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Useful profession


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cesaw70 2017.08.19
Didn`t like it at all! There weren`t any intuitive mechanics in the game.

yinyang770 2017.08.07
they could of made the lockpicking a better but good game

Bruno46 2017.07.09
the game needed to be longer, more girls and more challenges...other than that not bad

ninetailsjinchuricki 2017.04.05
Great game, but advanced a little too quickly,

xestril 2017.03.29
there isn`t a whole lot to it but good for passing the early mornings

PornCrazy 2017.02.17
the graphics are nice however the game is too short and too easy

kinshasa 2016.12.26
i love it to just play it at 2 am in the morning the game is a litle to pixelated I.M.O

snoraxTT 2016.11.28
good game, without errors

Cole_XXX 2016.08.15
its creepy when you cum, and they have no facial reaction. its just a blank stare

Plezier227 2016.08.05
Bit too easy, but for a first scene, it is ok. Needs more work.


Clip35 2016.07.24
Fun game. Really enjoyed the art!

baseball529 2016.07.13
okay game but sex scene is too easy to get to

soldier76 2016.06.19
The story is great as well as the graphics

taitaxx 2016.06.15
tbh the graphics and animations are good

lifetaker11 2016.06.03
awesome game but would be better if there was more to the story and more action

NeM 2016.05.15
this game is awesome its really good

glaze1210 2016.05.01
Sex scene was hot, but too easy and straight forward to get to.

sethh88 2016.03.18
good graphics and story line and the sex scene is that good 5 stars

lampasey88 2016.02.26
also nice to play game i like it

pepexd 2016.02.01
the face girl i think need more expresion but the game itself is kinda good

cheldee 2016.01.30
Again, not my kind of game. I more like games like Playforceone make.

obeylegend69 2016.01.17
its an ok game its a littile short and the graphics are ok as well

AxisRiven 2015.11.27
Milfs! i love milfy looks women.

chriss94 2015.11.26
the story of this game is kinda good

alexroom 2015.10.31
it is a nice game it needs more action

jeff21 2015.09.29
i`m stuck at the lock pick please help me

MaleAthlete 2015.09.17
meeh, didn`t really like it. It was too short and straight forward

MrGiggles 2015.08.20
it could be longer but it was still good

Kidchaos878 2015.08.09
The lockpicking is abit hard. the animation is not that good either.

willbear48 2015.08.05
it is a very interesting game.

blackopps799 2015.06.21
Its easy but not enough action

he110ween99 2015.06.10
good game, loved the graphics

Bibhu chautari 2015.05.14
I am not being able to open the door what can I do now

Halo4life 2015.05.13
love this game the gameplay is awesome

daltonray 2015.04.12
good game, door is a bit tricky

wct_Tarot87 2015.04.03
this game is boring and the story line are short

bachhuyanh 2015.03.24
Good game, the graphic is great

ghost rider 2015.03.13
its nice and the story is good

Demonic_Wolf 2015.03.03
this was a pretty good game the lock picking could have been turned down a notch though but pretty good

hornydan 2015.02.28
The lock picking was hard! but over all pretty good.

Trolli 2015.02.19
Nice Grafic, but the game is too short

jr5000 2015.02.13
Fun game. Meet up with a girl that stood you up. She need you now to pick a lock. short fun game.

Kitkate 2015.01.29
Very easy game i love it very much

smaximus 2015.01.21
good graphic and gameplay but the story is too short

asdfasdf1 2015.01.21
There`s really not any plot line, and the graphics are pretty "meh."

Etho 2015.01.04
Sometimes, Fuck Town games seem a bit repetitive, but I like their progress with their games.

xxAliluyAxx 2014.12.23
its nice and cool game, thanks!

SynisterX 2014.12.17
i like this game so much its so sexyyy

tcco 2014.12.16
love this game challinges are fun to do

Sparksss 2014.12.16
great game loved the challenge with picking the lock

reking1 2014.12.14
its a cool game and easy

Xombalds 2014.12.13
This one is great, hentai styled.

AwesomeAtheist 2014.12.09
Not really an adventure game if you can`t do anything wrong...

xxxFunseekerxxx 2014.12.09
Nice game, but too easy

farlesck 2014.12.09
Nice fun game, with nice challenge to pick the lock.

