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Teen Fangbangers


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Raider22 2018.02.22
great scenes and graphics and characters were very good

OzzieGuy 2017.10.24
Nice game. Enjoyed the scenes

yinyang770 2017.08.09
not the best LOP game out there

Tiodor 2017.07.01
Game was awesome, great graphics. Endings and everything else are really good

ianjames 2017.03.14
great graphics very sexy girls

SexyLady42 2017.03.14
This was a descent game. There needs to be more choices and interactions.

sawfield 2017.02.03
nice game.. some parts looks very real that was very enjoyable

meowmeow69 2017.01.17
slow game but is very fun and had me hooked for a while so see all the different endings.

lordalex 2017.01.15
awesome game , good graphics a sure recommend

Adarsh0504 2017.01.13
It was a nice game, especially logical. Not too difficult to reach one of the best endings. Should be one of the top rated.


ejaflash 2016.11.29
Llove these types of games

gdc 2016.11.02
Still get stuck in this game, but I think the game itself is very enjoyable

kingkylie2016 2016.10.30
great game wish it was more options but good game hopefully more from this brand great halloween character

satelitu 2016.08.19
good graphic, nice animation

CLkz 2016.07.18
great game and graphics with nice story

zorrie 2016.06.30
good graphics....sexy ladies..enjoyed

Numenorean 2016.06.18
Way too much dialogue, a low amount of choices though the story is interesting the story is the only good thing worth playing for.

stach56 2016.06.06
Interesting storyline and cool girls. Graphics on a high level.

vulcanofcapriano 2016.04.03
Good graphics, nice story but I would have liked it if there were more options, and the name of the main character get`s changed mid story. Overall it`s a 5/10

adim 2016.03.23
not bad, but after getting one end did`t bother to search for other as I usually do in better games

Milkit23 2016.01.01
There should be more options in the game if you ask me.

verrybigD 2015.11.24
I love this game good graphics and story

Scissors 2015.11.16
she`s reading twilight haha its hot

Filioccer 2015.08.25
I feel like the game should be a little easier

Filioccer 2015.08.25
Amazing game with amazing graphics

nutz104 2015.06.30
Was a good game. Liked that it had sound, that was pretty hot.

PlayboyBD 2015.05.28
Amazing animations, graphics and storyline!!!! Loved it!!!

bigsham 2015.05.08
really good & love it becaue of the vampire

Moringd 2015.04.26
to me this game is good graphics

dodgas 2015.04.17
The pointer gets out of track...please fix it...the graphics part is really good

pie_man123 2015.04.07
ok nice game and have an interesting story but i don`t prefer this game

Zeblast 2015.03.25
Interesting story and girls were good

j3hj3h 2015.03.15
Interesting but it`s very linear. Would like to see more choices and the graphics look a little dated.

4i40man40 2015.02.17
The game is HOT! Wild! Like it a lot!

xslayermkdx 2015.01.23
i like the game you can cr8 more of this story

bg97434 2015.01.17
nice game. but the grapics could be beter

unholyamity 2015.01.14
fuck her right in the pussy

Beedge69 2015.01.13
Not up to thr usual standards of LOP
The storyline is interesting enough, but there are far too few choices and interaction

warrior65 2015.01.07
Loved this game, great story and graphics

LazyTiger 2014.12.04
Really good focus on story, i`d wish it was longer.

bannaking123 2014.12.03
awesome game and amazing graphics

candycock73 2014.10.30
great game will definitely play again

manotes 2014.10.18
thank, game is interesting

Futuros 2014.09.30
I enjoyed it and thought that it was very interesting plot.

blackburn1 2014.08.28
ok game I would have like to have more decisions. it was more like a comic than a game.

pandeyaryan 2014.08.26
great game i loved it played it 10 times

webguy 2014.08.25
Nice graphics, but missed the interaction of the other games.

jenggotapi 2014.08.15
good story, hope the graphic better

stoad69 2014.08.03
Gorgeous girls and great graphics.

bitz94 2014.07.11
Awesome game. One of my favorite.

yannos34 2014.07.07
not much interacting with this games

BigDailyCock 2014.06.22
Great graphics everything looks so realistic

cristiano1234 2014.06.10
cool game just fucking girls hot chiicks

xabi 2014.05.27
pretty hot girls nice game

sausageb88 2014.05.21
it was ok......not my favorite.....girls were pretty hot

kaltonse 2014.05.21
Good animation and gameplay, well done.

keshakat7997 2014.05.19
Amazing gameplay and animation, just like always

generalcdj 2014.05.04
Great game, wish there were tenticles but still very creepy and very fun, also gurls look haht

Xandrax 2014.05.02
I have always loved vampires, and this game is pretty cool. The graphics are nice, and I can`t wait to get the other endings.

w1drng22 2014.04.03
Graphics were good but there didn`t seem to be much user selection. It was mostly just click click click to get through the storyline.

asdfghjkl12 2014.04.02
it`s not up to standard. bad

Amincoy 2014.03.25
nice... it`s a good vampire game as I seen before

jcool8488 2014.03.24
good graphics and story line

pitexs 2014.03.23
like the game hard at first but keep your mouse moving over everything looking in the comments i see a couple new things and so hoot play this game

Assurbanipal 2014.03.19
Excellent Soundtrack , nice movies, good games, easy playable,

erpoly 2014.03.08
nice game...short story line...good horny sound..

armydick 2014.03.08
not up there with the usual lop games boring and too much clicking

saquib.khan966 2014.03.05
nice graphics and a sexy game

Rindevar 2014.03.03
So different from many of the other games, and will make it a niche game, in already a niche genre. For what it is, good enough though you won`t probably play it more than thrice just to see all the endings

raylancea 2014.02.25
not bad but still good graphics

rosit 2014.02.22
I prefer when the LOP games have more options to choose from. I felt like I was clicking the whole time instead of making choices. This one didnt keep my interest long.

