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The Last Cockbender


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HOTTOMMY85 2017.10.13
OK it is a nice short game to play to kill time, but beyond that nothing.

Corypheus 2017.10.08
Funny short game, but nothing special.

TEX TIGER 2017.10.06
The very nice music follow all game.

dmoneyp 2017.07.12
fun game and love airbender so cockbender totally works for me lol

CrazySamoan 2017.07.03
great game loved the art style and cockbeder lolrn

biobirth 2017.06.14
been a member since 2015 and it keeps giving me the quest to register WTF

SexyJordan 2017.04.02
Game is Great but really short and animations are awesome

Bear_Hugger 2017.03.28
zula is a good sucker. 10/10 game

belac03 2017.03.26
Fun and simple game. It has pretty decent graphics as well

Little_Rudi 2017.03.21
Simple and short, really nice game


mchias 2017.03.20
Pretty simple game enjoyable but short and some people can get bored by the waiting time

Spanky McGee 2017.03.10
very simple, but i`d rate the quality as high

kithra 2017.02.28
As good as a game of it`s type can be. Most people should be familiar with This game type. Still, it`s pretty decent.

kiapo 2017.02.11
Nice game style witth nice moves

GBLJesus 2017.02.11
Simple game with good quality graphics

Raziel1911 2017.02.10
I used to watch this show all the time

dgkesquire 2017.01.28
Short, simple "click and watch" game. Good graphics and movement, adequate gameplay.

jackalmond65 2017.01.27
I enjoyed it but I think it was a bit short

zenshigo 2017.01.26
nice game too small but good any way

look-api 2017.01.25
itd really a good game quality good

revon 2017.01.25
Funny animation but its just a click and watch type of game.

Everneth 2017.01.12
Quite boring to much click and watch.

eargon 2017.01.10
good game but mainly a click and watch game

dedirecteur 2016.12.18
fun game looks alot like the airbender! Twins?

DantheBaked 2016.12.13
It is funny in a very strange way. Enjoyed it though. i laughed like crazy when i played it. Azula has had some enchantments since the show...

NLDutchie 2016.12.10
Good game, good animation. Maybe a bit too long

elrik13 2016.11.13
cockbender lol great name, huge tits, good for a laugh

Doru 2016.11.10
I enjoyed the game but i wish that Cock-bending would have been used during the sex scenes.

Tommy007 2016.11.04
Nice animation, nice boobs. but not my story and not my stvle.

Mieliemeel 2016.11.03
smooth game, like all MnF games.

ciccio84 2016.11.01
very simple graphic and initially i thought it was a classic cartoon sex game, but i have to admit it`s very exciting!

Slayerman 2016.10.30
I could play this all day and night i enjoy the flash games along with the simulators as well

PansexualPixie 2016.10.20
Loved the animation and the story behind it, it was fucking hilarious XD

orgiutas 2016.10.15
nice graphics, I actually also liked the music :)
thank you!

Roedebard 2016.10.13
game as expected, nice graphics but the music should initally be off.

Sola_KMT 2016.10.11
It gave me a chuckle. Good cartoon graphics. But same as most of the other games , little guys with huge dicks and girls with gianormous breasts.

FernandoT 2016.09.30
this is an interesting game I really enjoyed it it`s simple and straight to the point

firerob127 2016.09.20
decent story, just basic read and click

erikous 2016.09.05
not bad, but not original

KiddyG 2016.09.01
not tht much of a story, unlike the other meet n fuck games

misterj 2016.08.26
Good game & graphics, but maybe to short???

jopstar93 2016.08.24
not the type of game i like

bimp 2016.08.24
i like this stories,but its too short

gopi7891 2016.08.18
good gameplay,great graphics and animaton

Tlow1994 2016.08.13
Really Great Game Needs To Be Longer

gg2003 2016.08.11
the game has really good graphics but its just click and watch.
anyway good game

XXXJadya 2016.08.04
A parody of Avatar. Really cheaply made one. The breasts are so huge that they are disgusting. Loved the Idea of cock bending technique.

