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Seductive RPG


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gdlevy 2017.02.02

fiftypez 2016.11.17
great game and lots of girls to pick from

erdi-991 2016.07.08
very good graphic.
i love this game

ggbb 2016.05.15
i had really liked the storyline and how you had to work here, keep upp the good work

cambridge4453 2016.03.26
Its okay; a fun little game with a small amount of sex but you need to get some library sessions first then spread out between the three venues otherwise you will miss one sex with one of the girls.

The music is the worst part but the graphics are okay and its quite absorbing to do and not as slow as it looked as if it would be

freddy0201 2015.04.11
Alright game could`ve been better.

Bubblegumpop 2014.12.10
Ok game but not as highly recommended as some of the others.

kamelreds 2014.08.08
i love this game.girls are hot.fairly long.fun game play

bitz94 2014.07.14
Poor graphics, poor gameplay. Very Poor.

grasshoppapron 2014.06.22
Not terrible, but not great. 3 nicely drawn girls, decent animations and sfx but only 1 position each.


frank1974 2014.06.02
good game,very good graphics,but need more sex scene

MytyKoste 2014.05.06
Great game but too short..

UncleVT 2014.03.08
Nice game, easy to win, need more sex

Melimelo 2014.02.02
too easy and barely worth the time.
Ok if you haven`t anything else to do.

konradkyle 2013.12.06
this game was a bit short but very good scenes

goldzninja 2013.10.16
this game is good the quality was perfect but there should me ore days

noogad 2013.09.20
amazing game great quality and sexy endings

CrazyNwild 2013.08.01
very hot and sexy game love it

MorningStar5565 2013.07.25
great game and animations

asadaly21 2013.03.26
good game; I love the gameplay

Gordn3 2013.01.27
Great game , nice story and grafic.

surreyboy73 2013.01.14
game was amazing, finished it 3 times

Thadium 2012.12.19
Not bad. Better than some of the others I have played.

kryptkeepr 2012.10.28
was fun lot to do to earn your way to end

hanibal194 2012.10.23
nice game but boring in the end

pothole 2012.09.12
not sure who is dumber; this game or me playing it

mankind224 2012.07.23
The game could of used a bit more variety instead of stat building for most of the game.
And there could of been more facial expressions when you were having sex with the women.

chap74 2012.07.21
not the best game there is but its nice to play it

WayneB 2012.06.27
a bit repetitive just building stats... more variety and surprises, along with clues so one must have more of a strategy to succeed in getting the points in time would make it more challenging

smurphy 2012.06.16
It`s a good game. I like such games.It`s a good game. I like such games.

Soul Assassin 2012.06.03
These sexyhot games are getting better, it`s a different take on teir games, but I still wish the put some more interaction in the sex scenes.

DrakeHarvey 2012.05.28
Pretty good game. Take some time at the library. Once you read 10 and 20 books you`ll get promoted at work and earn more money.

bahamut86 2012.05.22
Very nice game! Good grafic and gameplay

[BY]WEGAS 2012.05.22
pretty good game good scenes

sena123 2012.05.05
Nice graphics, pretty good game-play, make me think about series "Meet`n`Fuck"

glukos37 2012.03.16
Great game i love these rpg type games

PervertedOne 2012.03.04
Can Some Plz Help Me I Always Run Out Of Days

420stickyleaf 2012.02.28
ok game a little bit short

BigDaddyPsycho 2012.02.02
Really great game, liked it.

cowboy6963 2012.01.27
not bad just need to get paid more than 10 a day..other than that great game.

Guillaume 2012.01.08
easy fair game with hot girls

LadiiLexy 2012.01.07
Great game. It really challenged me and I got really horny from hot girls.

mikicostanza 2012.01.06
very nice game with hot girl

rk9fantasti 2012.01.03
excellent, I love having to work a strategy to earn a reward. :)

bad075 2011.12.20
great game. love the game

hontemp 2011.12.12
great one of the better ones

33440883 2011.12.11
ok???relevant comments concerning gameplay, graphic, animation

angad63 2011.12.05
strategic game and planning is necessary

clutching 2011.12.05
Great game i love these rpg type games

Lizzie 2011.12.03
Nice game, I really enjoyed playing this one.

scshaw2011 2011.12.01
Pretty good game but is a little boring toward the end but graphics are ok

andy_regresa 2011.11.25
it is a very good game we need more games like that

zenginoglu 2011.11.17
This is great game... I like it very much...

nicole506 2011.11.17
kinda boring. but the game is ok.

kuiop 2011.11.11
not bad, not bad, this game is lovevly :v

garfield11 2011.10.30
original game thanks to the creators

gemba 2011.10.20
sexyhot`s games are getting better indeed but they still lack too much on sexual interactions! the path is right anyway!

