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SpiderMan Black Cat Felatio


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brojoe1974 2017.08.17
I really enjoyed this game but it remined me of another game ith final fantasy characters a brother and sister i think.

LadyMaster 2017.08.09
Simple yet fun game. Good dirty talking.

Laelith 2017.07.28
Short but funny game, good dial

tmramorniy 2017.06.15
Imagined things like that for a long time! Short, but really awesome.

grilloP 2017.01.12
kinda wish the cum looked better, other than that it was good.

D3VCHA0S 2017.01.03
classic games are fun to play

housellama 2016.12.21
Another reskin of the classic, but what can I say, I love these games.

InB4Wank 2016.11.11
I love spiderman and its cool that they actually have spiderman music

Agyron 2016.11.09
The graphics are good the animation is good a bit repetitive but all in all its one hell of a felatio

FaceOfBo 2016.11.09
The dialogues where entertaining enough to finish this game but overall it`s rather short, repetitive and more an animation than an actual arcade game


dementedjedi 2016.10.16
great game but weird face animation

Schn3e 2016.10.14
For some odd reason, I usually don`t like these sorts of games, but I liked this one. Perhaps it is the fact that it has Black Cat. Still a good game, if a little long.

Just4Fun_83 2016.09.05
Not a bad game. Would like to see some tit action, though

samuel1154 2016.07.26
man this is awesome came so fast

JohnstonTang 2016.07.25
This is like Final Fellatio!

KEV_in 2016.06.12
Easy, short game. It could be much more longer, it would be better that way.

sethh88 2016.05.14
always wanted to face fuck black cat cause she talk a big one to spidey all the time revenge bout time!!! lmao!!!

tylerRuss 2016.05.12
the game is fucking awsome but to short and more sex sences

jonnhy 2016.03.14
It could have more animations

singlevirgin 2016.01.25
Sexy Fun With A Busty Woman

nestor0353 2016.01.22
an interesting play games, has great themes. the model is very beautiful. I became very hot

dragon290 2016.01.21
its a good game but there should`ve been more content

marco_mat 2016.01.17
i love this game was awesome

Rico Swae 2016.01.10
lol FORGET mj spider-man!!!! nice!!!!!!!!!

Rico Swae 2016.01.10
nice graphics! spider-man killin it haha! love it!

4p1ay 2015.12.02
Same game as Final Felattio x-2 under Teasers

brats 2015.11.23
had been played this game for another character and always enjoy the show.

rayjo 2015.09.27
OK for a quickie! Nicely drawn and the controls work fine. Black cat is a sexy superhero!

kiloblaze23 2015.09.20
I love the girl but felatio is kind of short. Please make another one where he fuck black cat

NearMiss 2015.09.13
AMAZING game! Really fun to play and not too long which sometimes puts me off.

ckburden18 2015.08.22
my spidey senses are tingling

twotouch 2015.08.16
it is a nice but could be longer

piqa12 2015.08.10
simple, interisting and nice to play!!!

Tyger1950 2015.08.05
good game complete to the end.

hornygeek85 2015.07.29
Could of seen and used more of black cat`s body, but a good game.

WainzLegacy 2015.07.08
kinda boring, same thing over and over

welltodo07 2015.07.07
Not bad, not great. Simple but she is hot

gman_2k 2015.07.04
the game was to short but it was good overall

turtle420 2015.06.29
great game but really short

xsin 2015.06.28
good animation but very short

HipsterStairs 2015.06.08
I didn`t expect much clicking on this and I was right but the music gave me so much nostalgic feels and black cat`s dialogue is hilarious...

tycobrahe 2015.06.01
a little short, and not a lot to it. Love Black Cat though and sound is good

htltiger1 2015.05.31
really just looks like a mod of Konashion`s work. Not bad tho.

PlayboyBD 2015.05.28
Very interesting game, I like it!!!

joseph11081 2015.05.24
amazing game ,great graphics,never expected spiderman in all that

lufiasrahza 2015.05.08
nice game but it is to short

Kelly16 2015.04.26
I loved the details of the game very interesting

immi26ex 2015.04.06
Good game. Great animation

Shadowforce6 2015.04.06
really good game do prefere mj though

.L1L$QU4RE:: 2015.03.23

hooah1775 2015.03.23
it was as nice game it could have been longer

Gorgolock 2015.03.17
Amazing game, simple, but amazing.

dzman19 2015.02.17
this was really a turn on, very good game

Pauley905 2015.02.14
there are similar ones but I like this one the most its the orginal

manolete 2015.02.06
now if i can just find the ahsoka one...

manolete 2015.02.06
its simple. its hot. it has great graphics, its perfect. It may not have black cat bending over, but damn is she still hot here.

monsterinc6666 2015.01.31
fun but needs to be longer.

schmi17 2015.01.23
expected something more but also liked the game...great graphic

playforcej 2015.01.21
Makes sense there would be a game like this considering spiderman is basically a purberty metaphor.

Broomfondle 2015.01.17
Love the expression on her face and all the drool.

AirSexter 2015.01.16
If only i was spiderman in this gane god damn

kalinsov 2015.01.11
gotta love the remakes they make it more fun

xai 2015.01.09
My only reget... not being able to fully make her blackout. Hot wordtrack and the saliva animations did it for me. Very good

Pigfortune 2015.01.07
Simply game but a good concept. What`s the use of being a superhero if you to advantage of your sexual superpowers.

rorobobo 2015.01.05
lot of fun with this game, very nice to play

kellykopoi 2015.01.03
bring the story soon, cant wait too long :P

ladysman122 2015.01.03
game was awsome
i wish i could be him

lolation 2014.12.29
theme song plus animatio is awsome

SKknight 2014.12.27
all you do is suck peters cock

Jacked98 2014.12.23
Short But Funny
For Being So Short

santy2434 2014.12.19
never seen spiderman like this cool..

MarkerGamer 2014.12.16
LOved the game! One of my pre-teenager`s fantasies right here!

ashbhattacharya1 2014.12.04
These type of games are a bit kiddy. A spidey fan could not just throat fuck. But still, its great.

raven.warrior.eternal 2014.12.03
the concept interesting cause big spider man fan but could use more positions than just oral and sexier graphics would be great

bannaking123 2014.11.30
good animation, but could be better

SenseiGrey 2014.11.29
There are a few like this. this is one of the better ones.

fucker68 2014.11.23
it was alright for spidey but not cat

Zeropower 2014.11.21
lovely game and cmon fellas we all know every woman had a thing for the spidey

DynamiteDaly 2014.11.09
Pretty basic gameplay, but nice cartoon graphics

Kiproll 2014.11.09
reminds me a lot of Super Deepthroat, and that`s awesome. new characters, and being able to see the dick in the mouth is great

devinmk15 2014.11.07
Good game but more scens and sayings and actions would be better

matswats 2014.10.20
Well, yes nice graphics indeed. But maybe just a little bit more of gameplay next time...

m_barnes28 2014.10.15
this game turned me on alot

deepsecret1987 2014.10.12
I really enjoyed playing the game enjoyed that you could see the penis when in her mouth, loved the deep depth of penis going in her throat and that her eyes rolled back very realistic. The cum seen was amazing.

abordelon 2014.09.25
Game is kinda silly takes a while to cum on her
however its is cool how her eyes rool in the back of her head

Digiman 2014.09.21
A short but fun game. like the way her eyes roll back

bignick95 2014.09.12
great game, love how intense the blow job is

Fork 2014.09.12
Good game i can see it going somewhere with some more effort and time with added content love black cat though.

king@@ 2014.09.10
woot woot super fun music

joe3232 2014.08.10
gud game music is very gud

kevinmalk 2014.08.09
i like the sound and the art is nice

stoad69 2014.08.04
Simple game with great images.

jeweledhorse 2014.08.02
Its fun to watch. does need more work though

Maisha 2014.07.25
good game but still need lot of work

nhojohn17 2014.07.21
Effort was put into and the jizz and drool physics were ok but it`s missing something

jawiejetzt 2014.07.17
good graphics,nice idea....let`s cum

wdgr.2012 2014.07.02
Game is great but needs more action in my opinion

TimmyTime21 2014.06.30
This was an alright game. couldve been longer and had more sex. but it was ok.

sexycrystal1980 2014.06.24
i like this game its pretty cool love the theme song to it

gugulu 2014.06.09
background sound is reaaly nice and her moaning oo..

BigDanny01 2014.06.08
I`ve always loved Black Cat

kaiiah 2014.06.05
its pretty fun i really like this game

Light_Obsidian 2014.06.03
I love the subject matter. More story, more positions and a three way with MJ would top it off!

killercock 2014.05.31
i love the game wish there was more than a beta version

sexpause 2014.05.28
good graphics but need more action

sexpause 2014.05.28
I like fast porn games, specially manual blowjob ones.

vedant upadhyaya 2014.05.27
this game aint that good but its a good time pass

dee2009 2014.05.25
it a great games needs to be longer

worlock789 2014.05.15
great graphics and really god game first time I played and got stuck at the begginging can someone help me

deffy duck 2014.05.13
short game graphics are not very good but still i like this game

Crafting Potato 2014.05.10
The black cat kept complaining about the big dick, game is quite simple but erotic.

REEESES 2014.05.06
I wish that there was more that the player could do, but overall a good game.

hotguy24 2014.05.04
good game nice cumshot

cavalier4 2014.05.04
its only a bj and the entire thing is manual

Borsuk15 2014.04.25
typical arcade game, nice music but short and rather not requiring. Nice cumshot!

xenoformer2 2014.04.21
Nice graphics and motion, overall a good fellatio game.

