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TEX TIGER 2017.11.23
This is interesting game.

devil123456789 2017.09.23
simpel but nice game. with animations 10/10

YuRaina 2017.09.11
i like this game, so nice to play with

Jimbo44 2017.07.29
always like the school scenarios, love it

Bruno46 2017.07.09
Its a nice game, no sound and pretty easy to get all 3 of the teachers...

LX0809 2017.07.08
This is a simple but enjoyable game. Want a private lesson in swimming ))))

Tiodor 2017.05.03
Very hot, sexy and interesting game

Boddien 2017.03.07
A very nice game, but not interesting.
One history in this game can be nice too.

watchonlyplz 2016.12.28
love this game, sexy teacher

Oni-Brian 2016.11.26
It`s a good game, the graphics I think I saw in an e-hentai gallery but I do not remember what the artist called.


fiftypez 2016.11.16
needs...more...but interesting...graphix...

DarkLord8726 2016.07.31
I really like the graphic and the back ground. The game is awesome and the game play.

DjCobaltBlueDragon 2016.07.21
a very good game graphics are great

Pedrodelacrosa 2016.06.27
This game sucks a lot, bad graphics and slow story

JimKill 2016.06.06
The leveling up and 3 girls thing was nice and unique
Good graphics
Not much of a challenge though

Wildman44 2016.06.05
Nice game, nice graphics and gameplay.

drew0118 2016.05.12
Simple game but still fun.

GarthNyx 2016.04.22
Feels a bit slow to start off, but gets better. Tends to get repetitive fast though

Shooter.Mc_Swag 2016.03.26
I like this game. It`s just so good
I love the grafs in particular

Tinhorse 2016.02.17
i didnt quite get the point..........but cool grafs....

dan182661 2016.01.30
Loved the gameplay and the graphics...interesting storyline.

latinagr 2016.01.25
A bit boaring but with hot picks

dragon290 2016.01.21
good game kinda gets boring

spartan1167 2015.12.22
Game takes a bit to get going, but worn it

ghundam123 2015.12.14
this game is really amazing

HentaiShad 2015.12.01
Repetitive but the graphics make up for it

Sonicmatrix 2015.10.24
good concept but a little too repetitive

anh689 2015.10.12
I realy liked the suspicion part of the game. Made it more realistic and challenging.

ben_aughty 2015.09.12
bit of a snooze fest, couldn;t make it to the end.

varun2396 2015.09.03
nice pictures to enjoy else the game as it is too repetitive

udjai1 2015.08.23
The game is boring could have been better

Xlaxx 2015.08.22
Beautiful game amazing pictures and wonderful women

kwothe 2015.08.14
Need more like this one !

harry26548 2015.08.11
Good Game. Little bit repetitive. Nice graphics although a no blur version would be nice

sparklesman 2015.07.29
i liked this game alot it had good quality

mncub1986 2015.07.21
Great fantasy. who doesn`t want to seduce their teachers?

jerrycom1234 2015.07.16
the game is very hot sexy and interesting

10BigDanny01 2015.07.12
Fun game, not too long but not too short

shitfuck 2015.07.11
This game is so awesome

complice72 2015.07.03
great graphics but really repetitive and easy

Ocean_K 2015.06.29
Really nice game. Bit slow to start up, but it speeds up. Lots of variety.

DaPlayer777 2015.06.23
love the game.. but the tits are a little too big

bigtrucker578 2015.06.14
great hentai game nice pics

nagazato 2015.05.08
nice graphics good game

Empireshadow 2015.04.11
Pretty simple game little repetitive but great game

Yanaga 2015.03.28
Nice grphic real love it , best hentai so far

bachhuyanh 2015.03.24
I like it, good game, good graphic

collegeguy002 2015.03.23
bet game so far and i really liked it

darkrider45 2015.03.10
Game has pretty good graphics for a hentai

lionfool1957 2015.02.28
very good graphics. nice game.