Captain_3D 2014.12.05
pretty good for the most part

Bogda3993 2014.11.19
Great game, i Love it !

dickboy3 2014.11.17
Beautyful sexy game with nice graphic

paoseland 2014.11.15
The lock picking was fun, but they needed to put a bit more attention on the details of the girl, she never changes her facial expression.

wonderboy001 2014.11.09
Took awhile to get the hang of it buy not too bad after that.

JamieMcEpic 2014.11.07
not a game for beginners to be honest

sbbs 2014.11.07
BAd graphic, the game isn`t better.

modomino 2014.10.25
Not a bad game the lock pick was tough.

Radielaviel 2014.10.21
Decent graphics. Non-exisent plotline, but good enough for my pheromones.

Tenn2014 2014.10.15
was ok to much cartoon for me tho

chriskelly13 2014.10.12
awsome to play when bored

jp14295 2014.10.12
Good fun game but picking the lock was a challenge

Multiman 2014.10.09
Game is good but artwork and expressions need more of it!

mert123 2014.10.07
Mechanic is kinda annoying but the game is cool

domee37 2014.10.04
very sexy game. it is a nice fucking game.

Zman101 2014.10.03
could be better but in the end its a nice and simple game

fadabafada 2014.10.02
Good one for the genre, but the facial expressions on the foreplay part could be a lot better.

TheNate1745 2014.09.25
I enjoyed the game but it could be better

CBurnod 2014.09.23
I appressiate the graphics and gameplay

tommylewis235 2014.09.22
I like the quality and melody

dandraft 2014.09.21
not the best game you guys ever posted,at first the lock picking takes time to figure out and the reward is not all that rewarding, but its still better then most of these type of games.
4/10 for this one

jaspreet1 2014.09.20
this is great.i love it

jaspreet1 2014.09.20
sound really need to be rendered

birdboy8 2014.09.18
nice and simple, tho the lock pick took me a while..

playerhater23 2014.09.18
Game wasnt great graphics and gameplay simpl

shyman44425 2014.09.17
Very simple game. Very enjoyable.

cdansby 2014.09.13
Good game but seems repetitive like other FT or MNF game

hammond2000 2014.09.13
this is a great game just takes to long

goldenmanz 2014.09.11
great game decent sex graphics i cant wait to play again

ru2l8 2014.09.10
I like the game. The lock picking was a bit hard to understand at first.

crancnu 2014.09.10
the game with great quality and nice concept.....

titotarek 2014.09.10
This is great, Hentai style

RashinRayne 2014.09.05
The game is fun, but some of the animations are a little lame. Also the game style is about the same as some of the other games I have played.

ballsac 2014.09.04
The lock-picking is the only challenge. The graphics are fine, but not the best. Overall, mediocre.

glukos37 2014.09.04
picking the lock is difficult but good game

NotSoMagicMike 2014.09.03
something seems to be wrong, i cantr get the lockpick to work

VegasDude 2014.09.03
Woah, by far the best so far

sirenx 2014.09.01
good game, graphics was nice :)

thick_mami 2014.08.31
lock picking was hard and wasn`t too impressed by the sex graphics but good game i suppose

blackninja206 2014.08.31
great game and good choices

bpa1989 2014.08.28
sex animations aren`t that great

polo2u 2014.08.27
very nice game but it was
too short

Gruby4D 2014.08.26
Not bad but could be much better.

darkridr25 2014.08.26
I was not really impressed with this game. Silly puzzle to solve, followed by lame touch puzzle, and then finally an unimaginative set of sex scenes. Quite boring, IMHO.

Ty3opByH 2014.08.23
Graphics are ok, nothing fancy there.

zeroexe 2014.08.17
I`m having trouble unlocking the door

Lcypher1234 2014.08.17
A typical anime flash nothing new but stil entertaining

wampire 2014.08.14
I enjoyed the game. graphic is moderate but good.

marcusL 2014.08.14
This game makes me wet but the storyline is to short

smmccoy8838 2014.08.12
Good game. Needs more girls. The lock was a little challenging to pick.

letter312 2014.08.11
The game has a really short storyline

CumMeBitch 2014.08.08
hot game it gets me soo horny i want to finger myself

Gulinator 2014.08.08
For anybody who struggles with the lock
Try to get all of the gaps in the rectangles aligned

chief007 2014.08.07
Graphics are ok, nothing fancy there. The menial task is more complex then the main gameplay . Nice game.

deathla 2014.08.05
really nice game try to add something more

Drachos 2014.07.30
Probably the hardest game ever made by the meet and Fuck guys/girls, the game isn`t bad, but its top heavy, with the hardest stuff when you first start, and then logic after that.

