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Seductive RPG: Swim Team


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azakah15 2017.10.21
I really love anime hentai games

BillyScranner 2017.09.24
great premise, sex scenes were meh

Bomber93 2017.08.01
sex scenes could`ve been done better, it`s a pity cause after all it`s a nice game but a bit ruined by this

godley 2017.06.15
i messed up a bunch of ttimes lol oh well try again

gdlevy 2017.02.02
Good looking girls and nice sex scenes

fiftypez 2016.11.21
i do like these easy and short games

KEV_in 2016.06.15
Made few mistakes but learned from them and finally did everything right way. Guite simply after all. Like playing it and those girls were all hot!

obeylegend69 2016.03.17
this is a really great game and you cant beat it in your first try its like dark souls you have to learn from your mistakes

ceaser 2016.02.25
very good game with sexy girls

Misterdqm 2016.01.06
Nice game but could be better with more options


FrozenLad 2015.07.19
Challenging game and could be better!

Rookey80 2015.07.02
Management game with fucking!!

balyking 2015.06.18
Too much of the same thing. Also to much beating around the bush,

Arielberian 2015.06.13
Good enough game
The strategy involved makes it challenging
Sex scenes could be improved but good enough
Keep it up!

Zeblast 2015.03.14
Interesting and easy play, graphics are good, but could have more (erotic) sex scenes

pieffepi 2015.02.05
game is intriguing and takes a bit of attention to win all races. Potentially a good game, but sex scenes can be improved

smaximus 2015.01.21
the game seem easy at first but very chalengging towards the end

ScottS69 2014.12.07
Wonderful animated game. If you play your cards right you can have sex with all three girls on the swim team and the doctor too.

jettrojettro 2014.11.17
this game is fun, the graphic is nice

bigboydan2 2014.11.05
nice game graphics are great

Dstroke1348 2014.09.26
where are the flowers i can`t find them

Shukumei 2014.09.23
Not too bad of a game. Simple enough so that you can beat it quickly, though some challenge could be added. Maybe from a sequel?

bitz94 2014.07.14
Poor gameplay, poor graphics in short a poor game.

will100 2014.07.03
It was fun tracking the girls days and getting rewrds

chaffy101 2014.03.17
sure is a nice game enjoy myself cant wait to play more

UncleVT 2014.03.08
Good game but sex is disapointing

worldcome 2014.02.13
Probably the best ending is with Hellen. and the game is a bit too short...

Daltonwoo95 2014.01.04
interesting game. i love it

james shore 2013.12.13
the game has an attractive grapics
i like it.

james shore 2013.12.13
good game for making a good mood.

james shore 2013.12.13
also the girls are also stunning.

james shore 2013.12.13
nice game with good graphics.

james shore 2013.12.13
hot and sexy chicks i like it.

james shore 2013.12.13
awesome,great,attractive game;)

LAJESZ 2013.11.20
Cool game and great graphics

noogad 2013.09.20
amazing game great quality and sexy endings

thebest12345 2013.08.19
Love this game.....great girls

runningfromlions 2013.08.03
Great game, I`m a big fan of hentai, and these girls are hot!

CrazyNwild 2013.08.01
This is a great game to play when your alone haha lol

Dawings 2013.07.26
Awesome. That`s all I have to say

Vaca 2013.07.16
nice game with great graphics

marck4 2013.07.09
wonderful game graphics good

Blaze178 2013.06.07
A good fun game, but a bit to easy for me.

Megatron72 2013.06.05
Fun game, but could use more options.

sturmi 2013.06.03
loved the game! the graphics are just absolutly AMAZING!

cloudxerros 2013.06.02
i played a lot of games like these and this one is in my top 4 so good work i hope to see more

bibbou 2013.05.22
jeux sympa et bien penser

mark24 2013.05.09
wonderful game !! graphics ok

gwazz 2013.05.02
good game but now im sad caue i killed one of the girls

genecapes 2013.04.07
the games are great and some are real like i enjoy them

gggg1234 2013.03.20
game is too easy. could use some choices

torand 2013.03.15
I love the anime swim team, all of them are hot but the game was difficult as FUCK because im not that good at these types of games

49fp 2013.03.04
Enjoyed graphics and game in general. A bit slow.

lonesttarr 2013.02.10
cute girls but boring story! too simplistic

bashflear 2013.02.06
i have fucked all the girl

Gordn3 2013.01.27
Boored game , lost interest quick.

MasterBear 2013.01.25
Lengthy and boring game, the sex palys are slow and simplex

khanton 2012.12.21
Although short and rather easy to beat. It has a nice store, and good sex scenes. If you are having trouble: Talk with the doctor and bring her gifts. Buy only 15 Candy and give the Candy to the girls before talking with one on the 4th, 8th, 12th, 16th, and 20th days, also schedule a healing appointment earlier on those same days. Always work if you have nothing else to do. Your girls should train in swimming everyday. Save up 900 before buying the gifts and get them all at once. Same goes for the medicines which you need 800. Also you need 300 to bribe the doctor so don`t talk to her before you have that much.

thejedi 2012.12.12
I enjoyed playing thru this one a couple of times...would really love a sequal

Act132 2012.11.24
A really fun game good graphics and hot girls

yzenginoglu 2012.11.24
this is great game... i loved so much...


lockwood1 2012.11.15
After the first play through it was pretty easy to figure out what you needed to do to fully complete the game by training the girls every day for a single competition. Overall it was a little short and not too many options.

Horgretor 2012.11.11
Beautiful girls and nice gameplay. Good to have sound. Rewards are nice could be better.

vezmous 2012.11.09
This one is a good game. Nice graphics.

Jokke1 2012.11.01
A very hot game, nice gameplay and good graphics with 3 hot chicks :-)

adnan123 2012.11.01
i like this games because this games its a butefull

sweetkeene 2012.10.13
oh the pornmanity it rocks

gjohnson 2012.10.12
Nice girls and a good story. Could be a bit more challenging though.

erpoly 2012.09.22
nice hentai....nice gameplay...graphic not bad.and music background to...love it..

JohnMcKrusty 2012.09.13
Do a good Job with this Girls and have Fun...

Monopoly8787 2012.08.24
good game nd story but boring scenes and music

extremist101 2012.08.06
a little tricky cuz you dont know that each race needs a certain build

blackjack120 2012.08.01
i think this game is great i just wish that all the locations were easier to locate

badb0ys009 2012.07.28
the games a little too boring ..... the female are very sexy .but the graphics not very good

amrilim 2012.07.24
I loved the game but a little too boring after a while

hershy225 2012.07.19
good game i will continue to play this game for awhile its hot hot hot recomend it for all

kamlesh 2012.07.19
this game is really hot and awesome.

asparks23 2012.07.16
I had fun playing, but it was kinda repetetive. I like the graphics , overall it was good

Sternenstaubdrache5 2012.07.14
i played this game 4 times and its every time good

sensey 2012.07.14
great game, a litle boring

Just1SF 2012.07.13
I loved the game but a little too boring after a while

stevie 2012.07.05
really good game the girls were really sexy

Soul Assassin 2012.05.29
Cool game, but like other said: Gaming is good, the love scenes are boring , little more interactive would be nice.

