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Urban voyeur


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Matty9745 2019.05.15
Awesome updates to the game, makes it even more interesting to play whilst interacting with the gorgeous women

TYRIBA27 2019.05.13
love this game hoping for newer updates with the club

krawittel 2019.03.15
Good story and sexy scenesrn

franco86 2019.02.17
bel gioco, bella grafica,aspettiamo nuovo aggiornamento!!!

Faterfux 2019.01.31
Would be nice, if the game would actually be finished at some point

Badman.SP 2018.12.26
It is a promising game with very good graphics, but unfortunately I could not go ahead because it presents a bug with connection failure.

christra448 2018.12.16
Awesome game, can`t wait for the next update

tonymids 2018.11.14
stunning in depth game. can`t wait for more parts

Matty9745 2018.09.01
Awesome game, can`t wait for the next update to it and really interesting to see how the story goes from there

looner 2018.07.27
not sure f i played this game yet


Judex 2018.07.05
A very good game. I hope the next version will come soon

Schmitzi987 2018.07.04
Good game, could a little bit longer but I like the party

hammertime44 2018.06.26
Solid game with multiple possibilities depending on the actions you take. Holds your interest, would like to see more of it and more of this type of game. Have fun with this one. rn

xxxPeanutxxx 2018.05.27
Really good, just needs more content!

supertrucker 2018.05.08
holy smokes I love this game great storys sweet graphics and super hot girls. I dident want the game to end. can` wait to play again.

Diosmialo 2018.04.28
I hope we can get more from this game soon. It`s really awesome and it has a lot of options for the future.

tedos 2018.04.19
Cool game! I realy enjoy it :)rnrnrn

JImmyXXX 2018.04.07
Good Game - Nice Premisern

LKCrooked 2018.03.10
Wow, realy nice game ! Nice graphics and nice story too !rnI hope it come a second free to play part

torrente 2018.03.09
does someone have the walktrough?

BigAnt469 2018.03.07
Great game with many hot girls

torrente 2018.03.04
I loved this game. It has got a really good graphics and animations. Any walkthrough?

chichazo 2018.02.26
It`s a very interesting game with a great variety of hot girls and really good Graphics! Waiting for the update!

Mathis 2018.02.18
not the best game i played but the game is really good !

stevesmith755 2018.02.17
Hasn`t been updated in a while. Waiting for next release.

Quibus76 2018.02.14
Its a great game, a shame the game stopped in the middle of the story! All and all a well deserved 8,5 score from me.

KrazyAnt469 2018.02.04
Great graphics, hot girl, and a good story

Vasco223 2018.01.22
Very hot games make funrn

tyriba 2018.01.20
I love the game . Amanda was the best . how do you get the group of girls?

thatguyn7 2018.01.16
really quality story looking forward to the rest obviously not much happens sexually but lots of potential

NiGHTS4life 2018.01.15
And ruined by Patreon exclusivity. What`s the Gold version storyline?

bruh12 2018.01.11
Great game I love the paths

Microb 2017.12.31
Great game. Too bad it isn`t finished. I like the multiple choices. The graphics could be better i guess, but that is becouse i think all the women are drawn with big hips, ther is too little diversity at that.rn

LuckyJack 2017.12.26
love the possibilties. a lot of fun

GuyFox 2017.12.25
Really interesting game. So many decisions, so many girls. Very cool!!!

demonfox1 2017.12.24
good game but I find the game to shortrn

dragonking72 2017.12.23
this is a great game the graphics are smooth.

Imjinscout 2017.12.20
This game rules wish it had more content

Trokkar 2017.12.20
Has to be the best game I`ve played here, nice pace to the story, and so many lines for the story.. great game.

KH4L1D 2017.12.18
This game is a very hot game and good

Norbeast 2017.12.17
Good game.rnIt has a nice story to it and interesting characters. Can`t wait for future updates to this game.

thewitcher3026 2017.12.15
I liked it. But it will be more fun when the new update will arrive. Waiting for it eagerly...

urgoth1 2017.12.10
After playing the new update I like this game even more i look forward to it getting even better.

urgoth1 2017.12.02
this one played different from most here and that is a good thing

DrunkNescafe 2017.12.01
Very good update, it was a long wait but it was worth it! It`s still on my top 3 Patreon games !

tazcristi 2017.12.01
i can`t really see what is that new with the update

CesarGames 2017.12.01
You need to press SHIFT + F5 (Windows) or Cmd + Shift + R (Mac) on the game start menu to load correctly the new version, if you don`t do this it may call the old version files that may be stored on your browser cache.