Aegis197 2014.02.19
This is a nice game with a good story line but i feel it needs more animations and better graphics FOR the animations. I understand that it might make the game too heavy, but maybe place a warning like "BEWARE:FOR BEEFY COMPUTERS ONLY"

MrX99 2014.02.14
It was a different game, whick I really like... the vamp issue is very erotic.

glen69 2014.02.05
stunning graphics guys top stuff

nikiii 2014.02.03
Great game, loved the vampire them being put into these types of games.

xplayer 2014.02.02

hyperpixie 2014.01.22
Good job! the game was fun and the animation work was amazing. in my opinion was a harder game than some of the others.

tetohot2 2014.01.05
Its a very good game and good look girls and the sounds are very good good job best site

ReFLeXGoD 2013.12.28
God, the girls in this were so sexy, loved it

ired 2013.12.21
Very nice story,i had trouble seeing the progress bar filling up,but was saved by the text hints.

w1drng22 2013.12.13
This was really hot. The girls were perfect and the sex scenes very good.

jamestugs 2013.12.10
wow great game. love the gfx. both girls are sexy.

whiterun 2013.12.04
Excellent game and nice graphics.

silentkill399 2013.11.24
who want to know how to get all ending

ending 1
*For ending #1:
(you need the rosary, see above)
Bulgur casts a spell and you become temporary a statue.
At some point:
"oh? Is the spell wearing down, already? Such a remarkable bloodline... I will enjoy drinking from it."
(the rosary, at the right of the screen, starts to bright)
You can click on it at this point and you get ending #1
If you wait, she sucks his dick, the 2 girls are doing a 69 and after a last click you get ending #3
If you click on the rosary during or before the 69 (dialog "Yes, you did. On the other hand, you and Bianca..."), Bulgur suddently fucks Biancas, you have your clothes again and you get ending #1.

ending 2 *For ending 2:
"yes, yes. I will."--> Sandra licks her pussy then gets fucked by bulgur
"Later, Bianca. i need something inside me. Something you don`t have" --> Sandra gets fucked directly

"I... I understand. Bulgur, I will do as i am told"-->"you fuck the blonde with a dildo" (gentle, moderate, passionate), (gentle, moderate, passionate), then bulgur fucks the blonde
"No. No fucking way am i hurting my best friend with a sex toy. that`s wrong on too many levels"-->"You are... denying me?..."--> You toys yourself.
Anyway, you get ending #2

ending 3 Bulgur casts a spell and you become temporary a statue.
As before, the blonde licks your pussy, bulgur touches your pussy, the brunette sucks bulgur`s dick, oral cumshot, 69 with the 2 girls.
Then you see ending #3, so it happens exactly like if you had the rosary and if you don`t click on it

almr14 2013.11.20
I think is the best game of lesson of passion

skr369 2013.11.17
hot graphics...Sandra is hot..

Driver 2013.11.17
I like this game, it seems easier than the other vamp one

irock162 2013.11.15
Able to find one of the endings. Pretty easy just choose the sumbmissive words.

irock162 2013.11.15
Great game very realistic graphics. I like the different endings.

KazumaKiryu 2013.11.06
hmm, awesome graphic n story play...

Ilnerd90 2013.10.25
Amazing graphic girl but very bad song :(

bigbellend7 2013.10.23
Quite a different game than was expected. Many endings I have yet to discover.

Daianor 2013.10.17
this is a really fun game

Sidhelord 2013.10.14
It`s a good game. I like it.

ace0706a 2013.10.14
they should really move this comments entry area to the top of the comments section but also pretty good game

jenek-sokol 2013.10.13
Played with three endings, liked it. Graphics is good, animation is not bad

?? 2013.10.12
Awsome graphics it`s make me intrested

albertofm 2013.10.09
Pretty good game, girl was hot!

cizar5 2013.10.09
This game is perfect as it is

qwertyasdfg 2013.10.02
the girls are hot but i wish the game can be more...interactive

omarsalem 2013.09.16
very nice game, could have been longer though.

gamersaddiction 2013.09.14
really godd game good graphics good storyline

AxelKool 2013.09.13
Nice game, girls are interesting and exiting, good job

colhan3 2013.09.12
Good game. The graphics were good and the vampire theme was interesting

cyclone36 2013.09.11
nice game,,, the graphic is okay.. i like teens but not like the vampire things.. but overall the game is okay..

mahebass89 2013.09.06
very hot and sexy.................

Adalric 2013.09.04
liked this one, very fun.

madmax68 2013.09.03
Great storyline, this game was pretty amazing but very little to do in the game

Lizzie 2013.09.03
Awesome graphics. So realistic looking and great game!

mmmJassy1 2013.09.03
Weirdly interesting. Loved it.

