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Sex Puzzle: Kasumi Island


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Domenik 2017.09.26
Great graphics. Not a very nice story. Great puzzle game

marcus747 2017.08.13
A very average game, animations were okay, tits were way too big for may tastes, but there is market for them, of course. Overall a meh game

Laelith 2017.07.28
the puzzles were too easy. Over all a poor enough game.

Raynex 2017.03.19
Pretty Good, not so bad music as to irritate

SeraphinCeleste 2017.03.06
Good game, and art, but horrible, horrible dialogue.

Erectus 2017.01.11
The game mechanics is real good. I love the combination of the puzzle and the story, and the levels difficulty rise is good.

However, rape? Seriously? Instead of being turned on all I could feel is pity for the poor girl. Please remove this game.

punkaroo 2016.09.07
not very vell drawn, and fairly simple and short. Also crashes every now and then.

cambridge4453 2016.03.09
I like the idea but not the story

latinagr 2016.02.01
It may be not perfect but makes the different for sure

Skywalker_Ajax 2015.12.17
Good hentai game, with easy puzzles (who wants they hard?)


pussyeater1993 2015.12.07
not a bad game, too short, and lacking depth

idontcare1234567 2015.11.15
Not easy my first time playing this, Kinda hard, not worth it but it coulda been worse.

kellykopoi 2015.10.04
fairly easy puzzle, was fun to play, would be more better if there were sex sounds ;P

Mouws 2015.09.13
Pretty easy and fun to play.
The English always hurts me though

Fanatik79 2015.08.30
This game is eazy and rather friendly. To try

holdslucy 2015.07.31
a good challenge but a bit creepy

Kravax13 2015.06.22
Animation style is great. I wish that there was a mute button or at least a way to lower the music volume

xarminx7 2015.05.19
i enjoy this game is easy if you remember the picture kasumi are nasty

Makarov9592 2015.03.05
This game is fairly easy if u can remember the pictures

Shuller 2015.01.10
Interesting game concept. Puzzle turned into motion, cool. Rape storyline not cool.
Found it easiest when placing face first.

Madoka_Ozawa 2015.01.06
nice game, simple, but good

Voidkom 2014.12.21
A bunch of dark skinned people raping a girl, who thought this was a good idea?

wiione 2014.12.07

champhil 2014.12.01
Nice grafic and good puzzle

INT3RACT0R 2014.09.26
A good and quick game to play.

Shukumei 2014.09.23
Took a little bit near the end, but at overall not hard at all, just time consuming on the later parts. There is an option to replay the entire story at the end in case someone is wondering.

Zefreemen 2014.09.15
really amazing game and is quick

wampire 2014.08.15
its not interesting , and graphic is not good.

feardalet 2014.07.30
I`m not really into rape games. Wish there was a content description to let us know.

Drachos 2014.07.29
Its not a bad game... a rape game which looses its marks in my mind but the puzzles were high quality and stedily got harder and harder.... its well made.

Sometimes you could get lucky and the piece locked in when you didn`t know.... that led to guessing which weakened the game.,

IN-Duke 2014.07.05
Love the whole rape thing, really kinky ;)
like those kinds of graphics, and gameplay itself is pretty good as well

stefanos13 2014.06.19
its one of my favourite game i can play again and again

WesReck 2014.06.10
Don`t like rape, so game`s not for me.

bb12b 2014.06.04
good graphics this game is entertaining and easy

GP69 2014.05.13
Like the stages of the game. Interesting story(ish) line! Not a repeatable game though.

kwita 2014.04.30
nice game, sexy girl, funny story, lowly endings

goen555 2014.04.03
Attractive and great tits ass and beautiful pussy. The last dizzy.

powder_puffG 2014.01.26
Wasn`t what i was expecting, but nonetheless entertaining

MyCockIsHard 2013.12.21
The storyline disturbed me slightly and the puzzles were too easy. Over all a poor enough game.

Stese 2013.12.04
Taht was a realy nice game! And the girl was awesome

albertofm 2013.10.09
Pretty good game, girl was hot!

