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Sex stories: First date


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ianjames 2017.03.17
love the game sexy girl good graphics easy to play

halt99 2016.12.19
enjoyable game navigation and graphics are great

BIGCOCK99 2016.12.06
great graphics and a very enjoyable game

xxnoxx123 2016.06.04
A bit short... graphics were a bit off for me... a nice quick game though

grumpie 2016.03.22
Simple but nice game. I love the comic design.

sevenandahalf 2016.01.24
Anyone else have problem starting the actual game ?

sevenandahalf 2016.01.24
I love how attractive she is despite being a cartoon. Great work by the designer

gordogass 2015.05.06
a nice timkiler. great game

john milton 2015.04.19
quite a nice game, simple but well done...
good if you have some spare time

Bamaphant321 2015.03.18
Very cool traditional artwork.


Rob90 2014.11.18
awesome game. i wish there will another game like this !

ptxerror 2014.10.27
awesome game! the graphics were good and kinky.

pontsu 2014.09.09
a nice timkiler. great game

hok123 2014.08.13
wow what an awsome game. good grapics and better

cantarzzo 2014.08.07
good game ,beautiful girlfriend :)

Jbryan 2014.08.03
Great game. Nice way to kill time.

jeki22 2014.08.01
wonderful game, looks great graphics

The Beast Man 2014.07.18
fun game and nice graphics

krevan0407 2014.06.17
easy game great for a time killer

Hichigo 2014.05.25
It`s a pretty amazing game, the animations are good

Abraxis 2014.03.22
Like the other first date game, I`m not to keen on the cartoony look however the game is done so well it doesn`t really matter! The stlit screams allowed it to be quite expressive, and the sex part was very hot! Looking forward to more!

pandeyaryan111 2014.03.20
nice game i liked it a really superb game from game core again

zikas 2014.03.02
good game and i love it very much

cloverbeauty 2014.03.02
this game is so cool I enjoy it so much

cloverbeauty 2014.03.02
this game is amazingly cool to play I love it

throwaway 2014.02.13
Decent graphics, like the facial expression changes, ambient music is ok, would like some more options during sex.

Parker13 2014.02.03
SOOOOO SUPER SEXY I wish I could get cumed on or have sex with sombody

cafall 2014.01.26
Fantastic Tits on the Blonde. Loved the game

male619 2014.01.09
the girl is awesome blonde

SKELTONIO74 2014.01.02
very entertaining game good to pass some time with

abrakadabrao 2014.01.01
funny graphics, and little funny game

Evil Dave 2013.12.19
Simple and to the point, but really fulfilling as that blondie is super hot and the animations and position variety are awesome. love this game.

ryan96 2013.12.12
game was a bit long but it had a good story line and better ending

facawat 2013.12.09
wow good game with good graphics

lits1993 2013.11.23
seeing such an awsum game after a long time...........

tashakaye 2013.11.01
Good gameplay though the graphics is just so-so. Still, overall nice game made me horny.

liamjh247 2013.10.30
Nice storyline but a bit short

sexyassdildo 2013.10.19
Keeley is a great cock sucker

noogad 2013.09.20
amazing game great quality and sexy endings

wessmith 2013.08.25
good graphics, a little too easy of a game tho

henry93 2013.08.18
ok graphics,but otherwise kinda boring

noogad 2013.07.31
Nice game, i can`t get enough of it,i play it a lot :D

Magic Knight 2013.07.21
Nice game with great animation and best graphics.

ANPL1069 2013.07.19
This is a good game. it is easy to play

jockjam 2013.07.09
So hot girl and good animations

Asherash 2013.06.24
Good game good graphics and quick to the point

ghostyeru 2013.06.10
this game is awesome
i love it

thesabel001 2013.05.22
i love this game.. excellent gameplay

KJones 2013.05.22
decent game cant really play it again though

99rd 2013.05.11
amazing game with hot chicks
i like the story

a715jjr5 2013.05.08
nice game -- decent graphics and gets to the point pretty quickly

sexybabe12345 2013.04.28
the best game that i have played

kalag 2013.04.26
A simple game, Good graphics but very simple

Sir_Loins 2013.04.06
LOL got the squel first but that works too :)

RowdyRod 2013.03.23
Very easy, the girl looked great but the English was very poor.... still we are not here for the English lesson. LOL.

jon111killer 2013.03.09
that is a incredible game

Gordn3 2013.01.27
Nice story and grafic , good game but way too simple.

Petri 2013.01.16
So amazing game, this girl look so beauty for animated character.

oscar500 2013.01.15
Very nice game but indeed, not a lot of possible choices

Tristen16 2013.01.07
This was a really good game I had a lot of fun especially liked when she could wait to get to the house to get things started.

tradeononline 2013.01.06
wooow....good one ...cool game

dwj197662 2013.01.05
this game is very fun i love it

zenginoglu_yasar 2013.01.02
great game... i liked very much...

milesnai 2012.12.31
I liked the continuity of the game

Samael_1 2012.12.21
This game is great, I like how you can make a decision even if it is wrong you can continue need more games like this one...

sexyboyluvkelly123 2012.12.08
this games k nice cumshots can be more and realstic and ok gameplay

mrguy 2012.12.07
Not bad but not to likely, following a woman at a restaurant to the bathroom would only cause trouble

humasarin 2012.12.05
ok game rather simplistic

yashar 2012.11.19
great game. no doubt it. i loved this game.


gastaue 2012.11.13
one of the best game i ever played.

spud06 2012.11.07
Pretty linear, but lots of sex scenes and graphics are ok

shadow71 2012.11.04
this game was great really like th misic and sounds

dan6492 2012.11.03
this game is cool i will play on it every day

dan6492 2012.11.03
im stuck on level 2 plz help

hanibal194 2012.10.23
good animation but too short and too easy

gino97 2012.10.19
un gioco davvero fantastico :))

DickieDo 2012.10.19
Not a big fan of the animation, story was ok

El Diablo 2012.10.18
cool game and animation like it

badboyz 2012.10.17
the animation so cool. graphic good

charliekills 2012.10.09
nice game but nothing unique but great graphics

redmule 2012.10.06
i really ;iked this game good job

arfdgvadf 2012.10.05
simple game but still great

wezel87 2012.10.01
A very good game.. I like it very much

somi85 2012.09.22
wow good game with good graphics

lucifer lucy 2012.09.21
good graphics and loving girl

rexy2009 2012.09.17
i love this game!!!!

mystic_m 2012.09.14
nice little game with a lovely lass

Bodine 2012.09.13
A simple game, but will always be one of my favourites!

skylord789 2012.09.13
sexy positions, great graphics

abcdxyz0016 2012.09.13
wow what an awesome game

logajai 2012.09.10
nice positions..... I enjoyed this game.....

sven999 2012.09.09
fantastic game loved the graphics

johnmoe 2012.09.07
I really enjoy this game ...

pothole 2012.09.07
this isn`t a game, it isn`t even a puzzle. click enough times and you`re done. you can`t loseA variation of the same game you find all over the web

hezo 2012.09.06
great gameplay love the graphics and story

mettaknight25 2012.08.30
what a kick ass sequel to the first game, excellent game

mr perv 2012.08.27
graphics are a little bad but otherwise good

passionate87 2012.08.26
i LOVE this game i could play it over and over again!

Aket133 2012.08.25
The artwork is simple but well done, the mechanica are like in any other dating game but i felt it was a nice game!

mathew2 2012.08.23
people try this game out....!!!! this is really amazing!!!!

mattyice02 2012.08.20
enjoyed the game quite a bit good graphics.

Swordfish 2012.08.14
nice game, good to play....

zr77z 2012.08.10
Graphics could be better, but the storyline is great

sveinn1 2012.08.07
Good game and nice graphics

Pumba30 2012.07.30
Very simple, but funny story. Good sound, lot of scenes and animations.

gamerfm 2012.07.28
so easy game but i like this sometimes, to be fast

diary 2012.07.24
well...one ending,you cant make mistakes...nice game,ok graphics,but otherwise kinda boring

Planb 2012.07.17
Not bad, but a bit predictable

whatinthe 2012.07.13
Storyline a bit bland. (more differentiated) Multiple endings would be nice

tdchase 2012.07.03
good length, scenes weren`t bad, but I`m always annoyed with bad grammar.

fashioniconk 2012.06.28
i love this games. its quality is great

Killa00 2012.06.26
This is good game with decent graphics and good length.

sexywomen121 2012.06.17

[BY]WEGAS 2012.06.14
Game has possibilities but is too easy.

M4rsh4ll 2012.06.14
this game its ok but can be better

loloklol 2012.06.09
It`s an easy game.. graphics are okay

Soul Assassin 2012.06.05
Nice Story, but the graphics could be better imo!

thomaskia 2012.06.02
nice easy game...girl is hot...

thomaskia 2012.06.02
wow that was an awsome game

redrick123 2012.06.01
nice game... nice to play..

dhanish97 2012.06.01
Nice game,the story is a bit short though good sequel to end

KeepGuessing 2012.05.31
A bit short for me that is....lol

KeepGuessing 2012.05.31
This game was sexy, great animations and story. A bit short tho :)

supermat93 2012.05.31
Good game and animations. A bit too short, but it remains a good game.

Flasher1 2012.05.28
I played the second part of the game first and I must say that the first part is more interesting than the second one... both parts good

Nic-Nac32 2012.05.25
Graphics are in much need of attention. but the quality story of the game was good enough for me, but my mind was really focused on how much better this game could`ve been with more detail.

