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The Agency


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Nini.Glo 2017.07.28
Good variety of endings, i liked it

hihihi9090 2017.06.17
One of the best games on site

Tiodor 2017.05.14
lovely game and good girl. Love to play.

Maverick2474 2017.04.24
Loving it, wish it was more open.

soul-edge 2017.04.23
pretty good game. It was fun and addictive i hope the make a new onern

plasmal1 2017.04.13
best game ive played yet on this site

Car8995 2017.02.18
it is an awesome game love the scenes

in784 2017.01.20
i do like this game but i cant seem to get past the sasha interview

kevi12 2017.01.07
nice graphic. awesome gameplay

lionlover 2016.11.26
at beginning I was confused, but as I played longer it got more interesting. I have finished 2 endings. 1st time I didn`t answered as the best and was surprised. next time I answered perfectly, was surprised again.


Jarzki 2016.11.05
Great game. Great girls, great graphics and great endings...

kaftos 2016.09.14
Sexy girls but very boring game..The only good thing about this game is the music

Slyadam 2016.08.31
This one is truly a classic of the style. It asks the player exactly the right amount of input, thought, and sexual drive. 9/10

stach56 2016.07.08
i love this game i wonder whats next

stach56 2016.07.07
This game is good and has good graphics

KaraiShimoda 2016.06.07
Great game, I love the idea of having to keep notes on the client you`re trying to get in the agency; a memory game within an adventure game is always good to keep you thinking., especially when trying to get the best ending.

CrazyPilot86 2016.05.07
I like the idea, that the way of the presentation at conference room influences the game . It`s original!

gbecchi 2016.04.24
My first game I ever played on this website about a year ago, it`s still great!

ares329 2016.02.09
cool hot game really worth it

evalyosheh 2016.01.15
This is a pretty nice game. Pictures are nice, but animations and gameplay could be better.

ArthasMenethil88 2015.09.01
thanks OCP for the walkthrough

alanwake 2015.08.31
sex, lies, r&b, fantastic combination...

adragon707 2015.08.08
This is a very fun game with some hot girls in it.
Some hints on where I got stuck:
Screwdriver is in the break room in one of the overhead lights.
Use your phone to copy Caroline`s Sasha notes when the boss goes to the bathroom. That way you can screw Caroline instead of blackmailing her for her notes.
Hope these help and enjoy the game.

nutz104 2015.06.28
Was enjoyable. fun story and good graphics.

Pervy-hermit 2015.06.20
One of the best games here. Great graphics, story, endings. Faved

fuckster1 2015.06.16
love the game must play it over and over

ocp 2015.03.05
The game will be far more interesting if you explore all the options on your own, but to reach one of the happy endings, here are the major actions you`ll need to take (as far as I know):

Minimum Walkthrough:

[Caroline`s Office] Talk With Caroline > Can you help her with something?
[Reception] Talk with Damian > Caroline needs help with Kanye East report
[Caroline`s Office] Talk With Caroline > Damian will help you with that > Do you need anything else, Caroline?
[Social corner] Screwdriver (by window) > Order a coffee from vending machine
[Caroline`s Office] Cofee for Caroline
[Reception] Talk with Damian > Buddy I need you to do me a favor
[Caroline`s Office] Talk with Caroline > Caroline, how do you feeling about nude modeling?
[Reception] Mobile phone
[Conference Room] Talk with Jessica > Are we ready for today`s meeting?
[Reception] Talk with Damian > Can you fix the broken lightbulb in the conference room? > So, how`s it going?
[Caroline`s Office] Talk With Caroline > About that client I was telling you about
[Reception] Caroline`s panties
[Conference Room] screwdriver > Talk with Jessica > Do you need anything else before the meeting?
[Caroline`s Office] Talk With Caroline > Hey, Jessica wants me to bring her your info on sasha
[Caroline`s Office] Caroline`s hot photos > Lock the door, we don`t want... anonymous sources > move cursor vertically
[Conference Room] Caroline`s info concerning Sasha > Talk with Jessica > So, did Caroline bring the info? > Mobile phone
[Toilet] Info from Damian > Info from iPhone

free activity

[Conference Room] My plan starts on a torch-lit beach >
The invitations will be delivered by rapers and contains snippets of your songs >
How about a vegetarian bufet? A little adventurous, but it may work >
Maybe a juice bar with give enough variety for everyone >
Bean Marlowe >
I have arranged for cover versions of your songs by a few starting groups >
To add a personal touch, you could collaborate on the making of the souvenirs: personalized photos >
Would you like to toast to your mother? >
How about you give your dad a deluxe bicyle? >

[Sasha ending] I am planning on leaking the guest list to the press to attract the paparazzis
[Jessica ending] I have a few photographers that can mix in with the attendants without bothering anyone.

HOWEVER, to be logical, your character Morgan wouldn`t normally be able to reach the Sasha ending without blackmailing Caroline for Sasha`s info (instead of having sex with Caroline). So if you want to mirror real life (sort of) ...

slumberz8770 2015.02.25
nice game but, please insert the save option!!! so we can continue without go to starting point at the main menu..

larry159753 2015.02.22
good game, I like caroline the best though

Sportkissen 2015.01.20
really good one - and i like the star :)

bg97434 2015.01.19
Such a good game very exciting

IchikaOrimura 2015.01.09
nice game no doubt I also play it

nahid123 2015.01.06
i like this game it is very interesting but i lost at the end of the game

pierrekahozi 2014.12.30
nice game but I feel like it was a bit too short

mathies12 2014.10.06
Awesom game good visuals and all

Futuros 2014.09.25
Enjoyed especially the ass fucking that Jessica, the boss, was submitted to...

pieffepi 2014.09.14
Fascinating game, but a bit convoluted

Iva_bigun_12 2014.09.05
This game was cool and I had a lof of fun figuring everything out

Iva_bigun_12 2014.09.04
this is a great game with good graphics and good sex scenes.

rafak23 2014.08.20
Good game , good grafics

smmccoy8838 2014.08.12
The ladies in this are hot! It`s a little challenge to successfully talk to the singer, but once you get it down, you are well rewarded.

julio1980 2014.08.11
Wonderfull game!!! The sequences and text are realy great. I think you have to improve the animations and games off the sex scenes. Hot girls.

JasherFox 2014.08.06
nice game story was great and girls were hot

stoad69 2014.07.29
Awesome graphics and gorgeous women and decent story line to boot.

bitz94 2014.07.13
Its one of my favorite game. Graphics,story,game play everything is so cool.

cockhero123 2014.06.22
cool game they should make another game like this

machalix 2014.05.03
awesome game! so interactive

Bugatti25 2014.05.01
its a great experience like you are competing for a great contract

TheDude79 2014.04.28
I Hope "Lesson of Passion" makes more episodes of the "Agency" Great Game , Awesome Job . So Far This is my Favorite .

slipknotfcker 2014.04.28
was an really fun game kept on keeping you guessing really liked it the women were really hot in it

missfuck 2014.04.10
very amazing graphicx, sexy girls, i love this game

DrifterLeon 2014.04.05
This is really good I just wish that are more games that are on same level of this and the planning of the party that what was hard for me.

pandeyaryan111 2014.03.20
i loved this game i want more of the games like this

sabri2123 2014.03.13
Excellent game. Great graphics and animations.

littlecletus 2014.02.25
cool game lots of ways to get past it lots of girls to fuck

marco1969 2014.02.18
Looks a good game but can not click the exit button

Yggdrazil 2014.01.07
This game was a little challenging at least

gabby04 2013.12.20
its was hard when the client girl arrives, but it was worth it !

Stock67 2013.12.20
Nice game... I really like the story. Keep it up :D

seattlerain 2013.12.17
confusing at first but overall a great game

Woods24 2013.12.15
I have played this and i like it vaguely.

testg 2013.11.21
Sasha is totally worth trying to get the answers right! She should have her own game or at least feature in some. Amazing visuals on her.

poopieshead 2013.11.20
this game was confusing at first, but the women are hot and i enjoyed the challenge.

skr369 2013.11.17
best game i`ve played..excellent graphics with great storyline...

asdfguy 2013.10.29
Great overall game with nice graphics and sounds

verdantguy 2013.10.27
I thought that the stripper game had great music. This music is so damn cool, is there somewhere I can get it?

demon8207 2013.10.23
i only got two out of three girls but messed up somehow was a confusing but cool game

doecke83 2013.10.17
Not a bad game, took quite a few attempts to get the different endings

TheBigBear 2013.10.14
wow I was able to get all three women

abcdefghaiqal 2013.10.05
very good game, love the different endings

qx9w 2013.10.05
Great game! Caroline was very hot...

RangerLt 2013.09.28
this is a great GAME. love the graphics.

crazyraj 2013.09.27
nice concept and the graphics is good.

noogad 2013.09.20
amazing game great quality and sexy endings

rupz315 2013.09.19
great game and great graphics love to play it all day

sfsfsfsf 2013.09.11
Good game and good graphics and i like it

vgluck 2013.08.26
It`s a very nice game, but too short!

IrishDude85 2013.08.23
I love this game, and everything in it is incredibly awesome. The women in this game are so beautiful, the sound, and music are great, and the storyline is perfect for more games like this.

dmbers90 2013.08.09
love this game clicking things annoying tho

noogad 2013.08.07
great game. wonderful graphics and sex was great.

ralanen 2013.08.02
Exciting storyline, astonishing girls with good graphics. The most interesting were the sex scenes: eg the one in the toilet with the boss. Something adventurous and original.

Schtopy 2013.07.30
You can get Caroline during the game if you give her her photos, before meeting with Sasha

w1drng22 2013.07.28
OK finished three endings and he never did get Caroline. She`s the hot one. Did I miss something?

w1drng22 2013.07.28
It was pretty good. Oh for those who want to know the screwdriver is in the window in the breakroom.

raiha024 2013.07.19
a very hot game.. great graphics too

junuih 2013.06.16
Good game. Interesting story.

Pauley909 2013.06.06
nice game but should have been longer and more girls but i think it was a tough game that gave you everything at the end

luiskong7 2013.06.04
nice graphics and wonderful gameplay.

luiskong7 2013.06.04
great game. wonderful graphics and sex was great.

typpopwp 2013.06.01
this game has good graphics

Megatron72 2013.05.31
Good game with sexy and hot women. One of my favorites.

peoudarxis 2013.05.27
Great graphics , challenging gameplay ... And very hot games
One of my favorites !!!

lilly654 2013.05.23
this is a fun game. i mean its OK

kasbro 2013.05.22
one of the best games I`ve ever played. grat gameplay and hot girls

gwazz 2013.05.12
how many poss endings are there ihave 2 is it poss to get caroline///

99rd 2013.05.10
hot girls in the game
i luv their bodies

kohtet 2013.05.05
I really liked this game.
The story and the graphics were amazing

Rainkiller 2013.05.03
one of the best, especially sasha

ltworf1 2013.05.01
would like to see some additional content added to this game

nadine4497 2013.04.22
been through all the endings, like this game, pretty good graphics

yahiko_es 2013.04.09
Very good game, the plots are very funny. The sex scenes are quite goods. The worst final is very sex-good.

hispanicav8r 2013.04.05
Good game but more realistic sounds(ex. women moaning/screaming) would have made this game awesome.

girldigger14 2013.03.28
Its the best game in the site i give a 10/10 rating

cangkemsuwek 2013.03.23
it gets me squeezing brain when presentation begins

esche 2013.03.07
in my opinion best game on this site!

frnmel573 2013.03.05
Great game, hot girls, think this game is one of the best on this site

VeNNoM 2013.03.03
Great game chalk another up on the fav list

kpjr278 2013.02.10
I got the boss the first time, pretty intriguing game.

