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Seduce Bonnie Cage


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crimsonfrog 2017.11.10
not a bad game played better

BonerMan 2017.09.30
Holio U...good old school game!

Organtoxic 2017.09.19
his usual games but great

KitCarsen 2017.08.12
Great fun playing these old games.

Laelith 2017.08.01
Another excellent holio game

pupparuolo 2017.07.31
good games.... sound is nice but graphic would be better

Tiodor 2017.07.03
All Holio games are the same, just play one of them and forget it

TMAMA 2017.05.04
The Holio series was always strange. This game is no different

clouffie30 2017.03.26
Classic game, could do with an over haul, but at least there are quite a few

Sexy_Jackie 2017.02.24
Impressive simple game, graphics are well down for an old game.


shogom 2017.01.21
Wow those are some crazy moves!! Definitely the first time I`ve seen anything like that. I wonder if my dick could be harder somehow...

robbie2801 2016.12.30
A much more fun game than earlier games.

Corgath 2016.12.11
pretty good but rather short

pornzoo 2016.12.03
Nice old game but i dislike the pop up help screen after doing something

bradlyamanda 2016.10.23
Always fun to try out the old games.

MadLenny 2016.09.03
not the most difficult game in the world but good design, and nice voice overs too

misterj 2016.08.26
Nice voice. Simple but excellent animation drawings

Zatiro 2016.06.09
for be a old game is ok by his time !!

Martellus 2016.06.01
Pretty basic...not much in the way of progression during the sex scenes. The voice track is a nice touch though. Given the age of the game, it`s a fun distraction nonetheless.

kedO52 2016.05.29
Game about pick up a crazy woman (all scenary in this game - little crazy)
Action scene and picture - not so good
But game not so bad for beginner gamer;)

Shimmin 2016.05.19
Always fun to try out the old games.

alexanderdane77 2016.04.25
loved this game and wished it had more options

candyman_t 2016.04.11
i have played several games of holio u en this is one of the best.

masodesmati 2016.04.08
cool game, old school. and the sound acting is nice, much appreciated.
but it doesn`t have Redheads in it...

singlevirgin 2016.04.02
Bonnie Cage Knows What She Wants

Megavitamins 2016.03.30
I wish their was text so u dont have to have volume up

chrisbaker 2016.02.29
Wow, this game really is old school. I appreciate the voice-over though.

latinagr 2016.01.25
For such an old game not bad at all.

singlevirgin 2016.01.24
Great Game With A Gorgeous Woman

dickandpussy51 2016.01.15
amazing game like the boobs

Kiskye 2016.01.10
great game bonnie knows what she wants hahaha she is a dirty lil slutt111 excellent

katsan 2015.11.26
Not very challenging but still nice.

MajinSetoKaiba 2015.11.26
Enjoyable little game from holio. Simple questions that if you give a little thought to you can correctly answer.

lovernotfucker 2015.11.07
everyone needs a slut like bonnie cage

DickDeity 2015.10.21
Probably the easiest Holio game if you keep in mind her character. Submissive is the way to go.

badboy0815 2015.10.03
Yeah this game is pretty old and it`s not as good as new games but it`s ok.

Zoro86 2015.09.18
Poor grafic and story for this game. But it`s good to play for the animations! The answers are not so hard to find so it`s at end a nice game.

hxxxsmoker 2015.08.26
That`s was good! This one is funny and sexy. Bonnie Cage is a real goddess! This game deserves a remake, with finest graphics and a longest adventure.

udjai1 2015.08.23
Very easy game but quality is not good

Daris 2015.07.18
Old game, bad graphics/as expected. Decent.

dgkesquire 2015.05.30
Basic Holio U game: good (not great) graphics and animation

spijkertje26 2015.05.19
Great game one of the older once love it

blumpybimp 2015.05.04
not a fan of the design, but gameplay is fun

Anatik 2015.04.22
I like her voice. The story is good, but too short. Fun game.

Gorgolock 2015.03.17
I don`t know. To me it seemed pretty simple at short. I don`t know how it got such a high rating.

krylancelo 2015.03.04
Good game, nice animations and graphics for its time. I liked more the blonde girl.

matthewdrk 2015.02.27
Iv always enjoyed this seies. This is more of a minigame so 4 out of 5

anomyous 2015.02.24
wish there where more games like this out there

RandJ1078 2015.02.05
Love this game. Holio U gets 5 out of 5 stars. Does anyone know how many there are? I`d like to play them all

RandJ 2015.02.05
Got to love a good Holio U game. Easy game play, great graphics. Cant wait for the next one!

peazomango 2015.01.29
Not bad, but too old now, I think they can de soma kind of "remake" HD XD

daddiestickem 2015.01.19
great game bonnie knows what she wants hahaha she is a dirty lil slutt111 excellent

tgm 2015.01.07
A fun casual game, imposible to get it wrong

midnyght 2015.01.01
not really enough interaction just appeasing an annoying chick

JakeA217 2014.12.22
Nice and simple game to play. Graphics aren`t the greatest, but it`s creatively different.

