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Sensual Experiment


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Biofreak 2017.11.03
Very tough on IPad... animations are very nice, though.

Chevy 2017.08.18
Great game but music it´s a bit boring

LuciusM 2017.08.18
Classical game, the good one, no matter graphic o realistic can be this it so funny

KitCarsen 2017.07.11
These games are always a bit fiddle but worth the trouble in the end.

sinsear777 2017.03.14
Hard to find the "hot spots"

ianjames 2017.03.10
nice game with good graphics

Boddien 2017.03.07
Serious, i don`t liked the sound of the game.
I wan`t more sounds of her orgams.

Lucifer1815 2017.02.08
The graphics are decent but the controls are difficult, fun after you understand what to do.

snakeskin99 2016.10.31
The graphics are a lil funky and old-school, and the controls are tough. I love the concept but it was hard to get past the first few minutes.

DNAdoc 2016.10.31
Interface too slow too respond...


DNAdoc 2016.10.31
Really difficult interface on mobile....

glukos37 2016.10.30
sharks games are the best!

getsmoked47 2016.10.25
This is not a bad one either.

vitorsousa 2016.08.21
Really nice game, good animation, really good graphs

Smooth17 2016.07.25
The game is amazing. The help menu is super simple

backbackback 2016.07.14
Good game but not my type

pheonix29 2016.06.25
Best game ever really sexy

ironman7614 2016.06.16
brilliant game,love sharks lagoon as well:D
these are the best online games going by a mile:D

user9876 2016.05.05
oldie but goody...shark games rock

BadRhinoHorn 2016.04.19
sharks games are the best!

username1444 2016.01.08
Graphics are great, but the game is just too easy

kanther 2015.08.06
the graphics are ok, but i like the challenge of finding the right sequence to seduce her.

Oobik 2015.06.26
Good old nice shark game.
Funny but slow to start.

trushauna 2015.06.18
beautiful graphics and the most hardest controls

rosebabymarie 2015.04.10
hot game! very great. best game i have played on this website.

SammyG117 2015.04.02
Such a cool game with good graphics and animations

diver453 2015.03.23
So happy there`s finally a sequel. And it`s even way better than the original

holystoner 2015.02.28
for when it was released it was probably great - graphics are behind the times now

Verol 2015.02.05
I didn`t like this one very much, the controls were too stiff

Alorine 2014.12.13
I like this game, even it`s date

ajbuggs73 2014.12.09
really like this one, some nice actions and finding correct places

deathpool96 2014.12.09
great game but it needs a little bit more to it
five out of five

hapo 2014.11.28
Tgis game is quiet diddicult, I dont get it... AT all _ _

hapo 2014.11.28
I really like dese games they r super fun and coooooooooooooooooooooooool. Me and ma friends r like woooaoaa dis game is so real.

dickboy3 2014.11.17
Ok - i cant understand this game

Deti 2014.09.19
I don`t get this game, poor story, hard to get used to... could be repolished.

jonnyquid 2014.08.15
i wanted more from the game it was too hard and once you rest your head on the shoulder you can not go anywhere else

triggazzbaby 2014.07.24
I got stuck halfway through the game which was a shame

bitz94 2014.07.15
Poor graphics, difficult gameplay, bad story its a poor game.

Iva_bigun_12 2014.07.05
Ok game, a little hard though

Sexy007 2014.05.23
difficult to play...not an easy game and one that can be frustrating.

Aneash Dharun 2014.05.07
Nice game .. and loved the naughty girls ...

firedog12046 2014.05.07
very difficult but it looked fun

farmboy306 2014.04.23
great graphics but I found it difficult

bobikow 2014.04.19
Litle complicate bat is good

chieffyboy 2014.03.29
nah that wasnt fun that was hard

marc110 2014.03.26
really hard game...also boring

rennarenna 2014.03.24
great game ! very exciting

DerFinne 2014.03.15
sharks lagoon game ;-) very nice

peytontheblonde 2014.03.11
I can not get passed the hand touching, HELP?

sammiesmith 2014.03.01
this game has excellent graphics but is difficult to understand

jeff_leppard 2014.02.25
Usual great quality from le shark, complete with full handy walkthrough. slightly let down by graphics.

sexylonda 2014.02.23
nice game graphis very nice over 10/10

SassyLustyDiamond 2014.01.30
The game was fun the graphics could be a little better

Stanules 2014.01.22
really good game cuming along

BigD17 2014.01.03
the graphics are all right

mafia123mafia 2014.01.01
brilliant game,love sharks lagoon
these are the best online games

myacute 2013.12.29
i love this website and i just joined

TechnoDemon 2013.12.24
Graphic quality is good, but the models they used less so. Looks like they used Poser models (Laura or the Millenium Girl or the PTGWG), which are decent. Pity they couldn`t find better hairs for them. Also, could have been MUCH improved with closeups, or at least higher-quality rendering - would have taken longer to animate, but would have been worth it.
Source - years of animation experience with Poser, from 4.0 to Pro

Arkent 2013.12.23
This game have a very good animation . hope it get better :p

raohul 2013.12.16
these are the best games ever

erandal 2013.12.04
Loved it. Another game I ended up masturbating over. It was fun to build it up slowly.

thisguyisbored 2013.11.29
always loved sharks laggon games they are good on graphics and good stories, they know what to do to keep you coming back for more

celticsmith 2013.11.11
A walkthough or a hint button might be nice... as well as some way to turn off that annoying music.

Darkmaiden 2013.11.03
Seems like it would be a fun game, but i cant get past the first level

Staliza 2013.11.03
Great game, just took me a while to figure it out, because my game crashed twice..

gobinath 2013.11.01
i`m always love this type of game

pratya 2013.09.22
Great graphics and interesting but it is hard to control both`s emotion.

noogad 2013.09.20
Great game... girls are hot!!!! WOW

Andyjm2uk 2013.09.01
Great game play...made me very horny, but thank god for the help section :)

audioking 2013.08.26
I think it`s pretty cool, the guys that made it have a bunch of cool games.

lantern 2013.08.21
Good sequences, however can be slightly boring or repetitive

prince123 2013.08.15
Best game ever bt lil short

prince123 2013.08.15
sharks games r very erotic

frank12 2013.08.11
Suprisingly hot ffor a flash game

blomman007 2013.08.10
I liked it, but a bit far fetched

tammyperez13 2013.08.08
i love this game it got me horny

dungo 2013.08.05
not always very easy to find, but if you keep looking it`s worth ;)

rnzmslng 2013.08.03
Its very hard!! but good game just playing here right now :)

spencem 2013.07.28
Its okay but kinda wierd and hard

lok14 2013.07.11
A little slow when started but the help hint really sped things up in a good way.

lesbo334 2013.07.09
the game seems ok, but i can hardly do anything!!!

stoplight 2013.07.06
I love shark lagoon games and it isn`t an exception.

highend 2013.07.05
shark lagoon games are the best. Only thing I wish was that when you "failed" it brought you back to the beginning of the current scene (last transition) rather than all the way to the beginning. Other than that, awesome game.

large21c 2013.06.29
cool game with pretty good graphics

honchoponcho 2013.06.22
great game i love the whole thing

GkillerCDB 2013.06.15
an old game, but still it`s very good, since it offers a little bit of difficulty (good for those that never played a game on this style, it`s easy, but not so easy...you have to think before do the action, and this will help you to concentrate on harder games)
for those who like lesbian sex, this game is perfect

torm81 2013.06.12
Graphics are good good game

Arok_BE 2013.06.04
probably very old, guess it was good back then

listener 2013.06.02
I really like games by these folks. They could use better art, but I enjoy the search to find the way through the puzzle.

