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Venona Project: Episode 1


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CLkz 2016.07.18
Very good game. Story is good and interesting

zorrie 2016.07.01
not bad....too little sex...lol

dvjgnbvum 2016.04.14
Graphics are okay, but lop has better quality nowadays.
I like that it continues in a next episode.

bob12345678901 2016.04.07
Not a bad game overall. A little slow at times though and kinda short

natouzi 2015.11.12
goood games graphics good i love sex

alanwake 2015.08.15
not bad, but it`s harder and quite shorter than dating games, wonder what would happen in part II though...

PaulIsGood 2015.06.11
Boring game. He talked to much. The controls froze up. It was pretty bad.

Aleytha 2015.04.30
I found it really short and a little bit too easy to get the girl, but it seems an interesting and good game
Lets see the other parts

Saaainc 2015.04.24
Good gameplay, i like the walking around. The game is kinda easy though..
Graphics are okay, but lop has better quality nowadays.
I like that it continues in a next episode.

I gave it a 82%


Falzar 2015.04.01
game was pretty short, and pretty easy

Zeblast 2015.03.16
Great graphics, good work with the game

gwazz 2015.01.27
i found the manoeuvring pretty hard so i moved on to another game

Drizz69 2015.01.19
good graphics, good storyline, wish for more

ujuju 2014.11.25
Good graphics but the movement is a little clunky, intriguing and alluring story line though.

heroman 2014.11.24
I find it a bit weird that nobody`s made a listing of endings to this game yet (I`d do it myself, but I keep getting the same result)

Liverbird1892 2014.10.26
Great graphics and good plot, keep up the good work!

parkerb93 2014.09.14
Very different from what im used to of playforceone. felt kinda like a sim game

stoad69 2014.08.04
Good graphics and takes a little work to achieve the goals but worth it in the end.

Grigori 2014.07.18
I like the game, I like the mechanics and the story.

bitz94 2014.07.14
Gameplay is okay but very poor story. Very slow

harrissheehan 2014.06.29
Very good time in this game :-)

CrisR7C 2014.05.26
Totally loveeee it

vinvega 2014.02.24
Cant wait for 2nd episode

gabby04 2013.12.23
more !! please i want the 2nd episode

noogad 2013.09.20
amazing game great quality and sexy endings

cakewantmore 2013.08.13
good story line but its kinda short

Badvoc 2013.08.12
too short and linear, give me a few more options please also haven`t played overhead since alien breed back and gauntlet in the 80s and 90s

GrimRipper 2013.05.29
Great story and fun game. A bit lacking in the erotic part, but recomendable anyway

jakeshadow 2013.03.19
wow this one gets me horny thinking about the next episode!!!

a very original game, good graphic and fun, without any complications just to have some fun

pilot8 2013.02.16
WONDERFUL horny game ....EXCELLENT play

aringga 2013.02.01
that was a great game. not enough sex in though. can`t wait for next episode.

Gordn3 2013.01.27
Great game , nice story and grafic.

whitechapel 2013.01.24
1. AS Always !! Super Game,
2. Great play.
3.Great dialogue
4. Need more explicite sexcene

I think I speak for erveryone when i say that you are the greatest. We kan never thank you enough for your great work.



katakana132 2013.01.13
didn`t understand the appeal of this one. way too short, barely any action and controls were sort of clunky. Part 2 didn`t offer much more unfortunately.

delepe3 2013.01.10
es un muy buen juego con mezcla de temas

125fifa 2012.11.26
Love it!! the graphics is wonderful

fuckstars1211 2012.11.22
it is a wonderful game i want to play episode 2

sexiemama 2012.11.20
i like the game, but it is hard to manuver your character around

honeykb 2012.11.09
nice game and good presentation of the scenario..........

airfeuterre 2012.09.17
I like the interaction (WASD) thing but the erotic/sex part is flimsy...
Interesting debut for a new type of intrigue/adventure...keep it up!

kiimeeg 2012.09.06
love the animation and graphics

pussyfucking 2012.08.31
i love this game,it is prefect

pussyfucking 2012.08.31
this is a best game,i will like it

valyrian 2012.08.27
1st part is pretty decent

cheldee 2012.08.10
Decent Game. Graphics aren`t the best.

badb0ys009 2012.08.01
This is a excellent game. Cant wait till next time .

GoodVibs69 2012.07.26
This is a good game. I don`t really like using the keyboard to play the game, but the rest of the game is good even if we don`t get to admire Julia`s intimacy. The graphics and options of this game are good. A little short though. Julia is too easy to get in bed even if she doesn`t drink her wine ...

kyai 2012.06.29
Quite a nice game to play tho` not 2special...
Wish can improve in next coming episode as 4the images :)
G`Day !!

manuel83 2012.06.27
good game cant wait for the next part the animation was good you should play it

cewj1967 2012.06.20
This is a good game. I don`t really like using the keyboard and the mouse to play the game, but the rest of the game is good. The graphics and options of this game are good. A little short though.

otaivirus 2012.06.12
i think i dont like this game

chris_avril 2012.06.08
Not that great. It is short and not arousing either.

jacksonpercy99 2012.06.07
a wonderful game indeed

omarlfc 2012.05.29
excellent game, grat quality but no sound

bahamut86 2012.05.22
Funny game and good grafic

[BY]WEGAS 2012.05.22
I think it`s very funny.
I have really enjoy it much

filipecam 2012.05.14
I like it, but I have yet to try the second episode

Messer13 2012.05.09
Hmmmmmmm..............Not bad and not very good also..........

bigbellend7 2012.05.08
An interesting game but too short. Unsing navigation by arrow keys and then using the mouse for action is an awkward combination. Why no use the space bar or the enter key for action. Alternatively use the mouse for all functions. Navigation could be achieved by mouse movement with the left biutton pressed. Otherwise a good game.

TanmoyDas 2012.05.06
Good story but didn`t expect the ending.
Now going to play next Episode.

cvb7000 2012.04.17
Preparation of the room is very complicated while contact with Julia is really simple. I was surprised that Julia became horny too easily and too quickly. In my view, the process of making the girl feel sexy is an important element in the game. I look forward to playing the next episode.

garythaler 2012.04.09
The conspiratorial espionage agencies concept is very intriguing, as is the plot, which, though, should have been advanced somewhat more. Movement of the male lead with the arrow keys was rather tedious, and I wish that there had been more animation of the sexual scenes. Julia is very arousing. I`m eager to explore Episode 2.

bobytt 2012.04.06
This one was pretty cool, love it.


bdk412 2012.03.04
awesome game good graphics

ConExx83 2012.02.29
nice game, good graphics ..

dk47 2012.02.29
I liked the creative way for moving about the house

slitplayer 2012.02.28
Intresting game, a bit scary, one thing I hate is having guns pointing at my face.

SQUIDDEY 2012.02.22
not bad, a little strange

kldxxx 2012.02.19
A nice game with fine graphics. I point out that the balance of the scenes is not very good. Preparation of the room is very complicated while contact with Julia is really simple. I was surprised that Julia became horny too easily and too quickly. In my view, the process of making the girl feel sexy is an important element in the game. I look forward to playing the next episode.

sefu88 2012.02.18
Interesting 2D enviroment concept, bit sluggisg on weaker computers and also fadeout times are quite long for how often you encounter them. Still quite people, good sex scene( perhaps introducing choises would have helped), and a promising storyline.

killer123 2012.02.17
I think it`s very funny.
I have really enjoy it much

dukefan45 2012.02.15

BigDaddyPsycho 2012.02.02
Great game with lot of interactivities and an original storylines.

pawan2modi 2012.01.27
very nice sexual games but need to be more real fun like dating SIM games

marion 2012.01.20
it was not easy to find the way to play but last but not least we find it. Goed game.

Ari2015 2012.01.18
this storyline is so seductive..... but i love it the girls are sooo sexy!!!!

HeartcoRemo 2012.01.14
nice game nice graphics nice game play

sander01 2012.01.13
This is a really great game !!!

punkcs87 2012.01.10
fantastic story! can`t wait for the next episode.

Guillaume 2012.01.08
it was a little short for first episode

mikicostanza 2012.01.06
good story with hot girl its hot

brit_man33 2011.12.31
Still waiting for the girl to show up....

valentineml 2011.12.11
awesome...i like the ability to walk around rather than just a static screen.

Hroft8888 2011.12.05
LOVED the game and enjoyed

Aryavan275 2011.12.04
What an excellent projecT!! Praise those who had the idea to make this!

Aryavan275 2011.12.04
Graphics were good, the story line was great but could have lasted a little longer before the secret agents showed up.

sas_deu 2011.11.27
YES: relevant comments concerning gameplay, graphic, animation

sunas 2011.11.26
What an excellent projecT!! Praise those who had the idea to make this!

Hornyme14 2011.11.24
where is thenext episode?? ^^

spammehere 2011.11.22
Since I Couldn`t get anything moving, I hate this game

SexyBeauty0426 2011.11.21
Really liked the game, was getting into it nicely before the secret agents showed up. Little more play before moving on to Venona 2 would have been nice.

T-Dawg 2011.11.21
Graphics were good, the story line was great but could have lasted a little longer before the secret agents showed up.

hcb36 2011.11.20
Interesting concept, controls not very good, though

Krueger 2011.11.19
When you check your phone the girl says she will be there in 10 minutes. What should I do then? I`m stuck! Please help. This game is gonna be great. :]

wrnyhuise 2011.11.19
not bad at all i enjoyed this one

PFPinger 2011.11.17
LOVED the game and enjoyed the suprize twist`s.

Hotshotxl 2011.11.17
fun game looking forward to playing more like it

HarSlan 2011.11.16
This is great game... I like it very much...

Rudy4u 2011.11.12
Good game, simple controls

charlieoutlaw 2011.11.09
somewhat good game otherwise ok

thinlwin 2011.11.06
i want to play this game.but loading too long.i think it`s will be good story.
animation is nice.

revaldo 2011.11.04
Not great controls but good game

StevLevTheRev 2011.11.01
Loved both these games. Well thought out

collenvd 2011.11.01
nice game difficulty level is perfect nice adventure

tdaynis 2011.10.27
good game..............graphics r fine............ suspense and sex combination ;)

TBar39 2011.10.20
Great game, although some of the action was little hard to figure out for me at first. Looking forward to the next chapters!

mgd 2011.10.20
interesting game and good graphics..

das77 2011.10.17
this game is unique and had fun playing.

