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MikeyH74 2016.10.21
Well that was the weirdest game I have ever played on here. I cannot recommend it.

MadMike21 2016.04.14
cute not really entertaining

DerSkipper0711 2015.12.21
Nice game, graphics could be better but its not the usual stroke here stroke there and so on. I like it

jaxed44 2015.08.17
This is a horrible game that does not belong on your site.

gwazz 2015.02.02
a boring and pointless game

tydyt 2015.01.21
This game is very weird. And I cannot find how to pee on face of the troll "girl"

ingvi121214 2014.10.02
cant figure out how to get to the s&m qeen

polux 2014.07.20
Okay, to get started...

Find the room with the light switch. Turn on light. Click on girl for closeup. Slap tits. Cock in mouth, move mouse up & down. Click finger on rope once to zoom out and again to lift girl. Click on green buttplug (not on pussy, or monster comes out). When buttplug falls out fuck `er in the ass (move mouse up & down) until she clenches cock and you cum. When done, spread ass with fingers. Something falls out. Once through the door, click on characters for help & hints.

Trynn 2014.05.25
The angel at the end was the hardest part.

nikon69 2014.05.02
that is the point of the game. i clicked on everything and nothing. i dont get it.


Damann2323 2014.04.14
Bad. Very bad. Overall bad.

glitz56 2014.02.22
Great gameplay nice grahpics

gariman8 2014.02.08
graet gameplay nice work and graphics were awesome

pl0xin 2014.02.06
An alright game, a bit confusing to pick up, but then it gets going once you get the hang of it

bobem2534 2013.10.23
Overall pretty boring game. It`s not even trying to be porn but like some kind of bad joke with nudity.

noogad 2013.09.20
amazing game great quality and sexy endings

noogad 2013.08.06
Boored game , lost interest quick.

XxSirTazxX 2013.07.14
the animation is not so bad but playing the game is fun

faranar 2013.07.09
bad graphics and the game is too confusing

Themessiah97 2013.06.13
hmm i had a trouble opening what was supposed to be a door (from it looked like) i tried click it with finger, d*ck, urine, and tongue/kiss actions but the door wont budge. the graphic was decent, reminded me of handheld doom games

bigbroom 2013.06.13
this game makes no sense whats so ever

TheJudge85 2013.05.09
Yea this game has so sense of direction, dont even waste your time.

gwazz 2013.04.17
whats the point i got nowhere

barbie perez 2013.03.13
i like this game i like his pennis and her big pussy

bigsexybull 2013.02.22
this game is bad it needs a lot of things fixxed

Gordn3 2013.01.27
Boored game , lost interest quick.

swaggtony 2013.01.21
i only got to nember three

oranjeboven 2013.01.12
bad game no instructions

ultimatestewie 2013.01.03
i just dont get it,,, could not uinderstand the point...

naughtygirl2 2012.12.30
This game is hard. I don`t get it. The graphics aren`t all that great either.

loloxx 2012.11.20
not very nice. I do not like this kind of game, the graphics are also very bad. To avoid

yashar 2012.11.19
great game. no doubt it. i loved this game.


sophia2435 2012.11.11
This game is hard. i keep on getting stuck so i give up now.

ianuk42 2012.09.03
what piece of shit game this is

drvwghia 2012.08.27
Weird game. Not a fan. graphics are not as good as other games and sorry its just weird. If you like it have at it

lily8455 2012.08.13
this game was to hard i DONT LIKE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sveinn1 2012.08.07
Good game and nice graphics

rockingstars12 2012.08.01
the animation is not so bad but playing the game is fun

stevie 2012.07.18
Not a very good game, silly graphics, does not make sense

WolfMan501 2012.06.22
it is an ok game it could have been better. The graphics were great though

[BY]WEGAS 2012.06.09
Strange game. Need to do good graphic

bahamut86 2012.05.25
Bad grafic story and game

stevie 2012.05.24
somewhat fun, but needs better graphics

hibigcock 2012.05.08
im stuck help me how do you move please help

bobytt 2012.04.06
Dindnt like it at all. Weird game.

Gnomon 2012.04.02
I like it! Sure, the graphics aren`t very good and parts of it are kind of disgusting. But it`s totally original - not like anything else on this website! Almost every other game here is exactly the same: See some completely generic-looking manga chick, and choose between "You look beautiful," or "Suck my dick, bitch!" Then you see her naked and you rub her left arm, right arm, left leg, right leg, etc., and you eventually get to fuck her and watch the "pleasure meter" increase as you wait and click on "slow," "fast," "hard," "cum," when each becomes available. BORING! They`re all the same fucking thing! People complain about this game, but at least it`s something different!

jr0426 2012.03.27
i dont get it cant figure out what to do

jcc1985 2012.03.26
this game is differance cant figure out what to do

John G 2012.03.19
No bad but not really up to the quality of the other games on this site.

johakym 2012.03.17
Nice game and funny ! good job

glukos37 2012.03.10
gameplay, graphics, animations are good

star 2012.03.09
don`t know what is all this, don`t know how to play.

Badbacchus 2012.03.03
There`s one flaw and It`s the fact that thing barely even works. Graphics suck, idea sucks, and everything sucks. Not worth wasting your time.

sexer911 2012.02.12
i think this game is the best

naughtyprincess5 2012.01.31
how do you get the sling shot

tara.dinho-sp 2012.01.31
Dificutily game for beginner in rpg stily

tomswan 2012.01.27
very very bad, should be taken down, not worth the space

SuperNarut0 2012.01.27
kinda creepy and disgusting.got stuck in a dark room cant get out

Maniac018 2012.01.26
bad game and bad animation

jackee88888 2012.01.24
gameplay, graphics, animations are good

RedDragon6969 2012.01.24
this game is the worst game that I have ever played, on this sight or any other!!! I was able to finish the game in under an hour and didn`t like the graphics or gameplay. Who ever made this game should stop making games because, their sense of what is sexy is seriously demented. I think the game should be removed from this sight because, it gives Play Force 1 a bad image as asexual game sight! There is nothing sexy about this game, period. Enough said!

brit_man33 2012.01.21
I think the graphics and animations are quite funny...in a disturbing kind of way. Don`t have the patience to play the whole way through though.

skawbo 2012.01.21
dont understand this game.. dont know what to do..

mikicostanza 2012.01.14
very weird this game i dont like it

Obeaux 2012.01.13
Pretty bizarre little game. Not very enjoyable unless you are into some freaky stuff.

