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Sex Stories: Cinema


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arnorich11 2017.09.16
Easy game, not bad. But too much back door for me.

marcus747 2017.09.04
This game sucks. Graphics are very poor, the story and spelling are horrible and there is absolutely no replayability value. Pass on this one.

tnt2 2017.08.27
nice game nice graphics nice game play

Tiodor 2017.06.23
Good second data whit hot Kylie. How about next data.

klr461 2017.06.17
Good game good graphic and animation.rn

Dalton2021 2016.12.14
Weirdly Satisfying game. very fun to play.

gamerchick01 2016.12.02
Great Game,,Totally loved it

jdwest98 2016.11.03
some details were off, but other than that, grood game

Alvaro1234 2016.09.15
nice game with nice graphic

viko25 2016.08.30
This is a beautiful game and beautiful graffic i love this game


Sterdust 2016.07.30
Really good game with great graphics, should make a part two.

pberke 2016.04.26
A 5 minute clicker...and relatively crude graphics. It`s worth going through it once.

Jackrabbit66 2016.03.08
Good graphics but lacked in gameplay. Good for quick game, but not for long session.

rolextag 2015.10.20
Very nice game. Nice variety of sex scenes and decent story line options

Dogtoffee47 2015.10.09
excellent game with plenty of variety.

raman 2015.09.13
Hot girl loved her tits

jboy517 2015.08.13
Enjoyed the game but the story was a bit repetitive.

csmith7166 2015.08.10
would have been good with better graphics and less repetitive gamplay

Koenjo40 2015.07.16
interesting game for sure.

kamran_bored 2015.06.18
it was an ok game, the colours need work, and the gameplay got a bit repetetive

johnieargh 2015.04.09
good graphics and interesting game play

Zeblast 2015.04.02
good story and nice sex scenes, but a bit short game

HentaiKing 2015.03.11
this game was fun but, i fell the graphics colors need a little adjusting. during the movie seen her hands stood out, they looked lighter and i couldn`t stop focusing on them.

RamanS21 2015.03.08
Its was OK nothing special

cambridge4453 2015.02.21
Its basic and reliable, and I really enjoyed it to begin with but the man`s dimensions are all wrong during sex and the woman`s shape changes and her expressions lose their force during the anatomically impossible sex; final section was a surprising turn off

gwazz 2015.01.25
a simple but fun game with pretty good graphics

Road Ninja 2014.11.14
Great game with awesome graphics and images. Worth playing multiple times.

Futuros 2014.10.07
Enjoyed the game and plot. It would be nice to have more expression on her face when having sex.

narmytrooper 2014.10.03
really enjoyed the story but didn`t like the graphics

Schattenlaeufer1 2014.07.23
great game...looking forward to the next part!

maddog243 2014.07.21
how do you play the damn game?

Hichigo 2014.06.04
Decent storyline, the graphics and gameplay were good

planlos2002 2014.05.13
nice how the "story" goes on.

matth421s 2014.04.14
cant wait for the next one to come out. a good game

XjackieX 2014.04.09
nice game. can`t wait for the next one.

adriraj 2014.04.04
It was a fabulous game to play.

faron1 2014.03.29
very hot games and good graphics

hardgammer 2014.03.27
Very exciting game! Good graphics too...

johniebaby 2014.03.26
good game, hot girl and great graphics

pandeyaryan111 2014.03.20
nice game i liked it superb graphics

anoos1102 2014.03.15
i didn`t like it too much

motorbebek2010 2014.03.13
Great story. And very nice graphic`s to

auetim 2014.02.04
awesome game looking forward to the next one

bigcock8017 2014.02.02
very good graphics and animations

male619 2014.01.08
the game`s not bad and the girl was super hot

Jaymen 2014.01.05
not a bad game, takes long though

jakeryan609 2013.12.30
very fun, it takes too long though

Evil Dave 2013.12.19
I love these games with this Kylie character. Super hot animations and lots of sex variety. Great little game!

keesjan800 2013.11.20
quick and easy with no way to lose
but more choices would be nice

yoyo350796669 2013.11.18
The game is pretty good, I think adding more choices will be better

nippy2566 2013.11.06
good game , but more choices needed

hiddenkiller09 2013.10.29
good game should be more choices tho every one will finish this

Jarrett 2013.09.26
Average graphics, annoying sounds made by the girl especially during dialogue and pretty average plot line. But a good way to pass time.

noogad 2013.09.24
Good game nice graphics pretty good story too overall very good

Askie 2013.09.18
The graphic isn`t the best ma this game was very good...

Lizzie 2013.09.17
Very nice and relaxing game. Good fucking action.

cereduul 2013.09.15
was alright, short and to the point, great game, but the graphics need a bit of work. other than the graphics it was pretty good. keep it up.

Sportsman8 2013.09.09
Love that game but it needs better graph

joey_kangaroo 2013.09.01
Good game, the choices were pretty easy though

radswagman 2013.08.30
this game was very enjoyable

henry93 2013.08.18
not that exciting of a gameplay, ok graphics

lesbianlover! xx 2013.08.13
i so hot i loved it! fantastic

lesbianlover! xx 2013.08.13
i loved this game its hot!

Badvoc 2013.08.07
Graphics are good in a cartoon style, really can`t go wrong on the choices either, everyone should be finishing this one

hornyboy501 2013.08.01
not the best graphics, but it is a good game

sunnyxxx07 2013.07.30
good game but not that good graphics

ANPL1069 2013.07.22
This is a fairly good game. the choices were pretty easy to figure out.

minas 2013.07.10
nice story nice plot graphics are fair all and all good game

ALIMAMDOUH2013 2013.07.10
i love this game it is great

jockjam 2013.07.09
Great graphics and animation, super hot girl!