KatherineP 2012.05.18
I played the second part of the game first and I must say that the first part is more interesting than the second one...

jacksonpercy99 2012.05.18
liked the game... bt thts quite easy...n wen u achieve the gal after hard work it makes u cream more!!

hornyharry 2012.05.12
Unfortunately this is a game. Nuff said

arabella 2012.05.09
sexy positions, great graphics

hornyleo 2012.05.08
very hot game... hot animation

daemon77 2012.05.07
This could have been an animated comic instead of a game they made it very clear which would be the only realistic answer to choose.

jiji199714 2012.04.29
the best game ever but itthe animation is weak

jiji199714 2012.04.29
nice story and what an awsome game

fill ur hole 2012.04.29
mindless play, gotta love the grammar definately not a stickler for details on that. Not much of a challenge though. Really only one way to go in the story.

papa_shango 2012.04.23
good graphics, very easy game

Fade 2012.04.21
Good Game! Shown all the major positions, Nice!

jwala 2012.04.21
more intresting and good game for play

Jones94 2012.04.21
nice graphics and good game

filipecam 2012.04.18
Good game. The 2nd part graphics become better, but it`s easy to play and sexy!

MadAnd 2012.04.16
the animation makes me rock hard

blackrevan 2012.04.16
It´s a good game. kind of long, but interesting

moneydrake 2012.04.15
the animation makes me rock hard, gameplay is terrific and graphics are amazzzzingggg

moni11 2012.04.15
Real good game great graphics

dolyd 2012.04.12
making me so horny! love it good graphics aswell

ushxxxpm 2012.04.11
very horny game, i love this one

BustyLesbian22 2012.04.10
I just couldn`t get my eyes off of that chick!

xEzioAuditorex 2012.04.10
graphics could be better but nice game

generalsurvival 2012.04.08
Good game I hope that there are games like this but with good graphics

Apsara 2012.04.07
poor graphics, awesome game....

bigdaddy05 2012.04.07
why cant picking up wommwn be this easy

s-c-h-a-t-t-e-n 2012.04.06
realy good game, great graphics

bobbobbington 2012.04.05
graohics are ik but not great, plus its a bit boring

bobytt 2012.04.05
That was great game! I love the interactions.

Chalten 2012.04.02
Juego sencillo, con animaciones mejorables

jcc1985 2012.04.02
good game ok graphics liked the story

meast 2012.04.02
a very good game, the game play was fun

jamil210 2012.04.01
this was a fun game to play

SexTape 2012.03.31
So interesting ;o i ... love it ;D

MrSPARTAN117 2012.03.30
good one too easy but relaxin ^^

rotoco 2012.03.30
It was not a bad game. the statement portion of the game was really easy. Unless you were an idiot and didnt play te smooth card all the way through, then thats your problem. There isnt really mush to complain about this game. I suppose the graphics could have been better, and the getting to know her a little more difficult, but all in all, a good game.

Flashman007 2012.03.29
Great story but could do with better pic

ichigorose 2012.03.29
I`m stuck on the part in the bathroom. What`s the second place to touch her???

aeven 2012.03.28
i really like this game and wait for more of this kind.

icearrow 2012.03.28
great game easy to follow, erotic parts are user friendly and graphics arent bad either

nacho_nacho 2012.03.27
game is good but i dont like the graphics too much

2012sunny 2012.03.27
cool story but more longer

krevan 2012.03.27
it was a good game with good graphics but the game play was to short

techy44790 2012.03.27
its okay could use better graphics though

heyyy101 2012.03.27
Just gonna start and have some fun.

bricecubs1 2012.03.26
the animations were good the sex play was amazing

bricecubs1 2012.03.26
this is a very good game i love graphics

batman3094 2012.03.26
cool story but more longer

dickandtongue4pussy 2012.03.25
This game was awesome keep em coming

farkas 2012.03.23
Good story, little long but very complete sexpositions. Girl graphics too simple.

fergisonbrian 2012.03.21
this game is so good i love

rdrjr 2012.03.20
googood game could be better graphics

johakym 2012.03.17
Nice game and funny ! good job

cvsharmaa 2012.03.17
the game has a good gameplay and luv that check

aythar 2012.03.14
good game i like the endings

zupaman 2012.03.13
this is pretty good one but still hoping for a better animation in 3d

strle 2012.03.12
i have seen better graphics and the gameplay again was not the best

wetsandy 2012.03.12
this game is so good i love it

sherwoodsucker 2012.03.12
Decent art and good story- the `solution`s` a little obvious, though. Be a gentleman, get the girl. Be a total dick, get nothing.

Ricardo919 2012.03.11
Hot girl and easy to play. It`s fun for what it is. Wish you could have went one step further and done her in the ass.

JBROPER 2012.03.11
Basic as compared to the other games, but ok.

darkstar2012 2012.03.11
the game play,the graphics and animations are nice in a good game make some more please.

madman1954 2012.03.09
good...not great graphics....easy play....great time passer

mctaco king 2012.03.09
Gameplay is pretty good. graphics are good.

toddman12 2012.03.09
like the game perfect lengh and she is hot

snakebite2123 2012.03.09
Nice graphics and gameplay

danielsyd2 2012.03.08
Good graphics. Long story. But it`s simple.

zaguna 2012.03.08
Nice Graphics.. interesting gameplay

Andrew042 2012.03.08
Decent graphics, but the animation was a bit slow.

ksmth275 2012.03.07
Graphics and the gameplay could be much better. Ok at best

jammietoast 2012.03.06
ok game, i have seen better graphics and the gameplay again was not the best, but still a fun game to play

thiggs321 2012.03.06
very fun game lots of fun

SHOK 2012.03.06
its a good game like graphics and story
but not whery good game play

bill1411 2012.03.06
I`ve seen a lot better and a lot worse; overall thoroughly meh

espadax 2012.03.06
fun game , good grapics but not my taste .

jrodsexy 2012.03.05
this game was aazing one of the best yet

demonwar 2012.03.05
I dont know why i dont like it really its stuck like fuck with a toy..

Bobby83 2012.03.04
very nice and simple game

davo2k12 2012.03.03
Game is excellent good graphics

Johnnycage11 2012.03.03
this game was pretty good

johakym 2012.03.03
It`s incredible ! I like it

Nickster522 2012.03.02
Wish it would be longer, but I loved it otherwise!

Creepycross 2012.03.01
graphics was okay but animation was too slow. overall the game was pretty decent.

kaushik04 2012.02.29
good, but not the best animation,i want more good animations and some 3d babes also

WEGAS 2012.02.29
Cool game! It looks likes MnF games.

unlimited 2012.02.29
nice and easy game. like the blow job scene at the car.

Gelica313 2012.02.27
this game is great but story is to short

donmarac27 2012.02.27
very nice and interesting game

BigDream1 2012.02.27
good graphics and funny scenes like it

j3ssie 2012.02.26
this is like a dream come true to me

yash123khurana 2012.02.26
nice game
really liked graphics

lorenzo9999 2012.02.26
good game when u touch her its her arms first

wonderandy 2012.02.25
fun, but not the best animation.

pguy 2012.02.25
what a nice story ang games..

cadman022 2012.02.25
pretty simple and easy game

Piticu 2012.02.24
pretty game with nice graphic

asihab 2012.02.23
The girl is so hot, but the game is too short............You can use her for other stories................

feetboyghi2092 2012.02.22
this game is ok i just wish that it was more interactive rather then just clicking easy medium and hard must of the time i love the sounds though

Bikstok 2012.02.21
Gameplay is very simple but the graphics are ok. Music and sound effects are good.

ProbeGT 2012.02.20
Nice Gameplay very funny game

jah1337 2012.02.20
good game and nice gameplay !!

oopsyoudied3 2012.02.19
the person who created this game needs to learn to spell and some proper grammar...drove me nuts the whole time...makes the story boring when you`re constantly trying to figure out what the hell the person is saying

mustanggaz 2012.02.19
nice game good animation and graphics

forceone123 2012.02.19
very good game, but i think it should be more hard core since it goes so slow.

jchatfieldpolo 2012.02.17
Good Game. It was a little easy though. The choices were kind of obvious.

brach 2012.02.17
it intresting good stiry and animation

derda 2012.02.17
Nice game with great animation and graphics.

lumiere3188 2012.02.17
this is a well put together flash game.

Mike77 2012.02.16
Gameplay is very simple but the graphics are ok. Music and sound effects are good.

mtguy34 2012.02.16
good game graphics was ok but it was hot

conner99x 2012.02.15
Decent for what it is. The poor English is a little distracting, but I`m sort of getting used to it.

cubfan101 2012.02.15
I liked this game grapics are very good.

ion 2012.02.15
good game, nice story, and graphic is acceptable

derek32763 2012.02.15
pretty good game with a hot blonde cartoon

falanfilan 2012.02.14
good game . easy to play. but the soul is missing...

Dariusqt 2012.02.14
Perfect run the first time through. didn`t seem a lot of choices though.

Jeadye 2012.02.14
great game could do with better animations

lexieboo232 2012.02.14
awsome but odd im stuck in this game where there in the bathroom

benjamindu45 2012.02.13
i like this game with good graphics and good story but maybe too short

penis licker 2012.02.13
that game is the best ever

lobo1626 2012.02.13
draphics and animation is good but the game is kind of short

1234sexy chik1234 2012.02.12
sexxy as a fucker and hot as tits sooooooooooooooooo sexy i wish i could have aa sexx with her

dannyd18 2012.02.12
sex stories is so fucking hot

raghav99 2012.02.11
the animations need to be a bit more nice, though the game is hot

borntochat123 2012.02.11
Not bad, but the animations are not good like lavindor kindom, or of course Keeley, but the history are good and are a little long game

Stan74 2012.02.11
Fun game, not too taxing though.

bibi02 2012.02.11
I wish the graphics were more worked on, spent more time on them

Korres1885 2012.02.10
Nice game. Graphics are okay, and the controls are simple. Overall enjoyable, can`t wait for more.

mikeydrew 2012.02.10
Pretty easy point and clicker cartoon game but a very hot looking cartoon girl!
Good game

edisonj 2012.02.10
the story is not bad, 3D animation will be better

C.C. 2012.02.10
Game has possibilities but is too easy.

Zezkhril 2012.02.09
I found it a tee bit too easy.
The graphics needs some improvement as well me thinks ...

