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Sexy Strip Poker


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Domenik 2017.10.17
Poker and sexy girls . Fun game

06awmahmood 2017.10.14
its a fun game o kill time

dropgunx4 2017.08.28
Fun and simple enough. The videos make the game so much better.

marcus747 2017.08.13
Pretty basic game, models are nice enough, at least it isn`t just still pictures.

Laelith 2017.07.28
Animation a bit simple, average video

lolasaurusrex 2017.07.20
Girls are hot, nice graphics, and fun game

LX0809 2017.06.17
I like poker. And I like gorgeous women. Am I allowed not to enjoy such a wonderful combination?! ;) Of course I`m happy ))).

Poisoned 2017.04.16
I like the videos, and the hot women. Good combo.

ChaseMe 2017.04.02
Love this one. The girls are beaytiful

tino4574 2017.03.11
great vids for this classic poker game


ianjames 2017.03.10
beautiful girls pitty im rubbish at poker

kemode 2017.03.09
I can`t get past Brandie...WTF?

kemode 2017.03.09
Jessica is HOT. Fun game even if you don`t know how to play poker.

kemode 2017.03.09
Fun game and very hot girl!

ZarMolinsky 2017.02.19
Nice game but i preferd the hold`em version

ludo40 2017.01.29
beutifull girls in this games

pjbond 2017.01.11
Nice looking girls, though I would really prefer natural boobs instead of fake. Also, it would be nice if they started in clothes, then lingerie, then finally nude.

DarkLordDiablos 2017.01.08
Nothing more fun than Strip Poker with a HOT!!! Girl

Hammyy 2016.12.10
great game but very hard to win

happaa 2016.10.28
It takes a while to learn how t play the games

Erock789 2016.10.17
love the game. Needs more models.

alextrack10 2016.09.30
Very nice game. The 3rd girl is the best. Perfect body.

mali1007 2016.08.12
the game isnt that bad itself

bigdog1124 2016.06.23
graphics are noiceeeeee takes a minute to igure out its easy

jr1982 2016.05.28
NIce poker game.. a bit predictable AI though. But the videos make it worthwhile. :)

erock31 2016.05.15
reallt love this game and the model was awesome

Zeefuik 2016.05.11
I just love chrissy Moran

iowaboy1844 2016.03.21
decent poker game. realistic hands unlike others. AI for girls not that great. Too predictable and they never fold.

Tinhorse 2016.02.17
great strip poker game........really liked it.......

latinagr 2016.01.30
When you can see the girl striped I bet all my money to that

swordslasher27 2015.12.30
Liked the variety and choices in models you have relatively fun game also

Nelis87 2015.11.15
Love the fact that it is with video and not just foto`s

soltero43 2015.10.02
A fun strip poker game. Three adult models/actresses make it even more enjoyable.

Diddo 2015.09.19
It is a nice game and funny

SumStnr 2015.09.09
It was ok, pretty good graphics and all, i feel like it could benefit from more content tho

Xlaxx 2015.08.22
Good gameplay if only the music wasnt so loud

kronos2120 2015.08.03
Unfortunately just another generic poker game!

Blaze74 2015.08.03
Great game, really hot girls

ayjay123 2015.07.11
Fun game with great rewards :D

chengren168 2015.07.05
The background music should be small

Jim97 2015.05.28
Incredibly hot, and I like poker, so a win win

reuben003 2015.04.20
good graphics nice games and cool one

battletime 2015.04.18
Beautiful women on this game. Jessica is the winner in my book. Easy to play and you actually have to make smart bets to win.

jangjang 2015.04.12
Just cant seem to win a hand makes me sad

smjack 2015.04.04
Beautiful women, though the second two are more tease than anything. Worth playing for the first one. One of the easier poker games out there.

sexstar69 2015.04.01
strip poker is always fun, but I didn`t like this one

cumalongnow 2015.03.28
sexy and amazing, great fun

RalphiusMaximus 2015.03.20
Not the best game ever. Fairly basic to beat but the girls are hot.

dermie 2015.03.01
i love how its a real character being used

holystoner 2015.02.25
strip poker is always fun - another great standard sp game

gwazz 2015.01.21
very sexy girls unfortunately i am a rubbish poker player

ftw44052 2015.01.18
the real video of girls stripping is great I could play this a few times

tianxiazuqiu 2014.12.04
good game and nice video,need some luck

Doodie 2014.11.26
This game is way too hard. Music is annoying and the sound effects are stupid as well. The videos are nice, but the game is too hard to really progress.

Seth_Voss 2014.11.20
Tricky but the reward is worth it.

Ironman49 2014.10.31
Good game play, and graphics. Hopefully there will be more versions soon.

rishishah 2014.10.02
the girls in this game are SUPER sexy, it`s a little too easy and too short though, more girls as hot as this would be appreciated :)
a tip for those having trouble, if you have a good hand bid VERY high because the girls will normally not fold

valmis117 2014.09.25
very good variety of girls

LGGreen 2014.09.20
poker AND nude babes, that`s a special combination

artik20 2014.09.15
i like the game but a bit too hard for me

bikano 2014.08.31
best strip poker dynamic i`ve ever seen

kinou21 2014.08.27
This is definitely the better format of the strip poker games available.

booomer21 2014.08.26
it`s a great game. very nice women too

booomer21 2014.08.26
got stuck, would only let me draw 2

xxRyanxx 2014.08.20
like the fact that you can choose from several chicks, not usually of fan of these games

Drew31 2014.07.23
love this game!!!!!!!!!!!!

jawiejetzt 2014.07.17
pretty nice game,tasty chicks...clear rules

Rumfred 2014.07.08
nice strip vids - girls are easy to beat

paisa 2014.06.24
im not really good at poker but I managed

benboe1 2014.06.21
Yes I enjoyed playing this game a lot and not just because I won. It would be nice if the girl said something both win/ lose in game or in the videos attached.

makila94 2014.06.16
it was a really cool game, and the girl was really sexy

eXten 2014.06.11
With the first girl it was easy, but with the two other... I lost with a full house -.-

back_stabbin 2014.05.30
good game
kinda hard
fun to play

tymeris 2014.05.24
good game with good graphic

ab181275 2014.05.17
The game is so good that it teases away my mind and makes its graphics look more good.

smax2 2014.05.12
the hottest girls in the poker room!!

ocelot620 2014.05.09
A bit slow for me did not like it..Another one where boredom sets in very quickly!

gapesix 2014.05.07
great idea to put some videos, the girls are hot

westoy 2014.05.03
very nice videos. very beautiful models

Totto2706 2014.04.28
nice game, godd graphics, hot girls

grangeman7359 2014.04.26
Nice videos and gameplay not too hard

Abraxis 2014.03.22
the odds of consistent loss keep this from ever being anything more that a novelty. Another one where boredom sets in very quickly!

Mr_Untouchable 2014.03.14
This is the perfect combination poker and naked girls!

savion 2014.02.27
nice game graphics are awsome

littlecletus 2014.02.26
fun game three diff girls to undress not bad guys keep it up

sexylonda 2014.02.23
ver nice game good grahic great story

[HD] 2014.02.22
Nice game would play it many times

rhnissansales 2014.02.04
I love brandy`s final video, only wish I could watch her finish. Maybe we could play a few more rounds for that!

rhnissansales 2014.02.04
The videos are a nice plus, not to mention the vibrator!

ilovegames 2014.01.28
good game ...graphics too...

TheOne678 2014.01.18
Great game, the videos were good

bigguy97 2013.12.31
Brandie is Brandy Edwards

John G 2013.11.14
Great game-play and really good prizes.

Zeids 2013.11.11
Nice game. The graphic are nice too and its a great game with such video

Rob-63 2013.11.10
Needs an update with more girls and more of a challenge too easy, nice videos though.

Meikon82 2013.10.26
Its a nice game withe beautiful girls but too easy and not complete

demon8207 2013.10.23
nice easy game 3 sexy babes 10/10

studi_jungfrau 2013.10.19
very easy to win the games, great video clips- i am not crazy about the girls though

vjspring 2013.10.13
standard five card draw game but girls are hot and videos re very nice

zwen 2013.10.08
nice graphics and gameplay

vrijbuiter 2013.10.02
nice poker game en de vids are great

littlefury 2013.10.01
Nice game, sexy odels and love the video strips

boinker106 2013.09.24
Models are really good looking, although I feel like they get much better hands more often...

noogad 2013.09.20
I loved the graphics and the gameplay

necr0000 2013.09.13
kinda weak AI, but nice videos :)

AxelKool 2013.09.13
Nice, i am a Crissy Moran`s fan

CidVic 2013.09.05
I think the game very good must very slow.

F0SM 2013.09.03
I like the game a lot. At the start its a bit confusing, that "call" also means "check" and the poker AI is a bit too weak.

...and could you pls make the movie window a bit smaller? /irony off

sklavincari 2013.08.25
the video sequences are really nice here; apart from that usual, but that makes it special

szk 2013.08.06
nothing like classic poker, sexy girls, great photos and with videos, excelent game

M.Aurelius 2013.07.29
Who even plays the traditional kind of poker anymore? I`m very confused about how you even play. I had higher cards a lot of the time, but the girl beat me...

vinniekill 2013.07.25
very nice game but the sound gets a bit boring after a while

toughguy0318 2013.07.22
the video clips makes this better than most strip poker games plus the girls are hot. winner in my book!

