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Shelly: the escort girl


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ojifas 2019.02.08
Enjoyed it overall, pretty fun game.

Badman.SP 2019.01.19
This game does not impress me. It is not exactly a great game and I found it to be a little annoying, there are other games that are much better on this site.

bianca29 2018.09.04
Puhh, hot game i like the threesome

AlexSex259 2018.08.03
Shelly is so sexy, but it could be longer and with better storyline

Peila 2018.07.31
very nice game but a bit to short

Arjen 2018.05.21
one of the better games with soundtrack

supertrucker 2018.05.16
good game lesson of passion is making playing adventure games a must, they seem to have the art work perfected and the storys are real good I always am exited to play a new game by lesson of passion.

pancakeman29 2018.04.20
quick easy game but it`s pretty old. it doesn`t have many choices that make a difference.

Rotationleft 2018.04.08
Nice fast-action game, with nice aniamtion. Compared to other Lesson of Passion games is relatively simple.

Himhim321 2018.04.02
Nice average game neither breakthrough nor terrible


MaximusDom 2018.03.29
Good game but the sex scenes were a bit too short and linear. No ground breaking ideas

Raider22 2018.02.22
nice graphics great story and lots of endings

Miaisawesome15 2018.01.24
Nice fun game that has cool options, i liked how you can choose how to play

sam6695 2017.10.10
Good game in general...it ended fast, but was hot and sexy

KitCarsen 2017.09.28
Definitely a great game, great graphics and a hot slut taking it in every hole.

TEX TIGER 2017.09.19
The girl Shelly great like amazing real.

davecrow 2017.08.28
Excellent graphics. The story line was a little light.

chaneldiamondz 2017.06.08
Lovely girls and great quality i reallly enjoyed thisrn

RADOST89 2017.05.28
Favorite game, good graph and a variety of poses, fun, thanks

rocksimo 2017.04.26
Not a favorite but Shelly is hot.

Real M 2017.04.17
nice graphics and hot looking girl nice 3rnsome but too short

paisleyred 2017.03.16
Nice game and easy to play

ianjames 2017.03.14
great graphics good story great sex scenes

snakeskin99 2016.10.31
Great graphics as always from LoP - but the story feels a little repetitive in this one. It was hot but really shallow.

LooneyDude 2016.09.26
beautiful whore and good fuck ...really enjoyable. The game is definitely super linear, but that does not mean it`s not fun. I LOVE games like this starring women, and all the anal was fun. So, for the most part it`s a swell game.

Freestyler9310 2016.08.24
Nice game story, beautiful whore and good fuck ...really enjoyable

andeng22 2016.08.03
it`s a nice game, i love it.

Arismetal 2016.07.23
this game is one of the best the page has to offer

Punkette47 2016.07.10
The game is definitely super linear, but that doesn`t mean it`s not fun. I LOVE games like this starring women, and all the anal was fun. So, for the most part it`s a swell game.

shiffos 2016.07.06
very nice graphic and nice story

zorrie 2016.07.02
great game ......sexy lady....bit short

stach56 2016.06.16
Excellent graphic. Really sexy girl.

bigger88 2016.04.06
This is a nice game pretty hard

sexboy1911 2016.03.24
very sexy game, nice graphic

jbaby 2016.03.20
very realistic and exciting

skylerbronze 2016.03.09
This game was nasty nice. great endings

timothypayne241 2016.02.29
Hi there, I can really recommend the game. One of the best dating sims atm. Check it out.

ethanshit 2016.01.29
god this is awesome lovbe the storyline great

Mr. Dick 2015.12.20
great graphics its a good game , i love it

Tapinha 2015.12.17
this game was good, because u can be in the girl side to chose what to do.
I realy like to play more like this one.

adiiancu 2015.11.20
Awesome game. Excellent graphic. Really sexy girl.

Scissors 2015.11.16
awesome.. got the threesome. tjis game is good

Raynor225 2015.11.05
A nice game and story is ok could be longer model is hot

donnis 2015.11.04
The game is not really a challange but the story is good.

TheMikeymac13 2015.10.28
Very good models for this game

rohith6768 2015.10.14
really good game..mademe really wet and horny!

wabbithunta 2015.09.30
Not at all impressed with this one. As others have said. Not exactly a great game dull, boring and it has no oomph to it at all!

Ner0 2015.08.29
good fraphics and animation but to short

jaxed44 2015.08.16
That game was nice and easy...

sexman247 2015.07.30
great game, awesome animation

standupandshout 2015.07.06
Good game with all of the basics yet it could have been much much more. It seemed that lots of story lines just were not implemented (what about the drug dealer?). If you take the logical path you get the best logical ending.

Jake54527 2015.07.06
Awesome game, good graphics. I love it

PlayboyBD 2015.07.02
nice gameplay and the interracial idea is nice and different

Yckee 2015.06.29
It was boring, no gameplay

haseck 2015.05.26
the game isnt bad, i love the girl, i think game need more options to be perfect

SK1TZ5150 2015.05.17
Interesting story with a few different routes. Not the best game here...

Outcast92 2015.05.09
she is a fine woman, but please just shoot the guy cause he`s a jerk

bigsham 2015.05.08
really very good game!!!!

john milton 2015.04.19
great game,great girl, and great idea!!!
loved the interracial dp... LOVED

moebus 2015.03.27
good, hot bitch, she like that

hooah1775 2015.03.23
great game enjoyed playing it

Peterzhang 2015.03.04
Good graphics good game good animation

SexDareDevil 2015.03.01
This game was awesome and really easy to play through, really good game with awesome grpahics

jakey87 2015.02.21
nice! girl as the main character is definitely much easier

cameronw 2015.02.11
An interesting game, well worth your time.

5H3M4LE 2015.02.03
FUCK I never get excited SO even the most hot porn I AM WATCHING. NOT EVEN KNOW HOW THE PHONE I found myself in my hand but I know that I just called my neighbors and I think his thick cock all night will have to cum in my mouth.
And perhaps it would be better to invite his brother to take care of my tight ass. Yes tonight will flow sperm and dorm will ring from my orgasmic screams ....

ltworf1 2015.01.29
very sexy..... i loved here eyes

7514698 2015.01.16
Did not enjoy this game as much as the others on this site. Slightly boring linear gameplay, and the girl wasn`t as nice as some of the others on here.

Ivan42 2015.01.15
Poor storyline but very exciting game!

showboy 2014.12.17
i like this game, it it fun to play the woman for a change,
can`t you make more games where we play the girl insted of the guy?
well i like this game

rkimmelerre 2014.12.17
I gotta say I didn`t care for this one as much as I do most of them. Which is not to say it`s bad, it`s just not fantastic.

bannaking123 2014.11.30
nice graphics, good story line

sbbs 2014.11.07
It is nice, but not enough choices for me

pyanzabraham1980 2014.11.07
The 3-some is awesome! The game as a whole isn;t great but the sex is fantastic..

gallows88 2014.11.03
best game so far i love it . i wish i was her.

haydenk698 2014.11.01
really great game the music goes well with it

deathsniper 2014.11.01
yes, this is what i like. the girl who shares her womb for every men

ckoch 2014.10.29
I liked the game more animation would be cool

MyNewNight 2014.10.21
Pretty graphics and nice to play!

