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Strip Poker With Martha


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Smoovtiger 2017.11.10
Great graphics and she has an amazing body.

Lust4Life 2017.11.03
LOP needs to add more poker games like this

Joester 2017.08.30
i just love poker now i love it more!!!

Turin1 2017.07.31
Very good strip poker. Not too long, tasty girl.

Laelith 2017.07.28
Good poker game, pretty girl

tmramorniy 2017.06.29
Simple poker - good final :))

joe22 2017.06.16
i really like the girl.she has a very nice body.rn

godley 2017.05.04
poker and beautiful women ill play again

ChaseMe 2017.04.02
have to say my favorite game. so fun to try and win. love it..

Capiche 2017.03.25
Great game I enjoyed the graphics


hohenheim3 2017.03.15
A good game of poker with a hot girl as a bonus, is funny and the IA is well implemented.

pablin 2017.02.21
The girl has really nice tits- good game!!!

Getoffmyboardree 2017.02.13
Thoroughly enjoyed this game, graphics are nice and it takes a If of strategy

salsa76 2017.02.11
Nice, unfortunately got hung up requiring restart.

emanuelciuhan 2017.02.11
a ver easy to win game. good graphics, will be more interestimg and challanging with more pictures

dgkesquire 2017.01.28
Good for what it is: a video poker game designed to keep players busy for an extended period.

meowmeow69 2017.01.17
This game is really dull. there is no fun into it.

pjbond 2017.01.11
The AI is smart enough to make it fun, but the dealing and game play is WAY too slow!

petewoz28 2016.12.30
I`d brush up on your poker. The interface is cool!

Hammyy 2016.12.10
very sexy, howver it is also very difficult to win. practice ur poker first!

Dresden 2016.12.04
Good Game - Fun, good pace - lovely woman

Siddarney 2016.12.03
Girls hot but too difficult to win

InB4Wank 2016.11.11
This strip poker ai actually has some sense as to how the game is played

dyawolf84 2016.11.03
a bit tiring as takes a while to get there but worth the look of her pussy

scythe41 2016.11.01
great game for a lazy day.

philydunna 2016.09.11
Easy but game play was a bit slow.

hallnnash 2016.09.09
Beautiful girl, wasn`t too crazy about the camera

Flyingbanana 2016.08.29
It is what it is, I don`t like the movement with the mouse tho.

francium 2016.08.27
The girl has really nice tits

xashish 2016.08.25
nice game. i like the game

Spockles 2016.07.18
Great game. Easy to play, not so easy to win. Very hot girl.

johnnyfunn 2016.06.22
good game, liked the graphics, would recomend

Dremeldude 2016.05.11
I enjoy the imagery, but the camera is a bit distracting.

LPS1 2016.05.09
Very good poker and amazing girls!! Love it!

leo76 2016.04.27
poker game nice Girls tou

bob12345678901 2016.04.08
good pictures and fun as well

Ripperd 2016.03.22
Cool game, love playing poker just no good at it.

Land_Of_Pickles 2016.02.28
I really like the game. Great idea. I just suck at poker and think it would be more fun if mp

dekobb09 2016.01.06
l love poker nd it better playing with sexy girls

Vaidotas89 2015.12.23
How is the model?
The game could be better

adiiancu 2015.11.21
Nice game. Easy to play and get her naked.

Asterixxx 2015.11.16
Nice model. Otherwise just a good old poker game.

cojones1306 2015.11.13
really great poker game, if you know the rules, you will have a happy ending :)

alesso84 2015.11.11
nice poker game, not really hard

novamatt 2015.10.28
Good game, though the AI is pretty easy to predict

DerInteressierte 2015.10.13
Good. I like Texas Hold`em

yurikyuubi 2015.09.28
its hot but i feel like its kinda stacked against you

computern3rd 2015.09.21
great game the model makes it all better

Bonger 2015.09.01
nice girl and difficult enough to keep it interesting

theskycraftian 2015.08.20
I think it would be better woth other girls

nicce 2015.08.07
not as easy - different girls would be nice - although good game

Blaze74 2015.08.03
Good game with nice looking model

bsod620 2015.07.22
I wish every mouse move would not move the background. It makes it harder to focus on the cards I am playing.

ayjay123 2015.07.11
I cant win a single hand Lol

ayjay123 2015.07.11
Good game i just wish i didn`t suck at poker.

balyking 2015.06.18
Great game but it`s quite hard.

Jim97 2015.05.28
Best strip poker on this site, beats the other one

Max213 2015.04.28
This is a good game, maybe i am going to play it again

battletime 2015.04.18
Another decent poker game that you have to be smart with your bets.

Cockatoos 2015.03.31
I suck at poker but martha made me want to learn

narutosasuke123 2015.03.31
love the gameplay of this poker game

fusillier40 2015.03.22
Well Marta is so sexy! Like it!

j3hj3h 2015.03.09
Great time killer. I like that the limits aren`t too high to start seeing some nekkidness.

Draxou 2015.03.03
user friendly, great pics !

asmasb 2015.02.25
one of best pics game........................in sex and glory.

joe123454321 2015.02.21
Playing a great game with a hot girl. Great!

Squid909 2015.01.05
nice games with good graphics

Bo79 2014.12.23
really good strip poker game, nice cute girl

scarmaster17 2014.12.21
The game graphics are great. Fun to play and love Martha!

Petri33 2014.11.15
Martha is hot little *luuut :))

azrael_mad 2014.11.11
its easy to win, but the model is cute

network22 2014.11.09
It is pretty easy but fun. Agree with others that a video would be good.

paoseland 2014.11.08
Not bad, nut i think it would have been better as regular draw poker instead of Texas hold `em.

hansfurd 2014.10.09
Too good and addicting to care about the boobs ;-)

valmis117 2014.09.25
very good and very hot girl

Shakespeare77 2014.09.20
Good pokergame. But a little bit too easy to win. The girls and grafics are great!

jonnyquid 2014.09.10
this game is long but good

devil_s 2014.09.04
nice game, the game has a brilliant graphics

booomer21 2014.08.26
was a cool game. a bit slow though

imppub 2014.08.24
didn`t care for the card game the model was very nice though

judittak1 2014.08.18
i like so much the girl ))

julio1980 2014.08.14
Nice poker game. The girl is hot. A little slow for the good stuff.

marginst 2014.08.03
There is no logic to this game as it is not based on a 52 card deck. I just lost a hand where I had 2 sixes and she had 3 sixes. This should not be possible. Flawed logic and takes the strategy of poker out of the game.

jawiejetzt 2014.07.17
a nice poker game - the sight is difficult to handle

bitz94 2014.07.14
Poor game no graphics is there in there in the game. Very POOR.

BlackSteel 2014.07.10
Cool game. Had fun, view threw me off a few times

yannos34 2014.06.29
easy game but still a nice girls like that to undress anytime

cozz 2014.06.13
It dizz me a little... too much go up and down...

LincolnLogs 2014.06.09
View is awkward. Can either see the cards or the fun stuff.

hunters23 2014.06.07
a little too slow for my taste, really hot girl though

SuperSteve123 2014.06.06
poker is definitely more fun with women

ASSGARIAN 2014.06.01
nice girl nice game this is o of my fav

Voldren 2014.05.30
Fun game, but a little too easy

tymeris 2014.05.24
i love the virtual girl series :)

samwesley 2014.05.19
good game, hot model. just a better way to play computerised poker

Bonger27 2014.05.18
takes a while, but the end result is worth it

jb2022 2014.05.10
I play a dozen hands and everyone she beats me by the high card

gapesix 2014.05.07
great gameplay and not a easy poker game. but the girl deserve patience

TankCmdr 2014.05.03
Game is fair. A little slow though.

