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The control room ep 2


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theoxxx 2019.09.08
good game but bath scene not great awesome girls

Shevexs21 2019.06.22
Some areas repeat and it becomes boring to play

elisaavalonia 2019.05.12
I dont really understand but it`s fun anyway

carrotadrian 2019.05.04
great game the art is awsome

chanzz 2019.05.02
Incredible Game! Great graphics and super sexy girl

Suckielucky65 2019.04.21
im stuck at the bath queen sex scene where connecting the start and end points please help me.

zangyuki 2019.04.13
3 games a day so judge our games wisely.

rukkerdrukker3 2019.04.11
this so hot man second time playing this one

JDB68 2019.03.19
Pretty cool game! I sure would love to play the full game

Troy9000 2019.03.11
Some areas repeat and it becomes tedious after a while.


JDB68 2019.02.27
Pretty great game. The full version has got to be a winner!

Badman.SP 2019.02.26
As a continuation of episode 1 leaves much to be desired because there are still bugs, control continue with difficulty and interaction is not the best. Who knows if in the next episode this all is not corrected. But overall it can still be a good match.

Matty9745 2019.02.24
nice enough game with some cool animations

jkoaq 2019.02.18
nice and hot game i would recomend it to u all

prising4567 2019.01.31
Nice game with storyline, Quite clunky on Firefox

evilbob12345 2019.01.29
Good game with good graphics, really enjoyed the animation

alucard69 2019.01.29
Nice game, looking forward to episode 3!

flyingbananatree 2019.01.21
Find the start point is way too hard, reckon i missed a lot of good animation because of it.

Badman.SP 2019.01.12
This is the result of countless attempts to access this game.rnWe were unable to establish a secure connection with this siternwww.arnii.games uses an incompatible protocol.rnAnd it`s no use going directly to the arniigames website because the game is also having a Content not available problem.rnCan anyone help?

lelele 2018.12.25
a bit too slow gameplay for my tastern

KitCarsen 2018.12.22
Pretty good game when you get the hang of the controls.

Atherton 2018.12.17
Graphics were great. Animation at end was hot af

QuietStorm82 2018.12.17
Terrible. Absolutely terrible game.rn

felicia1 2018.12.17
I love this game but it is a little to easy but a great game so nice to have a game like this.

thumbrub 2018.12.14
quite slow to move on on my browser (chrome)

sgt_kidd 2018.12.13
not bad, graphics are ok but not amazing

Faterfux 2018.12.07
Really cool game although I would like a save option.

Semc64 2018.12.05
Fun game, but kept getting stuck.

vitali 2018.11.30
a lot of bugs makes it impossible to continue (chrome)

MAGCs 2018.11.30
does anyone know why it glitches so much

MAGCs 2018.11.30
Good scenes but glitches out quite a bitrn

randy1 2018.11.29
not bad , but keep on getting stuck on certain scenesrn

0341misfit 2018.11.26
Where is the start point?

supertrucker 2018.11.23
good game kinda tricky to complete some of the tasks.

drk1998 2018.11.22
it was so fun Very complex and a lot of playable scenarios,would be if it didnt glitch out so much

FilthyWicket 2018.11.21
Girl in the recording studio is hot. Hot scene!

GEPilot 2018.11.20
doesnt work well on firefox sometimes you cant skip sometimes you must after the basketball game it doesnt work at allrn

lughbelenos 2018.11.20
Yea well... Intentions are good, story is ok but the execution leaves a lot to be desired. The interaction is clunky and it`s not stable at all. good thing you can skip over the scenes because I had to reload a lot to make it through to the halfway point . Needs a lot of work still. overall nice game but not finished.

lucasmoura 2018.11.19
Like games with storyline. Looking forward to epsode 3

thumbrub 2018.11.19
Quite clunky on Firefox - the skip tab doesn`t work so need to sit through the slow moving dialogue, then you get random scenes, tbh I got bored v quick

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