Multiman 2014.10.08
it need voice and not the music it kinda destorys the gameplay need sfx and background music the ones like in other games.

jebthecatfish 2014.10.04
Alright game good graphics

mattew 2014.10.04
Good graphics, but too easy to play....

ingvi121214 2014.10.02
this game is pretty hot but it is a bit bland

Futuros 2014.09.24
I think the plot is weak and not that interesting. Graphics are good.

jonnypb 2014.09.09
was a good game, graphics were ok, seen better pof, plus wasnt keen on the JT he was duche!

Jacko611 2014.09.03
Great game, Could be longer with more options

shinjisan 2014.08.27
SImple, straight forward - the way I like it!

pandeyaryan 2014.08.24
another superb game by play force one i really loved it

samon 2014.08.17
it`s too hot too handle..... owesome fucking escort

Freshman09 2014.08.15
Not really the best game I played, but it will do.. Maybe because Jay -T is just an asshole..

Sasu2 2014.08.08
Definitely wouldn`t mind meeting a call-girl like Shelly one day.

cantarzzo 2014.08.07
Shelly is very very beautiful GIRL!!!!!

Aelous 2014.07.17
its to short and easy... the game is boring at all

nemesis9999 2014.07.14
nice graphics, smooth animations. looking forward for more games like this

MrLester88 2014.07.10
Graphics are awesome and game is erotic

bitz94 2014.07.08
The graphic quality is so good. What a great work guys. Keep it up.

Archaon 2014.07.04
sexy girl great graphics nice game

bodli 2014.06.29
YES: relevant comments concerning gameplay, graphic, animation

lop12lop 2014.06.29
Good graphics, hot girl...could make it longer

Drakefyre3 2014.06.27
Short but Shelly is damn sexy

Stathis 2014.06.23
Nice game though short. Shelly is really hot, hope we see more of her.

aussimal 2014.06.22
good game easy but graphics cool hope more from her soon.

madison17269 2014.06.16
great graphics, enjoyed it

Copenhagen12 2014.06.11
Enjoyed this game, liked all the interaction.

buttcrack 2014.05.18
As always, very entertaining. Good game.

buttcrack 2014.05.18
nice choises, play them all. One of the most interactive games here,

Bonger27 2014.05.18
great game, good graphics, but felt a bit prolonged

grimsigh17 2014.05.17
nice game..girl is hot.. more of her please..

frenzyzone 2014.05.13
wow !! Incredibly sexy !! I love it !!

smax2 2014.05.12
just sex,but the girl is fantastic

Petro28 2014.05.06
easy game and you enjoi playing

sjachisholm 2014.05.03
A good game, nice graphics and hot chicks

TheSakatagin1 2014.05.02
i played this game for the song not the gameplay :D

Aglae 2014.05.02
the girl has a great body and the game is nice

Malia635 2014.04.30
Shelly has some nice breast and beautiful eyes and nice body...great graphics

farmboy306 2014.04.23
Lots of fun and easy to play got me all worked up

sharon12 2014.04.17
nice game very nice the hottie and the black dude were sexy and guess wt u even gt a threesome

ojuego 2014.04.11
Found the Story too thin and too linear would have been great to add additional ways

Zozao 2014.04.02
Goog game, easy play. Nice graphics.

wezel87 2014.03.30
Good game, a bit easier then most games!
But great grapichs

funguy61 2014.03.29
this girl is hot. I wish she was in one without interracial. Don`t judge me cause I am turned off by that we all her have things we do and don`t like. Be fair I respect yours and you should mine. Do not be hypocritical we come here to see thing we like.

chiku 2014.03.24
i like the graphics would recommended to all

SirScript 2014.03.23
Game was good lessing replay value.

hageman 2014.03.22
good game great quality but play was too easy.

thor20 2014.03.18
Cool game, with some lovely girl

pussi1 2014.03.15
this game is kinda stupid. Jay T is way too rude

chris5723 2014.03.14
the best game i ever played!

Reflektor 2014.03.08
So incredibly sexy, love the game so much

erpoly 2014.03.08
good game but the background music not suitable for this game,and 1 more no horny sound...

Sonic01 2014.03.07
How many endings does this game have???

saquib.khan966 2014.03.05
nice graphics and sexy game

wardk88 2014.03.02
hot as hell now im ready to call an escort

Speedbear34 2014.02.28
The story was okay but didn`t care for the threesome to take pace but figured it wouldn`t hurt to play it out.

Kryrev 2014.02.28
Good game, a bit easier then most of the others, but enjoyable.

davecrow 2014.02.26
Nice game but the choices were really easy. Did enjoy the Van Halen joke.

MaccaMan 2014.02.24
great Game Shelly would get a load from me too

desh 2014.02.20
good game. lots of endings, good music, and good graphics. Thumbs way up. need more like this

jono81 2014.02.17
good game, nice graphics and a decent story

WillyWucky 2014.02.16
Good story, good graphic and the threesome?! Good as hell!! Can the game be better?!

Darius2738 2014.02.15
Not as challenging as some of the others, but always as fun.

Satalex 2014.02.10
Nice game, great graphic and gameplay

girlygirl89 2014.02.06
great graphics and story line a must play

SexyChicken22 2014.02.03
Good game with goods graphics!
The tresome was brilliant

lovegamesss 2014.01.24
i love the threesome in this game.......brilliant game..

gecko1 2014.01.21
animation was choppy in the beggining and the people were cropped incorrectly but it still was good regardless

hopet 2014.01.19
the gameplay was good and i enjoyed the graphics

wezel87 2014.01.14
One of the best I`ve played.
As always, very entertaining.. Great Game!

zenday 2014.01.12
game great I loved how the choices were so easy and they obviously had great graphics ,but the story was really short

Sniffer83 2014.01.11
The World Is Yours - Tim McMorris !!! Awesome!

Sniffer83 2014.01.11
One of the best I`ve played. more than any other game on this site

bolo2 2014.01.11
the graphics as always are great in these games but they get a little boring just pressing buttons

male619 2014.01.11
not bad .......................stupid black cock

mercenary26 2014.01.03
easy to play, nice figures ;)

bigdick223 2013.12.31
One thing I definitely love abot LOP games is their use of celebrities under different names. This was interesting.

Yggdrazil 2013.12.25
Nice game but the choices were really easy. Replayable tho.

seattlerain 2013.12.23
good game nice to see multiple partners

ired 2013.12.21
Great graphics and scenes,indeed kinda short,but enjoyable.
Whats the name of the song if may i ask?

ilovemyselfalot 2013.12.20
storyline is too short but the game is nice..

