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The control room


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Badman.SP 2019.02.26
I liked the game, the graphics and the style, but it`s very short. The drone mini-game has an unnecessary degree of difficulty, and the points to be located in some scenes are extremely difficult. With some improvements this game will be better ranked.

KK7077 2018.12.15
took too long to load spoiled the moodrn

smaximus 2018.10.29
too much loading. spoiled

smaximus 2018.09.21
artwork is great but too much loading spoiled the mood

supertrucker 2018.09.16
way to much time wasted waiting for the scenes to load. to bad it seems like it would be a good game.rn

Stormspell 2018.09.10
Nice game, though interactions are limited.

looner 2018.07.27
sexy ladies all around ... nice to play

pancakeman29 2018.06.29
This one starts really slow but it`s alright.

ct1908 2018.06.25
great storyline, good graphics

jjhhh 2018.05.08
not a good game at all startpoint is nowhere on the screen or on the girls body


dudley99 2018.04.21
Decent graphics, but it stopped the game play and I couldn`t go any further.

danny1991 2018.03.31
wasnt really fond of this game graphics were ok not much animation though

MaximusDom 2018.03.12
Very boring slow start and art style is interesting.rn

LKCrooked 2018.03.10
nice game ! waiting for part two

absolute000 2018.03.05
This game looks real nice, but I am not a fan of how the sex scenes play, too distracting and, in some cases, too difficult

TEX TIGER 2018.03.05
The game is not bad, but is little boring

gaford 2018.03.02
Frequent freezing in FireFox, works much better in Chrome.

dixiewildboy 2018.02.20
ok, no offence to this game or its creator, but this game is kinda boring i couldnt even play past the first couple minutes. it just does grab ur interests

SweetRabbit 2018.02.19
the game is good with some good graphics, story needs to be a little longer

Ladies117 2018.02.18
Not much gaming involved throughout the game. thought, it does have a good story line

timewaster 2018.02.17
I found this to be unplayable. I gave up as it was too hard to follow the story when some word bubbles would stay open for ever for one sentence followed by flying through the next 3 without any time to read them. Need to have some way to click when you are finished reading to move it along. Timing seemed completely random. Listen to your critics Arnii . . only trying to help.

OdinsGate 2018.02.15
Controls are difficult to master effectively. Story is a bit cliche`.

DonnieBGood 2018.02.10
Nice graphics. The reloading seemed to be a little distracting but it seemed to finish all to soon with ...to be continued...

johnnyrotten 2018.02.10
I quit shortly after it started. Way too long to get to the action. rn

Gwakinho 2018.02.09
Good game with nice graphics, pretty excited to see what they gonna do in the future

adibepositive 2018.02.09
it is showing screenshot only, how can i play this game

palbane49 2018.02.06
I share the negative comments of other players: graphic is fantastic, but the game itself is poor and not involving at all. More an action game then role play.

christopher00195654 2018.02.06
nice game interesting story to it as well

freakybaaz 2018.01.30
What a amazing game. Love it...

JohnnieR 2018.01.30
great story. loved the girls. couldn`t get past the part with the cops... which was a bummer cause the game was just getting good. will definitely try again.

blyszcz 2018.01.26
great game. looking forward to next one. sex scenes are very hot

arniigames 2018.01.23
cwan222 - see my Patreon page where I have a public post (free) with the solution. Link is on game page here.

cwan222 2018.01.21
Sorry for double post but honestly, we shouldn`t have to slowly drag our mouse across every pixel to find a answer to the puzzle. At least make target circle bigger or a hint when youre close. Does anyone know how to get the panties off the hacker girl in the police dream scene? I literally moused over the entire screen and cant find the end point

cwan222 2018.01.21
I am literally stuck on the second start/finish point of the dream sequence. I cannot get the panties off wheres the finish point

HellovaCock 2018.01.20
It`s just the beginning of the game, but it`s clearly a game with a lot of potential, in both gameplay and sex.

Trokkar 2018.01.16
OK game, kinda childish graphics, barbie dollish to be honiest

shyman44425 2018.01.12
Graphics were great. Action items lame and detracted from the scene.

Incest Dad 2018.01.12
Great Gameplay, Stunning Graphics and Great Animation as well

fucmelol 2018.01.10
help the game wont load any way to fix it?

rzass 2018.01.08
i`m looking forward to the next game

kemode 2018.01.07
pretty good game with good looking girls but a bit slow moving

LX0809 2018.01.07
Interesting. I would like to see the whole story until the end. I hope this story will be more twists and turns.

