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Space Paws 0.38.2


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lolkidmaster55 2017.11.04
Help me i`m stuck please help me

drvwghia 2017.10.30
love this one, so much so that i have played all the updates of it. hope the Devs get it finished soon.

Deadpool4103 2017.10.23
this is a good game and i like how it is frequently updated. big props to the creator(s)

TheLoveApple 2017.10.22
I like this graphic,animations are good. i like it it`s a fun game.

azakah15 2017.10.16
what a funny game this is but good

nickyhutch 2017.09.22
I really enjoyed it. the downloaded version is easy to play (with the patch)rn

devil123456789 2017.09.18
It is a very long game but it is fun to play

Wetman2303 2017.09.09
Wow this game is just fantastic the story aspect is very solid unlike some other games I have played. This game has hot girls furrys story sex AND an RPG style system if you want more than this in a game i wish you luck in finding it my friend.

StgE 2017.08.24
Great game, Hot girls, what more?

stevebaby25 2017.08.22
Such a great game, love the furry aspect of it


Pauler 2017.08.20
this game has a lot potentialrn

marcus747 2017.08.15
An okay game, interesting, but I`m not really into furries, so I didn`t spend really much time on this.

samsmith1169 2017.08.01
Interesting idea, but kind of complicated. I should probably give it more time, but I got impatient.

danny182661 2017.08.01
I really like the graphics in this game. Great setting and storyline.

akku 2017.07.31
the game must be little more better in the game play but the script of the game save the day

conadaprima 2017.07.25
This is one of the best games i ever played!

SteveMM 2017.07.24
I really enjoyed this game, I`m waiting for the next update.

LordBigDick 2017.07.19
This game is good. Love it and the women in it.

GH6O3ST 2017.07.16
this game was really good, i loved itrngreat gamepley and good graphic

thatswimguy 2017.07.15
This game really set the bar high for me for these other games. Does anyone know of others like this?rn

kemode 2017.07.11
great game. Alli is soooo hotrn

mikserus 2017.07.07
really enjoyed the game play

seimen726 2017.07.01
this is a good game. i like it very

talonfire200 2017.06.30
this game is fucksome!!!!rn

Chairman1966 2017.06.28
i enjoyed this one. need to find more variations

KitCarsen 2017.06.26
Fun game, loading can be a pain but pretty good.

littleGamer 2017.06.15
nice painted - only I found no way to the game

dloold1987 2017.06.15
man this is such a fun game, I hope they add much much more to it.

biobirth 2017.06.14
one of my favorite games reccomend download

rili 2017.06.10
great game with good graphics

less_talk 2017.06.09
Bad graphics, bad animation, bad game

Porno78 2017.06.08
Great graphics, but what`s with the dog in the red dress.

amarde 2017.06.05
Very good story and awesome sex scenes i like it.

moeeeeee 2017.05.18
rly funny and simple game

shepard409 2017.04.26
This game is very awesome i put it in my favorite :D

someoneofgod 2017.04.22
Seems like it might be a good game but I am also having problems with infinite loading screens.

hidarkness 2017.04.22
While the sex-scenes are a bit disappointing , the overall game is absolutely gorgeous . It¬īs got a great artstyle, the story is quite funny and I also in general really love the humor of it.

blackcat84 2017.04.17

blackcat84 2017.04.17
i love this game. it is very fun and sexy

hentaijapanese 2017.04.11
The graphic is actually better than expectation. But I`m stuck at the blowjob any help?

roughguy 2017.04.11
I enjoyed the game alot but If the game can turn into full screen so there will be double fun.....

SexyJordan 2017.04.02
I like making the girls so submissive the game is really awesome

Blitzkriegbob 2017.03.28
Im not into furry, but I have to admit the great graphics in this one. Whoever the creator is, he puts his heart into this.

Aragon21 2017.03.27
OMG I love this game so much !!!

Tyranno 2017.03.26
great game. nice having options on which direction to do

CoolG69 2017.03.26
Plays well on Chrome. Good game with multiply endings

Kingpen 2017.03.26
A fun game with good graphic

xestril 2017.03.26
Wow that was a fun game, can`t wait for the next update to release

n0cn1l 2017.03.25
Great graphics, can`t wait to see more

Fiercebones 2017.03.25
Off topic from the game but, does anyone know which kind of images I can use to update my profile picture? I have tried a few and each one won`t work.

