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The Heist


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max00fury 2017.10.09
this game has nice graphics and a nice storyrn

Bomber93 2017.08.08
really good game, it takes a lot of restarts but it`s worth

mrdiego69 2017.07.19
really nice, good graphics love it

HiddeObs 2017.06.26
Good game. Audrey`s nice, good graphics,

ianjames 2017.03.16
nice graphics but i keep getting arested will keep trying

Ryedo 2016.10.11
Good story and great looking girls and good graphics

crxz 2016.07.26
Great game . I like the Girl.

stach56 2016.07.11
Nice graphics and good roleplaying

zorrie 2016.06.29
great sory but way to short...sexy lady !!

Lesbianlover4534 2016.06.25
good story to the game great looking girls and good graphics


AlexDrake 2016.06.25
really nice game with an hot girl! i like it!

LordOrion61 2016.05.25
Nice unusual game, graphic is a l`le too soft but I`ve enjoyed it

brian110 2016.01.14
Audra is a very hot, awesome game.

saitama101 2015.11.24
At least they added the skip option for the puzzle in the beginning. How thoughtful.

Scissors 2015.11.17
haha this site is really fun awesome

lenard27 2015.11.04
Fun game, like the story though a bit too linear

davecrow 2015.11.03
The inner monologue was a bit much, but excellent game.

Marko_bgd 2015.10.18
great graphics as always, could of had more options of stuff to do, lots of clicking and little to play

DESOUSA 2015.09.10
entering story line and good graphics liked it.

im000123 2015.07.23
I`m playing again old games. This one, so far, remains one of my favourites.
I love the psychological component,.
And graphics, too. Audra is really hot!
Leo... You should think to give this game a second chapter, or an expansion!

miamimarlins0543 2015.06.28
fun gameplay and great graphics i think

xXRTXx 2015.06.21
the game was very fun and i liked the graphics

Dersonrn 2015.06.15
awesome gameplay, great graphics, cool nimations

pepujo 2015.06.03
great game good graphics!!!

Pierel 2015.05.12
I love this game! Good graphic and extraordinary story!

ivanmen 2015.04.23
very good game,i liked it

john milton 2015.04.19
i loved this game!! the girl is great, the storyline is interesting and sex... is amazing

Zeblast 2015.04.02
Sexy story, nice graphics and interactions.

JoeDirt69 2015.02.26
The begining is very hard to do.

Xeradon 2015.02.22
can only get 2 ending :(

cameronw 2015.02.11
Really wonderful game. Challenging but rewarding if you know what I mean!!

kdr198 2015.01.20
Good challenging game. Need toplay some more to get to other endings. Found #8 and #2...I think.

ujuju 2015.01.01
A real challenge but very rewarding, finally got to ending 8. Many thanks for the walkthrough, excellent work.

naix12345 2014.12.22
good game nice graphics and animation

paul walker 2014.12.14
good games should have more options in it for different ways through it

pieffepi 2014.11.16
Very very very nice game, sexy and with a plot. I really enjoyed it and it took me a lot to get it right. Well done!

FuckAllNite 2014.10.30
i dont even know what am i doing. i think just skip the first red stuff.

TheBoom 2014.09.05
The graphics are great, and the game`s interactive enough to keep you playing without wearing yourself out ;) Just a bit confusing finding the endings you want though, and sound effects would be nice.

Iva_bigun_12 2014.08.20
nice quality graphics, really like this game.

sdlilstarr91 2014.08.17
A sexy hot burglar with a gorgeous sexy fine female security? Very yummy! ;)

Prowizzles 2014.08.11
nice gameplay and graphics... 2/10

Duckfan81 2014.07.22
Lot of different choices, good game

Nazgul62 2014.07.14
A very nice game with good graphics. I enjoyed it

bitz94 2014.07.11
Cool... such a nice game.

Al3x90 2014.07.07
Very fun game loved playing it through and through

LoPLover1 2014.07.06
Audra is so hot. Dat ass and dem titties...

kalbs 2014.06.29
great game sexy girl needs more interactions.

timel 2014.06.19
awesome characters, too much dialog though

jankiel23 2014.06.13
good graficks but not much to do

Edogawa1012 2014.06.05
Ednding 2 was quite short

ashleybrooke 2014.06.05
lesson of passion games are always the best quality graphics wise

AOK-CB 2014.06.04
the games graphics are detailed. im lying just tryin to follow the rules

folly 2014.05.11
One of my favorite LoP game. Great setup and girl.

the7ghost 2014.05.06
good graphics, interesting game play

TheDude79 2014.04.27
Great Game , Great Story " Look Forward for more of Stories like this , Great Job.

Tzzman 2014.04.19
fairly challenging game, but it is enjoyable

Damann2323 2014.04.14
Not bad. The ending wasn`t the best though.

hageman 2014.03.21
Game is hard to beat but very fun.

syafiqaulia 2014.03.18
Very good game fantastic game

DerFinne 2014.03.15
Nice Story - and the woman is hot

steamroller 2014.03.15
cool game. great graphics. nice story.

vitorpingas 2014.02.25
Very good graphics and animations.

MrSerevas 2014.02.22
Very enjoyable game to play, well set story.

elishacuthbert 2014.02.22
Audra is amazing. sure like to go down on her and give her a taste of something only a lady can give. got Ending 1: Scaredy Cat (e1_jkfjsdlf
), Ending 2: Thinking with your fists(e2_portper
), Ending 3: Audra`s not Amused(e3_dsfsdfsdf
), Ending 5: First Date Jitters(e5_szxcvv
), Ending 7: Cat and Mouse(e7_aoispod), Ending 8: Gambit(e8_ncxmxc)
Can`t get Ending 4 & 6.

marco1969 2014.02.18
Nice graphics and good roleplaying

bigcock8017 2014.02.02
REALLY REALLY REALLY good graphics and animations

l462 2014.01.31
A bit difficult, but overall a great game.

ishiyama22 2014.01.30
the graphic is so good,my favourite game eveeer

hopet 2014.01.19
amzing graphics really enjoyed the story

trense 2014.01.18
great game and good animation.

jsmn_plmr15 2013.12.28
Really enjoyed this game. It`s not too easy and too predictable! Definitely a favorite!

herokyh 2013.12.15
love it so many different endings kinda addictive

gamerjord 2013.12.11
animation in the game is great

spanico 2013.11.20
great game, nice graphics,

TakeshiKawa 2013.11.18
wow, good game! It`s pretty hard to figure out how to move on. Anyway, i ilke this game.

rakd365 2013.11.13
Nice game star is a bit difcoult for tableb but the game is osome :-)

NigelBBB 2013.11.12
got stuck here, not sure how to get out of her grip. ideas?

DanChris 2013.11.11
This game was so much fun

onlyme555 2013.11.04
i love this game i will play it until i find all the endings

nippy2566 2013.11.01
Very sexy graphics. Pushes you so much. Love it..

manna 2013.10.31
love the graphics just takes forever to play cause i always gets stuck until i fiannly fighure it out

unknownperson2468 2013.10.30
Good game play, appreciated the chance to skip the mini game at the begin, trying to do that with a touch pad is certainly not enjoyable.

doecke83 2013.10.17
Pretty cool game with an interesting story line

white69 2013.10.12
very interesting .. soul satisfying storyline, impressed with the graphics.

abcdefghaiqal 2013.10.05
very good game, love the different endings..wow

hotgrun 2013.10.04
great graphics and a slutty experiance

Tai2098 2013.10.03
I`m stuck in the part when you have to feel the girl up. Help someone?

noogad 2013.09.24
Good game nice graphics pretty good story too overall very good

Amaroth69 2013.09.22
Game very nice - it would be helpful to add some info on how to control sex scenes - I figured it out but at one point I thought that the game was bugged.

Hornydonny88 2013.09.17
THough game. hard to do it right without losing. But very great graphics. very very hot game.

thelonelyone 2013.09.10
I just keep getting areested lol

shawnjakewoo 2013.08.30
love this game. the whole "bad boy thief" "good girl cop" thing really turned me on

anch0rz 2013.08.30
The graphics are really amazing, by far one of the best games I`ve played. Had a selection of ways to take the conversation, and makes the game a bit more challenging. Love it, I would play this again and again.

zooligan123 2013.08.23
gret graphics and a slutty experiance just loved it

Ashleymariekitty11 2013.08.15
i failed the first minute lol

Ashleymariekitty11 2013.08.15
kind of difficult but once u pick it up its fine

g46896 2013.08.09
pretty hard game because of the clicking but still great!

dmbers90 2013.08.09
banta gameplay, more shouldve happened tho. still enjoyed the game

hornyboy501 2013.07.31
Where do you touch the girl when she is naked on the couch

giant32 2013.07.29
Good graphics and good all around game

sasol 2013.07.25
the game is too chalenging and u loose so fast

a715jjr5 2013.07.25
nice game -- some parts are very hard but many ways to play

nah 2013.07.23
great game great graphic great storyline only need sound effect

sleeper47 2013.07.22
good graphics, hottest animated red head ever, as expected from LOP

sleeper47 2013.07.22
man that was hot, good game, loved it

sanketg300 2013.07.22
oh man i cant seem to stop playing this game!! tooo hot!

badboy91 2013.07.19
best looking animated redhead ive ever seen

CRNight 2013.06.16
good graphics and the girl was super hot. cool graphics also.

bfow28 2013.06.11
entering story line and good graphics

Pauley909 2013.06.06
great graphics nice ending so good game bro

player27 2013.06.05
great game, always loved chick cops

Vadlor 2013.06.04
Not bad, graphic quality excellent. Kinda difficult. Good call on adding the mood meter, lets`s you see how to proceed.