SummoningDark 2013.07.22
Nah... not a fan. Too much of a struggle to get a good run of cards. Pics and vids are good, though.

petten007 2013.07.19
This game is so enjoyable and fun! more of these, maybe with different games

Sam2013 2013.07.18
Good game, pics and vids. Poker is what comes to mind when I see Chrissy

iBEATMYPP 2013.07.09
iLove that Crissy in this game

sexxxmachine 2013.06.28
great game great graphics

saintsfanloz 2013.06.12
the game was easy but the girls were hot

arss 2013.06.11
sucks, I don`t know poker and there was no explanation of it so I kep tlosing.

calvino9 2013.06.10
short videos are very beautiful
poker game is rather easy

ShawnF 2013.06.10
really nice game with HD images and hot videos

merlash1 2013.06.09
Not a bad game i liked it and the vids arnt bad either.

Deafprevet 2013.06.01
Trick to this game Is click on $100 then with luck You can win game

GrimRipper 2013.05.28
I love Chrissy Moran, the videos where an unexpected bonus. Would have liked to see more of her! :)

Alper Tunga 2013.05.24
I like poker but I Iove strip poker

jonnescion 2013.05.21
i`m not good at poker but i love crissy!!!

addaxe115 2013.05.17
boring game very repetative

gwazz 2013.04.22
at poker i am a real looser

kriegos 2013.03.31
the girls are so hot!!!! nice game

jagare 2013.03.27
Nice game, graphics are also nice

jagare 2013.03.27
This was really awesome, i really loved it omg

codie25craft 2013.03.27
i love strip poker but i wish you`d make more games

4queijos 2013.03.26
Wow, just got amazed, this should be in pokerstars.net. AWESOME

imiko 2013.03.16
Best online poker game I`ve played yet

Sparhawk349 2013.03.07
This game is great, plus with the addition of the clips when she looses completly make it awesome! No need for anything else to make this game good! It`s already the best!

63ted 2013.03.07
Enjoyed games with real girls and speed of play.

Ace-Nut 2013.02.14
Not a bad game. I like the use of the real people.

bigjed 2013.02.03
fantastic strip game, recommend it

Gordn3 2013.01.26

That game is too bored but nice pics.

egane 2013.01.23
poke and sexy women what els more nead a meen?

oranjeboven 2013.01.12
As hot as it gets, with these videostreams.

Enaud47 2013.01.11
I love strip poker games and this is a good one. realistic hands and good winning - loosing streaks.... Chrissy is awesome..

shyman44425 2013.01.08
crissy moran is absolutely stunning. what a great game!

kavya 2013.01.02
gaphics nice per loading bhoot letahe

kavya 2013.01.02
nicebra per mmajanahi aaya............

veleno72 2012.12.30
Not as easy at it may seem... and not as difficult, anyway ;oP
Great rewards. ;o)

BritishJoe 2012.12.28
gotta love some strip poker

DirtyPigeon 2012.12.27
Older game, quite amusing with the milfs!

Foxhound777 2012.12.19
This game is a real challange and the rewards include even videos. Very well done.

idontcarereally 2012.12.03
this is a good game to play poker
just like watching them on video

lpparker 2012.12.03
more than what i expected good game

sunny0908 2012.11.27
its really good
nd surely gonna tease ur ....

Long Dick 2012.11.18
i just like strip poker games,play all that i can find

droopy1988 2012.11.18
nice girl would like to find her in my bed

droopy1988 2012.11.18
aawesome girl would like to see in y room just like that.

noti 2012.11.14
The best strip poker and the girl are so beautiful

Asghan 2012.11.09
The best strip poker format so far

Horgretor 2012.11.07
Awesome game. I loved the gameplay, the music is ok and can be turned off which is a huge plus. The girsl are super hot. Great!

MoonDude 2012.10.27
Nice strip poker game. I liked the video strip sessions

droopy1988 2012.10.25
great game fairly easily to understand

XGoldenboyX 2012.10.21
great game fairly esay compared to the others

chrischau12 2012.10.12
the girl in this game is so hot

TBear9877 2012.10.11
Good game nice pictures and video.

benboe 2012.10.02
The best strip poker format so far

oranjeboven 2012.09.26
Now that is strippoker!

Jokke1 2012.09.24
A good strip poker with really hot girls :-)

maceodou 2012.09.24
Strips in video are just too cool!! That changes....

jahe 2012.09.22
im not good at poker,only one girl i got strip naked
this is a good game to play poker
just like watching them on video

daed 2012.09.19
quite easy. crissy is smoking though!

chome 2012.09.18
Nice pics and videos, I quite like the sounds in the game.

biochm98 2012.09.15
hot girls...like strip poker with video

ruiverson 2012.09.02
Sexy girls but easy to win.
nevertheless, it`s worth the ending..

MarcoXXL2245 2012.09.01
nice game really nice nice graphic nice girl

mettaknight25 2012.08.28
the game is okay, but the third woman is hot. Dammmmmmn

Froizmann 2012.08.27
Nice game with nice graphics

zr77z 2012.08.27
Pretty nude women and poker...what else could anyone want?

kimmiro09 2012.08.20
Nice game, graphics are also nice

kimmiro09 2012.08.20
not a bad game was fairly easy

HHangman 2012.08.16
Best poker game i ever played. nice videos

cheldee 2012.08.13
Wow. Works for me. Nice that they added videos.

wolfman 2012.08.07
the girls are ok,but their teasing gets on your nerves ,EXPAND PLEASE LADIES

protagonist1989 2012.08.07
it was just like any other strip poker

lache 2012.08.02
Good videos and great game!

josten 2012.07.21
Get a damn cock in that girl

smellybanana 2012.07.17
shes hot. great game with real good graphics

Wardog013 2012.07.15
graphic was good wreckon im not much good at poker

babugee 2012.07.08
i`m stuck in this game ( i dont know how to play poker), please help me

stevie 2012.07.05
Would love to see them get some toys and go further.

CaptFantastic 2012.07.04
This is a pretty cool game. Love the video shorts.

pjw5328 2012.06.23
I like the fact that the bet limits are high in this game, it makes for a better pace when you don`t have to nickel and dime your way through the girl`s bank account.

BRASFAS 2012.06.23
a very fun game to play with some chanlleges which makes it fun

17dvldog75 2012.06.17
All 3 opponents are awsome.

qazwsxedc1 2012.06.16
always love a strip poker game

elishacuthbert 2012.06.11
Pretty nude women and poker...what else could anyone want?

xxxoxxx 2012.06.08
nice.............very good game, i like

JolieJoker712 2012.06.07
brandie is so sexy...fantastic eyes !

Flasher1 2012.05.30
I really enjoined those videos!

just4onlinexs 2012.05.27
always love a strip poker game - this one has super hot girls too

adarad83 2012.05.26
great game. i fucking love crissy moran

eighthsin 2012.05.25
Would love to see them get some toys and go further.

Stitchy 2012.05.22
Nice Pics & Vids. I hope there coming more girls.

bahamut86 2012.05.19
very hot girls! nice game

ozorne_6 2012.05.14
I keep on loosing, run out of patience, perhaps next time.

[BY]WEGAS 2012.05.13
Great card game. Fun to win.

matsx 2012.05.09
soooo sexy girls!! a very nive game!

duke51 2012.05.08
Nice girls, exciting poker game, I like all stripped ladies

C.C. 2012.05.03
Game is worth playing for the great looking ladies.

John G 2012.03.30
Sometimes very difficult to "feel-out" but can be rewarding with patience.

haha42 2012.03.28
very nice game. Good pics and vids, although sometimes it??s quite hard.

slitplayer 2012.03.28
Ahhhhh, I love winning at poker especially strip poker.

John G 2012.03.27
Pretty nude women and poker...what else could anyone want?

erfanrassi 2012.03.26
that was sooooooooooooooooo sexy strip poker

Fastnick 2012.03.25
Nice poker game with beautiful girls

John G 2012.03.23
Nice playing poker game with benefits.

chamong 2012.03.22
nice game,this is a good awesome game

phionx02 2012.03.16
The girls make the game good

John G 2012.03.15
Great playing poker game with great rewards.

uber50 2012.03.14
Best poker game i`ve played in ages, Girls are pretty, and its straight forward to play, no unnecesary complications

macky14 2012.03.14
One of the best video poker games....excellent game play that doesnt make it too easy to win, and beautiful girls.

Aphiliuswb 2012.03.07
Beautiful girls, hot videos, fast and furious gameplay. 10/10.

stordan 2012.03.04
very sexy videoclips. good strip pokergame.

John G 2012.03.02
Not too difficult to win but the videos are great.

sameer4uall 2012.03.02
i was always in search of this kind of games

111spartan 2012.03.01
She is so hot! Fun game!

John G 2012.03.01
Great game play and really like the videos.

Aqua_fish 2012.03.01
There`s quite a few comments on these games huh? :-D

Girgle 2012.02.29
Great game, even thought it was easy!

John G 2012.02.27
Great card game. Fun to win.

ancuta 2012.02.26
Nice game.....but should be more babes

airforcewun 2012.02.26
nice poker game plus nice babes...but dere should be more of dem

kergeller 2012.02.22
the game is easy the girls are beautiful the vids could be bigger but we need more games like this

yody11 2012.02.20
christie moran last time seeing her

zomalagasy 2012.02.18
poker is limit sucks! forgive me! i like poker but like this not... teh girls are hot & beautiful

astracat 2012.02.15
I really enjoined those videos!

nefarious1098 2012.02.15
Best poker game i`ve played in ages, Girls are pretty, and its straight forward to play, no unnecesary complications

flyguy 2012.02.15
OK game, but interface becomes a bit of burden after the first few rounds...

derekto 2012.02.12
YES!! love this game and of course love the girls!!!!

1234sexy chik1234 2012.02.12
lods and lods boring but the vedio is gooood

DDFUL 2012.02.12
beautiful games, nice graphics and girls

Rudy4u 2012.02.12
very hot pokergame, nice girls

alopalo 2012.02.09
this is an easy game , just need to watch her choice .... Anyways the video is good , wish she can do more than that .

m3992010 2012.02.08
Great game, simple mechanics. I love Crissy!

madmax45 2012.02.06
Nice game, graphics are also nice !