DreamTim 2011.09.21
pretty nice game but the fuck scenes are average...

Jaaru 2011.09.02
Nice little game, liking it.

Dick20 2011.09.02
Quite easy game , got all three girls at first attempt.It needs more sex scenes

crazy45 2011.08.24
nice game play but i think they should make the game longer and add difficulties

zelda813204 2011.07.19
lovely game sexy need to be longer

mahmut 2011.07.18
Maybe more sound but its very high quality graphic

dixienormous94 2011.07.13
Easy game but needs better scenes

besogrone 2011.07.01
too much work, at all, and few sex and girls

Nightspiral2k 2011.06.24
didn`t know it was timed, but it still dragged at times

chip chipperson 2011.06.19
i just don`t get it. bores the hell out of me

BallIdiot 2011.06.09
Interesting game play with the leveling up of power and intellect. However, it needs more sex (erotic) scenes.

m4t0n 2011.05.27
hots girls makes this game superb

harith 2011.05.23
Woah,this game is awesome

ctstc29 2011.05.21
Good game but watch your order of days

shakezulla17 2011.05.16
Good game with hot girls. A little bit long and you have to play your days right to get to all of them

Skarn62 2011.05.02
What a boring abd easy game

jmeoff 2011.04.29
Get smart, get strong, get cash, get girls

sashavip 2011.04.27
nice game..love it..lop are the great...go on...

dannyboy1234 2011.04.13
simple but great animations

pavel203 2011.04.06
game is ok nothing special

BDC 2011.03.28
A nice simple game but with a fair amount of re-paly value and decent graphics.

Tommy.lenguyen0710 2011.03.23
this game is quite good but not good enough

zembot 2011.03.20
hot game,,,hot girl too :)

DeaconFrost 2011.03.15
Quite good but bit linear and easy, sim date like.
No need to run it more than a couple of times to get all the girls a very simple way (probably just once will be enough if you are wandering). Straight and simple but entertaining still.
Decent graphically, short enough to not become boring.

TNT13 2011.03.13
nice game very good quality, recomended

arrezaedd 2011.03.09
i wanna play it over and over again..i feel like in heaven hahaha

dragonlordess 2011.03.04
ok i guess not enough sex for a game of this type of game to me.

dragonlordess 2011.03.04
does this story should have a prologue or did i miss it?

Khingo 2011.03.04
the game is too long to short what are the sex scenes

The_Who 2011.03.04
Not bad at all. Frustrating in some parts, but stick with it!

mmbrown2012 2011.02.21
very good game but then start being exciting

AnnaRainbow 2011.02.15
This was fun and rather challenging; knowing how to best use the time and resources. I was able to be with Kate (my favourite), and with Helen from the club. Soooo close to Julie, but ran out oftime. I enjoyed this

Luis4x 2011.02.07
very good game at first it looked boring but then started becoming exciting

Nick2 2011.02.05
It`s a good game. I like such games.

adejean1221 2011.02.01
fun but too muck work for the fuck

burdus 2011.01.21
I like that it was pretty easy, but the sex scenes were pretty boring

tonito 2011.01.20
very good game at first it looked boring but then started becoming exciting

truesorrow 2011.01.20
not enough story in this but it is a good game and a nice way to pass the time

aniyac 2011.01.12
Pretty good game with plenty of RPG`n but the sex scenes weren`t worth it. And the homeless man? No use what so ever as you don`t get a speech pentalty.

ratonius 2011.01.10
Needed a more complete story however...Still, fun for a short while,but not the best

kotor717 2011.01.03
this could have been more interesting, though the change in pace was cool.

jayr23512 2010.12.31
hello girls your kind and friendly i hope that you will you will be your friends pls...

jayr23512 2010.12.31
the game is very awesome and the graphic is great the is so niceand freindly.

kiko200 2010.12.31
great story animation and graphics

Futurus 2010.12.29
the game is ok, but i think its too long and it could be more interesting.

