relationship like feel to it which is good but it could have gone further with a lot of things I think.

alonez6 2010.11.07
can someone tell how to get the other ending?

DeMoN-123 2010.11.06
very nice, good story. intrasting.

maxxxy 2010.11.06
Well done. Would have liked just a little more polish on the art for the finish, and somewhat more revealing and close-up images once you get her naked.

memnoch343 2010.11.05
Can`t play keep gettig error on page oh well

Louschen 2010.11.05
interesting game :) average graphics

Opelkadett 2010.11.05
I liked this. Too bad you cant play it on this site :)

conbron 2010.11.05
A beautiful woman, graphics are OK. Unfortunately, too little sex scenes.

MrSharkus 2010.11.04
nice game, but i have only reached 1 ending, because I was bored as hell... maybe is it because of weather?

pnxxx 2010.11.04
does any body know how to get crystal to have sex on the bed, replies will very much be appreciated

m4x1mu5 2010.11.04
well i agree with lughbelenos! the game`s funny and kinda difficult too bad for the graphics...

BigG520 2010.11.03
Good. But it could use more endings.

adriandudea 2010.11.03
i dont know how you can ask to have an date if all you get in there is an denial of everithing.You cant do that or that or that dut you have to win his trust.

dawsid1 2010.11.03
super sexy game my favourite

oetti 2010.11.03
yeah. what a great game! very sexy.

kholeegan 2010.11.02
This is a good job you do !!

amd 2010.11.02
its an ok game but the graphics are not that good, ans i agree it gets really boring afterr a whyle

prats 2010.11.02
nice one.......got both the endings.....crystal is soooooo cute n hot.....

faked 2010.11.02
to short and don`t do a 3

samluv13 2010.11.02
nice game.. its awesome....

raven780 2010.11.01
Good game, but not the best you have

Lork 2010.11.01
This is a good job you do !!

astrogold 2010.11.01
hi and this game is odd

pontdoggah 2010.11.01
for some reason i don`t really like this game very much

creative100 2010.11.01
Good game, but not the best you have , graphic is nice

Kabul77 2010.11.01
Not bad but i prefered the first part. Anyone knows how to make her naked in the city?

Kineticcard16 2010.11.01
Love that they did a continuation(sort of) of one of the games, a few different endings which gives the game some replay value. good game all in all

DoubleShadow 2010.11.01
Great game with different way of ending ... but a little bit of music i missed ...

sanji 2010.11.01
im happy with this game, im really enjoy it

nalgene 2010.10.31
The graphics are exellent

nalgene 2010.10.31
Great scenes they flow well

ilpipin8 2010.10.31
The game is very sexy. Good graphic and great sex-scene.

SmokedCarpenter 2010.10.31
crystal is sexy! awesome storyline, good work

evilution.666 2010.10.31
Crystal is totally HOT!!

Awesome graphic & story line

Gavote 2010.10.30
A few spots where you can get stuck, but overall solid.

jb022592 2010.10.30
A well designed game, although it`s frustrating not being able to go back sometimes.

renat 2010.10.30
intresting game nice to play... very good.

machete14 2010.10.30
great game, love these dating sims

Aldef 2010.10.29
There`s only only two endings I think, one on the lawn, the other in bed. I think you can go through the lawn ending, and instead of sunbathing, you go back inside to her room.

evilution.666 2010.10.29
really hard to play without a walkthrough...

only find 1 ending without that, overall really interesting game with nice graphic

coolmanjohn_2000_1999_2000 2010.10.29
fix the errora/bugs other then dat good game

vipor56 2010.10.29
This was a very good game. Graphics are awesome, and very detailed. Loved it.

juliolugo 2010.10.29
these games are a great balance between challenge and playability

paulywally 2010.10.28
she is hot...like this game

sjl49 2010.10.28
The comment bar at the bottom of the screen does not open up. The "knock on the door" and "I`m glad" are the only bars that are expanded.

Damianos 2010.10.28
A pretty game although it was boring and unchallenging.

m2surf 2010.10.28
Very well done. Found 2 of the endings. What engine do they use for the outstanding graphics? I like that I was able to play this game on my IPAD.

atallsk 2010.10.28
been waiting for this game for a very long time, definitely met my expectations!

medmarine2 2010.10.28
great game enjoyed playin it...

david 2010.10.28
love it. please try to keep this way with the games.