BigDaddyPsycho 2012.02.02
Nice poker game, the girls are sexy and I liked to see the vids, first time I see one in a poker game.

brit_man33 2012.02.01
Game is well done. The models are good looking too.

Ryoxxx 2012.01.31
Nice game! Good pic and animation

John G 2012.01.30
What a great game to take peoples minds off of their problems.

lobegrinder 2012.01.25
Great way of doing it but sometimes the videos dont load?

John G 2012.01.22
Still a Really Great Game for the price.

mthird 2012.01.21
it was good, choices make the game more appealing

John G 2012.01.21
Fair card-play and pic`s are good.

playforce991 2012.01.19
It`s OK. Videos are not fantastic and neither are the pictures. Maybe I just don`t like this type of game.

bigbubba97 2012.01.19
This game is great. I love it

Gene0877 2012.01.18
Very Nice game, graphics are good and love winning

hornyman199 2012.01.16
Love poker a it is, just adding the stripping and hot-ass chicks makes it the best. So far this is my 2nd best.

TickleBear 2012.01.15
Fun Game to play, love the strip video`s

betelgeuse49 2012.01.15
Crissy is so gorgeous. Would be nice to have the opton to play the videos through again though. I tried clicking around to see if that was possible and managed to reset my game against Crissy. Will have to play it again now to get through to the end (maybe that is where you do get to view the videos again?)

Larry Joe Bob Jr II 2012.01.14
Pretty easy to win and great girls! just the right length game.

hobosrock 2012.01.02
great game. i fucking love crissy moran

John G 2011.12.31
Great game play and fun to beat the girls.

mikicostanza 2011.12.30
cool strip poker game very hot girls

John G 2011.12.29
Poker and hot women, what a great combination.

jukio 2011.12.29
very good game, nice video!

John G 2011.12.28
Really like. Love the added videos when you win. Well worth playing.

pall 2011.12.25
good game, all 3 girls were amazing

emaznboy 2011.12.25
simple game with nice pics. Like

volleyball.11 2011.12.23
This is definitely the better format of the strip poker games available.

Michel99 2011.12.18
great game
nice pictures
but too easy i think

valentineml 2011.12.11
Nice, game love the girls...so beautiful

Alastiss 2011.12.10
Wow nice girls.... i love it

leapcentury 2011.12.08
perfect game with sweet girls but way too easy to play

Occy 2011.12.07
great game, good girls, but a little easy

babyb0i86 2011.12.05
very hott women and very good game

bigstick36 2011.12.05
nothing special good graphics

CaptainPorno 2011.11.29
A nice selection of gorgeous women.

amor hegazy 2011.11.29
may be this is the best game but ifany body thik another thing he havt to remind again

andy_regresa 2011.11.25
Very good game, in the line of the other of the same company, many women (all knows, except three), awesome

wateshito 2011.11.25
Loved, strip poker are great, and the girls are perfect

amalica1 2011.11.23
poker with hot girls enough said

hearse62 2011.11.23
Classic strip poker with hot models. What else do you want?

rb813 2011.11.22
The interface was a little unusual, but having a choice of different girls was nice.

derekto 2011.11.22
great game!!!!
I love it easy to win and you can play as much as you want without getting bored!!!

zenginoglu 2011.11.21
This is great game... I like it very much...

C.C. 2011.11.19
With these three girls you can`t lose even when you lose.

andreas10111 2011.11.18
This is fore sure the best strip poker game out there, I love the cutscenes

BallIdiot 2011.11.13
Very good strip poker game. The best I have played. The women are beautiful.

Rudy4u 2011.11.12
One of the best strip poker games ever, great graphics

Rujisaric 2011.11.12
this is the best poker game that I play

CapnMorgan 2011.11.09
The graphics are fine but the controls are pretty clunky. Would like to see this revised with better controls.

revaldo 2011.11.04
good game - nice graphics

donb 2011.11.02
Excellent, although a bit easy

d.a 2011.10.25
woow what a beuts? need to plaay

Lednacek 2011.10.22
deffinately a favourite.
video could have better quality otherwise its excellent

jacarver 2011.10.16
one of the best poker games i`ve ever played. having videos with the women striping makes the difference

brikadams1 2011.10.15
the girls are hot. i like the vids

sh69 2011.10.14
It`d be better if it were hold`em or if the girls ever folded.

jacyan 2011.10.13
wah... i keep losing but nice game actually

jcoelho67 2011.10.08
it`s a good, and rather rewarding, way of practicing poker, i guess? :P

elo2man 2011.10.02
One of the best Strip Poker games I`d ever played. Very explicit and dynamic.

liggumz 2011.09.30
good game, video is a nice touch.

tmflu 2011.09.29
Nice poker game...easy to play and the girls are hot!!!

Miladiou 2011.09.29
very hot strip poker, good game

firion69 2011.09.28
it`s a good, and rather rewarding, way of practicing poker, i guess? :P

Scarpia 2011.09.26
Like taking candy from a child :D

playboy1982 2011.09.26
this game is pretty cool,i love poker anyway,but strip poker is even better.

roads123 2011.09.22
This is one of the best poker games i have played

TBear9877 2011.09.20
Good game Would like more of challenge.

vonquote 2011.09.20
not bad, would like to see the girls bluff more.

biess_cze 2011.09.19
nice girls, fine game :-)

snottel 2011.09.18
Love this game, more of this ;-))

dennis 10 2011.09.18
Georgeus girle love the game.

sir.valoroso 2011.09.16
?ts terr?ble girls are bad and ? dont take plessure

drubie4 2011.09.14
crissy is great but lame poker game.

muskrat666 2011.09.08
Not too challenging. Just right! I love girl number 2

aerdna1901 2011.09.07
you need foortune... but it`s not very good

kinglakers22 2011.09.03
this game could use more girls

2000918 2011.09.03
patiece = reward and plenty of it

joeblow1960 2011.09.02
Sexy women, must be patient

Jaaru 2011.09.02
Ok little game, liked it.

modi2 2011.09.01
cool game, i love crissy :)

Dave Maxim 2011.09.01
Good game, great videos, interface could`ve been better though.

playforcex 2011.08.30
good game very nice :D and it have been good

Joostschook 2011.08.30
Good game, hot girls and the movies are nice.

flakeydiver 2011.08.29
Strip poker will always be a fave game. Hot girls

jeroen-troost 2011.08.29
The video gives it al little extra. I like it

jeroen-troost 2011.08.29
I love that it`s not too easy. And Crissy is beautiful

dieguit0000 2011.08.29
Nice game
Crissy is so hot!!!!!!!!!!!!

Emery 2011.08.28
great game, good graphics

ndoy 2011.08.26
beautiful girls.
i want them in my bedroom,and have sex with me.

Priam 2011.08.26
Very sexy girls, great game.

Priam 2011.08.26
Great girls, and fairly easy game.

evilous 2011.08.25
the gals r hot plus the clip is nice

theWarder 2011.08.21
A bit difficult but all around an amazing game the things i would do to Crissy tho wow

dragonman1961 2011.08.16
no videos without full access and cant get to it..that sucks..take this game off

Beczaster 2011.08.16
Too bad there are just 3 opp....

j0sh 2011.08.15
wow! this game is so sexy! the girl is hard to beat..kudos to playforce1

BillyMountai 2011.08.15
I`ve searched a long time for a decent strip poker game. At last, one that exceeds my expectations.

padme 2011.08.14
good game,great models,post more please!!!!

elo77 2011.08.11
hot sex scenes, many girls
quite difficult, it`s a good poker game
i like it

rstringer11 2011.08.11
awesome game hot girls simple i loved it

badb457 2011.08.10
It`s easy to win, cause of simple strategy of the opponents, but so you get the nice videos easily

jer1981 2011.08.08
These girls are smoking hot, makes it worth plying even though you get dealt jack a bunch.

fmonc 2011.08.03
This is the best strip poker game I`ve ever seen!

spokxx 2011.08.02
Fun game. Videos give it something extra.

Jakala 2011.08.02
one of the best free poker games I have seen

MrMister 2011.08.01
how do i get her to strip? i won but nothings happening

M_vrhrn 2011.08.01
enjoyable game - would be nice if the videos were the full game window size

dranem 2011.07.31
not working on my laptop :(

MC388 2011.07.29
The videos are nice. Great game overall

Lesleytje 2011.07.28
Excellent gameplay and perfect ladies.

Serg1 2011.07.26
Wow. It`s real game. It`s nice girls.

PierceSatan 2011.07.25
I really like the video adition!

cantthink69 2011.07.24
Nice game and girls. Video`s were a nice surprise

Steve247 2011.07.22
Very good game. can be a bit hard at times it is worth it

RoyalJester 2011.07.22
Probably the best I have every played.

tukangpoto 2011.07.19
best poker game that i`ve ever play. nice video with good quality of graphic, however the sound is not really good

arie226 2011.07.16
very good game with moderate diffuculatty to play and just all around fun

FicklePickleTickle 2011.07.15
The videos are nice, but the interface needs work.

pawan2modi 2011.07.11
vruy erected game, make some more loguical game like this. My Ukranian wife, waiting her to be free

punky71 2011.07.11
Nice game and very nice girls

takumii 2011.07.11
game is very hot to bad you need a full acess pass huh =[

unitysteve 2011.07.10
Nice game nice looking Girls

m4t0n 2011.07.10
hots girls makes this game superb

okonamaroko2 2011.07.09
i like play poker and i like girls, nice game

chestcat28 2011.07.07
i think it would be better if they did poker for porn

mrmot 2011.07.07
I like poker games...girls are beautiful.