Jarrett 2013.09.26
Sexy, and pretty challenging puzzles. Took a while on the last one.

nmraber 2013.09.19
not a big fan of rape but my dick is still hard :) fun game

noogad 2013.09.19
hot and sexy game like it tooo much

gwoff17 2013.08.26
well thought out game, gives you a easy challenge

Lizzie 2013.08.18
nothing overly exciting. was ok.

leafo 2013.08.15
This by far one of my favorites.

highend 2013.07.06
The last puzzle took me awhile, but overall pretty easy.

bernas56 2013.06.10
puzles are very dificult but the story line is very good

lenman 2013.05.29
Nice gameplay. Hentai classic storyline. The puzzles are good and easy to solve especially if u take a good look at the picture before entering the level and remember where the head of the girl is in the pic so you can start by placing that first. Then you cangradullay make up the rest of the body and finally the landscape. If all else fails, just keep switching one single piece all around the screen till it fits. It`s good that once the piece is in the right place, it will not move again. I can`t even imagine what would be the case if the pieces kept moving till one has successfully completed the full picture. That would be horrible.

VeNNoM 2013.04.27
Cant complain when the end result are multiple money shots on Kasumi`s face.

Vanghelsing 2013.04.11
game normal,but when all opend,bat this becose need this agein collect pazzels.

Folemeister 2013.04.08
great puzzle game, puzzles actually got really hard towards the end

pankusy 2013.03.24
little boring game but i play it with pleasure

brom57 2013.03.10
good game but sort of boring too

SuperSwordman1 2013.02.05
Really does get dull quick

Gordn3 2013.01.26
Boored game , lost interest quick.

Duke63 2013.01.17
I don`t like the rape theme.

shyman44425 2013.01.13
very creepy game. no business being on PF1.

Long Dick 2012.11.24
nice little game.liked the pictures

Horgretor 2012.11.07
Excellent game. Fast paced, nice rewards. Easy enough but not too easy. Can`t think of anything that can be done better. Sound perhaps.

Tanatos 2012.10.01
I love rape games. But the graphig is low.

Riddler 2012.09.30
great gameplay idea but the story isn`t as good

oranjeboven 2012.09.26
nice idea.
Absolute bullshit story

TanmoyDas 2012.09.07
Man this is a great game. real fun to play.

iamwise 2012.08.08
the puzzle solving is fun and after it animation is too good......!!!

foolishfucker 2012.07.12
Quite good and love the puzzles...graphic and animations are not too bad

owenja 2012.07.11
fun game made me relly think

funkyhunter117 2012.06.29
good game, nice graphics , i like the story

DoubleShadow 2012.06.25
nice one, was a little fun ....

Allfather88 2012.06.24
been waiting for a good doa puzzle thx

wildlolli 2012.06.19
Its not so bad, but the guys look crazy. Not my favorite.

chris_avril 2012.06.10
it was a nice game. i would have lovedif the scenes were longer.

alexrous 2012.05.21
Quality raping by the three blue freeks

bahamut86 2012.05.17
Nice grafic and good puzzle

cowboy2190 2012.05.04
i enjoyed this game just too short

Malvris 2012.04.29
decent, but too easy. 7/10

[BY]WEGAS 2012.04.26
Quite good and love the puzzles...graphic and animations are not too bad

jessie55 2012.04.23
that was a very intersting and fun game

gataputa 2012.04.22
great games, not very difficult but with good graphics

rotoco 2012.03.17
I remember this being one of the first mnf games. Very refreshing about being a puzzle game, since is actually nothing alike the current ones

Lippi1983 2012.03.17
Not a bad game. Being a fan of Kasumi I`m not going to hate it. Animation was good.nice graphic...nice game...nice story

glukos37 2012.03.10
Nice. A little short, but still good

Karack667 2012.03.06
I always lioke the puzzle games. Needs to be longer though

airforcewun 2012.02.25
nice game but it was too short

stud2025 2012.02.24
Good game. Not as challenging as others. Decent Graphics

John G 2012.02.23
No a high level of thinking needed but entertaining none-the-less.

surip ketip 2012.02.18
Nice. A little short, but still good.

griffithsr 2012.02.18
Good increase in difficulty as the puzzles progress

Casgo 2012.02.18
wow, that`s kinda messed up, but pretty easy game, graphics are pretty good....

Phenruss 2012.02.09
Nice that there`s an option to watch it all play out in sequence after you finish it, though the subject matter is a bit rough.

BigDaddyPsycho 2012.02.02
The idea for the game concept is great, I would like to see more of those game

brit_man33 2012.02.01
Fun game, liked the split between puzzle and story line.

BallIdiot 2012.01.09
Good graphics and challenging puzzles.