ZETRO 2011.10.03
what a excellent game julia is very hot i cat wait to see episode 2

abduvanchuk 2011.10.02
Great game, would be nice to have more sex options.

lila9102 2011.10.02
This is a fun game that i had to play over and over again

lila9102 2011.10.02
i love the quality and the sex of the game, it`s a virtual life!

lila9102 2011.10.02
this was amazing game!i cant wait to do the next episode

tighill01 2011.09.28
This is an excellent game....great interaction...gagging for next stage to find out what happens next.......................

Caduceus 2011.09.27
Getting the apartment ready was fun and immersive. The episode was a bit short and somewhat disjointed, but I suppose episode II will explain things further.

goldie293 2011.09.26
a little slow at times, but nice game.

Javier57 2011.09.25
I see this first part as very nice as starting point. I hope there will be more chapters in future.

playboy1982 2011.09.25
this game is unique and fun,and has a great plot too.

halohunter 2011.09.24
it fun with a different kind of story

Wolf213 2011.09.22
Good story, the gameplay was also quite good

bluejedi41 2011.09.22
This was a short, but good game.

heartz21 2011.09.21
it`s exciting game, good grapic`s.. very interesting....

DreamTim 2011.09.21
interesting story but not my favourite game.

tehn00b 2011.09.21
Graphics were good but sex scene a bit boring

qaz22 2011.09.20
a game like many others, not better not worst.
Some dialog with an easy quizz about litterature and the hot chicks lets you fuck her ;)
(after saying she doesn`t discuss sex for a first date, she does it before the first date lol)
Caress same pattern as usual and fuck also ^^
Worth the 5 or 10 minutes you`ll spend playing nothing more.

Arttee 2011.09.19
A fascinating and entertaining game with a sequel, nice. ..

Brookeishorny 2011.09.19
great game i loved playing it even tho there wasn`t much sex in it its still a great game!

Joens 2011.09.18
uh shit i love this game

Artibor 2011.09.17
Exciting game, even with the extension. .. Let`s see what happens. ..

kekse1975 2011.09.17
New gameplay with Arrows is good. Hope to see more

pipsickle 2011.09.15
Looks like an interesting game but I can`t get the avatar to move to start action after the intro

Hobgoblin67 2011.09.14
I agree with the comments on here,the game is ok but the sex scenes needs a bit of work. You only have to look ar other games of this type to see what level needs to be reached. Overall I`d give it 7/10...good but needs improvement. I hope Ep 2 is better.

bnbsadzebra 2011.09.10
It was really boring, the sex was tedious and nothing happenned until the ending.

mibiz 2011.09.10
Nice story line. Action between him and Julia is pretty lame, though. But fun to play.

dandrik 2011.09.10
Nice format will see where it goes

Aletta 2011.09.09
Nice game, sexy girl and right peace..

benzilla 2011.09.08
really good game. like the graphic and the ending was good

Dr_Nick 2011.09.07
awesome game and interesting ending.

Revan-Ghost 2011.09.06
Quite promising first episode. "Walking" gameplay is old-school which is a good thing and sex gameplay was fine ^^

airgod 2011.09.06
excellent game love the interaction.

shadowmere 2011.09.06
i love the game concept but i think this is just too short.
Need more this kind of game but with more complex story.

rudolfalex 2011.09.05
I love the bitch so much.

canbok 2011.09.05
I love this game,as usual grerat graphics,where the story goes from here is beyond me,its more political instead of sexual.

MrV 2011.09.05
i love these lesson of passion games... always fun and exciting

dv_knight121001 2011.09.05
Good story and graphics are also good , nice ending

veselqku 2011.09.04
It`s interesting game, nice twist at the end. An super story.

alies1024 2011.09.04
end makes me really waiting for the next episode.. good game

mick123456789 2011.09.03
nice game, the end is quite intriguing

prosportsforums 2011.09.03
Great concept. Unfortunately, for me the bedroom scene graphics fall short of the rest of the game. Still looking forward to Part III and would recommend the game.

grvlohia 2011.09.03
great story play............... How do they think of it?

yaris 9867 2011.09.03
a wonderfull game with very nice girls

Jaaru 2011.09.02
EP 1 & 2 great ones, more like these.

LOGANBOIE 2011.09.02
dude...totally awsome man.

jjaggins 2011.08.31
definitly a little different. not too bad

SecretLife 2011.08.30
now this is quite different. interesting game with a crazy twist

tanwbenn 2011.08.29
love this game. It is really the coolest one

mao 2011.08.26
as usual grerat graphics,where the story goes from here is beyond me,its more political instead of sexual...

dragon1886 2011.08.26
Very nice game, challenging but worth it.

zeze12 2011.08.23
Great game, can`t wait for the continuation.The quality on the graphics are nice but would be nice to have more sex options

Packz 2011.08.23
Odd type of game but not bad odd if that makes any sense.

bart15 2011.08.21
very cool game.. its hard at first! but it very good!

QueenOlivia12 2011.08.20
This is the best game ever

asymonds998 2011.08.20
its good. but bit slow and boring

CallMeDocter 2011.08.19
A bit short for my taste, but the storyline is intriguing.

JumpingJack 2011.08.18
Really looking forward to the next ep now... hope it is as good.

carnix 2011.08.18
Good job, hope to see more from the devolopers.

bigdaddyshawn 2011.08.18
They should make more game like this

John G 2011.08.16
Hard to figure out at first but worth the learning curve.

edward9891 2011.08.15
its good but should have more interactive sex scenes to make the game perfect.

Jonlee 2011.08.13
I am not able to move my character pls help

jjhon 2011.08.13
I like the game a lot, but it`s hard to move. Can`t wait for the next part :)

anNOEnymous 2011.08.13
good game, nice graphic cant wait to see next episode

brute1980 2011.08.12
Nice one... waiting for the next episode.

Rafael1300 2011.08.10
The game is good, when will the next episode come

butthead99 2011.08.09
Took awhile to figure out, but afterwards was kinda fun... looking forward to episode 2

chelo2209 2011.08.08
i would love to play this game but can figure put how to move

mrniceguy97 2011.08.08
A little hard at first but great graphics

johny_mckay 2011.08.06
a little hard to figure out at first. looking forward to the next one.

ben666 2011.08.05
it is prettyhard to get around but once your done it is good

chaneblade 2011.08.05
this girl is sooo hot
good plot good graphics

wetpussy666 2011.08.02
im stuck after julia`s sms....... dont know what to do
please help

fall3n 2011.07.31
Great game, but it should have been a bit longer

cocatiel 2011.07.29
great gameplay and graphic

Herrushingu 2011.07.26
I really enjoy the interactivity of this game but it was so short

kingdongii 2011.07.23
Interesting plot.

Quite enjoy the top-down style of the game, only suggestion would be that a `guide` to help with the mini-games would be nice as it`s not always obvious as what it is required.

gjg 2011.07.23
i didnt like running around in the room alot

liggumz 2011.07.22
a little weird, but pretty good.

bceltsau 2011.07.22
remarkable episode, can`t wait for episode 2

piratul22 2011.07.22
lop makes the greatest adult games evar....good game

photu 2011.07.21
excellent game cool graphics

matty 1234 2011.07.17
the aliens from his dreams are real

bmoney83 2011.07.16
Very interesting game looking forward to playing number 2

guepardo_df 2011.07.15
Loved it! I really enjoied but there is not much sex scenes and the interactive on sex is just few. Maybe episode II will be better!

erevis 2011.07.15
not bad but really short in chapter 1

deevospitsflows 2011.07.11
great senario but kinda boring at the same time

boby6k123 2011.07.09
graphic is medium but the story is great

qwertyraven 2011.07.09
1st game i´ve played here nice grafics but kinda strange ending

tukangpoto 2011.07.09
Good Game, a little short, and the ending was strange

edwardo82 2011.07.08
Nice game waiting for next

chestcat28 2011.07.07
this is the best adventure i have seen in history today period

Jaky 2011.07.07
I didnt like cleaning my apartment.

Sgt.Viper 2011.07.07
very good graphics good game play and the animation was exelent

piersy 2011.07.07
Its a great game but not as good as the other games, I would of liked it more if there was more interactive scenes.

netoru 2011.07.05
i enjoyed it but it ended abruptly. I can`t wait for the second part.

dv_knight121001 2011.07.05
good game.. but should have been aa bit longer

hunglikeadonkey 2011.07.04
this game has a great story nd combined with awesome graphics makes a hot game

otori_boy 2011.07.04
I enjoyed it for the most part, it was simple and to the point although I really wanted a sex scene with the black haired agent ;). Only thing that annoyed me was that it took me ages to figure out that you had to EXPLAIN the drawings, but that`s my own fault.

darrencftse 2011.07.03
Not bad game so far so good

tbonetmm 2011.07.03
the game is great the graphics r awsome n i love animation

faltu.d 2011.07.02
the overhead view take away the realism, still the game is not bad

ditzimitzi 2011.07.02
very good game :) just needs a bit more sex action ;)

besogrone 2011.07.01
is a good game, but i expected more sex action

JokerJr 2011.06.29
A very first good game, but I think it should be a little longer though. But still pretty good.

Duilow 2011.06.29
This game is too good! just too good!

tukangpoto 2011.06.29
great game.. but i don`t like the view from top of apartment..

alex1971 2011.06.29
2d bit at the start was clumsy and slowed it down to much. the animation in the bedroom was a bit lack lustre. no sound effect and the bit at the end was weird

abdulk 2011.06.28
Super exciting game, well done!

Silhan 2011.06.28
Simply perfect everything is okay

marfanmarcus 2011.06.27
Awesome game. The ending left me in suspense!

retvx 2011.06.27
it really good game.nice!

CoolAde 2011.06.26
Lovevly made game !!! another good one of LoP!

PlayForce00 2011.06.26
It`s ok, more sex would have been great.

wag1 2011.06.25
its a bit short but its interesting and makes me want to play the second part

r0kst4rr 2011.06.25
Indeed a surprising game - Great work , PF1!

phayxu 2011.06.23
this game is rather intriguing! i like it!

mhudar 2011.06.22
Loved it can`t wait for its 2nd part

mndknl 2011.06.22
v. good just waitin for next installment

princ77 2011.06.22
This game is really good! i cant wait for part 2!

nettox 2011.06.21
That made my day, i loved it, super fantastic.

walkerboh 2011.06.21
Great as always. These games make my day.

sarnil 2011.06.20
Its a beautiful game loved playing it

jpsacrey 2011.06.19
very good :D perfect game

Saracus 2011.06.19
Pretty short game. But lets check the second one out.