Grml 2010.12.25
Good game but I`d have liked more girls in it for what you do, but it`s ok.

mick149 2010.12.18
i wasted too many days unfortunately :)

Kastanir 2010.12.15
another game with questions and answers with rewards and asian looking girls, not my type but is okay

CuRuVaR 2010.11.28
super game! gret girls! i like it!

hersh2450 2010.11.27
Graphics of the game are good overall. Gameplay was ok, girls were amazing! Which is probably the best thing about it.

m4lv1n 2010.11.26
wow beautiful game,i really love this game !!

dsvjr19 2010.11.24
Meh he game was ok I just wished they gave you more money for work

tubs 2010.11.15
like this game, the girls are hot. Awsome

yy2 2010.11.15
Very little challenge to this game, and the graphics were not that great. Suggestions for improvement would be Add a nurse or doctor at the hospital you could fuck, and provide ways to fuck the girls in different positions.

Apac20 2010.11.11
Incredible game even if it was never finished.Being able to purse several different girls helps to provide a great deal of replay value. Not a big fan of the model part that was added and it seems to get away from the theme of the game. There was a demo of a fight portion the author was working on adding before I guess real life became too much to continue the game.

NightmareGER 2010.11.10
Love the setting of the Game. Nice change to other games with a bit more of thinking to it than just clicking buttons.

costel 2010.11.06
pretty simple, a bit boring, could use better backgrounds

Helg 2010.11.02
this is very funny but it`s a bit longer

pblqntn 2010.10.31
its pretty good and I wish for more like this

pontdoggah 2010.10.25
this is a great game, nice and simple

navnuc 2010.10.25
would like to see more of this style game also. nice logic puzzles

travie 2010.10.17
nice storyline and great ending :)

opie 2010.10.16
great game. Good graphics and nice rpg elements. Needed a more complete story however

ghostwalker187 2010.10.15
not a bad game. there should have been more graphics for the finale though. all in all a good game.

chumak 2010.10.13
It was too easy...and the ending could have been better

jimmy5227 2010.10.05
great game, love the graphics

1100110011 2010.10.02
cool game. cool pictures

Sheera 2010.09.30
nice...not the best, but nice! :)

andiyan 2010.09.27
it`s nice and good games....!!!!

4nik8 2010.09.22
Graphics were good and it was an ok game

beninhio 2010.09.21
Good game, bit to much of the same but enjoyable

freddycrs 2010.09.17
ok game, bit to much of the same thing over and over though

krakky 2010.09.12
good old dating sim. similar to ganguro etc

deathy 2010.09.10
this game was awesome

i loved the gameplay just wish it had better graphics - but even so it was awesome

pilote0819 2010.09.10
good game love the storyline

Xennon 2010.09.09
nice game, nice ending, love the gameplay!!!!!

tgbhw 2010.09.09
I was unable to get the game to download.

pius 2010.09.08
Great game. If you continue to up your intelligence and strength, you`ll win the game.

happydog 2010.09.07
very repetitive, but still fun

Jaytime 2010.09.05
Fun game, not one I`d replay alot though.

Chosen_Chaos 2010.09.03
Not a bad game, but a little too easy

icemansush 2010.09.03
great game easy and good graphics

dspeed 2010.08.31
Too simple, it`s just very clicky and the rewards at the end are pretty poorly done

kevinai 2010.08.30
nice game play , nice graphic and nice animation

babahoush 2010.08.30
great game lots of fun. love the graphic

awillyd 2010.08.29
Great game! Easier controls.

dash94 2010.08.29
woahh i love jamming up the librarian that was awesomee

simson123 2010.08.28
very good grafics... love this game

Ezio Gurzo 2010.08.25
nice game..a little on the easy side but the girls are hot. too simple to beat imo tho.

Fir3scar 2010.08.25
great game for its kind could be longer though

iceman1987 2010.08.25
pretty good game good scenes

ukmuppet1 2010.08.23
played this game serval times now very enjoyable graphics have classic hentai to them

yeah_9xxx 2010.08.22
Nice graphics, pretty good game-play, make me think about series "Meet`n`Fuck"

diend1421 2010.08.21
great game so many things to choose :D

MAYHAM 2010.08.21
i like most of d games on d site....dis 1 to

jody890 2010.08.20
i really like graphics and i find it quite addictive

shooter8 2010.08.18
great game nice graphic

djsquad 2010.08.18
funny game, details could be better

bobag 2010.08.18
I`ve played better games. But this one isn`t too bad.

quaxpl 2010.08.17
Good, game but it takes a long time to play

shooter16 2010.08.16
Fun, but a little too much effort.