Big Dick Dixon69 2010.10.27
What do you do in the end

Lost King 2010.10.27
I have only found one ending with sex on the lawn, anyone get any others?

guapo2002003 2010.10.27
This game is fucking Sexy!!!

roogzorz 2010.10.27
Still haven`t found all the endings, anyone got any ideas on how many there are?

prats 2010.10.26
wht a sexy ending.........crystal ia a complete package...cute and hot at the same time......

gradandrei2006 2010.10.26
this game has some really good ending.

jarhead911 2010.10.26
great game, going to try and get botrh endings.

nsane47 2010.10.25
so far the best game ever played on this site, love ya Crystal!

dissidia 2010.10.25
this was kool i like the pool part that was awsome

police 2010.10.25
the way with the topless pictures is very nice...

somerealsexywomen 2010.10.24
super game. crystal is one hot chick

Bullgod7176 2010.10.24
really trying to get into this game and the ones like it but they are so hard, i keep going around in circles, would be much better if some hints were given as too what to do next, love the story and graphics though

Sandman_20 2010.10.24
Nice Game but a litlle bit difficult for me

arthurwa 2010.10.24
crystal looks damn sexy....

lolapalooza 2010.10.24
i cant even get to play this game for some reason

branknock 2010.10.24
can not get into this game, every time I try I get `Hello I`m Erika`. How do I stop this?

golfbot 2010.10.24
Can`t get to first base! Something must be wrong. I keep going in circles but get no where.

trsss 2010.10.23
nice graphics, a little too hard

hellos 2010.10.23
fun game to play great improvement from part 1

ocandela 2010.10.23
I`m having trouble with this game.

doe467 2010.10.23
crystal is a hottie - nice game design

brandamhong 2010.10.23
If got more endings,thats will be better

imbored792 2010.10.22
I wish there were more than two endings

Studley 2010.10.22
Definitely needs firefox to work properly. Great graphics, and easy to play if you have firefox. Impossible with IE.

Studley 2010.10.22
Great graphics. Got booze, got her into her bikini, went swimming. Can`t get further. Having fun trying though.

psykopunk78 2010.10.22
too short andonly one end

moonjam 2010.10.22
Nice game, but very short, good graphics though

jb007 2010.10.22
Very good graphics and a good story line

danpet 2010.10.22
good game, but very short

hellyeah 2010.10.22
hmm i can`t seem to do anything i tried the walkthrough but she wont do anything...

TheSexiiJuanito 2010.10.22
great game the graphics ARE REALLY GOOD

ace22000 2010.10.21
good game a couple of glitches but still good

ondeckman 2010.10.21
I don´t want a gift
Knock on the door
I am glad
Go to the kitchen
Visit the living room
Sit and watch TV
Nuzzle her neck
Finish nuzzling and go back to the kitchen
Have a drink and go back to hallway
Suggest going out
Let´s go buy
Have a drink
Go to the room
Enter wardrobe
How about something
Go back to the hallway
Suggest visit the park
Compliment her beautifull face and kiss her
Go back home
Go outside
Jump into the water (with clothes)
Let her get changed
Go back to the swimming pool
Jump into the water
Take off her top
Help her undress
Kiss her breast
Explore the lawn (or just go to batroom and finish
Suggest nude sunbathing
(rub her back)

tigoreon 2010.10.21
great game awesome graphics

etch 2010.10.21
This was a good game to play. Nice endings

puma420 2010.10.21
loved this game... it has all a good game needs...

houyee3 2010.10.21
the pictures are nice.. overall a pretty okay game.... wish there were hints

eralph67 2010.10.20
super but I need some hints.

blade234 2010.10.20
loved the game lot of fun cant wait till next one

Mackishe 2010.10.20
i love the games, a little dificult but really good

marcosdeto 2010.10.19
Played it a lot, but i`m stuck. For my life i don`t know how to get something, i`m running round in circles

jb007 2010.10.19
She is very com;licated, but absolutly beautiful.

greateststeve 2010.10.19
i played all the different situations i rocked

jimbio 2010.10.19
Better than most of the games by this author

aaaaaa6 2010.10.19
This game was awsome played more than once, but kinda hard. I got stuck alot of times.
Could have used better graphics but still enjoyable. I definetly reccomed this game and all the other virtual date games.

