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The jungle call - episode 1


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Everton83 2017.10.16
Game very cool, but very short.

Tiodor 2017.10.09
I love the games from "The Sharks lagoon" . Hot as usual

Sola_KMT 2016.10.22
I enjoyed this game. Found it very funny

MalcomEvergreen 2015.12.20
Really good game difficult in some parts but still really fun

lohhik 2015.06.19
Loved the sex scenes in this game, real good! Especially the poison part.

knoll 2015.01.03
Pretty good game, difficult to control at first but typing `river` when stuck will help.

timmytim1234 2014.12.04
really good story for this one

MikeyH74 2014.08.04
Not a bad game, sexy enough, but a lot of clicking for hot spots. Try river for help.

Jbryan 2014.08.03
Good game and story line. Make more please?

DerFinne 2014.03.15
I like game with naive Girls - really really nice game - hope there will be more like that


motorbebek2010 2014.03.12
great game and storey and really good fraphics, will play again

nick76 2013.10.06
real nice adventure, especially the sideways ...

noogad 2013.09.24
Good game nice graphics pretty good story too overall very good

4Finger 2013.08.24
Sharks-Laggon`s game are the best.....

Nicksron 2013.08.14
GREAT gameplay, graphic, animation

Badvoc 2013.08.11
the animation on these is great but it would be better if the speech gave better hints as to what to click next sometimes you have to click the tiniest thing which makes no sense to the story

noogad 2013.07.31
loved the game, had a great plot

duckray619 2013.07.23
very good game hot and sexy girls and good graphics

sturmi 2013.06.04
loved the game! the graphics are just absolutly AMAZING!

Thorgoden 2013.05.31
A good game as always from Shark, and a good storyline.

girthy 2013.05.19
Flor is hot ... part 2 is next,
very hot women

dennyjc 2013.04.24
Always enjoy a sharks lagoon game. now on to part 2

gwazz 2013.04.19
couldnt seem to find mor than 2 hotspots a help code would be nice for when you get stuck

gartal 2013.03.29

click on her shoulder then her legs then her hand and so on

RicardoTheSnake 2013.03.21
I`d rather play dressing up games

RicardoTheSnake 2013.03.21
This game makes no sense

bbkenia 2013.03.05
this game nice but i am bored as hell

skinns43 2013.03.03
wonderful game...can`t wait to play part 2

kpjr278 2013.02.10
These stories are hilarious. I like the hidden hotspots.

qwerty123qwe 2013.02.07
great game the sex scenes are really neat and hot

Gordn3 2013.01.25
Great game and good graphics.

Jake0324 2013.01.23
graphics are pretty good

Cjyer 2013.01.14
Good game but graphics could be better

Monopoly8787 2013.01.04
Could someone please help im stuck on the part on the boat, where she`s bent over and you shake the boat, i don`t know what to do after...

zenginoglu_yasar 2013.01.01
great game. no doubt it. i loved this game.

Mr. Magic 2012.12.18
OK. I think too long for what you got to do. Both parts should have been about the length of one.

anton_r1 2012.12.17
Be sure to make good choices

sky8117 2012.12.11
i really love this game
gameplay is realy nice

thking 2012.11.28
good game other than having to click a million times.

yashar 2012.11.19
great game. no doubt it. i loved this game.


tts1 2012.11.18
I reaaly liked the story, but grafics can be mutch better

jellyjoe 2012.11.17
Graphics could be a little better but okay game

busu99 2012.10.27
great game i love the game

rickw9999 2012.10.27
You spend too much time clicking to find the hot spot to enjoy the game. Graphics are not so great.

sunny0908 2012.10.25
awesome game!!
great back ground pics

hanibal194 2012.10.22
a shark game lol be patient!! or you will never finish it!!

Xuz007 2012.10.15
very hot game and i liked it.

Asghan 2012.10.08
Hot as usual !!! I love the games from "The Lagoon" Can`t wait to play the next one.

xfldan 2012.10.01
This game had promise, but is just FRUSTRATING! You have to click 1000 times to figure anything out, and even then you might be stuck.

yasharz 2012.09.29
This is an excellent game...


Luranor 2012.09.29
it`s a good game , nice sex story.