Ciess1944 2016.08.01
great game, but its too short :(

SexyColonel 2016.08.01
MNF have a lot of better games :/

christiaand 2016.07.21
good game like the feel of tht cock bender

Spockles 2016.07.18
Funny, but not so much a game as click n watch

elturrero 2016.07.13
Some scenes are hilarious, but it has bad angles.

hfighfidndhdid 2016.07.13
not that good just click and watch

SpikeD28 2016.07.09
I love playing the type of date, amazing graphics and nice story.

lilskipy 2016.07.06
the girl has too big of boobs it`s kind of an turn off

BrorsanW 2016.07.05
Great animations but too short, simple and boring.

R333S3S 2016.07.04
Game was kind of dumb, but it was still somewhat fun.

lonelysailor12345 2016.07.01
It was funny but not what I was expecting it was to easy to smash with her I would have liked more foreplay

speel 2016.06.24
I have laughed so hard, it is a funny game!

bigdog1124 2016.06.23
this made me laguh. cockbender ang good little game

sleepy_lazy_alex 2016.06.18
Lol! The faces that the girl makes are awesome! Other than that, it`s not my favorite game...

iperte72 2016.06.15
the game is not to my taste but it is something entertaining

tekoppen 2016.06.14
great game, nice graphics and animations

Avawhitt 2016.06.12
I like her tits, the game is fun..

KEV_in 2016.06.10
Fast, easy, quite ok game, but certainly not one of my favorites.

kusaj227 2016.06.09
this is really nice game, i like it

excable69 2016.06.09
great game like very much

peloso 2016.06.06
I love this game.It`s fantasctic!

vinayak123bro 2016.06.06
Nice looking new game, liked it.

Epicbob5000 2016.06.05
Very Fun game! These girls are hot.

-WannaFuck- 2016.06.05
Really funny and good quality

jt5151 2016.05.29
fun short game decent animation

ll399896 2016.05.28
The animation was pretty good, although the actual game lacked content as far as it being entertaining or boring. As far as I`m concerned this games is closer to the boring side...

thegrim 2016.05.25
good animation but a little boring

Frogmin 2016.05.22
Good if your looking for a simple game with over exaggerated breasts but not a challenge or realistic looking people

Krisstofer 2016.05.17
The graphics are alright.

bloodynails 2016.05.16
definantly for people that like over dramatization of breasts but not for me

PatrickWilding 2016.05.06
Sorry, but this is a bit boring

biffjohnson 2016.05.05
meh this game was ok but it was a little boring

KumaH 2016.05.03
Nice art, and I love how this was animated for sure.

Swagmuffin 2016.05.02
simplistic, but fun and good animations

user9876 2016.05.02
simple but entertaining. Would like to cover her face with cum

Dragonslayr 2016.05.01
The idea for the game is good but some of the characters look weird making it harder to get into.

leo76 2016.04.27
nice game too small but good any way

manbear39 2016.04.20
Azula doesn`t look much like the actual character, not my favorite game

BadRhinoHorn 2016.04.19
not much to it, but good graphics

fergthedon 2016.04.19
i love her huge tits theyre so perfect

HornyAaron 2016.04.18
cockbender is an awesome name

HornyAaron 2016.04.18
fuck the daamn huge tits

5mokey 2016.04.14
i love the huge bouncy tits
very nice game

JJ-Clark 2016.04.12
Quite a good game in my view however i feel the game is missing the option to "cum" in other areas other than her mouth though overall i i still feel very entertaining. also i love the ideas of changing positions.

possum62 2016.04.08
Awesome huge big bouncy tits! Got to love them

mastegun 2016.04.06
I wish the show was more like this

Masseur323 2016.04.05
Nice, simple game play, that and I`m a sucker for big tits!!!