leechung838 2017.11.30
what did the new update do to the game cant see or find anything different

Apocrypha 2017.11.28

evilbob1234 2017.11.28
Nice graphics and good story. I can`t wait until the full version is available.rn

humanbutt 2017.11.26
very good story, nice animation, looking forward to the 2nd partrn

calbert01 2017.11.25
Game interested me enough at the beginning despite it being quite short. I understand things take time and situations arise but multiple delays on the update have really hurt this game. Five months and counting.

hew115 2017.11.25
this is a very fun game i loved the gameplay

Oconner 2017.11.24
Please pf1 , release 2 nd part as soon as possible

jamie418 2017.11.23
enjoyed alot hopefully there will be an update soon to finally finish the gamern

lolkidmaster55 2017.11.23
The game had good graphic and good animation

Robert1309 2017.11.22
Really good game can`t wait for the update to be released

Jolean 2017.11.18
I hope it will be updatet soon

Midna 2017.11.16
Was pretty good, saw some nice things in it, but it seemed to end a but suddenly, hopefully the second episode lives up to the first

santana9102 2017.11.16
Long game, graphics aren`t quite as good as other games but the story is quite good.

crimsonfrog 2017.11.12
really good game cant wait for next one

nosound871 2017.11.12
Come on , please...when it`s coming second part? it`s such a great game but incomplete.

tumors51 2017.11.09
Very nice game with beutifull girls :) I"m waiting for Episode 2

sushi1963 2017.11.07
Interesting game but, it`s a long one if you try all possibilities. Good one.

kinou21 2017.11.06
Very nice game with beutifull girls :)

ANDRESXXX 2017.11.05
I love this game, its easy to play and very pervy when it has to, i think its like a 85/100rn

Donny9987 2017.11.03
this game is great I really enjoyedit

Richhero1966 2017.11.02
Just had a look at this game in my lunch break (when else!) and looks a promising start, but needs development added.

Apocrypha 2017.10.31
That just fucking sucks, I guess it`s gonna be another month of blue balls until the major update

Jokee 2017.10.31
Guess the update got bumped up nearly a full month. Too bad, but still. Good game.

des14 2017.10.30
Good game with great graphics

lordhadrian 2017.10.27
Loved the game, game play and graphics, I hope it updates soon

Undaunted 2017.10.26
Very nice game, enjoyed the graphics and story but I hope it will update soonrn

bullsextra 2017.10.23
super game. nice erotic scenes/

notabot32 2017.10.20
Graphics are decent, women are all little pudgy. No animations. Game is very short, all text, very few options. Needs development.

Apocrypha 2017.10.17
So far the game seema to establish a good foundation for the story to continue, I am enjoying the depth of the story and I hope we get more involved with these characters. Sophia is my favorite and her story make me empathetic to her, when you get to the point of seeing just how much suffering her husband puts her through, it is gut-wrenching and a stark difference to many other erotic games with relative comfortable circumstances. There will br an update soon, there was a small delay for Cesar as he was getting things in order, but he expects to get a new update by the end of october as stated on his patreon page

colex 2017.10.11
It was a good game but I wish that I got to play the full game.

Corypheus 2017.10.11
This game has great potential, but extremely slow development. Even though it has about 450 patreons, there are little to no updates at all. The dev gives pretty much no information. There was supposed to be an update last month, but that obviously didn`t happen. Such a waste. I would`ve backed it up, but I don`t think the dev is going to finish this game.

nickyhutch 2017.10.10
I like the storyline a lot but the ending is a little frustratingrn

kinou21 2017.10.10
Very nice games with terrible sexy girl

Jokee 2017.10.06
Looking forward to the update.rn

Grick Rimes 2017.09.27
great graphics. A lot of potential here. hopefully it`ll continue without patreon, but I understand why folks do that.

rumpelstekin 2017.09.21
great story although the game is still unfinished.

khahan 2017.09.19
Its a good game but unnecessarily long. Build up is way over done.

evildave86 2017.09.19
So just want to mention in regards to supporting Cesar`s Patreon, it`s been talked about briefly now that the game will have pregnancy if you are into those kinds of options he`s working long hours and can`t update as fast as he wants, but if your into the pregnancy fetish of these kinds of games or just want to support an up and coming creator then go their and support him I imagine it will speed up his ability to produce and update/complete the game faster.