63ted 2013.05.28
Help gets you thru game much quicker.

steelfish 2013.05.23
a good game, definitely showing its age when compared to some of the newer games out there.

jonnescion 2013.05.21
you have to restart many times before understand

mattp95 2013.05.12
was an entertaining game to play however it could use additional scenes

thelew 2013.05.01
cool game, but i wish you could click through the dialog on repeat attempts

r47131307 2013.04.27
It`s a good game but it needs better graphics.

Mr Loz 2013.04.13
I like all the series, great game play and graphics

gwazz 2013.04.10
one of the more enjoyable game .very good graphics

peanut31572 2013.04.04
Best game ever never played one jike it.

poe_raven 2013.03.31
sharks games are the best
Great interaction

Sradsix 2013.03.20
Love this series of games and this one is no exception

dennyjc 2013.03.12
fun lagoon game. enjoy this kind very much

jaekae 2013.03.08
the graphics in this game are amazing

DrgH 2013.03.08
hot lesbian action and simple gameplay. Not the best game but good.

timoow16 2013.02.28
Not bad, but not one of the better games in my opinion

luckydrum 2013.02.19
very exciting also for a man. Very female thinking.

akmagicfingers 2013.02.16
Totally stuck. Got the hand holding and plateaued.

killerbeast 2013.02.11
very enjoyable game it was fun to play

AJ HelMan 2013.02.09
graphics r really awesome sexy game

basu 2013.01.28
i realy feel happy
good graphic
it is sexy

Gordn3 2013.01.26
Good game , nice graphic.

sexbitch900 2013.01.21
It was fun to short want more

Docklander 2013.01.20
Not bad, but not one of the better games in my opinion

egane 2013.01.18
haw to pla i,m endin on a beginn?

karrot1970 2013.01.01
I would like to see more of loa in the near future and her girl friend.what would happen if they went to the castle.

veleno72 2012.12.31
Teeny lesbo experiments... Very nice in its atlessness!
Very helpful the "HELP" function!!! ;)

heygirllez? 2012.12.29
Im stuck help cant get very far

monkey12 2012.12.28
Looks like a good game but I can`t get very far in it.

cold_blood 2012.12.19
i like this games very much. greet job!
but i cant get far. can soeone help me?

oduncu 2012.12.18
It may be just be but I don`t like this shark-lagoon games very much. Progresses too slowly.

Mr. Magic 2012.12.08
Pretty good game. I like how repeating an action has different outcomes.

Horgretor 2012.11.08
Excellent game really. Needs sound effects and better designing a bit but I loved it. Especially the in game help.

ganjahtreu 2012.11.07
eally nice and horny game!!!!
hot bitches and good hard sex!!!!

david101 2012.10.31
this game was not one of the best.but still enjoyed it.

dakillamilla 2012.10.30
very fun game, but a little hard, had to use the help button a lot, all you have to do is type help on keyboard and directions appear.

postor 2012.10.24
love this game! the seduction of a girl by another girl is a great idea

Gr3cx 2012.10.22
Good concept. I enjoyed it :)

the fuckest 2012.10.21
this is a sensual and fun game.I liked

Fugubob1 2012.10.16
Shark games are excellent

markus.delaney 2012.10.09
This series of games is amazing. I hope there is more to come. Perfect

JakeTheGamer 2012.10.09
Its a good game, but it needs to have more

jimbob1234 2012.09.15
I love this game and al games made by sharks lagoon

nat_sur 2012.09.11
real teasing and seducing game

mpaul40 2012.09.08
not very good game play

pothole 2012.09.07
Shark Lagoon games are pretty awesome though they follow a formula; there aren`t many variations to the end once you reach a certain point. This is one of the easier ones; some are downright nasty puzzles to solve

Psycho1611 2012.09.06
i have played the game many times.i love it.lesbians

dbeast 2012.09.05
I don`t really like shark lagoon games
I don`t really like their animation style like how they draw their people, and usually my computer freezes up in their games (and their games only)

oraclle 2012.09.01
very good animation, i like sharks games

Alex101 2012.08.18
hot games in every aspect....had a hard time refinding it since it aint pinned to screen ... best game eva :)

oXDarkEyesXo 2012.08.13
Love this game played it a lot of times oh and if you get stuck input help with the keyboard and it will tell you what to do :3

randy06 2012.08.06
want more like these this was great but more action

BigMike81 2012.07.23
Graphics a little dated. But still hot.

ahills 2012.07.12
A very very hot game! Cute girl-on-girl action.

angel91devil 2012.07.03
It`s been a lonq time since I played that qame. The qraphics are old lookinq compared to the nowadays qraphics.

chris8833p 2012.07.03
i love the graphics in this

James007007 2012.07.02
Old game, one of my favourite of Shark`s games of all time.

cocomicrob 2012.06.14
this game doesn`t have great graphics, but shure has a great story...

rickynewbie 2012.06.13
old game, but still great and brilliant.. worth to try :D

elishacuthbert 2012.06.11
from all the other comments it looks like I`m seriously missing out

amrita 2012.06.05
cant get passed holding other girls hand

MadnessUK 2012.06.04
dated looking graphics, and the lack of hot spot indication makes the game tricky. But pretty good all the same.

Soul Assassin 2012.06.03
It is an old but very good game with a simple gameplay! :)

kurtrussell 2012.05.30
very cute and actually quite fun

yoda 2012.05.26
not too hard at least, but wish it went furthur

bahamut86 2012.05.21
Horny game! Good grafic and gameplay!

boobies621 2012.05.21
this is a very sexy game, although at times a bit confusing

Criptomax 2012.05.21
It`s a pretty old game, but I never get tired of playing it. The challenge keeps bringing me back :)

[BY]WEGAS 2012.05.16
I loved the game it was great

janice12 2012.05.11
Help i get stuck after the hand touching

afucker 2012.05.09
hot games in every aspect....had a hard time refinding it since it aint pinned to screen ... best game eva :)

cparks247 2012.05.01
shark games are quite literly the bomb lol

kellylovefucker69 2012.04.29
i can`t even get started! Right from the beginning I`m lost, please help me. from all the other comments it looks like I`m seriously missing out

Gismo1701 2012.04.28
sharks games are the best

rokey_triikz 2012.04.19
This is very good game and the graphics are good

John G 2012.04.14
Great game with hot women but some actions are difficult to get at first.

rockstar2.5 2012.04.13
Very thorny game yet intensely fun

schbob 2012.04.06
you can play this hundrets of times and it still stays a real horny game

glukos37 2012.04.06
hot girls hot actions what more could you want i love it!!!

nabak 2012.04.04
I got stuck when she pulled off her panties :( . pls help!

Timma 2012.03.14
Good game, was quite fun once I figured out what to do

uber50 2012.03.13
I love this game It is just right

locs 2012.03.13
cant get passed holding other girls hand

damyanG 2012.03.03
very uninteresting, could have a little more action

jobbe1980 2012.03.02
Very nice, but short game

mcgooner 2012.02.17
hot girls hot actions what more could you want i love it!!!

The_Who 2012.02.16
Quite a lot of fun, but irritating in places with the interface

nefarious1098 2012.02.15
Brilliant game, graphics great, difficulty can be annoying, but its impossible not to come back until you complete, only downside is too many hours used completing it.

viri111 2012.02.13
sharks games are the best

rot 2012.02.07
I`m stuck at stroking thigh. How get past that? Love the concept. Graphics are cute if primitive.

BigDaddyPsycho 2012.02.02
Great game, an erotic story,good graphics, sharks games are so good...

tater1213 2012.01.31
even though its farily easy im stuck on where ur rubbing her leg

John G 2012.01.22
Great game-play as with all of their games.

garonbrown 2012.01.22
Still fun after all the new ones

nauragar 2012.01.20
I remember playing this before some time ago,couldn`t figure it out.It sure won`t be my favourite.