Fiercebones 2017.03.24
enjoy the game very much. cant wait for next update

Vera2001 2017.03.23
nice game i give oit ten out ta ten

Fyrius 2017.03.22
So, I was going to have a much more thourogh comment, but then it crashed and I didn`t feel like re-typing it, so here is what I had saved, mainly riddle answers, so if you don`t want to trial and error, here they are.

Merchant‚??s riddles:
1) A Stick?
2) d
3) What?
4) Your mother!
5) Tomorrow

Cat Guards:
1) [To strong cat] Oh! So ‚?? you, are the boss right?
2) [To skinny cat] But is he always the one who speaks?
3) [To skinny cat] I bet he‚??s always the one who sees everything first‚??
4) The sight is not the problem, dude. He instills more respect
5) Hey! Wait! The most important thing is ‚?? Why is his weapon bigger than yours?

Capture and pour the solar scream: Yellow
Give me the luck of a hundred men: Green
I will need Mushroom‚??s juice of the Widow Forest: Purple
The wicked and the evil shall walk toward me: Black
I will shine thanks to the fire‚??s essence: Red
Take the peace of the sky and bring it to me: Blue
For the purity of the innocence was stolen: White
And the dawn will join me: Orange

Final Romance Questions:
1) There‚??re 2. One hidden and one visible
2) Your accent & suit
3) There‚??s one of the biggest rivers
4) It‚??s where the essence of life is
5) Neftet
6) To be with you

1) Loryns
2) Manifus
3) Oranges
4) 912
5) I went once
6) I want to kiss you

Alison`s Diary Code
CaNdY CaNe
206039 2010

Dreams after reading Alison`s Diary:
Dream 1
Pick up key
Back to start
Unlock door

Dream 2
Pick up Key
Back to start
Unlock door

Dream 3
Pick up Key
Unlock door

wqertwtw 2017.03.21
good game nice gamplay and graphic and prettty nice animation

farkas 2017.03.19
Very good game. I like the story guide. The graphics are nice.

Charlezzz 2017.03.16
My advise for this game is to reach 50 on every stat on the first days(knowledge is maybe the exception, I don`t remember if anywhere ask you to have this stat over 35). For any branch you want to follow you need the bracelet that the queen ask you to get her so you can do this and go to the cat planet to begin the branch with Nebet.
To get the scene with that shy girl with red hood you need to talk to her once before day 13 and go to where she is supposed to be on day 13 and talk with her aunts.
The best route when visiting places with Nebet are the Oasis(you¬īll need Strenght over 40 to unlock the minigame), the Canyon(take the liana to use as rope) and the Badlands(Charm 50 or over to unlock sex scene) in that order.

yanpom 2017.03.14
The game fails to start for me

tino4574 2017.03.13
Could be better, it always seems like it is loading.

vipers05 2017.03.12
That game is pretty good. need more.

ianjames 2017.03.09
game was a bit slow but graphics were good

jacob2141 2017.03.03
I`m stuck in the game at the part where yo finish the potion, please help!

Darth Voltar 2017.02.25
I want that human girl

Sexy_Jackie 2017.02.25
A fantastic game to play! I love the endings and hope for one with the human girl.

scaler95 2017.02.24
I liked this game. I enjoyed playing it and want to play other games like this!

meliodasforever 2017.02.23
this game could use some more scenes

Blitzkriegbob 2017.02.21
Seems like it might be a good game can`t wait to see what the finished game will be like

bigdickwellner 2017.02.20
this game is very relaxing and kind of makes me horny

dark34 2017.02.11
I love this game probably my favorite 2-D game

GBLJesus 2017.02.10
Great game I hope to see a part 2 or maybe an updated version with more possibilities.

OwlTheMaster 2017.02.09
This game is really awesome, waiting for part 2!

taz069 2017.02.09
cool game a little confusing and keeps getting stuck on the loading screen at different point in the game if the loading issue was fixed it would be a great game no doubt

anus36 2017.02.08
Really good and fresh game. Looking forward to the next version.

