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The gym


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panguache 2017.11.21
incredible game with good story.rn

arpitjosh12 2017.11.15
very interesting game and great storyline

KitCarsen 2017.09.30
Good fun to play with some hot girls.

Bicudo_SA 2017.08.30
Great graphics, good flow, an amazing story

bigells1979 2017.08.10
good game had some fun playing

umair555 2017.07.31
my favourite game i play almost every month lols :D

Pizzaolle1 2017.07.26
Pretty nice game good graphics and animation good story toorn

youngbuckpimp 2017.06.21
Game was fun good graphics

Bw86bw86 2017.06.15
Relatively easy, Sex scenes are too quick. Lots of girls to choose fromrn

Tiodor 2017.05.11
Sport and love good combination. Hot game


BigDog76 2017.03.04
Nice game and great graphics

YatoGamiXD 2017.02.11
Really good game but for me sometimes the events dont trigger i just me or is the game ?

Bane1995 2017.02.01
like the game but it`s not fitting the screen right.

eroticlover12 2016.11.12
the graphics aren`t good but the endings are good!!!!

Konstantin666 2016.10.26
Not as good as i expected, but nice graphs

kaftos 2016.09.11
Not very good game..Also the graphics is kinda bad

JuanLima6090 2016.08.28
Lots of different scenes. Overall great game

Luchs473 2016.07.31
Very Hot Game with so much different Girl you can get, it wonderful. Super Graphics and Animations, very Hot!!! Gameplay like in all other Date Sims, choose the rigt options to get the finish.

mohamedrami 2016.06.28
fantastic sex scenes and really hot gym :D

JD500 2016.06.17
Man these are some long comments section

zorrie 2016.06.14
great game..sexy girls and fantastic sex scenes

Sykycy 2016.06.08
Nice game i like the graphics and hope to move further

Christopher_Laverson 2016.05.29
Nice graphic and storyline.

rudedog037 2016.05.27
Took awhile to load, but worth the wait!!

ckfoolery 2016.05.22
Why is this game rated so high? It doesn`t work properly. Loaded with potential, but all kinds of glitches

LeyRey81 2016.05.19
Nice game and great graphics

Kenven1990 2016.05.14
This game has potential to be decent once all of the glitches get fixed.

matt46 2016.05.06
took me awhile to get this game but once i did i liked it.

Randy don 2016.04.30
good job there.. nice graphics

minion6970 2016.04.21
This must have been the 1st of the series but it is a great one.

SPF60 2016.03.30
good game but i wish it was a little short

tigerhawk9396 2016.03.29
The game is good, but there are better games here.

goofballz777 2016.03.29
nice game, lots of fun. Great graphics and some hot girls

frimpx 2016.03.18
The graphics and story were cool but the animation could have been better.

melinamason 2016.03.02
Nice game, great graphics and lot of hot girls. Nic was the best. Good 8/10.

OmahaSettler 2016.02.26
Great game with good length. Compliments the physio very well.

cahama_007 2016.02.23
Nice dating game but I prefer Kelly

iw0uld 2016.02.16
LOVE this series! Can`t wait for the last one to be released, looking forward to it

nyancat9004 2016.02.14
This is a nice game but I`m bad at it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nyancat9004 2016.02.14
I am bad at this game!!!!!!!!!!!!

latinagr 2016.01.25
Both games (The Gym and the Physio) are very good and hot. Like to play them again and again

Mr. Dick 2015.12.20
the game is awesome but i cant finish (i walked into the womens room)

Dogtoffee47 2015.11.07
Super graphics, super storyline and super game.

novamatt 2015.10.31
Interesting game. Nice graphics

matthew2 2015.09.30
great game awesome graphics girls are so hot

cewj1967 2015.09.08
This game is a good one. I play it often. Graphics and models are great. Game play is just about right.

rodrigo_porti 2015.08.20
great graphics and a really long story which is good, but im stuck with the blonde, some help?

bluedevilcindy 2015.08.17
This is a great game with lots of hot sex. I really like the adventure.

noobie 2015.08.07
good game with fairly good graphics

briansteel 2015.07.28
great game on my fav list nice graphics with fun/weird characters

Dersonrn 2015.07.14
Good every, Good game , nice graphic

johnnny204 2015.07.10
great game, and the girls were really sexy

shyman44425 2015.07.07
Really fun game. Appreciate the walk through!

Oobik 2015.06.26
A simple game, easy and sexy as hell.

felipeleog 2015.06.21
Came here because of the new game The Physio. Is a follow up of this game.

fezesarecool 2015.06.20
Really good game, graphics were amazing and it was reall hot

Dersonrn 2015.06.11
good graphics, very like, goo story!

BonesMD98 2015.05.30
One of the best story-lines of games I`ve played on this site, but can`t seem to get the dildo...

lukpol88 2015.05.27
very goog game only wish for sound

SK1TZ5150 2015.05.12
Absolutely love this. Need more games just like this!!!

yoyo12345 2015.05.10
it is really a good game, like it!

TXRaistlin 2015.04.28
Games like this keep me randy for hours!

manoffire 2015.04.24
loved the game1 needed the walkthrough though

Thespearz 2015.04.21
Nice graphics, nice easy play though not too hard, GG :)

halokiller0 2015.04.20
decent gameplay and good graphics, enjoyed.

john milton 2015.04.19
i enjoyed it so much... great great job man!
i hope the physio will be half as good as the gym is!
keep up

lustfulgeek85 2015.04.15

96hbomb 2015.04.09
decent game, good storyline

DemonicWolf 2015.04.04
pretty good game i like it

PornMaster5000 2015.03.25
Game is amazingly entertaining

super_balotelli 2015.03.12
Great game good graphics as well

JoeDirt69 2015.02.28
This is a really great game. There is so much to do.

bigbenn76 2015.02.26
good, fun game, easy to play and enjoyable

Voodzia 2015.02.18
this is a fun game to play. good graphic`s nice game play.

savion226 2015.02.16
nice game loved it please make many more

pabloguerra1 2015.02.11
nice game, good graphics

cameronw 2015.02.11
Wish I was a member of this gym. AWESOME!

HornyDrummerboy425 2015.02.06
Another long one but a very fun one.

karljaeger 2015.02.01
Not very good... the quality was kind of low, and you have to zoom out to see the whole screen. Plus, you have to go to a different site.

Hanger27 2015.02.01
great graphics and many options

barney34 2015.01.31
the game is quite long but rewarding.

uppersilo 2015.01.16
i like this game nice was great :)

blehmehz 2015.01.11
good gameplay
i like the graphics
the girls are hot

olyg7 2015.01.11
the game seems good, but the pages are too slow too charge, seems have too bugs

papy007 2015.01.10
Very goog game with lovely pictures !

Beedge69 2015.01.06
Great fun and worth the time to get to all of the endings

jhonsmithlolx 2015.01.03
i like this game nice was great yeaah

dirkm007 2015.01.03
loved it. many options. to finish it without the walktroughs

candy007 2014.12.11
Best game :) i am horny every time :)

ARTAlive 2014.11.29
Just fentastic experisance

SenseiGrey 2014.11.28
I like it and the walk-thru helps you nail every girl but the waitress and Nic`s roommate. Yes!!!!!

Road Ninja 2014.11.13
Awesome graphics and story. If you play it just right from the beginning you can fuck all the women in the story.

xvhed 2014.11.08
nice gameplay and with good graphics

sexydailynudes 2014.10.28
really enjoyed this game, hope it gets extended some time in the future

naughtythings 2014.10.26
It`s a great game, but a little glitchy. You have to refresh the page when you want to restart, otherwise it remembers the choices you made in your last attempts

Ironman49 2014.10.25
Good graphics and storyline, All in all a great game.

BigBreastedBeauty 2014.10.19
great game although got bored

ukmuppet1 2014.09.16
Good game and graphics through needed walk through on some parts was a pleasure to play

Futuros 2014.09.16
Interesting game. Needs work on the graphics.

draco452 2014.09.10
Good game and nice ending. Wish there was musics though :/

SilverFlurry1 2014.09.07
One of my favourites, good endings

dragoniresh 2014.08.29
this is a very good in depth game very nice graphics as well.

ChiefHoofer 2014.08.12
Best game on the site can`t wait for the next one

redred123 2014.08.09
amazing game, love all the different women in the gym

senjay 2014.08.07
Amazing game at least worth a top 5 on PF1. It has a great gameplay with lots of options definatly worth your time.

silex 2014.08.06
very good game the interaction its just amazing

julio1980 2014.08.04
One of the best. Great storyline. Awsome interaction with all the girls. The scene when Casey is sleeping its hot. Love it.

portopaok 2014.07.31
Great game with a very complex story but the walkthrough was pretty clear.

qwertyasd12345 2014.07.27
I had some trouble finding the correct answers, but still fun!

Truedaemon 2014.07.18
Awesome game with Not too shabby graphics

Beaver2u 2014.07.17
Fun game play, wish it was longer.

calydoscope 2014.07.17
Great Game Awesome graphics

leo131 2014.07.10
Nice game and great graphics

stoad69 2014.07.10
Enjoyed this game and finally got through it with all the different treats. It took me a while to figure things out but once I did it was great.

bitz94 2014.07.08
Nice game but too many bugs. Its quite annoying.

Flocklock 2014.07.05
Pretty good game and a hot babe

JakeEschbach 2014.07.03
This game is great! Love the graphics and gameplay! :D

Kruvol 2014.07.02
Seriously, I will keep playing this over and over again. Anytime! Although the graphic was not to be expected to be superb BUT the game play is awesome. There are tonnes of things to do. There are virtually no walkthrough can be written for this game. There are lots of girls. You can approach any of them as you wish. Some are easy to get and some are not. Some can gives you quikie within a few talks. Some will test your patience. Good game.

porkasaur 2014.06.28
so much to choose from in this game

jasmin225 2014.06.25
This game is currently the best i ever played on this site

MrSh4rk 2014.06.21
Very good game enjoyed playing it very much

mystery666 2014.06.19
what the hint? can someone give?

dadykid 2014.06.18
different stories, nice game, the graphics are good and all the girls are sexy

6166542 2014.06.18
Good game, I like the different story`s you can do, but I cannot find that annoying dildo ( for the other girl with the red head) so it always end getting punched in the face by the red head`s boyfriend, where is the dildo?

krevan0407 2014.06.17
it was alright graphics need work

ladiesman420 2014.06.14
nyc game...
good storyline....
lots of options...
great graphics...!!!

beralt 2014.06.11
good game lots of choices

luchiver 2014.06.11
This is my first time and I am falling in love with this

luchiver 2014.06.11
nice game for a newbie for me :)

konha1 2014.06.07
I really loved this game. I always like these types of games.

