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Spank The Booty


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Domenik 2017.09.26
funny game with nice graphics

Laelith 2017.07.28
AS boring as it is short....

Bomber93 2017.07.26
useless game... you just have to move your mouse right to left three times, nothing intersting

lolasaurusrex 2017.07.20
pretty boring. All you can do is spank the booty. Which i guess makes sense but no other point

Tiodor 2017.07.07
Game is to short, only three swats and no rewards. Graphic is old nice stile.

robbie2801 2017.01.25
Very boring game. Not much you can do here.

CarloSS 2016.11.27
not that bad of a game can be fun for couple mins aftert hat gets boreing

CarloSS 2016.11.27
Super funny game, quite different to smash always in the best way over 1000 mph.

FaceOfBo 2016.11.09
While the graphics look really nice at a first glance, the non existing gameplay makes this boring in no time

Schn3e 2016.10.14
This is one of those games where you have to have a certain, level shall we say, to enjoy. It is fun for the first few minutes but it can get boring almost too quickly.


KiddyG 2016.09.06
i remeber this game. oldskl stuff right here XD

samuel1154 2016.07.26
nice concept lol pretty funny

KEV_in 2016.06.13
Too lame for me. There should be more to do than only that one

TheUltimateSexxxer 2016.02.28
not that bad of a game can be fun for couple mins aftert hat gets boreing

TheUltimateSexxxer 2016.02.28
heheheh i have record in the real world

TheUltimateSexxxer 2016.02.28
heheheh i have record in the real world

Top-Ramen 2016.02.10
I love it! My only suggestion is to have a bunch of different targets to smack.

latinagr 2016.01.22
It`s an odd and funny game even it`s on simpicitty

lovernotfucker 2015.11.08
it is greatly addictive it makes you want to spank all day

saviolocao 2015.10.23
the game is addictive because it makes you wanna see if you can beat your own highest score

catman514 2015.09.20
its an addicting number game u just get sucked into seeing how high u can of a score

GinnyDFleur 2015.08.25
This is a one and done game. You try it and then move on. Once everyone you may want to challenge your best speed you are only keep trying for so long then your done with this one for good.

twotouch 2015.08.16
nice game but sooooo boreing

ullebulle99 2015.06.18
fun idea but gets boring in no time

Squadow 2015.05.10
looks nice but there really isn`t anything to do though

inter 2015.05.04
awesome, i love this... loool

ebolajesus1 2015.04.30
alright at first but then it got boring bruh

Sikkor 2015.03.23
Funny game, the sounds are good but need work on. When you slap really hard the hand leaves a hallarious mark. XD

ben123angelo 2015.03.11
fun but gets boring real quick. I like her gasps though

Pyr0mani4c1 2015.02.18
its alright, gets a bit boring after a while

SKknight 2014.12.27
all you do is smack the girls butt but it isn`t that bad

dandraft 2014.10.30
its not much fun ,it gets pretty boring quikly,whih the point of hearing her moan. 1/10 come on guys

hellriser 2014.08.04
an spank game! i love this... loool

nhojohn17 2014.07.21
This is a fun little short game and I laughed and enjoyed it but I wouldnt play it again xD.... ok maybe one more time xD

rohitkumar12220 2014.07.16
i want to spank that ass with my own hands

Bloomercock 2014.07.07
Awesome but the volume hurts if u have it all the way up

Ramses93 2014.07.03
Spank the ass? Simple but......Fun

nonsidewiperxxx 2014.06.18
A fun game,maybe my wife will play and spank my ass every time!

kaiiah 2014.06.05
i really like this game im really good at it

ASSGARIAN 2014.06.01
not too bad a short game can be good too !

Sexy007 2014.05.23
Wow...the booty I`m faster then I thought :)

vjmpune 2014.05.03
i have always been a fan of spanking. thats y i love these type of games because of these animations

Avi1140 2014.04.18
Is this a game what are they thinking fudge man this is not a game it`s crap

K123 2014.04.11
LOL this is a funny game, comment your fastest spank! Come on! :D

WinnerLonkirk 2014.03.16
It was alright but I think you need more spanks, per go.

nonsidewiper 2014.03.15
I spanked it soo good I should be spanked.

lrromicron 2014.03.10
Can be fun game. Easy and enjoyable.