Nic-Nac32 2012.05.25
Ahhh yes I remember this game well, it was tough for handle considering it`s a choice between three lovely women. Cursed choices but well worth it after the end ... three times.

cubsfan079 2012.05.25
good game, may not be replayed often though

bahamut86 2012.05.23
Very nice game grafic story and gameplay

[BY]WEGAS 2012.05.22
pretty nice game, all female characters are charming

rokey_triikz 2012.04.19
This is very good game and the graphics are good

justme99 2012.04.17
Tough to balance everything, but a pretty good strategy game.

Kid fancy 2012.04.02
man love the story i thought it was hot

Karayla 2012.04.01
good game but there are better

2pawwindknocker 2012.03.21
nice game and the animation was good

wassup481 2012.03.21
Amazing girls, great story, and not too hard. A perfect game in my opinion.

Luketea101 2012.03.18
Very simple and fun and not to challengeing

HPeace 2012.03.18
The game is good but it needs more than 20 days, the short amount of time makes it hard to balance what to do. On top of that the limit of what you can do each day. But still a good game.

CCannon1307 2012.03.13
Felt impossible to coach the girls to wins. I know it is about timing and balancing your tasks but the girls kept losing their morale and it was just a bit annoying.

demonwar 2012.03.05
wat kind of game is this i dont know..
I play for a while

abelgravi 2012.03.02
good graphics,interesting story

D3nhis 2012.03.01
classic game with good graphics

j3ssie 2012.02.20
sweet graphics.
excelent animation.
sweet game.
like to see more
this girl is purely hot and nasty...
i`ll dream she all the night...
you should play immediately...
it`s hot hot hot

arsalan111 2012.02.13
Ahhh yess Helen`s body was so sexy I want to fuck it again

thelric 2012.02.12
Nice game, somewhat tricky at the beginning but good scenes.

Vampirechick 2012.02.11
really good game the girls were really sexy

Wardog013 2012.02.06
great game the animation was awsome

BigDaddyPsycho 2012.02.02
Funny little game with an original concept.

John G 2012.01.28
Fun sim game but the girls are a little overly buxom.

wilson78084 2012.01.27
Helen is very beautiful,sexy,mature..with hot huge boobs..she is very fascinating!!!

deadozzy 2012.01.24
absolutely amazing. keep on wit the good luck

Master MonoRochi 2012.01.18
It was a little dificult at first ... But, the art, especially the girls, is really, really great!

xpiorixp 2012.01.17
a little hard, but still nice! dose someone know how to win?!

forceone999 2012.01.16
should add in an easier and more obvious button to buy the flowers because i cant find the button to do so.

kosty1986 2012.01.15
nice game made come back to him asdaltough it s a bit old

Trevorkian 2012.01.13
Still one of those games I come back to every now and again, fun idea and great that you can finish the game with every girl in one playthrough

Guillaume 2012.01.08
Prety cool game, altough lacking in depth imo

mikicostanza 2012.01.06
i love this game very fuuny and hot

Darls 2011.12.31
short and sweet girl is really hot

honry69 2011.12.28
fun game took awhile to get all the girls to win

SexyFoxyAngel35 2011.12.27
great game...storyline is not bad...but the drawings of the girls are excellent...well done with the graphic

valentineml 2011.12.11
great game...storyline not bad...but excellent drawing on the girls.

Auron31 2011.11.28
pretty simple game. just hav each girl specialize in one area and use spare time for some extra bj scenes.

JTAnimal 2011.11.27
great graphics and very sexy

Shin312 2011.11.26
Awesome game, tough very easy and simple.

andy_regresa 2011.11.25
it is a very good game we need more games like that

benchbuddy123 2011.11.16
always love hentai games hehehehehe.

nikbraun 2011.11.16
always liked anime hentai games, hehe...

elishacuthbert 2011.11.16
ood game one you will keep coming back getthing more out of it each time

zenginoglu 2011.11.13
This is great game... I like it very much...

Decidedly Fishy 2011.11.11
Fun to play with some good options and nicely drawn girls.

rjones115 2011.11.09
awesome game fun to play lots of cute girls

tnystr0674 2011.11.08
the graphics are amazing!!! love this game!!!

hmalapak 2011.11.07
Good game with amazing graphics

ackexxx 2011.11.06
great game the girls are just so sexy

rebanha 2011.11.05
Great game! Super hot and sexy like always!

Geroes96 2011.11.02
Very nice game graphics are good

jer1981 2011.11.02
Nice game, could use a little more animation in teh scenes and more positions or angles or pictures

pafren2010 2011.10.30
It`s a fun game, but it gets a bit repetitive

Dt1526 2011.10.28
great game one of my favorites, not difficult to get all the girls to win. Love the endings!

shadowknight43 2011.10.27
Game is super fantastic in my opinion

darknesslight43 2011.10.13
this is a really good game

ipe 2011.10.07
this game is awesome! I love all the girls!

krakatoadick 2011.10.06
Funtastic game, kinda easy tho

BrianBB 2011.10.05
This is a newer game for me, and I do like it so far. Let`s see how it goes.

alimta1968 2011.10.04
Lengthy and boring game, the sex palys are slow and simplex.

demonansa 2011.10.03
i like this one it was cool

DreamTim 2011.10.02
It`s a good game with good graphics. I like the strategy (instead of just clicking)

DarthRock 2011.09.29
one of my fav games, looks great but no learning curve is needed

playboy1982 2011.09.25
this game is different in a good way,its fun as hell.

scoin 2011.09.21
Very long game, but very good also

mauzayat 2011.09.18
too easy i didnt like 4 real!!

maverick23 2011.09.18
this is a very nice and seductive game...

MikeGuardino 2011.09.17
Awesome game! Definitely a fave of mine.

vsps77 2011.09.15
Really fun game, one of my fave

Kevvinfan1 2011.09.14
swee3t game i thought for sure there should be waaay more like it

IchixYori 2011.09.09
Out of all the games on here I`d have to say this one is one of my fav ones to play. I`ve played it before on other sites and I`ve been hooked on it ever since. Totally great game.

Dark-schneider 2011.09.08
!hard to make them win but manageable, really good game

elo77 2011.09.07
quite long but original game
girls are sexy and exiting

Frujul 2011.09.07
not one of my favorites.it`s not a bad game ,but the story is a litle weird.How many swimming coaches get to do that ? :))

renegade1178 2011.09.05
gameplay and graphics are good, but no option to go to the shop. Why?