Buddy1991 2014.12.07
Its a nice quick game with a funny Cartoon graphic.

Pendergast 2014.12.02
Fantastic Lady! Very easy game

Iva_bigun_12 2014.11.22
good game, but the graphic could be better

wonderboy001 2014.11.10
A good early game thats not too hard and doesn`t take too long to finish.

beesbal64 2014.10.21
This is a great game just too easy graphics also a bit poor but good gameplay

Ninja370 2014.09.28
cool game good enough graphics

Digiman 2014.09.27
good game, but more interactions would have made it better

maxim204 2014.09.26
fun game, i like how you have to work for it :)

jaden1999 2014.09.23
hot girl need more inter active thing to do

asinble0 2014.08.29
i really want to have her again

asinble0 2014.08.29
a very hot girl and big sexy game

stoad69 2014.08.03
Good graphics and like the way it makes you work for the right ways to answer and seduce her for the final scene.

HipHop 2014.08.02
Simple yet very fun, always great to play these games.

Ivalien 2014.07.10
Poor animation, don`t like it.

BigWill1990 2014.07.07
good game play force you done well with this one

Ramses93 2014.07.03
Nice Play force one game again

podl 2014.07.03
Another excellent holio game

imcndn 2014.06.19
ok game, Bonnie is hot, just goes to show how much games have improved over the years

MercenaryD 2014.05.26
Interesting game, graphics reminiscent of a time when there were only flash games, nostalgia)

Sexy007 2014.05.23
predictable but still a fun game to play.....if only university was this much fun :)

BverComander 2014.05.17
great game.. very entertaining ... sexy woman

DarkCathal 2014.05.13
It`s ok. nice to see where it started

Assurbanipal 2014.03.21
i didn`t like it a lot, but still playable, you can try it

reinz4 2014.02.23
hot and sexy game like it tooo much

asiaacocaine 2014.02.09
oldie. . .but still entertaing

TheIronWeasel 2014.01.11
Decent but animation needs work

LucianxXx 2013.12.21
game is pretty good, but short and a little too easy. Still enjoyable :D

dusan 2013.12.15
holio u kick some asses :)

ramarra 2013.11.25
poor graphics, but an amusing 5 minutes of gameplay

csasso 2013.11.14
Another filler game that should have been left off your menu, but remember ,Quality before quanity.

puterealuira 2013.10.27
excellent game, graphics need improvements.

Badvoc 2013.10.23
these games are good for the comic value but very samey between the different girls

hfdgdgf 2013.10.16
this is a very hot game and i rlly love it

deathproof 2013.10.15
not a bad but needs massive graphic improvements

james3223 2013.09.28
it needs to be more realistic

DannyFries 2013.09.27
too easy, no real thinking but I guess it could be worse

1ashwin1 2013.09.25
Graphics needs serious improvement

noogad 2013.09.19
hot and sexy game like it tooo much

Tommiiee94 2013.09.10
Good old fashion game hahah

Fadrahk 2013.08.28
funny voiceacting, ok game.

farkas 2013.08.24
Classic holio game width Bonnie Gage.

hotrod69 2013.08.14
This chick is my kind of babe...

adeeoner 2013.08.08
THESE GAMES are very sex

asinble 2013.08.08
hot and sexy game like it tooo much

qwerdsa 2013.07.14
Not Bad
But Ok

Mesmeriser 2013.07.01
Maybe I need an extra cup of coffee this morning, but I was unable to get through the first scene despite clicking almost everywhere on the screen. I also clicked on "Help" but nothing happened.

Ig 2013.06.22
Funny game with nice cartoon graphics. Quite easy, with a simple gameplay.

huseyingk 2013.06.19
I finished the game in a short while but the graphics are not good enough and story is boring..

Quill 2013.06.16
You need your brain and you have fun. What do you want more. Oh yes. She`s looking good for a cartoon girl ;)

hickle02 2013.06.14
good game always like these games

moudibeirut 2013.06.12
Graphics needs serious improvement

Boss2000 2013.06.10
Too short, and too few choises

Parklies 2013.05.13
These games bring back memories... They really were great for their time.