Firechef15 2014.02.01
I spanked that booty like a BOSS avg 1245mph

dewas 2013.12.31
what a great graphic game with just simple to play but extremed

dewas 2013.12.31
game is to short,only three swats and no rewards but i like it

dusan 2013.12.14
butt spanking the way i like it :D

ilmilio 2013.12.04
oh please, it`s ridicolous

snakebro80 2013.11.25
very entertaining i didnt know the human body could withstand 500 plus mph lol

pfcrazor 2013.11.22
was a fun game. would play again

Master Bill 2013.11.08
SPANK SPANK do enough of this in rl ;) ha ha

MaxxV2150 2013.11.08
Not bad. Very simple, but fun in it`s own easy way. n_n 818 MPH is my best so far. Good luck beating that, folks!

shaunr43 2013.10.09
very good, I like spanking booty

noogad 2013.09.19
hot and sexy game like it tooo much

facawat 2013.08.24
I like slapping that ass. A short game. But was fun and easy to play.

waldder 2013.08.20
after three spanks i lost interest in this game...

Knorti 2013.08.13
It`s easy, nothing special, but still fun

jenny0192 2013.07.27
would like there to be levels and more girls

ijn 2013.07.26
nice ass, but game needs more to it
very short

toughguy0318 2013.07.18
umm...it delivers what the title promised I suppose. not much fun, gets boring quickly

arss 2013.06.11
I love her screams. Nice ass too, beefy and jiggly. Just hoped it looked more realistic cause the hand looks pretty odd.

Chriswins 2013.05.30
I love the sound of spanked ass...

abcd123456 2013.05.27
the game is good in graphics

Razer4552 2013.05.15
auf Dauer doch langweilig...

flaming 2013.05.12
i like the game but it was way to quick

kirosakiichigo 2013.05.05
Yah! This`s funny games, want more

sexyman1213 2013.04.29
the game was way to easy and the graphics were awesome

xavom77 2013.04.25
it`s a funny games but it`s short

kevinzb 2013.04.09
fun game but just spanking her butt get boring we need to spank her pussy,tits,belly and ass

RickyRoll 2013.04.08
847, and never getting higher... wtf? It was short, and not very re-playable, but, yes, it got plenty of laughs around my office. Customizable girl, and different positions, along with a highscore counter, would make this game even funner.

bidphil 2013.04.06
its an ok game,not much more

sexyeyes198712 2013.04.04
It is just a funny game nothing more

bobby5995 2013.03.27
haha 525 mph funny game :p

gJ9sEj8x 2013.03.24
auf Dauer doch langweilig...

gikumcgiq 2013.03.08
Not much to say.... Was expecting more of it.

gartal 2013.02.25
nicht gerade viele optionen in diesem game

Jimijams 2013.01.28
I like slapping that ass. A short game. But was fun and easy to play.

Gordn3 2013.01.25
Boored game , lost interest quick.

Yousuf 2013.01.24
YES: relevant comments concerning gameplay, graphic, animation

oranjeboven 2013.01.12
Nice and funny, but not to be taken too seriously.

rishav12 2013.01.03
game cud hv been mr ineresting.... bt nvr mind its gd

legion145 2012.12.31
its not a challeging game

comerade 2012.12.30
Average speed 500 XD Still its kinde short

daddypstick 2012.12.28
short game way to easy and pretty much pointless. theres no rewards and no story.

ultimatestewie 2012.12.28
nice ass but really pointless

Long Dick 2012.11.24
game is to short,only three swats and no rewards

jackjones 2012.11.15
The game is too simple too be enjoyable

dragionms112 2012.11.11
lame game not fun at all boring :(

Horgretor 2012.11.08
Heh fun for the short while it lasted. Not something that it will be remembered tbh.

cockout 2012.11.05
very ordinary but quite thrill too bizarre hey

oranjeboven 2012.10.16
But thats it.
Not to be taken seriously.

love7612 2012.10.15
This game was fun . I wish her booty was little bit bigger though !

opgjophp 2012.09.25
And even the music is really annoying

opgjophp 2012.09.25
wow, all you do is move your mouse, pretty boring

camper5036 2012.09.14
Tried twice got a average 271 on both.