ColonelIce 2010.08.16
great game, nice graphics and plot

titolepanto 2010.08.15
yes, good game. Geat chicks

quags1 2010.08.13
great game good graphics need more like this

weesim 2010.08.10
good game graphics r good

willie66 2010.08.09
good anime graphics decent game

FRaud 2010.08.07
its really a good training for us GUYS

chalicier 2010.08.06
Funny little thing, but a bit drawn out.

omgitsivan 2010.08.06
not bad, but could be better. its easy to beat, but beating it isnt really the point of the game i guess.

jasethevillain 2010.08.05
Good game, I really enjoyed it.

Great work.

johnson12312 2010.08.05
very good want to see more like this

haneef 2010.08.05
i love this game so much.....excellent game

fuckboy 2010.08.04
nice game great chicks and great graphics

fuckboy 2010.08.04
good gameplay ok graphics and nice chick

2fast4u1992 2010.08.04
a very very good game with super hot chicks

Superedd 2010.07.30
not too innovative, but fun to play.

RockyDog 2010.07.29
Great looking women, but a little easy game play.

megage 2010.07.27
ohhh i love this game its really nice

Da_Beast 2010.07.26
very good animation and finished with only a day to go, pretty lucky, amazing gamplay

Laysha 2010.07.25
I`m lovin these game its so cool

Dr_Chico 2010.07.25
very fun game, just need to have more actions & views while having sex
but the story is interesting

Supica 2010.07.24
this is one of the best games currently on playforceone^^ there`s few game that has such good over all quality:)

needinsex 2010.07.24
Nice game. More options and choices will be nicer.

BDC 2010.07.24
An intrestingb and time consuming game.

donaghyd 2010.07.23
good game but you need more days

damanboy780 2010.07.22
the girls are hot and this is a good game

maxfire007 2010.07.21
This game is actually some wat challenging hint workout first and build strength

th3c4rd 2010.07.21
not bad, starting off you want to do 3 days str, then 4 days in the library. keep doing that to work your stats up, then when you get your str up to 14, trade out one friday in the library for the competition, , you get the idea. pretty simple after that (though you might want to do a little research on Alexadre Dumas for the librarian.

badboy012 2010.07.21
a rubbish version of meetnfuck

sex619 2010.07.21
game long, bt its easy to play..

Mortheous 2010.07.21
its ok, played it once, probably wont play again

Koudy1994 2010.07.21
i love this game.......... i want more like this

sasanka 2010.07.20
It is very good game - good graphics! But it takes long to see some action

ugoduro 2010.07.20
nice game, but it would be better to fuck all the girls together

sllim 2010.07.19
nice game. needs a little more depth.

radman64 2010.07.19
Pretty good, linear but good. Graphics for a CG game are actually quite good!

Shinu 2010.07.18
it gets a bit booring in the end because its too lang the grapics could be better, all in all its a nice game

XXXDarkDragonLord 2010.07.18
Good game, but gets kinda boring after a while

robstorm 2010.07.18
it is alright kinda boring

Silverslice101 2010.07.17
boring after a while, but ok

deathsquad 2010.07.17
uits pretty good, good graphics, tho its gets boring

cypher09 2010.07.16
It is a pretty decent game

davj5 2010.07.16
Its a good sim date but its a bit long and it could have better quality too.

shay123 2010.07.16
Very bad not good at all

shay123 2010.07.16
long game, didn`t like very much

Petey10 2010.07.15
good easy game, sex scenes could be better tho

shaylin123 2010.07.15
very boring not very good

circlebox 2010.07.15
Good game, a little easy compared to the other simdates.
And have few scenes, but is fun to play

sexwithme 2010.07.15
that an super easy game i finshed it in 20 minutes and best game ever!!!

badrobot 2010.07.14
Just hated it. Too boring.