frostee 2010.10.19
yet another good game, crystal is hot but the time is too short in the game play

g.murat 2010.10.19
Nice game, but needs some more options to do something

Erragon 2010.10.19
very good game, nice graphics

rvern84 2010.10.19
This is a really good game. Good graphics and all around good gameplay. Definitely not as good as the first one though.

cha99 2010.10.19
graphics need re modelling.

cha99 2010.10.19
not as good as the first one. its ok though

Exorcismus 2010.10.19
Not as great as some of the others, too few options..

suhla 2010.10.19
it doesnot work properly at my IE (WIndows 7 64 bit)

BobHoskins69 2010.10.19
The labels for the "go to Kitchen" & "go to living room" seem to be the wrong way around! Cannot get past the pool at the moment

javierpitt 2010.10.19
great game, but was hard to find the endings

maxxxy 2010.10.18
Not one of the best on the site, but it has its moments. Worth a play if you`ve got the time.

joesmith8569 2010.10.18
very fun but I wish there were more endings.

tibben 2010.10.18
good game abit slow, and hard to find some of the click points/order nice graphics though good overall

popcorn2002 2010.10.18
kind of a slow game but enjoyed it all the same

lower5 2010.10.18
nice game and good graphic

sexist 2010.10.18
the gameplay,graphics and all were good. But now i want more

daresiganteng 2010.10.17
Too short to finish. But nice game

Macster 2010.10.17
Crystal Part 2 only works with the Firefox browser even with the IE download. Certain necessary actions will not work with IE thereby making this broken in the IE browser. Should you wish to try this, the walk through is available here on one of the posts and you will need Firefox browser (even for the IE download) in order to make this game work. Also save yourself a lot of heartache try downloading the game (in whatever version you desire, just remember what I just said earlier) on to your computer then uncompress it, and then run it. The java scripts seem to work a lot better when the game is on your system, than when you are running it "on the fly" from the web-site.

Outside of this, I found the game to be entertaining but short. Graphics was superb as far as the pictures go with a point and click interface. However her mouth has a really red tongue.

Good luck and enjoy. ;)

sw 2010.10.17
crystal is hot but this time a bit short in the game play

daresiganteng 2010.10.17
the game is nice but too short, please give me more !!!!

TNTom 2010.10.17
Kind of buggy, I also think it took to long to get anywheres

RunawayHydra 2010.10.17
Really enjoyed it, a bit simple though, could be more open ended

Ucantseemee 2010.10.17
one of the best games here, but there`s some bugs in the game

ian12345 2010.10.17
great game enjoed playing it

majsterpiterek 2010.10.17
Interesting game. I have a little fun with this

kasun.iw 2010.10.17
She is sexy & hot. But the game is n`t too good..

Stylishman 2010.10.17
She is hot... but the game is really difficult... any hints, please?!

bigdon 2010.10.17
nice game very sexy girl

Fulcrum 2010.10.17
crystal still is the best, need more

MooseDick 2010.10.17
They really make you work for it. Easier yo get laid in real life :)

bobsinclar 2010.10.16
This game is too niceee, play again and again

neron 2010.10.16
very good game. sometimes buggy when playing on ipad though.

sexxatron5 2010.10.16
why i don`t complete this game -.- i thik this is impossible ??.??

devil989 2010.10.16

It felt like having a date

devil989 2010.10.16

Nice Game But Short

mattshow91 2010.10.16
i love these types of games! i cant wait for a 3rd date

elgrancesar 2010.10.16
its a little complicated at the start of the game but have nice graphics do

dpinter 2010.10.16
very good game. sometimes buggy when playing on ipad though. wondering how we can see other options while on the ipad.

cyber409 2010.10.15
Crystal is my favorite of the VD girls, i really hope they make more with her. This one isn`t as good as the first one, but the animations are slightly better and the gifts are a nice touch.

BacariBurberry 2010.10.15
I realy love the virtual date stuff
should be loads more like dat

alvinfiery 2010.10.15
try playing again and again till you get the right sequence. i think i tried over 10 times, before i got the ending. :/ but overall, great game!