Rapsdyan 2012.09.11
average 590mph.. short but really fun

Snowbill 2012.09.08
this is too simple a game, didnt like it

hugo93 2012.09.07
these typ of games are not mine, it a lite bit boring

erodima 2012.08.31
heheheh i have record in the real world

elishacuthbert 2012.08.16
it was alright for a bit then the fu weres off after not bad graphics tho.

iamwise 2012.08.09
it is average game but animation is good and funny

Fuckmehard2012 2012.07.21
Very good game....i got up to 439

hotwvdude23 2012.07.11
Fun game as usual, but increase of girls or rewards for going certain speeds would be good

rumxes 2012.07.01
Not a great game. But, a nice one

Shadow109 2012.06.15
the graphics are not that good and it`s too short

Rockoutt 2012.06.14
Far too short a game and not a real challenge

Skysnake 2012.05.14
606mph its a boring game... 10 sec of "fun"

bahamut86 2012.05.12
Nice spank ggame :) like it

K_Pchaos101 2012.05.03
I love this game ha
nothig better than smackin some booty to kill some time
not the greatest graphics but still enjoyable

[BY]WEGAS 2012.04.24
579 mph spank... good game

farkas 2012.04.14
Too short game, simple ass graphics and booring.

John G 2012.03.22
This game should come on all new computers in the "Games" section.

John G 2012.03.19
Great game for fantasy role-playing.

uber50 2012.03.19
quite a fun nice to see if your friends can beat your avaverage

John G 2012.03.16
Great stress relieving game.

xxx-man 2012.03.05
spank the booty...simple yet enjoyable

sub.show 2012.03.04
grab he hand n hit the butt

airforcewun 2012.02.28
385 beat dat.there should more babes with nice booty to spank

UchihaMarine 2012.02.26
so yeah grab the hand and hit the butt. pretty funny. i got 424 mph xD

Nemo2222 2012.02.21
Pretty simple, but it`s always fun to see if you can beat your own average. Not a game for long sessions of play, but good for short visits.

yeowch 2012.02.19
possibly the only challenge here is to go over 500+ MPH spank... but then again it can get really addicting specially if you max out only at 400

caiusballad 2012.02.16
Compared to the rest of the stuff on this site, this game is garbage.

brit_man33 2012.02.13
Okay it was somewhat boring, however I found the woman to be fairly erotic!!

Gene0877 2012.01.20
532 mph spank...goood game

drewbie1 2012.01.10
The concept of this game is definitely erotic, but I wish it was more developed and had a bit of plot to it.

BallIdiot 2012.01.09
It can be erotic if you like spanking women. Not my cup of tea.

BigDaddyPsycho 2012.01.04
Its a nice game if you have lots of friends you can challenge, but if you play it alone, its get boring really fast...

Guillaume 2012.01.01
So boring and very repetitive game.

csomis 2011.12.31
The game gets boring and isn`t all that enjoyable

Meszla 2011.12.31
nice game, exelent graphic. I recommend and invite you to compete for the highest stronger slap ;D mine 1047 mph ;P

Darls 2011.12.31
mine 350 MPH tough to play from lap

John G 2011.12.27
Fun way to fantasize of what we can`t do.

mikicostanza 2011.12.24
very nice game its very funny to slap her

MrHollow 2011.12.21
Great game! The best so far. Excelent grafics and many endings.

blkbuhfly 2011.12.21
Good start, I wish there was some sort of leveling or plot to go along with it.

AirBautista 2011.12.19
The animation looks like tv

xKxMxDx 2011.12.19
Cool game, gets boreing after a while.

aliercukaak 2011.12.17
u can see how much u are strong with shifting mouse

sander01 2011.12.12
great game love the chooses you can get.

emoney123 2011.12.08
extremely fun game makes me want to play it over and over again.

2008DOG 2011.11.27
had a lot of playing spank the booty.

lolrules12fuc 2011.11.22
this game is great and it reminds me of spank the monkey

harvey261 2011.11.22
Pretty repetetive after a while...

johnnylush 2011.11.17
Humorous game. However the game mechanics felt sluggish at times.

Rudy4u 2011.11.11
Love this game for a break

el_vengador 2011.11.11
i like this game, but after couple of minutes, it`s boring

Gnomon 2011.11.11
Nice! Cute! Not much to it, but great for what it is.

maspencer 2011.11.11
Love this Game. 532 MPH Baby.

tizzel44 2011.10.31
very funny game, did not know my hand could go fast then a Bugatti Veyron.

xdavidpx 2011.10.26
286 mph, and a nice red hand mark.

noname89 2011.10.25
a nice idea, ant the sound is beautiful!, but too short gameplay

Lednacek 2011.10.22
nice idea for game. could have been more worked on. high scores are missing

gung17637 2011.10.21
I like the sound. very funny.