Amit59 2013.05.12
easy gameplay with lots of help

mcxi 2013.05.01
Nice and simple gameplay!

madmax68 2013.04.24
Enjoyable but too easy to work your way thru

gwazz 2013.04.16
a most enjoyable game will add to favourites

e-monk 2013.04.10
holio u: allways the same...

jagare 2013.03.27
Same platform as the other Holio but always good fun

mick149 2013.03.24
these games always seem the same....... a bit old now!

Wongcho 2013.03.18
Algo simple, pero entretenido, holio se puede decir que son clasicos :P

RowdyRod 2013.03.16
Good little game, easy and a bit short, however I love the real voice acting, nice touch.

Beaver666 2013.03.15
good game...i`m very glad of this game

brit_man33 2013.03.09
I like that game. Good interaction, interesting animations, nice voice.

kpjr278 2013.03.02
Short game, love the retro hairdo and the outfit.

63ted 2013.02.26
Quick game when don`t have much play time.

gartal 2013.02.26
Hmmm i`d prefere the final position for her was ass fucking instead of vag,but that`s ok:)

49fp 2013.02.24
Very simple. Like taking a break from the more challenging games.

jrjr567 2013.02.17
kinda interesting, coulda had a better ending

ashleymassey59 2013.02.15
great graphics and a really good game

pussaypatrol12 2013.02.09
good game. the girl is hot

garonbrown 2013.02.02
another holio u game. all pretty much the same

Gordn3 2013.01.27
Boored game , lost interest quick.

oscar500 2013.01.19
simple and easy to play. it`s a good game.

alex_lev 2013.01.04
so boring, the same as any other Hulio U games

Marty2005 2012.12.30
the game is very nice but could have a little more action or like some more last min questions. i find it too easy for my taste though but very nice game

DOD83 2012.12.29
Great game. Excellent graphics and very funny.

shyman44425 2012.12.26
much better game than I thought it would be.

Schwalbe 2012.12.19
Hot woman and a nice game

Long Dick 2012.11.24
game quality is o.k,not much to it.

yzenginoglu 2012.11.24
this is great game... i loved so much...


JJ2 2012.11.16
Alright graphics but not much in the terms of gameplay,

Blesshand 2012.11.15
A good light game. A few wrong choices couldn`t hurt the result.

Horgretor 2012.11.12
I liked the sound effects very much. Very nice game. Nice action, questions. Could be more deep but for something light and fun cool

spud06 2012.11.07
Like these games. a few wrong choices don`t ruin it

garonbrown 2012.11.06
Holio U...good series in their day

Kudos5 2012.10.29
Not an awfully good game. But the dialogue was fun

meowio94 2012.10.21
average game. not really fun, but not too bad

C.C. 2012.10.18
Hot girl for animation. Good for passing some time but looking forward to some new games.

stevie 2012.10.09
Not very challenging, and they are all almost the same. But this is one of the better.

Yrthgrathe 2012.09.21
funny thing not hard but funny

Souls at Zero 2012.09.14
Not the best game, but certainly not the worst ... funny dialogue

corbarian1 2012.09.08
The gameplay is simplistic, the animation ridiculous, but nonetheless it`s also quite fun

JohnMcKrusty 2012.09.08
Nice Look and easy to play....Great ;)

rageboyfat 2012.08.28
Great game and quality. Also not to hard and lastly the mistress was amusing i like that:)

thomascox84 2012.08.27
I`ve always like the holio U games...Good animations and decent gameplay

VIP303 2012.08.27
Nice graphic it has in it

WARDOG77 2012.08.23
i really love these holo u games. so simple yet fun to play!

picture_fool 2012.08.21
Good game, great art, and a touch of challenge.

busu99 2012.08.19
I like all series Holio U, nice graphics and idea

lichkitten 2012.08.19
a quick game fun and easy.

mungbean 2012.08.15
Ok game, could do with being more challenging.

jimmy58 2012.08.13
Woo Hoo finished the game and only made three errors

oranjeboven 2012.08.10
It´so slow that I quit the game

Lewboy52 2012.07.27
The games a bit easy but it was fun

lgl 2012.07.23
Standard Holio game, but not one I`d encountered before

Just1SF 2012.07.11
unteresting game, story and graphics are not attractive

carter646 2012.06.17
Bit to easy, seems very very dated

Thom999 2012.06.10
nice game would love to see it with updated graphics and less repetitive.

rossoblu 2012.05.28
the game is not good enough, bad graphic and the game play is lame.

