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KitCarsen 2017.09.24
Good story, graphics and gameplay.

dedech 2017.08.23
nice pictures and stories as always

HiddeObs 2017.06.23
Great game, good story line, fine graphics.

BraZZer 2017.02.21
Very nice game and interesting story. I will wait for continuation.

Car8995 2017.02.18

stach56 2016.07.11
Really liked the game due to the good story, sexy

zorrie 2016.06.27
boring story...not much sex

vulcanofcapriano 2016.04.06
This game is certainly different, great story and great graphics too. And great characters to go along with it.

Kingzladjan 2016.01.27
Really nice game, got the great graphics and I do really love the gameplay

alanwake 2015.08.16
post-apocalyptic version of max payne, nice fiction...


anybodyhome1 2015.06.26
Great game, i really like the story, definitely recommended

Meltface 2015.04.18
That game is deep and dark, I kind of got sucked in by the story.

Karl-Heinz2 2015.03.31
beautiful graphics, super game.

Zeblast 2015.03.16
Fun and sexy game, very interesting storyline

cameronw 2015.02.11
Absolute belter of a game. Really strong

juha1975 2014.12.15
The game is nice. It also have a nice graphics, so for me it`s good.

HentaiKing 2014.11.14
whoa this game was different =_=....... it took a while for me to get into the story but at the end of it all, i enjoyed it..... i cant wait until the next installment because the story takes you down a twisted path.... and if you ever get stuck read the comments

tip for second ending
Buy drunk a drink

Futuros 2014.09.30
The character Mistress deserves to be available for pleasure in a future game. Perhaps a game centered around her character.

bitz94 2014.07.14
Such a slow gameplay, story is poor only good thing is the graphics in short a poor game.

crowa4 2014.01.03
slow paced beginning and the creepiest background music ever. I ranked this one pretty low

sexyhelendiamonds 2013.12.12
I love the game, certainly goes on my list

Covo123 2013.12.07
good game left click gets a real workout

MaxxV2150 2013.11.13
I missed this game. An excellent story of possibilities and cliff-hangers, all based on who you speak with and what you say and do... Delightful story-telling in a game format!

ldjlkjlsakjldskj 2013.10.21
I love the game but will you please make a second one i`m tired of playing this one 100/100!!!!!

milka 2013.09.20
Oh what an awesome game. Loved the three different ending and all the different achievements. Great work!.

noogad 2013.09.20
amazing game great quality and sexy endings

IrishDude85 2013.09.02
Totally awesome gameplay, storyline, and graphics. Sex scenes need a little more help though. Characters in the game are awesome to.

denianhanzo 2013.08.24
nice game and good graphic

bbc4clit 2013.07.06
great game and sexy playline

gwazz 2013.05.17
a fun game but sex scenes a bit boring

bummode 2013.04.03
the dark aura of the game is different as well very spooky .

bummode 2013.04.03
i really like the games story and animation. the graphics are better than i expected.

Gordn3 2013.01.27
Great game , nice story and grafic.

oscar500 2013.01.19
This is amazing! I love the graphic + the game. It is very nice. :)

samarth19 2012.12.17
would have been more fun if i could decide how i wana fuck her

nmosha 2012.12.08
Great game , i love this games.

Act132 2012.11.20
Great game love the way the 3d looks

yashar 2012.11.19
great game. no doubt it. i loved this game.


wolf88 2012.11.07
the game was nice!! and high quality 3d

bicho 2012.10.27
really good game loving it!

bicho 2012.10.27
Really exicintg game, and very fun

rhon 2012.10.20
its a unique sex games,!!

nimraAsif 2012.10.14
plz add some fucking games

midgriff 2012.10.02
Ok game, has a sort of "Blade Runner" feel to it

cypher0298 2012.09.28
fun but the sex scenes were a bit boring. original as well

Hornyman122 2012.09.28
I loved this game the sex sceans were to easy

Rhina 2012.09.25
Awesome game. Cool sotry too.

Peloquin73 2012.09.07
Really good game, kept me very entertained

valyrian 2012.08.27
really good game, and super hot futuristic chicks

Evolut10n 2012.08.22
cool game , already played twice.

zabriel 2012.08.08
I love the cyberpunk feel of this game and the fact that I can`t get enough. Part 2 please?

xbny1000 2012.07.27
Found this one a little difficult, great animation though

xepholes 2012.07.25
Liked it. shows potential.

montylove 2012.07.23
game is so good graphics r so good i love this game.........

plato27 2012.07.10
any more games in this series?

waxall 2012.06.30
Fun game. Good story and length. Sex scenes were repetitive and needed more variety.

manuel83 2012.06.27
this game is sexy i reccomened it

SpudLD 2012.06.24
very cool game, simple interface, very user friendly, and very enjoyable to play!!!!

dance303 2012.06.21
fun game i suggest playing it

chockero 2012.06.17
One of the best adventure games no doubt.

chris_avril 2012.06.03
Good game. It would hjave been better if the sex scenes were not that disracting.

[BY]WEGAS 2012.05.28
this is real fantastic game..!!

bahamut86 2012.05.24
Nice game and grafic but complicated

harrywibowo 2012.04.25
Rage is so awesome , the rest girls is not too attractive ^^

coolmanrayden 2012.04.13
it was a great adventure and amazing graphics

bobytt 2012.04.06
Really cool, story, i love it.

Doriane07 2012.03.29
Graphics are so nice ! Really it`s a very good job i think ! Amazing

sroy1986 2012.03.23
I got only the 3rd ending. Please someone tell me how to get the other endings.

John G 2012.03.20
Good game-play and very amusing.

johakym 2012.03.17
Nice game and funny ! good job

fill ur hole 2012.03.11
Great storyline very nice graphics, hopefully there is a sequel out there

caleb1998 2012.03.10
Love It!!! wish i had money for the full version

Drink 2012.03.07
awsome game... Action and Porn two of my favourite things

martin1509 2012.03.06
great game i really like the story its only a bit short

someone123 2012.02.27
HOT beautiful game beautiful woman!

MEL84 2012.02.25
Very exciting with wonderful hot character graphics.

Ezio182 2012.02.22
Great game. I love the story line and the sex scenes are awesome. Really well done.

corner 2012.02.21
why dont you guys add sounds of moaning to these games

slitplayer 2012.02.17
Intresting game 1st ending sucks I`am dead, 2nd & 3rd I became rich. Waitng for Thorne 2

b3ru4ng 2012.02.16
nice game, good graphic, and it sci fi li love it

standy983 2012.02.15
i really got into this game.and just about when it got really interesting it ended.when is thorne 2 coming?

dudemanxxx 2012.02.14
Absolutely love the whole sci-fi vibe the game has going on. Really adds an extra dimension and unexpected depth to the game. Just wish they could have given a more definitive ending though

pinibini 2012.02.09
nice game and good graphic

Rajkumarmalhotra 2012.02.05
this game is very good and the girls are sexy
waiting for next

SuperNarut0 2012.01.27
cool game .when the next thorne game

banitmukherjee 2012.01.24
awesome game....great graphics

Andrew989 2012.01.21
Kinda confusing but still a great game

KHHein 2012.01.19
nice game and good graphic

prokiller 2012.01.17
it was a good game to play,for adults

argon99 2012.01.16
good story with lot of action

zaksoar10 2012.01.16
great game but i am stuck at one part when i have sex with range i think that was her name it said it was a demo sooooo and i have one ? are yall going to make a thorne2 please tell me

mikicostanza 2012.01.13
great game with a good story

sander01 2012.01.11
this is a really great game!!!

Guillaume 2012.01.10
great game, bit too long though

mafsuas-3 2012.01.04
A very good story. I played the second ending. Next time I try ending three.

Lippi1983 2011.12.28
Still one of my favorite games period. I love the darkness that is all over this game, I love it!!!waw grate game, nice graphik and so exciting... more of this games

jcc1985 2011.12.27
good game nice graphics like all the ending so are hard to get thought

qrraass 2011.12.23
Great game with nice gfx but a bit to long conversations

barcan123 2011.12.20
I really like this game, but the conversations are a bit long

sexrex77 2011.12.11
love the game nice things

cutefro19 2011.12.10
Love the game... Wish someone could do that to me. hihi! ;-)

ANinja 2011.12.07
First game on here I`ve actually been interested in the story too. Hot and entertaining.

suckdboobs 2011.12.06
really mazing work done good graphics along with great storyline

letsseego 2011.11.26
This game was horrible! creepy as hell and weird stuff....

OliviaWilson 2011.11.21
i liked it, but it was a little scary

gambithaery 2011.11.18
looks like a great game which has great graphic. wanna try laa

HarSlan 2011.11.16
this is real fantastic game..!!

charlieoutlaw 2011.11.15
great game with good ending

decconan 2011.11.12
There is an online game "Thorn-E virtual passion". Maybe it will tell us more about this story.

wbailey 2011.11.12
Great game, loved the story and setting and the artwork is excellent as always. Can`t wait for the next one!

zenginoglu 2011.11.10
This is great game... I like it very much...

Lizzie 2011.11.09
Awesome game, great storyline.

Ebo2 2011.11.09
Great Game! Very exciting it`s a little bit confusing at the end, but i still played one ending.

ragini.chirag 2011.11.08
amazing game, one of the best

charlieoutlaw 2011.11.02
too much dialogs and boring stuff

Tokuro Kawamura 2011.10.27
nice game and goon animation

tdaynis 2011.10.27
really high graphics with really hot game play.......

Unworthy 2011.10.26
there is no other games like this.. i think i might play this until i have nothing to cum.. ;D

whitedmn159 2011.10.26
Still one of my favorite games period. I love the darkness that is all over this game, I love it!!!

furian 2011.10.22
awsmm story line ......which makes the game really intresting

Arvynder 2011.10.21
Now this was an interesting game. I`m a big fan of the animation in the LOP games but the stories more than make up for it.