Rustycowboy22 2013.07.04
i really enjoyed the game play and the graphics

cacaliki3 2013.06.29
it is a really good one but it is abit too sloww

morganc 2013.06.27
Nice girl and easy gameplay.

crimson4875 2013.06.24
Really good game, should do a couple more like this

Cox3 2013.06.19
Awesome game and they are hot together andRoberto is HOT Love it.

fiend4fun 2013.06.08
fun gme i love the graphics especially the way her nipples and lips quiver as shes bauilsing to orgasm

rocky007 2013.06.07
nice game good graphics

Charlro999 2013.06.06
The graphic animation is outstanding. This is a very nice game

sturmi 2013.06.04
loved the game! the graphics are just absolutly AMAZING!

gigiolo69 2013.05.29
Great game beginning to end

madmax68 2013.04.26
Good game, great body on the sales girl

klypsa 2013.04.20
A really good game with great graphics

gwazz 2013.04.14
enjoyed the game alot good graphics

Sir_Loins 2013.04.06
Easy going change of pace. Liked it.

gikumcgiq 2013.03.11
Okayish.... Graphics too simplistic.

imiko 2013.03.08
Graphics need some work, but gameplay was ok

Keira19 2013.03.07
A simple game but I enjoyed playing it. :D

haidar9 2013.02.22
This is a very great game cartoon is the best

schnuik 2013.02.17
boringgaame. presentation is nice though (liked the splitscreen)

evermony 2013.02.12
very enjoyable game play, graphics and animation

Lady Dawn 2013.02.08
slow and boring , almost didn`t finish

Thunderbird8500 2013.02.06
A bit slow. Kinda got bored after a while.

Andrew0927 2013.02.04
Mm mm this is a nice game

shadow8 2013.01.31
nice game , good graphics i liked it

kataramenos7 2013.01.28
I like this game and its grafics.It is a wonderfull serie and i `m looking forward for a next episode!!!

Gordn3 2013.01.27
Kind of funny , but way too short and simple.

TYSONCOOL 2013.01.26
nice game but if u improve the graphics it will be awesome

gartal 2013.01.24
graphics are nice.. but it`s too easy. you only have to guess.

egane 2013.01.20
i find this geam izy but seksy

hoppy60 2013.01.13
quick and easy
no way to lose !!

Rau2220000 2013.01.13
Very good sequel and the sex scenes are very entertaining. I wonder how they are going to outdo this one,

eli ranor 2013.01.12

sadvayne 2013.01.10
nice game just recommended

SetsunaXoX 2013.01.07
I really liked it. it has some nice gameplay. and the interaction was interesting

dwj197662 2013.01.05
wow what a fun and sexy game

ytu.yaya 2013.01.05
Nice animation and easy gameplay

emmy92010 2013.01.03
graphics could be improved!

zcoleman20 2013.01.02
Nice game. Good girl. Needs to fuck faster

5exyEliza 2013.01.02
very good game good graphics and animations looks realistic could be a bit longer though

zenginoglu_yasar 2013.01.01
great game. no doubt it. i loved this game.

naughtygirl2 2012.12.30
Good sequel and storyline. Ready for the next one

chosenone86 2012.12.29
its such a great time i come a few times

chosenone86 2012.12.29
i love this game its so great

TYSONKING 2012.12.21
the game was so amazing nd graphics r way too awesome

nigga23 2012.12.18
great game, enjoyed the graphics

EmerikQ 2012.12.18
I like sound effects and story, graphic is like cartoon, but exciting

sarahh9110 2012.12.17
A bit slow! Found my attention being dragged elsewhere 4/10

ralfbear 2012.12.11
Quality game, sexy graphics

pika999 2012.12.08
not bad.. nice cartoon graphs but kinda average after m`n`f!

d1v9d_k 2012.12.05
Nice awesome lustful game the chick is so sexy.

01234_0 2012.12.05
an ok game but d girl is hot

Winterfox213 2012.12.04
Was kind of a bit too easy but good nonetheless

sidem 2012.11.30
really easy but still good graphics

adrian44 2012.11.29
good quality game little easy hope wont have to wait too long for sequal

thking 2012.11.28
pretty good a little to easy but still good.

locknloaded83 2012.11.20
alot of action, but was sorta bored. but good action

yashar 2012.11.19
great game. no doubt it. i loved this game.


Act132 2012.11.19
awesome game and cool graphics

dezune 2012.11.19
i like the game it has a good storyline

noti 2012.11.14
To easy but great animation

112321qweasd 2012.11.14
Good game and good graphics

virtualpervet 2012.11.10
To easy and not great animation

nana123nana 2012.11.10
he is so hot and i love the grapic

nana123nana 2012.11.10
i love this game it`s got the best grapic andit`s so sexty

nana123nana 2012.11.10
i love the grapic and animation

dannyboi93 2012.11.09
epic and sexy game but was a bit to easy for the length

therealme 2012.11.07
nice game, little bit to easy though

funchevyman502 2012.11.05
Enjoyable game. Some of the other games on this site do have better graphics though.

athens21 2012.11.02
really good on evertying

ankush65 2012.11.01
love this game, previous was also very good, cant wait for next part!

Raiko 2012.10.29
I loved this game, can`t wait for more

kryptkeepr 2012.10.28
nice game alot of different sex angles

spele8 2012.10.28
really good game, good graphics

sorr08 2012.10.28
good game. a little sh0rt

busu99 2012.10.27
great game i love the game

marshhyboy 2012.10.23
I would love to be at this cinema

deadlymayhem 2012.10.23
a nice game with good graphics, not bad

Vice75 2012.10.23
Good game but could have used more depth

hanibal194 2012.10.22
nice and funny game but too short

bendu45 2012.10.20
Sexy story, I`m looking forward for the next episode.

dante58 2012.10.17
quite slow play....but i like the girl....she kept me going.....overall good game.....!!!!!! ;)

thansen 2012.10.16
Better than the average of this type. Simple and enjoyable.

johnnyrocks999 2012.10.16
i love this game its very hot

shimul61 2012.10.13
cool grapics and sexy girl

lunarwolfsexy 2012.10.12
this games are rather short but still good to play and look at

hrnylee 2012.10.09
fun game to play, graphics are cool too

sephiroth2099 2012.10.09
not my type of game i guess

charliekills 2012.10.08
ok game alright graphics short story

topos1999 2012.10.05
Kool game, but to esay, i hope next part be better...

wezel87 2012.10.05
Great story. And very nice graphic`s to

arfdgvadf 2012.10.05
nice story line and nice girl

Dj_vladoss 2012.10.04
it is awesome game,i liked it very much

Jack Cracker 2012.10.04
Reminds me of some animated series I saw years ago. Very good game, this one.:)

faulguy 2012.10.03
Graphics were decent. Game was much longer than I thought it would be. Some of the right/wrong answers were a little strange! Decent game.

ajsponge 2012.09.27
Amazing graphics, amazing story line, amazing characters, I truly love this game.