Johnmcgregor79 2012.05.19
Would have liked better graphics,but still fun to play

skullmar 2012.05.18
nice game would love to see it with updated graphics

milohunter 2012.05.15
good play but the graphics are too cartoon, could use modernization

Skysnake 2012.05.14
Always the same gameplay with different girls, but i like the animation

bahamut86 2012.05.08
nice girl and not so easy game :)

justme99 2012.05.04
They stuck to the holio formula. OK to play once or twice, but not much more than that!

K_Pchaos101 2012.05.02
funny game...i thought the graphics were good for this type of game, thought it was pretty short but I enjoyed it

danielsyd2 2012.04.27
WERY SLOW loading but the game is OK

Jones94 2012.04.21
nice graphics and good game

memos 2012.04.18
the graphic is bad and story horrible

notnafire2 2012.04.12
the game was nice builded but the grapsh need be better

gui133 2012.04.03
Great game, not so easy that it seems. The girl is so hot!!!

meast 2012.04.03
what a fun game to play, very good

[BY]WEGAS 2012.03.29
Considering that this is almost 10 years old it is still a lot of fun.

zvrhlik 2012.03.25
I like this game, nice graphic, easy to control and pretty girl

timbobbilly 2012.03.23
nice funny game with easy handling

danielsyd2 2012.03.17
Funny game with nice cartoon graphics. Quite easy, with a simple gameplay.

BlackHawk1980 2012.03.11
The girl is very hot, the story too, but the graphics are not so good and the game is a little bit short

deek 2012.03.04
good game, and nicely drawn girls

KathBell 2012.03.03
Nice paced game good graphics

sorethumb07 2012.03.01
cheesy game but the commentary made me laugh overall pretty good

mnorris 2012.02.23
no bad but fairly predictable like the other Holio-U games

samcor1982 2012.02.23
Pornholio collections became stuck in the same style since a long time ago, shadowed by newer and better games like LOP ones.

j3ssie 2012.02.20
sweet graphics.
excelent animation.
sweet game.
like to see more
this girl is purely hot and nasty...
i`ll dream she all the night...
you should play immediately...
it`s hot hot hot

Ryoxxx 2012.01.29
It`s a good game
Similar with other games Holio -U-

dfish_44 2012.01.27
too similar with other games Holio U

Marti1920 2012.01.18
pretty good game but still room for improvement

BallIdiot 2012.01.12
Chappy graphics & animations. The voice over is funny though.

MasterKenob1996 2012.01.10
bonnie cage is i cannot say it with words...HOT

sexyman111 2012.01.03
way to predictable and short. the graphics arent bad tho

debow23 2012.01.03
good game however the its far too predictable

fucku123 2012.01.02
it`s a good game
but the graphic could be better i hope
nice game anyway

BigDaddyPsycho 2012.01.02
Fun little game from the Holio series.

Guillaume 2011.12.31
Funny game with nice cartoon graphics. Quite easy, with a simple gameplay.

sam00spade 2011.12.29
Not very challenging, and they are all almost the same

sam00spade 2011.12.29
Now that`s what cartoons should look like

mike97 2011.12.25
Good game . This game is fun

stephen69 2011.12.24
great game could have been longer though

mikicostanza 2011.12.23
funny game, bonnie cage is awesome

Killerbee123 2011.12.15
not too intresting game and graphic is not too nice

Danyolivier 2011.12.14
Another Holio U game.Great concept always funny

rumxes 2011.12.12
Good concept but the game is short.

pontiac20 2011.12.11
Very hot concept but could use updating.

Holter 2011.12.11
I like all series Holio U, nice graphics and idea

Arbaal 2011.12.09
Not that good game. Graphix r fine. But this serie start to be too repetative.

tedibear1 2011.12.04
great game an great animation

pratik0803 2011.12.02
gr8 game...........but just missing sum graphics skill............but anywae itz enjoyable.......

VinceVega03 2011.11.30
Fun little game with nice cartoon graphics, but it could be more difficult. I liked the gameplay though.

Darkside1979 2011.11.27
O play this game in a other versin ??nce a time ago

wateshito 2011.11.25
i remember this game long time ago, was the best ones pornholio,make me remember good times

lovesandyyy 2011.11.22
nothing new with the story line but its hot

lazy boy 2011.11.19
good game .. answering and qustion .. but funny

DaneWolf 2011.11.16
Great game with a lot of humor. The graphics however is not what i want to praise. Good art work though.

crippledisme 2011.11.14
Played 1 Holio game played them all

24AWSOMEDUDE 2011.11.12
Of coarse this is a low level game, but it is a good game series, that could probably be considered a classic.

jcoelho67 2011.11.08
this game is one of top five games

SCOTTYDAWG 2011.11.06

C.C. 2011.11.02
Entertaining and a decent way to pass some time. not a big turn on.

chasen1213 2011.10.31
any one else fail the 1st time

samarsavla 2011.10.31
i jus simply luv this game with all d rounds.......simply awsm

samule 2011.10.30
this game is one of top five games

hoopsracer 2011.10.30
This series is always interesting.

