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Spy Zina


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rayugu21 2017.10.30
Haha very nice, too short tho

Domenik 2017.10.25
Probably the worst game I ve play so far

IchFindeZuegeCool 2017.08.04
Very short but every second is worth it

memeforce 2017.06.21
Oh fuck yeah, I love wet pussy games!

dgkesquire 2017.01.28
Simple "click-and-watch" graphic animated video short. Graphics decent enough...but only just. Good for an occasional diversion.

Pervy-hermit 2015.06.20
While the girl was hot and the story was original, it was very short and the gameplay was horrible.

sex-ayback 2015.01.08
NoT tHe BeSt GaMe BuT a GaMe Is A gAmE!!!

Haseo365 2014.01.30
fun game but could have done more at the end.

X.man 2014.01.04
nice and hot lady ! i liked it !

Badvoc 2013.11.12
graphically poor and far too short


noogad 2013.09.20
Great game... girls are hot!!!! WOW

rames44a 2013.08.23
Not much of a game. Very little instruction, and then not much thereafter.

addaxe115 2013.05.17
boring game very repetative

bilbily 2013.05.12
not very fun need at hands to play this one

gwazz 2013.04.17
game to short but with good graphics

hant 2013.03.02
very short but was fun too.

Gordn3 2013.01.27
Boored game , lost interest quick.

oscar500 2013.01.19
This is amazing! I love the graphic + the game. It is very nice. :)

Samael_1 2012.12.21
I officially like spy games, there needs to be more like this one...

VeNNoM 2012.11.27
Alex M is fabulous love his stuff

vashali 2012.11.02
Like the graphics in these games, but not a challenge at all.

redangel7 2012.10.28
Poor interface and quite boring. Needs life...

donysabox 2012.08.12
nice game but very short and the story is not that great..

Killa00 2012.06.25
Good quality but too short to fully enjoy.

cashmanbashman 2012.06.04
Hot chick, but not the best interface.

Littlegrandpa 2012.05.25
Nice Game but way too short and it has a forseeable storyline. There is also not much of interaction...

bahamut86 2012.05.21
good quality game but too short

[BY]WEGAS 2012.05.16
So the girl is hot but there`s not much actual game play or control over the action

rumxes 2012.04.12
Simple and beautifl small game

ekrachess123 2012.03.26
Nice game but a bit short :(

IMMoon 2012.03.22
awesome game but sadly no customizable experience

jansonlim015539 2012.02.28
boring game.no big action game .

klf 2012.02.13
nice start, awesome music, hot chick but when you undressed her, game is over. need more work

derekto 2012.02.12
a bit strange at the beginning but it gets better

sammyshambles 2012.02.04
played betterat least you had to try!

BigDaddyPsycho 2012.02.02
Nice game with an interresting storyline, liked it.

spoonbill 2012.01.25
interesting storyline but I found it difficult to get through

elishacuthbert 2012.01.07
Its ok. Some new animations and pictures would be better.

Guillaume 2012.01.06
Looks like it is not a finished game

mikicostanza 2012.01.03
a cool little game with great spy

nigga101 2011.12.30
needs hotter graphics the girl seems old compared to other games

poutaniarisb 2011.12.09
at the end... after a difficult battle there are interesting things

johnnylush 2011.12.06
Not a great game.....boring mostly

kky 2011.11.29
this game worn my hands out from shooting the chandeleer but was great after that

lazy boy 2011.11.23
nice and hot game . .

ratmeat 2011.11.21
Hardly worth the effort of playing.

zenginoglu 2011.11.17
This is great game... I like it very much...

maspencer 2011.11.11
I liked tearing her clothes off.

Gurnen 2011.11.09
Not much of a game. Brief shoot-up and then fixed clips.

navio 2011.11.03
de los juegos mas aburridos que he jugado en esta pagina

xRafiki1996x 2011.10.21
it would be much better if it would be longer

Hobgoblin67 2011.10.18
Complete waste of time,graphics were ok but the game is way too short. Musis is ok but that`s about it.

Mototon 2011.10.13
good game, at first way it look like u need to kill her but is not like that.

canuck2011 2011.10.01
enjoyed the different approah to a game...graphics and gameplay were ok

Aragon 2011.09.28
I don`t like rape - if you like it, the game sure is interesting and you have to play it.