Avi1140 2014.04.18
Not very amusing for me already since most felatio games has this same system they just change the character I hope they dig up more ideas since it`s getting boring by the days come by

K123 2014.04.11
Is short, but exciting, good game.

mackput 2014.04.07
very nice game I love it , but love to more time

KC3825 2014.04.01
Fun and rough, just the way I like it

probolle 2014.03.14
I wish my gf could go that deep :) would have been funny if spidey cum some spiders :p

lrromicron 2014.03.10
Nice graphics, good line drawings. Good motion range.

Hutche 2014.02.25
I like this one. Short and to the point. :P

pornlover623 2014.02.23
Would fuck the hell out of BC`s throat! Need to see her fucking!!!

sexymuktanilakhe 2014.02.13
i think it`s a great game: spider man felatio
nice graphics and gameplay.

miniheat 2014.02.12
its short but have alot of drool coming from here mouth which is kool and nice ending

BossDuck999111 2014.02.09
Love the game, but you dont get very much action. you know, besides bracking her throat. XD

jaier704 2014.02.08
way to short but i like how black cat gets the dick

jcooky69 2014.01.30
gameplay is a little short and linea, graphics are okay

lovegamesss 2014.01.23
good game with straight lines and much more....

Mde69 2014.01.20
good game and straight to the point

TheIronWeasel 2014.01.11
short but it has a nice ending

wizardking228 2014.01.08
Spiderman fan for 40+ years. Seeing Spidey shove his meat down Felicia Hardy`s throat was great. A 3some between Spidey, MJ, and Black Cat would be a great game as well.

exlerr 2014.01.06
I like how you can make black cat suck spidey`s dick down to her throat....

wmg51 2014.01.05
Cool, but kind of short. Reminds me of Super Deepthroat

blitz1234567890 2013.12.25
it is short but I like it

georgebuchov 2013.12.22
Great game but too short

penguinofdeath 2013.12.18
im stuck in this game in the 3th part, please help me.

MiddleNameLee 2013.12.11
Somewhat simplistic, and controls are just.... boring. Love the ending, though.

akakingkong 2013.12.07
Re skin of a game that has been played many times.

limpanlol 2013.12.06
Good game. Short and sweet.

snakebro80 2013.11.25
nicely done but there is more needed to even grow my charmsicle lol

pfcrazor 2013.11.22
awesome game. need to be longer and have sex in it..lol

Whitebazar 2013.11.21
This game is pretty boring considering that it keeps repeating itself but it always does have a different ending.

keesjan800 2013.11.20
love to see that nice girl getting fucked by spidy

Hades1 2013.11.17
good short game,in the end its fun.

Datbody1 2013.11.08

yellowpenguin 2013.11.03
mabye some other positions would great. but i really enjoyed it

MrBiGdIcK 2013.10.27
I loved the game especially being able to shove Spidey`s dick so far into her mouth when cumming at the end to make it come out of her nose...

niku143 2013.10.22
i like the sound and music was a bit short

iwillfucku123 2013.10.10
I love how you get to choke her with ur cock

vrijbuiter 2013.10.01
it`s a simple but funny game. Next time against the wall with some spidyweb

DonovanH 2013.09.22
I always thought that Black Cat was the sexiest of all of Spider-Man`s "villains".

noogad 2013.09.20
amazing game great quality and sexy endings

Zwick93 2013.09.16
i loved shoving spideys cock down black cats throat mmmmmm

night1 2013.09.11
great game good graphics

akenn 2013.09.07
pretty funny and sexy try it

baxtorious 2013.08.27
It was much like all the other fellatio games out there

Rekluze 2013.08.25
well it wasn`t very long... but man I wish I had a chick like that...

Steven1072 2013.08.24
Very Simple but interesting game.

lsnowboxer 2013.08.20
the graphics are poor which makes this style of game uninteresting.

precisionkiller 2013.08.17
Game had good graphics, good animation, wish there was a better ending though. Overall ok game

JangleKlown 2013.08.17
Really short and boring. Other than a few funny sayings, it just the same repetition of moving a mouse back and forth.

Dirk8000 2013.08.13
For sure MJ would not do that

KuroNeko 2013.08.13
awesome graphics not bad likenesses are nice too

narutou122 2013.08.12
This was a pretty fun game, but I did find it rather challenging. All in all i`d recommend giving this some time though.

messyouup 2013.08.12
Not very elaborate but still pretty hot.

nunu654321 2013.08.12
More girls and maybe some sex would better but still a sexy ass game!

juniourscouse 2013.08.09
the animation of the game is good

slowmurda 2013.08.02
The game is a bit too short and it gets a little boring after a mintue or two

nc 2013.07.31
really liked the game.only problem is that I can`t choose any other girl.I hope there will be some more in the future...

Brevyman 2013.07.28
Its a quick game that bores me easily

KYBad1980 2013.07.27
Fun game, could do with more to it mind

makubex 2013.07.25
the game is great. and its a bit short

smartsex 2013.07.22
awesome ending but would`ve been better if build up is more than a blowjob. but i love the deepthroat action and sound.

MingoMaster 2013.07.22
its hot but could also be improved but still satisfying

warpedbullet 2013.07.18
Well, the game is great, but the sounds Black Cat does are hilarious instead of sexy.

sukdboobs 2013.07.16
A nice game with good graphics and interesting lineups....

Piligrime 2013.07.15
Short but a good game, maybe it is wersion with MJ? ))

biobirth 2013.07.15
this game isn`t very good

rames44a 2013.07.15
Not much of a game, really - very little point

XxSirTazxX 2013.07.14
fun game to play, worth it

KrissyKhaos92 2013.07.11
Not my favorite of the category

dazza201 2013.07.07
was abit short but a good game

totto0675 2013.07.07
good music, nice graphiks, really like it

rahulnanera 2013.07.07
wall are very sexy , i"m very happy to download them.

rahulnanera 2013.07.07
the game is so suck , i"m impress with these game.

yolo12 2013.07.05
Naughty spidey, good game overall

Cadefear12 2013.07.05
This game has really amusing graphics.

19bug97 2013.07.03
this is the best game on this sight in my opinion the graphics are great as well

JUUHUUU 2013.06.26
Godd gamee , verryy sexyy and i am so hornyy

jucka 2013.06.25
fun game to play, worth it

Zero_21xx 2013.06.25
the best arcade game on here despite it being short i wish we get to see more like this on here

spectrumamstrad 2013.06.20
I want a longer game of this!

wessmith 2013.06.17
would love to see this scene in the next movie

tl-morteza-tl 2013.06.13
that was very cool it got my cock very hard

torm81 2013.06.12
good graphics and great game

bigolr 2013.06.09
Good game, for basic game play but it can be upgraded.

VisionOfDeadDesire1 2013.06.08
a killer game to die for it was awesome

max slayer 2013.06.08
great graphics cool but short game

Scappy220 2013.06.07
Just another hardcore deep throat game, like that of final fantasy. Get`s kind of old after a while

cherry heart 2013.06.05
Wow cool spider man game.

played this game on horny gamer thought it was good but it gets boring after a while

SaltedPork_02 2013.06.02
i love how the musice matches the games climax but the game is a bit too short

coleco 2013.05.31
great game that scene should be in the next movie

titanic1415 2013.05.29
very simple but lots of fun good graphics

tomdvord 2013.05.29
it isnt interesting, looks like fetish

blahblahblah2 2013.05.28
Had black cat sucking a bbc in Jamaica, incredible!

dimm_ddr 2013.05.24
not bad, but I seen many like this before

manchild91 2013.05.23
This game`s awesome, gotta love Cat Woman.

prodigygamer666 2013.05.23
This game turned out to be pretty decent.

LoganW 2013.05.19
Very good game... The Black Cat was so sexy...

PainKiller1020 2013.05.18
Love the concept, it`s hardcore and sexy. Plus the girl is really hot

peedie 2013.05.13
what an hardcore troath penetration

maguero 2013.05.11
I like how you can control how fast you want her to go, should have more games like this

mvbharathi 2013.05.10
the game had great graphics and i loved it

gloryman111 2013.05.04
man that was hot as hell, awesome

henkiehjk67698 2013.05.03
the graphics are excellent

weerwolf6 2013.04.22
super goed game en heel lekker

raignarock 2013.04.14
Great grahics and the game could on for as long as u want it to

say911 2013.04.14
i really like this game the graphic were really good

gwazz 2013.04.10
nice game with good graphics flows very nicely

kevinzb 2013.04.09
that was a good spoof for spider man but not enough sex

sexyeyes198712 2013.04.04
It was too short, but longer than most of this type

doe boi 2013.03.26
good artwork but the game was pretty weak

darkrogue 2013.03.17
okay game with decent graphics

sexygirl12345@@ 2013.03.17
it is a good game needs to be a lot longer

Tman683 2013.03.16
great game, but does it ever end??

Zaldin2490 2013.03.14
black cat is so sexy! makes me wish i was spidey

mahealani12345 2013.03.10
i like how it was super dirty

Pililus 2013.03.09
not bad what an awsome game

wolfie313 2013.03.08
this is a great game to play

sadsad741 2013.03.06
nice game guys I loved the colors

Thesmaulo 2013.03.03
the gameplay is fine but too short

jaxsonhawk 2013.03.01
good graphics cool game !

madmax68 2013.02.24
Not as good as I expected

firekit 2013.02.20
nice and fun but too short

willrf 2013.02.20
good graphics but need more action

sexytime123 2013.02.19
really good game too bad its blow job only

Elerias 2013.02.17
here kitty kitty, nice kitty kitty

S.Muntzer 2013.02.16
Hey Kitty! I have more tasty cum than the Spider-Man

akhu 2013.02.14
great game and awwsum grahics..