Symbolisch 2011.10.06
haha this game made me laugh xD

ikaruichijoe 2011.10.04
Dont really get the point, however that is one fine booty.

MUES2 2011.10.04
short game and could have better animation

jameinherr 2011.10.03
very!! simple. but fun for the sound and the theme.

dednik 2011.09.12
too simple but very funny with friend challenge

Dragon865t 2011.09.09
Thi is one of the best games i have ever played its so much fun!!!!!!!!!!

dsbboo 2011.09.09
It is always fun to slap some booty. But still the game isn`t that great.

thalionmel 2011.09.05
hit the but lol to crapty this game

smackal 2011.09.02
Not the greatest game I played but who doesn`t love slapping some Booty.

Jaaru 2011.09.02
So boring and very repetitive game.

gamer009 2011.08.29
Just like slap the monkey, but this version makes some sense, sort of

biglizzle 2011.08.26
this is so weird but its cool

busu99 2011.08.24
Cute but short. nice ass - well drawn ;)

huydinh2205 2011.08.16
i have no ideas how to win this game

John G 2011.08.14
Interesting way to take out aggression without spending time at the "Gray-Bar Hotel".

kingdave219 2011.08.04
I like the spanking game, simple but went by way to fast.

spokxx 2011.08.04
stupid but its a game really??

plotter 2011.08.02
i like spankin her booty i was really fast at it aswell

Dontheirrestible 2011.07.30
I love spank the booty i even like making th slut scream for her naughty ass spanked ;)

lolcat 2011.07.29
Simple gameplay and limited play time nice ass though

hellforgedsoul 2011.07.12
personally, i like this game, i love spanking girls

m4t0n 2011.07.10
hots girls makes this game superb

gggah 2011.07.08
is really boring, and also did add quite bad ...

kolo77777 2011.07.08
haha really nice action. Wish it had more tho!

guiguilibero 2011.07.05
210 mph, need to practice

jormunguard 2011.06.28
Extremely limited game play, not exactly fun either unless you enjoy seeing womans ass get spanked

goldensteve73 2011.06.24
this game is very simple. nice ass but no depth

Jan_der_lo 2011.06.12
Very simple, hitting a woman? It`s not good enough for a real man

blk 2011.06.07
simple and short
without sense but funny:D

Raphiel 2011.06.07
not good, short, and dont like a game to hit a woman

TheCin 2011.06.05
too short and simple for fun
gameplay and animations ok

jpsacrey 2011.05.30
it was ok, would have liked some bonus fun though

demonjwan 2011.05.27
its ok for a few minutes but after that its borign and uninteresting

nunovale 2011.05.26
Very Simple, but fun.
Made 434mph!

sexygirl12 2011.05.23
its an alright game u now its not that fun though so like yeh

Skarn62 2011.05.13
Is it really a game? No interest.

adj197 2011.04.27
it was ok, would have liked some bonus fun though

bigboy12321 2011.04.24
Managed to get 1250, sucks that it dosen`t give you a free fuck or something but cool :)

branknock 2011.04.19
quite a fun nice to see if your friends can beat your avaverage

Vinny28 2011.04.18
Not too long but I like it

dannyboy1234 2011.04.13
short but funny. good animations

waym5155 2011.04.10
nice animation next should be spnk breast

mendragor 2011.04.09
most dissapointing game on this side up to now

hajdukforever 2011.04.06
OK,but I thik that I can realy hit over 200 mph :-)

karg 2011.04.06
boring game realy needs some work

conbron 2011.04.05
nice ass, but the game is bland

Sterben 2011.03.31
I SPANKED DA BOOTY AT 1282! Higher scores? This game is awesome, a bunch of my friends and i did this in real life, it was fun, we had to wait for a few hours before we could spank the girls again.

jaepussi32 2011.03.29
short game but i found it hilarious my average speed was 384

libi 2011.03.28
the game is so funny i thing

SexyBitich123 2011.03.26
again it will always be my favorite place

SexyBitich123 2011.03.26
this is still my favorite place

SexyBitich123 2011.03.26
this is in my favorite place

jmaster87 2011.03.26
it would be a ok game if it had more action to it.

Billpie70 2011.03.23
Ok game not much of a point to it

old_ironside78 2011.03.20
Hmmmm, I don t know what to say! Maybe when I m drunk this game will be funny.