2muchboredom 2011.06.18
looking forward for episode 2

bumfletch1 2011.06.18
I`m looking forward to the second one!

SoloDrifter 2011.06.18
good flow and mechanics...want part 2 now!

Ranger19 2011.06.18
Kind of confused. Didn`t really understand the point of this game...

eric123456 2011.06.17
very good and interative game but too short,look forward to next episode

blacky25 2011.06.15
best game played so far. definately gonna play other episodes.

blacky25 2011.06.15
very cool game. best game played so far!

ssssssss 2011.06.15
very good :D perfect game

asgt 2011.06.15
Surprisingly bad. Definitely not one of LOP`s best games.

ryan1234 2011.06.14
great game i really liked this one

chrischaos 2011.06.14
Wow. That was fun. Looking forward to part 2.

Dakeshi 2011.06.14
Cool game, it finishes a bit too soon though. Looking forward to the next one.

Kiffa 2011.06.13
Great game with nice storyline

nikooktarin 2011.06.13
the graphic is good,, great gamee

MadGab7 2011.06.13
It`s a short fun game to play, the visual art is interesting and the end leaves you wanting more... so it makes you play the next episode.

Doroxian 2011.06.11
Game concept was cool, but the ending seemed very abrupt

netman 2011.06.11
Good game. I like the concept of the game although i can`t say I liked the way the game ended.

sykotix 2011.06.10
Very interesting game, cant wait for more episodes

Sixxico 2011.06.09
unlike part two this one is easy and funny

Shadedodo 2011.06.06
kinda too short....not bad though....

mrpoptea 2011.06.06
nice game decent graphics

MunkkiJoller 2011.06.05
Interesting gameplay, can`t wait for episode 2 :))

BallIdiot 2011.06.05
Interesting game play with the keyboard. However, the sex scenes are not up to par with other games...

jpsacrey 2011.06.04

salbador 2011.06.02
one of the best games in play force one lol u rock

petar32 2011.06.02
unlike part two this one is easy and funny

lilybee 2011.06.02
what a great game! the storyline is interesting too. can`t wait for part two!

nw300 2011.06.01
thoroughly engrossing, looking forward to episode 2

Dracohorn 2011.06.01

emerydog94 2011.06.01
great game
i didn`t really like the use of stick figures. Made it seem random but otherwise not many faults

rohan2011 2011.05.31
thats a nice game with a cool story, more from them.

xhyko 2011.05.31
nice i like the project. good game

EgyptianOsiris 2011.05.31
Not the best one, to be honest

Mondoblasto 2011.05.30
Updated Flash... and still doesn`t work.

Mondoblasto 2011.05.30
At least for me, the game doesn`t work at all. I tried arrow keys and WASD and neither worked. Could be starting position, but couldn`t click on anything eiither.

pryce 2011.05.29
random .... didnt like it

bigtone 2011.05.29
great game loved playing it good graphics too

Flygon16 2011.05.28
this game has really good graphics. i hope they make more games like this.

Florinho 2011.05.28
The game is really good, but a little to short.

m4t0n 2011.05.27
hots girls makes this game superb

tptips97 2011.05.27
the graphics were very nice , the episode was kinda short but its a really good game

str8jaket 2011.05.27
I like the idea of almost click and point aspect plus just fun

a_man 2011.05.26
Very nice game. In my opinion it will be better if scene with Julia could take more time than now

nunovale 2011.05.26
Great game.
Loved the arcade style.
I Want the episode II...

pzzylkr 2011.05.26
Not enough time to play around with this view......sorry

mazc83 2011.05.26
its a very nice game and great graphics

D_darko 2011.05.25
great game loved playing it good graphics too

codemanlemke 2011.05.24
It`s got good graphics and is entertaining. However, it could be much longer and a bit sexier.

Nesha500 2011.05.24
This game is very interesting,and i like it..

JustCurious 2011.05.24
Very interesting game....

kayzee7 2011.05.21
i like the game with the movement control and all. now i`m heading over to episode 2

C.C. 2011.05.20
Good game. I like the way it works and I like the girl. Need to head off to episode two.

Kambi 2011.05.20
it`s a nice game, very nice

mattyowen21 2011.05.20
a good game cannot wait for episode 2

Inocentgirl23 2011.05.19
Really good game and the story is nice..

McLovin91 2011.05.19
Awesome, definately awesome. Keep it up!

diddleydiddleydoo 2011.05.17
very nice. i really enjoyed it

gollum90 2011.05.15
Good, very goood. This is a excellent game ;))

alarius 2011.05.15
amazing game, good graphics.. recommended

Jet223 2011.05.15
Good game great graphics sequel should be great

sexvegar 2011.05.14
wow! the best game ever!!!!

pchrzano 2011.05.14
Nice game, but not enough sex for me.

helloolleh 2011.05.12
too confusing i dont wnt to need an faq for a sex game

ozpaqm 2011.05.10
Enjoy the interactivity of this game. I look forward to more like it.

Colerenfew 2011.05.10
I really enjoy the interactivity of this game. I look forward to more like it.

fabrid 2011.05.08
i don`t understand please help me!

fabrid 2011.05.08
Its a nice game but a bit short. That`s alright very interesting

Silverthorn 2011.05.07
not bad game, just a bit short, looking forward to more parts.

BLACK9 2011.05.07
Not bad! really nice game.

nosiop 2011.05.06
great game. and i m waiting for episode 2

wankay 2011.05.06
awsome game.....great gameplay very hot,so best story n nice graphic

nerzul 2011.05.04
it is a great game indeed, the interaction with the enviroment is a good idea

aznboywill 2011.05.04
i liked it one of my favorites

clb1997 2011.05.03
great game i liked the interactiveness of it

dfsk 2011.05.03
Nice story, and nice graphics, but it could be less...obvious.

Skarn62 2011.05.02
great game, exelente graphic but to short but really interesting

tadilrajab 2011.05.02
nice game i think it`s a bit too short.

matt1016 2011.05.02
nice game, cant wait for more

jameskan 2011.05.01
the girl is very sexy n i like thsi game nice game

truckinron 2011.04.30
good game need episode 2 or bad ending

nVil 2011.04.29
really nice storyline with great quality.....................

Bob0541 2011.04.29
Game is ok. Have been unable to find the mop though

vinci1243 2011.04.29
good game .. but took too much time... although enjoyed

someoneelse 2011.04.27
Can`t really figure out what to do when she won`t come in the room

NADOSH 2011.04.26
great story ..
great game ..

connor ritschard 2011.04.26
great game but a little hard to start

swatxing 2011.04.25
the game play is nice with good graphics.

sadoe38 2011.04.24
good game overall, but walking around to find all the needed things is boring

giannispaokara 2011.04.23
one of the best games i have played

SESAVA 2011.04.21
Very nice, really like the way you actually get to move around and story seems pretty interesting.

Angel789 2011.04.19
Good Game, Unexpected Ending

r12456 2011.04.19
This whole game seems to just be a build up, hope there is more action in the second

gauravei 2011.04.18
the girl is very sexy n i like thsi game nice game

ucharecords 2011.04.18
after the sex, what happens?

rich0507 2011.04.17
cool game weird ending can`t wait for number 2

putrart 2011.04.17
love the graphics...and the gurls

gundum6 2011.04.17

jamonmiincognito 2011.04.16
Hmmm.. It`s good, good graphics and entertaining, animation is also good. However, it could be much longer and a bit sexier.

ch51wa 2011.04.15
The quality on the graphics are nice,good game but,I feel it needs more.Still I`ll be waiting for part two!

delayfreak 2011.04.14
game was cool! i like the mechanics

whitduncan 2011.04.14
excellent game. very engaging

Mr M 2011.04.14
Pretty good game and graphics. Story is also good. Erotic game+action+conspiracy....very good!

truenfree 2011.04.13
Great game, graphics are good. Can,t wait for next episode

cherubim 2011.04.12
Finally a different game, same enjoyable like the others.

woggy 2011.04.12
Excellent game, could have been a bit longer though

THEDESTR0Y3R 2011.04.11
This game was very interactive but it was really slow and took away my enjoyment.

butman 2011.04.11
This game is just better than any games i have seen before

johnpoggiolo 2011.04.11

norsey 2011.04.11
Wow, this is the best so far. I really want to try out the other ones now.

KuroiiYuki 2011.04.10
The game is pretty good and original. Combining sex to serious business is interesting.

lee1400 2011.04.10
great game, really like it

mendragor 2011.04.09
sound would have been fine, bad not bad.

jetpack9 2011.04.08
That was a cool beginning, I like the overhead controls and freedom.

chupanda 2011.04.08
very strong game better then part 2

blamblam 2011.04.08
kinda slow the girl is not that great...the sequel is better than this one.

rking8778 2011.04.07
Story left a cliffhanger and gameplay took getting use to but all and all a very good game.

blackdhoom 2011.04.06
This game is so nice.. But it is required to play Episode2 to reveale the suspence

bubusettete 2011.04.06
it`s always the same problem, the game is too linear, nothing happens

iago_ist 2011.04.06
Sorry, but i don`t like the end of this one.

lifepurge 2011.04.06
intersting gameplay, kinda easy once you get it going

Kryvie 2011.04.05
Good game, nice graphics... nice girls.

DanKOsS 2011.04.04
Not bad, i liked that you can move around freely but the game was a bit short.

haa 2011.04.04
it wasnt bad but not what ? expected hein anyway im still begging to put the Tori 500

jp94 2011.04.04
i really had fun playing this!!!

cptblood123 2011.04.04
I love this kind of entertainment heheh :D

khassan 2011.04.04
great graphics great game

makshah 2011.04.04
this game is amazing .i wonder how they can cum up wid such theme

fuckbuddy785 2011.04.04
Im loving the interaction

nick 71 2011.04.03
Stunning graphics and legnth to short

flesh28 2011.04.03
great story, good graphics looking forward to the 3er part.

j69 2011.04.03
gameplay is good but no sounds :p

Elsaf 2011.04.03
Good Game but with sound it would be better

aiestin 2011.04.01
tooooooooooooo hotttttt game

stevepk1991 2011.03.31
really good game, great sound

hentai1337 2011.03.30
awesome game! great graphics and animation, can`t wait for the sequel

chuck152 2011.03.30
very interesting nice little conspiracy theory

keleyotal 2011.03.30
Great game, but kinda easy xP

pain_123 2011.03.29
This is a great game i like it very much thanhs :)

france89 2011.03.29
Well, this is really a nice game.I liked it!