Pekklo 2011.07.06
love the game love the girls 10/10

sean06388 2011.07.06
best poker game that i`ve ever play. nice video with good quality of graphic, however the sound is not really good

matiouch 2011.07.01
beautifull game with some hot chicks

hotpoato013 2011.06.30
Best strip poker in my opinion

hookie89 2011.06.28
Really Love this game 10/10 plus the girls are hot

tallneb13 2011.06.24
Fun game. Videos give it something extra.

mhudar 2011.06.23
All the chicks got hot ass

mhudar 2011.06.23
Poker is always my favorite games as it is too

Stentor 2011.06.21
Nice game.Godd Videos. Good Graphic

jackysy 2011.06.20
nice girl,nice game,nice vedio

arskha 2011.06.17
nice game but they need improvement

bigpoppa56 2011.06.15
Great game, Carly is the best! Though it helps if you know poker ;-)

derda 2011.06.14
good graphic, nice videos, unable to turn off the music.

shinjisan 2011.06.12
I love that you see videos of the girl stripping instead of still photos only, and the games are easy to win!

farkas 2011.06.10
Very hot stripgame. I waiting new girls package soon.

zerban 2011.06.09
The game is very good, i like it

frey111 2011.06.08
nice girls and videos in this game surprised me

topdart 2011.06.07
This is great game and i love the video.....

jemmi 2011.06.05
Nice game and girls. Video`s were a nice surprise

stranger1 2011.06.04
Videos and gameplay are great!

b3ru4ng 2011.06.03
wow nice game, nice video too

Jamie993 2011.06.01
Awesome game!!!!!!!!!!!!!! girl making me cum

johndellsman 2011.05.30
nices game cool girls but kinda hard to beat

cantu57 2011.05.28
I like poker and I like stripping girls :0
What else is there?

bigsexyirishboy 2011.05.26
It wasn`t terrible but it could be improved.

pzzylkr 2011.05.26
I like the game but more of a holdem poker guy myself

Hektor115 2011.05.23
A bit standard strip poker. not very great. nice play graphs...

BlueGold 2011.05.23
it´s not so easy to win. but i love the videos

sexybecy84 2011.05.22
Great game, love a bit of sexy poker!

toogrumpy 2011.05.21
This game was better than I expected. Love it

Mike_Shinoda81 2011.05.16
This is great game and i like it...

Firefoxwizard 2011.05.16
Easy game, but the scenes were great, loving jessica lynn

tacotacotaco 2011.05.16
graphics are good game was fun and the animations were nice

Skarn62 2011.05.11
Nice & hot girls.
I don`t like this poker variety.

dr.dirty 2011.05.11
thoose grirls are soo hot and the video clip are great twist.. but its a stupit sort of poker

Schwalbe 2011.05.10
Ooops, the game stopped, when I wrote the last comment. Is that necessary?

Schwalbe 2011.05.10
It`s easy to win, cause of simple strategy of the opponents, but so you get the nice videos easily

dinosaur 2011.05.10
best poker game i`ve played

Deathfather0 2011.05.09
sexy looking girls and like the short little video

derek32725 2011.05.05
its a good game beautiful women too

marco_19_80 2011.04.28
WOW this pokergame is fantastic and the girls are hot

adj197 2011.04.27
great game. i enjoyed it alot

AragornI 2011.04.26
Lovely game with lovely chicks, hard to beat!

Aynal_lee 2011.04.22
Good game,like the video clips,nice touch.

xenon956 2011.04.18
hot girls , everything was amazing , especially at the end

dyoiram 2011.04.14
nice game and good graphics, i want have a better luck nex time

slv 2011.04.11
Great gameplay. Great graphics, real models. Video was great.

TelorSwift 2011.04.10
Now this is a 5 star game for me. Simple and easy to play, and the videos add up a lot to the experience!

bj69 2011.04.09
very good graphics attrive girls mmmmmm

Mecki112 2011.04.08
very nice videos, lovely women..

bubba001 2011.04.06
nice game and sensual lady

Immerhin 2011.04.03
I really like having the video at each level.

Kleiner1507 2011.04.03
great game, nice videos and pictures. luv this game

Benoit07 2011.04.01
Needs to be bigger or zoom

Bibbzy 2011.03.30
nice game but video needs to be fullscreen

abdoellah 2011.03.30
good game nice chicks too bad im not much of a poker player :(

MarkG_VA 2011.03.29
Vids plus pic is a very nice touch ... I also like how it`s not too difficult to beat in a reasonable amount of time, unlike some poker games ...

sexACE 2011.03.26
Good Game, only which you could watch all the videos in a row after winning.

chukungri 2011.03.26
An easy game to win and decent photos

aristoteles 2011.03.25
very good game, i like the video..

platewolf 2011.03.23
Good chics butpoor game interface

Smyxter 2011.03.21
Good game. Poker and sexy women what could go wron

quinton19 2011.03.19
love the graphics, great game too

yehwenn 2011.03.19
Great game. I love vids when playing strip poker.

Nightwiss 2011.03.18
Love the vids extra. Nice game

Benoit07 2011.03.16
The vids are a great addition - needs a bit more control size zoom pan

DeaconFrost 2011.03.15
Rewards in the game are real video sequence, good quality and the three different girls/opponents are just splendid, very sensual . Those are on repeat mode and you will watch them more than once, I can tell and probably play to see the them all which isn`t hard at all to be honest.
The IA is really awful and will play with the worst pair and try to bluff... And barely fold.
Just blunt having a streak and you will get all videos quickly, I guess this is the whole point more than playing itself.
Still that game is going into my favs hahaha.

zaffreaxhc 2011.03.14
nice chicks.
it makes me really horny

pobox 2011.03.13
Great game. I love the bonus videos

pobox 2011.03.13
Great game, lovely ladies and the videos are a plus!

Bigg26 2011.03.12
great game videos are great and pics amazing

coldfire150 2011.03.08
The chicks are gorgeous and the game was fun. Great graphics.

reg1991 2011.03.07
good game but quite difficult

jet6jeu 2011.03.07
this game is more difficult than you would think

gargletron 2011.03.04
By far the best strip poker game I have played online!

scythe00 2011.03.03
well designed game, but with most poker games it takes time to play, good for killing time.

Jannegie 2011.02.25
crissy is by far the hottest how about u?

silver12 2011.02.25
cybererotica is great, really hot girls and great scenes

gamecon99 2011.02.24
Gorgeous women great game

lomiydo 2011.02.24
Hot girls, good game. I recommend this one.

lobao 2011.02.22
Very nice game, but too easy.

durex10 2011.02.21
Very nice game and the graphics are very cool

ady86sheran 2011.02.18
nice girls and quite an easy game

dimmus 2011.02.17
Really enjoyed the game, vids excellent, game play easy

steamroll2012 2011.02.15
you need a lot of patience to win this game,not a gimmie you have to earn these wins.

four44 2011.02.14
sometimes annoying how are they good sometime yet bad a others

junglemonkee 2011.02.12
another awesome take on the classical strip poker game! i love the cut to the full motion vids.

babo_23 2011.02.10
very nice girl and nice game to play

randy06 2011.02.10
love this game wish ther waas more and u and her in some action all the girls that is

paragon117 2011.02.10
Great game. GIrls with poker is the best combination!!

tintin1989 2011.02.09
great game, great models could play all day long

ratonius 2011.02.08
Good game and graphics make the reward with the effort,hot pics.

ballstoyou 2011.02.08
good game and hot chicks but relatively easy

randy06 2011.02.07
great game done all three goirls which they was real mmmmmmmmm meow

kmrounds 2011.02.07
good game sometime it takes to long to win

trickyboy 2011.02.07
top girls, resizing the video would be good

suikz 2011.02.05
chicks were awesome super hot

Albertinho 2011.02.02
very beautiful girls!Try it!

horned 2011.02.01
nice game
love the video and brandie is so sweet
kinda reminds me of brooke burke

Ahmad1577 2011.02.01
Great games, sexy pictures and sex games

paddywhack 2011.01.31
really good game like the blonde

dirtygamer83 2011.01.29
great poker game. like the real human action of the girls. more of these are needed.

randy06 2011.01.28
geart game want more of these with about 6 or more girls

sexroulette 2011.01.27
so awesome, its a great game i love it

eros00 2011.01.25
game has nice pics and is not very difficult

Foxhound 2011.01.22
Nice pics and great videos. gambling and women a great game

spizio 2011.01.21
Pretty game, ma Crissy is amazing

paegan 2011.01.21
Nice girls ( i loved 3rd one )

greatgrizzard 2011.01.20
I really liked this game, nice video clips

tonito 2011.01.20
I felt like playing for real

Kires 2011.01.19
Fajna gierka je??li kto?? lubi rozbierany poker ;p

ratonius 2011.01.18
The videos make it a decent game ,beautiful women,but a little bit too easy to win.

sd45 2011.01.17
nice game girls dont fold like other games ive played and video screens sometimes dont close overall very fun game

thehotboy 2011.01.17
Who can say me, how i can Visit Kelly to get a QUEST (on my account)????

pls answer

Digger_1959 2011.01.15
Cute girls, I`m not very good at poker, but would like to poke her!

mustang1008 2011.01.15
Great game,nice babe hummmmm

snozzo 2011.01.12
good graphics, having the video makes it much better then the basic static photo type poker games.

mmarco 2011.01.10
Nice game I really enjoyed it !