LongZao 2014.05.01
Very fun, but you got to love poker

bauerfrank 2014.04.28
sexy girl and good game

clenchinsilence 2014.04.17
great game if not a little to easy but the girl is hot!

K123 2014.04.11
This is a good game, maybe i am going to play it again

jlo 2014.03.27
Got some kind of bug mid-game where I could only bet or raise, not check, call or fold. Didn`t matter as I won all the hands and got the babe naked anyway..

quantas 2014.03.18
Nice game with hot pics!! A little easy if you know how to play

probolle 2014.03.14
I like the concept although there is not a general way that the opponent plays poker :)
Hard to bluff your way out :)

littlecletus 2014.02.26
pretty damn sexy girl fun but didnt last that long

Mintrex 2014.02.14
She folds a bit to easily.
Nice though.

rhnissansales 2014.02.04
Hot babe but game play is just too slow

ksp283 2014.02.01
This game is ine if my faves

Surfershark 2014.01.22
The graphics were fantastic on this game and as a lover of the game of poker this game really did it for me. Possibly maybe add more ladies to go up against with some toys ect.

Smek88 2014.01.18
god game litel to easy 4 me do

molderh 2014.01.15
Very much liked the girl. Nice game and not that difficult.

patrickwlt 2014.01.15
It`s very enjoyable - I enjoy having to `look up` to check out the girl before going back to my hand to figure out if I even have a chance to win... which I never did, but it didn`t feel unfair so that`s a plus in any online Poker sim!

Jimbo1977 2014.01.10
OK game if you like poker.

AdrianSmithftw 2013.12.08
like the level of difficulty and the girl is gorgeous

funlovin 2013.12.05
Very sexy! Loved the pose at the end!

sowowisdoge 2013.12.01
It`s really hot to do this, as it was how I lost my virginity in real life.

knucklez741 2013.11.19
Cool game, alluring and addictive!

ilmilio 2013.11.14
Good game, but i see around ohter strip card games, please add some others levels or some other girls

doublejk200 2013.11.13
nice when you sometimes can like endlessly bet with cards you kinda know you will win with

Acendent2013 2013.10.26
As always great stuff here

shaunr43 2013.10.09
pretty good game, girl is hot

boinker106 2013.09.24
Stellar model, but the button placement was less than ideal. None the less, excellent game.

noogad 2013.09.20
amazing game great quality and sexy endings

F0SM 2013.09.03
great game! what could be better than a nice game of strip limit Holdem with a sweet girl with no clou about it :-)

BabyMolly 2013.09.03
Great game, pretty girl

smarten 2013.09.02
Simple, straight forward. Good game

Fox Pilot 2013.09.01
I like poker and the girl is hot, the dimensional table is cool too. No so hot.

network22 2013.09.01
good sexy girl - hard to win

Jwright 2013.08.27
Fun poker game with a pretty girl

supermegamanbob 2013.08.27
This game is crap half the time she folds and the other half she wins

sklavincari 2013.08.26
The animation is very slow unfortunately, making the time to play really long.

asinble 2013.08.25
i like that sexy poker girls

chefmac 2013.08.24
nice game and a hot girl!

SweenDog 2013.08.14
Not too hard, but "hard" at the same time. Very sexy game.

frank12 2013.08.11
best gambling game on here

blomman007 2013.08.10
Indeed very nice. Would have been even nicer with video though :P

asinble 2013.08.08
game is too hot girl is too hot

Badvoc 2013.08.05
great game with great pictures just a shame there`s no video, the poker starts harder then gets easier, i won 1100 with a full house when she had a pair of 7s

ilham90 2013.08.05
limited amount of photos made the game less fun

adoredstar 2013.07.30
nice one, but could it be better

aaaahj 2013.07.27
Good game, but waaaaaayyyyyy too slow.

max369 2013.07.26
exellent game, easy to even if you dont know how to play poker

liverpool.fo 2013.07.20
QUALITY game, hot girl, and poker is always good

lehamanja93 2013.07.06
the game is not so difficult and the girl is hot, a good game

Leon602 2013.07.05
Nice girl, and nice poker, but it`s too slow...

Alessanda 2013.06.20
nice game... i really want more

nikolait 2013.06.16
Not my game really... girl is nice, but it`s kinda boring.

yamaharacer196 2013.06.16
Nice game, I like poker and hot girls

effinbig 2013.06.16
Not a bad game, Girl was sexy didn`t take long to get her undressed

shyguy2662 2013.06.09
I like hold em poker, but I LOVE it when I`m getting a hot chick naked by winning. She`s worth playing to the end for

VisionOfDeadDesire1 2013.06.08
a killer game to die for it was awesome

tyguyrocks 2013.06.05
game play and graphics are awesome, im liked the game

cecilyang01 2013.05.27
Not a fan of Hold `em, but the pics made it worth suffering through. Not bad, altogether. Computer seemed to deal itself good hands way too frequently, though. Never saw it fold once.

jonnescion 2013.05.21
this game is too slow, i don`t like it

LoganW 2013.05.19
I love the strip games...

CFW87 2013.05.15
Sometimes it`s either really easy or really hard.

kevchru 2013.04.25
its a good game. graphics are awesome

sj13 2013.04.24
i like poker very sexy girl

gwazz 2013.04.22
nice sexy girl but no good if you dont like poker

kriegos 2013.03.31
the game is not so difficult and the girl is hot, a good game

jagare 2013.03.27
Same platform as the other Holio but always good fun

jagare 2013.03.27
This was really awesome, i really loved it omg

iram 2013.03.27
wonderfull game and so sexy

Abebackot 2013.03.20
playing game while gambling.
I like it.

sexbeastwithdrive 2013.03.12
hard at times but hot girl makes up for it

Josh Carter 2013.03.10
Game was easy to learn, though there was one problem: A couple of times, after checking, the game would get stuck and I was forced to refresh. This was a rare occurrence, though.

Loved the model for the game!

icebruin 2013.03.03
like strip poker games good game

Slay3r 2013.02.18
I was hoping i find something like strip poker here. And i did. Wasn`t easy but wasn`t hard either. I really enjoyed it :) Girl looks very fine

wafel123 2013.02.17
easy poker game, Girl looks good

AbleToFly 2013.01.31
great graphics. also a game of poker where you get a good award :)

Gordn3 2013.01.26
Good game , challenging nice animation.

egane 2013.01.23
nice i lowe poker and naked gilrls too!

ilovepeanuts911000 2012.12.30
awesome game. i love playing poker too

galzki123 2012.12.28
Nice Beautiful Martha Nice Game Also

monkey12 2012.12.28
I love texas hold em poker. this game did not disappoint

dadybooss 2012.12.28
fine game graphic i`ts best

ballsac 2012.12.27
Nice game. Could use other models, but she`s cute. I like poker, this was fine.

ferdixon 2012.12.17
pretty girl who did`nt poker very well!:-)

Mr. Magic 2012.12.15
Wow, I can`t believe what a pair she had!

rebel2k 2012.12.14
good poker game. nice girl.

jsant213 2012.12.09
the game is easy of you know how to play poker but the girl is beutiful

jhonbryan 2012.12.02
Currently, you lose them in the forced cursor pan. Also, betting is a pain - you should be able to input precise bets to take the dealer all in.

a67chevelle 2012.12.01
i really like these strip poker games. not to hard and no tto easy and very good graphics

wadester234 2012.12.01
great picture! computer is a little too experienced though...

Long Dick 2012.11.24
like strip poker games.very nice

h-life7 2012.11.21
marta marta martaaaaaaaaa:D.she is cute.nice boobs.and good money too;)

teranderson 2012.11.19
good mix of texas hold em and hot girl

xpepicekx 2012.11.19
Good to see "real" girl poker game around here. Thumbs up :)

knodde123 2012.11.10
easy poker game vith a very nice lady in it

pabloD12 2012.11.09
nice girl, but game to slow~boring

hunterbonx 2012.11.08
a sexy chick and a good poker game

alex16ss 2012.11.07
The girl is smoking hot, but the shaky camera is killing the game play.