CaptainCumm 2011.03.17
Dont know the point of that game, other than seeing how fast you can move your mouse, held my interest for about 2 minutes

huuuub 2011.03.13
haha very funny. nice concept.

DeaconFrost 2011.03.13
Very limited, it would be nice to have a leader board maybe and a way to register scores, this might become funny then.
Sounds like there is no reward either.

sexii_Lexi 2011.03.07
Call me weirdo, I don?????t mind????? ????? One of my fav games ????? you need to spank naughty bottom. Easy, twisted and enjoyable!

judytabooty 2011.02.26
very very good. I like to spank the booty. the sounds are very very good too

toddtodd3 2011.02.22
funny well drawn game girl has a nice ass

nico_flo 2011.02.18
este un joc distractiv dar prea scurt

nedlaw 2011.02.17
Sorry but I don`t get it... it`s just a test to move your mouse fast

ratonius 2011.02.09
Decent game ,good way to kill some time,but not very interesting.

CapnMorgan 2011.02.08
Cute but short. nice ass - well drawn ;)

zzbink 2011.01.28
hahaha is game is funny needs more to it

smilinjym 2011.01.25
Not much too it, but I do love spanking a booty.

goce 2011.01.22
Funny but not something special

borahsarmah 2011.01.15
it`s a nice game man, i feel like spanking my gf
needs some practice in playing in laptop by using touch pad.

Shantaquic 2011.01.10
Smack that ass watch ya self....i it at 704 mph show me what yu working it lol!

heatround2011 2011.01.08
Not the funnest game I have ever played. Thumbs down

edwin4483 2011.01.08
this game has no story nd not that fun

madchad360 2011.01.04
there shud be a lil sum extra but luv the game tho

cheat 2010.12.30
got over 1000 mph and no reward?

kevlarspeedboat 2010.12.29
I like the game, I just feel that it`s too short.

vagbangr69 2010.12.28
I`t funny for a couple of slaps, but there is nothing to this one.

sissyboy 2010.12.23
lol funny as haha max speed

Thucydides84 2010.12.21
It was kinda funny...I wish there was a little more to it, though. Fun little diversion, though.

JMD 2010.12.20
quick and funny game not much to it

bigman221 2010.12.18
it is a pretty good game. should be more too it though

matt1234 2010.12.16
It could do with a bit more to it.

HotSpot 2010.12.13
funny game but a little bit easy

NFA 2010.12.12
Buenos gr??ficos pero no le encuentro mucho sentido

gastud 2010.12.05
fun game love to hear that ass smack

Fredyx 2010.12.05
I like these game good play

sjx45h 2010.12.05
Simple game, Wish it had a little more to it, otherwise its defanitely got its niche`.

West 2010.12.01
Spanking Fun. Nice Short Game but i want have more Levels to Spank that Bitch.

smith999 2010.11.28
This game is so much fun, it gives me pleasure to smack ass.

champk1dz 2010.11.27
this is a fun game...hahaha.. make me laugh when first started it

timflu 2010.11.27
a fun game even if its not that involved....good way to kill some time

Jason37 2010.11.26
small but fun game love spanking the booty

MR.DEEDS 2010.11.25
small but fun game, pretty enjoyable.

gaspool 2010.11.16
Hot but wish there was some sort of goal to reach

Aoson 2010.11.15
Very nice, want more of that

tarqy 2010.11.13
Good game, 346mph must be good spanking

JIGIT 2010.11.13
I just love the way marc is reviled on her booty

Reach 2010.11.10
Hot but wish there was some sort of goal to reach.

SaxyMan20 2010.11.03
this is so weird that it is cool. would be better with goals and prizes

junkfolder 2010.11.01
far too simple too be as much fun as it is

xradu 2010.10.31
a lot of fun this game ... played for a couple of minutes.

dannych 2010.10.30
great game i could play it all day

costel 2010.10.30
just simple, small to load, seconds to finish

gradandrei2006 2010.10.26
this game has some really good ending

benamin8285 2010.10.24
poor graphics but fun anyway

Tanner 15 2010.10.23
graphic are bad and poor game paly

TMAN81 2010.10.22
Strange but somehow a bit kinky

dubidu 2010.10.16
gosh i lololove this game! it is so fucking hot i could play iot again and again and agian :D

jjtower2 2010.10.06
562 mph wow!!! Would be better if there was a real booty!