Jaaru 2011.09.02
Very nice game, liking the music.

bowl-247 2011.09.01
Could not go to the shops

gamer009 2011.08.29
i`m stuck in this game, I can`t figure out how to go shopping as it is discribed in the "help" box in the game, please help me

Schwing 2011.08.13
Ouch, I did not do too well. Looks like I need to replay this one, fortunately it`s got some decent replay value.

kkuubb 2011.08.12
i think this game is well balanced, not too hard to beat

ragu009 2011.08.10
his game was awesome Helen had the biggest boobs my dick hurts now

Dada111 2011.08.07
very hard to win with all three girls

snow01 2011.08.07
good game, graphics are well done, i haven`t been able to beat it yet though

LilMenace201 2011.08.07
good game one you will keep coming back getthing more out

photu 2011.07.25
excellent game cool graphics

Guisir 2011.07.25
pretty nice game, all female characters are charming

Neograsia 2011.07.21
nice game, but it could have been more detailed

electron 2011.07.20
one of my favourite games, all it needed was some cumshots

dtm90 2011.07.19
awesome game, if only all swimmers in real life has big boobs!! lol

n0b1t4 2011.07.16
funny game indeed, just wish it could have some more features

m4t0n 2011.07.16
hots girls makes this game superb

snowpavvs 2011.07.16
Pretty good and the wait of the end is well worth it. Maybe not as fun as a short Meet N` Fuck, but it is okay in it`s own genre.

11inches 2011.07.13
i think this game is well balanced, not too hard to beat

gnomo951 2011.07.09
nice game, Helen is super sexy

Shireguard 2011.07.09
fun, but a little easy *thumbs up*

Hacks 2011.07.07
The reward at the end is worth the training

bradders 2011.07.06
I really like it great story :P

senazangeres 2011.06.29
great game but its a little too easy but grea graphics tough

jormunguard 2011.06.26
Stupid game, until they fix not being able to go to the store. I get to the afternoon and only have the choices of talking to the doctor, talking to the other coaches, doing nothing or earning money. No option to go to the store.

PlayForce00 2011.06.26
I like this game, a great storyline.

dragonman1961 2011.06.25
ok game but the graphics could have been so much better. need better animation where it shows the hard long cock stretching the pussy lips with better detail..my friend loved the hardon it gave me as we watched together..

wolman2060 2011.06.25
I like this game, but it gets a little repetitive to the end.

Wet Pussy 2011.06.18
I cant go to the shops. Why?

Skarn62 2011.06.18
A little bit easy. Nice girls.

bigpoppa56 2011.06.15
Excellent game, be sure you have enough money at the end to bribe the doctor. But Do you always get drug tested? or only if you win all 3?

Zartz 2011.06.14
Buy candys and u can do swimming to improve everything

Headandshoulders 2011.06.11
i`m bored cause the loading is so slow but my patience is worth it cause its such a great game

Sixxico 2011.06.11
fun game, but it needs to be longer its too short!

BallIdiot 2011.06.09
Interesting & novel game play with various trainings for competition and buying gifts to keep the morale up. Graphics are good, but not enough (erotic) sex scenes.

stuffedinvader 2011.06.01
Easy game play once you figure it out. Fun overall.

Wowen 2011.06.01
Love those damn hot girls.

wabbithunta 2011.05.31
relatively simple game. graphics were ok. simple to work out how to win. this could be made into a much better game if they want to remake this

kalbs 2011.05.25
I like it. It`s something different. Not that difficult, but the graphics are nice and it`s not just getting the girls.

siwn88 2011.05.20
Took me a while to figure it out, but its worth it

forza_3 2011.05.18
fun game, but it needs to be longer its too short!

shakezulla17 2011.05.13
Good game. Takes more strategy than a lot of these games

Webster52402 2011.04.30
Easy, easy game. Then again, it`s not about the challenge... ;)

giannispaokara 2011.04.25
Awesome game. Girls are hot and the graphics are great

radpchick92 2011.04.22
game was pretty easy, and to short. Interesting idea though

thesphinx 2011.04.19
I got lost trying to figure out how to move things along. May try again later

UpsetMason 2011.04.18
needs a bit more time to achieve the goals

bricey 2011.04.17
this game feels like highschool all over again all the girls wanting u.

chocolatethunder23 2011.04.16
good game one you will keep coming back getthing more out of it each time

jluna698 2011.04.15
I really enjoyed playing this game.

phager2 2011.04.13
wonderful,awesome, love the graphics!!

kalbs 2011.04.12
pretty decent game, just a little easy

PCSexGamer 2011.04.10
Really good game, also unique, not just another press a button and see her give you a blowob

mobius10 2011.04.10
love this games. need a little bit more time for you to achieve things

outcry312 2011.04.10
I like it, the graphics of the girls are nice, I was expecting really bad animations but they ended up nice. Gameplay was challenging enough for me to like it as well. Good game.

Smyxter 2011.04.10
I liked this game. Good graphics but the sex scenes could be better.

Innocent 2011.04.06
nice rpg game the graphics are nice:)

jason91110 2011.04.01
this game was awesome Helen had the biggest boobs my dick hurts now

mandas 2011.03.25
Not bad at all.I like the essentials of rpg in this game.

poisonsynite 2011.03.25
wonderful,awesome, love the graphics, one of the best game. what a wonderful girls xx

pervertdog 2011.03.24
super grphic and girls like it

danjel 2011.03.22
i like the girls and the graphics of the game is great.nice game.

HouTzee 2011.03.21
I Like The Girls & The Graphic

cazzocazzo 2011.03.19
nice graphics, but not so good the action parts

Thanatos0042 2011.03.18
It was easy and fun with busty anime girls who would never be swimmers lol

tonyxierowell 2011.03.17
you know its an exciting game

DeaconFrost 2011.03.17
Good quality game overall, anime like, the plot isn`t awesome but acceptable, the music is slightly repetitive but the game isn`t that long.
Looks like pretty hard to lose and the sim like management is an ornament (I really have no idea if that is possible actually). The game is straightforward, worth to stop by and play it once.
Pleasant enough.

bbombwor 2011.03.15
sweet game love the sweet juicy tits

Skylink 2011.03.15
great game good graphics and easy and hot

Grorm 2011.03.11
Well, goodto pass the time!

pavel203 2011.03.09
game is ok
really easy though

kinholax 2011.03.08
nice game and history! It could be better needs to be improved but still is good

kinholax 2011.03.08
great.. new type of playing..

iiijjjiiiooo123 2011.02.28
cool game. slighty difficult but a good game

Alucardo 2011.02.25
Graphics could yse some work, and it could have more variety but otherwise great game.

dragonj 2011.02.25
very nice game.
liked the graphics.
good job

lie1441 2011.02.24
great game slow load time

mmbrown2012 2011.02.21
need different sex positions

jupat 2011.02.16
pretty good game....need to spend sometime into it

m4lv1n 2011.02.11
great game but got lost cuz i couldnt find the map button.......

ratonius 2011.02.10
Entertaining game play and I really liked the girls,it`s something different,maybe a little more variety in scenes,but Good.