101Adrianz_x 2012.09.25
awesome game i love it. i like the story but im knd stuck on the par where you have to touch kylie on different places. Where do you touch after the belly? Caan anyone please help me?

thnrfvi1 2012.09.22
i realy like this game, girl is hot and the gtaphics are not bad

erpoly 2012.09.22
so amazing game sound...graphic not bad...i love it

steven123023 2012.09.21
i love this game it is so amazingly awesome

happy5hour 2012.09.20
great sequel and a great game

suferdude49 2012.09.18
awesome game i love the gameplay!!

dirtymind2112 2012.09.16
loading took to ong so haven`t played it

mystic_m 2012.09.14
it was ok. not much of a gameplay other than following a straight simple storyline.

skylord789 2012.09.13
nice game , but graphic could had been improve abit

oranjeboven 2012.09.12
only one storyline
lame or unrealistic graphics
Not my kind of game

logajai 2012.09.10
wow!!! nice jobs man....

sweetkeene 2012.09.09
this games rocks and made me horny

hugo93 2012.09.07
very good game, lots of sex secne (:

shivam94 2012.09.01
Game was fine. Wasnt that good but not that bad either

biochm98 2012.08.30
interesting game...great locations and positions

hias 2012.08.27
funny game, showing funny, dirty things! :-)

VIP303 2012.08.27
Nice graphic it has in it

passionate87 2012.08.26
awesome game i loved it i wonder if they have part 2...

brow04ner 2012.08.25
great gameplay and the graphics were great and animation really brings to mind what it is like

hikaru013 2012.08.24
good but bad graphics but nice

tdaynis 2012.08.23
good game.....cartoony...but nice and sweet

johnjohnjohn 2012.08.19
Graphics are very weak, it`s too bad. This game could be a very good one

rollingstone64 2012.08.18
Graphics could be better but besides that good game

wesker411 2012.08.12
This game`s ok...graphics could be a little bit better with more difficulty, but other than that, good game!

reempie 2012.08.12
graphics not too great, but hot scenes..

strangerxy07 2012.08.12
Graphics are average, but game is ok.

coolguy4life 2012.08.11
music okay justto easy to play if you ask me but its still an quick game to play

manyk85 2012.08.11
Kinda slow going, but entertaining. I like the alleyway scene.

donysabox 2012.08.10
the story is good. this game took me 15mnt+ to finish.

FicklePickleTickle 2012.08.10
This game is just okay; nothing special. It`s kinda slow-paced, in my opinion. Also, as with quite a few sex games, it suffers from translated-to-English-but-not-by-a-native-speaker grammatical errors, which makes the characters sound like complete morons. Since the characters are supposed to be native English speakers, they would not talk like that.

iamwise 2012.08.09
such a good game . nice animation and graphics

HelloKitty4001 2012.08.09
awesome game not gonna lie

htowngul 2012.08.08
Great game beginning to end

pera czbg 2012.08.08
Great game i really love it

nom 2012.08.07
Graphics are better than in First Date, however, the game-play becomes a bit too easy as there are no penalties for choosing the wrong options. Otherwise a fine game!

sveinn1 2012.08.07
Good game and nice graphics

badgirl21 2012.08.06
yeah i need help when they were at the movies

crazymc90 2012.08.02
A bit too short and not extensive. Would have liked more options and extended story. Graphics weren`t bad though being that they were 2d.

SexStarxxx 2012.08.02
well you know at the end do you have to cum in the girl

link0505 2012.08.02
Loved the girl despite the less than perfect graphics. The variety of sex scenes was also a treat, as well as the decent storyline that`s often difficult to find in games of similar visual quality. Although, I do wonder how you would fail to recognize a girl you slept with a week ago...

alfamale 2012.08.01
Good graphics. Game play too easy, needs a downside if you pick the wrong option

kdkaw 2012.07.31
lovely good graphics nice work it really works

abu15 2012.07.31
awesome game loved the graphics

ayushk45 2012.07.26
the graphics could have been better but the sex sceans were good

fucker213 2012.07.26
breath taking scenes at several stages in game.i loved the anal sex at last

fucker213 2012.07.26
very nice story from starting to end.

fucker213 2012.07.26
nice story and good sequence.

fucker213 2012.07.26
nice game and good anal scenes at end.

jim95 2012.07.25
wonderful game to play, love the anal scenes at the end

rdy 2012.07.25
nice game, nice graphics, and very nice scene

iloveanal4 2012.07.25
i like how there is multiple sex sencesin the game

iselin900 2012.07.25
very good game graphics are nice animation is well and gameplay is easy

beck9999 2012.07.23
good game but not so great

bbcslut669 2012.07.23
hehe been a nice touch to be albe to do somthing int eh move theater

Wael90 2012.07.23
Graphics not too good, the game was still good and fun to play though.

derda 2012.07.22
Amazing game!!! Great Quality of Graphics

gauravshahu 2012.07.22
graphics were not pretty good but i like this game...

mAltoid 2012.07.21
Meh game. Good sequel but the developer needs to focus on the graphics and animations a little more. However, the story was excellent.

Nigiri 2012.07.21
graphics are nice.. but it`s too easy. you only have to guess.

Argento69 2012.07.20
i liked the first one...i like this one even more

lilrapist 2012.07.19
the girl really seduces me omg

pietje119 2012.07.19
liked it sexy game for sure

rony yasso 2012.07.17
I like this game . its totally awesome . I love this website

Luksis 2012.07.17
the music is kinda odd after a few scenes^^

Messyparty009 2012.07.17
A fun game, but the graphics could be better

lockstock4590 2012.07.17
My biggest problem with this game is the English. The lack of correct grammar kinda kills the mood.

YahMuddah242 2012.07.16
I like this game. :) it slow tho : /

YahMuddah242 2012.07.16
i love thus game. makes me horny

chap74 2012.07.15
Its a great game.
but i think its need to be a little faster.

hiimur? 2012.07.13
I really enjoyed this games graphics are good

curtis21 2012.07.12
the graphics could have been better but the sex sceans were good

master1v 2012.07.11
very good game i enjoyed it alot the graphics were alright

Joe23TX 2012.07.11
kinda boring after awhile but the graphics are decent

drowndinfish 2012.07.10
Game was alright, girl was semiattractive, but the game was repeatative and painfully long.

sexyplayer21 2012.07.10
This is fun but the choices aren`t that fun till the end

derda 2012.07.09
sex scenes can be better, but gameplay works and feels nice

kalypzo35 2012.07.09
quick and easy game. good grapchics

busu99 2012.07.08
A very good game loved it greatly

circa1984 2012.07.08
like this series, love this girl, graphics are fine! play this game.