DanWestcoast 2012.10.25
Chicks hot, but the camera is too dang buggy.

boinga 2012.10.12
Very cool poker game. The girl is hot too!

varadibalazs 2012.10.12
That`s the best poker game so far I`ve met. And the girl is really hot!

Paulius 2012.10.08
What a beautiful girl. Thank you for this game guys

AleX_MH666 2012.10.08
I have half hour in this game and i dont know how to play poker xD

Asghan 2012.10.08
good game, hot chick play it you will enjoy it

Twister19 2012.10.03
SHE CHEATS!!! she mad a stright 6 times in a row. last one was the worst. i had 2-8 in hand, flop was 2-3-4, turn was a king and the river was an 8. she had 10-king in her hand and was award the win with an ace high straight??? i`ve never played a poker game where you could make a straight king-ace-2-3-4. this sucks!!!

well 2012.10.01
well , that`s just wonderful

RowdyRod 2012.09.28
Too easy.... and so was the game!!!! But I love the reward.

oranjeboven 2012.09.25
Very irrational playing by the girl.
So absolutelty realistic!

danilipe 2012.09.19
good game, hot chick play it you will enjoy it

daed 2012.09.18
site needs more strip poker games. this one is excellent

ibio86 2012.09.17
Nice game and nice challenge from her!!!!

skylord789 2012.09.13
not a bad game was fairly easy

hias 2012.09.12
pretty girl who did`nt poker very well!:-)

saxomanu 2012.09.07
good graphics, but a litlle boring

ruiverson 2012.09.04
I think it`s the 1st time i play a game of strip poker where we have to use really strategy to play

MarcoXXL2245 2012.09.01
nice game nice graphic i love it

LazarLazarevic 2012.08.30
easy poker game vith a very nice lady in it

mettaknight25 2012.08.28
Oh Martha, we at last meet again after I had beaten her on another website that I don`t remember. Great woman,great game,extraordinary graphics

Froizmann 2012.08.27
nice pokergame ,good interface and Martha looks good

wolfman 2012.08.10
its allrigth but seen sooo many times,please add something new to theese pokeregames

quin 2012.07.30
not a bad game was fairly easy

scozman 2012.07.21
Good game some very nice pics and challenging to win, be good with some videos though

tank8265 2012.07.19
Good game, though a little laggy for a poker game.

17dvldog75 2012.06.18
okay version of strip poker, really wish I could see all of my opponent while playing cards.

udaychandh 2012.06.12
poker is my favourite and to striping is also joined.....
its wonderfull,but the same time she is also cheating....

JolieJoker712 2012.06.07
marta is a real sex bomb

elluu 2012.05.30
Nice game of poker, this is what we need more! Good job, maker!

adarad83 2012.05.26
Does anyone know this girl`s name?

eighthsin 2012.05.25
Great pics. Don`t like the mouse follow mode.

bahamut86 2012.05.22
Very hot horny girl! Nice hard game

Nezerith2 2012.05.20
nice poker game :) nice random card drops and really nice pictures.

farkas 2012.05.15
Nice girl but the poker is not easy to play. I give 9/10 points.

swagg 2012.05.09
3 things that made this game great
1 poker
2 poker
3 naked lady,s !

r1ch3y 2012.04.24
I love strip poker games.

legenwaitforit00 2012.04.20
amazing pics of martha, nice to play some good poker and get a reward for it

jayneedshelp 2012.04.19
Nice poker game. Very sexy woman. Good combination :)

iloveporn3654 2012.04.15
Awesome game, but it was really hard to win...so I gave up, I`ll try again after I have learned to play true poker

rimmer 2012.03.29
love these games, very hot ladies

John G 2012.03.19
Really like the poker games even if "Texas Hold Em` "is harder.

opeeto1 2012.03.12
I love poker and pretty girls! so I really liked this game!!but sometimes it was a bit hard :P

vaxhacker 2012.03.12
Nice shapely stripper. Now for the video version... :)

John G 2012.03.11
Best single-girl poker game around.

piddepeter 2012.03.08
damn this girl is hot best strip poker ive ever played in my life

jancok 2012.03.08
exellent game, easy to play even if you don`t play poker

stordan 2012.03.04
good game to relax with a beautiful girl...

scorpion68 2012.03.04
nice pokergame ,good interface and Martha looks good

sman568 2012.03.03
poker just got a lot sexier

John G 2012.02.28
Great pics and game play.

dmcneely2007 2012.02.27
nice game, good quality pics, but perhaps a little more difficulty would be nice

airforcewun 2012.02.27
nice game but it stucks sometimes and u have to play it all over again

kergeller 2012.02.27
i think she is cheating :-P

wateshito 2012.02.25
excellent graphics and easy gameplay. Love brunettes... especialmente esa mujer

dlanor 2012.02.21
patience will get you there ;-)

Casgo 2012.02.18
Wow great pics, fun game, poker is always fun and this one was a bit more fun than others!

texcowboy8 2012.02.16
Does anyone know this girl`s name?

monsterlovingcookie 2012.02.09
Martha`s hot, and real good at poker. hard, but fun game.

belselut 2012.02.06
For the friends of beautiful girls and hold `em poker. Quite easy game, but still really much fun!

mainstreetzaq 2012.02.04
beautiful but difficult girl for strip

BigDaddyPsycho 2012.02.02
Nice little game but it seem that the girl is always lucky...

John G 2012.01.27
Sometimes she`s just too lucky for me.

Jackpot_pimp 2012.01.27
very good game, easy to play, and a very hot chick

John G 2012.01.25
Really like playing apoker with real girls.

John G 2012.01.22
The videos add to the incentive to win.

John G 2012.01.21
Love a good card game with benefits.

ben_500 2012.01.19
nice poker game and she is really hot

dany_29 2012.01.16
Good game, could have been longer.

1flaguy 2012.01.10
Great poker game with sexy girl with great body fun if you play your cards right

Guillaume 2012.01.08
nice strip poker with a beautiful woman

zubot 2012.01.07
Would be useful for the cards to be sticky at the bottom of the screen. Currently, you lose them in the forced cursor pan. Also, betting is a pain - you should be able to input precise bets to take the dealer all in.

mikicostanza 2012.01.06
nice game with this hot girl

wxyz86 2012.01.06
i love the real pictures used but the scrolling of the screen is really annoying

pmichelson 2012.01.05
i beat her pretty bad at that

janhay 2011.12.30
hard to control good picture fun game

John G 2011.12.27
The "Virtual Girl" games are a great addition the the PFO line-up.

jessehursman 2011.12.26
the strp pocker is for the birds

Tekilla 2011.12.23
nice, but this whole looking up and down thinks is a bit unnecessary in my opinion

ponal 2011.12.21
nice game, variouse beautieful girls, like to play

Occy 2011.12.07
good game but too hard at first

Malb1 2011.12.06
Too easy for a strip poker, but the girl ain`t bad and seems pretty hot there !

ntomber 2011.12.05
very nice game quality pictures

Andrew324 2011.12.01
Took me a while to finish, I`m not great at cards, but it is well worth it, entertaining game and great pictures!

VinceVega03 2011.12.01
limit holdem and a hot girl...very nice game ;-)

CaptainPorno 2011.11.29
An interesting idea with being able to use the mouse and the keyboard to navigate the picture.

grekkin 2011.11.27
Pretty fun, but really easy. She`s hot, but not that hard to beat, which I guess is the point.

andy_regresa 2011.11.25
Very good game, in the line of the other of the same company, many women (all knows, except three), awesome

temp47588 2011.11.23
one of the better girls you will see on the card strip gametype.