Airo 2013.02.02
this game is really hard i cant have sex yet

play2win 2013.01.29
the music was awesome and the play was spot on

Gordn3 2013.01.27
Good game , nice graphic.

trololove 2013.01.19
Can someone tell me the name of the menu-music? Game is awesome and the music too ;)

Force danny 2013.01.17
cool game! really like it with all the sexy girls in it!!!!!!!!!!!!

gorex 2013.01.14
superb game ang excellent graphics

sosos 2013.01.12
Exelent game with a lot of sexy girls and the best graphics

zenginoglu_yasar 2013.01.03
great game. no doubt it. i loved this game.

02sunspot9ny 2012.12.30
Sweeet love this game love the ending

slappy2897 2012.12.28
great game love the graphics good story

dummi1 2012.12.27
give the game 9/10 , great game

winnerwinnerkaran 2012.12.26
Awesome game with lots of girls, kinda hard though

shivers1 2012.12.24
reload the game cuase im making a comment

dieogsdi 2012.12.23
excellent game, i really enjoyed, love the part of the blowjob in the bathroom really nice but difficult

optimiseurself 2012.12.12
Is there a sex scene with damien ?

optimiseurself 2012.12.11
enjoyed a lot playing this game. Still want to know how damien fucked caroline

Long Dick 2012.11.24
this is a very good game. like all the endings and i will play it again

locknloaded83 2012.11.20
the game was fun and pretty awesome, women were hot, i`d definately play this again!

yashar 2012.11.19
great game. no doubt it. i loved this game.


112321qweasd 2012.11.14
good game the grapics are pretty good

reallytycho2 2012.11.13
i love the boss ending. Overall, this is one of the best games on the site

labmunky 2012.11.11
Good Game , good Graphics .. sex , sleaze and backstabbing aholes whats not to love

andy001 2012.10.31
good game with some hot chicks

dakillamilla 2012.10.29
Fun game, with good graphics, Liked a lot.

MrDarhson 2012.10.28
gameplay and graphics are good , the girls were VERY hot

Anatik 2012.10.25
awesome game with the hottest girl. love it

Asghan 2012.10.16
Exelent game with a lot of sexy girls and the best graphics

RowdyRod 2012.10.15
I enjoyed this one, Sasha was HOT. I would love to see her again.

chrischau12 2012.10.12
i love this game omg this is great

Steveaux 2012.10.12
Some difficult parts to this one

NK240 2012.10.10
I dont known how to get to black girl

topos1999 2012.10.05
Great game with cool endings, i wish to fuck all 3 bitchis at once.....

Twister19 2012.10.03
funny dialog. morgan is worldclass at BSing the ladies. one question can you end up with caroline? i love her attitude towards morgan

Cyraxel 2012.09.22
Great story line and awesome graphics! Superb!!

jakewyatts 2012.09.18
Interesting story and really fascinating

rexy2009 2012.09.17
this game make my penis wet!!!!!!!

Jokke1 2012.09.16
Exelent game with a lot of sexy girls and the best graphics

coolsam123 2012.09.11
wonderful game so many features

MiroMasry 2012.09.05
LOVED this game, I tried many endings

Joe9ty 2012.09.04
Had a lot of fun with this, liked the whole cut throat I`ll do anything to get on nature of the game. Not being able to find the screwdriver was frustrating!!

mapcabra2 2012.09.03
its a really good game great graphics music and the girls of course

LazarLazarevic 2012.08.30
one of the best games ever... :D

Stanifica 2012.08.28
need more games lie this

2b4ever 2012.08.20
sexy i ever played. i wish i can play another. i hope a new release from this game.

aidenko 2012.08.18
wonderful game! recommend

dhruboPassion 2012.08.13
Great game....the boss was really HOT!!!!The ending concept was xtraordinary

shadowabir 2012.08.13
game makes me erotic everytime I play

manyk85 2012.08.12
That was pretty fun, I love a good go at the boss.

Swordfish 2012.08.11
hmmm when i want to comment something, i have always go far down the side, maybe you can put this comment box over the comments ;)

uberleet 2012.08.10
Is there a way to have sex with Jessica more than once?

Astrum 2012.08.09
I love tihs game. The concept is new and interesting

Astrum 2012.08.09
Probably one of the better games by Play Force One. Storyline is AMAZING

porn9876 2012.08.08
I love that all 3 endings are awesome.

jaybot21 2012.08.06
Character are funny and multiple endings. Aside from the sex it`s actually a fun game and the graphics are well developed.

Sinapsa 2012.08.05
Great game can`t stop playing....nice graphics

nikolaskavez 2012.08.03
i wonder what would happend if i didnt took info on sasha from caroline

Daniel_Martin 2012.08.02
The ending with Sasha was amazing. I love how long it was.

The game in itself was alright, but I do wish they showed a little more of each of the ladies. Kind of wish you could catch the receptionist jacking off or something too. Would have added an interesting twist.

cuppa007 2012.08.02
Really enjoyed the game, simple but enjoyable my only issue is that it is a bit short, apart from that good story line.

Carni 2012.08.01
Really great game but as in nearly every game, please try to add audio effects. This will improve gameplay and game itsel by more than 100%. However, thanks for your efforts and great innovations! I really appreciate what your you´re creating !

badb0ys009 2012.07.29
great game, good graphics .. gonnna play it again.

riverrock 2012.07.27
please more game like this!

THe boss is the best character

puppystar6969 2012.07.26
good game lots of hot girls in it

sunneil 2012.07.25
great game hot chicks nice storey i like it

michael136 2012.07.22
very fun game, could use more like it.

elton.alex 2012.07.19
Great game can`t stop playing

champion4 2012.07.13
very good, lots of adventure

kursatyildis 2012.07.11
good game it was pretty hard to get sacha and i think sounds like moaning would make it better

jubijub 2012.07.11
great game .. gonnna play it again defs

papadoc 2012.07.04
Really fun and nice! Hot scenes with nice graphics.

Good possibilities, perverted but sympathetic characters.

A really good game!

robd_7 2012.07.02
Good game. Interesting story.

Shadeslayer0001 2012.07.02
great game, hot girls. could use more realistic sex scenes though

ryleyman96 2012.06.21
Kind of cool, hot girls, but would like more options and more sex. Maybe a lesbian scene?

punchomie 2012.06.14
i love this game really good story

jllfa82 2012.06.11
Another Great game. Loved it

chris_avril 2012.06.07
The game was good till the end. but it ended abruptly. i`d prefer interactive, in-game endings to the animated ones.

amrita 2012.06.05
Excellent game. Great graphics and animations.

amrita 2012.06.05
Q : how was Sasha able to talk with her mouth full ?
Is that also a singer`s treat ?

Suggestion - it could have used some `animalistic` sounds, moaning and growling ... that always helps .

The intercourse scene with Sasha is much better from an artistic point of view, the models animation is much better put together . 9 * for that .
The intimate story line could use some work, generally speaking, though particularly refering to Sasha`s sex scene .

Other than that, I did rate it with 10 * xD . You guys, gals - if any, enjoy The Agency ! Cheers .


pusshound 2012.06.04
Good game. Interesting story. Kinda plastic characters. Decent sex scenes without being amazing, still graphically really good and sexy models to say the least. I really like the game. Simple click & play but efficient. I enjoyed it, worth playing.

deneisha01 2012.06.03
This game is scandalous and fun.!

[BY]WEGAS 2012.06.02
Great games. the girls are sooooo SEXY

Cjuzii 2012.05.28
I like the story on this game, great to play and the girls look amazing

bahamut86 2012.05.25
Very nice game and grafic, good gameplay

iloveboobs92 2012.05.25
Excellent game. Great graphics and animations.

khanjee 2012.05.20
Very nice game ... worth playing

hell19 2012.05.20
the graphics are nice and the storyline is excellent. You should really try it if u like RPG games

Lippi1983 2012.05.19
An excellent game, liked absolutely everything.I love this Game
The story is interesting and the girl are really sexy
I think this game is one of the best on this site
I gave it a 10/10

KOBK 2012.05.09
Thanks for the comments, got tricky there for a minute. Love this game, the photo session stimulates very well.

Tyomanator 2012.05.08
An excellent game, liked absolutely everything. It could be some interactivity in the final alley fuck with the boss (maybe with reversed in-depth control from "Alice - election race": the harder you act, the higher satisfaction), but without it it`s also very good.

beast8771 2012.05.06
very good, lots of adventure

nedyar 2012.05.05
Great graphics the really gets the mind working but it was to short

Damien81 2012.05.03
Not as descriptive as some of the others, but the depth of characters and interesting story makes up for it.

stranger1234 2012.04.29
some really hot babes in here

ishq 2012.04.26
nice games i lve this... veryyyyy

cairnou 2012.04.24
Tres beau scenario et graphisme sympa!!!!

wolf69 2012.04.21
great game graphics really good
story is intresting

C_Lionel 2012.04.21
Wonderful game! i adore Caroline soooooo much~

Justforthis 2012.04.21
This game is really fun. I tstill could have been better.

nmnmnm 2012.04.19
awsum one i loved this game

CodeGlass 2012.04.18
Such A Good Game And Nice Graphic

LittleMsHoochie1 2012.04.12
this is a great game really need help

Cytix 2012.04.11
loved it! sometimes these games are easy if you THINK about them - the chars, what they are like, what they would want to say and hear and than you can actually aim it to the ending you want.

machote 2012.04.11
Real graphics, good story excelent sex action

CuteJason 2012.04.06
Nice Graphic and they are all realy hot

IAMME4 2012.04.06
I love the agency concept, it is well made, in the straight line of others of the same kind.
Interesting plots, pretty funny characters somehow, sarcastic sharks, regarding the background it is normal.
Decent sex scenes without being amazing, still graphically really good and sexy models to say the least.
I really like the game, gonna have to run it more to see the 3 different endings, first time got me the worst one, fired. Hahahah.
Simple click & play but efficient, I enjoyed it, worth playing.

gunny07 2012.04.05
enjoyable game for anyone who like games like this one.

rainkiller66 2012.04.04
one of the best games i`ve ever played, what a story, girls and animation

raffy91 2012.04.03
this game is really good they need to make more games like this really nice

raffy91 2012.04.03
i love this game so much im just playing it over and over

raffy91 2012.04.03
a really nice game im gonnnnnnnnna play it some more

raffy91 2012.04.03
this game was really good i loved it so much a hard trying to get the scene with the boss

Stonewoof 2012.03.31
gameplay is very smooth i like it

electro*** 2012.03.24
That is the first game with casino...


whizzie 2012.03.21
good quality game, i thinkit could of had more scene though

johakym 2012.03.17
Nice game and funny ! good job

rayxray 2012.03.14
abolutely love this game and tghe graphics

rmelhimm 2012.03.12
the scenes were decent the choices slim and in games like this we should have a sort of customization mode so we can go in like we want

rememberme 2012.03.10
the game is nice everything you want it just suits the people and the game.

chrisa 2012.03.10
ist a great game i finish it 80 times or more

Noromical 2012.03.07
Sexy game and I love the series (games made by same dude)

Dansama92 2012.03.07
Thsi game was cool and I had a lof of fun figuring everything out

cerbensonic 2012.03.06
I really love the game. one of my favorites! I got a hard tine to find the screwdriver but I find anyway.. Love the scenes. Really funny too.

J.R 2012.03.01
i really like this game, it almost seems perverted tho.... im not really into that part of the game but other than that i love it.

unlimited 2012.03.01
what a great game, good story and a lot of sex.

c0updegrace 2012.02.26
really like this game as it is simple to figure out cause of the point and click concept

iwantithot645 2012.02.26
one of my favorite games. all three women are smokin hot and love the different endings. not sure which one i like best.

c0updegrace 2012.02.25
Very nice game with lots of actions if played right :)

MEL84 2012.02.24
I really enjoyed this wonderful game, thank you. Also being my first successful ending of a game.