Guillaume 2012.01.11
I really dont get this game. Someone helps ?

C.C. 2012.01.11
Not one of my favorite games either.

mattbro 2012.01.08
I really dont get this game. the functions dont seem to work right and the layout is weird

clitfucker 2012.01.01
Ok game but not really up to par with what you would excitment

John G 2011.12.27
The only game on the site that really disappointed.

Eugenebert 2011.12.19
Not a very good game, silly graphics, does not make sense

magneticguy 2011.12.19
did not get the hand of the game...

psychopunk 2011.12.17
i don`t know what to do...

Ubber1 2011.12.11
I think it is a good game, something different. Love the game play.

Spud 2011.12.08
Awesome Great graphics too

suckdboobs 2011.12.06
not up to the standards of play force one games.........

Lady Dawn 2011.12.04
Stupid game , can`t get anywhere !!

molock_v 2011.11.28
Poor grafic, dificult to understand, one of the worst games

Lizzie 2011.11.26
I have no idea what to do in this game. Lack of information

C.C. 2011.11.22
Not the greatest game or graphics but it keep drawing me because I like a challenge.

aque 2011.11.15
Poor graphic not interesting story at all..

zenginoglu 2011.11.10
This is great game... I like it very much...

thatguy1704 2011.11.08
a little difficult to understand

bman15 2011.11.06
good game alright graphic

art95 2011.11.01
bad game, i don`t play in her

import_tuner19 2011.10.31
Im stuck in the beginning with the monster living in the bondage girls vag, bad animation and confusing gameplay

lasdos 2011.10.30
i am stuck from the start what exactly do you have to do?

Tokuro Kawamura 2011.10.30
bad game and bad animation

Lucifer Orange 2011.10.29
The makers of this game should give up the day job

razvanm 2011.10.27
A very strange, confusing game which i will not be coming back to me

kroyw 2011.10.25
It`s a very sick and twisted game with lots of depth, if you like fetish stuff.

wtcjrusa 2011.10.22
wow what a waste of time, and very bad graphics to boot

marduk23j 2011.10.16
I cant get past the bad graphics

teddybobshurts 2011.10.12
how do I get past the angels panties

pkjgoo 2011.10.12
I really found this game very deep, disturbing, and lush with colors and gag factor. Atmospheric in some parts, some of the art is beautiful, and some is meant to disgust. Bad graphics must mean offensive graphics because some of the pictures are amazing.

I say deep because of this quote: "This entire place is part of part of Limbo. What island you inhabit matters not, for they are all their own private hell of monotony." Same could be said of any relationship or moment or life situation really once you stop and think about it.

zoostorm33 2011.10.10
Ok game but not really up to par with what you would excitment

purrpussy 2011.10.10
i can not play it is all black and i can not do nothing

boblysingh 2011.10.09
very good game, with nice graphics

seyelive 2011.10.09
the graphics are really bad, to confusing to play. in all this game sucks

marcus99 2011.10.08
didnt quite get this game, i found the girl and a person coming out of her. just seems a little wierd, so i`ll come back to this to see if anything else later.

totalcheese57 2011.10.07
I didn`t really enjoy it... Couldn`t get past part 1,

tajinder123 2011.10.04
it has very low graphics, but still is okay

doddi 2011.10.03
didnt think this was a very good game but thats just me

Tubbs2385 2011.10.01
I don`t understand this game, could do with some hint.

jorcer34 2011.09.29
I`m stuck at the first part any help?

vlanker 2011.09.29
not the greatest game for sure. i had a loading problem

tighill01 2011.09.27
Not the best of games to be honest!!

dicklow 2011.09.24
bad animations and graphic

reaper194 2011.09.22
A very strange, confusing game which i will not be coming back to

Raverskittles 2011.09.20
I really liked this game aside from all the pussy ass whiners who complained about it i thought it had pretty good quality u could see what you were doing it thought that it was awesome with gore and that over all it was pretty good and defiantly challenging and any one who say any different sure as hell didn`t finish it or even attempt to have some humor and play it.....~ Skittles

sweet_fucker69 2011.09.20
low quality, low graphics and the gameplay is boring...

devinrocket10 2011.09.18
i dont understand this game at all what am i doing

yutagill99 2011.09.18
this game is awsome yet a little too challenging

wewwewwew 2011.09.13
cool graphics cool animations

mauzayat 2011.09.13
I found the girl But didn`t the game is suposed to be fun or at least more interesting!?!?!?

amilama 2011.09.12
Not really happy with this one. They could have done a lot more. Oh well!

Zacharias 2011.09.12
It`s rather wierd, it feels like it tries to be overly wierd and for no reason.

AlmightyThor2 2011.09.11
The game was slightly boring, and at some points just disgusting. but I guess some people are in to that kind of thing as well...