Mysik86 2011.11.22
I love poker...
And this chick is REALLY hot!

fantome 2011.11.18
Shes cute, but I suck at card games. Oh well..

theplayman86 2011.11.18
it plays smooth and really fast
graphics are great
fun definately

zenginoglu 2011.11.13
This is great game... I like it very much...

tommo2085 2011.11.12
Great game just wish the pictures were better. Want some hardcore pictures.

luo0008 2011.11.05
strategic game and amazing gurl

miki100 2011.11.04
damnnnnn this girl is hot

Rufus 2011.11.04
Beautiful girl. Good graphics. No so bad poker game

revaldo 2011.11.04
what a game. brilliantly sexy. love it.

goosemam 2011.11.03
Very nice game good interface, graphic and girl but its too easy and a little short.

Hannah69 2011.11.03
User friendly plus amazing girl

donb 2011.11.02
Decent game, not too easy, but not impossible either

apophis1 2011.10.27
good game, the balance is well and it is not too easy. More sound effects would be good.

Faun 2011.10.26
not simple to win... good view ;)

pomidorwazupa 2011.10.25
just another strip poker, nothing special in my opinion

Djarash 2011.10.25
Very good game, fantastics girl

lshone501 2011.10.25
just bet everytime to win

Lednacek 2011.10.22
i would say posting one of hundreds of girls from holdem striped site without having an actual link might seem bit weird. either you go for real link or don;t post their game.

Zral0k 2011.10.21
I love poker and pretty girls! so I really liked this game!!

AngelStorm747 2011.10.20
Nice poker, nothing special. Played it once, beat it, next game pls

AlecQuarg 2011.10.16
I really like that it`s not too difficult, but still presents the risk of the challenge.

The AI is a bit thick though.

dmadvlee 2011.10.12
Animation is not so good but it is poker

Jerkel 2011.10.08
Beautiful girl and, well, its poker

jameinherr 2011.10.02
I find it a bit hard to play, because I dont know the poker rules. It would be nice to have the first game rules information shorter. Something like quick first steps. And with pics so you dont have to understand so much english.
Marta is worth the effort.

snake10in 2011.10.02
not a big fan of the whole thing where the view moved when you moved the mouse so def glad you can change that

hotpap22 2011.09.30
This game is hard but i found out how to pass it i love the chick shes sex

firion69 2011.09.29
damn this is a great way to practice reading bluffs while trying not to stare too much at the girl >

tapu 2011.09.22
only for true pocker players, nice gamebtw

ccrawford19 2011.09.22
good game girl is freaking hot

Aslam12 2011.09.22
Nice game, and nice graphics too, Martha is freaking hot!

snottel 2011.09.18
nice poker game , even ppl. who dont normaly play poker can lean the basics from here. and the girl is hot

biess_cze 2011.09.16
love games with real girls

a2zact 2011.09.14
i love poker game....martha is awesome....

nytingod 2011.09.13
Enjoyable game, nice selection of girls

AmazonQueen 2011.09.10
I LOVE this game but:
It`s MARTA not `martha`
If they are wearing orange or pink it`s so old as too be disappointing
This is an early game and PokerChick ( the female who programs these games ) has gotten MUCH better with
personalizing the girls and making it a variety of challenges.
Marta is MUCH hotter with her hair down
Sadly, VirtuaGirls is very controlling over the poses/girls but their there is a variety out there and some are very HOT

maverick23 2011.09.07
nice game....girl in this game is very pretty

kinglakers22 2011.09.03
the game could be better

Jaaru 2011.09.02
Ok game, kinda like to play these.

blacksanjii 2011.09.02
very hot game of strip poker she was beautiful

smokindog 2011.08.30
Not a bad little game. Just play smart, bluff now and then and win.

dieguit0000 2011.08.29
the raise button is my best firend!!!!!

calotaionut 2011.08.28
the games is great and the girl hot

Sagres 2011.08.25
Great girls but i find the game a little boring...

elishaski 2011.08.23
Game is tough but the girl is hot.

Akriadw 2011.08.22
Quite easy even tho most people say otherwise o.O 3 Rounds in which she always re-raised and it was over

joe4tit 2011.08.19
Good fun with a very hot girl :)

Herrushingu 2011.08.18
nice and very hotty girl. Easy game.

forthephins 2011.08.16
Game is good enough, Pics are fine, love to see Video added.

j0sh 2011.08.15
i like hold `em with a sexy twist! nice one pf1!

Hardroad 2011.08.13
Nice interface, overall game isn`t my cup of tea, but nice.

elo77 2011.08.11
excellent game, want more girls
I like this game, and the girl

hetton 2011.08.10
I´m not a really good poker player, so this was quite tough, just like in reality lol

Schwalbe 2011.08.06
It`s one of the harder Poker games in the net, but offers a graet view.
Why aren`t there more Virtuagirls here?

KMFDMX 2011.08.02
nice girl. Easy game. Need more pictures!

zybaxos1 2011.08.02
Challenging game, time to hone my poker skills.

spokxx 2011.08.02
great game and marvelouse graphics and beuatyfull chicks

snow01 2011.08.01
great game, the girl is nice, should have option for different players and different outfits.

grutz 2011.08.01
Poker game is pretty good challenge. The girl is hot too.

slimsky 2011.07.28
this game amazed me so much for logical side and graphical one, it`s game for all who want play cards with sexy girl

Lesleytje 2011.07.28
The graphics are great again. The option with the different kind of vieuws is brilliant.

cantthink69 2011.07.24
great game, graphics are amazing.

piratul22 2011.07.22
i love this game sooo much....excellent

hotrahul010181 2011.07.22
I like the interface and the girl. Maybe some more variety would help.

1337P337 2011.07.18
I find the camera controls to be a little wonky, otherwise it`s a fun game.

JackB1708 2011.07.15
Great game, Hot girl, bit hard

Zorr0 2011.07.14
Nice design. For someone who knows how to play, this one might be a tad too easy. (lots of "bluffing")

pravesh139 2011.07.12
awesome girl and nice graphic

m4t0n 2011.07.10
hots girls makes this game superb

Lippi1983 2011.07.09
Yeah I won one of the hottest girls I`ve ever seen :)great graphics!

KherManiram 2011.07.08
The babe is very attractive and I like the concept of her believing visible the whole time while playing the game.

sean06388 2011.07.06
this game offer high quality of animation, love it. however it really hard to play with moving table like that

bunmeet26 2011.07.05
hot girl with hot tits and a hot ass

dan1987 2011.06.29
i`m a bad pocker tough.....hehee

Saracus 2011.06.22
Its a simple poker. The girls is pretty hot though.

Ranger19 2011.06.18
FUn...though I am not very good at poker. Difficult to see what was going on though with the screen moving up and down every time I moved the mouse.

Zurvo 2011.06.17
Yeah I won one of the hottest girls I`ve ever seen :)

YeahhiTzRyan 2011.06.16
realy good pics but the game needs to be a bit easier

wolfman9112 2011.06.14
great poker game hard to find these are to fun

twistedjosh 2011.06.13
very slow performance. Though nice picture quality

BallIdiot 2011.06.09
Card dealing is slow and the girl can be more enticing.

bigdickjoe 2011.06.09
I think the game is a bit slow. Should be faster.

bob247 2011.06.08
this is a really great game

stranger1 2011.06.04
Game is a bit buggy, as some windows are overlapping

herysan 2011.06.02
need more improvement especially the model more attractive

scycekiller 2011.05.26
nice pics, but game needs 2 be easier

theone11 2011.05.25
Kinda hard! But I love poker

Hektor115 2011.05.23
Nice technic. a bit nervous on gameplay.

banes 2011.05.21
Nice girl. Like the idea of zooming in and out from the table.