Mike77 2012.02.16
This is one of the best games here. Beautiful graphics, a good story and different endings.

edisonj 2012.02.12
wonderful game, great design of story, the boss is so hot

paeanoah 2012.02.12
the best game i had played,,,,this is the good game for my time

marcel1970 2012.02.08
this is one of my favorites...trying to get all the hot girls :D

VentusLau 2012.02.04

Narotaka2 2012.01.27
Not Bad Not Bad at all.. I love this.9/10

topos1999 2012.01.27
What a game, woot for sure is gone be in my top 10...

Barendd 2012.01.27
Very nice game with lots of actions if played right

jpsacrey 2012.01.26
i love the story to this game and the girls well they where really sexy this game is going on my top 10

trunks172001 2012.01.26
Loved the game 10/10. Its simply amazing.

DOOM4UALL 2012.01.25

dp89 2012.01.24
Great games. the girls are sooooo SEXY

Morgwen 2012.01.23
I like how the boss care about her employees... ^^

Jokke 2012.01.22
More of this type of game !!! Excellent

choda 2012.01.22
This game was good, the plot was original and it was challenging without being too difficult

shaddy 2012.01.21
this is a very good game, love the graphics

sansantenna 2012.01.20
very good, and every girl in sight is hot!

zelad33 2012.01.20
Good game but it can be more interesting with more options.

playforce991 2012.01.19
This game was OK but kind of easy and the ending was not that great. Didn`t care for some of the controls either.

maxslurdy 2012.01.19
extremely hot and turned me on so much

suii 2012.01.18
nice game i lov it... grrrr

xue0001 2012.01.17
just to say again, awesome game

xue0001 2012.01.17
A grat game, i loved it

zucriy 2012.01.15
Character development was pretty decent, storyline was ok. All in all I have to say this game was pretty good and i`m playing it again.

gardelis 2012.01.14
i like this game.that black gils is hooot

mikicostanza 2012.01.14
very nice game it is very cool

sander01 2012.01.13
This is a really great game !!!

layne16 2012.01.11
Enjoyed the game but had a difficult time viewing under Firefox.

Guillaume 2012.01.10
Great graphics and sound, but poor action

Secretmister 2012.01.10
The Agency was awesome loved it great game.

swanny122 2012.01.10
good game girls are really hot

heretoplay 2012.01.10
great graphics as usual, this game is a little short

bigge12 2012.01.09
i really like this game as it is simple to figure out cause of the point and click concept

NIKSHIT 2012.01.08

DarkRanta 2012.01.06
really great game. nice idea with the agency. the girls are hot and the graphics good as always. thumbs up!

Big Balls 2012.01.05
my mouse can`t click move or exit

faqana 2012.01.04
this is best game game deffinetly

Valen 2012.01.04
On a scale of 1-10 I would say it ws a 12 with no need for improvement

turk 2012.01.04
hot graphics. good story. took a few times to win

wolf04 2012.01.02
Dialogue text was great, animations were top notch along with the graphics. Great Job.

iamjustinian 2012.01.01
go thru game twice to get the files and then u can have sex with all of the women

zomalagasy 2012.01.01
gameplay, girls are so hot! really like it!

$exyguy 2011.12.31
this game is really good, the girls are hot and the gameplay is 10/10

jcc1985 2011.12.30
good game good graphics story ok wish there was more to do

tonytiger 2011.12.29
Pretty good more story than action but failrly easy

honry69 2011.12.28
fun game good sex scenes enjoyed the final ending

iloveme 2011.12.28
I like this game alot..it has alot of twisting ends..*claps*

raznag2001 2011.12.28
Love the game, great story, dialogues are smart and funny. Would like the animation to improve a bit. Also some of the models quality seems to drop when on the sex scenes. is it possible to add some sexy noises during intercourse?
All and all, great game.

richardf 2011.12.28
good game easy to control good grafics

ArneDeBacker 2011.12.25
its a damn sexy story with a lot of sexy babes

dunmer 2011.12.23
great game, to short though i prefer longer games, this one was to easy too, i prefer harder

louis_fir 2011.12.23
pretty good.. didn`t like the "Click Here" buttons though, they were timed and didn`t offer anything interesting to the game.. no voiceover sounds either ]: not that any of the games have any good ones anyway

snow01 2011.12.21
Great game! The best so far. Excelent grafics and many endings.

senseiber 2011.12.18
another great one. love it

ackexxx 2011.12.17
great game allthough a little chalenging

nightwalker69 2011.12.14
whooaaa.....really love this game...but i think need challenge in storyline

ashish0808 2011.12.13
Very hot gals...specially the boss...;)

Aryavan275 2011.12.10
I really liked this game.
The story and the graphics were amazing

arshaz 2011.12.10
Good characters and in contrast disappointing sex scenes.
Great humor in wanking in the toilet and rubbing dick against the desk.

sexrex77 2011.12.09
nice game, but it needs a little more interaction

oooooooooooooooop 2011.12.09
nice girls, superb graphics

jimjackson4 2011.12.07
This is one of my fav games on here, great graphics and gameplay

teski 2011.12.05
another great one. love it

ghyanu 2011.12.03
the story is wonderful but i need help

forceman 2011.12.03
love the game felt like real world

dewamaulana 2011.12.03
hmmm.. well, gotta say some things too about this game
animation- quite oke, just need to add more action involving puzzle or sex animations
storyline- i do hope that some conflict or elongated events in the game, but it can be consider ok too
rate.- 6.5/10. just add up some more stuffs and i`m sure it will turn out more better

JohnnyGreek 2011.12.02
Great game,loved the variety of the girls..Sattisfying every taste

tennispro2010 2011.11.30
has nice graphics and incredible

Maik-80 2011.11.30
A Game again,where you can only seduce one Girl

masiania 2011.11.29
nice, beautyful , very funny ... and itresting ...RECOMANDED

Tiger367 2011.11.29
i cant find the screwdriver

timowner 2011.11.27
i`m stuck in this game, i have gave coroline her cofee and what now? please help me

letsseego 2011.11.26
game was good :D christine was hotttttt and so was jessica but sasha ewww. game was easy

Kalan 2011.11.26
More endings would be nice

GiGi420 2011.11.26
Nice graphics, it was tough at first but i made it through

andy_regresa 2011.11.25
it is a very good game we need more games like that

phillmer 2011.11.25
love this game played it many times

Jipaco 2011.11.24
Not too har to find the best final...

kursat 2011.11.24
its very hard to get sascha does somebody knows how BTW very good hot game

rb813 2011.11.22
The animation/gameplay of the sex scenes themselves is lacking, but the story and "adventure" gameplay is pretty good, and the girls are hot.

vonofthedawnX1 2011.11.20
love this game played it many times

Marcus17 2011.11.17
its quite good, but unfortunately if you plan on getting the dark girl you need to skip one of the scenes.

Lippi1983 2011.11.17
-One of my favourite "Lessons of Passion" games.
-The classic Point-&-click adventure gameplay works great. I love the main character`s comments on incidental details like the coffee machine

Reinhart 2011.11.17
Definitely enjoyed this game.. a good amount of scenes and pretty good writing for a PF1 game

maniatis 2011.11.17
sexy game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! play it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

marcdorcel 2011.11.17
very nice game, graphics 10/10, audio super and great end

bigjeff1 2011.11.17
Brilliant just finshed one story very good ending interesting just going to change answers to see another ending

benchbuddy123 2011.11.16
i love hentai games hehehehehehe.

HarSlan 2011.11.16
Very good game!Nice girls and nice endings!!

REIVAJ311 2011.11.16
damn, I need a job with a boss like Jessica, and a companion as Caroline!

amilama 2011.11.16
Outstanding. Had a lot of fun getting to the end. Would look for other endings

katzenkacke 2011.11.16
Great Game. To fuck the boss give the wrong answers.

Pruts3r 2011.11.14
I love the way you can do it with all the girls. They`re all astonishing hot. I like the difficulty, not too hard, not to easy either

Krueger 2011.11.13
This game has very good graphics and I consider it one of the best games. I consider very sensual to get a handjob in the toilet and having sex in the back alley because someone might catch you. And this thing usually excites you. This game si awesome.

roundtheworld 2011.11.13
This game is GREAT. Some people think it`s too complicated, but that`s why I like it. I almost feel like this could be a TV show, haha...and great music

lokot 2011.11.13
Damn i love office sex. Wish you`d get to fuck the boss.

Lippi1983 2011.11.13
Good game....However not as big of a fan of the click style during the sex parts...Graphics are good, and I did like the style employed for moving around.

sharingan123 2011.11.12
the graphics of this game is amazing

abraxis012 2011.11.12
Great game and lovely animatioms,lacks audio though

zenginoglu 2011.11.10
This is great game... I like it very much...

Dave Yelich 2011.11.10
Game is a bit complicated, but well made! D.

Flotok 2011.11.09
nice stories, hot characters, but the sex scenes aren`t good

luo0008 2011.11.05
interesting plot with a lot of opitions, at the end was hard picking the right answer to score either the boss or the client. or simply loneliness

cannierkiller 2011.11.04
Really good game nice i liked the story a lot and it wasn`t one of those really simple click all the text you see games either required some thought and was fun

jay2050 2011.11.04
suprised by the bosslady, what more can i ask for, great game

asds 2011.11.03
really good one ;) with lots of girls :P

bluedevilcindy 2011.11.01
This game is good and has good graphics

Tokuro Kawamura 2011.10.29
fun game and nice graphic

Babbu06 2011.10.28
one of the best game of LOP

darthktempus 2011.10.27
This is a little sad but I can`t find the stupid screw driver for the light bulb, can anyone help me?

MrPhil 2011.10.27
-One of my favourite "Lessons of Passion" games.
-The classic Point-&-click adventure gameplay works great. I love the main character`s comments on incidental details like the coffee machine. I got a laugh out of his remarks when trying to rub his dick on reception`s glass desk or jerk off in the toilets.
-Memorable characters, especially Caroline and the male receptionist.
-The sex scenes were hot, especially the one with Caroline. Giving her a creampie at the end was grand.

darkhapki 2011.10.26
these girls are really hot and some really nice scenes in this game!!
took me a while to get the singer girl :p

galanhade 2011.10.22
how to download this game please some one

eminem093 2011.10.22
i hate the ending when you get fired but besides that is awesome

eminem093 2011.10.22
this game is awesome i have once and already love it

enwrgon 2011.10.21
the game has a good story and it´s fun to play

2be.not2be 2011.10.20
Last but not least, speaking about getting fired, will try that now, the last possible end for this adventure .

Though, would not have been bad if, Morgan would have gotten to get intimate with Caroline, as a compensatory reward from her to him, since he got himself fired and her rocketed on the agency`s power ladder, as a side effect .

So, a sarcastic, yet passionate Caroline, offering herself to Morgan, being a perfect lover, while knowing she is triumphant ...

What do you think about that ?
Comming up with an Agency 2, that would not be bad at all, if you`d consider the comments of those who took the time to offer you feedback and a key to bettering & success .

BTW, liked Soda`s comments and kamilla`s too as well as others .

2be.not2be 2011.10.20
Q : how was Sasha able to talk with her mouth full ?
Is that also a singer`s treat ?

Suggestion - it could have used some `animalistic` sounds, moaning and growling ... that always helps .

The intercourse scene with Sasha is much better from an artistic point of view, the models animation is much better put together . 9 * for that .
The intimate story line could use some work, generally speaking, though particularly refering to Sasha`s sex scene .

Other than that, I did rate it with 10 * xD . You guys, gals - if any, enjoy The Agency ! Cheers .


2be.not2be 2011.10.20
Further feedback - have I said the models look astounishing ?
Their faces, gestures - quite expressive . Even though the way the `actors` pose is repeated, if you follow up the story nicely, without useless clicks or nagging the characters, you will get them pose apropriate to the dialogues .

