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Summer session


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Domenik 2017.10.17
Nice game. Informative but quite easy

BonerMan 2017.09.30
If school was only this much fun!!!

arnorich11 2017.08.10
I like questionnary games and cute girls to. :-)rn

yinyang770 2017.08.07
good game needed more girls tho

Tiodor 2017.05.04
Play the game, be smart and have fun.

ianjames 2017.03.18
a very simple game fun to play

gabe117 2017.01.18
very good quality but in need of some bug fixes

sexking15 2016.12.27
If my exam were like this I would definitely pass it

viko25 2016.10.22
Its a great graffic great game

frezzey 2016.07.20
not intrest game because it`s instan sex


Fatalinho 2016.04.10
Very cool game. The fact that you can learn and play a sex game in the same time is so good.

nexima23 2015.11.14
I like thats game :) So educational

vishnu007 2015.08.06
i hope my exams would be like this

Ernest20 2015.04.08
A pleasant game, if only all exams were as rewarding as these!

Zeblast 2015.03.16
Very educational gam. Need more options and interactions

DJLo 2015.02.05
Sexiest teachers and best rewards for quizes ever!

core88 2014.11.15
Good game, quick and to the point. Great animation, but there`s very little movement during sex scenes which leaves a little to be desired.

angkelroslee 2014.05.21
nice games, informative n decent.

savber6 2014.04.17
nice game,i not enjoyed it but i REALLY enjoyed it..

don004 2014.02.06
it is a tim epass nice game but should b more

blokhuis 2014.01.30
Good game, good graphics, could have used more positions.

nomidada 2013.10.05
I have play a game like this with such fantastic graphics

Joss489 2013.06.14
Good game, but a little bit to easyDecent game needed more options

xKinglyx 2013.06.05
when do i get to see Kelly for another trip or whatever?

lesbianlovers 2013.05.27
good game but could use more actions

gwazz 2013.05.02
a very easy game but why just bball in sports/???????

r47131307 2013.04.27
Good game but it`s way too easy

Noeil 2013.04.24
Un plaisir de s`instruire dans ces conditions

gwazz 2013.04.21
nice game but i need to learn more about basketball

RiseOfHell 2013.03.29
Nice game , Nice graphics .

lovebunny 2013.03.06
I loved the graphics and the gameplay

minikingy43 2013.02.10
very intersting, i loved it

Spoonish 2013.02.06
Graphics are ok, gameplay could be better but the animation absolutely sucks.

Gordn3 2013.01.27
Good game , nice graphic.

gartal 2013.01.17
Man I like this game a lot! (= I really do like this game and the girls are ultra hot too

dog69 2013.01.15
Great graphic , but is too short

john9999 2013.01.04
it`s a verry good game with great graphics

Yoshi_w1 2012.12.25
i found this game very very very sexy

TYSONKING 2012.12.22
i would like to say that this game was nice but little inmproving the graphics would do the magic

3xtdomolovers 2012.12.17
Questions was easy ... And the game was terrific !

jackjones 2012.11.16
The questions were sometimes difficult and it was a little boring

kryptkeepr 2012.10.30
great game fun to play hot girls also

omega2012 2012.10.23
great game,having a good knowledge of it helped with those questions :)

franckcastle 2012.10.19
a little too short with the girls but an enjoying game

MagnusXXX 2012.10.11
great game but require some more options

Erotic Sage 2012.10.07
I wish I was William Larson. But , anyway the hentai girls are hot but there are not enough girls.

wezel87 2012.10.04
This is a Great game.. Very sexy girls and nice gamplay with good graphic`s!

vandeventer 2012.09.11
Man I like this game a lot! (= I really do like this game and the girls are ultra hot too

Psycho1611 2012.09.06
a very good game it is,and has excellent graphics and needs more options

Dipakk 2012.08.24
Easy game!! Nice graphics though

sam6415 2012.08.13
good storyline..amazing graphics.. :)

bahamut86 2012.05.21
Nice grafic but could be better

[BY]WEGAS 2012.05.15
Nice graphics but easy and scene of sex is very too simple

123qwer 2012.04.21
Nice and eAsy game. Like it!