YZDMSI 2016.04.05
This game have a very good graphic and gameplay

CapnMorgan 2016.04.05
Not great. No choices to make. GamesOfDesire is definitely getting lazy.

sexyjazzy98 2016.04.05
good graphics very intresting

rahul2016 2016.04.04
the graphics of the quite impressive but it is very easy

pretzel 2016.04.03
this game was very fun hope to play again soon

barry23 2016.03.30
to short , too easy for me , and zero storyline

goofballz777 2016.03.29
This isnt the greatest game ever, its kinda short and its animation is decent at best

Gabriel1998 2016.03.28
nice graphics and gameplay

badcondor 2016.03.27
goood game end so fun it is very great i enjoy it so much

noogad 2016.03.24
Very simple but funny .without int??ret

thetoyfoxer 2016.03.23
this game has great relevance to the T.V. series

adim 2016.03.22
pretty boring. after the fourht screen just had to stop it. no interest at all.

secretb15 2016.03.21
I love the game and the quality

purplerice 2016.03.20
never watched avatar but wow this game is pretty hot

kitsuneko 2016.03.19
Kind of boring, but real neat to bust a nut

ShadowCrippler 2016.03.19
Not to bad, Decent animation but little replay value :-(

sethh88 2016.03.18
ang finally gets payback on her for what she did to her brother lol get her! finish her!

Aj8960 2016.03.15
this was a quality game, nice graphics and nice sound quality.

DOMINATE23 2016.03.14
This one can be very odd, but it is a good quality game.

sexboy1 2016.03.13
its really funny but to easy

gp1234 2016.03.10
good game good graphics. would recommend to others.

Salid 2016.03.08
The boobs are very oversized and not even close to realistic.
Best part of the game is the title!

dankporn6 2016.03.06
Amazing tits and decent graphics

jhordan001 2016.03.06
it´s a really good game, it´s so funny

rotoculteur142 2016.03.06
I really like the way this game plays. I recommend it

possum62 2016.03.04
Fairly average game. Love the hot tits1

aNullisGood 2016.03.04
Short game, bad animation and no replay value

nightari 2016.02.29
Tits too big, gameplay too slow =((

tiqris00 2016.02.29
Weak gameplay, nice graphics/animations. Overall arcade game.

vampypanda 2016.02.29
funny but it was a little to easy

elishacuthbert 2016.02.27
Its a game so you know not bad but terrible for a game on this site

bigguy686 2016.02.26
not my favorite game on here but still is worth a play.

Blitzkriegbob 2016.02.25
if zhis was a prealpha its good. For anything else it has too less content.

farkas 2016.02.25
Too easy game width poor graphics. i d??nt liked.

cahama_007 2016.02.22
For my first game here: not challenging, poor music and graphic and...no fun at all. + what is that name....cockbender....

mandeklaas 2016.02.21
i dont like this game it is just to easy and stupid

uthred 2016.02.20
As bad as I expected it to be. A waste of time.

Gorgolock 2016.02.20
It got a zero for how bad it was.

lsnowboxer 2016.02.17
horrible game. very little plot.

Cronos93 2016.02.13
this game is fucking lame, mett `n` fuck games used to be more funny, this kind of games should not be in play force one

ziost 2016.02.11
I swear this game was released years ago

ssinisterx 2016.02.09
cool game but it needs a little rework

louie472 2016.02.08
game was pretty much what i expected. good animations though.

