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Sisters of the Coast part 1


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MrTurner 2018.09.24
I never understand why Shark games get such a low rating here, the work that is put into these games is incredible... the stories... the subtle hints... the humor! rnSure the graphic is to be desired, but the games are soo good!

CumLikeAHose 2018.09.17
One if the roughest adult games i`ve playedrn

supertrucker 2018.09.16
took some time but I played to the end. now off to part 2

Hanibal 2018.08.01
Nice looking new game, liked it,

koiranosPlay 2018.07.11
I believe this kind of games is getting old! The graphics are mediocre, difficult to find hotspots and it strays you from the purpose of the game..

supertrucker 2018.04.16
g this game is a great adventure. play on players.

BigX 2018.04.08
Bloody Frustrating in my opinion! could be made significantly easier... but on the other hand the challenging aspect of the game makes it more rewarding.

MikeyH74 2018.04.03
Pretty mediocre game. Too much pixel hunting gets in the way of any potential eroticism.rn

187Allstars 2018.03.05
No good graphic + boring :/

blade2344 2018.02.26
fun game hope 4 more like this


bob247 2018.02.24
It`s a good game but full of poor mechanics

dixiewildboy 2018.02.20
these games can be fun but they really need to work on there graphics

SweetRabbit 2018.02.19
i kind of liked this game but it should be a little bit longer

Ladies117 2018.02.18
The game was difficult in my opinion. The characters are great as well the interactions.

lecreep911 2018.02.14
this game is really bad. graphics are bad and the game is too slow

Nobody77 2018.01.23
Nice story, although way too long, and to much mouse-action for little or no reward...

shyman44425 2018.01.12
Takes way too long to cycle through the game.

Hawkin94 2018.01.02
i love these games so much and really enjoyed the pirate theme .So hope there will be another one

bobbyg77 2017.12.15
the graphics aren`t that great in comparison to a lot of other games

Bigbangbanger 2017.12.13
what did i have to do when the doc creams her ass ?

Hi Power 2017.12.13
Shark`s games are good but sometimes the click moves are almost impossible to complete. Can get frustrating.

urgoth1 2017.12.09
I did not find this game at all entertaining bad gameplay.

digiw1z 2017.12.05
Blue shark are the best ;)

digiw1z 2017.12.05
Nice games, ad cool storyline! love it ;)

Im_da_man 2017.11.28
The gameplay on this game is quite smooth!

lolkidmaster55 2017.11.25
The graphic and animation looks good

2347 2017.11.25
Yes got stuck as well; always happens sooner or later. A waste of a fun storyline

Horney 2017.11.23
This game sucks.. Dont know where to click... rn

Trokkar 2017.11.21
Ok game, slow.. be prepared to enjoy a long time playing this one

crimsonfrog 2017.11.20
love this game my kind of pirate

TEX TIGER 2017.11.17
The game have a nice adventure

RADOST89 2017.11.16
Nice looking game, liked it,

hermaos 2017.11.15
this game is confusing, but fun

lol123456lol 2017.11.12
Nice game but the graphik is not very good.

pooiii 2017.11.11
Unintuitive point and click with pretty bad graphics.

sushi1963 2017.11.06
Good game with older graphics. Still didn`t got the ending.

umair11220 2017.11.02
great game but as usual i stuck again

JOJO1999 2017.11.02
Nice game, but clicking through the dialogue should be easier (spacebar?). The graphics are classic Shark, but nowadays seems outdated. The story is ok and I like the fact that there are bad choices that lead to death. Overall okay and I`ll probably play Part 2 when released.

CyrJ 2017.11.01
These games are clearly made with love, but they have got to update the point-and-click mechanic. It`s pure guesswork out of the worst pixel-hunting traditions of a quarter century ago, and one will inevitably come across a scene where you can click literally everything on screen and still be stuck, because you haven`t read the developer`s mind well enough to click and drag the corrects things in the correct places. If the dev played some more recent adventure games and tried to learn some lessons from them it would improve these games a lot.

Ngh93 2017.10.29
I can`t get to past the part where Liz has to remove her hand from her exposed breast! What do I click on?

JustAddGravy 2017.10.29
Just started the game. Then I got stuck straight away.

tomgochi 2017.10.29
Well...old graphics (very old) and bad quality, but the story is quite funny

se1208one 2017.10.27
how do I play to the final?/

Undaunted 2017.10.25
Enjoyed the graphics, but I got stuck at the captains cabinrn

tmramorniy 2017.10.25
Even with cheat code (booty) I can`t please captain`s ass. Waste of time

koiranos 2017.10.25
i did not liked it in a way i got bored.....

Jokee 2017.10.24
These games have been pretty bad since like 10 years ago. Nowadays when everyone does HD animation with super hot chicks they are just crap.

the_sapphire 2017.10.24
wow this game is horifically bad! no help and poor quality! not nice 2 play

BriLa 2017.10.24
This looks fresh out of 1991. The bones of the story are there, I just wouldn`t know how to make it better without scrapping the animation altogether and using an updated engine/maker/etc.rn

Corypheus 2017.10.23
I don`t like these kind of games. Was excited for a new game to show up on the website, but this is trash.

Tiodor 2017.10.23
Nice game. I like the game in "Sharks lagoon"

Jaaru 2017.10.21
Nice looking new game, liked it,

bullsextra 2017.10.21
Nice and super play. sexy too

ghostjar 2017.10.20
this game is okay, but it is hard to find the right areas to click

spanner 2017.10.20
Not much fun boring gamern

D1NGBAT 2017.10.19
Lame, just looking for hotspots inj daft places on about 1 in every 8 scenes. Boring.

Mike82 2017.10.19
I can`t find what to do to please the captain with the father, when he`s rubbing his thing on her ass ; what a waste of time...

KaiOti 2017.10.19
The game is pretty bland. Just clicking around the screen hoping to find the hotspot. Dud.

CuriousItalian 2017.10.18
Nothing really special. The graphics could be funny, as it reminds of older games, but the gameplay is similar to many other and a bit boring.

joyrider 2017.10.18
bel gioco divertente e eccitante lo consiglio caldamente

doge 2017.10.18
These games are far from sexy and they`re all the same..

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