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Slave lord


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VectorVonMag1 2018.05.27
Not bad, but definately not my favorite. Graphics were okay, too short though

supertrucker 2018.05.08
game was like a big puzzel to me and it wasent easy to put the pieses togeather

Wolf5258 2018.05.01
This is one of my fav gamesrn

matteous 2018.04.17
amazing game ! love play it

cambridge4453 2018.04.09
It`s a piece of out of this world nonsense but quite enjoyable. The more recent spin-off game is really good but you have to get that from wetpussy.com.

MaximusDom 2018.03.09
Amazing game, art style and RPG elements

51246045 2018.02.19
Too dam short, but i really liked this game, more of this please

HiLow 2018.02.11
Amazing game, addicting as well, I cant wait for the rest of the map to be unlocked.

Miaisawesome15 2018.01.24
I can`t wait till this game is updated, i cant find a way to save my progress though.

gekodude8 2018.01.19
this game is very sensible, will play maany timesrn


alta!r 2018.01.10
i enjoyed this game and i can see its incomplete so i will have to wait for the rest of it

big_sexy808 2018.01.05
Simple graphics and animation, but it still got me hard !

Bigbangbanger 2017.12.13
why can I talk to her just once per day ?

sailorguy123 2017.11.29
even though the game isn`t finished yet I still love the game!!rn

Sl1der 2017.11.21
Great game, I hope the rest gets done

beneathuk 2017.11.12
I love this style of game, love the BDSM elements. Can`t wait for the expanded version.

xdjmx80x 2017.10.26
nice storyline cool gameplay had fun.

mennis 2017.10.14
the only part i got stuck on was the desert planet

RavenBlackstar 2017.09.17
Curious about the next area.

StonedKitten 2017.08.29
wish the whole thing was here. really good game. keep it up! :)

cistobzv 2017.08.21
Just one word: amazing!!!

tnt2 2017.08.16
good game repeats alot good graphics looking forward to the full game

yinyang770 2017.08.08
does anyone know how to make gold on this game

Servus 2017.08.05
Awesome game, absolutely loved it!rnrnCould have been longer and had the option to train up new slaves.

TWM42 2017.07.31
Great game,good graphics.Can not wait till it is finished.

pordito 2017.07.27
this was a great game, cant wait until the final version is ready!

tluciotti74 2017.07.19
game is fun, can get a bit repetitive but still not a bad time. Can not wait to see the completed gamern

TheLoveApple 2017.07.15
Amazing game..I like the gameplay,is exceptional, and the graphics are best.

TheLoveApple 2017.07.15
I like this game for quality graphic,exceptional gameplay.

Bruno46 2017.07.09
for me the game made no sense at all, i could not understand how to play or what to do to move foward...

1520alif 2017.07.04
Good game, little crude but once fully developed it has the ability to become a great game.

KitCarsen 2017.07.02
A quirky but redious game.....doesn`t leave me wanting to come back for more.

LX0809 2017.06.28
This is a fun game. It would be nice to see a sequel. With different slaves at the same time ))))..:)

biobirth 2017.06.14
love this game I have played every update so farrn

littleGamer 2017.06.10
not that Kind of game I like ...

lugians 2017.06.05
I wish they would have completed it though. Is been work in progess for long time.

Key06 2017.06.04
It`s a very sexy game, has a good history and a good plot...I like to see the relation slave-lord

ninetailsjinchuricki 2017.04.21
Amazing game, I loved the concept and liked the RPG style alot

mogospa 2017.04.17
i sure hope that an update will be available soon. thanks. good job.

SmokeyBacon 2017.04.03
Has a lot of potential if it was finished. I`m waiting for the final product

fenix34 2017.03.31
Fun game, I enjoy the whole slave obedience/sex drive thing. Art was ok, enjoyed that the tits werent watermelons. Could use more slaves though.

Charlezzz 2017.03.16
Hey PF1, there`s a part 2 of this game already, and IMO is better. It`s not finished though Will you bring it?

sinsear777 2017.03.15
Gameplay seems a little slow and the graphics are not impiring

ianjames 2017.03.08
is there a part 2 ienjoyed this game

lrandom738 2017.03.04
This game takes time to get to the real parts, but good game over all

kithra 2017.02.28
I found this game on wetpussygames.com before, and I really do like it. I would like to see a full version, but i`m afraid they`ve only made this beginning, and the end. It`s fun, But I would still like more.

blackcat84 2017.02.28
i love this game! very sexy!