PaanuBlue 2011.02.07
Not bad... The sex scenes need improvement though.

spyke1 2011.02.05
a nice game, very sexy girls

randy06 2011.02.03
yes good game need help they die on me cant get agirl to fuck and have sex with

xalukardx 2011.02.03
Awesome dating sim! Like it. One of the best on the site!

ghost981 2011.02.03
nice game though i am not able to add latex...or hep girls to dope

rekasns 2011.01.27
for the ones qho don`t know where to buy the flowers, candy and other stuff, u have to press the map button, it appears on the top of the screengame, where usually is the next button, ur welcome!!

pyroman327 2011.01.26
where do you get the flowers

gabitoxxx 2011.01.24
they can die swiming? i thought that just they can be really tired but die?

zembot 2011.01.23
I WON!!!

Good Coach

You start the game with $1000. Purchasing all of the items in the gift shop should be your first afternoon priority.

Candy equals 100% to mood. Candy can be given to all three girls on the same night, if you do so before talking with any them.

Visiting the doctor‚??s office and ordering healing therapy instantly restores the health of all three girls to 100%. This will allow you to choose swimming as the main preference for their workout. Just make sure that you watch their health and order therapy when needed.

Bad Coach

The kitchen is used to put laxatives in the meals of other coaches. It reduces the performance of the competitors.

Doping can get you arrested and the girls disqualified.

burdus 2011.01.21
easy game but a lot of fun

dolfan10 2011.01.20
very simple game and really fun ,i would like to change the music though

kalbs 2011.01.19
pretty decent game, just a little easy

tonito 2011.01.18
great game but it took a lot of time till I learned how to play properly

looner 2011.01.16
the girls are really hot, but i didn`t know how to get the flowers

ddoor 2011.01.15
I like it. It`s something different. Not that difficult, but the graphics are nice and it`s not just getting the girls

ddoor 2011.01.15
animation`s not so great, but the idea`s nice

hash19 2011.01.15
funny game! But too easy.

haa 2011.01.13
the game is fun and the graphics are good to

mrcrow 2011.01.10
nice game....really interesting...........and the graphic is good....

windscar54 2011.01.09
this game was fun, kinda short though

srocky 2011.01.07
Entertaining game play and I really liked the girls and the sex scenes.

bobothecubanmidget 2011.01.07
Entertaining game play and I really liked the sex scenes.

gnolli2 2011.01.03
very entertaining. and the girls are realy hot too.

cxttxc1 2011.01.02
The gameplay is smooth, graphics are solid and the animation is awesome.

AkSnowman 2011.01.02
pretty awesome game just wish there were more girls

xronik 2011.01.01
Very interesting game! The remarkable drawing and a plot!

kraist 2010.12.30
preaty easy game
but graphices are good for this game

ocandela 2010.12.30
Took me a little while to figure out where the map is, but once I found it, I thought that it was an outstanding game.

stefano71 2010.12.23
Great game...quite easy to follow, girls are hot!!!!

yy2 2010.12.20
I always wanted to bang a chick from the swim team. Now I get three - and to coach....

mick149 2010.12.19
too boring and where was the gift shop?

Eddie Roc 2010.12.12
Good game overall as it requires to learn about it for it to become easy.

rhubarb 2010.12.12
cool game bit easy got maximum fux 2nd time out

zeretet 2010.12.11
those girl make me hot awesome game

BokyS 2010.12.10
one of the best games absulutley I think u need more games like this very good :D

luke_bunz 2010.12.10
good game all of the girls won

visaga 2010.12.06
It`s a bit too easy, but very good overall.

wloo175 2010.12.04
Cannot see any way to buy the flowers

anoobis0209 2010.12.01
pretty good game could have better graphics

themoda 2010.11.30
not bad, but in any times results too boring

DirtyDave56 2010.11.29
will play more to see if u get diff. endings

Amaro 2010.11.28
Not an easy game to play, i couldn`t finish it

mikolo401 2010.11.28
very entertaining. and the girls are hot to

gizzmo309 2010.11.28
nice my girls swam like angles just beet the poo out of everyone

ags2004 2010.11.27
did not have enough stats at the end

xronik 2010.11.24
very very good! i like it!

twitter 2010.11.23
i gave it 50 for graphics only rather i dont understand the game, the game should be directly concerning to viewer wants

starracer0101 2010.11.15
can anyone help me? i can`t seem to buy anything

tubs 2010.11.15
its a awsome game, keeps you comming back for more

tubs 2010.11.14
good game, keep up the good work. makes you think

NightmareGER 2010.11.10
I don`t know y but i am totally addicted to this Game.

It`s probably the Sexy Girls and the Nice gameplay!

hugo57 2010.11.08
pretty decent game where you have a sim dating type set up..
not difficult ..but could have been longer..

sohorny11 2010.11.08
very good game, graphics could be better

yy2 2010.11.07
There was a slight glitch in this the first time I played. I like it, but would like to see more positions with the swimmers.

drake42 2010.11.06
im kinda stuck, i figure out how to get to the shops

randomguy530 2010.11.06
really easy, cool game though

Carver 2010.11.06
Graphics: 4.5/5
Gameplay: 3/5
Sex: 1/5

gambit13 2010.11.05
great game scenes are good but need work it kate is awesome

Afgh 2010.11.05
Pretty nice, easy but grabs your attention. Keep on this way!

samueloon 2010.11.05
those girl make me hot awesome game

xtotalchaosx187 2010.11.05
decent game enjoyed it alot, got done with fairly quick

azuarli 2010.11.04
pretty decent game, just a little easy

BigG520 2010.11.03
Ok scenes. But REALLY nice girls. so it all evens out.

Pipo66 2010.11.03
Ohh what a good game. But it is a bit to easy.

jakester83 2010.11.02
Great game. Wish the graphics were a bit better.

brutaka368 2010.11.02
Good, but needs better views

SetsunaKai444 2010.11.02
Too easy
I like Julia though

SetsunaKai444 2010.11.01
nice girls
the status bar should be bigger though
i missed out the health and ended up having one girl died :P

pyanz80 2010.11.01
i like this game..seem i am like a playboy ..hehehe

themoda 2010.10.31
Good game, the fuck scenes it`s too old, but, I like it!

eelover08 2010.10.29
Yeah, fucked them all! Good game, Kate was the hottest.