Evil Dave 2013.12.19
High quality graphics and sex scenes. The story was a little shallow though compared to other LOP games. Overall, pretty good.

keke03 2013.12.16
Nice short game . I liked it

b4jeep 2013.12.15
not bad seen better games

xyphoide 2013.12.13
too bad, the graphic killing me softly..

sida988 2013.12.13
god i was completely into that shit man

arismetal1990 2013.12.11
takes too much time to load

teo1193 2013.12.10
I want more games like this

etrdkca73 2013.12.07
great gfx too little game imho :)

Mroversex 2013.12.04
Good game! Much sex maybe too much. But all in all very good!

francis136 2013.12.04
great game i would like to fuck shelly

wolffi 2013.12.01
good graphics an i love this game

Hoakah 2013.11.25
good game but takes for every to load

Hoakah 2013.11.25
plz make more games they are really good

Hoakah 2013.11.25
this was a great game so good

tristanlange 2013.11.24
good game keep up the great work

Miguel010391 2013.11.24
Nice game and grafics, getting involded in an escort girl´s life with hot animations

derekasmore 2013.11.24
the game is great, love the graphic

wash226 2013.11.22
creative and entertaing big thumbs up

KatherineK 2013.11.21
loved the game and Shelly`s eyes are gorgeous!

demongamer68 2013.11.20
One of my favourites, one of the few games you can have a dp.

mazerswift 2013.11.17
nice game a bit short but realy impresive still

jonbman 2013.11.17
It was good, but too short.

skr369 2013.11.17
hot threesome...great graphics....

Shoimi 2013.11.17
great game loved the different ways you can play through

vakarian2183 2013.11.16
This is a great game with great graphics love it

Nightshade79 2013.11.14
Cool game well done check it out.

Zeids 2013.11.11
the game was great! love it

brandondrake 2013.11.10
nice game good graphics

kong1971 2013.11.10
well that is shall we say different

bluedevilcindy 2013.11.08
Cool game. Very sexy. Shelly is hot and wow I would love to get fucked by Jay-T, what a dick.

iatesatan 2013.11.07
Gameplay is just sex, so it`s a little boring.

Goron 2013.11.06
Nothing with the sexy girl. Too bad...

USMCMarine 2013.11.05
i like this game it is ``Fun``

Blueblood 2013.11.02
nice game, very pretty girl .. would have liked it to last longer

coleporn69 2013.10.28
One of the best I`ve played.

ccu001 2013.10.28
The second and forth endings are hillarious!

Lesbonina13 2013.10.28
this is kinda weird, cause all u do is deliver and have sex. BORING.

tmchant 2013.10.28
straight forward and easy gameplay...

tmchant 2013.10.28
sexy girl and awesome graphics...

kamjeet 2013.10.28
It is very-very nice game. I like it!!!!!

loveugal 2013.10.28
the game is great.........n especially the graphics....n d girls what can i say awesome!!!!!!

verdantguy 2013.10.27
Some what laggy during conversations, and the BJ with Dad it had cut off her back, other than those problems it`s a nice game.

Meikon82 2013.10.27
It plays good and girl look great

tintin2013 2013.10.26
super hot chic, good graphics

alexanfer 2013.10.26
good game sexy girl love it

Voron 2013.10.23
half to refresh multi times for the game to load.

demon8207 2013.10.23
easy game didnt enjoy though

vipmanden 2013.10.22
very good game great graphic hot girls ok story

NicolesMaster 2013.10.22
Didn`t like this one as much as some of the others.

lopjak 2013.10.22
Sometimes it`s great to have a simpler game to fall back on. It`s even better when that game has an absolutely delicious lead girl and is put into some very hot secual positions. Kick back, loosen your pants and enjoy Shelly to the fullest and without taxing your brain or fingers. The latter dependent upon your level of "interaction."

CockSucker567 2013.10.20
This game was amazing and i got stuck the first time because i said no and i think the animation was on point.

Daianor 2013.10.17
This is an interesting game, but I couldn`t really figure it out.

mrright88 2013.10.16
great and fun game with nice graphics

hornymike 2013.10.16
a little to easy but nice graphics and content

jonni swashrod 2013.10.13
this was a bit too simple for my taste

Sidhelord 2013.10.13
That game was nice and easy...

lcypher 2013.10.13
one of hottest excort I have ever seen. I let her play along and do everything. I wish I was there with them. Great game

white69 2013.10.12
wonderfull games, nice pictures make me feel hot!

divaz 2013.10.09
THIS is Beautiful Game I like so much

Angelaappel 2013.10.08
love the gameplay.. lovely story.

luis084 2013.10.05
girl is pretty like the game

Sketch1314 2013.10.04
Great gamplay and threeway

fijianguy87 2013.10.03
nice games...its to easy but im satisfied!!!

evoace05 2013.10.02
Love the girls in this one, so hott!

evoace05 2013.10.02
Good game Ive played it several times.

evoace05 2013.10.02
The Girl is gorgeous, love how they did the game play on this one.

geobee2012 2013.09.30
very interesting game, not like others

jd123 2013.09.29
nice game but there is better

bobby911 2013.09.28
i loved the graphics wish i was the guys

dennisrodman 2013.09.27
Long time to load...good graphix

Danijel78 2013.09.26
Very nice game,but too short!

LOOOOOOOL 2013.09.26
this game is cool graphics and sounds one of the best

pixiegvo 2013.09.25
Decent game. He has a tattoo on his dick!

bigdido 2013.09.24
nice choises, play them all. One of the most interactive games here,

protecter1000 2013.09.24
If it`s editors choice then who am i to say no?

millar1198 2013.09.20
loved it going to play it again

Dregon84 2013.09.20
Nice game and well made as well

mtang422 2013.09.20
shelly is a dime and a half but i wish you could play as a guy tryna get with her

Hornydonny88 2013.09.19
Not very challenging but nice story good graphics and fair lady.

theone111 2013.09.19
nice seen better Tough
but neat girl and fine story

whites 2013.09.17
amazing graphics,awesome story.

Djbeowulf 2013.09.16
great game i like it alot :)

whore123 2013.09.16
I got the worst ending, he didn`t even pay me! Help!

DannyFries 2013.09.16
Fun game. Nice outcome. And good Graphics.

steveyboy82 2013.09.15
Great game shelly is so sexy

spammehere 2013.09.15
I don`t want to be a girl. Enen in a game

Akoolomonch 2013.09.14
hot game, but HOW did the graphics get this good

sfsfsfsf 2013.09.13
Game is nice but i saw better

DickCock 2013.09.11
I love this game; the graphics also make it better!

wrex456 2013.09.10
It has good graphics and is pretty fun.

nairo6 2013.09.10
nice game good graphics and the girls are all hot

dazza196 2013.09.09
Really good game play, enjoyed it a lot

dor24 2013.09.08
great game realy loved it!

MaxDude 2013.09.07
Good gameplay and great graphics, but kinda boring

arathor 2013.09.07
mmmm so hot and lovley make me crazy hot

tanocastcan 2013.09.05
it is a very hard game cant get to end

DickChu 2013.09.05
very hot and sexy game. with more members will be better.

mmmJassy1 2013.09.02
Enjoyed the interracial thing. Hot as fuck

Shireguard 2013.09.02
Very pretty game, well executed. love the replayability of these games.

bjarmins 2013.09.01
good graphics and also love the game

johlut91 2013.08.31
nice game. i love the quality!