Tony_Kukowski 2015.02.28
oh my gosh this isteh worst game ever

shcdowling 2015.02.23
Good game but this isn`t the final version of it. I played the final version on newgrounds, it`s basically the same but harder.

cameronw 2015.02.18
weak game and not worth bothering with

Mrbigstuph69 2015.02.18
The pictures are nice, but I feel this game lacks substance.

Zombi3Slay3r 2015.02.17
its a good game, but the start was confusing

SeeMeD 2015.02.16
not bad. you just need to know what to do.

jamielee 2015.02.15
gameplay was a bit repetitive

Pauley905 2015.02.14
This is a very fun game whoever made this should make more

HornyDrummerboy425 2015.02.06
This was a great game in general. Loved the artwork.

Drlove92 2015.02.01
This is one of my favorite games hope to see more like this one

Madganer 2015.01.28
Every time I give them a compliment they don`t like it. What should I do?

lolwulf 2015.01.27
its a pretty good game could use some adjustments but as far as i hear it is being updated now and then

qfsx870901 2015.01.25
a lil bit confused about this game

nick54379 2015.01.24
when you`r suspicion goes up go to class or band whatever and then keep visiting the teachers to see the pics

IchikaOrimura 2015.01.24
quite good though since I like Hentai

kaoru22 2015.01.23
haha this is a nice game i do hope my teacher have that nice tits... this game is awsome best for my 1st game here

adjaga 2015.01.22
this game crashed on my like 100 times

gwazz 2015.01.21
i really enjoyed this game but a version without the blurring would be much better

unholyamity 2015.01.14
you have to keep talking to them to get points.

unholyamity 2015.01.14
this is one of my fav games

gooman23 2015.01.12
how you play game is no rule to tell you

xai 2015.01.08
Came on the "Great Job" title... insane game

Madoka_Ozawa 2015.01.08
simple, but very interested game

cambridge4453 2015.01.04
Its tedious then its just about a collection of buttons I don`t fully understand. I got caught after many days without understanding why either. It is very repetitious and not very challenging. The visuals are good, although I`m not a fan of oversize boobs. I wish I had had an English teacher like that at school!

jon234 2015.01.04
good graphics but u need to be patient since it repeats

qwerty64539 2014.12.28
game is OK, a bit too repetitive for my taste. It takes a long time to get to the fun parts :)

xxfucker2710xx 2014.12.20
I kind of wish my teachers were like that

Nightdog 2014.12.16
Girls: 7
Gameplay: 2
Sex: 5
Overall: 3

Too repetitive, almost no interaction. Static images, no dialgue. Girls with huge tits getting humiliated is always good, though.

silentpeace 2014.12.16
graphics are good, gameplay is great as you build up points with each teacher

Innocentboy 2014.12.09
Need a lot of improvement, takes a very long time, i didn`t enjoy it.

Ninguem 2014.11.30
Now this game works. The girls and fuck pictures are good

EdHed 2014.11.28
It takes a long time to progress and maybe a little bit of movement wouldn`t hurt either

SilenceGlaive 2014.11.27
One of the weaker games on this site.

Ninguem 2014.11.26
This game not works. Every time the screen turn black and i can`t play it.

tdogthecummer 2014.11.20
i tried to play again but it just turn black
why is this

tdogthecummer 2014.11.20
i really disliked the game
the gameplay was very bad

sirbells69 2014.11.18
game stuck on me, wouldn`t load a screen.

papillon 2014.11.17
i didn`t enjoy this game not good

hippyphil 2014.11.14
a good game, and diff from all the others. good graphics

jack bin marcovick 2014.11.14
im stuck in this game(dercribe where) please help me

DynamiteDaly 2014.11.08
I`m not sure I get what I`m doing in this game, progression is confusing

Freed453 2014.11.08
I love the animation especially in hentai.

essemje 2014.11.01
Too long and tedious/repetitive. Didn`t even finish the game

Iva_bigun_12 2014.10.25
the game has hot chicks but needs to lose the censor pixels

pisseocul 2014.10.24
very cool i like to fuck teacher in real life and watch in game too

superasianbacon 2014.10.19
This game is really repetitive and and somethings in the game don`t mean anything such as money so i don`t know why we have $1000 in the game. All you do is visit the teachers and go to band practice so its not very fun.