Shinelava 2010.10.29
This was cool! great game but music is very annoying too

Damianos 2010.10.28
The girls in this game are too hot!

prats 2010.10.28
it pays to be a coach......i wish there were more girls.....awesome concept....but this same concept should be in lessons of passion...would be even more fun then...

magic2hr 2010.10.28
good game but i like lesson of passion better
hot girls in this but need more action !

yogoboi 2010.10.27
kinda short but i like it

blingy24 2010.10.26
whew, it`s very difficult to be a coach. but rewarding if you`ll really end up a winner..

goodguy 2010.10.26
Good game but the graphic is too simple

pontdoggah 2010.10.25
love the scenario in this one, great story

meeeeee 2010.10.25
like the girls and sounds

lolapalooza 2010.10.24
its a good game but i cant figure out how to go shopping

Drecon01 2010.10.23
Good Game but needs more graphics

smrdo 2010.10.21
YOu still have to figure out how to win at the end :-))

Mackishe 2010.10.20
good game, but can be better

navnuc 2010.10.20
I still cannot figure out the right asnwer for the judge otherwise great game hot babes

asqirttgun 2010.10.20
great and awesome game. i played it before on a different site, but i loved it. never could get everyone though.

brizz757 2010.10.19
I like this game. I just figured out how to make each girl number 1

abunai 2010.10.19
i really like this games, good girls

Erragon 2010.10.19
very good pics but too easy

scarface1111 2010.10.19
nice girls, nice storyline..

TheJack 2010.10.19
fantastic game, great graphics

spydinator 2010.10.19
Was alright, not the best i`ve ever played

popcorn2002 2010.10.18
was fun but tooo easy..maybe next gem will have different sex positions available

delgoth 2010.10.17
very nice game hope to find a few more like this

Woodie25 2010.10.16
Fun game to play with some durability.

Elfe 2010.10.15
Not bad at all. The girls look very nice and the graph are good

fuckingmachine 2010.10.15
wasnt the best game good graphics though

farah.1029 2010.10.15
the game is worth playing................has got a good storyline....and is just awesome

bq8tndrive 2010.10.14
decent game, easy to play graphics are fine.would be playing it just to get a different ending each time

chumak 2010.10.13
Great hentai game but to simple

mampfred 2010.10.13
nice game, cant switch of sound, thats anyoing

qille 2010.10.13
love this game, its not easy but very nice sim styl , its been a while since i played such a good sim game

S41nt 2010.10.12
funny games, and i love the rpg sidegames of it

kranktheprank 2010.10.11
It`s a bit too easy, but very good overall.

craig89 2010.10.11
WARNING : dont use the dope it will be a waste of 20 day you get caught

douglas300 2010.10.10
the gameplay is good and fun

chumak 2010.10.10
nice and simple game, but I wish the rewards would look better

chumak 2010.10.10
lol, how do you start the game?????

mountain 2010.10.07
where do u go to get flowers

hbd1992 2010.10.04
had a hard time beating the races anyideas?

Ladezaris 2010.10.04
This game is a bit easy but really hot.

jimmy5227 2010.10.04
this game was good, graphics are pretty attractive

12frederice 2010.10.03
this game is pretty easy but quite arousing ;)

kenney 2010.10.02
best game ever kate is awesome

trueguy1964 2010.09.30
it`s very nice and good games...

sittingduck 2010.09.29
like the gamplay and the graphics are great loved it

firion69 2010.09.26
nice game but for me it looks like Normal is slower than Easy ... there are some tactics required, which make the game abit more interesting, but the music is kinda repetitive... oh and what are the Laxatives for?

nandoa 2010.09.25
i like very much this game... very nice girls

mercury88 2010.09.25
it`s very nice and good games.

andiyan 2010.09.25
very-very nice games..I like it!!!!

jerko2010 2010.09.25
good game one you will keep coming back getthing more out of it each time

artair 2010.09.25
too much strategy involved.

4nik8 2010.09.24
Good game!! Original but not a hard game

vad05 2010.09.24
Not bad.. it`s fun games.

doomlord 2010.09.24
the gameplay is good and fun

EricLee 2010.09.21
Don`t really like Asian women whose breast are tooooooooo big...seems fake...

ctplue17 2010.09.19
love this game! you get to have them all!

winninghabbitual 2010.09.17
fun game multiple options make game better

kanzi67 2010.09.17
what a nice game...the story is cool!!!

rebash 2010.09.15
gameplay, graphic, animation nice

mazzy 2010.09.15
good game with good graphics

eagenetix 2010.09.14
Good game, takes some strategy to complete for a change.

johnsexy123 2010.09.13
i love this game it was so excitment

jerryw62 2010.09.13
was fun but tooo easy..maybe next gem will have different sex positions available

Scalinii 2010.09.13
too much strategy involved. I like em straight and to the point

Scalinii 2010.09.13
Nice to have a bit of stategy involved. So much better than just constantly clicking.

Scalinii 2010.09.13
good game one you will keep coming back getthing more out of it each time

khazad12 2010.09.13
gotta complain here, i had no idea wat the stats meant so it was hard to know what to make them do

julasasa 2010.09.11
very good game. excellent and thank you very much.

julasasa 2010.09.11
very good and sexy game. Thank you.

Valiac 2010.09.07
Incredibly one of my girls died hahaha

ooo 2010.09.06
this game was pretty entertaining

Reduan 2010.09.03
Only two objection - first you must play it twice for knowing of what stats for what discipline and wanted toget the doctor secondtime too. But you can get "extra" only with girls on your team... :/

Well made, bad/good option for winnig. Very good game.

aofd1 2010.09.03
good game, easy to play, but need to play at least once before knowing what stats to get and what race to put them in

Slifer91 2010.09.03
nice game but wish it had more girls

silvergirl12321 2010.09.03
Really great game, i wish the graphics were more 3d and again that the girls would geet straight to the point and have sex with you

odb24 2010.09.03
I like the fact that the whole game lasts 20 days so if you screw up it doesn`t take forever to replay the game

cskimp 2010.09.02
this game was pretty entertaining

sinsear1071 2010.09.01
gameplay was incredible!! Training the girls was half the fun and screwing them was even more fun. It`s too bad the sex scenes were limited to one position but maybe if there is a part two there can be more positions and more girls to have sex with.

havok11 2010.09.01
wasnt the best game good graphics though

edzuan 2010.08.31
Great game, loving the character designs.

jbatisme 2010.08.31
bon jeu un peut difficle a comprendre mais excellent

yokbok 2010.08.31
have to think too much...i lose my temper too fast for this game XD

jfor 2010.08.30
very fun game! The girls were hot in it!

danamite 2010.08.30
good game. very long and boring after a bit

babahoush 2010.08.30
great game, took a little bit to figure out

Dragon123 2010.08.30
This game is HOT like hell. I`ll play this more often.