Schniebel 2011.09.11
Thats a great parodyto all the sexy games and it is very fun to play. Graphic inst everything and the game doesnt look so terrible like almoste every1 is saying. and it is very long. I liked it keep the fun stuff going.

steven1990 2011.09.10
Stupid game, completely pointless

zMoZz 2011.09.10
This game is really bad, and i think it should not have been posted on a site like this

Vengeance360 2011.09.10
just could not get into it, graphics are weak and game play is lacking

Melimelo 2011.09.10
completely agree with "slytherin42" nothing more to add.

slytherin42 2011.09.09
not enough words to describe how horrible this is

kokumoon 2011.09.09
The graphics aren`t good and the gameplay is lacking

avirup94 2011.09.08
i want to suck her boobs dry

avirup94 2011.09.08
i want to fuck the girl again and again

avirup94 2011.09.08
many girls should be added

avirup94 2011.09.08
the game has not been developed well

avirup94 2011.09.08
the game is cool . it should be played again

Booh 2011.09.07
Ahhhh....It abit lameee..I don`t think it the best ..However get better

ttoonnyy54321 2011.09.07
Horrible graphics but its a good game otherwise thanks its confusing tho

xcuphra 2011.09.07
strange concept and poorly exicuted and the game is made worse by the lack of any directions other than movement

Dark-schneider 2011.09.07
what`s the point ? no help, hint, nothing

aerdna1901 2011.09.06
there are a lot of better game... it` s stupid

mrbranton 2011.09.06
shame to see this type of game here. def will not be playing again

kradz 2011.09.06
I don`t like this games more love LOP one :(

luciferpride 2011.09.06
meh... it is an okay game

traag 2011.09.06
shame to see this type of game here

Alanan 2011.09.05
Not sure how to play there werent any instructions or anything and the only thing i figured out is how to piss

rkpol 2011.09.05
This game is really bad, and i think it should not have been posted on a site like this

paulobrutus 2011.09.05
the graphics and animation aren`t that great

bill1411 2011.09.05
This might be the worst game on this site.

bigdick2012 2011.09.05
i really didnt like this one

dbutler 2011.09.05
rockyrin look for light switch on wall

pa88 2011.09.04
I don`t like this. It to bloody!

windchester 2011.09.04
Seriously this game is only good for the effort but bad for the gameplay and the storyline. if anyone is really looking to complete this take a look at this guide spammishgames.com/spamlandw.html

credits to Ricoh124 for posting the above site it really helps. u`ll be disappointed at the end

rockyrin 2011.09.04
how do i finish the first part, it says i need to turn on the light, please help me

dbutler 2011.09.03
I finaly finished this game. Only took 2 days. Hard to figure out what to do.Got to fuck the angle at the end. Thanks

skwiddz 2011.09.03
My favorite game yet.
Horrible graphics but it was so fun.

Saniiro 2011.09.03
are you sure its a game... makes no sense

deaconblues3 2011.09.02
Game makes no sense whatsoever.

Zeta368peep 2011.09.02
Just a little thing please can the Publish comment box be at the top.

Also this game is quite nice may not be the best in graphics and as such but it works for me :)

Jaaru 2011.09.02
Kinda ok game, didnt like it that much though.

.markos 2011.09.01
regular game bad graphics
regular jogability and nice girls!!!

Hobgoblin67 2011.08.31
what a weird fucking game,whoever thought this up needs help badly!!!

SPIRIT.yh 2011.08.31
i don`t konw how to play ....

cox,coccis 2011.08.31
funny as fuck!!,and the girl was pretty hot too

danilipe 2011.08.30
bad game, terrible graphics, no idea what to do

feararchangel 2011.08.30
weird idea... but some reason it was really sexy...

guitman69 2011.08.30
OK, seriously, WTF? The game looks like shit, and all I can seem to do is piss on the girl.

05collinsr 2011.08.30
Didn`t like this at all, terrible quality

gandalf_the_white_42 2011.08.30
Why did they add this game? GRaphics are horrible!

zenkiae86 2011.08.30
Ok game but not really up to par with what you would expect

Pringi 2011.08.29
Really bad game. Low grafic, low story. Probably the worst game here.

DarkRanta 2011.08.27
not your best work but it`s ok

underworldon 2011.08.27
this game is not the perfect match for me, you could have done much better

ramraj54321 2011.08.27
The graphics are really very good and great

abazalgette 2011.08.27
graphic is good and the story is hot

Snutjulle 2011.08.26
good when you get it right when you play the game

jacktheripper 2011.08.26
well i gotta add to the comments above. this is one fuked up game

Sexy_slut 2011.08.25
i`m stuck, i have no idea what to do, no instructions, its stupid. no point of playing. disappointed.

Shub0xx 2011.08.24
This game was pretty lame, and that`s being polite.

fireboy978 2011.08.24
this game was not as good as some others the animation and graphics were very mediocore.

Rasu891 2011.08.24
Simply bad. Wasn`t worth playing at all

zeze12 2011.08.24
Not a huge fan of this game. im a bit dissapointed that you posted that game in here

evalee 2011.08.23
This game is a bit making me nervous

Akriadw 2011.08.22
Definitely not the right game for this site...

baleine 2011.08.21
This game is absolutely atypical. Ugly characters, disgusting situations, a lot of nonsense. The ideal mix.

mikejacob 2011.08.20
it`s a beautiful game a little bit disgusting but nice

Daerc 2011.08.20
This is a very bad game. It`s just not fun.

derda 2011.08.19
i dont get this game, strange title

zzzzzzzzzzzz 2011.08.18
i didnt get the point..very bad graphics..

goldgriffon 2011.08.18
This game really doesn`t belong alongside all of the other good games on this site.

John G 2011.08.17
Not the normal caliber of game found on this site.

blaidd 2011.08.17
im sorry but this really isnt a good game at all

john 25 2011.08.17
1 question why would any 1 ever want to play this?!?!?!?

Energy66 2011.08.16
Bad graphics, bad story and quite stupid game ... What can I say ? It annoys me because some persons works on it but this game sucks xD

mariobioondic 2011.08.16
really bad game and the worst graphic ever

ahmednajeeb 2011.08.15
the stupidest game i`ve ever played....bad graphic as well....

j0sh 2011.08.15
decent game.. didnt like the graphics though.. keep em coming!