Fox Pilot 2013.09.01
story is a little confusing

nat3780 2013.08.31
This game is amazing Great vampire game got me really wet

cadet_84 2013.08.30
very interesting game with good grafic

skippy212 2013.08.30
love the game could have more too it

CursedG 2013.08.26
Nice Game And Quality is good

Djbeowulf 2013.08.23
love the game would like it more if it was longer and less clicking

Kiva 2013.08.21
Really good! Animation could be better!

sotercortez 2013.08.20
pretty good game has good graphics and story

regdunlop 2013.08.15
Would be nice to revisit Sara in another game.

pussyhunter911 2013.08.15
not bad game, another great LoP game

Lizzie 2013.08.15
totally awesome and realistic graphics. Loved this game!

jeffreysan 2013.08.15
Fun game, but the sex by the vampire should also be "interactive" like the masturbation, and dildo scene.

Dude wheres my Car 2013.08.14
The game is exceptional, I want to see more, feels somewhat repetitive. Still, a good game.

mibam41 2013.08.11
hot damn that was really hot

nat36090 2013.08.07
Oh my goodness I love this game I loved it because it is a vampire game

Vashras 2013.08.07
Its quite a nice game but i would have loved better animations. The graphics are wonderful but the animation were just too... low on frame :) so to say

MonkeyJer 2013.08.04
Loved this game. Got all the endings

megs 2013.08.03
Nice game, got 2 out of 3 endings.

marvelous24t 2013.07.30
i like this game good graphics

Einhornwal 2013.07.30
nice game but i would have wished it to be longer

ad1021 2013.07.30
this is one wicked game
just loved the graphics

sexlovingirl 2013.07.29
Good game, wish it was longer though

noogad 2013.07.24
sexy chick and great graphics but lacked a little something in the story

smartsex 2013.07.24
animation could be improved. not much games to work with.

OntarioliaB 2013.07.23
Too few endings.
I wished there was a continuation to the slave ending and you could actually get to stake him.
I also wished that you could somehow save your friend

grimes 2013.07.23
The Sara character looks exactly like Drew Barrymore. Anyway- Interesting game!

liverpool.fo 2013.07.20
very good QUALITY, very hot girls, and an ok story

matricule14 2013.07.20
It was entertaining, i love this game, would play again to get the other 2 endings

Sascha1974 2013.07.19
Great game great endings. Nice graphic!

driver11 2013.07.17
sexy chick and great graphics but lacked a little something in the story

shadow00693 2013.07.12
what a great vampire sex game :)

minas 2013.07.10
FUUNY SEXY CUTE this game has it all great job to the devs

hell_sinng 2013.07.09
I have to admit that this games is a nice one :)

JustJeff722 2013.07.08
An alright game, but I have played better.

tbrad123 2013.07.05
Great game great endings.

arrro2013 2013.07.01
Good story, but a little more interaction by the viewer.

cacaliki3 2013.06.28
i love vampires this game is awesome more like that one

kane22 2013.06.28
great game, really enjoyed it!

bouce 2013.06.28
fangbangers same name they use in true blood

Zero_21xx 2013.06.25
i like the previous attempt at this whole "vampire" love thing this game is a challenge sadly but once you played with the game about the third or second time then you will understand how the game works

DEGGES86 2013.06.23
good game but a little hard to play

demon96 2013.06.22
Great game,.The best graphics i have ever saw

mrcacadz 2013.06.19
Great game , nice story and grafic. msde my day!

yamaharacer196 2013.06.16
Cool game, I like vampires.

Smil4TRE 2013.06.16
I like teenagers, so I like this game, great gameplay

effinbig 2013.06.16
i`d give it 3 outta 5 stars

iceyjames3 2013.06.15
very interesting game and very creative idea !

smoutylad 2013.06.15
oh man not the best game but was still orgasmic

rangealone 2013.06.13
not many options in game.

gimmick 2013.06.07
a little too weird of a story for my likings.
Nice girl action though

tyguyrocks 2013.06.05
i like the gameplay alot, but the graphics could have been better

sturmi 2013.06.04
loved the game! the graphics are just absolutly AMAZING!

CanadianShane 2013.06.03
Fun game, I particularly liked all the anal play. Love it when the girls are into that :)

skykul3 2013.06.02
there is a part get the neckless not the gun

hxpsk0 2013.06.01
good job done on graphics, really liked it..

felexan 2013.06.01
I love this game great graphics and sex scenes

bigcock39 2013.06.01
Nice game, I don`t like teenagers but are interesting and exiting, good job!

Vildhazze 2013.05.30
Such an amazing game enjoyed it!

63ted 2013.05.30
Good graphics enjoyed the options.

samsoni21 2013.05.29
Story is a bit off but the graphics are nice

randy06 2013.05.28
yes it was a good game but neded to be longer and more of a story and more sex

sexy990 2013.05.27
im stuck in this game helpme pls.

HwdKiller 2013.05.27
Great game, loved the vampire them being put into these types of games.

smbotimer 2013.05.27
it was a fun game I lie it

littlemissnaughty 2013.05.26
Great game, really wish it was a bit longer though

bibo69 2013.05.25
great game with nice grapics

SamanthaJones 2013.05.25
Just love this game despite a slight character name change during it. Graphics and storyline first rate and I would so love to be a teenage fangbanger within it confines.

DeadlyAlias 2013.05.25
The animation did some WEIRD shit, but the story was one of the best I`ve seen on this site.

GrimRipper 2013.05.24
Interesting story. Never did a vampire before! :)

hahahorny2 2013.05.24
great storyline and graphics but wasn`t passionate enough

Alohomara15 2013.05.24
Yet another good game that I played. Great graphics.

Kikigee 2013.05.23
This game was awesome great graphics endings and everything else really good job

sharpest_tool 2013.05.23
Not a huge fan of vampires, but like the game. Naked chicks are always good.