Chyeahh 2012.01.19
I`m pretty sure this will forever be one of my favorite games.

jaska4 2012.01.18
nice, very good game, i came

pelle200 2012.01.15
I loved the game it vas great

gdl 2012.01.14
Gameplay is slow and a bit difficult to get used to

timoow16 2012.01.12
It is an old but very good game with a simple gameplay

bdt1213 2012.01.12
One of the finest games created

Flubbs 2012.01.10
already so many years ago since this was made :(

john194 2012.01.09
hey ! what to do after removing her panties

Marinois13 2012.01.06
I love this game It is just right

mikicostanza 2012.01.03
funny game with this 2 girls

moo123454321 2012.01.02
There should be a way to skip the dialogue. Otherwise: very good game.

Jascorpion 2012.01.02
took a few tries, but in the end it was fun and well worth it!

woahitsme27 2012.01.01
i cant seem to get to the point of the game. the girl usually leaves

$exyguy 2011.12.31
this game is good cause i love lesbians the graphics are ok

pall 2011.12.25
I enjoyed yet another game from sharks lagoon

Dumpoey 2011.12.23
shark games are the greastest

Sabre8 2011.12.23
Yes, one outstanding game :)

sexyhotkat 2011.12.20
wats the game about just starting advice pls

nikolasvearens 2011.12.18
very nice game and very interesting and especially HOT

DUDESKI 2011.12.18
This is a really fun game

jcreel23456 2011.12.14
not a bad agame at all wih ther wasmore like this oen

lexxxluck 2011.12.11
A little harder then I thought

haha1234 2011.12.10
great interesting game great animation

Fenian95 2011.12.04
Great game, very realistic in actions and effects.

mannertt 2011.12.04
I really like the idea, but it isn`t that easy all the time. I often make the girlfriend leave.

KriegerIke 2011.12.04
good game with very good graphics and story

lesbpussy 2011.11.30
this is a pretty good game it`s got great graphics got a good twist with the lesbian love all in all I give a 100 score

amor hegazy 2011.11.30
great and interesting game,fun to find the "sweet spots"

amor hegazy 2011.11.30
great and interesting game,fun to find the "sweet spots"great and interesting game,fun to find the "sweet spots"

iqi 2011.11.30
amazing......i can feel it....

andy_regresa 2011.11.25
Very good game, in the line of the other of the same company, many women (all knows, except three), awesome

dman98 2011.11.25
okay this game is hard help

magegrid 2011.11.22
lol, this game is getting old!

rb813 2011.11.22
Pretty good. The fact that doing the same thing a second time sometimes had a different effect increased the challenge. I had to use the Help for most levels.

chrt1066 2011.11.19
Its okay, game play is fun but chicks are kinda ugly

zenginoglu 2011.11.18
This is great game... I like it very much...

wateshito 2011.11.17
Shark games all ways goood, love the grate work... nice graphic, the game its like the real life.

Blackstone 2011.11.15
I`ve played this before elsewhere, and like it just as much now as then. The situation is interesting, the consequences of actions/moods is good. I like the way the faces in the bottom of the screen change with the changing moods. Nice job.

peakpeek 2011.11.14
very sexy, nice level of detail.

Krueger 2011.11.14
Hot game but it is boring...

keshakat71311 2011.11.14
not bad but takes some skill

eethar 2011.11.14
Pretty hot. Not very long but it takes some thought to finish.

BallIdiot 2011.11.13
Good game play and flow. Not too difficult, but does need some strategy.

Rorkal 2011.11.10
sutck abit but nice game

Booth2012 2011.11.05
Good game, love lesbian`s games, but i like the other one`s.

scotslad83 2011.11.03
A good game. Sexy fun but I found I got stuck quite a lot.

Thrashard 2011.10.28
Great game, I love sharks lagoon games :)

reddevil07utd 2011.10.26
Love these games......enjoyed all of sharks games so far

whitedmn159 2011.10.26
With the help this game is easy to beat but just like all Shark Lagoon games it is definitely worth playing.

wally98 2011.10.22
The shark rocks. This is one great game. I also like the Cloe series.

seeker55091 2011.10.21
This is a really cool game - sharks lagoon keeps putting out great games.

ali_ercu 2011.10.19
hard game a little boring but long story i like it

5x4t9 2011.10.17
Very sexy, but hard to figure out without using"help" The talking cutscenes took just a little bit too long, too.

bedebah 2011.10.13
funny hahaha but it`s kinda hard to play

dgkesquire 2011.10.11
Incredible graphics and animation...one of my favorites so far.

xoterq 2011.10.05
These line of games have amazing gameplay and storylines. Even though the graphics wouldn`t suffer from an update it works really well.

Tom1234 2011.09.28
Nice graphic, but difficult to play

VijayC 2011.09.24
Fun game; couldn`t do it straight away, but the help system (Type help) is really useful.

stifreg 2011.09.24
Love all these games,its really hard and at the same time erotic enough to get really horny

stifreg 2011.09.24
I really love all of those games. It can really make a guy horny. Not that difficult either. At least i have finished all the games like this one.

Isaiah1133 2011.09.24
needs a better story line

smeg-in-the-head 2011.09.19
it doesent make sense lol

smeg-in-the-head 2011.09.19
graphics need to be as good as the others

smeg-in-the-head 2011.09.19
This game could be better

stef85 2011.09.18
Great game, enjoyed the story line.

AmazonQueen 2011.09.18
What can I saY... I think I went to school with the girl instigating things and she could eat pussy like there was NO tomorrow. Makes me wet just to play.....

Seyenne 2011.09.17
Really Nice! It looks good and easy to learn. I ecpedially enyoyed the warning signs with the mood.

Genshi 2011.09.13
I always enjoy Sharks games. They are not too difficult but not too plain or too easy. I also enjoy the Graphics.

thinlwin 2011.09.12
play first time is difficet.now second time alittle easy.

thinlwin 2011.09.10
now i know how to start.good index.

Osina 2011.09.08
help im stuck on the part when u fist her PLEASE HELP

EricDey90 2011.09.07
Shark has some good games. Sexy and fun and not terribly difficult

ironclaw 2011.09.07
great game... little tip type help it.... helps :)

vyprson 2011.09.04
shark games are fun to play

rohan2011 2011.09.01
very innovative, sensual, strange... one of the best!

jeroen-troost 2011.08.30
I like the game. Love that it`s not too easy

jeroen-troost 2011.08.29
Love the game. Sharks games are always good for a challenge

johndh 2011.08.29
fun and entertaining. i like the graphics

poppa 2011.08.27
pritty brilliant for its time...hope a more modern one will follow soon

legendkiller060 2011.08.27
Interesting shark`s game again. I like girl on girl action.

bigdaddyshawn 2011.08.27
i keep playing this over i love

suckmebeautiful123 2011.08.23
sharks lagoon again puts out a great game, but why the hell do i suck at them so badly lol

branknock 2011.08.20
as alway shark has made another great game, nice game play

ujang 2011.08.20
One of the goods games, great game, very nice and easy played

_me_ 2011.08.19
Very good one from shark. I love the progress of the game - even if the result is a little single-sided... 8-)
Great girl-girl game!

mlynske 2011.08.17
Sensual Experiment

interesting game

habo111 2011.08.13
Very Good Game. Gameplay, Graphic and Animation GOOD

venkman 2011.08.10
I like most of these games they can some times be challenge but with a little thought it opens up

k22288 2011.08.04
Hard to figure out...but totally worth it. More games like this please!

lessi73 2011.08.03
I like this game very much. Nice story, good features

js26969 2011.08.03
I love the lesbian games they need more of them make me want to jump right in with the girls

SamDeltaBS 2011.08.02
It took me a few tries to get through it, mouse slipping, but still fun.

spokxx 2011.08.01
very strange game, i dont know what to do. nice graphics but strange

rzrfc 2011.07.23
too long, too involved. Dont make me guess so hard, and give me some hints without making me feel like im cheating

trialhunter 2011.07.22
good game. nice graphics and gameplay, but could use some sound-effects to go along with it.