Alexxxx 2011.10.18
Vert good story and wonderful graphics. Nice game

praztyo 2011.10.16
i like this fiction story...good game

Yowhzie 2011.10.16
the graphics were off the hook, great gameplay, the animation was awesome...

frank1234 2011.10.12
this is one of my favourite games here. it really needs a part two. the story and character are great

Kalderza 2011.10.10
Good game, great graphics and story.

Nightshade009 2011.10.10
I`ve played alot of games in my day. But this.. this is amazing! Erotic! Storyline! Cliff Hangers.. Plot!.. This and that`s just this online flash version. This game needs to be developped into a full adult version!

nowayy 2011.10.09
Great fun sexy game awesome would polay again

heplay 2011.10.09
Will it be continue? I want to play.

PitPat 2011.10.08
Possibly my favorite game so far. Very well done. Great graphics.

FrankWest 2011.10.08
Beautiful storyline great gameplay and the graphics are superb. give us more

pepsitwist1 2011.10.06
the best graphics of all good gameplay not to easy
play !

Ruller 2011.09.30
Very interesting game. Where is the ring?

Videye 2011.09.28
Interesting story and gameplay with good potential for more. Graphics are nicely done.
One of the few games you not only try to **** every hole... :-)

playboy1982 2011.09.25
good storyline,and awsome graphics make thi game a little better than average in my book.

elgrancesar 2011.09.21
this game is great we need the second part we still waiting for it

DreamTim 2011.09.20
great storyline. very good game

jer1981 2011.09.19
Awesome Game, can`t wait to see if there is a number 2. With more story, end less nudity obviously, it could make a great full length video game...well keep the nudity too, its fun

raduradu 2011.09.18
i love this game beacause it`s realistic

decconan 2011.09.12
long time no see the Part 2!

vitoasu 2011.09.08
lots of dialogues but nice graphics and story

maverick23 2011.09.08
it`s a nice game...but lot reading is there...so take`s a bit more time

hotty123 2011.09.07
although the graphics are great i don`t like the sci- fie girls. Too disgusting!!

rmfjr78 2011.09.07
Best and most challenging game of the bunch so far...def my fav

Dr_Nick 2011.09.07
unusual game, I glad to play by the way.

JigokuKensai 2011.09.06
i wish there was a save feature and a way to skip sex scenes on replay

elishacuthbert 2011.09.04
1st ending: Try to get your gun when in talk with Rage
2nd ending: Try to enter The Hole using pass
3rd ending: Talk to Melinda and she will notice the ring, she will then take you into the club.

---horn--- 2011.09.02
cool graphics and sexy girls

Jaaru 2011.09.02
I like this one a lot, another great LOP game, with nice music.

macmanve 2011.08.31
Great game with nice graphics. Need part two to play.

gregory511 2011.08.29
interesting story but is unfinished, also takes too long to play

streamstorm 2011.08.29
great graphics awesome story

sparlock 2011.08.28
great game i like the girls and costums

reece1235 2011.08.27
great game. the story kept me going the whole way through

pkripper37 2011.08.27
Good game, but the ending(s) need work. just too fast and incomplete.

Terragon32 2011.08.27
Very intersting good graphics.

makavelidog 2011.08.25
Great game as anyway, all

looool 2011.08.23
awsome game and graphics. want a part 2

Calsem 2011.08.19
This was cool was really into the story

AlphaMale 2011.08.19
very hot game, one of my favorites

elgrancesar 2011.08.17
common guys we still wating for the second part this is one of the greatest game you guys ever done here and we want to play the second part hope will be soon

The_Who 2011.08.14
I loved this game. Please try it!

Gewoontje 2011.08.10
Nice game awsome graphics like the diff ends

spokxx 2011.08.09
good game but to poor action

Herrushingu 2011.08.08
good game but nothing special

Alandre 2011.08.02
too long game, but will be waiting for the rest of the sequel

lightdark 2011.07.27
too long and serious game
girls have nice body

veselqku 2011.07.26
dffucult game but cool graphics. No too hard for me.

pinnaclewm 2011.07.23
Like this game! Nice Graphics!

bceltsau 2011.07.22
excellent gameplay, storyline and graphics.

elo77 2011.07.22
too long and serious game
girls have nice body

robi_dgo 2011.07.21
excellent game great graphics

NeRo826 2011.07.21
nice graphics but am kinda stuck in it

latinox88 2011.07.21
Great Game but Song is just Awsome ;D

kekeds999 2011.07.18
this was a dffucult game but cool

JackB1708 2011.07.15
Great Game, controls could be smoother but good anyway

photu 2011.07.15
great graphics and overall an excellent game

photu 2011.07.15
excellent game great graphics

kkuubb 2011.07.12
good game,not a bad storyline.seems to short

edstafa 2011.07.11
This is not really for me - good graphics though

unitysteve 2011.07.10
beautiful and exciting game

venom1989 2011.07.05
Great game! I love it! Good graphics, good musik, fantastic atmosphere... Who knows when part 2 will come?

photu 2011.07.04
excellent game keep it up give us more games like these

edwin4483 2011.06.30
good gae the girls were hot nd can someone post all the endings

Luke42 2011.06.29
Great game, but I can`t figure out how to buy the old man a drink. Whenever I try to buy booz, I get "not a good time." How do you do it?

Kein 2011.06.27
love this game, but somehow i cannot find the third ending :-/

tdenny59 2011.06.26
Love this game. Was difficult at times, but once you figure it out it is a blast!

PlayForce00 2011.06.26
This is my favorite game, love the music.

jbartu 2011.06.23
I liked this game got stuck a few times but figured it out

jackysy 2011.06.20
I really love this game, Interesting, graphics are really good

sarnil 2011.06.17
lovely games i loved it a lot

Noruga 2011.06.15
Great game, leaves me wishing there was a sequel to play.

jpsacrey 2011.06.12
i really love this game

m4t0n 2011.06.11
hots girls makes this game superb

manio7770 2011.06.08
Wow, this is a good game, love the story

wowattaiwan 2011.06.07
How to rent old man a drink?

BallIdiot 2011.06.06
Amazing graphics. The female characters are beautiful and some of them are very different (futuristic). The sex scene interaction by rhythmic clicking is something different.

Eora 2011.06.02
Oh gosh. I`m addicted to this game. I need the sequel NOW.

tia432 2011.06.02
this games is so cool hot ad sexy

moltack 2011.06.02
great storyline to go along with sexy girls.. love it!

kunal007 2011.06.01
i really love this game

BLaC 2011.06.01
So, when will we see a sequel?

rohan2011 2011.05.30
very good quality game , unusual storyline to induce however very gd cliffhanger ending

Soha 2011.05.24
This is a nice game. I like the graphics.

Abhishek02 2011.05.21
love it man....what a game

bakabon 2011.05.19
is there any sequel for this?

Inquisitor 2011.05.19
Nice setting for the story. The atmosphere was great, the story was simple but there is a lot of possibilities for a new episode. It didn`t seem as linear as the other games, which is very good.

I want more!

dettehuskerjeg 2011.05.16
Wow, this is a good game, love the story and gameplay

sparkie1 2011.05.12
Love the "sci fi noire" feel of the game.Sex scene graphics are great.

shakezulla17 2011.05.12
My number rating was an accident, I love this game! Futuristic, way out of the box thinking, and some of the hottest girls in any game I`ve played. Ready for the sequel

blackmail 2011.05.09
A really good game with a lot of sexy ladies

Vankertill 2011.05.09
damn cliff hanger! good game, can`t wait for the second part

forcefire001 2011.05.06
This is nice game i like the graphics

Lone_wolf814 2011.05.05
good graphics not a bad game

Skarn62 2011.05.03
very good quality game , unusual storyline to induce however very gd cliffhanger ending hoping for a part 2

shawn07 2011.05.02
its a great game. but how do u grt to the other endings in the game?

JesseTheKid 2011.05.01
I don`t like how in this game I can`t get past the part where you must get into "The Hole" yet, the only ending I can get without getting in is the one where you die... Confusing.

tadilrajab 2011.05.01
nice game and nice graphic and the story line perfect.

sato_JPN 2011.04.30
good graphics and good game

go5515 2011.04.30
There was very little sex scenes in this game

Mike_Shinoda81 2011.04.29
This is nice game and i like it :))

C.C. 2011.04.27
Game is hard to play. Maybe because I`m not understanding it`s point.

miia 2011.04.26
it`s a good and fun game to play, but i always end up with the same ending

giannispaokara 2011.04.25
Very nice game and interesting story. I will wait for continuation.

krb81790 2011.04.21
Awesome game the girls are hot, the sex scenes are great, and the dark theme is sexy.

Jaydog0120 2011.04.21
I love the dark aspect of this game

aSEXcionado 2011.04.14
i really don`t like it that much but its okay.=)

cherubim 2011.04.13
Very nice graphics (they remind me Max Payne) and a nice story. Waiting for the rest parts.

andy1009 2011.04.12
good game looking forward to the next part

dlman91 2011.04.09
Just couldn`t get into this one for some reason

glockenspeal 2011.04.08
it`s a good and fun game to play, but i always end up with the same ending

beater 2011.04.07
i`m waiting the 2nd episode

C. C. 2011.04.07
I`m waiting for part 2 like others.

snoop085 2011.04.07
cause jpmd2011 girls aint nothing but sluts and whores

wtfno 2011.04.06
good game but where`s part 2 ??