CrkMnky 2010.08.29
excellent game but once you figure out the secret to happiness it can get a little boring

BigVids 2010.08.28
Not a big fan of the longer games, but i still love this one

stimulation1 2010.08.28
Great game, loving the character designs.

keechwa 2010.08.28
Awesome game. Girls are hot and the graphics are great.

virgus 2010.08.28
Great story, but the scenes were a little bit desapointed

DanDe 2010.08.28
I thoroughly enjoy this game.

jumbotatoo 2010.08.28
best... like the game so much..

jumbotatoo 2010.08.28
cantek...game ini mmg best

XReaperhobo 2010.08.27
man 1 of the better games here like how u have 2 make each girl good at 1 thing for the compation

dumi 2010.08.27
awesome game, you`re great guys...thanks for this game. the graphics are great.

Tannim 2010.08.26
This game is Fantastic. If only real swimmers looked like that!

zellnord 2010.08.26
this game is one of the best out there

luffyboy 2010.08.26
sadly real swimmers dont have big boobs

Ezio Gurzo 2010.08.25
This Game is was great the graphics and storyline was great

ultrakaioken 2010.08.25
i have to admit it, very good game

hotpotk18 2010.08.25
This game is really good. Graphics are just superb!!!

hooman7272 2010.08.25
Liked this game because its easy and fun!

vad05 2010.08.24
Great game but it little simple.
Good graphic.

Dedicated87 2010.08.24
This game is one of my favorites. It really makes you think esspecially for the competition.

qeadwrsf 2010.08.24
Once you figure out, that candy rises happiness it is very easy game, just earn some money in the beginning and then buy one day about 15 candy and the other day all things from the gift shop and have all your girls train all the time in swimming.

Kirdran 2010.08.24
usually i don`t rate high games from that site but this one is really good.

hk2112 2010.08.24
Decent content and a pretty ok idea but I;m not sold on the animations. They are very static and not all that intresting.

undertaker6969 2010.08.23
Ok game. I thought it was boring

diogojosemendes 2010.08.23
great game
loved it and loved the site and the concept of the website it self

neogsmyt 2010.08.23
Passable, but if it`s too easy, it doesn`t really feel like a game.

keeeg 2010.08.22
Liked this game because its easy and fun!

LongLiveDead 2010.08.22
I loved the girls in this game very hot

ghost222 2010.08.21
moar! this was so freakin sweet

charchar40 2010.08.21
good game i found it too easy

jerfo 2010.08.21
the girl i wanted to win didnt the other 2 won tho XD

aaar 2010.08.21
7/10 wish it was a littler harder

gilly133 2010.08.20
great game could do better with the animations though

chinese.inc 2010.08.20
i really enjoy this game, very fun, hot girls..

therapist 2010.08.20
ooops, I seem to have **SPOILER***

killed a girl

max29 2010.08.20
great gamee, lovee everything about it

tairajonzu 2010.08.20
good gamplay but difficult good graphics animation is great

bigpapalatino 2010.08.18
love this tipe of good games

cedric09 2010.08.18
great game, missed a nice three or moresome at the ending if you win all competitions :)

none 2010.08.18
Does anyone know how to get to a good ending where one of the girls wins? I keep loosing

Death217 2010.08.17
This seires games r getting better and better! love it!

shooter8 2010.08.17
very good game, but
is easy to finish

pebose 2010.08.17
i like the manga style drawing :)

bloodbaron 2010.08.17
really awesome game i really liked Kate

Estonian 2010.08.17
Overall its good but the whole game got repetive towards the end

AntonyJ 2010.08.16
easy to get the girls, just buy everything.

anantara 2010.08.16
I Luv this game good gameplay but almost lost because of the map feature

m_hart15 2010.08.16
Excellent game, simple with good rewards

ColonelIce 2010.08.16

werezekk 2010.08.15
this game is so awesome i play it at least 20 times a day

wpowder 2010.08.15
Great game...quite easy to follow, gals are hot.

jman7762 2010.08.15
Just for tips, crawl is for endurance, butterfly power, and breaststroke both

eaglefighter 2010.08.14
Nice game i think doctor in this game is more sexy than other.

Underground651 2010.08.14
Very easy but its a great game, I didnt get to the end cuz I already got the girls, too bad they dont have a threesome

mark_20100 2010.08.13
i liked this game so much i ve played it so many times just so i can get the good endings

kingmidas 2010.08.13
the simple game
but this game was great

quags1 2010.08.13
fun game had a didnt know what the candy did

Gunslinger 2010.08.12
I like the game..but I almost lost because I didn`t see the map button right away..it would need some improvements on tha..but overall great game..oh and also the button is on the top right corner

joseph51995 2010.08.12
this game is pretty fun there should be more like this

ultraplayboy 2010.08.12
nice game and fun too and eazy too

Rockeyer 2010.08.12
Awesome models though a little more action would do.

perrysu 2010.08.11
charming characters with great boobs!

paragon117 2010.08.11
Overall not a bad game but they should`ve done more with the characters all together

Alcar98027 2010.08.10
Was a fun game bit easy once you figured out what items to buy and if you used the treatment right

Borndoa 2010.08.10
Just be sure to give each a focus, one power, one endurance, and one both and work them that way. Once you get a blow/ fuck from each as long as they are healthy the day before and you dope them you are good, and it is worth the time to find the right balance

whowhowho 2010.08.09
fun game! could be better

Bill1238 2010.08.09
i really like the games like this one

Hound111 2010.08.08

camelot1985 2010.08.08
fun game, hot girls but a variety would be good

squidras 2010.08.08
i like the game a little repetitive to get to end

shadowguy 2010.08.08
Good idea, but not enough variety in the .`quests`

wesley09 2010.08.08
i really like the games like this one

Ukrainian 2010.08.08
I expected more of from the game, but its ok

bigpapa777 2010.08.07
Fun quest game. Not to large or small

SHREDDER2012 2010.08.07
This game is awesome. I used to swim in high school and this brought back memories of the girl managers and of the competition and everything I had to do to get to where I did. great game

cumixs 2010.08.06
this game have graphic is medium

omarmadrid 2010.08.06
this is a good game with nice graphics

doubledare 2010.08.05
Managed to have sex with all 3 of them it was pretty hard to do

Tobiasbeacher 2010.08.05
Fun game, but as others have said it`s almost too easy.

Anawolver 2010.08.05
You should always just work until your girls lack health/mood.
Then you should do check ups / buy lollipops.
It`s important that you save your money so you can buy all gifts in one go.

bc_uga 2010.08.05
Lots of strategy required, but not too difficult. Trying to get the Dr. in the office next time...

freakyfranky95 2010.08.05
good game, but a little too easy perhaps

haneef 2010.08.05
very excellent game..........lovely graphic.......

dtmscan 2010.08.04
fun game, nice graphics and not hard at all

gantha 2010.08.04
really nice game, funny =)

sicnarfj 2010.08.03
great game, with some great graphics

jcb2684 2010.08.03
quite good, a little easy to finish but quite good

king85 2010.08.03
very good game, but too easy

andy557 2010.08.02
Good fun game. A little bit too easy however.

phildubba 2010.08.02
relatively easy but fun game

kreissack 2010.08.02
This one...I can`t say I liked it that much. the sex scenes just move too slowly.