Messer13 2012.04.14
Good game.........Not the best though........

ndeyell 2012.03.09
great gameplay but too short

BigDaddyPsycho 2012.02.02
Nice game but when you speak french this one is a bit hard...

jayrjay101 2012.01.14
game was simple but interesting.. graphic details not really that good but still not bad..

popo003 2012.01.14
Simple and nice game, but the graphic not so good.

nandan46 2012.01.09
game idea was good but graphics are not so great

PlayBoy97 2012.01.07
Good game, graphics were pretty awesome! But need to put more girls in!

Guillaume 2012.01.06
Short, simple, and sweet. Pretty good game

daniqal 2012.01.03
what agood games it make me horny

NoJJ 2012.01.01
Man I like this game a lot! (= I really do like this game and the girls are ultra hot too.

BEAVOLFS 2011.12.30
grat game sexi girl an great qaliti:)

mikicostanza 2011.12.30
nice game with nice girls awesome again

pornguy85 2011.12.22
It`s a great game to play but too many questions.

taiyou1992 2011.12.14
this is a good game but too many question..

ilafantoma 2011.12.14
damn is this college always having sex after exam? I wish I was in that college too

VonBanzai 2011.12.04
Awesome game. Loved the gymteacher

threedaysjpt 2011.12.02
Fantastic game and there is lots to do. slightly easy questions.

amor hegazy 2011.11.29
may be this is the best game but ifany body thik another thing he havt to remind again

purdyboi 2011.11.25
really needs more options but other than that pretty cool game

lazy boy 2011.11.23
very good game .

zenginoglu 2011.11.21
This is great game... I like it very much...

adityaroxx 2011.11.18
they should ve added more subjects

medjai 2011.11.16
nicegame but boring scenes

dri 2011.11.16
love this game, wish it was a bit longer, hot girls

BallIdiot 2011.11.13
The game froze outside the teacher`s house...

zero1417 2011.11.04
sex scenes could be better

no2all 2011.11.01
really enjoyed the game and questions. The sex could have been more animated.

garfield11 2011.10.31
good game play. more variation in the sex scenes would have added to the game

cwills24 2011.10.05
if summer school was really like this i would always go

licka2566 2011.09.26
not at all difficult, fun game & good scenes

Bzare 2011.09.14
Graphic is good, but i was disappointed by the sound

Jaaru 2011.09.02
Nice little game, its ok.

stinkypinky 2011.09.01
not a bad game meet and f makes great games

gamer009 2011.08.31
I thought that the gae was too short, and not enough foreplay before the sex. The sex was WAY too simple, and static. Didn`t enjoy.

babygirlari 2011.08.28
i like this game its good

hygume 2011.08.09
overall, the game is good, but the sound is really annoying

anshavjain 2011.07.30
excellent game and girls are very hot

cantthink69 2011.07.24
super hot game, with awesome graphics.

snowpavvs 2011.07.16
Short, simple, and sweet. Pretty good game, but I think some questions are outdated now that it`s 2011...

Alex1373 2011.07.07
Wooouuu Great game Six stars Ireally love it

jsc420 2011.07.07
love this game, wish it was a bit longer, hot girls

no_one13 2011.06.30
grat game but a touch predictable

kurrem 2011.06.29
good game however short. girls were hot but trivia questionable.

PlayForce00 2011.06.26
I like the storyline in this one, but kinda mhh.

NoOneX 2011.06.17
It`s a good game just needs more to do

zie_knight 2011.06.01
Not bad at all, but too short

eagle098 2011.05.30
best game ever and it tests your knowledge

kalbs 2011.05.20
Very hot Teachers to play with

m4t0n 2011.05.16
hots girls makes this game superb

wRath 2011.05.14
good game but the sex scenes are very simple

kangaroo 2011.04.24
Nice graphics but easy and scene of sex is very too simple

zembot 2011.04.15
so many cute girl,,,this is decent game with dicent graphices id play it again

C. C. 2011.04.13
Not so easy to get through but too easy sex.

hentailover85 2011.04.13
this is like a teenage boys fantasy, although there could hvae been more girls

zrtp 2011.04.11
not bad but you can put more girls in it

Skarn62 2011.04.07
Girls are cute, as usual with these game.