3rdson 2011.03.28
cool game! really like the ending cant wait for more episodes.

mamboruk 2011.03.28
Nice intro to the subject, its set of an aura of mistery that you can`t want to solve.

vinodrock 2011.03.27
very nice and cute, also interesting one

spirit27 2011.03.26
this was pretty good
part 2 plz!

shardul 2011.03.26
very nice game very good graphics

rangerider 2011.03.24
definetly a different but fun game ending is intresting

Calvin935 2011.03.24
it`s a little slow with a bad ending....

bnayz 2011.03.24
good games,great graphics too.

troybolton 2011.03.24
I had a lot of fun while playing the game; Gameplay is pretty easy and i liked the animations a lot.
Now i am going to play the next episode.

knarf 2011.03.23
Good game, didnt see that ending coming.

packer71 2011.03.23
good game still needs a little work

DejaVu500 2011.03.23
Realy fun game.I like this gae very very much.

bigdick2000 2011.03.22
Good, very goood. This is a excellent game ;))

joebkc 2011.03.21
enjoy ur self when ur play this game!!such a good game!!!

NaughtyGirl123 2011.03.21
This game was very interesting.

upstep395 2011.03.20
this is rockin!!! wonderful!!

pawel17 2011.03.19
Excellent,can`t wait to see whats next

magda 2011.03.19
nice game.....really like this type of game

kingt 2011.03.18
very nice game. When comes the 3rd part?

areuwithme 2011.03.17
love this game, really looking forward to the next one

emman117 2011.03.15
very nice game is there gonna be new chapters any time soon?

metalheadcarl 2011.03.15
Where is the stupid door lol

Carney 2011.03.14
Excellent,can`t wait to see what`s next

boxbox 2011.03.14
really nice game want to see chap 2

Ferd Berfel 2011.03.13
Nice combination of keyboard and mouse interface. Game is well thought out, interesting and sexy. Looking forward to Episode 2

harami1 2011.03.12
Great quality. i enjoyed it.

VinceVega 2011.03.11
I had a lot of fun while playing the game; Gameplay is pretty easy and i liked the animations a lot.
Now i am going to play the next episode.

1uke11 2011.03.10
i don`t get what ur suppose to do during the blow job

rich.sangs 2011.03.10
game is good but has a shocking end as well

rich.sangs 2011.03.10
Amazing game!!! must play!! great graphics n part 2 is also awesome.....

PrinceViper 2011.03.08
This was very well written and brunette was hot! I hope we get the next in the series soon.

BKnucklehead 2011.03.08
Graphics are decent, like the story line, can`t wait to try the next episode

randy06 2011.03.07
finally finsh it ans yes great sex secenes but more of fucking julie and seeining pussy tho but good hope the next is great as well

CKeeting 2011.03.07
Love this game squel is good to

pdashman 2011.03.07
interesting games so far hopeing part 2 is a little longer

equationbarrington 2011.03.06
Well this was an interesting game. Will there be more?

brownhawk54 2011.03.06
man so real to life graphics so sick !!

donrahul 2011.03.06
i wished the game was longer....nice concept though

donrahul 2011.03.06
hot pics man...this game rocks!!!!

CockNdRoll 2011.03.04
Wasn`t expecting that at the end. Brill game.

ichigo_k95 2011.03.04
good prelude to venona project 2!!

razor03 2011.03.03
Good game, had fun. wanted to finish w/her

kalbs 2011.03.02
Good, very goood.a nice game with a cool story.

tullery 2011.03.01
i like the story but the gameplay is a little weird but good game all in all

danny2510 2011.03.01
nice first episode, got me curious about the next one. very good graphics this game

dfvg415 2011.03.01
great game, good gameplay and awesome looking graphics

maiq 2011.02.28
really great game but can be slow

waeq 2011.02.28
didn`t rlly understand this game. The massage parts are too long too

icequeen21 2011.02.27
game was interesting kinda fun

mavuro 2011.02.27
nice game jordan is very hot and it is the first time i`ve seen such a gameplay.

diego722 2011.02.27
nice game i love it just what i was expecting from it

Jack74 2011.02.26
this game was short but the fun parts were great.

Jack74 2011.02.26
good game i thought it was nice

judytabooty 2011.02.26
It was pretty short. Some parts were a lil confusing but when you figure it out its not bad.

Ishtarfey 2011.02.25
short game , but wierd ending. perfect setup for part2.

trompy 2011.02.25
Good game, but it is a little short

rohitsingla 2011.02.24
graphics were good but game was too short for my liking.. animations were also good though

Bionic23 2011.02.24
Decent game. Its a bit slow on some parts, but graphics are nice

THaraki 2011.02.24
i like the game and the graphic is good

jd994 2011.02.23
the animated scenes could be better, but other than that, a good game.

terryaal 2011.02.22
nice RPG i love it like any other game hohoho

rohitsingla 2011.02.22
game was too short.. but nice

antib 2011.02.22
This game was very interesting, the gameplay was very good as well as the graphics. But the sex scene animation let it down a bit.

alcatel521 2011.02.21
short and easy...but nice

neotridagger 2011.02.21
Good, very good. This is a excellent game

reliqua 2011.02.19
Nice graphic... and pretty well made animation too...

nathanlawson 2011.02.19
Quite a good game actually, but to be fair i have played better :)

bigmarcus 2011.02.19
Kinda of a nice game i would say. not my personal best but decent

racata21 2011.02.18
Great interation, excellent game!!

fx401 2011.02.18
This game was very interesting, the gameplay was very good as well as the graphics. But the sex scene animation let it down a bit.

tomjorghen 2011.02.17
Good! very goog ! excellent game!

erike101 2011.02.15
amazing game not seen better than this

Benninator69 2011.02.14
cool game i cant wait for episode two!!!

AiGiD 2011.02.14
Yeah, you can actually walk around and interact with stuff... Just great!

sheephead 2011.02.12
a bit confusing but still great

babo_23 2011.02.12
nice game and good graphics, game is slowly. Game is cool

billbb 2011.02.12
it is an ok game. a little too short though.

sublimedjack 2011.02.11
great game kove the endings

Tiger21 2011.02.10
This was a different sort of game, a bit confusing really.

cash10101 2011.02.10
really nice game with great graphics

suikz 2011.02.10
the gameplay was nice but the sex scenes not so nice

achubbykid 2011.02.09
great game but i tend to get stuck on the second one

marcelino21 2011.02.09
good very good. this is a excellent game

ivan01rv 2011.02.08
amazing game i feel really horny. good sex scene

gman78 2011.02.06
it was a great game and the graphics and animationg were really good

larry73 2011.02.06
The game is short but very interesting and the story is a very mistery! But..image aren`t very spicy...^^

zafri 2011.02.06
3D`s great, but the storyboard too short in a episode which mean less erotics... hope make it medium long... overall is almost perfect !!!!

tomjorghen 2011.02.06
I like this game! Has a good graphic

lordsilver 2011.02.05
Hey episode 1 was quite good.

Especially the quite long sex scene.

Looking forward to more

Nick2 2011.02.05
I like such games with interesting subject!!

rtyhd 2011.02.05
funny game but it was very short

akcool007 2011.02.04
Interesting intro...Now, if only they had bothered to put some of the real GAME in it.

YuriAkamura 2011.02.04
liked this one, was different. still missing sound thought

sback 2011.02.03
Loved the game a bit off an odd ending but there you go

foskett 2011.02.03
i liked it... im easilly pleased :D

xalukardx 2011.02.02
Basically only one sexy episode in the game - I find it to be too little. But maybe I`m just asking too much.

wightsnow 2011.02.01
Would have been helpful if there was a list of the objectives, i completely forgot about music and ran around for a few minutes before i happened to check the computer again.

LoneRaider 2011.01.31
Not bad, but it is too short. It needs more features, and more interaction in the next chapters..

pedo 2011.01.29
Ilove it it was soo great

solace1000 2011.01.28
Decent game that keeps you busy

qesrart 2011.01.28
Not so great, but entertaining. The story line keep you wondering.

karankotian 2011.01.27
the game play is superb and engrossing
the animation is mind blowing.

rob 2011.01.26
Not a bad game, story too short

Goshkata 2011.01.26
i think the game is little boring

sexybitch_5511 2011.01.25
supe execellent game!!!! :)

hirmer 2011.01.24
Well, that sucked to be honest...

gecko15 2011.01.23
Really great game. The gameplay idea is new and sooo good

epicstar17 2011.01.22
great game, graphics were good and gameplay was even better

Alsheimer 2011.01.22
Nicw Game i wonder what part two brings

uraboy 2011.01.21
woooooooww niceeeeeeee graphics and nice gameplay

sexrules!! 2011.01.21
awesome i luved it
the only problem is that it is too short i expected more
i hope i`ll find sumthing in the next episode

crazyman92 2011.01.20
The way it starts out is ok but I`m not sure if I will like the rest unless it is pulled together real nice with the story line. I think it needs a lot more, but it`s still great. Hoping part 2 will be exciting

Dental 2011.01.20
I was playing, and at the end it was like... ????

minbuckeye 2011.01.20
Interesting story. Game would improve with better animation.

ungjente 2011.01.20
Nice game loved det grafics keep up the good work PFO :)

Doonerbandit 2011.01.20
Not bad. A touch to short but overall an enjoyable game.

heileen 2011.01.20
exellent games, good graphics, seemed a little short though

Richard291 2011.01.19
Excellent. But quite confusing though

Kires 2011.01.19
excellent game! great graph and I really like it.

rayven01 2011.01.18
Good, very good. This is a excellent game

wildvenom 2011.01.18
Graphics are decent, like the story line, can`t wait to try episode 2

vikvik 2011.01.18
not one of their good games in my opinion

haa 2011.01.18
What happens when I finish all the quests

muxa 2011.01.16
i just cannot wait for eps. 3, it is mind blowing

JMat777 2011.01.16
Interesting intro...Now, if only they had bothered to put some of the real GAME in it.