PFO180 2013.05.23
Love the game. Begining to end. Wonderful

derda 2013.05.23
ame has potential as it has a good story line and hot girls. Good sex scenes too.

bigdaddy101101101 2013.05.22
Can`t get the second ending??

Cole_Renfew 2013.05.22
Very great graphics and history.

Q+W+E 2013.05.21
superb graphics and Animation

Crazyhightec 2013.05.20
Great game, love the gameplay it`s really good!

daledenton 2013.05.17
mint graphics, quality game.

iraisht 2013.05.15
not a huge fan of the vampire thing but it was a good game

cameroncg 2013.05.15
very good graphics, the storyline was fun, and it kept me entertained

zwicks 2013.05.14
Nice game, beautiful girls, beautiful graphics but the script is not very good

andyy 2013.05.13
verygood game i hope there will be a longer story next time

andyy 2013.05.13
very good game, i want more

godcomplex 2013.05.13
Great storyline, this game was pretty amazing

mik01 2013.05.12
good sex - but the game is just a story

lzs001 2013.05.12
great game ! the girl is wonderful!

mattp95 2013.05.12
was an entertaining game to play however it could use additional scenes

99rd 2013.05.10
nic game
hot sexy chicks in it
love to fuck them hard

derda 2013.05.09
very sexy games...so nice girls !!!

Eredar 2013.05.08
Hard to find good FFM threesome games nowadays

Reyson 2013.05.08
This is a good game, but I think it need a bit of an upgrade or so

shishkabob 2013.05.07
Easy to `win`, but how to find the middle ending? Where do you use the rosary?

shakti123 2013.05.06
wow i love this game its awesome

Buddler 2013.05.06
A little bit too short but sexy and stimulating!

x7xShadowWolfx7x 2013.05.06
not a bad game, the action graphics and control system could use an update though

bionu.org 2013.05.06
amazing hot teens. great models

peppis 2013.05.05
Good game with nice graphics but it was a bit short....

face42 2013.05.05
Nice game, little short, but good. I liked it

fffback 2013.05.05
Nice game, I don`t like teenagers but are interesting and exiting, good job!

gamesksi 2013.05.05
editors edition is the best games ever

XLoveMeSweetlyX 2013.05.05
Nice game i really liked the plot so to say

KeithWWatson 2013.05.04
This game was allright, too short and I did not like the Vampire but the two girls where hot

DanoSvK 2013.05.04
nice erotic game wit great graphic

dark-minded 2013.05.03
not good enough animations and very short story

Rainkiller 2013.05.03
good sex animations! liked the girls

gwazz 2013.05.02
nice game beautifull girls fun to play

hlh111 2013.05.02
Enjoyed getting the to the various endings
good game

rafael_diesel 2013.05.01
Very great graphics and history.

lulalura 2013.05.01
great graphics. i like having more control with the characters tho.

Rajubbb 2013.04.30
i dont like teenagers but are intersting

ashish411 2013.04.28
very challenging and additive game

angel1982 2013.04.26
awesome game love playing it

JccJ 2013.04.23
great game. I would play it again and again!!

Nimsajevil 2013.04.22
A little bit scary...=) And too short to be honest!

sarina 2013.04.20
i need help in this game im stuck dont how 2 play

Star2013 2013.04.20
There isn`t really much varitey in the endings and wish there was more endings

ezzat121 2013.04.19
great game. I would play it again and again

sj13 2013.04.17
not many options but good graphics

mikejohnson 2013.04.17
great game. teenagers go well in sex games

addaxe115 2013.04.14
Good graphics .. nice one

Jumpingforce 2013.04.14
Nice endings, choices, women and the graphics are still good to appreciate it all

user654321 2013.04.14
nice game with detailed story and good graphics

raignarock 2013.04.14
The graphics should be better than what they are

Reyson 2013.04.13
awesome game, and the girl was hot too, but i`d like to see more endings

jakehammer 2013.04.13
damn the teens are soo hot
just great

jakehammer 2013.04.13
another one of my favorites

shubhsaloni 2013.04.13
vampires+ sex = best game ever

Mr Loz 2013.04.13
Good graphics, I would have liked more options though

Daddyluv1982 2013.04.10
Started reading the comments and I didn`t think I would enjoy this game cause I don`t believe in vampires but it got me rock hard and throbbing

RickyRoll 2013.04.09
Aside from a general feeling of uninvolvement in the story, I must say, this was pretty damn hot.

Tyrchon74 2013.04.08
Pretty easy, but pretty hot, too. Not really conducive to multiple playthroughs, but worth a look.

Joe3298 2013.04.07
Amazing game! I love it! The girls are hot..

dedrat0 2013.04.07
not big on the whole vampire craze

G-Forc 2013.04.06
Amazing game with a lot of nice graphics

Anastasia99 2013.04.06
why there can not be played there?

Noizekickz 2013.04.05
i love all those games ! there awesomee !!!

Castiel38 2013.04.04
Nice game,but i dont liked girls

Jp0n33 2013.04.04
It was a nice game, but I wish it were a little bit longer.

nevercookie 2013.04.04
what a great and sexy gamme

gwazz 2013.04.02
a quick and simple game with very sexy women i like it

yolazzy 2013.04.02
Funny,Porno twilight saga...