John G 2011.12.28
Fun puzzle game with attractive girl.

mikicostanza 2011.12.26
nice sex puzzle nice game nice girl

hcb36 2011.11.28
OK story. A bit linear and unimagineative, though

KillerKillz 2011.11.27
Quite good and love the puzzles...graphic and animations are not too bad

jdaignea 2011.11.21
I wish she had gotten into it and it had been less rape and more of a wanton slutty girl

lazy boy 2011.11.18
i love it so much .. very intresting

Ramillies 2011.11.12
Not a bad game. Being a fan of Kasumi I`m not going to hate it. Animation was good.

oODexyOo 2011.11.09
Nice pics. Puzzle was fun

rogerpoger 2011.10.29
Nice and simple game. Low replay value though

dagaro586 2011.10.28
i love the movie function on this game

Tygafifty 2011.10.23
pretty good for a puzzle game. i liked it. just wish it was longer.

cowabunga 2011.10.22
Not too good of a story. But still quite an imagination. Ganging a lone girl on a beach. That is something really amusing to fantasise about. The graphics are average i think. Cartoon like animation?? It`s so yesterday

Lednacek 2011.10.22
it`s quite fun. more levels would be better.

Infernal 2011.10.21
very intresting not to hard but take time

islander06 2011.10.03
Wasn`t too fond of this game, rape isn`t my thing and the puzzles were easy

Angelwing 2011.10.02
poor graphics. it has a rape theme, so it`s not something I like. puzzle isn`t that challenging

Astrolabio 2011.10.01
good puzzle game with good graphics

AmazonQueen 2011.09.26
Mediocre art and a really annoying piece of music really detract. The puzzles are not great, the story seems extremely lame and other than the puzzles it;s just a story with no player participation. Very disappointing

des14 2011.09.24
Not really into rape games, but nice graphics!

aerdna1901 2011.09.06
i don`t like this kind of game

Gasolinie 2011.09.05
I really enjoyed this game. Wish there was a better anal scene though. 10/10.

Kaffe_Rajd 2011.09.05
A real classic game if you ask me :)

Jaaru 2011.09.02
Liked this game, and nice music.

Nashnashization 2011.08.24
nice game ^^ loveing puzzles :D

elo77 2011.08.11
good logical game
animations are classic

tonyace 2011.08.09
great puzzle game, graphics ok

tunemusa 2011.08.04
Simple but it was easy to do. Also it had good animation.

spokxx 2011.08.02
very good graphics but sometimes too easy to puzzle

lc358 2011.08.02
i luv how a pussy is tight

stefano71 2011.07.31
really not bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

derda 2011.07.25
pretty good for a meet & fuck. fun to play

pro486ca 2011.07.24
good puzzle action and the rape made it interesting

zucriy 2011.07.21
Spelling errors galore. Great art, but that`s all.

derda 2011.07.11
Liked that it was story, not just puzzle, but not pleased with the whole rape idea.

m4t0n 2011.07.10
hots girls makes this game superb

chrischaos 2011.07.05
The puzzles were a good challenge, but I`m not into the rape thing.

briareos 2011.06.28
not really into rape games, but nice graphics

tedibear 2011.06.26
great game, great animation

dgkesquire 2011.06.25
Nice, involving storyline, decent graphics. A bit rough for my usual tastes, but nice nonetheless.

jormunguard 2011.06.24
Decently challenging puzzles, storyline kinda sucked though

0341misfit 2011.06.22
good puzzels, not a big fan of the rape thing though

familiars3 2011.06.15
very great but there could be more levels, would be awesome

icebruin 2011.06.11
fun puzzles good animation

armagedon 2011.05.29
Do you think we should invite her along?

sexybecy84 2011.05.22
Loved the concept...and the story was very hot ;)

toogrumpy 2011.05.22
great animation and story

tacotacotaco 2011.05.16
graphics are good game was fun and the animations were nice

patty23 2011.05.13
loved it puzzles were good interesting story, good graphics.....

C.C. 2011.05.12
Interesting game. Didn`t like the weird guys but I liked the concept.

Viperon 2011.05.11
Great game considering its nice graphics .. and bit easy :)

Skarn62 2011.05.11
Nice game, but too easy.
Like sc??nario idea.

dwolve 2011.04.29
Simple just so so game. At least there`s storyline

dannyboy1234 2011.04.11
fun puzzle game with a great story behind it

Innocent 2011.04.04
kasumi is very hot in this game ,likes it

baron01 2011.03.28
Time for a sequel with another DOA character. Maybe Christie.

radditz0012 2011.03.26
Nice and short i like the more peices for the higher lvls

iceburn 2011.03.23
simple story and nice puzzle game

yehwenn 2011.03.21
I`d love to see her ass totally destroyed... Not a bad game though

achubbykid 2011.03.19
great game with good graphics

DeaconFrost 2011.03.13
Not awesome graphically but worth it as a puzzle game, the theme could have been different like the character chosen, but quite a good game still. Bit too short maybe, the play it all button is good idea to see all chapters ate once.