As others have said, the sex scenes need work - lots of work. Again, it lacks expresivness, not at all natural.
Adding, as Soda said, I quote :` The click style is too `sober` for such hot and passionate scenes. ` - end quote ; the yellow button and the `excito-meter` do not cut it - wrong all the way.

The theme song - great, a big plus there .
Again, dialogues, naration, photos and static models - wonderful .

2be.not2be 2011.10.20
Pretty lucky bastard this Morgan fellah ...
In the rough lines, that was one of the endings ... hope you guys and ... gals ?, get to experience it, cause it`s a whole other thing doing it than just reading it.

@ DeaconFrost - if you could, either message me or comment here, what was your ending like, being fired ? Did you still get to fuck someone, the boss, your co-worker, or you plainly got the boot ?

Hm, wondering if , cause there sould be an ending where this Morgan guy gets together with Sasha, the singer, or with all 3 ladies at the same time, since they are all grown up adults and capable - that would be interesting .

Dear ladies and esteemed gentlemen who are responsible for the making of these here adventure games, do hope this feedback is to be useful to the in the future making of other amazing pieces of art .


2be.not2be 2011.10.20
Here it goes :
- models 8 to 9 .
- backgrounds 9 .
- dialogues 10 .
- naration, plot and everything else in the same cathegory - 9. 10 even .
( though could do better on the ending intercourse scenes )
- animation 2 .
- expresivity, art impression - 8.5 on models, photos ; 2 on animated scenes
- intercourse 9

Got the most unlikely ending, almost beat Caroline to the Contract and ... Jessica, the boss, offered to `comfort` me, while I (aka Morgan), got to have an all out sex treat on the back of an alley. And guess who was in charge this time ? All hard core, rough and went domination on Jessica - apparently she liked it so much ... my job got to being heaven afterwards .

Lorky 2011.10.20
Very good game! I like all! juste a little more action and it was perfect!

jjjl234 2011.10.19
great game but u actually have to pay attention to the info to get the girl

thono 2011.10.17
is anyone else having trouble getting to the exit/next button?

vefor23 2011.10.17
great game, and great graphics like always

Thaloo 2011.10.17
Fun game with great graphics. I especially like the different scenarii you can play. The endings are good too.

faithcool 2011.10.15
can you please help me i need help on taking the pictures?

faithcool 2011.10.15
Really fun and cool game this is on my top 20 list its #1!

Fucker no 1 2011.10.11
i dunno may be i had some problem wid d game . only one sex scene in d toilet one. may b der was problem in d network.

VertaMoon 2011.10.11
This game has really good graphics and is amazing.

nictan123 2011.10.10
i am stuck at the part when he was taking the photos

heplay 2011.10.10
It would be better if the game can increase more actions.

zerokilla666 2011.10.10
really liked it took a couple tries but i got it and loved it

nictan123 2011.10.09
fuck this game is awesome nice tits

nictan123 2011.10.09
great game graphics are awesome and i hope that will happen to me

Bret 2011.10.08
i love the story to this game and the girls well they where really sexy this game is going on my top 10

princessjessica 2011.10.07
This game is really good.
The girls are not to bad to look at and the storyline is pretty easy to follow.

saberrose 2011.10.07
sexy really liked taking the pics

cooldragonsnshit 2011.10.05
Excellent game, really love the models, shame about the looping sound but it worked well.
Top notch sex scenes.

tre982 2011.10.03
Similar to other passion games, I enjoyed, just wish they`d add better sound than the same track on loop. 6/10

hornyman216 2011.10.03
i love this game it is so good

hornyman216 2011.10.03
i love this game i wonder whats next

madmikenmolly 2011.10.03
Great game...the music was very fitting, but sound effects would have been nice.....the models were all incredibly hot, with Jessica being my favorite.....great game..the sex scenes were amazing, but the controls left me wanting...

sunchild93 2011.10.02
Nice game. Good story, great graphics. 100%

Sargeras 2011.09.30
The game is really good.
Jessica is awesome!!

Ivancdk 2011.09.30
Caroline is so hot! No Jessica?

ishmish 2011.09.29
Liked how smooth the gameplay was. grapics were good.

hornyboy666 2011.09.28
Its a hard game but i Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dolphi 2011.09.27
I also like the three endings.

Olypusguy 2011.09.25
I really like the three endings.

kiabia 2011.09.25
i dont know how to take the picture

vinx 2011.09.23
it was a nice game and i love it ....wow

Storm3 2011.09.23
I like this game. Nice graphic and story.

James161324 2011.09.23
Great game, i really enjoyed it

farkas 2011.09.23
The agency concept is interesting. The graphics is good and the general story turn possible elaborate the sequel The Agency 2 width more girls and world places. The game sistem click and play is very userfriendly.

Nicovince 2011.09.22
Great game, great girls as usual. I really love the three endings

robomech9 2011.09.22
This game was a lot of fun, loved balancing accomplishing tasks and having sex. The undercurrents of office life were funny.

nanau1978 2011.09.21
very hot game, good graphic, animation. I play this game a lot of times

crzyone 2011.09.21
I liked everything, as with anything there can always be improvements but for the style of game it is, it`s a really good one.

GreyWord 2011.09.21
it is a very cool game, i really like it

fiat 2011.09.20
good game, it would be nice if some moaning sounds

Arttee 2011.09.19
Luxury game, fun, very interesting, vibrant and sexy girls. .. Everything is fine. ..!

Artibor 2011.09.19
Posh girls are juicy. .. Ouch! Interesting story. .. Keep on playing. ..

joejoe666 2011.09.19
The agency is a brilliant game. the scenes are really good.

DreamTim 2011.09.18
very good game. i love it

VELTSU 2011.09.18

gauti93 2011.09.18
interesting game with good graphics and even some logic to impress

bigpoppa56 2011.09.18
awesome game! liked both endings

musicace2 2011.09.17
Hard to get all the endings, but still a good game

Kilopio 2011.09.17
Nice game, the plot is quite esay. Caroline is beautiful!

itsmods 2011.09.17
i love this game! keep it up

hammuh 2011.09.16
Gr8 job as far as office blackmail and politics. Could use more realistic animations.

edde 2011.09.16
great game. hard but good

piskerg 2011.09.15
Hot. i like Lesson of Passion series. Nice build game. 9/10

merchantmen69 2011.09.15
love everything about this game!

matrix529 2011.09.14
Very nice endings with beautiful babes

marcs58 2011.09.13
one of the best ones i played so far , i like my ending

pipsickle 2011.09.12
Well made game with some difficulty but that just keeps you trying.

decconan 2011.09.12
it`s an interesting game. it`s a pity you can not get 3 women all.

herc 2011.09.12
Tough at first but once you get it it`s a great game.

mauzayat 2011.09.11
Anwesome game. If it had better graphics it would be the best. Also that click here button make things kind of boring but anyway it worth to play I really enjoy doing it. Hot girls, nice history, with some tone of real life on it like the media agency, really good job!!!

HAWKERpwnz 2011.09.11
that was alright like the cut scenes though and the tits lol

Very nice game; get the pictures for Damian so you can have sex with Caroline.

xiaobailong 2011.09.10
how to get the screwdriver?

killerme100 2011.09.10
love it! nice graphics and animation! keep it up!

savate88 2011.09.10
Great graphics on this game, the objects, externiture and girls where awsome. A little short, the game could need a bit longer storyline.

rekrapxela 2011.09.10
finally got all 3 ending and liked the one with the boss and the client best

farber 2011.09.09
really funny game but it would have been better with more girls!!

paulclaude 2011.09.08
Very nice endings with beautiful babes

wazzaralla 2011.09.07
didn` like too much the animations, but the rest is OK

fw190pilot 2011.09.07
Excellent game. Much prefer the "click" method to mouse movement.

Hobgoblin67 2011.09.07
so so game,not many sex scenes and I`ve played better games

hotty123 2011.09.05
The ending with sex with the boss is super. Love the WILD SEX. The ending with the Latina isn`t bad either.

Derako 2011.09.05
great game with okay story loved the graphics

elishacuthbert 2011.09.05
I Like the boss. I just wish there were more fuck scenes with her other than in the washroom.

freddybobs 2011.09.05
Excellent - worth getting all scenario endings and the endings are superb and worth waiting for

mixleroix 2011.09.04
The story is fantastic. Beautifull girl.

nightrider 2011.09.04
a little complicated, but it`s funs!

lazerus13 2011.09.03
Awesome game. Love the fact that you can fuck all the girls in this one. Favorite is still the "Idol".

Jaaru 2011.09.02
Nice game, lots to do and hot babes.

wtcjrusa 2011.09.02
I liked this game, Had to think and be a little of a caniver, and sexy as well , but this game as with some of the others, add more control please, other than clicking a yellow button, overall a good game though , thanks.

SynesterBlackheart 2011.09.02
Good graphics honestly i dont think i understand some of the things u have to do

DeeJay_Hellbound 2011.09.01
wtf can sombody tell me y this game is lame as all outdoors but the graphics is good tho

skychi 2011.08.31
really nice game but its hard to find all the items..

beerracho 2011.08.31
I loved everything about this game. The women were gorgeous, the graphics were amazing, totally excellent.

mihailus 2011.08.31
really liked the game, super graphics, very interesting story

gustaveglans 2011.08.31
pretty good game, interesting storyline, fine graphics

jjaggins 2011.08.31
pretty good game. kinda easy to find everything, questions are a little annoying to remember every detail

shishkabob 2011.08.31
fun game ... lots to figure out and long enough to be interesting but not too long to become boring

botaku 2011.08.30
I enjoyed the game great graphics but a bit short, maybe due in part to the choices I made. Will play again for sure.

Rauhe 2011.08.30
A good game but i never got the black one ...

grt1994 2011.08.30
alsom game, the girls are very hot

dudebri 2011.08.30
well made I like the concept wish you could screw everyone

gregory511 2011.08.30
excellent game, really enjoyed the story line. Hope there`s a sequel

Ninio 2011.08.29
really good game good endings still trying to getm em all

crimsin 2011.08.28
good game just cant figure out 2 endings got the lose your job and the popstar girl but cant figure out the others for some reason

rannvann1 2011.08.28
nice game with nice graphics and nice story..................

markimarek 2011.08.28
Girls are very sexy!! Very good storyline !! Question - how much endings are in this game??

drakkins 2011.08.28
loved this gAme a bit tricky in some places but fun

happyhobo 2011.08.28
great game! they should make a part 2

thetibiaplayer 2011.08.27
Although a bit short, great game. Played it more than once.

sexyhotgirl1222 2011.08.27
Really good game really enjoyed it

amori 2011.08.26
Very nice this game is awesome love getting back at caroline.

poppa 2011.08.26
amazing good graphics and really the interface it good...keeps you up and going and makes u want more and more

xerxxes 2011.08.26
like as james bond 077 :D

culo 2011.08.25
absolutely cool game, but not quite surprising.
caroline is the best part of the game....

cogitom 2011.08.23
I like the idea. You can screw all 3 girls just cooperate with office boy and get him all he wants asap.

looool 2011.08.23
i love the game. i will gole it 10/10

FlorianX 2011.08.22
i love this game good graphic and great story, nice endings

Packz 2011.08.22
Interesting setting for the game I liked it.

chandraagus88 2011.08.22
hmm so sexy games.... wanna try it at real world.........
anyone can help me hehehe

emarmyguy25 2011.08.21
Love these games, they are a ton of fun...

sabajo 2011.08.21
i haven`t played this game yet but it seems awsome im going to comment more later but for now BIG UPS....

elliebaby 2011.08.20
this is sooo going in my favs :D xx

dcho19942 2011.08.20
great game, i like the games where you just have to press the buttons and not like move the mouse around the screen...

kapo 2011.08.20
this game is one of my favorite games,i also have to say that the story line is great.

djnikos 2011.08.19
Nice GAme.