DyaDya 2012.02.09
easy enough and very comical. i like that i can say all the wrong things without the game ending

njake874 2012.02.08
nice game, can do with better graphics though. but i especially liked kylie`s facial expressions when she gets more and more high

murdo_mac 2012.02.07
Good game, but I found it a bit easy

SamSudin 2012.02.07
Good game,i enjoyed it.
Graphics r good,there r games who look worser then this.

aranoo 2012.02.06
even though its kidna easy the graphics are awesome

dtbm123 2012.02.05
good game graphics need work though

Lloyd1104 2012.02.05
was an ok game a bit boring to play though

maml 2012.02.05
it was a good name but the graphics were´t very good, bu i like it

mainstreetzaq 2012.02.04
Easy and funny game. But voice is so horny!

Valenna 2012.02.04
Nice. Very easy indeed, but nice game nonetheless.

Jumpingforce 2012.02.03
simple game, but very enjoyable!

kingtak2 2012.02.03
The girl is hot enough but the graphic needs improvement

castilho 2012.02.03
Very nice game, you can`t make it wrong
The Graphic is...interesting
Good game, like it

castilho 2012.02.03
A little too simple on the gameplay choices, but the graphical style was nice. The squirt in reverse cowboy was a nice touch. A lot of small details in the facial expressions was nice too.

pyayphyo 2012.02.02
??I think the graphics needs a little more

ant818hoe 2012.02.02
wow what an awsome game it was the best so far

BlackDragon6969 2012.02.02
Kylie shure is hot and the game play is ok. The graphics could have been better and more fluid. All in all though a good game.

afewlessbraincells 2012.02.02
This game was pretty much the same as most of the other games out there. Yawn.

killer37 2012.02.02
decent graphics and animation. fairly easy though

dragonj 2012.02.02
nice game. little easy to play. but still nice

Lavin99 2012.02.01
An hell of a game....graphics was quite good

0904038 2012.02.01
didn`t particularly enjoy the game, Think i`ve also played it on another site a while ago

darama3 2012.01.30
such a nice game. great animations and graphic is kinda old but its acceptable i like her face reaction. that was really good

ponakg 2012.01.30
good game, lots of scenes

begemot 2012.01.29
Nice game with great animation and graphics.

pussypussy 2012.01.29
great game graphics a bit old but still good

Lippi1983 2012.01.29
It`s ok, the art style is pretty outdated and the music got old quick.Nice game with great animation and graphics.

Freedomcis 2012.01.28
Graphics were good, game play was alright. Seemed bit to simple.

fortelaharl 2012.01.27
the game play is quite nice

Airhead 2012.01.27
i wish the girl was real...LOL

Airhead 2012.01.27
This game interesting....the girl is sooooooo hot.......need to improve the graphic...so she`s hotter and sexier and real...

SuperNarut0 2012.01.27
good game .needs more work with the word spelling

sxybeast 2012.01.27
very nice game could be better but ovarall pretty nice i love the quality

dougstar 2012.01.27

Barendd 2012.01.27
This game is ok if you have played all the other. could have better story and images

Lord_Orion 2012.01.26
Easy going, still funny, Vote: 6+

sammyshambles 2012.01.26
short but sweet game. could have done with more interaction. but the scenes were good.

Elerion 2012.01.26
nice and easy game and good graphic

brit_man33 2012.01.25
Easy and straightforward. The "correct" choices are pretty obvious though.

StandAlone 2012.01.25
Nice animation game very good

topos1999 2012.01.25
Wow, nice story and pictures, nice boobs tooooooooo

MasterShax 2012.01.24
Meh, it was decent. Could use some more scenes

Matt91 2012.01.24
I liked the graphics (and her boobs)
I liked the sound too (and her boobs)
Various positions is a good thing
Nice little game (and boobs)

gizmo13 2012.01.24
nice game.pretty good graphics

gassx13 2012.01.24
Good game with decent graphics

m3992010 2012.01.23
Not a bad game - I liked the story and the graphics are fun, if not very realistic!

m3992010 2012.01.23
Fun little game - I enjoyed it!

the big boppa 2012.01.23
great really good kinky fun

crossfire2000 2012.01.23
Nice Story, but the graphics could be better!

sexyman545 2012.01.22
this game was so cool that i want to play it again

cohis 2012.01.22
I liked this game, bot it`s not perfect.
Graphics: great, i can give 10/10
Sound: nice 8/10
Action: 9/10
Animation: could be better 7/10

ben robinson 2012.01.22
like this game kylies hot the graphics are great

aragonking 2012.01.21
this game is good and the graphics are amazing

LeapingLeo 2012.01.21
Good game, nice graphics seeing as its a cartoon

pacific123 2012.01.21
good game for the graphics it has

georgefilipe 2012.01.19
nice and long flash game!!!!

freddysaenz 2012.01.19
is a good game I would like to hear a littlesoun effects

estong 2012.01.18
Overall it was ok. Not bad for cartoon based game.

Gene0877 2012.01.18
very nice advanture, remind me on my first dated

ghtyu 2012.01.18
While the look and animations were bit arcady, something about my first date was enjoyable

slamlux 2012.01.17
This game is, i think, too easy. There is no wrong way.

ViewtifulMichael 2012.01.17
I gave it a 75. C+ carried entirely on the animation, sound and quality. I found the variety in conversation unamusingly obvious, but worst of all, I found the drag incredibly horrid.

boling 2012.01.17
so nice! very good game. I liked it a lot

xpiorixp 2012.01.17
nice game, have awsome story! but not my type!

Wazzgood12 2012.01.17
ilove this game its one of the best iv ever played

dcurious 2012.01.16
A bit slow to start. But entertaining

TickleBear 2012.01.15
I like this game, its fun and sexy. Would like to play more

senseiber 2012.01.15
I quite liked it, but the overall play is very similar to other games

beblbrox 2012.01.14
While the look and animations were bit arcady, something about my first date was enjoyable. Though I found the final scenes a bit longer than needed

pwrincess98 2012.01.14
best game ever, hot, sexy loved it

stefano71 2012.01.14
Not a good game, the graphic is not good

ajbuggsuk73 2012.01.14
I quite liked it, but the overall play is very similar to other games

romanose 2012.01.14
Ok Game, Music a little monotonous.

mikicostanza 2012.01.14
really hot game with very hot girl

snakeman 2012.01.13
probaly the easiest game ever

Kadmus93 2012.01.13
Very simple but, a great game.

man2012 2012.01.13
good animations, but graphics could be better

flex_singh 2012.01.12
was decent, pretty straight forward

Deco009 2012.01.12
Sometimes basic games , seem to turn out good , if only all first dates were like this

Guillaume 2012.01.12
Good interactions and much more.

dougstar 2012.01.12
Great game great graphics can`t wait for more

kkaa69 2012.01.11
The graphics are simple but i like them. Has a long final animation that i sometimes miss on other games.

JohnDoeCRO 2012.01.11
I like this game and it`s easy mechanics! Love the sounds and animation as well!

hugo19791 2012.01.11
hmmm horny game like it, but i miss anal

Risialp 2012.01.11
good game but so long in the end!

Jebac22 2012.01.11
best graphic i love to play it and animations are great

layne16 2012.01.10
Not a big fan of the graphics and the music is annoying.

Dr1nk3rc1d3r 2012.01.10
OK graphics, quite good storyline...

drewbie1 2012.01.10
Pretty okay game overall. Graphics were a little cartoon-ey, but story was believable enough. Would have liked more options in the sex part.

zefol 2012.01.10
good game, good pictures, interested scenes

XBlades007 2012.01.09
that´s a good gameplay and the sound are great

audaci0us 2012.01.09
It`s ok, the art style is pretty outdated and the music got old quick.

jmkgamer 2012.01.09
an ok storyline but nice graphics

tigersex11 2012.01.09
good graphics what an awesome game

dshehan0 2012.01.09
the graphics are decent

asdfasdfasdfasdfasdf251#! 2012.01.09
great graphics! nice game

Forent 2012.01.09
Good graphics. Long story. But it`s simple.

Renath 2012.01.08
I like it, nice choice of position, very hot girl and good animation. it`s a very nice game

Daliyahbaby 2012.01.08
i am stuck where they drink wine

rahoold30 2012.01.07
graphics are ok ..........

staticecho 2012.01.07
mustic was too loud compared the the sound effects but pretty good

.500NE 2012.01.07
Great game beautiful girl I`m hoping for an other one soon!

cholita 2012.01.07
Sexy game but in 3D it would have been better

pussy1991 2012.01.06
wow this is an amazih game

percyb 2012.01.06
it was ok icould have been a little better

antu 2012.01.06
nice game and nice graphic

joshkyledina 2012.01.05
hard but good game i was able to finish it in an hour by the way cool graphics keep up the good work

boob751 2012.01.05
hard game but good grachics

lucassio 2012.01.05
good game and good graphics,, more please??

imthemaster 2012.01.05
Fun game, would have been better in 3D though. The soundeffects were great but the music was a bit loud.

raven42 2012.01.04
very nice game, it is one of the best toon games i have played. It has nice pictures and the chick is very sensual and seductive.

angela123456 2012.01.04
I already played this game but i definitely want to play it more than once. The graphic was so good. Nice!

Zinzinbadio 2012.01.04
good game fun overall but the graphics could use some work

steven miller 2012.01.04
i love this i would recomend this game to all players

lenni61 2012.01.03
its a very good game ahd the graphik is nice

zomalagasy 2012.01.03
nice game but i don`t like the graphism! the story is good!!!

fucku123 2012.01.03
nice game but poor grphic
it`s still enjoyable though

niallita 2012.01.02
Graphics could be better, but the storyline is great

Matt2404 2012.01.02
Ok Graphics but a little boring

paolo13 2012.01.02
Fun game - not big on the process where one thigh is a NO and the other is I Like It, but good as a quickie play.

jerkov88 2012.01.02
nice tits - great to have some sucking in between - best!

i am sexy and i now it 2012.01.01
good game and the graphics are good too

i am sexy and i now it 2012.01.01
the graphiques are great and the game too

liv 2012.01.01
Cool story, but lame graphics. Overal it`s a nice game :)

$exyguy 2011.12.31
i love playing this game the graphics are good and the gameplay is excellent

janhay 2011.12.30
basic graphic drawings but good story line to it

JD351 2011.12.30
good game, decent graphics

jbnutt 2011.12.30
game was OK with OK graphixs

dg16 2011.12.29
this game is so hot it turns me on

robertdc19899 2011.12.29
not a bad game . a little too cartoonie

karang2000 2011.12.29
and the car sex could also have been more erotic

karang2000 2011.12.29
nice game but bathroom sex could have been more long

karang2000 2011.12.29
graphics r very nice n good cartoonic game

andy2789 2011.12.28
the game was a little cartoon but fun to play

bloodonmycock 2011.12.28
While there is little story, this is still one of the better games.

raznag2001 2011.12.28
Decent graphics, like the facial expression changes, ambient music is ok, would like some more options during sex.

koksnieger 2011.12.28
It is an ok game, but I think the storyline could be improved. Let`s wait for the next version, I guess. (;

dhondu 2011.12.27
Love this game. Great quality.