Le69x 2013.08.30
Great game good graphics and the animation was unheard of! (that`s a good thing)

madmax68 2013.08.30
tough to get through to the end but loved the different endings

cparks247 2013.08.28
it was a simple game but the quality was good enough to keep me interested

zelda81 2013.08.26
mmmm so hot and lovley make me crazy hot

downbb 2013.08.26
short story but hot game..i realy like it

Lazerpriest 2013.08.22
its cool, but i´ve played way better ones.

alucard_262 2013.08.21
A little simple for my liking but alright for a quick game

bobrojas1016 2013.08.21
The game was really short, but ok..

vencent93 2013.08.21
great game I just wish the endings were video clips or something like that

james7823 2013.08.20
This game is better than I though!

supercock123 2013.08.19
The game has really nice ending with good 3D models and nice graphics

supercock123 2013.08.19
Its an awesome game....super graphics..very entertaining as always..song`s nice...i wish it had been a bit longer,though

Neutron 2013.08.18
Nice game ,, best graphic !

Neutron 2013.08.18
Is a best game ! i like it NICE !

letsdoit231 2013.08.17
Damn nice song, great graphics but it`s somehow slow...

mrenigma101 2013.08.17
Not bad, but there are better ones on this site.

blackshaddow 2013.08.17
Love Shelly`s Graphics it nice to see her in another game

sentoku1 2013.08.16
This game is not too bad but is really short an easy, I love the scenes but I think it needed more scenes

w1drng22 2013.08.16
She is the hottest excort I have ever seen and I`ve seen my share of them. I let her play along and do everything. I wish I was there with them. Great game.

ballsface1 2013.08.16
wish i hand an escort like shelby

Lizzie 2013.08.15
Great game, especially loved Shelly. Very hot!

vampypassion 2013.08.15
i think this game is okay.

princeoreo98 2013.08.15
its not the best game i have seen but its okay

SweenDog 2013.08.14
Not a bad game. Shelly is super hot.

shimar 2013.08.13
nice game i play this game always

airgear123 2013.08.13
Nice nice game and very interesting

anthony21397 2013.08.13
great game, although it was short when i played it a number of times, good job

ashley3779 2013.08.12
that was awsome so awsome i wish that was me have sex with two black guys fuck im horny

aldian79 2013.08.12
The Graphic and Music is awesome....
However the game play was too short....
overall... it`s a nice game

kittysuckalot 2013.08.11
really good game..mademe really wet and horny!

Magic Knight 2013.08.11
the game has great graphics but the gameplay is hard

sariff 2013.08.11
it was a good game but it was a bit short

lovelyolivia 2013.08.10
i really liked the game but it was not the best.

teddy69bear1 2013.08.09
not bad but i liked others more

nightfire2004 2013.08.06
there wasn`t much to the game but it had a good story

liltannerh 2013.08.06
awesome game love the style

harduncut 2013.08.05
It`s an interesting game, a little behind the standards of some of the other LOP offerings. Great graphics. The multiple hotel doors were either a random aside, or there`s openings/endings I can`t figure.

jordanp20 2013.08.05
I like the games, play for hours

aliboustani 2013.08.05
i like the games. i keep playing for hours :D

fuckmaster2000 2013.08.05
this is so fucking awesome

hornyrob13 2013.08.04
nice game, only a pity that there is not a lot of choices to make, so could be better

MonkeyJer 2013.08.04
No challenge, okay story, but I still enjoyed it.

JackH 2013.08.04
Graphics are great but there wasn`t really a challenge. I`ve always thought it should have actual sex sounds, still great game.

megs 2013.08.03
Not on the top of my list, but nice

DaveRoberrt 2013.08.03
I`ve played better but still had some fun playing it

sk216434 2013.08.02
pretty good thanks for the game

lezbylove 2013.08.01
i love this one, Good game!

raxr 2013.08.01
I love the morale standpoint and it has an interesting plot.

qwerdsa 2013.07.31
very good
nice music
real stoty...
i like it

jumper123 2013.07.30
all around decent game but the animations could be better

ScoleyXD 2013.07.29
Interesting game i love it

Clash66 2013.07.28
super hot story - wanna play again and again

Dimismann 2013.07.28
super-sexy hot girl! good job!

demon16182 2013.07.27
I had a fun time playing it. Keep up the good work!

maetinus 2013.07.27
fun and delicious relax dissociated

jenny0192 2013.07.27
good game, think i`ll play it again

bighornyviking 2013.07.27
cool game! cant wait to play again!

himat 2013.07.27
awsome game, graphic is good it was great fun

outrage 2013.07.26
playing a prostitute with interracial content is highly appreciated

Baily. 2013.07.25
Very nice game and good graphics, cool story.

flooball 2013.07.24
good visuals but the animations don`t feel up to par with some of the other games. the music is awesome though!

barry23 2013.07.24
i like the story , graph great like allways

krish91189 2013.07.24
it is loading very slow.. good graphics in game

blackdahlia666 2013.07.24
hot game with sexy 3d characters and a good variety of endings

gartal 2013.07.23
Gameplay was good, graphics great as always but the storyline was too linear and thus soo under the average... Hopefully incoming games will get lil better again

duckray619 2013.07.23
great game good graphics hot women

MessyCrazyBabe 2013.07.23
Great graphics but a little too simple.

rockmaiden1 2013.07.23
hot game with good finishing

freezangel 2013.07.22
pretty good game with nice endings

MingoMaster 2013.07.22
a hot girl with a SEXY ending very good

duckray619 2013.07.22
good game hot girl good graphics

j_a_n 2013.07.22
great graphics ... HOT girl

sleeper47 2013.07.21
as expected from LOP games, hot AF!

sleeper47 2013.07.21
hot game, but i got a threesome ending

ad1021 2013.07.21
its a short game
hasnt got much of a storyline
but overall i enjoyed it the graphics are good
so good game!

jjelraj 2013.07.21
that was pretty good. Great graphics and music.

liverpool.fo 2013.07.20
I love this game, hot girl

matricule14 2013.07.20
Another good game with good graphics

rumxes 2013.07.19
Its a nice game. Good graphics and good story.. too simple

ScoleyXD 2013.07.19
All around an interesting game ! Love it

petten007 2013.07.19
awesome game, and good graphic

crashbang 2013.07.18
Nice game. Short and sweet

FineCut18 2013.07.18
acceptable graphic, and gameplay is good too

Feblih 2013.07.18
Awesome game. good graphics thank

toxiblib 2013.07.17
good graphic, and gameplay is good too

noogad 2013.07.16
it`s good game and very hot

gonzacpo 2013.07.16
the graphics are perfect

Vaca 2013.07.16
nice game with great graphics

LexiBoo 2013.07.15
I like this game but It`s just too simple.