sirdeaner 2011.03.13
good game, solve puzzles and get sex

dragonj 2011.03.11
pretty good game. just wish it had more interactions

Brownkr79 2011.03.09
it`s a poor story, not that interactive,

TheOnlyOne 2011.03.08
Ok man the game is really weird and the story is freaking bad....

hasil 2011.02.28
I really like this game. I was so engrossed in playing it and enjoying it

durex10 2011.02.21
love this game,the puzzle is great!

maxy35 2011.02.21
good puzels. dont like the rape part though. girl is fit!

r_o1_s 2011.02.18
nice and juicy boobs !i like it very much!so sexy girls!(:

tranqui 2011.02.16
i like puzzles very much, so i like the combination in this game.
i would like to found more games like this one.

ratonius 2011.02.08
Decent combination of story and game,gameplay and the graphics ok.

suli 2011.02.08
that was so so HOT~!

tubetoker 2011.02.06
Not big on the whole rape concept, but the puzzles were interesting.

fodinski11 2011.01.31
i would fuck her anyday of the week but a great game anyway

dirtygamer83 2011.01.29
pretty decent. like the increased amount of puzzle pieces per lvl.

DeathPulse15 2011.01.28
This girl is so sexy. I absolutely love her breasts.

lov2eatu 2011.01.27
nice game need more like it.

sexy_daddy 2011.01.27
i love these games you take total control and it`s great

PrInCeSs011 2011.01.27
Well, this game is quite ok though. Not bad

Justfux420 2011.01.26
Nice spin on the phantom...comic...lol!!

smilinjym 2011.01.25
I like the idea of puzzles and earning your next puzzle. I would like to see more...of the redhead!

nanjikun 2011.01.22
an easy puzzle game wit ok artwork but rape fantasy isnt my thing

smokerdude420 2011.01.22
pretty fun need to add more pics and story with less puzzles

JamesonJJameson 2011.01.22
Puzzles where not very difficult and added bonus of replaying all the scenes after you finish all the puzzles. I`m not a fan of the rape motif but that`s just me.

anubis009 2011.01.22
The puzzles could be a little bit harder, otherwise nice game.

wunsum 2011.01.21
The theme, I thought was distasteful. The puzzles themselves are fairly easy but I think for such a game that is probably the best approach.

yankslover753 2011.01.20
puzzles too easy, but its a good game

1NT0X 2011.01.17
the puzzles are simple enough to keep the game nice, i like that a puzzle unlocks a scee

JenniJenks 2011.01.16
Game was kinda hard but fun

speed buggy 2011.01.11
fun game but the story isnt all that great

badgerbuddy 2011.01.02
pretty fun game, decent animation

starkiller 2010.12.31
This game wasn`t that easy i almost stuck on the last puzzle although great game!

Iizzy 2010.12.27
Amazin Rape....scene, too short but, great rapin, i wish we can get alot of hardcore rape that are more advanced from this one

unitec 2010.12.26
Nice Looking Adventure Coartoon

domodomo 2010.12.19
pretty simple. hot kasumi will forever be awesome

igigig 2010.12.19
Kasumi is as great as ever

dmnic angel 2010.12.14

rmlong1974 2010.12.12
Good graphics, could have used a little more storyline

Towy 2010.12.11
have to wonder about the theme of the game but the scenes are good

Manijak 2010.12.08
Well, this game is quite ok though. Not bad

Erik_romance 2010.12.08
like this gamet, a little bit dark, but erotic, so nice one.

des14 2010.12.04
Very good puzzle game. Nice plot and action with a hot girl.

Spooky727 2010.12.02
great story, the game wasn`t bad but puzzles get old quickly...

timbuck2 2010.12.02
it was an ok game not one of my favorites but not the worst i have ever played

zeretet 2010.12.01
I love these nice games!

king2pm 2010.11.30
very sexy game i love it this is a real hot game!

Bocado80 2010.11.29
Great combination of story and game. Great rape story... Hot...

Hoogan00 2010.11.29
Good, very goood.a nice game with a cool story.

roundroom 2010.11.29
Love puzzles with naked women

lower5 2010.11.24
i love this game good graphic

teijgertje 2010.11.24
Nice puzzles, but not my kind of story.

gelato 2010.11.24
Good puzzle game but too easy and short

dragonguardian13 2010.11.22
pretty good puzzle game. nice plot and action.

alecsakura 2010.11.22
this has to be one of the best logic games on site

Champ094 2010.11.21
very smooth animation, hope theres more like this

restlez 2010.11.20
ah kasumi! graphics could use a little polishing though

eldin 2010.11.20
what a nice game...the story is cool!!!

prats 2010.11.19
this is one of a kind of puzzle....n kasumi is soooooooo hot..

ranmagh01 2010.11.15
That was pretty cool. I like puzzles.