I kind of hoped for more.

ImrtlWolf 2014.07.28
its a pretty good game but could have been much better.

gigantic 2014.07.27
its kinda boring game - longer please!

greasyfoot 2014.07.25
nice style and girl the music is great too

triggazzbaby 2014.07.24
This game has an interesting storyline

FastE 2014.07.23
Good job. Many thanks for the creators!

Great gameplay

JeffHardy 2014.07.20
it was not easy to play

traffic_x1 2014.07.19
Don`t even bother playing this... Really boring... Yawn..

MalditoRasta 2014.07.18
It is to easy and not interesting!

rohitkumar12220 2014.07.16
useful profession is a very good game and its graphics are good

subversive 2014.07.15
Graphics kinda took away from the overall experience. The little mini-game was a decent challenge.

Socdny 2014.07.12
Not the best, but then again. Not the worts either

Sexyace20 2014.07.11
was fun butt i think can be more to it

DylanFTW1 2014.07.11
I don`t like the sounds very much...

Spidarmo Suzuran 2014.07.11
hmm, ohh, good... i`m cumming while playing this game...

alfalf 2014.07.10
didn`t like the looks of the chick nor the lockpicking thing thats just too annoying and difficult for such meetnfuck game (esp when playing with a notebook without mouse)

uptome 2014.07.10
Very nice hentai game! Liked playing it alot

macumba 2014.07.09
not the best game.
graphics are not great

Chia 2014.07.09
quite good, but not what i`m expecting

Gatessex87 2014.07.09
very nice game but it was a little too short

babygurlz926733 2014.07.08
this game was alright. I didnt enjoy it as much as i would have thought

yannos34 2014.07.07
its still a ok games
better next one

bigdig 2014.07.07
graphics are mediocre. short story. lockpicking is fairly tricky with a touchpad

Boobiesareamazing 2014.07.07
Pretty good game, nice graphics

mooli 2014.07.06
the story was old. i want sth more interesting...

Chenz1 2014.07.05
it was alright I have played better ones

MikeyWh 2014.07.05
Interesting concept but lock picking is to complex

rileyw 2014.07.05
game is not bad. hoping for a sequel

snapdo 2014.07.05
Pretty good game, nice graphics

ohantom2850 2014.07.04
Picking lock was difficult. Needs lot of patience. Rest of game is average

benpope2 2014.07.04
brilliant game i love it

IN-Duke 2014.07.02
loved to see those HUGE titties.

babalakul 2014.07.01
I like this game is so interesting.

grayman30 2014.07.01
this game works very well i like it

Ares30 2014.06.30
I think it was a ok game. It could have been better. There was 0 emotion on the faces.

RobJnsn 2014.06.26
Pretty good. Sound effect were great. Game was way too easy though.

sensei 2014.06.25
Nice Sound , But zero emotion infaces...

guyfawkes666 2014.06.24
very nice game.. Loved it

roaddog 2014.06.24
to easy,to short,could be more fun

temporaneo.81 2014.06.21
so straight game. i don`t like it. there must be choices that end the game

drakcorian 2014.06.21
lock picking can be done by aligning the gaps altogether at the same time. took me a while to figure out. but great game!

Ardiansyah Yudha 2014.06.21
Cukup menghibur, game hentai selalu menarik bagi saya

mann234 2014.06.21
nice and easy game and too short but enjoyable game....

toolzombie 2014.06.19
The lockpick part was challenging. Not the best game.

ltworf1 2014.06.19
The picking the locks was the only challenge to the game, almost too hard for the payoff
besides that the is average

dadykid 2014.06.18
easy game, not so impressive. this is the weakest from pf1 games.

nickstallone 2014.06.18
game is broke. i have touched her everywhere but the pussy, but it wont let me touch the pussy. fix the game. i have gone over every inch of the body. grrr

bite 2014.06.18
Those graphics come from Fuck Town series I guess. Well, i don`t find the girl really attractive, that`s quite bad for a sex game :(