Swaggy44 2014.10.15
Fun game with nice girls

kellykopoi 2014.10.08
graphics look good. but gameplay rally didnt impress me at the moment

tommek 2014.10.05
Really tedious in my opinion ...

zhix 2014.10.04
this was very nice and very good quality

cocoburn 2014.10.01
its a fun game with great chicks

Digiman 2014.09.30
Game gets old very quickly, bordering on complete boredom

Tiatia 2014.09.23
The game was alright, but i wont play it again. The story was weak

Thinkablespy3 2014.09.21
BIG BOOBS-all i got to say...

FuckMePlz 2014.09.20
This game makes me so horny.

knoll 2014.09.20
Good game but still needs work, like why have the money when you don`t need it (Shop to buy items for late game?).

cdansby 2014.09.13
Great game but sometimes does not work as should. Still enjoy it though.

michael213 2014.09.13
nice! not bad at all :)

Futuros 2014.09.11
Interesting concept but poor interaction experience.

ru2l8 2014.09.11
It seems like a long process to get to the teachers.

goldenmanz 2014.09.11
the modles were pretty hot but second time i played it it blacked out

anges57 2014.09.09
Every time I give them a compliment they don`t like it. What should I do?

pasat 2014.09.06
When you start out make sure your suspicion is under 10 (always use BAND PRACTICE)
Go to each teacher everyday
Try to attend them as evenly as possible
Use the highest action available
If done properly you should have had sex with all three teachers at least once by day 23 3rd period

ChrisX1 2014.08.31
Good game i think the latest version is 0.7 it has save and load new interface gallery unlock

Fork 2014.08.30
awesome game i love the art style these are like the 3 types of teacchers i have dreamed of hooking up with i kinda wish there was more though.

aldion 2014.08.28
liked how u could choose what u want

Tigerlilli 2014.08.21
I have been looking for this game for so long!!! Thank you Force One!

boss12ka4 2014.08.18
nice game i really like the english teacher

yauto 2014.08.17
this game is hot,and the graphick is good,i like this game

marcusL 2014.08.14
Nice pictures, confusing gameplay at some point

deepakduttatreyapadhi 2014.08.12
the game is good but doesnt wotk at start and keeps hanging

htony48 2014.08.11
the game has hot chics but neds inrovements

Lo4DinG 2014.08.09
this teacher over heated my dick

kamelreds 2014.08.08
game was boring but the models were great.add some animations

Voidspot 2014.08.08
The teachers are really hot, but the game get really repetitive.

Jbryan 2014.08.03
I think the game needs to be improved.

xMandrakex 2014.07.31
I won`t play it again, the first teacher was really hot!

Drachos 2014.07.29
This isn`t really a game... its just repedative actions to get hot pictures.

But the pictures are hot. But don`t expect anything other then the original screen.... there is no hidden depth. Its just click for pictures, and lower suspicious.

enha16 2014.07.21
maybe you can improve the graphic

enha16 2014.07.21
help me graphics are good

gman324 2014.07.17
Not the worst game i`ve ever played... :/

R3ader63 2014.07.15
the game was a bit boring it needs more graphics

subversive 2014.07.15
Don`t like that the game was censored :(

loneriderca 2014.07.15
didn`t like this game. too boring.

echoessilent 2014.07.14
Game would be much better uncensored... obviously ; s

spammehere 2014.07.13
How is money good in this game?
And how could I get more money?

BlackSteel 2014.07.12
Took a long time to complete

wpgguy05 2014.07.11
It gets very repetitive and boring after a while... images are nice though.

alfalf 2014.07.10
the game is boring and the chicks have too big tits

DavorDacho22 2014.07.10
this game is just awesome i love it i love effort you have to put in to have sex with girls

Chia 2014.07.09
this game is simple but it is really addictive, need more

Ikaros_X 2014.07.08
This cool, I am always at titjob.