Zemanncan 2013.05.28
Thiss game was great kinda hard tho and a lot of clicking

derda 2013.05.23
too short but pretty good

CARISSIMO 2013.05.21
Smooth Move, but if more higher graphic and little music/effect, make this wonderful and tricky game ever!

freaky220 2013.05.21
game is hot graphics are good game play is nice

mrjokes 2013.05.15
pretty funny gameplay, how ever, lots of clicking and little to play

Razer4552 2013.05.15
Great game, graphics terrific; worth playing.

esteban69 2013.05.14
great story i like the game... ???i heeard part 2??

63ted 2013.05.10
Enjoyed game and would like to see a follow with these two.

IrishDude85 2013.05.09
Awesome Style of gameplay, graphics, and animation.
Awesome style of characters.

rizzo 2013.05.07
yet another great game form this company

ghostterds 2013.05.06
cool game. the many choices are nice. the endings are cool too.

dodge15 2013.04.29
good game graphics are good and was enjoyable

r47131307 2013.04.27
Great game, great graphics, cool animations but loads of clicking and a bit tough

kanchu 2013.04.25
a challenging game sometimes but the game is cool

Oblivion_Blade_0 2013.04.25
I like the game, I`ve failed it a few times just for laughs too, all in all, very fun game.

shishkabob 2013.04.20
great characters. the women should be more than conquests and this games does that well.

TeenageDirtbagBaby 2013.04.20
I ABSOLUTELY love this game.

Devil21Rare 2013.04.16
pretty funny gameplay. great graphics, cool animations

stoplukelisten 2013.04.11
Such an awesome game and it`s very fun to play.

Tigers[Sniper] 2013.04.10
Wow the best game i played

RickyRoll 2013.04.09
Too much experimentation made this game a bit much to play, and the stocky "massage scenes" also didn`t help none. Would prefer a bit more"fucking" and less "pointing, clicking, and unwinding-the-plot-ing".

mike51100 2013.04.05
good game , nice graphics

Castiel38 2013.04.04
great game,great theme,great effects

tron24 2013.04.01
my first game ever was great

hunted 2013.03.29
Good game nice graphics pretty good story too overall very good

Dave719 2013.03.23
Silly, but she was one little hotty

codie25craft 2013.03.22
awesome graphics the girl is gorgeous

Howler81 2013.03.20
Real cool, except how do u get to those other endings with "George & Vivian"? that are posted repeatedly. I get 7 & 8 and busted early but no clue how to get 2 thru 6? anyone help?? thanks for a good game

CyclonZ 2013.03.18
This game is so awesome :D

chrisa 2013.03.17
Really nice. Just wish for a ffm 3 some. otherwise thumbs up

jamieoga123 2013.03.10
its a nice game the heist

cookboy77 2013.03.07
the sound was excellent but the gameplay has a lot of clicking

gartal 2013.03.06
another wonderful game ...i just love the sound effects

Avine 2013.03.03
This one surely is one of my favorites good graphics, nice diallogue and I loved the ending 8

gartal 2013.02.25
nice and very hot game!!really good!! :-)

madmax68 2013.02.25
Great game with lots of twists before getting to the end

cde93 2013.02.22
great game wish it were longer with more endings

Darkspace5150 2013.02.22
great fun love the dialogue options

kalsoom900 2013.02.18
The graphics could be better.

rommor123 2013.02.18
nice ,hot game little short though

sparlock 2013.02.17
great game sexy girl needs more interactions.

Nick_cannon 2013.02.16
Another reason to love playing here at this site. Thumbs up baby!

pilot8 2013.02.16
another wonderful game ...i just love the sound effects

dreanged jarhead 2013.02.16
Pretty good and fun game like most from this site

mantas19 2013.02.11
realy exiting a little short but realy great.

bigkane29 2013.02.10
i love her big ass tits

akrenes 2013.02.09
rly good graphic and story, lawl it

Xoxo44 2013.02.08
I try so much times on it.
It`s a good game!
the models ` so hot!

DarkAngel5 2013.02.05
I had a hard time in the very beginning...should I just skip it?

wert1 2013.02.04

Robbyro 2013.01.27
great games and nice graphism

Gordn3 2013.01.27
Good game , nice graphic but way too short.

king5 2013.01.20
Awsome game, interesting gameplay for me

NAWTYLEON 2013.01.17

jehra 2013.01.16
best is story,best picture

game_freak 2013.01.15
this game is so replayable and fun,graphics is also good

Reefylicous 2013.01.14
Good game Enjoyed it very much

firefighter122 2013.01.13
Not a bad game...somewhat enjoyed it

gentlyporking 2013.01.12
Game is great, wish it was longer.

kes 2013.01.11
these girls are fucking hot

blarghman 2013.01.11
Loved the game, but there was a little to much clicking for my taste

CB54 2013.01.10
Great game, graphics terrific; worth playing.

gengenx 2013.01.09
This Is A Very good game and good gameplay

babymustache 2013.01.09
It`s a cool game ,graphic is awesome; but little bit slow. but it still awesome to play.

tito_me 2013.01.07
it`s a really good game but difficult

kotokkotok 2013.01.06
great game, i really enjoyed it

Intreflants12 2013.01.03
A crazy good, well made game. It is hard but it makes me keep trying to get to the end!

MATTCOULL 2013.01.03
good game and good graphics

zlati700 2013.01.02
best game i have ever play

zenginoglu_yasar 2013.01.01
great game. no doubt it. i loved this game.

lefty99 2013.01.01
Good game i enjoyed playing it. great graphics

veleno72 2012.12.31
Very funny game and story.
Not so interactive as it could be... and sometimes is not clear if you`re interacting right or not.
I`ve enjoyed it, anyway! ;)

netpersia 2012.12.31
fun gameplay but i would love to now when LOP 3 is coming????

wolfpredator855 2012.12.27
great game had good graphic and animation

Husky 2012.12.27
Game is kind hard to beat and get it right

OW91 2012.12.26
awesome game ! i love it !

lilykeai 2012.12.26
hope i can make like this women

locknloaded83 2012.12.25
that was really fun, pretty hot. i liked this game.

cutepoisonxxx 2012.12.25
Dear god! I haven`t even reached the sex scene and I`m already soaking wet! This game is by far the best I`ve ever played! THAT foreplay is my dream!

optimiseurself 2012.12.17
Graet game.. would like to play more games like this.

anton_r1 2012.12.17
pretty funny gameplay, how ever, lots of clicking and little to play

optimiseurself 2012.12.15
Damn... Very sexy game...
Enjoyed a lot playing this..
Had 5 endings. :)

ptalgh 2012.12.11
this game is sexy and has great graphics, good game.

dalebob111 2012.12.09
this game is sexy and has great graphics

crhodes10 2012.12.05
the gameplay and graphics were amazing. Very good game.

Tusher 2012.12.05
its tuff i cant play this

ben77 2012.12.03
absoloutly loved this game, fantastic!!!

3xtdomolovers 2012.12.03
nice game is dammit awesome !!

shivers1 2012.12.02
I love the heist one of my fav game on pf1, very hard to make her like you, thanks.

darknez 2012.12.02
Was having fun playing this game but it keeps getting stuck and refuses to acknowledge any inputs

smittymanmenjenson2 2012.12.02
This game is really `NICE`. Has a real harsh, passionate sexual angle which is the games U.S.P. Love the graphics and `Audra` is fantastic. Almost wished she was real. Did you guys model her on a real person because I am sure that a whole lot of gamers would like to see a picture of the real person, if she exists of course! The relationship development angle between the two protangonists is really good. It feels as if we are in control of building and moulding the relationship as we wish. To empower the gamer or make the gamer feel that passion is an applausable effort. Lesson of Passion rocks as usual. Keep it coming and please take this whole gaming genre to another dimension. Trust me, if anyone can do it, it`s you team! Love you guys and thank you for all your hardwork to put a smile on the faces of all the gamers on this site (For Free).

domebitch 2012.11.28
This game totaly reminds me of all the reasons I love these games great endings

golu 2012.11.27
gameplay:i love this game

IsabellaRain 2012.11.27
really great game - hot chick - don`t care about the dude - i`ll say again more lesbian games would be excellent..or even games where the main character is a woman...

125fifa 2012.11.26
the graphics is great..I like it..

alexireaper 2012.11.26
wow wewt.! nice. pretty much like it :D

Stallerpanzer07 2012.11.24
very cool game all around

piyush111 2012.11.22
cool i love this awesme fantastis game

yashar 2012.11.19
great game. no doubt it. i loved this game.


heavymetalcowboy69 2012.11.19
awesome game has a few real mind puzzling choices

Act132 2012.11.19
great game and a hot security officer

jellyjoe 2012.11.17
This Is A Very good game and good gameplay

pf126 2012.11.16
Great length game with good animaton +1

dunken122 2012.11.16
I found myself doing this over and over again, but hell it was worth it.
Im very grateful for the skip button.

crashj 2012.11.15
Wow. Killer endings, love it!!

