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Sex to the Death


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jpsacrey 2017.11.09
Love the game!!! Awesome game play, excellent graphics and animation.

HOTTOMMY85 2017.09.12
I got to be honest, easy game, and the story could have more to it but this is a "hot" game overall.

Onoaono 2017.09.09
Really fun game , recommended if you have time to play.

Joester 2017.08.30
Awesome game what a what a way to go

marcus747 2017.08.07
Very nice looking game, although the total playtime was a tad long, the inclusion of checkpoints made it bearable. Nice work!

IchFindeZuegeCool 2017.08.04
I didnt know i was into this now i now man i didnt think the horns would be sexy

LX0809 2017.06.23
Very nice game and graphics and music. I especially liked this gentle and sensual Blowjob . Sorry I failed to acquire her hot ass. ;(

Poisoned 2017.04.20
Fun game with Awesome graphics! Some of the best graphics I have seen in a while. But they pixel out his cock? Why would they lessen a good game by doing so?

paisleyred 2017.03.16
Love this. So sexy and fun

sillysid 2017.03.05
It is a good game. Not bad


chickenjg 2017.01.16
fun game but I don`t like how there is only one ending

DucaDalba 2017.01.09
Really fantastic game, I`d love it.

ImpregnateMe 2017.01.07
For some reason, the game stopped working for me after the first blowjob. The text won`t progress any farther.

fiftypez 2016.11.16
long/really long. but somethign about demon chicks

mikey416hr 2016.11.14
i love the animations in this game, it is slow but one of my favorites

madboy001 2016.10.19
Good animations, don`t like how the text covers up some of the view though.

berkayhodor 2016.10.13
Its taking long time for play but good game

woofwoof 2016.09.01
Great Game Awsome how you impruve te Graphics light plot but very good

Tlow1994 2016.08.13
Great Game Really Weird Though

Atreyusan 2016.08.11
awesome graphics, amazing storyline. What a twist!

sauley 2016.08.09
Weird story; blurred out sexual organs...ugh!

braly007 2016.08.08
so many of the male characters are named Tom....

stach56 2016.07.26
Good graphics and a good game.

sethh88 2016.05.23
love this game but it froze a few times before I could even finish just wish I could finish it but all in all good games loved it

kostya2706 2016.05.03
nice graphics and a nice game

doctom 2016.04.28
Are you people nuts? This game is really bad. Japanese type porn with blurred out images, stupid dialogue, a waste of good skills if you ask me!

jellealmere 2016.04.23
Enjoyed it! Great game developer

Spidi 2016.03.20
One of the best sex games ever. I just wish there were non-dying ending....

sethh88 2016.03.19
I played over and over this game is amazing

GunHoser 2016.03.12
Love how they set it up so that if you made a mistake you didn`t have to start all over again! Horrible voice over for the chick... :p

neil_64 2016.02.08
It was a bit too easy but she had nice tits

SergeantOverkill 2016.02.07
i really love this game.good job. whens number 2 coming out lol

RodHardStaff 2016.02.06
The graphics are great and the story concept is good. but the dialogue kinda sucks and don`t like how you have to start over so far back if you answer wrong.

hentaimaster69 2016.02.05
pixels nooobut really good intresting game animatins were good

akku 2016.02.02
wowww....thats an amazing story line,,,and very Hot sucubus,,,,,,

latinagr 2016.01.23
Smooth animation wird game I love it

Posidon1237 2016.01.22
Nice game. The story was good, and the graphics and animation great. The pixel dick was unnecessary, but otherwise awesome.

PapaShu 2015.12.20
pixel penis is not good but the story was great

pius 2015.10.13
blow job scene make me horny

anon97 2015.10.12
How many endings are there?

play40 2015.10.08
Sex to the Death . that succubus is hot , very nice job with graphics , nice story , i want more..

_TheDoctorPotter 2015.10.05
Great game. However, it would be better if it was not pixilated. Please get a better version, unpixilated!

Sexguy1 2015.10.02
I wish I had a bitch like her.

curciulo 2015.10.01
great game nice performance

soltero43 2015.09.29
Amazing game. So dark, and twisted, but a lot of fun

Kayel123 2015.09.12
It has an interesting story line

sghs 2015.09.10
the grafics are bad the story is poor not to much to see

l30bl00m 2015.08.15
great theme, love succubi.