BurnerBoy 2011.12.27
great blonde i want one of those great game i want more like this

BurnerBoy 2011.12.27
what a great game is one of my favorites

DUX94 2011.12.27
I love this style of game, the end is always good. btw nice game

courage125 2011.12.27
this is a great game with good graphics

suckdboobs 2011.12.27
a nice little game with some good f**k styles .....

compo 2011.12.25
good game might have been better to watch as video rather than click obvious choice,cannot fail

evilwitch 2011.12.24
Although the story is good,graphic is bad.

Kopyor 2011.12.24
Game Is Nice But I think The Graphic Could Be Better

barak98 2011.12.24
gameplay is good but graphic is bad

sam1baxter 2011.12.24
good game like the choose ur dialouge.. but the grapihics can be better... bit blotchy but still great for a meet and fuck type flash

Dumpoey 2011.12.23
i love this game
its animated yet hardcore
just my style

evilwitch 2011.12.23
gameplay is good but graphic is bad.

Akira D Hellson 2011.12.23
great game but needs more. ;D

sexyhotkat 2011.12.23
is it sexually interesting

Tekilla 2011.12.23
nice game good graphics

tigerpirro 2011.12.22
Dislike the graphics and the game feels uninspired.

fuckinghot!! 2011.12.22
one thing .... graphics amazing.

speedy21 2011.12.22
nice story,great graphics!

LaddersToSumeria 2011.12.22
not so nice and very easy

ratonius 2011.12.21
Grafics could be beter....
The usual point and click questions,,,,,,,nice easy game.

Painkiller667 2011.12.21
Good storyline with a hot chick, but a little short.

im000123 2011.12.21
Nice game, maybe only too short and easy, but nice girl!

trolol 2011.12.21
it was a bit too short for me

John G 2011.12.21
Really great graphics but it looks like she has 5 fingers on her right hand when they go at it from behind while laying down.

9er9er77 2011.12.21
Hot Chick and fun story line.

John G 2011.12.21
Really nice graphics and well animated Hentai girls.

ilikeappes 2011.12.21
Too easy/straightforward but enticing graphics.

poudy023 2011.12.20
the graphics are really cool and hot

longwhitecock 2011.12.20
nice game, graphics, but the anaimation could use a little work

blahblahx 2011.12.20
Her moans were kind of annoying, but it wasn`t awful.

roy50831 2011.12.20
nice game but graphics could be better

sangoku 2011.12.20
great game and awsome hentai girls

ballindawg 2011.12.19
graphics could be better but i do like the positions

AirBautista 2011.12.19
game play, graphics, animations are nice

Akrasjel 2011.12.19
Nice game, but the grafics could be beter.

vincentvalentine14 2011.12.19
Cute animations. Hahaha it is pretty funny as well

nikolasvearens 2011.12.18
Very nice game, i loved it!

pg7 2011.12.18
really liked the gameplay and animation graphics could be better

walkerd14 2011.12.18
i love this game so much fun

pornguy85 2011.12.17
good game, good graphics, and very fun to play.

jdoberman 2011.12.17
Decent game...decent graphics but no way to fail....

sexlovr12369 2011.12.17
this is a great game... kylie is so sexy

danilipe 2011.12.16
not great grphics but nice story

camellofeliz 2011.12.16
i don`t like the graphics that much but the story is great

venki_123 2011.12.16
She is sexy looking! good game!

lucylou-94 2011.12.15
Great games.. great graphics .. ace game in all

solewolf 2011.12.15
very nicely done game cant wait for the next part

Exato 2011.12.15
Woah nice game, i love it.

sexman0121 2011.12.15
interesting variety of answers but the animations could have been a little better

vsps7 2011.12.15
This made me feel soo hot

soulofgoddess 2011.12.14
straightforward and simple, pretty bad graphics

cj113 2011.12.14
Great game wish it could be longer and awesome graphics

harry23 2011.12.14
greatgame and fantastic endings love this game

aphrodite_j2003 2011.12.13
yeah...i had a great time with kylie... will go out with her later :-)

dbzfanjj 2011.12.13
i loved the graphics wished the music was better

mikeypikey 2011.12.13
I like this game the grapics and yeah i will play it again

alebaro 2011.12.13
good graphics and a great gameplay

landrider1 2011.12.12
Average game, good assortment of positions but the graphics and the interaction was just meh

poutaniarisb 2011.12.12
sometimes simple games are better. It has a variety of sexual positions. Anal sex could make it better

tetertotter988 2011.12.11
Ok story, wish the graphics were better

knightrider 2011.12.10
i love the graphics and the game play is too good as well as the animation i wish i could make a game like this one

sexrex77 2011.12.10
nice game but too simple

UKfuckman 2011.12.10
good game with good graphics

oooooooooooooooop 2011.12.09
It would be good to have more choices

FicklePickleTickle 2011.12.09
Too much like a Meet N Fuck game. Copying an already worn out style isn`t the best thing to do. Click a few answers. Click body parts in a certain order. Click speed of "doing it". Am I the only one tired of this same shit with different characters?

dognut 2011.12.09
good quality and good sounds

69Kitten 2011.12.09
cartoon styl graphics are not bad but story is 2 boring, quick & cliche

Rondo71 2011.12.08
this is one of favorite

robmonlee 2011.12.08
this was an alright game. i mean graohics arnt bad but wouldve expected more

fwoodbine 2011.12.08
I actually like finding a game where making sensible choices and treating the lady like a gentleman gets you the goods. This is a good game that rewards common sense.

melver 2011.12.08
too easy. not my style of game

andy_regresa 2011.12.08
Great Game - little short and easy - but very nice. I Like IT!

IDontCareNL 2011.12.08
stupid game, it istoo short and all the answers get to the same point.

Mr. DAS Coll 2011.12.08
Good game the graphics are alright. still a good game all in all

lennard 2011.12.07
relevant comments concerning gameplay, graphic, animation

amir1444 2011.12.07
sounda are very good very simple format

Wolfschadowe 2011.12.07
A little too simple on the gameplay choices, but the graphical style was nice. The squirt in reverse cowboy was a nice touch. A lot of small details in the facial expressions was nice too.

Spud 2011.12.07
Awesome Great graphics too

ANinja 2011.12.07
Too cartoon-y for my tastes. Didn`t enjoy at all.

Occy 2011.12.07
great game, lot of positions

Nirvameow 2011.12.06
i don`t like the graphics that much but the story is okay

lennard 2011.12.05
i`m stuck in this game (describe where), please help me

TimHFL 2011.12.05
good graphics,and good animation

vsk94 2011.12.05
it was a relly fun game it got me hard

Fenian95 2011.12.05
Good graphics, great gameplay, nice music

S0rcy 2011.12.05
game play, graphics, animations are nice
just need to figure out what to do to get
all endings

kaz_devil 2011.12.04
Not a bad game but could have been better especially the ending

Lady Dawn 2011.12.04
really enjoyed playing , loved the graphics

Dude07 2011.12.04
The story line kept me going. I like the shading and transparency of the clothes as you move on.

mow 2011.12.03
Quite good for this kind of game

ozpaqm 2011.12.03
Great game :) Good gameplay and graphics

ragu009 2011.12.03
what a game i was wishing it too be long good grapics and better

ghyanu 2011.12.03
what a game i was wishing it too be long

Xerox375 2011.12.03
im stuck in a part when im in the bathroom

cbruno 2011.12.03
Great fun and sexy as hell

xhema 2011.12.02
Great game. simple to play and a very good quality

Aizal 2011.12.02
this game sure is fun , it have many interactive action . love it

REIVAJ311 2011.12.02
oh, oh, where do I get a girl as hot as Kylie

sindemon87 2011.12.02
Animation is pretty good. Sex scenes are good.

xcoolplayz 2011.12.02
Excellent looking, great visuals as always!

karol50010 2011.12.02
This game is fantastic and very very hot

kuzya.petrov2012 2011.12.01
Nice Story, but the graphics could be better!

jgpl 2011.12.01
very sexy but a bit of a long story line

erital 2011.12.01
love this game its like a fing movie

bobkumquat 2011.12.01
not sure about the art style, also a bit too easy

or163 2011.11.30
The game is good, however the graphics can be better

tennispro2010 2011.11.30
incredible game, nice graphics

dewamaulana 2011.11.30
animation can be improved
storyline and actions can be added to add more excitement and challenges
the choices are very obvious but hilarious if u wanna be the bad guy
my rating 5/10. hope u all enjoy it!

la sportsman 2011.11.30
Animation is pretty good. Sex scenes are good.

biggsreddy 2011.11.29
Ok But too easy There should be some thing more

Tiger367 2011.11.29
great game good long sex scene

Gnomon 2011.11.29
Are any of these games made by people who speak English?

funny909 2011.11.29
Nice game with great animation and graphics.

SirJayZett 2011.11.29
like this one, but too short..

Yan Gomes 2011.11.29
a little short but good sex scenes

fada 2011.11.29
very nice game, I like it

kky 2011.11.29
this game was really short and didn`t match my requirys

ban_samrat 2011.11.28
Its a nice game...but I think it would be more interesting if the girl has to be persuaded with more effort :)

Harimau 2011.11.28
Funny but too easy... there should be a way to make these games harder...