Rev332211 2018.01.07
Awesome gameplay fantastic grpahics very hot girlsrnrn

GEPilot 2018.01.06
Its more time you load than you actually playrn

jk3guns 2018.01.03
Girls are hot and the storyline is good. It takes some work on the sex interactions though. Can`t wait till the next part comes out.

Maxx_Tyger21 2018.01.02
To be blunt, way more work than most will want to do for the results.

beneathuk 2018.01.01
Silly puzzle system, trying to follow wisps of smoke with a touch pad mouse is both irritating and laborious.

Mighty2000 2018.01.01
Well i like this kind of game.

Leonar13 2017.12.30
Nice work for the graphics but sooooo loading is very boring!rn

frodrigo 2017.12.30
can some of you help me get the brunettes panties of in the interrogation room? I gave found the red circle but cant get it of

2347 2017.12.29
Arnii, the sex is the climax of the game so you need to make us work for the ex but the sex is to be enjoyed. That`s the opposite of what happens here. It really is slow and tedious but with great artwork and graphics and an original storyline it has a lot of potential. But Cambridge 4453, Masterstroker and Khahan are making valid points and just want you to succeed, so don`t be sore. rnIf you start with creating some awesome sex scenes and build a game to work up to them then people will be motivated to come back again and again but just displaying your excellent game puzzle techniques won`t work.

kohtet 2017.12.29
awesome game and nice graphic

Vasco223 2017.12.28
good story but not really my kind of gamern

tomgochi 2017.12.27
Very entertaining and exciting but still looking "old graphic" sometime

vitali 2017.12.26
Very good graphics, fair story, too much text, no choices. Still fun to play (pass) the game.

elishacuthbert 2017.12.25
The story for the game could have been a little better. Nice work anyway!

KitCarsen 2017.12.24
Very tedious game with too little reward.

adyee 2017.12.23
Graphics are good, girls are hot & good storyline they have to improve on processing of game it is little bit slow... otherwise it is good

Cypher 2017.12.23
Enjoyable but sex scenes are too challenging.

usschevalier 2017.12.23
Graphics are awesome and storyline too. But, certainly, dialogues are sometimes extremely low and game only allow player to interact in sex scenes, without options to choose in the meanwhile. That thing in wich sometimes seems that you need to locate the hotspot clicking around or, simply, waiting in the right place with mouse, seems strange to me: one way to play or another, but not a mix between both, because player doesn´t know what to do. If you improve this, game will be superb!

dhanushj 2017.12.22
I love the girls there awesome gameplay was fantastic awesome game I love it

khahan 2017.12.20
About what I expect from Arniigames. Great graphics, good story - absolutely horrible engine for his software. The dialogue either takes forever to clear and move on or goes by so fast you can`t read it. Advancing the game is a crapshoot. Sometimes clicking will do it, sometimes you just have to wait it out. Load times on the whole are slow and what should be about a 35-40min play can easily take 2+ hours. He needs a new engine for his software to be even remotely playable.

randy1 2017.12.20
This game was very disappointing especially with the interaction which was too hard to follow

Trokkar 2017.12.20
When you try to start, you go to the site that hosts the game, but you are not able to load the game. Have had it do this a number of times. For this reason, what looks like a good game, gets a bad review since I have tried to load it several times.

diary 2017.12.19
Site is offline...don`t wanna rate just yet

thewitcher3026 2017.12.19
Crashes a lot.. but its fun!

cacotrepa 2017.12.17
good graphics, but hard to play

spanner 2017.12.17
Not a very enjoyable game could have been better rn

Masterstroker 2017.12.17
Potentially awesome game with great graphics, but interaction DURING SEX SCENES (if any) should be simple and rewarding, not overly difficult/fiddly/distracting. This was a huge turn-off. Another was loading assets during sex scenes, right before each animation. If you can`t load everything upfront, at least don`t interrupt the flow of the sex scenes.rnrnThe winning formula IMO is to give users something to do between the sex scenes and if they do well, reward them with a sex scene.rnYour game gives the users nothing to do between the sex scenes and then punishes them during the sex scenes with fiddly interaction.rnrnJust my opinion, but there`s a reason this game gets only ~60 percent despite your technical prowess.