Innocent 2011.04.04
marvelous game nice story and nice quality:)

kumangex 2011.04.02
nice game its interesting

teaser123 2011.04.01
yes!!! this is what i want... nice one...

redcobra 2011.04.01
Amazing. A follow up would be much appreciated. Bit hard to tell where to go next sometimes, but the many possibilities are excellent, and the story itself is amazimg

spiderpig2503 2011.04.01
great game would love to see a sequel

Dezmar 2011.04.01
Ok, good game in theory. I found a lot of problems though. Slow mechanics, not quite sure what to do at times, no real direction. I never even bothered to finish. I would play it if it was polished intencely

AragornI 2011.04.01
Beautiful and tricky game

jpdm2011 2011.03.26
Nice game, only one problem... Why do we arrange a date with the initial girl and then she never shows up again?

84desperado 2011.03.24
dude, you should write a movie...!!

old_ironside78 2011.03.24
Outstanding game! Again a very good work o´ the LoP programmers.

japie9 2011.03.21
Nice game... So many options. It`s a bit slow on my pc but that`s ok. Music is really creepy when you close your eyes. Keep up the good work!

ceggraham 2011.03.21
the game is good and the graphics are pretty cool.

chickenabc 2011.03.18
Difficult and tough game but was quite fun...

kalbs 2011.03.18
waw grate game, nice graphik and so exciting... more of this games

blank51769 2011.03.15
very interesting and litle bit different of other here

DeaconFrost 2011.03.14
Great game, I really like the matrix/shadowrun like atmosphere. Had to wander back and forth more than once and I didn`t to see all endings yet but it seems like "to be continued" is what we get no matter what.
Anyone have a link to the episode II or know if there will actually be one ?

raz00 2011.03.13
ok..o got the 3 endings..it says "to be continued?"..sure!

spoiler: only have sex with melinda at the hole..

Blaban 2011.03.13
End one:when you go to rage you put out a gun at her and she shut you down.

End two:you buy some drinks for the guy in the bar and he give you a passport for Hole.

End three:you don`t have sex with Rage and she give you a ring and than you go and talk with girl standing in the front of the hole.

Faey 2011.03.12
I have to say I love the storyline/setting for this, definitely want to see a sequel.

silver12 2011.03.11
so is there going to be a sequel?

danielseid 2011.03.10
good game nice sex sences

scrip 2011.03.09
Very good game, sex scenes were enjoyable, graphics looked great...

fastjonny411 2011.03.09
I always enjoy a well thought out game concept and back story. This game is great for that. I can`t wait for another episode to come out. This is a keeper!

TheOnlyOne 2011.03.08
This game is wonderful man action and sex is like playing a movie

kalbs 2011.03.08
waw grate game, nice graphik and so exciting... more of this games

Lois_Voom 2011.03.07
This is a great game. I just wanted to continue playing. Now I wanna know about that girl to

Sin McSin 2011.03.07
very interesting and litle bit different of other here

Baril04 2011.03.07
I love the story of this one
The scifi style of this game is really cool
I wish there will be an other one soon

pussylover123 2011.03.04
this girl reminds me of my ex-wife. she cheated on me

brink7000 2011.03.04
So much potential for lesbians in this one, or an alien dickgirl fucking another chick would be awesome! Sequel?

ichigo_k95 2011.03.04
I like the multiple interactions in the game.!!

gargletron 2011.03.04
Do you ever get to see the robo-hooker near the beginning of the game again? I`d really like a sequal!

Siantlark 2011.03.03
Very good game. Needs spell check on some things too.

razor03 2011.03.03
kind of wierd but has a good flow to it and as always very good graphics from leonizer

fameasser 2011.03.03
like it alot..lovely game

cucuvn 2011.02.28
good game, but I found it pretty hard to achieve all endings. one of the most well developed and graphically impress games for sure

mavuro 2011.02.27
very nice game and graphics but o loved the end of the word plot the most.

Jack74 2011.02.26
very fun game i liked it alot. the graphics rocked and the story was good.

kalbs 2011.02.24
The game is nice. It also have a nice graphics, so for me it`s good.

Calvin07 2011.02.24
DeathsFlagShip: U must find the right spot to start caress for the bar to appear !
Think head :)

Benninator69 2011.02.23
flawless game whens thorne 2 coming out?!?!?!?!

DeathsFlagShip 2011.02.23
I don`t understand how you are supposed to get past the sex scenes. I see no bars or meeters to tell you what to do.

ppcoyo 2011.02.23
Really good plot! I love the `Blade runner` style!
Graphics are awesome!

sriangga 2011.02.21
Interesting and amazing game..

bigmarcus 2011.02.19
Nice detail. a decent game

day21696 2011.02.19
great game amzing graphics

MangoHead 2011.02.19
Very nice game. Looking forward to the next part!

thatdudebri 2011.02.16
this game was epic great everything even has great music or great song gameplay was great graphics great dialogue great 10/10

AleGer 2011.02.14
One of the three best games. The story is unique, the girls hot and the graphics follow the music and the sound of pleasure.

Monkey Rebel117 2011.02.14
The loading seem to take a long time but good game

junglemonkee 2011.02.12
awesome game to play! great graphics, non-linear story line with multiple endings. an erotica `Choose your own adventure` for adults! played it a few times & while keep on getting ending 2 to try to unlock all the achievements, definitely a game worth playing over and over.

canlee1983 2011.02.11
good story...but too much chatting

nazere 2011.02.10
awesome game....interesting story....

belcro 2011.02.10
buenos graficos y juego bastante entretenido

YoungBrave 2011.02.09
Really loved the game and how it`s very cyberpunk. The aesthetic is super-ultra-awesomest; but the story is kind of unfinished, and the sex scene controls suck.

Salander 2011.02.09
reminds me of bladerunner as well, the sex scenes need some work though

jerkstore211 2011.02.08
amazing details in this game. must play

Kopeleto 2011.02.06
Good but hard ... :( Took me a while to figure out the endings :D

marcelino21 2011.02.06
this game have fantastic graphics and animations, so give a nice play

pfiffie 2011.02.05
I like this game its easy, exciting and fun and the graphic is great :)

gpghonest 2011.02.05
Very enjoyable game, with a good storyline and sexy girls

JenniJenks 2011.02.05
Great game. I can`t wait to see if there is a sequel.

jantejarl 2011.02.04
Really liked the game due to the good story, sexy

demonmike 2011.02.02
nice good quallety
i like it

Boykoff 2011.02.02
the most strange game as I ever see...
graphics - perfect as usuale...
interesting - so-so
exciting - may be...

well.... the mark is only "B", not more

XionVampiri 2011.02.02
Great game, great graphics and decent storyline.

demonic 666 2011.02.02
wow....excellent game, can I get more hottest game ?

baba1689 2011.02.01
liked the plot and the scenario!damn he`s bad ass!hope they make a second part to this..and with the futuristic stuff hope he gets two dicks and much more chicks in the next part:P

alisinan 2011.02.01
excellent game, great storyline and fantastic graphics

kilowun 2011.01.31
the story was interesting and the graphics were awesome but it got a bit confusing at times

dbpop 2011.01.31
great game it has a really good story line loved it

rayloren1948 2011.01.30
very cool cyber punk game. wonderful renders and tight story too.

mickeal 2011.01.29
love this game whens next version out

neo ashraf 2011.01.29
graphics is good....story is interesting...

bael 2011.01.28
Is there a sequel to this game yet?

solace1000 2011.01.28
Love the twists int his great game!!

lithium39 2011.01.28
i already had the 2nd and the 3rd endings im stuck finding the first one

fuckbot 2011.01.28
fucking love it love it love it!!!!!!!!!!! god I would fuck them all!!

nesod 2011.01.27
I like how this game has a dark twist to it. excellent story line and graphics. Ilove this kind of games.

ilbjt681 2011.01.27
Decent enough for a giggle, but could use a bit more

Lord_of_Chaos109 2011.01.27
Can anyone give me some tips to get all the achievements

JonTheSuperman 2011.01.26
Dark but had some pretty funny moments. I actually enjoyed some of the red herrings.

Wabbledont 2011.01.26
its a fun game granted but could be cooler

ginger99r 2011.01.26
the game seems to be fun..cud find 2 endings

kalbs 2011.01.25
mad, beautiful and exciting game

Diesel123 2011.01.24
Stupid ASS game needs more sex and less Work

nickthedck 2011.01.23
personally im not into the dark games, but hey i still think you guys did a good job on it.

alucard12 2011.01.23
fun game good grafics (horrible spelling)

spizio 2011.01.21
It`s too slow for me, too hard to follow it

king2pm 2011.01.21
i loved this game, so amazing, cool

kurtis002 2011.01.21
good story line but the controls were difficult

lover3857 2011.01.20
Nice game with good graphics, the story is also really nice.

durko777 2011.01.20
Interesting game, but wery hard to control in a se...al scenes

stelth90 2011.01.19
the game is Pretty Detailed Hope they make a Sequel

skeeter0992 2011.01.18
this is a great game. love the sci fi setting and the story is superb!

MagicalCondom 2011.01.18
nice game! the story caught my attention instead of the sexual parts, lol and bout the graphics its better than the other games i played...so this is the best game i played so far

Apac20 2011.01.18
Incredible game even if it was never finished.Being able to purse several different girls helps to provide a great deal of replay value. Not a big fan of the model part that was added and it seems to get away from the theme of the game. There was a demo of a fight portion the author was working on adding before I guess real life became too much to continue the game.

chaptheapple 2011.01.17
definitly a game in need of a sequal

nash.james30 2011.01.17
this game has beautifull scenes and they work a lot on it you rock

looner 2011.01.16
nice graphics, weired game, i could only get to ending 2

f3arl3s135 2011.01.16
Like the graphics, gameplay is good.
Only the conversations are to long.
After i fucked Rage, my mouse pointer is gone.

willeryartillery 2011.01.16
It is a big game but not so many sex scenes :/

arhangel222 2011.01.16
Game very heavy, and interesting but why that turns out only with one girl, then all

Silveralpha 2011.01.16
wow what an intense game i hope to see more like it!!!

tdenny59 2011.01.16
Exceptional graphics. Love the story line, and all possible endings. Will continue to play to find even more. Love it!