Zarek-Robins 2014.06.17
i found this game to be very easy and i was stuck on the lockpicking for 5 miutes

the game was alright just really short.

deffy duck 2014.06.17
fine game good graphics over all nice game

Xandinaril 2014.06.17
Picking the lock was a bit of a pain but worth it to get in the door

doubleG 2014.06.17
Not a bad game kind of short though.

fernandz2103 2014.06.16
for me its an easy game

makassar 2014.06.15
my connection database is very slowly, so i can fell more preasure with that, it`s very annoying

adragon707 2014.06.15
Fun little game but needs more to it.

igandlore55 2014.06.14
good game lock picking was hard to get used to

nikhil2611 2014.06.13
log but at ending its thrilling

belac 2014.06.13
hard at first.but then you experience the thrill later

Lizzie 2014.06.13
Cant get the locks open so i dont know what to rate this game

notman 2014.06.13
decent game that could use some improvements in gameplay and graphics

tibobn 2014.06.11
nice chalenge from the lock picking skills ... its different :)

seffi 1234 2014.06.11
picking the lock is difficult but good game

xoxoxo2293 2014.06.11
for those who are stuck with the lockpick segment

NOTE: don`t push the mouse up too hard make sure you have all of those `bolts` on an equal level then once you see the "unlock" on them then if any go over board repeat that process again just move the mouse up gently not too fast and then you will have the door unlock hope this helps

anvesh21 2014.06.10
the lock picking was really tough .... but nice game

konjuring 2014.06.10
Nice looking new game, liked it.yeah

dgkesquire 2014.06.10
The real booger was picking that dang lock. After that, it was "same-old, same-old".

deadlyhunter253 2014.06.10
Its a decent game that could use some improvements in gameplay

MissMmh 2014.06.10
I only came halfway .. the gameplay was poor! I have interest though.. it needs some more exciting stuff

sobespartan 2014.06.10
I couldnt get past the lock picking =/

Alfherin 2014.06.09
A little easy and repetitive after the lock scene but not bad anyway

tabbycat1 2014.06.09
This game is not very challenging. But it is a okay game to play.

grangeman7359 2014.06.08
Not a very good game, the only challenge was the lock - not worth the effort though

HarrietGarmin 2014.06.07
i liked this game was fun easy controls but ended to soon

hunted 2014.06.07
This was made by rookie, for a rookie, but for that it wasn`t bad.

lengfeihan 2014.06.07
very funny game! i like it!!!!

uriele 2014.06.05
i hate this lock pick, and every time i lose lot of time to unlock that.

scottmcm 2014.06.05
Pretty gal, Hentai style. But a little too straightforward, not enough forks in the path for my taste ...

C.C. 2014.06.05
Finally got the lock picked. It really wasn`t worth the frustration. Love 95% of games. This isn`t one of them. Great idea but ......

tren 2014.06.04
just a really boring one

Natureboy73 2014.06.04
its a good game, little too easy perhaps, animation is good and the girl is ok, sex scenes are not the best but its still passable as a hentai sex experience.

sam wilkins 2014.06.04
ordinary game;graphics were not gud enough,poor story

Maddog12 2014.06.03
Okay for a hentai styled fucktown game, but doesn`t compare to some of the LoP stuff available.

dreadwolf 2014.06.03
gameplay, graphic, animation are ok better games here

oranjeboven 2014.06.02
Gameplay is boring.
Graphics a turn off.
Story idiotic,
Who needs games like this?

LarryC 2014.06.02
this game was just awful, way too easy, and well just flat out sucked

jamessimpy 2014.06.02
Really boring game . It could use some more activity or some more options.

ixsigmaxi 2014.06.02
kinda boring adter all, mini game was ok doe

wessmith 2014.06.01
too easy, too short. nothing challenging bout it

Blitzkriegbob 2014.06.01
too easy, too short, nothing new.

Thinman 2014.06.01
Gameplay is simple to flow. the Graphics are about average. Still a fun game to play.

Thinman 2014.06.01
A simple game to play with about average graphics. not to hard to follow.

Thinman 2014.06.01
Nice Easy game to play. Graphics average at best.

Thinman 2014.06.01
A nice easy game to play.

wezel87 2014.06.01
Nice game.. Graphics are not really good!
And it was to easy!

Stathis 2014.06.01
Typical game, nothing more, nothing less.

