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Secrets of Heaven


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user010485 2019.01.17
that was a very cool officer great game

jkoaq 2019.01.08
great game with nice action andgood graphics I can recommend it to everybody

felicia1 2018.12.20
come to my house and I give u all a good time because I am a girl looking for a man.

felicia1 2018.12.19
great game but to easy and really nice.

Badman.SP 2018.12.15
Great game, already starting to fantasize hot orgy with thick and hard cocks of guys from the team ....rnA girls ????rnCome on girls, come and sit on my face ... my tongue will make you scream ....

KK7077 2018.12.15
great game good graphics and multiple choices make it feel alivern

luffydragon 2018.12.07
as always a very good game from LOP,

dkr 2018.12.03
A very good game, just I expected

jonakos1387 2018.11.21
Nice game but a little short i think!rn

rockyraj 2018.11.03
Incredible Game! Great graphics and super sexy girl


RyanR1094 2018.10.29
Good game kinda short but detail is still pretty good

Tron70 2018.10.25
Quick and nice! Very nice story, maybe a little to short.

Latexlover2708 2018.10.24
love games of this genre, hope to see more

comms55 2018.09.25
Mechanics were better than most, but I didn`t feel like my decisions mattered.

Stormspell 2018.09.23
Good game, though, could use some more scenes

ajjj 2018.09.19
great game seriously sexy women

BallIdiot 2018.09.16
Simple and straight forward game with 4 endings (3 with sex scenes).

Maxx_Tyger21 2018.09.13
This game was freaking amazing! Well put together, a fair set of storylines, multiple options, and enough of a challenge to keep you thinking. Loved it!

chris_1178 2018.09.04
great game seriously gorgeous girls

youmen 2018.09.02
those girls all were sexy but sin was best of them

playforce101 2018.09.01
would love more games like this one!

Desatan 2018.08.31
what a game. hope to see more of this

henrylover90 2018.08.24
good graphic and hot wifes

ahmed2001nael 2018.08.24
I cummed like 20 times on thise game ughhh so fuckin sexy

Luis Otavio 2018.08.22
This is a hot game. I love itrn

Wolf1176 2018.08.20
It is fantastic game would recommendrn

Kakashi551 2018.08.10
good game, well made story

FuckiMCFuckfuck 2018.07.22
i love the game so goodrn

Slushie_89 2018.07.22
This is a great game. I recommend you play it!

lukeRage 2018.07.17
This is a brilliant game great graphics i wanna bang the girl

alec69 2018.07.08
Graphics are awesome, Gameplay is Great.

bianca29 2018.06.29
Very good graphics. i like this steam punk Girlsrn

under6round 2018.06.16
wish there was more to do

tharubaba 2018.06.04
The game enhances the reality behind me

Takeshi_Ha_Nguyen 2018.05.27
The game is nice and characters are beautyfull. I have found two endings so far, still working around...

vectorvonmag 2018.05.25
THought it was okay, not my favorite but the graphics were good

supertrucker 2018.05.10
great game smooth play action. great graphics and very sexy...

dezaum 2018.05.04
i loved this game, but i think that meeting the same characters all over again in different games isn`t that much interesting as it should be when you have already played so many porn games that you will confund every girl character

woody77 2018.05.01
Lovely game, is there a second episode where the story continues?

YacPee 2018.04.28
Justice my kind of girl ack dominate but really loves to be dominated

ap9990 2018.04.26
his had a lot of potential--I love the SF vibe and it`s a very cool world and graphics--but you`re given this big setup and as far as I can tell, it never pays off. Her father is the one who wants his record clean but there doesn`t seem to be any way to make use of that information nor do anything with Heaven that doesn`t end up with you arrested for no apparent reason. With they`d taken this a lot farther as it had the potential to be really GREAT.

ffsffsf 2018.04.23
cant really find any other end but the enforcer`srn

gavinbui01 2018.04.15
It`s heplful with the pratical conversation. I try to flirt Justice but so hard

boomboommm 2018.04.11
great graphics and a great story line. not bad at all

greeneyedmnst 2018.04.03
Very interesting story line, just enough challenge to make it interesting, but easy enough to be rewarding. Great Job Keep it uprn

Peanuttt 2018.04.02
Love this game, really like the story

asdfasdfasdf1 2018.03.29
Good game. I`ll play it at some point.

MaximusDom 2018.03.26
Great art but punishing game if you get it wrong. Prepare for retrysrn

yuuki88880 2018.03.24
Good graphics and great gameplay

terrylongbarrel 2018.03.20
It is a good game, at first I had a little trouble but then you can quickly figure out the patterns and suchrn

Danchi007 2018.03.15
Cool game. I like the gameplay the girls are hot and the graphics are good

pancakeman29 2018.03.15
Great game with good story line. Can play it a few times unlike most games

hellgod 2018.03.08
LOP delivers again! Hot chicks good gameplay and nice graphics, try it !!!rnKeep`em coming LOP!rnrn

guest16666 2018.03.06
Wow, Amazing game, great endings! the girls were stunning!