FreddyFredson 2013.04.02
I think it should last longer, it`s way too abrupt.

harold08 2013.04.01
woderfull game.. great job. i like the story, extra ordinary

shivers1 2013.03.31
great game. I would play it again and again,

Sexy-Slut 2013.03.30
nice graphics but not loving the teens

angelst 2013.03.30
i like this game make more of them

angelst 2013.03.30
storry is nice but i might last a bit longer

mdv89 2013.03.29
whats the point of this game

mackshayster 2013.03.29
While the girls are sexy, the plot is too linear; only three endings!?
Any sequel would ned more ending

Sm00thtalkr 2013.03.28
pity Bianca doesnt play a bigger role

tialuvsya 2013.03.27
great game. I would play it again and again,

jagare 2013.03.27
Nice game, graphics are also nice

lakokale 2013.03.27
this game is very fun to play. it is hot and sexy. however, it may be improved

electrolite 2013.03.26
i love adventures with teenagers. Please more :-)

nico2099 2013.03.26
i keep getting ending one of three

nicky14723 2013.03.24
keeps getting better each time i play it

Dave719 2013.03.23
Not bad, but very easy and over way too soon.

oranjeboven 2013.03.23
Nice story, creative.
Good graphics

liujie 2013.03.23
A very good game and also it is long

MAJic53412 2013.03.23
how can they relate this to twilight?

Atrajs 2013.03.22
great nice diffrent ways of chosing options

Tonchik 2013.03.22
good grafic very nice game. i love this game.

messanger3 2013.03.21
story lacked depth and was not that enjoyable

Death13 2013.03.20
the graphic is good, the girls are sexy too, love it

schwarzjonah 2013.03.20
graphics are good, but the storie is boring

Jayne 2013.03.19
sexy gurls, a little easy and boring

happ388 2013.03.18
simple story but the girls are hot. a little scary for me boring

hunted 2013.03.18
awesome lol and funny too

luca16490 2013.03.17
it was fine it needs a little bit more action

Flasher1 2013.03.16
Nice game. Felt a little short so it is good it has more then one ending. Still, really nice game . :)

ghislain08 2013.03.16
Good game picture it`s very peautifull

BallIdiot 2013.03.15
Decent game, but the sex scenes aren`t exciting enough...

xyphoide 2013.03.14
sexy lady but lame sex scene, it`s not even moving!

hopping 2013.03.13
Nice, But the girls were a little ugly :)

Firo1000 2013.03.11
this game was kinda boring but i liked it

Madelene 2013.03.11
Nice game. Felt a little short so it is good it has more then one ending. Still, really nice game and I hope there will be a sequel with more of it. :)

monster45 2013.03.11
really awesome and great graphic and game also with vampires a male and femaile really awesome

BigBug333 2013.03.10
awesome lol and funny too

shazam 2013.03.09
Nice game, I don`t like teenagers but are interesting and exiting, good job!

jamaica 2013.03.09
I really Liked the game even the gaphics this game is cool

Pililus 2013.03.09
not bad what an awsome game

Lurch94 2013.03.08
this girls are really hot animated

Arty_McMuffin 2013.03.06
Love the fantasy setting, good animations and very cute girls. Could use a bit more endings or more interactivity however. But an enjoyable game.

AXE8686 2013.03.06
one of the best game I have play so far

mohitrai 2013.03.05

troyfizzle 2013.03.04
huge dildo she got there

iknowyouwantme 2013.03.04
Amazing game! I love it! The girls are hot..

wateshito 2013.03.03
good threesome game, like the graphics, the trama. congrats

77out 2013.03.02
nice game. but the grapics could be beter...

blackluffy 2013.03.02
its a cool game but does she ever escape?

sprina03 2013.03.02
not bad what an awsome game

jack_ahboyy 2013.03.02
good game..more excitement...

qqsasrr 2013.03.02
very good game it was awesome

hant 2013.03.01
nice graphic with nice girl.

jaxsonhawk 2013.03.01
great game but the graphics werent great

0904038 2013.03.01
personally I found this game quite boring

chafer1 2013.03.01
Fun game a little short like people said but fun.

boyo111 2013.02.28
Not too bad, much shorter than the usual games

Jumpingforce 2013.02.27
Great game with some cute girls

Damdimvi 2013.02.27
This was a good one. I wish there had been more choices to make, though.

Firose 2013.02.27
that was disturbing, and it really was not fun at all.

ozorne_6 2013.02.26
never found the ending where she gets out of it.
it`s to close to rape for my liking.

49fp 2013.02.26
well as others have said does not require any thought to get endings.

Bombaazhul 2013.02.25
Good, but lack of interactivity

virtuallaife 2013.02.25
I played 10 times till now and it`s not boring yet

white 2013.02.25
wow!!what a good story..make me feel hoT!what the FUCK!

glukos37 2013.02.25
Nice game, I don`t like teenagers but are interesting and exiting, good job!

busu99 2013.02.24
Good game , nice graphic.

Koldness 2013.02.24
Nice quick game, but i wish it had more control when it came time to fuck.

andy_regresa 2013.02.23
Good game for the variety, all three endings!

abksexy 2013.02.23
this game is so hot iam fingering

bigsexybull 2013.02.22
nice game could be different in some ways

tom90 2013.02.22
well done game with good graphics and decent gameplay, but story is terrible in my opinion and not a fan of vampire stories they always try to make them out to be a girls dream come true.

me personally I prefer reality ones or if you are going to try something different actually be different by doing something science fiction based or fantasy based, not just real life thrown together with some weird vampire.

ron00095 2013.02.20
I just want a girl like this.
Get fuck easy like this, cooool
What u think?