GhostyGu 2011.01.16
Excellent game, my favourite so far :)

kenn7176 2011.01.15
great graphics,very exciting game

PinaColada 2011.01.15
I love the setting of this game it makes it very interesting.

jamieberry 2011.01.15
poor game, bad storyline.

slcricket 2011.01.14
very good ending for this game

kenny85 2011.01.14
whens the next quest comin out man like geez

iamleejeff 2011.01.14
The game is too hard to play...

lovelykiddy 2011.01.13
awesome storyline, loved the graphics and animations.. waiting on the sequel

altobasso 2011.01.13
best game of the site
really good story

haa 2011.01.13
awesome graphics and very good story :)

dzix 2011.01.13
sci-fi pllus erotic? yes! ;]

pokapoka 2011.01.11
awesome premise for a game hope theres a sequel

Thetraveler000 2011.01.11
Not sure if this has been mentioned or not but when I play it gets bugged in the woman`s apartment, all buttions and the little pop-ups disappear so I can`t do anything.

zantha 2011.01.11
Very good game! I can`t wait for the sequel.

m4t0n 2011.01.11
good graphics and gameplay it has many places and girls

sero 2011.01.10
nice graphics but i wish we can fuck all the other girls

Kuppz90 2011.01.10
Really liked this game :) hot girls , cyber kind of :D will definitely play it again

ws 2011.01.10
Simply the best game on PF1. Very good storyline.

devilsman 2011.01.10
I`ve already passed this game and saw all ends. Good idea to do 3 possible ends. I was surprised.

Darkside4ever01 2011.01.09
had a strange story this game

Freddy782 2011.01.09
Fav game so far just wish You could do more interaction with more of the hot ass characters, maybe on the next one!

silver12 2011.01.09
Interesting storyline, typical lesson of passion game

tamer 2011.01.09
very of the 4 endings a very good, played the game several days before

JettBlack 2011.01.09
Definitely enjoyed this one. The eerie sound track and the cyborg aspect of the women was totally awesome.

Sharpie 2011.01.09
I`m stuck in this game on what to do with the prostitute, please help me

xiao_boii 2011.01.08
why i cant go in through the game ??? please go and do something about it im stuck in the 11% before proceeding to the game!!!

slimshady 2011.01.08
is a really great game with great breasts

Kuppz90 2011.01.08
Hot game! damn i loved the girls , will play it again right away for diffrent ending ;D

anab 2011.01.08
this game is very good and the girl is sexy

AK47Hood 2011.01.08
a good game , but i didnt really like the idea of it being like a futuristic game with robots and that other stuff.

phidelt 2011.01.07
It was ok. Farmers daughter better

noxblood 2011.01.07
really cool atmosphare. insead of the all usuall normal world

drake_red518 2011.01.07
nice game overall (graphics,animation,game play)

Gamer X27 2011.01.07
Probably has the best story of any game I`ve played, very well made.

hardcoreharry 2011.01.06
got everything except pervy . can help?

bennyrvhul 2011.01.06
Very good game, with nice graphics and a sci-fi like gameplay.

HellO_o 2011.01.06
Nice game, nice graphics

PaulRN52 2011.01.05
I just finished one endin g . Not bad !!

none 2011.01.04
I got all the endings, it was very hard.

defplayr 2011.01.04
great game ive only had one ending

66Ryan 2011.01.03
Great graphics and story not to mention the girls!

trainwreckage23 2011.01.03
i really enjoyed the game controls a little hard at first but a good game will there be more?

Micky20 2011.01.03
good game ive got two endings only

leonidasdcr 2011.01.03
when is gonna come a second part? i like the history a lot

sex_surfer 2011.01.03
great game, bit too long though

larsen04 2011.01.03
Can i fuck the girl next brute?

jaska 2011.01.02
Good story but needs more sex and the graphics is great

wolf33 2011.01.02
good game, lot of reading involved if was not for this the game would be on the short side, BUT the graphics and game plot / idea EXCELLENT.

tox 2011.01.02
beautiful and exciting game

XsexymanX 2011.01.02
interesting story, but more sex scene should be added.

lenman 2011.01.02
Nice game play but very dark. More sex sequences should be added.

whatcrackcrack 2011.01.02
hot game, but I found it pretty hard to achieve all endings. one of the most well developed and graphically impress games for sure. and the setting and atmosphere are both amazing. im kinda stuck on this game, will be revisiting later.

kiko200 2011.01.02
great graphics good game

xronik 2011.01.01
Very interesting game! The remarkable drawing and a plot!

muban 2011.01.01
Great game and awesome graphic

jasonator 2011.01.01
Congratulation for a superb game you`ve created. Very nice indeed!

dajasand 2010.12.31
wow what an intense game i hope to see more like it!!!

heatround2011 2010.12.31
Fun game. I wish I could have sex with more girls in it

JamesonJJameson 2010.12.30
Finally a game that has REAL replayability, I`ll be spending some time on this one to find all the endings! I love the plot, makes it much more fun to play.

Riddickxxx69 2010.12.30
I love these games! The graphics, stories, and settings all keep getting better and better

MariTison 2010.12.30
nice game, good graphic and story

gensai34 2010.12.30
The sci-fi setting for this one was great; if possible I would like to see a few more like this in the future lineup!

gibbon7 2010.12.30
nice game with good praphics.

Ohno 2010.12.30
Interesting game because of its unusual storyline.
Graphics are great, gameplay is ok.

All in all, it`s a good game.

pororo 2010.12.30
great game.. nice graphic and story

Patriot1 2010.12.29
I dont like this game at all, too much talking not enough action

BabouBB 2010.12.29
Beautiful and exciting game

theultimate1000 2010.12.28
This game is great. The story is good, the graphics are good and the gameplay is good.
A few things kind of confused me at first, but I was able to figure it out after a bit.

A great game nonetheless.

zerosan 2010.12.28
exellent game and story, took a while to get all the endings but it was worth it

vagoneto 2010.12.28
I prefer other pfo games.. but nice

Vargain 2010.12.28
good graphics and exciting

Vargain 2010.12.28
this game requires you to talk to much but not very exciting

syndro 2010.12.27
ending leaves more to be desired, looking forward to second part

orrifalcon97 2010.12.27
i love tis game hope thr is a second part

HiddenOps 2010.12.27
i love this game but it can be better

Ahhh 2010.12.27
not bad pretty interesting

vgab 2010.12.27
Atmosphere, twists, clues, characters (considering the genre), full marks, excellent! I especially liked you could caress Janine`s cheeks. An underestimated gesture I often miss in other games!

mrdodo 2010.12.27
a good game, good story and good graphic

mk2 2010.12.27
One of the best games so far! Really hope there will be a sequel!

radioguy967 2010.12.27
sequel??? i only got 2 and 3 endings how to get 1st and didn`t like that 2nd and 3rd were practically same

shishkabob 2010.12.26
Very bladerunner, with sex. Fun game

hothotass 2010.12.26
love the story of the game....

pixxel79 2010.12.26
nice game, and interesting story.

Ares05 2010.12.26
a good game with a nice story

Frontdackel 2010.12.26
Dark setting, superb graphics and overall a great game.

dogaron 2010.12.26
One of the best games (Very hot girls nice graphics and sound)

FireyPhoenix 2010.12.25
interesting game great story loved the first girl you can fuck

Burnee 2010.12.25
2 out of three endings so far, waiting for the sequel

ray691 2010.12.25
graphics are superb ,story great but short

Danji 2010.12.24
Game brought me back to the beginning after playing for awhile.

xxxPeanutxxx 2010.12.24
A great game, a lot went into the story and it shows. If done properly and fleshed out more this could easily be a commercial game. Well done!

sissyboy 2010.12.23
good game keeps u intrested

Zenodius 2010.12.23
good game but it takes alittle to load and the story is a bit slow is good and exitment

mashalien3 2010.12.23
I keep failing with Rage.

darrenwee92 2010.12.23
nice game... but hard to finish...

shadowkiller591 2010.12.22
great graphics and sex scenes one of the best I`ve played

dorimi11 2010.12.22
Nice graphics as always, relatively easy game, and fun.

lover12 2010.12.22
gret graphics,sexy hot game,lovely girls....nice games

ksaper 2010.12.22
quite quite hard i must say

mashalien3 2010.12.21
this is one of the best games i have ever played! :D

eviler01 2010.12.21
beautiful and exciting game

Baril04 2010.12.21
The story of this game is fantastic, I really like this futurism theme.
But the action scene are all the same.
And the gameplay is a little bit boring

hungry789 2010.12.21
Im stuck, how do i get into the Hole club?

chrisbeau87 2010.12.20
cool and great game 2 thumbs up

Ricksickle 2010.12.20
This was a fantastic game :). It would be ace if there is a sequel in the works. I never thought I would get into the story but I do actually want to know what happens after ending 3 :). The sex scenes were good too ;)

Deadboy10 2010.12.20
Beautiful game with a decent/good story and interresting characters. In short, very good!

Abheesht 2010.12.20
The game is awesome and the graphics no words for that stuff

seazon 2010.12.19
the animation is cool but culd be better

shani_910 2010.12.19
good game..
bit too long story play and less sex play

Gupiz 2010.12.18
A great Game Indeed Got All D 3 Different Endingz.....
Ii Haz A Great Story Line....
N Very Intresting.....