ASSGARIAN 2014.06.01
good game not my style or my type but its not bad !

judeo 2014.05.24
very nice game.. good graphic great story line

Sexy007 2014.05.22
fun game and a good challenge. Definitely need to find a gym like this one

sabryel 2014.05.22
anyone knows when the physio is coming out?

zappy22 2014.05.21
another great game this site is the shit

mel123 2014.05.15
Loved it, great history with many cute girls, 9,2

planlos2002 2014.05.11
very fun to play and extremly easy :-)

Zedz 2014.05.10
Excellent game! Cant wait for the sequel!

jrac1612 2014.05.06
this game is really good. very hot girl

sjachisholm 2014.05.03
A good game, nice graphics and girls

pulixo 2014.05.01
she is smokeing hot like her so muhc

ricx204 2014.04.20
bit slow to load but once started good game

BigLoad 2014.04.11
loved the woman and all the possible path, nice graphic to.

dre110199 2014.04.07
hell, one of my fav! great game!

mandrone 2014.04.06
Kept having trouble loading but other than that it was good.

w1drng22 2014.04.03
Decent graphics. I like the multi story lines. But I got stuck after the CD episode.

pepeta 2014.04.02
Not bad, but some of the scenes load slow if they load at all and I never found where to go next after a point, but I`ll keep trying

abdulkadir 2014.03.31
great game! loved the tits and the girls

Lutz 2014.03.29
nice game, the girls are hot

Assurbanipal 2014.03.26
That`s game is a good one, good graphics and gameplay, animation movie style is good but a bit slow, girls are hot.

mark24cm 2014.03.20
Very beatiful game !!!!

lemfrog18 2014.03.20
One of best game i played. a little bit long but it adds more variation for endings.. great game

lemfrog18 2014.03.20
one of my ultimate fantasy. hot girls in gym. play force one rules! wait for me keeley!

PandaManO 2014.03.16
Great game, loved it.
Girls look hot!

AristoN 2014.03.16
Hot girls and good animation....

Laylia 2014.03.15
This one was really long, but really fun

Darksky8201 2014.03.15
I have difficulty figuring some parts out & how to get all the endings, but this is still one of my fav games. recommend this to anyone.

kizzat123 2014.03.08
This is one of my favourite games.

blabla2 2014.03.08
The girls are great but the sex animation is sorely lacking.

blabla2 2014.03.07
oo many bugs and very slow, potential is there but to annoying to play as it is..

June66 2014.03.03
this game was so good, girls could be more attractive

sensai24 2014.02.27
Nice game and good graphics

pulixo 2014.02.24
good game with quality details

Liquidput 2014.02.21
good game. Thumbs way up. need more like this

littlecletus 2014.02.19
sweet game cant wait till its finished

Liquidput 2014.02.19
Too slow loading but overall fun.

jono81 2014.02.17
good game, excellent grapihcs and good interaction

Invictuss717 2014.02.16
good game play, hot chicks and enough to keep you busy, love the comedy too lol

qwert99 2014.02.13
interesting game runs and loads slow a lot of bugs

mrf 2014.02.13
takes forever to load...

worldcome 2014.02.13
awesome game (You can cheat too by copying the adress)

melonboxxx 2014.02.12
How do you finish the game, only way i can is by going into the girls locker room and talking to the blond thn it goes to a sarcastic ending then makes you start again

edgggarrr 2014.02.09
excellent graphics and excellent girls

Anonymouslycat 2014.02.06
Probably one of my most favorite games.

MageKiller 2014.02.01
That`s game is a good one, good graphics and gameplay

sawsaw 2014.01.31
Great game! Hope to see the advancements their talking about soon! Thanks.....

ooks 2014.01.27
nice graphic and sexy girls

tsps1977 2014.01.22
seems like a partial game- fun for a few minutes but overall not special

dandraft 2014.01.21
its an ok gam,but it needs more work ,i cant wait till the sauna gets fixed. and get a chance to nail that kickboxing blonde,that would be awesome.also that waiter in the cafe needs some lovin aswell,i think. its fun but gets trivial after a few playthroughs,beacuse its not complted,i would also love that fysio to get in order(besides from nailing the blonde that is).its something with potential to become really good,just keep at it.

jessle 2014.01.16
looking forward to play the physio

xxqueenxx 2014.01.15
Great graphics and nice story. I liked it.

dedingsda 2014.01.13
easy but one of the best games i played yet !

johndark 2014.01.12
very,very,very again easy to play and fantastic graphic and animation

ppd_607 2014.01.06
Great story, great game and not to mention awesome graphics.

HKPOPO 2014.01.06
Nice game and great graphics

BigD17 2014.01.03
dont really like these games but the graphics are always good

danielruckman 2014.01.03
this game is good but easy

Essim 2014.01.03
The game is good, but the women are not the best. Work on their look and it would be perfect !

liam2701 2013.12.27
brillant game and good graphics

shadowforce666 2013.12.27
I Love this game good graphics

scooter91hot 2013.12.24
wont let me play keeps directing me to another window

agulubuguluxde 2013.12.23
nice gameplay. easy game but good game.

Pecos_Bill 2013.12.22
This game wasn`t to bad, there was a lot to it and lots of different paths to take, the graphics were good and most of the women were very hot.

ThenMust 2013.12.22
I Love this game very sporty, sexy and hot baby,

LaRone 2013.12.10
this game is very nice :)

The Sexist 2013.11.27
this game was so good, it made my cunt wet!

adityajust4sex 2013.11.27
wow it is sure my kind of love thing

Garland1 2013.11.25
loved it but could have been improved

d.alex99 2013.11.24
the graphics and storyline are perfect

crazynuts62 2013.11.19
I really enjoy the concept and animation in the game

chris78500 2013.11.17
very good but a bit hard

Al_Gi 2013.11.17
Nice and sexy game. Also, Ithink this game is incomplete, so waiting for sequel.

ragr 2013.11.10
i am having quite of fun.

Master Bill 2013.11.08
LONG but could be a little better for short plays just saying

USMCMarine 2013.11.05
now this game is the best out of all games

nu01 2013.11.03
Really nice game. Lovely places and hot fantasies.

elreye 2013.10.30
i really love this game!!!,. one of my favorites..

Riecan 2013.10.29
I found this a little hard but fun

alexanfer 2013.10.26
it is a super fun game love it

kex899 2013.10.25
love this game . sex is aright. heepsof chicks 2 fuck

ShankyMan 2013.10.23
Interesting game, finding the right answer is the hardest part

epic702 2013.10.20
Good game also has nice graphic.

Saljunior 2013.10.18
Good game, nice graphics, hot girls.

stud055x 2013.10.18
good game lots of ways to end

goldzninja 2013.10.17
great quality perfect and will play again

shaunr43 2013.10.09
cool game love the endings great graphics

abcdefghaiqal 2013.10.05
very good game, love the different endings

Tai2098 2013.10.03
Great graphics. very detailed adult game, not one of my favorites but still decent

Badvoc 2013.10.02
enjoyable game, gizmo`s walkthrough in invaluable, the cassie and vix ending is a bit disappointing though. Plays better for me in firefox than chrome

skyman13 2013.09.26
good game but if you get 1 thing worng your screwed

bigdido 2013.09.24
Not my best choise of game. It has good graphics and nice dialogs. Good for ppl who like date sims

kaialoviisa 2013.09.24
great graphics and cool game

seffrons 2013.09.24
I cant seem to go down the alley and peek to get the dildo.

RandomMember 2013.09.24
It`s a great game but after the first time I played it, I`ve been getting black screens with only the options on the bottom.

hiddenkiller09 2013.09.23
if gyms were like this i would go every day

jerald0213 2013.09.21
This game is awesome! please help me get over to the sex scenes,please??!!

raider13i 2013.09.19
this game is really good. it has a good story line, game play and great graphics for the girls.

gamersaddiction 2013.09.17
reaaly good game loved it good graphics and gameplay

TylerMurdock 2013.09.15
good game with decent graphics. Could have a little bit better gameplay but good game overall

Akoolomonch 2013.09.14
this game is pretty coo, graphics could use some work though.

RedGuard 2013.09.12
this is a great game, with many possibilitys. One little thing about it is you have to restart sometimes when you `end` the game, instead of restart a save/checkpoint would have been nice.

Markdeboek 2013.09.11
i like the game though i wish its has some sounds and all

eaa 2013.09.10
love her soo cute im in love

gonchoco12 2013.09.07
it is a great game that could have a little better graphics

Adalric 2013.09.04
sign me up for this gym...lol

deadsnake 2013.09.04
Nice game, many ways to the end

johlut91 2013.09.04
nice game with good graphics :)

akhildhoni 2013.09.04
Great game! I really did enjoy it, although it was hard to get her to have sex with you..

mauls 2013.09.03
great graphics, decent story..fap/10

Arro 2013.09.01
im quite happy with this

stridertyagi 2013.08.29
great gameplay .. animations are good

tomf379 2013.08.27
very good graphics, enjoyed it

zelda81 2013.08.26
hot lovley and sexy amazeing characters and very hot story

money907 2013.08.20
this games grapics are awesome

thebest12345 2013.08.19
Great game....i love the girl

dadidu 2013.08.19
good game... nice graphic... i like the girl

Neutron 2013.08.18
Best and nice game ! Great graphic!

Neutron 2013.08.18
Great game , and nice animation i like it !

ecchiboy 2013.08.15
kinda hard, but quite interesting gameplay even though not very interactive

sexybeat 2013.08.14
awesome game to play on here

dsimon 2013.08.13
very good game great graphics

SolidJoker 2013.08.13

A nice challenge and a great story.
Can`t say the women in my gym are this loose, but still a great game with an ok graphics engine.
Personally, I wouldn`t grade this game high, to me the story could have been twice as long and a lot more choices. But I still like it. It`s a new type, and has potential to be greater than it is right now.

ashley3779 2013.08.12
this game is awsome but when i play everything turns black weired

psycho83 2013.08.10
excellent game one of my all time favorites

Xavier19 2013.08.08
nice game with good graphics

Maniek150 2013.08.08
good game and good graphics. Enjoyable but easy.

Rahul030796 2013.08.05
sexy game and best graphics

Valentino039 2013.08.03
Nice, game. I like it. :)

rumxes 2013.08.02
Good game... Good graphic... Story ok..

Cheese 2013.08.01
I love these style games, and this one is great. I had a few bugs happen to me, but all in all it was fap-worthy.

AmberRose 2013.07.30
Good graphics and cool game :)

mikeyj19d 2013.07.29
One of my FAVS like the multiple quests animation is on point

Yugolong 2013.07.29
good gameplay, graphic, animation

ScoleyXD 2013.07.29
Interesting game i love it

torltototo 2013.07.27
Gosh, this is the most excinting game i`ve played by far, grapghics are cool and caracters are fun...!
Thanks for making such a good game :)

Briscoe_1001 2013.07.26
This one really kept me interested. 100 rating!

youhna01 2013.07.25
a lot of girls very diferent and many possibilitys good game

dogbate101 2013.07.25
i will play 4 days 2 come

krish91189 2013.07.24
good game and nice graphics

Axcel67 2013.07.23
I cant play the game on this site.
I been redirected

clp187 2013.07.23
It was a nice game but I wish that both ladies would have done each other in your place.