AyeCrazy23 2011.03.30
it was a very good game but to short wish there was more scenes

DeaconFrost 2011.03.19
There is a plot, kind of... This is practically straight sex scenes, very short, with a few questions as alibi...
One sequence scene... Well, far to be the best of the kind...
At least it is quite short, and satisfying curiosity when you didn`t play it yet is a good thing I guess somehow.
Playable once but without much interest.

gfellha 2011.03.19
this is decent game with dicent graphices id play it again

ski9072 2011.03.03
I`d give it a so so, not too good, but not to bad.

Snedde 2011.02.27
Like the idea and the graphics, but too short sex scenes and poor sounds

Stardead456 2011.02.22
Good game. Really simplistic, I laughed at how desperate these women were to have sex with you. Funny how you can say no to them. I definitely think the curls for the guys and girls pubes were stupid and should just be taken out.

randy06 2011.02.17
good game needs more action tho

AnnaRainbow 2011.02.15
Others will laugh at this, but I really enjoy the quizzes. I wish all academic rewards were like these :-)

preciousbabe1234 2011.02.11
really good games gonna keep play but kinda hard

boxer200 2011.02.11
great game i hope you make more games like this ..

Luis4x 2011.02.07
Nice game and cool graph. I wish my teachers were as friendlly and sexy.

kurokoi792fuji@gmail.com 2011.02.05
There were really only 2 women who had done a good decent job at persuading the guy in for a quick tussle: the computer woman (sick at home) and the freebie classmate ((i think)). There were some questions that you could TELL the teachers just wanted to pass you to play with you, and there were some that you could just rely on common sense.
Ex: Astronomy Class-- Sailor Moon!! (except for the Jupiter and 8 planets question ((PLUTO!!)) )
PS: It was also really hard not to laugh at the drunk woman drinking her wine and just inviting the kid in-- and his ring of curls at the base of his shaft-- looked like a doily. HAHAHA!

adejean1221 2011.02.01
fun easy game with ok fuck

ocandela 2011.01.18
Pretty good game. I noticed a few spelling errors, but what the heck..!

Storvirk 2011.01.17
Enjoyed the art work and story

GoOFy23 2011.01.13
very good quizies sex scenes not so good and graphic was ok

aniyac 2011.01.11
Entertaining and fun, the only thing to inprove this game would have been the option to go back and have sex with the girls whos` tests you completed already.

edwin4483 2011.01.08
easy game fun too and good graphics

namildog 2011.01.07
Nice game. I wish my teachers were as "friendly"

arkaniss 2011.01.04
good game and sexy characters i liked it

cowboy2190 2010.12.30
i like this game keep them coming

Futurus 2010.12.28
nice game with good graphis.

HiddenOps 2010.12.27
i give this game a six star. it is the best.

mick149 2010.12.13
this game is great it is like mnf and you get to learn new things also :)

Kinkyboy43 2010.12.13
could use a couple of more girls but still love it!!

Eddie Roc 2010.12.05
Good game, but different positions would have been nice and I still not a fan of the flashing cum shot.

ahclem 2010.12.02
University of Chicago must be VERY happy with this game. Why wasn`t Summer School like this when I was younger?

CuRuVaR 2010.11.28
hot game! hot girls! very interesting)) gameplay is great!

Pedro delacrosa 2010.11.27
wow! amazing game i want go study that school XDD

jeepmaster 2010.11.27
this game is great. fun and enjoyable

m4lv1n 2010.11.26
wow,,i really like this game,i`ll give 100...

freederm 2010.11.22
Nice games, great girls. And educational!

yy2 2010.11.18
Very little challenge here. Nice art but the rendered motion could use a lot of improvement.

sophia2435 2010.11.06
i give this game a six star. it is the best.

sandinista 2010.11.05
Not much of a challenge, more quiz than sexy game.

S1L3NT 2010.11.03
I like the idea of the questions, but the sex scenes are too short.