TEX TIGER 2017.09.19
The great scenario, but game is short for play for free.

hholth77 2017.09.18
i like this introductionary game. It has great potential. I can see the different cultural background with different emphasis on lustful beauty, Biut great.rn

OzzyGuy 2017.09.14
Great game. Looking forward to the sequel!!

Zeroic 2017.09.14
The idea of the game is nice and it has a good story. However, there is little to no action in the game wich is a disappointment to me.

less_talk 2017.09.13
Stupid game, fat models, no gameplay at all. Who plays this? Accidentally gave high score

Mjay20 2017.09.12
Best Game ever! Top graphic, Top gameplay!!

Jay.D. 2017.09.12
Nice game. good graphics and a lot of fun playing.

kinou21 2017.09.11
I am crazy of this great game

Micha1980 2017.09.11
Great game, with Great Graphic

matzeb14 2017.09.07
This game is insane, great graphics. lots of fun to play i`m looking forward to the next episodern

notapa 2017.09.02
I cannot wait for updates, this game is so hot.

hardcok 2017.09.01
great game sxy girls nice ass and pussy`s on the girls

Huntman98 2017.08.31
cool game liked how u could flirt with anybody

phildog01 2017.08.30
Really good game cant wait for next partrn

willymnmn 2017.08.30
nice game lie it a lottttrnvery sexy

Javier57 2017.08.28
I see this game and others offer update if you support autor with some amount each month. I Think is better pay amount for 1 month or more if a game is finished?rnrn

Joester 2017.08.27
Loved it can not wait to play more

dropgunx4 2017.08.27
This game has good potential. This version doesn`t really show too much. It mainly sets up what will be later versions. I hope it gets updated soon.

icrazyur2 2017.08.26
what the fuck playforce still the same games if this is best that you can get maybe you should stop and if its goning to take months to get news once again stop your site is shit now making sharks lagoon look good even horny gamer is getting games faster only goodthing going for you is you is it free rn

zorgocrypton 2017.08.26
The game gets stuck in the loading the assets screen. I waited for more than 15 minutes and it didn`t open. Please fix this issue.

bigguy686 2017.08.23
game will not load for me just goes to a black screen?

ab2217 2017.08.23
This is a very fun and exciting game. Can be tricky but pay attention.

IchFindeZuegeCool 2017.08.22
Great but how can i rate i have the account 1 month and everytime i visit Kelly for her instructions i get the conversation but i always get the popup to visit her again for instruction knows anybody how to fix that bug pls help

OzzieGuy 2017.08.22
Quality game. Bit of a tease with sudden end. Can`t wait for the next update!

cistobzv 2017.08.20
Great game, cant wait for next part :D

LuciusM 2017.08.18
I love the story of this game, hope they will create an interestig ending or many interesting endings. Grafics are awesome!

jndeleau 2017.08.17
Really good. Can`t wait for the next update!rnA walkthrough would be nice though.

BallIdiot 2017.08.14
Good game, but too bad it`s unfinished.

ozorne_6 2017.08.12
Great Game only thing missing VR

apexwolfie 2017.08.11
It was a great game i would play again

Raabi87 2017.08.11
When is the next update? Unfortunately, there are still too few erotic acts. In what time is the game supposed to be ready? The game idea is very good and also the graphics.

yinyang770 2017.08.10
i enjoyed this game but just waiting for the full game to be released

god1234 2017.08.10
nice game..great graphics..but very short...and waiting for updatern

asenzhu 2017.08.09
Very good game, awesome graphic and hot girl. I love it.

ghostjar 2017.08.09
this game would be a lot better if there was morern

TLBLAKE31 2017.08.09
Excellent game love it and cant wait for it to be extended

waltweasle 2017.08.09
Just love this game. Played several times to get different endings. very well made

tmramorniy 2017.08.09
Just ***ing hot! Played it several times to get possible... startings :) Can`t wait for next parts, it seems to be just perfect!

rioko 2017.08.08
that game has good graphics but a bit short

TLBLAKE31 2017.08.08
Great game , love the way it plays and cant wait for part 2 to come out and see what happens

samiman 2017.08.07
can´t wait next part. when it come?rn

samsexx 2017.08.07
It`s a very interesting game with a great variety of girls and good Graphics! LOVE it

bullsextra 2017.08.07
Superb game flow. erotic voyeurism.

SoraWolfStorm 2017.08.07
It´s a great game and as so much girls in it and the graphics are awesome !

Wondra 2017.08.07
It was one of the best games I`ve every played on this side, can`t wait for the sequel.