MingoMaster 2013.07.22
Good game with nice girls that make it VERY fun.

smartsex 2013.07.22
can`t play it on this site, i`m getting redirected

duckray619 2013.07.22
good game great graphics and really hot girls

yonyhc 2013.07.22
This is one of the games I have most enjoyed so far. MAny different choices to go.

duckray619 2013.07.22
I loved this game great graphics and the girls were hot

JrStyle 2013.07.20
I love the complexity of the game great graphics and great fun.

fuckmeharder101 2013.07.20
good gameplay, graphic, animation

noogad 2013.07.18
Good game ever but the best part are the girls

Chadster 2013.07.18
Nice game, graphics were good

Megatron72 2013.07.17
Could use better animation, but otherwise a fun game.

itsnotenough 2013.07.15
great game I love the graphics and everything :D

cashmoney5991 2013.07.15
this game used to have a lot of bugs, can wait to see if it has been fixed

tazace2 2013.07.13
i think it could have been more interactive

jr23fr1 2013.07.12
has many opinions and great gameplay

KissMePlease 2013.07.11
It`s a really good game I love it

ANPL1069 2013.07.10
Fun game hope they come out with a second one

ajax1234 2013.07.09
Definitely my favorite game. too bad you cant do anything with the school girls

Appien 2013.07.09
Loved the peek button and the many scenarios. :D

sfwatas 2013.07.08
awsome game lots of beutifull girls and higly replayble

kevindu934 2013.07.07
thank you for the instruction really helped me to finish the game

heartilykelly 2013.07.06
Good game, I really loved it. I wish guys come to my gym like that too

Dannobio 2013.07.06
This game is a hot game. great and fine graphics, hot girls and hot sex in a same game.

network22 2013.07.04
Great game - great graphics and the girls are hot. I just can`t seem to get the dildo.

killer123! 2013.07.03
it has cool graphics and is good and want more

jimbob379 2013.07.03
great game, vert good graphics

Forgotten 2013.07.03
i love this game graphics

Stardead456 2013.07.02
Super Sexy game with nice girls! :)

liuck25 2013.07.02
great game with very sexy girls

North 2013.07.02
The graphics and animation are amazing. Great games.

63ted 2013.07.01
Good game and graphics with options that are not obvious.

63ted 2013.07.01
Good game and graphics for first time developer.

mertoro 2013.07.01
greaT game with nice endings

kinou21 2013.07.01
Wicked game - love that you can tap all girls (if you get the right sequence) but some variety of (positive) outcome with each could be fun.

Not suffered the bugs people complain about - a couple black screens but nothing major given the the traffic the site appears to be getting.

Look forward to more!

Sineater 2013.06.30
This gotta be the best Vdate-game yet so far allthou I think there are some minor changes that would help the players. The girl in the counter for instance, whats up with her?
Great game all in all 4/5.

sk1761 2013.06.30
I had trouble getting all of the endings, but good game overall.

canadiens_3 2013.06.30
good game to bad I could not have a threesome

denny60 2013.06.29
Found a few good endings, I rate this higher than posted 99.

hunted 2013.06.28
Good game , nice graphic. Great

duudde 2013.06.28
not the worst game played better but still good.

thesexboy123 2013.06.27
a bit hard but I liked it

ustopboy09 2013.06.27
Best game ever but the best part are the girls

ssschaub 2013.06.27
it was pretty good, Lots of cute girls

RyanT333 2013.06.26
Great game, with a few bugs however...

Elaith 2013.06.26
Loved this one. A bit tricky sometimes.

epiclop 2013.06.24
A lot of bugs but nice game

aseem_pradeep 2013.06.23
nice one & it can be better

firion69 2013.06.21
this seems like a fun game but i sometimes get errors, and then i end up at the beginning when i refresh... any fixes?

black2 2013.06.20
Good game though, with many diffrent endings

kookykookie 2013.06.19
this game was excellent loved the animations graphics scenes and gameplay they should really make more of these games

monkeydude420 2013.06.17
I am a big fan of this game really enjoy the writing and the number of girls you can get with.

unknown16xxx 2013.06.17
game but the animation was poor

Rosebud2266 2013.06.16
It`s not my kind of game less action sorry

Smil4TRE 2013.06.16
Great gaphics, And now I love sports ;)

tsuna364 2013.06.16
it`s a real dating simulator !!

BettleJuice 2013.06.15
like it really much, more of thoes plz !

darc93 2013.06.15
Great game love the girls

jcst 2013.06.14
Game has great graphics and gameplay also animation

junuih 2013.06.14
good game very sexy good looking girls

tl-morteza-tl 2013.06.13
it`s a real dating simulator !!

appleapple 2013.06.09
i wish there were more of these

Scappy220 2013.06.09
Great game! Hope to see the advancements their talking about soon! Thanks for all the walkthroughs! They really helped

Dvitaskis 2013.06.08
very good but not the best.

Kelly_Girl1234 2013.06.08
The game has a good graphics and animation and its nice..

dazber7579 2013.06.08
excellent game only problem i have is that you can`t have sex with the other schoolgirl

ivioo313 2013.06.07
kinda confusing but sure was worth it

Pauley909 2013.06.06
great game though the graphics could be a little better

TheDon782 2013.06.06
Is anybody else experiencing 404 not found? I cant play the game at all. :(

LickyLizzard 2013.06.06
Great game, nice character play. Thanx for the storyline in the comments!

Belgram 2013.06.06
long game, hot girls, nice grafic super story

Zero_21xx 2013.06.05
hey might want to give us a situation update on the game because i don`t know how many people have a 404 because i do :(

Chop2008 2013.06.05
I`m having the same problem as Vadlor

Vadlor 2013.06.04
Nice game, played it before. Now it gives me a 404 :(

sturmi 2013.06.03
loved the game! the graphics are just absolutly AMAZING!

kpjr278 2013.06.02
Great game, nice graphics, I like these styled dating games

Yassineop 2013.06.02
very very nice game, enjoyed it a little too much maybe ;)

tbell 2013.06.01
really good game cant wait to see more from this guy!!

poisonlabor91 2013.05.31
great game took time but was really worth it

Thorgoden 2013.05.31
A really great and sexy game with good story and great graphics.

shone61 2013.05.30
good game....nice story :D

Roedebard 2013.05.29
very slow reaction on input. image gets dark for seconds. doen`s adapt to screen size and ratio, so parts of the image is always missing.

rollbob33 2013.05.29
good game very sexy good looking girls

Timberwolf7 2013.05.27
Nice ending! And great cameplay

girthy 2013.05.27
great game, lots of sexy girls
lots of scenes

pottyoy 2013.05.26
everything was great the graphics the game

pottyoy 2013.05.26
the graphics is good. but the animation could be better.

blackino1 2013.05.26
I love the game and its system, i hope i shall play soon another one. Thanks

MissFox 2013.05.26
i like the game though i wish its has some sounds and all

nzdavid 2013.05.26
nice and best and awesome game i love it very very much

smoke14 2013.05.25
The graphics aren`t that great and the story is pretty binary, but it`s still fun.

GrimRipper 2013.05.24
Its a cool game, but it has a lot of errors and needs to be revised, but the story i liked a lot

bra115 2013.05.24
Great story and Great sences!

Veso 2013.05.23
I don`t know. Restarting this, re-booting that, it`s just not a smooth game. There`s no way to play through and I think it needs to go back to the drawing board before it`s released for general play.

beruga 2013.05.23
great game but some things are incorrect and it`s very hard to get it done without a walkthrough

derda 2013.05.23
I think the game seems incomplete and the sex scenes are boring

bigdaddy101101101 2013.05.22
i found this game really hard, no logical order

monkey12 2013.05.22
very sexy game liked it alot :-)

Cole_Renfew 2013.05.22
Great graphics and sexy babes love the game

Zoey:D 2013.05.21
ohh god im horny again this game is so hot

los-allen 2013.05.20
This game is great , it got me horny

rawadrawad 2013.05.20
Probably the best game on the site, good endings and sexy girls.

pietje119 2013.05.19
this is absolutely my favorite game on this site

night.mare56 2013.05.19
nice game. needs more excitements during intercourses.

timeline 2013.05.18
nice game, but couldn`t get the dildo

SuperHotNacho 2013.05.18
Decent game and graphics, enjoyed the story.

outfeilder 2013.05.18
great game. nice "episodes" to go through

rodeoman 2013.05.18
I rally like the in game graphics

drocker 2013.05.17
long load but i like the game itself, worth it

BossDuck999111 2013.05.17
Amazing game. Hope that it is continued.

Gippstar77 2013.05.17
gameplay, graphic, animation are really good cant wait for the next installment

iraisht 2013.05.15
bit boring but the sneak peaks are good

Aryavan 2013.05.15
good game however i feel there isnt much time

vinuforyou2012 2013.05.15
I really like playing this game

bubs 2013.05.13
Pretty fun. Can get a little repetitive. Hot chicks, good animation and artwork. Story line, OK.

lez201mik 2013.05.13
Game take to long to load betteroff downloading it to have some great fun :)

randy06 2013.05.13
i love this game enjoy oit heaps play it heaps just u wish in it u can have sex with all the girls full on and it be better still

Snakeninja1 2013.05.12
fun game with all the endings

mik01 2013.05.12
great game - took some time to get going but worth it

unnikala 2013.05.12
superb and nice feel on my dick

gasmanO1 2013.05.12
enjoyed the game. the walk through was great. wish there was sound and was there more than one ending?

ice3105 2013.05.12
good game, nice pictures.

trollality 2013.05.11
needs some tweaking here and there but overall 8/10!

Jane69 2013.05.11
Nice onel

This game is truely amazing

randy06 2013.05.10
what a hot game love it all hope ther is part 2 and fuck them all

SexyHime 2013.05.09
Great game. But is there any other way to finish the end of the game with the guy than getting your lights knocked out?

mark24 2013.05.09
beatiful game !! mot my prefer

DanoSvK 2013.05.08
great graphic and really hot

andersonanderson 2013.05.07
nice game but it often doesn`t load properly with images missing

carlitosrdz 2013.05.06
its a really good good game, i recomend!

peppis 2013.05.05
Great gameplay and graphics, the story was good.

blazing4u 2013.05.05
would be great if it didnt glich

kirosakiichigo 2013.05.04
Also this game i played it and i have not good idea

lyricnote19 2013.05.04
Great game wonderful graphics

Asghan 2013.05.03
Nice game with great graphics!!! Wish I could find a gym like this!!!

cachomen 2013.05.03
Maybe the best game i`ve played in the last two or three months.

henkiehjk67698 2013.05.03
the graphics are excellent

C.C. 2013.05.03
Love the girls. ALL OF THEM. Seems like a lot of work for too little action but I`ll play it again.