Peanuts2563 2015.07.10
This is my favorite, the story is amazing

rocky21 2015.07.02
the best thing about the game is sound effect

MasterPlg 2015.06.07
this game has great potecial which wasn`t used properly, i really wish it has sequel that will be more expanded and developed but with same awesome graphic

ordran 2015.06.06
I realy like this succubus and i wont to

Lolaredd 2015.06.03
Wowww super graphics! And she is hot!

sb12 2015.06.02
great graphics
had a intriguing storyline

dal00 2015.05.24
strange story but good animation for the most part

treeks87 2015.05.17
this game was really fun to play

Rougou 2015.05.10
this game is good but i think that it will be better

big0520 2015.04.25
POV really nice and animations are awesome

carcinnico 2015.04.22
Could`ve been better with a longer storyline and some more features.

kalyntos 2015.04.19
good game, enjoyed it a lot, good graphics, maybe could have done with better, or maybe just more, animation, parts of it felt more like a comic

john milton 2015.04.19
this is not actually my kind of game but it wasn`t that bad actually.
i liked the story and some points of view

sb12 2015.04.18
loved the graphics and a nice and realistic game

illusionbreaker 2015.04.14
The game has too many questions to be fun

splonky256 2015.04.10
Loved this game - very, very sexy! And a lot of fun.

brocher 2015.04.09
the graphics is very good

Sir Cumalot 2015.04.07
Wow! This is one of the hottest games that i have ever played. The demon body is amazing, and i like the dick, hehe. although it could have been bigger.

naqwaq 2015.04.06
Graphics and animations are so soft and realistic. Succubus is beautiful, but the storyline is very dumb sometimes ;]

Mr tingle 2015.03.21
Loved it made me hard halfway through

renishi 2015.02.23
i do like succabus but it is a shame ,that you go back to the begging

Manlee 2015.02.23
Loved it, Where can I get a succubus? I know it would cost me my life and soul, but what a way to go! Come get me bitch!

FatalXXgunn3r 2015.02.23
but the graphics are amazing.

FatalXXgunn3r 2015.02.23
its not cool how you have to reset from start if u get bad ending.

Janae36DD 2015.02.22
this game was ok but should not blurr the privates

Assassins1243 2015.02.18
Superb Game
Very Nice

TheMole 2015.02.14
Very good graphics and story , love this kind of game more of this please.

jr5000 2015.02.13
Ok this is a great game for graphics! I just couldn`t stop. ;-) like it!!!

animeisart 2015.02.09
great game, only bad is that it is -japanese like- censored...

antonysim 2015.01.24
superb game awesome game super sex game

indraNonci 2015.01.14
so hot long and bit funny...nice one

zakor 2015.01.11
Great game and good animations

Etho 2015.01.04
I like this game. It`s a bit...unpredictable than anything else.

handsome007 2015.01.04
the game is very nice but its too long

handsome007 2015.01.04
awesome graphics and a hot girl

Madcatz 2015.01.04
Awsome graphics and crazy story line, very nice indeed. Too bad there is only one ending

PFO_Lover 2014.12.31
well, that wasnt that bad, but it is kinda wierd, lol

xeleron 2014.12.16
not too bad bit weird though

JCPowerson 2014.12.14
crazy storyline - the wish of an old man?

xxxFunseekerxxx 2014.12.10
Fun game, great animations but could do with more and less stills.... censoring ruins it a bit too

Gmaer 2014.11.27
Love succuby theme. That girl looks awesome

frank1974 2014.11.23
awesome game with nice graphics and very hot demon....very good way to die

dadohl 2014.11.22
pretty nice game with hot sex

dadohl 2014.11.22
nice and beautiful sex games

mrsbig 2014.11.18
Good graphics but this isn`t one of my favorites

Petri33 2014.11.15
sooooooo horny game, that i feel i want fck whit demon girl, so anyone girl who think that, "i am demon" pls contact me :)

Iva_bigun_12 2014.10.25
Great games, good graphics, and a hot girl

tolge 2014.10.24
I like the story, feels like sexy horror movie

Wolf_Boy95 2014.10.24
i love the whole fantasy genre and the graphics

Justme22 2014.10.23
A very exciting game. The graphics are really good thing. After an introduction and something quiet this game shows its best side

rtj123 2014.10.22
this game is amazing and the graphics are great

obeyvital 2014.10.20
i love shit like this. its sexual and has a lot of everything with a twist

OblivionWalker 2014.10.18
This game is freaking amazing, incredible graphics and awesome animations.

tommek 2014.10.17
Too bad about the censorship. That girl looks awesome

salanziano 2014.10.16
amazing animations and graphics. I loved it

Ollieoeter 2014.10.10
great game great graphics. luved her facial looks

adihorny 2014.10.09
Nice graphics. little simple though.

gfdgsfgsfd 2014.10.08
It`s sexy, it`s dirty, gotta love it!

narmytrooper 2014.10.03
good game cool animations funny parts throughout.

viper3512 2014.09.27
This was something else, pretty interesting! Good graphics, good story.

Futuros 2014.09.24
very interesting game with good plot.