M&F Lover 2013.02.13
Awsome Game And Im cummin g now ;P oh yeah!!! ;P

SummoningDark 2013.02.12
A poor version of Final Fellatio...

peter3366 2013.02.11
Nice moves and sound but poor graphic and too short! well you said it

lonesttarr 2013.02.10
yawn, outisde of the J. Scott Campbell artwork at the very start of the game, i cant find anything worth talking about with this one

PauloSB 2013.02.10
se os gr??ficos fossem melhor este jogo ia ser excelente

orbit 2013.02.10
great game, some of the best graphics i have seen yet

schoone96 2013.02.09
WOW!! i got so horney playing this i cummed all over my computer

tsps1977 2013.02.08
good short game-easy as possible

Joker7175 2013.02.07
Great old flash game. Nothing like Black Cat choking on Spidey

strummer 2013.02.06
Great graphics/style - but how could Spideman ever cheat on MJ!?!?

lucky88jack 2013.02.06
game could use some voice acting but i can`t stop playing it lol awesome animation on the eyes

jim101 2013.02.05
great game but could do with some voice acting in it

patellove 2013.02.05
Wow.........Spidey Cum all over her face...:)...Great game...
MJ is slut , but Black Cat is a horny bitch whore..!!!!

qwerty5252 2013.02.05
pretty fun game but not very good graphics

wert1 2013.02.04
Sweet game bit to short maybe

vampireking 2013.02.04
It was good but too short

tb14 2013.02.04
now i know spiderman not just good at saving people

Yoho 2013.02.03
Preety Good Game but more story line please

LesbianPuppy 2013.02.01
How about May `Mayday` Parker aka SpiderGirl

pieman3151 2013.01.30
not a very good games, not enough story line

wisdom123 2013.01.27
too much talking not enough action

Gordn3 2013.01.25
That game is too long , bored.

DirtyIrish 2013.01.25
It`s a bit simplistic, but it`s hot!

optimiseurself 2013.01.24
wort game. dont play this game

antonio98 2013.01.22
Definitely needs work on the video quality.

feanor25 2013.01.13
great and stimulating game, wish there were more cum though...

pilosipo 2013.01.13
Not as good as SDT but fun

Messer13 2013.01.12
The unseen part of Spiderman..............sweet game......

megalita 2013.01.12
i did not know spiderman can rock it like that

oranjeboven 2013.01.12
No real game.
But stimulating nevertheless!

gartal 2013.01.10
The graphics are pretty good. I would have liked to see other positions with catwoman.

sukmylol 2013.01.07
like the game nice graphics

budmctoken 2013.01.04
great game all in all easy controls good graphics

dannyritter 2013.01.03
fairly simple concept but surprisingly VERY hot!

v10torque 2012.12.31
Always a good sexual humor is needed

comerade 2012.12.30
I kinda like more the version with rukkia but this is nice, too

daddypstick 2012.12.28
the graphics were decent but unfortunatly the game play was to short for my likeing.

monkey12 2012.12.28
great game. made me laugh

wolfpredator855 2012.12.27
great game had good graphic and animation

hummer82 2012.12.25
Good if you like really short games.

ferdixon 2012.12.17
unny game, but its a little rough sexual act ;)

TERRELL 2012.12.14

alios 2012.12.09
that game is too long, bored

REYNALDO 2012.12.08

Winterfox213 2012.12.05
Spiderman is a lucky guy =P

player9000 2012.12.04
man spiderman must really have enyoyed that blowjob good game but too short

jhonbryan 2012.12.01
Wow! did not know there was an ending til now... nice

Yousuf 2012.11.29
YES: relevant comments concerning gameplay, graphic, animation

BossDuck111999 2012.11.28
Man spider-man is such a lucky guy

yzenginoglu 2012.11.24
this is great game... i loved so much...


shadowforce666 2012.11.23
i love this game,its amazing

h-life7 2012.11.21
just make it for all cartoons and movies

Long Dick 2012.11.18
like this game,the way her eyes role back and asks for more

titygobler 2012.11.17
boring gmae but black cat is hot

BloodyRomeo 2012.11.09
just my kind of game lol so perfect

Horgretor 2012.11.08
It`s ok but every themed Felatio game needs its own lines and graphics not just repainting.

Hexyl_K 2012.11.07
Fun game and hot. The graphics are alright. Though you could pretty much guess that this game would be really short. Also it is a shame that this is only the beta version.

Sennin713 2012.11.07
it is alright but it is also to short

pyrotech12 2012.10.30
good game i wish they would add the character voices though

catmouse 2012.10.30
grat game i will love to be spider man fucking black cat

sexayy14 2012.10.29

masterking 2012.10.29
graphics are poor but good sound

bigboy73 2012.10.29
nice quality graphics but too short would like to see more.

babygurl2010 2012.10.28
nice game liking the effects as well

DjoleKG 2012.10.22
Hahahahaha good game, its funny and sexy at same time

a12345678956 2012.10.20
graphic is super, animation is good

littlguy 2012.10.19
Not much to this game. The graphics are pretty good. I would have liked to see other positions with catwoman.

burnsred 2012.10.18
this game has good graphics

love7612 2012.10.15
I love this game . It kinda taught me a few things . j/k !

qwsazxcde 2012.10.15
good game to play but a little short

boinga 2012.10.13
Short and simple but fun!

ragglefraggler 2012.10.13
kinda feels like a rip off of super deep throat

XxSmoothdropsxX 2012.10.05
nice game good graphics love the animation

theblur 2012.10.05
the animation is one of the best ive ever seen!

TolR 2012.10.01
Very funny gam))0 like it))

ShockedFir9 2012.10.01
It is a good game. same as the others fellato games but at least they made new words for cat girl.

NCC2184 2012.09.26
It was very good lots of cum.

jamessimpy 2012.09.24
nice game i wish she could suck my dick too

erpoly 2012.09.23
nice game....nice graphic and sound to...love it

sanfran 2012.09.22
WOW. i drifted off playing this, big thanks to the quality!! i love the graphics, song, player experience thank you.

happy5hour 2012.09.20
meh ive played much better

goOn11 2012.09.17
funny game! what a deep throat the black cat ..

LongHorn9 2012.09.15
Maybe add in a progress gauge to show how far you are.

coolsam123 2012.09.15
i like all spiderman games however they may be,this one was good , but graphics could have been better

gregscallywag 2012.09.11
Needs a second level. Maybe Mary Jane could cum prove she`s the best?

theboy1 2012.09.09
good graphics, poor gameplay

nordmatti 2012.09.08
A very good game, nice graphics and all, but somewhat to short..

eoin69 2012.09.07
Nice animation, but too short

Psycho1611 2012.09.06
spiderman is more than i expected

erodima 2012.08.31
that was very fun i like it

Sexy_Bunny 2012.08.27
nice super hero sex game way to short and u dont have enough control of cat woman

Darkenki 2012.08.25
the graphics are good but would be great if someone would update it wit voices

Wallace99 2012.08.25
good game but too short, and needs actual voice acting

rohind 2012.08.25
they keep doing it over again with different characters

Vrykolas2k 2012.08.22
praphics ok, but pretty typical of its type

clonecommander 2012.08.21
Good graphics and fun to play.

mattyice02 2012.08.21
thought it was a pretty good game kinda weird.

sedrickduncan48 2012.08.20
Great game. Not much to it though!

dili636 2012.08.19
this was to short sad to say but other than that nice game

Lord Gomez 2012.08.18
Hey this IS funny! Very simple but there are more boring ways to spend 5 minutes!

iFuckedYourHoe 2012.08.15
the background music puts the icing on the cake

Sam115256 2012.08.14
funny, but there isn`t much to do

ablenitro711 2012.08.13
funny game man, try it guys

sexmaster43 2012.08.10
fun little game with good animation

wolfman 2012.08.07
not bad,not at all but ive seen this type of game way better,the graphics was a bit clumsy but still good enough for its kind.ITS a nice touch that you can see vividly how far you enter her mouth,but still it could be better.

iktome 2012.08.07
not so bad just need to be able to do more in the game.

Dane1988 2012.08.05
Good, nice, easy, instant gratification game which is well animated and always delivers.

Eltonico 2012.08.04
Black cat give me a fellation was my secret dream :)

Lament 2012.08.02
Black Cat sure is hot. Great game

sir froggie 2012.07.31
fun little quick game shame couldnt do other things with black cat too

serendipity 2012.07.31
mmmm... looks good cat woman

jlocdagunna 2012.07.30
O my GOSH i love this game

jlocdagunna 2012.07.30
Great game. it could use audio of the characters though

wongsiewsia 2012.07.21
awesome superhero sex game...

pietje119 2012.07.19
i don`t no what to say.. not a game

jhase433 2012.07.18
it is a very cool.. game

Jeanmarit 2012.07.18
Wow this game makes spiderman hot and horny

Nastycookie 2012.07.16
hey spidey ! I juste like it ^^`

Raven King 2012.07.15
...I think I`m going to hell for enjoying that as much as I did. Fun little game. Much too short, though. 75/100

wittbo 2012.07.14
Man, that i deep-throating if I ever saw it!

menotyou 2012.07.14
I loved this game! The animation is lively too, just great all around

owenja 2012.07.11

kursatyildis 2012.07.11
i love to play games like this

foolishfucker 2012.07.11
too short but still great game

Tallahassee 2012.07.09
graphics not very good, but easy and somewhat fun game to play

jsexstar 2012.07.07
holy shit!! this game made me cum so bad

89LX50 2012.07.05
Man, that i deep-throating if I ever saw it!

nobodyspecial1027 2012.07.04
Lots of repeating,but easy game play, and I got my `Black Cat` fix taken care of. :)

aggyreynado 2012.07.03
The Amazing Spider-Man strikes again!

chris8833p 2012.07.03
wonder what mary jane would say lol

505098765 2012.06.29
ery very very very very very very good game

Fhrozen 2012.06.26
Omg i love this gam. It`s so hot! :D

jukio2011 2012.06.26
nice blowjob game... i love all that cum!

surfkungen 2012.06.25
Why do someone even bother to make a game like this?

mt57 2012.06.24
Black Cat is always my favourite for this reason... No storyline needed but good.

xxresearcher 2012.06.20
Hot Deepthroat and very nice scene between BlackCat and Spidey.