Torresso 2013.05.02
This game is great! really enjoyed it

Zefanya 2013.05.02
Nice game and cool graphics

sri.babe 2013.05.02
Nice game. but hard and confusing

randy06 2013.05.01
love this game ply it most of the time and love the sexy girls and like to get all if can keep om trying

droopy1988 2013.05.01
great game and great graphics

jon67 2013.04.30
i love this game and this game site

ststefan 2013.04.30
Any idea how to do reception girl?

vannav2 2013.04.30
Great graphics and sexy babes love the game

dodge15 2013.04.29
good game once it worked properly looking forward to more

sexybabe12345 2013.04.28
really liked this game alot XD

Draakos 2013.04.28
Great game. but its a bit tough to get the specific ending

des14 2013.04.28
I like this group`s games. They produce great stuff.

pilotmaster01 2013.04.28
Very nice 3d game, interesting story, could me made longer

network22 2013.04.28
Not a bad game but can get to a point where you can`t do anything

gwazz 2013.04.27
there seems to be aproblem i cant even get int the gymn

JoMan248 2013.04.27
great game love graphics and hot babes

andhind_arie 2013.04.27
Nice game and great graphics. to bad, i can`t find the dildo

andhind_arie 2013.04.27
Nice game and great graphics

andhind_arie 2013.04.27
great game. great graphics.

randy06 2013.04.26
yes finally i can play it and so far its great game love it and want to play more and doit to all if pics stays with me this time

evermony 2013.04.25
Great graphics and game play, I like very much

lynerbarsett32 2013.04.25
great games.. i have a lot of fun and great graphics too.. love it!

traffic_x1 2013.04.25
Really huge game... took forever to load..

jrjr567 2013.04.24
this one was great! all kinds of fun!

JccJ 2013.04.23
Great graphics and game play, I especialy like the 1 in 5

big99999 2013.04.23
Cool game. Good graphics.

Nimsajevil 2013.04.22
I havn`t finished this game yet but i like it a lot!

TeenageDirtbagBaby 2013.04.20
I rather play the game on this site

ShadowDrake69 2013.04.19
this is a great game. its a little bit of work but so worth it in the end

eropunk 2013.04.19
i have reached the point where one of the girls finds the panties of another and then i go thru the whole process of calling that girl over sleeping with her then when shes asleep the first one comes in again in the morning the now awake girl is leaving and as soon as shes gone that part of the game resets and oi have to replay the entire night again and again and again loops around please assist

Zero_21xx 2013.04.19
it`s a very well detailed adult game but the issue is that trying to get to the ideal scene with one of women or women`s takes a challenge because you literally have to go in a specific order and i think that`s the game`s biggest issue is that this holds your hand and unlike Virtual Date games those don`t most of them do but otherwise this tries to be a "Virtual Date" game but it falls short with the "hold my hand" policy if they remove that or polish it OR they have a detailed walkthrough then i will be happy with this game

akjkj 2013.04.18
Good game and a really good graphics and there was a lot of stories so the game isn`t boring

branknock 2013.04.18
this is a fun game to play. good graphic`s nice game play.

redenmity23 2013.04.18
I like this group`s games. They produce great stuff.

madmax68 2013.04.17
Sensational Game!! absolutely loved it, the girls are very erotic

mikejohnson 2013.04.17
great game loved it. Excellent graphics, really fun

shishkabob 2013.04.17
Great story line. I can relate to all the challenges of a gym - I can recognize some of these girls ...

jdmid 2013.04.16
this game is pretty good but it`s sometimes hard to know how to proceed a relationship...

Askeon 2013.04.15
Very Nice Game,with Good graphics.Makes Fun to Play.

naughtilius 2013.04.15
great game! love how the story goes

john13 2013.04.15
great game, loved playing it and would play it again in a heartbeat

Jumpingforce 2013.04.14
Awesome game. Much to do and good graphics to boot.

Gemman67 2013.04.14
Just a great game and easy to play.love it....

rf443111 2013.04.14
I may be a noob at this. I just started on this website. WHY IS THERE A CONTROLLER ICON AND NOT LETTING ME PLAY

smoots1 2013.04.13
awesome game awesome everything

aragorn90 2013.04.13
One of the best virtual dates played so far. For a first try game it`s perfect. I also like the different possibilities.

Mr Loz 2013.04.13
Great graphics and game play, I especialy like the variety

rahlfan20 2013.04.13
It has bugs, but I like the story and graphics...I`m interested to see what comes next.

DikkeLu 2013.04.12
I luv the animations. One of the beter I`v seen so far.

dutchmarine 2013.04.11
This game has a really long story, like it!

yini111 2013.04.11
the animation in this is really realistic

conbron 2013.04.11
nice game with good graphics, but with a many bags

thelew 2013.04.11
really enjoyed the gameplay. lots of good options. obviouse improvements would be more girls though...

lonesttarr 2013.04.10
good artwork, better than average story, overall a fun game to play

craigeeboy 2013.04.09
this game works alright.
I tried it on google chrome and then it works.
In Mozilla it doesn¬īt work for me

ladiesman420 2013.04.09
hey....another nice game...high on graphics and chicks...
This game makes me want to hit the gym in a whole new way! GReat graphics, and the walkthrough is very helpful.

gwazz 2013.04.09
i cant seem to get into the gymn door could before so i dont know what has changed

ozorne_6 2013.04.09
I love his game, characters, story line,graphics the lot . aagr but one thing.... can`t get into the pants of the waitress..........:(

kaos78 2013.04.07
This game was ok i would recommend usng the walkthrough just to see it.

tportelli 2013.04.07
wasted so much time on this game aha

Tataigor 2013.04.07
Great game,great girls,very nice

sammmm 2013.04.06
Great game, good stroy line. Well worth playing.

Decker 2013.04.06
This game makes me want to hit the gym in a whole new way! GReat graphics, and the walkthrough is very helpful.

tisch23 2013.04.06
nice girls, nice story please more of such games.

arathor 2013.04.06
awesome game, great history

maxc 2013.04.05
not the greatest game in the genre but it has a certain quality about it, great but can be better (variety in endings is one)

zr77z 2013.04.05
nice game, funny story, ... worth playing!

Noizekickz 2013.04.05
Fun game ! not what i expected but i liked it !

primus21 2013.04.05
I for one liked this game and liked all the different options it had

Jp0n33 2013.04.04
Fantastic game! I`m excited for more! I can`t wait for the second part! Great graphics and fun gameplay.

brit_man33 2013.04.04
Great game, good animations, and a good stroy line. Well worth playing.

durmlan 2013.04.04
one of the best games ive tried here, cant wait to see more

branknock 2013.04.04
nice game good graphic`s just want to keep on playing

Reyson 2013.04.03
Nice game, made me want to reset it and explore the finals again and again :)

mallorca_emp 2013.04.02
little bit slow, server often down!

MrMBrown 2013.04.02
i`m stuck on the part with the receptionist.

MrMBrown 2013.04.02
how can i avoid getting punched?

Exsidous 2013.04.02
not bad, some minor bugs in it where the games just stops working

yolazzy 2013.04.02
Awesome game,really nice..

freakyfarmboy 2013.04.02
I`ve seen less bugs in a ghetto!!! Figure it out webmaster!!!!

richcool88 2013.04.01
it was cool i like how u meet everyone at one place then branched out

jmeoff 2013.04.01
It took many tries to get all the graphics to load. The girls are great but the sex animation is sorely lacking.

derda 2013.04.01
I like the sterotype bodybuilder. makes the game fun.

Puschtekuche 2013.04.01
nice game, funny story, ... worth playing!

bejonesin 2013.04.01
Is there any way to fuck the college girls at the beginning you see in the intro to the fitness center?

zr77z 2013.03.31
the game is one of the best and also the graphic

TIMINDEVON 2013.03.31
can anyone help when I go down the alley to get the dildo its just a black screen , no windows & unable to go anywhere other than back to the house any ideas, I have d/loaded the game

oranjeboven 2013.03.31
Great game
Storyline could have more options and sexscenes could use better graphics, but all in all very nice.

Valkorn 2013.03.30
ame is pretty good the girls are hot. but i ran into sum parts where i couldn`t do anything because what i was suppose to be clicking didnt work other wise everything else seems good.

Sexy-Slut 2013.03.30
Why do people spoil the game for others

Sexy-Slut 2013.03.30
Nice game guys can`t wait till next game

Sexy-Slut 2013.03.30
This Graphics need a bit of work

strummer 2013.03.30
Wicked game - love that you can tap all girls (if you get the right sequence) but some variety of (positive) outcome with each could be fun.

Not suffered the bugs people complain about - a couple black screens but nothing major given the the traffic the site appears to be getting.

Look forward to more!

For all the great reviews you people are giving - hope you`re donating! Worth it get more from this developer!

kaitokid1990 2013.03.30
wow... this game is hella long... but it`s a good way to kill time

revometik 2013.03.30
Games very slow but looks good

fachrozi espada 2013.03.29
well,this is a new game,and also good game

tadasas 2013.03.29
Nice game,great graphics,I like it

egane 2013.03.29
wery intersant but i,m thinkog beter graphic kenn neak geame better

freddy02 2013.03.28
j`ai commenc?? ?† jouer je trouve super bien enfin un jeu interessant

ski9072 2013.03.28
Pretty good game, esp. for a first try

Ilovetacos1018 2013.03.28
this is such a great game!

erfege 2013.03.27
great game i really like the graphics and the way the girls look

kriegos 2013.03.27
This is a very good game with great graphics, the girl is very sex

mister niceguy 2013.03.27
It is a good game with nice graphics and gameplay

Liuck55 2013.03.26
great game and good graphics

feelthebasse 2013.03.26
Nice work done for you first time pal.
Hope youll do more

Walter1 2013.03.26
Games very slow but looks good

Andy_1119 2013.03.25
Realy nice game, sad that you have to pay for some parts

BallIdiot 2013.03.25
Long game, but very diverse. Good game flow.

Thucydides84 2013.03.25
Is getting beaten up by the girl`s boyfriend a win? Also, I wish there was a way to have sex with the blonde roommate and/or the waitress. I enjoyed it, though. Good job!

sprk692 2013.03.25
Nice game with great graphics!!! Wish I could find a gym like this!!!

Talla 2013.03.25
The game is good, but the women are not the best. Work on their look and it would be a 10+

silver wing 2013.03.25
Just finished and the game is quite awesome

notes1 2013.03.25
great game nice graphs .... is thera an ending with the waitres?