Toboshi 2010.11.01
Quite a good game all things considered. I would`ve like longer sex scenes though.

bryanzf1 2010.10.31
Very good game love the graphics but could be longer

cerebus 2010.10.31
fantastic game, plenty of hot chicks and great animations for all.

opie 2010.10.27
good graphics, nice variety of questions but to easy to complete

north262 2010.10.27
not bad but the final scene was a let down

mountain 2010.10.25
This game is waaaaaaaay too easy. The sex scenes need to be longer and the last scene needs to be better

andiyan 2010.10.19
it`s nice and fun games..easy to play!!!

cpgibson007 2010.10.17
nice game easy and fun to play

chumak 2010.10.14
good game just short scenes

Altair88 2010.10.13
the graphics is amazinhg and the girls are so hot and sexy!

varlamov40 2010.10.09
kinda short, but still a good game

L3g3nd4ry 2010.10.01
very good game but the story was too short.

Epicburn 2010.09.20
nice quiz .not the best graphic´s,it´s Ok

fezdxb 2010.09.20
Very good game with good graphics.

granvince 2010.09.19
A very great game, so sexy graphics!

Talavera 2010.09.12
i really didn`t like it much

TMAN 2010.09.11
great game, would like pass those exams too

Re7766 2010.09.01
girls kept getting better and better on the game

mellowyellow 2010.08.31
this game was not bad there are a few bad points like the bad spelling poor sound quality and graphics was okay but overall not a bad game

wetkasia 2010.08.31
I really like games like this, the sounds make me wet

max29 2010.08.31
beatiful game ....i love dating and adventure games !!

sraerd 2010.08.26
there could have been more to do wth the girls

fedexguy 2010.08.25
the game is short but good. sex scenes are also too short

FireWind32 2010.08.22
game is alrite but i like the girls a lot better when they`re wearing clothing

kpyrinikos 2010.08.18
good animation, nice game but short scenes

kdogg 2010.08.17
gamplay was great, graphics were good and animation was good.

gougou87 2010.08.14
good game just short scenes

Tobiasbeacher 2010.08.05
not a bad game, but everything goes a little too fast.

tubs 2010.08.01
good game. too short though

tubs 2010.07.27
This game is not bad. Lot of girl in it

NightFury 2010.07.27
Luv this game. But it would have been better with more subjects

valtreck 2010.07.23
brilliant games could have had more too it

bored 2010.07.23
great game and sexy animations too!

th3c4rd 2010.07.22
Ok artwork, and so-so game, the content isnt really worth wasting time on.

pippo67 2010.07.22
beatiful game ....i love dating and adventure games !!

Futano 2010.07.21
these games should change its music, it`s always the same and it`s quite annoying

sllim 2010.07.17
good game. needed more options.

angel69 2010.07.13
this game is great but needs more detail

Rugger8 2010.07.11
Very nice game, needs a few more options.

lolwtfbbq 2010.07.02
the game is good, with good animations but the sound can be improved but overall a good game

lenman 2010.07.02
Nice straight forward gameplay and typical graphics. Like the gals and the questions are also good. Overall, great time pass.

webbrox 2010.07.01
good questions but needs more sex options

stormprince 2010.06.26
very straight forward game

Yumi ;3 2010.06.26
Fine history and i like the questions.

dreadwolf 2010.06.24
game play, graphic, animation are ok nice story nice game over all

l4sj 2010.06.15
great game, fantastic animations

emfo 2010.06.13
Not a bad game. Could be longer with more subjects and characters

Sameer 2010.06.09
the game is good, but the sound isn`t

daadennis 2010.06.07
pretty easy game.........once was enough

George69 2010.06.05
pretty good game but the sound isn`t that good

bigles25 2010.06.04
i love this game,i love all this kind of games

bigles25 2010.06.04
i thing the best MNF game ever

crash2268 2010.06.03
Interesting game, but could use a little more work

sedam 2010.06.03
sexy games very sexy games

startabus 2010.05.30
Did not like the story.But, nice questions.

fletch818 2010.05.26
The game was good but could have been longer.