Jello 2011.11.28
It is really bad....nothing exciting or fun.

polobenny 2011.11.27
not bad,but it can be better,the animation

sargun26 2011.11.27
the graphics can be better, otherwise, great game :)

w98yohanes 2011.11.27
wish the game had a better graphics

SuperKingMW 2011.11.27
good game with a hot girl

firess7 2011.11.27
nice story and great characters and amazing sexy chick

rafaelbr222 2011.11.26
good game i like this history

magnosmago 2011.11.26
I don`t like this story but as usually it`s great graphics. and the music is very good

flynnlives 2011.11.26
Decent game with a hot chick. Too bad there`s no anal.

acidionstorm 2011.11.26
Nice game, but a bit short.

Ghilli 2011.11.26
The graphics are awesome. And the logic is too good for a sexy game.

toymaker1997 2011.11.26
it was an ok game, needs more to it

asueper3 2011.11.26
it´s nice, and really pretty scenes

bigdick246 2011.11.25
i love how its easy and good positions

molock_v 2011.11.25
This game is too easy, but the sex escenes are really good

Marco1924 2011.11.24
Not very good animations but not bad at all

andy_regresa 2011.11.24
Very good game, in the line of the other of the same company, awesome

ski9072 2011.11.24
Good game, for something so toony, the graphics were pretty good, more choices would have been nice though

smuleman98 2011.11.24
great game but a littel to short

Silveralpha 2011.11.24
Great game :) Good gameplay and graphics

timdench 2011.11.23
fun and simple just the way i like it

keshakat71311 2011.11.23
great animation lots of positions

stangdriver44 2011.11.22
decent graphics and alright game overall

banana12 2011.11.22
Damn i wanna be her driver if she will pay me like this

fuck101 2011.11.22
game is good but the grapics could be a lot beeter 7/10

Benson1982 2011.11.22
It`s a good game. The girl is nice, there are many positions, it makes fun. But the graphic could be better. But in fact this game is a good short fun.

hunted 2011.11.22
cool game relly like it . but it could have more of a story

montanadevil 2011.11.22
Slow but acceptable. Decent graphics. Story kind of linear though.

ballon2424 2011.11.22
Good game, I recommend to all

kkuubb 2011.11.21
The game was really good, a bit easy and the audio was perfect....

jdaignea 2011.11.21
Definitely needs more options!

wally98 2011.11.21
NIce game. Lots of fun. Much too easy.

rofe01 2011.11.21
Nice game, bit short and easy :)

schbob 2011.11.21
Unbelieveble that a simple story with good grafiscs makes you feel very good compliments

cherries-girl 2011.11.20
cool game relly like it . but it could have more of a story

4nik8 2011.11.20
Not much of a challenge but ok if you have time to kill.

Lolikuhrtd 2011.11.20
Way sexy, I wish you guys had more lesbian games on here though

relentless19 2011.11.20
Great game :) Good gameplay and graphics

marecki0780 2011.11.20
Nice game. Graphic is super.

creature 2011.11.20
lot of good positions need some anal action

gamingtool 2011.11.20
The game is good, has lots of positions...
But her nipples kind of looked like they were suction cupped to her boobs.
Also I rather games that has consequences.

ratmeat 2011.11.19
Not Bad Could of done with some Anal :)

Richard123456 2011.11.19
Very good game nice graphics.

cadensense 2011.11.19
The gameplay for this game is great, I LOVE meet `n fucks. Her tits are wonderful but i don`t think the graphics are as good as they could be.

Azurite 2011.11.19
Very nice game but indeed, not a lot of possible choices

chronus 2011.11.19
cool game, graphics are great. story is little too short

camaro97 2011.11.19
Just the right length of gameplay. Make more like this!

Dawn1 2011.11.19
a slight step back from what I have played but this game designer will be great in a couple years

robindc 2011.11.19
This one is a lot like Megan sex date. I liked that alot and this one too.

MarGoHam 2011.11.19
after you touch her stomach wat do u touch

chrt1066 2011.11.19
nice easy game. Pretty short without too many options though.

mjc1130 2011.11.18
I enjoyed playing the game

ThenSaturday 2011.11.18
very easy to get all of the endings. Its a very fast paced game that takes a little longer than ten minutes. i recommend this to all

ayushshah1 2011.11.17
wow what and cool game, i want to keep playing

ctl1980 2011.11.17
Awesome game.....pictures can be better though....something more like 3D would make it perfect

lenman 2011.11.17
Nice game and graphics. The gameplay is straight forward and simple; actually a bit too straight forward and simple which be make it borderline boring. Kylie`s apperance is great and for this type of game, I would say that the game is ok. As usual, I would always prefer more graphic gameplay. A good sex game must emulate reality rather than simulate it. Keep up the good work and keep the games coming. The efforts are appreciated.

alexanderelkins 2011.11.17
Boring and not very sexy or hot and very slow

smevil 2011.11.17
Decent game for the graphics it uses. could be smoother though

doomdragon22 2011.11.17
Best game i have played in a while. very nice story

unknow222 2011.11.17
nice game, but may be better

miyuf 2011.11.17
nice game, i enjoyed playing..

mbig 2011.11.17
Great game...Nice graphics and got me horny

eroticraider 2011.11.16
good game and the sound effects were great!

Maniac018 2011.11.16
look so hot this game ..i like me :)

plui003 2011.11.16
I quite liked playing this game and the graphics were not bad at all!

adityaroxx 2011.11.16
graphics is stunning,and kylie is hot

HarSlan 2011.11.16
great game and graphics i like it :)

nakedsoul 2011.11.16
i like the story,,,but the game is noat actualy good

poolman2 2011.11.16
this game is fucking amzing

rafaelbr2232 2011.11.16
the is easy but the history is really good

maxima 2011.11.15
Soooooooo when do we get to see part 2?

MathewsMedina 2011.11.15
Great game, good gameplay, interesting and fun ;d

pasat 2011.11.14
OK.........not as good as most games on here.

Trademarks 2011.11.14
The quality is good, and the quantity is great

crippledisme 2011.11.14
Bad extended rip off of Meet and Fuck games

lin143 2011.11.14
nice game , graphics are great

geppetto17 2011.11.14
Nothing special. Very easy and enjoyable only one time. but pretty funny

Kelly-Lover 2011.11.13
Game is good. Graphic can be a bit better, but great are the positions.

shakezulla17 2011.11.13
Pretty good, not great graphics but lots of positions

Patmatticus 2011.11.13
Game was easy. moe interaction would be nice, maybe some choices and alternate endings

rocketman9 2011.11.13
She is the blonde Winehouse! :D

vonquote 2011.11.12
Far too easy, out of three questions two are clearly hey lets jump to the last scene. No challenge.

DjHatter 2011.11.12
Its a very normal meet n fuck game

ghost04 2011.11.12
i think you can find some better animators for these 2 d games

rww23 2011.11.12
Game play was average did not like the graphics

Liuck55 2011.11.12
This game Is great, i really enjoyed playing it!

CoolBlue 2011.11.11
The drawingstyle of this game is very nice and you have to play it

alexitah 2011.11.11
the only problem with this game is that there are no consequences for bad actions... it get`s easy for that same reason

kuiop 2011.11.11
haha wow good game it`s lovely :3

norifumi190 2011.11.11
SO NICE games...wonderful gamessss hahaha

tnystr0674 2011.11.10
I love the graphics in this game!! And the gameplay isn`t too hard or too easy!!

amilama 2011.11.10
Quick and easy. Just what I like. Fairly simple as well

BallIdiot 2011.11.09
Simple game play and a short plot. Long ending sex scene, which was great. Descent graphics.

DevilCheriffer 2011.11.09
One of the hardest game I`ve ever played here. :) Good luck guys.

vanc68 2011.11.09
OK.........not as good as most games on here.

darkswat1 2011.11.09
So hot girl i think i want to fuck her too.

zenginoglu 2011.11.09
This is great game... I like it very much...

Crazysexman 2011.11.09
Okay game with good graphics

hans234 2011.11.09
Nice game, nice drawings, too short...

conken010 2011.11.09
very hot chick, not very complicated

speedy10 2011.11.09
this was a fantastic game. the gameplay was wonderful. the graphics also

kaergaard35 2011.11.08
good game like the graphics little hard to figrue out sometimes

mike69 2011.11.08
great game I loved the intro

bricey12 2011.11.08
Not bad game it lacks some style but it makes up for it in its graphics

htrdfrmr 2011.11.08
Great game really enjoyed!!!

arathor 2011.11.08
its a good story but the quality of drawing must be improved

veselqku 2011.11.08
Game play was average did not like the graphics.Easy game

zygerman 2011.11.08
nice game but it could be a little longer and more difficult...

Lizzie 2011.11.07
was a little short and the storyline could have been better, otherwise it was fairly good.

howhow 2011.11.07
great game hope to see another part soon hope its alittle longer lol

Blackstone 2011.11.07
This was okay, the girl was attractive and responsive, but it was too simple and basic after playing some of the more elaborate games here. Had I played this first, I would agree with the four stars, but I suggest that three is plenty high. The optional dialogue didn`t really seem optional -- there was only one real choice unless you wanted to be a jerk. Fun for a basic game that doesn`t require a lot of attention or time.

maniu 2011.11.06
not a lot of choices but good game

Atyone 2011.11.06
Game play was average did not like the graphics

Altivo 2011.11.06
Not a bad game, but the selection of answers could be improved upon.

dri 2011.11.06
it`s ok. I like this game very much ;)

hoopsracer 2011.11.06
So-So game. Graphics could be a little better and choices could be a little more difficult. Sounds could be be improved too.

Pondus 2011.11.06
Nice game, but a litle to easy

Sacklbicka 2011.11.05
way too easy for my taste, graphics not the best but ok

T-Dawg 2011.11.05
There wasn`t much to this game and the graphics were not that great.

mazzababe 2011.11.05
This game Is great, i really enjoyed playing it!

pasat 2011.11.05
nice gameplay, but too short

elluko1997 2011.11.05
Good graphics but a bit jumpy otherwise awesome games!