Geistman 2012.11.14
interesting, surprising ending.
too long (and boring) to get through.

dashinghritik 2012.11.13
gameplay is awesome but there is a lot of clicking

bt5121 2012.11.12
i really like this type of games

FYHTH1985 2012.11.11
I really liked this game. There was a lot of clicking but still a good game

labmunky 2012.11.11
Great game, love the endings nice graphics

cjisback 2012.11.09
hot sexy and love the ending

jdchaplin 2012.11.08
i need help on the bit when she handcuffs you to the table i can`t got out

jrolfeman 2012.11.07
good game but keep failing at the laser bit

ganjahtreu 2012.11.07
Little slow, but sexually arousing at peak times. Fuck Scenes little far from screen, and low quality (id no titty bouncing etc). Good story line, opportunity for sequal.

marik0502 2012.11.02
Great game and i am impressed with the graphics

Jim1973 2012.10.30
That puzzle right at the begining kills the game for me. I want to play a sexy adventure, not tie my arm in knots.

Madelene 2012.10.29
Good game but wow it is hard to reach all the endings of it. :) Thank you for sharing it, now I will try to reach another one. :P

sczjdeath 2012.10.29
in chessmaster you got everything your character wanted, so what did jou lose?

MrDarhson 2012.10.28
graphics and gameplay is good. VERY HOT GIRLS

redangel7 2012.10.28
I love the game and the quality. So nice and good graphics...

Chaosite 2012.10.28
This is one of my favorites so far.

busu99 2012.10.27
This game was super good and really hot too.

Niki1113 2012.10.24
amazing game love the graphics!

Theosopher 2012.10.23
graphics and gameplay is good. Sound effects and moans can make it better.

trevorsk 2012.10.23
awesome game play, great graphics, cool animations

hanibal194 2012.10.22
this one is kainda hard to play and find the good answer but it worth it

Theosopher 2012.10.22
audio improvement is a must!

xxdragonxx 2012.10.16
I love the heist one of my fav game on pf1, very hard to make her like you, thanks.

Francis81 2012.10.15
awesome gameplay, cool story. lots of clicking and little play

anaspen 2012.10.14
great game nice pussy nice boobs a very nice riding experience

ll22 2012.10.13
pretty good game graphics decent and sexy

johndoelittlebrother 2012.10.11
it had awesome gameplay, great graphics, cool nimations

FawnFighter 2012.10.11
It`s good but It`s a bit tricky to get her to like you.

sephiroth2099 2012.10.09
this is one of their coolest games.. a must play

ampdsmith 2012.10.08
Freat graphics,but a little too hard for me.Gonna keep trying til I get the hang of it.

micolo 2012.10.04
i like this game nice grapics

pyrotech12 2012.10.02
i like this game its so hot

Funnygecko 2012.10.01
This game is really amazing the graphics are great to but its toshort..

juicylucy89 2012.09.30
The gameplay is pretty good and animations are pretty good.

Kris~ 2012.09.29
Really intricate storyline and conversations. Bravo

zorgthesexy45 2012.09.28
that is coo to see many people here

zorgthesexy45 2012.09.28
i want to play more from this games

zorgthesexy45 2012.09.28
all games in this site are awsome

yasharz 2012.09.28
This is an excellent game...


cypher0298 2012.09.28
fun game, looks great! a little tough, with a touch of humor

bastoc 2012.09.27
gameplay had a nice edge to it, and as for the graphics, loved them.

nooben 2012.09.27
graphics good as always, a bit hard but still a great game

cris95klg 2012.09.26
im stuck at the beginning, please help me

Million 2012.09.26
preatty good game nice grapichs!!

firemedic0013 2012.09.26
A lot of reading and clicking to get to a decent game. not bad all around.

Hornygirl1993 2012.09.26
this game is cool,a bit hard at first but has a good story line

mikefrost94 2012.09.26
The game was very fun to play and all the endings were pretty obvious enough to get. Nice work

brit_man33 2012.09.25
Great options, long game with good sex scenes. Very enjoyable

Tackleberry111 2012.09.24
Thank god for the guides, lots of options to get things right. Good game though, graphics impressive.

Sizru 2012.09.24
Wow This game is fun i like it

rqh1990228 2012.09.23
This one is cool. beautiful secens however the only flaw, in my opinion, is there`s no sound in this game. I don`t know if it`s my fault that I didn`t make it work or it doesn`t have sound from the start.

lucifer lucy 2012.09.22
ahhhhhhhhhh nice and good graphics fucking game

Cyraxel 2012.09.22
A lot of back and forth talking but in the same aspect the story line was good

joeshmoe 2012.09.19
Beautiful game, great premise.

j.alas 2012.09.18
As it is the game is a good, only need to be longer i think, more options, more things to be wong

caiogomes01 2012.09.18
great game, quality is good

jakewyatts 2012.09.18
Great game! a definitly must play

larrry02 2012.09.17
lots of fun. But it takes a while to get into it

fall3n 2012.09.17
The quality of LOP games seems to be dropping a little bit :/

akb481 2012.09.17
good graphic and varies ending

Jokke1 2012.09.16
Good game , hot girl and nice graphics but kind a boring.

renji2012 2012.09.16
audra could do that to me anyday id let her :)

bjk2012 2012.09.14
i cant wait for another game like this one the girl was hot the sex was great the graphics everything was great about this game

diontor 2012.09.13
very exciting hot game good graphics

skylord789 2012.09.13
a very nice game , good graphic

magic_boyz 2012.09.13
i love this game and it has such great graphics

THATGUY123454 2012.09.13
Nice storyline, great endings. Quality game

mann234 2012.09.12
Nice game nd lovely graphics game was good

Peloquin73 2012.09.12
Good all round game, very enjoyable

Kilopio 2012.09.12
One of the best game here

oranjeboven 2012.09.12
The movements should be improved

kyl3 2012.09.11
nice game, but needed more interaction

ALBERTO0 2012.09.11

UnShoCkaBle 2012.09.09
Such an exciting story ! I love that game

MiroMasry 2012.09.09
nice game, but needed more interaction and less speech

theboy1 2012.09.09
great graphics, love the story

Nanoys 2012.09.08
Nice game, good graphics and story, but a bit too hard for me .

coolsam123 2012.09.08
very good game one of the best

ACERT 2012.09.07

Psycho1611 2012.09.07
very sexy game.this is a gr8 game

Messer13 2012.09.07
Great graphics as usual........but I must say,where in hell do they get these ideas from???!!

saxomanu 2012.09.07
A very good game.. it`s verry funny

pothole 2012.09.07
OK game, but a bit predictable

GoncaloBP 2012.09.07
I really like the graphics and stuff, ohh and nice story...

EvaAsh 2012.09.06
the animation was fantastic im stuck on this game its fun and fantastic

sanfran 2012.09.06
gameplay had a nice edge to it, and as for the graphics, loved them.

hezo 2012.09.06
amazing graphics and totally erotic

C.C. 2012.09.05
Still working for more endings. I like this one. would like to see more ways of having sex. Maybe other endings.

dragonborn 2012.09.03
good game, hope they make the game about when she was still in the army, that would be sweet

misfits 2012.09.03
Interesting Storyline,good graphics and the gameplay is perfect!

Septer 2012.09.03
but it is all round a great game

Septer 2012.09.03
sometimes it is a little obvious

AlexanderLoveNo 2012.09.02
how do you say seducing things to her cuz i always get arrested and stuff

oraclle 2012.09.01
I enjoyed this one, nice and short enough to play to all the endings... sexy girl too..

portalhome 2012.09.01
really fun game
gameplay is awsome

shivam94 2012.09.01
Great game. A bit tough though , takes time to get through it

rock21799 2012.08.31
its quite challenging but i like it

JHOMARK 2012.08.31
The first time, i failed...
but i will continue ...
because i want to play more this game.

t9x 2012.08.31
Really good game, fun with multiple outcomes. Challenging game at times

csdcsdcsd 2012.08.30
this game is awseome! the girl is hott.

LazarLazarevic 2012.08.30
This is definitly one of the best games ever...

marak1 2012.08.29
awasome gameplay ? like it

tomo23 2012.08.29
Game was brilliant. I enjoyed playing it and the girl was smoking hot.

Tajwer 2012.08.29
I luv dis game . dis games is so sexy hott type.I always wanted 2 be in dis situtation I hope it happened wid me

raveblade1 2012.08.28
I really like these games that have multiple endings :) The graphics were nice

champion2002 2012.08.27
This is a situation everyone wants to be in, amazing graphics and so sexy!yammi

Seyenne 2012.08.27
Looks like I got em all, Was amusing once you realized the basics. A really enjoyable game with a hot chick and nice story.

Seyenne 2012.08.27
Pretty awesome game!! I had to work to get the ending I wanted though. Still haven`t found em all but I have a few ideas...