Ricoh124 2013.03.25
Good game, long and involved. Worth following though.

Sradsix 2013.03.25
Great game which I really enjoyed and played multiple times :)

Sacklbicka 2013.03.25
graphics aren`t as good as those from Virtual Date, but the story sure rocks!

Raiha24 2013.03.25
great game... quite long, though and the minigames were a challenge..

King2013 2013.03.25
Nice game and love the graphics

karakurt 2013.03.24
Good and long game, great graphics

DreamTim 2013.03.24
very good game with nice story and good graphics

nicky14723 2013.03.24
that can not even get better unless it was truly real!

livada 2013.03.24
Damn i wanted to do the waitress :(

ozorne_6 2013.03.24
great game, love the storyline and graphics. defenitly worh a donation.
thanks a lot.

Rob-63 2013.03.24
Very good game and graphics are pretty good too.

blackino1 2013.03.24
great games, i rxperienced troubles with some pics.
but i love the game

nazgul1201 2013.03.24
if I want to get the Dildo, I go in the alley. But than the picture is black. I search the entire picture, but no windows. The only thing I find , is the front door. Is this a bug?
please help

Dave719 2013.03.23
I enjoyed the interaction between all and how they linked into one story to progress

khalidakhtar 2013.03.23
game is slow, but looks good

failure2launch 2013.03.23
If you want to play this, download first, otherwise it just frustrates you with portions of the game not displaying properly.

weedsmoker1st 2013.03.23
be a good game if can unload it and play it

Alvandra 2013.03.23
wow.. this game is so great.. i very like this game...

Nami 2013.03.23
I enjoyed the Game, I was one of the lucky ones where it played for me with very few problems. great story and room to improve, hope programmer keeps at it and adds to this game, the sauna and massage rooms look very enticing

derekto 2013.03.22
Game has potential as it has a good story line and hot girls. Good sex scenes too.

randy06 2013.03.21
be a good game if can unload it and play it

AmazingKing21 2013.03.21
does anyone know how to get in with the waitress?

eagleata 2013.03.21
Good game thetraffic is good. i like it...

RicardoTheSnake 2013.03.21
This is a very nice game

qwer_iii 2013.03.21
Great game! Very interesting quest!

messanger3 2013.03.21
Some scenes were awkward and difficult to understand, but overall was a pretty decent game

hearse62 2013.03.21
Great game with huge potential. Couldn`t figure out how to get to the massage or sauna and really wish you could "interact" more with the waitress but for a first attempt its definitely an A+.

Loner8488 2013.03.21
I got horny just by playing this game lol just awsome!!!

Dylanthemightyfucker 2013.03.20
I really liked the game and the girls

derda 2013.03.20
Really good game, great babes !!!!

xyphoide 2013.03.20
well not bad, but sometimes the images take too long time to load

steelfish 2013.03.20
I like the sterotype bodybuilder. makes the game fun.

sparda0009 2013.03.19
Very nice game, i just wish that we could have sex with misty as well =(

cacat_pansat_1 2013.03.19
Good game and good quality.

Vallheruh 2013.03.19
Nice work done for you first time pal.
Hope youll do more

gimmino77 2013.03.19
One of best game i played. Nice story ang good graphics. i hope he continue

likeaboss22 2013.03.19
well, that`s my rating of the game so yeah.

likeaboss22 2013.03.19
it`s almost realistic looking if I must say 8/10

gizmo78 2013.03.19
I`ve posted the answers to choose to get to the end.

I haven`t added the conversations that the girls say, just the responses. This is not the only way to get through the game. There are many variations that take you through different conversations but this will get you through all the milestones without missing any of the "good bits".


>Click Start (or Restart)
--Enter the gym--

*** Receptionist Intro **** (Can be skipped)
I`m thinking of joining...
Sure No trouble
Watch her walk away
We were talking about a guided tour
Read over papers
I hardly know you ... and there are people watching.
Sign on the dotted line
Follow the receptionist
I`ll come here every day if you keep wearing that skirt
It`s the truth, you look amazing in that outfit.
Lead on pretty lady
It`s got everything I`ll need to start with
Ok, What`s next
--Go in and check out the changing rooms--
You got it! --Exit the changing rooms--
--Head over to the couches--
--Sign more paperwork--
I`m really looking forward to seeing more of you too
Are you serious, where?
Hell yes, wait for me
My speciality
--Check the mirror--
--Finish up--
--Back to the map--

Note: Get all 3 stories started at the same time to get all the pieces
*** Vic and Cassie ***
>Click on the receptionist table
>Click on the girls on the Couch
Hello Ladies
Do you ladies work out or just sit and chat?
Sounds like a great workout plan. Got any tips for me?
That`s good advice...so what time do you usually get here?
Accept the invitation
I certainly can.
Sure, I`ll come round after I train.
--Leave the Gym--

>Click on Cassie and Vic`s house (use help button if required)
--Knock on the door--
Show me the way.
OK lets see what`s going on here.
Yes, can you hand me a wrench.
Doesn`t every man? Can you hand me that wrench.
I`d never say no to a beautiful woman.
You are a godess, can you reach in here and hold this for a minute.
Nearly done. You don`t need any work done, you`re stunning.
Done, where do you want me?
Yes ma`am
God that feels good, now suck it.
Now ride me.
--Watch her--
--Go to the lounge--
--Take CD--
--Go back to map--
>Go to your apartment (Home)
>Go to the computer
--Put in CD and check what`s on it.--
--Next Pic.--
--Text Cassie: "I`ve seen them, what do you want?"--
--Text Cassie: "I`ll be there soon."--
--Back to the map--
>Click on Cassie and Vic`s house (use help button if required)
--Knock on the door--
--Go into the bedroom--
"ALRIGHHTTTT. Hey cool, mirrors on the ceiling."
"OK sure, I`ll try this"
"Did your fuck-buddy move away or die of exaustion?"
--Start licking--
"Ok, move forward a bit."
"Slide your tounge in further."
"Ok, lie on your back."
--Keep going--
--Stop--(Before your jaw locks up)
--Go home for a cold shower--
*** Casey the yoga instructor ***
>Click on the gym
--Enter the gym--
>Click on the mens dressing room
--Get into your gym gear and go back to the corridor--
>Click on Aerobics timetable
>Click on Casey
"Hi, how you doin?"
"I don`t think so, I was just being polite."
"Just looking for somewhere quiet to stretch"
"I feel the same way. If I bent over in there, I`d end up with a ripped arsehole and stretched ears."
"Same here, please to meet you I mean. "
"I won`t kill anyone for you, other than that, sure thing."
"It`ll cost you."
"I work for coffee, you`ll need to buy me one."
"Yes ma`am."
--Lie down on Casey--
--Check mirror--
"If your boyfriend saw me doing this, he`d kill me on the spot!!"
"If you keep moaning like that, things are going to get awkward!"
"Where the hell am I supposed to look here?"
"How hard should I push?"
--Next stretch--
--Let her up--
Sure, just let me have a quick shower first and I`ll meet you at the cafe.
--Leave the gym--

>Click on the cafe
--Go inside--
"Are you kidding? A beautiful girl asks me to coffee..."
"Let me ask you this. If you aren`t beautiful, why do all the guys hit on you?"
"It`s because you are gorgeous...Just this guys opinion."
"The problem is, guys that have the balls to walk up to you are generally dropkicks."
"I was just looking for a quiet place to stretch and you hit on me."
"Sure no problem"
--Wait until she`s gone and grab her cellphone--
--Next Pic--
--Next Pic--
--Next Pic--
--Put phone away-- (Don`t click next pic again... you`ll get busted)
"My pleasure, how about you do me tomorrow."
"I stretched you today, you stretch me tomorrow."
"No need to apologise, I`ll see you tomorrow."
*** Nicola and Misty ***
>Click on the Gym
--Enter the gym--
>Click on the weights room
>Click on the weight bench
--Look up--
"Geez, you scared me half to death"
"Thanks, It seems there is a lot to learn around here."
"Like what?"
"Good to know."
"Sure thing."
--Spot to the best of your abilities--
"I`d love to."
--Back to your apartment--
--Back to the map--
*** Casey the yoga instructor Part 2 ***
>Click on the Gym
--Enter the gym--
>Click on the mens dressing room
--Get into your gym gear and go back to the corridor--
>Click on the Aerobics Room
"Hi Casey."
"Ok, I`m ready to do this."
"Sure, how bad can it be."
--Do as she asks--
"So whats it going to cost me for this service?"
"You bought me a coffee, what`s the price?"
"WOW, you had better be good company, an hour with a PT is cheaper."
"Great, tonight 8:30? What`s next?"
"I don`t think I like the sound of this."
"Grab her thighs"
--Stand Up--
"I wouldn`t dream of it. See you at the restaurant"
--Leave the gym--

>Click on the restaurant
"Hi there, we have a reservation for two."
"Great, thanks."
"Glad one of us did, There was one point I thought I snapped something."
"I really do."
--Move around table--
"Yes ma`am"
--Look down--
--Cum under table--
"Oh crap, we are terribly sorry."
"Ah...thank you."
"That`s fine with me.... You are talking about the soup right?"
"Yeah she was redder than a beetroot. Talk about bad timing!"
"It`s time I returned the favour." --Put your hand on her knee--
--Push hand between legs and pull them open--
--Slip hand down her panties--
--Start fingering her--
--Finger her until she cums--
--Slide hand out of her panties--
"Lets go back to my place"
"What`s going on?"
"That sucks, can I see you again."
--Leave the theatre--
*** Nicola and Misty Part 2 ***
>Click on the gym
--Enter the gym--
>Click on the weights room
--Go over to Nic--
"What are we doing today?"
"Absolutely fine."
"Damn that looks good."
"I feel a little uncomfortable standing up at the moment."
"Hey...this is hard work. I`m taking my mind off the pain."
"Awesome, I can`t wait. Where`d you learn your technique."
"Yeah, why not."
"So when do I get to see this new outfit."
"You are killing me here. Do you like teasing me?"
"So what is next?."
--Hold her feet--
"But boy is it ever paying off!."
--Get on the ground--
"Have you looked in a mirror? You`d be enjoying a workout with you too."
"Do ducks with hard-ons trawl weed?"
"Well I`ll see you tomorrow then."
"Sure, I`d love to."