Lucifer1815 2017.02.07
Really fun game, enjoyed the large amount of variables that can really change the course of the stories and their endings.

newplayer14 2017.02.02
Nice looking new game, i like it.

ozorne_6 2017.01.31
love this game. Is the full version available yet. publish link

super220022 2017.01.27
it would be better if there weren`t as many load scenes.

haremmaster 2017.01.25
amazing game cant wait till the full game is released

mikeeds 2017.01.20
its an really aewsome game for relaxing,,

TaifunRiders 2017.01.10
We are de the developers of the game. The online version is not compatible with Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge (you`ll get a endless loading screen). So play it with Chrome, Opera or download the game from our blog to avoid loading screens ( click on the main menu orange button with a B on it).

rexchitar 2017.01.09
its quite a nice game, i really like it, in sort way, should have better grafics, ithink thats all it needs.

shogom 2017.01.07
ok. but i expected to get some..human flesh

viper66cell 2017.01.05
Is anyone else haveing a problem with the game not loading

petewoz28 2016.12.31
Could be better, it always seems like it is loading.

Jerem8P 2016.12.27
its a good game unfortunetly it seems incomplete

gdstyle 2016.12.24
nteresting game. Cool graphics. Too bad it does not work normally

Alpino 2016.12.20
Unfortunately there is too much loading scenes.

Chenz15 2016.12.16
The game was awesome , it felt that its in complete

Pingu12345 2016.12.15

Anyone of you knows when will the full game be released?

gob450 2016.12.11
the nebet ending was great looking forward to the complete work

anidreams 2016.12.10
Not bad but nothing special.

pornpanda11 2016.12.05
it was 60/100 for me ! this game has great potential But... ! i wish creators make updates and make game better !
story was 95/100 graphic 80/100 sex scenes 50/100

ghjjsdfzh 2016.11.29
I never thought I`ll play this kind of game, but they just become first group that I support on patreon. And their never version is awesome. Can`t wait for the newest version next month!

stupid420 2016.11.27
I felt that this game was to complicated for me

robertyep 2016.11.22
Long and boring, hoped to find something good but it kept loading and was impossible to continue.

ooglieoog 2016.11.21
i thought about waiting for the full version but heard a lot of good things about this game decided to test it and found out it was all true

ss94 2016.11.18
This game is surprisingly hot. When`s the next one coming out?

FaceOfBo 2016.11.09
Even at this point of development the game is already really good and lots of fun! Can`t wait to see what the finished game will be like :)

HumanGame 2016.11.09

Firstly, you want to get your strength up to 45, knowledge up to 40 and charm up to 35. I spent the first 10 days geting these stats up so that you are able to face the planet/s each day. You might have dreams and stuff about Alison within these days but it varies.

Ending One--> Roselyn
If you go to the dog planet first, you will meet Max. Max will help you on your adventures. From there you want to talk with the merchant and try and get the red ball. You`ll need this soon. He`ll ask you to complete his quiz. The answers are as follows:

1.A stick
4.Your Mother!

You`ll be given the ball and then meet the guard outside the entrance to the palace. Throw the ball to get rid of him. It requires 40 strength or something so you should be good. Go inside and you`ll meet Amber. She`ll says that you need to have a reservation to get an audience with the queen, Roselyn. Go back to Max and he`ll ask you to babysit for him and in return he`ll set up an audience for you with the queen. The next day, go back to Amber and she`ll let you see the queen. Talk with her and ask her a question. She`ll ask you to retrieve a family jewel. Go back to Max and he`ll take you there. I used strength to get into the chamber but it`s up to you. Piece together the puzzle on the floor and you`ll get the jewel. Take it to Roselyn and you`ll become friends. Next, you can take her on 3 dates. One in the Forest, One by the Lake and One in the Snowy Mountains (You`ll have some fun *wink wink* in all three places). By now, you`ll be her fuck buddy. If you want to take it even further, you can profess your love for Roselyn (heart button). She`s gonna ask you 6 questions and the information about each you can find in the three dates but here are the answers:

1.Fireflies are called Loryns
2.Manifus is her fave flower
3.Oranges are her fave food
4.Year is 912
5.Only once (as a child)
6.Say whatever

From there, have fun.

Ending Two-->Alison
Do everything the same with ending one but don`t profess your love for Roselyn. You can go to the Forest, Lake and Snowy Mountains because that`s where you`ll be taking Alison but don`t profess your love. Instead talk with Alison on the ship in the library (she`ll be there after day 10 or 11) For the next three days, take her to each of the locations and have a bit of fun and get to know each other. After, ask Alison a question and she`ll unlock the storage room for you. Go in, grab the shovels and find Alison`s diary. You`ll need a code to get in. The code coincides with atomic symbols -Ca[lcium]20, Neodymium[Nd]60, Y[ttrium]39 and Ne[on]10- punch in the code and you`ll discover the truth. From there, you`ll have a dream with two doors. Go to the right door first and grab the key. Go back to the start. Go left door, then right ad unlock the door. Have fun.