walbo13 2010.09.27
very simple game... kind of stupid tho

Aladin 2010.09.27
Old game but nice to play. 554 mp/h

spike29 2010.09.25
Fun, but it gets old fast.

eagenetix 2010.09.14
Ok so there needs to be a bit more to this but I`m always up for a spanking.

dfuqua92 2010.09.10
it was not that good it needs more salektion

Jesus05 2010.09.10
500 avg and what more may I post about this game, Graphic normal Sound normal, Interface Frendly, Idea - Stupidy

bshdaddy1 2010.09.02
nice little game, wish they had more women to choose from

maklas 2010.09.02
very simple game,i like that

greatlicker 2010.08.31
not to bad of a game, simple and funny

JeanLaPipe 2010.08.29
i dont see the fun of this game

XReaperhobo 2010.08.27
This game was ok nothing to hard.

chook2109 2010.08.26
not too bad bit easy though

lostdog 2010.08.25
there should be aleague for this game, a table for all who have played like the ols arcade toplists

mickeymouse 2010.08.23
That`s a good game, very addictive, i got 450 average.

Dmoney75 2010.08.22
it`s a very addictive game

bige 2010.08.19
Very Funny Great Stress Relief

bigpapalatino 2010.08.18
yeah baby bend over and let me play whit that ass

sypolts 2010.08.18
funny game and i like the jiggle

bshdaddy1 2010.08.17
fun game, but, could use more choices for girls

markh 2010.08.11
Amusing, but very simple.

RivKrey 2010.08.10
Not the best, but mildly amusing...

chaingang788 2010.08.10
excellent game this chick really has a nice ass

tight69 2010.08.07
love spanking anyones ass but this game needs more variety

admm27 2010.08.05
simply but addictive, like the girl`s scream

lattepiu 2010.08.04
I love spank girl asses...

ingers74 2010.08.03
simple but effective game

losserrmann 2010.08.01
so boring not enough different asses

fangsclaw 2010.07.28
spanking that booty was so twisted and fun. cool

Cody0330 2010.07.26
it was alright for a bit then the fu weres off after not bad graphics tho.

femche 2010.07.25
Simple and quick but could use more

UneducatedGenius 2010.07.25
It`s a classic, what`s not to like?

Ronaldo56 2010.07.24
Funny games, but gets boring quickly

duke51 2010.07.23
it`s so simple, so stupid then.... Playable only once, for drunk people only....

DarkDrow88 2010.07.23
got 708 mph. 551 average, this is one of those games you play one time, (possibly while beeing drunk) laughing, then moving on to another game.

Ryley1 2010.07.22
Huh got the entire way into the red and still nothing a very boring game with no reward. 673.

IamBri 2010.07.22
The sound makes the game which makes it more funny than anything. Nothing else really going for it. Has an erotic factor of about point 3 out of 10 IMO.

th3c4rd 2010.07.20
Funny sound effects, and while this isnt something to play for a long time, it is a nice brief stress reliever. and btw 832 mph...

Immortalking 2010.07.17
This is just another copy of the "slap the monkey" to see how fast you can slap. Not very erotic.
678 mph.

NightStalker73au 2010.07.15
very short, enjoyable game with nice graphics.

Baddibu 2010.07.11
whats that? no erotic factor :P

Bryce325 2010.07.07
Didnt like the gametoomuch but managed to get 564 mph :D

thut 2010.07.06
That`s what i call a funny game - yes, short, simple and nothing new but funny

freakazoa 2010.07.05
This is funny and I was laughing hard while playing~

tornado 2010.07.01
lol so simple yet so funny.loved the sound of those screams

Kitsune 2010.06.30
I like the way she screams :) I could only get it to go 501 mph though.

lucic17 2010.06.28
Got bored fast, but nice tanline on the girl

sam1101 2010.06.28
It was alright for the first minute but got boring pretty quickly

hititdeep 2010.06.23
this game was ok. it was hard to spank really fast

Lil Wayne691 2010.06.19
this game is so BORING!!

chefmike05 2010.06.15
this is a pretty lame game

Bob1s 2010.06.14
Quite fun but on a laptop its hard to get above 260 mph

joe782 2010.06.12
this is just a really funny game

BigKahuna 2010.06.06
lol The perfect game when I need to just waste a few seconds. And cool sound effects!

staghelle 2010.06.04
this game is funny as hell

Grant 2010.06.02
For a game that`s over in only 10 seconds, kinda amusing. Apparently, I move my mouse at 662 MPH.

ligmartos 2010.05.22
It is so simple. Not so exciting. Below average.

maxs 2010.05.18
good game.simple but i just cant stop myself from playing it again n again =.=

gaga1977 2010.05.18
strangely addictive but really fun and kinda twisted

bigman1127 2010.05.13
this is just a really funny game

vllad 2010.05.09
very funny game lol, i got a 605 mph booty slap lol

rovanerns 2010.05.09
Many slaps in the butt, likes to catch.