>Click on Nic and Mistys house
>Click on front door
"You drive like a maniac but I kept up."
--Watch them walk away--
--Sit on the couch--
--Wait patiently...and pray she doesn`t notice the door is open.--
I was ... the door... she just. Ah Crap.
--Sit with your fingers crossed and hope they make up...with baby oil.--
--Fuck it!--
--Back to the map--
*** Nicola and Misty Part 3 *** (also gets the dildo)
>Click on the gym
--Enter the gym--
>Click on the weights room
--Go over to Nic--
"I think I just came in my pants."
"Well, what`s first?"
"Lead on pretty lady."
"OK. My turn."
"Holy crap!!! How much did you put on there?"
"Ahhh yeah...I was just having you on."
"I have a new favourite exercise."
"No wait... now I have a new favourite exercise."
"What is it?"
"I`m sure you`ll have a back up plan."
"Sure. Lead the way."
"What are you doing?"
"Hell yeah!"

>Click on Nic and Mistys House (To get the Dildo)
>Go down the alley way
>Click on the top left window
--Keep Watching-- (10 times... or 11, I lost count)
--Sneak in--
--Grab Dildo--
--Go back to Alley--
--Leave Alley--
--Back to the map--

>Click on the Gazebo
"Yes ma`am"
"Wh wh wh what are you doing?"
"Not really, no."
"Oh shit, hey that feels great."
"Oh.... ahhh.... Hi officer."
"Look officer, I`m terribly sorry. How about you just let us on our way?"
"Thank you sir"--Go back to your apartment--
--Continue back to your apartment--
--Back to the map--
*** Casey the Yoga Instructor Part 3 ***
>Click on the Gym
--Enter the gym--
>Click on the mens dressing room
--Get into your gym gear and go back to the corridor--
>Click on the Aerobics Room
"That`s quite alright, what`s all this."
"Ah ok. How about I leave you to it."
"Now I`m interested in yoga"
--Try to look like you know what you are doing--
--Try harder (you currently look very silly)--
"What do you want?"
"Yes I have."
"I`ll be over as soon as I get a chance."
--Mental note... get over to her house!--
"What can I do for you?"
"Ah, yeah, sure. How about later today?"
--Enjoy the view--
"I`m feeling a little `stiffer` now than when I started."
"Don`t get me wrong, I got a lot out of it."
"They were just asking if we were a couple.. they said we looked cute together."
--Head back to your apartment--
"It`s absolutely no trouble."
"Fabulous idea. Thanks for offering."
"I`m not the one with a hot ass in a g-string."
"You guess right. Think of it as the price of admission."
"Don`t let me stop you."
"Almost. Watching you in their is fantastic!"
--Fumble around getting undressed--
"I think my knob speaks for both of us! You are stunning."
--Move closer--
--Turn her around--
--Turn her back--
--Cum inside her--
--Wash yourself off and get out--
"How about round two?"
--Sit down--
"I don`t think I`ll ever forget."
"Is that a problem?"
"I can see why."
"Don`t raise your arms above your head and you`ll be fine."
"Anything to help. You`ll knock em dead."
--Lean back and relax--
--Cum in her mouth--
"You know how to work a knob, that`s for sure."
--Take a nap--
--That was a good sleep, leave the apartment.--
*** Nicola and Casey Part 4 ***
>Click on the Gym
--Enter the gym--
>Click on the weights room
--Check Phone--
--Check attachment--
--Check next attachment--
--Close phone--
--Leave the Gym--
>Click on your apartment (Home)
"I will be getting speeding tickets in the mail."
"I can explain..."
"Casey, the yoga instructor was here last night."
--Say nothing--
"Why would I want to do that?"
"And what are you going to be doing?"
"Give me the phone."
"OK, she`s on her way. Promise me you`ll stay out of sight."
"So what are you getting out of this?"
"Well you had better hide then."
"Wow you look good."
"Yes ma`am!"
"Every man you walked past wearing that is hard."
"My god you are good with your mouth."
--Move up the bed--
--Take off her shirt--
--Think about drywall, think about latest sports results--
--Turn her around SLOWLY--
--Turn her back around--
"I`m cumming"
"I have plenty more where that came from."
"I guess we should get some sleep."
--Wait until she is asleep--
"What`s your plan?"
--Look left--
"I`m ready."
--Enter her quietly--
--Head over to the window--
--Follow her--
--Take off her skirt and turn her around--
--Turn her back--
--Cum inside her--
--Go and find clothes--
"Hell yeah... now get out before we wake her up."
--Get back into bed--
"Fancy a quicky?"
--Grab her arse--
"Seriously, you are going to leave me standing at attention?"
--Watch her leave--
--Back to the apartment--
--Back to the map--
*** Cassie and Vic Part 2 ***
>Click on Cassie and Vic`s house (use help button if required)
--Knock on the door--
--Go to her bedroom--
"With you dressed like that, I don`t think you could stop me."
--Get dildo--
--Follow her instructions--
--Insert dildo--
--Hump away--
--Keep pounding--
--Start tugging--
--Cum on her stomach--
--Find your clothes--
--Back to the map--

>Click on Cassie and Vic`s house (use help button if required)
--Knock on the door--
--Go in--
--Follow Nicky--
--Go in--
--Check out the power point.--
--Get to work.--
--Keep Watching--
--Do as she says--
--Look down--
--Look backwards--
--Cum on the floor--
--Finish the wiring and leave--
*** Vic and the Recectionist FINAL***
>Click on the Gym
--Enter the gym--
--Talk to the girls--
"Hello ladies."
"(Coyly) Game for what."
"Yes maam. When do we get started."
--Leave the gym--

>Click on Cassie and Vic`s house (use help button if required)
--Knock on the door--
--Go inside--
--Follow them--
--Fight the urge to join in...or wank furiously--
--Think about something else... when are my taxes due?--
--Try not to think about wanking into her tights--
--Back to the taxes, did I carry the one?--
--I think that means I get a refund this year--
"Do either of you know if I can claim lunches as an expense?"
--Join in--
--Follow instructions--
--Take her panties off--
--Go down on her--
--Tell them both to roll over--
--Lie down--
--Look right--
--Look down--
--Cum in her mouth--
--Go and sit down--
--Watching that, I`m lucky there is any blood left anywhere else in my body--
--Go over to the bed--
--Slip you cock in--
--Go faster--
--Cum inside her--
"Ahh, now that`s a story for another time."
--Go and sit down--
>Click the donate button... help me to write "The Physio". Every little bit helps!
--Go into the bedroom--

macky14 2013.03.19
Excellent game....great storyline...very hard without walkthru, but still great...more clickables and/or interaction on screen might be nice...but still one of the best.. Thanks

maverick23 2013.03.19
it is a very good game...graphics and animation is very good

DirtyPigeon 2013.03.19
Can`t access Misty and Nic`s house!

toefoo_690 2013.03.19
To get the receptionist during the intro

I`m thinking of joining...
Sure No trouble
Watch her walk away
We were talking about a guided tour
Read over papers
I hardly know you ... and there are people watching.
Sign on the dotted line
Follow the receptionist
I`ll come here every day if you keep wearing that skirt
It`s the truth, you look amazing in that outfit.
Lead on pretty lady
It`s got everything I`ll need to start with
Ok, What`s next
--Go in and check out the changing rooms--
You got it! --Exit the changing rooms--
--Head over to the couches--
--Sign more paperwork--
I`m really looking forward to seeing more of you too
Are you serious, where?
Hell yes, wait for me
My speciality

dfish_44 2013.03.19
Graphics and game play work much better on download. Great game! Good graphics and story. Could use some more close up peeks and sound is a must, which would add to interest.

cgra 2013.03.18
Probably one of my favourite games to date, hope to see the next one soon

mikicostanza 2013.03.18
average game with nice graphics

dandydon 2013.03.18
I`ve played through 3 endings, thourghly enjoyed. The big disappoint for me was that nothing happens in the massage room, I had good thoughts about the possibilities.

goober99 2013.03.18
You can only find the dildo at a specific time.

When Nic wants you to meet her at the gazebo, take a detour to her apartment. Click on the alley next to the apartment, then click on the window in the upper left. You`ll watch her roommate for a while, then will have the option to take the dildo.

BLACKEAGLE90 2013.03.18
still can`t get the dildo i keep waiting for 15 min and still nothing happen for me i am using firefox version 19.0.2 and it`s the empty window to the left not the one with a guy jerking off right ? ? ?

boyo111 2013.03.18
Pretty good game for what it is, looking forward to more content

cewj1967 2013.03.18
Pretty good game. Needs video movement. graphics and playability is good. More cinematic movement would make this a better game.

deadrabbit 2013.03.18
Awesome game! I donated, keep up the good work!

n00bporno45 2013.03.18
ALSO the room number is 69 lol

n00bporno45 2013.03.18
Very Long and great layout

CapnMorgan 2013.03.18
This is a decent game for a first effort. The graphics are ok and there are enough animations to make it fun. The first complaint is that you need to get this on a real server. Downloading helped, but I shouldn`t have to.

Second complaint - the storylines are long (good thing) but you really need to have an "undo" or something, because once you`ve screwed up a choice you`re done unless you start ALL the way over.

Lastly, there seem to be some game flow issues - repeatable choices and things like that. It is also possible to get yourself into a complete dead end. It took me a while to figure out that if you`re pursuing a particular girl, you should see it all the way through. I also didn`t like that you can`t back out of the ladies locker room without getting punched, no matter how far along you are. it`s a pretty abrupt way to end a game if you accidentally get in there.