The Viking 2011.09.23
A little short, but realy cool enyway^^

Jaaru 2011.09.02
Seen better gamesthan this.

mikejacob 2011.08.20
what???? is that all ????????? it could of been better really

Darksareth44 2011.07.25
very awesome game... very hot

fonix 2011.07.21
It seemed to be good but after the beginning it was the same as the other abduction games and it was really short.

Gaiking 2011.07.18
this game simple but animation good

triple 2011.07.18
it`s worse game....
i hate this game....

besogrone 2011.06.27
i don`t like this type of games. but de drawn is good

patty23 2011.06.19
very short cud have been little more interesting

zie_knight 2011.06.15
Too easy, but rather good graphic...

TheCin 2011.06.05
a game for short fun and action
Girl is hot
graphic is ok

jpsacrey 2011.05.30
So the girl is hot but there`s not much actual game play or control over the action

Mojache 2011.05.30
The game is a bit short, would have loved more scenes

Ravenmadd 2011.05.29
Once you figure out what to do, it`s fun ... for about a minute.

m4t0n 2011.05.22
hots girls makes this game superb

shakezulla17 2011.05.16
So the girl is hot but there`s not much actual game play or control over the action

Mike_Shinoda81 2011.04.30
This game is very good and i like it...

lampu7ahmad 2011.04.11
its hard to play for first time..but great game....better longer when the sex time...

dlman91 2011.04.09
really short and kinda weird

Skarn62 2011.04.07
I can`t find any pleasure with rape game.

zetronx 2011.04.05
too bad its so short, liked the game!

khadren 2011.04.03
Short game but decent, would like to see more from them.

aiestin 2011.03.30
nice game...tooo sexy game

Kentishman 2011.03.28
A brief shooting game followed by a series of video clips. Graphics are nice, but game is too short and too easy

poisonsynite 2011.03.25
Nice but can be made much better :)

Billpie70 2011.03.23
Short and nice, i liked the game

Liuck55 2011.03.19
great game and graphics, good gameplay

DeaconFrost 2011.03.15
Same as other abduction game from the same author, not bad regarding musical background and animation, but very particular regarding the theme (not really my cup of tea) and way too short....
I am not even sure this is really necessary to take cover or if this is possible to shoot the light bulbs of the chandelier straight...
Worth the minute it takes to take a look at I guess.

junglemonkee 2011.03.13
This game is way too short but the pro to this game is the actual game play. Took me awhile to figure it out. What i did was used my the mouse to shoot the lights with my right hand and used the arrow keys to block her shots with my left. Don`t know if this helps other players.

month 2011.03.10
A nice, if a bit short game... Also almost no interuction, but for the shooting.

dragonj 2011.03.09
A little bit too short but appart from that it is kind of good.

Jasn20 2011.03.08
any one knows how to pass the 1st level of blocking attacks?

The G 2011.03.08
slightly simplistic, although the action part at the beginning makes a change from how these games normally play.

akikumar 2011.03.06
ot very fun need at least6 hands to play this one
nice very nice

akikumar 2011.03.06
good n nice game but graphics r slow n bad

Necrataal 2011.02.15
Good game/Graphics, but played better ones.

silver12 2011.02.14
not very fun, get shot and can`t really move on

preciousbabe1234 2011.02.11
such a good game gonna keep on playing

celticodst 2011.02.09
the game was a ok game played better

Salander 2011.02.08
Looks like it is not a finished game but I liked it

m4lv1n 2011.02.05
the graphics is awesome and the animation is good.

wankingbastard 2011.02.03
nice graphics but a boring game

ikke2 2011.02.02
graphics not so good as other games but nice story

namildog 2011.02.01
Good model but very short gameplay

altobasso 2011.01.24
only 4 scene????
no interactivity game

Zonkko01 2011.01.22
Good game but needs to be longer. Good Graphic and Hot Girl.

SkylineR34GTR 2011.01.21
Love this guys stuff, great game but a bit short.

dragonguardian13 2011.01.20
That was really short. took me a second to figure out i had to shoot the lights out not shoot her. could be longer and more interactive on the sex scene.

twon 2011.01.18
good game wouldn`t hurt to be a bit longer great animation

ratonius 2011.01.13
Not too bad but not great either,not one I would play again.

secblaze 2011.01.12
great game and graphics, good gameplay

Aminadab 2011.01.09
simple game; nothing to do; graphics ok

jonesbanana 2011.01.02
i feel sorry for the girl

kibaki 2010.12.30
need more interaction but stil old style graphic looks good

Futurus 2010.12.28
liked the game, but it was much to short.