I just don´t know how to get the Documents from my boss. in the conference room!! Any help!`??

adamj32293 2011.08.18
The girls are hot, the gameplay is fun, all in all a very enjoyable game. Just wish there was more interactivity for sex scenes as well as a larger scene with Caroline, she is so hot

PussyLickingBitch 2011.08.17
Love this game!
Hot girls, and good storyline!
It`d be great if they made a part 2

xx-rowanxx 2011.08.17
Great game and nice storyline!

Beczaster 2011.08.17
It`s a game that`s well made

Lookin4Vajina 2011.08.16
there is nothing like a good hate fuck but i think the singer is hotter

kaal 2011.08.15
great game, we need more caroline

tomken 2011.08.14

acrimony_ 2011.08.14
too easy. Good plot though.

kanf 2011.08.14
Overall a good game. Nevertheless, interactivity is almost null in sex scenes, and that clicking thing forces you to look to a little yellow circle. On top of that, very rude image flow on those scenes.

electron 2011.08.14
epic game, loved the caroline creampie

jimsc 2011.08.13
great game ,excellent graphics good storyline

Alyster901 2011.08.12
Loved the gameplay.
interesting game.

hoodied25 2011.08.11
amazing game, it was sexy and very good graphics loved it!

sexydrkgrl88 2011.08.09
I loved this game...It was a fun game and the graphics are awesome! ;p

mortadelo76 2011.08.09
Great game, I don`t know how to reach a different ending (3rd one)

mage208 2011.08.08
Graphics were really great but the characters were annoying (how they were written, not rendered!). It was hard to like anyone and I only finished to see the endings.

I did like the concept, however. Retune the receptionist and ONE of the women and I think it`d work much stronger.

pornomab 2011.08.07
I love this game!
I wants to try all the endings

Manderson256 2011.08.07
Easily one of the better games on the site, and thats saying something!

chefsegers 2011.08.07
I love this game. Great graphics and girls are all sexy.

garden11 2011.08.06
this game has a good graphic. easy question. and all of that I LOVE THIS GAME..!!

madesu 2011.08.06
the game was so hot and the gameplay was hard too

Goku69 2011.08.05
The sasha ending is the best one..!!

Suzi 2011.08.03
Very nice concept !!! I realy like the end !!!!

SamDeltaBS 2011.08.02
I liked the story on this and the gameplay is realy smoth.

bdb696 2011.07.31
love the game. good story and all the girls are hott.

imbeastin 2011.07.29
I love this Game
The story is interesting and the girl are really sexy
I think this game is one of the best on this site, would like to see a sequel....

scooter33 2011.07.29
total fan here, arm twisting and seduction... wonderful

vermillion01 2011.07.29
I love this game. Great graphics and girls are all sexy.

passion55 2011.07.28
Really sexy game, the graphics are nearly perfect. Defiantly recommend it

Herrushingu 2011.07.26
Amazing game, and great ending :)

josh11 2011.07.25
bit more puzzling than other games but love it!

Shaco 2011.07.25
Asweome game! The graphic and the storie are really nice and I love the music

Shaco 2011.07.25
Very good game, nic storty

Spencer335 2011.07.25
Great characters and cool way to get various endings. Storyline was great.

NeRo826 2011.07.25
great fucking game really liked it aloooot

Guisir 2011.07.25
like usual, LOP games are just great

salva1223 2011.07.25
a little boring at the beginning but following the argument is interesting, thanks to the guys posting the right answers... !!!:D

lovesandyyy 2011.07.24
what a sexy game the chicks are really hot

DeezO 2011.07.22
great game loved the art the story and the gameplay good work

insidelook 2011.07.22
Really good game! nice graphics!

stitch074 2011.07.22
great game. animation was awesome, not to hard but not to easy.

ballin24 2011.07.21
nice game nice animations very sexy

avantissimo 2011.07.19
Well thought out, not bad at all!

skarnska 2011.07.19
very good, the guy is a legend, just wish I had work collegaues and a boss that hot and horny

photu 2011.07.18

lolol66 2011.07.17
Hot girls, and nice game. GREAT!

bceltsau 2011.07.16
This is one of the best Games I`ve ever played, not only has this game got a remarkable Plot, but the Gameplay is very enjoyable.

Colerenfew 2011.07.16
was a good game, a bit too short though, the sex was nice though

ecchi888 2011.07.15
A bit dry, was hoping that there would be more scenes with the boss.

widmmo 2011.07.15
Very cool game like all of this type.

totalflirt 2011.07.15
Love this game, and all the passion games :D

chomicze 2011.07.13
Sasha is just perfect ! I really liked this game, both endings are great.

sam1041 2011.07.12
The 3 ending of this game are nice but the story is boring..

salva1223 2011.07.12
really good felt a little too long on some screens

Dexpo 2011.07.12
A stunning masterpiece, excellent excellent excellent!!!!

Djarim 2011.07.11
Great Girls, great graphics

hedzup456 2011.07.10
make that 50 times....god, i blew myself dry!

hedzup456 2011.07.10
Msn, i love htis game.....played 42 times!

namas11 2011.07.10
Quite hard to finish without walktrough. Caroline is best chick in office

james7176 2011.07.10
this is a great game with good graphics and good sex scenes.

NickX 2011.07.09
hadd a great time playing this game waiting for a next game

photu 2011.07.09
nice game and cool graphics

ravitul 2011.07.09
It was hard getting Sasha but I made it!

piersy 2011.07.08
was a good game, a bit too short though, the sex was nice though

chestcat28 2011.07.07
the agency is the most adventurous game I`ve have seen

jake201 2011.07.07
excellent game.it is really nice graphic too

schmeven 2011.07.06
The girls and graphics were great, however, it seemed a bit short.

Algambra1 2011.07.05
awesome graphics and girls!

brookchar 2011.07.05
The graphics and girls are gorgeous. Awesome game!

zazaza2 2011.07.04
hot girls
nice graphics
i love this game

incredibleman 2011.07.03
I`d like to see more of these characters. Definitely some funny stuff in this game, and some hot lovin` scenes. The music adds a nice touch to the game also!

pawan2modi 2011.07.03
Awesome game more, sex scenes is required but overall okay, will you please make the other premium games free, thx for all your sex games

davidruban 2011.07.02
come on kelly i need your new carrier

m4t0n 2011.07.01
hots girls makes this game superb

PhilG92 2011.06.30
Love the lesson of passion games they`re the best

photu 2011.06.30
its a real interesting game the first that i played and very nice graphics

kurrem 2011.06.30
good game from the lop series. liked that you could get the bitchy secretary and still get the best ending.

highlander666 2011.06.29
a great game fromlession of passion, and very hot girls

khlav 2011.06.28
another great release from lesson of passion. is sasha modeled on anyone famouos?

retvx 2011.06.27
it is really good game.nice graphic too.

alexrol 2011.06.26
really nice graphics here

ilolat69 2011.06.26
Good game, difficult questioning though

PlayForce00 2011.06.26
Too long, but I love the storyline.

cypisek1233 2011.06.25
i like it! i lick it! ;) it`s quite long and surprising.

jc1114 2011.06.25
the game could have used more action but it was great

PRDX4 2011.06.23
good game. way too easy and kind of short ended.

alexrol 2011.06.23
Nice game , still working on all of the endings

phayxu 2011.06.22
bloody brilliant game! the babes are fantastic and loved the story line too!

naza999 2011.06.22

gertje 2011.06.21
Able to get ending of 2 & 3..... Still looking for the 1st ending, not sure totals of the endings.
but hte game is good

tmac20 2011.06.21
pretty awesome game but needs more sex and nudity

jace101 2011.06.20
one off the best games ever

kingblik 2011.06.19
that was an ok game and it had good graphics to but overall i was bored

chip chipperson 2011.06.19
decent game. not nearly enough sex though

powerpuff 2011.06.19
is there posible for a lesbian scene

Saracus 2011.06.19
The girls are great. The sex scenes great.

kungipungi 2011.06.19
really nice game, the agency was a really cool idea, the girls were hot

LordAsgarath 2011.06.18
This is an incredibly hot game. Jessica, and the other girls are incredibly good to watch the sex with.

C.C. 2011.06.17
Game would be a whole lot better if we could get a threesome somewhere. All the girls are great so it doesn`t matter which. Ok, let`s just have the dude do all three girls at one time.

az89 2011.06.15
during toilet scene, the boss hand looks like she`s riding motorcycle

cdr 2011.06.15
I love the song !!!
the graphic is perfect too !!
Better if the scenario is longer.

John.damien 2011.06.15
Great game with very smart details that make it even better! good job

tazwiz 2011.06.15
Excellent game,i entertained it a lot

jeewhizz8 2011.06.14
really gd game could of been better though

tk3230 2011.06.13
i really enjoy the graphics in this one

Fortuna 2011.06.13
not sure about that game - noting happens, maybe i`m doing wrong

crabbs 2011.06.13
Hot great storyline and a little challenging very nice game!

booboo527 2011.06.13
good game, nice graphics, and hot babes

neoan 2011.06.12
good game. nice graphics.

Ketzi666 2011.06.12
okay, really best by game of this style by far!

kenn7176 2011.06.12
I`ve gotten all the endings,its a great game once you figure out what your doing.

nazrin 2011.06.11
wow this games so fantastic

JCtheMan 2011.06.11
love it! it took me a while to get the ending with sasha but it was worth it. graphics are stunning. characters models are the best. you guys keep doing what you`re doing

Sixxico 2011.06.10
Pretty Interesting. A fun game with the same amazing graphics

barnakey 2011.06.10
I liked this game, but replaying it got annoying. I like how some of the other games allow you to start from different "checkpoints". I think this game should have the same.

tikiy20 2011.06.09
story line is very well...endings are ok....

saywhat 2011.06.09
Great game, wish it was longer!

lotscum 2011.06.08
yeah so many people like this games..but for me this standard...

tg209 2011.06.08
Wow this was amazing, the girls are so hot. the story and graphics very good

sroy1986 2011.06.08
Great game. Caroline is most beautiful amongst the three girls.

tabby1991 2011.06.06
I dont know about this game, I cant get passed the office point.

dothetango 2011.06.05
one of the best games on the site!

MunkkiJoller 2011.06.05
Liked the story alot, graphics are as good as ever :) Great game!

svcb 2011.06.05
gameplay could be longer

BallIdiot 2011.06.04
Short game, but the sex scene graphics are great. The game play is very intuitive as well.

busu99 2011.06.04
This has to be one of their best games to date!!!!

xMagicDonuts 2011.06.03
dont Careful spoiler, I saw someone asked for help so gonna skip few lines about endings.

3 different endings, there is no order but...

1. Fail completely during the presentation. You are fired.
2. Complete success, 10 good answers, one more scene with Sasha.
3. Average without failing (8 good answers were good enough to get that one and probably less), you get a scene with the boss, Caroline

jhiarey 2011.06.03
love the way he hooked up with his boss..great animation and gameplay with the storyline and everything..got one ending

petar32 2011.06.02
i am waiting for a sequel:))

bolsouru 2011.06.02
Great game!! Really loved the graphics and gameplay, plus the girls were really hot!!

Ebonv2 2011.06.02
Absoltuly awsome game, love the story line and how the endings differ so much, could have better animation quality but i can accept that.

yoda 2011.06.01
got shot down at presentation... guess i need to keep better track of client info

EgyptianOsiris 2011.05.31
Feels like in the office:)))

sroy1986 2011.05.31
This game is awesome. I reached all 3 endings. The three girls are really very sexy.