ste1122 2010.05.17
brilliant games could have had more too it tho

rbell 2010.05.13
this is a nice fast easy game that actually tests jnowledge. i did horrible on the tests

themuslim6 2010.05.09
cool takes only a few minutes but good

XXx123 2010.05.09
the easiest test for me was astronomy...ITS A kewl game i can say...nice graphics

romeo01 2010.05.08
is a good game and the graphics is cool ,nice game

delthedaddy 2010.05.07
i wish exams were as easy as that in my day good game though

boinky 2010.05.06
an okay game, graphics are good, but gameplay could be a lot better

joshuabean12 2010.05.04
great graphics but needs more interaction

Ricoh124 2010.05.04
Tricky questions, not very much variation in the rewards given.

Kalaam 2010.05.02
Not a bad game. Could be longer with more subjects and characters.

gilly 2010.05.01
gameplay was ok, animation was greta but graphics could be improved

LP83 2010.04.28
Very hot Teachers to play with

jojo23 2010.04.27
i like how this game u need to answer the questions.

jaybeezy2o5 2010.04.27
this game entertained me. made me wanna go back to school lol

virgos 2010.04.23
Not bad, but I`ve seen better.

dokazan 2010.04.21
yeah nice game :) i love questions

frafo 2010.04.13
This is a good game, but is too short

unklbzard 2010.04.13
not a bad game needs better graphics

deaddeer2 2010.04.08
the game is good but i kind of got bored...

hotty wolf 2010.04.08
this game is great, it helps to remind some of the things i learn in school

ThePMP 2010.04.08
timewhile this game annoyed me

niro 2010.04.07
wow great school......nice game.....

wantsome 2010.04.07
Not much story, didn`t have to chase each teacher. A glorified video.

LoLB 2010.04.06
nice game, but the sound is a bit annoying

alkiki 2010.04.06
i like the game , but not the sound

bdave1 2010.04.06
some of these game makers should proably get someone to edit their grammer, it can sometimes get tricky when you`re trying to answer and don`t really know for sure what they`re saying

panat 2010.04.05
cool game.. wish there was a school were your rewarded for pussy.. heheheh

cobra152535 2010.04.02
way to quick and fast, not enough actions

haiwin5512 2010.04.01
decent game need more options

biggsreddy 2010.04.01
great game some variety would have been super.Ms anderson is HOOOTTTT!!!!

Law 2010.03.31
easy game. boorning somtimes, but not bad

dragonfly 2010.03.31
This game i very good it`s so sexy

ingo1605 2010.03.29
good game but awful sound

escipio 2010.03.29
Not a single blowjob in all game...

rileysteele 2010.03.28
a great game. p.e. teacher was the best

funinthesun 2010.03.28
wayyyyy hot even better than an a in my book

stowaway84 2010.03.26
I`m smarter than i thought.lol. nice art work missing oral sex tho.

Eclissi24 2010.03.26
A rather simple game with good graphics and sexy girls.

bud823 2010.03.26
good game but it was missing BJ and anal.

Rammstein 2010.03.25
This game is alright but i agree the music sux.

dageorge 2010.03.24
fast to load and descent graphics

aosi1 2010.03.23
In general quizzes in games annoy me, a solid story and dialogue options are best, despite this, this is an average game, the sex scenes are lacking

chesley1 2010.03.22
graphics are good, rpg could use some work in interactions

DoubleZero 2010.03.21
Good graphics, good story, a bit simple but a great game.

SkillzZ20 2010.03.21
simple game but nice girls and graphics

kbcd 2010.03.20
very nice game, i think, that it`s good, that the questions aren`t too hard

chriscogs 2010.03.17
good game and the questions are not to hard to get through

kendalinho 2010.03.14
the idea of having to answer questions to advance is really quite innovative

cum4you 2010.03.10
You don`t have to know the topics, but it sure helps

Puka 2010.03.09
sure, nice girls, but the play-part is very boring.

w2c3 2010.03.06
its 2 shrt but d graphics are nice and so r d chicks!