Marrol 2010.05.06
funny one with good graphic and sound.
My best one is 800.

luky555 2010.05.03
Funny game. My record is 514 mph.

Kalaam 2010.05.02
Funny game...but too short.

Bearcat20 2010.04.30
It`s a fun game that is stress releaving...i smacked 576 mph haha

captin savaho 2010.04.30
funny game, good ol` ass slapin fun

boinky 2010.04.29
not really into spanking, but fun to play. got a 662 btw

giantamerica 2010.04.27
haha simple concept, well executed, very funnY!

mulligan 2010.04.26
not into spanking but i got in one at 534. Too repetitive to be a lot of fun

phatazzwoman 2010.04.19
i found it to be a reallly funny game i laughed after i figured out how to do it fast

PF1chick247 2010.04.17
wow its so fun even doe u jus slap

artmvr 2010.04.13
Nice easy game. Why don`t you guys add to it? Just a thought

Saikan 2010.04.09
Pretty strange, but i guess it just don`t fit my expectations... maybe it schouldn`t end with just the butt *grin*

ynnekynnek 2010.04.07
ought to be rewarded if average exceeds 400+ game ok i guess

woggman 2010.04.05
306 mph.....what can I say This game delivers what it promises.....

SkillzZ20 2010.04.04
ok game but lost intrest really fast

tinyrex 2010.04.03
game is as hard as hell

ralphgausdatch 2010.04.01
amusing addictive for a few minutes then the novelty wears off

Matthew MacKrelle 2010.03.31
Not a bad game. Its fun for a bit.

JDM209 2010.03.28
fun for a few minutes not a bad game :)

andepete 2010.03.27
amusing indeed but not very sexy

Nick Greene 2010.03.27
suprisingly addictive for such a simple game

Pulse495 2010.03.19
Have to agree with those that went before me, a nice little timewaster to distract you, but gets boring very quickly

ikketisikke 2010.03.19
just hitted 625, nice little original game

chriscogs 2010.03.16
my bset was 519 ok game to easte some time

EpicBoredom 2010.03.11
scored a average of 316 highest speed was 366 interesting game definatly

Sn1per 2010.03.10
Nice little timewaster, fun and distracting!

Menthor 2010.03.10
cant make better than 490 mph :S

rengo 2010.03.09
939 mph on my last spank hehe ya this is kinda fun

zion37 2010.03.06
This is a good reflex game but gets boring after awhile.

tlb 2010.02.27
easy game and gets boring after a short time

rob020 2010.02.24
simple but great reflex-game

Stevie B 2010.02.20
okwhateveri have no clue abot this game

clash9 2010.02.20
hit her long and hard thats a sexy game

dip it in 2010.02.17
fun game, needs a few more bottoms to spank.

Frozen89 2010.02.16
this game is fun and naughty at the same time :) .

BlackEvil 2010.02.12
well the fastest mouse wins :P

Derrick 2010.02.10
Boring but... well boring

tomb_sexedme 2010.02.08
this is now my understanding game! the goal is to spank as fast as you can

tomb_sexedme 2010.02.08
that is a boring game,and weird!! what do you think?

Greenmonkey 2010.02.06
easy game but gets boring after a while

mmorais 2010.02.05
Simply and funny. I think this would attract more guys then girls. Lol.

mancano75 2010.02.03
fun game but i wouldn`t really call is sexy, more funny i guess

dnoyes38 2010.02.01
i rated it 58 but i thought it was boring

dodge21211 2010.01.31
Avg. score of 570, even though i moved the mouse about the same speed, three different speeds were clocked

playa555 2010.01.30
easy game but gets boring after a while

bayrol 2010.01.26
649 lol this is addicting

manartica 2010.01.25
amusing got 400 something

davey 2010.01.25
yeah this was pretty boring

ad some sex and then we will talk

zenofobica 2010.01.13
comical and that is really all it is.

markwh 2010.01.06
boring needs something to increase the interest

helgon 2010.01.04
447n mph first try not bad

BIG-BEAST 2009.12.26
My fastest was 171mph, but i found the game to be a bit boring.