DziEs 2011.05.16
extra game with extra girl

jjman 2011.05.14
good game ans sexy girl but its no easy to win takes alot of time

goalie321 2011.05.13
Very good game and she is hot with good pictures

Skarn62 2011.05.10
Nice girl.
Good poker game.

manikmodder 2011.05.07
great poker game, very beautiful stripper waiting for you to get her naked

Arbaal 2011.05.02
Typical strip-poker game. These wont change much. Only girls r different. But basic idea is same.

davson1 2011.05.01
strip poker is always fun with a hot babe.

ranmagh01 2011.04.28
Well, poker is poker. At least she is cute.

sexyguy123 2011.04.26
the game had alot of good graphics

Smyxter 2011.04.23
Good poker game, hot chick. Only complaint was the game play was way too slow.

theviper1976 2011.04.21
I`ts a decent poker game but it`s pretty easy to get them to fold all the time till they are out of money and clothes.

zarapastro 2011.04.20
didnt like it too dificult

lightburner 2011.04.19
One of the best poker games i ever played and with a nice girl too!

monoxes 2011.04.17
nice poker game, easy to play, like it very much

james38 2011.04.15
played poker games before but one my favorites

Gottebass 2011.04.10
its an okay game at best, The layout and controls are horrible.

TelorSwift 2011.04.10
A little frustrating if the player`s rather impatient to get to the final objective ha. Goes a little laggy on a slower computer but overall a decent chill out game.

Toddagen 2011.04.08
easy to play, great graphics

1978Woops 2011.04.06
easy to win thsi game, but lovely girl to watch. :)

Immerhin 2011.04.03
Nice graphics easy to play

hesteng10 2011.04.02
perfect game.. not to hard and good girl

Benoit07 2011.04.01
movement of the table is a bit clunky.

drag6585 2011.03.31
strip poker is always fun with a hot babe.

tky3k 2011.03.24
fun game.. I like the rather unusual style. but then again, they seem to be getting more usual lately and that is awesome!
Hope there comes more!

fuckomagee 2011.03.22
i like all these poker games. the girls are always pretty hot!

kaneraven 2011.03.22
great table interface, hot girl. solid game

heca 2011.03.20
Hot chick with a closeup function!

ebunny66 2011.03.16
Awesome girl. Great graphics!

DeaconFrost 2011.03.14
Nice Texas Hold`Em strip poker, very few pictures but nice ones.
I do appreciate the slide-show in the end to make sure I didn`t skip any.
No music but the sounds of the chips, good enough too for me.
Wont take long if you bet big and win but the point is to see her naked.

wiinzj 2011.03.10
Nice girl, but dont like the gameplay

der_biElEr 2011.03.09
this is one nice poker game!! like it

marcelino21 2011.03.05
excellent game, easy to play even if you don`t play poker

bibolt 2011.03.04
That is a fun game, with nice pictures, especially the last one!

reepa 2011.03.02
great poker game.very good pics of a very beautiful girl

darkRAJON 2011.02.28
great photos of a great body. And not that hard to win

Lucianobe 2011.02.26
Not so easy to win the games, but the girl is really beautifull

vvlvitor 2011.02.24
It`s a poker game. Girl looks good, game is not that easy, I like the interface with the table.

wads21 2011.02.23
great interface, hot girl, provides a challenge.

apollogeist 2011.02.22
This game can go a lot faster

firbit 2011.02.22
could go a little faster...

zabuza948 2011.02.20
i think its alil boaring i mean its good but its alil boring to me honestly

shimmergirl 2011.02.20
I really like this game. Controls not so great though

ergocorp 2011.02.19
Animation and picture quality are top notch, controls simple and effective. I recommend this, plus the model is hot.

ady86sheran 2011.02.18
martha is a beautiful girl and is hard to win against her

junglemonkee 2011.02.12
i also made this one of my favorites because Martha is a gorgeous woman!

junglemonkee 2011.02.12
a GREAT game of poker! And Martha is a very beautiful woman to play against and the game is fairly difficult to play against considering it is a computer poker game.

goglicious 2011.02.12
nice strip poker with a beautiful woman, good classic game!

renwo 2011.02.09
Strip poker is the best,with a nice girl

ratonius 2011.02.08
That was a fun game, the girl was really sexy,graphics are nice, interaction tools would be cool.

yeeh1299 2011.02.07
Awesome girl. Great graphics!

atldc9 2011.02.07
I like the graphics, good presintation nice game

Mando66 2011.02.06
Just curious how quick anyone else beat the game? And how long does it take to get pts for the main game?

Mando66 2011.02.06
Classical poker! Finally, at least something that is of value on the site.

jrat 2011.02.05
it was confusing trying to view the entire girl at first

red_barun 2011.02.04
game is good. Litlle hard but girl is very very nice

wankingbastard 2011.02.03
nice girl but boring game, too hard

redcobra 2011.02.02
Great game. It`s good that the girl is in the background so you can watch and play, plus the controls allow you to get the best views

Albertinho 2011.02.02
A very beautiful girl!!!Gotta try it ppl!

toaster23 2011.01.30
qulaity game but ver very easy

qqwerty 2011.01.29
I finally finish this game adn i think it was worth of wasting my time.

qqwerty 2011.01.29
Great girl and the dificulty level is relly good.

randy06 2011.01.28
good game just to big to see girl and want to get her naked not lose

drjj 2011.01.27
really like this game and this girl

kukoo 2011.01.26
good graphics
nice animation

SilentStriker 2011.01.24
good looking girl and a good game :) although im not too good at it

jdeere2000 2011.01.21
She is one of the best Virtual Girls!

greatgrizzard 2011.01.20
That was a fun game, the girl was really sexy, that last pic when you win is great!

vpl 2011.01.19
Cool game. The AI did a few weird stunts at times but it was mostly OK. Didn`t like how the camera worked, it was too jerky

GhostyGu 2011.01.17
Incredible poker game, incredible girl. A++

1NT0X 2011.01.17
the poker provided by the virtual girls is the best strip poker out there !

phatbaboon 2011.01.15
this girl is amazingly hot

hash19 2011.01.15
exellent game, easy to play even if you don`t play poker

gamemaster676 2011.01.14
Love the strip games, and this one is quite realistic :P

fuggax 2011.01.13
great graphics but have to move the mouse too much up and down to see the girl.

Endymion73 2011.01.07
Cool game, nice woman... and Poker Artificial Intelligence is not bad.

scooterpie 2011.01.05
ok. game. don`t like that you have to keep moving the table up and down to see the girl

Micky20 2011.01.03
women hot but way to long but on the other hand liks a challanging game

totally-dead 2011.01.03
Way too long for the reward if you ask me, and it seems to be slower on internet explorer.

cool_chap1607 2010.12.31
good game but easy one............

HornyPorny 2010.12.29
i love strippoker(games), but these take forever.....

lolzak 2010.12.29
good game of strip poker, but it`s too easy i think/

kingdong 2010.12.28
good game quite hard to win

plp3333 2010.12.27
it`s my favorite games :)

ozorne_6 2010.12.24
Nice game love playing it it`s not an easy game to win

gotpwned 2010.12.21
good game and graphics are also fine

dcppcd 2010.12.21
decent game good pictures

hermie56 2010.12.20
ok game, a bit hard. nice HQ images

smaug10 2010.12.20
excellent graphics and easy gameplay. Love brunettes

kinky888 2010.12.19
very sexy girl, all you have to do to win is be very very patient and conservative while still taking chances at times. Good Game!