Ojad01 2010.11.12
it`s quite good, but nothing special

Apac20 2010.11.12
Incredible game even if it was never finished.Being able to purse several different girls helps to provide a great deal of replay value. Not a big fan of the model part that was added and it seems to get away from the theme of the game. There was a demo of a fight portion the author was working on adding before I guess real life became too much to continue the game.

Zaldin24 2010.11.10
I really enjoyed this game. Wish there was a better anal scene though. 10/10.

NightmareGER 2010.11.10
Well any game with Kasumi is a 5/5 for me not matter what.

But the Game is quite fun with the puzzle part of it.

SkylineR34GTR 2010.11.10
Ahh Kasumi, you can`t go wrong with that little beauty.

Burgess 2010.11.05
puzzles are good but i tik they shud make them harder

SargeantW 2010.11.05
I just love puzzles, too bad there are not more of them around. Having an interesting story line makes them all the more fun.

SilverCheshire 2010.11.05
Not a fan of the rape theme. Tile shifting is well done though.

XxXxkaiXxXx 2010.11.04
im stuck on lvl 7 i guess its like a glitch or somthing other than that great game

smithford 2010.11.02
Not my cup of tea but great graphic indeed, Thank

Toboshi 2010.10.30
Pretty good game, very good story, SUPER HOT EVERYTHING!

Reggie77 2010.10.30
A really good game. I really like this style of puzzle.

waynedemis1 2010.10.29
Not so much into rape but good game all around.

tss99 2010.10.28
Very nice game, i really enjoy it!

DoubleShadow 2010.10.26
nice puzzle, and good music ... but a little bit to short

Alyx 2010.10.25
Not into rape games, thanks.

Jebus 2010.10.22
This was kind of creepy considering there is no back story to this game at all

Damerts 2010.10.21
great puzzle game, enjoyed it...

greateststeve 2010.10.19
i cummed so m any times

neron 2010.10.16
The puzzle est very good interactive game

elgrancesar 2010.10.16
pretty good game but the anime can be better

dartshooter180 2010.10.14
great puzzles and awesome graphics

jeanmimel 2010.10.14
nice graphics, nice puzzle

kamouloxx 2010.10.13
it`s a great puzzle game, nice to see.

craig89 2010.10.13
i actually liked the puzzles more than the scenes

chumak 2010.10.12
rape could have looked better, though i don`t enjoy it much
nice puzzle and nice music

junkcar 2010.10.09
good game but don`t care for the rape.

linda 2010.10.02
Although the pics are unattractive, but the puzzle is interesting.

sodibadru 2010.09.28
bad graphics and to many repetitive actions to consider this to be any good.

mercury505 2010.09.23
The puzzle est very good interactive game

Kitty69 2010.09.19
I like puzzle part but the rape I don`t.

kraeeg 2010.09.18
Didn`t like the rape aspect of it......didn`t get me up....

Elfe 2010.09.18
I did it, but I don`t really like that kind of story.

kanzi67 2010.09.17
what a nice game...the story is cool!!!

charles09 2010.09.17
a little straight forward... maybe if it had some plot twists

Nijoul 2010.09.11
Pretty easy but fun idea with the puzzles and the animations as reward

Nimrod 2010.09.09
At least there was more then just pressing buttons. I would play more games like this one.

kangaroo 2010.09.08
nice game with good graphics for babes...too easy

asdfasdasdfsdffasdf 2010.09.07
puzle+story this is not a good pairing

beatpoet 2010.09.06
Good puzzle. Simple and satisfying. Never liked puzzles, but the clips in between made up for it.

SiJohn 2010.09.02
Nice and simple. A bit too quick and easy IMO, but good.

Bosbrand 2010.08.31
Would have been even better if correct placement didn`t lock puzzle pieces in place.

razor 2010.08.31
never see a game like this but its good

Ijis3780 2010.08.29
Rather old game, but nice pics. Maybe more animation and voices could be useful...

T M 2010.08.28
Would like to see more time in between puzzle solving, but otherwise, a good game.

girl040 2010.08.27
nice game whit a nice storry

fedexguy 2010.08.25
great pics, love the puzzle aspect to the game

shyguy06 2010.08.23
Games of Desire always come out with such quality games and this one is no exception; a very fun puzzler.

vad05 2010.08.22
I love this puzzles. not bad at all.