Alexlesbo 2011.05.30
This game makes me the most hony has possible!

pryce 2011.05.29
my fav very very hot ..... amazing looking girls as well

MCkemper 2011.05.29
I love this game .. its the best i`ve try.) thx a lot )

boredisme9893 2011.05.29
fantastic game really enjoyed it even tho i can only get 2 endings -.-

alexis.russell 2011.05.29
Pretty Interesting. A fun game with the same amazing graphics

Dan189uk 2011.05.28
Really liked the artwork, good game

seenomore 2011.05.28
truly amazing, great graphics! I loved it all

kyle1233 2011.05.28
great game got the 2 good endings.. would have been interesting to somehow get a threesome ending but otherwise great stuff!

jack08180 2011.05.27
I like the concept. I wish it was a little more in depth and there were more options. I also wish the sex was a little hotter and the click circle is just annoying and pointless. I like the `quest` aspect of it, just needs to be expanded a bit more

bigbuck11 2011.05.27
Is there any way to read the information gathered by the other agent?

scrappydoo 2011.05.25
wow i reall enjoyd this game an the sex scnes were awsome ;)

nonypa123 2011.05.25
I liked this game. The story and the graphics were better and can be made better in sequel

codemanlemke 2011.05.25
well done, sex scene could`ve flowed a little better, overall a solid game.

T3X117 2011.05.25
hhahaha that`s interesting game i love them :D

bobbert135 2011.05.25
awesome game! great looking girls

tishtish21 2011.05.25
I enjoyed this game, decent graphics.

gerald82 2011.05.24
good quality graphics, hot girls, but would like more options and more sex

mojusername 2011.05.24
Nice graphics but not a game for everyone`s taste.

robinho-rat 2011.05.24
very good graphics but not the best game on this site

Zero099 2011.05.24
Graphics are really impressive.

sexmannn 2011.05.24
i love this game and the graphics and the girls

Tarquin 2011.05.24
I love the different ending, it adds a something to the game.
The graphics were good, too.

Nesha500 2011.05.24
I really liked the game,it turned out better then i thought it would.

sexygirl12 2011.05.23
its a good and sexy fucking slaggy game

Hektor115 2011.05.23
Good story. nice posibilities. interesting becaus of different ending.

sensationni 2011.05.22
Certainly one of the best games on this site,but the graphics could have had a little more flow on the sex scenes

mmm601 2011.05.22
Very nice game, really enjoyed it.
Interesting endings, too

gol123 2011.05.22
Good game just a little tricky until you get to the end

LeandroO 2011.05.22
I liked the story, altough it is very obvious where to get the items.

Guisir 2011.05.22
lucky man, he gats 3 very beautiful women

rachit_rose 2011.05.22
game loading having too much time

toogrumpy 2011.05.22
You sure have to pay attentyion, but worth it.

partee777 2011.05.21
I could never actually beat this game O.o Better keep trying

whoreandmore 2011.05.21
The sex scenes are a bit too short, otherwise brilliant

delare22 2011.05.20
Defintely the best concept off all of them. Much better than my next favorite, the High School Romance. The story is nice, and it`s also fun in the sense as it has the right amount of non-linear fell to it. Even when I play it times after, I was able to find things and do things that I didn`t know you`re able to do. Two of the endings are also awesome, too...

dragonajay 2011.05.20
a super game good graphics excellent storyline giving it 100/100

shi234 2011.05.20
excellent game.
the agency conccept is perfect!

bakabon 2011.05.19
they really should make sequel for this

bakabon 2011.05.19
his game is really awesome and was fun playing i got 3 endings

amir4444 2011.05.19
its a cool game i loved it

Inquisitor 2011.05.19
Very nice game. The story was good and challenging enough. It would be nice to have an option to go back to a checkpoint instead of going back to the beginning to get a different ending.

sajrd 2011.05.19
good game! not much real action. fun though.

madeinyuc 2011.05.19
I liked this game, its very hooot.

puntje013 2011.05.18
nice game but there could be more interaction in the first half, now it is al played in the end

SexyAngel20 2011.05.17
how do u take the picture of caroline

anmol gupta 2011.05.17
very good game,more endings,very hot scenes..i have reached one,but i am not ending this game :D

Rinoa 2011.05.17
I enjoyed this game, the characters models were sexy. Caroline was my favourite.

jikolm 2011.05.17
was swooned by concept tortlay a gr8 fun

bbygirl_01 2011.05.17
This game is pretty amazing. I love it and I will definitely play it again. (:

ustayrys 2011.05.16
very good game : the graphics are excellent (which is usual for leonizer), and the plotline is my favourite among leo`s work.

I enjoyed this game, the characters models were sexy. Caroline was my favorite. :)

ratonel 2011.05.16
Its a very nice game wit great girls.

lindalindsay31 2011.05.16
this game is pretty fun. i like the ones that are longer, such as jordan 500

wbak1947 2011.05.16
Excellent game and graphics...animation is realistic.

wankay 2011.05.15
Awesome game. All the girls are beautiful and graphics are up to par.I love the agency concept, it is well made, in the straight line of others of the same kind.
Interesting plots, pretty funny characters somehow, sarcastic sharks, regarding the background it is normal.
Decent sex scenes without being amazing, still graphically really good and sexy models to say the least.
I really like the game, gonna have to run it more to see the 3 different endings, first time got me the worst one, fired. Hahahah.
Simple click & play but efficient, I enjoyed it, worth playing.

style8 2011.05.15
Graphics 10, girls 10, history 10. Great Great great game.

pawel17 2011.05.15
i enjoyed playing but its a shame that there are only three endings

seeul8tr 2011.05.14
Awesome game. All the girls are beautiful and graphics are up to par.

ShadowBear 2011.05.14
The graphics are good, and the scenes quite nice graphics wise. A little more interaction would have been good though.

bonbon 2011.05.14
i didn`t think the scenes were that great. the animation was too abrupt.

photofan 2011.05.14
really cool game...graphics are very nice, scenario is really very good.

Rheidar 2011.05.14
Very challenging and fun game, good graphics as well.

ania_F 2011.05.14
another great game from PF1

Roaror 2011.05.14
Nice game, Like the Multi-endings

randy101 2011.05.13
this is a good game but are there multiple endings or just one

Hadesoul 2011.05.13
I like this game also, and how much endings for this game?

blacktruck 2011.05.13
good game like the endings graphics were

Craig4565 2011.05.13
Good story with 3 endings. Graphics are good.

dinnin 2011.05.13
I love this Game
The story is interesting and the girl are really sexy

Zaic 2011.05.13
nice game and very sexy girl!!

AgMarauder04 2011.05.12
Great, but I wish there were better ending choices...like maybe 2 girls

Kuppz90 2011.05.12
Nice chicks , good game , abit short tho , but good :)

Abhishek02 2011.05.12
i really loved the concept of this game...

bigwilks 2011.05.12
cool game! would like it to be longer and more explicit

best065221 2011.05.12
Very good game and very sexy girl

the619ace 2011.05.12
i think this a good game huh?

helloolleh 2011.05.12
how do you bang your collegue

zaza06 2011.05.11
really hot i love this game as well

thewombat06 2011.05.11
Definitely more in depth, loved all the endings

gamerman9800 2011.05.11
I love the editors choice its just awesome!!!

mattmsand 2011.05.10
This game feels pretty real, like the soundtrack too.

Damien747 2011.05.10
Definitely a great game. Couldn`t get all three, but the last two were just fine with me.

Aigi 2011.05.10
Something about the graphics in these games make them nearly irresistable

zombiedude 2011.05.10
great game. kinda weird tho.in a sexy way

Vankertill 2011.05.08
need to make an update with a threesome and maybe give the guy in the lobby a shot at a girl

perceussoz 2011.05.08
how do you get to the ending with him fucking Caroline? Thats what I`m wondering...

biggiej 2011.05.08
love the game even throught there could be more blackmail involved or a threesome or something like that. sure would be nice

mawkishmarina 2011.05.08
Loads of hot girls, nice story.

perceussoz 2011.05.08
Awesome game I like the graphics and Caroline has a nice rack :D

jagmonkey 2011.05.08
i love these games. i want to play all of them. 10/10

jappienova 2011.05.07
I like this game. Just wish there was an ending with Christine.

Bakane 2011.05.07
love the game and the story want more

lionheart 2011.05.07
one the better game of this. keep it up lop

danielgomes1976 2011.05.07
cool good all around game was fun and sexy

danielgomes1976 2011.05.07
One of the best game, I ever played

danielgomes1976 2011.05.07
Loved this game!! could play it for longer, with more options happily

danielgomes1976 2011.05.07
nice game with many scenes and much to do

danielgomes1976 2011.05.07
good game amazing graphics good storyline

danielgomes1976 2011.05.07
This is a realy sexy game. I enjoyed very much.

danielgomes1976 2011.05.07
the graphics was good. and so was the gameplay. this is one of my favorites!

danielgomes1976 2011.05.07
Good story line, very sexy girls and I liked the click button. Worth coming back to.

danielgomes1976 2011.05.07
This is a realy sexy game. I enjoyed very much.

washyge 2011.05.07
Game is good but I would really like to see Kelly. I miss that sexy blond.

BLACK9 2011.05.07
Not bad! really nice game.

banes 2011.05.06
Good story line, very sexy girls and I liked the click button. Worth coming back to.

sanji 2011.05.06
very interesting,i like this story

Lone_wolf814 2011.05.05
good game amazing graphics good storyline

clairerivera 2011.05.05
the graphics was good. and so was the gameplay. this is one of my favorites!

MrNunYa 2011.05.05
The games awesome.
Good characters and cool way to get diffrent endings.
Good game

*CJ* 2011.05.05
This is a realy sexy game. I enjoyed very much.

costareal 2011.05.05
top girls and nice story i love it

Twelvepak 2011.05.05
Mildly amusing. Great graphics and pics, but a bit boring. Some better animation would make it great.

Hotpussy 2011.05.05
Loved this game!! could play it for longer, with more options happily

cyril159 2011.05.05
i really like this game , its so hot

azrael81 2011.05.04
This is something fresh. More characters - more fun. I wish it could be longer.

Sm00thtalkr 2011.05.04
quite different from other LOP games but even so once used to the different ways of moving foward was very enjoyable

equus271 2011.05.04

aznboywill 2011.05.04
really liked the hot coworker

deathwind 2011.05.03
Good game, good graphics and i love the girls in this game. Even though it is a bit short.

Matthewooo7 2011.05.03
This is a great game! I love the plot.

Danny King 2011.05.03
You knw what to exoect from these games and this one doesn`t disappoint. Lovely graphics and the girls look amazing. My only complaint would be with the action buttons. They kind of distract from the action so perhaps some way of controlling things with mouse movement would be a better idea.

nabur1976 2011.05.03
cool good all around game was fun and sexy

madato 2011.05.03
a really great one - the onely lack is still the silence throughout the game (like in others) this kind of game with sound will be a stepahead.

HAhartman 2011.05.03
over its an ok game....music sucks...it puts ,me to sleep

safff 2011.05.02
Eh, the sex scenes weren`t that great, the one with the coworker was the only good one I think. The pace could be a bit faster

dfsk 2011.05.02
There are only 2 problems with this game.
1.The sex scenes was kinda dissapointing.
2.To short.

Heythane 2011.05.01
It`s a very good game. Graphism. Interaction is Good

lielakoma 2011.05.01
hard to get 1st ending on first try

ram_sam 2011.05.01
the game is good and awesome

liuyun 2011.05.01
what a wonderful game!It has a good story and good pictures!

SpiderWeb 2011.05.01
Good game, good graphics and i love the girls in this game :P

tjbeatz202 2011.05.01
fun game, but is there any way to have any other girls join in besides the boss?

krishan 2011.04.30
i love this game is too deadly

RomeoChillax96 2011.04.30
Very nice game, really enjoyed it.
Interesting endings, too.

brabdab 2011.04.30
Not very interesting game

Adjie DW 2011.04.30
this is one of my favorite game, very good game.

oblicok 2011.04.30
A bit short but the story is quite interesting.