Sciakal 2010.12.17
Too easy win, but pretty model. Slow controll...

bluekane 2010.12.15
the game has really good graphics

ptalgh 2010.12.15
she looks great, the game is good

kotsss 2010.12.14
she looks great, the game is good, I only wish here positions were better

silver12 2010.12.13
This game moves very slowly, kind of annoying

thenny 2010.12.12
what a great game love it

long55 2010.12.11
love this game she has a great body, love!

jpsacrey 2010.12.10
Hot girl but the game is too slow.

DaveDude1234 2010.12.08
love this game she has a great body :D

Bergosse 2010.12.07
Hot girl but the game is too slowwww.

freylex 2010.12.07
sexy girl, sadly im rubbish at poker

saul878 2010.12.06
very hot girl though not very engaging with just poker though nice format

kenn7176 2010.12.03
the girl is very sexy and she has a great body,love the slide show when you win

peer265 2010.12.03
nice game hot girl like it

DirkKuyt 2010.12.02
great game, lots of beatiful girls available

zeretet 2010.12.01
I love these nice poker games!

Gevatter 2010.11.29
Its a good game. Girl looks awesome. A little bit hard to the end ;-)

mikolo401 2010.11.28
poker and girls nice combo

hersh2450 2010.11.27
Graphic are really really good. Really impressive.

lower5 2010.11.24
i love this game good graphic

FrdPrfct42 2010.11.24
Wery nice girl, but impossible to bluff out of a hand, because it`s not no limits

bhopal76 2010.11.22
very nice game, a lot of girls with new ones two/three times in a week

dominique 2010.11.21
the girl is hot the poker game it`s the best nice job

drakkan 2010.11.19
Good format, good girl. I like.

Kyell 2010.11.19
A huge selection of girls to play against!

komistus 2010.11.19
I love these poker games!

likeme 2010.11.18
nice game. win easy :) more girl please

darc28 2010.11.17
the girl is amazing with the high quality images. but the game is a little to slow and should be a little harder because the girl fold way to much.

heiner 2010.11.16
a nice game but we want more of these games

Sariah 2010.11.15
Beautiful girl with high quality images. But the game is a bit too slow paced. The animations are nice, but you should be able to skip them or turn them off. Strip poker games need to be faster than this.

NickC 2010.11.11
I like it, it has nice pics and the chick is hot

Glimpse 2010.11.11
very good game, but she folds a bit too often. anyway i like it, cause she undresses faster

davduckie 2010.11.10
great game amazing graphics

zliks 2010.11.09
I really need to learn poker

Forged 2010.11.09
Bet high and you can get her to fold

Kanno111 2010.11.09
great design, it is a little annoying to scroll the game, and it was a bit slow on my computer

alonez6 2010.11.07
this game is too hard to play.... takes too long time to win...

jamieberry 2010.11.05
good, but takes too long to load.

xronik 2010.11.05
Smart processing, it is simply admired!

Opelkadett 2010.11.05
Nice girls, nice graphics, and overall a really good game :)

Viper302 2010.11.05
fun game just wish you could go all in

SilverCheshire 2010.11.05
The AI plays a very conservative game and it took me a few hands to get a handle on how aggressive I could play, but the girl was well worth it.

venkopld 2010.11.03
The girl is super hot, great graphics, and it`s easy to play. Awesome.

walkwithme 2010.10.29
Well, I guess it was a bit too easy since I won at the first try...

tss99 2010.10.28
Very nice game! I liked its difeerent playgame...

thegreathadji 2010.10.26
One of the best strip poker games i`ve played in a while. The girl is super hot, great graphics, and it`s easy to play. Awesome.

Wayne Schlegel 2010.10.25
a nice way to learn poker

ferretsteve 2010.10.22
Great job with simulating the poker, and stimulating the players

sakaLUD 2010.10.22
super sexy girl, but not so good game. bi slow.

romeo1985 2010.10.20
the girl on here is very sexy and i love the real picture would love to see more. like her playing with herself or with a dildo.

overseasman83 2010.10.19
poker is fun such a pretty girl

BobHoskins69 2010.10.19
Very nice game, I like the three view modes. a little bit slow to play but worth the wait

xxrammherxx 2010.10.18
this is a pretty badass stippoker game

mnadam 2010.10.18
Best Poker game I have played yet

RESSAT 2010.10.18
hot game but you need luck to complete it

jhaus 2010.10.18
strange camera but the girl was good looking and the game was entertaining.

BacariBurberry 2010.10.15
great gameplay but needs more strip options

chumak 2010.10.13
chick is hot, the AI is a little easy to bluff

dj.viper 2010.10.11
its a hard game but i love the girl in it

kustucak 2010.10.09
nice graphics but girl is looking really bad

collver 2010.10.07
nifty little games...wish that it would run a little faster though.

dammilionaire 2010.10.06
This is a lucky game but i love martha! high definition

capndave 2010.10.06
Fun game, great pics, but the strategy is a little simple.

brandy97 2010.10.03
love the game, but the cards move a bit too slow but altogether very sexy when you get her undressed

12frederice 2010.09.29
this game rocks :) best strip poker ever

snake246 2010.09.28
only way i would have liked this one more is if it was a video.

P_Raider 2010.09.28
good selection of camera angles, solid gameplay, and one of the hottest VG around! nuff said

mwwl 2010.09.26
Enjoyable game, table size is a bit annoying, but still poker like I like to play

joesooner 2010.09.26
good game, but screen needs to be smaller

amlutias 2010.09.25
Very nice!! fun poker game and Marta is gorgeous!!!!!!

exe1325 2010.09.25
Just remembered, I suck at poker

Yorch 2010.09.24
This is a lucky game but i love martha! high definition

Fag1234 2010.09.23
great game! kinda easy but good!

FlikViktor 2010.09.19
Difficult, but very good game, the pictures are great, overall a great game.

greatest421 2010.09.18
Good Game beutiful women

jimmyclarke1994 2010.09.15
Very hard game, the nice movement is good.

tophe35 2010.09.15
YES: i`m stuck in this game (describe where), please help me

sky blue 2010.09.15
great game really hot chick

william1337 2010.09.11
Oh a very good strip game. She is really hot and it is good pictures!

Nijoul 2010.09.11
Great poker game with awesome graphics:)

star 2010.09.06
great game with nice girl, but not easily to win.

akath 2010.09.03
the game could stand to be a little tougher

drag6588 2010.09.02
The poker game is fun to play for 2 minutes.Then its harder.

DelPimp 2010.09.02
Very slow on slow PCs, but great graphics and gameplay

drdeez 2010.09.01
Great game, hot girl. Bluff all the way and you can win eventually.

Biernas 2010.09.01
Alright game but could use better music

babahoush 2010.08.30
great game lots of fun, great pixs

jed776 2010.08.30
Really like this game. A well made game, although I think it takes entirely too long to win.