Moonistic 2012.06.19
This is a good games. Makes me love Black Cat even more.

kbtwofour24 2012.06.16
man i love these blowjob games

Rockoutt 2012.06.14
This was not to great a game not really an action game

bomma 2012.06.09
very sexy graphics but too short

Fossil2142 2012.06.08
Pretty fun, definitely a lot of repeating the same thing. Dialogue is entertaining though. And pretty good graphics.

PgNmBr01 2012.06.08
Cool, I like the intense deep throat action. And the Venom and Lizard appearances were kinda out there, but whatever

Blueberryreddd3445 2012.06.07
this game is so much funn i loved playin make another game like this

demiseleny 2012.06.06
this game is almost perfect!!!!good graphic and good ACTION;)

Flopok93 2012.06.06
god game, but too short and simple!

BIG__DICK 2012.06.02
great creativity in game and awesome grafics

lovepatel 2012.06.02
SpiderMan Black Cat Felatio is nice game,i likeit.

sexykelly166 2012.06.01
nice the way they put this game together need more and too easy

sam1992 2012.05.31
this game was definitely not your best 1.....

tanny12 2012.05.26
gr8 deeep throat....bt nothing much to njoy

Evilpanda665 2012.05.24
This game was ok not the best

sexualheeeling 2012.05.23
wow such a good game,,, wow mmmm

Stitchy 2012.05.22
Nice Deepthroat-Action but lame story and graphics

bahamut86 2012.05.22
nice game and grafic, great deepthroat!

ghost20 2012.05.19
a lot of these type of games but this has the better graphic

[BY]WEGAS 2012.05.19
Not bad but, but to short

XxXwolverineXxX 2012.05.12
does this game ever end

wetpussy112 2012.05.12
this ,made me freaky txt me we can fuck

cubfan1012 2012.05.07
This was a fun game for a little bit.

Anonymous3D 2012.05.02
Good solid felatio game that entertained me for a while.

dillon_lurkhur 2012.04.26
this game is cool but is too short

Johnmcgregor79 2012.04.25
Nice superhero babe,good game would have liked some sex,still good to play

aliseeena 2012.04.24
the graphics slow my computer down

Hitokiribattosai 2012.04.23
Not bad but, but to short

blackrevan 2012.04.16
to simple. I didn´t like it. animation is the same all time

moneydrake 2012.04.15
graphic of black cat is bad ass, the animation is awesome too, the gameplay is good but could of had a anal and vaginal part

dolyd 2012.04.12
Really funny and awesome graphics

Madounet 2012.04.12
It`s a funny game... love black cat !

ballsdeep 2012.04.11
so sexy and so much cum to

hivios 2012.04.10
its interesting how this game manage to expand in a whole array of different mods, yet all of them as interesting as they are beautifully designed. That being said i have to congratulate for the nice convertion to spider-man themed one, and i`ll be looking foward to a MJ one, hehe.

jap 2012.04.08
that cool for short story game

Pac_Man115 2012.04.08
Very interesting, but in the end its fun.

slitplayer 2012.04.07
A real fun game, she`s a good kitty taking a big cock down the threot

DemonsOfTheNorth 2012.04.07
Short sweet and sexy, whats not to love, also the spiderman theme song was a nice touch.

Bentke 2012.04.05
For some damn reason I really like this game! the visual is just great and fun to watch every time.

mihaiA2008 2012.03.30
the game is too short, graphic could be improved. on the plus side, its got a great set of sounds

HariNarayana23 2012.03.29
YES: i`m stuck in this game (describe where), please help me

2012sunny 2012.03.27
It s the good games I love it alot

bricecubs1 2012.03.26
amations are good but the game is to short

bobo99 2012.03.25
lol, funny little game, meoooooow!!!

zachwaller101 2012.03.23
i liked the game kinda short but graphic where spot on

jjman44 2012.03.21
Entertaining, but, as a spiderman fan, I didn`t like it too much.

John G 2012.03.19
Amusing game with good ending.

zero k22 2012.03.19
i love the end when she is under the cum

Snedde 2012.03.18
NOt really a game, but still kinda hot!

derekto 2012.03.14
the same all the time.
it would have been better if it had more opions...

soulstoneking 2012.03.13
Nice game play. No special action required.

locs 2012.03.13
liked this one graphics were good wish there were more scenarios with same characters

123456789101112 2012.03.13
like the game want to see more from black cat and spider man

opeeto1 2012.03.12
such a funny game, i like it

sexy_hippier 2012.03.12
fun game. would like to see some other scenes though!

xxx-man 2012.03.05
thiz game iz bad azz juzt cause it haz my fav cartoon heorine

jobbe1980 2012.03.02
nice little teaser, but seen before

irenius 2012.02.29
good game and nice graphic ,nice "oh & ah" sounds, could use voices.

airforcewun 2012.02.28
i said nice game but too short

someone123 2012.02.27
HOT beautiful game beautiful woman!

UchihaMarine 2012.02.26
im kinda disappointed a lil in this game. its basically like any other fellatio game. but if u like this kinda thing up to you.

Punisherroach 2012.02.25
fun game .. very enjoyable

KDRULES 2012.02.24
Simple Game... but SO HOT !

Heatfire0 2012.02.21
I thought it was a bit like the Final fantasy one but still fun.

Fahreza 2012.02.20
nice game and great graphic

methekilla96 2012.02.19
i love this type of game!

yeowch 2012.02.19
this looks like a variation of another fellatio game i`ve seen before... but the dialog is much, much better than the other one. but that`s just me though.

GIANNIS511 2012.02.16
Funny game but i would prefer if it had a sex scene

caiusballad 2012.02.16
The dialogue is what makes it worth it.

astracat 2012.02.15
Nice game but surely over-rated

rdock 2012.02.15
Pretty simple but enjoyable all the same

brit_man33 2012.02.13
Fun to play, a little short, but overall worth the time.

medfunguy 2012.02.12
Nice graphics... but the game gets boring too quick.

raghav99 2012.02.11
nice game, graphics are fine

chkboris 2012.02.11
classic fun felatio game,but this time with spiderman!

Moor 2012.02.04
nice game but a little beat too easy, just fun

Blauzi 2012.02.04
Nice Game maybe a little short and not much interaction

BigDaddyPsycho 2012.02.02
Great game ! dp are always the best.

KnowingEyes 2012.01.31
Sometimes it`s the simple things that are the most satisfying. :)

glaggabuc 2012.01.31
Super finish! :) Still, not really a game, right?

tara.dinho-sp 2012.01.28
Hi, this a game simple to play, and good result... rsrsrs....

rockon 2012.01.27
i like to shove my cock in her mond hmmm

nandi 2012.01.27
it`s hot but the graphics could use a sharp touch, other than that it`s simple and straight to the point!

jayzeewood 2012.01.26
not to bad more options would be nice

themadscotty 2012.01.26
Short game but good fun, would like more options

searvok 2012.01.25
there are many of these games now it is pretty good but repetitive

hotness90 2012.01.24
spiderman is getting it on with black window

sexybi 2012.01.23
I love pushing her mouth into his dick, and not bringing it out

odin1976 2012.01.19
lol... very funny but nice game. too easy, but still fun to play...

calvo12 2012.01.16
I like how the background fades accordingly, it adds to the game. Ooh to have F.H in such an uncompromising position

bigdanny 2012.01.15
nothing great but intresting game , not enough options

Mertor 2012.01.15
a little short but nice to play

Ghem67 2012.01.13
Not interesting game, stupid.

Pelly 2012.01.13
jajaja, funny game, spidey rulez

Trevorkian 2012.01.13
simple and hillarious, these games are oddly fun

Marinois13 2012.01.11
that rocked I loved the cum shots at the end

noname1986 2012.01.10
MAgnicifent gmae. good graphics!

tanny12 2012.01.10
best blowjob...a bit funny too

siddharthchauhan 2012.01.09
not so good graphics....overall an average game

JoshR13 2012.01.08
This game is so horny!!!

Guillaume 2012.01.06
the game is a basic rehash of a game

geekboy 2012.01.05
Fun game but not much too it.

pmichelson 2012.01.05
ha, the other 2 guys just "came" out of nowhere

robert123 2012.01.05
wow really fantastic game graphics are very nice

AngryBuddha 2012.01.05
Seems to be just like the other felatio games.. fun skin choice though.

mikicostanza 2012.01.04
this is a very hard game but its very hot

Vergil Sanguis 2012.01.04
Classics never die, i think games like this`ll be made for many more years

st_bro 2012.01.03
classic game but its still good

csomis 2011.12.31
A nice quick game that`s pretty hot.

liverpool726 2011.12.30
Graphics are okay but it is very short

pfwuan 2011.12.30
it is just for blow your head in a day with noomuch to do.... great blow job...

raznag2001 2011.12.30
good graphics, not much to get out from this short "game". Just something to make idle time a bit more entertaining.

Darren Tran 2011.12.25
this is a weird game but funny and alittle over the egde dint ya think

Akira D Hellson 2011.12.23
black cat is the sexy thing in all of spiderman

fonzarelli 2011.12.22
The game has been done the same too many times. But it well done.