MDLS 2011.01.16
its a small game, very slow, litte sex, but its has a nice story

lilc08 2011.01.16
who wants to fuck me tonight and im a boy

snozzo 2011.01.16
LOP isn`t very consistant on there use of action tools. Makes it hard to figure what to do when with what. ALso the severed hand , looks a bit off to me maybe just a nice glove would be best

Drakonen 2011.01.14
Very good Game hope for more

Silveralpha 2011.01.14
Decent. The second one will tell us a lot more.

az_a_az 2011.01.14
fun games, good graphics, seemed a little short though

carltonfc 2011.01.14
cool game loved the grpahics and storyline and girls are hot

bijibersemi 2011.01.13
adventorous. brilliant game

satarer 2011.01.11
relevant comments concerning gameplay, graphic, animation

narutoqur 2011.01.10
nicezzz cool n relly hott gme ever.....
nicezz 2 playy oso....

narutoqur 2011.01.10
wat a nicez gamee..!!!!!!!!!

lusoper 2011.01.10
Nice game.......enjoyed it.....

edwin4483 2011.01.09
really good game and nice girls and hope for more games like this one

WTFMikey 2011.01.09
Great Game - I really enjoyed it :)

Kuppz90 2011.01.08
It was ok , Story was ok , and the sex scene , no sound tho :/

Moody Tom 2011.01.08
Really nice storyline. Generally nice game, I only wish a sex scenes were more interactive.

Bishop1 2011.01.08
I like the storyline behind it. And i liked stealing my friends girl.

zembot 2011.01.08
nice game,,cool story,,
too bad its continue

sissa08 2011.01.08
It was okay. good gameplay, but animation could have been a little better.

biggunlover 2011.01.07
Good but a little akward to move around. I was hoping for a better ending though!

GiggleBoxx 2011.01.05
Sweet games like how there is so much to do and was so sexy

runnerguy2699 2011.01.04
i was turned on...wish i could have watched the finish release

levelo 2011.01.04
really awesome game!! must play!! cant wait for continued series.....

chewie 2011.01.03
game starts 2 get interesting then finishes

supermikey 2011.01.03
nice hot game i love it....

runnerguy2699 2011.01.03
i liked it....aroused, released just wishing I could be the guy getting in this cartoon and being with this gal....yummy

eelke81 2011.01.03
Nice graphics and a really hot looking girl. Looking forward to the next episode!

husten 2011.01.02
nice aspects in this game but rather short

andre95 2011.01.02
Very good game. The graphics are grat and the story is very cool

MRT 2011.01.02
Great game! Waiting on episode 3.

playfofsex 2011.01.02
it is a very easy and good ,its graphic is also very good ,annimation is attractive.

whatcrackcrack 2011.01.02
very unique type of gameplay! the ending is awesome, can`t wait for epi 2. however, this was way too short and easy, and I would suggest speeding up the character movement speed. other than that, great game.

Blue-eyedx 2011.01.01
Very Good Game. Its one of my favorites. (:

muban 2011.01.01
Great game and awesome graphic

HADJALOVE 2010.12.31

gensai34 2010.12.30
The concept of walking around is cool however the story was too short in my opinion. Never-the-less it was a good piece.

chocolatnave 2010.12.30
The playthrough of this game is great, awesome graphics as well.

SolStar 2010.12.29
Started off a lil slow but liked how u can control the chracter with the arrow keys gave it a lil more then other games, then was a lil stale but had a good twist at the end bring on episode 2

castilho 2010.12.29
Good game.......................but it is a bad thingo to steel your friends girlfriend

Futurus 2010.12.29
nice game, but the first cleaning up part is to long.

mike.12321 2010.12.29
this game was good but left u hangin at the end

omgwtfhaxerz 2010.12.28
The gameplay is difficult but still very good

dogaron 2010.12.26
The graphics are nice and girls are hot

laceygee415 2010.12.26
Good dame, but the scene was very quick and the cleaning up took a while

yeah123 2010.12.23
great game and great graphic

panlax77 2010.12.23
great graphics and a fun gameplay

spurs56 2010.12.23
alright but took too long to walk around the apartment at the beginning

kuma15 2010.12.22
great game, exelente graphic but to short but really interesting

mark210a 2010.12.22
its a very nice game
i love this kind of animation, its very realistic
and the game play is easy but its good
i can`t wait for the episode 2

xalexandro 2010.12.20
This its a nice game, the gameplay is many hard::

chinextel 2010.12.20
It`s a good game. I`m going to play the 2nd one.

Allanon 2010.12.19
Very hot story! I run to part 2...

stievy 2010.12.19
Once you`ve played episode 1, you can`t wait to start the 2nd episode

Gupiz 2010.12.18
ooh.... great game second part iz also cool....
n d gal iz awesome..... great grapicz....

candid 2010.12.18
YES: relevant comments concerning gameplay, graphic, animation

mick149 2010.12.18
ok game did not do much and a VERY Strange ending :S

alyottis 2010.12.15
excellent!!!!! great game

alfredbeni 2010.12.14
the graphics was very good. i really enjoyed playing this game.

Tomsy 2010.12.13
not enough sexy scenes.... no cock, no pussy

thickone 2010.12.12
Not nearly enough explicit content, no pussy at all. More sex would make it much more fun.

Bunni Love 2010.12.12
Good game and graphics. The ending has certainly made me want to try out the other one!

Maxim3190 2010.12.11
Definitely the most unique storyline of any of the games here. Maybe could use more interaction during the sex scene, like in the second part.

Maffe88 2010.12.11
Once you`ve played episode 1, you can`t wait to start the 2nd episode.... great

matthew601 2010.12.09
interesting game can`t wait to play ep 2

falcon802619 2010.12.09
interesting looking foward to the second one now controlls a bit clunky door ways arent as marked a bit off centered and when retrieving the mop it wanted to pick up other games a bit to close on the targeting

Leehk 2010.12.08
This is a really nice game , but sexual graphics are not realitic.

Sushi69 2010.12.08
Good idea, but too short to be fun!

xsketchx 2010.12.08
I Liked it going to play the second one now.

ketmakura 2010.12.07
The apartment was different, but overall, a little boring. Too much mousework for the sex, graphics are pretty good. Dialog was awful, though.

MrAlan 2010.12.07
Great Game ..

and waiting 4 the next part =]

duffy1 2010.12.05
nice game!!!!!I play very often!

shubaka33 2010.12.04
This is a really nice game

jackspinner 2010.12.04
not sure i like it that much

ert 2010.12.03
nice game ,really like this

adrijo 2010.12.03
Some istorical about 2D from above graphic but almost all not bad

ahclem 2010.12.02
I guess this means "The poon is out there". Interesting storyline, a bit tough in parts but overall, pretty good

peer265 2010.12.02
like the gameplay great graphs

deimmunization 2010.12.02
this has a lot of potential for a good series. i especially liked the scavenger hunt aspect of the beginning.

Japanese_Tsunami 2010.12.01
Good game, but was the wine supposed to be used for anything beside setting the mood?

dralathan 2010.11.29
Pretty fun, though a little far-fetched. Still prefer this one to its sequel though. Got my fingers crossed for Ep 3 though...

Hoogan00 2010.11.29
Good, very goood.a nice game with a cool story.

mathamagician 2010.11.29
Interesting game, liked the graphics and looking forward to ep 2

stylerin 2010.11.28
Game was interesting, looking forward to playing episode 2, would have liked a few more branches in the game`s storyline

zeretet 2010.11.28
this game si intereeresting and very hot

MrKalleOh 2010.11.28
awesome ganem with wonderful graphics and addictive gameplay

schrottie 2010.11.28
Great game, looking forward to Ep3
ep2 is also great

x3n0s 2010.11.27
exillant game cant wait to play part 2

mjwm54 2010.11.27
I had a little trouble in the beginning of this, but it turned out to be a great game!

rissabean 2010.11.27
Good, very goood. This is a excellent game ;))

4loco 2010.11.27
cool way to turn this type a game and give it a story like that but still needs sound

mjmabile25 2010.11.27
The girls look good, but the guy looks weird.

Graeme Green 2010.11.27
good game..little different..had me guessing most of the way..a challenge good i like

jokester1801 2010.11.27
Good sexy game. Was a little on the short side though.

okokok111 2010.11.27
Amazing game!well playing!

brosurt 2010.11.25
This game is alright, cliffhanger ending kinda ruins everything so just be ready for that.

Eds 2010.11.25
Amazing game! I`m curious about the second part!

Ncode 2010.11.24
great game and a lot of fun

ThickMia 2010.11.24
i didn`t get a chance to play this game. it isn`t loading at all. i`m trying figure out why

amandaasmus 2010.11.23
awesome game but i got stuck in some places but it was worth it

amandaasmus 2010.11.23
this game is making me cum in my panties !!!! good thing my boyfriend is at my house (he is even naked ) sitting right beside me !!! bye bye he wants to have SEXXXXXXX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

badboy2196 2010.11.22
really good graphics and nice story.

king2pm 2010.11.22
very sexy game i love it this is a real hot game!

111speed 2010.11.22
thats a nice game with a cool story, more from them.

111speed 2010.11.22
I really enjoy the interactivity of this game. I look forward to more like it.

111speed 2010.11.22
that was intense! bet you fuck the black chick next chapter

Ponds 2010.11.21
I liked it, the interaction ws good and the ening brilliant

ghostrider2011 2010.11.21
Playforceone never seems to stop releasing great games

menommg 2010.11.21
thank you that`s very good game

lucasjoe 2010.11.20
The quality on the graphics are nice,good game but,I feel it needs more.Still I`ll be waiting for part two and so on !!!!

Covo 2010.11.20
Great story - just takes too long to get to each section

Covo 2010.11.20
This game is slow to start with - but then it picks up the action

sonba 2010.11.20
erotic and sexual game. You guys should make more

cronner 2010.11.19
strange but interesting. nice grapics

wattooo 2010.11.18
stuck with the anal part where i click?

askagainlater 2010.11.18

thetigerwithin 2010.11.18
wow the gameplay was decent and the ending was definatly unexpected. time to play episode 2.

jhnguyen242 2010.11.17
this is a good game hope for episode 3 already play 2nd

SkylineR34GTR 2010.11.17
Great game, looking forward to Ep2

AlexZloj 2010.11.17
not very interesting? but not bad!