Kotton24 2010.08.30
Great game i can`t wait for you guys to make more with different sexy girls

awillyd 2010.08.29
Great game! Excellent graphics!

bigsnypr 2010.08.28
fun game the graphics look very good

Bluehue. 2010.08.27
Not too hard tow in but can feel kinda slow at times.

sinsear1071 2010.08.27
A very fun version of strip poker. Although the computer dealt itself two pair of aces..twice I still ejoyed the game and of course beating it and viewing the Marta slideshow was a definte plus!!

dragamor 2010.08.27
is ok, but i lost a game with tow pairs against one par

Supergoof 2010.08.26
A beautiful girl as opponent.
Not too hard to win.

ikke4444 2010.08.25
These games should have multiple girls in 1 game.

lupo 2010.08.25
I love these strip poker games the pictures are amazing,
just bluf and...

retros1 2010.08.24
game is very slow, but girl is very sexy

titibox 2010.08.24
good game, it changes the way I see poker now! Nothing else to say except that more interaction would be better !

milesp 2010.08.24
nice game - would like full view to be playable - hot girl

050gertje0 2010.08.23
Easy game and sexy girl. More models in 1 game appreciated.

shadowhearts 2010.08.23
hot girl.... very easy game stupid computer :) fun poker game

playoneforce 2010.08.23
good game, nice pics, but it takes a little while

Firewave 2010.08.22
Man I love these strip poker hold`em games. They make them a little hard but not very hard and the girls are smoken, this is not exception. Good work here!

atlas1983 2010.08.22
pretty easy game, good thing she is pretty hot...

chakcutler 2010.08.21
great game. just bluff till shes naked.

bluestar 2010.08.21
I love these strip poker games the pictures are amazing

Sepp_Sepp 2010.08.21
Very Hot Girl and sexy pics but way too easy

d-gaetano 2010.08.21
nice, but nothing special

jody890 2010.08.20
the games kind of easy but very fun

marrud 2010.08.19
very sexy game pics were great

ForceOne 2010.08.19
Awesome girl and graphics

keyla 2010.08.18
Good game, but a bit easy. Hot girl though.

Sgtsheppy 2010.08.18
girl is hot very fun to play very good overall

bolo 2010.08.17
good game. played slowly though

turboaddict 2010.08.16
Good game, but a bit easy. Hot girl though.

rubenmaneta 2010.08.16
the game is very hard but the girl are very hot

mjohn 2010.08.16
Really really addictive! Two thumbs up!

ThirtyOne 2010.08.15
great girl and great graphics, like it

Nando_wise 2010.08.15
Excellent game play! I loved it! What a huge tits!

jerome042 2010.08.14
a little bit too slow but the lady is very hot. Prhaps, it would be a great thing to add some pics

Roderickje 2010.08.13
Its a really hot girl poker is always cool but i really dont like the game its slow the interface is terrible and the girl doesnt wear enough clothes to make it really interesting just keep raising her and youll get to see her nude very soon

HeinH77 2010.08.13
Good quality picture, nice to watch at, not simple to win ;-(

wwnate09 2010.08.12
holdem + nudity = great game

hretic 2010.08.12
I like holdem and strip makes it even better.

sad111 2010.08.12
Great game, and chicks!!!

evaddave 2010.08.11
The game play is good and the Pictures are great quality. But it would be improved by her starting with more cloths and thus more shots.

RivKrey 2010.08.10
Really starting to like these strip poker games. ^.^

shawnhbk 2010.08.10
Great game, but tough to beat though

chocolate657 2010.08.09
It`s a poker game. Girl looks good, game is not that easy, could do with being a bit easier

didado 2010.08.09
amazing strip poker game great graphics

Wahoopunch46 2010.08.08
Poker is fun, what makes it even fun, is a hot girl =)

bambamjimmyjam 2010.08.08
two of my favorite things... poker and beautiful women, great game with a fresh interface

costa_best 2010.08.07
i love this game and that girl is so hot

GtMustang87 2010.08.06
I like the girl on this one

InsidiousWeasel 2010.08.06
The HoldemStripem games are well made with the AI tweaked for each girl.
Marta ( not Martha lol she`s from Poland ) is set as one of the hardest to play....but she does over bluff on the blind cards and can be made to fold by reraising her.

GetUsuM 2010.08.06
Strip poker has always been fun. a hot woman makes it even more fun to play

ALMM19 2010.08.05
Pretty good game, at least its holdem

car19821982 2010.08.05
now it works, and she`s quite the hot chick

car19821982 2010.08.05
this game wouldn`t load for me.

horngame 2010.08.04
best strip poker game i have evr played

horngame 2010.08.04
game is good poker is not easy though

sicnarfj 2010.08.04
Great game, pretty great graphics as well

Hernans 2010.08.03
nice game..but more not a lot of pics..

ingers74 2010.08.03
it only allowed me to bet or raise the bet which was limiting...

flayer 2010.08.02
the game is easy and the girl is very sexy

Lucien 2010.08.01
The game played well but the camera control was a little screwy

losserrmann 2010.08.01
my comp too slow to play this game, looks good though ;

mchedemand 2010.07.31
the game is ok, and the girl is hot. But the camera is terrible

alxxx0011 2010.07.31
great game and hard enough to keep you interested

jake874 2010.07.31
great game but i think that the difficulty can be higher..

joszim 2010.07.30
This game is a little slow, but the quality of the graphics are great. She`s beautiful in hi-def.

Caine1379 2010.07.29
takes to long to get her naked, didnt like it . . . and i got crap hands

esquerdinha666 2010.07.29
Great game, and chicks!!!

Ammo 2010.07.29
there are a few other games of these, same principle but other girls, it would be great to collect them here, its a great training for poker beginners like me ;)

wyskas 2010.07.28
too easy for middle lvl poker player but she"s so cute

p22raven 2010.07.27
The game is very well made. Graphics are great.

firefistace 2010.07.27
hot girl, but poker sucks

SuperRichie 2010.07.26
hold`em - strip`em is one of the best :)

TheHappyChem 2010.07.26
Great website... add new opponents often as well.

PG 2010.07.26
I love poker. this girl makes it even better.

jwu0625 2010.07.26
Love poker games!!! adds a sense of exitement.

wahooman48 2010.07.26
enjoyable game with a hot chick

alexmahler2000 2010.07.25
hmmmm luv to play with her and havin a straight flush....hmmmm she has a lovely pussy...nice game, thx

animwatz 2010.07.25
great game looking forward to next one

lajero 2010.07.25
It`s a bit slow, but a nice game

CrazedJedi 2010.07.25
Fun game once you get the hang of the rules

Bobstara 2010.07.25
haha i beat her with 5 lifes i really liked the girl

Moviemaan 2010.07.25
hmmmm... not really much of a poker fan... :/

thewin 2010.07.24
nice girl, but the gameplay is too slow

EricR 2010.07.24
Prety cool game, altough lacking in depth imo. But scenes pretty hot

siantho 2010.07.24
a hot gorgeous babe and poker what else?

slipstreem 2010.07.24
martha is so fuc.ing hot~

motorboater111 2010.07.23
Great pictures if you are lucky enough to win

big8797 2010.07.23
very sexy game pics were great

quatda 2010.07.23
good game i like it shes pretty hot

argonidas 2010.07.23
hot chick, great poker game

Szar1313 2010.07.23
Great game very sexy girl

nicky1 2010.07.23
A real hot girl, High definition pics, a nice "staring" system plus the fun of poker... Nice game really! But when theres "expectations" in the game, well, you can get quite impatient haha!

DarkDrow88 2010.07.23
just ur usual poker game i guess.

aguywithnolife 2010.07.22
While it`s a good poker simulator, it feels like the same ol` same ol` poker sim.

damanboy780 2010.07.22
love the game. great model

beck 2010.07.22
loved the game. great fun> sexy model

Ryley1 2010.07.22
Really fun game i played it on Games of desire first though.

FinalDestiny 2010.07.22
decent game, the poker game in itself is quite easy. If you keep raising you`ll eventually get it.

tubs 2010.07.22
The girl is really hot, she looks good. Game play is that that great

JJo 2010.07.22
Nice graphics and gameplay mechanism. AI was a little dim and the game was very easy to beat.

copyrightkiller278 2010.07.22
Hot pics and regular Texas Hold `em. Good combination.

th3c4rd 2010.07.20
Hot chick, and an interesting new interface. I like it. well done!

alexmahler2000 2010.07.20
funny and sexy poker game...hope to see more of these girls to play with ;-)

sasanka 2010.07.20
It is quite hard to win - not like the other strip poker games

Keilso 2010.07.19
Excellent - some of the girls are hard to strip though

Luzi 2010.07.18
nice game and nut too difficult

flak 2010.07.17
Good game - can you figure out how to do it with video of the girl?

kaiditmedoi 2010.07.17
great graph?c but take longer to finish games.