TameZ 2013.07.15
lol Jay t has the funniest orgasm face ever

cashmoney5991 2013.07.15
good game pf1, im was so glad when you guys and lessonofpassion got together

PurpleRain 2013.07.15
man i love this game made me so horny

passion100 2013.07.14
awesome game an graphics

jfh112233 2013.07.14
this was a great game enjoyed it

LexiBoo 2013.07.13
The Quality is amazing. I love this game. The way Shelly`s eyes look into your soul...

marck4 2013.07.12
great game and good grapicsh

aln922 2013.07.12
great game lots of fun and very hotttt

prensaykut 2013.07.12
very good graphics. i like this.

assliker890 2013.07.12
i love this game the girls are great and the graphics are amazing

Mckedia 2013.07.12
nice game. was worth playing

dune1585 2013.07.11
its ok i guess not as good as the working for evil game

arti316 2013.07.11
nice game great graphics and interesting story :)

Cubalika 2013.07.11
This is one of the better games but i`ve still seen better.

smilenow 2013.07.11
great game with black on blondes

norbac77 2013.07.10
it is a great game, i like so much for a relax time

blackmamba111 2013.07.10
not a bad game could have done with being a bit longer tho

minas 2013.07.10
i love the character progression in this game. You start with the lowlife and at the end you look like a superstar

milaankb 2013.07.08
Good quality graphics. But didn`t enjoyed the game play that much...too much texty..less action...;)

axeman23 2013.07.06
loved the game play wish I could play it even longer

georgesanders 2013.07.06
The quality of the drawing was excellent, highly erotically naturalistic. The dialogue from the two narcissistic thugs should have been much more crude and brutal. I really wish that scenes had followed with the people whose doors were unintentionally knocked upon.

heartilykelly 2013.07.06
Love it, this is my fantasy. hope it come true

peon 2013.07.06
Gameplay was good, graphics great as always but the storyline was too linear and thus soo under the average... Hopefully incoming games will get lil better again

yolo12 2013.07.05
This game has some sweet graphics, never get tired of these kinds of games.

hHurb 2013.07.05
the more I play the more interesting it gets

hHurb 2013.07.04
man I never get tired of these gams

hHurb 2013.07.04
this game looks more promoseing than the last one

DelilahO 2013.07.04
Hot game, loved my ending :P

borat1989 2013.07.03
thats a pretty nice game with a nice gameplay and graphics, i`d really liked it

Forgotten 2013.07.03
HOT girl Great graphics but too short

girt94 2013.07.01
good game other ones were better

mertoro 2013.07.01
nice game a little short though

sexxxmachine 2013.06.28
i love this game hot woman great graphics

jonnym 2013.06.28
I LOVE these kind of games,these Lesson of Passion 3d games,but this one is,along with Olga the 20 dollar girl,a veeery short,simply sex game with no actual storyline.Ahh,I miss games like Christine(my number1),Keisha,Keely...Nevermind.

shaker 2013.06.27
Gorgious. Cute girl. Absolutely perfect tits. Unexpected ending.

Ruffy091297 2013.06.27
i`ve seen better, anyways it was a good game

ssschaub 2013.06.27
it was alright, i have seen better

63ted 2013.06.26
Enjoyed game and graphics. Liked the options available to girl.

jackhunter2211 2013.06.26
it was too short and it kept breaking up

Zero_21xx 2013.06.25
this game is great it`s simple and easy to enjoy unlike the previous games where you have to pay really close attention to the dialogue and the world around you

blackman 2013.06.24
Its a nice and simple game. I really enjoyed it.

mcjesus 2013.06.24
anyone know what is the song to this game?

marcelinol12 2013.06.23
good game, simple but good

Ig 2013.06.22
Great game, simple and good endings

samyam25 2013.06.22
the graphic is epic and there are scenes where you can interact, the storyline isnt that good

Tuor 2013.06.21
nice and simple game; not the best but a good one

hunted 2013.06.20

black2 2013.06.20
Good game though, with many diffrent endings

vvallentine 2013.06.19
Damn, threesome is pretty good in this game!

kekse1975 2013.06.19
I like this game, a bit short, graeat graphics and the ending 3 and 5
are good

ajed472 2013.06.19
Great story. Love ending 3

spectrumamstrad 2013.06.18
great game and grapjics!

believer 2013.06.17
excellent story - high reality quality

achubbykid 2013.06.17
decent game and good story

unknown16xxx 2013.06.17
okay game the animations could be better

tfontaine 2013.06.16
Nice 3D graphics and good animations.
Hot easy game

nikolait 2013.06.16
Pretty good game. Only thing I didn`t like are the slow sex graphics - they stutter.

Smil4TRE 2013.06.16
Beautifull women who knows her work :)

effinbig 2013.06.16
pretty good nice graphics and multiple endings are always a plus

tsuna364 2013.06.16
nice graphics and a hot Girl. Good Game

Principessa 2013.06.15
Fun little game, I love it!!!

natashavincete 2013.06.15
beautifully hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

temptress 2013.06.15
Very good game. But It should be much longer. I like most ending no. 5.
I would like to be in her place with these hot & sexy black guys ;)

Messer13 2013.06.15
Not a good game. It kind of lags you know. And the size of the pictures are not perfect.

Avatar4400 2013.06.14
Great graphics, nice story.Too bad it wasnt longer though

CCraft26 2013.06.14
you need new games please

xdrgeniusx 2013.06.14
pfffff i keep resetting this game over and over... cant get it right

Polybus 2013.06.13
This game has great graphics

fada 2013.06.13
nice graphics and a hot Girl. Good Game

Rafomater 2013.06.13
This game is so wonderful i could play it all day! :)

smouty 2013.06.12
mmm i could play this game all day

smouty 2013.06.12
man i love this game made me so horny

walidra 2013.06.11
f the girl in the story never really enjoys anything and the "Narrator" keeps repeating that she`s faking and not enjoying it...it`s hard for me to enjoy the story.

Great animations and graphics. Could be a really good game if not for all the stereotypes, needed more imagination.

walidra 2013.06.11
nice threesome, i liked it

walidra 2013.06.11
Game is nice but i saw better

walidra 2013.06.11
the graphics are amazing i love this game

Landon469 2013.06.11
was okkkaayy, not really into it though

Radoo5 2013.06.11
Excelent gameplay! I want to try with my lover!

bfow28 2013.06.10
good graphics and entering game

bigfred1 2013.06.10
nice threesome, i liked it

Zonk66 2013.06.10
nice graphics and a hot Girl. Good Game

appleapple 2013.06.09
has a lot of potential, nice graphics

whois 2013.06.09
short but nice graphics and nice story for her

asslover2345 2013.06.09
great game but too short

ECRIDER 2013.06.08
Has lots of potential. Good graphics but missed on the story line.

Carbon171 2013.06.08
should have been more interactive choices other than that it was good

ozorne_6 2013.06.08
she`s got a weird look to her. not much of a challenge either,
Perhaps just me getting old.

network22 2013.06.08
Short game but has nice graphics and good options. Fun!

WilliamD 2013.06.07
A bit short and common, yet amusing

bjartiz 2013.06.07
great game, great graphics and gameplay

morocho 2013.06.07
Very good game, amazing graphics

Hotguy29126 2013.06.07
AWESOME! awesome grapchis! awesome story! super hot fucking chick!

dan461 2013.06.06
nice game bat too easy.
there was no real choices

kjdehn 2013.06.06
wish Kelly was my escort girl I would fuck here all day and nite where are u

TheDon782 2013.06.06
The Jay-Z and P. Diddy names are freaking hilarious. Who comes up with these names? XD This game is all right by me.

Pauley909 2013.06.06
best game here ill love to fuck her irl

gimmick 2013.06.06
Not realy the best LOP story ever, but heck; I`ll take it!

wotism 2013.06.05
Fun interactive element. Erotic as well.

conbron 2013.06.05
nice idea, good graphics. threesome is good :-D

shafadXD 2013.06.04
one of the best animations i have ever seen

RandomMember 2013.06.04
As usual, the graphics and animation was great, but the story was lacking.

sturmi 2013.06.03
loved the game! the graphics are just absolutly AMAZING!