SuperRichie 2011.11.05
very good game, gameplay is very easy

StockholmS 2011.11.05
it`s ok. I like this game very much ;)

57chevy 2011.11.04
great game the only thing i miss is no anal

Rudy4u 2011.11.04
Good game, you can`t go wrong:-)

tuskes 2011.11.04
its a cool game but the reality isnt good enoufgh

ximdis 2011.11.04
good game also good graffics easy game play

Clugg 2011.11.04
Good game, great graphics, like the way it progresses

zero1417 2011.11.04
great gae love the sound and several positions

The Viking 2011.11.04
Greate game adn great grapich!!!

owned! 2011.11.03
Thats a great game and graphics are even better!

blackworld90 2011.11.03
good story and graphics sexy picture !!

PeterJorer1 2011.11.03
nice gameplay , abit too short

mustang94 2011.11.03
game was good but bad animations

innovator_00 2011.11.03
wow its like an xbox 360 but in a simple style

innovator_00 2011.11.03
i enjoyed the game and it is easy and fun to play

innovator_00 2011.11.03
this is like a dream come true to me

innovator_00 2011.11.03
im drowning with this game lifeguard please help im drowning

innovator_00 2011.11.03
wow i like this game i will play it again and again

innovator_00 2011.11.03
this game so fantastic and makes me horny

crewshots1 2011.11.03
wow what an awsome game. good grapics and better but it`s so short

sexisfun 2011.11.03
great story but graph is poor... 4/10

farkas 2011.11.03
Too short game and too simple graphics.

Rufus 2011.11.03
Nice game, nice drawings, too short...

salvator 2011.11.03
nice gameplay, but too short

rparadis 2011.11.03
this is a good one the game play is good as well.

LostLord1992 2011.11.02
okay game, a little boring because of lack of options

princessjessica 2011.11.02
This is a nice game! The animation isn`t the best, but I like it!

slasher2125 2011.11.02
pretty average game only

hersh2450 2011.11.02
Not to bad good animations. Pretty easy to get through

tdot123 2011.11.01
Awww yeah more pussy, fuck yeahhh pfo

dumbkyky 2011.11.01
nice game not bad at all

angel2411 2011.11.01
Pretty good game not the best though

asassin1011 2011.11.01
its a nice game but there is better out there

cliffybaby 2011.10.31
great game, quality sound effects. loved the graphics

kanf 2011.10.31
Pretty average game with just ok graphics.

ironclad08 2011.10.31
Game is pretty standard. Nothing very special.

pofinstall 2011.10.31
Really well done for one of the 2D cartoonish style games. Really enjoyed it!

hemi86 2011.10.31
great game enjoy the sex sceans

jackman2011 2011.10.31
Nice game with great animation and graphics.

moguel92 2011.10.30
i like this game its fun and exciting...!

kldxxx 2011.10.30
a good game with nice graphics. much too easy ... no way to lose. would have preferred a consequence for wrong choices and more options to control your outcome

lilcuckboy69 2011.10.30
This one was fun.... Good animations!

Gebbo 2011.10.30
What a girl, I wish I can meet her really.

lasdos 2011.10.30
the graphic is not too bad but it could be better and it was a good story

Psych696 2011.10.30
not the best graphics but the amount of sex was great.

chiefton 2011.10.30
Good game movement Lets get a few in this series, at work or vacation

knoll 2011.10.29
not bad nice game, simple graphics but way too easy.

emetiel 2011.10.29
Nice little game, I like the graphic but game is a little to easy I think

dri 2011.10.29
alright game graphics could be better

joejoe666 2011.10.29
great game. good graphics

Enki2011 2011.10.29
good story but way to easy, graphics quite poor. could be done better

dagaro586 2011.10.28
I liked the smooth transitions and animation. excellent game

Akkyshan 2011.10.28
Nice game with great animation and graphics.

hotwetshanu 2011.10.28
fucking nice game. i love to have sex like this game

Denz12000 2011.10.28
Great storyline, can`t wait for the next one.

everready54 2011.10.28
Average game, decent garphics, not very difficult

jonygame 2011.10.28
esta bien y es bastante entretenido very nica

matsx 2011.10.28
this game is soooo boring!!

_me_ 2011.10.28
Multiple choice dialogs are way too easy to get right. Nice graphics though.

sebgui 2011.10.28
Very hot stuff ..; nice game

Lucifer Orange 2011.10.28
This game was ok but there are better on here

lover 2011.10.27
good game, but I`ve seen better! Bot lot of fun though.. I recommend it

Cswoope29 2011.10.27
pretty good game but not the best

1041175a 2011.10.27
Nice history, game and grafics

birkhenrik 2011.10.27
Started out very well, but sadly ended a little boring

tdaynis 2011.10.27
it`s a cartoon game as u all can c.........just ordinary!

Yarnil 2011.10.27
A little too easy, not much of a challenge.

M_A_K_O 2011.10.27
nice game,interesting story.

KonoGirl 2011.10.27
This is a nice game! The animation isn`t the best, but I like it!

Drogba 2011.10.26
This is bautiful game....

beneathuk 2011.10.26
Ok game, good artwork, but pretty dull gameplay and not very imaginative.

Lucretia 2011.10.26
An ok game, could`ve put a new twist to it somehow

ryaner7 2011.10.26
alright game graphics could be better

pantywhiped 2011.10.26
all in all a fun game but not much replay value

MrSeven 2011.10.26
Very decent game, I liked it.

pennywisethe 2011.10.26
Its so good, because this game has horny moments. Yeah!

Snedde 2011.10.26
Good. Long scene with many possitions!
Could be better graphics and animations though :/

Dko 2011.10.25
Good game, try to make same story with better graphics.

Alcyone 2011.10.25
Great game, I wish it was more in depth though.

Ops123 2011.10.25
good sex scene ... maybe next time better graphics

lita2extremeladder 2011.10.25
Nice basic game. Hot chick hot guy. Good graphics

Skipan665 2011.10.25
good game, simple and good graphics wish it were more like this one..

Aragon 2011.10.25
Nice game, good graphics - perhaps a little to simple for being played more than once.

torrent2621 2011.10.25
nice graphics, easy to play, would like a bit more of a challenge though

kmaxx 2011.10.25
good game, nice sex stories

Willie77 2011.10.25
I`d like the job of making a walk-through for this one. "Keep clicking any option until the scene progresses. You can not lose this game."

Eddie Roc 2011.10.25
Nice art, okay story, and great sex sounds to go along with the scenes. Overall a decent game for a meet`n`fuck clone.

lshone501 2011.10.25
easy to play & good graphic

sexyboy_cam2010 2011.10.25
Thera re not too many options in the story, i like when there are more possibilities. The girl is hot even when it is just cartoon style. Very easy due to the options issue...

benoitb11 2011.10.23
hi nice game , easy to play graphic are good

cowboy2190 2011.10.23
i really enjoyed this game could use better grafics

starneo 2011.10.23
This was nice game but too simple and graphic could be better.

Valquath 2011.10.23
Nice game, graphics were good but could be better.

connor0397 2011.10.22
Great animations, and good story. I like it and Very nice having new facial expressions and less used positions to screw but on the down side it still has the same useless patterns of touch and humping speed.
Great moaning but the down side is it isn`t distinct from the music so it`s still washed out and less enjoyable.
Lovely to have a new game producer but one wonders from which other semi-larger entity they left from and thereby diluting the overall games quality.
No Instruction, Oversized tits and no pubes, how come the guys in these never moan or make those f`ing goofy cum faces....
Giving it a high mark just to encourage new/newly independent producers...and I will hope for a lot more in future

star 2011.10.22
nice game,interesting story.

LamboRoscoe 2011.10.22
Good gameplay overall lacked in the graphics part a little bit.

old_ironside78 2011.10.22
It´s a quite good game! The girl is awesome, the graphics are good, but the music gets boring after some time, as for me anal sex is missing and it is a little bit to easy to seduce and fuck the girl.

PZF 2011.10.22
No interest for this game. Linear with no chance to fail. When you`re insulting her you`re stuck until you give the romantic answer and it has absolutely no effect on the course of events.
SO just another click and look story.

Daztan 2011.10.22
One of the best games out there including pussylight the gameplay is short but the sex scenes make up the game. really well made

sanji 2011.10.22
hello, this is game is worst, dont like it

AnthonyM3 2011.10.22
was awesome game great graphics

AnthonyM3 2011.10.22
i loved the game graphics are good

17mkauff 2011.10.22
This Game IS AWESOME!!!!!!!

daman25 2011.10.22
fantastic game it was innovating kinda short could improve

thepawnking 2011.10.22
this was a fantastic short game. Good sex scene pretty girl. i liked it

roxana 2011.10.21
liked it....it was really easy though... but good:)

radman1264 2011.10.21
Fairly well made the graphics could have been better and the English corrected.

xRafiki1996x 2011.10.21
decent game, it could have better graphics

Manchester501 2011.10.21
very nice games. great story.

okir24 2011.10.21
the animation was cute nice story

RustyNail 2011.10.21
i really like this game! very hot and sexy!

pkjgoo 2011.10.21
Classic dining there.. Worth it for the dining choices.

ragini.chirag 2011.10.21
game is simple n nice...girl is hot

johncoombes77 2011.10.21
bit old school game but enjoyable

maverick23 2011.10.21
nice and a very simple game...but the girl was very beautifull

cocomicrob 2011.10.21
nice game. a little too easy.

Joeseph13 2011.10.21
It was not a bad game. the statement portion of the game was really easy. Unless you were an idiot and didnt play te smooth card all the way through, then thats your problem. There isnt really mush to complain about this game. I suppose the graphics could have been better, and the getting to know her a little more difficult, but all in all, a good game.

Djarash 2011.10.21
Nice game. Good story, but graphis could be better.

Todd96 2011.10.21
Great Game, really enjoyed it!

phoenixknight 2011.10.21
pretty good.. I think the graphics could be beter. i loved how it ended in the doggy position

Lennart95 2011.10.20
the game is good but the graphics could be a lot better

Whitney 2011.10.20
nice gameplay, scenes, graphics, good story

pietje119 2011.10.20
fantastic game i like it i am suprised

adrianonn 2011.10.20
What a lovely game. Good interactions and much more. Thumbs up!