1fucker 2017.08.06
Good game play,cute story,good graphics.

tinvenc 2017.08.05
waiting for the next episode to continue, Interesting game

Siddarney 2017.08.05
Not great - Pretty boring

kevin1701a 2017.08.04
Good game with great graphics

bigells1979 2017.08.04
interesting game i hope more interaction in second installment though

notapa 2017.08.03
This game is super hot i love voyeur

marcus747 2017.08.01
This game is fun, but replays get bogged down due to way too much dialog with few real options.rn

96399639 2017.08.01
Good so far, can`t wait for the update

samsmith1169 2017.08.01
Great game! I can`t wait for more to be added!

vitali 2017.07.31
good idea and story, but too much click roll story and only few options. Hope next part will be better.

umair555 2017.07.31
best ever game i have ever played

icrazyur2 2017.07.31
holly sheet playforce what the hey is taking so long for new games if the last three are the best out there well lets just say there shit but atleast your not a pay sitern

arnorich11 2017.07.29
That`s one of my bests games. Ican`t way for the next.rn

fergal 2017.07.29
Good game, not the best ive played, but good!

MaLaYGaMeR115 2017.07.28
i like this game so far,the graphics is great,the storyline great too and i can`t wait to play the full version.Awesome works and keep it up.

CrazyPilot86 2017.07.27
While starting the game I got virus-alert. Same directly on the producers homepage. Any Problems?

JK1922 2017.07.27
So the graphics are phenomenal, and I liked the many storyline options. Both of the two motion scenes I found it bugged like hell, with a second image flickering on and off on top of the base image. Also, I had to constantly turn the comments on and off because they would bug and not update whenever the image changed.

umair100 2017.07.27
one of my favourite games i would love to play the second part

IchFindeZuegeCool 2017.07.27
Im sorry for asking here but how can i rate games i have the account way over 24 and everytime i talk to kelly for some basic rules i get the same quest talk to kelly about the rules again. Sry for posting here i didnt now whrere to post it.rn

Jimbo44 2017.07.27
nice game, good graphicsrn

Ally 2017.07.27
Really looking forward for the next episode of this game.

sebeju 2017.07.27
waiting next part. The voyeur think is very exciting

Bomber93 2017.07.26
i hate to wait updates or new game to continue to story... just release the game when it`s complete step by step and start over it again it`s boring

Chairman1966 2017.07.26
good game, need more episodes and options...rnnice graphics too

dom159357 2017.07.26
Great potential. Not much happening in this first part though. Not worth a 80 rating at this point though. Good set up for follow up parts.rn

Pizzaolle1 2017.07.25
Very nice gamplay, grapic and animation

Nini.Glo 2017.07.24
Kinda sad the game ends so early into the story.

Bomber93 2017.07.24
they really go slow with this kind of games progresses... it`s a pity cause the graphic is good and the storyline is too

Troubledone 2017.07.23
Very good game, great graphics and storyline. Hope the next part doesn`t take to long to arrive and it wouldn`t hurt if it`s a bit longer.

DavMc1963 2017.07.21
This is really a pretty good game. I`ve played many of them and wouldn`t say it`s the best, but maybe 7 out of 10.

duke777 2017.07.20
Excellent game, I look forward to continuing ...

yoyogum 2017.07.20
I feel like all the different paths are going to getting very confusing to keep straight as this game goes on, but i`m interested to see how it comes out.

capcum 2017.07.19
this game is fun to play and looks incredable

Baseball2 2017.07.18
Decent scenes, not the best story.rn

khahan 2017.07.18
Decent game. has some good scenes and lots of promise.

JackW 2017.07.17
Great game, i`m waiting for the new update. I really like the save system which allows you to try out different combinations

Ania 2017.07.17
so hot game, I liked it so much. Thi game looks so real. sotirqa theodhori come on and fuuck each other, Yours Kristelda ,, ohh ohhh come on ohh

Chairman1966 2017.07.17
really enjoyed my first play throughrnneed to try more things now...

qeadzc 2017.07.16
This game is awesome. Lots of different paths to choose. Looking forward for the update in august

wing14rob 2017.07.14
I just get a blank screen, game doesn`t load?? Any thoughts?

dante980 2017.07.13
wonderful game! Love the graphics

richardb1285 2017.07.12
Great game with tons of choices and good graphics. Can`t wait for additional content in August.