Fimsen 2010.07.14
Never got to finish. Got some kind of bug. Anyone else got that?

espectroz 2010.07.13
very details in this game, various possibilitys

thegame 2010.07.12
I like that it was pretty easy, but the sex scenes were pretty boring

pouimet 2010.07.12
I agree. fun game but looks-wise could use some improvements

Gemman67 2010.07.11
Fun but to easy, could use lil fixer upper.

Dragon062593 2010.07.11
Awsome game and easiest if you do it in order of the picture

lucasneil 2010.07.11
wow, lesson of passion rules!!

ZajferX 2010.07.11
hehe this is a nice game :D

willsflake 2010.07.10
great n exicting game..though its kinda hard

igotthefunny 2010.07.09
an ok game not super great

mellllll 2010.07.08
great game, love the rpg-games on this site

bigblack 2010.07.08
good game good graphics long but worth it

etch 2010.07.08
Good game. Well worth the time to play it through

MrSeven 2010.07.07
I really enjoyed playing this game, was worthwhile!

Zacky 2010.07.05
Hot girls... Really great game

fluxis 2010.07.05
sexy game - very well done

dars 2010.07.05
easy........ fair game..hot girls

ridefort 2010.07.04
I like the boxing aspect a lot. Boxing is the best!

ridefort 2010.07.04
the load times for games from sexhotgames is usually longer

c76 2010.07.04
cool game. needs more sex scenes

md 2010.07.04
it is not very good game

Pwlkane 2010.07.04
Nice game but once you`ve played and got all the girls,
It`s just the same over and over ?
Sorry but once you know how it gets kinda boring ?
But good for any new players.

Fixman 2010.07.04
Little borring... music and game play are bad.. I dont like it... :/

gameslayer 2010.07.03
a lot of clicking, but not much sex scenes ):

fred4959 2010.07.03
fun game but lack of scenes hurts it

Neoblade 2010.07.03
Rather boring method for getting the girls and lack of sex scenes.

Why are there less and less nowadays...

TDurd 2010.07.03
Gameplay 7/10. Lacking scenes of sex.

chunkybrother 2010.07.03
Nice game, but a little predictable

MTNDEWMATT 2010.07.03
its an ok game could be better

pokermon123 2010.07.02
i like the story and the gameplay. 5/5!

ROB83073 2010.07.01
it was fun took me a while to finish thought

pedro123 2010.07.01
great game was real great having so many options

darko21 2010.06.30
Love these little rpgs... wonder why they never put in a fat girl?

Simen 2010.06.30
It would be nice if you could revisit the girls after completion.

combowalker 2010.06.30
Good game, could use a little more in depth questions

lenman 2010.06.30
Superb game. Worth the effort. Nice slick hentai, but the scenes must be more graphic and longer. After all that effort, we deserve a good show. Nice game.

Kitsune 2010.06.30
great game, though I didn`t get the girl from the club, she was too expensive.

PinoyPride702 2010.06.29
this game is sexy , high school romance was pretty good

jenso 2010.06.29
nice game but but more interaction at the sex scenes

ccornett 2010.06.28
good but could have been longer

Diamond Age 2010.06.28
Great game. Needs more story though

laurajones 2010.06.27
like the game but it doesn`t stand out as anything special. a bi formulaic

spinex 2010.06.27
good game but not an easy play.

40belowsummer 2010.06.27
Couldn`t play it, it always ended at 3 % and then nothing changed. Can`t give the game a note.

pdlboat 2010.06.27
I don`t really like these kind of games. I don`t think they offer you enough freedom with your decisions. The girls are hot, but the girls are always hot in video games so that doesn`t really count for much.

roseman780 2010.06.27
Nice game but was able to finish on first try and it is a little short

Styngetier 2010.06.27
Really nice game to spend an hour with. Great graphics, nice girls. But once you know how it wirks, it`s really easy to finish

Chobitz 2010.06.26
nice graphics..
rather good game but sex scenes can do much better

mistery 2010.06.26
it was fun took me a while to finish thought

mistery 2010.06.26
its a very good game but not the best

dreadwolf 2010.06.25
game play, graphic, animation are fair/ ok game

indianaboner 2010.06.24
its a pretty good game. i liked the ending best

joshy135 2010.06.24
was ok i guess kind of slow not alot of animation

kliffoth 2010.06.24
Pretty intuitive game, but a tad too long and repetitive at some parts... those were boring.