Vinny778 2010.10.15
i have done everything but i cant fuck her

SholtoMaru 2010.10.15
This game isn`t quite as good as some of the others, but it`s still pretty nice. Fun to play!

Piercingaze 2010.10.15
This was an excellent game, lots of variety straight from the start. Plenty of options, good graphics. Definately looking for more of this type of game.

rebash 2010.10.15
woooooooowwww thatss great

retros1 2010.10.15
I like dating games. This is one of the best

noamiko1 2010.10.15
Christal. not much more you can say...briliant.

s@nt!no 2010.10.15
Nice game, though nothing really new. Hopefully Chaotic will add some new features.

humbucku 2010.10.15
i dont can find the end

humbucku 2010.10.15
good game and crystal is awsome

Wolfinn 2010.10.15
wow hot wench great scenes and amazing tits

phyro 2010.10.15
the game have more bugs if it can resolve it?pls

sexy1 2010.10.15
Very nice game. Crystal is hot.

Wolfinn 2010.10.15
sweet game nice graphics and the babe is wow

puma420 2010.10.14
Gotta love VDG games... they rock!! sooo much posibilities!! GREAT GRAPHICS TOO!

williamtoms1 2010.10.14
the graphics need work and gameplay could have been more fluid

astro123 2010.10.14
Nice game as always, graphic great

Asimov 2010.10.14
I found 2 endings so far, one in the lawn and one in the bedroom, I presume that is all, you dont need to send any gifts at all. Not sure if there are other endings or teasers.

adrianonn 2010.10.14
Nice simulation date game. Feels like in one too.

jackmackle 2010.10.14
I guess something got changed or what, but I don`t get to nuzzle on her neck, and I followed each step correctly. Maybe the game got changed?

STOWA 2010.10.13
Had hoped for more "options" in each room, has seen vdg games with more posibilities.. But still a pretty nice game, as vdg games always are off the scale! ;)..

Good and stunning graphics though, so thumbs up for that!

jonmap76 2010.10.13
great game as always i love vdg

crowdotcrow 2010.10.13
great game but i get stuck in the backyard

big dick 2010.10.13
this game has excelent graphics

Kotton24 2010.10.13
wish i could play it but keep getting errors guess i will try downloading it

frostee 2010.10.13
Good graphics and longer in duration.

love all of VDG`s games

Geppetto 2010.10.13
Really hard, I cannot finish it. I`m stuck, she`s in bikini and we`ve done everything except "THAT"

Vinny778 2010.10.13
it was a very nice and fun. great grapics

robr 2010.10.12
There are only 2 different endings. One in the bedroom and the other on the grass. There are many different routes to take, but you will only end up having sex in either one of these locations.

shaylin123456 2010.10.12
great graphics hot girl

supremelord170 2010.10.12
Still glitchy for me. not sure why.

Victim 28 2010.10.12
Great game but i would like it more with more endings

rayxxx 2010.10.12
great story line and good graphics

tactac 2010.10.12
great games with great graphics

HubertusBeutelus 2010.10.12
Very difficult at the beginning, but it`s worth trying.

Found out some endings! GReat GAME!

burnout420 2010.10.12
anyone have a working walkthrough for this game? no matter what ive tried i end up stuck.

DBlake17 2010.10.12
just love this game, pretty hot girl, still missing some more hot scenes or a bit harder story

aalsha 2010.10.11
hahahaha finished it got to the lawn and banged her there hahaha

jamesmartinez 2010.10.11
thats was a really great game

ghimius 2010.10.11
someone could post a walkthrough please ? i`m stuck

mConte 2010.10.11
quite nice but the other ones were better

garvh 2010.10.11
Played almost all virtual date games, this is not one of my favorites...

octagen 2010.10.11
fun game- but some pages have glitches and I cant figure out where to click. Great art though

blade234 2010.10.11
lots of fun hopin 4 more like this

Bertyboi 2010.10.10
Great game. The Crystal games are the best.

LOVEon 2010.10.10
This game is very good BUT little hard for me.
please tell me answer root!!

hippier 2010.10.10
i can only get 2 endings is there anymore?