Jokke1 2012.09.29
Very good gameplay as usual. The Shark`s Lagoon makes some of the best games, good graphics and hot girls.

timmy3260 2012.09.27
how do i get past them on the boat

marchixxx 2012.09.26
nice story average graphics

Tackleberry111 2012.09.24
Once you have worked out the controls its a fun game.

harmann 2012.09.17
this kind off game is very good

129 2012.09.12
t`s a bit confusing. Hard to figure out what your supposed to do at first.

oranjeboven 2012.09.12
The girls in previous games were hotter

stefanher14 2012.09.11
Again a good game from shark

xoxox55 2012.09.10
no really new ideas in the game

Mr.2 2012.09.07
Like the game, thought i have to play episode 2

ACERT 2012.09.07

ElitePanda 2012.09.07
Very nice storyline, nice sex scenes.

0hz0n3 2012.09.07
i really liked the game i just couldnt understand how i keot losing

Rickyxxx 2012.09.06
I need a perfect fucking game

Cpl 2012.09.06
really good graphic, excellent game

ganjafrula 2012.09.02
just have to love sharks games .. nice one 2 :D

wpgguy05 2012.08.28
Game play is always fun with these games. Hope the publisher makes the animation better soon though.

hias 2012.08.27
1st time play was really interesting and exciting - wonder what the other endings will bring!?!

j1an51 2012.08.27
make the best choices for you can move on awesome game btw

vic_strong 2012.08.27
very good game, makes you work for everything you see and do. you will have to work hard to complete.

ratty14 2012.08.27
Another good game from Shark. These two aren`t the best he`s ever done, but his games are always better than most others in the genre

Bigbossy 2012.08.26
i like naiv playing figures like the blond missionaire

lodhia 2012.08.25
grat graphics and good game

sweetkeene 2012.08.24
this is such a awesome cool games

WARDOG77 2012.08.23
got to love shark`s games all ways make you work for the ending!

ilikeappes 2012.08.22
I`m frantically clicking around too many times. Maybe you can put in a hint button...

Vladracul 2012.08.20
Nice game and funny ! good job

neodantedemon 2012.08.19
good part of stradagey but not to much you had to think to play it

zorosam 2012.08.19
Wow,as usual,just like horny afternoon same style!

reempie 2012.08.12
too difficult, and graphis too blocky

derda 2012.08.12
I struggled with this game and lets all be truly honest the graphics are not exactly top class. Still it is nice enough I suppose!

luve244 2012.08.12
this is a really hard game and bad graphics

hondo67 2012.08.11
Game too difficult and non-intuitive. Not very fun.

coolguy4life 2012.08.11
these games are werid to play but i sill give it an shot ha

donysabox 2012.08.10
for the blowjob part when u suck his dick up n down release ur mouse then click on the girls hand.
dont click on the girls head or it`ll be game over.

and for the chief got bite with snake part when the girls suck chief dick release ur mouse then click on the girl ass fast dont let the girls stoping the blowjob or game over.

the rest is easy.

have fun.

Rasha 2012.08.10
This game is really hard, cant do anything. Not keen on the graphics either.

nbmrsl 2012.08.10
?m stuck at the boat... please help me

Chloe1000123 2012.08.09
This is hard i cant figure out what to do

mchallis 2012.08.07
the graphic look old maybe update more

bigdick90 2012.08.03
nice story average graphics

sdnath 2012.08.03
this games system is great.....

twewy0226 2012.08.02
This game was great, i recommend it. Off to play the second one

stefano71 2012.08.01
not bad, but a little too borung

mario78 2012.08.01
Poor grafhic and not really easy to play.

abu15 2012.07.31
thrilling game graphics could be better

inkulu 2012.07.30
It`s ok, but I can`t get past the bj stage. Can`t find anything else to do except put hy hand onthe back of her head and lose...

ski9072 2012.07.30
Another great game from the team at Shark

purple666 2012.07.30
really ream story that makes you hot

badb0ys009 2012.07.29
Amazing game!!! but low in Quality Graphics. it nice game to play.