fsjd123 2010.06.24
fun game. bit long but still a great one.

electrogirl1988 2010.06.23
very straightforward, but reasonably fun game

cutiewutie56 2010.06.23
good game, very easy to play, and good graphics

addictive 2010.06.23
there comes some oldschool fun :)

camham1 2010.06.22
an easy game but it still fun to play

camham1 2010.06.22
easy game but still fun to play it

Baldr 2010.06.22
Decent game, could use a little more in depth questions I think. *nods*

MikeTitan 2010.06.21
Decent game, could use a little more in depth questions I think.

priyanshu 2010.06.21
the game could be better

Petey 2010.06.20
Strange ending but def. worth playing

allard125 2010.06.20
good choice of girls it make it more hot

pinkypanda 2010.06.20
like this game alot it`s really a nice game with good graphic (:
all games should be like this..

lekid jean 2010.06.20
nice graphics..
rather good game but sex scenes can do much better

peteriris 2010.06.20
Is a nice game and picture really good it need more........

fowlly 2010.06.19
nice game good pics for hentai and easy loading

darksareth 2010.06.19
very good game and animation

higashi 2010.06.18
this game not happy sex scene

BBoy1237 2010.06.18
I wish there was more time managment in the game, instead of do one girl, then the next and the next....

pinolo 2010.06.18
great game but a bit hard to play

LoLB 2010.06.18
a bit hard to play but still a very good game

jakau 2010.06.18
really good game keep it on

paulforce 2010.06.18
the game is a little bit easy but the girls , i think are hot..

OnePlayerForce 2010.06.18
Tough to learn. Walkthroughs available?

hotguywitdick 2010.06.17
Awesome game, great graphics. But the graphics could be better.

sammichman 2010.06.17
This is alot better than there usual games

eagleata 2010.06.17
I hope that add more options with different girls and a better ending.

tmcanu 2010.06.16
Having same issue with game not working as the other.

az89 2010.06.16
good game. nice graphic. i like it

bored120 2010.06.16
It was too easy...and the ending could have been better

Piepai 2010.06.16
It`s ok, I guess. But I sorta wish it was more complicated in places if you know what I mean?

Maybe `less basic` is a better way to put it..

alejo_01 2010.06.16
Nice game though rewards could be better! :(

jjabrams 2010.06.16
I like this game - good idea, but wish it was harder and the rewards greater.

chiefton 2010.06.16
Straight forward game just have to continue to build stats and dont fight to early.

Harley 2010.06.16
Good graphics, but a little too easy.

Raiha24 2010.06.16
the game is a little bit easy but the girls , i think are hot..

bommiewommie 2010.06.16
woooooooooooooooooooooooow good grafieken

Dreadthious 2010.06.15
I found it a little boring, should be some kinda time meter so you can do multiple things instead of one a day.

rust 2010.06.14
nice game..a little on the easy side but the girls are hot. too simple to beat imo tho.

danilo 2010.06.13
this is a good game i like the graphics and girls so pretty hot is easy but i like me!!!

dpcc 2010.06.13
Great game, wish you could hit the gym after work.

HP 2010.06.13
This game is just way too easy. All the dialogue options are completly obvious and I finished the game in 2/3rds of the allocated time.

eriklefish 2010.06.13
Its ok, far too easy compared to some of the better games tho.

Paradox 2010.06.12
Should be harder ,its not that fun like this

dkenneth3 2010.06.12
OK game, increasing $`s is slow.

wpowder 2010.06.12
Good game, great graphics, nice gals

bestia99rom 2010.06.11
Good Game I Really Enjoyed It..Alot

colinjfrancis 2010.06.11
This game is too easy. No challenge at all.

nottswg 2010.06.10
decent game, but more animations/positions would have been nice.

Mcgver 2010.06.10
I really don`t know what to says, 3 girls 3 fuck sessions too easy

vir 2010.06.10
Nice game, but change the sound

sosexy 2010.06.09
I think more options would have been better

Art0112 2010.06.09
It could be more entertaneing

geobush1 2010.06.08
This is an OK game, but it`s a little simple and there aren`t a lot of options to make it interesting.

Joshmofo1 2010.06.08
One of the best games I played. Wish it was a lil longer

des14 2010.06.08
It is not the best game here. 4 out of 5 stars.