Ending Three-->Nebet
This one is short and sweet yet fun. Once you land on the desert planet, you`ll meet two cat guards. You have to get them to fight so choose all the `respect` and `bossy` options. Go into the city and talk with everyone. Next, Nebet will appear. She`ll take you to the pharaoh and talk with him. Once you leave the palace, Nebet will ask you to join her since she thinks that you are a God. Go to the temple and have fun. This one is short since it is the easiest to do but worthwhile.

Hope this is helpful. Go for your life :)

lalomata909 2016.11.09
Awesome gameplay and story. Very interesting game I love it.

PeaceGreen 2016.11.05
Not the sexiest game, but its really fun to play. It actually have a good story. Good game to all

dsfdfsdf 2016.11.03
Nice looking new game, liked it.(2)

leon190 2016.10.28
really enjoyed the game play

porrman 2016.10.24
a game worth trying great quality.

Gelen 2016.10.24
the game is awesome makes me happy and laugh

wickedwill42035 2016.10.20
i love this game the gameplay was great

wickedwill42035 2016.10.20
this game has great graphic`s

Corgath 2016.10.17
great graphics and an interesting story. Looking forward to more

LimpLizardLover 2016.10.16
Good game but the loading screens will get buggy

Mr Gamerz 2016.10.15
amazing as fuck cant wait for the full thing to come out

PlayerWon 2016.10.13
i like that there is actually a story and graphics are not bad either.

Jumong 2016.10.13
Walktrough (shortly):

In the dog`s city must find the bracelet and resolve the puzzle, which is not too hard to do (in my opinion :P ) The guide to the place is the happy dog Max !
Then must be romantic with the Queen and go out 3 times (Forest, lake, mountain) and, eventually, do sex with her in those 3 occasions !
After that, you could go a 4th time to the queen and declare your love to her (the heart button) which has the consequence to go with her in the royal bedroom and fuck her until both of you are coming ! This will be the milestone of a new race, human-dog mixture and your mission is over !
Or you could not go to declare your love to the Queen, instead of that you may talk with Alison and go out with her in those 3 places where you were before with the Queen. There Alison will measure the acceptance of the terrain for the human life, meantime you will chat or play with Alison !
After that you may go to the storage room, Alison will unblock it for you and you will find the shovels and Alison`s diary !
The code for unblock the diary consists in the atomic numbers of the elements of the hint words CaNdY CaNe which means atomic numbers for Ca(lcium), Neodym ium (Nd), Y(ttrium) and Ne(on) !
On the next night you will have a second erotic dream in which you will find a second key (first was in the cave where you solved the puzzle) and you will can unlock the door to ... heaven, a room within you willmake love (finally) with Alison and save the human race purely!
A third possibility is to go on the dusty planet where you must be smart to incite the two guardian cats and enter the city !
After entrance you will find some people to talk with, the last will appear the temple priestess who will guide you befor the pharaoh and after that in the temple !
I managed to make love with the cat-priestess but the adventure finishes here because the injuries led by her on my back ! Don`t know how to avoid the injuries and go further to repopulate the sandy planet !
Good luck to all of you !

MikeyH74 2016.10.13
I enjoyed what I have played of the game but have tried playing through twice now and have got stuck on a load screen. Not sure if this is a bug or just the quality of my connection.

largeboy899 2016.10.13
I am new to this website can u guys help me please.

pieffepi 2016.10.02
Very intriguing game... look forward to the complete version

seagate007 2016.09.29
Good game, but there still needs work on portions of the button action not registering right but i like it and cant wait for the next version to be relised!

XkingXcoleX 2016.09.29
when will the updated version be on playforceone?

oranjeboven 2016.09.29
The game hung up after i finished the potion for the whiches...

XkingXcoleX 2016.09.28
my previous comment was childish and ill researched. I look back to my comment and see that I had read the date wrong for each comment. this is an outstanding game cant wait for completion!