Satans Angel 2012.07.28
Amazing game!!! Loved the story

j_wat1 2012.07.28
Another classic banger from Sharks lagoon!

babesnaffle 2012.07.27
lol, the protagonist appears to be a little fatty :P

Jumpingforce 2012.07.26
controls are a bit difficult but the rest is superb

rskibbe 2012.07.26
i lost and she gave head in this liked it

oliver155 2012.07.25
shark lagoon always create some amazing games!

GoodVibs69 2012.07.25
Any game that takes my mind out of the snow is ok with me

_me_ 2012.07.24
As good as any of shark`s games. Has a cliffhanger - so play the second part afterwards.

chief007 2012.07.23
nothing exciting.....controls are bit difficult.

derda 2012.07.22
Amazing game!!! Great Quality of Graphics

revedeplomb 2012.07.22
what can i do in the boat

auroragold21 2012.07.22
i wish the graphics were better but it was still fun to play

mAltoid 2012.07.21
Graphics are not as bad as people say. Yes they are bad in comparison to some other games, but the gameplay is fine. Good game overall.

lttqs 2012.07.19
Although i prefer lesson of passion style graphic, this is still a good game

pietje119 2012.07.18
good game i like it graphics are good and everything

ddaddy 2012.07.17
great game good gameplay and animation

sventhecoward 2012.07.16
Graphics and animation don`t quite match up with the LOP games, but I like the storylines....also have to say that it`s VERY tricky to do without knowing the help word. Still, I will continue to enjoy Shark`s games....

HeartcoreRemo 2012.07.15
very nice game again i love to play this game

arvils26 2012.07.14
The game was very seductive

Valos 2012.07.10
again a nice game its funny and hot

mightymike420 2012.07.09
not bad couldve had better graphics though

emmuz 2012.07.08
nice game, worthy playing it

musesx 2012.07.06
poor game and poor graphics

BallIdiot 2012.07.06
Interesting plot, but the game play / controls can be difficult at times.

zurielm01 2012.07.05
what a good game but need more graphics

sfalke 2012.07.05
This game is very boring. Terrible grafic.

EmoLove23 2012.07.05
im stuck on the very first scene after the guy moves the boat and the girl shouts"HEEEEY" i can`t even get past that :(

bigDick94 2012.07.04
I dont like this!! He keeps taking advantage of her and the game ends! what the fuck do i do!?

SADIA 2012.07.04
this game is very nice i like its graphics

SmilesGB 2012.07.02
Pretty good game! Shark has made better

redrick123 2012.06.30
cool game.... the graphic isn`t bad

telece 2012.06.30
Not bad,seen better but still it is fun

Sacklbicka 2012.06.27
codeword for hints is river

surfkungen 2012.06.25
Not the best graphics I have seen. Ok game

Allfather88 2012.06.24
great game havent played one like this before

gimmino77 2012.06.23
this one of my favourite game. nice story and good pic

hansgun 2012.06.23
nice graphic and great game

hansgun 2012.06.23
it`s a good game , nice sex story.

Voglioso94 2012.06.22
cool game.... the graphic isn`t bad

smuggler 2012.06.21
wonderful games cant stop playing

zebra 2012.06.20
good serie, but bad graphics

Fly_ForOne 2012.06.20
Tried twice and got shot down after I shot in the blow job. Gonna try the hint word to see if I can get further.

grandoll 2012.06.19
thrilling game and like it

dragonj 2012.06.18
I like this game it was tough but fun and neat

Acmos20 2012.06.18
I don`t like this game :/

dpayne88 2012.06.16
again a nice game its funny and hot

mr_mido 2012.06.14
good game indeed i liked it

uhspsxcfhnd 2012.06.13
graphics could be a little bit better but good game

jafo69 2012.06.12
always like shark games but get fucked up at the crucial spots and can never remember the clues duh!

karanp 2012.06.11
nice game but need to improve graphics..........

hunted 2012.06.11
great game play, graphics, animations usual shark`s style

Mighty2000 2012.06.10
Really fine work! I love this kind of games!

jpsacrey 2012.06.10
shark lagoon games are always good!

elishacuthbert 2012.06.10
while the 1st part is not so hot

acikovic 2012.06.08
good I M Really happy join now

DubSteppin 2012.06.07
Game was funny....I loved the head on boat scene

Nimrod 2012.06.05
Imagine if Shark Lagoon had graphics as good as or better then Lesson of Passion.