Codas 2010.12.20
A rather poor game, very little interaction and a dull gallery shooting minigame to get there. Not really worth the effort.

jimmyk 2010.12.19
Nice graphics, but to short en to little interaction.

mick149 2010.12.17
poor game it was more like rape

newbie055 2010.12.13
Decent game but it`s short. Could use some more scenes.

slipmaster 2010.12.11
Bocado80 dont kill her ... shoot the lights

weldingcrow 2010.12.09
great graphics but the game sucked

Bocado80 2010.12.06
Doesent work cant pass de shooting part.

Bill46 2010.12.06
Good story line, but needs more interaction options...

mike cook 2010.12.04
Sort of OK but not very difficult and no interaction with the sex scenes

Saintly66 2010.12.01
Good game but it should allow us to control the sex scenes

broman16 2010.11.26
This game is alright. Good grafics but really short and kind of boring. Not too bad but not great either.

sam1203 2010.11.26
omg got me sooooo wet lol love this game.

dazza30 2010.11.22
not the best game pretty simple...

Morpheus 2010.11.22
not a fan of the whole rape thing. shooting scene is hard too lol

GT1965 2010.11.20
Interesting Graphics But I found it to hard

paddywhack 2010.11.10
great animation good game

BorisG93 2010.11.09
I have to say the part of the chandeleer was incredibly hard but at the same time rewarding... congratulations on the graphics

gauravluv 2010.11.06
oh! playing after couple of time i cam to know that we have to hit the bulbs. Good idea. Not a bad game.

mackaie 2010.11.03
Nice idea and the small interactions are nice enough but way too short

frost91 2010.11.02
It is too short and too easy

Toboshi 2010.11.01
Short, simple, fun. A great game.

talon1969 2010.10.23
It was tough to hit the light bulbs, but it is a fun game.
Hope to see more like it.

TMAN81 2010.10.22
took some time to find out that i was the chandaller that was to be shoot

andiyan 2010.10.21
simple games..but nice to play!!!

wingrob14 2010.10.19
Like the start... needs to be longer

g.murat 2010.10.19
It makes fun, should be longer

plyer44 2010.10.16
well i liked the simple plot plus the spyness in it

Jaxen 2010.10.13
Needs to be way longer with more interactivity but still a good game

capndave 2010.10.06
Not one of my more favorite games. Needs a way to skip the long introduction.

rob 2010.10.03
Good game but needs to be longer

Apac20 2010.09.25
Incredible game even if it was never finished.Being able to purse several different girls helps to provide a great deal of replay value. Not a big fan of the model part that was added and it seems to get away from the theme of the game. There was a demo of a fight portion the author was working on adding before I guess real life became too much to continue the game.

eagenetix 2010.09.14
Short but sweet. Shame it wasnt longer

drdiy 2010.09.04
Very nice music. The game play is pretty short. The drawing is one of the best. Yet, would prefer if the lady worked for the "bad" guys and additional positions or "action".

vegas 2010.09.01
wish there was more interaction than just the begining

morphumax3985 2010.08.31
very short, very similar to the abduction series but with less options

TMAN 2010.08.29
nice game but a bit too short

VeNoMNX 2010.08.27
Personally I love the stuff this guy does.

vad05 2010.08.27
The story is too short.. but it`s nice game.

scha1641 2010.08.25
short game.. not horrible though

montyburns 2010.08.25
is short and no have much interaction...

Limbo4ever 2010.08.24
It`s about the idea of the game

nick8771 2010.08.23
agood ideal for a story, but wasnt entertaining at all...

craigdizzer 2010.08.23
nice game but sisrupting and a litle bit short

loogan 2010.08.22
Great setup, excellent score, pretty dame... but terribly short.

jerfo 2010.08.22
i like the style but its just to short

InsidiousWeasel 2010.08.17
Ugh. I can`t believe with all the High Quality games and programming around that things of this ancient and low quality are still around. No wonder so many pilots have to fly drunk to cope =p

urlampa 2010.08.12
Nice graphics but story line abit bored

robby49er 2010.08.07
not much interaction good graphics but very boring

ultrasounz 2010.08.05
Simple game, with very little interaction

DonOne 2010.08.05
Bondage Nazis...just disturbing

johnhook 2010.08.02
the game is good but to easy

Alpha X 2010.08.01
The girl is pretty hot but I wish there were more positions and some moans while they were having sex. Overall, the game was pretty good just short as hell.