LostCogs 2012.07.07
Needs some improvements on grammar and spelling

ayushk45 2012.07.07
actually a quite nice game but the graphics could be better

XVIV 2012.07.07
I`d hate to say it but it wasn`t my favourite, the graphic quality just killed it for me.

ski9072 2012.07.05
I`d swear I`ve played this one before, but I guess not

EmoLove23 2012.07.05
good graphics, easy since you can`t get it wrong, but ITS TOO SLOW. one star. .-.

cav_leoes 2012.07.04
sorry, but I don`t like it.
it`s just "a game"... nothing special

MindstormXL 2012.07.03
Its was OK but some of thefaced looked kinda ugly.

me2409 2012.07.03
good game. i like the other one to

shackles 2012.07.02
Don`t waste your time playing this one.

Bravoz 2012.07.02
i dont like this game at all

austin123 2012.06.30
A very good game loved it greatly

telece 2012.06.30
The game wasn`t very good but it is still decent

[BY]WEGAS 2012.06.30
The Game is alright and the graphics are average.

Surfdude1001 2012.06.29
Alright graphics and a decent game. 6,5/10

tiernie 2012.06.29
liked the lead up to the sex more than the sex oh well still good game

Vonkiedool 2012.06.29
I am a beginner, and think this game is pretty good, seeing it is easy to play. And good enough to turn me on!!

ribud79 2012.06.28
Simple Flash Game....
simple Graphics....
Awful animation...
However... The Story makes me a bit horny... lolz ^_*

JamesBlack 2012.06.27
good game but not too good graphics

drewmeekis99 2012.06.27
i liked this game the build up was great

Gss 2012.06.27
actually a quite nice game but the graphics could be better, especially the 3d effect. But a very good story

bradee27 2012.06.27
i never knew he knew her ans she knew him. that was a surprise really good surprise

P-Man 2012.06.26
wow cool
she puts out her tongue when it`s hard

Kings Of Kings 32 2012.06.24
Excellent game good graphix.

Xarc9727 2012.06.24
Its A Very Nice Game. Very Enjoyable.

KaoticFuk 2012.06.24
kinda fun, gave me a bit of a chub

esteban69 2012.06.22
i love the sequel they are more fun

maomeowmoo 2012.06.22
liked the lead up to the sex more than the sex oh well still good game

smuggler 2012.06.21
wonderful games cant stop playing

Ajezzy20 2012.06.21
nice graphics, nice girl and nice scene, but the play is very good

dscali 2012.06.21
what a hot blonde...good and easy

niranjani.akka 2012.06.20
its simple and also fun to play

zebra 2012.06.20
the game is a way too linear

bmx522 2012.06.20
I definitely liked all the scenes for this game

giggityguy16 2012.06.20
short game and easy too but the chick in it is soooohot!

mannyhattan 2012.06.20
pretty linear, but a lot of fun

Slimazz 2012.06.19
This game is hot. love it

sharkoutofwater 2012.06.19
not bad, seen better but cute little game

juicypussy 2012.06.18
this game is outta the world totaly cool nice graphics

dragonj 2012.06.18
very nice game...its quite easy to play and is very satisfying

qazwsxedc1 2012.06.16
normal game ..nothing special

hillcat21 2012.06.16
I was not a big fan of this game

KiteTheRunner 2012.06.15
The game was very easy. You couldn`t fail the conversation parts, which I found to be a little odd.

mr_mido 2012.06.14
it was a good game wait for the 2nd part

Agreatfucker 2012.06.13
Not great graphics and bar was slow
but a nice game

C.C. 2012.06.12
Not bad. Waiting for the next part. BTW when will Kelly be back?

salem728 2012.06.12
this is a very great game good graphics and storyline

stevenson1690 2012.06.12
very good game graphics are good as always would be better if there was more options for sex

greenbullfrog2002 2012.06.12
this is an excellent game. i give it 8/10

XxEJPxX 2012.06.12
great game and story line

wewe123 2012.06.12
it is a grate game and better than the first

ur sexy women 2012.06.11
this game is so much fun!!!!!!!!

hornyhorny 2012.06.11
Amezing Game. I really enjoyed it. But it could have been longer.

hunted 2012.06.11
I always have been a fan of these games! multiple endings really hot scenes and great graphics!

Tiamatty 2012.06.11
$160 for jeans? That`s a ridiculous price. You can get perfectly good pants for $30. Maybe $80 if you want a really fancy pair. Also, no self-respecting man older than 20 would volunteer to go to Twilight. Only way he`d go is if he was dragged by his girlfriend.

Anywho. The art was bland, the bars filled too slowly, and the music got annoying pretty fast. There should be an option to turn off the music while keeping the sound effects.

Myself 2012.06.10
not the best game on this website, IMHO

elishacuthbert 2012.06.10
enjoyed the storyline looking forward to the next one

EROS_013 2012.06.09
O M F-ing G!!!!!!!

yungjinx 2012.06.09
the graphics are great but when you mess up in the dialogue something else should happen rather than you go back to the options

MadnessUK 2012.06.06
Story allows you to make errors and continue. It`s not challenging enough to be replayable.

wekatm 2012.06.06
nice games and the graphics are pretty good

Casey babey 2012.06.05
graphix are good and it entertained me!

andy_regresa 2012.06.05
nice game but graphics could be better and good story

cashmanbashman 2012.06.04
The graphics are decent, linear, but what are you gonna do.

hamlet_888 2012.06.03
very nice game ) i love it

coolio1234 2012.06.03
an alright game, i didnt really like how it wasnt that realistic. graphics were too cartoonish also.

gjohnson 2012.06.02
Nice storyline, easy going game...the graphics could use some improvement though.

rosita19n 2012.06.02
I thought it would better i did not like the graphics 1 to 10 this game has a negative 50

julio220 2012.06.02
damn the graphics on this game is pretty good yo

redrick123 2012.06.01
nice game. I like the graphics

dhanish97 2012.06.01
Nice Game, Very Good Graphics,animation can be improved by including more sex positions

metalheadpant 2012.06.01
I really enjoyed this game, just like the last one. Loved the graphics as well

blackwolf87 2012.06.01
Liked the graphics. Was glad to see some different

supermat93 2012.05.31
Very good game. For me story is a bit linear, but it remains a good game.

warrioraddict 2012.05.31
I definitely liked all the scenes for this game

jenso 2012.05.30
it is an all right game but better graphics would make it better

Hiro66 2012.05.30
Very good sequel and the sex scenes are very entertaining. I wonder how they are going to outdo this one,

Flasher1 2012.05.28
Very good sequal for 1st part. graphix r good as usual and "story" goes on well. parts with meter little slow otherwise good game

Cjuzii 2012.05.28
good game, nice sex scenes

castilho 2012.05.28
Very good sequal for 1st part. graphix r good as usual and "story" goes on well.