kidback 2012.06.05
i like this sharks lagoon game always best games!!!!

wewe123 2012.06.04
im stuck at the first spot

Faker331 2012.06.03
the best lagoon game so far

even better than part 2

rattyratty 2012.06.02
great game, shark lagoon is a good site

sexplayer1 2012.05.31
can not get past the blowjob on the boat , hoping to find the way to the next scene

pierro1969 2012.05.28
i really appreciate those games, while the 1st part is not so hot

assassin1 2012.05.28
nice game with very hot girls

MrObeya 2012.05.27
great game, but i think the graphics where kinda bad

Soul Assassin 2012.05.27
The difficulty of finding the points makes the game very boring..

dreefyfr 2012.05.27
Really need help in th beginning when she bent down

banana69man7 2012.05.26
I find it hard to keep playing it, I don`t feel it is easy enough but ya know. Still hot :)

frostbladez 2012.05.26
awesome game great graphics

Nic-Nac32 2012.05.25
This jungle game isn`t that amusing so far but as always I must see the whole thing through for a opinion.

MikeDS211 2012.05.25
I struggled with this game and lets all be truly honest the graphics are not exactly top class. Still it is nice enough I suppose!

djokerzt 2012.05.25
nice game , i like it.

but i more like part 2...


sex_ira143 2012.05.25
cool but i like the part 2

Jokke 2012.05.24
Very nice game, good graphics. Hope to see a lot more of games from Shark`s-Lagoon

madmikenmolly 2012.05.23
What do I do after Flor bends down and spreads her legs apart on the boat? The game is very hard to navigate through.

dillon_lurkhur 2012.05.22
this game is really awesome

mamaskhanna 2012.05.22
a nice game with good graphics

ichiiis 2012.05.22
again a nice game its funny and hot

MBees 2012.05.21
I could say it was nice to play this game, if kwen how to...

butman 2012.05.20
The graphic could be slighty better in most parts

glukos37 2012.05.20
I really like the games put out by shark lagoon. Yes, graphics could be better,but still good game.

bob247 2012.05.20
this developer stays ahead of the curve

ghost20 2012.05.19
the graphics are not bad but it still rocks

sam1680 2012.05.19
l. I feel that the designers can really kick ass if they wanted too. Appreciate your efforts though as it`s easy sitting on this end and commenting without understanding why and how the designers work.

Lippi1983 2012.05.19
great game and storey and really good fraphics, will play again.again a nice game its funny and hot

WARDOG77 2012.05.17
overall a good game but a bit slow. takes a long time to find all the right spots

emetiel 2012.05.17
I like this kind of games

missmarr 2012.05.17
Don`t like this game, slow moving and bad graphics

Snedde 2012.05.17
I just cant be arsed anymore with the terribly slow progress... And the graphics? C`mon, you can do better.

lenman 2012.05.17
I dont know what to say except that the game is good. The graphics could have been better. The gameplay is HELL on earth. SO BLOODY DIFFICULT. Anyways, they could made this one a lot better if they wanted too. Too slow. Come on guys, I am sure that the technology out there permits you take the gaming and graphics to the next level. I feel that the designers can really kick ass if they wanted too. Appreciate your efforts though as it`s easy sitting on this end and commenting without understanding why and how the designers work.

bRon 2012.05.17
I don`t like the graphics of sharks lagoon games.

KrazyKyra 2012.05.17
pick choice a in question b

KrazyKyra 2012.05.17
Make the best choice possible

Czaki 2012.05.16
I dont like these games... And graphics are bad

BrookeRedfield 2012.05.16
kinda confusing, the graphics arent very good and i kept losing, i didnt like it

im000123 2012.05.16
I always find shark lagoon`s games too hard to really enjoy them. This one too is not an exception.
Hot points not easy to find out, mid quality graphics and not so good animations, I don`t think I will loose time on SL games again.

chap74 2012.05.16
Love these games. Hard enough to be a challenge but easy enough to complete

estong 2012.05.15
didnt really liked the game much. controls are sometimes very hard to find. it takes the excitement away.

valderama2012 2012.05.14
great game and storey and really good fraphics, will play again

asgdsaag 2012.05.14
Kinda boring, graphics aren`t pleasing

tichi29 2012.05.14
This Game Was Asome.. Pleas Keep Doing Games Like This!!!!

williamswolf4 2012.05.13
again a nice game its funny and hot

ozorne_6 2012.05.13
Very interesting game, love the challenge of finding the hot spots.