X11263 2013.02.20
Nice game ,but the story is boring.

LexArturo 2013.02.20
Wish there had been more interactive actions, but I did like the opportunity to somewhat choose story path.

Papi Jater 2013.02.19
wow...very good graphic and story

harry007s 2013.02.19
i kind of like it but its kind of stupid ...

toni_84 2013.02.18
Great graphics but the story is so short and a little bit boring and absurd.

UniverseKing 2013.02.18
Nice game, needs better graphics though.

iscrumpy 2013.02.18
nice game good story idea

vassanth.appi007 2013.02.18
how to downloading the games?

hoopsracer 2013.02.17
Boring...other than a few decisions, nothing but a "click thru"

pedroramirez 2013.02.17
This game had a great grafics but the strory is short

AsianFTW 2013.02.17
Awesome graphic and background music

HarveyWallBanger 2013.02.16
Good game for the variety, all three endings!

BigJoe_1987 2013.02.16
This game wasn`t bad, but I`d like to have witnessed better graphics or visuals. But this game was good.

Shush 2013.02.15
Fun enough to play a few times, but not the greatest game in PF1. Threesome option is great and it is one of the few games on the site that offers MFF options. Overall: 7/10

derda 2013.02.15
Amazing game. Graphics and gameplay are top of the line.

Eveylulu 2013.02.15
It`s a nice spin to vampire love stories. The girl is cute!

aadugowda 2013.02.14
good game,graphics quality should be improved

stnick 2013.02.14
Guess this appeals to all the twilight/true blood fans - it looks pretty (well at least the girls do) but its not that enjoyable to play.

antib 2013.02.14
This is a good game. As expected from LOP.

zankro 2013.02.14
like the way Ideas get put into practise.
For what it is , it`s good.

electro*** 2013.02.13
Amazing game i hope to continiou more games P.F.O....

eliza4552 2013.02.13
cool grapgics and sound aniation could be elittle longer and it is a v bit slow

rock21799 2013.02.13
Nice, graphics could be better :)

Lazzfir 2013.02.12
This is a good game. As expected from LOP.

icrazyur2 2013.02.12
game to short gtaffics bad

mrcoolerz 2013.02.12
didnt manage to get the 3rd ending though.. nevertheless, the graphics were good as always, but the plot could be improved.

snowmobiler132 2013.02.12
great graphics .... too short of a storyline

NFraunhofer 2013.02.11
Nice game, I don`t like teenagers but are interesting and exiting, good job!

oozami 2013.02.11
very nice game.....premium game

f1rstt1mer 2013.02.10
graphics are ok but not much of a game

lonesttarr 2013.02.10
meh, wasnt a whole lot of choices, just a lot of clicking...not worth replaying

orbit 2013.02.10
great game, some of the best graphics i have seen yet

Buttnaked2011 2013.02.10
this game is very fun to play. it is hot and sexy. however, it may be improved

mick149 2013.02.10
it was a bit boring if i do say so

tommydturtle1 2013.02.10
This is a good game. As expected from LOP.

davistran2468 2013.02.09

another great game with great graphics.well done!!!

PlayForce00 2013.02.09
The graphics aren`t that good compared to other LOP games, the storyline and game itself is very brief.

Metazpod 2013.02.09
Graphics are good, but the animation is really lacking compared to other games

sajrd 2013.02.09
as with all their games,good graphics and terrible animation,75%,average

Teine 2013.02.09
Nice simple little game. Would be worth a re-visit with expanding the content with newer animations. Perhaps even a tad more content between the two women.

marvel302 2013.02.09
Fun game, it`s somewhat short and could have used more lesbian scenes.

21bigdick21 2013.02.08
this game is just to simple so it`s not really fun to play

Kizmit 2013.02.08
good game a little more interaction would be nice

akrenes 2013.02.08
awsome game, i like games like this

busu99 2013.02.08
this game was great i loved it

1NT0X 2013.02.08
good story line but graphics not as good as most other stories

diogo132 2013.02.08
Nice game... but need graphics better

CB54 2013.02.08
Nice game, but I agree with the other comments: LOP should be better.

oranjeboven 2013.02.08
A bit dissapointing.
Not many choices to be made, too linear.

erised 2013.02.07
this is not the best LOP game. I am also annoyed by having to click on a link to get a separate ending.

deathgrip 2013.02.07
Although this game was ok I found it a little simplistic

6623626 2013.02.07
this one is way too weird.en..I think

jeanmimel 2013.02.07
very bad game, i realy don`t like

jrjr567 2013.02.07
this one is way too weird..

a715jjr5 2013.02.06
good story line but graphics not as good as most other stories

banes 2013.02.06
good game, needs more interaction though.

ralfwolfgang 2013.02.06
Such a great gameplay and animation.

mickdundeejnr95 2013.02.06
why do i see people copy and pasting others replys its pointless

Rau2220000 2013.02.06
I check every day to see if there´s something new from LOP !!!

Normally from them we have come to expect high quality graphics, good variation in gameplay, and damn sexy ladies, rendered realistic !!!!

I´m sorry but this game falls short in all of those departments.

The artwork seems somehow flat like in a comicbook.
The story was NOT in the least challenging, so easy that to prove a point, I just clicked and clicked and clicked without paying any attention to what i was doing and still reached an ending !!!

I suppose we´ve been so spoilt by the high quality products from LOP that when something falls short of perfection we´re disappointed !!!!