cloudy68 2010.03.02
excellent game.... questions and sex :)

jay50 2010.03.02
My experience with the game: wonderful art, good animation, challenging tests, poor action with the girls, Same sound as in all MNF games. Graphic is okay but not great, and the worst part was the spelling. alot of the questions were hard to understand due to bad gramma. But an okay game for a trial run

Gryfoon 2010.02.28
Too easy, but the graphics are execelloent

lower5 2010.02.28
i thing a lern a much,in this game and good graphics

a_dude 2010.02.28
lol i think i learned much but anywat it shall be much more scenes

chete 2010.02.27
nteresting but short, not much interactivity either, you can`t replay sections either which is disappointing.

mibokat 2010.02.26
A nice game but easy. The action could be better.

blove329 2010.02.24
Enjoyed the game a lot just wish there was more to do with the girls next time.

qng419 2010.02.24
THe game is awesome, but i prefer more girls.

vag9a 2010.02.23
great game but i wish there were more scenes

xx76 2010.02.23
ery simple game, but too short, quite nice graphics.

Raiha24 2010.02.22
nice hentai although the questions are a little bit hard...

FunSeeker 2010.02.21
Nice hentai graphics. Questions difficulty reasonably easy. Too little interaction for my taste.

drok 2010.02.19
questions are not too hard, but you have time to look them up. Could do with more interaction with the chars!

Ploki 2010.02.17
fun game. the translation is pretty bad.

indefinitedude 2010.02.13
My experience with the game: wonderful art, good animation, challenging tests, poor action with the girls

Berem 2010.02.13
This one well, but it is very short

RoganM 2010.02.12
easy game but with hot chicks

Annonymus 2010.02.12
Good game but need more girls

sonu 2010.02.12
the game was ok but not good graphics were good

bobbi 2010.02.12
Very simple game, but too short, quite nice graphics.

Derrick 2010.02.10
The game was too easy but the girls ere very hot

kldxxx 2010.02.09
its a good game and its too easy.. but fun and sexy game.. not much too it

enusrytteren 2010.02.09
Way too easy.. but fun and sexy game.. not much too it

bilb0 2010.02.08
easy game nice graphics but to short and not enough action

evilboy84 2010.02.06
This was a hot game and great and sexy graphics!!!!!!!!

soupkitchen11 2010.02.06
good graphics but it`s too basic and all you do is click.

bnr230423 2010.02.06
educational game and the same time fun. School, teacher have always given dreams

blalhoihreuf 2010.02.06
nice game, short and sweet

Radoo 2010.02.05
i like a lot sex games with teachers....
they`re so nasty and hot ...it make me feel a real student...

reggieflip 2010.02.05
this game is a lot of fun and definitely worth the effort though a bit tedious at times.

tismebruup 2010.02.05
good game but the sound is poor which doesn`t ruin it just makes it not as good as it could be

shashwatahuja 2010.02.05
....................yeah back to summer school

Sehviss 2010.02.04
the game play is rather basic, the text needs some editing but the art is nice. this one is better than some of their other ones, but still has a lot of room to grow.

wesley_duke 2010.02.04
very nice game and very addicting

7z9 2010.02.03
The game is not what i expect...its really bored i think, but the others are really good.. :)

think 2010.02.03
nice game and nice girls and the questions are that difficult because you can do them over and over.

mancano75 2010.02.03
it was a good game i liked the quiz but it could have used more girls inthe halls, the ones not giving an exam

mrsetz 2010.02.02
The spelling and grammar are horrible. Don`t normally mind but incredibly distracting when answering quiz questions.

mrezerva 2010.02.01
well it seems a cheap version of m`n`f sexy college quiz.

cowboy3815 2010.01.28
game was great great sound animation coulda been better but over all it was good

madhatta 2010.01.28
OK game, less stage would be better but more option in each one

alexus68 2010.01.28
i agree this is a good game with good graphics .Decent game It need more options and more girls

robinho 2010.01.27
It`s a game that makes me wanna back to the university

Daykland 2010.01.26
nice hentai game love the fact of multiple encounters

rekcaHmI 2010.01.26
this game make me want to go to summer school in the up coming summer

MickeyDee 2010.01.25
The challenge was better than most, and the animation as well, but still a little boring.