GoldenGamer 2011.07.21
Love this game a lot. Does involve a little trial and error working out what to do at times, but really hot and worth the effort!

bigdickbandit 2011.07.20
this game is easy and short but a good game but hey all games that gives me a boner are good to me

jonnywalker258 2011.07.18
nice game, not too long but at some points a bit difficult. graphs are okay but could be better.

volt78 2011.07.17
very innovative, sensual, strange... one of the best!

RachelLynn 2011.07.15
short but sweet good game

FicklePickleTickle 2011.07.15
Fun. I like Shark`s Games. The hint feature is nice since it`s not always clear what to do & when. :)

bchristensen89 2011.07.14
straightforward, but erotic story

giman1983 2011.07.11
This game is tough, but BRILLIAnt love it

rahulraj 2011.07.09
its the best shark lagoons sexy game........animation was totally awsome.......thy hav done a good job

Crerigan 2011.07.05
Shark lagoon always the best

m4t0n 2011.07.03
nice graphics awsome game

m4t0n 2011.07.03
hots girls makes this game superb

johanv1971 2011.07.02
i really love this game , and the graphics are nice

caloooo 2011.06.30
it is a little boring but i had a little fun

sisange88 2011.06.30
cool graphic but not very good game

bjorn0011 2011.06.28
very nice game.good graphics and a great story. love shark games

gulugulu 2011.06.21
the graphics was ok and the game was hard

hotmark421 2011.06.17
very cool game with awsome graphics

ayeshi 2011.06.16
very nice game with good graphics and good story.

capitanawesome 2011.06.15
graphics were good i like how interactive it was

twistedjosh 2011.06.13
nice story, but very slow in progress

mie97 2011.06.13
i like the game.... sharks lagoon is good

straight_guy 2011.06.11
I miss a continue on this game. But It`s a really nice game. Is it as easy as it is in the game to make a lesbian horny for a guy perhaps :P

CaptainThreepwood 2011.06.10
I love all of Sharks games. This is an early one, but still amazing.
Make `em faster Sharky! :)

sincubus 2011.06.10
Cool graphics and interesting story. The little games are fun. Unfortunately no replayability.

C.C. 2011.06.08
How about another TV night and one of their male friends comes over. Hot!

yo1111 2011.06.06
sharks games are the best

Texean 2011.06.01
Truly a well done game both in storyline and graphics. And an excellent survey into experimentation.

sunnyweekend 2011.05.30
I Love this game.Keep them coming

MerinTB 2011.05.27
I really enjoyed this game. Superb animation and the models are very well rendered. A little short, with next to no replay value, but overall a very fun one-off experience.

theone11 2011.05.25
This is my new favorite series!!

robinho-rat 2011.05.24
fantastic game, like this type of games, i hope there coming more games from this type

BartsMorning2 2011.05.23
fun game but once u play it its borning

manly314 2011.05.21
this game was sensational

rhuarc 2011.05.20
great game and I love the challenges

XxMSxX 2011.05.17
Another amzing game on this site

pelican 2011.05.17
another good one from Shark`s Lagoon

ramp187 2011.05.17
fun and entertaining. i like the graphics

Mike_Shinoda81 2011.05.16
This is great game and i like it...

InfamousHugo 2011.05.09
Boring and slow. I never knew what to do. Definitely not my favorite.

fabio_nascimento 2011.05.08
Wow, these girls and the are so hot!

Ryzinho 2011.05.06
would have taken me ages to finish without typing help

forcefire001 2011.05.06
good game took some time to fint the right spots

carlson6556 2011.05.06
very very interesting.... had me playing even after i couldn`t win the first fifty times

Z-MAN 2011.05.05
I love tthehe graphics .They need to make more wendy and cloe stories.Maybe one about summer school.

manly314 2011.05.05
i like these games im just suprized

Heythane 2011.05.01
Very Good Game. Gameplay, Graphic and Animation GOOD

ramirezl12 2011.05.01
Great game amazing graphiocs

Mike_Shinoda81 2011.04.30
This game is very good and i like it...

DishMan 2011.04.30
the animation was not so good

darkskin 2011.04.28
Shark`s lagoon? no way i adore the storiers and the game, more diffuculty but the end it`s fantastic

schbob 2011.04.26
Certainly the blond girl should have a relief after this hard work, but indeed one of the best in the Sharls lagoon

Cookieeee 2011.04.24
I love this qame . the qraphic are just right and both qirls show their true colors

lucky me 2011.04.24
it jumped to the middle for me once but other than that it was fun

booboo90 2011.04.23
Love game played it a couple of times a few spelling errors but thats okay.

rae4825 2011.04.21
Great Game... I loved the dialogue and animation, very cool...

pavel203 2011.04.21
this game was sort of hard at first

emaznboy 2011.04.17
I`m not sure if it was the game or my computer, but every time I played, the girls would randomly change positions then get stuck. :/

Shiivaa 2011.04.16
Nice game, nothing more to add, bet tricky but worth it.

sa1177 2011.04.14
Good game and difficult to master...enjoyable.

C. C. 2011.04.13
Now that`s a game. Only thing better than a guy on a girl is a girl on a girl.

karlthenoob 2011.04.13
love theas game hard at time but good fun

Breeze101 2011.04.12
Its a cool game. was hrd for me at first but it started getting easy

Hagbard_Celine 2011.04.11
old game, easy to play but good

TelorSwift 2011.04.10
It jumps randomly for me I`d assume it`s rather buggy. Plus there aren`t really options for the sweet spots most of them have only 1 spot per picture?

ramraj54321 2011.04.09
i dont get it always gets struck in the middle

ramraj54321 2011.04.09
this game gets struck quite often

ramraj54321 2011.04.09
Absolutely brilliant game. Took a few goes to get the hang of it

1978Woops 2011.04.06
I really like sharks games. great game, and not to easy either

ddt111 2011.04.05
good game and graphics arent that bad but unless there was no sound

misha06 2011.04.04
Great game, tricky to get the brunette hot, but that was half the fun!!

Immerhin 2011.04.03
i love these graphics, love finding the sweet spots

ramesh1234 2011.04.03
great game wish there were better grafhics

Tudedude 2011.04.01
Good game takes some practice to find the right moves.

Benoit07 2011.04.01
This has been aroudn a while, but it did take a while to remember the moves. Good game.

henstep 2011.03.26
Absolutely brilliant game. Took a few goes to get the hang of it. Just the right difficulty level.

dixiedude 2011.03.24
a very fun game, but could of used better graphics

skier_789 2011.03.22
wow, just wow. very hot game

sargun26 2011.03.22
Pretty difficult game. But, so are all the Shark Lagoons

wif740 2011.03.22
i love the qaulity of this game, especailly the story

angel66610 2011.03.22
very good animation. you have to actually use your head.

adi 2011.03.21
one of the best in the series

silvermars 2011.03.21
its make my cock so hard just to play this game

heca 2011.03.20
One of Sharks best games. Really hot with two chicks!

Bandie24x7 2011.03.19
brilliant game,love sharks lagoon as well:D
these are the best online games going by a mile:D

quinton19 2011.03.18
i love these graphics, love finding the sweet spots

Nightwiss 2011.03.18
Very nice game, love the series !

mikeypoo69 2011.03.18
Difficult game. Fun though.

Bearspider 2011.03.18
Do i have tyo hold it to max every touch?

areuwithme 2011.03.17
these graphics are kinda lame

butlerab81 2011.03.15
Great game and good challenge. I love these games.

playacurt 2011.03.14
greatest lesbian game i`ve played plus hot looking girls

DeaconFrost 2011.03.13
Excellent game, can be time consuming if you are stuck at some point, not that easy. Pretty long and good gameplay.

reards 2011.03.10
I love this game love sharks lagoon games

feowyn 2011.03.05
This is a fun game, but I didn`t get very far.

viewer2936 2011.03.02
great and interesting game,fun to find the "sweet spots"

gamecon99 2011.02.24
Great game it was a lot of fun.

nothingtolose 2011.02.22
nice but i just look for better

hdwb 2011.02.22
It`s a lot of fun and very entertaining to figure out.