MrTurner 2017.07.12
Great game!rnErr am I missing something, in order to vote you have to be registered, I register and create an account, then you visit Kelly for a quest, I do that, and the only quest I can get is to register an account, which I just did... rnrnSeems a little contradictory ;)

mich2you 2017.07.12
I like graphic design, but there is not much choice. Long parts go on without anyone being able to decide what to do. I find the game too linear. Not interactive enough.

thebreadman503 2017.07.11
really good game, cant wait for the rest of it,i dig the graphics of the girls

jefflnx465 2017.07.11
Is it just me or do I think that the girls are kinda "plus size"?

bgffbb 2017.07.10
This game is great and sexy

JB12 2017.07.09
Does anyone have any idea why I can`t rate games, or access any of Kelly`s quests? I`ve had this account for WAY over 24h, and have over 50pts

labmunky 2017.07.09
Good Graphics, story with many plot twists are a good thing, just not complete, will have to hold out til a finished game for my final verdict, but a good start so far. rn

Bruno46 2017.07.09
The final version promises to be good, lots of plot twists and many option of girls to have sex with, depends on your moral and choices like in real live i guess...

undeadzombie 2017.07.09
Very Interesting game and i love the graphic

57chevy 2017.07.08
too slow to load up but the graphics are good

getsuga 2017.07.08
i gotta admire the animation in this game top of the line

CesarGames 2017.07.07
New Version 0.1.2 with ENGLISH PROOFREADING and some bug fixes have been released! Thanks!

Error 22 2017.07.07
Though some of the girls look okay, you do not get to have any sex.

blake1292 2017.07.06
great game very well made and easy to play and beautyfully set out

israce 2017.07.06
Thanks for demo mode! Well, I understand developers - give out small and sweet piece and ask money for more. But looks very promising! Many girls, story twist, and nice graphics! Waiting for full version.

xXxVeNoMxXx 2017.07.06
Aside that is unfinished, and I hate unfinished games.... Its like jerking off without the payoff, I guess it was ok.

wagontail 2017.07.06
good game had a few glitches here n there but overall good

hammer1 2017.07.05
Game was good, graphics were great. Just not long enough.rnrnrn

shiffos 2017.07.03
nice graphics and very pleasant story

coolw 2017.07.03
The game itself seems really fun, with a lot of potential options to go with. It would be fun to see it completed as well as better English; I`d be glad to help. Kudos to the designer

hidarkness 2017.07.01
Really nice game especially the big plot that it´s tryin to set up intrigues me.rnI just hope he´ll continue to work on it and not stop, because there were too many decisions and the game got too big.

mr_shock25 2017.07.01
Great game really cant wait for the 7th for the next updatern

adyee 2017.06.30
it is good story line very excited what comes next is dr. get any girl or fail in the love ? let`s find out in next part of this game..

mermon 2017.06.30
lots of clicking... not many choices... many dead ends...

CapnMorgan 2017.06.30
Decent graphics, storylines all seem to be never ending, and I`d give it an 85 if someone would edit the English. I`d even volunteer to do it.

infestor 2017.06.30
Great visuals and interesting storyline.

snake64700 2017.06.29
very good game with nice story and very beautiful grafism

whisper 2017.06.29
wrong link, not load page

Toufik33 2017.06.29
Wow, many women to chase, varied storyline(s) and interesting plot, I`m hooked, congrats !

Ross6 2017.06.29
very good story I like where it might go but are there any sex scenes in it ???

mr_shock25 2017.06.28
Really looking forward for the next episode of this game. any clue when that will be??

Ark7890 2017.06.28
Amazing quality game cannot wait for it to continue

Graindesable 2017.06.28
Nice start for the game, waiting to see more!

justjoe47 2017.06.28
Nice game, plenty of decisions to make. I can`t wait for the update.

Marcus Crassus 2017.06.28
After a long time a game worth waiting for!! Very good graphics and an interesting storyline. I hope that very soon the next expansion will be released.. Well done Cesar!!!!!

STNeish 2017.06.28
It looks very good, but there`s nothing here to actually play (yet). The game is all setup with no real payoff.rnStill, I`m looking forward to seeing where it goes.

EricDey90 2017.06.27
Really good start, nice choices. Cant wait to see where you take this.

tluciotti74 2017.06.27
How does this even have a 79? This is not a game but a click thru story

CesarGames 2017.06.27
Hi, i`m Cesar the developer of this game. A new version of the game (0.1.2) will be released very soon, it`ll include many bug fixes and ENGLISH PROOFREADING.rnrnIf you`re having problems with the game feel free to contact me directly on my official page (the link is inside the game), i`ll be happy to help you, you can also follow the latest updates about the game there.rnrnCurrently this game is NOT smartphone friendly, i advise to play it only on desktop/laptop/tablet computers. Thanks!

tibobn 2017.06.27
what can i say .. im a bit disapointed ..it dont say demo anywhere so i had higher expectation when i saw the quality of the artwork.rnstill promising and hope the best to the developer in the future.. will keep an eye for future version.