Raiden17 2010.08.20
Great game. love the puzzles and the gameplay. Make more.

NightmareGER 2010.08.19
Well not that i am a big sucker for DOA but i really loved this game for the scenes and the music.

evaddave 2010.08.11
Enjoyed this game. Pictures were reasonable.

shawnhbk 2010.08.10
Not too bad, but i got lazy after level 5..

bigbadjohn 2010.08.10
Good game but if they can make it a lesbian rape/orgy it would be even better!

noob23 2010.08.09
awesome game
great graphics

gekirietsu 2010.08.06
got me by suprise with the rape game was ok

Lucien 2010.08.01
Not a bad idea for a puzzle game but really needs better story line.

az89 2010.07.30
gang bang not something i like. i like twosome or threesome more

bobfm 2010.07.29
liked this puzzle. got harder every time

Topone 2010.07.27
a really cool game :):) could have made the story longer!?

m4dness 2010.07.26
nice i like it very dominating and submisive i got so hard playing

TheHappyChem 2010.07.26
Pretty easy, and quite sexy. More interaction would have been welcome.

Langset 2010.07.24
Pretty good, a bit easy puzzle wise. and as has been said the story is a bit morally meh, but good graphics

godkwabu 2010.07.23
ah nice game needs better musics

Viper426 2010.07.23
Games with terrible translations make me laugh so hard. Not a bad game all together, though.

slytdavis 2010.07.23
really good gameplay but annoying puzzles

DarkDrow88 2010.07.23
not too good, not that bad.

pippo67 2010.07.22
very beatiful games.......gooooood !!

Trashcan 2010.07.21
Enjoy working for the good stuff.
Grammar needs some work. "It`s pain"

sleindk 2010.07.19
good graffiks but a bit too easy. otherwise a good game

kaiditmedoi 2010.07.17
this gerne i don`t like. it`s not story that focus on sex. but thanks for game :)

LilLemon 2010.07.16
A puzzel game is good. But i do not like games that take of advantage of young ladies like this. It is not right. But funn for those people that like rapping girls. Not good at all.

bramis 2010.07.13
good graphics, good that you can look at the whole story after u compleated it

lecterthechef 2010.07.11
It`s an entertaining little puzzle game. The faux rape thing`s not everyone`s cup of tea, but it can be done well, and this wasn`t a bad effort.

dinte 2010.07.05
nice game good graphics puzzles are awsome

rickfuentes 2010.07.03
Enjoyed this game, it was fun, and the graphics were nice.

AgentCroque 2010.06.30
ok game with bad translations. And too big tits again q.q

duke51 2010.06.30
Attractive Kasumi in horrible (?) situation

novanui123 2010.06.29
Good game. I really enjoyed the puzzle aspect of the game

lucic17 2010.06.28
loved how there was a story to the game, made it more enjoyable

dlfuchs 2010.06.27
I love redheads. Great Game

scannatore 2010.06.26
A good story, i love Kasumi. Now the others girls, please!

tcby_00601 2010.06.23
a little bit dull and long ,i think

mannmeister 2010.06.22
puzzle/story concept is nice

zardoz 2010.06.18
tres attrayant comme jeu j`ai beaucoup aime, je le met dans mes favoris sans probleme

papa2418 2010.06.17
nice game,like the puzzle with the story

Law 2010.06.07
Long game a lot of mistakes

Jb101093 2010.06.06
I have to say from the Graphics to the game mechaincs There is nothing I don`t like in this game
my one compiant is there are not many others like it

satanz 2010.06.02
it is just a game there are options of not getting into it as well. it is not reality or reality based, it is just something to play around with

GESTORBEN 2010.05.26
very clever game, nice graphic

Ralkoz 2010.05.26
poor katsumi but i liked the puzzle bit

timmy50 2010.05.24
very clever game, interesting format.

gliph13 2010.05.22
it may be rape bu it`s still hot as hell

inferno243 2010.05.21
quite acute game - starts off a bit wierdly but soon gets good. Just a pity the cartoons aren`t videos!

dman1455 2010.05.19
Great game and good storyline

tantrigo 2010.05.19
Liked that it was story, not just puzzle, but not pleased with the whole rape idea.

roro21 2010.05.16
i think the game sound when the puzzles are finished ! But in general, very great game and graphics are good

Silver_Wolf5636 2010.05.12
interesting puzzle game with difficulty progression story line had terrible writing decent art for a henti game

drewster25 2010.05.10
great game, the graphics were good and i liked havin to do the puzzles

fool2007 2010.05.09
great game. always love puzzles

Sherlock 2010.05.07
the story is nice id say average though!