JOHNBOY78 2010.10.10
After waiting for the Ie version for ages i was very disappointed when no mater what you do or where you go you cant get any where in the game. I have tried the walkthroughs every time you suggest something you get shot down at least the first game worked properly

Law 2010.10.10
It was a little tricky at some parts but a really nice game. :-)

Faery4667 2010.10.10
alright game, takes a while to get going

decconan 2010.10.10
to booky233: Excuse, how can we get the " trivia game ending"?

pilotmaster30 2010.10.10
Nice model, pretty excited game, could be longer, with more interactive scenes

orgout 2010.10.10
didnt really work, kept getting "error loading page"

griffo20 2010.10.09
good game and crystal is awsome

jimmythedriver 2010.10.09
Much better than the previous one....well, because it was easier :) Also love that they kept the different items to change the outcome.

RiesenKopf 2010.10.09
The game is just perfect, thought I`d be glad to have a couple of endings more... Love this chick )))

varlamov40 2010.10.09
graphics are great, game is awesome

Hipnos1981 2010.10.09
Crystal is one of my favorite virtual date girls!!! It is a good game (good graphis, challenging and sexy) but i feel the first one was more interesting and fun... i think these game need more ending and twists.

Rob-63 2010.10.08
Great game and graphics and interesting story leaves many twists if you are not sure which way to go.

kakorus 2010.10.08
i love this game its so realistic

viiciiousdolly 2010.10.08
Well, I went and played it, but I had to go through the forums to find help for it. Turns out there are several bugs in the program that cause problems reaching the endings

viiciiousdolly 2010.10.08
um, every time I click on it, it takes me off site....am I doing something wrong?

AKidNamedCarlos 2010.10.07
i love this game its so realistic

Nimrod 2010.10.07
I have tried this game a few times, something must be wrong somewhere, I can`t really do anything. I try watching TV and cant, I cant find anything to drink in the kitchen, only place I`ve been outside is the park, no other options, besides staying. Even tried the walkthroughs and same thing.

aa123 2010.10.07
wow, good game! i want to play another like this

booky233 2010.10.07
number three ending is trivia game ending!!!

Candy Ramos 2010.10.07
good game, great graphics

decconan 2010.10.07
in the comments we can got 2 endings, how about another? "booky233" said there are 3 kinds ending.

kenn4eyes 2010.10.07
Good but is anyone getting glitches? Because i have a problem with the link for a minute.

anakha.ist 2010.10.07
first one was good lets see that one!

TBO1710 2010.10.07
To wahooman48 try playing it on Firefox and does anyone know how to get her to strip in the alleyway

wahooman48 2010.10.07
Cant do anything but walk around the house

MJ 2010.10.07
Difficult and seems to have a few bugs, but minor. Graphics are phenominal.

shark101 2010.10.07
Alot better than the first Crystal game.

nandoa 2010.10.07
good game, nice sex. only miss sound to more exciting

DBlake17 2010.10.07
good game, great graphics, still missing sound or voices

art13579 2010.10.06
Something is missing:( After going back from lawn to the pool you cannot ask her for swim

booky233 2010.10.06
to get photo ending!! buy camera, give it to her, go watch tv. nuzzel her neck, finish watching tv, go in kitchen drink, go out buy alchohol, go back, drink again, go outside, go to lawn area, take photo topless, don`t sunbath, go to pool, let her swim, get out go inside, to bedroom, jump on bed, answer first question!!

Margate123 2010.10.06
im stuck at the start,,no matter what gift or what room i go to, we cant leave the house or interact other then asking what to do

nickk 2010.10.06
nice graphics but i guess after a wrong decision you will be stuck

thundershadow 2010.10.06
Got some work to do on the IE version. It is just riddled with errors.

booky233 2010.10.06
I played this game, got 3 endings, are there anymore?? But now I cannot get back to game , I get a 404 error, and game won`t load!!!

bigone12 2010.10.06
did any one else get an error msg when click on the link

davduckie 2010.10.06
love the second date, very sexy

davduckie 2010.10.06
This game is amazing, really good graphics

goon_er 2010.10.06
the graphics are outstanding but the game verges on being impossible

Jola 2010.10.06
Ok good game, good graphic, was fun wait for 3 part

Elfe 2010.10.06
This game is not working anymore...

whowhowho 2010.10.06
very buggy, not as good as previous versions

capndave 2010.10.05
I don`t see any game... the jpeg here at playforceone links to an external site (vdategames.com), where it was recommended that I use Firefox (I do), and when I tried to play the game there, I got a 404 not found error.