The_Who 2011.08.14
I don`t get the point of this one...

synallday 2011.08.14
nothing intresting with this game. Boring and graphics are bad

Jello 2011.08.13
Could do with some instructions I think

spacewolf 2011.08.12
bad game is lousy revoved

Oigen 2011.08.11
It`s not a good game, can`t understand what needs to be done. Will not play again.

tomtom1121 2011.08.11
Very basic and short but good game. Not very interested in these types of games.

chanedward 2011.08.11
bad graphics bad gameplay

bigb23 2011.08.11
Alright game seen and played better.

InsidiousWeasel 2011.08.11
Not well designed or executed as far as games go. Definitely a turn off for fans of flash games sexual or not.

ogdih 2011.08.11
im hooked on this good game

this_is_not_me 2011.08.11
I don`t even know how to start playing. Definitely not among the best on the site.

t0ady 2011.08.10
compared to other games, why is this even on here??

hammers76 2011.08.10
not my fav game on here by a long shot

Drifter11 2011.08.10
Well out of all of the games that I have played on here, this one has to rank near the bottom. Game is just dumb and a waste of time in my opinion.

vgab 2011.08.10
This game gave me a good laugh and a wide smile. Intentionally or not, it`s a great satire of the genre. "Features":

- little to no clues in the beginning
- all the clues when you get past the first hurdle - literally
- all the nonsense of many tease games made it into this one.
- all the nonsense of many sex adventure games made it into this one.
- ubiquitous pee
- a maze!
- all this underlined by deliberately poor, unflattering and often unsavory graphics.

benj123 2011.08.10
this game is completely pointless. nothing good about it

ck121 2011.08.09
A very niche game, not my cup of tea, but if you like it, it will work for you.

stenna 2011.08.08
its not interesting storry

chefsegers 2011.08.05
Not very good of a game. It`s confusing, poorly laid out, and badly drawn.

salami69 2011.08.04
This has got to be the worst game that I`ve seen on this site!!!

ram95sam 2011.08.04
nice gameplay but.........

militarystyx 2011.08.04
Not very good of a game. It`s confusing, poorly laid out, and badly drawn.

kanf 2011.08.03
Weird game, with bad graphics and gameplay. Prolly a good firs effort, but needs a lot of improvement to have a better rating...

Th3eL33t 2011.08.03
This is definitely one of the most boring, badly animated, and utterly confusing games I have ever played. There are a ton of better games on this site and I don`t recommend wasting time on this one.

jer1981 2011.08.03
A very niche game, not my cup of tea, but if you like it, it will work for you.

s5543 2011.08.02
very boring and difficult gameplay, also ending seems pointless

kkuubb 2011.08.02
this game does not fit on this site, i think it must be removed.

Biessman 2011.08.02
Rather bad game. You can do better stuff with your time.

Sturmo1 2011.08.02
wonderfulll a lolve the horny bitch

marcel123456789 2011.08.02
The game in boring and had bad graphic

plotter 2011.08.02
what is the purpose of the game there was nothing to do

sexyboy001 2011.08.02
this game are a realy spam

Nebbed23 2011.08.02
This game is horrible graphicly and sucks the fun right out of you!

chook2109 2011.08.01
i have no idea how to play this game it makes no sense!!!

astroman 2011.08.01
If so many people think it`s so bad, why does it have a rating of more than 50%? It`s a terrible game, I gave it 2 out of 100. And yes, I did vote

tigerwoods 2011.07.31
not a very good game, no logic to it at all

Randyfck 2011.07.31
i dont really like the game, its not good

Mmaster 2011.07.31
this game does not fit on this site, i think it must be removed.

coletrain 2011.07.30
there is not one good thing about this game, no point that i can tell.

silenthawk 2011.07.30
bad graphics, just a horrible game in general.

butthead99 2011.07.29
Never did figure this one out... wasn`t very enjoyable, and I quite after a few minutes

cocatiel 2011.07.29
Realy nice Graphics and gameplay

1337P337 2011.07.27
The atmosphere is very disturbing and extremely dark. Not a very good wank game, but has some decent, if disgusting, puzzles in it.

Rebel1974 2011.07.27
Not a very good game. You have no idea what you are to do.

lolcake1 2011.07.27
bad game no instructions

Silver2018 2011.07.26
once i got past the door.... everything went down hill, not very good

joeepicbc 2011.07.26
this game is horrible very very bad graphics

Sataniszcze 2011.07.26
A little bit of a weird game

Shaco 2011.07.25
it is ugly and very stupid game

mydick 2011.07.25
not very good because of bad graphics abit stupid tbh

mohab 2011.07.24
i like the game very much, especially the graphics, and the scenes.

itay240594 2011.07.24
poor game graphics are really bad

Guisir 2011.07.23
this game is horrible very very bad graphics

thedoob 2011.07.23
Not a huge fan of this game...I lost my interest in it very quickly...not what I`m looking for on here

bobirdsell 2011.07.22
i CANT even get through the door.. anone help?

volt78 2011.07.21
ugly, stupid, disgusting game~!

badboy_4578 2011.07.21
i dont think this game had enough good stuff

razer120 2011.07.21
Atrocious POS. Not a single positive thing can be said about this abomination. Avoid at all cost.

nprimmer 2011.07.21
this game is kind of cheesy, has potential but takes patience

Liltommytucker 2011.07.20
This game is beyond weird and when compared to other games, especially those by Leonizer this kind of dross is out of place

riseabovecheese 2011.07.20
Not a fan of this game, seems like there was a lot more that could have been done. Poor animations.