JImmyXXX 2018.03.03
Pretty Quick Game but fun.

ervensley 2018.03.03
Great game should let us have more then one girl in a play but overall some gud quality shit there

187Allstars 2018.03.01
Can someone helo me i dont know how to continue ??

hackbeb 2018.03.01
Great , but too short piece of fun :)

MrStayPuft 2018.02.26
By far one of my favorite games. Good graphics and story

KingST 2018.02.23
The game was well made and I was very interested in the story. Heaven looked amazing as well, well done!

EWRTY 2018.02.23
Amazing game, I play for all of ending!

Raider22 2018.02.22
great game mechanics and graphics. a straight forward great game

artise 2018.02.21
Good game. Like the Graphicsrn

wedronik 2018.02.21
Beautiful animation, as always. Now i want to play it again

dixiewildboy 2018.02.20
these lop games are fun but kinda convoluted

BigDickNCole6 2018.02.19
Game has great graphics and good story linern

cacotrepa 2018.02.10
Good game, graphics ok, but not so great as other from PFO.

cr7cr7cr 2018.02.07
nice girls nice graphic fun to play

Taku 2018.02.04
Nice game, i wish you had a fullscreen function for youre games so i can have a better look at the girls ;D

LordCorinth 2018.01.29
This had a lot of potential--I love the SF vibe and it`s a very cool world and graphics--but you`re given this big setup and as far as I can tell, it never pays off. Her father is the one who wants his record clean but there doesn`t seem to be any way to make use of that information nor do anything with Heaven that doesn`t end up with you arrested for no apparent reason. With they`d taken this a lot farther as it had the potential to be really GREAT.

AngelosIV 2018.01.26
great graphics but gameplay was lacking a bit

Miaisawesome15 2018.01.24
Love all the endings but the Heaven ending is a let down but the game is fine.

CumPlease 2018.01.24
This Game is great.It made me cum twice.

SweetRabbit 2018.01.22
I really enjoyd this game

probadora 2018.01.19
Is she the same Kelly that advertises this page?

Trokkar 2018.01.16
Good game with a decent quick storyline, a few outcomes, but could use a little more in the end.

rocky12345 2018.01.12
Graphics options were not freely available just before the ending

aceonesj 2018.01.10
Excellent graphic and story, like it!

crimsonfrog 2018.01.10
decent game heavan is hott

cumslutlover 2018.01.09
Great game, got all three endings, amazing graphics

undeadzombie 2018.01.09
What a game and the girls are so hot looking

Skye23 2018.01.07
great story, love the interaction. can be a little hard and you will definitely get stuck but keep playing through.

P0tata 2018.01.07
gameplay was grate, not too easy but not too hard, i just hope that the sex scenes would have been longer

pcxlog 2018.01.07
a simple story, but very nice graphic. Heaven looks awesome. i waih more close up.

jasseplayer 2018.01.04
lovely girls and interesting story, one if the best free lop games imo.

Silverdragon524 2018.01.03
Only thing I would add is more positions in the sex scenes. Other then that good stuff.rn

pcxlog 2018.01.03
clear graphic. few actors tell the story. sexy scenes to keep my attention.

77777899 2018.01.01
How to get the 2nd endingrn

Daplaya 2017.12.27
From what I figure the guy is her father and the destroyed item may have cleared his record. Maybe he saw him with his daughter and had him arrested to avoid paying and keeping him quiet in the process. I can`t get Sin`s ending without his money.

active 2017.12.27
nice game. justice sex sence is great. graphic are great of the game

Talan25P 2017.12.26
Great game, the story lines were nice!

joshuac2y 2017.12.25
All 4 ending explored , this was a nice game that get my interested. thanks for making this game so good.

vertigob 2017.12.24
not badnot bad but i think they could have added more

t3xug0 2017.12.18
Good game. but i think it will be better if we could take Heaven, help Chance, buy Sin and choose end with Sin and Heaven instead of Chance.

crazybitch123 2017.12.13
A great game every ome shoulf try this its worth it

hallnnash1 2017.12.11
This game had a fun story and excellent graphics. Would highly recommend

digiw1z 2017.12.06
awesome game, really hot - love it!

fuckmeright? 2017.12.02
the graphic in this game was good

dlcoolkeeper 2017.11.27
Really good game. play it.