1NT0X 2011.10.20
graphics are fairly ok, not nearly as good as possible or as i hope for in these games, but it was entertaining so i guess mission accomplished

2be.not2be 2011.10.20
Classy, simple, straight to the point, outspoken .
It`s deffinitely something you`d like to try out for a quick game for a long ... long ride .

baldeagle 2011.10.20
Interesting game, the graphics excellent.

duke51 2011.10.20
Very simple & easy game, but with nice graphics and music. Nothing new, middle class game

gradandrei2006 2011.10.20
Funny Game with nice Graphic.

netman 2011.10.20
The game has great action but could be use a higher level of difficulty. I liked the graphics as well.

Artis 2011.10.20
Cool and a great game, good distraction. ..

HornyPorny 2011.10.20
Been there... done that... not very bad, but not very good either.

jackrabbit 2011.10.19
This game, while enjoyable suffers from cheesy 70s porn music and a lack of interactivity.

hunted 2011.10.19
Nice game with great animation and graphic but a bit slow

DrV1nc3 2011.10.19
Nice game, look like Meet N` Fuck.

wombatkiller 2011.10.19
it was a good game but could be more complex,

joejoe666 2011.10.19
ok game, pretty poor graphics though

DevilHound 2011.10.19
Easy but great. Not in the animation department but good graphics.

MutantPryde 2011.10.19
Don`t really care for it...kinda boring.

Noramil 2011.10.19
The game itself is good, but the graphics could use some upgrading.

Aladin 2011.10.19
Funny Game with nice Graphic. But nothing Special.

mdaorinocco 2011.10.18
Annarainbow says it all!!!

AnnaRainbow 2011.10.18
Hmmm. Okay, the art design and animation are very good and the colors really pop. The hero, Roberto, being Latin is a nice change. The game-play though is really limited and the "correct" responses are so obvious there`s really no challenge or "gaming" involved; it`s basically a walk-through. While Kylie`s expressions and reactions have a certain sensual appeal, the game mechanics of the "seduction" and inevitable sex scenes are so non-participatory they render the sequences dull and repetitive. Poor Kylie comes off as a bimbo without any personality development, although her necklace is a nice detail. While I appreciate the time and effort put into this, it brings nothing at all new or interesting to the table.

delta1017 2011.10.18
Very easy game, graphics ok. Fun.

jjjl234 2011.10.18
not a bad game graphics wernt as gd as some of the other games.

WlodaRR 2011.10.18
Preety OK, but it`s short.

andy_regresa 2011.10.18
Not bad, but the animations are not good like lavindor kindom, or of course Keeley, but the history are good and are a little long game

barry23 2011.10.18
this game is ok, nothing special but ok

ranschan 2011.10.18
A little bit boring, bur OK

zwen 2011.10.18
OK game it was worth playing

horst123123 2011.10.18
Nice Storyline i would prefer with anal.

Geoff 2011.10.18
good Storyline great graphics abit short other then that i loed this game....:)

Manisha 2011.10.18
could of had better graphics like make the characters look more like and anime character should of but some anal in it but it was good non the less

cannon84 2011.10.18
OK game it was worth playing

Gasolinie 2011.10.18
Good and funny game, I like the storyline

txcowboy0026 2011.10.18
Excellent game withgreat graphics.. would like to see more of these types of games

Hobgoblin67 2011.10.17
Not a bad story,if a bit simple.Graphics are ok.

franksands 2011.10.17
good storyline
good sex scenes

too short
no anal

outrage 2011.10.17
decent game, a bit too easy and to slow

tommynl 2011.10.17
Very good graphics only a little to easy.

BigBoi69 2011.10.17
good game....too bad no anal

jaier 2011.10.17
Good and funny game, I like the storyline but maybe simpy

cucuvn 2011.10.17
nice game...girl is hot...

jingstir 2011.10.17
its a bit to long and it could have been better. over all it was alright

SidAsrani 2011.10.17
Poor game... disappointing game

killer0506 2011.10.17
i hope they create more games like this its awsome !keep it up playforce one!!

skeeter0992 2011.10.17
This game wasnt very good. A poor MNF knock off.

mouselee 2011.10.17
She is very sexy. She has great tits and hips. However, she is too easy to dated and sex with.

Acau 2011.10.17
YES:nice game.normal graphics.nice chics.love it

crzyone 2011.10.17
Great animations, and good story. I like it :)

bluejedi41 2011.10.17
Great storyline and graphics.

PonysautoBC 2011.10.17
The animations could be better, but I like the storyline.

chebas 2011.10.17
I like it! the dialogs are a bit simple, but great animations! ;)

randy06 2011.10.16
great game again nan d hope to see more action in the secound one and hope u meeet her girlfriend and so on be great

roni4uhi 2011.10.16
by far my favorite game, the sounds and music are nice

AlecQuarg 2011.10.16
Linear, and short, but her face was gorgeous.

Tiege 2011.10.16
If they make a part II, they could at least make the choices funner. Graphics need an upgrade too.

IamBri 2011.10.16
Very linear as can be expected in this type of game.

The facial expressions she had put this one in the plus category for me.

marduk23j 2011.10.16
Good animation. Pretty easy game though

DGL611 2011.10.16
This game has good graffics

durp 2011.10.16
too easy and short, but otherwise a great game

spirek 2011.10.16
This game is preety good. I liked it.

dri 2011.10.16
a great game but abit to easy

baleine 2011.10.16
Story quite simple, but based on respect. A good point.

PsykoGumby 2011.10.16
Graphics could be improved, however, I did like the style of the graphics. Pretty fair amount of time to play, but worth it.

RESSAT 2011.10.16
simple and easy side but the graphics are pretty good.

busu99 2011.10.16
A bit on the simple side but the graphics are pretty good.

poppa 2011.10.16
Great art work with cool positions. Story can be better and controls need some work. But I would play it again

dgkesquire 2011.10.16
Simple game controls, gorgeous graphics. Animation gets somewhat repetitive, though. Nice plotline. Would play again.

Blourock 2011.10.16
quite nice game. I like it :)

aion 2011.10.16
Very hot girl in this game

Roebio 2011.10.16
Nice graphics and gameplay

titties123 2011.10.16
Very hot girl in this game. there is not a lot of negative things to say. thanks pf1!

torque2802 2011.10.15
nice game but a little long to reach the inevitable conclusion *sniggers*

bigguy686 2011.10.15
pretty cool easy to play and good graphics

twostepper48m 2011.10.15
thats a great game and graphics are even better

dragonstar 2011.10.15
super hot hope the mak a 2nd one

Naio13 2011.10.15
It`s a good game but it is too linear

thelost231 2011.10.15
nice game lots of positions.

thinlwin 2011.10.15
i think this game is a good .animation good.

dornell 2011.10.15
it is cool like the romance

dornell 2011.10.15
this is a instresting game

Bruce_D 2011.10.15
quite good game but ist simple

fjlosantos 2011.10.15
Too easy and I prefer more realistic graphics

Lawliet 2011.10.15
The action of cock sucking and pernetration are good just the background music is too noisy

boyo111 2011.10.15
Not bad, not that challenging

Shahriyar 2011.10.15
The graphics are nice but the game is too easy!

triballik 2011.10.15
easy but fast and sexy, that`s a good game for me!

ml09 2011.10.15
it has too much of the man in the scenes for me

Elfe 2011.10.15
No more than correct. Too easy!

nniffar 2011.10.15
very nice game, good progress, but graphics could be better

ikkeik 2011.10.15
great game only a little bit to slow and to easy

rlt6547 2011.10.15
good simple game. easy to play. i like

chuck360 2011.10.15
decent game very enjoyable

DG6621 2011.10.15
Not bad, nice graphics, half decent story, nnice model, but really easy,

farkas 2011.10.15
Good game linestory, not dificult but the graphics are too simple.

AntonChania 2011.10.15
Hmm it seems i cant play the game...over the window the game was supposed to run it says "Movie not loaded"... I got latest flash version on my pc..any ideas?

nicolegrace 2011.10.15
the game was a little bit different

zenonx 2011.10.15
Well it as more sex scenes than the normal ones and the girl is very hot!
Great game.

kez1980 2011.10.14
A bit on the simple side but the graphics are pretty good.

Bughder 2011.10.14
Nice simple game, graphics not too bad

ihavsomcock 2011.10.14
awesome!easy,simple,fun......evrything i need to enjoy a game

wbailey 2011.10.14
Not bad, but the animations are not good like lavindor kindom, or of course Keeley, but the history are good and are a little long game

vitali 2011.10.14
compared the LOP and pusooy games, this is simple and graphics is bad. But I enjoyed :-)

aeaea 2011.10.14
quite good game but ist simple

dsvjr19 2011.10.14
Meh the game was ok but there wasn`t really anyway to lose and the music was kind of annoying

flintstoneflop 2011.10.14
Nice game. Fun easy. Simple

laura23 2011.10.14
Great Game - little short and easy - but very nice. I Like IT!