WmMBeck 2010.05.04
Like the puzzles theme grows tiresome quickly

Riptide 2010.05.04
Like the puzzles. Not real big on the whole rape genre.

stevie 2010.05.03
pretty good for a meet & fuck. fun to play

Kalaam 2010.05.02
Original, i love this game !

Domletroyens 2010.04.30
Pas trop mal mais un peu simple!

Henk 2010.04.29
It`s a weird game, I don`t like it

LoLB 2010.04.28
the game is ok, but I don`t really like the theme

gogalor 2010.04.27
it was good i wish it showed the anal insted of saying there doing it kinda silly

wpowder 2010.04.25
Nice puzzle game, prefer abit longer.

titi57 2010.04.23
nice game but too short finish too quick

faker 2010.04.22
A nice puzzelgame but to short

boinky 2010.04.13
an okay game, but the storyline is not for me.

spenracq2 2010.04.12
nice idea making it harder to win the futher you go

robert_tm 2010.04.09
good game hope to seee more and mre exciting tho

requiemike 2010.04.09
symplicity and fun. Good mix for this game. I Like it.

joseluis74125 2010.04.09
best game ever the only one

slm_jng 2010.04.08
Pretty simplistic game, although nice art

testingtesting 2010.04.06
very dark game, level 8 tedious, nice graphix

cminwvnow 2010.04.06
The graphics are excellent, and the game play was actually harder then i thought it would be.

loves 2010.04.03
the gameplay was excellent. I liked it.

buneylan 2010.04.01
Good game:) Think that would be better with a little boobs too

vendicarte 2010.03.29
easy game to play, nice artwork, though the puzzles could get a tad hard in the end, and the story was good.. overall a great game, if your into puzzles :)

jerdyster 2010.03.29
Fun game, although the puzzles take too long sometimes. Would be better if there were more animations.

Exsidous 2010.03.28
great game the puzzles were great

steph85 2010.03.24
one of the best sex puzzle ever created

fkf,fq 2010.03.23
Hot history I want continuation

CAaZ 2010.03.22
its boring ... i dont like these puzzle games

mattrich 2010.03.21
liked the graphics
puzzles were good, too

jane_smith 2010.03.16
i love the puzzle, its really good game though, tells the story line very interesting

lcredneck 2010.03.16
decent game, love the puzzles

axeltusen 2010.03.05
very easy but great fun good pics and scenes

ihavlust 2010.03.04
Very erotic...nice story...

jules1903 2010.02.28
Good tile game , shame about the story though.

mcgophish 2010.02.25
Interesting game, interesting theme... sexy girl, though

capro 2010.02.17
it`s an original and good game

animalbru 2010.02.14
it was good game like doing jigsaw puzzles little hard would be good

bridger16a 2010.02.14
Alright but animation could be better

bozio 2010.02.13
nice pics,nice tits, easy game

gabu 2010.02.08
easy game, I loved the pictures, but the animation is still kinda bad.

JDraven 2010.02.07
great game, easy and Kasumi is so sexy

bazza21 2010.02.06
Amazing stuff, really good graphics.

jhlipton 2010.02.05
Dark men rape white women. Total flunk.

cdkck 2010.02.03
this game is okay i like games that are faster played then this though

Shadow24 2010.02.02
awesome game, awesome story, animations were amazing.

legionar 2010.02.01
This is so hot an turning on game... the best animated girl...

Wonsky 2010.02.01
Simple game, nice, good scenario

fuct_up 2010.01.31
nice game, simple enough, nice action

icrazyur2 2010.01.31
all it needs is sound why do they keep making these hot ass games without sound

stevebarthrop 2010.01.31
A simple yet fun puzzle game, featuring flash videos containing one of the greatest computer characters ever designed. What`s not to like!

bomber6989 2010.01.30
I like the type of game, but the whole rape thing can be a turn-off

Sehviss 2010.01.27
I liked the concept of this game, I`m just not a fan of the storyline at all.

wayneworld 2010.01.27
The graphics are HOT! Also the girl
The puzzles are also quite good, not too easy and not too hard.