Angary 2011.07.19
this game was so fun
i would love this website

edwin4483 2011.07.19
game not good dont even know wat to do

shadownanto 2011.07.19
Game was cool, kinda silly... i made it to the angel in the end but cant figure out what to do with her once ive laid her down... any1 have a clue?

4nik8 2011.07.18
Don`t waste your time, this is garbage!!

ozorne_6 2011.07.17
Don`t know, I think it`s better than shaking your mouse up and down hehe. I found lots of things but anybody .......what`s the trick with the donky? good game, takes me back to the beginning haha not realy the beginning was read and write games with a 3 k computer...lol

GloN 2011.07.17
this game is very hard & sick ;)

mrfixit500 2011.07.17
a very poor game an insult to everyone

youhe 2011.07.16
the quality is below poor.

genocidefire 2011.07.15
Poor game, poor graphics, poor design layout

Chess341 2011.07.15
This game stinks could be much better

gpvw100 2011.07.14
The game is very bad.
I dont know what to do afer the Farry gets shot.

dixienormous94 2011.07.13
Wow this game is complete garbage. Dont waste time on it

bookie_boo 2011.07.13
I just gave up. This game is boring, difficult and its graphics is poor. Maybe the worst on this site. With no backsies about what i said!

sudhsaddicted 2011.07.12
I didn`t like this one at all. Not only was it difficult to navigate, but the turn offs were very nauseous. The supposed turn ons in images just weren`t good enough to keep you coming back. Sorry. Very poor.

glopglop 2011.07.12
i don`t like this game, ugly and not fun at all

dude90 2011.07.12
the game is very hard , also the graphics very bad

lillove123 2011.07.12
this game has bad graphics

fonix 2011.07.11
I just gave up. This game is boring, difficult and its graphics is poor. Maybe the worst on this site.

torax999 2011.07.10
SPAM ... like the title said

DraconisOminous 2011.07.10
The game has rather atrocious hitboxes. Not to mention having nearly no style... by the way, has ANYONE found the fat trolls sister? Doesn`t matter anyone, all you need is that starter, and you basically have infinite money from the games.

PGhost 2011.07.09
Definitely not worth playing. The quality is very poor. I suppose if you are into S&M or gore it may have a few redeeming features. Everyone else would be well advised to stay away.

bigdeek23 2011.07.09
very poorly made game...didnt like it... the graphics were too unrealistic

Inuyasha2005 2011.07.09
There goes 3 minutes of my life I`ll never have again...

blobz12 2011.07.09
do not see the point in this game even being on the site

chris988321 2011.07.07
Not sure about this one tbh graphics poor and no real point to the game.

Frozen_Bear 2011.07.07
Agree with most of the other posters. Poor graphics and an overall pointless game.

mortalone 2011.07.07
the game couldn`t start, it is just the link.

fckrlvr 2011.07.07
I just dont get this game, got bored trying to fiqure out the the very first part

mlis 2011.07.06
Game keep refusing to load probaly, is using croome. is that why? help please

gzchn 2011.07.06
dont know how to play the game

Monseigneur 2011.07.05
Poor graphics, weird gameplay. Not worth playing.

pete129 2011.07.04
i cant wait to play it, but it keeps refuesing to load? but it looks very fun, beautifull cover girl.

shenji 2011.07.04
Rare game, but check it out urself!

Moax 2011.07.03
A little bit of a weird game....

m4t0n 2011.07.03
hots girls makes this game superb

renegade1178 2011.07.03
what target has this game? grahpics not so well

guydude64 2011.07.01
graphics were terrible, and game had no point.

djwcdj 2011.06.30
i got stuck at the start with the controls and the graphics from what i sore were average

Jaydog0120 2011.06.30
game has no point to it. i think it has no reason of being on this site

dor246 2011.06.29

durp 2011.06.29
kinda bad graphics and alitle weird game, and got stuck when the demon pops in & out of her vagina... help any1?

tavian r 2011.06.29
i got stuck at the beginning

deivyn07 2011.06.28
the game was ok, it was pretty hard without the walkthrough

abdulk 2011.06.28
I`m got stuck on the beginning, but anyway terrible graphics

reaperpoy 2011.06.28
bit of a rubbish game ended up just peein on the walls

zombox 2011.06.28
graphics could be much better... story should make some sense...

chocolateboo1234 2011.06.27
this is my game!!!!!!!!!!

carbondrake99 2011.06.27
I could not understand this game at all. And it got real confusing real fast.

dgod555 2011.06.27
worst game ever im stuck take off game

CoolAde 2011.06.27
I have been playing better games over here

Kein 2011.06.27
Have no idea what to do, sorry but poor game

111speed 2011.06.26
ah fantastic game. good job!

thatoneguy000 2011.06.26
the game is poorly made as stated by many the story is interesting but the game incorporates lots odd or weird fetishes it does need a lot more polishing before being released.

thom962 2011.06.25
I hate this gameplay and these graphics...I cant even get out of the first part

jc1114 2011.06.25
this is a pretty bad game

utizun 2011.06.25
This game is one white man dick between ten nigger dicks.

ety501 2011.06.24
hreat graphics and gameplay

worriorc 2011.06.24
I have to be honest, it seemed pretty bad.

goldensteve73 2011.06.24
no thanks. other games better

cullan10 2011.06.22
absolutely horrible game...garbage...bad quality and gameplay

hornyboy123 2011.06.22
sorry but i think it`s a bit stupid the game

hornyboy123 2011.06.22
it`s a bit boring the game sorry

brink7000 2011.06.21
I don`t get it. And I don`t like peeing on stuff. Not hot.

JamesonJJameson 2011.06.21
Poor animation, not the best game mechanics. The only thing this has going for it, is the fact that, it isn`t short...you keep playing FOREVER!

cparks247 2011.06.21
great game if ur into this sort of game

Willsie 2011.06.20
I can`t even get started...not impressed in the least.

pamparam 2011.06.20
i can not play with this bad game

8484 2011.06.20
The game is so booring....-.-

Costas 2011.06.20
Theres nothin good in this game....