Rabber 2017.11.27
It`s fun to play with Heaven.

zalag 2017.11.24
heaven was literally my dream girl, lots of fun playing with her

Bieler98 2017.11.23
The game was nice, the graphics are good, the animations are okay but the story is very short and the heaven ending doesn`t make sense.

lolkidmaster55 2017.11.23
The graphic and the animation are good

Lequit 2017.11.20
nice game, sexy girls, good graphics

chico642 2017.11.20
shortgame good animated, nice graphics and nice story

Badger 2017.11.15
very short game play would be a good start but they need to expand more

savd209 2017.11.12
Solid game overall,kept me intrigued for the most part,little slow but still good.

shadowmaster 2017.11.11
heaven was very good animated, nice graphics and nice story

jhimimen181 2017.11.10
sexiest game I`ve played in a while but I haven`t spent much time on this site so we will see what other treasure it holds!

mitchc187 2017.11.09
Very sexy game. Loved all the girls

Grahamb 2017.11.08
Loved this game, super sexy great animations!

generalwolf 2017.11.06
The gameplay was wonderful

bearbear 2017.11.04
i hope we have a better ending wit heaven

lolkidmaster55 2017.11.04
I`m stuck help me please help me

hhhhhhhh123q 2017.11.03
Ireally love the graphics and content behind this game and especially like the concept

Burton12 2017.11.02
Not a bad game. A good amount of difficulty to keep it interesting

leprechaun90 2017.11.01
This is a great game. The graphics a great.

highlander384 2017.10.31
love the game can`t wait till the next Lesson of Passion gamern

brown02 2017.10.28
Great game nice game play and graphics

Vertizel 2017.10.28
Really enjoyed playing, wish it was a bit longer though, got the ending with the old guy being arrested and the chick in the white suitrn

marcool47 2017.10.26
great overall game. Short but fun. You have fun getting all the endings

Biofreak 2017.10.22
Cool graphics, but I don`t know how to get Haven.

harry098 2017.10.21
hey kelly would like to meet you again. It was fun meeting you last timern

harry098 2017.10.21
hey kelly would like to meet you again

framezp 2017.10.18
so nice graphics and pictures

HOTTOMMY85 2017.10.12
Great graphics, good story line, and the three women in this are just so damn hot.

johnlang321 2017.10.09
This was a nice game. It is a little complex and its hard to get the ending with the blonde if there is any.

brown02 2017.10.03
I just love the graphic, and the game play is really interesting

meet98240 2017.10.02
good game.......you hv to choose between 2 girlsrn

MrAznain 2017.09.30
how to get to the 3rd ending??

hornymike6 2017.09.25
Heaven gets my dick so hard all the time and the site looks different now wonder if we will get any new games as wellrn

AstridFolcard 2017.09.23
The graphics are amazing - Such excellent artists. The story manages to be fun and realistic. You be real and not just a player and it all works out.

BengerBang 2017.09.23
This was quite a fantastic entry! And the ending links weren`t broken for a change! Maybe it is because those other games are older. If so, it`d be nice to get those fixed. But story was really unique and interesting. Actually would`ve liked some more background into the society and how it became a class system based on birth with the only way to "advance" is to earn some type of points. Then, to know more about specifics about the classes themselves, not to mention with ending #2 wanting to know what was going on and what`s going to happen next. Would love to see a sequel. Again, the models were HOT! Heaven, Justice, and Sin (names were amusingly appropriate), looked amazing and the scenes with them were incredible! Nicely done LoP and I think Leonizer did the game. Well done!

Just Horny 2017.09.22
Nice little quickie game with hot girls. its a pity that there is no way for a threesome...

TEX TIGER 2017.09.19
The game is very complicated and stupid.

anichswag 2017.08.31
i didnt like it, to hard to get the hot girlrn

joyrider 2017.08.26
Bel gioco con una bella grafica e appassionante..molto sensuala

k1rikp2n 2017.08.23
Very interesting game with good animations

dedech 2017.08.22
really hard to get all ending but nice pictures !

LuciusM 2017.08.18
Nice 4 endings, I enjoyd it so much, pretty complete!!

Trokkar 2017.08.16
Decent game, a little frustrating at first, but easy enough for some fun.

jellypie 2017.08.12
The girls were hot and really cool animation

usedtobered 2017.08.10
Awesome game. A little difficult bu not too bad

Joenel20 2017.08.10
Good game. Is the ending with Heaven a lead into a second game?rnrn

marcus747 2017.08.10
The game was nice enough, but I somehow didn`t really get into it. Probably the science fiction setting...

bigells1979 2017.08.08
good game but felt it was over too quick though

LarrySA_01 2017.08.08
Reaal fun game,, great graphics

Servus 2017.08.06
Good game although could have had a longer storyline with each person.

Laelith 2017.08.03
Very interesting game with good graphics.