Raven King 2013.06.03
Ah, it was ok,,,all the lesson of passion games are starting to feel the same though, and the storyline was utterly meh...

sextitan 2013.06.02
The graphics are amazing. Very entertaining

JoePa 2013.06.02
Good game good graphics. I liked the different options.

akb7525 2013.06.02
this was a silly one I didn`t even get to see my ending

Vadlor 2013.06.02
Quick fun games, only played it once but it was interesting, with lots of posibilities (yet to explore them. Excellent graphics!

Gizmo123 2013.06.02
nice realistic animation.good work

SaltedPork_02 2013.06.02
sweet game but story could go for a little longer

uicha37 2013.06.02
Loading slowly , i wonder does it good ?

firion69 2013.06.02
well, the graphics of this game definitely has superb graphics, as expected from the LOP team :b seems to lack in gameplay though...

rodr1ck 2013.06.01
wonderfull game, can`t stop playing !!

imiko 2013.06.01
You`re average lessons of passion game, nothing too special

ImrtlWolf 2013.06.01
i liked the sex scenes but they weren`t very smooth and a little off in the alignment of the body parts

vodogon34reg 2013.06.01
looked all 5 endings, a good game

typpopwp 2013.06.01
this is a very wonderful game

BiggBaddChris 2013.06.01
Nice gameplay and good graphics

hxpsk0 2013.06.01
Should have added some other scenarios......

hxpsk0 2013.06.01
Nice game and graphics......

champion1980 2013.05.31
i really like his game exept for the 3some but still good game

andy_regresa 2013.05.31
I love this game it is very good and the graphics are great

Arok_BE 2013.05.31
Not gonna rate, looks good, just not my cup of tea ^^

paoseland 2013.05.31
more interactivity would have made it better.

7410 2013.05.31
What a lovely sexy game....I liked this game a lot more than any other game on this site...this is one of my favorite game and song is so good. Overall I loved to hang and bang with this game

Sir_Loins 2013.05.30
The graphics were great the action was good and I enjoyed it! Not up to normal standards but not a bad little game.

reaper1762 2013.05.30
very good game too easy but fun

achoo7 2013.05.30
Nice looking new game, liked it.

monstercock1993 2013.05.30
game is pretty solid but i have played better

Chriswins 2013.05.30
White girl with black dicks.. this is the best thing

gigiolo69 2013.05.29
Great graphics but the gameplay is the same wit the older games

SexPanther 2013.05.29
good game a lot of choices and long game and awsome animation

himpan 2013.05.29
nice game but gameplay was less anyways nice work

whisper 2013.05.29
very very nice game, so hot

Roedebard 2013.05.29
Rather soon teh game doen`T seem to react to cursor movements, which makes it boring.

Asghan 2013.05.28
I like this game, a bit short but the endings are good

sanji 2013.05.28
Hate black.

Black is suck

FaridderBanger 2013.05.28
was a bit easy , but very interesting and good anyway

Romeo87 2013.05.28
As always, very entertaining. Good game.

dadykid 2013.05.27
mm,nice game. a littlebit easy, but interesting though ...

danister_69 2013.05.27
good game but the moving animations could be a bit smoother

IamBri 2013.05.27
The game play was ok and the premise for the story was alright, but after a couple of plays, the music with the lyrics was irritating.

peoudarxis 2013.05.27
Great graphics but the gameplay is the same wit the older games .. It gets boring to be honest ... How about something like Jordan 500 ?

deniscyril 2013.05.27
You really know to create sexy girls, thanks !!!

HwdKiller 2013.05.27
I loved this game, it`s such a turn on to see 2 afro-americans pounding at her.

Rezer 2013.05.27
what a hot game. sad is to short. but overall I like it

NiJoe 2013.05.26
good graphic but A little bit short i wish it would be longer

littlemissnaughty 2013.05.26
I like this game, a bit short but the endings are good

killer007007 2013.05.26
bit short and i have seen better 6/10

SDARTOR 2013.05.26
nice girl, good graphics but a bit short story

spirek 2013.05.26
Very good game, still a little short but interesting

Marek115 2013.05.26
Very Intressting. At most the differetn endings are the best

project1.0 2013.05.26
its a very good i loved the gameplay but would have enjoyed it more if it was longer

rated 2013.05.25
I think the music is the best thing about this game. Sorry, this just didn`t work for me

DeadlyAlias 2013.05.25
Fun, but kind of clunky animation during the sex scene. Stays on my favorites list though.

smoke14 2013.05.25
Really enjoyed the story even though it`s a bit shorter than some of the rest.

zwicks 2013.05.25
Game was pretty good. neat girl and fine story

hanibal194 2013.05.24
always beautiful girls but too simple missing maybe a foursome with the girls next door!!

frulpo 2013.05.24
Game was pretty good, but i prefer to be more chalenging

acpreston13 2013.05.24
Good graphics - complete lack of gameplay. Pretty average attempt at a game really.

beruga 2013.05.24
Game was pretty good. neat girl and fine story

manchild91 2013.05.24
Good game, great graphics. Would`ve been better if it were longer.

tatter 2013.05.24
Good game, slightly short

SexyLesbian;) 2013.05.24
I love this game it is very good and the graphics are great

clador 2013.05.23
ok game but not alot of options in the game

chairman066 2013.05.23
not much to this one, should have a bit more choice...

CARISSIMO 2013.05.23
Great Music!!! 90 for Music Clips!!!

derda 2013.05.23
it is cool game but a bit borring

randy06 2013.05.23
another great game have 2 endinds and yes it s og but like to see more and what a sexy lady mmmm wish i was him

lolzin 2013.05.22
Amazing game, the girl looks awesome.

Gordn3 2013.05.22
Good game , nice graphic.

playless1 2013.05.22
Game was pretty good. neat girl and fine story

LastLegion13 2013.05.22
Great graphics, didn`t last long however and was straight to the action. I know she`s a call girl but still would like a suspense build up

cocomicrob 2013.05.22
the graphic is good but the storyline needs to be improved couse it`s too short and simple.

Lazzern 2013.05.22
Yeah, the game is good, with nice graphics, but it has nothing new. It`s just another good game from this producers. Please make something better and fresh! :)

CapnMorgan 2013.05.21
you guys have definitely done better in the past, a lot of the dialog just doesn`t make sense, nice that they got it out, but a little more qc before release would be good. one of the graphics of the girl sucking has her shoulder cut off from her initial position at the edge of the frame. lame.

peko 2013.05.21
having troubles getting to sleep see this game and itl bore you to sleep faster thenn sleeping pills will!

rdale22 2013.05.21
Game was pretty good. I liked the threesome seen.

nybtm86 2013.05.21
Not that great, I didnt enjoy it at all really

dennyjc 2013.05.21
Not too bad. Seems there could have been more interesting playing.

BallIdiot 2013.05.21
Shelly is hot, but the sex scenes are awkward. Not one of the better ones from Lesson of Passion.

farkas 2013.05.21
Nice game graphics and story. The 3 and 5 endings is very good.

getsomeman 2013.05.20
It wasn`t as good as I was hoping. It was funny in ending 2 where the Rolex was fake!!

dkoolhof 2013.05.20
Shelly is very hot, i like the game a lot

dkoolhof 2013.05.20
i love it that you have multiple choises that you can make

dkoolhof 2013.05.20
the gameplay is a lot of fun. i love this game

dkoolhof 2013.05.20
i love the graphics of this game

jimbob-jones 2013.05.20
nice graphics and good gameplay

mgusztav 2013.05.20
great game shelly is very hot

maxxxy 2013.05.20
A loser. A) why do they think their usual fans want to play as a woman? B) a rapper? c`mon.