CEREPTUS 2014.07.08

Shub940 2014.07.08
this game is quite interesting because of its story play.... amaziing!!! must play

Ikaros_X 2014.07.06
The pricipal always know what I am doing. What I need to do?

LoPLover1 2014.07.06
It may be simple but it`s still hot. Science teacher is my favourite.

IN-Duke 2014.07.02
Great game, although i would have appreciated some music. The chicks are amazing and the great hentai pics almost made me bust my nuts.

hubba69 2014.07.01
A little to much repetitive but still enjoyable

cookie2006 2014.06.28
great game, easy to play!!

alucard2014 2014.06.28
All three teachers were hot!! LOVED IT!!

psychdoc76 2014.06.24
got bored of it after the third day

Kruvol 2014.06.22
Well, the choices are quite limited. No animation. Somewhat boring...

Sennin 2014.06.18
very nice they should add on to it with more teachers and or students

fernandz2103 2014.06.16
i`m stuck in this game, please help me, i dont know what to do

makila94 2014.06.16
its no the funniest game ever, but i enjoyed it a lot,

Stijng 2014.06.15
nice. opens up fantasy for my teachers ;) i love that

FarezX7 2014.06.13
im stuck in this game at unlocking a different action for all teacher`s please help me.

2oppelgange5 2014.06.12
great graphics with cool story line A+

DD420 2014.06.12
I thoroughly enjoyed this game, it is a good game to play....

kok123 2014.06.12
thrilling game quality and plot

ZacharyWaller 2014.06.12
nice game but a little bit to easy

sobespartan 2014.06.10
simple, quick, and fun, but I didn`t like that it was censored =(

DoctorWho 2014.06.09
I started to play that game but sincerly i don`t understand how to play.....

nightman23 2014.06.06
I really enjoyed this game its good

Pitt668 2014.06.05
why do i have money when i cant buy anything ?

TBear9877 2014.06.05
Ease of gameplay good graphics nice pictures.

Lexboub 2014.06.05
I think i want my teacher like that

Verethragna 2014.06.04
weakk history but good pictures

JoeAtlas 2014.06.02
The Load button doesn`t work even when I save :/

ASSGARIAN 2014.06.01
very good game one of my fav thumbs up !

BreastMan 2014.05.31
its a bit interesting game,i like them

sexymamanum1 2014.05.30
I think this game is simple and easy, it may need some more work

Hammy1000 2014.05.29
black screen each time i try to "visit a teacher"... thats pretty much it

HalimMega1 2014.05.25
so beautiful game , great one and easy

pedxinger 2014.05.24
Why do they put a censor on it? Also the grammar needs work.

Nemesis2020 2014.05.23
very good game, but quite short

scorpion7999 2014.05.23
Gerat Game Awsome how u impruve te Graphics light plot but very good @art316 guess there is only one

markd321 2014.05.22
Its OK, there are better on here.

applehead12 2014.05.22
quite simple and ripetitive but te imagines are hot

fuzzywabbit 2014.05.22
Controls weren`t too bad, decent graphics

Hichigo 2014.05.22
The pictures were quite good, gameplay was easy

ab181275 2014.05.21
The game is just awesome. I have only one word FUCK..`)

Adolf69 2014.05.18
easy to understand and quite good :)

Bonger27 2014.05.17
Boring game, but English teacher would be worth the wait

sevyn 2014.05.17
good game. a little repetitive though

r0ckst4r 2014.05.17
Repetative, but good drawings.

worlock789 2014.05.15
i really like the game really cool and great graphics. I can`t really get the game though I don`t get it. plz help

makakofalvi 2014.05.14
Basic idea, and images are good, but it lacks variety in everything, need to have maybe more babes, money is there for nothing, no save/load feature (not that it needs one right now). It`s a nice game, but it is not finished.