ThyCrimson 2012.08.27
Very high quality graphics, girls look fantastic and the gameplay is great. :)

vic_strong 2012.08.27
great game have to work for the endings still working on a few but will find them all.

zr77z 2012.08.27
Good game: interesting plot, excelent graphics, worth replaying for the endings.

Bigbossy 2012.08.26
nice graphics but too less interaction

nicsaki 2012.08.26
asdasjdaisdnaks dnasd adasd

nicsaki 2012.08.26
best game ever i even had

nicsaki 2012.08.26
She stole something of mine for sure dasd

AllyB 2012.08.26
This is a situation everyone wants to be in, amazing graphics and so sexy!

Demoydor 2012.08.25
good , awesome, sexy and hot

MephilesAuditore 2012.08.25
a very difficult challenge to fuck her...

kuydster 2012.08.25
Amazing game, and the girl was totally awesome.

tdaynis 2012.08.23
cool game.....sexy girl.........nice gameplay.....good graphics.....all 2gether fine game to play...

vllad 2012.08.23
great game, needs more options though i think, would love to see more.

runforcover 2012.08.23
Pretty good...love the different ending thing. Makes these games MUCH more playable!

shuvobd 2012.08.23
Nice graphics, nice story .... Awesome

Zenyman 2012.08.22
This game have pretty funny gameplay

chiwai 2012.08.21
Great game, i will try it again

Vladracul 2012.08.20
Awesome game and good graphics :)

djerard 2012.08.20
Very Short game but great graphics and animations

Freakin304 2012.08.19
Fun game, but too short. Nice graphic though.

vicky7 2012.08.19
Nice game, I liked the fun dialog and damn is that girl hot. A very enjoyable game.

DBrock21 2012.08.19
Good graphics and good all around game

ninjakill10 2012.08.19
this game has nice graphics

jimbo090 2012.08.18
very good gameplay but i found it to be quite short need to be longer

HUngrypunkr 2012.08.18
this game is more of a Heist of your time than anything else

FrazerB6 2012.08.18
Great game, Audra is hot as fuck, found it pretty tricky to get the perfect responses but it was a good ending ;)

Tataigor 2012.08.18
Wery good game but a bit short for my taste,loved the graphics btw.

qzfanat 2012.08.17
Wasn`t impressed by this game. Storyline is very simple. But nice for one time playing.

dhruboPassion 2012.08.17
Nice game....Good Storyline...Loved it...:)

skybluedevil18 2012.08.17
very good gameplay but i found it to be quite a short game

Amberbaby 2012.08.15
this officially the best game site ever!!! my gosh this is awesome

zafara 2012.08.14
This game is very good with lots of dialogue choices throughout to emerse you in every detail, it is quite short but I got a cool ending and I think that Quality > Quantity for this LOP game.

bleen 2012.08.14
Very good graphics, but very short game.

biggray 2012.08.14
really goood hot game very interesting

dumbapple 2012.08.14
tricky but nothing to hard about it , graphics is at high standards as normal xD over all 10 / 10

aidenko 2012.08.14
interesting game! played many times

Savoy 2012.08.14
Unrealistic, but very stimulating fantasy. I like. :)

aidenko 2012.08.14
wonderfull game!! very good

shadowabir 2012.08.13
im stuck with all of the questions

sam6415 2012.08.13
good game...interesting story :)

thetheif 2012.08.13
really goood hot hot hot hot game i like it

wesker411 2012.08.12
This is one of the more better games...quality and gameplay are near-perfect, and the graphics are good. There could be some sound effects or even music, but this game is good!

user1234567890 2012.08.12
good game shame there is only like 1 ending.

zomibed91 2012.08.12
its a really nice looking game like just about every game here

coolguy4life 2012.08.11
very sexy game i loved everything about it keep them comeing back.

Swordfish 2012.08.11
good gameplay, like the stuff here, go on

leskip 2012.08.11
one of the best one. nice graphic. nice gameplay. well done

kilxgore 2012.08.11
Awesome game, and it`s definitely one of if not my favorite

peroxidos 2012.08.11
Good graphics, but too little of game for so muc clicking

manyk85 2012.08.10
That was pretty fun, great fantasy

jhs233 2012.08.10
LOTS of clicking, and the game can get a little annoying, overall pretty fun though

sharkinz 2012.08.10
Good game, good scenes, interesting subplots.

Astrum 2012.08.09
Fun gameplay but too much clicking

qwertymaster 2012.08.08
The gameplay is great, but I was a little bit disappointed with ending 8.

laura23 2012.08.08
very hot game, if enjoyed it. pease more! ;)

franko123 2012.08.08
She stole something of mine for sure

SexyJessie 2012.08.07
Lots of clicking but I enjoyed it very much

sailorjae82 2012.08.07
Good story line. Gameplay was a little slow at first, caught speed later in the game. Animation always good!

sveinn1 2012.08.07
Good game and nice graphics

Cole5982 2012.08.07
I found it very cool how these two turned their attractions for each other into a game. Awesome

nom 2012.08.06
Great game-play and storyline combined with beautiful graphics. Definitely worth a go.

porn9876 2012.08.06
This is hands down the best game here so far. I love the multiple endings, and that one is actually happily ever after.

randy06 2012.08.06
so hot sex scenes want more

sammwisee 2012.08.05
great storyline, gameplay is nice and not to short. very nice graphics and animations. Really enjoyed it!!!

matague 2012.08.05
Very smart and intelligent plot for the story. The graphics were good as well.

Troyking11 2012.08.05
Another awesome LoP game! A little heavy on the dialogue but still great overall.

petelewis 2012.08.04
good game play and graphics

rahul.58 2012.08.04
very interesting dame, good graphics

ghostmj23 2012.08.04
it was alright could be a little better but had fun

pornster 2012.08.03
needs more options and animations

crazymc90 2012.08.02
Fun way to mix a heist with love. Somewhat tricky to figure out but worth the while.

BallIdiot 2012.08.02
Very smart and intelligent plot for the story. The graphics were good as well.

rfswagger 2012.08.02
this was an exciting twist on this type of game

rfswagger 2012.08.02
this game was very exciting and interestiung to pick the right things

reaper194 2012.08.02
An incredible game, even for LoP, the scenes were great, the gameplay was awesome. Though there were some typos at the end :)

rexxxar 2012.08.01
That officer is so horny~~ So damn love it!

shadowforce 2012.07.31
good graphics and nice story. Overall a good game.

kdkaw 2012.07.31
it create wild passion and make u crazy lovely game made

faurlin 2012.07.31
This is a very good game, very enjoyable to play.

scttwith24 2012.07.31
this was a very nice game

badest 2012.07.30
great gameplay! wat a beutiful `n` sexy animation

cherry_s 2012.07.30
cute but hard to play for me..

whathefuck 2012.07.29
i like lesson of passion graphic close to real as you can get

Pumba30 2012.07.29
Graphic is good. Unusual story. Interesting endings. Just needs more emotions in it, and more different animations.

Zero Loveless 2012.07.29
This game was pretty hot. I liked the ending where they run off together.

mmthedestroyer 2012.07.28
really good game, enjoyed the graphics

UnkownStranger 2012.07.28
great game, hot girls, just prefect. the only thing is, no retry button

rawrimjohn 2012.07.28
They need to change it that you don`t need to reload the whole game to retry -.-

rawrimjohn 2012.07.28
i love games like these, though the window size could vary

j_wat1 2012.07.28
XXX-tremely fun game..awesome concept..too bad you guys aren`t making games for any consoles..I`d purchase them in a heartbeat!

riverrock 2012.07.27
I think this is the worst LOP game. The female character just doesn`t work at all.

puppystar6969 2012.07.26
good ending kinda challenging sometimes.

LCPLSmarty 2012.07.26
She is probably the horniest girl I`ve ever seen on this site. And she`s hot too

Jumpingforce 2012.07.26
Loved this, lots of variety and good graphics make me want more like it!

Victor_Gah 2012.07.26
i hard to complete it, very challegeable

rskibbe 2012.07.25
wow its hard to do this one

jimmyjammy 2012.07.25
very fun, a little tricky to start with but good endings

Ninja7 2012.07.25
Haha i loved the "cat and mouse" ending great game.

oliver155 2012.07.25
wow crazy game the story is so exciting thanks

lazerac 2012.07.24
This game was great but I hoped that I can play more than watching

mycockishuge123 2012.07.24
this game is hotttttttt

MidgetNL 2012.07.23
Got to every was fun to play love to play the next game

montylove 2012.07.23
hey this game is cool...........i love to play that

lovesexPL 2012.07.23
godd game good sex scene very hard 9/10

bbcslut669 2012.07.23
very fun ggame i will play this again

Littlekely 2012.07.23
I love the concept, very good game indeed. :)

Littlekely 2012.07.23
Really like this game. I do wish it were longer though :(

BigMike81 2012.07.22
Great game. Loved the graphics.

derda 2012.07.22
Amazing game!!! Great Quality of Graphics

kalaunni 2012.07.22
nice one need some more details to attract the players and show some

auroragold21 2012.07.22
What do you do on the massage part?!?!