Zral0k 2011.10.21
This holio game is so good... nice animations and pretty girl

Brewmaster 2011.10.20
Pretty sexy, but the animation could use some work. It`s not very smooth.

TBar39 2011.10.17
Pretty good graphics, and I liked the voices used for the toons.

chybays99991 2011.10.13
Its nit bad game, but very interacting round 3

giridhar 2011.10.10
that was really informative

christofolos 2011.09.18
love these games, holio u ones are always fun

ridalx 2011.09.09
I love all the holio U games, very predictable, but always fun

AmazonQueen 2011.09.08
Considering that this is almost 10 years old it is still a lot of fun. Voice actress offsets the older art. A decent formula game that holds up well for once.

57chevy 2011.09.08
very good i was able to make up the stuff that i did wrong

ysr6581 2011.09.07
this is great game and i like it...

simon819 2011.09.05
interesting the mastress thing but the graphic are not to good 5/10

Jaaru 2011.09.02
Simple and nice little game.

nashnwo0 2011.08.28
Very funny and entertaining game. Graphics aren`t that great but the entrainment value makes up for it.

busu99 2011.08.23
This just as funny as the other Holio games.

skidmarkone 2011.08.11
not to bad rather easy i must say you just have to think logical

Nottravis 2011.08.06
Graphics are fine, but it`s not really much of a game

tornado 5 2011.08.05
animation and gameplay good

SnowWhite 2011.07.31
Great game, liked it. Plus it`s also hot! Hoolio!!!!!!!!!

Joshfatninja 2011.07.28
All The Holio U Games Are Fun, The Only Thing That Changes Is The Girl Though!!!!!

Mr.Ven 2011.07.26
small game, nice mistress like the gameplay

jenso 2011.07.24
I love gothic girl... but this games always the same..

sraerf 2011.07.19
this game was lame and boring just like the rest of them made by this company

ujif86 2011.07.12
all holio games are the same, just play one of them and forget it

primus21 2011.07.04
I love a sexy woman who knows how to take charge. Even in the bed room

chrischaos 2011.07.03
This just as funny as the other Holio games.

PlayForce00 2011.07.02
These game crack me up, so stupid

skippy276 2011.06.26
Good game, a bit short though.

reaperpoy 2011.06.26
very gud game didnt do quite well in it though

Hazz90 2011.06.16
I liked it, but it would be better with better graphics

mahnameis 2011.06.06
I thought she would spank herself

jpsacrey 2011.06.05
good game but their all the same

misselmde 2011.05.30
Crappy animation. Not my fav.

MattR 2011.05.29
Graphic not that good but story is better 50% rating

kiko4ever 2011.05.24
well , not that nice good sounds but not great graphics ..... 45% rating

Dominic1 2011.05.22
anybody got a link for all of holioU`s games?

Mike_Shinoda81 2011.05.16
This is great game and i like it...

jabor 2011.04.26
this game is fun to start then it gets easy but the girl is hot

shawn07 2011.04.24
a little tricky,but a excellent game

bbb123 2011.04.23
good game but their all the same

hannah8686 2011.04.23
pretty good game, though easy to complete

pascal66 2011.04.21
memory works much better with these images

C.C. 2011.04.20
Someone creates a beautiful woman. Enjoyed this game.

mystikal13 2011.04.20
I love this game but the graphics could be better.

m4t0n 2011.04.19
nice graphics and story i like this game

thesphinx 2011.04.19
Cute animation but choppy. The sound, however, was great

CorvaXer 2011.04.16
I really like this easy games , but its to easy after you played 2 or 3 of them =D

chip1283 2011.04.16
nice graphics and story i love this game

sorethumb 2011.04.15
entertaining but graphics are a little cheesy.

wetter69 2011.04.13
too easy, no real thinking but I guess it could be worse

lampu7ahmad 2011.04.10
nice and good game...a little bit tricky...haha...

Gnosis8887 2011.04.08
Probably one of the better Holio U games. Good sound, decent graphics (remind me of Archie comics). :D

Skarn62 2011.04.05
Too easy, too similar with other games Holio U

conbron 2011.04.05
nice game, but very easy graphics & idea

nalasttop 2011.03.31
they`re ok these games but once you`ve played one you`ve done them all, very similar

gazelle37 2011.03.30
ver nice game, especially the wine bottle scene

Kavlakos 2011.03.28
Good game like the other Kolio U games.

zie_knight 2011.03.22
Like other Holio -U- `s game, too short and bad graphic, but it`s rather entertain

darknessrising 2011.03.19
like this sort of games

robk 2011.03.18
A little short and maybe they should have upgraded the graphics.