kulu141 2010.07.30
nice game n animatiin r verry perfact

viper2003923 2010.07.30
super easy game to beat, all you need to do is go side to side and hit the lights

adi0123 2010.07.29
very easy, just shooting

Satans Angel 2010.07.25
The chick is super hot... game is super easy though

BDC 2010.07.24
Ok time killer but not enough intreaction and a bit to short

valtreck 2010.07.23
boring with poor graphics

lenman 2010.07.22
Graphics are ok. The gamplay is boring. There is nothing much to do. Lacks interaction. Basically, just some clips. I would not call this a game.

kfum 2010.07.21
nazi rape on soviet spy nice but very easy to beat the game

rob 2010.07.16
game is OK but needs more work

angel69 2010.07.13
great game but needs to be longer

Baddibu 2010.07.11
i dont like this. bad gameplay, to easy and short!

kylius 2010.07.09
the beginning is way to long for a game that short

sirphon 2010.07.05
you die way to fast but the main problem is that the game forces you to watch the begining all over every time

Todd 2010.07.04
This game is very easy once you get the hang of it.

spinex 2010.07.02
good animation style and good game play but a bit short

Sunrunnr 2010.06.30
good game but should`ve been longer

flaco 2010.06.30
This is not what I call a game actually,...

stephil1427 2010.06.28
nice game a bit to short, it was hard at first with the shooting and all but when you got past that it was pritty cool

blumisb 2010.06.27
Could have been longer

more options would be nice too

spirek 2010.06.27
A little bit too short but appart from that it is kind of good.

sun 2010.06.25
good game, but too short.

alacore 2010.06.22
I like the music overall it too short

Gyron 2010.06.22
I want more from this guy, and wanted more out of this game.

Xanitos 2010.06.19
It is short. Should have had more to it.

hojo666 2010.06.18
Great game, too bad its not longer.

tobias17 2010.06.02
cons: the graphics are kind of cartoonish and the story is like the others in this series , bad that is

palle4ever 2010.06.02
what do i have to do when she shots

dexterward 2010.06.01
the girl is very hot, but the game is too short. :(

Gunshot1 2010.06.01
good game more interactive than the others

tiktok 2010.05.30
no way she couldnt escape

rofl12 2010.05.29
Game is too short but the girl is hot, the cover fails a bit though....

Ricoh124 2010.05.26
Love this game, she is a crack shot so you have to be quick

gliph13 2010.05.22
It`s easy if your good at dodging PS: when you dodge go to the direction the girl is

chris18 2010.05.17
Haha really simple and i love the music

crossfitxlr8 2010.05.15
this game is hard but fun

krustnika80 2010.05.14
The game is very short, but the girl is a perfect

drewster25 2010.05.10
nice graphics but the game was a little short and limited on the interaction

the3rdeye 2010.05.10
O.k game but quite short music wasn`t bad, reminded me of a classic silent movie

TroelsHH 2010.05.09
a little too short but a good game

Martin_B 2010.05.09
too easy and short but hey does the job

romeo01 2010.05.08
good game very cool graphics but too short

romeo01 2010.05.08
it a great game and the graphics are pretty nice ,good game

boinky 2010.05.07
an okay game, I am not really into forced sex games

broowar 2010.05.07
i really like this game despite it`s obvieusly too short and too easy, but anyway i`ve played it several times and always it`s fun for me

jellymight 2010.05.06
this game had awesome gameplay

Kalaam 2010.05.03
short game with average grapics. not really good

Motherfucker 2010.05.02
What arrow. Should look for hidden microfilm in her pussy.

penguin 2010.05.01
good animation style and good game play but a bit short

gjetsot 2010.04.30
too much work for such little payoff...

pollepel69 2010.04.30
nice game exept for the shooting part is hard

rparadis 2010.04.27
not that hard, needs more to it

MERLYN 2010.04.22
good game and graphics like the shooting part

phatazzwoman 2010.04.19
its ok but i really didnt know what to do

darpul28 2010.04.18
this game is a good one to

Ciusu 2010.04.15
great game but should be longer

haplo 2010.04.12
cool graphics, but not really a game

fatboy86 2010.04.10
Perhaps should have had a bit more gameplay but thanks for your hard work