GaGoBoKo 2017.12.16
a really nice game, great graphics great story line

Zeroic 2017.12.16
the find the start point just sux and is totally distracting. some adjustments are needed to give this game some flow

LariatQ 2017.12.16
Turned off by mini-game element that totally distracts from the sex scenes. rn

arniigames 2017.12.15
Don`t hold back Cambridge4453, say what you really mean... lol

cambridge4453 2017.12.15
My heart sank when I realised how things were going to go. It resembles Castle Gravenstien a little (which is fairly good news), but the dumb parts where you are looking for start and finsih points are from the worst moments of Shark`s Lagoon. The drone was awful; the chasing a moving whatever it was - flame, smopke, whatever meant that the sexual element disappeared as you completely lost any focus on the action.. Wow it`s such a shame that dumb presentation and shakily told story and an obsession with oral sex - Arnii certainly like cock - spoils some great artwork . Arnii games are also slow loaders and this one is punctuated with loading periods throughout which slows down the action even more. There are no options in the plot. Not worth investing in because while some of it was pretty erotic but as a whole it was a turn-off. Sorry.

Jerkeys 2017.12.15
Too long e too boring gamern

CyrJ 2017.12.15
TBH I check out very quickly whenever "wave around a pointer and click and hope for something to happen" mechanics appear in any type of game. But I was digging the graphics and the beginnings of the story to that point. The "sexy female CEO working on sexy technology for sex" premise is pretty much can`t-miss.

Jaaru 2017.12.15
Nice looking new game, liked it.

highlander384 2017.12.15
i didn`t mind this game with the different animation I wish they could come out with new games from lesson of passion games those are better graphics

domi84000 2017.12.15
LOADING LOADING LOADING ... From this game i can just remember one word !!

marcus747 2017.12.15
Not bad, not great. Graphics are a mixed bag, the action scenes are good. I disliked the blind run under the bed, some transparency would have made this better. I`m looking forward to the follow-up!rn

SwordDust336 2017.12.15
Good story, not much gaming

leechung838 2017.12.14
nice game wish it was the whole this

Xesonaga 2017.12.14
good graphics but slow game

eagleata 2017.12.14
Magnificent game. I like it...

azakah15 2017.12.14
This game is nc and have unique graphics i have playedrn

Willie77 2017.12.14
Many images and NO choices. Not much of a game so far, just moving the pointer around to finish a scene.

arniigames 2017.12.14
I didn`t realize this was live on PF! - I have increased the server resource so should load a bit faster

asinble 2017.12.14
i find it very sesxy i wanna that girl in realrn

Burton12 2017.12.13
A long almost comic book style game with allot of reading and very little decision making. The mini games were relatively good. On a whole good and looking forward to Pt 2 if it gets released.

DarkonCmWolf 2017.12.13
finally it loaded and it was lean,,

PlayOne81 2017.12.13
Definitely a first version. Lots of typos and feels like there should be more story than there is. Should be good with an update or two.rnrnPros:rn- Good graphics (much better than I expected from the intro scene)rn- Doesn`t waste time getting into sex scenesrnCons:rn- The music gets old QUICK and I couldn`t find an in-game music volume/mute buttonrn- Interface is weird (no clicking, just move the cursor over the item)rn- All the load screens make the game feel slow

KaiOti 2017.12.13
Well, that was a letdown. Looks GREAT! But tons of loading and just bland.

092101891 2017.12.13
Need a save button please!rnDon`t wanna play from the start again :(

Zeblast 2017.12.13
Yep, can`t play it neitherrn

DarkonCmWolf 2017.12.13
no this stupid game does not want to work, even when they say try again later..

Hi Power 2017.12.13
Bad link. Has anyone had it work?rnrn

roboguy 2017.12.13
can`t access the game, says bad gatewayrn

DarkonCmWolf 2017.12.13
This game sucks cause I can not get it to workrn

sailorguy123 2017.12.13
I have no idea whats wrong with it but no matter how many time I try to load the game I just doesn`t work

actuallyundead 2017.12.12
is the game not working for anyone else besides me?

actuallyundead 2017.12.12
Well, iv been checking this page everyday to see if a game as been added, as the last game was not a good quality at all, and this finally came today...not the best as the story is short

Petro28 2017.12.12
I liked the game and I love the graphics and the stile, yet is very short. and one more thing that drone mini game is annoying I think players should be able to skip the mini game if they fail too much .

AlexBig 2017.12.12
I like graphics in this game- fantastic!

maxxxy 2017.12.12
"The control room" isn`t the real title; that should be "LOADING." Excruciatingly slow, boring. The "sex" scenes are weak -- well drawn, but lifeless.rn

KH4L1D 2017.12.12
This game looks interesting and sexy.

Badger 2017.12.12
the game is good with some good graphics, story needs a little developing

BadRhinoHorn 2017.12.12
Good story line. Not much "gaming" involved, just some interaction to keep the scenes moving. Great graphics. Seems like this is headed in the direction of a very long story...

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