Dzjorsj 2011.01.08
great girls, especially crissy, nice videos as well

R_bOnEz 2011.01.07
i love playing strip poker ,these girls are such a turn on,luv it

namildog 2011.01.07
Cool game play. The video sequences were a nice surprise

skeltis 2011.01.06
that music is awesome, anyone know where it comes from?

skeltis 2011.01.06
awesome girls, the blonde is defintely the hottest

userxy 2011.01.02
Nice girls, nice pictures, great animations

Dusty 2010.12.28
very cool game with nice girls to play with!

angelina6977 2010.12.28
didnt like it that much suppose it could be better!

elwin 2010.12.28
very good videos altough the game is a little tough

quack93 2010.12.22
Brunette was my favorite! Love Poker Games!

kinky888 2010.12.19
good game, easy, and three different hotties!

q123 2010.12.12
great models, more please!!!

hazard3976 2010.12.08
can we have more poker games please

popcorn2002 2010.12.07
Fun and quirky little game of poker.

Enix 2010.12.07
Good game with great videos

Stjerne 2010.12.04
Wish the computer knew how to play a better hand, would make it more interesting.

Brave Heart 2010.12.03
excellent game, great videos; it becomes a bit tough, but it gets interesting; she doesn`t fold, so she should do sometimes

grangeman731959 2010.12.01
Good game with great videos

zeretet 2010.11.30
Nice game I really enjoyed it

Hoogan00 2010.11.29
quite easy
and i like the videos. great pictures too btw.

Bothead 2010.11.29
Fun and quirky little game of poker.

skindog21 2010.11.29
the best poker game i have played, pics are hot.

Eddie Roc 2010.11.28
Nice strip poker game. The videos were a nice touch.

psolaras2010 2010.11.28
nice game....although sometimes it`s so unfair !

DeafScout23 2010.11.27
Woman is hot and it is good game

Pedro delacrosa 2010.11.27
My favorite Movie stars =DD

teijgertje 2010.11.25
nice poker game, great strip tease.

liuhailong 2010.11.23
Nice change with the videos in between.

kings1668 2010.11.21
Nice pic! but very hard to beat!

Ponds 2010.11.21
a fun game but it didn`t get my pulse racing

soulflame44 2010.11.21
the game is a sexy game but i get stuck sometimes

blackmagic 2010.11.21
I`m not really into poker but this game gets me into it. I wasn`t expecting videos but some kind of a slide show instead. Nice surprise!

Ray_man 2010.11.19
Verry nice girls. The video is great, i like it.

lkjh76fdsa 2010.11.17
great game i liked the graphics

komistus 2010.11.17
This game has good pictures

eralph67 2010.11.16
tough player and the rewards are pretty slow in coming but the graphics are excellent.

chumak 2010.11.15
Good use of video, needed to go further

eralph67 2010.11.11
Good game and graphics make the reward with the effort. Could go a couple of steps further for real rewards.

walfrid 2010.11.11
very hott i love the video sequence, and the fact that it doesn` close until you want it to.

niceguy107 2010.11.10
freakin awsome game gorgous lady

yy2 2010.11.09
With video! Nice! Card play is fun too.

gareth 2010.11.09
Great game, plays well but movies take it to another level. Superb

ismo115 2010.11.07
The game is not what i expect...its really bored i think, but the others are really good.. :)

sophia2435 2010.11.05
this game i love it. i most say i am really good at it too.

xronik 2010.11.05
Please, make a backgammon in such processing

SilverCheshire 2010.11.05
Extremely simple AI and game engine, but the strip videos were a fantastic touch!

Elfe 2010.11.04
These girls are totally amazing!

hugo57 2010.11.03
the hot women could`ve used more clothing to stretch out game , sexy stockings

lord vampiro 2010.10.29
i like very much this game. pretty girls and funny poker

tss99 2010.10.28
Very nice game, i really enjoy it!

trueguy1964 2010.10.28
great game enjoyed playing it!

north262 2010.10.27
very enjoyable, love the girls

Eaglesfanatic 2010.10.26
Great poker game and great videos

saleemgh 2010.10.26
great game great vids of the girls

DDE 2010.10.25
100% top game brandie is the hottest of all three

skyradio 2010.10.22
quite easy
and i like the videos. great pictures too btw.

TMAN81 2010.10.22
Cant wait till we get virtual realty on these games

mwbajkster 2010.10.20
Liked clips a lot. Gitls are so hot. The game 4 itself is a bit too easy.

longjonn22 2010.10.19
great game enjoyed playing it!

BobHoskins69 2010.10.19
Great game, plays well but movies take it to another level. Superb

xxrammherxx 2010.10.18
nice pics and vids it was an ok game

deus 2010.10.18
Great game but kept on getting beat with really good hands

mnadam 2010.10.18
Videos make this game very nice

neron 2010.10.16
wouldn`t be worth playing without the vids

dadofmatthew 2010.10.10
nice game damn that jessica is a hottie :)

orgout 2010.10.10
very fun, check out the thighs on jessica

Hipnos1981 2010.10.09
I love Crissy Moran... she is so hot!!!!

ckkent 2010.10.08
wow...nice game...
thanks for sharing

dammilionaire 2010.10.06
really a nice game and i like jessica shes so cute sexy

dammilionaire 2010.10.06
Nice pics, nice vids, nice everything :]

scotty_sanford 2010.10.02
i liked the acctual strip video. rather than just pics of step by step.

Martin148 2010.09.30
Nice video footage and cool graphics

sodibadru 2010.09.28
Amazing in every way way is all I have to say.

redbeard69ffx 2010.09.23
Brandie is entirely too hot!

fradi 2010.09.22
poker and woman, great combination...

asdffdsa 2010.09.19
Nice change with the videos in between.

kikimilu 2010.09.19
Awesome poker game, but easy

tophe35 2010.09.19
YES: relevant comments concerning gameplay, graphic, animation

Rimboythreeinch 2010.09.18
I`d love to see a shemale version of strip poker!

ffb 2010.09.14
Very nice game it is rare to see vids on an arcade game.

Smurf1977 2010.09.13
great game with very sexy chick and poker is aways good

Nijoul 2010.09.10
Awesome poker game, pretty easy and hot girls:)

lion_man 2010.09.10
this is the best strip poker, very nice

eiland 2010.09.09
Geiles Spiel gef?llt mir sehr gut

1qa2ws 2010.09.09
Good game! love the pics and videos

madsea 2010.09.06
Clean, easy game play and sexy videos, what`s not to like!

ratan 2010.09.06
game is pretty easy.....found all girls naked

PaleMemories 2010.09.03
Nice pictures and videos, but the music gets repetitive.

aofd1 2010.09.03
nice one, really like the left girl.

speedfreak 2010.09.03
the girl is awesome nice game nice graphics n/1

knoxbrando 2010.09.02
Im just not very good at poker.....good games tho

SiJohn 2010.09.02
Standard strip poker, but nice girls, nice videos!

wilowi937 2010.09.01
Good poker game and the video is sexy

fellamee 2010.08.30
not much of a poker game, but great girls and videos

matrixcow 2010.08.29
this poker game is perfect!

johnh2501 2010.08.29
Clean, easy game play and sexy videos, what`s not to like!

Lynol 2010.08.28
Pretty sweet poker playing

simson123 2010.08.28
Nice game, graphics are also nice

asdsadsad 2010.08.27
Its a good game, quick but very attractive girls, nice warm up game

Supergoof 2010.08.26
Easy Game. Fun to play. Nice Strip-Videos.

pete_rose 2010.08.23
a for sure fav. 3 hot chick pretty easy game. little video are the bomb

robertx26 2010.08.23
sweet game, three babes, wasn`t too hard to win, and I loved the video parts accompanying the pics

miztigdrummer 2010.08.23
i think that you all should find more games like this one. this one is good

seeeeeeeeeeeee 2010.08.23
i love real games like these , awsome.

beanieboy 2010.08.22
the game was easy to play loved the video sequences

whenweknew 2010.08.22
Does anyone know who the Brandi is, her real full name?

gad1111 2010.08.20
great game, sexy girls and great videos

jody890 2010.08.20
in my opinion the best strip poker game

mangemoi 2010.08.18
The girls are beautifull and there is nice unlockable video.

benny9 2010.08.15
the girls are good lookin there should be morelike it

ThirtyOne 2010.08.15
very easy, but very very nice pics and vids

jerome042 2010.08.15
great girls.and what a great idea to show videos

musocrul 2010.08.14
great game
nice pictures
but too easy i think

jjj16 2010.08.14
good game with good vids and pics

jansch83 2010.08.12
Awsome game. But a bit too easy for my taste...

sddude 2010.08.12
love the gameplay and will always play it

rhys1001 2010.08.10
A very attractive game and the videos put it head and shoulders above other poker games!

grunt2 2010.08.08
needs more girls available...

Outlawcowboy 2010.08.05
WOW nice game, more girls would be nice

Tobiasbeacher 2010.08.05
bad poker game with decent vids at the end.

kameno 2010.08.05
nice game indeed, two girls at once would be nice

car19821982 2010.08.04
nice game, more girls would be nice

winninghabbitual 2010.08.04
a good game with 3 hot babes more girls needed

hunglikeahorse1111 2010.08.03
good game the videos would only be better if they didnt repeat and just ended

billiam854 2010.07.29
cool vids crappy poker game

haha92 2010.07.29
Although I`m not that good at strip poker, I think it`s a really great game! Maybe I should practice some strip poker skills :D :D

conquer1000 2010.07.28
I suck at poker. any helpful tips for me

hoshisaga 2010.07.28
idea about videos are great

SuperRichie 2010.07.27
poker and games! great :)

wahooman48 2010.07.27
like the videos and the pics

sirmuffington 2010.07.26
pretty challenging cant wait till v.4

Crusader 2010.07.25
good video`s bit short mind

Ronaldo56 2010.07.24
Hot girls and easy playing

sire 2010.07.21
tipical games of cards.

123omg123 2010.07.21
i am not a fan of this poker games but nice babes

adis89 2010.07.18
great vids and crissy is so hot

belly1966 2010.07.18
i really liked the game, something new, with every time you won her money, it showed you a video of her strippin, really good

waardkerk 2010.07.16
Crissy Morgan is so hot ! Very nice videos, but too small. The game is not so difficult, just for enjoying time and girls.

seroquel 2010.07.09
This game seems more fair than other poker games. It`s a good passing of the time, and nice looking women.