HUTHTHA 2010.04.09
the bitch is hot.she deserves what she gets.anyway game paly could have been improved

samishq 2010.04.09
graphics of the game is good & should have more games like this

Bande 2010.04.05
Fun game play early on, but need more throughout. Subject matter may not be to everyone`s liking, not a criticism just a warning. :)

runninrandy 2010.04.05
Needs to be more interactive....felt like i was watching more of a movie than playing a game

nimbus99 2010.04.05
Graphics on this game are good however there is no interaction after the gun-fight! a bit disappoiniting really. Needs to be longer!

davidsonboyer 2010.04.03
this game was fun but it was to simple and quick

phillies516 2010.04.02
too short of a game.But it had very sexy graphics.what a hot bod to fuck

Johnny811 2010.03.31
not bad but could be better. i hate the music cause it`s so creepy

buneylan 2010.03.31
Very short game.But very interesting indeed. hope they will fallow the adventure

fastless 2010.03.31
its a good game, but a little short

Matthew MacKrelle 2010.03.30
Good game but needs more punishment sections.

kaze12 2010.03.30
interesting game, wouldve been nice if it was longer

reaper613 2010.03.28
games are a little dark for my taste

sicnarfj 2010.03.28
This is a great game, with decent graphics

menzi 2010.03.27
the game is easy to play but still good tho

widoman 2010.03.27
too short though,not very fun

rendel 2010.03.27
i don`t like this game it`s way to easy and simple

barry23 2010.03.23
szkoda ze taka krotka i tak malo opcji

sonicdaydream 2010.03.21
eight dudes go in and only three get any fun?

Kedar 2010.03.21
too short, too short, too short!!!

kadir123456 2010.03.20
good but short game make it longer

HornyBitch 2010.03.19
Not my kind of game but it was good. Could be longer

superbeast6-4 2010.03.18
It was fun but was short. Also liked the shooting part.

qwerty21 2010.03.18
Game was alright, gameplay would be better with more options though

Nemru 2010.03.17
That game was alright, not my type of forte, into adult games tho.

mpaialunga 2010.03.17
i dont like this game,,, boring

punu 2010.03.17
the best game i had ever played

ROB83073 2010.03.14
This Game didn`t make sense to me

hoobastank404 2010.03.08
eh, not bad. a little too short though

axel1000 2010.03.05
she was asking for it. dressed like that at a millitary lol

Towy 2010.03.05
An interesting game series if a little forceful for my tastes but hey it`s only a game so what the hell

scotman87 2010.03.04
its not good game i dont like it that much

Emper0r 2010.02.28
too small a game but the chick was hot

lower5 2010.02.28
nice story and lot of action, but maby to short.

skeletor6662001 2010.02.27
I little short for my standards

Sol 2010.02.26
Nice, but very very short..

hk38 2010.02.24
kinda wish the game was llonger

????? 2010.02.22
not a bad game but too short

samcell 2010.02.19
the game is cool but to short

gtdman545 2010.02.19
she was asking for it. dressed like that at a millitary lol.

bajs 2010.02.19
its a very good game would like to see alot more of the game.
Really funny. great scenes

jillis1 2010.02.18
this game was to short. Should be more to do with the girl

tr4l 2010.02.17
moer interaction in the sex scene would have been nice.

asdr123r 2010.02.17
nice threesome lol very nice

tomsawyeram 2010.02.16
Not worth anyone`s time really, very boring

abcd1234 2010.02.16
can anybody tell me how to play this game?

mcgophish 2010.02.16
Short game, pretty easy... but I would love to fuck her

capro 2010.02.16
not a very good game. not funny

wingslasher 2010.02.15
its a very good game would like to see alot more of the game

RoganM 2010.02.12
good game but not enought options

Annonymus 2010.02.12
not very hard really easy to win

barney200212 2010.02.10
begining was fun but not too exciting after

brylan 2010.02.09
Not big on the rape games either......different game but not one of my favourites

Lalitalove 2010.02.08
not a big fan of rape games

Narsil 2010.02.07
i want a interactive ending.

yoshi 2010.02.07
pretty easy once u get a hang of the shooting and blocking. took only 1 try. ripping off the clothes was some pretty neat animation. could have a better ending though. many people probably missed the arrow in the background to go to the next screen

cheezeeee 2010.02.06
Shooting the chandeleer was a pain with my mouse, but afterwards was totally worth it.

tmcgov 2010.02.05
the shooting part makes it hard to get to the action

gggg00 2010.02.05
Its ok. Some new animations and pictures would be better.

karma550 2010.02.05
it was okay, nothing special

nozard 2010.02.05
Not bad,but its very small game and not very interactive

nine0ball 2010.02.04
Good game. I enjoy these titles but this one was too short and didn`t have enough options.