Netsplit 2010.06.08
Very repetetive gameplay ...

laavi 2010.06.08
this was funny game little too long

gp78 2010.06.08
after u play jordan
this is a letdown

wahooman48 2010.06.07
the jordan RPG is much better that this

andy_regresa 2010.06.07
Pretty easy game. Graphics could be much better. Sex scenes are really lacking in quality, duration, variety.

s@nt!no 2010.06.07
Meh... Too much random clicking, not enough sex scenes.

hardcorechad 2010.06.06
Ok game but really simple.

tonymanslayer1 2010.06.06
this is the best game i ever played its fun

Tieron 2010.06.06
a lot of work for so little

Grant 2010.06.06
Too much work for too little reward (kinda like real life)

billyfm365 2010.06.06
i like this game..... but can not play well

randy06 2010.06.06
this is a great game should have more like this one and have threesomes and or more girls to do

gkc131313 2010.06.06
it`s not the best game here!
it`s too much of the same thing for ache girls

knuddeltobi 2010.06.06
Nice game in overall but a bit to simple to solve...

paranoid 2010.06.06
the game is quite nice. The sex scenes are a little boring tho...

daadennis 2010.06.06
decent game..........wish there was more to do in the sex scenes then just click

startabus 2010.06.05
Nice characters. In overall nice game

chiefton 2010.06.05
I hope that add more options with different girls and a better ending.

Flasher1 2010.06.05
good game fun to be easy for once

val2062 2010.06.05
very good graphics... love this game.......
but I still wish th put some more interaction in the sex scenes.

arcedon 2010.06.05
i like the girl in the ring,

maywh 2010.06.05
Fun, but also very easy, which I guess is a good thing for a porn game.

shakeandbake278 2010.06.05
fun game i liked it fast andeasy to understand

shishkabob 2010.06.05
Fairly easy, but still engaging.

johndoejohn 2010.06.05
Nice game, pretty straightforward though

kezbaby 2010.06.05
Good Game I Really Enjoyed It..Alot

Doffer 2010.06.05
Cool game. But its to easy :P

yesmam 2010.06.05
Good graphic. Too easy to win. But they still lack too much on sexual interactions.

jjk2 2010.06.05
good games too difficult to get all the girls in one play through

Xyzzy 2010.06.05
Pretty easy game. Graphics could be much better. Sex scenes are really lacking in quality, duration, variety.

tziyong 2010.06.05
Good game and very good graphics

johnrawr 2010.06.05
fun game had to take 3 seperate turns to get all the girls

eralph67 2010.06.04
tough learning the rules and getting to know the guidelines for earning and behavior.

drok 2010.06.04
bit too easy, managed to get all 3 girls on second attempt! Could do with being able to see a bit more of the action!

lov2eatu 2010.06.04
Nice game but could show a little more of the girls naked. Would be nice to be able to take girls out for a walk after sex.

k75strider 2010.06.04
Not too bad. Kind of easy to win but does require the use of good strategy.

kaismith111 2010.06.04
its a very good game but not the best

eagleata 2010.06.04
good game but not excellent...

DarkMerc 2010.06.04
Easy but still pretty fun

kage123 2010.06.04
very good grafics... love this game

Ricoh124 2010.06.04
Great game, should be expanded to be more challenging

AKK! 2010.06.04
its pretty good, just the graphics could be better

chiefton 2010.06.04
Would have liked to come back the girls later in the game for more options.

emetiel 2010.06.04
a funny little game with nice graphics

kitkatpaddywhack 2010.06.04
This is a great game, but really easy, I beat it in about 30mins, if that. Still, fun for a short while!

cheese101 2010.06.04
good game,bit too easy though

s@nt!no 2010.06.04
Not bad, not sure about the sound though.

jerryonly83 2010.06.04
sexyhot`s games are getting better indeed but they still lack too much on sexual interactions! the path is right anyway!

boinky 2010.06.04
These sexyhot games are getting better, it`s a different take on teir games, but I still wish the put some more interaction in the sex scenes.

rianonn 2010.06.04
very good grafics... love this game

leonizer 2010.06.04
Apac20 - this is NOT LOP game :)

Apac20 2010.06.04
i love this game so much..!
more oft hem would be like heaven :D
lesson of passion are simply the Great, hell yeah!!

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