fonix 2013.03.17
This is the walktrough, only the right decisions. I couldn‚??t figure out, how to have sex with only the receptionist.
- Enter the Gym
- Your decision, I choosed (played before)
- Reception
- Talk to ladies
- Sounds like a great‚??
- Sit
- That‚??s a good‚??
- Accept‚??
- I certainly can
- Leave the Gym
- Cassie and Vic‚??s House
- Ok, lets see‚??
- Yes, can you hand me the wrench?
- Of course‚??
- A climaxing woman‚??
- Can you hand me‚??
- I‚??d never say no‚??
- You are a godess‚??
- You look tense‚??
- Home
- Click on the computer
- Put in CD‚??
- I‚??ll be there soon.
- Cassie and Vic‚??s House
- Alright‚??
- What?
- OK sure‚??
- Got it‚??
- Ok, move forward‚??
- Ok, lie on your back
- Enter the Gym (It‚??s not necessery to sleep)
- Weights room
- I clicked on the blue thing
- Look up
- I‚??ll take my chances
- Wow‚??
- That‚??s hot‚??
- Thanks‚??
- Sure thing.
- Spot‚??
- I‚??d love to‚??
- Back to your apartment
- Enter the Gym
- Weights room
- Go over to Nic
- Are we‚??
- The wetter‚??
- Damn‚??
- I feel‚??
- Hey‚??
- Watching you‚??
- Yeah‚??
- So‚??
- You are killing‚??
- So‚??
- Lookin‚??s free‚??
- I would‚??
- Well I‚??ll see‚??
- Sure‚??
- Misty and Nic‚??s House
- Door
- You drive like a maniac‚??
- Yip‚??
- Sit‚??
- Enter the Gym
- Weights room
- Go over to Nic
- I think‚??
- Well‚??
- Lead on‚??
- That felt good‚??
- I have‚??
- That sounds like a smashing idea.
- What are you‚??
- Hell‚??
- Misty and Nic‚??s House
- Go to the alley
- Upper window
- Watch (not to jerk off)
- Sneak in.
- Grab dildo
- Gazebo
- Oh‚??
- Look officer‚??
- Thank you sir‚??
- Go to the gym
- Mens
- Timetable
- Click on the girl
- Hi‚??
- I don‚??t‚??
- Just‚??
- I feel the same‚??
- Same here‚??
- What do you‚??
- I‚??d be happy‚??
- Ok, what‚??s first?
- Grab her foot
- Lie on‚??
- Anytime‚??
- I just‚??
- Sounds good‚??
- If your boyfriend‚??
- What‚??s next?
- How hard‚???
- Caf??
- Are you‚??
- Let me‚??
- It‚??s because‚??
- Is that why‚??
- Why do you‚??
- But one hell‚??
- Sure no problem‚??
- Wait patiently‚?? (you can watch the pictures, but after a while she catch you)
- My pleasure, how about‚??
- I stretched‚??
- Go to Gym
- Mens
- Aerobics
- Sure‚??
- Do...
- Where‚??
- Real Estate?
- Fair enough
- I don‚??t think‚??
- Grab her thighs
- Restaurant
- Hit here‚??
- Great‚??
- I have to say‚??
- More pain‚??
- The pleasure was the company‚??
- Yes
- Cum under the table
- Yeah‚??
- Leave the theatre.
- Go to the gym
- Mens
- Aerobics
- That‚??s‚??
- You expect‚??
- Now I‚??m‚??
- What do you want?
- Yes‚??
- What can I do for you?
- Ah, yeah‚??
- I have to say‚??
- Sure
- It‚??s absolutely‚??
- Fabulous‚??
- Click
- I definitely‚??
- You guess‚??
- How about round two?
- In mouth
- Cassie and Vic‚??s House
- Grab your‚??
- Go to gym.
- Weights room
- Check phone
- Home
- I will be‚??
- I can explain
- Casey‚??
- Say nothing.
- Why‚??
- And what‚??
- Give me‚??
- Ok‚??
- Why‚??
- Well‚??
- Wow‚??
- I‚??m cumming
- I guess‚??
- What‚??s your plan?
- Look left
- I‚??m ready
- Cum inside
- Hell yeah
- Fancy‚??
- Cassie and Vic‚??s House
- Keep watching
- Do as she says
- Look down
- Look backwards
- Cum‚??
- Finish‚??
- Go to gym
- Talk to girls
- Hello‚??
- Game for‚??
- Yes‚??
- Cassie and Vic‚??s House
You can easily do it from here

jimmyk 2013.03.17
great game with great graphics and a very usefull walkthrough. The only downside is sometimes the loading of the graphics.

geunie 2013.03.17
I ment to say: The game went "black"

geunie 2013.03.17
Good game, but it could use some more GIF`s! Sometimes the g

jun1or08 2013.03.17
I cant find the restaurant. Can someone please help?

SJS1965 2013.03.17
Good gameplay. Great graphics. Easy navigation but still challenging to find all the little spots to click.

Blitzkriegbob 2013.03.17
definitely worth the time playing, even if you reach an unwanted end.

sportd 2013.03.17
I put the waitress in there just to ruin your chance with the yoga girl. A lot of people have commented on her though... should I include her character in The Physio?

az89 2013.03.17
score those girls, just the waiter. manage to talk with her but didn`t end well. choose the yoga girl or not still got reject by the waiter

stefano71 2013.03.17
the game is one of the best and also the graphic

az89 2013.03.17
can`t get to the weight room after finish with the dildo and

poisonedelf 2013.03.17
fun game, touch buggy due to browsers. Would love an update or something to add other girls like the waitress or a solo shot at the receptionist. Maybe a bigger group scene with multiple girls

icrazyur2 2013.03.17
very buggy and sound would be nice

ShawnN1987 2013.03.17
Thanks for the advice about clearing my cache. I did it and the game played just like the walkthrough. Cant wait to see what else you come up with man.

sportd 2013.03.17
I managed to recreate the issue. There seems to be nothing wrong with the game but there is something wrong with the way it is cached. I cleared the browser cache and started again and there was no problem.

I`ll try and get this caching problem sorted as quickly as possible.

Thanks for your help

ShawnN1987 2013.03.17
I am still not able to get the dildo and Im using Google Chrome Version 25.0.1364.172 m

Any suggestions or is this a bug that will be fixed soon?

John Oliver 2013.03.17
Game could be good, but it`s pretty buggy right now. I got through the yoga class (no graphics). The girl wanted b to go to his b apartment, but that`s all the further the game went. Would not advance past that point.

sportd 2013.03.17
If you can`t get the dildo... are you using Internet Explorer 8 or earlier? There has been problems with some ie browsers. I recommend firefox or chrome.

If you are using an up to date browser, can you post again and let me know what os and browser version


avaadore 2013.03.17
followed the walk-through but still no phone to be found and also i can`t get the dido as everytime i click on `watch`,it just brings me back to the alley?

crazytalk 2013.03.17
following the walkthrough, and the part were you go in the alley to get dildo, the walkthrough says you have to keep watching, but when i look in and watch nothing else happens and im stuck on that part, wtf?

Gewoontje 2013.03.17
I wanne do Misty!!!! awwwwwwwww

steelfish 2013.03.16
I liked this game, it stuck a good balance between difficulty and playability. As a work of a solitary person, I am impressed with their effort. I expect see some good things in the future.

iamystic 2013.03.16
finally completed game, use his walkthrough on site. fantastic graghics cant wait for next one from him

crazytalk 2013.03.16
I have downloaded the game, and have the zip file but how do i play it?

az89 2013.03.16
download the game, but no game?! what the...

iamystic 2013.03.16
Tryed the game here kept getting error screen, tryed downloading with chrome, and loaded main file but every folder wouldn`t work, and clues?

manager_cool 2013.03.16
I downloaded the game and I like it very much! The graphics load perfectly, I like the different characters and that I can play different paths parallel. Great game!

My only question: How can I get the waitress in the restaurant?

Universe1 2013.03.16
good graphics...good sound and dialogues...great ....i like this

colts 2013.03.16
How do you get the yoga?I click on the chart and do the walkthrough with the two girls before i go back to gym,get gear and click on chart but i don`t see 10:30 on the chart or what time is cassie suppose to be?please help.

ShawnN1987 2013.03.16
I can not get the dildo because it wont let me `Watch" even though I always click it. It just returns me to the alley every single time. Is this a bug or am I missing something?

49fp 2013.03.16
Graphics and game play work much better on download as overload on this game was much more than developer expected. Good game but no sound which would add to interest.

katakana132 2013.03.16
Played this a little before it was released. I like it, but it needs more. A path to pursue the waitress would be nice, as well as a little more meat to the story arcs.

markovnikov 2013.03.15
The "your comment is incorect" box spells "incorrect" incorrectly.

linla 2013.03.15
a long time since the last vdate game, but nice as always

az89 2013.03.15
what`s wrong with this game? broken or what? can`t get to finish, always service not available?

az89 2013.03.15
anyone knows where to get the dildo?

TIMINDEVON 2013.03.15
anyone tell me where I find the walkthru, tried doing a search but nothing came up thanks

Smoots 2013.03.15
nice lookin game i like it played it like 5 times

mick149 2013.03.15
im stuck.......unfortunately!!!! :(

hullu120 2013.03.15
Onlineservers is crashing all the time but the game itself looks really good.

hanibal194 2013.03.15
i really enjoy this game quiet odd at start bu very nice and long!!!

nazgul1201 2013.03.15
Where ist the full walkthrough ? Please give me the path

Gewoontje 2013.03.15
Walktrough is online!

Shame no banging Misty :-(

avaadore 2013.03.15
im stuck in this game, where do i find the phone

ryuki 2013.03.15
Where is Nic and Mistys house ? Cant find it on the map.

MrBosingwa9 2013.03.15
I like this game, but I can`t get the dildo... When I click watch it takes me back then won`t let me keep watching therefore can`t get it? I followed the walkthrough so I know i haven`t done anything wrong

mrcoolerz 2013.03.15
nice graphics, similar to the vdategames..

Ketza 2013.03.15
Really good game, great babes !!!!

AmazingKing21 2013.03.15
How do i get in with the blonde girl at the resturant??

HeartcoRemo 2013.03.15
after all got a new nice game after a long wait, great..

viperman18 2013.03.15
whenever I go to grab the dildo and click watch it takes me back outside the house and whenever I look back in the window it only gives me the option of going back into the alley instead of keep watching.

sportd 2013.03.15

I have done the majority of testing with Chrome, Firefox and Opera (all newest versions)

sportd 2013.03.15
I have updated the game. If a pic doesn`t load, rather than just showing a black screen, it will keep trying to download the pic.

bags 2013.03.15
interesting game, kinda choppy, doess it work better on a particular browser?

VeNNoM 2013.03.15
Meh, has potential but falls short due to being a pain in the ass not knowing what any of the places are on the map.

sportd 2013.03.15
Restaurant is in the bottom lefthand corner. Sounds like server went down while loading next javascript section

dreadwolf 2013.03.15
gameplay, graphic, animation sre ok

maxxxy 2013.03.15
Can`t find the restaurant on the map. Tried cafe, that`s not it. Used the help button; no restaurant labeled. Where`s it supposed to be?

robot0073 2013.03.15
The download link is incorrect: you should change the end to "/TheGym.zip"
Then downloading starts smoothly.

Hieblan 2013.03.15
I can¬īt down load the game, send me to the error page 404

sportd 2013.03.15
Complete walkthrough can be accessed on website in top bar. Click each of the blue lines to open that section.

AmazingKing21 2013.03.15
hey wers da complete walkthrough? this is just a small part of the walkthrough, we need da rest of it.!!

sportd 2013.03.15
Thanks soundclub.

Yes I`ve just got the walkthrough up and am adding extra code to get around the server issues.

If you are having trouble, make sure your browser is up to date as some of the javascript won`t run on older browsers

soundclub 2013.03.15
you should learn reading @colts ... others told already few minutes before

colts 2013.03.15
who else cant load this game, when you click i accept it takes you to an error page

glukos37 2013.03.14
wow..new game with the great graphic.nice job.

soundclub 2013.03.14
iam sure he`s working on it at the moment, Link-Structure is changing atm

JT123 2013.03.14
Doesn`t seem to be working atm, keep getting a 404 cannot find page. Not sure if owner/creator is fixing it or what

NiGHTS4life 2013.03.14
@LeviathanDK Go to the file labeled "en" and scroll down until you find a file labeled "index." Click on it to start the game.

az89 2013.03.14
got score with 2 ladies and then keep seeing them in the lobby and do the same thing. many times got 503 page not available.