ogueta 2010.01.25
Excellent game, excellent graphics and nices girls!!

gojuryu 2010.01.25
This is the type of game I`m normally famliar with. Some of the questions get kinda hard, and it may be ridiculous at times but as always imagery is pretty good.

totalcyber 2010.01.24
nice game, the question are not difficult but not too stupid.

david 2010.01.24
Nice game. Like it wen you need to work for the reward. ^^

shibby 2010.01.24
nettes spiel f??r, man muss aber eine gewisse grundkenntnis mitbringen

quelani 2010.01.23
It was never that easy when I WENT TO SCHOOL

BigNasty 2010.01.22
i agree this is a good game with good graphics

joegc001 2010.01.22
great game has good graphics but need more emotions on the girls faces

baillieboy 2010.01.18
Good game to test youre brain ang get a nice reward

paranoid 2010.01.11
I found the game quite good since the questions weren`t too difficult and there was some action going on! :)

Dribben 2010.01.05
This game was ok, could have maybe had a few more positions

bigred 2010.01.04
the game was ok but not enough graphics

bubbanuts 2010.01.03
Not a bad game. Could be longer with more subjects and characters.

zatanaslover 2009.12.29
It was a standard play. Maybe some sort of chance to truely fail? A time limit? Lessons? More students to flirt with? EARN the teachers?

sanchez666 2009.12.27
hahaha great! why cant this happen in real life?

Zeffir 2009.12.27
Beautiful artwork, but it seriously lacks a story line. I mean really, answering a few questions then instant sex really isn`t that interesting, it`s been done way too many time before.

BIG-BEAST 2009.12.27
more quize games like that please, but faster f**k action.

Bonhart 2009.12.24
gg for this game nice ;P

neall07 2009.12.24
the scenes are way too short

Wanderer001 2009.12.18
Good game play great animation

nogard 2009.12.18
good game and entertaining

hancock 2009.12.17
graphic details should be improve and the length of the game

mcmannanan 2009.12.16
okay game, fair graphics, the music and sound are annoying after awhile. I agree that there should be more girls, and I think that some of the answers might be wrong. It definitely needs more options.

frokkio 2009.12.15
Think they should have added more girls and questions

marttysmarty 2009.12.13
good game there should be more girls in it tho

Fernando47 2009.12.11
Sexy game with story and nice graphics

stokie 2009.12.10
waaaay to easy but the graphics are ok

hubcap334 2009.12.08
The questions could have been a little more difficult...

cns 2009.12.05
It was alright. Think they should have added more girls and questions though. :/

birdog37 2009.12.05
not bad not enough action though

Osteve 2009.12.04
if your dumb your screwed

nintendofilo 2009.12.04
it was good but too simple, could use a lot more interactivity, as in, choices and not just tests, but great game

yamomlikeme 2009.12.03
short fuck parts, me no likey. but blazin ladies ;D

uzziel9 2009.12.03
I agree it feels like a rip off of MNF, but MNF has become a paysite which is a rip off itself, so I would rather play this. I thought it was good.

konrad 2009.12.03
Feels like a ripoff of Meet `N Fuck with much weaker sex scenes.

Garth 2009.12.02
Fairly well drawn. Not difficult.

Kiirieal 2009.12.02
Very interesting game. I really liked the question and answer feature. Would like to see more like this one.

chris123 2009.12.01
good games answers too easy needed more grasphichs overall fair

kyawthiha619 2009.11.30
good game but a little boring thanks any way

tinderbys 2009.11.30
Bit too easy and the use of english is rather poor at times.

stefan1511 2009.11.29
Problems are easy and I prefer the teacher of computer science to the miss for having sex.

nissehult 2009.11.29
interesting gams, nice and hot girls

maelmord 2009.11.27
Sex interaction leaves something to desire

snoopy666 2009.11.27
Nice but too easy, graphics are okay but sound and soundeffects could be better ...

galieo 2009.11.27
Problems are easy and I prefer the teacher of computer science to the miss for having sex.