Bonhart 2009.12.24
haha 384 mph its wery funny game ;P

pwalsh52 2009.12.13
cute but too easy, really maybe a all time high score would help

patjohnson 2009.12.12
is game was different. but entertaining

CandyMan87 2009.12.06
i love playing dis game cause i love spank dat booty

Houserocka78 2009.12.03
A game for fun for a little seconds

thedarkhorse 2009.12.02
It is quite a fun game. Nevertheless, I still like it. Try playing it!

VincentG 2009.11.27
Fun for fetishists, I think!

nissehult 2009.11.24
Its no challange, why play this game

Xyzzy 2009.11.21
This is a really stupid game.

watcherman 2009.11.12
Love the idea, but could do with more action.

DarkGuy 2009.11.06
688 mph nice but not the best it only have 1 lvl its a never ending game D:

Vasoldt 2009.11.06
Funny game :) lol must do it with my girl ^^

drac 2009.11.04
i scored 996 on it. lets see who can get higher. and its a fun addicting and easy game.

bnasty 2009.10.20
this game is just so so so on the game scale....not one i would play more then once

sairemo 2009.10.19
this game will always be my altime favourite..

ks 2009.10.14
really enjoyed spanking the sexy boooty.

cloudly 2009.10.13
that`s a very easy game, isn`t it?^^
wak the sack is funnier^^ do you this game?^^

sheridan94 2009.10.08
not a bad game but will only interest your for a few times and it gets boring

SomeWiseGuy 2009.10.08
I wish that girls would pull down their pants for me to make some marks on their ass :P

chumpohead 2009.10.04
nice little game not long to complete

jussi111 2009.10.03
453 sure need go buy new mouse to get better results but i like game too =p

cheese101 2009.09.26
446 average spank:P
fun,but only for a few mins

zathos 2009.09.20
lol funny avg 301 fun to play

pepe 2009.09.19
Funny game... simple, but fun. :)

Trebuchet 2009.09.16
LMAO for what it is not too bad.

drlabel 2009.09.15
LOL only spaking not to mutch fun but ok

Zorba1974 2009.09.15
What more can i do than spank her?

Cool Dave 2009.09.15
Nice game but too short to be cool

zelops 2009.09.15
not really much of a game

rikyrat 2009.09.15
A little boring but I love to spank booty!!

kessie51 2009.09.15
And then..... What? Very boring game

skuggan 2009.09.14
Fun for about 1 min, then its just boring. A game where u need to change mouse-settings to perform the best aint rly a good game :|

Hoss 2009.09.14
not really a great game bit too slow

bill98661 2009.09.14
Got 512 MPH. Game is ok for a couple smcks, then kinda boring after that

necrohell 2009.09.14
too short game

Ikeristo 2009.09.14
491. Not really interesting.

Black-Astra 2009.09.14
funny game, but gets boring after a while!

king2001 2009.09.14
994mph!!! - why hasn`t her ass exploded?

bobz4 2009.09.14
My fastest: 994mph

travisaf 2009.09.14
610 average

enolian 2009.09.14
a very funny little game! lol i made 410 mph, who is better? ;-))

DMarshal17 2009.09.14
Short, to the point.

bicurios 2009.09.14
Really easy forward game, however not very interesting :(
Get`s boring real quick

seprium 2009.09.14
very dumb game very boring

luc 2009.09.14
- short and silly
+ short and fun

bluehorn 2009.09.14
i got 652? anyone do better?

piconman 2009.09.14
fun and short lived game

hotaro 2009.09.14
this game is too simple man. needa improve lols

bs41 2009.09.14
nice game too short

Vitor 2009.09.14
is a stupid game.
more sex in the games.

SHAKEZ 2009.09.14

thatguyx 2009.09.14
This game is boring. What kinda game is this supposed to be?

silent 2009.09.14
not that bad of a game can be fun for couple mins aftert hat gets boreing

jaszczurek 2009.09.13
Call me weirdo, I donā??t mindā?? ?? One of my fav games ā?? you need to spank naughty bottom. Easy, twisted and enjoyable!

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