Ryan1813 2012.07.21
i have played this game before, and enjoyed it immensly. these genres of gaming are some of my favorite, and this one really took teh trophy.

mAltoid 2012.07.21
Very good game until the end, seemed a little bit rushed at the end. Would HIGHLY recommend reading carefully certain options yield different endings, of which there are plenty.

starblade123 2012.07.21
i want to play the other game like this one

Tana 2012.07.21
This was a complicated but fun game in my opinion, the endings could vary if you said one thing instead of another and the girl is sexy :)

razor131 2012.07.20
pretty funny gameplay, how ever, lots of clicking and little to play

liuyun 2012.07.19
Wonderful games.And the story is pretty good.But I also to wish to see more games of Jordon 500 kind,this kind of game is more woth playing.

lttqs 2012.07.19
great game, i got the getting caught and be together ending

duredual 2012.07.18
like the graphics, and nice story..love to play

rony yasso 2012.07.18
awesome game .walkthroughs were helpfull . i love that website

stigmata222 2012.07.17
to short game,but good story

philimanjaro 2012.07.17
The LOP games are so freaking boring.

bugdragon4 2012.07.17
great game great graphics

bugdragon4 2012.07.17
This game is awseome! The girl is hot as hell !!

pantera234 2012.07.17
great game excelent graphics!!

BigCock115 2012.07.17
Awesome Game Love Story Line I want More

deathstr1ke 2012.07.16
This game is awseome! The girl is hot as hell !!

randy06 2012.07.16
another great game and story and sex scenece

HeartcoreRemo 2012.07.15
like the graphics, and nice story..love to play

ledondon 2012.07.15
Funny game with a good story (and good graphics, as usual)

clivesinger1986 2012.07.14
I enjoyed this one a lot, although the starting scene with the wire does not work well on my browser.

arvils26 2012.07.14
The game was very seductive

shadowlars 2012.07.14
very good game to play i like it

Leagrove 2012.07.14
amazing game with good graphic

dance406 2012.07.14
interesting game i really liked it but it had a bunch of odd endings

RedShadow51 2012.07.13
This game is really challenging. I like challenging games

the sexxy one 2012.07.13
great game great graphics

champion4 2012.07.13
enjoyable game and challenging

lolimlol 2012.07.12
nice game, nice graphics the gameplay is exelent, the girl is hot and the story is realy funny

asdedali4 2012.07.12
really great game its really fun

Just1SF 2012.07.11
Great game .. great game ! It`s very hot !

owenja 2012.07.11
-love lessons of passion always funny good GAME PLAY AND GREAT SEX SCENES

TMAN81 2012.07.11
Real great game... love the puzzles

xkenkyakux 2012.07.11
Great game and plenty of options to keep you on your toes throughout!

hash19 2012.07.10
I love this game, it`s a little bit challenging, but it`s fun to play

ajcasino 2012.07.10
enjoyable game and challenging

busu99 2012.07.10
Great game can`t stop playing

xxxPeanutxxx 2012.07.10
Great game as usual, a few typos, and a few places where answers aren`t obvious or the right ones seem to not fit with the others, but overall I enjoyed it, keep it up.

barty201 2012.07.10
Can`t do the officer... but otherwise great game! fun and good gameplay!

kalypzo35 2012.07.09
A nice game, Hot girl and good gameplay

ayushk45 2012.07.08
the game is good.......had fun!!! great graphics as well

corotand 2012.07.08
i am a new member of playforceone and began to like this game at the first sight. a lady answer, i guess, a call when making love with some guy! it`s sexy and erotic!

Tataigor 2012.07.08
A very good game,bur too short for my taste.

max1236 2012.07.08
doiadialog could have bben a little better good graphics though

jt9962 2012.07.07
Awesome game, she`s very sexy, but kind of glitchy

heplay 2012.07.07
Audra is so sexyy! hope i am the guy

Lizard300 2012.07.06
Great game!! I realy like it, but boring in some circunstances. 9/10

jakelivi 2012.07.06
great game good sences girl great body and figure

lostin79 2012.07.05
I have to admit I actually really enjoy the story... that and the graphics were surprisingly good

IamBri 2012.07.04
Excellent graphics and love the multiple endings! Just enough traps in the game to keep you thinking. Sex on the couch was HOT!

nobodyspecial1027 2012.07.04
I thought it was lots of fun. Audra was pretty hot.

aggyreynado 2012.07.03
Can somebody tell me how to fuck the officer!? lol

aggyreynado 2012.07.03
I can`t seem to figure it out! Really!

aggyreynado 2012.07.03
Wow! Great game! A little bit hard at first but eventually you will get the hang of it. Good graphics too!

bigdick97 2012.07.03
man this is really fun great graphics sound excellent goes in my top ten

Arishook 2012.07.03
great game could be a few more optios though

netman 2012.07.03
Another great game with awsome graphics. Could have used more good endings.

SmilesGB 2012.07.02
Lession of Passion has done it again as always great game!

elton.alex 2012.07.02
Great game can`t stop playing

Gerbzilla 2012.07.02
Why can`t I find a woman who`d break me out of jail? LOL
Anyways, great scenes and love having multiple endings.

MandLforever 2012.07.01
Very fun game to play. Had trouble at first as to what to do, but soon I figured it out. Love all the scenes in the game.

turbob 2012.07.01
hard to play without mouse

[BY]WEGAS 2012.06.30
love the game, real good gameplay

Chelsea 2012.06.30
The game is fine, but we really should get more feedback on Audra`s reaction during the scenes of foreplay; it`s hard to know what, where and for how long we should be touching her before advancing to the next step.

Surfdude1001 2012.06.29
Different playthroughs, alot of choosing points, overall 8,5/10

howyoulovinU 2012.06.29
Explosions and love, wonderful ending for a well thought out game.

akramkok5 2012.06.29
An interesting game. There is a great story. descent graphics. thx for skip option coz never would`ve got it with my laptop

505098765 2012.06.29
very very very very very very very good game

tomking 2012.06.29
I`m stuck in this game where you tickle her with a feather while she lays naked on the couch please help me?

Edumb 2012.06.29
i only made it through one ending and i think this game is awesome!!!

ausi_peter 2012.06.28
game is to exciting n i still want to see all 10 endings. but not able to complete it yet

ribud79 2012.06.28
Okay The game was fun....
and the story... lolz... so funny ^_*
The Graphic... Awesome..
The Animation... Marvelous
The Sex Scene.... My Favorite
Overall.... Great Game ^_^

kari69 2012.06.28
the game is great!!! great animations n graphics

drewmeekis99 2012.06.27
this was great, bit challenging but i like it

meninasexy 2012.06.27
Its A Very Nice Game!!! I really liked!!!

ninewirez 2012.06.27
Best game I`ve played round here, hands down. Loved the excitement.

ninewirez 2012.06.27
Nice story, good game overall.

robert11096 2012.06.27
this game is fun and highly "amusing"

tiernie 2012.06.27
Good game, epsecially the puzzles

fezginge 2012.06.26
cool game, very challenging as well

jackmar 2012.06.26
lots of choises to make and little to play ...especeally for just one girl ..

mex911 2012.06.26
great game! the girl is really hot!

Ed67 2012.06.26
Great Game...It was great to get to the different endings

u2man69 2012.06.26
Was alright endings are pretty blan and not much real gameplay

keijonen 2012.06.25
This game was super good and really hot too.

XxEJPxX 2012.06.25
great game and challenging

moutheater 2012.06.25
great graphics as always, could of had more options of stuff to do

Barry4675 2012.06.25
good game hard to play though

bfow007 2012.06.25
the graphics were great and the game was challenging

mike201 2012.06.24
Good diversity to the game, lots of scenes and potential endings. Lots of replay value

knottysam7 2012.06.24
great game.... i love it...

shiltonboy 2012.06.24
good game but a lil bit tough to play

Finnigan 2012.06.23
Yes this game is great! The gameplay lasts long, its exciting, and it has variety. Plus the girls are hooot :) I recommend this game to everyone

cool_ed 2012.06.23
i;m stuck, please tell me the walkthrough

Dirlik 2012.06.23
awesome game and i love the graphics

hotstuff12345 2012.06.23
I`m stuck on the part where he`s talking to her. I already said the good things!

hotstuff12345 2012.06.23
The graphics are good. Now I can see why this was "Editor`s choice"!

Voglioso94 2012.06.22
hahahah very nice game, and nice situation

Arquel 2012.06.22
This game is awesome, the graphics are good and it`s not too much difficult

valar51 2012.06.22
actually is a really good game,even for the old flash this one runs smoothly

Kings Of Kings 32 2012.06.22
awesome game kinda hard to wn the girl...

MBS 2012.06.22
Very hot game, nice plot.

nurukee11 2012.06.21
awesome game hard to play tho

smuggler 2012.06.21
wonderful gfamess cant stop playing

bmx522 2012.06.20
Amazing graphics and a well thought story plot.

giggityguy16 2012.06.20
great game, its hard but fun, and the chick is hot too

cewj1967 2012.06.20
this is a good game with great graphics and game play. Plenty of things to do to get to different endings. Had fun with it.

vijura 2012.06.19
very different game.........