Sorry: only worth 6/10

DisappearingArrogance 2013.02.06
How do you use the rosary?

sexdoll 2013.02.06
one of the best good graphics good game

kpjr278 2013.02.06
Lot of clicking without many choices. 7 outta 10. More interaction is better than less.

randy06 2013.02.05
very sexy game sexy ladies again another great story as usuall great love it

pietje119 2013.02.05
kinda nice game good grapichs as always

hanibal194 2013.02.05
girls are not really beautiful and the story could have been better

soulrider 2013.02.05
nice game. but the grapics could be beter

tejesing 2013.02.05
good animation and graphic.super

tejesing 2013.02.05
nice story and wow sex scene

freakilycasual 2013.02.05
Really great game hop there`s going to be more like this

vince45 2013.02.05
love how you could have a 3 some with those sexy chicks and game rlly awesome.

genesimmons 2013.02.04
great graphics but too short story

chumpbroni 2013.02.04
Not as good as previous ones

primus21 2013.02.04
I didn`t feel there was much game play to this one, or interaction

wert1 2013.02.04
Sweet game bit to short maybe

Willie77 2013.02.04
BAD CODE. Whenever the pointer moves to the `Gentle, Moderate or Passionate` buttons it drops the large white arrow and a smaller black arrow moves long - but, it is not active. So, it has to go back and get the large white arrow - BUT that just get left behind again. It`s like there is some kind of blocker preventing the white arrow from getting over the buttons. (Chrome & Safari browsers). That issue pretty much makes this game UNPLAYABLE.

eagleata 2013.02.03
great graphics but too short story. thnx pf1

aragorn90 2013.02.03
This game consists of some good ideas, but also a lack of possibilities and choices.

sexyanus 2013.02.03
another great game with great graphics.well done!!!

bt5121 2013.02.03
now this is a great game full of passion and sex

ski9072 2013.02.03
Def. not up to LOP standards. Not many choices, not many endings, and the choices you make don`t really seem to make much difference. And as for graphics, it looked almost like I was watching the whole thing through a dirty window. And just as an aside, why do I always get signed out when playing these games.

spirek 2013.02.03
The game is nice I suppose.

kelbehrhous 2013.02.03
i cant believe a game made me blow my load
love the chicks, nyummie

n00bporno45 2013.02.02
man I Wish i could meet one of them in real life...I Would really Be Quite happy

electro*** 2013.02.02
Onother great game for L.O.P... keep it up

randy06 2013.02.02
another geat story ans great sex secenes and more and great sexy ladies and more just another great time to do

Airo 2013.02.02
the graphics on this game is so good

gege1743 2013.02.02
this is so awsome and cool

MackAttack434 2013.02.02
great game with good graphics

Darv94 2013.02.02
yeah! a new game and as always a great game and graphics

branknock 2013.02.02
as always good games with really nice graphic`s, and nice game play.

baleine 2013.02.02
Nice graphics, but there`s a lot to read without real impact on the action. Only a few choices.

knoll 2013.02.02
not the best that`s been done, but ok

sele81 2013.02.02
good game but not the best... from far! the graphics are very nice... as usual!

fill ur hole 2013.02.02
not the best of the lop games, average graphics really lame sex scenes. a disappointment from prior games

hunted 2013.02.02
good graphics, lame story, more interaction would be great, instead of just clicking through the story.

Thunderbird8500 2013.02.02
I kinda liked the game, but the vampire was creepy. Interesting idea.

moutheater 2013.02.02
as always great graphics, could be longer and have more stuff to do

egane 2013.02.02
nice geme ewri time somthing new seksi

mann234 2013.02.01
well really nice game..... both girls are really hot

IamBri 2013.02.01
Slightly disappointed with this effort. Very linear without a lot of interaction. The artwork was the best part.

kaxikayima 2013.02.01
great graphic as usual, except the vampire, he could have been better. gameplay unchallenging and boring

coooool 2013.02.01
Has anyone played Medusa`s Curse? Does anyone know the walkthroughs ? Please post if you the endings

mikicostanza 2013.02.01
great game and graphics with nice story

clifff 2013.02.01
This game is beautiful. I love the new art style. For me, the game didn`t have enough dialogue or challenge, but I love the new art direction.

Thank you for providing this wonderful free game.

wolfman 2013.02.01
could be better,the blond girl is smokin hot,but the vamp is a litlle creepy,If he has been alive for so many years he should have learned something about dental hygene,in my world horror and sex dont mix and its hard to get aroused with theese revolting fangs stealing your attentioni i give it 5 out of 10 and a bonuspoint for the Hot blonde and the scene with the blonde and vamp on top is perhabs a bit to overdone,is he doing exercises or what?,more with the blonde please.in a story without fangs :).

farkas 2013.02.01
Nice game but the graphics are too poor but the song is awesome.

pusshound 2013.02.01
Not up to typical standards, especially for Editor recommended. At least there is anal, but story is too linear and graphics average.

Haggis 2013.02.01
Not as good as many of the previous games. I found the graphics very jerky. Also why did the brunette start off as Sara and end up as Sandra??