Poisoned 2017.06.27
Superb graphics. I only came across one motion graphic. Hopefully there will be more in part 2? There was a lot of foundation building in this first part, I hope it pays off when they further this story. When reading the text of what different character`s are saying, a picture of their head pops up and blocks the text. I hate guessing on what was said., because it takes from the story.The need to make their pop up heads smaller, of move them or move the text so it can be read properly. So all in all this was a good game with great potential. I am actually looking forward to more of this story and hope to see it soon.

Adaar 2017.06.26
Cool story, looks good but the writing is atrocious. Get someone to proofread for you. There are so many mistakes it was hard to read.

stach56 2017.06.26
Really good game, Great story and great graphics

ScottS69 2017.06.26
Lots of pretty women and some nice voyeur images. Can`t wait for the story to continue.

slave2412 2017.06.26
I really enjoyed it and I hope the creator releases the update to this game soon

LuiZzZz_ 2017.06.26
I loved it! Need the full game please!

KitCarsen 2017.06.26
Good Game, can`t wait for next installment!

w1drng22 2017.06.26
I loved every bit of it. The story line is incredible.

Chairman1966 2017.06.26
I really enjoyed this one, good work on the storyline.rncant wait for part 2

Roko 99 2017.06.25
nice try - waiting for the next part

w1drng22 2017.06.25
This game is fantastic. I can`t wait for the next installment.

littleGamer 2017.06.24
nice try - waiting for the next part

Mikey67 2017.06.24
Very slow to load pages, then my computer decided not to play this game and froze......rn

Triv24 2017.06.24
very interesting game for the next part.

Mikkon 2017.06.24
I was already following this cool game from another site, according to the author he`s gonna release a new version at the end of this month that fixes some bugs and has proofreading.

nillax2k 2017.06.24
not really a game more like a visual novel. a better translation would be nice also.

Ten86 2017.06.24
For a game that relies so heavily on text, the typos and lack of punctuation are extremely distracting. Couldn`t get far enough into the game to enjoy it.

xoxin 2017.06.23
Very promising game with amazing visuals! Different kind of story with many branches, i really liked it! I`m eager to see more!

Bw86bw86 2017.06.23
Not enough choices, too many just reading text. More like a long story

Gogogo99 2017.06.23
I hate when a game stops in the middle of the story,

AlanErchiagrossa 2017.06.23
Heh! It`s funny when Sophia says: "Good morning doctor Gonzo" :D

Jaaru 2017.06.23
Nice looking new game, liked it.

Endikasu 2017.06.23
Nice game, excelent graphique quality

citrus1980 2017.06.23
Anyone knows if the developer of this great game have made other games before and if they`re on this site? Thanks!

icrazyur2 2017.06.23
umm really please tell me im missing something one sex scene slacking play force one

shyman44425 2017.06.23
Great intro game. Nice tease for the next segment.

Incest Dad 2017.06.23
Really good game, Great story and great graphics

Azizam 2017.06.22
Wow, many women to chase, decent writing, and interesting plot, I`m hooked, i want more :)

tdenny59 2017.06.22
Actually this isn`t a game. Continued clicking and reading with minimal choices along the way leading to basically nothing. A huge waste of time!

quintdraken 2017.06.22
Very good quality graphics and multiple paths. I am excited to see where it goes and would be willing to support it.

moun10man 2017.06.22
Any help appreciated, I click on the link and a new window opens, but nothing happens there. Id like to play this game, looks good. rnThanks

zachg 2017.06.22
I like that there`s different choices that lead to different paths you can go, offers good replay value allied with top notch graphics and sexy girls. I`m very curious to see the next part of this game!

Gangstabill1984 2017.06.22
I hate when a game stops in the middle of the story, playforceone very often not doing the part 2

Tiodor 2017.06.22
Very good game, awesome graphic and hot girl. I love it.

Zeblast 2017.06.22
It`s a promissing game with very nice graphics, can`t wait for the next part.

cassini 2017.06.22
It`s a very interesting game with a great variety of girls and good Graphics!

beralt 2017.06.22
Really good game cant wait for next partrn

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