Khingo 2012.05.12
The difficulty of finding the points makes the game very boring

largebelow 2012.05.10
I`m stuck at the part where you arrive at the village any help?

flintstoneflop 2012.05.10
Not one of their best. Lousy graphics, wonky controls. Just not fun, or sexy.

bestia99rom 2012.05.09
Nice looking game, liked it.

arabella 2012.05.09
shes soooo naive! Great game from Shark.

alantor 2012.05.09
nice game, but way to short

yoda 2012.05.09
similar to all their other games not too bad

gorex 2012.05.08
nice game good graphics and good story

bahamut86 2012.05.08
Nice story and game but bad graphic and difficult hot spot find

jerryonly83 2012.05.08
usual great work by shark! i love that this time he picked a big boobed girl!

Veecon 2012.05.08
It`s very good, can`t wait till the next one

lov2eatu 2012.05.08
nice game part two is even better

randy06 2012.05.07
a great game played part 2 as well

wantahappymeal 2012.05.07
I really like the games put out by shark lagoon. Yes, graphics could be better,but still good game.

byron79 2012.05.07
Got stuck at BJ in boat, any help?

harrywibowo 2012.05.07
Never get it how to play lagoon shark games ... s***s

zcpmaster 2012.05.06
I like this game it was tough but fun and neat

lagom 2012.05.06
story is funny and ok, but the grafic s...s

DoubleShadow 2012.05.06
Bad game!
The hotspots are hard to find and the actions are all really short ... ist disappointing -.-

huskersrule1962 2012.05.06
dont know what to do after i get her to lean over edge

mattbro 2012.05.06
I cant seem to get past the BJ scene. Any help?

joechd 2012.05.06
I love these games. They`re not insanely difficult and I like the animation.

royro2011 2012.05.06
really good graphic, excellent game

wolfx 2012.05.05
please upgrade the graphics

pusshound 2012.05.05
These games are really hard without the hint word. Graphics are not the latest. I wish they would at least let you finish the anal rape scene.

Hunter99004 2012.05.05
Always enjoyed Shark`s games - its fun to find the key word to help you along in the game

mick149 2012.05.05
the graphic are pretty poor, story is easy - hotspots hard to find . Short game!!!

sena123 2012.05.05
got stuck on the licking scene? and how do you use the hint word?

digglesdiggless 2012.05.05
Have been really enjoying this series of sharks games

garonbrown 2012.05.05
Played at sharks...agree with most posters that the grfx need work here.

1179g 2012.05.05
Great Sharks Lagoon Game enjoyed playing it alot

Xyzzy 2012.05.04
Graphics are much clearer at sharks-lagoon website. Looks like here they increased the size of the window without compensating for pixelation, so things are much fuzzier here. Good game, a little difficult to figure what to do next. I might have given up if not for the hint word. But still, another fine contribution from shark and friends.

8gxm 2012.05.04
Shark has been great in his development of his games.

Vallheruh 2012.05.04
Another great one from Sharks Lagoon. Part 2 is nice too

dmadvlee 2012.05.04
got stuck on the licking scene? and how do you use the hint word?

lughbelenos 2012.05.04
Been playing shark`s games for years and this is not is best

hersh2450 2012.05.03
Graphics are a little dated, but the story and the idea of the game are good. I would play again. Its a little hard to get the hang of. The hint word really helps, even though I seem to get stuck on the bj part and can`t figure out how to get past it.

trioholic125 2012.05.03
It`s a bit confusing. Hard to figure out what your supposed to do at first.

dyl1570 2012.05.03
Dated and fuzzy graphics. No real instructions to help you figure out what you`re supposed to be doing.

csaszi1 2012.05.03
no the best game around here. it`s outdated and little too hard at some points.