Nuke1927 2013.05.20
Nice game, good graphics.

PKunz 2013.05.19
Basically, what is there in the game meets the usual standards with high quality graphics and good gameplay. I like the gameplay in the anal stimulation scenes, the "slow, modest, intese etc." options we know from other producers is just boring and no improvement from the "move the cursor back and forth" from earlier games.

The bigger problem is, however, that the game seems to be unfinished. What about the dealer and the pot? What about the girl and the guy in the other rooms in the hotel? Not even all the endings are finished: What about the number 4? She starts to think her live is miserable - so what?

Maybe we are just spoiled from the other great games the LOP-Team has produced...

pusshound 2013.05.19
Just OK. Weak for an editor`s choice. Graphics are OK. Story line is too simple. Short game. It`s easy to get all endings just by remembering simple choices.

mazuzuri 2013.05.19
Okay game, not exactly top of the crop. It`s far to short for my taste, and not very challenging, just a question of remembering what choices you made to get all the endings.

vitali 2013.05.19
short and easy. anyhow nice graphics and fun to play.

butman 2013.05.19
Good game but the graphics arent up to standard

Spenc044 2013.05.19
The game is short. I`m not a big fan.

deathgrip 2013.05.19
very nice graphics but not very challenging

georgekalk08 2013.05.19
i loved it man, it was great
but could be better

ltworf1 2013.05.19
I agree with some that say the game is too short. Would like more options with the other people in the game... like the graphics, storyline was okay . could have used Jordan just as well

Rob-63 2013.05.19
Nice game but not much of a challenge, graphics are very good.

CCraft26 2013.05.18
nice game but when we gunna get more games?

CriminalDamage 2013.05.18
Nice game, needs more endings

kasper2208 2013.05.18
Pretty nice game, as for the song, the name is The World Is Yours by Tim McMorris.

stevie 2013.05.18
graphic is nice but the game not at all, it could be better

thePeacebro 2013.05.18
good game nice gameplay

zantha 2013.05.18
This had a lot of potential, but it fell short.

Arbaal 2013.05.18
Easy but still entertaining game. LoP games starts to repeat themselves too much, tbh.

Boogeyman 2013.05.18
some choices make no influence :(

quick way to the endings:
1) no money - call your boss - leave apartment
2) suck him - let him cum
3) do anal - do not fuck his buddy
4) sex with him - only suck his buddy - no 3-some!
5) go for 3-some

Elfe 2013.05.18
This game is similar to other ones. Become a little boring... Could we have something different?

shyman44425 2013.05.18
Very easy, somewhat entertaining game. Seemed to load very slowly from scene to scene.

Jack012 2013.05.18
the game is boring.
i like only the song. can someone tell what the title of this song is?

funguy1686 2013.05.18
I like the music more than the game.

carl0831 2013.05.18
I enjoyed it really nice graphics

thalionmel 2013.05.18
story not bad go bether
animation nice but to short and low
more pussy to seeing where bether
game to short
is good for p2f

griffin123 2013.05.17
Very nice, good quality and great story.

trucknut 2013.05.17
game is alright choices dont mateer to much for endings

castilho 2013.05.17
nice game....always enjoy to play flash games

glukos37 2013.05.17
nice seen better Tough
but neat girl and fine story

drocker 2013.05.17
great story line and pretty good sex scene

fada 2013.05.17
very nice game, graphics and game play were amazing

daledenton 2013.05.17
Nice looking new game, liked it.

acemp 2013.05.17
I didn`t like it ... but that`s just me

blablablafuck 2013.05.17
graphic is nice but the game not at all, it could be better

J_Dymo 2013.05.17
great game play and graphics

dreadwolf 2013.05.17

gameplay, graphic, animation are freat

popcorn2002 2013.05.17
ok game at girl could be more

mrcoolerz 2013.05.17
Nice game! good theme! got all 5 endings...

DiegoJAyala 2013.05.17
Nice graphics, nice music. Great Game!

geunie 2013.05.17
I did not like this game! There are to little choices! Graphics are good, but gameplay could be much better

Nuked 2013.05.17
Omg I love the song in this one... whats it called?

Turner9 2013.05.17
The graphics are good as always , yet the story line was weak! They should have given alternate options, like choosing to go into the rooms with the wrong clients.

Also , no scoring system, no real strategy, no twist or turns , they really missed out on doing something awesome with this template! They had several variables, The drug dealer, The Bi, The beer Gut, The rapper and his partner. Throw some consequences in for make bad choices, and what about her friend ! They could have had her come over for support and done something with that.

The song was good, yet it seemed like the whole game is geared towards stroking their egos and nothing else. When the best part of the game is the music, one should think deeply on improving. The "Hot Wife Story " is a good example and model to go by, I suggest you try again using that as a guideline and then you will have something worth playing over and over again.

JordanPlay 2013.05.17
Is there anyone else who has a very.... very slow load for the game?

steelfish 2013.05.17
at the risk of sounding overly critical, this game represents a step backward in terms of visual presentation, and game storyline. It looks and feels like a much older game.

Hieblan 2013.05.17
great graphics, sexy lady, 5 endings but only the trio is fine for me..

Teine 2013.05.17
Nice simple little game, just a few mistakes.

VahHalen should be Van Halen., a musical band
Valhalla is the Norse Heaven for fallen warriors.
Nirvana is a musical band like Van Halen, and a state of mind that is pleasant.

Gippstar77 2013.05.17
great game really good gameplay nice animation and graphics as well

HarrietGarmin 2013.05.17
Simple but fun i enjoyed it :D

randy06 2013.05.17
another great game and sexy lady and play one ending but get more and yes i like it a lot and hope to get more

lancer62 2013.05.17
I didn`t really care for this game. i would have really like to have gone into the girls room instead.

addaxe115 2013.05.17
very nice game, graphics and game play were amazing

eagleata 2013.05.16
poor game but good graphics. thnx pf1

auldgit 2013.05.16
Very poor offering from LOP !!!!

It´s almost as if they´re just relying on good graphics alone to carry the game !!!

No challenge to it and definitely not worth a second play (not even worth a first play).

I lost interest half way through !!!

Either this game was developed by a work experience teenager, or the tea-lady asked for a go and someone let her program it !!!

bearclaw012345 2013.05.16
gameplay is decent though too easy. great graphics. but I do not like the interacial racism of it & the extreme rudeness. rating- 2/10.

stefano71 2013.05.16
nice graphic but too easy!!!!!!

63ted 2013.05.16
Nice graphics but no challenge.

gwazz 2013.05.16
liked the game is there a way to get the girl in the first room

derda 2013.05.16
ove this game!!...great graphics too!!!...

andy_regresa 2013.05.16
It is very-very nice game. I like it!