Blitzkriegbob 2017.02.21
its too loli for my taste, so im not as obyective as i would normally be, but the graphics are not intended to be erotic at all. It seems like this game was made for a little fun but nothing sensual at all.

ckfoolery 2017.02.18
There is an extended version of this out there now.

sony94 2017.02.15
Interesting game but th?? polygame is difficult

assdancer 2017.02.09
geart game with lots cum

taz069 2017.02.09
good game but it`s a little short currently can`t wait to see how it comes out once it`s finished

Lucifer1815 2017.02.07
Very enjoyable game to play, cannot wait for more content to be released.

Would enjoy more punishments, toys, jobs and food options.

mickeymouse55 2017.02.05
I really liked the gameplay but I was dissapointed with how short it was. Looking forward to the rest of the game.

Barrin12 2017.02.03
Entertaining but very limited

Maduser1 2017.02.01
This is one of my favorites on here, but it makes me sad that it isn`t being continued, I would love to keep playing this game.

winthr0p 2017.01.31
This is an outdated version and a little confusing at first, but sex slaves are totally my thing.

worldathome 2017.01.30
I think the graphics aren`t the best, but the concept is very great, maybe some other game designer can get this

jaipalsinghchauhan2002 2017.01.28
best game ever
waiting for it to complete

super220022 2017.01.27
I don`t like that its incomplete, I guess

mrgamerz998 2017.01.15
very good but bad graphics

WolfGasp 2017.01.14
This game is absolutely fantastic, If I had the resources I´d support the creator thoruhgly

jazzman 2017.01.12
Good game. Look forward to the rest.

VestusPrimus 2017.01.10
I LOVE THIS GAME! Can`t wait for it to be finished, it`s gonna be amazing!
-Vestus Primus

dudefromupstairs 2017.01.01
Nice game, cant wait for the rest!

petewoz28 2016.12.31
enjoyed the quickness of this game. Can`t wait for sequal.

ozorne_6 2016.12.24
nice little game, nice little slave. what full version?

gdstyle 2016.12.24
i am waiting for an update

jjkitchen245 2016.12.19
good game cant wait for the full version hopefully the bugs can get fixed

redmegan21 2016.12.19
I like rhis game very much

mank_rcks 2016.12.14
very basic .. not that good

DantheBaked 2016.12.13
I love this game. It turns me on so much, I love making that girl submit to me. I can`t wait until it is fully finished. 10/10 would jizz again.

ficker2 2016.12.12
i think the game is a little bit boring

cpyro 2016.11.27
Pretty good little dating sim. Looking forward to next installment.

komajz 2016.11.26
This game is awesome i hope that another girls will be different .

ArokBE 2016.11.26
good start, curious to see this completed

Wowlol88 2016.11.26
Not bad, I`ve played better 6/10 I would say

Dannky12 2016.11.21
This game has lots of potential hope the next part comes out soon

endertheperv 2016.11.17
amazing game but way to short and too few options I also wish you could custimize your slave though

pfozippy 2016.11.02
Do NOT play this game.
Offical waste of time.

OmegaHeaven 2016.10.29
Depressing. She was loyal yet we threw her away.

seeker1966 2016.10.29
I played this game before it is a good game I just wish it was finished.

shiffos 2016.10.29
incomplete game and too much talking

memer 2016.10.28
whens the full version coming out? its got great potential!

LOLAWSOME2332 2016.10.21
Okay game, but its incomplete and not a bunch of options.

wiggy 2016.10.20
good game cant wait for update

PansexualPixie 2016.10.20
Mmmn sexy, not how I thought it would go but I like it, I can`t wait to see more.

Corgath 2016.10.17
Very nice cant wait for more

kusys 2016.10.16
Best game. im waiting update

dementedjedi 2016.10.16
great game but why no full map

XXXcoolstar 2016.10.15
This game is very good and addicting

berkayhodor 2016.10.12
i will wait for complate the map.Great game

es 2016.10.12
not bad at all, waiting for the full version

Sola_KMT 2016.10.12
This is a fun game . Cant wait till full version cums out

MikeyH74 2016.10.12
I quite enjoyed that, can`t wait until the full game comes out.