DeathDrakon 2011.06.20
Horrible game...why did they even put this up?

sexyginger 2011.06.19
i dont even get what im ment to do...

nopseudomoi 2011.06.19
I think it`s a bad game, it`s boring and graphics are ugly...

thehittite 2011.06.19
this game needs more directions

medzhul 2011.06.18
Man whatta bad game, it was my worst game ever

asszzzxxx 2011.06.18
i don`t think that webside needs to bring such bad games... skip it and play an other one!

doej 2011.06.18
Crappy graphics and gameplay - this game doesn`t keep the standards of this page...

Pimpswick90 2011.06.18
i did not like it the graphics and story line were bad

vincentvalentine14 2011.06.18
Wat is that monster thing in her pussy?

Mr.ry 2011.06.18
wtf is that monster thing thats in her pussy and pops out when u click it?

rlyrandom 2011.06.17
Certainly not the best game of the lot ...

sfxgazbow 2011.06.16
really bad graphics but game is okay compared to others i have played

devin007 2011.06.16
is there a pattern to the house with the three squares?

az89 2011.06.15
why does they keep this game? it`s really shxx

chrischaos 2011.06.14
This was terrible. The graphics are horrible and what was with the black thing that kept peeking out of her pussy?

toribell231855 2011.06.13
pretty boring game not a very well representation of the site

RWW65 2011.06.13
okay game, but not as good as so many others on site

ozan17 2011.06.13
its not a good game i hate

hubi 2011.06.13
interesting game but not for sis site

booboo527 2011.06.13
this game is not a fair representation of this site

garonbrown 2011.06.12
This is pretty pointless...almost to the point that I think it should be removed. This is not representative of most games here.

staindheart27 2011.06.12
game is lame and boring, graphics are cheap

Samjam 2011.06.12
Very difficult with less sense.

shinjisan 2011.06.11
The game won`t load, btw, what is SPAM land?

ltworf1 2011.06.11
i dont get this game, strange title

bigdickbandit 2011.06.11
wtf dis game is weird its okay but wat is up with da black midget comin out her her cunt lol

Elfe 2011.06.11
This one of the worst game on this site. Really disgraceful for you. Not recommended!

anwar808 2011.06.10
i didnt think this was a very good game but thats just me

cumwithme 2011.06.10

dimi999 2011.06.10
This has got to be the worst game that I`ve seen on this site!!!

mero 2011.06.10
after using the hint from "Studley" i really did come to de endof the game... grafics are really not great

crzyone 2011.06.10
Either I didn`t see much or there wasn`t much of a game to see. I would say at least the stuff I found worked. :)

jbaker1677 2011.06.09
Probably the worst game ever. Didn`t see any point to it and it was really boring

timcrwc 2011.06.09
Never could find the light switch to get started.

tronix 2011.06.09
this game doesnt fit on this site, didnt even bother playing it trough

bigdickjoe 2011.06.09
I`m stuck at the beginning. I don`t understand how the controls work.

gensai34 2011.06.08
This "game" was so horrible that I was shocked that Play Force One choose to put it on its site.

lotscum 2011.06.08
really suck,so bad graphic..not good for play

ngem3 2011.06.08
This game has an actual plot which is a good thing. The only bad thing about it is the graphics.

ptalgh 2011.06.08
don`t even know how to play

weedsmoker1st 2011.06.08
Sick shit! This game is a little too vulgar.

bob247 2011.06.08
one of the wierdest games ever!

peluche19721 2011.06.07
this game is not very good, don´t have instructions

Studley 2011.06.07
Okay, to get started...

Find the room with the light switch. Turn on light. Click on girl for closeup. Slap tits. Cock in mouth, move mouse up & down. Click finger on rope once to zoom out and again to lift girl. Click on green buttplug (not on pussy, or monster comes out). When buttplug falls out fuck `er in the ass (move mouse up & down) until she clenches cock and you cum. When done, spread ass with fingers. Something falls out. Once through the door, click on characters for help & hints.

stefano71 2011.06.06
Graphic is not goodI don`t like it at all

mole 2011.06.06
hahha its not that bad, just dont take it too seriously

Dolgar1 2011.06.06
bit crap. nice controlidea but needs a lot more development (and a how to guide!)

Taranaith 2011.06.06
I have to agree with the majority of comments about this game. It is dull, limited and irritating. I found the girl used the rope etc. but it is still a poor game.

EgyptianOsiris 2011.06.06
Didn`t get a clue for this one

thomascox23 2011.06.06
Sick shit! This game is a little too vulgar.

kaboutertje88 2011.06.06
whats this doing here!?S:

nniffar 2011.06.05
The king of stupid games. It should not be posted on this site

1fat2 2011.06.05
Don`t dump the game. Graphics are ok. and the f seen are better then some here. Find the girl. Smack her T`s. get her to suck. Butt F her by pulling the butt plug out. Probably a key some were the get out the door Monster in snatch probably way to get it out I just could not figure it out. Better then the soft core stuff where you can`t see the P you are Fing. lol. Enjoy it.

TheCin 2011.06.05
too simple graphic and gameplay Not really funny

bhenchodmadarchod 2011.06.05
really boring game.....
i didnt get any idea regarding how to open the door in the beginning itself

DeathOfLuggage 2011.06.04
Really weird game, not the quality you would expect to find here

Hunter99004 2011.06.04
Kind of a lame game, didn`t care for it

star 2011.06.04
do not know what is all about, bad game.

m4lv1n 2011.06.04
Gameplay isn`t worth playing !!