stoper 2012.05.03
Visually the game is horrible, how old is this stuff?
It`s also pretty unclear what is the player suppose to do.
I played only the first few minutes, and the narrative looks kind of dumb.

dreadwolf 2012.05.03
played at the sharks lagoon gameplay, graphic, animation are good

deathblows 2012.05.03
If u don`t know the next move, type river.
It will tell u the next move

branknock 2012.05.03
as always sharks games are very good

derda 2012.05.02
cool idea & story, not the perfect graphics :-)

vikingdemon 2012.05.02
very good game. i can`t wait until part 2!

greatgorba2 2012.05.02
where are the hot spots?

yvonne 2012.05.02
Another nice gamie from Shark`s Lagoon!!!

filipecam 2012.05.02
Hint word: river. Type it whenever you`re stuck, and the game flows wonderfully! :)

fafefifos 2012.05.02
these graphics are terrible, they belong in last decade. someone tell this guy to update Poser or something

lov2eatu 2012.05.02
Shark`s games are good and getting better with every new game.

wolfman 2012.05.01
what a sexy travller,thank god for the hintword,or else i would have been lost

DreamTim 2012.05.01
challenging game. hard but not impossible, question of patience

NightStalker73au 2012.05.01
Used the hint word but keep getting the bad ending at blowjob scene.

2sly4u 2012.05.01
If you`re having trouble the hint word is "river." Type it at any time to see what to do next.

husboy 2012.05.01
HELP i`m stuck at the beginning

NightStalker73au 2012.05.01
Got stuck and can`t get past the bj part then she says no to me as guide.
Please help if you can.

NightStalker73au 2012.05.01
awesome game play and graphics.

1NT0X 2012.05.01
it`s a good game , nice story, you really have to choose well if not your trip will end soon

Jaaru 2012.05.01
Nice looking game, liked it.

rommelsarmiento 2012.05.01
hard at the start, but very challenging..

spinterpol 2012.05.01
cool idea & story, not the perfect graphics :-)

georgefilipe 2012.05.01
Another game of graet quality, it`s for this games that i keep caming back!!!!

feelthebasse 2012.05.01
w jego gry mozna grac i grac i nigdy sie nie nudza

ksan 2012.05.01
Another great game by sharks lagoon... wish they updated their models though...

danamite 2012.05.01
The hint word is "river".

meast 2012.05.01
a very hot game but keep getting stuck does any body know the hint word please

monerick 2012.05.01
not bad. It`s a good game

farkas 2012.05.01
Very difficult game without help key but the story is interesting.

C.C. 2012.05.01
Can`t get enough of these games.

themoda 2012.05.01
Awesome game, very exiting

domo098 2012.05.01
how do you get past the bj without cumming in her mouth?

blacking008 2012.05.01
this game is very sexy it make me whana do it to. Shark games are the very owsome games

jrjr567 2012.04.30
loved it! pretty funny and sexy

Pikelivan 2012.04.30
not bad. graphics could be better.

conbron 2012.04.30
cool idea & story, not the perfect graphics :-)

coolmanjohn_2000 2012.04.30
eh not bad could be better

layne16 2012.04.30
No a big fan of this type of game.

C.C. 2012.04.30
Love these games. Hard enough to be a challenge but easy enough to complete. Keep em coming.

sycarlitz 2012.04.30
still a nice game though

jay50 2012.04.30
it`s a good game , nice story, you really have to choose well if not your trip will end soon

jcc1985 2012.04.30
good game nice graphics nice story

derekto 2012.04.30
nice game!! jaja
you really have to choose well if not your trip will end soon...

newman22 2012.04.30
it`s a good game but the graphics are too short

jeanmimel 2012.04.30
already played on sharks lagoon, really good game but graphics are quite old now ....

icrazyur2 2012.04.30
really this the best update you got this isnt even the newest game on sharks lagoon hate to complain wth free games and all but really old game here played the same time i was playing casion on here but it is a good game andthe second part even better but would like more lesson of passion type games

mikicostanza 2012.04.30
again a nice game its funny and hot

jmeoff 2012.04.30
Would love to read her Puki-Puki!

jmeoff 2012.04.30
Be sure to make good choices

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