Json81 2014.05.14
has promise, not a bad game overall, graphics are good.

sexmaster5060 2014.05.13
Good graphics, don`t like it as a picture type game

keiranmraine 2014.05.11
Nice graphics, but far too repetative

Shadow101 2014.05.11
good graphics.. overall wish it was a game type not a picture only typed game.

kanishkvyas 2014.05.11
When you start out make sure your suspicion is under 10
Go to each teacher everyday
Try to attend them as evenly as possible
Use the highest action available
If done properly you should have had sex with all three teachers at least once by day 23 3rd period

chabz2170 2014.05.10
amazing game nice and easy and really good graphics

onebigbird4u 2014.05.09
game is easy good graphics but repetitive

uaua2014 2014.05.08
great game, i like it for his fantastic graphic, but i like i f this game won`t be a ??n anime game. but it is very very beautiful

bethrezen 2014.05.07
Fun game, could be a little more still

Aneash Dharun 2014.05.07
Very lovely game , Nice graphics .... And the girls are really hot .. i wish you introduce many hot games in future

djdjdjdj2 2014.05.07
this game is so magnificent that i would hang it up on a wall

REEESES 2014.05.06
This game is really nice, but it could have more action.

Jarhead469 2014.05.06
Easy game, decent graphics, but is there any point to the game?

MytyKoste 2014.05.06
It`s a good game with nice chars

barbiesex 2014.05.03
this game is pretty easy but i like it

strikegazer 2014.05.02
pretty good game only a little to easy

airgear123 2014.05.02
Good graphics and gameplay .

dada395 2014.05.01
not very nice but hot game

Malia635 2014.04.30
Graphics are good, but the gameplay leaves a lot to be desired. Needs to add some extra features,

Infernalistgamer 2014.04.29
Won it, and didn`t get to see all the gym teacher`s options, as the game ends abruptly. I`d prefer to get to enjoy my win.

yahiko610 2014.04.28
I wish it had videos instead of pictures, that would make it much better

Nazgul62 2014.04.28
Not my type of game but I`ve seen worse.

Sparky411 2014.04.28
very repetitive, not really much in the way of a challenge.

nick4126 2014.04.27
I like the game, but it could be better

presin 2014.04.26
Not hard game a little bit repeatitive

farmboy306 2014.04.23
Good game take a little to figure it out

brawltoy3 2014.04.21
When you start out make sure your suspicion is under 10 (always use BAND PRACTICE)
Go to each teacher everyday
Try to attend them as evenly as possible
Use the highest action available
If done properly you should have had sex with all three teachers at least once by day 23 3rd period

zahratustra 2014.04.21
Teachers are hot but the game is very repetitive and boring.

aldian79 2014.04.20
Not a really bad game but so repetitive, and keep getting black screen lol...
need to work up for the interactive instead of just picture :D

TOV46 2014.04.20
Nice game, but a bit boring though. Could be more interactive.

Iluvpussy23 2014.04.20
This was a really great game

dude55 2014.04.20
I really like the pictures for each girl.

cabritomanco 2014.04.19
Well not bad... the girls are pretty hot and I love the boobs but the gameplay is boring.

carlos92 2014.04.18
really great game, i loved the "keep trying" part but maybe they could show the rules by the beginning

kaniz 2014.04.18
love the game.. but the tits r a little too big

dragocold 2014.04.17
Good game but the glitches were annoying

Blitz27 2014.04.16
It was a great game. Some things that they could have worked on was not making the privates so blured and actually game play of the blowjob, tit job and other fuck parts not just pics. But overall it was a good game.

braizencry 2014.04.15
really fun wish itd let me play with the girls more without getting busted

Jackovmash 2014.04.14
Huh. I try and do one action and the screen goes black. Welp, time to fiddle with my browser cache.

DHF 2014.04.13
this is a great game i love it!

Leonidas22 2014.04.12
why cant you save or load?

pipo17 2014.04.11
It would be better if the game were longer.