J1995s 2011.02.21
amazing game
Really hot and great gameplay

maxy35 2011.02.21
love this game one of my favorites

huttj 2011.02.18
Dang I love the shark`s lagoon, great games from them.

ratonius 2011.02.08
Decent graphics and good story. This one is a bit difficult than the others but ok.

eboneau 2011.02.07
Kind of boring, but still give it a 7/10

loyalroyal92 2011.02.06
good grahpics didnt really understand it

frits1977 2011.02.06
Very nice ending although blonde never gets orgasm

Nick2 2011.02.05
It`s a good game with interesting sex scenes.

nickr209 2011.02.03
i loved it im freakin horny nd has nice ending

Sampson120 2011.02.03
Great ending to this game not as smooth as I would like but it works.

vicente 2011.02.01
Algo lento,pero entretenido

randy06 2011.02.01
yes like it a lot should have more of these like wendy

ranmagh01 2011.02.01
Nice game. Good animations and good plot.

Martin Busk 2011.01.31
Great sexscenes and the girls are great

Oksnow7 2011.01.30
Good game, awesome girls. HELP on keyboard helps alot!

themoda 2011.01.29
very exiting game, its awesome

koendie1234 2011.01.28
wow 1 of the best i ever played

smilinjym 2011.01.28
This is the first Shark`s Lagoon game I ever played and I loved it! It is challenging and the payoff is worth the wait.

SilentStriker 2011.01.24
always quality games, i`ve been hooked since the secretary game

kyv6 2011.01.23
I found it hard. Got stuck at the beginning, the girl always gets mad and leaves.

8gxm 2011.01.20
Classic. Just do not be too pushy.

mizunoguy8 2011.01.18
Great game, good ending. Keep up the good work.

looner 2011.01.16
mind blowing game, teasing is the best, and a very nice ending

joepie 2011.01.13
allways nice games from sharks lagoon

snozzo 2011.01.12
As always the shark has good games, art isn`t superior, but always good. Has character developement as new games get made. sharks lagoon site visit is a must if you enjoyed this one.

speed buggy 2011.01.11
i love these games best one yet

AnnaRainbow 2011.01.10
Very sexy and fun! But the Help was a definite help! Sweet and verrry sexy :-)

rosie 2011.01.09
enjoyed it very much but was glad of the help feature i dont think i would have got the end without it

Andrewcinqo 2011.01.08
Very nice ending although blonde never gets orgasm

Stewby 2011.01.07
Nice. Please bring more like this

hardcoreharry 2011.01.06
orgasmic part was very igood,game was difficult but will showed the way.

66Ryan 2011.01.03
That was pretty decent game gotta say love the help haha

pabloescobar 2011.01.03
decent game but pore graphics

albert59 2011.01.03
nice game, great graphics and hot girls

irock4life14 2011.01.02
Really hard but really good game aswell

JackStevenson 2011.01.02
great game sharks are the best :)

andre95 2011.01.02
good graphics and good story. This one is more difficult than the others

Butcher70 2011.01.02
The graphics of "Horny Gamers" are excellent. The story is always ok. But the to find the right places is often very ....

JeanMarc 2011.01.02
this game is great good graphics and good looking girls.

roob95 2011.01.01
nice game, great graphics and hot girls lesbiano action

thicock 2010.12.29
Great game ! Love the progress to multiple orgasms.

Would be even better if a BF joined at end to mix things up.

jmalbec 2010.12.26
Poor graphics but the series is one of first of its kind

BartsMorning27 2010.12.25
I think horny gamer games are hard

darrenwee92 2010.12.23
nice game... but poor graphics...

koro62 2010.12.20
nice game....i liked that ther was help and not like in other sharks lagoon games where u get stuck on some parts and dont know how to continue....

punyu 2010.12.20
the best game i ever played..

savik83 2010.12.15
Very good, lika all from shark`s :)

suckit123 2010.12.14
pretty hot. hot spots are hard to find.

long55 2010.12.10
good game, a bit hard, good graphics. like it

freylex 2010.12.07
coool game, if only real life was like that

ahclem 2010.12.07
Shark, wonderful as always; beautifully rendered graphics along with an intelligent story line (the latter something sadly missing from Japanese games I`ve played). The help option saves SO MUCH frustration, though I found I needed it less and less as the game went on.

gapoll 2010.12.06
dont u wish this could really happen in real life

gastud 2010.12.05
great game and graphics hot story

lolilol 2010.12.05
Somehow this was a little boring. Strange.

dirtsurfer 2010.12.04
Sharks lagoon does great work, not one of their best but well worth playing

usel 2010.12.04
game sequence is fun but the textures are kinda shoddy -_- fun tho

PZF 2010.12.03
Sweet girly foreplay. I love this game series.

mathias1981 2010.12.03
ich finde die sharks lagoon spiele mit am besten ,
von denen die im i-net zu finden sind

donysabox 2010.12.03
i think this game great, i love sharks game they are the best.

raklooster 2010.12.01
I had alot of fun playing this game

montegna 2010.11.30
this game is great good graphics and good looking girls.

teijgertje 2010.11.27
nice game, good graphics. great challenge to get to the end.

MR.DEEDS 2010.11.26
great game. nice graphics and sexy women

Kotton24 2010.11.25
Love these games they are almost the best games out right now, really good job

lower5 2010.11.24
good game the girls is hot

ashleyx0x2 2010.11.24
i probably won`t play this again, but overall it was a great game !

GT1965 2010.11.20
This is my fave game soooooo funny

Stevie B 2010.11.19
will not the best game no this site but i guess we need of games like this here to

klave 2010.11.18
wow wow wow wow wow these games are so confusing

chennaite 2010.11.18
Very cute game, cute graphics, cute girls, decent interactive game

rayz323 2010.11.16
Great game and awesome graphics. Keep em coming

ranmagh01 2010.11.15
Pretty fun game. Takes some effort.

kessie51 2010.11.14
An absolute classic... Shark is the most consistent producer of quality games on the web.

death666life 2010.11.09
i dont know what to do in it

Abby 2010.11.07
The graphics are nice especially the squirting when the first orgasm arrives

pnxxx 2010.11.04
im stuck at the majority of the game please help

Nemezis53 2010.11.03
Sharks` games are the best!!!!! I like it

poisike1000 2010.11.02
hot lesbian action and simple gameplay. Not the best game but good.

Felix1125 2010.11.01
Graphics are okay. Story line and action are nice, but hard to proceed in several areas without luck.

filak 2010.10.31
It`s a wery good game from shark, like others.

dbrvr 2010.10.31
game wasnt to bad took too long toget to ending

sutty 2010.10.30
good game from shark,takes a while to get going but good graphics and hot lesbian action

cyclops14 2010.10.30
The graphics are nice especially the squirting when the first orgasm arrives but the story is just to lame

trueguy1964 2010.10.28
good graphics but not too good game

sakaLUD 2010.10.22
this is great game. I really like horny gamer sex games. This game shows you what and how to work your girlfriend.

dongos 2010.10.21
outstanding games need more of these games. hot and challenging.