David781 2010.01.26
Nice graphics, hot girl, puzzles were a nice touch.

spindel 2010.01.24
nice little game with a too short of a story and some scenes the grammar and spelling errors ruin the story aand there are no sound effects

UandMe 2010.01.22
The girl had very nice tits and good story line

andy_regresa 2010.01.19
this game very easy and simple......but is ok.

booka09 2010.01.12
great idea, but need sound effects

spunk 2010.01.10
the puzzles are hard the tits are huge

scaleomatic 2010.01.06
simple game, but funny to play and not so bad pictures.

sidmej 2009.12.11
this was pretty easy but it was a good game

nissehult 2009.12.10
puzzelgame are ok, this game could be so much better

sierra 2009.12.10
its a brutal gamestory. and i like that very much. some of the puzzleparts are diffcult.

CandyMan87 2009.12.06
great game but im not nig on puzzles

Xyzzy 2009.11.18
Decent story, I like the puzzle idea leading to the next step in the storyline.

hozer 2009.11.18
like the grafics hot scenes and sound

Howie1 2009.11.17
put together ok for what need todo need little more challange

calle84 2009.11.10
oh mann ich liebe dieses game

jcspider99 2009.11.06
So far so good, im only a little bit in but its good

tnerrot 2009.11.02
The game is ok, but I prefer if the `play the whole story` option at the end of the game don`t need to click through the story again.

14pimp 2009.11.01
one of the games i dont like are rape

legolas86 2009.10.28
really nice but maybe too easy

Blacko 2009.10.24
Nice story. They could find a better ideea but it`s ok.

Minion4876 2009.10.22
I really have seen better than this but still it`s not all that bad, at least it has Kasumi in it.

Chewy85 2009.10.20
puzzles were fun, but wasn`t enough

nottswg 2009.10.17
hot chick, interesting way to break up the action with puzzles

WIBoiler 2009.10.15
I would have preferred the men who assaulted her to be characters from the rest of the DoA series. It`s about time all those characters had an orgy...

franky135 2009.10.14
this game is really mad i dont like games like this

randy06 2009.10.14
good game hope to seee more and mre exciting tho

neoviper1007 2009.10.13
the game was easy and but still a lot of fun

XTesteX 2009.10.13
this is an easy game. good to pass time

ks 2009.10.12
it`s an average game.a little too easy.

brandon 2009.10.11
this game is way to easy to beat

Neza 2009.10.10
Liked it very much, great game

zielarz gandzialf 2009.10.09
One of the best game on this site !

slimathome 2009.10.07
nice game but puzzles too easy and didn`t really follow rape theme

lordsnarel 2009.10.07
Games of desire has lots of games like this and other styles. You`ll spend lots of time there.

danvh 2009.10.07
I enjoy puzzle games like this.

Ticon 2009.10.06
good puzzle game with fantasy storyline...great!

Highlord Pissant 2009.10.05
good could be better but then again anything could be better

metalsmurf 2009.10.05
i re,member this, not a bad game, good scenes in it!

sikko 2009.10.05
kasumi is so hot they use her in so many games

bongogo 2009.10.04
like it, dark but erotic, nice one.

WildCrazy 2009.10.03
this game is awesome makes you think need more games like this

cheese101 2009.09.26
love this game,great pictures:D

timewaster 2009.09.25
Flunked it for the rape theme. I know this is a new site, so take the opportunity to draw some lines. Rape and child stuff should just not be here. It would be enough to make me not come back.

fioo 2009.09.24
I don`t understand what is cool on rape game. It`s rape !!! What kind of fantasm it is ?!!! With same animation, an another context would be more funny.

lojo2 2009.09.22
not really worth finishing

napps 2009.09.21
Long game a lot of mistakes

slipstone 2009.09.20
Rather unpleasant and squalid. I did not want to complete this.

kh2xxgamer 2009.09.20
This game is ok but it needs better music

raelee 2009.09.19
Sorry but this is not my cup of tea

classypolice 2009.09.18
this game makes u to use your head than your sex

keno85 2009.09.17
average game good graphics but i dont like the history

walrus13 2009.09.17
why do a lot of these games have to do with rape

Urberto 2009.09.16
Great game and good graphics, another story would make it better.

johnsteed 2009.09.16
Good graphics, no storyline - but does that really matter?

Trebuchet 2009.09.16
Good game, fine story, ok puzzels.

ratboy 2009.09.16
like the gameplay and the graphics but need a different theme

tuupke1 2009.09.16
it`s ok, more for the rapers lol

Cool Dave 2009.09.16
nice graphic...nice game...nice story

ogunt 2009.09.16
story is nice id say average though

xxdxbolaxx 2009.09.16
Well, this game is quite ok though. Not bad

Tarkis 2009.09.15
rape game, not something I really like

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