NoBody420 2014.09.23
good game with great graphics

Choco Renza 2014.09.21
love this game i got ti fuck him dead

BoobNina 2014.09.21
I love the graphics in this game, keep it up!

janialover 2014.09.19
fantastic game, a little unusual but fantastic.

rob 2014.09.17
did not like this game at all

Excalibur2o14 2014.09.16
the animation and graphic are very good the fantasy game is awesome more from this please

michael213 2014.09.13

michael213 2014.09.13

Jonny99 2014.09.10
Great game but I got stuck somewhere

pwnageseb 2014.09.09
Wrong answer, you`re fucked. Great graphics, though.

thebad 2014.09.08
i really liked the animation of this

baddboy1972 2014.09.07
great game takes a little time to get answers right

Renver 2014.09.05
i like this game very much and it made me horney 300% more than before

darkminou 2014.09.03
great rendering, but sadly the design of the character could be improved

wolfphoenix 2014.09.01
Great graphics. Especially the blowjob scenes. Sharpen the dick please. And the speech space is too big, it covers the whole picture.

johnnyistheman 2014.09.01
Great game. However, the blowjob scene takes way too long (4 parts). Shortening the time wud be recommended. Great work!

handsome0980 2014.08.29
great graphics , best game i have ever played

imppub 2014.08.24
Succubus is truly cool looking and a good if light story

Rottencrotch 2014.08.22
The Succubus fantasy is perhaps my favorite of all.... I love how she allows him to think he is in control but then guides him to a certain and nefarious orgasmic end!

mat88 2014.08.21
Great Game Awsome how you impruve te Graphics light plot but very good

jenggotapi 2014.08.18
great game and cute demon

cooldog1984 2014.08.17
it is very good game best graphic ever

klucz13 2014.08.14
Very good rendering and awesome idea for a game. Some lost potential, but still quite entertaining. Could use better animations and more choices during sex scenes.

jenggotapi 2014.08.14
nice short game, good graph

BranCk93 2014.08.14
instresting story n great graphics~

smmccoy8838 2014.08.12
Great rendering on this one. I guess if you have to die, there are worse ways to go.

xxRyanxx 2014.08.11
Great game. Awesome graphics

j3rre 2014.08.11
Its pretty cool. Impressive i must say

joeb1974 2014.08.08
great graphics fun game bad ttransilation

kamelreds 2014.08.08
the language is interesting but still fun

Gulinator 2014.08.08
Interesting game, wish there was more options though

PoissoningMan 2014.08.08
Oh this is the best one i played. The graphics are good too

james4242 2014.08.05
Really nice game good graphics

Esmeralda13 2014.08.04
great game animation and graphics

Jaderx 2014.08.04
fun but it was too repetitive, and the spelling and grammar was wrong for quite a few things

becalala 2014.08.03
good game and graphics like all the games here

Dadog 2014.08.02
Such a good game. Great Graphics too!

judedski 2014.08.02
perfect game! i really loved it totally

ASSGARIAN 2014.07.31
it froze after the blowjob scene but not bad game

MacyDMarcus 2014.07.30
not a bad game froze for me after the blowjob scene

Beachcomber321 2014.07.30
Great game...could be longer with more animations

daniel210298 2014.07.27
I like the fact that there is some supernatural in the game but... there isn`t enough animations

DracoSlayer312 2014.07.24
This is a great game it has great graphics and dialoge

99parkerj 2014.07.24
Gd game but got a little stuck part way through. The graphics froze :-(

Duckfan81 2014.07.22
Great graphics, took a turn I wasn`t interested in.

DieNowLeavEarth 2014.07.22
I`d die by a girl that looked like this!

csoggo 2014.07.22
nice graphics, nice story, a bit short tough

stoad69 2014.07.21
Great game. Awesome graphics and love the way it shows entry and all.

Schattenlaeufer1 2014.07.21
what an evil game..hehe...funny to play...;-p

brothers 2014.07.21
I like the graphic,Animations,gampley..but the loading is too long

brothers 2014.07.21
nice game i like this game..

qwertyu123456789 2014.07.20
best game and great graphics

freakyboy 2014.07.19
interesting game.love the graphics and gameplay

butch84 2014.07.18
Great game unusual twist.

jsfrts 2014.07.18
"Great idea, Not so great game" agree

akai 2014.07.16
great game i love the succubus twist in it

loneriderca 2014.07.15
good graphics, but i didn`t find the story line very good.

kaladrumer 2014.07.14
amazing graphics,nice story and intense sex scenes...love it.

Socdny 2014.07.12
Great idea, Not so great game

Rumfred 2014.07.12
start was a bit boaring but good action at the end

Ebile123 2014.07.11
Pretty nice. a bit dark for me though.

DylanFTW1 2014.07.11
I`m right handed... My mouse is on the right side of my keyboard... darnit cannot fap if I`m to busy moving the mouse...

leo131 2014.07.11
That`s one hot lady even with horns, wings, and a tail. Too bad there aren`t more choices.

morpeus 2014.07.10
good game sort of twisted but good

lezstar 2014.07.07
Really good game but the ending got creepy

Tallemanto 2014.07.07
This game is very impressive!

Sitharii 2014.07.04
Lol interesting....very....interesting

Ares30 2014.07.04
This is a great game . I give it a 8.8

jerrycom1234 2014.07.03
really great graphics great story i like it very much.

shadowlad 2014.06.29
Short game without much choice, but nice

David95 2014.06.27
the title severs right it really is sex to death

sensei 2014.06.25
Good Graphics With Funny Storry

Mr.Hordys 2014.06.25
great game , graphic is very realy.