1fat2 2011.06.04
I like rape and forced sex. This game just could not figure out. Move to something else or get cheats.

cliss 2011.06.04
An odd romp. Tries very hard to try very hard. If you really need to play this google for a walkthrough. Also know that while amusing, you`re not missing much.

NADOSH 2011.06.03
loooool what the fuck ???

bigman1822 2011.06.03
this game was so stupid. bad graphics, bad plot, and so easy to get lost.

Tiege 2011.06.03
I would give this game a rating, but there is no negative numbers. So much wrong with it, not anything right with it. When a demon crawls out of the first woman`s pussy, it is time to go play something else.

Eora 2011.06.02
What the hell is the rope for ._.

goflame 2011.06.02
The game was not that great and the only way I could beat it was with help because I was lost

Patmatticus 2011.06.01
I just lost wood. This game is by far the worst on here!

wasltweasle 2011.06.01
how do you gat any where? I found the girl but can`t do much more. Don`t want to form an opinion of the game til i can try the whole thing. any help?

anynamo 2011.06.01
Worst game on this site, a bit sick too!

RockyMac 2011.06.01
poor graphics and uninteresting game play. Do not waste your time.

erised 2011.06.01
couldn`t understand the game at all. waste of my time

Suro1987 2011.06.01
i`m not a fan of the graphic but at least not so bad

Guisir 2011.06.01
It`s a very bad game, remove it

yoda 2011.06.01
not a fan of the grapjics or gameplay.... reminds me of bad comodore 64 games

Huor 2011.06.01
I suspect most of the people complaining never got out of the initial cave. The graphics are a bit rougher than usual, but it`s not the worst game on the site.

Zouzounis 2011.05.31
i dont know if my comment is incorrect but this is crap

jmeoff 2011.05.31
Complete ant utter useless crap.

goodnite 2011.05.31
what game it is? i cant understand...just brown color with finger,tongue,dick and pee...it so bad... sorry..but that true

misdow 2011.05.31
hard i think, crappy graphix

mcgil14 2011.05.31
Sorry...I tend to agree w/ most...this just doesn`t cut it here!

KONARTIS 2011.05.31
the game is ok and the graphics are ok

Smyxter 2011.05.31
Overall I think this game is pretty good takes sometime to figure out what to do. the graphic are not very good and too many obese chicks and too much pissing.

Gewoontje 2011.05.30
Please remove this low quality game

pascal66 2011.05.30
played it 2 or three times.dum

Tarkan 2011.05.30
Dumb game, no idea what`s going on.

emetiel 2011.05.30
I like that kind of games :) Thea are so easy

jpsacrey 2011.05.30
this was dumb, i had no idea what was going on

Sep 2011.05.30
Either this is too hard, or it just didn`t have any playability. Got bored real fast.

LoJo 2011.05.30
Sorry, but this game is nothing... rubbish.....stupid....sick and time waste
Bad graphics and bad gameplay.........sorry, but this is my mind

funkytowel 2011.05.30
what can i say?This was sick,no it was very sick

fordaboiz 2011.05.30
this was a pretty fun game

sunnyweekend 2011.05.30
Please dont put games like this on the board,its to low quality

ICE Dude 2011.05.30
this not there best game big wast of time to play

cherrybomb1 2011.05.30
this was dumb, i had no idea what was going on

randy06 2011.05.30
this game could noy understand and it is stupid and yes it should be here want more meet girls and moving games

dlman91 2011.05.30
What the hell is this? It`s awful

rodlav 2011.05.29
This game really shouldn`t be in here...
Bad graphics, no sound, hard gameplay, really easy to get lost...
and WTF is that disgusting fat female-thing? You gotta do her to get money. lol
I stopped playing there...

olivia069 2011.05.29
this game was pointless to play, i didnt like it and the graphics sucked

Luzi 2011.05.29
That game is a waste of time and just discusting

sir.valoroso 2011.05.29
its horrible game that game must be clean this site

twacked96 2011.05.29
the gameplay sucks i mean whats the point, and theres no sound at all and the graphtcs are very low quality

dirtyvince 2011.05.29
I totally agreed with others......... is sucks.... i wonder why this game is in this website??? izzit no other games???

Houngan 2011.05.29
My advice is, if you`re still loading this game, stop. It`s pointless, boring, and a little disturbing at the same time. Graphics suck, there`s no advancement as far as I can see, no story, nothing really to do. No sound either. Did I mention that it`s boring? If you could tap into the enormous amount of suckage this game generates, you could power a small city.

suzie_sweetie 2011.05.29
This is very poor, shoudl not be on site

Luddite66 2011.05.29
shame on you. this is rubbish!!!

hunted 2011.05.29
Never thought that such a CRAP could be here. Total loss of time

goldgr8wyrm 2011.05.29
Don`t waste your time on this game.

old_ironside78 2011.05.29
Don´t know what it is! What´s it about? Does it make sense?

Tallon 2011.05.29
Pathetic, don`t bother.

vitali 2011.05.28
I did not understand what it is about, why it is here?

antib 2011.05.28
Very low quality. Bad graphisms, no sound.

wtcjrusa 2011.05.28
Complete waste of time, and very crappy graphics

bubba291 2011.05.28
Not even worth the time it takes to load. Horrible graphics and gameplay is dull.

armagedon 2011.05.28
More of the same, the only difference is the subject of the questions. I would like to see more origanallity.

bookie_boo 2011.05.28
Too short bad graphics it`s just plain!!!!!!!!

cheese101 2011.05.28
pretty bad game,unclear how to advance,poor poor game

qwaserdfty 2011.05.28
awesome game. Bravo, shoulda hve mroe like it

zilver63 2011.05.28
Totally agree with everybody else.

Arbaal 2011.05.28
Why isa this game even in here. This bad games dont belong here.

mulkit 2011.05.28
hey guys i agree about the graphics of d game.

