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Umichan Maiko: Female Rivalries


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supertrucker 2018.09.16
I came back 4 months later and this game still not working. should take it down..

supertrucker 2018.05.08
seems to be a glitch with the loading of the sceenes. what I was able to play seemed good.

Glitchy456 2018.05.04
Does the game have loading screen problems for anyone else

blade2344 2018.02.21
good game like more like this

tyriba 2018.01.20
way to much talking girls look well drawn just not enough sex

Boobunny33 2018.01.14
I liked the quest. The sex sceans could had some diffent postins

bruh12 2018.01.13
This game is very different but great graphics and its a good game

bruh12 2018.01.13
This game is very different but great graphics

XZD 2017.12.19
Great game i like it the graphic is Nice rn

hallnnash1 2017.12.11
Love the artwork. Game is a little too simplistic


urgoth1 2017.12.10
I am not a fan of this kind of game its not bad just not one i will replay much

Badger 2017.12.08
simple game, a little too much dialogue

Trokkar 2017.11.21
fun, yet different game. Graphics are ok, kinda slow and a little lost at times

Badger 2017.11.08
its good but could be better

Burton12 2017.11.01
Simple game. A bit too much dialogue for me.

TheLoveApple 2017.10.22
It`s a fun game with good graphic,animation are decent, i like it...but where i can find a full game?

BengerBang 2017.10.01
Not bad at all! Art was great. Story was fun and the interactive scenes were really good! Two thumbs

gianoo4 2017.09.30
Very nice game, hot graphics

Hottie515 2017.09.25
Lovely game, but it has a strange story

Leo1996 2017.09.21
Decent graphics with good storyline. where can I find full game?

Trokkar 2017.08.16
Decent graphics, lots of little mouse clicks to play with..enjoyable

GP69 2017.08.16
Bit slow and not much choice of events, but otherwise good graphics and animation!

marcus747 2017.08.15
A strange game, I found it really short and easy, I didn`t even want to try another run at it.

ghostjar 2017.08.09
i don`t really get this game. but is hot none the less

TWM42 2017.08.02
Good Graphics,nice sex scenes,story could be a little better. All in all not a bad game.

samsmith1169 2017.08.01
Not a big fan. Too much dialogue, Kind of a boring story

Laelith 2017.08.01
a simple good game with good graphics could have a better story

oranjeboven 2017.07.27
Who has got the time to read all that?

tluciotti74 2017.07.18
I do not consider just clicking buttons to further a story as a game. Am I the only one?

qeadzc 2017.07.16
nice game, but there is too much dialog and not so many choices

jon3011 2017.07.13
Grapgics is ok, History is very nice a good gamern

jjack5341 2017.07.02
gameplay could be betterrn

snake64700 2017.06.30
too much dialog. but funny game! thx

biobirth 2017.06.23
interesting game, took a while for it to load for me though

youngbuckpimp 2017.06.21
game was ok. needs to be more content

memeforce 2017.06.21
The characters in this are cute

hihihi9090 2017.06.17
The game seemed too linear

Sola_KMT 2017.06.16
good question rili I used to know how to change pic. But mine has been deleted and can`t find wherernI changed it b4???

godley 2017.06.15
i enjoyed the artwork but too slow still fun

deftusworm86 2017.06.13
nice game I love the grapics and it runs smoothlyrn

randy1 2017.06.12
I think there was to much chat on this game but other wise not too bad

shyman44425 2017.06.12
too much dialog. not much excitement.

rili 2017.06.10
does anyone know how to change your profile pic?rn

auldgit 2017.06.10
Not of a high enough quality to keep a player interested.rnGraphics are a bit simple and the storyline has no interaction whatsoever !!rnConstant clicking to advance the gameplay is not satisfactory to be called gameplay !!

littleGamer 2017.06.08
not that good - saw better games in here

rockyraj 2017.06.07
game ok but not cool because automatic more than nned

bobbyjoemudda 2017.06.06
There`s a decent game hidden under here, but it isn`t there yet

alenner 2017.06.06
love the graphics and the story in the gmae

glukos37 2017.06.05
a simple good game with good graphics could have a better story

Blitzkriegbob 2017.06.05
I`ve seen a lot worse games than this. While it is not the gratest gameplay or story, the artwork is promising.

justjoe47 2017.06.05
More dialog & sex options would be nice. Other wise the game is just a click the box and move along .

Tiodor 2017.06.02
No many option to play. Just fallow the story. I don`t like it.

lugians 2017.06.02
i agree with Adaar, it is atleast a 6, and I did finish it to the end.

Adaar 2017.06.02
geunie, there most definitely is an end to the game, you must be doing something incorrectly. That said they definitely need to hire a proofreader that is a native English speaker. The gameplay loop needs to be cleaned up some as well, but not as bad as others are saying. At least a 6/10

opy1130 2017.06.01
Wow, not worth playing IMO

geunie 2017.05.31
Not the best game! There seems to be no ending, it keeps repeating!

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