KillamanKaoz 2014.04.09
Decent game wish it was a bit longer with more sex

dre110199 2014.04.06
Nice game. but a little bit confusing at the beginning

RhettSF 2014.04.05
quite easy, but rather satisfying

tommieboy18 2014.04.04
there are some really hot pics in thi game

god007 2014.04.03
Don`t like this game. Seems senseless.

KC3825 2014.04.01
kinda redudent at first but gets intriguing as you go

DemonOfWarX 2014.04.01
sexy girls but kinda took a long time

a1xyz 2014.03.30
Really good game. It is kind of repetitive at the beginning. The graphics could be better.

perker.drake 2014.03.30
really good game. Great storyline and one I will enjoy playing for a long time to come

lordcums 2014.03.30
I have played the game before and I like having a challenge to fuck girls.

Pauley908 2014.03.28
It was a great game even though there weren`t any moves you could do

g1777 2014.03.28
Repetitive but gets better

JCK524 2014.03.26
Good game and hot graphics

juanperezaa 2014.03.26
It was a good game, the graphics are great, but the gameplay is incredibly repetitive and long.

SolidSnake92 2014.03.24
it was a okay game but not great

genecapes6 2014.03.24
nice game but didnt quite understand it

DaneWolf 2014.03.24
Nice art work but not wothy of my time.

lthwe 2014.03.23
Boring for the most part, but decent art.

Motherfucker9000 2014.03.23
the gym teacher was so hot i wish she was my girlfriend

wezel87 2014.03.23
Good game
Nice and good graphics

gjohnson 2014.03.22
Nice idea, but could use a graphics update.

Godskrieg 2014.03.22
Storyline is too long and you get sucked in

Shevexs 2014.03.20
Good graphics but because it`s too long it get lost in the story line

pandeyaryan111 2014.03.18
Superb game.I enjoyed it

yzenginoglu 2014.03.16
Great game. Nice graphics. LOP is no 1

DerFinne 2014.03.15
interesting game just I graphic is not so good

morrowmts 2014.03.15
Dull game, boring and doesn`t work properly

meandi 2014.03.15
this game is incredibly fun...AWESOME.

emaznboy 2014.03.13
The game seemed to be incomplete. Also, never have been a fan of censored hentai. Needs some polishing, undoubtedly

gwazz 2014.03.11
cant see the point of game

black2 2014.03.09
good graphics like the variety

Blitzkriegbob 2014.03.09
no story, no gameplay, no fun -> no reason to play

erpoly 2014.03.08
easy gamebut long time to get all...nice game...

nightbr 2014.03.08
point click repeat until a new picture :( sucks majorly no storyline and no idea who or what i am

kueller 2014.03.07
Click gameplay, no story, good graphis

Hotguy29126 2014.03.06
It isn`t a tad bit interesting cos of no storyline and pretty crappy graphics. Might have been the worst hentai game i`ve ever played

Ben2014 2014.03.06
The Gym teacher got nice curves... luscious hahaha

flinstone24 2014.03.05
Nice game. I wish I can bang a sexy teacher in our school. Nice animation

feelthebasse 2014.03.05
his a great game because his very long and strategic

EcHo BiOmEtRiX 2014.03.05
The Gameplay Was Really Short And HAd Bad Graphics

Lukeanatar 2014.03.04
Love this game the girls are really hot.

jaffacake 2014.03.04
Game has really good potential but its way too repetitive, need to add some chararesticics and stuff.