Skarn62 2011.05.28
Very low quality. Bad graphisms, no sound.

thomloch 2011.05.28
this is not a good game very sad

wolf0503 2011.05.28
sorry guys but this game sucks

golfbot 2011.05.28
This has got to be the worst game ever posted on this site!!!!!!!!!!!!!

soulbrother 2011.05.28
i don`t think this game good enough

Ravenmadd 2011.05.28
What`s the point??? Complete waste of time.

juleverne 2011.05.27
Game? This is not Game this .... boh!

Mighty2000 2011.05.27
Cannot find any sense in this game.

joe_mc 2011.05.27
I totally agree with all writers.
This game is T R A S H

The Bob 2011.05.27
This games has no point. Every aspect of it is crap.

clouseau 2011.05.27
Great fun in a brilliant sick way. Thanks for posting!

andy_regresa 2011.05.27
This game is simply horrible...

dragonguardian13 2011.05.27
This game in horrible in every way. Bad graphics no story i mean whats the point of this?

branknock 2011.05.27
bad graphic`s very poor game play and I echo very one else this game is the worst game one the site and should not be here

hunter rose 2011.05.27
...this game is...trash...someone said one of the worst games on site...i would say that this is pretty much THE worst game on site...i doubt that any future game will be FAIL! like this one...

MrMister71007 2011.05.27
very bad game design... no indication whatsoever to do... bad graphics... and low quality overall.. I agree with everyone else here.. should not be on this website..

omegastrane 2011.05.27
I have to agree with every body here this is a pos and seems un playable

kmrounds 2011.05.27
maybe the worst game on the site.

adrianonn 2011.05.27
Total bullshit, I dont understand this game at all!

Maggot4life 2011.05.27
This game is disgusting and shit

calee73 2011.05.27
I don`t understand why this is even here.

defenseor 2011.05.27
Horrible game, don`t find it up to the usual standards for this site

boinky 2011.05.27
sorry to say, but this is one of the worst games on this site.

firefreak 2011.05.27
This game is not good. i find it not the normal quality that playforce normally offers :( very bad and such stupid graphics and gameplay

lughbelenos 2011.05.27
pf1 guys are getting lazy or what? this is crap!

speedballz21 2011.05.27
this one is so bad . does nt belong to this site

Gemman67 2011.05.27
Wow not what I expect from playforceone , belongs on other cheap adult game sites.This one is bad bad bad.

1NT0X 2011.05.27
What a load of rubbish. There has got to be better games than this out there!!!

vikingdemon 2011.05.27
this is the worse game i have ever seen. everything about it is bad. no plot, horrible graphics. everything is just horrid and bad.

timewaster 2011.05.27
poor quality animation no story line very bad game to have on such a good site as this.

Reggie77 2011.05.27
boring and stupid. I don`t like it...

MrSeven 2011.05.27
This game is simply horrible...

moterboater 2011.05.27
didn`t like the game was to difficult and bad graphics

SpiderWeb 2011.05.27
Bad graphics, bad game play this is the worse game i even played

probie 2011.05.27
really could of been a better game didn`t like it at all hope to see better

nillax2k 2011.05.27
I cant believe that this site which has up to now had interesting games chose to put this on the site. remove remove remove.

danielseid 2011.05.27
poor game quality and bad game

farkas 2011.05.27
very poor graphics and one the badest games i have played.

jenso 2011.05.27
This is a very very stupid game i don´t like it

bshdaddy1 2011.05.27
poor quality animation no story line very bad game to have on such a good site as this. i am very disappointed

anton1616 2011.05.27
horrible game. Probably the ugliest on this site

horned 2011.05.26
does anyone know the door code?

monerick 2011.05.26
what the hell it`s this???? this thing has no place here.

mike cook 2011.05.26
What a load of rubbish. There has got to be better games than this out there!!!

coc121 2011.05.26
Back away from this game, not worth the bandwidth. No instructions, no help, no goals, no point

Original99 2011.05.26
XD, I ended it, & fucked the angel & she send me to earth, so i fell down from up, so i died XD

ltworf1 2011.05.26
I dont understand the purpose of this game. Not enjoyable at all.

dzix 2011.05.26
closed the window after just few first seconds.

FrAb 2011.05.26
I do agree with the other commenters. I don`t get the idea of the game, and the graphic is also very poor.
-> I don`t like that game.

Wishes 2011.05.26

Is there anything to do besides spanking her tits and gagging.

babaabi 2011.05.26
i dont get this game :S ? if i want to click on her pussy then there is coming a black devil out there ? !
and i dont like the game play

SchubiC 2011.05.26
Bad animations, very strange and sick game.

roundroom 2011.05.26
this game is not very good no instructions

Xyzzy 2011.05.26
Boy, you really scraped the bottom of the barrel for this one. Hard to believe there was absolutely no other sex game available than this piece of crap!

cryspy 2011.05.26
very strange and sick game. Still I like it, maybe because it`s so different to all the other stuff.

Armour 2011.05.26
This game is awful. Graphics are poor and gameplay is non-existant

cherubim 2011.05.26
Honestly im a bit dissapointed that you posted that game in here. By far the worst ever game.

kalbs 2011.05.26
nice game the graphics are OK:)

mitroi 2011.05.26
Bad animations, ugly graphics

peko 2011.05.26
What a Stupid game, one of the worst games that I played

dannyboy1234 2011.05.26
very stupid game. bad animations. no point to it.

Kevv19 2011.05.26
Gameplay isn`t worth playing. That``s my opinion

ancoli 2011.05.26
yeah... ugly games... !!!
Don`t play it !

paddywhack 2011.05.26
i didnt think this was a very good game but thats just me

themoda 2011.05.26
What a Stupid game, one of the badest games that I played

s@nt!no 2011.05.26
Atrocious POS. Not a single positive thing can be said about this abomination. Avoid at all cost.

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