Andre-95 2010.07.16
i love this game! is funny and sexy!

davj5 2010.07.16
Great poker game and girls are hot.

Kernlawyer 2010.07.16
okay game but the limited amount of photos made the game less fun

betta367 2010.07.16
pretty hard poker game.stil,nice chick.

dODo_143 2010.07.16
pretty tough game!! nice interface and gorgeous girls
i liked it

nauticallizard 2010.07.16
great game,, decent graphics and the chicks are pretty hot and challenging give an 8 out of 10

Makarion 2010.07.15
I wouldn`t mind at all if you were to host more of the VirtuaGirl poker games - there`s a lot of them and all free.

torn6666 2010.07.15
Brillent game but would like to see more pics.

NightStalker73au 2010.07.15
very enjoying and challenging game.

arheru 2010.07.15
Great interface and gameplay. Quite hard though.

loogan 2010.07.14
Great game... good control, pretty gal, just enough challenge.

iKeKc 2010.07.14
nice gameplay. good graphics

espectroz 2010.07.13
great working, exepcional girl

espectroz 2010.07.13
wonderfull girl, poker its a great game =)

ba ghost 2010.07.13
great game was hard to beat

thegame 2010.07.12
The mouse mode was kind of annoying. Pretty good game, but hard to win.

shurik26 2010.07.12
the game is hard but i really like the girl she is so hot

spenracq2 2010.07.12
nice game lovley body on girl

mulligan 2010.07.12
Good game - not many hold em games around - helped by a beautiful opponent

Dragon062593 2010.07.11
i dont know if its just me but i was only able to get ger to take off two things and then i couldnt get the right cards.

lucasneil 2010.07.11
wow, this girl is soo hot, i would love to squirt all over her

capfriend 2010.07.11
pretty good game would like to see more pics

andy_regresa 2010.07.11
very creative game lots of fun

Fixman 2010.07.11
Nice graphics ... Super game

s@nt!no 2010.07.11
Nice girl, decent poker engine and for free. Great!

Matthew MacKrelle 2010.07.11
Not a bad games. I kind of like it.

boyo111 2010.07.11
Good quality game, nice to see some work done on them

wimLOD 2010.07.11
nice strip oker gamem does anybody know when the new quests are comming?

GESTORBEN 2010.07.10

Daveman3080 2010.07.10
Loved it, always love when I can play strip poker with a girl, that is real and not hentai

PureHate 2010.07.10
chick is hot, the AI is a little easy to bluff.

Macho 2010.07.10
It is the best holdem of the History of the world

Baddibu 2010.07.10
Hmm poker and a sexy babe...
if she have a part of 2 stars she bet and bet... to easy

UnoFpsJoe 2010.07.10
really good game,poker and very hot chick.

cjcj 2010.07.10
A great game. A beuatiful model and great play.

bub566 2010.07.10
very good game, it`s made playing poker much more fun :)

buzzkillington84 2010.07.10
martha needs to come bye my place for another round of poker.

emetiel 2010.07.10
Nice graphics but the control is to poriferous

chrissi90 2010.07.10
The girls are hot, the game is smooth in transistion, graphics are excellent, interaction tools would be cool.

gp78 2010.07.10
game interface could be a lil faster.. great looking girl tho

Madkeno 2010.07.10
I liked the game very much, especially the changable views. Great looking girl.

spirek 2010.07.10
a very nice game, the chick is hot and the game is quite easy to play.

Raiha24 2010.07.09
this gaem is great... nice game interaction plus the girl is really hot

airloaf 2010.07.09
Great game, perfect graphics and good difficulty what more could we ask for?

limbell 2010.07.09
best of the strip poker games i have ever played. nicely done

im2smart4u 2010.07.09
This is the first time I have seen a computer bluff. This is better then all other online stip poker games I have played. The hot girl was great too.

bigbear86 2010.07.09
´her hands are just to good. and i hate playing headsup

igotthefunny 2010.07.09
very creative game lots of fun

karl95 2010.07.08
Pictures are good but I don`t like the controls. They are all over the place

mycael006 2010.07.08
Great graphics, realistic poker strategy used by the opponent when I played so surprisingly good!

ODarras123 2010.07.08
Rlly nice and hot girl and i never lost to her/

bigblack 2010.07.08
game play can be hard, good graphics and animation

loco666 2010.07.08
this game is good.
and i like poker a lot

paranoid 2010.07.08
nice strip poker game. with a cute girl. Nearly a little too easy but a fun way! it`s a bit different than other poker games. nice!

ico 2010.07.08
girl is hot, graphic in game good and poker like any other poker game

laurajones 2010.07.08
Really liked the controls on this games

matrex 2010.07.08
I love play poker with this nice girl

etch 2010.07.08
girl is hot, but the game takes so long. Then it also seams like sometimes the game itself is rigged

cheese101 2010.07.08
girl is alright,game is really slow,and really annoying,because good hands are almost impossible to find

Demolt 2010.07.08
game is very good and the girl is so sexy

Law 2010.07.07
i really like this girl

pdlboat 2010.07.07
not bad, but it could have some better action with the girl.

freakyfarmboy 2010.07.07
lol. she isn`t a very good poker player, but I really don`t mind

dezzie 2010.07.07
shame im not very good at poker isnt it

MrSeven 2010.07.07
Poker is really fun, especially with a girl like this one :)

LCHS1992 2010.07.07
probably the best AI for these types of games. wish the screen would be set though. Otherwise, great game

playgame 2010.07.07
Its a very normal game, nothing special in graphics

Ricoh124 2010.07.07
Good graphics, harded and more competitive poker = good game

JazzzyJo 2010.07.07
Not bad at all. The site offers lots of girls and the AI is one of the best for poker I`ve seen.

storm 2010.07.07
nice very interesting game ....

scannatore 2010.07.07
5 minutes to win. My record or the game difficulty level is ridiculous...

TIR 2010.07.07
Don`t like this interface, but game looks intresting

dreadwolf 2010.07.07
game play, graphic, animation nice poker game

jerryonly83 2010.07.07
good game great girls!! though it`s not my favourite kind of game i like it the same!

borris 2010.07.07
don`t like the table view and would prefer to see my card in th eother views otherwise great game

Turner9 2010.07.07
The girls are hot, the game is smooth in transistion, graphics are excellent, interaction tools would be cool.

bradpout 2010.07.07
I love play poker like this :)

nameit 2010.07.06
Nice girls, nice concept of the game

Xyzzy 2010.07.06
It`s an okay game, I guess. The girls are pretty hot. I really hate the way the screen scrolls with the mouse movement.

KingK17 2010.07.06
good game liked the poker part, sexy girl

jethro 2010.07.06
best poker game I have found, all the girls are hot and lots of updates

queenlustybusty 2010.07.06
wow this game is so hot!!!

un3109 2010.07.06
not bad game hot chick clear graphics

sportymarc 2010.07.06
nice gameplay. good graphics

gerty 2010.07.06
hot new poker game
i really like this girl

colinjfrancis 2010.07.06
Fun, but tricky to control.

chiefton 2010.07.06
Hard game, fold until you get the big hand.

haiclem 2010.07.06
great design, it is a little annoying to scroll the game, and it was a bit slow on my computer.

randy06 2010.07.06
hard game but will take control just got to get a good poker hands and go for it

Pnorg 2010.07.06
I love these games, cuz of the great graphics!

Tuwie 2010.07.06
exellent game, easy to play even if you don`t play poker

boinky 2010.07.06
It`s a poker game. Girl looks good, game is not that easy, I like the interface with the table.

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