Tiger21 2011.10.14
Incredibly linear, too easy and mechanical. Plus the music is a big distraction from the moans. Not bad, but not great.

canuck2011 2011.10.14
a good game with nice graphics. much too easy ... no way to lose. would have preferred a consequence for wrong choices and more options to control your outcome

telaviv 2011.10.14
Interesting game! Good gameplay and nice graphics

looner 2011.10.14
Easy game with no options!!! the girl is sooo hot still

flex_singh 2011.10.14
it was a okay game, could have bin longer and bin a little harder

Avon1991 2011.10.14
I really like the animations , they are ok ;)

blackmagic 2011.10.14
It`s a fun game but too easy.

sanzomalaya 2011.10.14
way too short the game. anyway i`m enjoyed it.

kkuubb 2011.10.14
Nice game with great animation and graphics...but short story :)...

cedrickg 2011.10.14
Graphics are fine but the game is way to easy. The correct answers are way too obvious and lowers the fun factor. Makes replay not worth it and makes the game much too short.

meh was alright lil t easy

kjdehn 2011.10.14
wheres my date with kelly miss her

cptnbendo 2011.10.14
That was way too simple, and the graphics weren`t that great.

playboy21 2011.10.14
graphic was O.K. i guess. below mediocre. please improve.

erevis 2011.10.14
straightforward and simple and graphic could be more better but i play worse games before than this

aaaaaa6 2011.10.14
Very hot chick! and love the sex scene

blumouf17 2011.10.14
Good but a bit simple and linear

jer1981 2011.10.14
Not a bad game. A little stronger graphics would help it out.

probie 2011.10.14
great game hope to see another part soon hope its alittle longer lol

rb1610 2011.10.14
good history, but with little taste is left wanting more. but very good game anyway

boinky 2011.10.13
Not a very good game, pretty standard. Answers to the girl are easy, you know you have to be polite to get anywhere. Animation is not that good and the artwork seems different every scene. I have seen better

pariomaolo 2011.10.13
good story board , good graphic i `m very happy to play this game

no2all 2011.10.13
nice slow pace...not challenging but a lot of fun.

sasso 2011.10.13
Nice game with great animation and graphics...but short story :)

primus21 2011.10.13
this was an ok game but not as great as some of the other ones on hear

shoutayemate 2011.10.13
awesome game, a bit to easy though

Nimrod 2011.10.13
It was okay, a bit boring and repetative at the end.

C.C. 2011.10.13
Good graphics but too predictable and too easy.

Boogeyman 2011.10.13
simple game, cheap graphics but nice sound

AmazonQueen 2011.10.13
Very nice having new facial expressions and less used positions to screw but on the down side it still has the same useless patterns of touch and humping speed.
Great moaning but the down side is it isn`t distinct from the music so it`s still washed out and less enjoyable.
Lovely to have a new game producer but one wonders from which other semi-larger entity they left from and thereby diluting the overall games quality.
No Instruction, Oversized tits and no pubes, how come the guys in these never moan or make those f`ing goofy cum faces....
Giving it a high mark just to encourage new/newly independent producers...and I will hope for a lot more in future

NightStalker73au 2011.10.13
awesome gameplay and graphics

NightStalker73au 2011.10.13
definitely a favorite of mine.

randones 2011.10.13
Good game great cartoon style simple history

CleriC 2011.10.13
way too easy and cheap graphics

fellamee 2011.10.13
Well I guess I`ve played worse games, graphics could be better

martinx18 2011.10.13
Graphics are ok but storyline is horrible and too easy too choose either be a gentleman or fail

DreamTim 2011.10.13
the graphics are ok. the story too but the game is too linear.

hanna619 2011.10.13
this game is also nice...n de animation is also gud....

tester2 2011.10.13
Actually pretty boring game. Very easy and linear. Graphics are okay though.

pr0n 2011.10.13
graphics are ok, i like the comic style. but it was way too easy- always the gentleman and you`ll get in her clothes. it`s too predictable

NightStalker73au 2011.10.13
awesome gameplay and graphics

hardwood 2011.10.13
sub-standard graphics should be better these days
story is acceptable

onwards 2011.10.13
fun game to play...a little easy but i did enjoy it :)

conbron 2011.10.13
Nice graphics, but very easy story / game...

das77 2011.10.13
Prety good game,good animation,nice work done.

coolads81 2011.10.13
great graphics ....and great sounds... needs more interaction and longer

TBar39 2011.10.13
Nice choice of positions, and the art was good and clean, especially the expressions.

TBG1972 2011.10.13
Too easy to get through the date conversation. Don`t really like the EASY-MEDIUM-HARD interaction.

kergeller 2011.10.13
well made it looks like a first try but well done and keep up

jerryonly83 2011.10.13
not that bad.... looks like the first m `n`f....

flampard409 2011.10.13
wow what an awsome game, good grapics and better

ThePunch 2011.10.13
This ain`t a very interesting game. We need more Kelly!

jeanmimel 2011.10.13
too easy not so interristing

mattbro 2011.10.13
good game but these are getting a little boring

Jaaru 2011.10.13
Nice lokoing game, i liked it.

brink7000 2011.10.13
Pretty simple, but still kinda hot. Wish there was more to it. Want to be Roberta instead of Roberto and fuck her...

Ubber1 2011.10.13
Good game, good graphics. Could work on Kylie face a little.

SkylineR34GTR 2011.10.13
Cool game, but too predictable. Good graphics and pretty well put together though.

branknock 2011.10.13
a very nice game. good graphic`s ok game play when`s the next date?

flesh28 2011.10.13
nice game easy to play, can`t do wrong

kevinboyz1234 2011.10.13
nice games and nice girls

bRon 2011.10.13
Good game: interesting plot, excelent graphics, i like it.

mya_2cute 2011.10.13
Nice good game i liked it alot.

Ruller 2011.10.13
easy and simple. Not good enough to repeat

Flasher1 2011.10.13
good game hope they get better keep up the good work

garonbrown 2011.10.13
Nice. pretty easy point and click, but the graphics are old school, and OK.

cody1989 2011.10.13
great game long sex scene

MrBhadradri 2011.10.13
This game is great! I think the graphics could be improved but I loved each scene and the story was fantastic, though cliche. loved the sound effects too. The chick was hot!!!!!!!

tigerwoo 2011.10.13
very predictable game... simple and easy... story line poor.. graphics good.. may be 6/10.

Mototon 2011.10.13
Good game but it is too easy.

kpyrinikos 2011.10.13
Sadly, nothing new here. The usual point and click questions,not for this site

barney_61 2011.10.13
playforceone going to be bad bad one sites

remedy 2011.10.13
love the spanglish great game

LoJo 2011.10.13
Very nice game, you can`t make it wrong
The Graphic is...interesting
Good game, like it

stefano71 2011.10.13
quite nice game. I like it!!!

Gurneyhal 2011.10.12
Neat game, but graphics are a little cheap and slow. Also the choices are a bit too easy.

DarkRanta 2011.10.12
little funny game but way too easy and the graphics aren`t really good

Ravenmadd 2011.10.12
Enjoyable. Like a Meet and Fuck with better graphics, though not much better. Hope part II comes out soon.

migue0482 2011.10.12
good game but poor graphics

chunli 2011.10.12
smooth game and okayish graphics i guess

Tiege 2011.10.12
Easy story line, lots to improve on in part II if there is one.

mendragor 2011.10.12
nice story but graphics are poor.

Xyzzy 2011.10.12
Graphics are only so-so. Gameplay is extremely easy. Correct answer is awfully obvious. Storyline is uninspired. It won`t take very much effort to make part 2 better.

T M 2011.10.12
decent enough game but pretty one dimensional.

wbailey 2011.10.12
Enjoyed the game, descent graphics, luv the hair pulling thanks!!

CapnMorgan 2011.10.12
4 years ago this would have gotten a 95, but these are "Atari" graphics in a PS3 world. The game play is way too linear. Not in any rush for part 2.

Also, I know a lot of these games are made overseas but geeze - can`t you find one English speaker to proof-read your dialogue? Half the time you have to guess what you meant to say so you know whether you`re choosing the right option. (Un)fortunately, this game`s simplicity doesn`t make poor English a problem.

dx61005 2011.10.12
poor graphics, poor graphics, poor graphics, poor graphics

geut 2011.10.12
great story but graph is poor... 4/10

clador 2011.10.12
good game, good graphics nice story

Arbaal 2011.10.12
Nice game, great graphix and all. But bit too easy and way too short and didnt liked that fact if u muted music u didnt heard other sounds as well.

derda 2011.10.12
hard game good graphics and is so cool

CowboyBob75 2011.10.12
the graphics or fairly good but i find the game play very simular to many other games out there

fw190pilot 2011.10.12
Not particularly original, but the graphics are well done.

weliuscaesar 2011.10.12
static gameplay and mediore graphs
seen better

eralph67 2011.10.12
Pretty good graphics not a lot of plot and game segment pretty easy.

timmyguns 2011.10.12
Lots of fun! Great game.

pepsitwist1 2011.10.12
good graphics good story in one word : awsome

electro*** 2011.10.12
Prety good game but the animation there still work must be done.

sith.ari 2011.10.12
nicely drawn and a good long sex scene.
but a little too easy. the dialogue options were lame.

JamesL 2011.10.12
Good Graphics and story.. the sex was also pretty long, which is not that common in most of these click and point games

kalbs 2011.10.12
wow what an awsome game. good grapics and better

thinlwin 2011.10.12
this game is easy to play.animation good.

jmeoff 2011.10.12
Totally trivial, not worth a second play.

dreadwolf 2011.10.12
game play, graphics and animations are nice good game
looking forward to part 2

long55 2011.10.12
Nice game with great animation and graphics, nice!!!

cherubim 2011.10.12
The game was really good, a bit easy and the audio was perfect.

Dickster31 2011.10.12
Just a bunch of sweet talking and it is pretty boring at best,not my cup of tea this 1.

ragini.chirag 2011.10.12
nice easy game...girl is hot...

funnydude 2011.10.12
nice game good animation

myhotcum 2011.10.12
Not bad much the same as others although graphics arent too bad. Would like to see some of these babes in sheer stockings and suspenders. Also a bit of anal and choice of where to cum would be nice

mrcoolerz 2011.10.12
it is similar to MNF game`s style, not a bad game, just that the graphics could be enhanced.

colinjfrancis 2011.10.12
Sadly, nothing new here. The usual point and click questions, etc.

gp78 2011.10.12
good animations, but graphics could be better

jasher 2011.10.12
good game with good graphics and sex scenes!

Reggie77 2011.10.12
Nice game with great animation and graphics.

gradandrei2006 2011.10.12
the history are good and are a little long game

Titansteel 2011.10.12
Nice Story, but the graphics could be better!

themoda 2011.10.12
Not bad, but the animations are not good like lavindor kindom, or of course Keeley, but the history are good and are a little long game

smart409 2011.10.12
wow what an awsome game. good grapics and better

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