Sehviss 2010.02.04
Pretty lame. As I started playing this one, I thought, cool it`s more than a click and strip game. Needless to say that feeling left really quickly.

edgefox 2010.02.03
pretty lame, gang bang without many options, in general just crappy

alphabee 2010.02.03
Could have been better, i mean there are many ways of torturing a spy.

ironraiser 2010.02.03
funny game but really too short.....although playable

permaneospiritus 2010.02.02
not too bad a little short

ratts 2010.02.02
interesting idea for a story, gameplay was lacking and was too short

ionut30 2010.02.02
Nice concept but really a poor game in my opinion...

Ragnar 2010.02.02
Worth its while... would love an expansion.

harry72023 2010.02.02
thius game is poor at best

snowie 2010.02.01
Would love to be one of the soldiers :-)

ocandela1 2010.01.30
couldn`t figure this game out

hdrider 2010.01.30
Great graphica but not too much action.

spatula1 2010.01.29
not usually into this kind of stuff, but this was kinda hot

Angel Heart 2010.01.29
Bad game.
At first I didn`t see what to do coz the screen was too zoomed in and didn`r see the shot the light thing. after I figure it out I tought oh it`s kinda nice. but after that it`s was just a gangbang clip.
and short too! nothing for you to do just watch.

rob11chel 2010.01.29
nice game with good graphs

Crazylogan 2010.01.29
Like the graphics, but was disappointed with rest, not enough interaction

akuji 2010.01.28
short game with average grapics. not really good

eagleata 2010.01.27
very short and realy ok game

lbstyrer 2010.01.27
It is a easy game. But i fun idea to get the girl by shooting the light:-)

lollol 2010.01.27
it`s very short, but i think i like this drawing style

arch12345 2010.01.27
too short and the animation style is odd, but then again i could not do it so good on the artist / creator

MeatyMikey 2010.01.26
Not bad, too short gameplay

anipit 2010.01.26
It was good, very hard to understand how to solve first level....

Artoox 2010.01.26
game is quite nice and like others from this author. but definetely worth to play.

Titon 2010.01.25
Worth a try... short game and what´s that weird music?

derek69 2010.01.25
easy playing but too short

knightnight 2010.01.25
Shoot the lights quicky, that way you won`t even have to dodge.

beishiznit 2010.01.25
Fun, but short. Too bad it`s not longer.

Ricoh124 2010.01.25
More interaction needed to develop game, but like the concept.

sexypussy 2010.01.25
Nice But Difficult To Understand At First.

MickeyDee 2010.01.25
This had potential, but fell flat after the shooting scene

lothar_ab 2010.01.25
Too easy & too short for sure.
Medium animation also.

J-HIZZY 2010.01.25
good game at the begening then turns into a flash the graphics are ok but it is way to short

adevern 2010.01.25
I think the animations and graphics are fine, but it is way too short.

pitong 2010.01.24
oh this game is really hot, i love it

IzzieComputer 2010.01.24
Wish they had expanded on the ideas in this game; has alot of potential.

eaglesedge 2010.01.24
nice graphics, not much to it, would like it to be longer play. lol

mememe1216 2010.01.24
Too simplistic, needs more content

kikilo 2010.01.24
Nice graphic. but needs more work, a lot more work.

scorpax 2010.01.24
not much of it but nice music

Moriarti 2010.01.24
Not the biggest fan of this game. Mostly just a flash movie with a bit of interaction. Good graphics though.