Del 2010.10.21
these are the best online games going by a mile:D
brilliant game,love sharks lagoon as well:D

redev999 2010.10.20
top game again from shark

dora 2010.10.19
These are quite cool. Better than the old website.

popcorn2002 2010.10.18
super game lots of fun altho sometime one wrong move can cost u

rikis944 2010.10.16
Good game i like this 2 girls , sharks games are good !

wanderer983 2010.10.16
Shark makes some great games

lannoy 2010.10.15
excellent game. looks a little old with graphics, but fun to play. There are a lot less lesbian type games but they are usually more fun.

bt5121 2010.10.14
i love this games
two girls are allways hot

davet7087 2010.10.13
what the problem,,why i always got a troubling on loading a games,,always stop after a half loading....???

chumak 2010.10.12
that was interesting game. as long as you know what to do.. typing help before each scene is the only way to go through this kind of game for me

oblicok 2010.10.10
It may not look great but it plays really well ... once you found a walkthrough.

viiciiousdolly 2010.10.08
Great graphics, but could have better instruction...not the easiest to play :-/

jamci6 2010.10.06
very good animation, i like sharks games

alexeiradagah 2010.10.06
I wander if guys watched films like this? Everyone would be gay and human race would soon be extinct... xD Just kidding... Or am I?

Vane 2010.10.04
good graphics but not too good game

Nicko211 2010.10.03
Rubbish, Only in my opinion through

Jerkey 2010.09.30
not so bad but i prefer more quality games

gundelf 2010.09.24
good graphics but not too good game play

rokyuo 2010.09.23
A great game with low graphics sexy ladies and hard to go through until you get the hang of it

Cpt Tightpants 2010.09.19
I`ve always enjoyed the Shark`s Lagoon games - quite a challenge at times

SaMeRoCk 2010.09.17
good graphic and less talk

teknodj 2010.09.13
once i got going was good fun

julasasa 2010.09.11
excellent game and very instructive. bye

julasasa 2010.09.11
this was a very good and sexy game. thank you.

Jesus05 2010.09.10
Good game mediocre hard, simple graphics minimum talk, but PixelHunting is bad.

jeidi09 2010.09.10
1 of my favourite game,intresting content.

asdfasdasdfsdffasdf 2010.09.07
This game is one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

bigmn 2010.09.06
great game i wish they would make second one

nathan76 2010.09.06
Brilliant idea of the game! How about adding a third girl?

pablo.barral 2010.09.06
great game... very hot and stimulating ;)

dalton9195 2010.09.02
i love games from sharks lagoon!

Bosbrand 2010.09.02
Somehow this was a little boring. Strange.

dodger666 2010.09.01
a very good lesbian game with great graphics can be tricky at first until you get used to it

Da Beard 2010.09.01
I like this one; if the sequels are as good I will be extremely happy.

newshoes4youtx 2010.08.30
As always Shark does a great job on graphics, I would have loved to watched these two for real. mmmmm

dipilink 2010.08.30
Despite of low quality graphics, is a very good game.

revilo19 2010.08.30
i enjoyed this, although the graphics could be a little better.

matrixcow 2010.08.29
sharks games are really awesome, it is nearly perfect

w0lf6868 2010.08.29
Another fine product from Shark.

dash94 2010.08.29
it` s a good game lol wish there wee more from sharks games

patty1256 2010.08.27
pretty easy dont rub her leg to much lol

girl040 2010.08.27
verry good game hard to play

hooman7272 2010.08.26
Great story, fantastic playability.... if only their was vocal track to go along with it. Definitely enjoyable

playaguess 2010.08.23
Good Game. Well thought out.

PhoenixLord 2010.08.22
awesome game had to use `help` all the time though-great lesbian game from shark

ducoin 2010.08.21
loved this game, it was fun

t3mmnc 2010.08.20
great and awesome game with great gameplay, graphic and animation

gad1111 2010.08.20
hot game, i love games like this

chesika 2010.08.18
like this game , it billiant

anantara 2010.08.16
Love this game ...classic Good early start to making games.

bobag 2010.08.15
I remember playing this game awhile back it took me a bit to get everything right. But now its easy.

rasry4 2010.08.15
this is we called as funny ones.. really so naughty n funny.. ahaha

mr. anderson 2010.08.15
awesome the best of sharks game very cute girls

AntonyJ 2010.08.13
great game, plot is sexy n so are the women

chocolate657 2010.08.09
needs a bit of fixing as there are clear hit boxes

InsidiousWeasel 2010.08.07
Great story, fantastic playability.... if only their was vocal track to go along with it. Definitely enjoyable

blueeyedangel57 2010.08.05
Good early start to making games.

hunglikeahorse1111 2010.08.03
Good game would have been better though if they had more sound people speaking etc

BLAZER$$ 2010.08.03
this game need more action

BLAZER$$ 2010.08.03
the game need more instructions

Haggis 2010.08.02
I must admit that I like Sharks games. A lot of you seem to get stuck, just type "help" and you will get plenty of hints!

wyskas 2010.07.30
super!!!!! horny and shameless vs prude....

ElDomeo1 2010.07.28
always exciting to play this game and the game play is so good the graphics amazing.......it is very addictive as well that is why i play it

BunnyBabe 2010.07.28
very good story and like to play it over and over

senpai 2010.07.27
Kudos to sharks lagoon for another good game

canadian 2010.07.26
Great game, luv lesbian games, can`t find any anywhere else

m4dness 2010.07.26
great love sharks game`s but this 1 has some very big glitches

xSexyBabex 2010.07.25
i love the maker of these sort of games! :)

xSexyBabex 2010.07.25
Good game, With The Help Info Is Really Great

Ronaldo56 2010.07.25
Good game with walkthrough

bdu5 2010.07.22
Class act, as expected from this line. Good work

IamBri 2010.07.22
I love the little traps that Shark sets in his games to end them early if you pick the wrong thing or can`t react fast enough to fix a problem. The verbage he uses for his `english` version could be better as it`s about a 90 percent translation. Always very erotic though.

Hanak 2010.07.20
don´t now how this should work:)

woopydoopy 2010.07.17
As good as all SharksLagoon games.
Difficult but very exciting.

iggy 2010.07.15
not sure what i think, as soon as i click something a nudie picture showed up lol end game for me i guess lol

Dopamine 2010.07.12
3D is always the best choise (with some exclusions), but they are moving like...Let`s say that their movements are veeeery poor.

Baddibu 2010.07.11
@TIR: becouse you douing it wrong, you woman hero!

TIR 2010.07.11
Very good, but why only one girl goes to finish?

dubidu 2010.07.11
i don`t really like this one.. and it`s kinda hard, but i think it`s made quite good..! :)

Zoby 2010.07.09
As good as all SharksLagoon games.
Difficult but very exciting.

sportymarc 2010.07.06
interesting but hard to find out, how it works

bylem 2010.07.04
awesome game, love the graphics and such like. Cant wait for the sequel

liter83 2010.07.01
the gameplay is good graphics are ok and the animation is cool.

Stenno 2010.07.01
Story probably needs some work- the idea is fantastic though...

sn1p0r1 2010.06.29
it was ok, grapics and overall idea are good but general gameplay/story could be better

TIR 2010.06.29
Very good! Some simply, but intresting and showable

SexySmurf 2010.06.28
It`s Quite A Fun Game To Play

DarkShaper 2010.06.28
it`s okay but kinda ruined by the faces.

gargarjar 2010.06.26
Hard game i didnt know what to do at first

Duncan3010 2010.06.26
Nice addictive game, off now too look at some other shark games..

hititdeep 2010.06.23
i really enjoy these games. it takes time to complete the games as well.

mjgates87 2010.06.21
very nice game. would be better if we could have seen the blonde girl have an orgasm.

monkporn69 2010.06.20
Shark games are awesome.

bknhrtz 2010.06.20
I like some of sharks stuff. the models are getting better as well. All in all a nice little game.

buickman1969 2010.06.19
Sooo Hot, love the graphics! fun to play

Yumi ;3 2010.06.19
I sucks to these games..

eagleata 2010.06.17
very good story and graphics. i love it...

tmcanu 2010.06.16
Shark games are among my favorites. You have to choose your steps wisely. I`ve spent hours on these.

ghostwalker747 2010.06.09
good quality game any tips for newbys such as myself?