Iwaves 2012.06.19
great game but i wasn`t able to see the end maybe because of a bug.

thebadwolf 2012.06.19
great game she is smoking hot

antisa 2012.06.18
great game i played it 3 times

Valar 2012.06.18
I don´t know how to pass the First Level!!

clint122 2012.06.18
Good graphics,long, well animated, perfect.

dragonj 2012.06.18
That was really hard, but the chick was real hot ;)

ECRIDER 2012.06.17
Very challenging but fun. Woul enjoy seeing a sequel.

17dvldog75 2012.06.17
Excellent game. First succesful ending was #8. I`ll try for the other endings.

Dirlik 2012.06.17
crazy game and i love the graphics

AlphaMellenium 2012.06.17
The beginning is difficult. How do you max out the bar?

BadBitch27 2012.06.17
I love this game, it is a little bit challenging, and it is fun to play

E.B. 2012.06.16
good game good graphic i like it

fucker539 2012.06.16
I really like criminal plot of game. nice spy stuff

Bigboy94 2012.06.16
Probably one of the best games I`ve played here. Great graphics and the storyline was great.

fucker564 2012.06.15
nice game but to much click story

KingClint 2012.06.15
Okay game, very sexy, but it seems more like you`re just clicking through the dialouge and not doing anything. And it`s contradictory with how she gets mad at first about you saying how she came unarmed, then it turns her on later on

Follame 2012.06.15
hahaha first time i go home without any sex...

perropoya 2012.06.15
damn, i can`t pass the first "level"

hendryanto 2012.06.15
Good game: interesting plot, excelent graphics, worth replaying for the endings.

Shadow109 2012.06.15
great game and 8 endings mean a lot of possibilities

cocomicrob 2012.06.14
great game. i`ve always loved multiple endings. great grphics too.

PlayForce00 2012.06.13
Great new game for Lessons Of Passion!

stevie 2012.06.13
Love this game....great dialog and story

s@nt!no 2012.06.13
Great game. Love the dialogue and the graphics.

lss 2012.06.12
Really a good game.... but just little difficult in the beginning....

pain_wc 2012.06.12
great game..but lots of clicking to do,and cool graphics too

andy_regresa 2012.06.12
i like the game, nice graphics, good endings

greenbullfrog2002 2012.06.12
this is an excellent game. i give it 8/10

haiclem 2012.06.12
I found ending 1, 2, 3, and 8. Is it worth trying to get the others?

walcolo 2012.06.11
This could use a little more difficulty, a well designed game but no specific content, like a signature or sth like that. Good game, above average

jafo69 2012.06.11
Very well done,
I have been waiting a while for something new to come out.
The story was excellent and the models great!

sillysilvio 2012.06.10
Great game, altough i would have prefered it to be a bit more difficult

brond72 2012.06.10
a great game. not to difficult, and not to easy :-)

jpsacrey 2012.06.10
Love this game....great dialog and story

Myself 2012.06.10
pretty good game, enjoyed most of it

loloklol 2012.06.09
Awesome gameplay I love the graphics

collenvd 2012.06.09
good game nice graphics ;)

baseupp 2012.06.08
makes me want to do a heist

Asti20 2012.06.08
Not bad not bad. Funny and interesting game

flintstoneflop 2012.06.08
OK game. Nice graphics, animation is ok. Bouncing tits would have been nice to see though

gary66 2012.06.07
this game has amazing graphics

DubSteppin 2012.06.07
Love this game....great dialog and story

Blueberryreddd3445 2012.06.07
this game is really fun and really good graphics yumm

tylko 2012.06.07
Nice graphics but surely not the best PlayForceOne game. There are better ones -- I don`t really like the sex scenes so much. But overall, OK game.

jameslast999 2012.06.06
i like the game, nice graphics, good endings

TGxViiperzx 2012.06.06
what a great game love it

anepsaas 2012.06.06
good game, very good graphics. make me wet. ;)

Soul Assassin 2012.06.05
pretty funny gameplay, how ever, lots of clicking and little to play..

kalbs 2012.06.05
Good game, a bit hard at first

1179g 2012.06.05
Great game loved Audras BOOBS GOOD GRAFICS

gorex 2012.06.04
great game and really good graphics

Tommiiee 2012.06.04
Good Game and the gameplay was really good.

Erickson11 2012.06.04
Very hot game. These guys never disappoint!

big_meat7 2012.06.04
pretty fun the girl had great tits to suck on

charmed.by.you 2012.06.04
Why there was no sound?....such an intelligent couple without any moaning sounds......That takes the fun out of it....Animation could be a lot better.....with dangling boobs...and pulsating penis.....

rob8156 2012.06.04
I really like criminal plot of game. nice spy stuff

hornyphil79 2012.06.04
what a great game love it

hornykit18 2012.06.04
I can`t figure out the part with the feather can anyone help?

thedoob 2012.06.04
Not a bad game...somewhat enjoyed it

Tolpan 2012.06.03
The beginning of the game was the hardest part of the game.
But then it was nice!

Faker331 2012.06.03
the beginning is a bit hard

but graphics are really good

xxksgxx 2012.06.03
Great game, loved the graphics, but I think the dialogue could have been a bit better.

fr33lanc3 2012.06.03
good game very easy to screw up

Hunter99004 2012.06.02
Good game play, I liked finding the different endings along with how you can screw up and lose. Would like to see more endings, 8 just don`t seem like enough

coolio1234 2012.06.02
took me a few tries to get the ending i wanted, but ultimately it was worth it. good game, great graphics. keep it up.

reece93 2012.06.02
nice game. hard choices though

schbob 2012.06.02
get once stuck with the feather, but real nice game enjoyed it tnx

jpsacrey 2012.06.02
Great gameplay and nice graphics!

Snedde 2012.06.02
Don`t like that there is only one right way. But graphics was way better in this version so overall it was a goodie!

lolwatdat 2012.06.02
pretty funny gameplay, how ever, lots of clicking and little to play

julio220 2012.06.02
the gameplay is so smooth but it takes a bit

rattyratty 2012.06.02
Seems to bug up when I try and use the feather on her body? Can`t get further

gjohnson 2012.06.02
Great gameplay and nice graphics! Slow sometimes...

jimbornk 2012.05.31
nice funny and... hot. go on like this thank you

timaeus0 2012.05.31
love the graphics and the story amazing quality

lttqs 2012.05.31
nice game, really like ending no.8, so they just run off?

mutrommi 2012.05.31
Another fun story to experience. Keep it up PFO.

dano452 2012.05.31
challanging game at first... until you get the hang of it.

Alcyone 2012.05.30
Guide for ending 8 -Alcyone

Come on. Lieutenant. Nobody would believe you of all people got lost.
So nice night we are having
-At least you are not bored anymore.
-So what`s a special forces like you doing in a place like this?
You know I just noticed something.
-Is that "Shime Waza"? Pretty basic. Don`t you think?
Listen. From professional to professional
-I planted a video-loop. Took pressure plates off-line. Checked guard routines.
-I need to know: What happen with that subordinate?

Slip from her grasp

Lieutenant I`m not the only one who came in here empty handed.
Of course it is. And. As any game. As long as it isn`t boring...
End conversation

Drop your belt.
Remove your shirt.
Remove pants.

Well Lieutenant you gave me an order, didn`t you?
Are you going to let them get into our fun?
Thing are looking up... If I don`t screw up.
Why don`t you sit down and we`ll start negotations?

Careful do not spam click the dialog here.


Take her on the couch


Get your hairpin (Click your hair)
Pick the lock (Click the handcuffs)
Handcuff Audra (Click her hand)

Those handcuffs... they aren`t like you.


jenso 2012.05.30
I enjoyed this one, nice and short enough to play to all the endings... sexy girl too...

frulpo 2012.05.30
Good game, great graphics like the game ;-)

Frizzlecrank 2012.05.30
Very funny but could be better,I think. The girl is very hot though :P

elluu 2012.05.30
Very nice game )) I like this.

kurtrussell 2012.05.30
Great fun. Would make helluva film

az89 2012.05.29
the doggie scene looks some kind of funny to me. looks kinder weird move

az89 2012.05.29
this one seem better than the previous game especially the standing sex scene although its look like some back itching

sshacoo 2012.05.29
Great game great graphic...I love this sort of games

ozorne_6 2012.05.29
love the game, real good gameplay

Braumann 2012.05.29
i like the game cuz the girl at the ending got trapped.... :D :D i maked her to make it out and finnaly i escaped :D

1NT0X 2012.05.29
I must play more game like this, not only did I love the role playing but I was debating from time to time on which phrase to click on. I hope to find more games this exciting.

Azmma 2012.05.29
Very nice game but i loved tori 500 more i like that kind of games :)

shersh 2012.05.28
just a thought but what happend to kelly?

castilho 2012.05.28
Its a great game with nice grafics and great history

chairman066 2012.05.28
I enjoyed this one, nice and short enough to play to all the endings... sexy girl too...