Ghassy 2016.09.25
Fix the loading when having sex in the game

john10smith 2016.09.25
how do you plant the sprouts

john10smith 2016.09.25
favourite scene is at the lake

TaifunRiders 2016.09.23
If someone is interested, there`s a new update for our patrons :)

TaifunRiders 2016.09.21
Hi XkingXcoleX , here the creators

In the main menu you can see that this is an Alpha. The game is being developed by a team of 2 members. At this point the game has around the 40% of its content. So in a year approx it`ll finished. That`s why we have a Patreon, to get support and develop faster the game ;)

XkingXcoleX 2016.09.21
not a decade almost a year***

XkingXcoleX 2016.09.21
i love this site and all but all this has not been updated since 2007 I WAS FUCKING 6 at the time. i dont think this will ever be finished.

this is a fir warning to ll those who play this game. it has been in alpha now for almost a decade this may not EVER be finished

whisper 2016.09.14
thanks for that game,good game but soo easy

GunHoser 2016.09.11

Hi everyone,
I`m kinda stuck... I`ve convinced the cat pharaoh to go along with the plan. When I try to sleep with the cat chick, she scratches my back (drawing blood) and the game ends. With the dogs, I can`t find the evidence to get an audience with the ruler of that planet... Any hints would be great!


GemLord 2016.09.07
Even though its not done , I very much enjoyed it , on the way to being a great game , please finish asap :)

dre10000 2016.09.06
this game is ok too bad its not finished

jadegoon 2016.09.04
the story of this game is great. i liked it a lot

pablo26 2016.08.29
Nice game! Simple but fun!

JackFukHammer 2016.08.29
Nice game! Simple but fun!
Graphics can be improved

joseph_carli 2016.08.28
Can not wait for the completed game

eblogriz 2016.08.28
GUYS pls tell me how to fuck alison?

thiagocampagnolli 2016.08.27

I enjoyed this game very much , I hope the update out soon

Dargon1128 2016.08.26
can not wait to play the whole game

primus21 2016.08.25
This was a really fun game and I just got done making human puppy`s with the dog queen

bimp 2016.08.23
That is a great game, but i hope the loading is not hard anymore

Mondoblasto 2016.08.22
Load screens will not properly load in IE. Try Google or Firefox.

spidermonkey7 2016.08.19
Good game but need to be able to finish it.

jackmeo 2016.08.17
Has much potential, keep up the good work! My one suggestion / request would be to replace the white flashing used to convey orgasm to simply white cum gushing / dripping out, which is very sexy (more so than the over used "money shot" of cum shooting on body parts IMHO). The current white flashing is unnatural and disorienting.

elldix 2016.08.17
a game with some potantial! the animations are good and the charachters are well writtens! I love this game

Sebas1234 2016.08.17
Can`t get anywhere with Ali. Can get her out of her room after babysitting the kids, but nothing after that. Please help.

danny182661 2016.08.16
Its ok for an incomplete game buut i want to see more bjs and deepthroats

HornyCollegeStudent 2016.08.16
I enjoyed this game a lot actually, the puzzles seemed a bit long to me but were solvable. I also wish there was a bit more variety and animation/ parts to the sex scenes but otherwise I truly enjoyed the game and can`t wait for part 2

getspam 2016.08.14
Indeed it is quite good for an incomplete game. I would sugest more vareity on the sex cenes. Some blow jobs and tit jobs should be nice to see!

JonSnowKnows 2016.08.14
Not bad for an incomplete game. But, I would have to agree with some that the puzzle part is a bit long. Other than that, can`t wait for the final version.

perrango 2016.08.14
Good game, works well on Chrome and still has a lot of potential, the puzzle seems a bit too long and feels like a momentum loss, 8/10 so far

zazunga 2016.08.13
how can i find the key to unlock the door

thomloch 2016.08.13
good game so far but it froze at the cabin

GothikChild 2016.08.12
we want more games like this one plz

maryanne 2016.08.12
can some one send the walkthrough

celeHree666 2016.08.12
cool game over here so good

perdolio 2016.08.12
White screen, and nothing

BIGBOY323 2016.08.11

Ken Adams 2016.08.11
Love it. There`s not a huge amount of sex but that`s fine because this is actually an all round enjoyable game with some sex thrown into the mix. Funny, smart, and witty with some good story telling.

Taifun Riders, please keep working at it because I`m sure I`m not the only one who would like to see it tied up! (just as a side note, I loved the *blam*, but I didn`t think it was consistent with the intro dialog)

Disclaimers: It works great on Chrome and it`s a work in progress far enough along that you don`t realise until you reach a "to be continued"

Asbethe 2016.08.11
Was very good but sadly stop too soon

nutz104 2016.08.11
I`ve seen people talking about a diary and following a route with Alison but I can`t find it anywhere? Help??

robert54401 2016.08.11
The storage room is the last door on the right in the spaceship and the diary is on the very bottom to the left of the cabinet door. And you talk to the old dog on the left in the market place to see the queen after you babysit his pups.

erdi-991 2016.08.10
i can only find one ending...

zazunga 2016.08.10
where is the storage room? i cant find the diary

jaxed44 2016.08.10
Need help cant get past the cat priestess who cuts me up and dont know where to get refernces

any help would be appreciated

modozi 2016.08.10
This game is really good.I like it alot.