godofsex 2010.10.05
This game includes lot of adventure and drama!

nepp 2010.10.05
can not play the game------ get a 404 erros page

SpiderWeb 2010.10.05
Graphics a good but i keep getting stuck.

jingstir 2010.10.05
Its not bad i hope they make more better games

flatliner17 2010.10.05
These games are awesome. More second dates.

kjdehn 2010.10.05
great date game. i can play it and go on a date. i have a hard time getting real dates

Shadow1990 2010.10.04
Very Fun game, I like the game play of this one

iaiag 2010.10.04
very nice game. IE sux. use firefox!

dam1017 2010.10.04
the animation is so real, i feel like i am in it

kpyrinikos 2010.10.03
Not too bad,I hope they make better games.

pnoos1 2010.10.03
it loaded for me maybe you should change your browser or allow popus

Madelene 2010.10.03
It was a little tricky at some parts but a really nice game. :-)

TBO1710 2010.10.03
Found another ending but still want to know how to do strip trivia, nude photoshoot and get the alleyway sex

Rixis 2010.10.03
Liked the Graphics, But the Game was kinda Boring as it took a while to figure out what to do. :P

TBO1710 2010.10.03
Can someone help me get the other endings. Like getting to strip in trivia and getting her to strip in the photoshoot and the alleyway sex.

bshdaddy1 2010.10.03
very nice game. the graphics are great as usual and the actions are fun to watch. a little difficult but that helps in the decision making great job

art13579 2010.10.02
Anyone could put complete walkthrough (path to evry possible endings) for some impatience poeple plz?

noregister 2010.10.02
it needs some rescripting. sometimes it takes way too long to load // seems buggy

alpetpet888 2010.10.02
Gameplay was pretty good :D

unup91 2010.10.02
Ok graphic, game play kinda boring.

TBO1710 2010.10.02
How do you get the sex on lawn ending, nude photoshoot, strip trivia and sex in alley ending?

TBO1710 2010.10.02
Can anyone help me to get her strip in the trivia game?

manzom 2010.10.02
It`s not a game! Too difficult, any ending found, bad or good. very boring one.

az89 2010.10.02
if you go to the store with crystal wearing her skirt, you can drink in the alley. does this game just have 2 sex places only (bedroom and lawn)? or does it have many places like the previous game?

az89 2010.10.02
got 3 question but she remain topless

az89 2010.10.02
got the game. just 1 question?

az89 2010.10.02
got the bikini in the park though the sex scene same as before in the lawn and bedroom

shitrick88 2010.10.02
ugh the thing is not letting me play! w/e...

L3g3nd4ry 2010.10.02
Ok graphic, game play kinda boring.

vhht 2010.10.02
I really didn`t like this kind of HTML game play. This type of playing is not that enjoyable. BTW, the game play itself is nice. Would be much better in a flash version.

linda 2010.10.02
I played the game with firefox and I found a bug. In the living room, I have to click "Go to the living room" in order to go back to the kitchen.

waineweasel 2010.10.01
Not, bad. Looking forward to part 3

slate969 2010.10.01
what is written on the passing game does not correspond to reality. When you get into the living room, it does not happen when that action is documented. Help please

MikeRob 2010.10.01
Will not work in Internet Explorer

NotVenom 2010.10.01
The game is buggy. Many options wouldn`t load in Firefox.

joesooner 2010.10.01
great game. the usual quality from this creator. keep it up.

swordstalker 2010.10.01
Good one. i just couldn`t find any ending

surfnaked4 2010.10.01
hot game but the bugs need to be worked out

none 2010.10.01
How do u get her to pose topless, the guy who told me what to do didn`t work.

So what should i do to get a picture topless

lionheart924 2010.10.01
crystal is awesome, cant wait for the next one

omfgomfg 2010.10.01
Its pretty hard, but nice gameplay. i like those

north262 2010.10.01
For some reason everytime i try these date with "..." games it crashes on the opening screen

jerfo 2010.10.01
nice game to bad i cant find any way to end the sex scene

mrcoolerz 2010.10.01
Great game, nice interface and it has a little storyline attached.
Obtained all possible endings, NICE

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