LilJur 2010.12.18
hard game but i dont regret doing it

hiliaiz 2010.12.18
i lie this game the craphik is awsome

marc923 2010.12.18
Omg this is really a hard game, but yet a good one

henkiepenkie 2010.12.18
Awesome game beautiful and exciting

eamonlamza 2010.12.18
wow so many sexy robo chicks. a rather matrix like game. i like its creative but i cannot leave rages house TT_TT

cashmoney2010 2010.12.17
Great graphics and story. But the new setting is the best part. New Thorne games! I demand it!

Only4PFO 2010.12.17
Engrossing game thanks to a decent story and great delivery. Hope there is a sequel in the works.

weromont 2010.12.17
The game enjoyed plenty of games

davidg08 2010.12.17
my new favorite play force game

prokaryote 2010.12.16
I can`t finish the game because I keep running into a bug. After I finish fucking Rage, I search the apartment (corpse in bathroom, etc.). Then I come back out and talk to Rage. Then a Charon operative comes in and points a gun at me. I can "examine" the operative, Rage, and myself, but I cannot continue. There is a continue button that lights up when I mouseover, but no matter how many times I click it nothing happens. The game is just...stuck at this point.

ntranada 2010.12.16
i like the futuristic feel storyline...hope there is a sequel

zaxtus56 2010.12.16
great game cant wait fo the second

ricardos 2010.12.16
its a great game and it have a nice history, waithing for the second

Douglas 2 2010.12.16
Love the characters. Would love more of these games.

frerdi 2010.12.16
The game and the characters are interesting.

unknown_1994 2010.12.15
very good quality game , unusual storyline to induce however very gd cliffhanger ending hoping for a part 2

Groud 2010.12.15
Damn, I was sad when it ended up being a multi parter. Hopefully the next parts will be just as good as this one

illogical 2010.12.15
Hot game - good storyline

jangrey 2010.12.15
graphics makes it better than real life

ptalgh 2010.12.14
The game is nice. It also have a nice graphics

acolyte 2010.12.14
great game, but should have more girls to play with

tigerbalm008 2010.12.14
i cant wait for the next episode

Michael32 2010.12.14
There is a lot of promise in this for sequels. Looking forward to part two.

lughbelenos1 2010.12.13
Very challenging, nice work to the creator(s).

sexman2.0 2010.12.13
girls are great so are graphics

Chris2001uk 2010.12.13
great game i loved the story and can`t wait for the next part to come out

hellostranger88 2010.12.13
very good game.. i look forward playin part 2

thenny 2010.12.12
what a great game love it

boinky 2010.12.12
Good game, take it from LoP to come up with something different egvery time

akzm37 2010.12.12
good story, great graphics but hard

zeretet 2010.12.12
this was a great game. good graphics, nice stroy and the girl is so hot.

aschwerdtfag 2010.12.11
the gameplay took too long to get going, i felt lost

bt5121 2010.12.11
i woud like to see part 2 it s very cool

dabein 2010.12.11
I like this idea about future. But sex-scenes are so short and there is no bonus content

chumak 2010.12.11
very nice game indeed. The only thing I didn`t like is when the game ended with questions in my head :))) Lots of them :) Hope there is going to be part 2 :)

Hanamich 2010.12.11
There is a second part in project? I think it`s a very good game!

wloo175 2010.12.11
Great game, good graphics, good story, part 2 please

Gimmie_g 2010.12.10
Jasmine is so hot and so is Rage too

zack_xxx 2010.12.10
this is real fantastic game..!!

HornyPorny 2010.12.10
good game, a little long but good graphs and story

Dangernick42 2010.12.10
was quite fun, held my attention for awhile

planter 2010.12.10
One of the best games on this site. I can`t wait for part 2

SonnyBlack 2010.12.10
grat game with a good story

kanf 2010.12.09
Great game. Graphics are as good as LoP use to do. Storyline is superb!!!
Pitty there isn`t more to do, and some different interactions. Either way, this gets a 95

sAbbAh 2010.12.09
Lesson of Passion games are the best

matthew601 2010.12.09
this game was fun can`t wait for new chapter

Andy_Carter 2010.12.09
Yeah, these are trying to be too smart, not the best on offer. I gave up on this one.

HANGMAN 2010.12.09

3dimention 2010.12.09
nice graphics...!!
you must play this game...!!

xxkittenchow6xx 2010.12.08
amazing game great graphics

HotHornyBabe 2010.12.08
Great game. Love how there is different endings!

Scott71 2010.12.08
Kinda like Deus Ex. But with condoms :)

blood_wraith 2010.12.08
how do you get into the club? everytime i get that far the cops show up

hazard3976 2010.12.08
good game realy enjoyed it

d2rock 2010.12.07
good story, maybe the addition of a picture quality button would help (Ex: Low, Medium, High) the game was a bit laggy at times . . .

Kaze 2010.12.07
Great graphic and good storyline. Wish that I could interact more with the other characters though.

g.murat 2010.12.07
great game. but there should be more options

Wishes 2010.12.07
I really liked that one. Might be just me, ..but it`s the best game bar far.

Talk the rich woman in the restaurant, multiply.

tomtom18 2010.12.07
how do i do the i just love shiny thing ???

david 2010.12.07
Nice game. really like it. please contuine with these ones.

Gradstone 2010.12.07
Game is nice enough, the sex are good. The story is well. But, I can`t get to the 3rd ending...

klarkiscool1 2010.12.06
Good graphics, i got ending 2

alikss 2010.12.06
exciting game,nice graphic and great story

tso123 2010.12.06
i like the game but i hata that sound...

unbuntou 2010.12.06
love that kind of games. It has great great graphics

kenazu 2010.12.06
Very nice done but not for me

Mustafanian 2010.12.06
I always love that kind of games. It has great great graphics

dragan 2010.12.06
exciting game,nice graphic and great story

saul878 2010.12.06
interesting storyline though the dialogue drags on after a while though gd graphics

lilzyck 2010.12.06
this game is super good and eveyone should play it

peter42 2010.12.06
Good game.. but need a walkthrough..anybody completed the game pl post

asbajo 2010.12.05
good game but to short and needs more sound

flameablex 2010.12.05
great games. very interesting story lines. can`t help it but to play d second time to get varies ending. love the futuristic and detective mystery solving story line. can`t wait to for the next part to come.

jb007 2010.12.05
Fun but not enough different enfings

jb007 2010.12.05
Fun but it takes too long.

allstar 2010.12.05
Interesting game, kinda long and keep getting the same ending

donutdude 2010.12.05
could of been a bit longer. and little more options

lamboman28M 2010.12.05
Very Good Game kinda slow though

Kian 2010.12.05
Interesting story. Certainly will be looking for the second part.

Was strange that I had to use the painkillers, but never read that I was in pain.

jdh20 2010.12.04
its a good game, takes forever to load thow but wirth the wait for sure

freezrick 2010.12.04
I was expecting a better ending and more options on encounters... But graphics are good. Thank you.

jabbathehutman 2010.12.04
Enjoyed the storyline! Original enough, maybe more adventure elements.

jackspinner 2010.12.04
didnt enjoy the ending maybe you could change it?

Boogieboy 2010.12.04
Takes a while to figure out, but a great story. Looking forward to the next chapter

Chobitz 2010.12.04
Cool game.. Very nice graphics

bige173 2010.12.04
good game. Like the choice options and graphics. Has anyone found anything shiny?

Mihaus 2010.12.04
i hoe the sequel will come soon. There are to many open questions.

vestvest 2010.12.04
Humm, its a bug at the begining? if you dont take the drug, and the woman come, the games ending then begining, but the man have the clothes and no option -.-

vestvest 2010.12.04
I really liked that one. The characters awesome, maybe i liked more some lesbian screen, i don`t find.

nellmell 2010.12.03
Good quality.....dintget the all the endings though

decconan 2010.12.03
there are someone said that there are 4 endings, how can i get the 4th? 3x! :-)

modified_59 2010.12.03
good game, not hard to finish, very hard to find all endings

bloodycharon 2010.12.03
Great game.
Cant seem to get the last achievement though.

ert 2010.12.03
nice game ,really like this.

lowclutch 2010.12.03
great story waiting for the sequel

re1gn 2010.12.03
great game, but could use some more sex scenes, and a i`d rather do a little more watching, and have my hands free if u know what i mean

vegasvlad 2010.12.03
I`d really like to reach ALL of the endings... can someone gimme a clue where do i need to do something different ?

maxim_reality 2010.12.03
i love this game :) nice graphics, sexy girls....

babylonx 2010.12.03
great game,but what about new episodes with kelly??

thenewdeltaman 2010.12.03
This game is a bit boring since the pace is to slow for me.

Maphael 2010.12.03
nice game..great story and ambient music sets the mood well..love the graphic and game play

pjmatl 2010.12.02
Cant wait for the sequel!

aaar 2010.12.02
can`t wait to see the noble lady mission

imperatrix 2010.12.02
Very nice game and interesting story. I will wait for continuation.

BokyS 2010.12.02
Hmm game is nice but i dont like the atmosphere and i cant wait for another

bingo 2010.12.02
Superb game, really liked the storyline and the atmosphere. But I want to nail Jasmine!

cruiser56 2010.12.02
awesome game.bit much text but I like the complex story.
How manny endings are possible?

TornadoXIII 2010.12.02
Great game, loved the story and setting and the artwork is excellent as always. Can`t wait for the next one!

saraman 2010.12.02
great game. i`ve got the 2 endings :)

pronsander 2010.12.02
Cool game.. Very nice graphics

himan12 2010.12.01
Not a half bad game, i hope that theres a part 2

fapable 2010.12.01
really hot game but more interaction would be better

edwardo 2010.12.01
hmmm interesting game i wonder if there is going to be a part two too this game the way two of the endings are. it seems that the girl rhea is somehow his daughter resurected in the game making one wonder if the second game is going to involve recusing her

luckydude256 2010.12.01
sweet very horny great graphics

DBlake17 2010.12.01
pretty good story, great graphics but cant get all the endings

sharksboyz 2010.12.01
the game is very hot i love it

608nate 2010.12.01
These types of games are the best. Great story, awesome graphics

alikss 2010.12.01
This games really great. The graphics are fantastic, but the writing could use a small bit of work.

keijonen 2010.12.01
Really nice game. The game looks just awesome. The characters are very good looking. story is good. i really really like this game.