Darhedel 2010.08.01
Really good, beat it after a while

richiester 2010.08.01
this games is awesome, but the beginning is kinda boring

Gabriel the white 2010.08.01
Not toomuch long, easy and funny. Good graphics

metromurmeli 2010.07.31
Great and easy game, but sex scenes are too slow...

jake874 2010.07.31
it`s tough managing 3 swimmers in this game.. i always end up losing

joszim 2010.07.30
Pretty easy. The sex scenes are slow.... not the best game on here.

anepsaas 2010.07.30
nice game!! i really enjoyed it..

strongwood 2010.07.28

billybob01 2010.07.28
3 winners, doped the girls and made them all mine gosh what a stud. sex scenes are poor game play is simple its one to play a couple of times if that.

vivi-chwan 2010.07.28
I usually like this kind of gameplay, but this one is a bit too short and it`s a pity we can`t find any girl`s background.
A part of the game is also too easy as there`s only one choice possible in conversations.

hoshisaga 2010.07.28
good game! but music is anoying

Allan14st 2010.07.27
its a good game and hot girls

p22raven 2010.07.27
Pretty good game. As has been said many times, once we find the Map button then we understand the game...

redbaron 2010.07.27
love these kind of games. Bummer about the doctor being unavailable tho

firefistace 2010.07.27
nice RPG, But takes a bit too long

sporsa 2010.07.27
fun game with very hot babes, but i think its too easy

mtw2662 2010.07.27
fun game...great way to pass some time

senpai 2010.07.27
Fun game kept my attention

Da_Beast 2010.07.26
good gameplay but almost lost because of the map feature

blazian978 2010.07.26
great game but got lost cuz i couldnt find the map button

Dj-PatzZz 2010.07.26
very good game it promotes the idea of exersice

jwu0625 2010.07.26
great quality and I think this was the best out of them all

alwinyoyoyo 2010.07.25
nyc game want more games itz a best game of all i played loved it

tren 2010.07.25
This is a really amazing game

Crusader 2010.07.25
dissapointing, promised more.

krank 2010.07.25
very funny, and a i like this kind of play

squintz 2010.07.25
took me a minute to realize there was a map. Fun and simple after that

Dr_Chico 2010.07.25
very fun game, just need to have more actions & views while having sex

Moviemaan 2010.07.25
easy but enjoyable,
great for killing time.

someone232 2010.07.24
very fun game, would like to have more girls and a better plot line but still fun

needinsex 2010.07.24
Got caught doping....Well, the game was worth it. Nicely done!

richardlt@live.com 2010.07.24
all i can say the pictures where really well done

EricR 2010.07.24
Prety cool game, altough lacking in depth imo. But scenes pretty hot

KirbyJo 2010.07.23
Good game! I really like RPG, but pretty easy once you find the trick.

JJJJ 2010.07.23
You have to bribe the doctor after you bought her everything. It`s not a bad game at all, but once you find the map, the rest of the locations and the function of the items, its easy.

Xelrith 2010.07.23
is there any way to get them doped without getting caught?

sneglen 2010.07.22
it is a very hard game and it is hard to get any sex atall

donaghyd 2010.07.22
Loved the game except every time you fucked it was almost always a blowjob i like girl on top action

maxfire007 2010.07.21
this games pretty cool but i think the system to level the girls up could be better

dkkiddo200 2010.07.21
good game shoul make more of this game

FinalDestiny 2010.07.21
Very good game, the head doctor can actually help you avoid doping.

FinalDestiny 2010.07.21
Very good game, do not use doping or you`ll be disqualified, I learned the hard way.

HornyUncle 2010.07.21
Awesome game love the artwork cannot wait to see more

buddy_0110 2010.07.21
its an interesting and challanging game, i liked it!

gabu 2010.07.20
very good graphics, but they will play so I do not know? help me!

Lyz_Eri 2010.07.20
I like it, but the expressions really need to be better.

johnboounds 2010.07.20
beautiful pictures. the game is really interesting

thatguylikesyou 2010.07.20
very sexy,not bad graphics,WILL come back for more

Shadow307 2010.07.20
A very fun game to play you will keep coming back to play it

kanf 2010.07.20
Nice game, although short and easy. Talking with coaches does nothing whatsoever. A pitty we can`t get the doctor at the end too...

dgkesquire 2010.07.20
interesting, sure...not the worst graphics, intricate gameplay

12345ab 2010.07.20
Graphics are good so is the animation good game if you can understand it

Rixu 2010.07.20
Great game. Good graphics, good story, good gameplay. Definitely has a lot of potential.

danilo 2010.07.19
pretty nice game, was a significant advance in this line of games
continue so

radman64 2010.07.19
Not bad once you understand the path to take. The graphics are pretty good as well!

Shinu 2010.07.18
really nice game, a bit too easy for my taste but the girls are hot and the graphics are nice

ml5ml5 2010.07.18
it`s a really nice game an it`s really easy

Bothead 2010.07.18
It`s a pretty good game. Very simple to understand.

Luzi 2010.07.18
another very nice rpg, i like those games!

Silverslice101 2010.07.17
Kinda lame and easy... just make sure you know the map first and you can`t lose...

tadasas 2010.07.17
simple game,but I like does girls:)

woopydoopy 2010.07.17
not bad, fairly simple to win the game, maybe a little more variety in scenes

Kileroy 2010.07.17
Great game but its little too easy. But the choice is great, the animation and the graphics too. A good overall.

Drantag 2010.07.17
Good game tho was expecting something more. Anyway nice girls tho doctor was tha best.

dynamitefreshjay 2010.07.16
This Game is was great the graphics and storyline was great

radman64 2010.07.16
Interesting for a medium style graphic game, very linear though...

cypher09 2010.07.16
It is pretty good i don` tmind it at all

davj5 2010.07.16
Awesome game! I was wondering if you get with the doctor at the end. Hot girls and they all got 1st place. At the end it should let get together with all three if they get first place not just one.