ShadowRaven 2014.06.25
not a bad game, hard to pick right choice

CHorton 2014.06.22
good game got deadly end don`t know if there is a different end

Falramir 2014.06.19
nice game and good graphics, i like it

mystery666 2014.06.19
nice game and good graphics i like this game much..

yannos34 2014.06.19
good game but the women is strange with horn and wings

1324Rider 2014.06.19
Very nice game, but a bit weird.

nasin 2014.06.19
really good story and graphic with decent gameplay

DimitarCC 2014.06.16
Various sex positions are good and the wildness of the storry is nice.

Stijng 2014.06.15
I love the story line and the varius sex posisions. its like every mens dream exept for the dieing part :p

REEESES 2014.06.15
The meaning of the chant at the beginning is Latin for "Your grace, the grace of concern Tuesday."

beralt 2014.06.14
good game but story line was lacking needed more choices

pjames 2014.06.13
Great animation but the story is too linear. Wish there were more story paths.

shyman44425 2014.06.13
Not real comfortable with the story line but impressive graphics

nikhil2611 2014.06.13
nice game have nice graphic nice gameplay and enjoyed

belac 2014.06.13
you get hammered..it must have a bit of fun to it

wrestleyou54 2014.06.12
money shot from head twice and the only penetration is the demon nailing the guy with a go go gadget dick? Awesome game.. hot animated female.. huge fail not letting him fuck her brains out

DD420 2014.06.12
Not a big fan of the one wrong answer and its over, but she was a cute demon!!!

Almeho 2014.06.11
This game was a little short and too linear for my tastes but...the detail in the scenes was amazing. It made it worth the trouble. Too bad he had to die, huh?

Alpha075 2014.06.11
Great game with hot sex scenes and awesome graphics. Could use a variety of ending though.

cristiano1234 2014.06.10
graphic are girls are like hot chicks

sexybeast1 2014.06.10
good game graphics and animation were amazing. hot girl..... minus the horns..... and the tail. the sex was super hot

ShadowRun 2014.06.09
Superb Game, great graphics, great history, and hot girl.
Nice Job

CMRG 2014.06.08
Great games, good graphics, and a hoot girl

toriko 2014.06.08
Just a click and die game not realy a game

17Kevin17 2014.06.07
More than the little death!

thesaturn 2014.06.07
The best animation ever. Perfect!

Force2you 2014.06.06
A little slow to start but a good game

Lexboub 2014.06.05
Good but for me the game stop

bb12b 2014.06.04
very good graphics good plot

Maddog12 2014.06.03
Really hot and interesting game, wish it went a bit longer though it got creepier near the end.

Silverlance 2014.06.02
rather fun but at times a bit difficult to play

StewartC70 2014.06.01
very good game, would like to see more of this series or different endings

william098765678 2014.05.31
is him dead really the only way for the game to end

2b4ever 2014.05.31
good adv game and great with grafik too.

william098765678 2014.05.30
its a good game with great graphics

Hazan9 2014.05.30
Good gameplay and grapich

blueman5 2014.05.30
fun game needs some work but

Bruno24 2014.05.29
it takes a little while to get interactive but when it does its fantastic :)

char1234 2014.05.28
excellent game play, I like it

sexpause 2014.05.28
It`s a good game, really realistic, this is one of the best games I played.

dxd_xl_snh 2014.05.28
a strange game xD but very interesting

Dutchman2 2014.05.27
Great graphics! Fun storyline too!

txdude6930 2014.05.27
Pretty cool came..made my cock hard

hotvoter 2014.05.26
Mh great game, but the Story is too flat.

Haloboyx 2014.05.26
this game is great definitely a favorite

Harvenia 2014.05.26
*waking up* oh damn i thought that guy was me~

Kill@0815 2014.05.22
This game was really sexy. More of that please.

sabryel 2014.05.22
Graphics are awesome. Not really a choice though :/

Hichigo 2014.05.22
The sex scenes were pretty cool. Graphics on point

markmarky 2014.05.21
Excellent graphic! I never saw the animations so realistic before! The only bad thing is about the story, really poor, but the rest is amazing

w1drng22 2014.05.20
Well the text was pathetic. But the sex routines were awesome. Loved them to death.

rustychance 2014.05.17
all games are very good adventure I like this

rustychance 2014.05.17
eerthing in 3d looks very real

ab181275 2014.05.17
Really good, worse, dirty whore.

Voron 2014.05.17
Well i got him killed ;D if any1 had any other ending please share it :)

Stone88 2014.05.17
Excellent game. Good story line

JackieeBoy 2014.05.16
Weird, but the graphics are the best I`ve seen so far.

ArchAngel69 2014.05.14
Excellent game. Good story line with superb graphics. Dialogues could use a bit of tweeking but are understandable.