Kristal2222 2013.05.16
I like to see more of this

daki80 2013.05.16
nice graphics.... but boring

Zio Ninho 2013.05.16
nice graphics but too short !!!!!!!!

sexy8117 2013.05.16
bit boring but the sneak peaks are good

DrRealgood 2013.05.16
Well, That`s four and half minutes of my life wasted, I could have used that time to put pins in my eyes, it would have been slightly less painful,

blazing4u 2013.05.16
the game was good i liked it this was the second time i played it.

jmeoff 2013.05.16
Pretty girl but boring sex animation.

hairycleaner 2013.05.16
The games was quite good, but not much replay value.

newguy21 2013.05.16
i never played this but here it goes

Vallheruh 2013.05.16
Sorry, dont realy like this one. Neither the Story nor the Music

bestia99rom 2013.05.16
again nice graphics.... but i prefer to be more chalenging

girthy 2013.05.16
simple story line ... should have more options
hot looking girl

s@nt!no 2013.05.16
Very weak game - the heroine is bleah, the story sucks and the sex scenes did nothing for me.


leonizer 2013.05.16
Problem solved - everything is now fine with loading.

mwshanker 2013.05.16
i hope that this game loads for some of you

frz2012 2013.05.16
i`m stuck,its not loading.what should i do

Lambothe1st 2013.05.16
I wish this would work. I love these games

leonizer 2013.05.16
We are working over solving this problem - so far try to refresh the page by F5, until game loads successfully.

ShawnO 2013.05.16
I Really Enjoyed Playing This Game

johnj 2013.05.16
The game is not loading at all

Tracker001 2013.05.16
grrr should have played it once before making the "it loads" comment . Now it didn`t

Tracker001 2013.05.16
Yep makeing a comment loads the game .

Tracker001 2013.05.16
It`s not loading , I want to play it .

chromi711 2013.05.16
Still not working for me, i guess i need to put another comment in

chromi711 2013.05.16
It`s not loading for me, i don`t know what`s wrong. Any ideas?

justmike2319 2013.05.16
The game won`t load. I really wanna play it! :(

argalouz 2013.05.16
yup, also loading problem...

99rd 2013.05.16
its not loading for me also

osawkew 2013.05.16
I guess all it took was making a comment.

osawkew 2013.05.16
It is not loading for me can anyone help me?

iamystic 2013.05.16
trying to find path for the girl if possible

lez201mik 2013.05.16
fix the bug!!!!!!!!!!!!

hashero 2013.05.16
This game was very sexy, I enjoyed it.

Ballan 2013.05.16
Now all of a sudden it works! :finga:

Ballan 2013.05.16
It doesn`t load for me either. Is it something with the game? I have an iMac, can that be a reason or can it be something with PlayForceOne`s server?
Thankful for suggestions and/or answeres?

vinuforyou2012 2013.05.16
Ohhh I love this game really amazing

rot 2013.05.16
Had no problems loading. Nice graphics. I agree with comments about enjoying it less than some of the others due to (a) the racist stereotypes and (b) the fact that Shelly wasn`t enjoying the sex. I know that sex isn`t always great for both but this is fantasy. I want Shelly to have a good time.

shishkabob 2013.05.16
The hollow stereotypes wrecked this for me.

katakana132 2013.05.16
The 3-some is awesome! The game as a whole isn;t great but the sex is fantastic.

katakana132 2013.05.16
If the girl in the story never really enjoys anything and the "Narrator" keeps repeating that she`s faking and not enjoying it...it`s hard for me to enjoy the story.

Great animations and graphics. Could be a really good game if not for all the stereotypes, needed more imagination.

katakana132 2013.05.16
Not sure about this one. Seems like it may have needed some more work. The game doesn`t load consistently, and the gameplay seems unfinished. There appear to be paths that could be explored that never are.

Not my favorite

bikinilover 2013.05.16
only see a white screen, will not load even tried refresh a few times.

xpress79 2013.05.16
good game need more like it a little longer

sk8rjason 2013.05.16
The game is very graphic heavy and would slow down almost to the point of freezing on my netbook. When it was moving along though it`s really not that bad.

Raiha24 2013.05.16
whoa.. the game is not loading.. all I see is a white screen

gasmanO1 2013.05.16
fairly simple game. kinda disappointed

gasmanO1 2013.05.16
half to refresh multi times for the game to load.

0904038 2013.05.16
mine doesn`t load either, any ideas why?

ahmed58 2013.05.16
why does this game not working

ahmed58 2013.05.16
why does this game not working

T M 2013.05.16
I feel like there was no real choices, game looked good but way to easy and way to short.

wollepetri 2013.05.16
Lets forget porn for a moment and enjoy this music guys!

Its "The world is yours" from Tim McMorris :-)

whatisk 2013.05.16
game doesn`t load for me. all i get is a white box :-( have already made sure flash is latest version. any suggestions?

ahmed58 2013.05.16
why does this game not working

Gecko 2013.05.16
played through once then after that doesnt seem to want to start loading

ahmed58 2013.05.16
can i have walkthrough for this game please

rave1988 2013.05.15
nice seen better Tough but neat girl and fine story

RTTK 2013.05.15
and a refresh did it, nice choice of music so far too

RTTK 2013.05.15
Looking forward to try it out, loading a bit slow though, but that might just be me.

themoda 2013.05.15
not bad game, too short, I see 4 endings, go to see the 5th.

49fp 2013.05.15
Good graphics with LOP games and straight forward without a lot of thought required.

C.C. 2013.05.15
Not bad but nothing to get excited about.

CFW87 2013.05.15
Good character models, but the facial expressions? Yeugh...

xes9960 2013.05.15
nice game, want more games like thi

Kevinmaranius 2013.05.15
short game, nice graphic 7/10

mick149 2013.05.15
not the best lop game!!! shame :)

notes1 2013.05.15
again nice graphics.... but i prefer to be more chalenging

Ubber1 2013.05.15
I think it is a nice new game.

Kazarian 2013.05.15
strangely, this isn`t as decent as some of the previous LOP games... not saying it`s not well made, but seems too lazy...

dodge15 2013.05.15
nice game although a little short

cadet 2013.05.15
It is very-very nice game. I like it!

androsjy 2013.05.15
I think this is only a decent work compare with the previous LOP games... I can easily get the ending from episode 1-5.

Speedy1977 2013.05.15
its a nice game i like it

LonleyMen 2013.05.15
its a nice game i like it

indianlotus 2013.05.15
What a lovely sexy game....I liked this game a lot more than any other game on this site...this is one of my favorite game and song is so good. Overall I loved to hang and bang with this game

gp78 2013.05.15
the game was a lil short, good graphics tho

feetlove999 2013.05.15
Fun game, nice 3D models. I prefer longer, RPG-style games, though

piekielny84 2013.05.15
awesome game what is a music,whats this

sexykelly166 2013.05.15
nice game love the gameplay need a very good looking game to be made like Lake Party and everyone will give it 100 hope this happens soon

VeNNoM 2013.05.15
As always, very entertaining. Good game.

jcc1985 2013.05.15
ok game at girl could be more

Raven68 2013.05.15
nice seen better Tough
but neat girl and fine story

Decardo 2013.05.15
Bit meh, not a great game

Jaaru 2013.05.15
Nice looking new game, liked it.

Wyszna 2013.05.15
Game is nice but i saw better

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