DeaconFrost 2011.03.13
One step behind lot of other games in here graphically, and really too easy to figure out.

rn 2011.03.08
Same as all the other Holio U games. Still ok ,but not challenging..

Matis221 2011.03.03
Not bad game, but graphics is too old.

chainxxx 2011.03.02
Good game, really easy to figure out
just a little too short

perechon 2011.02.24
Too short, Too easy, like all HOLIO games of this kind. Graphics not uptodate.

SkylineR34GTR 2011.02.23
Bravo, the Holio U games are hilariuos.

pietasty 2011.02.19
the gameplay was ok but the graphics not so good

jbhawaiisc 2011.02.15
It`s ok, but there isn`t a whole lot to do with these kind of games

ken3ma 2011.02.11
Game is okay need longer sex parts

randy06 2011.02.10
good game like them all but like to do the host in one of then amd u and her in all the actoin

phillip1001 2011.02.07
These games are okay but they really do need better sex sequences.

KrissyLynn 2011.02.05
I`m not a big fan of this series but the bondage aspect intrigued me

Whimper61 2011.02.04
This game was a good one. Great lay out andkeep you thinking.

heatround2011 2011.02.03
A little too easy to figure out but I did like the look of the Mistress

lazyone 2011.02.02
one of the best holio u games they she`s hot and making a mistake in the game not easy

1NT0X 2011.01.31
Good enough to want to play a second time, but very easy to get it almost right first time.

AnnaRainbow 2011.01.22
I love her look and design, very Betty Page :-)

ocandela 2011.01.22
This game is pretty good. I like this series.

maikelblack 2011.01.20
one of the good holiup games thats give around the world. easy to play with good fun and humor.

sback 2011.01.18
Amusing game the art work was not the best but there was a bit of humourin it

Drakonen 2011.01.15
a lill bit older game but still nice

kalbs 2011.01.11
Not the best game but it`s ok.

ratonius 2011.01.10
Clasic old game,quick and easy still nice to play.

rbjr 2011.01.10
simple game not much work involved

simonp 2011.01.04
ive allways like these games very good

marius0203 2010.12.26
Holio U games... you played one you played them all

ricdra 2010.12.22
i liked these games like 20 years ago its outdated now

kinky888 2010.12.22
It`s an alright game, not something you can replay very much but worthy enough to be played once

dickie2010 2010.12.21
far too easy just a click and watch game

leowragon 2010.12.18
was good but would have beeen better with more interractions

weromont 2010.12.17
Great game, can we get this hot girl to feature any other of the games? Good graphics!

Futurus 2010.12.16
Nice funny game but the graphic is not the best.

mick149 2010.12.14
ok game but its just luck answering questions

PZF 2010.12.03
Nice lines, it`s a good old game.

hash19 2010.12.01
not the best but not the worst, girl is hot

Saintly66 2010.11.29
Good quick game but the guy is slighty out of proportion

weldingcrow 2010.11.29
Good game the grphics could of been alittle better.

schrottie 2010.11.28
not the best but not the worst, girl is hot

JeanMarc 2010.11.27
good idea at the begining but may be it could be better with graphics

addladd 2010.11.25
good game graphics aint to great though

gastud 2010.11.24
graphics ok animation lacks a lot

lower5 2010.11.24
i love this game good graphic

maxxxy 2010.11.21
Agree with those who say the animation is very weak.

SEXYONE 2010.11.13
the game is great but the graphics need to be better

mattyrey 2010.11.10
not bad anamation needs work

Kyrozen 2010.11.10
Good game, could have better animation.

Rajin87 2010.11.03
Very bad animations... That`s All

Charles1981 2010.11.01
Good enough to want to play a second time, but very easy to get it almost right first time.