AirBautista 2011.12.19
game play, graphics, animations are nice

magneticguy 2011.12.19
nice graphics and nice wordings...most enjoyable :)

aliercukaak 2011.12.17
wow really fantastic game graphics are very nice

97brett2778 2011.12.15
love this game good animations and graphics

deathfar 2011.12.11
i wish the game had more action

Holter 2011.12.11
stupid and boring, waste of time

suckdboobs 2011.12.09
nice time pass game with some magnificent graphics

takumal 2011.12.09
nice games , hope the switch girl mode will shortly ON

Arbaal 2011.12.09
Decend graphix. But way too short. Its beta anyway :)

Benny100l 2011.12.07
stupid game, but she is hot :)

smd916 2011.12.06
Good Animations Yet poor Graphics

steven0392 2011.12.04
nice game fun and entertaining

Fenian95 2011.12.04
Too short, decent graphics and effects

Danbe 2011.12.03
this was so fucking awesome but the graphics could be a little bit better

Tymon 2011.12.02
this was a cool game spidy geting his fill good

mangon 2011.11.28
my god if only all women were that good

seria 2011.11.27
okay cute but boring hope some of the other games are more fun

rafaelbr222 2011.11.26
i play whit other girls is the same game whit other girls but its good

debezzle 2011.11.25
that was real good and hot

outlaw4151 2011.11.23
This kind of game is played out, same thing over and over.

rb813 2011.11.22
Very basic, and I didn`t think that Black Cat looked all that hot here.

hotwatch2010 2011.11.21
A great game very nice animation. perhaps different modes maybe buttons or different positions?
I agree with everyone that it`s a good game, but it`s way too short and it needs voice acting as well. It could also do with a few more characters like MJ or Gwen Stacey.

maega2011 2011.11.21
i was hoping to get more action whith catwoman

Krueger 2011.11.20
The game was good... Not the best or GREAT or AWESOME but generally I liked it.

nohba 2011.11.19
if you look you can see makeup go off

Dawn1 2011.11.19
you guys are still crazy but this one was more fun than most of this type

vukjaz 2011.11.19
little borring and short game

1qazwsx 2011.11.17
Pretty repetitive but good overall game.

zenginoglu 2011.11.17
This is great game... I like it very much...

Gurnen 2011.11.12
Good for a few minutes entertainment.

el_vengador 2011.11.11
it`s short game, but it`s cool!

Gnomon 2011.11.10
Good game. Well, good enough, anyway. Erotic and straightforward.
And this is exactly how Felicia should be treated. Ever notice the similarity between the name "Felicia" and the word "felatio"?

sexy132 2011.11.09
it is really good game and good sound

donny12321 2011.11.08
very sexy graphics but too short

simonsaysnow 2011.11.07
Can we get some more scenes?

47darklord 2011.11.06
Spidey should fuck her pussy

sexisfun 2011.11.03
Nice moves and sound but poor graphic and too short!

gouldy 2011.11.03
good graphics and animations

aflac1 2011.11.01
she gets covered in so much cum :3

yopyo3812 2011.11.01
nice little game, juste dirty as i like

tizzel44 2011.10.31
nice game, needed a little more position,

CrackerCracker 2011.10.31
Although that game destroyed my childhood, it`s a nice one :)

Malia Clark 2011.10.30
i liked the game but it was short. but fun!

TWG8 2011.10.30
this game was really good it made me cum

revenant11 2011.10.29
Very poor, I can`t call it a game at all

tdaynis 2011.10.27
i like these blowjob games.........they r simple but erotic........

xander326 2011.10.27
nice moves, nice tits, love how black cat sucks that spider cock

Vaclav72 2011.10.27
Damn, spidey get`s all the best girls

jackplayboy 2011.10.26
nice suck and nice boobs
awesome game

throbnhood 2011.10.26
This one was greatr, and easy to manipulate

farkas 2011.10.26
Simple graphics, easy game and too short.

whitedmn159 2011.10.26
Good game and this is just the beta? Wow!

d.a 2011.10.25
Funny little game with good blowjob

Lednacek 2011.10.22
short and lacks any kind of development. not really worth replay.

connor0397 2011.10.22
this is the sexyest game i EVER played

AnthonyM3 2011.10.22
very good game . the graphics are great

stantemp 2011.10.22
Seems like a deja-vu. There is no interaction, the game is too linear. The animation is not bad though. But 2 minutes for a game is kind of ridiculous.

das77 2011.10.20
not so fun in this game.

Tygafifty 2011.10.18
I like Blackcat, so that kind of made up for everything else. I like that its simple just wish you could go further.

Blknite 2011.10.17
The graphics seem better than the original game. The end is better

PsykoGumby 2011.10.16
There needs to be more of these. Good graphics, easy controls. Could even be rolled up into one longer game...

edizzle 2011.10.15
funny and entertaining smooth controls

brikadams1 2011.10.14
kind of boring but good graphix

mercurytryst 2011.10.10
OK, but would have like a little variation

madkrow 2011.10.10
Brilliant i loved this game almost purrfect......

mikesandello 2011.10.09
that was awesome made me come too

whuutdafiretruck 2011.10.07
Doesnt a game need u know, a goal of some sort?

Snador 2011.10.04
Awesome game, great audio - it`s all good =)

bloodonmycock 2011.10.02
That is probably the most simple game I have played, but for some reason i loved it.

Priest82 2011.10.01
kind of fun but too much blabla

darvia294 2011.10.01
pretty good game but it needs a better story line

johnnylongcock 2011.10.01
great game love these types of games

Miladiou 2011.09.30
it`s not a game but if like spiderman and black cat...

sparticus 2011.09.30
simple and gets straight to the point

jackCaDo 2011.09.29
this is the sexyest felatio game ive played

lrdraptor 2011.09.27
Sure it wasn`t a complex game, but for it what it was, I actually enjoyed it.

vinx 2011.09.26
great game, does what it says on the tin

markusman99 2011.09.26
The end makes up for any shortcomings in the graphics and I really do like face fuck games.

Isaiah1133 2011.09.24
the game is ok not the best but not the worst

halohunter 2011.09.24
not as good as i thought it would be but fun

fuckyfuck 2011.09.23
Its okay could use more though

rogers.zack 2011.09.23
Nice moves and sound but poor graphic and too short!

blaster274 2011.09.23
kind of the same old same old, if youve played the similar games

Aslam12 2011.09.21
This game it`s sooo good :B

ruippo 2011.09.21
Best fellatio game there is

123pfone 2011.09.20
found this rather boring nothing much to do

Jason Grace 2011.09.19
This game wasn`t really that good :/ Not much interaction going on

jrizzle 2011.09.18
This game was not good. Boring and not much interaction

nytingod 2011.09.18
what a waste of time, never knew spidey had web sperm

bigbubba97 2011.09.18
it is alright but needs more story line

jjake132 2011.09.18
Not very much involved. pretty boring.

iloveboobs92 2011.09.17
The game is good, a little short, but good.

Freerunner10 2011.09.16
My favourite Felatio game, really good game

sir.valoroso 2011.09.16
very sexy gameeeee ? w?sh were to spder man

D3nh1s 2011.09.15
Very poor game it is realy bad game i can see anything

joshultimatum2000 2011.09.15
Except for her tits being to pink, the animation in this game is great.

JokerJester 2011.09.13
Great games could be longer if you think aabout it and alll

amilama 2011.09.12
Black cat impressive looking as always. The game does what it says!

grondoll 2011.09.12
spydi have a big tit butits better if thres trio with mj.

Hotdaddy 2011.09.11
it may be the 3rd or 4th adaption of this game but its still making me horny

sml2112 2011.09.09
great game, does what it says on the tin

grondoll 2011.09.09

dsbboo 2011.09.09
This game is awesome. Black Cat was always one of the hottest cartoon girls.

ObWolf 2011.09.08
as a game is very cute and I love it when, towards the end, she rolled their eyes. Too bad it came at some point she always pronounced the same sentence.

AmazonQueen 2011.09.08
Slightly better than same old thing with an option or two but still boring. Now if he was hanging upside down banging her throat or he shot web instead of cum that`d be worth a few more looks.

Jaymz29 2011.09.07
Pretty good game for what it is

Muzzum 2011.09.06
Well it was bound to happen eventually, haha. Great game, decent graphics, ,good sound, 8.5/10 easily, way to go.

dude324289 2011.09.06
not very original but its fun

Gasolinie 2011.09.05
I like the game, but too bad all the fellatio games are the same

stinkypinky 2011.09.05
i find this game pretty cool.

mikah18 2011.09.04
even though all this games a copys of each other i still find them very fun

sentar808 2011.09.03
Funny game but not enough voices and needs different positions and angles

g4killer2 2011.09.03
voice acting is needed and its short but still good

Jaaru 2011.09.02
Boring and repetitive game.

blacksanjii 2011.09.02
good game could have been longer

vtwner236 2011.09.02
Fun game! Great artwork and simple play factor which makes it a great filler for those nothing to do moments.

LOGANBOIE 2011.09.01
kinda short but very sexy

bechat 2011.08.30
Good game but too short.
The graphic are a little low but that not is not a serious problem.
The blowjob with Spider man and Blck cat was a good idea.

Rauhe 2011.08.30
There could be more options but its nice

jeroen-troost 2011.08.29
I like the game, but too bad all the fellatio games are the same

jiwe 2011.08.28
Cool spidey game try it out i love it

dragonman1961 2011.08.26
Nice moves and sound but poor graphic and too short!

CobraKnight 2011.08.26
if u could do more with her it could be a fun game.

biglizzle 2011.08.26
this is so funny and weird

hello12321 2011.08.22
good game shold be longer

Herrushingu 2011.08.18
Nic gameplay but game is too short :(

dangrello 2011.08.18
Its a bit short, but I always knew that Spidey and Black Cat would get it togheter.

bekaluw 2011.08.17
this game was fun but it needs to be lenthened

DeathDrakon 2011.08.17
It was an okay game, too short and the graphics were too low.

xdukex 2011.08.17
it is a funny game. But could be longer.

macee 2011.08.17
wow that is a good one really sloppy

blaidd 2011.08.17
i dont really see the point of this game but its ok

kell0204 2011.08.16
this game is too easy dont get it

djsimix 2011.08.16
nice couple but a little boring game

HMalave13 2011.08.15
Awesome graphics and great story line.