Predator71 2010.07.07
Nice strippoker, small videoscreen though.

jeep44 2010.07.06
good gameplay, great graphics

arty30 2010.07.06
great vids for this classic poker game

craig_ka 2010.07.05
I`m a big fan of the real videos after you win a round

edo32 2010.07.05
Great game, love the vids

madogg 2010.07.04
Nice game, graphics are also nice

juhohenrik 2010.07.04
Anyone know the brunette`s full name?

durandal 2010.07.03
I enjoy the videos and the gameplay is great.

jamiewinston 2010.07.02
the video got in the way of everything

Dona 2010.07.02
Poker is poker but the video was a surprise.

Complete_Zane 2010.06.30
the woman was hot but it was a bit to easy

duke51 2010.06.30
good graphics and videos, I liked it

lucic17 2010.06.28
love the use of videos, all 3 girls are hot!

crazyawesomedude 2010.06.28
good version of strip poker, great vids

Eothonium 2010.06.27
This game get`s better and better everytime

Volkian 2010.06.21
Quite a good ver. of strip poker, the videos are the * in this ver. Girls OK, maybe not my 100% favorite type, byt crissy best.

Hal 2010.06.20
This is a great game! Graphics good and girls.....WOW

lekid jean 2010.06.20
game totally awesome...
im really horny after playing this game...

lekid jean 2010.06.20
loved the videos it makes the game really interesting.

lekid jean 2010.06.20
this game really make me horny..

dbsecurity 2010.06.18
If this is strip poker when do her clothes start coming off

hornyashell 2010.06.18
easy enough game to play. jessica`s cute but crissy is HOT! loving the videos, these types of games definitely need more of those.

azdam 2010.06.18
amazing game with great graphics, i really love it, play it 7 times, whoaa

allerum 2010.06.15
i liked it but could have been a better poker game...

rust 2010.06.14
good game jessica`s hottest imo. would be nice to know when they raised tho..kept messing that one up.

ad_reloaded 2010.06.13
girls are super hot in this game.

jessi 2010.06.12
very good game and beautifull videos

wrench 2010.06.10
Has a bug where you can`t return to the game if you stop the animation early.

lundsicle 2010.06.09
good game but its hard as hell

ghostwalker747 2010.06.09
real smoking hot girls and good gameplay

startabus 2010.06.09
I like the Videos. They are great.

elvis71 2010.06.08
Nice girls and good videos !
But too less girls!

rjcool55 2010.06.07
good game, hot girls, good videos

gr8egul 2010.06.05
3 sets of hot pics; should be m,ore of it

big dick 2010.06.03
i hate poker but his game has changed my mind

ridgeweiler 2010.06.03
great game!! was very easy to play and win, thanx

zzacc 2010.06.03
a bit too easy but the girls are pretty and the videos are superb

TheTeddy 2010.06.01
Crissy is defenetly the hotest of the 3 :)

wahooman48 2010.05.31
crissy moran is hot the game is straight forward

loogan 2010.05.31
Hard to improve on this... very hot, easy to play!

kormus 2010.05.31
good gane great graphics hot pictures

lmy1988 2010.05.30
good game but too short, and needs actual voice acting

systembug 2010.05.28
love poker! this game rocks!

Noogums 2010.05.24
The girls are surprisingly good at keeping their clothes on, but the vids are a great transition between hands.

bored120 2010.05.23
not bad, loved the clips of the gals

Jean Kule 2010.05.23
Enjoyed the girls, more could be nice though.

crzycwby9 2010.05.21
best strip poker game that i have played. love the video in between hands

Bearcat20 2010.05.21
Good game, gets a little frustrating but still is stress relief. Good quality videos.

inferno243 2010.05.21
Good videos in between rounds - a nice feature.

joske007 2010.05.20
its a nice poker game , but played once and got to the end

tantrigo 2010.05.19
Mmmm, Crissy. Really liked the videos, nice touch.

chiller10 2010.05.19
good one....like the fact that it has videos

wahooman48 2010.05.18
I liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiikeee it very nice poke her

booradley 2010.05.17
while we don`t want to always lose, the poker part of the game was a bit too easy to win. Good graphics for girls though

clllaude29 2010.05.14
it`s a very pleasant game and crissy is very sexy

sweetphil6969 2010.05.13
good graphics&animation.ok gameplay

salebudala 2010.05.13
Great poker game, I like it

klcomp 2010.05.13
Awesome, too bad only 3 gorgeous girl. ;)

Silver_Wolf5636 2010.05.12
great strip poker game choice in girls is great and love that it has vids only thing it should have had was an option to play back the whole vids after wining

Holyman 2010.05.10
awesome game with very beautiful women

joepie 2010.05.09
very nice poker game, vids are ok

ursel 2010.05.09
like the fact that you can choose from several chicks, not usually of fan of these games, but this one was alrite

farmfoogle 2010.05.08
one of the better strip poker games. nice it includes video

lol90 2010.05.07
NIce and welll-made but not so easy!

lordvadersblade 2010.05.07
crissy is hot good variety of bets and hands

hurricanealberto 2010.05.06
fantastic game. Really simple to play and great fun.

dubidu 2010.05.05
she is so hot!!
kinda good game ;)

gatorsjkm 2010.05.04
Love Jessica! What`s her last name?

WmMBeck 2010.05.04
You can happily loose some time on this game

secbase4 2010.05.03
really hot girls and good videos

danbeast 2010.05.03
its a very good game when ya get the hang of if an beautiful women ;)

chuckster22 2010.05.03
hot girls, good pics and videos

bc 2010.05.02
good game.... like the video strip

Kalaam 2010.05.02
Awsome game, espically love the video stripping!

sadie 2010.05.02
great game
really sexy girls
good graphics

oddjob 2010.05.02
good game but needs more grils

bronti 2010.05.01
nice game, reakon ill have to play it again

shawn12 2010.05.01
beautiful women very easy to play

random123 2010.04.30
good game, excellent videos but prob a bit difficult as you can bust real easy.

Marrokko 2010.04.30
nice game. good is that there is more erotic than play. this type of games shouldnt be to hard to bet as not play in poker is main goal :)

captin savaho 2010.04.29
awesome game with very beautiful women

shark51 2010.04.29
good game but difficult to play

bigbadpig 2010.04.27
Good game, too difficult for me

junie 2010.04.27
yaaa i beat Jassica now for the other to, good game

houseofghost 2010.04.26
i suck at the poker so i cannot win it

bballfreak 2010.04.26
good version of strip poker.

vids > pics

allmon 2010.04.25
strip poker...whats not to love? :)

N3rdStoner 2010.04.25
the game is way too hard for me but the chicks are hot

erazor 2010.04.24
The only downside is that there aren`t any girls with natural boobs. :)

dekestokn 2010.04.24
i`m not good at poker so this is hard, but pics ok if you can win

streetfighterz 2010.04.21
good game to bad it is not a full vershon

hoseph345 2010.04.19
good game, i love crissy moran

AndySan27 2010.04.19
adding video to strip poker is genius!

Kazarian 2010.04.19
these games are kinda tough aren` they?

Dragonden1234 2010.04.18
Good game, I like strip poker games.

frango 2010.04.18
Its a great strip poker game with the videos and stuff

bobby54 2010.04.18
I love that they added the strip video to a good poker game!

lycan 2010.04.17
This game isn`t too bad either. sort of a challenge to gambling skills as well.

probros 2010.04.15
great pics of jessica shes great

zoomba 2010.04.15
Not too shabby. Crissy Moran is always hot.

HeartzDesire 2010.04.14
Classic poker with beautiful women. video resolution is good and gameplay is well worth the time

rparadis 2010.04.14
i love this game, you get to enjoy the beatful women and play poker at the same time.

r1der 2010.04.13
hot girls, good design but kinda boring

boinky 2010.04.13
good game, hot girls, but not that very different from other strip-poker games

Artoox 2010.04.13
nice game. good is that there is more erotic than play. this type of games shouldnt be to hard to bet as not play in poker is main goal :)

shishkabob 2010.04.12
Crissy is lovely,gambling is fairly easy

3ezrayel88 2010.04.12
good video stripping and a good game

kidd 2010.04.11
good graphic, nice videos, unable to turn off the music.

fx5574 2010.04.09
Nice videos with hot chicks. What more can you ask for.

haiclem 2010.04.09
pretty easy game, and girl number 2 (Jessica) is really hot !

eralph67 2010.04.08
nothing new but still a great game of poker.

bob49 2010.04.08
this game has great content and is absoultly remarkable

Hotfly 2010.04.07
Very nice game but they should have more chics to play with. Is there any way to have more of this?

shishkabob 2010.04.06
Bet big, you can always start over :-)

dalrock123 2010.04.06
Always fun playing this game. Definitely addictive but at least it won`t kill you.

isawaboy 2010.04.06
Reasonable difficulty, good looking girls, nice videos.

lunkan741 2010.04.04
good game perfekt pixel on girls

pejathegreat 2010.04.02
I usually do not like the card type games, but this one was pretty good

NotVenom 2010.04.02
The game seems to be skewed in her favor a bit too much. She never has less than a pair, and it`s usually higher than your pair.

cam34 2010.04.02
The quality of the videos makes winning worth the effort. I find it odd that there are times when you`re just stuck on a losing streak, but I suppose that makes it a little more true to life.

buneylan 2010.04.01
Damn she is so slow. i hate that game.

Johnny811 2010.03.31
i like this one cause the computer plays so what fair.