Silhan 2011.04.29
nice story a nice models its awesome

rasto161 2011.04.29
One of the best game, I ever played

dwolve 2011.04.29
Game kept short and simple. Just a great way to pass the time.

Bob0541 2011.04.29
Game was ok but it started out as a snoozefest

Ocram 2011.04.29
i really like this gam but, a can`t finishit

Lezboluvr00 2011.04.29
lesson of passion always makes good games

winsley 2011.04.29
Really good game! nice graphics!

playboy1 2011.04.28
i love this game! that jessica is hot!!

ghost007 2011.04.28
I liked the story in this game.
I liked all the choices you had.

aj8494 2011.04.28
Good game, and the gameplay was awesome. Overall a very good game.

Mic6989 2011.04.28
I`m stuck, somewhere near the beginning. I found a screwdrviver and took some non nude photos of Caroline. I spoke with Jessica once; she said she`d be at her office around lunch but doesn`t show up...I can`t seem to find anything that`ll move the game along at all....Help?

darkskin 2011.04.28
gameplay good and the graphiv is excellent not bad at all

jefman 2011.04.28
nice game, great gameplay :)

Ocram 2011.04.28
I love the graphics, but, im stuck, but i sure beat this game

gotpwned 2011.04.28
Good graphics and cool game

XMAMEDX 2011.04.28
Good Story with good graphics

scrip 2011.04.27
The story is pretty good (:

arushah 2011.04.27
characters were awesome i loved it

nielynator 2011.04.27
fun when you try to fuck every girl in here! :P

billibob 2011.04.27
pretty nice game, we would like some more in that style

shawn07 2011.04.27
challenging but a good game

hunted 2011.04.27
game play, graphic, animation are great could use more sex

hunted 2011.04.27
pretty nice game, we would like some more in that style

dexiio 2011.04.27
hahaha,,, nice game, nice graphic, i love it.. ^^

Dumbledore1 2011.04.27
excelent game, nice graphics, A decent game, though, like others said, the intro could really be shortened,

nsfr23 2011.04.27
As always another fun game :)

fickfacker 2011.04.27
funny office rat :D funny stroy

lee1400 2011.04.27
good game and not hard to beat. could use something to bring you back to play

duckduck 2011.04.26
bit loong but one il play again

Skarn62 2011.04.26
Nice game with lot of girls, but no interactions

Skarn62 2011.04.26
game play, graphic, animation are great could use more sex

fcbrugesboy 2011.04.26
Nice concept! A little easy to get everything right. But very good and sexy characters!

maffemich 2011.04.26
great but a bit long game

hanzzz88 2011.04.26
Great but needs more animation!

miia 2011.04.26
a very good game. Not so easy also

connor ritschard 2011.04.26
great game best one so far!!!!

Nacionalsocialis 2011.04.25
good game, graphics were ok but not great

phinox17 2011.04.25
i really dont like this game its to slow

panosfg 2011.04.25
can`t help it not to get horny with caroline..!!

C.C. 2011.04.25
Outstanding. A foursome with all three girls would be great.

RingTime 2011.04.25
Had to get some help with this one. pretty good game overall tho.

sexykelsey 2011.04.25
can some 1 tell me where rhe screwdriver is plz

hunted 2011.04.25
I love the agency concept, it is well made, in the straight line of others of the same kind.
Interesting plots, pretty funny characters somehow, sarcastic sharks, regarding the background it is normal.
Decent sex scenes without being amazing, still graphically really good and sexy models to say the least.
I really like the game, gonna have to run it more to see the 3 different endings, first time got me the worst one, fired. Hahahah.
Simple click & play but efficient, I enjoyed it, worth playing.

Alerik 2011.04.25
Awesome just fucking awesome

Janet500 2011.04.24
this game is so awesome i feel like im doing it for real

sexykelsey 2011.04.24
OMG this is the best game ever
jessica is hot in those stockings

adramelech727 2011.04.24
It`s a good game, but it`s kind of tedious. The sex scenes shouldn`t have that little click here button.

rickilesh 2011.04.23
The game is excellent. It requires some concentration and memory. Very wise game. I had fun!=)

kingofch 2011.04.23
Brilliant, brilliant game with epic sex scenes and yeah one of the best out there.

mustim11 2011.04.23
very smooth gameplay and fairly nice graphics

socomvin 2011.04.22
Wow this was amazing, the girls are so hot

slyallen3 2011.04.22
The different endings are interesting, but it`s too bad that you have to repeat everything every time you want to get to a new ending.

dannyboy1000 2011.04.22
i love the storyline its great

amps00 2011.04.22
Good game. I like how the ending is dependent on the score

Beaumagi 2011.04.21
Good game, needs more music. to repetative. More endings would be nice too.

josueo 2011.04.21
Nice graphics, but the game did feel too rushed. Some of the things that happened just didn`t add up from the choices made.

SESAVA 2011.04.21
Nice game, really enjoyed this one. Loves the Sasha character too, I guess I have a weak spot for young black princess.

blues13 2011.04.21
good one i like this game

Jaydog0120 2011.04.21
I love the concept of this game.
I think it would be a great idea to make more based around the same idea

cynosural 2011.04.21
oh very nice games , but i ned help , my english is too bad and i cant to respond corectly to all questions , ned help to can take Sasha , plz.

Ayven023 2011.04.21
i love this game!
great animation

yarrak 2011.04.20
Very nice game, really enjoyed it.
Interesting endings, too.

vadersghost 2011.04.20
Not bad, but I can`t figure out all the perfect answers to get the black chick at the end. Can anyone post a walkthrough?

visioner 2011.04.20
Nic e gameplay and hot girls

sutty 2011.04.20
hot babes very good game ave a go you will enjoy!

TheIncubus 2011.04.19
8 of 10, super sexy game!

lollypop00 2011.04.19
really good graphics love it

Angel789 2011.04.19
Very good game good sex scenes

dumpsave 2011.04.19
interesting story, nice animations, half the gameplay options don`t seem to actually do anything, seems like there could have either been less useless options or more twists and turns.

Romulus 2011.04.19
The story is interesting and the girl are really sexy
I think this game is one of the best on this site.

p03scr0w 2011.04.19
Not a bad game but I think that there needs to more to do.

Caanite 2011.04.19
Am I the only one who see this game as some sort of a caricature of PR agencies? Not in a wrong manner of course, because in fact the game is quite amusing. It has a certain atmosphere, realistic characters, and, most importantly: girls who`re just hot as hell. And that Caroline... oh boy. For me, the sex scenes (not all of them) were a bit of a disappointment, but nevertheless, Agency is still a fav for me.

I`d wish to see more games like this one.

who93 2011.04.18
i love this game
the girls are sweet

gauravei 2011.04.18
graphics are so good but need some moaning sounds and more sex scenes

XAXA 2011.04.18
The boss is the hottest of the three girls so I love her ending the best.

and a tip: Make sure to try and get all the info you can on the pop star and answer all the questions correctly at the end if you want to unlock the pop star ending.

reddeep 2011.04.18
A very good and beautiful game, the gameplay and the graphics are very attractives, nice compromise between the soft and the hard sex.

Snowballs 2011.04.18
good game but too short :(

thesphinx 2011.04.18
Played through to a couple of the endings, I hope to get them all. Fun.

rich0507 2011.04.17
nice game especially caroline one hot lady with nice tits

kotison 2011.04.17
I liked this game. I think its one of your best so far. A bit challinging too

johnoliver19 2011.04.17
Verrry well done. Super sexy - Jessica is fuckin` smokin`, I wish we could have seen more of her. This game is a perfect blend of sassy fun and sexy scenes.

coach_hoop 2011.04.17
This game is awesome, especially the part where Morgan gets with Caroline!

tigersoul007 2011.04.17
the graphics are amazing..and the girls are simply..sexy :)

jasonpierrepaul 2011.04.17
girls are hot but I got stuck at one point and didnt know where to go

blatncan 2011.04.16
really good graphics and story

blatncan 2011.04.16
this game is really amazing

TheMightyAnvil1 2011.04.16
Managed to figure out all three girls ... Nice game and good graphics ...

I would recommend ;-)

Starwars2011 2011.04.16
amazing game, amazing choices

MrTonyG 2011.04.16
was an ok game, but a little more user input would have made it better. multiple choice answers that determin outcome help make it more fun as well. graphics are good quality though.

ronit6667 2011.04.16
i love this games nice endings but only got 5

Bigdogpapa 2011.04.16
Well, played through the whole thing and it didn`t really turn me on

nuzitu 2011.04.16
game was good but there wasn`t sound like every leonizer game

goshu 2011.04.15
a preatty good one, but it goes off suddenly and ... nothing!

niamhxox 2011.04.15
Great game, one of the best on the sites. Fitted my taste perfectly!

greenangel34 2011.04.15
Great game lots of fun !!!

arkaniss 2011.04.15
very nice game and very good GRAPHICS and the girls so hot

bejox 2011.04.15
nice game..can improve my imagination about sex

karlthenoob 2011.04.14
a good game good gfx a bit short but a fun game

vegetaline 2011.04.14
very good game, fun to play

jzazatio 2011.04.14
I like very greatly. At least its working onto playing with Kelly.

cookieharre 2011.04.14
I realy liked the game
got the ending with Sasha

mube 2011.04.14
This one`s a bit too linear for my tastes. Usual quality graphics though.

Arbaal 2011.04.14
Concept in this game is nice. Actions as well. But choices and scenarios would be better.

oligarchy 2011.04.14
@yiko: if you want to get caroline, all you have to do is get her panties for your buddy at the desk. He`ll give you some dirty pictures and if you use them in her office, she`ll fuck you for em.

Does anyone know whether the breast enhancement card has anything to do with anything in this game?

yiko17 2011.04.13
Great game to spend time!!! Girls are awesome!!!

Is there any way to hook Caroline.

tky3k 2011.04.13
I like the agency, scenario could be more creative tough. Still that`s a really good one. PF1 team is getting better and better everyday.

yicboffknbdi 2011.04.13
The boss is the hottest of the three girls so I love her ending the best. Make sure to try and get all the info you can on the pop star and answer all the questions correctly at the end if you want to unlock the pop star ending.

slaper 2011.04.12
Just make sure to fuck your coworker in xchange for those photos.... u cant miss that part!!!!

aleman135 2011.04.12
Brilliant game amazing graphics and a sound storyline

cherubim 2011.04.12
Gameplay is good as usual, graphics are also nice, but animation should be improve, to be more "smooth". Now its like crashed flash game, going step by step. If this is improve it will be fine. Also a bit help (darker color of circle) where you take photos with iphone it will be ok. I really liked that, when choosing the answers in propotion, the game continued with 2nd step (new page).

zanaroc 2011.04.12
Pretty decent game although altogether too short

newcomer 2011.04.12
im stuck at the part when i pick up the card help

yea1992 2011.04.12
Great game. Wish our actions before the meeting could also affect the ending...

Breeze101 2011.04.12
This is fun and entertaining. could any1 help im stuck at the picture taking part. thank you

Nimrod 2011.04.11
Not bad overall, but could have used better sex scenes, more nudity.

DRH33GM 2011.04.11
good chiks fair animation needs more gameplay but a very hot game

JeanGreyHot 2011.04.11
The Game Is Perfect
I Love Play This Game Because the girls are sexy and the story is interesting

TelorSwift 2011.04.11
Beautiful women, beautiful artwork and a decent storyline. Thumbs up!

jelenko 2011.04.11
My favorite game...i play it every day

dirtyvince 2011.04.11
I like the graphics but storyline bit bored... but still worth to play

hopefully next agency game could involve more storyline

lexibb90 2011.04.11
Great graphics and story line. make sure to pay attention to the text as it will come in handy at the end of the game

stattion 2011.04.11
Great game. Characters all look great although Morgan does look like a muppet!