3t 2011.08.15

donutdude 2011.08.15
this game seems kinda childish for me . Also graphics are to plain

Arkaide 2011.08.15
was a good way to pass 5 minutes. not sure of the replay value.

Hardroad 2011.08.13
Nice little roleplaying, otherwise nothing special

Frozenhollow 2011.08.13
short game, but fun to play. specially because you can fail it (A)

arryb1221 2011.08.11
love games like this really gets me going

sexydrkgrl88 2011.08.09
this was a great game...i got really horny ;p

SamTyler 2011.08.06
Ok a bit short, seems to be a copy of another game just with different characters

muper2 2011.08.05
the game was very easy but it was definatly good

hobbe69 2011.08.05
Fun game, even if the "story line" is somewhat light. :)

kingdave219 2011.08.04
Great idea for a game but the graphics arnt all to great.

spokxx 2011.08.04
simple with godd graphics but short

georian 2011.08.04
good graphics but game could still be improved

Eniram 2011.08.03
A great game very nice animation. perhaps different modes maybe buttons or different positions?

TANMAN1969 2011.08.03
i like this game it made me soo hard

danm2 2011.08.03
so hot i just came all over the place. grafics vould be better though

dranem 2011.07.31
like it, not much to do though

butthead99 2011.07.29
Ok game, would be nice to have more levels/scenes, or different view angles.

V.VALENTINE 2011.07.27
nice game in fact i don`t like ....... i LOVE IT

dartyn 2011.07.26
If other modes were available, it might make the game better, but for now it`s way too short.

payneaaron 2011.07.26
Being a fan of comics, this is precious... Graphics are funny... and the sounds kill me lol

BDC 2011.07.26
A good, funny and sexy game with a decent amount of replabilty value.

Darksareth44 2011.07.25
good game but it needs more scenes

pirate1 2011.07.25
it was a ok game. make more scenes too it

Aashrey99 2011.07.22
cool game, little short though. nice graphics. could do with some dialogues for spidey and the other characters

Marc27 2011.07.21

good game but too short, and needs actual voice acting

noOne19 2011.07.20
fun game but I wish it had more options

baranov 2011.07.18
Great game, i like this graphic

phlicker 2011.07.17
love the outfits. Can`t get enough of these games

kain2009 2011.07.17
this is a great game but it is easy

rambo1234567 2011.07.16
graphics and animation needs lil work......else it was awesome

gorch 2011.07.15
that one is funny. however takes a looong time

Demonslayer1455 2011.07.15
great game but way too easy

m4t0n 2011.07.10
hots girls makes this game superb

gggah 2011.07.08
is really boring, even ase is not done badly ...

ikziejwel 2011.07.07
there were too many comments :/

chestcat28 2011.07.07
I think that this couple between spider-man and black cat is very touching

Bawg 2011.07.05
this game is the best yet

scott111 2011.06.30
fairly boring needs some vatiety

yoman37 2011.06.30
funny yet stupid, who would want to see spiderboy nude? gross

lolek21 2011.06.29
quite a good game. little short and easy though

jormunguard 2011.06.26
Cute game, but needs more to do than just one action

gerofa 2011.06.24
nice action but to short hope to get more games like this

Willsie 2011.06.20
Haha...the cum squirts out her nose...

Ananas 2011.06.20
quite a good game. little short and easy though. a bit more actions and it would be great.

WhiteWolf04 2011.06.20
Good game, good graphics, needs more to it though. Much fun

nadav318 2011.06.19
good game, but too short to my taste.

bangbang69 2011.06.18
they should make a storylined game about this like i love laura

SoloDrifter 2011.06.17
nice action but to short...needs black cat on all fours purring

thatguy964 2011.06.17
Nice!! Nothing else like it

devin007 2011.06.16
should also have mary jane as different girl

eneko 2011.06.16
chachi que mola un monton

Elnuno214 2011.06.15
needs better graphics but it alright

abazayimulan 2011.06.14
This kind of games need more action and better graphics.

desiderata10 2011.06.14
The animation is really cool and sexy but it`s too short! :(

AteivisWTF 2011.06.12
Short but not bad game :) Like it.

SEZAR-H 2011.06.11

CaptainThreepwood 2011.06.10
Very hot. Nice graphics.
More of the same, but with more actions please.

Raven68 2011.06.10
I Also enjoy the graphics on this one but is to short and boring may som different angles
or a 3 d graph

BallIdiot 2011.06.10
Same as all the other ones. Just has different characters. I suppose the spin off is `funny`.

dastardlyscarab 2011.06.09
the graphics need some work but it`s a good game

talldark667 2011.06.08
Best game ever. I love cuming inside her.

Archiemendez 2011.06.07
Black Cat is my favorite sexy super hero

Jokerion 2011.06.07
Good idea but I don`t like graphic

senct 2011.06.05
boring but black cat sexy

Khaoswarlord 2011.06.05
should be longer the graphics could be better as well

tbone123 2011.06.03
way to short and rely boring

bst1 2011.05.30
Great game I rearly like it but a litte too short

jpsacrey 2011.05.30
This is great game and i like it...

olivia069 2011.05.29
i wanted more positions but the game was still good

Viltsu 2011.05.27
pretty boring, but bad graphics and too short

moterboater 2011.05.27
really fun but it was to short and 3D graphics would have made it a lot better

theamazingfred 2011.05.26
short game, very amusing, animation gd and simple controls

jamark10 2011.05.26
good game but to short needs better voice acting

ILOGIK 2011.05.25
poor graphics but great game ans scenario

WPandrew4418 2011.05.25
it was awesome...aggressive....but kinda short...
maybe better version next time??

joic0002 2011.05.24
ehh it is what it is a quick flash game but better than most

tmac09 2011.05.24
short game and a rip off of another game i had played

loredofbunnyz 2011.05.23
great game i like the end

hornyvirginboy 2011.05.22
the gagging sounds dosn`t stop after I pull out

banes 2011.05.22
Nice game, but too short. After spidys first load you should have had some drip from her mouth onto her tits.

kmrounds 2011.05.21
fun game but to short...maybe some lead up to the game

bez101 2011.05.19
pretty good but need one with a good deep

delauro 2011.05.14
I like this kind of game, i just wish there was a climax atthe end and not just a re looping of sentences

shakezulla17 2011.05.13
Good for this type of game. Like the dialogue

rahulkrishna1234 2011.05.13
Nice moves and sound but poor graphic!

q7q7q7 2011.05.12
not a good game
there isn`T anything to do and graphics are bad

neoamon 2011.05.12
Okay but there could be more actions.

Skarn62 2011.05.12
Not nteresting game. Funy one minute

dirupa 2011.05.09
nice quality and gameplay

leobruto 2011.05.08
hahahah game muito legal nota 10

kidre3 2011.05.08
this game is soo hot!! i loved it. i remember one time i got one of the guys in these games to cum in the girls mouth.

Thund3rhawk 2011.05.05
Nice moves and sound but poor graphic and too short!

Twelvepak 2011.05.05
Kinda cute, but she gets stuck on the bottom, lol.

kakorus 2011.05.04
good game could use some more actions

Nickatol 2011.05.03
nice but it needs a little more action

merictrr 2011.05.02
I dont think it its good or bad let say "so far so good" :D

davson1 2011.05.01
The graphics were pretty cool

Mike_Shinoda81 2011.04.30
This game is very good and i like it...

Morton1 2011.04.30
It`s BlackCat and Spider-man!
How can anyone not like this!
I think it`s the best of the BJ series. Complete with the Spidey Theme Song! C`mon!

boboslov 2011.04.28
graphics are cool, the animations are boring and the games too repetitive

Adm94 2011.04.28
great games but it`s to short
graphic nice

jhos68 2011.04.28
this game is great i cant believe how big black cats boobs look

jhos68 2011.04.28
great game it sucks though cuz i got a part where venom and whats his face come in tto whats that all about

jhos68 2011.04.28
i have never seen black cat look so hot lol spiderman never even talks

haseoxatoli 2011.04.27
weird combination of characters never thought they would be together

phantom_hawk 2011.04.27
realy liked the game just some thing satisfying about it

AragornI 2011.04.26
Nice graphics, game too short

PeterAntoni 2011.04.25
great game felicia is so hot

solidsnake3 2011.04.25
im loving spider man more now:P

bigboy12321 2011.04.24
Love the cum ... or spider webs haha

tsalagiwaya 2011.04.22
this is way too short but its still a great game

Breasts=) 2011.04.21
An okay game... not my favorite though.

dennis295 2011.04.21
nice game graphic were ok

Cipher 2011.04.21
fun game, too short and a poor graphic, not very intresting

greydart 2011.04.21
Wow! did not know there was an ending til nowxD

drools44 2011.04.20
too noisy and a bit crappy

kiani23 2011.04.18
it was okay, but graphics were a bit of a let down

Askira 2011.04.18
Hope they get more of these types of games on here!

awesomo 2011.04.17
best remake of the original game

Bigdogpapa 2011.04.16
My spidy sense is "tingling"

aucb 2011.04.16
Great game; fun gameplay but somewhat short and could use an improvement on graphics.