Mirri 2010.06.06
I like those games, the only annoying thing is the marionette like movement and that you have to click so long sometimes.

engtav 2010.06.06
Great game, I plan on playing it again

kronos87 2010.06.05
well thought through story line game!

tziyong 2010.06.05
A very good game from shark, and good graphics

Pierrot06 2010.06.02
A very good game from shark, would like to see a Sensual experiment 2

huskyman 2010.05.31
All of Shark`s games are awesome

JMVB 2010.05.29
All of Shark`s games are awesome - but you might want to uniform your game category criteria.
His other games are on the Adventure section, and they play exactly the same

happy11 2010.05.28
Love all the Shark`s games. Spent god knows number of hours on them. Keep them coming.

marc45 2010.05.26
classic shark game always enjoying playing these

WmMBeck 2010.05.25
I like the full version much more. Miss the toying at beginning.

sharad_s 2010.05.20
really hard game...i had to try a lot many times.but worth it

wahooman48 2010.05.18
one of the classic shark games

FurryGuy 2010.05.17
Another good shark lagoon game, this time some lesbian action.

gapdieu 2010.05.17
It`s always fun and nice with the sharks

hubi 2010.05.15
shark games are very goos games

escmax 2010.05.14
thats a beauty and I enjoy played that game!!

basehead3000 2010.05.13
shark lagoon animation is simple but nice

flying_circus 2010.05.10
A great game of shark. one of the better, i feel

ATFred 2010.05.10
The graphics are a little dated but overall lots of fun

cemakd 2010.05.08
I love these series. Played them all and I really recommend the new ones too. The gameplay is a bit slow but that adds fun to the game. If you have time then you would love it too.

gettingwarmone 2010.05.06
This game is hot, but requires more patience than I have

hurricanealberto 2010.05.06
I dont understamd what to do here.

gp78 2010.05.05
great visual style, good concept too

xdez 2010.05.04
i love this game.. so interesting and a good graphics... so hot...

Kalaam 2010.05.03
gotta love shark` s games

kissofdeath 2010.05.01
very nice game I agree. But can be very hard at moments :)

sanjana 2010.05.01
nice game please accept my heartly thanks.

TobiL 2010.04.30
Like the graphic and developed good.

arnaldo2204 2010.04.29
This is a wonderful game, like all of shark`s games... Great indeed.

boinky 2010.04.29
I like these games, not that easy but fun. Wish the facial animation was a little better

wierdninja 2010.04.28
good game but hard to get right

bigbadpig 2010.04.27
one of my favorites, must play

rockybobby 2010.04.27
must play, awesome game, really good

giantamerica 2010.04.27
Another excellent game from one of the best game-makers around, must play!

spankynuts 2010.04.26
I was kinda pissed at first. Couldn`t figure out how to get everything going. It got okay sexy though. Dialogue was funny, cuz Blondie wasn`t taking no for an answer.

joagymli 2010.04.25
good interactive game and good grafics

tsartes 2010.04.24
old game.. but still a really good one

activeomega 2010.04.23
i really like this game, hot

sorriso 2010.04.18
Wow fantastic game. V4ery relistic in the reaction of the girl to the touch of her friend. A very thrue erotic and sensual game.

vip_akash 2010.04.17
Really Horny Sensual Experiment. Expecting lots of Adventures from her.

snoopy 2010.04.15
good game but hard to get right

mandyamanda533 2010.04.12
wow this is an awesome gaME I LOVE IT ITS FUNN

xtraeric 2010.04.10
shark makes the best games ever. they are always winners

Lynx35341 2010.04.09
Very good game, is there another one coming soon?

shaorune 2010.04.09
this game was nice..
if there was the 2nd , i`ll played it for sure..

f123456789 2010.04.07
Is there a second one? id play it

.:Ghost1:. 2010.04.07
I like this game but i cant really get far!!

jestem 2010.04.07
Good game play, great graphics. Pity the music is so repetitive

Karsh 2010.04.06
Fantastic game! I love Shark games

eggnogspecial 2010.04.05
This one is a little strange. Still good though

Gskong 2010.04.05
good games,i love sharks lagoon as well.

further 2010.04.04
Graphics perhaps a little outdated, but a hot and sexy game nonetheless :)

jillis 2010.04.04
pretty funbky game. sharks l?agoon don`t fail to impress

lesbohottie69 2010.04.04
I love the lagoon games. The lesbian ones are really good.

651person 2010.04.03
one of the best lagoon games, it would be great if they followed this up

andy_dk4 2010.04.02
super game
sharks lagoon is great

8jtf 2010.04.02
hot game. love it. whens the next one coming?

Eircman 2010.04.02
I love this game style, but I really wish they`d improve the english, just having one person checking over everything would make the meet n` fuck games, and the passionoflove or whatever its called, much better.

phsoldat95 2010.04.01
Shark`s lagoon games are great. Keep up the good work!

eddied1 2010.03.31
this game is hot just need a dildo for her

chouchomiga 2010.03.31
great game like all shark`s , graphic a bit old but nice

dgkesquire 2010.03.30
Hot, sexy game...college girls, hentai yuri (lesbian) action, progressive problem-solving gameplay...I like it.

uijuijbnyuhj7yu 2010.03.29
good game. took a few tries to get the order of everything right

slays4fun 2010.03.29
wow that was a very difficult game but done very well. good job.

JSinm 2010.03.29
I always enjoy Shark`s games. Wish both girls got off in this one though.

ladysexy696 2010.03.29
very nice game, shark games are the best

Totte 2010.03.28
Nice game, another great addition to the collection from Sharks Lagoon. Have to love that girl on girl action.

whire 2010.03.28
i like the close to real life steps in the actions. Also the "fail" ability in the game adds to the true to life aspect of the game.

Johnny811 2010.03.27
Awesome. the game was good and can`t wait for the new one.

kutje 2010.03.27
very nice; graphics are okey.... and it has a good story line

LoLB 2010.03.27
very nice game, shark games are the best

Kedar 2010.03.27
Yeah! This is my favourite series. When will be next part???

uncharted4 2010.03.26
awesome game. well done. sharks lagoon is great.

weekendpoker 2010.03.25

biroxan 2010.03.23
ehh, never really been good at this game, might be me, but i dont like it,

shane7402 2010.03.22
another quality shark production, keep finding games like this!!

seducer 2010.03.22
it is very dificult and i has good graphics

SlevinHifeng 2010.03.21
i don`t like the gameplay. sometimes it takes you hours to find the right spots. a help would be good if you stuck..

steveyt 2010.03.18
Really nice game although a little tricky at the start

Al 2010.03.18
I`m on fire ! beautiful girls, good game play

mpaialunga 2010.03.17
pretty game ... i like it

Syntactic1 2010.03.17
Thiz games purrdy gud, it haz gud graphix

bkrjones 2010.03.12
Leave it to shark to bring us the best in interactivity. you never feel like you are doing pointless things in their games. Each action makes sense and leads into the next. the animations are also very believable which is something that this site lacks in some of its games

malkybob 2010.03.09
Another great sexy Shark game, let`s have more please

Phildo 2010.03.09
Shark`s games are the best

cloudy68 2010.03.04
yet again another great game

cueball1970 2010.03.03
I completed this game, very sexy game

alexmahler2000 2010.03.03
wow i love sharks games, very nice and tricky :-) best online games so far :-)

wiler 2010.03.01
terrible game. cant get the meter to max out and the game ends if you try to touch anything good

jpsn77 2010.02.24
Great game!!! I really wish I had friends like that, maybe I do, but i dont know, the game is kinda hard, but very good

der 2010.02.24
very good game except i cant seem to touch her pussy..