GP69 2014.05.13
This is great!! Some one give me the incantation for this horny bitch!! Amazing!

infandum 2014.05.13
good game with some nice graphics and gameplay, also like the fact that he really dies in the end.

Tonno 2014.05.11
i loved it so much and realy the blowjob is the same like real ... also i f i haven`t stil get any

weeknd 2014.05.11
blowjob was so realistic. i love it!

Crafting Potato 2014.05.10
This game is actually quite nice though I have to restart everytime I answer wrongly

onebigbird4u 2014.05.09
not really my kinda game, have to start back at beginning all the time

rocky1905 2014.05.09
good game, loved playing it

flare442 2014.05.09
Well I do enjoy this game, I love the animations

DJdick777 2014.05.07
I love this game it is amazing!

brawler1 2014.05.07
awesome graphics. game just seems to make you have to answer the right answer every time with no good hint as to which one.

the7ghost 2014.05.06
very good graphics but not my kind of game

themaster69 2014.05.06
Great graphics, sometimes look like reality

MarcuwSchnook 2014.05.06
Great graphics.
The blowjob scenes are one of the best I`ve seen so far, looking very realistic.
Funny story too.

Anatik 2014.05.05
wtf story, but not bad idea xD nice movements and graphics, good job ;)

whiteshadow1 2014.05.04
Loved the graphics and the animation. Very hot

Aglae 2014.05.02
nice game with cute character, but story a bit too linear

generalcdj 2014.05.02
This game is great, got a boner real quick xD. I love the succubus and the monster style and hope you got dat tentacle soon xD

Mashin 2014.05.02
The succubus is really yummy. But the game is too linear. I mean, there`s really only one way to play it. All other choices are game overs.

agtx60 2014.04.30
cool game i realy like this story
the game have cool 3d graphics ,i like that

ibored 2014.04.30
good game I want a succubus

ShdwVortex 2014.04.25
Good game very interesting

sausageb88 2014.04.24
wow!!! what graphics and images...one of my favs

ForgottenIsland 2014.04.22
One of my fav games! Very realistic, graphics were very good and it was a very very fun game to play :)

zahratustra 2014.04.21
One of my favorites. Succubus is SO HOT!!!

SachinAgnihotri 2014.04.20
it was great,i mean fantasy of every grown up school-boy isnt she ? ;), Its good that you can skip those spears and head straigth for the action,that spear thing is HARD,once she starts swinging theres no stopping it, but 10of 10

funguy61 2014.04.20
would have been better without the genderbender she changes and gets a dick. but one thing one of the best blowjob scenes looked real I wish more games looked as real as this bj scene. It takes forever to finish but looks awesome. You just keep answering right you get to the end and I mean his end death lol. If the whole game was as real as the bj part it would amazing minus the genderbender part that I don`t get into but if you do you would like it more.

JJAMES 2014.04.19
SO fucking good! Where can I get a book like that? The graphics are really good and I liked how it gave you options to be wrong but let you replay the same (very hot) scene again instead of that just being game over.

InsertUsernameHere 2014.04.19
Simple, but good graphics it`s an overall good game.

lucky313131 2014.04.19
Overall, the `game` is somewhat silly. But the graphics are possibly the best I`ve ever seen.

PoisonedMorgue 2014.04.18
It`s different, but in a really good way

Darmondy 2014.04.18
I like that if you fail you arn`t forced to restart the whole thing. Midway points are a definite plus.

xxxserioussamxxx 2014.04.17
wow, he had the guts 2 fuck her 2 his death lol

Senjin 2014.04.16
A little slow to start but a good game

azeed.sid 2014.04.16
what a good game, very tempting

CountZero 2014.04.16
great graphics - she looks just like my succubus!

Dovic 2014.04.16
It froze but overall it was a great game

aakash1997 2014.04.15
i did like the concept though it was okay..!!

Liggett78 2014.04.14
Great graphics, like it very much so far

Roedebard 2014.04.14
nice idea. Textblocks cover to much space and should be transparent. Also censoring the graphics migh be unneccessary. Game hung after blowjob, therefore it
gets only a low rating.

gatesj09 2014.04.13
very lovely game and the ending was just too sad for him. I would have probably quit but seeing as she can make it where you would desire her it would be difficult. enjoyed this game and loved the animation.

KidWhisky 2014.04.10
Sex and Death,.....Interesting. Good Graphics and fun overall

XjackieX 2014.04.08
Best Game of PFO. Loved it.

tom941227 2014.04.08
Does anyone know why can`t I see this video game?
I`m in south korea and my flash player is the lastest model,
but it just says WE CANNOT LOAD THIS VIDEO with white screen:(
(Not only this game, but the whole game in Play Force One!!!)
Anyone who knows the reason please answer me...

lcarb 2014.04.08
LOVED the fantasy theme, do more of these! Story could be more elaborated like your other games and sex scenes too. Options would also be nice

damnalex 2014.04.07
Funny Game about succubus :)

qwert99 2014.04.07
good game would like other endings more right answers

icebruin 2014.04.05
Good graphics. Very nice demon: Cute sexy ass.

ozorne_6 2014.04.05
great game, lovely girl, good graphics, easy storyline..........what a way to go.... :)

blingo454 2014.04.04
it was ok, but its sad that u hadn`t the choice of dying or not

drakex 2014.04.04
One of the sexiest games i ever played

erin222 2014.04.04
I enjoyed the game, graphics were good and an easy to follow story line

randy06 2014.04.04
another great game and sexy lady and great sex scenes

asdfghjkl12 2014.04.02
did not like it. graphics ok.