Killer1974 2011.04.15
Nice moves and sound but poor graphic and too short!

bejox 2011.04.15
a fun game but not at graphic...the graphic should be better...

judrick24 2011.04.14
hahahaha i want to play it again coz it really rocks,, it makes my environment hotter!

judrick24 2011.04.14
wow this game really rocks!! the graphics drive me nuts . . . . guys i guess you should try this game

dyoiram 2011.04.14
nice game and good graphics, i want have a better luck nex time

johnnycum 2011.04.13
I prefer this to the final fantasy version, still a heck of a lot of work though

UnKn0Wn3D 2011.04.12
Its a nice game but i think it could be more interesting if its longer with more interaction other than that Its a Good game.

kumangex 2011.04.12
nice game and not very interesting

robjor34 2011.04.12
very silly, but still fun. Spiderman eh? ha ha

ultrasex123 2011.04.11
very good game,more endings,very hot scenes..i have reached one,but i am not ending this game :D

waym5155 2011.04.10
nice game witch there would have been vioce acting and diffrent positions

lampu7ahmad 2011.04.09
a fun game but not at graphic...the graphic should be better....

devin008 2011.04.09
the original was better but i like the ability to change things in this one.

pamei09 2011.04.08
Its boring, try to put up a better one.

vic6155 2011.04.08
graphic image gives the impression of real, so iam maximum score!

haxxbit 2011.04.07
Nice, but could have better graphic.

Trishy 2011.04.07
Animation was good.Small game indeed.

D4N 2011.04.06
Good game very fun and quick could have more cum though.

fatman01 2011.04.05
another copy of the original, but still not bad though. Fun to play

Stack 2011.04.05
again one of the felatio knock off` of FF. Its good but just the same game with different look.

LarryC 2011.04.04
good design, but it could use more scenes

LeandroO 2011.04.02
Nice graphics but no ending....

hentai1337 2011.04.01
same game, different graphics and name

Armour 2011.04.01
Like previous posters have said this is just a reskin which is a shame but it doesn`t stop it being fun to play

Dezmar 2011.04.01
Ok an obvious rip of the Rikku FFX-2, but a good rip none the less

censhin_himmura 2011.04.01
the controls aren`t so good, but it is a good intention

753753753753753753753753753753 2011.03.31
it was boring and the graphics weren`t that good

poopsnoop 2011.03.31
probly would be better as a movie or animation, i dont like the controls

RemoWilliams 2011.03.30
The graphics were pretty cool.

mamboruk 2011.03.28
I love the way you control the way she sucks him off. So cool!

mariasex 2011.03.27
simple but short loved it

Diasenner 2011.03.26
I agree with most of the reviews here. too short. still i understand beta testing. still very hot though.

jmaster87 2011.03.26
its more of a demo than a game

deiderata 2011.03.26
The graphic are cool but its too short.

Stylianos 2011.03.26
Nice graphics but small gameplay

dap97 2011.03.25
It would have been a great game if there was more graphics. it`s also very short.

joebkc 2011.03.22
not bad,just wish more than that...after all,good game...

drobcek2011 2011.03.21
great game but bad graphic, looks like demo

kamper87 2011.03.20
game was pritt sweet wish you could do more though

fatty78 2011.03.20
could definitely be longer however good animation

kylie485 2011.03.19
I wish there were more options on this game! It`s pretty short

UrbanMarksman 2011.03.19
i like how venom and the lizard join in at the last minute and poor peter for having ll that power and only getting a quick BJ

UlyssesS 2011.03.18
Nice game, but too short.

dadakara 2011.03.18
It`s very short but has poor graphics.

loco loc 2011.03.17
fum game bu it is a little short and needs more options

melvinewe 2011.03.16
pretty nice!i like it so much

Shooterboi 2011.03.15
Pretty Good Blow Job Game but could be better i guess. :)

Skrudd 2011.03.14
Sexy game, nice graphics but it was a bit short

Hans213 2011.03.14
the game could use a bit more variation

BOSSDOGG 2011.03.13
game was okay wish you could do more

dragonj 2011.03.13
great animation and graphic but it`s too short

DeaconFrost 2011.03.13
Graphically decent, the theme makes is worth the try.
Black Cat like you never saw her, worth the couple of minutes it takes.

sirdeaner 2011.03.13
ok game, its really just another knock off.

SirCummsAlot 2011.03.11
Great fun, you know spidey wishes he could do that in the comics and movies. They should make one with a three way with spidey mj and black cat

lionhunter 2011.03.10
Nice and funny but to easy

TheOnlyOne 2011.03.08
ha ha ha ok man it is really special :P

SweetLoverMikey 2011.03.07
That was a great game but it would of been better if it had more se in

randy06 2011.03.06
a good game but like more action like fuck her in pussy and arse a s well

redneckz 2011.03.05
This is probably one of the best fellatio games, the graphics are good

Cyren 2011.03.05
This is probably one of the best fellatio games, the graphics are good and especially the music for the menu and the game itself.

mattherin 2011.03.04
Very simple, yet entertaining just the same.

GentleG 2011.03.04
A game like this one would be better if it was a bit longer and more customizations. Maybe different girls, and a ``hands free`` mode.

Erkend 2011.03.02
Game has hardcore features, but very limited gameplay. Only interesting for the excitment it gives.

krispydo 2011.02.28
wow hahaha! spiderman sex win!

frits1977 2011.02.28
not as good graphics but good though i liked it

_aLfa_ 2011.02.27
Cute, near-never ending blowjob. d:

m4rtin30 2011.02.26
liked the game nice artwork

roudrosk 2011.02.25
very fun game, want to see better art of black cat though, and game needs more options

silver12 2011.02.25
typical quick, easy game, but not that great

ski9072 2011.02.23
Would like to see more, but definitely liked what I saw

maffemich 2011.02.22
not one of the best i ever played

terryaal 2011.02.22
i love it more than the game, spider man the sexy neibourhood

Faaen 2011.02.22
A good game, with very good graphic, but too short

fredyc 2011.02.22
I think this is the best marvel porn games out there except i can`t make catgirl choke and suufocate minus on that

cool_ed 2011.02.21
great animation and graphic but it`s too short

nico_flo 2011.02.18
good game, good graphics , but too short

Carnedringh 2011.02.17
Nice game, could use some more interaction possibilities though ... Enjoyed it anyways :D

rafeek97 2011.02.16
not as good graphics but good though i liked it

steamroll2012 2011.02.15
On of the better games if yu wish to feel control.The story line is also a little amusing too,first she tells him to shove it in,then she complains that she cant breath.lol Interesting

Rikhard 2011.02.15
What this game doesn`t make it up in quality, It makes in excellence.
The gameplay is smooth and looks really well. The dialog is well constructed, and I recommend this game.

malafate 2011.02.14
nice moves but could be more detailed though

Nwatkins9000 2011.02.13
Would love to see Batman and Catwoman or Robin/Nightwing and Batgirl

junglemonkee 2011.02.12
Cool game if you wanna see superheroes and supervillains sexxin` it up. other than that, not much as far as being an arcade game.

Tourer 2011.02.11
Not a bad game although not very challenging

aflac123 2011.02.10
dude i replayed this game like 8 times

wilsonpalacios 2011.02.10
Epic graphics! Truly insperational

x.zorro 2011.02.09
it is awesome and easy game and her sound i so good too

suli 2011.02.08
nice ..but it had some broblems....

Death6God 2011.02.07
ugh. That was so disgusting.

evilelf562 2011.02.07
not gonna lie...it was kinda hot, but at the same time kinda weird :P

1586574 2011.02.06
good graphics, maybe a little short

larry73 2011.02.06
SUPER SUPER SUPER!!! It`s a fantastic deepthroat game!! It`s a pity that it doesn`t continue!!^^

bob31415926535 2011.02.05
I like the gane, especially the great graphics, and the animation is preety good all in all i would give it four stars

wade80 2011.02.04
great game, beautiful grafic. very amazing!!!

shadowpeek 2011.02.03
Great game but it needs more work

Shadow085 2011.02.02
nice game with great quality and graphics

Sharath 2011.02.02
nice game, ok graphics, but way to short

sexyman1993 2011.02.02
too short but other than that nice game

Silver1973 2011.02.02
cool game. love the graphics. and think these games are fun

jbrooks15 2011.02.01
i love t his game so much

Lesbian555 2011.01.31
really nice game love it

lostsoul 2011.01.30
is it wrong that I enjoyed making her choke? But great game over all I can`t wait till they are fully finished.

righto 2011.01.30
the best part is when she says "meoooooow"

hornyboi 2011.01.30
this game is amazing they should add more sex scenes though

mightyazda 2011.01.30
nice straight forward game - it does exactly what it says on the tin!

whalerack 2011.01.28
i liike how they remake this with different chicks

lwooosh 2011.01.27
i like how her eyes bug out then roll to the back of her head. Then cum shoots out of her nose

sexroulette 2011.01.27
so awesome, its a great game i love it

nighsroud 2011.01.27
wow its a great game great graphics with catwoman

JonTheSuperman 2011.01.26
A clone, but still a great job keeping the animation fluid.

Wilyam 2011.01.25
I love Black Cat! But is was a bit short and don`t like Venom and Connors

101sexy 2011.01.24
this game is wicked love the animation

ironman5090 2011.01.23
good game. even though there are a lot of games like this i havent seen a spider man one before

callmebast 2011.01.23
awesome game, i just love it.

krystal4ever 2011.01.23
It`s real fun but it`s too pixely.

rman 2011.01.22
Very nice games. It just needs some ore options and it should keep Black Cat`s tits in the shot, when she is giving a blowjob.

fiqih007 2011.01.21
I waant play sex............

tonito 2011.01.20
nice graphics but I prefer more interactions

hemanator 2011.01.19
great game.. good stuff my friends

JFernandes 2011.01.17
This game is magnific, very good, congratulations.

Fobiah 2011.01.15
Quite repetitive, it would need some more options

hash19 2011.01.15
the game plays is alright but its kind of short

Silveralpha 2011.01.14
Good graphics Spiderman fucks good :p

hardcoreharry 2011.01.13
good concept but not so goood graphics

jaguarty 2011.01.13
good grafics , a final felatio clone but good idea anywaw

ratonius 2011.01.12
A bit short but still worth it,not sure if you would play it again.

Shafty71 2011.01.12
Nice graphics even if a simple one...I loved it anyway :-) There are more about this?