Wolfed77 2009.11.27
Nice game. could have done more with the scences.

meteoraz 2009.11.26
interesting but weak
not graphic enought

doris900 2009.11.26
good game but got a bit same old

SystemKhaos 2009.11.26
game was too short and limited positions/actions, bad graphical setup, cute girls tho

Micataur 2009.11.26
Poor Game, questions simplistic, limited sex with no options only 2 positions

Receiver41 2009.11.25
nice quiz .not the best graphic´s,it´s Ok

dada 2009.11.25
the graphics are good but would have loved much mor

qwerlio 2009.11.24
the game is simple, but i perfer more actions

Credom 2009.11.24
the animations sucked, but the hot girls helped a lot, so ... not a great game but its ok

nissehult 2009.11.24
I like this type of game, nice graphic

ks 2009.11.24
the graphics are good but would have loved much more control.

nolabel 2009.11.23
seems like a rouge MNF.....theres potential
but the animations sucked. girls were hot though.

was it RPG or MNF?

Spunkmonkey 2009.11.23
Seems like a remake of a older MNF, but still good.

ba ghost 2009.11.23
this game is verry easy
with ok graphics

hozer 2009.11.23
Definately would have stayed in school if it was like this. Picutures are good but I thought the grafics were too simple. Still fun

dimabilly 2009.11.23
I like these games!!!
Nice graphics

Daddle 2009.11.23
nice graphics, but more interaction and options would be nice

Mandrab 2009.11.23
nice girls, and very sexy, the animations could be better tho, and maybe a few more options per question would have made it more difficult

powpow 2009.11.23
Hope to see more action but quite good

matthewb918 2009.11.23
Games is ok at best weak story line weak graphics weak sex scenes

manuvolga 2009.11.23
the animation is quite poor as the possibilities

mts1396 2009.11.23
Very good game. Game speed is excellent. Could use more external cum shots and more varied
sex positions.

Hottest_Man 2009.11.23
Nice game with easy Qs :-)

celdinscaun 2009.11.23
it was a good game but the questions were too easy

Cool Dave 2009.11.23
Nice game but it will be more perfect...the sex scene are not very good in animation

jerryonly83 2009.11.23
well it seems a cheap version of m`n`f sexy college quiz.... i like the other best.... and question were too easy...

woody 2009.11.22
its ok could have been better

randy06 2009.11.22
yes another great game but needs more action with the girls like fuck and meet games

Rooks 2009.11.22
Graphics could use some work as well as the grammer

tonyuk 2009.11.22
a really fun game. wish it was longer

thetheif 2009.11.22
amezing game i like it coooll

nalasttop 2009.11.22
the graphix were fairly basic though the gameplay was ok. the sound could be less repetitive.

lojo2 2009.11.22
how do i know when its over, just when i run out of places to go? there should be some kind of ending...

boyo111 2009.11.22
Interesting but short, not much interactivity either, you can`t replay sections either which is disappointing.

sairemo 2009.11.22
It is a good game but the graphics are not very good..

storm 2009.11.21
good and nice game more this game .....

armande.arkuj 2009.11.21
The game isn`t that bad. Very close to the MNF games. but sound isn`t quite right.

dakwing 2009.11.21
graphics is good, maybe if the storyline are more exciting, it wolud be more fun.

Xyzzy 2009.11.21
Decent game....obviously they`re trying to capitalize on the Meet`N`Fuck formula. But -- animation is way too slow, not enough variety, and if you`re going to base the game on a knowledge quiz, you`ve got to fix the grammar and spelling. That was absolutely TERRIBLE!

cheese101 2009.11.21
good game,great graphics,like the speeded up sex scenes,now we dont have to spend ages on rly slow sex:D

flayer 2009.11.21
Decent game . It need more options and more girls

johan 2009.11.21
Graphic is okay the questions were easy and pls more options

Faeruun 2009.11.21
Same sound as in all MNF games. Graphic is okay but not great, and the worst part was the spelling. alot of the questions were hard to understand due to bad gramma. But an okay game for a trial run

swizzard 2009.11.21
Decent game needed more options

KingCalifornia 2009.11.21
the game is good, but the sound isn`t

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