Joe B 2013.02.01
good game but there are other one on this site that are better

bmanjayhawk 2013.01.31
Not my favorite....nice graphics but lame story line.

randy06 2013.01.31
great game and great ladies and great sex scenes again and great story and love to be the vampire mmmmm lol

jory1234 2013.01.31
nice game but not very good

bestia99rom 2013.01.31
interesting game, but too short and lack of sex scene

DreamTim 2013.01.31
Sorry LOP.
You can`t be perfect all the time.
the graphics are average, not top quality and I found the story too linear and maybe too easy with too little interaction.

kjdehn 2013.01.31
wish Kelly and friend was here to f-me like this

Whitney 2013.01.31
hot game, sexy graphics...i`m horny now

McCluff 2013.01.31
Very bored and very bad game. I dont like it.

macky14 2013.01.31
could have had more showing of the brunette, and more interaction...but good graphics

Hardmanlol 2013.01.31
amazingly well done, couldn`t help myself

Ricoh124 2013.01.31
Not enough interaction but good story idea. Too few endings perhaps and quite logical and simple

ionutionut 2013.01.31
ohhh i like that game...its awesome i want more games like that

shyman44425 2013.01.31
An OK game. Pretty ladies. A little too short and a little too easy.

kninne 2013.01.30
i really disappointing...

luky555 2013.01.30
I am dissapointed by this game. Sandra´s character deserved much better than this. Unlike Bianca, she is good character, but in this story she has been given only some minor role. It just seem unfair if she is main protagonist and every fun is stolen by her so-called friend which is not even nice. Plus only three endings and player has not many choices.

derda 2013.01.30
great game and graphics with nice story the 3 endings are good

auldgit 2013.01.30
I check every day to see if there´s something new from LOP !!!

Normally from them we have come to expect high quality graphics, good variation in gameplay, and damn sexy ladies, rendered realistic !!!!

I´m sorry but this game falls short in all of those departments.

The artwork seems somehow flat like in a comicbook.
The story was NOT in the least challenging, so easy that to prove a point, I just clicked and clicked and clicked without paying any attention to what i was doing and still reached an ending !!!

I suppose we´ve been so spoilt by the high quality products from LOP that when something falls short of perfection we´re disappointed !!!!

Sorry: only worth 6/10

Mmaster 2013.01.30
LOP made me dissappointed :/

giantomnisquid 2013.01.30
Girls are really hot. Action got me super turned on.

jak9295 2013.01.30
Nice graphics, but very little choice. Not a very strong storyline.

zantha 2013.01.30
Not very good. The writing is atrocious and the story is far too linear to make it interesting, let alone challenging. The main character`s name gets changed halfway through because someone wasn`t paying attention to the writing.

This is all very disappointing because I truly enjoy vampire stories, movies, and so forth. If only more time was put into this it would have been an excellent game.

notes1 2013.01.30
Nice game, beautiful girls, beautiful graphics but the script is not very good

rit 2013.01.30
Not too good...
Probably I`m getting a little spoiled...

chairman066 2013.01.30
nice game, hot as hell, but needed more interaction at some scenes.
like it a lot...

nothere123 2013.01.30
sub par game, mediocre graphics, very linear story. of course, maybe i`m just not into the vampire thing.

s@nt!no 2013.01.30
Bad story, bad characters & mediocre graphics. 6/10

jmeoff 2013.01.30
It doesn`t get much more trivial than this.

Liuck55 2013.01.30
very nice game with nice graphic and story

RatedR12586 2013.01.30
Eh it`s an alright game, okay graphics, decent story, but it seems quiet boring honestly.

NightStalker73au 2013.01.30
interesting new game, love the game play and graphics.

fkf,fq 2013.01.30
interesting game, but too short and lack of sex scene

Vallheruh 2013.01.30
This was nice but to much text to click and less actions or choices. And the Story wasnt that great. Sorry, but I dont like the "hype" about Vampyres.

Jaaru 2013.01.30
Nice looking new game, liked it.

sriharia161 2013.01.30
not so exciting game, not much to play with

jcc1985 2013.01.30
nice graphic hot grils ok game needs more sex

mannyhattan 2013.01.30
not a lot of twists, but good

dreadwolf 2013.01.30
game play is so so graphics are good and the animations are good

Hieblan 2013.01.30
good graphics, lame story, more interaction would be great, instead of just clicking through the story.
The girls are ok, but not that great like in other stories. Also kind of boring.
The 3 endings kind of predictable...better play another

facialabusive 2013.01.29
Wish there were more options as others have said.


Ending 1: Good ending. Enjoy becoming lover. Don`t read about vampires and don`t have hesitations about being with the vampire.
Ending 2: Bad ending. Be slave. Don`t read about vampires and have hesitations about being with the vampire.
Ending 3: Middle ending. Escape. Read about vampires and use rosary.

katakana132 2013.01.29
more sex with sandra would have been good. but good game, much better than the other vampire game

gorex 2013.01.29
great game and graphics with nice story

phoenix111 2013.01.29
good game although pretty linear the 3 endings are good

oldtonius 2013.01.29
Great graphic and endings.

runawayfive 2013.01.29
i like the vampire thing quite sexy

Shadow27 2013.01.29
a little more interaction would be better instead of just clicking through the story

Gordn3 2013.01.29
Great game , nice story and grafic.

Poseydon 2013.01.29
Nice game, beautiful girls, beautiful graphics but the script is not very good

hornsfan35 2013.01.29
I prefer when the LOP games have more options to choose from. I felt like I was clicking the whole time instead of making choices. This one didnt keep my interest long.

Ryoxxx 2013.01.29
Nice game with nice graphic

chap74 2013.01.29
nice game. but the grapics could be beter

C.C. 2013.01.29
Played twice with two interesting endings. How many are there?

themoda 2013.01.29
Nice game, I don`t like teenagers but are interesting and exiting, good job!

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