A hint about the annoying door puzzle: Try to get 4 out of the 5 locks unlocked simultaneously, then lift the last one (which you left to slide all the way down) to unlock all. I left the far left one.

aaron221 2014.06.01
good new game.makes fun to play

redboss 2014.06.01
I want to know how to time the lock thing

WolfWarrior 2014.06.01
Not as good as the studio has offered in the past, but I did enjoy the lock picking.

stefano71 2014.05.31
mah!!! tha graphic is not goog like the game. i don`t like it very much

hornynurse 2014.05.31
not worth it. Never really liked meetandfuck games

pusshound 2014.05.31
The lock pick is a real waste of time. The game is clearly made by an amateur. Graphics, story line, and mini-game are all pretty boring.

Anon619 2014.05.31
This game would be significantly better without the lock picking mini game

Hazan9 2014.05.30
Short game and kinda boring.

halmalo 2014.05.30
This is maybe the worst game of the website
the locker is very boring

shyman44425 2014.05.30
Career alert: I will never be a locksmith!

backstabbin 2014.05.29
good fuck scenes
not wroth the time

Mmaster 2014.05.29
terrible story, please we dont want to see this kind of bad games here :/

zikas 2014.05.29
it is a nice game but a common story

es 2014.05.29
nice, but too easy and too short

ashish0808 2014.05.29
picking lock is really hard....any help plzzzz

UkSteve 2014.05.29
What a stunningly awefull game this is

Anatik 2014.05.29
the story is good, but not the best.... and play Skyrim to upgrade your lockipcking skill... it was hard :/

Mighty2000 2014.05.29
Nice but not extraordinary.

garonbrown 2014.05.29
The hardest part was picking the lock...decent

sillybilly456 2014.05.29
lock mechanism a little frustrating

vvccvvcc 2014.05.28
25 rating for lockpicking, everything else not so good

stnick 2014.05.28
What a stunningly awefull game this is, Get a statement wrong and get another chance and then another. Lock pick takes a few tries but nothing much and then you get onto the animations I dont know who drew them but I would be suprised if they have ever seen a woman without her clothes on or indeed ever watched a porn movie. 1/100

char1234 2014.05.28
hentai games. cant get enough of it

hiddenkiller09 2014.05.28
the only thing i found good about this game was the lock picking game at the begging

scannatore 2014.05.28
It`s a stupid joke.
Move a little up every piece after they unlock and pray they do it at the same time.
Not worthy after all.

C.C. 2014.05.28
Worth it or not I`d like to finish the game. Just a hint on how to open the lock, please.

TBear9877 2014.05.28
Game play predictable but not bad.

banes 2014.05.28
good game, good graphics.

Safsbro 2014.05.28
Interesting not sure if the game is just off or me.

dandraft 2014.05.28
bad game indeed,that lock is annoing and that helen isnt that sexy either,wewe seen games like this before and the "reward" isnt worth the hastlle, 2/10 for this one

toulavej58 2014.05.28
got bored with this game after the lock pick...waste of my time

eagleata 2014.05.28
too short story and discusting...

bilbily 2014.05.27
the lock in this guys
It is not opening after

dandydon 2014.05.27
the lock pick was tough to get. Sex scene after made the wait worth it.

Tiger21 2014.05.27
Really not very good, and the lock picking was awkward.

jcc1985 2014.05.27
ok game graphics could have been better really short

Magic Knight 2014.05.27
This is great, graphic good. nice game.

MasterMadman 2014.05.27
It`s okay, though very short and Meet and Fuck recycle all their sounds.

lesbo4 2014.05.27
i am having trouble unlocking the door

icrazyur2 2014.05.27
game play poor storie sucks graffics bad

C.C. 2014.05.27
I`m having the same trouble. Picking the lock doesn`t seem to work. I`ll get an unlock only to have it disappear. Do they have to be done in a certain order?

Kill@0815 2014.05.27
this was made by rookie, but for that it wasnt bad.

Jaaru 2014.05.27
Nice looking new game, liked it.

klf 2014.05.27
graphics, story, mini game... everything boring

jamsterkk 2014.05.27
How to open the lock in this guys
It is not opening after a lot of tries
Can anyone help me?

Marakuya 2014.05.27
estubo chilo aunque corto...

MovieNightHD 2014.05.27
This is great, Hentai styled. Love it.

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