Fucksexdick 2012.05.28
Soooooooooooooooooooo hot
My dick became harder

pierro1969 2012.05.28
seriously, fun, easy, and hot

fated4more 2012.05.28
Loved this game. gave of a nice heat. ^_^

imlovinit19 2012.05.28
this game felt so real and i wuld luv to fuck for real

Soul Assassin 2012.05.27
Pretty good, enjoyed the graphics and the game itself.

demiseleny 2012.05.27
graphics are ok, sex scenes are very good and story also good=almost perfect game!!!

KDGRfm 2012.05.27
not a typical fan of comic styled games but still good graphics and great play

jeevz13 2012.05.26
the graphic was good and i would rate it 95

jeevz13 2012.05.26
that girl is totally insane

jeevz13 2012.05.26
good game with a good storyline..

yoda 2012.05.26
at least there`s voice and anal ...

frostbladez 2012.05.26
the girl has awesome tits and very hot

nabur76 2012.05.25
a fun good time playing i like it very much good job

Evilpanda665 2012.05.24
this was one of the many games i love 5 stars

sexykelly166 2012.05.23
i like this game very helpful and funny haha games geat overall

Nic-Nac32 2012.05.23
This game is a good shall we say, "test drive" for what this website has to offer. I like the story from start to finish as well as the sound effects from moaning as well as the choices, but if I had to grind on a specific detail it would only be the mere fact that the poses were used more then they should`ve been. but all and all this is a good game and I hope to check out when new things that is being offered.

sexualheeeling 2012.05.23
i cant believe how hot thiks girl is!!! almost reality

Sammichzor 2012.05.22
I thought it was an OK game, bit slow in my opinion, but the music was pretty nice X)

alchemist 2012.05.21
great graphics, really enjoyed this game

thaunit 2012.05.21
Not a huge fan of this game, was fun, but very short

honeybadger1234 2012.05.20
good game, a little slow though. I loved all of the dialogue.

boblee34 2012.05.20
this game has great gameplay, graphic, animation

jmt90 2012.05.20
interesting game with quite a few different positions.

bob247 2012.05.20
really cool graphics but lacks in story and depth

haseo94 2012.05.19
the graphic arent that good. but the gameplay was creative. not many erotic games happens in the changing room. good job.

lenman 2012.05.19
This game is simple and fun to play. I personally felt that the cinema scene was a drag, extremely slow and painstakingly boring. The ass licking scene was kinky and a definite turn on. Could have been a little more graphic but I guess this genre has its limitations. The anal position in the end is also major cool and acrobatic; personally liked that one. The second anal positions is good as well. Overall, it`s not bad. Good one.

KatherineP 2012.05.18
The graphic could be improved... Apart from that, it`s fine...

bodile 2012.05.18
very sexy game...need to improve the graphic

WARDOG77 2012.05.17
just ok i guess little old

MrPhil 2012.05.17
Standard Meet and Fuck flash game. Amusing enough. Could`ve used some non-linearity and plot branching.

KrazyKyra 2012.05.17
Story well made graphic amazing

Czaki 2012.05.16
Loved this game, graphics could be a little bit better

valderama2012 2012.05.14
great game and storey and really good fraphics, will play again

Giexa 2012.05.14
nice game, graphics could be better

periodeeee 2012.05.14
very good game with good scesnes and nice cum ending

***lover 2012.05.14
The story is pretty good just wish it would be longer and that the graphics were etter

PilotG 2012.05.13
Nice and easy game: is not possible to get stuck!
Graphics too poor in too many parts.

chris_avril 2012.05.13
okay game.
its very slow and not much stimulating.

ozorne_6 2012.05.13
love all your games, keep up the good work. thanks

abe 2012.05.13
Good game, a bit slow though

hibigcock 2012.05.13
the graphics on this game are amazing and so is the gameplay

hornyharry 2012.05.12
Always fun, and not too long. Great drawings

Youko 2012.05.12
i love this game i like it when they take it easy

krompir 2012.05.12
it was rather fun but it it could be better.

dannie1 2012.05.11
Easy game as you don`t have to do all again if you choose a wrong answer. Graphic is good comic style. Nice story. I didnt expect such a story from such a "short" game.

sausageb 2012.05.11
ool game.......nice graphics

badboyromieo 2012.05.11
nice game like the 1st can`t wait for the next one

Jovca1996 2012.05.10
Great game, it make me wet

Bella1234 2012.05.10
Not So good Game, not so good graphics but nice big cock...

matsx 2012.05.09
don`t like it at all... bad graphics, short story...

gazerray 2012.05.08
Animation is a bit bit crude and considering the girl blew you in the shop her telling you not to rub her right arm is a little crazy!

bahamut86 2012.05.08
Great story and game! she`s horny!!!

gr8 2012.05.07
soo sexy lady cant wait to have more

hondagurl96 2012.05.07
it was rather fun but it it could be better.

christpa 2012.05.07
i like the 2 dimensional aspect of the game keeping it simple

cubfan1012 2012.05.07
Love this game cant wait for more.

beast8771 2012.05.06
very good game, very good looking girl

sexidonni22 2012.05.06
the game is nice , the quality of the picture can be better but grate gamee

afgh000 2012.05.06
.its quite easy to play and is very satisfying... 5 stars

the_666 2012.05.06
very nice game...its quite easy to play and is very satisfying

hendryanto 2012.05.06
sorry, but this game quite of boring. it`s too easy

Reyson 2012.05.06
it`s good, has nice quality and it continues the serie

royro2011 2012.05.06
Love the graphic, game is ok

mendragor 2012.05.05
The Game is alright and the graphics are average.

kythe 2012.05.05
fairily easy, but I enjoyed the set up

byron79 2012.05.04
Graphics arent so good, but games mood is ok. Not the best games on this site.

likemeornot 2012.05.04
This was a good game. Easy to play, and very entertaining.

erised 2012.05.04
Not bad game, nice graphics, but more control of the action would be great.