CrySeeker 2014.04.02
Bad dialogue design :/ Seems interesting.

BamCogan 2014.03.31
It`s no bad
Nice game & graphics

SGreasly 2014.03.31
Nice game with excellent graphics.

dirtydan69 2014.03.30
Great game and i got him killed. Nice graphics.

Totto2706 2014.03.30
really good game, hot "girl", would like to play with her, but without die at the end ;)

mick149 2014.03.29
good graphics, not much to do in the game though. Shame someone had to die!

sf33 2014.03.29
One of the hotest game of PFO !!!!

Pauley908 2014.03.28
not a fan of death but this game was 100 percent good

danno202 2014.03.28
not a fan of this game..kept getting the first few answers wrong, so I didn`t have the patience to continue forward. I am sure it is good once you get all the answers right.

hageman 2014.03.28
play was too easy, very nice graphics

goen555 2014.03.27
I accept all such cute Devils visit. But meaning is in mosaic?

doecke83 2014.03.26
Great graphics, pity about some of the language and the pixelation of his dick,

w1drng22 2014.03.26
First the good. The animation was great. The Succubus was awesome looking. Now the bad. The language was horrible. Incredibly bad translation. Also the fuzzing up the genitals was silly. But I gave it a decent score because of the animation.

hackerbate 2014.03.26
I loved this game I want to die by sec too.

sachinmahesh90 2014.03.25
Good graphics and a good game.

Mr. Derpy 2014.03.25
Good graphics and a good game. Also, best way to die!

genecapes6 2014.03.24
great game i enjoyed it good graphics and all

hardgammer 2014.03.23
Great game!Many moves looks almost like real fuck moves...

never_machine 2014.03.23
I`d rather live than die, no matter how good the sex is

Motherfucker9000 2014.03.23
i love this game i want to die by sex

Kate2107 2014.03.23
wow such a game it would be good if i was at her place

Eisblume23 2014.03.23
really good game and nice story

wezel87 2014.03.23
Realy nice game..
Good story and fun to play. Graphics are nice to

toncitopvm 2014.03.22
nice game and exciting am horny

Godskrieg 2014.03.22
Death by sex, my personal dream.

droopy1988 2014.03.22
great graphics. would like to find that in my dreams every night.

pap552527 2014.03.21
I think saccubus should adult more than this. I dont like when i select wrong answers , it start begin to new game.

Akrasjel 2014.03.20
Good great shouldn`t be censored though

FrostPhoenix 2014.03.19
Stupid thing you gotta start over for every wrong answer.

Gerbzilla 2014.03.19
Like the graphics, although could go without the censoring.
Between the unused actions and the wording to the ending, it feels like the game isn`t finished.

zantha 2014.03.19
Not bad. I really enjoyed the animations.

Terryriffic 2014.03.19
Too many actions per sex scene. Get repetitive and tedious. Also...game hung twice.

bdchua 2014.03.18
this is not a stupid comment.

er22as44 2014.03.17
Good game even with the censoring. Could have been longer

BiigD 2014.03.16
Good great shouldn`t be censored though

PandaManO 2014.03.16
This game is awesome! it put me off a bit for how much the guys dick is shown, but its still good game

technoclement 2014.03.16
Not bad, not good. Better game is away

yzenginoglu 2014.03.16
Great game. Nice graphics. LOP is no 1

pusshound 2014.03.15
Decent graphics, but ruined by censoring. Weird girl with tail is not my thing. Kinda buggy, but still worth playing.

DerFinne 2014.03.15
wired game - well woman with a Tail is not my thing ....

adilmanaf 2014.03.15
It is a good adult games, very addictive

madmax68 2014.03.15
Great Games, at least I didn`t have to start at the beginning each time I stuffed the answer

pickmac 2014.03.14
She looks a bit younger than I prefer

pickmac 2014.03.14
I want more games like this, but the sex noises weren`t my favorite

BONERGUY12 2014.03.13
It was very weird but it had very good graphic

GingerMon 2014.03.12
it was sort of strange, but still pretty good.