Gipzor 2014.03.03
boring and japanese?
blurring is a 18 age rated game is kinda fail

Zariaswell 2014.03.02
I like this game. Pretty fun ! I hope that a sequel will be done cause there is potential for a bigger game with more special situations :-)

sexyalex39 2014.02.28
so boring i left after 2 min of this game

paradj 2014.02.27
this game does not seem to work....
thus the 40% rating
30% == mybandwidth
10% == what i was able to see of game..

paras99 2014.02.27
this game is very boring

fireraven121 2014.02.27
this game is quite boring and dull

sensai24 2014.02.27
Didn`t like this game. Bad graphics, bad storyline.

dfoskett 2014.02.25
takes a while but not bad

NickNackH 2014.02.25
an easy point and click game bit dull

NickNackH 2014.02.25
slightly dull, just point and click

serious_sam 2014.02.25
A tab boring just point and click

nbcman 2014.02.24

Easy click game but what was the money for?

wawesome 2014.02.24
very repetitive, not so good!

zilver63 2014.02.24
I got tired of it after 5 minutes. I need a storyline, and a little more than just clicking the same all the time.

SharkCity93 2014.02.24
Somehow I acually had fun with this. Didn`t understand what the money was for though.

Mythic229 2014.02.24
Alright game, very simple but decent rewards.

buckshot339453 2014.02.24
good graphics liked the game I went for the gym teacher

chandan33 2014.02.24
i fucked my girlfriend hard after this

Eleni 2014.02.23
it`s a very interesting game

quantas 2014.02.23
nice game. but should have a story and character development

Daddio 2014.02.22
Extremely monotonous game. No story line and the gameplay is..... pretty much non-existent. Just click 1000x

hanibal194 2014.02.22
this is a long game repetitive and low definition picture not the best one

[HD] 2014.02.22
well it just stopped when i compliment her

Ebeltoot1996 2014.02.22
whats the use of the money??

Ebeltoot1996 2014.02.22
why did it stopped?? the game is sooo slow

geunie 2014.02.21
It is a bit to repetetif! Why do we get 1000 money when we don`t have to use it!

Daniel_Martin 2014.02.21
I enjoyed the pictures but the game was very repetitive. As another person said, there was no need for the money. They could have incorporated gifts specific to each girl to gain their attention. Overall it could be better but some of the pictures were quite enjoyable.

elishacuthbert 2014.02.20
A bit too huge tits but besides that good game

auldgit 2014.02.20
The game has the "potential" to be great !!!!!

I think it could benefit from developing the characteristics of the student, in much the same way you have to develop charm etc. in both LOP black and Looking 4 love !!!

The teachers all have different personalities and this could be used to great effect by needing to develop the students skills according to which teacher you want to fuck !!!!

I don´t understand why on earth the developer felt the need to pixelate the genitalia, when this game is being offered on a site targeted at "over 18´s" or whatever the legal age is in the respective countries where it´s played !!!

I really hope the developer does take it further and with a bit of support (lay off the criticism unless it´s constructive people) and produces a finished product worthy of this site !!! You get my vote for a first shot at this !!!!

soldado 2014.02.20
it stopped at the time i wanted to compliment

whisper 2014.02.20
i like game, ggod game and graphics,gratz

nniffar 2014.02.20
nice, but a little too long and the pictures should be better

TakeshiKawa 2014.02.19
The story line and activities is fine. Unfortunately, the pictures are censored. That bring me down a little. The money is there for nothing, and the game and without letting me explore all the action. Like the ending picture.

1ngrav3 2014.02.19
A bit too huge tits but besides that good game

Lizzie 2014.02.19
Boring. I didnt like this game at all.

feddi78 2014.02.19
Game is ok, storyline too simple

robloxiandu06 2014.02.18
his a great game because his very long and strategic

drakx 2014.02.18
nice game could be abit better

littlecletus 2014.02.18
could have been better never really got any good sex

traffic_x1 2014.02.18
Its a really dull game, no real game play...

madmax68 2014.02.18
Not bad but a little repetitive I will have another go

rot 2014.02.18
I like the leveling up, the 3 different girls, the different actions with different girls, and the pictures.

I thought that there could have been more variety in the actions and some sort of multi-girl activity. Also, there is a money item but there`s nothing you can do with money. So, it`s almost like this game was going to be bigger and more complex but the author got bored and gave us this.