If only PR was really like this. Or maybe I`m just involved in the wrong type of PR!

derpwhale1 2011.04.10
A lot of action... Amazing

emetiel 2011.04.10
nice game
I like the idea how to work on your carrear :)

abzurri 2011.04.10
btw, the screwdriver is in the coffee place

abzurri 2011.04.10
it is getting better and better, loved it

wakensurfaxe 2011.04.10
great game, loved the graphics and the associate

lee1400 2011.04.10
nice game could of been better

h1r0 2011.04.10
Gear game nice idea and good graphics

wonderlust 2011.04.10
Graphics were very well done. Soundtrack got annoying though.

Killer_Sasuke23 2011.04.09
This is good Gameplay Graphics and well its good

Bullseye324 2011.04.09
God This Game Was Great Nice sex Scenes

dlman91 2011.04.09
Great game, loved the different endings

Tyreich 2011.04.09
fun game with great animations but i think there should be more endings

dino8732 2011.04.09
the screwdriver is in the coffee place

dino8732 2011.04.09
very good game bit hard but fun

m4lv1n 2011.04.09
i don`t find a screwdriver... help !!!!!

oligarchy 2011.04.09
Wow, took me quite a while to figure out that the last ending you have to do ok but not good enough for the ending with the actress. I think Dominating Jessica was probably the best ending though

bryan9754 2011.04.09
i love this game very nice indeed

bryan9754 2011.04.09
great graphics...the girls are so sexy..great game

qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm 2011.04.09
cool game but the boss is really not ugly

grof_Simon 2011.04.08
This game has it all, I loved it ...

ossexe 2011.04.08
sexy girls and a cool game i like it

ghostnor 2011.04.08
I liked this game. I think its one of your best so far. A bit challinging too

haxxbit 2011.04.08
Good game, i have it played many times, i think all endings are good.

blamblam 2011.04.08
great game lots of fun make more like this one....

Dmoney291 2011.04.08
good game,but how can you get the ending with the boss?

qwe23 2011.04.08
very good game, great graphics and nice sound to

Rokuro 2011.04.07
Nice game... I really like the story. Keep it up guys! Maybe more games like this?

NADOSH 2011.04.07
great game ..
i like it so much


armagedon 2011.04.07
As I recall this game was designed to test out some new lighting and models, and that story was not a priority.

jj02687 2011.04.07
absolutely cool game, but not quite surprising. caroline is the best part of the game :)

mutante 2011.04.07
i got stuck i cannot find the screwdriver some1 help?

hot_wolf 2011.04.07
As usual the only fault is being to short to finish : the rest is great

wtfno 2011.04.06
got all 3 endings lol
1. get fired by answering almost all questitons incorrectly
2. Fuck your boss by answering half/ 3/4 questions correctly
3. fuck the black chick by answering all questions correctly

SexThorn 2011.04.06
perfect game i love the caracters and story

vincentvalentine14 2011.04.06
Interesting all the way. Pretty hot girls

iago_ist 2011.04.06
I like the agency, scenario could be more creative tough. Still that`s a really good one. PF1 team is getting better and better everyday.

Thank you all

timtamman69 2011.04.06
Great game! We want moree!

stepheny2g 2011.04.06
I like this game nice graphics sweet story could be longer ....

C. C. 2011.04.06
Still haven`t been able to get ending with Caroline. Am I missing something?

buffalo 2802 2011.04.05
Very good game, nice graphics.
Keep up the good work

Kryvie 2011.04.05
Really cool game, but not challenging.

reper 2011.04.05
good game, a bit short and not very challenging

Dr. Notorious 2011.04.04
Good game with a interesting story but it could be longer 8/1`0

innitm8 2011.04.04
this is game is good and so are the graphics

haa 2011.04.04
honestly it wasnt like i expected and i ask of playforce one to put Tori 500 im begging

Gamer94 2011.04.04
Graphics were awesome.....And the best part is the game was easy,enabled me to view all 3 endings......

liviab90 2011.04.04
game was really good, storyline very interesting, graphics were amazing

Chuck63 2011.04.04
Graphics are really ... Whaow. And the concept is really interesting.

sean mcD 2011.04.04
amazing graphics..endings shud have been little more bigger!

jasher 2011.04.04
needs more endings but still a good game!

bobdafische1 2011.04.04
i love the graphics for this game

bobdafische1 2011.04.04
i love this game it has great graphics

bleach 2011.04.03
greatest game i have played

bleach 2011.04.03
great graphics and sounds

bleach 2011.04.03
good game ,it was dam awesome

bleach 2011.04.03
great game love to play again

lovelykiddy 2011.04.03
pretty good.. didn`t like the "Click Here" buttons though, they were timed and didn`t offer anything interesting to the game.. no voiceover sounds either ]: not that any of the games have any good ones anyway

salmon 2011.04.03
help! Im stuck on the lightbulb part!

MadMan2388 2011.04.03
Quite good. Graphics are great.

veilside21 2011.04.03
nice game with many scenes and much to do

Kleiner1507 2011.04.03
I luv this game, good music, nice sex scenes, story a little bit too long. otherwise great

phyuphyu 2011.04.03
I like that very so much . good graphic

lykic 2011.04.03
i like this game it is very interesting but i lost at the end of the game

xKxMxSx 2011.04.03
Very relaxing and clam game, somewhat funny too. The sex scens where kinda iffy but sexy at the same time. Very hot girls though :)

armagedon 2011.04.02
Graphic are awesome as usual.
I really like controls: both top view to change location, and sex action control

amannas 2011.04.02
This one is great, just wondering how to get in with the tattooed girl for the ending! The singer is super hot

sammy_jay112 2011.04.02
Ok game but i think the story line was two short even if there was multiply endings

kumangex 2011.04.02
good game but the storyline is too short

bubba001 2011.04.02
like this game, very nice graphics motion and eros concept

SYGORS 2011.04.02
nice game only became two endings not all three -,-

nonamefaceless 2011.04.02
Very sexy, especially caroline, but too short. Just needed 2 more scenes and it would be great.

duinod 2011.04.01
Enjoyed the various tasks.

junior 2011.04.01
pretty nice game, we would like some more in that style

big fro 2011.04.01
how do you get the fired ending

753753753753753753753753753753 2011.04.01
the game was good and the graphics were awesome

spiderpig2503 2011.04.01
good game, graphics were ok but not great

Armour 2011.04.01
A nice straightforward game. Sex scenes were definitely average but I loved the backstabbing storyline.

xmarcek 2011.04.01
Great game, nice graphics

gulfshores 2011.04.01
Nice game but I find it troublesome to go through everything again just to get an alternative ending and especially when there are three alternate endings.

flesh28 2011.04.01
very good game. good graphics.

Dezmar 2011.04.01
One of the better games in it class. overall a good game. only thing I would lke to see change is more outcomes/endings. Oh and a doublestuff scene...but thats just me...

Doan 2011.04.01
This was an okay game. Graphics were okay but there needs to be a little bit better sex scenes but overall a good game.

Rockers 2011.04.01
This is a very good game. I really love this game because its challenging and fun. It is such a nice game. I love it the most.

alston 2011.04.01
its a nice game overall. great storyline. great picture.
seen jess & sasha ending but cant get the last ending.

romain153 2011.03.31
This game is really good.
The girls are not to bad to look at and the storyline is pretty easy to follow.
One problem is that the sex scenes seems to be a bit simple but other than that a really good game and one worth re-playing

ICE Dude 2011.03.31
realy good game will play it more then once

poopsnoop 2011.03.31
Good game liked the Sasha ending the best

Solvino 2011.03.31
fantastic game, needs a sequel

bestfx 2011.03.31
There`s a lack of surprises, but the theme is rather exciting. Thanks !

Rustless 2011.03.31
Why cannot I not find the stupid screw driver? A little help?

kangaroo 2011.03.31
Nice game good graphics and sound

VivaZ 2011.03.31
This is the best game ever. Congrulations!!!

atoril 2011.03.31
Wonderfull music and great game as usual with leonizer

ameen1973 2011.03.31
Nice graphics and cool game

BigTam 2011.03.31
thanks for the help cube much appreciated

zoranag1 2011.03.31
nice game, got all the endings

carl88 2011.03.31
i like this game it a good game

poghiex 2011.03.30
now i finished 3 endings. thanks guys. awsome games.

afa7 2011.03.30
i think that it could be better if has more sex scenes with more details like pussy and dick

jayphab 2011.03.30
Cool games/story line. let`s have another episode sometime soon.

coboypunk 2011.03.30
Great game, fun and addictive, hope to see a sequel or another game like this one soon

Patmatticus 2011.03.30
Nice game. Like alot of posters I would like to see more endings. I would also like to see a reason for Morgan`s office, the fridge... Better than many of the games here; but nothing has topped Jordan500

Cube 2011.03.30
@BigTam: You`ll find the screwdriver in one of the windows in the coffee room.

linttu 2011.03.30
OK game, sexy women, pretty easy..

BigTam 2011.03.30
I need help with the game I have the lightbulb but no screwdriver to change the bulb can anyone help please

sven 2011.03.30
cool story just needs more sex and babes

pratik5887 2011.03.30
this game is really awesome and was fun playing i got 2 endings searching for more if it is having

NINJA_ASSASIN 2011.03.30
ahh i just presed randomly at the meeting i need to restart all the way ahh but its a nice game

sexywoman 2011.03.30
The game plot was very interesting with the guy having sex with all the women. can add more girls though. like morgan fucking boss after work in her/his apartment

rob 2011.03.30
One of the best games played, great sexy girls, best ending when you answer all questions correctly

mildcrush95 2011.03.30
one of the best games ive played in play force one.
i love the graphics and animation.

lobao 2011.03.29
this game is fucking hot! i`m excited untill n

cliss 2011.03.29
My favorite LoP game yet. The sex scenes are getting there... and the girls are at their hottest.

safado27 2011.03.29
This is really a good game. The best I played yet

vanee98 2011.03.29
This game was alot of fun!

KingRatedR 2011.03.29
Good decent game, I enjoyed it.

AlsiAlsheimer 2011.03.29
Nice one but much too short to be really good.
The Story has much more Potential in it.

thewombat06 2011.03.28
Nice concept but maybe a bit too long. Could use some checkpoints

113walter 2011.03.28
I like the game, good graphics and game play. However it seems too easy up until Sasha gets there

pyratemime 2011.03.28
Really enjoyed the game but have not been able to find the thrird ending. I have the boss and the singer.

borjaracing 2011.03.28
Wonderful game, good sequences and text. animations could be better, perhaps?

turro 2011.03.28
excellent game is very nice

fueschi 2011.03.28
i LOVE the concept of the game :D .. the graphis are awesome as always.. i like the .. "style" .. but as some said before me .. the animations could be improved.. i know thats hard because the more and detailed animations, the bigger the game is .. i guess .. :)

SpacePuppy42 2011.03.28
Nice concept but a bit unrealistic. but than again, we all fantasize about this stuff.

andy_regresa 2011.03.28
the best game ever i`ve played in my life awesome!awesome and again awesome

kmrounds 2011.03.28
good game wish there was more in game play

AragornI 2011.03.28
A great game with great graphics, the boss is sure hot!

pattex 2011.03.28
great game! sasha is really HOT! but i`d love to have some group action. and i liked it very much in the older games that you can choose if you want to cum on her tits, on her face, ...

ceba 2011.03.28
The save options are missing

elwetingol 2011.03.28
not so hard, have all the endigs) ending with the boss is the best)

advokata 2011.03.28
The story is good, I`ve played the game 4-5 times, and at the conference I gave different answers, but every time the end was the same... Also I think you should take a look at the animation. :)))

4nik8 2011.03.27
Good game, original but the animation needs work.

narussa 2011.03.27
really great game, i really enjoy it, it would be nice if you guys can put more stories

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