LeviathanDK 2013.03.14
okay so how does the downloded version work? mine just give website links and images

NiGHTS4life 2013.03.14
I`m having trouble getting the waitress.

TIMINDEVON 2013.03.14
unable to play it anyone know where I can d/l it from

deltrae3 2013.03.14
So far from what i`ve played, the game looks okay. And what i`ve played up to was talking to the receptionist at the gym. other than that the server keeps crashing on me. So I took the alternative and downloaded the game. Even there the game was not playable. I would donate to this project but i really need to see some improvements before that happens. I recomend turning away from this game.

NiGHTS4life 2013.03.14
Has anyone compiled a full walkthrough? I need to know how to get the endings.

imiko 2013.03.14
The game wont load for me at all

andy_regresa 2013.03.14
Nice game with nice graphic but have many bugs

xyphoide 2013.03.14
it won`t open on my laptop, i wonder why?

xoxox55 2013.03.14
game with nice graphics, like usual here

sexyboy 2013.03.14
this game works alright.
I tried it on google chrome and then it works.
In Mozilla it doesn¬īt work for me
Don¬īt know why.
Anyway a really good game.
Looking for a complete walktrough.

kurbys 2013.03.14
Downloadable version of this game will soon be available message from the-vdates.com website: Please be patient. High server loads are crashing the game. A downloadable version will be available in a day or so.

wiking235 2013.03.14
click to two girl
hello ladies
do you.....
Sounds like....
that good.....
I certainly...
home and sleep
Cassie and Vic`s home
OK lets....
Yes,can you hand...
I`d never
You are....
You look....
God that feels...
Now ride me
go to ...
take CD
go back...
click on computer
put in CD....
text "I`ll be...
Cassie home
Go into...
OK sure
1 and 2
OK move....
OK ....
Go home

tobias17 2013.03.14
trust me,you will need a walkthrough to finish the game. if you search for it you will find it. acceptable graphics, nice story, it has potential for future stories.overall nice game

Gewoontje 2013.03.14
DL the game nice story get most endings threesome, anal, Casey (also the one with Nic. in bathroom).

Can u get Misty???

gartal 2013.03.14
hello there
why i seen this at my page?
Service Temporarily Unavailable

The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later.
Apache Server at www.the-vdates.com Port 80Service Temporarily Unavailable

The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later.
Apache Server at www.the-vdates.com Port 80


sportd 2013.03.14
There will be a walkthrough link added to the website tomorrow

NiGHTS4life 2013.03.14
Walkthrough, I need a walkthrough please.

AmazingKing21 2013.03.14
can someone SRSLY create a walk through for dis game, it kinda annoying cause u cant get passed anything, Srsly

titsandwich 2013.03.14
would be great if it didnt glich

sportd 2013.03.14
Hi there everyone,

Because of server load I`ve added a download option on the website too. If you are one of those affected by server loads, try the download option until traffic settles down.

20/20 hindsight suggests writing the whole game in javascript was a mistake. The next game will not have that problem.

smartazz_30 2013.03.14
The game has potential. The fact that it`s crashing due to high traffic is a good thing. As soon as the bugs get worked out this will be a great game.

notshyguy 2013.03.14
I think we may have killed the server.

shyman44425 2013.03.14
Good potential. Also got stuck finding Nic after the gazebo. Lots of blank screens. Definitely will try again in a few weeks to see if bugs worked out.

NiGHTS4life 2013.03.14
Okay how do I get the receptionist to fuck me? It worked once but now it won`t let me.

maxima 2013.03.14
So how where do you get the dildo?

maxima 2013.03.14
This is solid. I`m glad there is a restart feature added in.

garonbrown 2013.03.14
What I could see of it was promising. Thanks

sportd 2013.03.14
Hi ,

Game creator here. The game itself is stable. The problem is (as I was warned about by playforceone before they listed it) the large traffic volume. I thought I was prepared but my host just isn`t keeping up.

I will keep trying to get the server up to scratch and then maybe you can enjoy the game as it was meant to be enjoyed


kpjr278 2013.03.14
The game is not loading, returns unavailable server

crimsin 2013.03.14
be a good game if the images loaded the sit didnt do the 503 error half the time and if it didnt have so many bugs

pusshound 2013.03.14
Game has potential, but too buggy. Good story line and hot girls. Good sex scenes.

katie916 2013.03.13
think this game should be taken down
buggy i have seen less bugs in sim city *well maybe not * lol
website half the time gives me error about being down for maintenance or some bs like that
other half the pictures do not even show up properly
game gives a sense that it is not even done yet

Acolmiztli 2013.03.13
Is there a way we can give this guy feedback?

NiGHTS4life 2013.03.13
Man I never seen a game with this many problems.

Zero_21xx 2013.03.13
ugh the bugs and glitches are really making this hard for me to play this..... a good game but too many issues for me not to continue hope they get it patch up and ready to go

lancer62 2013.03.13
This game has potential to be decent once all of the glitches get fixed.

0904038 2013.03.13
fun game though I kept getting stuck with all the bugs etc.

1db1 2013.03.13
Seems like a really good game only half the pages are black its very frustrating!

Ubber1 2013.03.13
Man when you get it to work it isn`t that bad but wow can we get a better game.

gorex 2013.03.13
average game with nice graphics

ridah55 2013.03.13
How do yu get any of them endings? I can`t get any except tha bad ones, is their a walkthrough for this game yet?

mtginn24 2013.03.13
how did you get to the threesome with nic and cassie(yoga instructor)? I got the other threesome the cheating girlfriend and receptionist.

kashizuke 2013.03.13
besides the server problems the game is pretty good. so far i got the threesome with nic and the yoga instructor ending and the cheating girlfriend and girl that gives you a tour of the gym ending, but is there a way to have sex with the restaurant waitress?

warpedwiseman 2013.03.13
a few load problems, staying on a black screen. It seem usually just waiting for about 20 seconds lets them load properly

crazytalk 2013.03.13
Not a good game, stuck after getting caught by the officer with nic in the park, tried going to all different laces and sleeping and nothing is happening, what do you do? is there a walkthrough?

auldgit 2013.03.13
Bad form from PF1 !!!! Putting a new game on here that won¬īt load, has a connection issue, and from all the other comments, has more bugs than a homeless persons mattress !!!!

Get a grip !!!

rot 2013.03.13
I`d also like a walk-through. I`m getting stuck finding Nic again after the run-in with the cop in the park. I haven`t had the black-screen problems others report except as a lag in graphics showing up. Can anyone tell us how many endings there are (other than the blonde in the dressing room and the punch-out by the boyfriend?

chris20715 2013.03.13
How you finshed this game?

CactusZack2 2013.03.13
Finished the game....sadly no scene with the blonde from the restaurant or the two schoolgirls.

chris20715 2013.03.13
Can somebody give me a walktrough for this game?

1NT0X 2013.03.13
seems good,but theres something wrong with it.most pages are dark with a few comments floating around,fix it and ill play

Tyesh 2013.03.13
What is the objective here?

bestia99rom 2013.03.13
Fix all problems please, when i play the screen is very often black and sometimes when i start the game i get a error message!!

CactusZack2 2013.03.13
Seems like it has promise, but half of the pics won`t load.

casillasvvbb 2013.03.13
nice and best and awesome game i love it very very much

Micky20 2013.03.13
How do you finish the game, only way i can is by going into the girls locker room and talking to the blond thn it goes to a sarcastic ending then makes you start again

lopin1 2013.03.13
The game is loading but there are no images.

fmeyen 2013.03.13
There are lot of nice games with good graphics. Not he case here. Didn`t like it at all.

jcc1985 2013.03.13
good game nice graphics needs a little work thought but really liked it

gorky 2013.03.13
not bad, but i saw a lot of bugs, somebody fix it

chrisa 2013.03.13
i seem to be in all over the place

Gangstabill1984 2013.03.13
Fix all problems please, when i play the screen is very often black and sometimes when i start the game i get a error message!!

rushindragon 2013.03.13
I sometimes get a 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable error: "The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later." I`m guessing that may be part of the cause for the graphics errors. I hope they fix the server issues, sounds like a decent game.

Roko 2013.03.13
Please fix the bugs before releasing to the public. Frustating to play.

C.C. 2013.03.13
Great potential but I`m having the same problem as others. Blank pages.

littlguy 2013.03.13
Can see the potential but the bugs are making it difficult to complete.

Ryoxxx 2013.03.13
Nice game with nice graphic but have many bugs

guyxie 2013.03.13
interesting but too many bugs, and always sth wrong with the server

jcast20 2013.03.13
nice game great graphics really great graphics

NightStalker73au 2013.03.13
looks like it has lots of potential for it, shall wait to try to play it.

wolfman 2013.03.13
seems good,but theres something wrong with it.most pages are dark with a few comments floating around,fix it and ill play

pericka 2013.03.13
wow..new game with the great graphic.nice job!!!

Jaaru 2013.03.13
New nice looking game, liked it.

zantha 2013.03.13
I couldn`t get through it. It seemed somewhat interesting, but I couldn`t get past all of the bugs.

Garrocks 2013.03.13
couldn`t get in to play kept saying service unavailable

dell10781 2013.03.13
needs to be work on to get rid of the bugs

ruiverson 2013.03.13
Just finished and the game is quite awesome.
But there are plenty of bugs in the graphics. Some of them don`t apeear, and if you refresh the page you start from the begining.
But the game is nice, plenty of space to improve even more

jrjr567 2013.03.13
its down right now, but it looks interesting

johnj 2013.03.13
Can you finish it? I am stuck :O

themoda 2013.03.12
the game seems good, but the pages are too slow too charge, seems have too bugs

oldcruiser 2013.03.12
I think I`ll skip this one.

sexykelly166 2013.03.12
Games very slow but looks good

oldcruiser 2013.03.12
I don`t know. Restarting this, re-booting that, it`s just not a smooth game. There`s no way to play through and I think it needs to go back to the drawing board before it`s released for general play.

t2rific 2013.03.12
Not bad, but some of the scenes load slow if they load at all and I never found where to go next after a point, but I`ll keep trying

Teine 2013.03.12
Be nice to see the graphics all these people are talking about. I get to see about 1 in 5.

Billy_77 2013.03.12
Too many bugs and very slow, potential is there but to annoying to play as it is..

retros14 2013.03.12
503 service temporarily unavailable, WTF? Nice try, but nothing :D

trojan74 2013.03.12
Please fix the bugs before releasing to the public. Frustating to play.

Gordn3 2013.03.12
Good game , nice graphic.

hant 2013.03.12
wow..new game with the great graphic.nice job.

miya09 2013.03.12
Nice game and great graphics

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