The biggest problem for me was the lack a real ending. I`m working along, getting the third girl, noticing that there are still one or two graphics I haven`t explored yet, wondering if I get to have an orgy with all three teachers and all of a sudden I`m told I won with no ability to go back and re-see the scenes I accomplished or complete the scenes I hadn`t achieved yet.

feddi78 2014.02.18
Nice game, a little to fast

cyrilb 2014.02.18
hot girls but the gameplay quite boring...i like it though...thumbs up

eagleata 2014.02.18
not one of my favourites. Too long and repetitive. Needs better animation in graphics. But thnx.

jokerscottrf45 2014.02.17
The game was ok but wish you could open up all options on women and do each one before game ended

fmeyen 2014.02.17
Boring game, nothing intereting here, too long, bad graphics

studi_jungfrau 2014.02.17
not one of my favourites...
repetetive gameplay and not very exciting graphics...
not a very good game

pusshound 2014.02.17
Too long and repetitive. Needs better animation in graphics. Worth a try, but not worth the time to play all the way through.

HarrietGarmin 2014.02.17
its a good game goes on a little long for nothing really to happen

NightStalker73au 2014.02.16
good game play and graphics

Allahu 2014.02.16
Kinda boring game, still playable.

stefano71 2014.02.16
wow!!! very good game .i like it

SGreasly 2014.02.16
Not very interesting. Repetitive and boring.

toriyazaki 2014.02.16
Not a really bad game but so repetitive and not even fun...

mick149 2014.02.16
be good if this happened in real life :)

Stathis 2014.02.16
Well, science teacher IS hot, the other two kinda sub-par. No sound, repetitive game...Plus, it ends abruptly when you reach 100 lust with all (and I had to play again to see all scenes-most of which were disappointing)...

PLEASE more games with Kelly (and Aria Giovanni).

oranjeboven 2014.02.16
I kind of like these games.
Future SexEd wass better though.
Pixelling sucks.

Invictuss717 2014.02.16
good graphics and hot girls but to much clicking for just some pics sorry guys 6 out of 10

Robertson 2014.02.16
how do you get to a fuck cean

Test1234 2014.02.16
The game get boring rapidly and the start is soooo long

King Duffy 2014.02.16
great game but clicking the red arrow every 2 seconds is annoying as hell but I rate this 90/100

watermancable 2014.02.16
Its a fun game,. It would be better if there was more to do, animation and interaction with the characters. Maybe even dialog

Darius2738 2014.02.15
It was alright, not too long, but not as great either.

a2bigo 2014.02.15
Is there a way to use that $1000 that you start with?

JCHANK 2014.02.15
This games was super easy

JuanHarito 2014.02.15
It`s a nice game with good graphics, but should be worked on a little more

spyder2 2014.02.15
This game takes way to long, and needs to be updated.

Damien82 2014.02.15
Graphics are good, but the gameplay leaves a lot to be desired. Needs to add some extra features, like limiting how many times you can go to band practice in a day or how long you can go without "attending classes". As it is right now, there`s no reason to use anything but band practice to decrease your suspicion. It decreases it by the most and it has no adverse affects at all. Really the game is just making it slightly harder to look at pictures.

themoda 2014.02.14
Easy, boring, lame game, not good for the category of this site

aragorn90 2014.02.14
Quite easy to play and gets a little boring with time. Really identical story to the sexEd game. But sexEd is much better.

littlecletus 2014.02.14
not a bad game got a little board

DreamTim 2014.02.14
nice graphics. Interesting game but too easy.

DarkjediMaster 2014.02.14
Builds on the Sex Ed game but seems like an Alpha version more than anything. A bit cumbersome and too much of a grind. Could have been awesome

jcc1985 2014.02.14
nice game good graphics like the variety

Jaaru 2014.02.14
Nice looking new game, liked it.

Ricoh124 2014.02.14
Not challenging. nor that interesting

EDP 2014.02.14
Continue. They`ll like it later.

kuracpicka 2014.02.14
Every time I give them a compliment they don`t like it. What should I do?

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