Nomi101 2012.05.02
The graphics works perfectly with the game, good job!

jonespita 2012.05.02
Pretty good, enjoyed the graphics and the game itself.

Lutorz27 2012.05.01
Nice girl, nice game, but a tad short

rommelsarmiento 2012.05.01
what a game! It tinkers your wildest imagination.

Ulysses 2012.05.01
decent graphics, good game. nice and quick.

wbailey 2012.05.01
good game, descent graphics. Thanx!!

Lippi1983 2012.05.01
very nice story but graphics are too simple and , the play is bad

ksan 2012.05.01
nice story, a bit usual gameplay, graphics soso

mariellia 2012.04.30
cool idea & story, not the perfect graphics :-)

zolo513 2012.04.29
The Game is alright and the graphics are average.

Trivial 2012.04.29
Very nice game, with good scene and good quality.

LOLZZ 2012.04.29
best game on this website for some time

boinky 2012.04.29
pretty standerd game, graphics and dialogue are not that good

mariellia 2012.04.29
good game, good animation and graphic and gameplay

sony49307 2012.04.28
nice girl, nice game, but a tad short.

devours2002 2012.04.28
pretty cool game like the animation.

phatpandav1 2012.04.27
Game loads pretty slow but nice graphics

Pilot101 2012.04.27
Brilliant game, good storyline and great graphics

joejoejo 2012.04.27
it is an all right game but better graphics would make it better

radmanbc 2012.04.26
slow game action graphics are pretty good...

Thumper_1 2012.04.25
Liked the graphics. Was glad to see some different positions.

nompants 2012.04.25
love this game the graphics are great

Macmuffin 2012.04.25
Good game. A little slow, but other than that fun.

underpressure 2012.04.24
Nice game with great graphics

papa_shango 2012.04.23
It`s pretty good but a bit slow!

dhaun 2012.04.23
great game with amazing action

jomi 2012.04.23
nice game i loved the girl

stuat.little 2012.04.23
Nice game, good graphics, though the scenario could be a bit more developped.

Sexxxyboy 2012.04.22
nice game can`t wait for the next one

king2pm 2012.04.22
Nice graphics,awesome game

BallIdiot 2012.04.22
Slow game play in the sex scenes and not much interaction.

Papinene 2012.04.22
Is there a way to download game?

su234 2012.04.22
graphics are ok but story great..

wtcjrusa 2012.04.21
Some may like it, I thought it rather crappy, poor gameplay, but it did have a good story line, it just needs user interaction more than just clicking a sentence, really boring to me

ghost104 2012.04.21
good game but the story line is weak and needs to be a part 2

kanf 2012.04.21
Storyline is a little weak, and graphics aren`t the best in these types of games...

einshem 2012.04.21
I like this girl. great graphics, hope they will release another part of this game!

Melimelo 2012.04.21
graphics below average and storyline ... well, without surprise.
Only if you have time and nothing else to do.

Elfe 2012.04.21
That kind of game is so bad... I don`t like it anymore

rmessi 2012.04.21
the story is good but the graphics culd be better

beenderman 2012.04.21
nice game and good graphics

Jones94 2012.04.21
nice graphics and good game

bullet80 2012.04.20
The meter fills up so slow in the movie theater. but when you get back to her place it fills faster.

draketlb 2012.04.20
Liked the story, but the graphics wernt what i expected.

righto 2012.04.20
oh my god that was sooooooo slooooooooooooooowwwwwwww

anal_princess 2012.04.20
too slowly going, however, i love the girl!

rokey_triikz 2012.04.19
Good game and I like the overall plot

thedoob 2012.04.19
Not a bad game...somewhat fun to play...I`ve played a couple times and pretty much like it..

fallenhaven 2012.04.19
good game, nice animation, concept a bit fuzzy though, too simple

MONK117 2012.04.18
nice game, a little old shool graphics but still ok

plmm 2012.04.18
not so great game...but still worth to try

Tammoul 2012.04.18
Nice game, good graphics, though the scenario could be a bit more developped.

branknock 2012.04.18
not a bad game, graphic`s could be better

filipecam 2012.04.18
Great game: well drawn pictures, lots of action, very enticing. Makes you want another sequel. Try to play the first part before this one.

shersh 2012.04.18
LOVE THIS GAME its always the kind of games i like about

Pruts3r 2012.04.17
Little interaction, Graphics are mediocre, though story is quite good

cvb7000 2012.04.17
Loved the concept art of the girl, though the "interactive"-part could be better, as it was here up to not existing. Grammar issues were already mentioned! Looking forward for a new part.

CJ 101 2012.04.17
Game play... left much to be desired... graphics were marginal... story was fair I suppose.

chook2109 2012.04.17
enjoyed the storyline looking forward to the next one

gorex 2012.04.16
nice game but graphics could be better and good story

KOPPA340 2012.04.16
Not bad but it`s just click when asked really. You don`t get to influence the action.

pornstar69 2012.04.16
good game ! little bit too slow

castilho 2012.04.16
nice game like the 1st can`t wait for the next one...some improves would be nice

boyo111 2012.04.16
Not too bad, graphics could be a bit better in the theatre

blackrevan 2012.04.16
Good graph, but way too slow. I think it could be better

jazzman 2012.04.16
Animation was good, but the game was a little slow with no options.

EffMeNow 2012.04.16
Eeh... this is an okay game.

Hardinuk 2012.04.15
Good game, bit slow though and prefer different options through the game

iloveporn3654 2012.04.15
There were a few grammatical errors, I guess it was okay...it made the game less serious, other than that it was a good game

naynay467 2012.04.15
i love this game its my favourite now!!!

superhole 2012.04.15
i like it but graphics could be better

kalith 2012.04.15
Hot girl, game could be longer.