C.C. 2014.03.11
Love the girl just as she is. Beautiful and sexy. Since there are not many choices in this game, how about bringing her back again in another story with more choices?

oranjeboven 2014.03.11
Great graphics.
Pixeled penis in a sex game?
mine`s got stuck at "I already came, but I feel I can even more without relaxing." No end nothing. Anyone else?

second 2014.03.10
hmm...not one of the best games, not all bad either (not realy into these kind of games)
Nice graphics tho ^_^

bcross78 2014.03.10
Gosh, her with a dick was... well... not what I had in my mind :P

kwita 2014.03.10
Good graphics. Very nice demon:) So cute asd sexy:) But the end of game not happy for me:)

DaneWolf 2014.03.10
AWESOME graphics. The music ges annoying after awhile though.

putusansan 2014.03.10
how to download this game ?

jackmackle 2014.03.10
Can`t get to question 8.

Blitzkriegbob 2014.03.09
neither my kind of graphics nor my kind of game, but if you dont mind its a quite enjoyable game.

hageman 2014.03.09
graphics are good but gameplay needs work.

bigguy686 2014.03.08
fast, easy game with some good graphics. would have been better with some more choices and a little longer.

mr_hunter619 2014.03.07
Great game. Never a dull moment.

blabla2 2014.03.07
The game is not bad, the sex scene is too large and good

lilblkbirdie 2014.03.07
I like the graphics but the audio didn`t match the images and the fact that the guy looked like Jon Gosling and the Succubus looked like a teenager during Halloween was a bit weird for me.

wessmith 2014.03.07
great graphics, just wished she looked older; not into the teenager thing

onthefirstpag 2014.03.06
the succubus having a dick kinda took me off guard but still a good game

Hotguy29126 2014.03.06
Good graphics and was pretty interesting. Not bad at all!!

qwert99 2014.03.06
well i died oh well :p good graphics

Nikkki 2014.03.06
I Love the magic ( and angels/demons ) theme, i wouldn`t mind a couple of sequels :D

snuff110 2014.03.06
Good story, graphics, and animations, but to linear and should have more endings depending on choices made

iliyadahlia 2014.03.06
this game make me wet, please do such a this game

erpoly 2014.03.06
good quality of video
nice storyline...
9/10 for this game

reaper194 2014.03.06
The graphics are amazing 10/10 But it wasn`t really a game, just a mini visual novel

motorbebek2010 2014.03.06
cool game only good for one play

blackdhoom 2014.03.05
Nice Game.. need other endings..

papaismurf13 2014.03.05
Great graphics,, would have loved more endings.

MrLoz 2014.03.05
Good graphics, more options would be better

anti1990 2014.03.04
Great animations but I wish there were more choices

snipes69 2014.03.04
Boring game with stupid music and voices.

sexyboy921 2014.03.04
good game had a bit of trouble finding out how to end it but good graphics also

glukos37 2014.03.04
haha a great way to go i think

HarrietGarmin 2014.03.04
Good graphics a bit boring should have had different endings otherwise a good play

johnny19952014 2014.03.03
great game with grat graphicks i strongly reccomend it

June66 2014.03.03
may be not attractive as usual~~~

jfab 2014.03.03
Was my first game, and I liked it. Almost made me nut.

WhyNot 2014.03.02
This looks like a rip-off of Succubus Returns (in Japanese) with something like English thrown on. (See RE073754 on dlsite for original.)

bitvypr 2014.03.02
The graphics are fantastic, though I would have preferred a more mature succubus. The lack of options is a pain and having to flip back through the previous scenes when you make a "mistake" is even worse. The sheer number of sex scenes almost makes up for it, though.

FatAssJessi 2014.03.02
omg im so horny anyone here wana sex talk mmmmm my pussy is wet

Zariaswell 2014.03.02
Well, great animations and graphics even with the blured parts.
Not fan at all of the childish succubus (looks like a young teenager to me)...
The linear gameplay is confusing me : What`s the point of having those false lne choice ? Seriously ???

4n6377u2 2014.03.01
realmente me agrado, el flujo que sigue me hace creer que ya me he topado con esos seres, algo me dice que ha sido de esa forma...

droopy1988 2014.03.01
great graphics love the flow of the game

freepass 2014.03.01
the slightly mosaic/blurred penis is slightly disturbing. awesome animated sex scene - the best so far! the blow job is a bit too lengthy and cumbersome.

Magic Knight 2014.03.01
this is a good game. great graphic

whisper 2014.03.01
very nicegame and graphics but not continue

ECRIDER 2014.03.01
The graphics were amazing. Look forward to what else they come up with.

ghetto_bwoy 2014.02.28
hahah) noooo) it`s not impressive

swingingmonk 2014.02.28
Graphics are awesome, the blurred genitals are kinda annoying though. Speaking of annoying, that bj scene was exhausting, ditch those mechanics. Also, get a better English translator, that was embarrassing. Story was bogus too. Too linear.

farkas 2014.02.28
Great game, interesting storyline and beautiful girl and graphics. I give 9/10 points.

hs3x 2014.02.27
Awesome babe, nice graphics

gimmino77 2014.02.27
this is the good game. great graphic and move

johndellsman 2014.02.27
Great game I really enjoy playing it I play this game twices

saquib.khan966 2014.02.27
nice graphics and a nice game

pranks 2014.02.27
Great Game Awesome. But must hv multiple endings. Babe is extremely gorgeous

pranks 2014.02.27
Great game. Above all babe in the game is beautiful to all extent. Graphics are great but what i do not like about game is single, it must hv multiple options. Another thing that I do not like is that it has only options there is no touch of parts

erised 2014.02.27
The graphics were good, and the girl looked hot. The pixelated cock was annoying and so was the music. I`ve seen better from this publisher.