Dimir88 2010.11.17
Good story and gameplay but a little short. Could have used some more animation in the sex scenes.

alfre63 2010.11.16
Good, very goood.a nice game with a cool story.

saeed_piero 2010.11.14
wow... very good

popcorn2002 2010.11.13
Great game! I like the balance between adult flash game and more serious story.

artista 2010.11.13
they have to add a saving point

kabayan47 2010.11.12
i think adding a save point will be great

Ack 2010.11.12
Pretty disappointing, hopefully ep. 2 is alot better

walfrid 2010.11.11
Cool game ! I can`t wait to play more.

jabbathehutman 2010.11.11
Not bad - didn`t mind the walking at all - maybe some more steps to lead to the finale would have been nice.

thearmyman 2010.11.10
Great game and absolutely brilliant quality ..... loved the ending .It was as if Derek came but no it was someone else .. Nice

fraip 2010.11.10
I found it to be good apart from showing to many clips when you examined/ flushed/brushed teeth and what not.
Also no ? when you had to move the mouse during the sex act to help you show were.

lucasf09 2010.11.09
Love this game, can`t wait for ep III to come through!!!!

coolboy18 2010.11.09
Cool game with nice graphics

roxy1887 2010.11.08
Good game...........Graphic good as always I want more

JustinW 2010.11.07
This game was a little bit dull but fun too play and great graphics!

taijimas 2010.11.07
a bit slow and boring, hopefully vp2 will be better

Nightw0lf 2010.11.07
Great game, I am waiting of VP number 2.

turj2 2010.11.07
a bit boring and slow but great graphics

u2man69 2010.11.07
Very interesting, kind of slow moving though.

fkman77 2010.11.06
cool intersting game i wana see the rest

redplane1 2010.11.06
I don`t get the point of this game...

Original99 2010.11.06
It was nice to be able to control the character`s movement directly and interact with the environment in a more meaningful manner. That said, it was difficult to visually distinguish what was and wasn`t a doorway given the overhead view, and the dialogue between characters was a little basic.

skye808 2010.11.05
BORING!!!!! but nice graphics!

acpreston13 2010.11.05
Great game, I am looking forward to VP number 2 - keep up the good work.

leagen717 2010.11.05
good graphics good story it is to short

AaronFlood 2010.11.04
Fun game, didn`t like having to move around, seemed kinda slow. Can`t wait to play number 2!

MrSharkus 2010.11.04
cool game, but I expoected Derek at the end

w_olms 2010.11.03
probably my favorite game on the whole website

catilinacatilina 2010.11.03
Great game! I like the balance between adult flash game and more serious story.

wc47 2010.11.02
awsome game just awsome..but kinda weird one..

Rachnul 2010.11.01
A so so game. Just one ending.

Horaldric 2010.10.31
This one was....a little strange lol, wasn`t quite sure where it was headed there for a bit towards the end

newrzr 2010.10.31
awesome game with an intriguing story.. goin to play the second one

blahh24 2010.10.31
awesome i think ill go play the second part now

noneed999 2010.10.31
tis game s fun n really sexy girl characters

butterfinger 2010.10.31
Not bad at all - needs a bit of work though!

SmokedCarpenter 2010.10.30
Excellent game, a little tedious at times but can`t wait the play the rest of the series!

sergiuitu 2010.10.30
it turned out to be pretty good at the end, nice graphics

waynedemis1 2010.10.30
good game, good story. off to play part two.

evilution.666 2010.10.29
great game & great role playing also...

can wait for episode 2...

bluegrassg 2010.10.29
good game with a good story i loved it

sungsung007 2010.10.29
nice graphic and new style game....

nissehult 2010.10.29
Good game, like the hole story

jack robson 2010.10.28
she said she would be round in 10 mins but never come so not good

Woofpz 2010.10.28
Really good game, can`t wait intill rest of the episodes comes out

sexybabe2010 2010.10.28
i like this game and its show alot of passion into it. Interesting game :D

ennergy 2010.10.28
It`s good, interesting game. I love it!

thaer 2010.10.28
i realy loved it... it is interesting game

!Kidman! 2010.10.27
Good game, nice graphics. The idea of interaction is great. Keep up the good work!!!

RHYTHM 2010.10.26
Hi! Great game and great graphics, the idea of the interaction was excellent but movement is a little slow. Also i found it a little bit short, and it could have been grat to be able to see the photo in the cellphone of julia.
Appart from that i`m dying to see the second episode!!! Awsome work!!! keep it up!!!1

RHYTHM 2010.10.26
as usual grerat graphics,where the story goes from here is beyond me,its more political instead of sexual...Sure the name shouldnt be dan brown? :P

RHYTHM 2010.10.26
thats a nice game with a cool story, more from them.

RHYTHM 2010.10.26
really enjoy the interactivity of this game. I look forward to more like it.

RHYTHM 2010.10.26
i have to comment to gain points

RHYTHM 2010.10.26
awesome game waiting for the 3rd episode

Jabberwocky 2010.10.26
more like chapter 1 than episode one. The graphics were good, but the use of arrow keys instead of a mouse for movement was something of an annoyance.

FlameInAllOfUs 2010.10.26
Nice graphics and interaction. Interesting idea

asdf23233 2010.10.25
That was really hot, I can`t wait for the next one!

justme4386 2010.10.25
Not much gameplay here. Ends too fast.

gilznosa 2010.10.25
it would be better if I could click to point were to go. walking is very annoying

treefarmer140 2010.10.24
In the doggy style position it wasn`t clear exactly what to do. I finally made it thru it by luck. Otherwise a solid and decent game.

DoubleShadow 2010.10.24
Very funny and great game.
it makes a lot of fun to play it, exspacially because you can move the person on your own ;D

chete79 2010.10.24
What a story. It`s really good.

sexfreak 2010.10.24
great game with new gameplay. cant wait for the next part

darkklordd 2010.10.23
Nice story, and nice graphics, but it could be less...obvious.

monke9 2010.10.22
can not wait for the next one

teotouro 2010.10.22
Very creative storyline... Now to Episode II

TMAN81 2010.10.22
This is one the best games on the net.....

billythekid 2010.10.21
very good, can not wait for the next one

abang 2010.10.21
good games....its make me horny

zozofreak 2010.10.21
Very nice game and story.

gagoka 2010.10.21
i cant pass in the loading screen

johnny_g 2010.10.21
animations could have been better but gameplay was good

erik25 2010.10.20
not bad could do with more choice

ejbakk 2010.10.20
The game was ok but the story is genious and the graphics are great!

thomasmann37 2010.10.20
nice story, nice gameplay.. but a little short ...

overseasman83 2010.10.19
Game was good kinda slow but good graphics

chiefsfankc 2010.10.19
I love the first 2 parts. Endings are a little strange but awesome.

jonnyrocket 2010.10.19
good game, cannot wait for episode 2 will be great

roux25 2010.10.19
nice game but its too short maybe longer it for more

xxrammherxx 2010.10.18
it was a little hard to follow at first but a good game over all

shooter32 2010.10.18
Interesting story when the site works, good graphics.

sammy7838 2010.10.18
its a good game . i am giving it 3/5 marks

bookie 2010.10.18
not enough scenes, multiple endings?

r0krchic 2010.10.17
in the blow job scean do i press anything?

Jackson7722 2010.10.17
its better than episode 2

waltzdragon 2010.10.16
i really love this game...
the storyline are great..

eddyman15 2010.10.16
love the game love when the police cummin when u r doin the girl

kasun.iw 2010.10.16
It`s a great game. Must play the second one too...

joker370 2010.10.16
Is the second one out yet?

Inmemoriam 2010.10.16
Great start to a trilogy ,a little slow in the beginning and the controls are a little clunky(fixed in the second part,at least for me) ,but never the less this is a very intriguing game,and i cannot wait to see the END!

Piercingaze 2010.10.15
The Play Force 1 icon at the top right of the screen got in the way at one point, I clicked on that instead of the object there. Think it should have been placed somewhere where it would not make for accidental clicking. Otherwise a very straight forward game. Graphics were not bad.

rjp2571965 2010.10.15
im really interested to see what happens in part 3

bt5121 2010.10.14
i can t wait for the third part

kyakya 2010.10.14
this game was pretty good but it was hard to move around

williamtoms1 2010.10.14
a game to be recognized with plot and gameplay was developed in mind for the players

Elexis 2010.10.13
It was nice to be able to control the character`s movement directly and interact with the environment in a more meaningful manner. That said, it was difficult to visually distinguish what was and wasn`t a doorway given the overhead view, and the dialogue between characters was a little basic.

m_bucks 2010.10.13
This game is excellent, good story

dani12345 2010.10.13
good game, some scenes are quite difficult to get over with like the little bug of the tits

Lollo92 2010.10.13
Great story, Great Pictures Great TITS!

grimjow 2010.10.13
this game was pretty good but it was hard to move around

hrndg11 2010.10.13
excellent game, although sometimes tricky to meneuvre around

Asimov 2010.10.12
This is a pretty good game, one sex scene though and its quite short. Liked the adventure clicking part however.

Hornygrl 2010.10.12
This game was ok, but Lessons of Passion have some much better ones

jstod 2010.10.12
good game liked the game play

gregdog316 2010.10.12
great story line and good graphics

jamesmartinez 2010.10.12
great game i want to see the second one

12345678901234567890 2010.10.11
good game, interesting story line good endings

dj.viper 2010.10.11
this game is excellent the graphics are stunning and i realy like the story

spoiledsundew 2010.10.10
I love the grafics, its damn good, the girl looks great and story idea is great, have fun

awsemo 2010.10.10
awsome game really enjoyed it

belfir3 2010.10.10
good game gunna play part 2 now

pornmad123 2010.10.08
pretty sick game, maybe more sex scenes and more women?

dewamps 2010.10.08
great game, can`t wait for the second one

Creep 2010.10.07
nice concept..could be more interactive.

anakha.ist 2010.10.07
Hot stuff, but i liked the passion hotel a little better. (the chick is hotter).

ferretsteve 2010.10.07
Its an interesting story line so annoyed when i played it for the first time when there wasnt number 2

msjf9 2010.10.07
This game is awesome. Can`t wait for episode 3

DaPunysher 2010.10.06
vert nice game, kinda slow at the start, but the story is great :D

shyman44425 2010.10.06
A little slow at the start, but very intriguing.

Bugh 2010.10.06
Found this very simple and basic, but still enjoyed it

bawags06 2010.10.06
Not bad... i liked the interactive movement. Maybe find a way to incorporate that more into the sex scenes?

biller43 2010.10.05
this is the best game ever

Thetenyd 2010.10.05
I think this game was to short, we need no much time to finish it. But It`s a good game.

keriloth 2010.10.04
I think that`s the best game i`ve ever tried :)
very good the multiple ending

flatliner17 2010.10.03
I`ve never seen an adult game with such great graphics. Glad I found the site.

hockeymaster 2010.10.03
The sounds are great, the graphic are nice and the sound as suspence cant wait till next

Jerkeys 2010.10.03
good game but i prefer more sound

noregister 2010.10.02
this needs serious some sound effects / music. otherwise okay.
The dialog while sex seemed quite hilarious, a little too out of place.

scotty_sanford 2010.10.02
im not sure i couldnt get it to work it looks good i tried 5 times and then gave up.