Dave11 2010.01.24
not very interesting game. graphics quite well

ManiacM 2010.01.24
Nice graphic, but rape is not my stuff.

cfg1 2010.01.23
new games please ..this games is old

UandMe 2010.01.22
It was worth to see those tits

andy_regresa 2010.01.20
I didn`t like it because it is way too short...........the best is the music...jejejeje

birkebeiner72 2010.01.19
Ok game. Nice pictures, but not much interaction. Beautiful lady, though.

harry72023 2010.01.18
I agree more interaction is needed

Hyperion 2010.01.18
The beginning was fun and original, dodging bullets from a beautiful spy while trying to shoot the lights was fun. Similarly, when the spy is captured, I really liked the stripping scene. Unfortunately, after that the interaction ceases, and it is simply watching movies.

The biggest room for improvement is in adding more interaction to the remaining scenes. Perhaps using the arrow keys to control the speed, or being able to switch back and forth between different positions by clicking different parts of the screen, instead of just clicking an arrow to get to the next scene. Of course, perhaps I missed something, and this was an error on my part, and if so I apologize, but I do wish that there were more interactivity and more to do.

The beginning is excellent and original, and it sort of starts to go somewhere....it just needs more work added after that.

Bille 2010.01.18
Relatively easy but somewhat disappointing there was no more challenges after getting the lights out.

examiner 2010.01.17
Easy game, not very much interaction, shooting the lights hardest part.

draco668 2010.01.17
ending could of had more but well worth the hassle with the chandeleer

ukspf20001 2010.01.16
good fun and varied, plenty to do.

beesweet0224 2010.01.15
oh nevermind i get it now =P

beesweet0224 2010.01.15
i don`t get this game what am i supossed to do? plz don`t mock my spelling -__-

illidangreats 2010.01.14
graphics good
but too easy and too short
only one interaction: the arrow

Candy Ramos 2010.01.14
boring with poor graphics

booka09 2010.01.12
not bad. not enough interaction

zburdu 2010.01.12
a goof and funny game. i like it

Zorn 2010.01.11
It was not to bad but it isn`t that hard.

aceelite 2010.01.11
not hard to get, silly animation with no challenge...

pimpergomez 2010.01.10
i did not like this game gay graficks and u=i did not know how to play

frered 2010.01.10
Not very good : quite simple and I don`t like the drawings

fisse friis 2010.01.09
it`s is a bit boring, there has to be more aktion in the game,

Alucard666 2010.01.09
I didn`t like it because it is way too short.

ronnyponny 2010.01.07
not a very good game don`t like rape games either.

pronsander 2010.01.07
hmm, too brutal for me. Not into this rape thing.. lusty girls are my pref.

darkreaper 2010.01.07
boring with poor graphics

jerryonly83 2010.01.07
the first scene is quite good... a shooting game to get the girl is quite original... but the rest of the game is useless...

bestia99rom 2010.01.06
Not much to this game.. pretty simple ...not one I would play again..

captainc22 2010.01.06
not a very good game don`t like rape games either.

hardalex91 2010.01.06
Very very bad. too slow and is just 1 big clip

Chaine 2010.01.06
The interaction is largely pointless, it could as well have been a movie clip. Otherwise, it`s not too bad.

henk135 2010.01.06
I dont like rape games and the graphic are not my style.
I would say this games sucks

markwh 2010.01.06
boring game very repetative

mackam75 2010.01.06
not very fun too easy pretty simple

psycho72 2010.01.06
boring really a waste of time

scaleomatic 2010.01.06
don´t like it, rape shit.

lotuswithin 2010.01.05
very funny game. liked the animation when ripping the clothes

Fundudeguy99 2010.01.05
I think this game has been around for a while. Still pretty fun to play though. The chandeleer part is still a break from the usual gameplay in these kinds of things. However, after the disrobing, its just the usual point to the next scene kind of thing.

slipstone 2010.01.05
couldn`t figure it out....

cheese101 2010.01.05
dont really like the whole rape bdsm stuff...

rahul123 2010.01.05
cool game. game could be longer thouh

jj26 2010.01.05
love these games rape for the win

Xyzzy 2010.01.04
Like the graphics in these games, but not a challenge at all.

Spunkmonkey 2010.01.04
Not a repeatable game, could have used some options after Zina was "captured".

Jakester 2010.01.04
Not much to this game.. pretty simple ...not one I would play again..

woofa 2010.01.04
Way too easy, just shoot the chandelier and the game is over. . . . needs more work, a lot more work.

chris123 2010.01.04
not very fun need at least 10 hands to play this one

cmyates42 2010.01.04
Shooting the chandeleer(?) was a pain with my mouse, but afterwards was totally worth it.

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