Mikko 2010.11.30
finally got all the endings. can`t wait the next part, amazing game, but tori 500 is still my favourite :)

kojodog1 2010.11.30
interrsting story, great graphics

ianh90 2010.11.30
This games really great. The graphics are fantastic, but the writing could use a small bit of work.

caminzz 2010.11.30
I should say, though, that this is a great game! Definitely the best you`ve done so far! It is so atmospheric, and unlike some of the other games where the story is a little thin, the story here is so deep and intriguing.

Also, the design of all the characters and their costumes in this game is fantastic. You really feel like you are in that world...

caminzz 2010.11.30
Oh, okay, I figured it out after several tries. If you don`t hit the continue button exactly on the button part, but click somewhere else on the screen, it still continues, but then you get stuck.

There is another bug in the first scene that I got quite a few times, where you are about to meet Jasmine but then it jumps you back to the intro, and then when you start over Cy is there but the items are gone, and you have to restart. Not sure why that one happens...

caminzz 2010.11.30
I can`t finish the game because I keep running into a bug. After I finish fucking Rage, I search the apartment (corpse in bathroom, etc.). Then I come back out and talk to Rage. Then a Charon operative comes in and points a gun at me. I can "examine" the operative, Rage, and myself, but I cannot continue. There is a continue button that lights up when I mouseover, but no matter how many times I click it nothing happens. The game is just...stuck at this point.

What am I doing wrong?

pantekkau 2010.11.30
all girls is hot i like this

Pfo3 2010.11.30
close to perfection. nice story line, graphs classy, pity the sex scenes aren`t more developed

Towy 2010.11.30
good game but takes awhile

Saark50 2010.11.30
Great art, sex scenes could be a bit better looking. Good story though

Madelene 2010.11.30
Intriguing game with a really nice story to it. I reached one ending, now to try it again.. Can`t wait for more of this.

Grizzly84 2010.11.30
beautiful and exciting game

popcorn2002 2010.11.29
good game, I like the multiple endings

Morpheus 2010.11.29
love this game look forward to the next

roundroom 2010.11.29
this game is great but they should have added more women or endings

infinitusvox 2010.11.29
the sex scenes need improvement otherwise 9/10

Doombug 2010.11.29
I highly enjoyed this game but this one made me wish for more depth and the sex scenes could of been better/longer with more varitey but all in all I really liked where this game is headed

crazzarc 2010.11.28
very well made game although 3rd ending is difficult to find

maxios 2010.11.28
great game, so much more than just regular crap

Ficka 2010.11.28
I Think theres too much to read in this game and i just got one ending but graphics are good and story also

schrottie 2010.11.28
very good story and idea, but the sex scenes could be better, at least with some differences one from the other!

az89 2010.11.28
at first glance, i thought that this is some vampire hunter game based on thorne smoke that look some kind of vampire

Hadrian 2010.11.28
Great artwork. Story is a bit slow. Would have preferred more action.

root_locus 2010.11.28
Cyber pank, noir and stuff... Jeez! This game is awesome! Thanks!
Will wait for continue :-)

prb123 2010.11.28
Great looking game, but too weird for me

bazbadasss 2010.11.28
enjoyed the game good graphics and good storyline

spike29 2010.11.28
this game is outstanding. one of your best yet. I would love to have more girls be fuckable in the game. everything else is top notch. great job!

dtmscan 2010.11.28
really good story, can`t wait for part2. great job

dragoon2160 2010.11.28
The story was incredibly compelling and I can`t wait for a sequel.

dreamlord99 2010.11.27
LOP games are always great and this one is no exception.

humptypkt 2010.11.27
good game, I like the multiple endings

mjwm54 2010.11.27
I cannot wait for the sequel! I hope you`ll be able to get with that hot bounty hunter!

DeafScout23 2010.11.27
good game all of girl are hot!!

kenn7176 2010.11.27
good graphics beautiful women fun but you have to click the mouse way to much

adejean1221 2010.11.27
it was to long and didnt have enough sex

tiein 2010.11.27
Not a big fan. I got lost a couple times with no idea of what to do.

wengkui 2010.11.27
Excellent game. I really enjoyed it. Hope there`s more in the future.

RobbyWilliams64 2010.11.27
Nice graphics, but borring gameplay

Graeme Green 2010.11.27
will need to play this game a few times..tricky..could do basics but nothing else..cheers

mjmabile25 2010.11.27
Intro is too long, but graphics are good. Sex scenes are a bit lame though.

paul72002 2010.11.27
nice but a little long between action scenes less detail would be good

joshniel 2010.11.27
that was a pretty good game. I cant wait for the next part

jokester1801 2010.11.27
It was a fun game. I liked the different endings.

daman25 2010.11.27
nice game but to long... at once i get bored

Ack 2010.11.27
Sex scenes were a bit poor but story was decent

lowback 2010.11.26
girls are bald...but look sexy~

fkf,fq 2010.11.26
Magnificent game.???????? all series.?????????? in the future all girls will so put on

zeretet 2010.11.26
very hot game and more interesting

randy06 2010.11.26
helo great game more into sex scenes like more action and then its a hit but still good game

Reggie77 2010.11.26
Not in my favorite games for sure.

bhopal76 2010.11.26
very good story and idea, but the sex scenes could be better, at least with some differences one from the other!
It would be good to put some more interactions like combats or shooting!

wyllosz 2010.11.26
great graphics and sex scenes very good

fradellasera 2010.11.26
Good game and good history :)

wc47 2010.11.26
veri nice game....new nd soo nicer////impressed by dat..

abhi.1111 2010.11.25
excellent game.good graphics and lot of fun.

shevec1 2010.11.25
good game with good graphics

Eds 2010.11.25
interesting story, but its too long!

jaydude 2010.11.25
Definitely well done on this game, reminded me somewhat of Blade Runner. I managed to get two endings, the one where Thorne gets shot, and the one where they capture Rhea. Any idea on how to get the third?

elgrandforever 2010.11.25
I love this game, good graphic

Ledeas 2010.11.25
I loved the game and agree with many others in the hope that this one continues.
Thanks for a great game

shaggyfish 2010.11.24
great game love the graphic a bit slow tho

sirbobinious 2010.11.24
Very nicely done, just runs a little slow on my `old` machine

EndlessEcho 2010.11.24
Cool and creepy! An interesting take, reminds me of dawn of the dead!

crossroad 2010.11.24
Excellent game! Not only by the graphics, but the story is so exciting! I wanna more about them!

none 2010.11.24
I`m stuck at the fix me fuck me part help!

none 2010.11.24
Can someone write a walkthru?

HeinH77 2010.11.24
I found the endings and in a way I was a bit disappointed. The graphics are excellent, the story less and the end boring. For this site I expected some more explicit intimate actions.

keksi33 2010.11.24
Great story but short, gameplay was okay, too, but I would have wished for a whole body that`s gonna fuck the girls instead of only a dildo like thing. :)

Magnanimus 2010.11.24
Good graphics, but to much chating

mike cook 2010.11.24
Very good game with super graphics

ItsMe123 2010.11.24
One of the greatest games in a long time! Played it and loved the story! I hope they make more

radman64 2010.11.24
Like the way the "endings" worked, no problem with the story line nor the blood!
Please continue with the story!

gareth 2010.11.24
Not really my type of game. Good graphics however.

eager 2010.11.24
great game, great graphics, hope for the next sequel maybe with more choice of action and more interactive sex scene to play... :p

misterzim 2010.11.23
WOW! This game is great, I loved the story and especially the dystopian setting with the non-linear explorative gameplay!

Great job guys, I hope to see another installment soon!

Suggestions: The Sex scenes interfaces were TOO simplified in this one but it shows you are listening when we say we wanted easier to use sex scene interfaces...you just went a little too simple.

Some combat maybe? Shooting some bad buys? Some RPG elelments would really just top this game off.

bc 2010.11.23
good story good game still looking for different endings

kjdehn 2010.11.23
great game some what the best but miss my kelly

sosfa 2010.11.23
awesome game. nice graphic & story. love lesson of passion!

j2bags 2010.11.23
Blood and guts = instant boner kill!

kpyrinikos 2010.11.23
good game got 3 endings hope there will be a part 2

probie 2010.11.23
great game loved it hope #2 will be soon an just as good

tubs 2010.11.23
A really great game, great art. Can`t wait for the next one

Zezose 2010.11.23
interesting, good graphics

thxtcan 2010.11.23
Good story... But sex scenes may be improved...

venom89 2010.11.23
Great game! Very interesting story, I want a part two =)

mitroi 2010.11.23
Good game, good graphics, nice story. Sex scenes could be longer and more evolved (variety) though. Too much talking for the amount of action you get.

markovnikov 2010.11.23
Not sure I trust the editor after recommending this game. I found it dull to be honest.

Tomworld 2010.11.23
Good Game, interesting story I only hope they do make a sqeul

paddywhack 2010.11.23
thank you lop great game with great graphics look forward to part 2

samluv13 2010.11.22
nice game. part 2 should be launched..

jingstir 2010.11.22
good game got ending 2 hope there will be a part 2

arcedon 2010.11.22
a lot of reading to do if u want to get in the story but still a good game

Bonnierider 2010.11.22
Very beautyfull game...I hope continue for more capter

ICE Dude 2010.11.22
good game but a lot of reading to do if u want to get in the stroy

pcpc 2010.11.22
Good graphics, but too dark for my taste. Still, a good game

king2pm 2010.11.22
very sexy game i love it this is a real hot game!

nakakaka 2010.11.22
The conversation is quite long but overall the the game is okay.