Sptfire2416 2010.03.30
Videos are really hot. The middle girl Jessica, is Jessica Lynn. Smoking hot!

biggie365 2010.03.30
hot girls and pretty good game

sexytom007 2010.03.30
I wish it was any another game other than poker!The girls are really HOT but i suck at poker!

blueyes 2010.03.30
Nice game, graphics are also nice

Guffe1982 2010.03.30
very nice :) i have allways loved strip poker but the video feat put it to the top :)

Nizki 2010.03.29
Excelent game with sexy babes :)

ondo 2010.03.29
Really good game. Nice having a variety of girls.

txfrank 2010.03.29
way too easy. no real challenge

JSinm 2010.03.29
Too easy to beat the girls. Nice video though.

cryspy 2010.03.29
Absolutely cool game: Sexy babes and great videos. Unfortunately you can`t review the vids and pics.

hollowman 2010.03.29
great game. worth playing through all 3 girls to see the videos. would love to see more girls :)

gbenki 2010.03.28
Video makes for sexier game; but, not challenging as far as the poker is concerned.

VanHoo 2010.03.27
Got my last comment a bit wrong. I meant to say that the incroporation of video really makes this a cut above the rest.

VanHoo 2010.03.27
Quality models however it would be interesting to see video incroperated

goku 2010.03.27
i love poker but this is ten times better than poke

eralph67 2010.03.26
very good game keep it going

eralph67 2010.03.26
Great game but could go further in the action.

comagain 2010.03.26
the best one is jessica:)

shadowgo 2010.03.23
i llike this game graphic are like real

special2010 2010.03.23
Crissy is really hot! Most beautiful actress in her profession.

bburago 2010.03.23
These girls are hot, quite an easy game.

shane7402 2010.03.22
Hard to get good hands,but besides that good game.

themadscot 2010.03.22
Nice videos and pictures, good game.

k75strider 2010.03.22
Great looking girls and fun game play make this a game worth coming back for.

shaggy42oh 2010.03.21
good game. takes a while to load. really hot chicks. nice gameplay.

skyrider 2010.03.21
nice game with nice girls

o1souljah 2010.03.20
real fun game, she`s HOT! (= but it could use.. some more photos & maybe vids

Thundercracker 2010.03.20
The videos that play are a treat. The women are sexy and poker is fun...a win-win game.

LittleRicky 2010.03.20
Wonderful! Each girl is better than the last!

LittleRicky 2010.03.20
Nothing better than poker....except beautiful women! Gotta Love the combination!

hvdrake 2010.03.19
i really like this game strip poker is nice and the videos are really hot

Dude7500 2010.03.19
This is a good game with hot babes

blueflames_38 2010.03.19
i wish it actually was like a video

Scythe 2010.03.19
I love poker games and the pics on this one are great

tbentham 2010.03.19
This game is great. i could play it over and over.

essemje 2010.03.18
Love when strip poker games throw in video

timsim44 2010.03.18
Love the beautiful Chrissy

twhaven 2010.03.18
Anything with a nude Crissy Moran gets extra points.

ivebeenalittlenaughty 2010.03.18
amazing game, multiple girls makes it worth the play and the videos making winning truly rewarding

frendlyy 2010.03.17
damn these girls are sexy

mpaialunga 2010.03.17
yes,but too easy ... i like poker games

idde 2010.03.17
Average game play, nice pics and video

twardy88 2010.03.17
I like strip poker games, but this one is too easy.

ut1stgear 2010.03.16
Cute strip poker game. A little bit easy but not that hard to beat. Could use and update with some more petite girls a opponents, IMHO. More opponents would be a plus either way.

michael-two-big 2010.03.16
I love poker, and i love good looking girls. But not enough action for me.


MARCIN 2010.03.16
brunette girl is the best. men did you see her shoes ,so sexy

rossp11 2010.03.15
great game and the videos were top notch. please [ut up more strip poker games

broncho 2010.03.14
Very nice strippoker game

lendelap 2010.03.14
great poker game, nice pics, great videos

demoman 2010.03.12
great game, loads of fun, hell yeah

rader 2010.03.12
great game nice girls not bad graphics

loversb 2010.03.11
Love poker games, whish they made one with cartoon chicks. These one is nice and the pica and vids are good mmmmmmmmmmmmm

ragnarok 2010.03.10
clasics and girls are good oponents to play against

Flasher1 2010.03.10
poker & sex ooooooohhhhh yah good game like the clips

typhoon44 2010.03.10
beutiful girls i realy like this game

biggles5 2010.03.09
Vids are nice, like this game

docherty67 2010.03.08
Not bad but not really great. A bit frustrating.

tequilla 2010.03.08
nice, simple strip poker game

rugbyab 2010.03.07
the game is great nice girls

wickeddeuce 2010.03.07
i love this game girls are very hott

GreenBulldog 2010.03.07
Finally a strip poker game with more than just pics

poop35 2010.03.06
More of that blond, please!

Evil Dave 2010.03.05
As far as strip poker games go, this is one of the best. Great video of the girls with nice interface graphics and sounds. The only thing I did not like was some of the varying music----it gets a bit annoying so I just turned it off.

Cappa 2010.03.02
my two favourite things. poker and sex.. :D

gorilla1477 2010.03.01
love this game the women especially jessica lynn are smoking

nowak 2010.02.28
nice game, nice graphics,nice girl`s

jules1903 2010.02.27
Nice poker game , great vids lovely girls.

jimmyiroc 2010.02.25
never really got strip poker games, they always seem a bit lame

KovaOlo 2010.02.25
Good and pretty easy poker game

Pallie 2010.02.24
I love strip poker games. Crissy`s wearing a lovely set of undies. I get here naked one day.

tggr2001 2010.02.24
great pics along the way, music gets annoying so i turn it off.

funlvncwby 2010.02.23
not a bad poker game. decent challenge, gameplay andreward

mixam 2010.02.23
Great in fact!
I loved the videos

mixam 2010.02.23
it`s a classical but sill well realised..!

djmad 2010.02.21
the videos are simply superb

djmad 2010.02.21
great game. i love it, and nice graphics too

itsme 2010.02.21
i like strip poker games and this one is ok

saad2605 2010.02.20
not that good at poker but game is fun

Doffer 2010.02.20
Great game. Love pokergames :D NICE!

iutodd32 2010.02.19
Ok it`s better now. I actually beat Chrissy. It was enjoyable. Wish the vids had sound.

iutodd32 2010.02.19
I`m just kind of annoyed...I`m not that good at poker I guess. I do like the videos though.

jim1959 2010.02.19
enjoyable game, now let me beat the other girls!!!!!!

joebob 2010.02.18
the videos are awesome, and the game isn`t that hard

spida 2010.02.18
i aint to keen on card games, sexy babes though.

loder 2010.02.17
a very funny and nice game with a very hot women

bigbeefy 2010.02.17
another boring game no better than any othe strip poker really

hagg 2010.02.17
The girls are very nice but chrissy is the best one

bob33 2010.02.15
was OK, but nothing original

brew16 2010.02.15
The best strip poker game I have seen, very good

dingdong 2010.02.15
i beat all three chicks. Chrissy moran is the best.

dingdong 2010.02.15
now that was a hot game, they should add more girls

mokelo 2010.02.14
I agree with Wek, Chrissy is the best looking

bozio 2010.02.13
nice,more skin would be better

tuzigoot13 2010.02.13
good pictures and a fun game

kedrigern 2010.02.10
I think the cards are being mixed a little too much :-) - the frequency of quality hands is pretty rare...good game otherwise

spenracq2 2010.02.10
great game lovley ass on crissy

esehorny 2010.02.09
love this game, love these girls :)

7z9 2010.02.09
very nice poker game. LIke it

LG 2010.02.08
This is one of the hottest.

bbb 2010.02.08
good game, pretty entertaining

gabu 2010.02.08
hard .. but very well done this game, hot girls!

davj5 2010.02.07
excellent strip poker game, hot girls

falcon 2010.02.07
super graphics, but lame poker engine ...

Ally 2010.02.07
Very nice game Chrissy is so hot

evilboy84 2010.02.06
Nice use of videos and very SEXY GIRLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

steve263488 2010.02.06
very nice poker game. LIke it

workingstiff 2010.02.05
Good use of video, needed to go further

hereiam 2010.02.05
Good game, but tough to win

nozard 2010.02.05
I dont like poker very much,but girls very hot

Capnord 2010.02.05
Nice game. Like the video of the models actually stripping

jackcab007 2010.02.05
hey very nice i love poker and this is just fun Nice game, graphics are also nice this is a fantastic game..

odieusg 2010.02.04
I agree with Wek, Chrissy is the best looking

JazzzyJo 2010.02.04
Nice game.. a bit easy tho... girls are HOT!

bob247 2010.02.03
there are better casino games over all ok

LSUCowboy 2010.02.03
very nice poker game..Chrissy is my fave

fireman11991 2010.02.02
hey very nice i love poker and this is just fun

justag469 2010.02.02
videos too short, but hot!!

stonerider 2010.02.02
aaaaaaaaaaaaah good game.

good point : gorgeous model, good difficulties.
bad point : we can`t see the videos at will and that was short window.

... only strip when we win? when a good fuck session? ^^

countryhick101 2010.02.02

andcor 2010.02.02
I like the pics and hte videos. But why isn`t she using the dildo in the video?

mdick34 2010.02.02
the game was fantastic and difficult

mdick34 2010.02.02
loved the game and all the girls were great

usherxz5 2010.02.02
sublime! three wonderful girl, horny pictures and it`s quite simply to finish with all of them! bad music, maybe somethink to change ^^. Mark: 9

pduff1976 2010.02.01
Pretty easy for a strip poker game. That being said. the models are very hot. Good game overall.

ponyboy 2010.02.01
the best poker game of all. wish they had more like this. i`ve always fanticized about playing strip poker with a girl i had never seen naked.

glider 2010.02.01
Great poker game with gorgeous babes. The video clips are a neat touch.

loralon 2010.02.01
the best poker game i`ve ever seen. gorgeous girls!!!!!