DrJPayne 2012.05.28
Very good story line. That`s got to be my favorite one.

kaitokid1990 2012.05.28
more games of this kind please...

bmth777 2012.05.28
Not the game I expected just kind of clicked on it and it was a pleasant surprise even if I did get my wrist broken

Artie21 2012.05.28
i like it. it`s easy and have great sex

Roko95 2012.05.27
Great job guys liked every bit of the game :)

JolieJoker712 2012.05.27
good graphics but a little slow, more text than action

sidedoorhippie 2012.05.27
Probably the best game on this site... the cat and mouse ending is my favorite

torque2802 2012.05.27
game is so good loved the ending, cant wait for more

Finbean22 2012.05.27
Reasonable game good endings also fun and quite simple

MrObeya 2012.05.27
Good game, I just wish Lesson Of Passion made games faster

Soul Assassin 2012.05.27
love the game, lots of options and good quality shots, very nice!

toni_84 2012.05.27
So great graphics. I find hard to find all the ends

just4onlinexs 2012.05.27
great graphics. still trying to get past the first part, not clear enough on options

sauce 2012.05.27
The graphics are great, and the dialogue actually makes sense. Great game!

adejean21122112 2012.05.27
i kinda wanted more ending

soundclub 2012.05.27
really nice game, not too short, nice story, i wished there would be more endings :)

jcb2684 2012.05.26
this was a very funny game
Lessons of passions make realy good game XD

conbron 2012.05.26
goog idea for a game with very good grahics...

estong 2012.05.26
to much conversation less action.

POrtiz 2012.05.26
Good Game Security Part Takes A while

Billy_77 2012.05.25
Great graphics, good characters a little too much dialogue n not enough gameplay and actions

Marc84 2012.05.25
Gameplay ziemlich lustig, wie immer, zu viel klicken und wenig spielen

kane1973 2012.05.25
the security system how to do that i keep failing no matter what i do

preity_urfriend 2012.05.25
Well good game but too much talking for little gameplay

speedy10 2012.05.25
a pretty good game. where it had a very good gameplay. and not to mention the graghics

stivee07 2012.05.25
good game i love lesson of passion games

HorstForce1 2012.05.25
nice graphics, amazing story...

randy06 2012.05.25
another great sexy game if i get to fuck her just keeos going to jail

altair744 2012.05.25
That was really hard, but the chick was real hot ;)

toulavej 2012.05.24
Perhaps it is just me ,but tho is the stupidest game ever,

banana69man7 2012.05.24
Good game, I just wish Lesson Of Passion made games faster

sryk 2012.05.24
great story and cool grafics, love this game

CUMMING 2012.05.24
I wrote every ending down in my notebook except 5 and 6

CUMMING 2012.05.24
I found ending 1,2,3,5,7,8 but not 5 or 6

rabgoery 2012.05.24
it`s greeatttt.... mantaaapppp

tyry25 2012.05.24
great game, amazing animations, a little difficult though

Xyzzy 2012.05.24
Seems like I always commend the artwork in Leon and team`s games, but it`s always excellent. This game is no exception. Audra is quite beautiful. Gameplay takes some thought, choices are not obvious. Like the many endings idea, as in some other games. Great work, folks, despite a couple of very minor glitches.

Jokke 2012.05.24
Nice graphics as usual ! But far from the best from Lessons of Passion

deathb4disorder 2012.05.24
Pretty good game. I gave it an 8 of 10. Nothing "wrong" with the game really, but the story line is fairly corny and reminded me of the 1980`s porn movies where the girl orders a pizza but cant pay for it.... bow chicha wow wow... yea, dont expect much more than that here either

derda 2012.05.23
good game pretty hard but worth the wait

Nic-Nac32 2012.05.23
I must play more game like this, not only did I love the role playing but I was debating from time to time on which phrase to click on. I hope to find more games this exciting.

Foverine 2012.05.23
very hot game, like it alot

ladiesjoy69 2012.05.23
Nice Game ,super gameplay,,cool that is just isnt a walkover Thumbs up
4 sure want too play other games

Raven68 2012.05.23
Keep going
Good story line show creativity
Nice lenght and at the end let us wish ther were more x Scenes
Fine Endigs all 8
9/10 because of some little technical bugs wich in the forgoing games were resovend seems that u put it togehter in a Hurry
but if u compare the first games to these one u see te progress specialy the Graphs
Good work Team

nabur76 2012.05.23
game was kinda hard but did it yaaa...

timbolt2008 2012.05.23
great story and cool grafics, love this game

Braumann 2012.05.23
this game makes me horny :D

freakout123 2012.05.23
this game rule i like

dillon_lurkhur 2012.05.22
awesome game my face is like droolin when i play this

Giexa 2012.05.22
nice game, gameplay is exiting

jackman2011 2012.05.22
awesome gameplay, great graphics, cool nimations

hentai90 2012.05.22
The game is fine, but we really should get more feedback on Audra`s reaction during the scenes of foreplay; it`s hard to know what, where and for how long we should be touching her before advancing to the next step.

C.C. 2012.05.22
Got ending 8 this time. Not bad. I`ll try a few others.

CapnMorgan 2012.05.22
Despite being a little short, I liked this game. I like the premise, and it definitely had some challenges. The personalities are great and the graphics were decent, but as usual the continuity needs a little bit of work.

ozorne_6 2012.05.22
Just Started got ending 2. Love the game and story and graphics, will play for all the endings

long55 2012.05.22
awesome game, tricky parts, nice too

DoubleShadow 2012.05.22
Oh yeah this game is really great!!!

Thanks for it :D

ichiiis 2012.05.22
I love the gameplay, really exciting

googlebot 2012.05.22
it`s really annoying get the page every time reloaded when I have to restart the game .. place at least some button for those who play on your site this game so we don`t need to watch all those intros everytime..

qazwsxedc97 2012.05.22
the game is great!!! great animations n graphics

Crazzzi 2012.05.22
this game need to be longer too short n too easy

Cyrus83 2012.05.22
I love this game, is realy hot

sgalex 2012.05.22
This is a really really nice game , congrats.

georgefilipe 2012.05.22
Great game , not too many options in the game, felt like there was no coise !!

Bufniboss 2012.05.22
Something new, awesome!! Great graphics.

stefano71 2012.05.21
nice graphic great game!!!

derda 2012.05.21
this game has great gameplay, graphic, animation

dandydon 2012.05.21
a pencil and paper is helpful in the begining. Entertaining game, not your best.

Lukesex 2012.05.21
very good story, sexy woman, some issues in animation 8/10 stars :)

sof_azur 2012.05.21
Very well done,
I have been waiting a while for something new to come out.
The story was excellent and the models great, However there is some minor issues in some of the sex scenes with body parts not in the correct position. If those get fixed I`d give the game 8/10 stars.

Nimrod 2012.05.21
A decent game, but I do not feel the need to find all eight endings, so you can draw your own conclusion as to why.

dmadvlee 2012.05.21
best game in a wile, the story is amazing

coooool 2012.05.21
i donno why LOP games has started to begin so short.there was no story in it.i prefer more climax and multiple girls like the Dirty Picture or Passion One. Those games are gold. Sadly it seems there wont be anymore games of similar qualities.

ReinoGol 2012.05.21
Its a great game and storry...Audra is fantsatic.

Benoit07 2012.05.21
Time for some additional animation.

MBees 2012.05.21
I liked this game but it is too difficult.. :(

Skysnake 2012.05.21
I love LOP-Games. Nice graphics and a good storyline. Everytime I play, i find something new

history 2012.05.21
it is a nice game with a lot to it and has a good story

Tyomanator 2012.05.21
Excellent game, but seems somewhat unfinished.
1) graphics in the scene of Audra 2nd time masturbating his cock is wrong (hand out of position, moving wrong direction)
2) feather interactivity lacks some smoothness and a "pleasuremeter"
3) animation in 1st fuck scene (standing) needs some smoothness too

aizang18 2012.05.21
great game, up to the sex for me though, my computer keeps messing up as I move the mouse and it doesn`t do like anything

aizang18 2012.05.21
I cant finish the game...boring

kjdehn 2012.05.21
need to heist more kelly

mcook1130 2012.05.21
really solid game overall

thaunit 2012.05.21
great graphics, really enjoyed this game

khanjee 2012.05.21
you have to play wisely to improve her mood

T M 2012.05.21
Better than average. I like the movement scenes and 8 endings is great! Keep up the good work.

Zero_21xx 2012.05.21
Nice Game from Lesson of Passion keep those games coming :D

DarkRanta 2012.05.20
this game has an awesome storyline and the graphics are as good as always!!!

fatw 2012.05.20
Nice game like ending 5

SaintMalis 2012.05.20
Not bad... wish there was a mood meter like in other games, but still.

DreamTim 2012.05.20
And another good game from lop. keep going

Skyscraper 2012.05.20
when will there be a new story with Kelly?

faltu.d 2012.05.20
7 endings -- now thats cool. i have got only 3 thought..keep playing

athossico 2012.05.20
Actually i`ve reach only three endings: the game has good graphics and good plot.
A little bit easy to use in the interactive scene: that`s good.

boblee34 2012.05.20
this game has great gameplay, graphic, animation

amir_snaicher 2012.05.20
There should be a meter showing satisfaction level like in other games .

acpreston13 2012.05.20
Gameplay is OK, graphics are good but there seems to be a lot of clicking to get to the end. Waiting to see more of Kelly.

paulie 2012.05.20
good game pretty hard but worth the wait

alguemanonimo 2012.05.20
very great game, with nice graphics and very good animations

glukos37 2012.05.20
damn , this so fucking hot games ... great story, great graphic ... more we want more ^^

BDC 2012.05.20
Brilliant game with good graphics and a lot of re-playabiltiy.