Xyzzy 2010.11.22
Okay, a very intriguing story line, and I`m looking forward to the next part, if there is one. But the graphics were a little too dark for me, hard to see what`s on the screen, and hard to read the text. Also, the story moved too slowly. The transitions between screens should move faster. Love these non-linear games with multiple possible endings!

walrus13 2010.11.22
has a good flow to it and as always very good graphics from leonizer

Jerezano 2010.11.22
a like this game is exciting, interesting and nice grapik......!!

samantha123 2010.11.22
OMG i love the L.O.P. games

lower5 2010.11.22
i love this game, good graphic

flintstoneflop 2010.11.22
Very good game, sex scenes were enjoyable, graphics looked great

ElysiumShield 2010.11.22
The only thing I would recommend is allow more options on the sex scenes.

Moomin5 2010.11.22
Very good game - good story - found all three endings!

frostee 2010.11.22
Good Quality game with a twist!

love it!

havocx101 2010.11.22
decent game but a little long.

kagutsuchi 2010.11.22
Good graphics as always and an interesting scenario. But i also have the vanishing cursor problem. Really good game anyway

gimmm 2010.11.22
good game with lots to do

meiying 2010.11.22
This game is very good??? I love grahics and story.

mrcoolerz 2010.11.22
Great game managed to get all 3 endings, looking forward to the continuation as the story is left hanging in the mid-air, hope to see a great ending to the story.

haikal 2010.11.22
very high in quality.......i like it

elfriede dittmann 2010.11.22
Very good game with a nice graphics.

alecsakura 2010.11.21
excellent game! thouroughly enjoyed playing that one...looking forward to chapter 2

rael 2010.11.21
awesome game i could find the girl it seem like a cool story , hot girls and good graphics .

Whitefire 2010.11.21
It requires too much time looking for the right places to click, especially with how precise it wants the clicking to be.

kenn7176 2010.11.21
it takes way to much time clicking the mouse

jibroney 2010.11.21
damn, i can`t wait for the sequel - why the cliff hanGER?

badboy2196 2010.11.21
love the story, love the achievements, looking forward to part 2. need help unlocking the last achievement.

godenfisher 2010.11.21
oh,i really like this new game.it made me very excited.

hayden1 2010.11.21
This game gets right down to business. It`s a nice change. can`t whait for the next

Howie69 2010.11.21
Looking forward to the next episode...got 2 endings so far

trueguy1964 2010.11.21
awsome game great graphics girls are hot

joepie 2010.11.21
graphics are ok , gameplay is nice, other words i like it

wateshito 2010.11.21
i get ending 1 and 2 i don`t know how to get ending 3. ending one (you get killed) ending to (you help catch the girl).... please any help possible

soulflame44 2010.11.21
i only got ending 1,3,4

therapist 2010.11.21
Graphics and story are top-notch, very much like the noir style. Sex scenes could be longer and more evolved though.

Xeronion 2010.11.21
great game with many hot girls and good graphics.

kukrhcp 2010.11.21
awsome game great graphics girls are hot

ren 2010.11.21
so so, actually might be better.
maybe in next part.

light9133 2010.11.21
beautiful and exciting game

dominique 2010.11.21
good game nice girls they seem real
good story
maybe put more girls to fuck

MJ 2010.11.21
Great graphics, good story. Overall great game.

vitali 2010.11.21
good graphics, good story, nice topic, well made at all. As usual from Leonizer and Lession Of Passion team. But too much eseless discussions that have no consequence in the result or ending. The fun scenes could be more developed for sure. Anyhow well made. Thank you.

gp78 2010.11.21
this a truly a game we want a follow up on

max29 2010.11.21
awsome game great graphics girls are hot

jackyhour25 2010.11.21
this game had very very nice graphic,enjoy it :)

adrianonn 2010.11.21
I achieve all the achievements and 3 endings. A lovely game indeed.

butterfinger 2010.11.21
I hope that you`re actually making a part 2 for this game. I want to know what happens next!

stringfellow 2010.11.21
great game, good artwork. i hope the next one is as good

Siegfried2040 2010.11.21
awsome game great graphics girls are hot

rob12 2010.11.21
geat game and good story line

catilinacatilina 2010.11.20
very good game very difficult...

XanderCrews 2010.11.20
The story is great, the sex scenes need more variety though.

thundergod 2010.11.20
Wow. Great storyline. Hope it continues.

Darcyen 2010.11.20
It had a good story good quality but the sex seen seem rushed with the cock just floating in all that i hope the next one has just as good a story and not rushed sex scenes

SkylineR34GTR 2010.11.20
Fantastic, loved this one, looking forward to pt2.

damocles1 2010.11.20
Because of how much it reminds me of playing Westwood Studio`s Blade Runner game, I love this little beauty.

Throw in some dark humour, and you`d have an adult version of Discworld Noir.

All in all, one of the better games in my opinion, only let down by the loudness of the music.
(Actually had to turn the sound down. Haven`t had to do that in almost two years on this PC!)

Regardless of my sound issue, I`d rate this gem at 100/100.

jimmy11 2010.11.20
Good story, but ending was bit disappointing

Baedin 2010.11.20
Great game and excellent story. Can`t wait for the next chapter. I got all 3 endings.

Rob-63 2010.11.20
Great storyline and graphics got all 3 endings, looking forward to next chapter.

erazor 2010.11.20
If you have problems with fix me, fuck me:
Take drugs in your cube
Now when you need drugs for the girl you can buy them from the female fixer
Hope this helps!

ocandela 2010.11.20
good game. i especially liked the various endings. i will be sure to play it again.

frenchcrusader 2010.11.20
I got the 3 endings and it seems a bit bleak but it`s still a great game.

Vany20 2010.11.20
A very, very great game! I really enjoyed it. The graphics are top of the art and the plot is outstanding for such games.
The achievements are a great idea, I liked them also in the halloween game.
Looking forward for the next episodes! Make it quick ;-)

rob12 2010.11.20
fun game hope theres a sequal

shaungiles 2010.11.20
Fun game sequel coming soon?

elgrancesar 2010.11.20
excellent game and the graphic and the girls are just amazing, good job

vagoolian 2010.11.20
Graphics were really good. really liked this game just it ends weird. Hoping for a sequel.

androsjy 2010.11.20
Nice but not best, a sequels ?

androsjy 2010.11.20
1st ending: Choose to get your gun discreetly when in talk with Rage

2nd ending: Buy a beer for the oldman ( 2nd visit ) to enter The Hole using pass, when U can`t get in at the first try.

3rd ending: Get the ring from Rage & don`t take advantage of her ( avoid sex with her ) Talk to Melinda and she will notice the ring, she will then take you into the club.

andy_regresa 2010.11.20
Vert good story and wonderful graphics. Nice game

adrianonn 2010.11.20
Wow, its a lovely game. Thumbs up for the makers of the game!

az89 2010.11.20
how to get the fix me f@#k me picture? anyone knows how to get it?

ehlerion 2010.11.20
Actually a suprisingly good quality game. I just think that if it was slightly longer/more variety/even control, it would be super!

az89 2010.11.20
got all the ending. nice quality. the question is, is it the girl she`s looking for is her daughter that supposed to be dead?

jerfo 2010.11.20
great game these games are high quality
little to much text to read it all tho :P

gwmill 2010.11.20
Nice graphics and good storyline. Needed some help to get all the achievements, thanks to those who helped.

freakyfarmboy 2010.11.20
Wow! Very good game, got all three endings and can`t wait to watch this thing evolve. `Great work" to all those involved in this game!

Thernielle 2010.11.20
A VERY good game, it has an atmosphere, an interesting story and nice graphics. The idea would sorth a cyberpunk movie or a "bigger" game :)
Looking forward the following episodes, hopefully we`re going to get them!

Kirdran 2010.11.20
Nice game - this time in sf or cyberpunk climate. Interesting story - especially when it will be continued. Good character creation (not only main hero but also all that can be met in the game).
2 bugs - the objective is the speed of changing the dialogs. Someone before said that talks were too long - agree but not in case of the amount of script (can better understand the situation, the plot etc.) but the fact that the skipping were too slow. If you play the game first time it is no visible, but when want to get achiv or sth else and you need to wait until the "speech" is performed by the characters - that is irritating! Speed up it a bit!
Second bug is more subjective - why have I this bad luck that I can`t have sex with interesting (and beautiful) minor characters like Fixer (know that is an achvi, but no sex) or Blanca (I love Laura game).
Normally I don`t like sex stories that are such gloomy and dark, but generally is a very good game, a game that aspires to be something better than typical sex game. I`am waiting impatiently to see the rest of the story.

clouseau 2010.11.20
Absolutely loved it! Brilliant story, beautiful characters. I can`t wait to see more of this story. I have always wondered why nobody makes great erotic stories. It always either great story without any erotic feel to it, or silly sex games. But finally it is here. Thank you!

Jason37 2010.11.20
Cool game great graphics

conbron 2010.11.20
3rd ending: I can not come in in the club ... What´s wrong???

conbron 2010.11.20
In the 2nd end: what pass should I use?
It ends with the death of the bouncer and Melidina... I can not come in in the club ...

conbron 2010.11.20
Very unusual story. Very good graphics. Leather very brief sex scenes.
I can not find the end of 1 ...