AnnaMarths 2016.02.08
I like the smooth animation and how you can replay scenes, but the proportions of Princess Azula are a bit too exaggerated for my tastes.

maddoc 2016.02.06
characters could look like more like the originals since its a parody and this game is far too long because its nothing special

mangamer 2016.02.05
I know guys are supposed to like big boobs, but these are too big -- wow, never thought Id say that.

rickyllkoeg 2016.02.04
I love these games. Simple, quick and i like how everything is exaggerated

blumpybimp 2016.02.02
Not really a fan of these games. no decisions, just hitting next a bunch. also the breasts always look kinda stupid

bestia99rom 2016.02.02
These games are insanely boring

Harutex 2016.02.02
Its a game so you know not bad but terrible for a game on this site

akku 2016.02.01
i like the storylines with revenge fuck and comebacks,
storyline was short but not bad
the graphic is little dissappointing though,,,,yet playable

VeNNoM 2016.02.01
hmmm. well it was entertaining

shyman44425 2016.02.01
overly simple game. does not belong here.

KaneSolamon 2016.02.01
Iput genericcomment here lol. people saying girls and such when there is only one... lol

KOtheMAN 2016.02.01
Nice game story with good definition graphics and hot lookin girls

angarf1 2016.01.31
Not much to say, boring trama, bad animations, ugly drawings, too short!!!

IceRobin 2016.01.31
funny animation but long and not that special

dan182661 2016.01.30
It has great graphics and a beautiful woman

sahz12 2016.01.30
not a hard game not much to it

toriyazaki 2016.01.30
What`s the purpose of these kind of games?!

himpan 2016.01.30
boring and nothing new here

cookieman 2016.01.30
Nice music but poor story. Like most of the games of the same maker.

obeylegend69 2016.01.30
this game was stupid like most games its repititive and cock bend? why just why thats the reson i gave it a 20 becuse it had ok graphics and sound track any whay the only reseon i played it is to review for other people

farkas 2016.01.30
Very simple graphics and poor story.

cheldee 2016.01.30
Not my kind of game. They are always all the same.

oranjeboven 2016.01.30
Same as so many games before.

CyrJ 2016.01.29
The music and the animation were pretty solid, but it`s otherwise just a short toon with a thin veneer of (repetitive and primitive) interaction.

Nagato798 2016.01.29
This is an interesting idea but there is like no gameplay please either remove or add a story like following aang through his adventure just with him using sex to solve problems

saltyboi 2016.01.29
It is what it is, no expansive storyline or anything like that. wham bam thank you maam.

Xyzzy 2016.01.29
You`ve got to be kidding. I am embarrassed for your families seeing games like this being posted here.

Seriously, guys, you have one of the best free adult game sites in existence. You are so much better than this. I am more than willing to wait longer for a good game than be saddled with dreck like this.

nestor0353 2016.01.29
es u juego malo!!! no tiene trma ni buenos graficos, :P

Stormyqq 2016.01.29
If you want a quick wank, then this might be good ,but if you expect a storyline then don`t even try it. I am a bit disappointed playforceone posts games like this in here among other great games.

spotdon1 2016.01.29
I don`t really like how you (playforceone) develops a game every 3 weeks and some of them can be found on newgrounds way before they are found on here. IK the market is low for this kind of stuff but please if you are going to submit stuff like this, please post more games more often

ethanshit 2016.01.29
great storyling awesome girls love it

doge 2016.01.28
Not enjoyable, very short and easy.

hornsfan35 2016.01.28
These games are insanely boring. No options to control the game path, just click three times and move to the next scene.

Alorine 2016.01.28
I not like this kind of game, so boring.

C.C. 2016.01.28
OK to kill time. Like many other games better.

kaxikayima 2016.01.28
i`m really sorry to see this type of games on play force one. You should really stick to quality games, otherwise you might ruin your good reputation.

aaron1981 2016.01.28
I agree sorry but i like story lines

Stathis 2016.01.28
It`s been ages since we had a new game but idk about this one... It`s funny sure- and Azula was a biatch, she deserved that :p But all the games from there are same; oversized boobs girl, veeeery simple and repetitive etc

If there was a bending fight mini-game...

Jaaru 2016.01.28
Nice looking new game, liked it.

Tyr75 2016.01.28
this one can make you laugh a lot ... Cockbender hahahahahahaha!!!

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