1100110011 2010.10.02
interesting storyline, great graphics

sameertondon007 2010.10.02
i think this game its not very bad.

vhht 2010.10.02
A little slow on my system, but a good game overall. It should be played when you`ve enough time for it, not a do-it-fast game.

rah4sh 2010.10.01
really nice game,but a little short.

issssoz 2010.09.30
short game but still a nice one and waiting for more

thundershadow 2010.09.30
Good start. Nice plot. But there isn`t much coice.

loller987 2010.09.29
gives very good start to this series, going to play the second one soon :D

sodibadru 2010.09.29
Quite a horrible game and has no real action. Slow and pointless is what I would call this game.

dillon 2010.09.28
i liked the rpg aspect of it, but it needs more sex scenes

hiuser1 2010.09.27
Good Game, a little short, and the ending was strange

littlepuddle 2010.09.27
no real choices to the game and its a little tedious

hhayop123 2010.09.26
its too long....but not quite good...

deadpool333 2010.09.26
Its too short and has not much sex scenes and they dont last too long

dudeman75000 2010.09.26
i love this game very much cant wait for the second one

joesooner 2010.09.26
this one is a disappointment. too linear. no choices to change the game.

John Hawk 2010.09.25
nice interactive gameplay, good graphics. unexpected story changing, really nice

mclovin909 2010.09.25
good game took me couple of minutes but it was worth it

gm1437 2010.09.25
no too over the top, but i still liked it

artair 2010.09.25
i think this game its not very bad.. but they can do better)

jimmyclarke1994 2010.09.24
This is very good, i cant quite believe it isnt a pro game engine.

monkeyfunk 2010.09.24
Great game as I`ve come to expect, going to play part 2 immidiately, could of used more action but maybe that`s better in 2.

chedrammy 2010.09.24
interesting game
strange storyline

Hyperwolf 2010.09.24
Great Game Looking Forward to 2nd one

moha500 2010.09.23
nice hot sexy game :P i like it

4nik8 2010.09.23
Good game and graphics. The ending was unexpected.

DEATH59 2010.09.23
I LOVE THIS GAME but they could make it longer. :D

linkoan 2010.09.22
Love the interactive gameplay, 3D graphics look nice. Quite unexpected at the end though!

4nik8 2010.09.22
interesting game. graphics were ok

houyee3 2010.09.22
Awesome game! can understand why it`s the editor`s choice.... looking forward to its sequel

Silvergate 2010.09.21
i think this game its not very bad.. but they can do better)

horneybaby 2010.09.21
This is an awsome game I love it.

woody166 2010.09.21
ohhh i like this game its soo mysterious i wonder what happens next

genz44 2010.09.21
Not bad, but a bit short. I enjoyed the rpg elements throughout the game, but the way the characters are constantly moving is a bit distracting.

mufc123 2010.09.20
cant wait for sequel great game

daw342 2010.09.19
decent game, didn`t do much for me, not worth a sequel or playing again

pipatwatt 2010.09.19
nice game it really interesting story,

gus008a 2010.09.18
Very cool back story with good cliffhanger ending for ep. 1. Can`t wait for the others...

Marty18 2010.09.17
A very good and challenging game

matthewt97 2010.09.17
really interesting story, and with part 2 released, makes even more sense and raises tension

mjadmek 2010.09.16
i love this game, cant wait for episode 2, is it out? i found it hard to finish at first but i finally got it.

hubbabubba41 2010.09.16
this game has great graphics

PureMeat 2010.09.16
Great game...
Enthralling and leaves me waiting for more!
Can`t wait to play two and even three!

caro_cat 2010.09.16
really interesting story, and with part 2 released, makes even more sense and raises tension

Silverorochi 2010.09.16
great game, only thing i didnt really like about the controls was that you have to do every little thing which makes it a bit tedious, fill the tub take bath drain water. but overall a good game i liked the controls for interacting with Julia. Looks like it will have a good story too, cant wait to see more

KyuubiShadow25 2010.09.16
amazing game, one of the best games i have ever played

fernymoni 2010.09.15
bastante entretenido,a ver el segundo

conterra 2010.09.15
Fun game. Not too challenging.

kavliaris23 2010.09.14
nice game and gameplay, very good graphics! Animation is also great but i`d like more animated scenes.

Jolly Roger 2010.09.14
Not a bad game. Interesting set up for future episodes (nice touch). I found the menus to click on a bit small. Making them a little bigger would be better. And perhaps labeling the map (the kitchen wasn`t as obvious as the bathroom, for instance).

Creator19 2010.09.14
The game left me wanting more, I was surprised to finish so fast chapter one

blackout2099 2010.09.14
great graphics, but weird storyline.

ahrul 2010.09.13
I can`t wait for the next game !

paulson79 2010.09.13
interesting I wanna check part 2

johnsexy123 2010.09.13
this game is very hot.....

jusin 2010.09.13
this is a very good game...totally didnt expect the ending...thumbs up!!

ssorcfc 2010.09.13
Very short. But nice. Wish Kyle moved faster.

william1337 2010.09.12
A pretty good game with a wierd end.

dabp 2010.09.12
really nice game cant wait the second one

jhaus 2010.09.12
a nice twist on the dating concept. Looking forward to playing part II

nk9qvtn 2010.09.12
Took me awhile to figure things out--but once I did it was great!

gettinthere4 2010.09.12
looking forward to part 2, great game

Dashvance 2010.09.12
excellent adventure game man very exiting

xxxPeanutxxx 2010.09.11
Interesting gameplay. I like it, a little slow, and faaaaaaar too short but still a great game

JezzBug 2010.09.11
fun and interesting, i couldn`t get the sound to work though.

adrianonn 2010.09.11
Superb. Cant wait for the next episode.

Javlo 2010.09.10
Nice graphics and interesting story :)

jerryw62 2010.09.09
graphics and movement of characters were good..the sex scenes were a bit mechanical but ok..perhaps a small small icon to take guess work out of a few things..but otherwise..good game

mikosan97 2010.09.09
this game me me fuck my self with a cucumber

baslyslt 2010.09.09
Game is realy something. Its prety different from the others I mean u can control ur char and stuff, like it very much.
Btw the graphics are awesome :)

kael85 2010.09.09
game feels kind of choppy imo with the clunky walking and interface

sportingthug99 2010.09.09
excellent game will enjoy part 2

tgbhw 2010.09.09
An excellent and challenging game. On my way to part 2!

guitardude 2010.09.08
Good job, hope to see more from the devolopers.

Logiwalla 2010.09.07
Great graphics! I like the interface, too.

erotic1234444 2010.09.07
Woow this game is avesome ;D
I like it very much

Pazizal55 2010.09.07
good game with an interesting story

md_rat 2010.09.07
Good game. very fun and sexy.

ezio_96 2010.09.07
it`s a great game.......nice story too

n0xi0us 2010.09.07
nice game with fine graphics. I point out that the balance of the scenes is not very good. Preparation of the room is very complicated while contact with Julia is really simple. I was surprised that Julia became horny too easily and too quickly. In my view, the process of making the girl feel sexy is an important element in the game. I look forward to playing the next episode.

footballman 2010.09.06
graphics and story line complex

Schadowraven 2010.09.06
Nice Game! Mysterious Story, i like it!

Fatunicorn 2010.09.06
okay, but a bit too easy and few variations

nathan76 2010.09.06
Nice idea of doing some tasks in house, but the speed of character should be a little faster. Also some sound effect could be great.

mcobb450 2010.09.06
Movement a little choppy but other wise nice game

goldeni 2010.09.04
i like the graphics and its a good balance of freedom and not being to confusing

bobg 2010.09.04
Pretty short, needs more sex. As usual from this site great graphics though.

Darkker 2010.09.04
Good, very goood. This is a excellent game ;))

Dr-Nuke 2010.09.04
where do you find the mop

lobo2453 2010.09.03
the graphics were great.
the plot is intriguing, and I loved the actions.

hittitking 2010.09.03
gameplay was meh, not worth a sequel, but the story hooked me at the end enough to check it out

Slifer91 2010.09.03
great game can`t wait for the next one

Alex13 2010.09.03
Really great game looking foward to the next episode

Bjoern51 2010.09.03
Very good game love the interaction!

knoxbrando 2010.09.02
quality and attention to detail gets you all to see in this one

bight 2010.09.02
where do yo find the glasses

bight 2010.09.02
where do youget the tooth paste

bight 2010.09.02
where do you find the phone

bight 2010.09.02
where do you find the mop

bight 2010.09.02
what do you do after the music

freestylah 2010.09.02
This was excellent! Some tips about how to raise the `excitement levels` would be welcome, though.

CIASpy 2010.09.02
Nice game. Good graphics, easy to play.

thatguy96 2010.09.02
same cant wait for next one

thatguy96 2010.09.02
nevermind i did it ths game is soooo hot

thatguy96 2010.09.02
im stuck right at he start

maklas 2010.09.02
very good game graphics and i like the girl

dennis9770 2010.09.02
wow this game is fuckin hot

jcb330 2010.09.02
great game but a little short.

Bulweif 2010.09.01
Good game with cool graphic, but a little short gameplay.

nenwon11 2010.09.01
great game really liked it

akarki 2010.09.01
this is a great concept and it becomes even clearer in the second episode that it`s a pretty well thought out game - like

layban 2010.09.01
was ok the rpg thing was cool but overal it needed more length and scenes

layban 2010.09.01
i found the game to short

layban 2010.09.01
really great game nice rpg style

spongenoob 2010.09.01
Really good game, very realistic

1z2345 2010.09.01
nice and complex, great graphics its missing the sound though

R0M30CaSaN0vA 2010.09.01
Short game but interesting gameplay...love the graphics....cant wait to try part 2

vongolaXXX 2010.09.01
good game plus a good storyline, i like it

masterofddr 2010.09.01
Wtf boombastic. love da boobie! =d rox man thiswebby!

Eroticon4 2010.09.01
Excellent story and game play. I have high expectations for Episode 2.

robocat 2010.08.31
cant wait until episode 2

sittingduk 2010.08.31
amazing graphics and animation

skip1 2010.08.31
I prefer it to the second one

NoRegrets 2010.08.31
a little to slow for my taste

Dick1337 2010.08.31
interesting game, seems like next one will be better

Ymir 2010.08.31
Hmm. Sexy gsme and interresting story! Great!

bjnbenner 2010.08.30
very nice quality, can`t wait for the sequel

mikaoj 2010.08.30
love this game it´s very sexy

rmlong1974 2010.08.30
Decent gameplay, good graphics but a little to short

sonic84 2010.08.30
it´s a great game with good story

revilo19 2010.08.30
this game has an excellent story. cannot wait for the second. i have recommended to all my friends!