Iceswords 2010.11.20
1st ending: Try to get your gun when in talk with Rage
2nd ending: Try to enter The Hole using pass
3rd ending: Talk to Melinda and she will notice the ring, she will then take you into the club.

royro2010 2010.11.20
Had fun with the game, nice graphic

iggi3132 2010.11.20
Nice game and graphics. The story are a bit too long.

lughbelenos 2010.11.20
Good storyline, graphics well done and original, gameplay long at times

golfbot 2010.11.20
Not one of the better games. Too much talking for the amount of action you get. Graphics are good and girls are hot but you have to do way too much talking for minimal reward.

alei 2010.11.20
Great game, nice graphics, good story!!!

Immortalking 2010.11.20
Alright, I managed to get all the achievements;

Cy Loves You Dude - Just be nice to her at start
Talking with a Tin Can - When Jas first enters, try talking to her droid.
One of Your Whores - Sleep with Jas
Beauty and the Beast - Seems to be just talking with Brute/Mistress.
Fix Me/Fuck Me - Get the junkie the red pills from the female fixer outside the bar.
I Just Love Shiny Things - Have sex with [Is it perky is her name?]. To do this, keep trying to talk to the women inside the bar with the bodyguard. Takes 4+ times before she`ll talk to you. Take her case and then go outside and talk to [Perky?].
Banging with Furry- This one deals with Rage. I took the friend of/customer/lower your gun choices + sex with Rage to get this one.
I Came here for Answers- 3rd Ending/Sex with Melidina. Dont have sex with Rage, get her ring, go outside "the Hole" then talk with the women in red [Melidina].

Iceberg 2010.11.20
I didn`t Sleep with rage,But i got Ending two again,so it`s not the solution.How to get the third?

Iceberg 2010.11.20
I`ve got Endings One(1) and Two(2).First with pulling my gun when talking to rage and second with Leading the Corporate to the hole,Has anyone gotten the third?how?

psycho72 2010.11.19
managed two endings
being shot and finding her but she gets taken

gabor1 2010.11.19
To ending 2 go first to up, where Rage will be. Reach enter there, fuck her. Then go down and talk with the old man in the bar and rent him a booze (drink). Then go to Hole, speak, check the two ppl there and the entrance sometimes.

wildtony 2010.11.19
How Do you get into the "Hole" Club??

mocha12345 2010.11.19
I lost mouse after banging jasmine... any hint ?

vikingdemon 2010.11.19
really fun game, can`t wait for the next part.

Kotton24 2010.11.19
yea its a little slow my not bad, really great graphics well done

maxxxy 2010.11.19
Too slow. Should be option to jump past the long conversations. The sex game concept wasn`t very interesting the first time it was used in a LOP game; it gets less so with repetition.

paladin33 2010.11.19
Nice game! I got ending 2. How many ending are there in the game?

sigsillinois08 2010.11.19
How do you get the 2nd ending?

1st - Reach for gun when talking to Rage
3rd - Don`t sleep with Rage

star 2010.11.19
look interesting, any walkthrough will be even better.

eagleata 2010.11.19
i`ve done 2nd ending. this is great game. i love it...

drakkan 2010.11.19
Sadly it moved to slow for me, too much dialog, too little fun.

farkas 2010.11.19
Vert good story and wonderful graphics. Nice game

cheese101 2010.11.19
needs a status bar to show how aroused the women are

George69 2010.11.19
How do you get the "talking with tin can" and "banging with fury" achievements?

Kyell 2010.11.19
As a sidenote (and hopefully temporary, hence the different post): the pointing arrow indeed disappears after the scene with Rage.
You can still click things if you can `guess` where your mouse is. Buttons even highlight if yo happen to pass over them by chance.

Kyell 2010.11.19
Very long dialogues, not that I mind a good story but this is a bit over it in the `explaining` part.

sexychild 2010.11.19
really good game...i like the story(and am really curious where you are going to take it), like the world, and love you graphics...looking forward to the next chapter...

@chiefton-there is at least four girls that you can fuck...

Apac20 2010.11.19
Incredible game even if it was never finished.Being able to purse several different girls helps to provide a great deal of replay value. Not a big fan of the model part that was added and it seems to get away from the theme of the game. There was a demo of a fight portion the author was working on adding before I guess real life became too much to continue the game.

themoda 2010.11.19
a little boring in sometimes, the sex scenes are god, but the history can be better

chiefton 2010.11.19
I need more women options in the game.

gabor1 2010.11.19
For ending 3 DO NOT fuck Rage.
I cant reach ending 1 and 4... (If I saw right, and hace four endings).
Btw. nice game, good graphics and story, but have some bugs with the mouse arrow if replay the game. In this case right clicks helps a bit, but not so much...
Is any idea how to fuck the mistress, CY, and the pink girl who want shine things?

eldin 2010.11.19
Great game! Graphics and story are very good!

Trent 2010.11.19
2 out of three endings so far, waiting for the sequel

retros1 2010.11.19
It looks like good game. I`ll try it

acer101 2010.11.19
I hope that they actually make a part 2 for this game. I want to know what happens next!

bombguy645 2010.11.19
fun game could use more interaction options with other people. looking forward to next game

dx61005 2010.11.19
The game and the characters are interesting...

kenney 2010.11.19
a little slow on the loading

az89 2010.11.19
got the 3rd ending. how to get ending no 1?

T M 2010.11.19
Interesting so far. I like that there is actually a story, but I think sex scenes need to be longer. Still looking for 3rd ending.

withshark 2010.11.19
some 1 know haw to get the achivemen toking with tin can ?

az89 2010.11.19
got ending no 2. how to get another 3?

sicnarfj 2010.11.19
this is a great game, and I love the graphics

Ketchi 2010.11.19
it`s a not your best game

nejipt 2010.11.19
nice game and grafic like always... but i cant reach to the 1st ending:(

Stevie B 2010.11.19
nice fun game but why cant u fuck all women in it

SerenaPinky 2010.11.19
there are some problems with the mouse

heiner 2010.11.19
good game and better graffics it´s amazing

mace88 2010.11.19
i just love Lesson of Passion games.

juliolugo 2010.11.19
Um, after I took the painkillers it went back to the intro so I skipped it and now I`m back where I was but can`t leave the apartment.

paranoid 2010.11.19
A good game with an intresting storyline. I even managed to get all three endings. But I didn`t get all achievements. I`m missing the "fix me fuck me" and the thing with the brute.
Any hints for me there?
I tried different things with the junkie but nothing really worked I think.
ah, and I also had the bug with the invisible curser after the fuck-scene.

Ricoh124 2010.11.19
Excellent game / storyline...... to be continued. High standard in these games with hidden achievements to keep the interest. Few bugs to iron out with the pointer thing disappearing after action scenes.

wyskas 2010.11.19
awsome back ground goos graphism but some bug...
I lost the arrow when i fuck jasmine

JeffersOne 2010.11.19
Great game, really enjoying it but I`ve noticed a couple of problems. After the sex scene with Jasmine the mouse pointer vanishes and I`ve also noticed that the game does go back to the intro occasionally.

dragonguardian13 2010.11.19
great game graphics and story are very good. the problem though is i lost the cursor right after the sex scene with rage. So i couldnt continue.

askagainlater 2010.11.19
good game, great pics, storyline is only okay

cooldt11235 2010.11.19
I cant believe how amazing this game is nice work

dreadwolf 2010.11.19
I to have that mouse pointer problem: after fucking Rage, pointer is gone

seelster 2010.11.19
Graphics are good, interesting storyline.

Also I have the same mouse poniter problem: after fucking Rage, pointer is gone.
Renewing Flash hadnt helped.

Ray_man 2010.11.19
Like the graphics, gameplay is good.
Only the conversations are to long.
After i fucked Rage, my mouse pointer is gone.

jerryonly83 2010.11.19
very good game and graphics! nice storyline i`m already waiting for a sequel!

fmeyen 2010.11.19
Nice game and graphics. The conversations are a bit too long, but...

drizzt101 2010.11.19
very good game, really enjoyed the story and the girls, how do u get the shiny things an fix me fuk me achievements? cnt wait for tyhe sequel

capetti 2010.11.19
I can`t see the mouse anymore after Jasmine has gone.

sentaiblue 2010.11.19
one of the best game i like erverthing about the game

u2man69 2010.11.19
Not as good as I had hoped.

teteine 2010.11.19
yeah baby ! that s what i m talking about !

prats 2010.11.19
finally, got all the three endings and completed the game......
TIP:to get ending no 3,dont have sex wth rage......

komistus 2010.11.19
Again: I love grahics and story

prats 2010.11.19
Ending 3 is the actual ending......

prats 2010.11.19
cant get ending no 3.......any idea how 2 enter the "HOLE" after gettin the pass 4rom the old man...as soon as i talk 2 the bouncer after gettin the pass, the game ends.....plzzz help.....

weldingcrow 2010.11.19
good story,but lost mouse after jasmine left. go figure

carpa69 2010.11.19
I can´t see the mouse when Jasmine has gone, I can´t play more

prats 2010.11.19
awesome game....great graphics n hot girls with an even hotter storyline......have got 2 endings so far.....

storm 2010.11.19
waw grate game, nice graphik and so exciting... more of this games

snugglebunny 2010.11.19
banging with furry means have sex with RAGE. be truthful with her and she will open up to you.

Great game, wish the action scenes were more like daydreaming with keeley style. I think if you made a full town with more people to interact with or multiple parallel story lines would be a great full feature game. Keep up the great ideas! Thanks

Jack81 2010.11.19
Interesting plot with an apppropriately grim outlook, even if the gameplay is a bit confusing.

myserio 2010.11.19
Interesting, graphics are really good, so far I found only two endings, having problems finding more but that`s the fun of it.

bizon1978 2010.11.19
i don`t understand that game

retiredtroll 2010.11.19
Still have no idea how to get the Banging with Furry achievement. Any hints?

hok122 2010.11.19
The game is nice. It also have a nice graphics, so for me it`s good.

kirov 2010.11.19
beautiful and exciting game

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