Dengar 2010.01.31
Great strip poker game, the video`s make it the best

ejr450 2010.01.31
this is great. good action, smooth game

Lil keeper 2010.01.31
Awsome game, espically love the video stripping!

HoneyKen 2010.01.30
Easy Game Fun to play and nice videos.

ElNudae 2010.01.30
fat game good graphics very nice girls like it a lot

009 2010.01.30
challenging and makes you work. I like the music also.

jeffbrown383 2010.01.30
Difficult but it`s definitely worth it!

angermanagement 2010.01.29
Way beyond the normal strip poker. OUTSTANDING

a_dub 2010.01.29
sweet game hot models would like to see more like it

bomber6989 2010.01.28
One of the best poker games I`ve playe, but the videos could use some audio

jsun76067 2010.01.28
Nice game I wish they had a blackjack version

Darwin 2010.01.28
i hope they add more girls

ram1990 2010.01.28
fun little game and the women are hot!

alexus68 2010.01.28
The videos make it a decent game but otherwise not so interesting.

bertolucci 2010.01.27
Nice game and grafics... I cant waint for more games like this whit some others hot shiks...

Valgurd 2010.01.27
cool game, some poker and nice girls

mtwatts 2010.01.27
good game, the graphics are wonderful

bob12345 2010.01.27
that`s it. i`m in love with jessica lynn !! lol

blaaaat 2010.01.26
the videos are okay. they`d be more entertaining if the girls looked more excited about the situation instead of trying to be seductive.

Sehviss 2010.01.26
Excellent poker game with some hot chicks. What would be nice is if there was an option to review the pics and vids after you win the game. Also more hotties!!

Wonsky 2010.01.26
Logical games are cool. Girls are spicy and hot !

bertolucci 2010.01.25
I love the idea for the game... Cant wait to see more girls in games like this...

zet 2010.01.25
It`s a nice game, interesting idea.

Ricoh124 2010.01.25
Good game if you like poker, one of the best. Videos can be seen elsewhere but nice reward for good play.

jack1183 2010.01.25
I could not bet any of them but at least there hot

anipit 2010.01.25
They are too smart, i lost everytime.

gojuryu 2010.01.25
This is really just another poker game. But that`s cool. Game is easy, and the pictures are nice.

evinrude 2010.01.25
very nice game. easy and very good to play with fantastic video

frodacera01 2010.01.24
esse jogo e muito foda maloko ja foi 3

shibby 2010.01.24
gutes poker game mit videosequenzen

angelo8414 2010.01.24
Nice game, nice graphics and sounds.

chrose 2010.01.21
this is the greatest stip poker i have played so far

angarf1 2010.01.19
Wow, amazing game and girls

Bille 2010.01.18
The videos make it a decent game but otherwise not so interesting.

Commissar 2010.01.18
Crissy Moran is a hot mama. I love poker game with hot chicks.

andy_regresa 2010.01.17
I not playing poker.......loser.

spunk 2010.01.14
crissy is too easy i like that

gagadoudou 2010.01.10
the girls in this game are very hot! Wow

pronsander 2010.01.10
Great game with sweet video clips.. More strip poker games... Please.. :-)

spunk 2010.01.10
great game should of done it with hold em

tongue81 2010.01.08
cute girls so it`s a good one

Kharax 2010.01.08
game isnt good without vids

frankx 2010.01.06
really good pictures. good strip poker game

Svin 2010.01.06
Of course it wouldn`t be worth playing without the vids. But they are hot! I want to cum over every tiny inch of Chrissy`s superb body!

Geilt 2010.01.06
wouldn`t be worth playing without the vids

darkbane 2010.01.06
concept is good but they should try it with holdem

will579 2010.01.05
great game. Hot girls and hot videos and pics, will definitely play again. Well worth the time.

ayaroht 2010.01.03
great pictures.... but i am not a fan of this casino slot machine type of poker.

whoaminow5 2010.01.03
love the game - hard to choose a favourite girl!

iamachampion 2010.01.02
love the videos, not too many flash strip poker games have video!

emel1904 2010.01.01
the girls in this strip poker game are very hot...... that´s great:)

Acer 2009.12.31
Great game.It kept me company for hours :)

slone229 2009.12.30
Love strip poker, girls are lovely as well.

liamttt 2009.12.30
awesome game great girls

zatanaslover 2009.12.29
The video incorporations make this game worthwhile. Excellent work, decent, AI.

5528 2009.12.27
wow nice game and nice model

Cool4u2 2009.12.21
Good and video is a definite plus

cungol 2009.12.21
video was a surprise Crissy is gorgeous

Wanderer001 2009.12.20
Great pictures and video good gameplay

psvzwaan 2009.12.16
I love videostrip poker, So this one is great

zeal292 2009.12.15
one of the best strip poker games I have tried online

frokkio 2009.12.15
One of the best games aound

Fernando47 2009.12.11
Very sexy girls even better when

sierra 2009.12.09
chrissy is so hot. the rest of the game is average.

Xyzzy 2009.12.08
good pix and clips. poker hands are very random. good game.

alocmey 2009.12.04
A little hard to get eveything, good game thought.

mago99 2009.12.03
Game play is ok. Girls are good looking

mayank16 2009.12.02
good gulz and good video show in this poker game..........

I really enjoyed it nd the most.............

Garth 2009.12.02
Beautiful women and a fun game with them.

coyote65 2009.12.02
very beautiful ladies, love to see more

sadthecardslost2 2009.12.01
Good model, fun videos, and winnable.

Some choppy videos on Chrissy.

BigFatTony 2009.11.29
This is great, not too easy which is good and the girls are classy

Ricoh124 2009.11.28
A little too easy but the reward is fine

oh4557 2009.11.28
The game worked on a retry. The video clips are a nice feature.

oh4557 2009.11.28
The game wouldn`t let me select the cards to keep/discard for the draw.
So, I could never win.

superice231 2009.11.27
this game is hot it makes me horny

maynardoh 2009.11.27
lovely girls, I`m going to play often ^^

Receiver41 2009.11.25
very nice poker game with hot chicks

coddy90 2009.11.25
good game models are real hot

nissehult 2009.11.24
Very easy to beat the girls, but what girls, they are very beautiful

knights5629 2009.11.23
couldn`t change some of the cards...

soogblablue 2009.11.22
Nice game. Like the video of the models actually stripping

enrico r 2009.11.22
not god game.its very borred to me

enrico r 2009.11.22
nice game and verry like that

dakwing 2009.11.21
models are gorgeously sexy, i love this game

geilebink 2009.11.21
i got crissy naked and now my cock is getting hard......shit

BesiGo 2009.11.20
this game makes poker better. Very nice and the strip videos are the best.
Jessica is the better......

wardaddy 2009.11.20
Good game but I prefer them to have more clothes to lose.

voynar 2009.11.20
Good game.I haven`t played strip poker for a while,and this was fun. Idea of mocie for every clothing is good!

testi2 2009.11.20
cool game - beautiful girls

markyong1997 2009.11.20
This game is quite good i wish there will be mor eof these games

lollol111 2009.11.20
this game is great and ita graphic is good i hope there will be more of these games

defenseor 2009.11.19
Nice game, good models. Poker part seems a bit too easy though

Sleepy89 2009.11.19
A nice games, but it was a little too easy.
And in my opinion Jessica is the cutest.

SexeiAlisa1992 2009.11.17
The graphics are very nice

Dev 2009.11.17
it doesn`t really seem like poker i`ve played before. great models though.

sargor 2009.11.17
awesome crissy is the shit

astra 2009.11.17
nice game but boring music...
nice models too..

staggerlee 2009.11.16
The videos weren`t bad, the music sucks

snoopy666 2009.11.16
Nice girl, nice game - but a little bit too easy to win ...

jmiket 2009.11.16
Pretty good I guess, kind of easy if you know anything about poker

hozer 2009.11.16
Beautiful women; awesome bodies; a fun game to play. You really want to win each hand

judgy 2009.11.16
easy poker but great girls

doris 2009.11.15
i liked this one a lot better some of the others

vexum 2009.11.15
great game, but would have option to watch all clips after u beat the girl

ravenman 2009.11.15
Awsome Strip Poker Game, the whole series is worth playing.

xander 2009.11.15
great poker games we are awaiting the next ones

Dreamwillow 2009.11.14
I really like having the video at each level.

lcrrcl 2009.11.14
I wish real poker was this easy, but the winnings are much better than anything in Vegas

mp 2009.11.14
The brunette is the best.

darkwolff 2009.11.14
easy game good to do it and the girls in the scene are good looking

athletic_stud24 2009.11.14
this game is great, awesome vids, great girls. loved it :)

steven1 2009.11.14
the best game available by far

009 2009.11.13
more games like this please.

chris123 2009.11.13
awesome game love the vids

lewa26 2009.11.13
i love thies game and the girls ar nice and the pic =D

German 2009.11.13
Awesome games and the idea to combine the pictures and vids is great^^

cheese101 2009.11.12
good game,great models,post more please!!!

professor 2009.11.12
well that was a very interesting game wow!!!

Quami719 2009.11.12
Good gameplay, I love the pics too. Very playable.

mastervedette 2009.11.11
good game, nice graphics, hot pics

acefan42 2009.11.11
it is too hard to win this game

sairemo 2009.11.11
this is a fantastic game..

Mandrab 2009.11.11
Love poker games, whish they made one with cartoon chicks. These one is nice and the pica and vids are good

srutututu99 2009.11.11
Nice pics, nice vids, nice everything :]

vheemskerk 2009.11.11
Nice game, graphics are also nice

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