Doffer 2010.02.22
I love this game. Thx a lot for it :)

TapOut 2010.02.22
Nice game, would love to see a sequel of some type.

Applezombie 2010.02.21
layed the first orgasm girl and finally played the second one. Both games rocked!!!!!!!!!!!

mago99 2010.02.18
Great game want more though. How about some 69?

sjstroman 2010.02.17
good game a little hard to get through

franko2000 2010.02.17
played the first orgasm girl and finally played the second one. Both games rocked

mmml 2010.02.14
very good game except i cant seem to touch her pussy..

hasu91 2010.02.14
nice game but little hard

maxvarns 2010.02.14
It kept glitching on me. like fastforwarding as soon as i clicked.

jj26 2010.02.12
the game kept fast forwarding so did not get to play it much

vertigoink 2010.02.10
Sharky the man himself comes through with another very original and interactive adventure!

mh9622 2010.02.10
it is very naughty game and good graphics

dudejustin 2010.02.10
if you like this one, check out the wendy games, they also rock!

dudejustin 2010.02.10
awesome game, not too easy, but man did my fingers get tired. anyone else get errors while playing this one?

Chibi 2010.02.09
mmm this is the best game*_*
good job sharks lagoon

Barack 2010.02.09
Good game, love lesbian`s games, but i like the other one`s.

XxMiKeYxX 2010.02.09
its a great game decent graphics

kldxxx 2010.02.08
its hard to play but its hot sexy game

krb42 2010.02.08
one of the sharks lagoon great games. loved the graphics and the progression. love it

Ally 2010.02.07
First game I played from Shark loved it, a bit hard the first time but worth it !!

steve263488 2010.02.06
one of the first ones I played, and like it!

stan631 2010.02.06
love the shark games, his style is just amazing to play

quentin007 2010.02.06
GOOD GOOD GAME!!! NICE it is one of the best

diggles 2010.02.05
i HOPE THEY BRING OUT MORE OF THESE GAMES Sharks Lagoon are pretty cool games

zailens 2010.02.04
great wish there were better graphics

mr J 2010.02.04
ahh sharks games, will anyone ever be able to compete?:)

kiteq 2010.02.04
one of the best game ever!!

bob247 2010.02.03
this game rocks really really good game

agone 2010.02.03
one word for this game...excellent!!

Stewby 2010.02.03
Excellent. Love lesbian games

fsmmaniac 2010.02.03
very good, challenging and rewarding

justag469 2010.02.02
this one took me a while, but lesbo is fun. go Sharkey!!

deagle94 2010.02.02
this game is challenging and it includes a nice lesbian scene

Minuteman 2010.02.02
This is an excellent game. Challenging and the girls are HOT

mrezerva 2010.02.01
maybe one off the greatest game off all

angermanagement 2010.01.29
I like these games. It takes a while but well worth the time

coko 2010.01.29
i cant get through the last step. can someone give me some help?

mouse77 2010.01.29
awww...i likee sueprb lesbian game..grrr

brason1 2010.01.29
love this game great lesbion game love more off these games

alexus68 2010.01.28
excelent game by lesbian.sharks are best

roflcatdod 2010.01.27
gotta love shark` s games

lbstyrer 2010.01.27
I is a little difficult but if you try a few times you figure it out:-)

demonbones115 2010.01.26
excellent game alittle tricky to figure out but wow

magnum3000 2010.01.26
i love this game nice lesbian scene

Sehviss 2010.01.26
Love this game. Keep these coming.

bigdog999 2010.01.26
Sharks` games are the best!!

bertolucci 2010.01.25
i play all the games off the series... love them...

adevern 2010.01.25
Shark does make good games. I have always wondered why he never made a sequel, it seems popular enough.

craig7 2010.01.24
gutted there hasnt been a follow up to this

jonnybond 2010.01.24
wery well and nice.

bu i cant get through the last step.

can someone give me some help?

Pateut 2010.01.22
Very, very nice game. Love it.

funlvncwby 2010.01.20
Really awesome game, high rating in my opinion

Yamato01 2010.01.17
Ok, this is really really really one of my all time favorites.....from Sharks Lagoon.... a MUST PLAY!!! ...wrong impatient moves can prematurely end the game and that stress is what makes the game so enjoyable versus most of the rest where you can`t do wrong moves or wrong moves have no consequence.

andy_regresa 2010.01.17
wonderfull game.......i so hot the lesbians.......tank you shark lagoons

catdog 2010.01.17
great stuff it makes you think and work for your reward keep it coming

Al 2010.01.13
thanks a lot shark`s lagoon, lesbians makes me horny

dew501 2010.01.12
nice and entertaining game

Alan35 2010.01.11
Quality was awesome one of the better games I played,this is an instant favorite!

Ganon358 2010.01.09
God it took me too long to get to the end she gets pissed off too much

smitty455 2010.01.09
great game with great graphics and the help function is nice to have when you get stuck

tongue81 2010.01.08
really awesome game as every game the shark creates

bigbluem 2010.01.08
shark`s games are always great. love it

jerryonly83 2010.01.08
great nice lesbian game... shark always know how to make it good!

fuzzyt 2010.01.07
These Shark`s Lagoon games are great!

ayaroht 2010.01.03
excellent game.... the pink bars move too slowly, making the game boring

SUNPEAKS 2010.01.02
Very enjoyable even i bit of a challange

BIG-BEAST 2010.01.01
greatly enjoyable game, just takes a while.

LoLB 2009.12.31
I like these kind of games, it`s a bit slow to play but it`s good

Theman 2009.12.30
I love all of this guys games. Shark in a Blue Lagoon you rock.

tom48 2009.12.27
i like this game it was hot we need more of these games

larindol 2009.12.21
love these games which there was more not just wendy different ones like this one as well

monkey2212 2009.12.20
that is cloe fromm horny afternoon

beesweet0224 2009.12.20
isn`t one of them the nanny in horny afternoon?

bestia99rom 2009.12.19
old game, easy to play but good

whitemox 2009.12.19
one of the best games from the sharks! very good!

johan 2009.12.15
brilliant game sharks games are the best playd them all

frokkio 2009.12.15
very old game, and very easy to play

Guss 2009.12.15
Great fun , I realy like this game

jerryonly83 2009.12.15
old game, easy to play but good as almost everything that comes from shark`s lagoon!

nissehult 2009.12.14
this is a very old game, and very easy to play

chris123 2009.12.14
love the horny gamer but its a little short too easy

VerbalMoon 2009.12.14
I don`t like this game, the graphics is poor and the interaction is dificult

pwalsh52 2009.12.14
it would help with this game if it gave you some hints to get you started

randy06 2009.12.13
love these games which there was more not just wendy different ones like this one as well

ronnyponny 2009.12.13
brilliant game,love sharks lagoon as well

ballisticsgel 2009.12.13
This one is more difficult than the others...you can actually lose. But i still love it =P

jrccook 2009.12.13
this game is just what i was looking for. very fun

sgtken69 2009.12.13
sharks lagoon is awesome so is pusooy excellent games

woody 2009.12.12
you dont need a guide to play a shark game just think real life

Xyzzy 2009.12.12
Older game, but still very good. Sharks Lagoon has gotten a lot better with their newer games. For assistance, just type help while playing the game.

Primo 2009.12.12
I have played this type of games before and i like them. I haven`t played this one before. Can someone put a guide please.

numskull34 2009.12.12
concept is good but it needs an upgrade to graphics its a lil out dated

Fernando47 2009.12.12
Naughty girls. Good sequences on lesbian love.

Dreamfloater 2009.12.12
It is an old but very good game with a simple gameplay, but I am hoping to see more from sharks!!! :)

scribbly 2009.12.12
type help while playing for help

ludwig 2009.12.12
sharks games are the best

cheese101 2009.12.12
brilliant game,love sharks lagoon as well:D
these are the best online games going by a mile:D

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