ThaBoss89 2010.07.15
i couldnt find the map until it was to late

capfriend 2010.07.15
cute game okay graphics and action fun

Kernlawyer 2010.07.15
Was wondering if you get get back with the doctor at the end?

medmarine2 2010.07.15
The game is good but could be harder...SExyy girls:)

xXDirtyGooberXx 2010.07.14
good game got all girls to get first place

Fimsen 2010.07.14
Awesome game. Played it a few times now. Good quality too.

mxyzptlk82 2010.07.14
one of my favs good graphics

Zlatan_X 2010.07.13
nice game, good graphic and easy to play

last7 2010.07.13
enjoyable game with good graphics took me ages to notice map button at noon 8 out of 10

pitons 2010.07.13
laba speele laba grafika un labs nobeigums

ba ghost 2010.07.13
good game
good endings
nice graphics
good story

val2062 2010.07.13
GOOooooD ....This game is preety easy but still fun to play and a little interesting

Micho 2010.07.13
The game is good but could be harder

DKoda 2010.07.12
its good but not actually challenging

timewaster 2010.07.12
Spoiler Alert:

The map button can be found on the screen where you can choose to talk to the doctor or coaches in the upper right hand corner. it is the key to success. doping is unnecessary if you have the girls swim most days. candy and doctor visits to keep them replenished.

Stuhl77 2010.07.12
Great hentai game but to simple

spenracq2 2010.07.12
nice game when you find out how to get flowers

gauravei 2010.07.11
this game takes so much time in loading

Dragon062593 2010.07.11
Kind of a slow loading screen but its worth it

speedbird2007 2010.07.11
Interesting game, finally found the map button to buy the flowers.

paperhanger 2010.07.11
Interesting game. Has a lot of potential. Can`t figure out how to buy the flowers though. Possibly add a bit more variety than just simple training.

essemje 2010.07.11
good game, easy to play, but need to play at least once before knowing what stats to get and what race to put them in

andy_regresa 2010.07.11
Nice to have a bit of stategy involved. So much better than just constantly clicking.

eagleata 2010.07.11
good game, good endings, nice graphics...

pilou75 2010.07.11
too easy but a very good game

dubidu 2010.07.11
this game is soooo hot, i didn`t manage get all three in the end but WOW :D

GESTORBEN 2010.07.10

buzzkillington84 2010.07.10
this game had awsome graphics but was too short. I did loike the girls

vlad01 2010.07.10
Good game. Easy, but fun.

palmdad49 2010.07.10
Good game, fun and easy. Not sure what to do with the laxative though.

chrissi90 2010.07.10
The girls are hot, the game is smooth in transistion, graphics are excellent, interaction tools would be cool.

tnknnth 2010.07.10
nice gane but too easy and short

Towy 2010.07.10
I agree it may be easy but dam I love these games

gp78 2010.07.10
great game, maybe a lil easy.. sex scenes should variate more

colinjfrancis 2010.07.10
Is there ever going to be any new quest updates with Kelly, etc.? Seems to be a long time since the last one.

bollod 2010.07.10
Hard to find the map the first time you play. When you do it is kind of easy to beat.

spirek 2010.07.10
This game is preety easy but still fun to play and a little interesting

juggaloninga 2010.07.09
Fun game! Too easy though....

supercrazy 2010.07.09
how to get flowers for the girl?
i can`t get them

igotthefunny 2010.07.09
very good would recamend it

dymatice 2010.07.08
im 19, want someone to fuck!! call me my number is in my picture

tmcanu 2010.07.08
Fun game, a bit easy, would like to see a version where you can get the doctor too.

kingkaes 2010.07.08
good graphic but to easy to play and a little bit boring

bigblack 2010.07.08
good game okay graphics but really easy

ico 2010.07.08
game is good
easy and funy and that is important

chiefton 2010.07.08
Not the normal easy game anybody can win on the first try.

Snejan 2010.07.08
Cool game, but like other said: Gaming is good, the love scenes are boring ... littlew more interactive would be nice.

juicybooty 2010.07.08
its was a good game but too easy

etch 2010.07.08
This was a fun game. It is nice to have some challenges in a game

bestia99rom 2010.07.08
I like it. It`s something different

Stevie B 2010.07.08
not bad could be longer but still a good game

cheese101 2010.07.08
possibly too easy,pity there isn`t a threesome at the end,great graphics as usual,titfuck plzzzz :P

mcmannanan 2010.07.08
How do you get flowers??? I could not see any kind of option for flowers anywhere! That alone made this not very enjoyable.

mgwand 2010.07.07
i love H games. those chick really awesome

polo1234 2010.07.07
Really cool game... could have more girls at least you were able to bang the doctor

atrum_luna 2010.07.07
this game was fun and rather simple

laurajones 2010.07.07
good game but pretty easy once you figure it out. still fun to play more than once though

randy06 2010.07.07
greta gaame but i had two girls and one all was die how can u avoid this when u want the third girl

William87 2010.07.07
Really cool game... could have more girls and we could bang the doctor again at the end... hehe

JazzzyJo 2010.07.07
It`s ok. Game is pretty easy when you get the hang of it. Graphics are nice but scene are simplistic and music is too loud for the moaning to be heard correctly.

Ricoh124 2010.07.07
These games get more involved and consequently more fun - worth getting it right!

cronos 2010.07.07
It is a good sim sport blowjop game it is hard to make three of them both winner and fuck

storm 2010.07.07
nice very nice
god game! very sexy girls

scannatore 2010.07.07
The screen is a few little, and the grafic isn`t so good.

jerryonly83 2010.07.07
awesome game from sexhotgames! they`re really getting good in making games!

dreadwolf 2010.07.07
game play, graphic, animation are good

bradpout 2010.07.07
Well not as good as i was thinking.

az89 2010.07.06
nice game. what lack is their expression during sex just same expression, need voice

Kwather 2010.07.06
It`s a cool game but it`s banal becouse is the third game with this giocability

Xyzzy 2010.07.06
Decent game, but yet once again, sexhotgames tries, and fails, to match MeetAndFuck Games. At least these games are complete. Most of what we see from MeetAndFuck is demos unless you are willing to pay for their site. I for one never will.

jethro 2010.07.06
not bad, fairly simple to win the game, maybe a little more variety in scenes

KingK17 2010.07.06
good game enjoyed the stat building system

gerty 2010.07.06
god game! very sexy girls

ronnyponny 2010.07.06
Fun game! Too easy though

chiefton 2010.07.06
Better strategy in this game have enough money to bribe the doctor after you visit her.

colinjfrancis 2010.07.06
Nice to have a bit of stategy involved. So much better than just constantly clicking.

sportymarc 2010.07.06
the videos could be better. graphics is average. gameplay is kinda fun. teasing setup. overall not that bad.

boinky 2010.07.06
I like it. It`s something different. Not that difficult, but the graphics are nice and it`s not just getting the girls.

vinou 2010.07.06
Well not as good as i was thinking.

PUSSYEATER 2010.07.06
too much strategy involved. I like em straight and to the point

Pnorg 2010.07.06
Fun game! Too easy though....

gnolruf 2010.07.06
good game one you will keep coming back getthing more out of it each time

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