TaifunRiders 2016.08.09
Guys, the game has been tested on this site and works fine in Chrome.
DON`T USE FIREFOX to avoid endless loading screens.
You can also download the game from our blog (main menu screen, orange B button).

robert54401 2016.08.09
I get to ending one with the queen as my girlfriend but that`s all..all the other endings with the cat people and the dream after i unlock the diary just end the game.. anybody know how to get to the any other endings

sauley 2016.08.09
the game is really good, awesome story, but freezes in parts

roffels 2016.08.08
this was a really good game until it froze on me. can`t wait to see what it will look like as it progresses.

labmunky 2016.08.08
hard to make a decent review or rating for an incomplete game... so far I like it.

des14 2016.08.07
Its a good game , but it locks up after you unlock the diary and find the key in the dream to unlock the door. It freezes there.

DarkonCmWolf 2016.08.07
I think its a good game but it locks up in one place when I am in with all the cat woman

Powermad 2016.08.07
i gave it 75

it is simple good and interesting with lots of little puzzles that wasn`t too hard but interesting
the reason i didn`t rate it high was the game has no end story it still seems half way done.

if it had a real end id rate it higher

keep working on it please

fuckmehard_69 2016.08.07
this game isn`t that much exciting

bigone15932 2016.08.07
the code for her diary is 2060392010

stach56 2016.08.07
Interesting game. Cool graphics. Too bad it does not work normally

LariatQ 2016.08.07
Figured out the diary, have impregnated both Alison and the Queen, and done the Cat Temple, but the game ends after any one of them. That`s why I gave it a 70.

LariatQ 2016.08.07
Had three dates with the Queen, and made her pregnant. The password for the Girl`s diary is weird. Nothing in the library except the Atomic Chart, and I`m not going to work out the molarity of every possible combination of elements in the words caNdy caNe.

cazmo 2016.08.07
I tried a couple of times choosing different options and every time the loading screen comes on it just keeps loading. I hope this issue gets resolved for mozilla. I would like to very much finish the game and see the possible outcomes :)

Ripperd 2016.08.06
This will be a good game once all the bugs have been sorted out.

TaifunRiders 2016.08.06
Here the developers!
Thanks for playing the game!
This version of the game loads external content. Firefox doesn`t allow to load "http" addresses , only "https". Chrome does, that`s the reason why we strongly recommend to play the game on Chrome, or download it from our blog (main menu button) .We haven`t checked other browsers.
About the next button issue, we`re studying why it happens but we`re pretty sure that it has to do with the ads of this site. The next button is where there`s an ad (bottom right corner) and it blocks it. Just zoom out until the next button is clickable, or just play it somewhere else.
Anyway, this is an alpha version. We`re trying different options and studying which is the best one. Sorry for the issues.

JohN666 2016.08.06
Looks like a fun game..
Also got the same bug with endless loading screen...
Hopefully there will be a fix soon!!?

HSHP 2016.08.06
The developers suggest Chrome to play this game. Not sure why that`s the only one.

JasonPhoenix 2016.08.05
Trying to play on safari, the arrow button doesn`t work, I can`t get off the intro.

RalphiusMaximus 2016.08.05
Not a bad game, but it`s buggy as hell. I`ve tried on multiple browsers and had the same infinite loading screen glitch, plus had a piece of the puzzle freeze so it couldn`t be completed.

HSHP 2016.08.05
According to their page on Newgrouds, Firefox won`t load the external scenes so those not using something else are screwed.

demongamer68 2016.08.05
Seems like it might be a good game but I am also having problems with infinite loading screens.

jt5151 2016.08.05
games seems to be stuck for me .. i get to sex scene wit priestess in cat city and the witch`s young niece but it just goes into a loading screen and never loads .. fun game but the uzzle for the queen in the dog city is way too hard to do IMOP .. spent 30 mins and still couldnt figure it out

Jaaru 2016.08.05
Nice looking new game, liked it.

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