TryYourLuck22 2012.04.14
average game ok storyline maybe a little more action?

maxon56 2012.04.13
Nice game and good graphic

donutburger 2012.04.13
Nice game and very nice story :D

neogoblin 2012.04.13
i like the story but the graphics could be better

ikke27 2012.04.13
fucking good game and good gameplay

chevaughn 2012.04.12
sex story has graphic and animation

chevaughn 2012.04.12
good story and good graphics

1NT0X 2012.04.12
it was a fun game, quite easy though and graphics not really up to par

XavierS 2012.04.12
The girl is hot, but she could be hotter with better graphics.

papandrea 2012.04.12
nice graphics good gameplay love that game

Atlas500 2012.04.12
Not like the MNF games we know and love but entertaining to a degree

Whitney 2012.04.11
not that exciting of a gameplay, ok graphics

tanny12 2012.04.11
nice game...i like games with such graphics

jcc1985 2012.04.11
really liked this game hope they make more

Llares 2012.04.11
Found this a very nice game. Loved the concept art of the girl, though the "interactive"-part could be better, as it was here up to not existing. Grammar issues were already mentioned! Looking forward for a new part.

dgkesquire 2012.04.11
Good action, so-so graphics, plotline familiar...controls are hit-and-miss with this game.

machote 2012.04.11
good story but poor graphics

ushxxxpm 2012.04.11
i like the story but the graphics arent that good

BustyLesbian22 2012.04.10
I wasn`t crazy about the game. I paid attention to the girl the entire time, she`s HOT!

JolieJoker712 2012.04.10
good game, but I think graphics and animation coluld be better
especially colours !

paddywhack 2012.04.10
the game was good and the graphics and animation also

venag 2012.04.10
Great game great graphics nothing wrong to me.

roni4uhi 2012.04.10
Game was alright but slow.

faheem1 2012.04.09
It was a good game and it was easy and the graphics aren`t that bad.

wateshito 2012.04.09
Good game better than the first one, i hope you keep the great work... congrats.

keshakat79 2012.04.09
long games. graphics could be better but great plot

gradandrei2006 2012.04.09
Nice, long game. Hot scenes and story!

Gnomon 2012.04.09
$150 for a pair of jeans that don`t fit, and then I have to sit through a fucking Twilight piece of shit movie?!? She is sooooo not worth it!

Scynge 2012.04.09
Animation does seem outdated a bit, but the rest isn`t too bad as far as story and interactions

csaszi1 2012.04.09
Not too bad but seems a little outdated though.

bob247 2012.04.08
more of the same with this game. nice graphics but needs a new twist

Snedde 2012.04.08
Nice, long game. Hot scenes and story. Graphics could be upgraded though

hoschi2008 2012.04.08
Die Story ist ganz nett. Die Grafik k??nnte allerdings besser sein.

s@nt!no 2012.04.08
Bad graphics and this is more an interactive story then a game, since you`ll get to the end no matter what you do.

mattbro 2012.04.08
its ok but takes forever during the "touching" scenes.

Rei 2012.04.08
It was an alright game way easy and meh graphics

ski9072 2012.04.08
Graphics were so/so, it was very simplistic, but it still wasn`t bad. Seemed like it should have been made about 5 or 6 years ago.

ozzie123 2012.04.07
The graphics were ok but the single line story did not make it much of a game.

banes 2012.04.07
hate the music, easy game, animation could be better.

zoostorm33 2012.04.07
the game was good and the graphics and animation also

electro*** 2012.04.07
nice game and story but to bad graficks...

TheRedDuke243 2012.04.07
an okay game but it could do with better graphics and sound

Hunter20 2012.04.07
nice story but way to easy

ogunt 2012.04.07
As a 2nd game there is a build up and looks lie there there will be another on. Which is good. The graphics add uniqueness but maybe animations might be better, its not as fluid as it might be.

eijikinoshita 2012.04.06
i played diz game a couple ov tyms and i really enjoy diz also and i wish if der is another chapter coming soon

rumxes 2012.04.06
Nice story. A better graphics would make it a great game

stievy 2012.04.06
Interesting story - needs more work on graphics.

vikingdemon 2012.04.06
not bad, could have been better. not the worst thing i have seen from them

mattmc68 2012.04.06
The graphics were ok but the single line story did not make it much of a game.

Hunter99004 2012.04.06
Seemed a little ameturish but ok, graphics are good but there was certain parts lacking...

glukos37 2012.04.06
It was a nice simple game. I liked it

castilho 2012.04.05
very good 1st part grapix are great and the story is good asw well hope to see all the other parts soon

alec213 2012.04.05
What an AWESOME game hoping for a more better one ^_^

spirek 2012.04.05
I liked the game. It is preety nice.

Benoit07 2012.04.05
Interesting story - needs more work on graphics.

GregShore 2012.04.05
I found it hard to get engaged since the writing and artwork both made me question if the creators had seen a real person. I like that there`s no way to lose, but the other factors mean it`s not really sexually charged for me.

majstor_lale 2012.04.05
quick and easy with no way to lose

matrix123 2012.04.05
nice game play and graphics too

longdrag 2012.04.05
Alright but it just felt like it could`ve down with a little bit more.

medmarine2 2012.04.05
not bad...the girl is sexy ..

q24681012 2012.04.05
Very good sequal for 1st part. graphix r good as usual and "story" goes on well

hunted 2012.04.05
nice game can`t wait for the next one. hot girls

yuvi 2012.04.05
nice game like the 1st can`t wait for the next one...

cfritz5 2012.04.05
great game, good graphics

ironfist137 2012.04.05
i thought it was kinda boring

conbron 2012.04.05
nice graphics, but very easy story :-(

karmaXkiller 2012.04.04
Boooring(c) Moriarty style

1179g 2012.04.04
Pretty much follow whatever it says No Challenge graphics were good

STOWA 2012.04.04
"Are you hungry? maybe you want some bear?"

Yes because bear meat is like the most common thing to ask your date if she wants.. wtf xD?

Decent graphics, but a common click through game which you cant fail.. these ought to die soon

ancoli 2012.04.04
Sooo bad... graphics not good and no choice just click...

TanmoyDas 2012.04.04
Too boring, no options, cannot mistake.
Nothing special, just to click through.

Shuyin85 2012.04.04
Quite normal. Thanks for sharing though.

derda 2012.04.04
Nothing special, just to click through

bRon 2012.04.04
Good game: interesting plot, excelent graphics.

Benson1982 2012.04.04
This is a great game. The girl looks very hot, the story is ok, and the sex scenes are good. A loving scene in the cab would have been great!

Hotness19 2012.04.04
i love the movies
who has been to the movies recently

xxxmasterxxx 2012.04.04
not bad ,, good graphs overall good

BabyGurl1991 2012.04.04
This game is fun, but it is too slow.

primus21 2012.04.03
It was a nice simple game. I liked it

long55 2012.04.03
good game nice graphics , but nice so far

TGxViiperzx 2012.04.03
amazing game great graphics

DreamTim 2012.04.03
just average game.
not very great graphics.
too simple. next...

opy1130 2012.04.03
3/10, some ok action, not many choices, sound and graphics are weak. Plot seemed rushed, and not thought out. I`ve played worse, but not many on pf1.

frulpo 2012.04.03
more action would be great

googlebot 2012.04.03
really nice game, I`m not English person so grammar mistakes doesn`t bother me at all!
Also, why everyone is so disappointed in this game? check first part of the game, all your comments are so positive here on PF1 ..

derekto 2012.04.03
please not this kind of games!!!