Bibibo 2010.08.29
Surprising end! Have to go on...

xkima77 2010.08.29
that game is awesome, can`t wait to see more

babahoush 2010.08.29
great interactivity, good graphics

thatguy05 2010.08.29
this is a great game, Ill be waiting for the next spisode

CrkMnky 2010.08.29
Great game and I`m looking forward to the rest of the series

bhma222 2010.08.29
Great game and look foward to the series

Skylink 2010.08.29
not bad but the game could be longer instead of in two parts but i do like the gameplay setup and the graphics

jffitz 2010.08.29
good game, good balance between playability and story

w0lf6868 2010.08.29
Slow to load in parts but a lot of fun

TMAN 2010.08.29
This is what i call a game cant wait til next

NickC 2010.08.28
interesting story, adding sound would make it better

meowmage 2010.08.28
it`s an interesting story line, the sex scenes are well done if a little choppy to react to cant wait for the second episode

jj1922 2010.08.28
Good game, hope the next one is as good.

abott_hero 2010.08.28

Leedsman 2010.08.28
Great game, well rendered girl. Story is interesting, looking forward to part two and three.

h123olla 2010.08.28
A new experience! Love it! Can`t wait for more =D

billyboy 2010.08.28
Interesting game - good graphics - but the end of the episode is quite strange and no explication

fgertzu 2010.08.28
Great game - good prologue for the 2. part.

jarod16 2010.08.28
Really fun game too bad at the end

Dj Lagos 2010.08.27
Awesome game. Really love it!!

Bluehue. 2010.08.27
Very interesting story and good graphics. controls can be a bit hard to get use to

av689 2010.08.27
Good game, graphics, and interaction.

Ray_man 2010.08.27
Can`t wait to play episode 2, this one was great.

Mcdanger 2010.08.27
good follow up, cant wait for episode 3

benzzuk1 2010.08.27
good game great graphics, don`t like the controls though really

revvy 2010.08.27
Great game! hot girl! now going to play part 2 hope to see some more action!!

twenty3 2010.08.27
Good game with geat graphics

big green 2010.08.27
good graphics but it should be longer

lalab 2010.08.26
I wish it were a bit longer...

wirewolf 2010.08.26
Good game..i mean nice....is ok when u want to kill some time.

mrx667 2010.08.26
nice game, new one soon tho

puma420 2010.08.25
one of the best games i have played... too bad they diudnt let the guy finish...

puma420 2010.08.25
Amazing game! tons of fun! i like the diferente "modes" while playing....

Could make the fuck scene better though!!

A lot of fun!

whens code 2coming out?

scha1641 2010.08.25
wow very interesting game excited for episode 2

Greasemonkey84 2010.08.25
I`d call this a decent game. I really needed to get used to the arrowcontrolled gameplay.
Mostly played mouse controlled. I hope part 2 is more prommesing though.

Mighty2000 2010.08.25
Looks quite cool. Now checking out Part two.

RustyDoober 2010.08.25
great game can`t wait to see what happens next, am I missing sound FX?

Lord Vol De Morda 2010.08.25
Great game. It`s sexy and have interesting story.I hope second part will be that good. :)

nolove123 2010.08.25
wonderful wonderful great

Mike64 2010.08.25
good game...and now episode2

Astromech 2010.08.25
great graphics...good storyline...good characters...great game
looking forward to play part wo

kelstiqe 2010.08.25
very good story line,great graphics. It could more sex though,but overall good quality.

spring_apache 2010.08.25
Good game; can`t wait for episode 2. It is a little "stiff" though

negativeimpact 2010.08.24
this game was fun to play, had to find everything before you got to the sex scene, and damn you guys are good at making charecters for these things.

aegisys 2010.08.24
good plot, gameplay is a bit rough, though

weezybaby23 2010.08.24
good game i thought until i played it then i kinda sucked ass

nilmerith 2010.08.24
I hope the next part coming soon, nice game!

pratik5887 2010.08.24
excellent game... when is the episode 2 coming??

retros1 2010.08.24
I like this page. Good games

Kirdran 2010.08.24
I am waiting for Episode 2!

durban 2010.08.24
the gameplay and graphics was good... pity there is no sound..
like the cliffhanger ending

Curtis615 2010.08.24
i need som help i can`t finis it

sexypr1240 2010.08.23
great game can`t wait for part two

zeudios 2010.08.23
amazing game great story, very nice chick

coolguy456 2010.08.23
Not too bad; very organized and easy to maneuver. Sex scenes were very plain though.

leonizer 2010.08.23
Venona Project Episode 2 will be delivered this week.

neugier69 2010.08.23
awesame game, but to short. Nice graphics.
hope that part two comes quickly

ace1350 2010.08.23
Gameplay was a little jumpy but apart from that was a good game

squallheart03 2010.08.23
Very nice game, good graphic, i`m waiting for the end of the story !

gummyadam 2010.08.23
i am still waiting for the 2nd part of this game

Dakeshi 2010.08.23
Good but a bit short. Kept getting stuck on corners of stuff though in the game. Looking forward to the next one.

050gertje0 2010.08.23
Very nice game. Played it multiple times. Can`t wait to see episode 2.

caffine_high620 2010.08.23
fun game, cant wait for the next part

Timothyx 2010.08.23
hot game but much work and then short sex scenes...
awaiting part 2 !!!!

mrcoolerz 2010.08.23
the user interface was new, quite tricky but it gave the game a nicer feel,
when``s the next episode coming?

Wolfen189 2010.08.23
Wow! Pretty interesting. Great cliff-hanger! Can`t wait to see what happens next. I hope part #2 is coming soon.

seeeeeeeeeeeee 2010.08.23
great game , nice cliffhanger. cant wait for episode 2

KPeek 2010.08.23
nice game. can`t wait for the new one

Kryzoz 2010.08.22
that was quite the unexpected ending, can`t wait for the next one and however many are going to follow

por 2010.08.22
Still missing part 2 :P this was quite good, makes you wait for another...

tempus3007 2010.08.22
Nice game! I`m curious about part 2. ;-)

arthur42 2010.08.22
I can`t wait for Episode 2. Good game, very good.

Chairman 2010.08.22
love the game play so far, i need more ... nice graphics too

hoptirinay 2010.08.22
it was a little short for first episode but can`t wait to see the others

kiekeboe 2010.08.22
like the game, but I hope the next episode will be longer

hopebeach2002 2010.08.21
excelllent game~waitting for next edision~

kjdehn 2010.08.21
wish i had girls like her

Fugubob 2010.08.21
I like this game, excit for next episode

catrembut 2010.08.21
should make more games like this

mojhe1 2010.08.21
great game waiting for next episode

komax155 2010.08.21
Great game I wait for next part soon !!!

ZeroImage 2010.08.21
Controls wasnt very smooth, but overall it was a great game

goselink 2010.08.21
love the game, when does part 2 come out?

d-gaetano 2010.08.21
it was nice..... when part 2???

nickb93 2010.08.21
Nice game, really good graphics and better than the last one

beastinn 2010.08.20
Awesome game, can`t wait for ep 2, hope it`s a little longer than this one though :)

gilly133 2010.08.20
cant wait for the next one to come on out

k7soon 2010.08.20
Good, but ending is quite weird...

t3mmnc 2010.08.20
really great game 8/10. when is part 2 coming out???

chinese.inc 2010.08.20
waiting for the second one to come out..

ke114 2010.08.20
Can`t wait for the next one. It was a bit of a pain with moving around getting stuck in corner etc...

max29 2010.08.20
goood gamee, love everything bout it

iluffme24 2010.08.20
controls were hard but it`s a good game

Sidmark 2010.08.20
Good Game. Graphics are good but the controls are a little hard but its nothing that kills it

qwerasdyxc 2010.08.20
I think, the control is a bit dificult. But it`s aa great story.

nycmyc 2010.08.20
I wouldn`t call it a huge flaw in the game, but it took me a while to "get the apartment ready." Trying to control the character was pretty hard. but aside from that this game was awesome.

kidmetr 2010.08.19
Its really straightforward, but the plot makes up for it, esp[ecially with the "cliffhanger" for a sequel. Hopefully the sequel will be alittle more challenging

superblah62 2010.08.19
rily short. wish it was long

MadMonk33 2010.08.19
Awesome game, can`t wait for ep 2, hope it`s a little longer than this one though :)

dragoon1000 2010.08.19
pretty fun game but id like to see him blow his load on/in her before getting interupted

Beckmann 2010.08.19
Very nice game.. looking forward to the next part

soda 2010.08.19
A nice game with fine graphics. I point out that the balance of the scenes is not very good. Preparation of the room is very complicated while contact with Julia is really simple. I was surprised that Julia became horny too easily and too quickly. In my view, the process of making the girl feel sexy is an important element in the game. I look forward to playing the next episode.

lloyd1191 2010.08.19
I liked this kind of gameplay. Hope they keep making the other episodes.

mangemoi 2010.08.18
Very different type of game. There is a lot of interactivity. I can`t wait for the others episodes!

NJH90 2010.08.18
Can`t wait for the next part ^^

omahan 2010.08.18
i can`t wait for the next game!

jimmymack 2010.08.18
great story line,controls are a little hoky but will probably get better.

eaglefighter 2010.08.18
This game is can feel how to make a love.I like this game.i can work with the arrow key.

Undersige 2010.08.18
Its goning to take forever till episode 2

Mister LD 2010.08.18
very interesting..... cant wait for episode 2

bloodbaron 2010.08.17
Super game cant wait for part 2

bshdaddy1 2010.08.17
great game can not wait for next episode to come out

pebose 2010.08.17
interesting, not that much interaction though. lets see what will be in episode #2

johndowe 2010.08.16
ggGreat game guy`s cant wait for #2

firewarrior550 2010.08.16
cant wait for then next part

dan123 2010.08.16
Can`t wait for the 2nd part

greeny1234 2010.08.15
So short!! Finished just as i was getting into it :(

thomas1234 2010.08.15
this game is good, nice graphics and sexy girls

AntonyJ 2010.08.15
good plot, i thought the boyfriend was at the door.

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