DARKMOUNT 2011.01.11
simple but short, - this idea could be carried over into other comic charecters

sexwolf 2011.01.11
very nice and simple but a little short

chynaboi 2011.01.11
the game was a little too graphic. would have been better if there were more things to do

labrosno 2011.01.11
yeahhh !! suck it baby!!

NDR 2011.01.09
Love that series for graphics. And physics ;)

windscar54 2011.01.09
i see too many variations of this...

andrew12mccabe3 2011.01.08
really poor graphic but good sound

MIKEy847 2011.01.08
Nice moves and sound but poor graphic and too short

buttmunch 2011.01.07
i usually like these games but i just feelk like this one is lacking somehow.i would have like to see mhj instead

adman147 2011.01.07
pointless game, but good ending

korzakorza 2011.01.07
i laughed at there faces, they have got to fix that

macancheeese 2011.01.06
Pretty hot. A bit short but still worth it.

NotAnAmerican 2011.01.06
It is a pretty nice but short game. Too bad it is too repetitive.

yeahyoudingbat 2011.01.05
Fun little game wish there was more to it though.

fame757 2011.01.05
i love games like dis please find more like this please

Razuto 2011.01.04
so lovely
love such games

levelo 2011.01.04
love super hero games!!! this one ws pretty good!!

Elnuno323 2011.01.03
pretty funny game but enjoyable

Xagan 2011.01.01
Action hero games are cool, bit repetitive though

oil-glutton 2010.12.31
it was a good game however, i think it could be a little longer. However other then that excellent job.

Kronus 2010.12.31
Spiderman got lucky because that bitch is Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine !

JamesonJJameson 2010.12.30
I just wonder why this is in the arcade section when there are four or five similar games in the tease section? other then that you can`t go wrong with a little deep throat action!

cpgibson007 2010.12.30
i found this game to be idotical and highly illogical.....its rather demeaning and not up to your standards.....that is because you did not accept my lost comment. i said the sex was hot very hot indeed....but the game was actually to short. thats what i meant to say....but comments must be highly educated. so if you want a highly educated comment you should post a more intelegent game. tahnks.

jdjg101 2010.12.29
really good game, i love deeprthroat games

kevlarspeedboat 2010.12.29
This was very funny. Would like the see a sequel to this.

ninjamasta00 2010.12.29
cheap graphics but still fun

saif6585 2010.12.28
nice game and good amination

Colorz 2010.12.28
This reminds me of the FInal Fantasy One, its good for a clone of that game :D

18tell 2010.12.27
good game nice idea but a bit repetative

ron79 2010.12.27
I love spiderman, Peter Parker rules

pepepipi 2010.12.27
I really love this game, nice moves and great sound

cc6789a 2010.12.26
stupid game. too repetitive

JeanMarc 2010.12.26
nice game but its too short and you do always the same

Infoyo 2010.12.25
game makes me horny but not same as the original

jesuscl 2010.12.25
It`s too easy, I thought tehre was something more. Anyway good graphics !!

sbruler 2010.12.23
Super hot, but a bit short.

Master60 2010.12.21
i played this in many diffrent versions

JMD 2010.12.20
definitely a fun one. "bone" appetite

klevkin 2010.12.19
i liked it but it`s not the original

xalexandro 2010.12.18
nice game, i need more games like this

ShadowSchiffer 2010.12.17
Woah this is just really sexy!

Rebellion77 2010.12.17
It`s interesting how many different games have been made from the original version of it, how flexible the original characters and text are...it`d be cool to see this kind of thing being done with more games, maybe not to the extent of this one, cause it is a few more incarnations away from being done to death. but it`s still an awesome game, oh, btw there is an alternate ending where 2 other people cum on Black Cat`s face along with Spiderman, but I can`t remember how to get it quite yet.

zero453 2010.12.16
yes i really would like to see more games like this

Digger_1959 2010.12.15
I would have thought Spiderman would have shot spider silk out of his cock!

oranges2368 2010.12.15
that was hot??fun fantasy

poohbear 2010.12.14
good game chould use more like a titfuck or sumthing

tigerbalm008 2010.12.14
i want to see more of this artist

ct10daw 2010.12.13
nshort game, and quality it`s fine. good work

latrupe47 2010.12.11
i need more games like this!

AFLoneWolf 2010.12.10
Why did Venom and Croc have to jump in?

Tarzan1 2010.12.09
cool game, need more like that

Johnrodrigez 2010.12.08
it`s a kinda boring but blackcat is still hot

deagle 2010.12.08
nice game but its too short and you do always the same

hazard3976 2010.12.08
more games with super heros

Julius 2010.12.08
this game is funny but i like

deathstray 2010.12.07
good game but could be longer though but still good lol keep up the good work

klarkiscool1 2010.12.07
fun to play, could be longer and seemed like another game that was similar on another website

jenso 2010.12.06
This game is to short and no other action

saul878 2010.12.06
nice idea though a lil short and needs expanding

TMAN81 2010.12.06
This games look much like a couple other on this site

erital953 2010.12.05
cool game wish there were more like these

NickFisher 2010.12.04
nice bj just wish it had tits too

hirokiri 2010.12.03
I just noticed the background fades when she`s choking. Cool Effect!

Patmatticus 2010.12.02
Hot game, but same as Kim possible and Asoka and some others. It would be neat if more options. I like the background and guy changing.

Spooky727 2010.12.02
what a pity... so short! I would have loved it to be much longer...

adridiza 2010.12.02
good game....
include superhero too...
need more like this game

merfderf 2010.12.01
It`s hot and everything, but her constant comments got irritating after a short time.

West 2010.11.30
Very Nice Deepthroat Simulation with a Brav Girl that makes Man happy

deimmunization 2010.11.30
if you press `t` it shows options

Gevatter 2010.11.29
There are realy much better Games out there

Eddie Roc 2010.11.28
A short and nice game that`s straight to the point. I like it.

selim321 2010.11.28
the game is funny but theres not much to do

wloo175 2010.11.28
Could have had more variety

bigbobslut 2010.11.28
Too short, and no challenge

shaydat 2010.11.27
this is ann awsome game yall

dsvjr19 2010.11.25
THe game was pretty good ut it could be longer with more positions

addladd 2010.11.25
good game could be longer though

lower5 2010.11.24
i love this game good graphic

xronik 2010.11.24
very very good! i like it!

yy2 2010.11.23
At least she didn`t call him `Rikku` like in the Star Wars version....

bazbadasss 2010.11.21
liked it but could do with being longer

rigilpaix 2010.11.21
A great game, sure, but I like it the first time, when it was Rikku and Brother from Final Fantasy 10. Some of the lines aren`t even changed.

caliche1985 2010.11.21
The cat`s eyes going white is insane!

5korpioGod 2010.11.17
black kat i5 5exy a5 hell

tarqy 2010.11.13
good game, but could use more possitions

Apac20 2010.11.11
Incredible game even if it was never finished.Being able to purse several different girls helps to provide a great deal of replay value. Not a big fan of the model part that was added and it seems to get away from the theme of the game. There was a demo of a fight portion the author was working on adding before I guess real life became too much to continue the game.

scrip 2010.11.10
this game could be better, very short

injectmesweetly125 2010.11.10
I love this game its so funny at the end

SkylineR34GTR 2010.11.10
LMFAO! Absolutly fantastic. Definately not what you`d see in the comics.

edss1569 2010.11.09
good game, but could use more veiws

chiliraptor 2010.11.09
How do you get the other guys to cum on her

narc 2010.11.07
its just like the ff10 game.

Abby 2010.11.07
i like the game nice easy, but could probibly use some more sex sences and its too short

Mira 2010.11.07
Nice game, but too short...
Also tits could be in view..

showmelp 2010.11.07
well,the blow job is perfact,but it`s tooooo short!

xronik 2010.11.05
Very cheerful game, especially, as eyes are gone

babygirl18 2010.11.04
This was a funny and intense

Auyob 2010.11.03
This was great, I loved the cat stuff

dekkar 2010.11.03
it was far too repetitive, although the detail was good

xradu 2010.10.31
I loved the attention to details, the spit was very real like ... :) and the commentary ... not so bad ... maybe some more fuck scenes?

raptorjoe2002 2010.10.31
i like the game nice easy, but could probibly use some more sex sences

tomkalker 2010.10.31
why can`t she suck the other dicks, too?

dbrvr 2010.10.31
is there gonna be a sequel

xkjlj 2010.10.30
Great game, but its pretty short, and only oral?

Soulafein 2010.10.30
Good to see some variation from the other similar games, this one is better.

Borderman 2010.10.30
i would like to make her suck mine!
good one

waynedemis1 2010.10.29
Good Game, but a little more controle of the action would be nice.

Eaglesfanatic 2010.10.26
Great game short and intense

manutd2772 2010.10.23
game is short but is really good

marcoco 2010.10.22
I enjoy this short game, not bad everything. Fast game and enjoy it.

Bjorn13 2010.10.22
nice skin change to the original game.

andiyan 2010.10.21
nice games..but make me little boring!!!

Damerts 2010.10.21
nice game...love the drool.....

Thousand Master 2010.10.21
Not an original game or concept, but I think this style is pretty awesome. Second only yo the original.

Del 2010.10.21
great game and very small to play with

darksico 2010.10.20
funny game, but its a little rough sexual act ;)

MrBond 2010.10.20
It was too short, needs more. Tits could also be in pic.

Boognish 2010.10.18
i like it. spidey rulez. one of the most funniest arcadegames.

afaw29 2010.10.18
Not bad but a little short

tom801 2010.10.18
Lol this one is so juicy !

dequentia 2010.10.18
pretty good game, what did it for me was the animation of the eyes while deepthroating. Hot

It took a bit long with no change to get to the cumshot(s), spent a while wondering if I was doing it right.

mponce1 2010.10.17
its ok some of the other ones are better i think its the music.

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