Reyson 2012.05.20
good game, as always has a nice quality, would like to see a second part

jmt90 2012.05.20
nice game. a little tricky to figure out each reaction the first time. nice scenes.

bob247 2012.05.20
very nice graphics. good story

banes 2012.05.20
Great game. Look forward to seeing more of Audra.

AshtonCDs 2012.05.19
There should be a meter showing satisfaction level like in other games .

ghost20 2012.05.19
the basis for the idea is great

johnj 2012.05.19
good graphics as usual, but as the previous games, sometimes too much text to read, the mini-games are more of a hassle than fun, doing nothing there, for someone that played almost all lop games, this one has the feel of more of the same.

ghost20 2012.05.19
the animation really just blows your mind

ghost20 2012.05.19
its wonderfull the graphics improved a lot

slime0598 2012.05.19
pretty awesome game, tricky parts really require skill

warrioraddict 2012.05.19
awesome game...good graphics and good positions.

trent0707 2012.05.19
great game i love the game

pusshound 2012.05.19
Good game with several great endings. I like the animation during sex, but wish it were more graphic. I wish they had anal.

lenman 2012.05.19
This game is really `NICE`. Has a real harsh, passionate sexual angle which is the games U.S.P. Love the graphics and `Audra` is fantastic. Almost wished she was real. Did you guys model her on a real person because I am sure that a whole lot of gamers would like to see a picture of the real person, if she exists of course! The relationship development angle between the two protangonists is really good. It feels as if we are in control of building and moulding the relationship as we wish. To empower the gamer or make the gamer feel that passion is an applausable effort. Lesson of Passion rocks as usual. Keep it coming and please take this whole gaming genre to another dimension. Trust me, if anyone can do it, it`s you team! Love you guys and thank you for all your hardwork to put a smile on the faces of all the gamers on this site (For Free).

Megaforce 2012.05.19
I want to say one of the more entertaining games I played of theirs.

sam1680 2012.05.19
l. I feel that the designers can really kick ass if they wanted too. Appreciate your efforts though as it`s easy sitting on this end and commenting without understanding why and how the designers work.

vitali 2012.05.19
took a while to get over the first test questions, then good game, but a lot similar the others of LOP in last time.

Lagus92 2012.05.19
Nice game, I liked the fun dialog and damn is that girl hot. A very enjoyable game.

Lippi1983 2012.05.19
Nice storyline, great endings. Quality game.Great game! The girl is really hot! Liked a lot the new animations during the sex scenes.

lughbelenos 2012.05.19
Wow I think this is my favorite for LOP.

mattmc68 2012.05.19
The games is fun but have only found two endings.

garonbrown 2012.05.19
navigation can be a bugger

dragonstar 2012.05.19
pretty difficult to get pass the scene of impression but overall pretty good so far

Cr3alKiller 2012.05.18
Its a great game with nice grafics and great history

Bothead 2012.05.18
I had a lot of fun with this game.

Sleepy Sheepy 2012.05.18
The story was a little bit confusing, but otherwise good game. I like the multiple endings.

mikicostanza 2012.05.18
very hot game this girl is amazing and so hot

bestia99rom 2012.05.18
good game great graphics i love the girl hot

derda 2012.05.18
Ha! I got ending 8. What a firecracker she is.

mohab 2012.05.18
pretty funny gameplay, how ever, lots of clicking and little to play

KatherineP 2012.05.18
Wow... It was cool, but kind of hard to figure what what to do at first...

wildlolli 2012.05.18
Very nice game! Nice graphics. Found some endings, but now its time for a new session .

slitplayer 2012.05.18
Good game, a bit hard at first

Snake-8 2012.05.18
Nice storyline, great endings. Quality game

SuperNarut0 2012.05.18
hard to know the story about

alei 2012.05.18
1: fail by the security System
2: slip from her gasp, when the mood is not high enough
3: don`t answer the radio
4: too less mood after licking scene
5: come in her mouth
6: check tools at beginning, come in her 2. time, 3. answer at the end (just like planed)
7: 1. answer at the end (game)
8: 2. answer at the end (handcuffs)

Speedy1977 2012.05.18
great story, great graphic ... more we want more

byron79 2012.05.18
Nice storyline, great endings. Quality game

Saracus 2012.05.18
great idea. hard and fun. great graphics. playing to find all endings

weedsmoker1st 2012.05.18
it`s difficult to play this game, but I like it

DAN24 2012.05.18
I got almost to the end but then she handcuffed me to the desk after we had sex on the couch.....guess I try again

chook2109 2012.05.18
great game keep em coming

cwoodb11 2012.05.18
I have found ending #8 so I think there are 8 endings but I can only get endings 1,2,7,and 8 if anyone knows how to get the others please leave info on how to do it here thanks

kpyrinikos 2012.05.18
great story, great graphic ... more we want more

themoda 2012.05.18
Fantastic game! very hot and good graphics!

txrebel 2012.05.17
great game. hope to see audra in future games i like her

C.C. 2012.05.17
Finally got ending 7. Really good. I`m trying for more. How many really good endings are there?

Gray Warden 2012.05.17
Gteat game graphics and animation supurb

Gismo1701 2012.05.17
good game great graphics i love the girl hot

McCluff 2012.05.17
no esta mal, la chica esta buenisima!!

sittingduck58 2012.05.17
I guess that you shouldn`t try to get away too soon? I will try again

WARDOG77 2012.05.17
good game overall. wish it was a bit longer

bolt19 2012.05.17
i got the 7th ending good game graphics

harrywibowo 2012.05.17
damn , this so fucking hot games ... great story, great graphic ... more we want more ^^

Elisevs 2012.05.17
Ha! I got ending 8. What a firecracker she is.

Simon Hunt 2012.05.17
got to ending 8, not bad, but srange use of 3rd person speech

K_Pchaos101 2012.05.17
Really good graphics on the game i like how its not totally linear
good game i enjoyed the gameplay

roni@cox 2012.05.17
Good game: interesting plot, excelent graphics, worth replaying for the endings.

Bakagero 2012.05.17
its was good to bad u cant get all endings without trying a few times

Voron 2012.05.17
i got the 7th ending great game and graphics

jcc1985 2012.05.17
good game great graphics i love the girl hot

C.C. 2012.05.17
Took a while to get started but I finally got started. Looking for better endings than I got so I`ll keep trying.

dreadwolf 2012.05.17
gameplay, graphic, animation are great

Reggie77 2012.05.17
such a pretty game. I love it. but can take more views...

chrisa 2012.05.17
i got the 7th ending great game and graphics

lov2eatu 2012.05.17
Nice game but requires too much mouse clicking

Roterbaer 2012.05.17
I like this game. It has good graphic and nice gameplay. The Story is a little bit short and not enough positions.

1179g 2012.05.17
Great game found three of the endings keeping on playing to find more Audra is quit a looker

hafizh dhaifan 2012.05.17
it`s difficult to play this game, but I like it

eagleata 2012.05.17
God good game and story. i want to be rhett :)

rizze 2012.05.17
very good game but we should get more response from audra or get at a little feedback of what you`re doing is good

passionplayer77 2012.05.17
Hi guys, I`m stuck at a really frustrating place.

Where Audra takes off her clothes and lies down topless to make him `trust her` and the hand appears, I have no idea what to do with the hand because nothing on the screen responds, even though I tried pressing everywhere.

Is this because I`m using a macbook with a trackpad? Its really frustrating to not be able to go further...

Jaaru 2012.05.17
Nice looking new game, liked it.

multiplex_1 2012.05.17
good game. found all the endings. i think that this is a fantasy for everyone. would like it if there was a sequel.

multiplex_1 2012.05.17
good graphics. it has a great story with a good theme. i also found ending 6, now all I need is ending 4. can anyone help?

Herrushingu 2012.05.17
Amazing gameplay, i love it :)

multiplex_1 2012.05.17
great game some parts are a bit slow. i found endings 1,2,3,5,7,8. can anyone help me find endings 4 and 6?

KOBK 2012.05.17
Little slow, but sexually arousing at peak times. Fuck Scenes little far from screen, and low quality (id no titty bouncing etc). Good story line, opportunity for sequal.

branknock 2012.05.17
nice game but found it a bit slow, good graphic`s.

bRon 2012.05.17
Good game: interesting plot, excelent graphics, worth replaying for the endings.

ron57 2012.05.17
very challenging made for several good plays

filipecam 2012.05.17
The game is fine, but we really should get more feedback on Audra`s reaction during the scenes of foreplay; it`s hard to know what, where and for how long we should be touching her before advancing to the next step.

vkalvkal 2012.05.17
Great game! The girl is really hot! Liked a lot the new animations during the sex scenes.

Silveralpha 2012.05.17
I cant finish the game...boring

Whitney 2012.05.17
awesome gameplay, great graphics, cool nimations

ry1490 2012.05.17
fun gameplay but i would love to now when LOP 3 is coming????

weliuscaesar 2012.05.17
pretty funny gameplay, how ever, lots of clicking and little to play

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