She is pretty kinky and has a bit of a thing for anal... where do women like this really exist?

lednav 2010.10.29
Classy lady, quick and easy still nice to play

gradandrei2006 2010.10.26
this game has some really good ending

jsfrts 2010.10.25
this kind of little games are very funny.

and very hot

lycanis83 2010.10.24
too bad they didnt make a lot more of these

paddywhack 2010.10.20
i like these games they are a good bit of fun!!!!!!!

deekrueger00 2010.10.17
pretty good game but still room for improvement

drgorgo 2010.10.17
Not bad, good animation, but the gameplay could stand some improvement. Sometimes, the choices seem kinda random.

kabuto 2010.10.16
Usual for U-Holio but still hot

pussymaniac23 2010.10.15
The game is clear out graceful with hot scenery

hayden1 2010.10.14
The girl is not that bad considering the graphics, but clearly not my favourite game, a bit too old I guess.

chumak 2010.10.13
fun games, but if the girl`s template would be changing, that would have been better

bshdaddy1 2010.10.07
good game from holio-u however it looks like she steped out of a dick tracy comic book/strip

stinky4219 2010.10.04
basic Holio-U stuff, not bad. At least it did`nt require all the mouse clicking like in all the Charlie games and others. The gal was hot in her Dom get-up, if she were real I`d be drool`n all over myself.

Cios 2010.10.02
Standard Holio U game. Nothing really new, but still worth a quick play

lgault1 2010.10.01
not the best but not the worst, girl is hot

bobIwanna69 2010.09.29
that was kinda hot watching her use the different items in her ass

kati1 2010.09.28
Nice Game a little short but good.

Kitty69 2010.09.17
Not the best game but it`s ok.

beatpoet 2010.09.06
Cartoon was visually good, but lacked a certain interactivity. Just a basic point-n-click game.

wol 2010.08.30
boring+the girl wasnt the hottest ive seen

wirewolf 2010.08.30
Holio u make all the time nice cartoons.but maby they should change the stile and renew acoording whit the new tehnologies

Skylink 2010.08.29
the game i alright but the graphics and gsmplay could be better and longer so i giv it a 60

XReaperhobo 2010.08.27
ok game, like this version a lot

Kirdran 2010.08.24
Holio games seems a bit boring and too simple (at grapihc level) comparing to others

Nishino 2010.08.20
The girl is not that bad considering the graphics, but clearly not my favourite game, a bit too old I guess.

bshdaddy1 2010.08.17
the women graphics are very good but the man needs to be better other wise not a bad game.

thomas1234 2010.08.15
cool game great grapichs i like it i like alot

Light 2010.08.07
pretty cool game, a bit predictable, but good none the less. I wish these games were more interactive

LPF3000 2010.08.07
Nice game, but to bad that you don`t see him cumming her all over..

Alpha X 2010.08.03
I like the holio U games but I`m surprised this one is on here considering that there aren`t any others on this site. Very good game though.

Caine1379 2010.08.01
cool game, kind of like an old classic

porky666 2010.07.31
Couple of ears ago that was great game. Now... it`s still pretty nice :)

Satans Angel 2010.07.25
Pretty good game... these games have a charm about them!!!!!! :)

GearG 2010.07.23
I love these games they have a strange charm to them.

Stretchball 2010.07.21
This game is pretty good, but still quite a classic!

highlands 2010.07.16
I like the holoi series but they seem to all be the same

Baddibu 2010.07.11
i dont like this game, i dont like all holi-u- games!

chrissi90 2010.07.10
Same platform as the other Holio but always good fun

buzzkillington84 2010.07.10
like at the ass on that one. I wish i was in the game

circlebox 2010.07.09
Holi U series is very funny.
They are simple, but have great sounds and a lot of girls

kylius 2010.07.08
there`s been so many of these i wonder if there will be more

gameslayer 2010.07.04
i love the holio U`s. they are great!

teddybear420 2010.06.25
Its a great game to play though could use some work

hotnsteamy 2010.06.18
a great game but a bit too short could have done with another round

joe782 2010.06.12
good graphics but a bit to easy

wrench 2010.06.10
Same format as all the other
Holio games... Entertaining though.

gp78 2010.05.28
a lil short, and maybe they should have upgraded the graphs

wahooman48 2010.05.21
game needs better graphics but i like the mistress

TroelsHH 2010.05.08
the game is okay the graphic could be a little better but the way you do things in it are good

rovanerns 2010.05.07
And a delight to play and exciting!

Matt183 2010.05.05
the game is pretty good,the animation is pretty nice

bucknu99 2010.05.03
love the animation on these games

Kalaam 2010.05.02
Usual games but still fun

gosselin22 2010.04.26
the bonnie cage is hot games

alexus68 2010.04.24
his usual games but still fun

Gally 2010.04.23
Game dosn´t work, or i´m just stucking at the beginning

astro 2010.04.19
Same platform as the other Holio but always good fun

chris123 2010.04.18
all these games are exactly the same needs more or different actions good cocept just boring

Jokke 2010.04.17
Not to entertaining. Far from my favorit

DSony 2010.04.15
Not bad but not great either

YAKMAN38 2010.04.08
yes, very very hott. these games were the greatest before meet n fuck started

Kedar 2010.03.28
OK. I don`t like holio games.

kacki3 2010.03.27
a bit to easy, but nice interactions =)

pencil12 2010.03.27
She sure can get out of those clothes quickly.

primus21 2010.03.26
I love woman who take charge

ut1stgear 2010.03.23
Normal Holio game. Just have to answer the questions right and the program takes over. Always fun to play though. Short and sweet. Fills the time but too short.