Roedebard 2016.10.12
nice game, yet a wider span of items might be considered, especially in the areas of disciplination and teasing. by that more levels might be possible.

draconis0719 2016.10.09
great game wish it was finished

Zellgoddess 2016.10.05
decent game, you need a skip function for scenes some people don`t like to observe the whole thing so many times just to unlock stuff, other then that i cant wait to see the completed game.

hawkeye666 2016.10.02
this game is really good and i am waiting for the full version

fantasyabuse 2016.10.01
Great premise (an abusive game finally), but the graphics are a big letdown.

melthor 2016.09.30
I really liked the game, but sadly, it`s not finished yet. But, as a taste test, it does its job, and makes me want to play the finished product.

oranjeboven 2016.09.29
Good idea, nice game.
Graphics and sex scenes could be better.

maryanne 2016.09.16
any updates for finishing the game

Incestdad 2016.09.16
Really enjoyed this game, cant wait till its finished

Tyr75 2016.09.16
Not bad at all, other games are poor against this one! Keep going!!!

reikaz 2016.09.15
Graphic and animation is good. I hope they make the map finish

Herapa13 2016.09.14
how long till full version?

whisper 2016.09.14
incomplete game but nice scenario

xtreme666 2016.09.14
I love these kind of games. Can`t wait to play the finished version.

Llilandril 2016.09.14
I loved this game, i can`t wait to see the full version ! The drawing is really on point for me and the feeling of slowly breaking her from a ruthless warrior who hates you to your submissive and obedient little bitch is amazing

robert54401 2016.09.13
never mind i figured it out...lol

robert54401 2016.09.13
ok i tried to get her to clean the org cave but it says an item is required first....the only thing i managed to do is make her eat the food like a dog :(

ruiverson 2016.09.13
Interesting game. It has room to improve

elemanu71 2016.09.12
fun game. a little hard to know how far to go with punishment at beginning.

jb998 2016.09.12
Was a little too easy, but would like to see the completed game. More girls would be great

husten 2016.09.12
Liked the game but it`s incomplete and I`m looking forward to the complete version. The graphics and sound are okay (could be better).

wowzr 2016.09.12
a bit hard at first, and wouldve been better with 3d graphics. love the punishing part

icrazyur2 2016.09.11
hope itisnt another game where everthing is the exactly the same for ever girl is more of a HG type game but hay its free right

MAXPLAYS 2016.09.11
very good graphics
love the pictures great game well done

aragorn90 2016.09.10
The game is ok. For a starter it`s keeping interest for the finished game but not more.

Wyszna 2016.09.10
This game have potiential. Never like tentacles but ok. Graphic ios good idea too.

roy1026 2016.09.10
i enjoyed it
great game

FrAb 2016.09.09
At the very beginning of the game I was asked to name the girl. Inside the game the name was different. Guess that`s a small bug.

Muri1980 2016.09.09
Schade, das Spiel funktioniert nicht ;-(
Nach dem Intro und der Namenseingabe hat kein Klick einen Effekt...

Jaaru 2016.09.09
Nice looking new game, liked it.

kurtwpg 2016.09.09
Robert54401: Make her clean the orc cave for gold, which will allow you to buy things that help train.

kaftos 2016.09.08
Bad graphics and im not sure if the game is full or something like demo and incomplete..I didnt like it

iker66 2016.09.08
Good idea, good game, but graphic is very veak

soleroth 2016.09.08
enjoyed what content there was quite looking forward to finished game

lohhik 2016.09.08
Thought it was pretty decent myself, although I`d like that there would be more to do...

poordeludedjoe 2016.09.07
Not a bad game. Animation is a bit crude but I had fun and look forward to playing more when more content is avalible

raman 2016.09.07
I enjoyed it
good game.

Santorx 2016.09.07
Well this game is ok but with 3D girls will be more intersting

GemLord 2016.09.07
Great concept but a long way to go to say a great game, So i`m like the rest , cant wait till its finished :)

stach56 2016.09.07
Cool games.Didn`t take me long to go through though.

JonSnowKnows 2016.09.07
The game was ok. Didn`t take long to get the hang of it. I`m kind of looking forward to the next update, IF it`s more than just finding more slave girls.

robert54401 2016.09.07
I have no idea what to do...lol..i refused to give her food until she eats on all fours but that`s it. I can`t raise any levels and I went 31 days. Can somebody tell me what I am doing wrong please.

farkas 2016.09.07
Interesting game, but the graphics is too simple.

actuallyundead 2016.09.07
Great game. wish it saved tho

rewpoi 2016.09.06
The game is disgusting.
But`s only my opinion, it`s OK if others like it. I just really whish I have read something about it before I checked it by myself.

xVeNNoMx 2016.09.06
I`m going to reserve my full opinion when its more complete.

DaneWolf 2016.09.06
Pretty descent game. Didn`t take me long to go through though.

masterironman65 2016.09.06
I enjoyed it very much good game.

7900 2016.09.06
an incomplte but a great game so far

_Akl749 2016.09.06
The game is kinda incomnplete I guess we have to wait

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