BigDream1 2012.04.03
more action would be great , but well done

paulywally 2012.04.03
this is not a good game...too simple and horrible music

wabbithunta 2012.04.03
Avoid this "game" like the plague!
This has to be the biggest crock of sh 1 t on here. It`s like watching paint dry!
Slow, tedious dull and boring.
Graphics are pony and what passes forthe English language is dire and ridiculous.

Nothing remotely engaging about this game what so ever.

whatta gee 2012.04.03
very nice story but graphics are too simple

alexisxx123 2012.04.03
the graphic is not that good but its a nice game!

chaoslegion1804 2012.04.03
Probably the worst game I`ve played on this site. The graphics are alright, the grammar is horrible and the game play is incredibly slow. I couldn`t even finish playing.

misterzim 2012.04.03
I was really disappointed to find this on POF, I visit POF frequently and I believe I have pplayed every game on this site to date. This is the lowest rating I have given any game. The animation and graphics were appreciated....but everything else was lacking. You really dropped the ball here.

You should look towards games like "The Bitcher" and "Thorne" which have a strong Role Playing element with a good story, goals and different possible outcomes.

A sequel to the Bitcher or Thorne would be much appreciated.

Mmaster 2012.04.03
lol i didnt finish this, it is so far worst game in last year, it can be in 2 or 3 years ago generation games.

It is not good to see these kind of things in PFO :/

markovnikov 2012.04.03
Lame. Painfully slow. Why do they even bother giving options? The correct option is arbitrary so you just click them all till you get it right.

DoubleShadow 2012.04.03
Great game!
I liked it!

Hope it will be continue soon =)

Xyzzy 2012.04.03
Meh... Artwork is nothing special. Grammar and spelling need quite a bit of work. Sequence of events is off as well...for example, I have to rub her stomach before her left arm, I can rub her right breast but not her left, and I have to lick her asshole before her pussy. What`s up with that?

Vallheruh 2012.04.03
Nothing special, just to click through

undone 2012.04.03
".. decent graphics."
".. a game with a basic story plot."

vtenshi 2012.04.03
A bad game, dont have good graphics and the history is bad, a simple game

dazz3 2012.04.03
Feels like an early japanese dating sim at times. A little bizarre in places, so you end up trying all the options to discover the "correct" one. Never really felt hot, and in some ways, a little tedious. Better scripts needed, and a less mechanical feeling would help.

richard6541 2012.04.03
boring!!!!! god damn the graphic is not all that needs some work and too slow

lobo2453 2012.04.03
graphics aren`t too bad, for a cartoon that is. Game is fairly simple and easy to play, but could be better.

garonbrown 2012.04.03
Not bad, long enough to be interesting, but the graphic`s and gameplay need to be better.

farkas 2012.04.03
Very nice story but the graphics are too simple.

rupert4 2012.04.03
not bad .... good sfx but needs better graphics

Billy_77 2012.04.03
Good cartoon style images, but gameplay unchallenging worth playing once!

stefano71 2012.04.03
just a quite good game. tha graphic is not so good.

eagleata 2012.04.02
graphics bad. game is easygoing. Errr i don`t like so much...

vitali 2012.04.02
I did not like it. Too boring, no options, cannot mistake, bad graphics

randy06 2012.04.02
very good 1st part grapix are great and the story is good asw well hope to see all the other parts soon

Yannig 2012.04.02
Twilight ??? Are you fucking kidding me ???

Ragequit !

tokhoi 2012.04.02
overall stil ok but need more touchin seen..hope a better graphic..thanks

weliuscaesar 2012.04.02
bad gameplay and graphs
dont like this one

Nimrod 2012.04.02
What a crappy game, I think I fell asleep waiting to continue.

freakfucker 2012.04.02
It was a Good Game.. Thanks for that!

Sebastian211 2012.04.02
Very good sequal for 1st part. graphix r good as usual and "story" goes on well.

notes1 2012.04.02
nice game i would prefer better graphics

xxdrexx21 2012.04.02
graphics are`nt bad and its a pretty easy playthrough

medjai 2012.04.02
Nice game but graphics could be better

Erickson11 2012.04.02
This was great. Love the animation!

Jaaru 2012.04.02
Nice looking game, liked it.

NightStalker73au 2012.04.02
awesome game play and graphics.

DarkRanta 2012.04.02
you`d better ones....but it`s ok

Akrasjel 2012.04.02
nice game a bit cartoonish though..

gensai34 2012.04.02
The whole ook-up things was good however the graphics were alittle too simplisitic.

rimmer 2012.04.02
could be a lot better,but have played worse games than this

stnick 2012.04.02
Annimation is a bit bit crude and considering the girl blew you in the shop her telling you not to rub her right arm is a little crazy!

CapnMorgan 2012.04.02
The graphics are terrible, the story is lame, and the interactions are 1996. Sorry, but if you`re going to produce "porn" games these days, they`ve got to be a lot better, harder, and hotter than this. Holds no candle to Games of Passion, shark`s, or the stuff pusooy is doing.

jcc1985 2012.04.02
good game nice graphics cant wait for the next one

teufel 2012.04.02
nice game a bit cartoonish though...

mdobre29 2012.04.02
I love when he licks her ass and pussy. Is so HOT!!! Very good game!

justme99 2012.04.02
Even for this genre of game, this is pretty amateurish.

dreadwolf 2012.04.02
a bit cartoonish other then that nice game

parekhnish 2012.04.02
just about an average game, nothing spectacular... it`s an OK game

jmeoff 2012.04.02
First anal position is impossible with a real erection.

mikicostanza 2012.04.02
good game with hot girl its very hot

jerryonly83 2012.04.02
not bad.. nice cartoon graphs but kinda average after m`n`f!

jeanmimel 2012.04.02
nice graphics, nice girl and nice scene, but the play is bad

yoda 2012.04.02
quick and easy with no way to lose

MrSPARTAN117 2012.04.02
nice game like the 1st can`t wait for the next one

Arbaal 2012.04.02
Very good sequal for 1st part. graphix r good as usual and "story" goes on well.

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