BaNEFuL 2010.03.22
very good game, more interaction needed.

boinky 2010.03.18
The graphics are better, but I liked the older HolioU games better. More variety, and more difficult to play

MARCIN 2010.03.04
holio -name of the game-:)maybe need a new gameplay and better grafic but i still wait for another game in this series

mcgophish 2010.02.24
Good game, but as other people commented, the Holio U games do follow the same plot. The girls are hot, but it can get old.

spenracq2 2010.02.22
good graphics but a bit to easy

gqman2 2010.02.19
I have played this type of game before. It`s ok and fairly interactive.

Panse 2010.02.19
I love bonnie cage she is hot

teamsex6 2010.02.18
I love these holio u games! =D

Berem 2010.02.14
I am charmed with Holio`s games, but indeed they are a bit repetitive

nine0ball 2010.02.11
Same old same old. Shes hot though

DonR 2010.02.08
Not bad. I have played better.

blaze420 2010.02.07
Not very challenging, and they are all almost the same. But this is one of the better.

blknight373 2010.02.02
i wish i knew her in real life haha ;)

synbad 2010.01.31
holio games need a new gameplay

brason1 2010.01.30
holio games seem to be the same but bonnie is hot shame screens are so small I like my close ups

BIG-BEAST 2010.01.11
good little game, but needs more story to it.

BIG-BEAST 2010.01.11
not a bad little game, it could be a little harder, though.

liamttt 2009.12.30
it is a good game to play

boyo111 2009.12.18
nice one, very good Betty Page take-off

nissehult 2009.12.15
this is an alright game and bonnie is a hot mama

sierra 2009.12.09
should be in 3d. but the idea is very good. maybe a little to short.

imtheone 2009.12.08
nice animated game as always it has been

Xyzzy 2009.11.21
All of these Holio U games are way too formulaic....they`re exactly the same, therefore boring.

hozer 2009.11.14
All holio games are the same game. Simple grafics but fun

rtully36 2009.11.04
to simple and bad graphics..

Regnak 2009.11.02
Another of these holio games, same every time but still fun.

Guss 2009.10.30
this game is for the younger gen set

Tfrank 2009.10.25
The Holio series of formulaic games is quite low level, but sometimes that is all one needs.

Ahem 2009.10.24
Nice holio game... albeit repetitive

muchomusica 2009.10.22
Just can`t beat these games. love em!

harry 2009.10.17
alright game and bonnie is hot

randy06 2009.10.14
like all theses games as well great chicks to fuck

NGomes 2009.10.12
Rather simple, low quality graphics...

werddrew92 2009.10.06
i wish i had a girl like that

godzilla 2009.09.30
Same as all the other Holio U games. Still ok.

lojo2 2009.09.28
good game! kinda challenging but easy.

kez1980 2009.09.23
Classic game, could do with an over haul, but at least there are quite a few

keno85 2009.09.23
i love bonnie is really hot she is good

vonk 2009.09.21
I love gothic girl... but this games 4ever be the same...

danzig79 2009.09.19
Hmmm i`d prefere the final position for her was ass fucking instead of vag,but that`s ok:)

r2043man 2009.09.17
it is a good game to play

jt101 2009.09.17
most of these from holio u are the same but not a bad game

walrus13 2009.09.16
Game is harder without girls descriptions

slipstone 2009.09.16
Rather simple, low quality graphics...

santa 2009.09.15
Same as all the other Holio U games. Still ok ,but not challenging.

Atomicfart 2009.09.15
his usual games but still fun

ak31 2009.09.15
good game, and nicely drawn girls

blade83 2009.09.14
i dont like the game.its too simple and the graphics is bad.

travisaf 2009.09.14
ok game, but not much interactivity.

skuggan 2009.09.14
Not very challenging, and they are all almost the same. But this is one of the better.

villafanart 2009.09.14
When i find this series (i think it was 9 years ago) it was a really good game, its a shame little to nothing changed from one girl to another, and its not that sexy when you know exactly what to expect, and of course the graphics get stuck in the early 2000 flash style

Xearan 2009.09.14
Another excellent holio game

BestestFwend 2009.09.14
yay, bonnie cage is hot.

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