63ted 2014.02.27
Ready for a new LOP game compared to graphics in the latest games.

Architect12 2014.02.27
Nice game, though a shame from the blurriness but that`s not a big issue.
Perhaps multiple options would`ve been better.

sensai24 2014.02.27
Graphics are great. To bad it`s censored

kiza90 2014.02.26
altough i really hate censored games , this game is aweasome, i mean the censor is almost non existing, and the flow of the games is just... aweasome!

shaftoe 2014.02.26
i`ve seen this as a hentai movie on other sites, someone has just taken the animation and used clips for a game. nice idea, could be better.

Hieblan 2014.02.26
sexy succubus, great graphics to bad of the blured genitals...and for the guys complaining of Tom`s final, read the games title...SEX TO THE DEATH

WARDOG77 2014.02.25
a little long and the long arrow movement near the start got old. good graphics thou

Tiger21 2014.02.25
Graphics were good, cute girl, but it was very linear. I don`t like the mouse-moving play style for the blow job, but otherwise the style was OK .

myfriday6 2014.02.25
I do like this game . very nice

scopare 2014.02.25
Great graphics, until some blurred parts - the game was very easy, but fun !

opy1130 2014.02.25
I likes it, it was very linear but the new graphic style was good, and her facial exritions where great, too short and wish their where more options. 7.5/10

dfoskett 2014.02.25
Well it was ok i guess... not anything to shout about

Lizzie 2014.02.25
That was lame. Not a fan of it at all.

dandraft 2014.02.25
its an ok game but ive seen better from you guys,the girlis kinda cute she sure kows how to suck a man dry,thats for sure.at first i didnt get that part where you should click but i did get the hang of it.nice with the video sessions also,i liked that,just keep going lop.6/10 from me

Kedar 2014.02.25
too linear game. do not like

ionutionut 2014.02.25
HGood game but i dont like the end why must die tom?

oldnewguy 2014.02.25
Ok. Good for first game. Look forward to more.

SmilesGB 2014.02.25
bad game.., can only come to sucking scene, then the game locks..
Nothing happends after you cum after the blowjob..

network22 2014.02.25
Not too wild about the game. Graphics are good and girl is hot but just ok.

voynar88 2014.02.25
I really liked the graphics, but the gameplay was weak. Tooo long, repeating the same sucking scene, "sudden death" in choosing only one posiible answer...

nbcman 2014.02.24
OK game. The walkthrough on the questions are:
Question 1 Answer 2
Q2 2
Q3 1
Q4 1
Q5 3
Q6 3
Q7 2
Q8 3
Q9 2
Q10 1
Q11 2
Q12 3

themoda 2014.02.24
The game is not bad, the sex scene is too large and good, short game

Stathis 2014.02.24
The animation was something new and likeable, but became repetitive and boring.

Plus, mine`s got stuck at "I already came, but I feel I can even more without relaxing." No end nothing. Anyone else?

P.S. I didn`t get to know if Tom lives or dies. That would be sad...

hleland 2014.02.24
By far the best graphics yet. Demon is hot and action is realistic. Game is a bit lame.
Get this girl in a good dating sim.

wawesome 2014.02.24
Nice graphics, gameplay not that good

tv dornholzhausen 2014.02.24
Good Graphic but not good Gameplay

Daddio 2014.02.24
Guess what you think the right dialogue is.
If you`re wrong, you die
Start back from the very beginning.
rather lame

fmeyen 2014.02.24
Well, nor really a game but nice grphics inside. The dialogs could get away from the scene so we could see action going on

littlecletus 2014.02.24
cool game only good for one play

kaitokid1990 2014.02.24
lolz, the main character has to be "Tom"...

C.C. 2014.02.24
That`s one hot lady even with horns, wings, and a tail. Too bad there aren`t more choices.

jcc1985 2014.02.24
great game awsome graphics hot girl

Jaaru 2014.02.24
Nice looking new game, liked it.

vinvega 2014.02.24
Not my kind of game, wouldnt call it adventure

Wczar 2014.02.24
Not a big fan of the one wrong answer and its over. Cute demon

Gewoontje 2014.02.24
Just a click and die game not realy a game

Raven68 2014.02.24
Gerat Game Awsome how u impruve te Graphics light plot but very good @art316 guess there is only one

pornlover623 2014.02.24
haha a great way to go i think

arti316 2014.02.24
Well i got him killed ;D if any1 had any other ending please share it :)

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