JK1922 2017.07.30
The game was really fun, but I don`t know why I got arrested after heaven ending

tac404 2017.07.28
i believe this game is brilliant and wonderful

lolasaurusrex 2017.07.27
great graphics and really good story greatly enjoyed this rn

Nini.Glo 2017.07.27
Its a nice game, i really liked the endings.

3981 2017.07.26
it was nice to play really good,

3981 2017.07.26
really good gamernit was nice to play,

ghostinajar 2017.07.18
this game would be better if you had a better chance with heavenrn

TheLoveApple 2017.07.15
This game is so awesome because have a good graphic and quality gameplay.

tonyanytime 2017.07.14
Nice game, on my second attempt I got the girl, but then go arrested... will play it again

highhighhigh 2017.07.13
Great game nice game play and graphics

Tigermaster 2017.07.12
I found all 4 endings and I agree with what seems to be the common consensus: What was going on with Heaven that got the both of you arrested in her ending?

littleGamer 2017.07.02
fxxxing hot Girl, like that game

zyz12345 2017.07.02
Graphics and animation is good.

HiddeObs 2017.06.24
Liked playing this game. Nice gamplay,

WNL 2017.06.22
This was a great game altogether. Though it as a bit tough to start.rn

memeforce 2017.06.21
Does anyone know how to reach ending 2?

sexking23 2017.06.19
the graphics for this game is awesomern

moeeeeee 2017.06.19
it was nice to play, but it wasnt that good.

Bw86bw86 2017.06.10
very interesting story line/setting. fun characters

Nicalos 2017.06.10
Great game, nice graphics but really hard :/

508 2017.05.27
Nice game, sexy girl but animations could be better.

RADOST89 2017.05.27
Super game, lovely chicks, thanks

JoeMan 2017.05.05

theone675 2017.05.04
this game is worth playing

EmmaHukka 2017.04.25
Hoping for a sequel, fantastic game :)

Adriape 2017.04.24
how do you bribe the cop?

Sheamus 2017.04.23
Nicely involved story line.

Poisoned 2017.04.19
Fun game. Needed better animation. Good storyline though.

FranklinMac 2017.04.19
I loved the set up to this game. I hope there is more games set in this world in the future. Incredibly sexy and intriguing.

plasmal1 2017.04.18
really easy game and good to play

blackcat84 2017.04.17
very easy game. love itrn

Joekickass 2017.04.16
Good game with nice graphics but could use more sex choices

kallen01 2017.04.16
this is a weird pet peeve but i kind of dont like the design of the avatar

MissSelea 2017.04.15
I don;t understand why the police suddenly showed up...

caragoo 2017.04.15
The game could be better as its endings aren`t really very good and there is too much speech but other than that the graphics and animations are very good. I wouldn`t really recommend this game to any one.

stryderkiller12 2017.04.14
i want to bang all the girls

hohenheim3 2017.04.14
Really good game, easy to get all the endings, great girls!!

portgas_ace 2017.04.13
this is an awesome game...rn

Diego77 2017.04.12
perfect storyline with gorgeous girls

heisterio 2017.04.12
didnt like the game that much, could have bin greater

Diego77 2017.03.31
Good game, nice graphics with good play, and a nice girl of course XD

HornyDave 2017.03.29
All the girls in this game get me really hard!

tightgnome 2017.03.28
this game is so great i cant stop playing it

Capiche 2017.03.25
Nice looking game i enjoyed it.

minboost 2017.03.22
kinda great game to be played

bullsextra 2017.03.14
Beautiful scenes and game play.

haretkaret 2017.03.10
perfect storyline with gorgeous girls

semavd 2017.03.10
all endings are well thought.short story but, girls in the game are awesome!

hidarkness 2017.03.04
a little short and buggy sometimes but it is still a good game

AnalCumSlut 2017.02.27
Amazing game, if a little short and buggy in places. All 4 endings are well worth the effort they take to unlock.

meupau 2017.02.27
it`s a good game but a little too short. I think it would be better if we had play Heaven. Maybe for another games ^^

Dolphyn 2017.02.24
I loved the graphics, and the audio. I only have one problem with the game. There is no way to know without moving over the entire scene exactly where the hotspots are at

LoneWolfBlood16 2017.02.21
I really love the atmosphere of the game very smooth the futuristic run down slum it works just perfectly and heaven is sexy as fuck

bgdpeep 2017.02.21
one of the finest games offered. hope to see more like this one.

lokelwong22 2017.02.19
This is the best game ever

lokelwong22 2017.02.19
I love this game, it`s really good

098ROCK 2017.02.17
really good graphics and sexy girls

bedfun16 2017.02.15
wow one of the best games ever., but too short scenes could have been longer but still the best

kingtiger24 2017.02.11
love the story, i wish heaven is real!

Raziel1911 2017.02.10
this game was soooooooo freaking hot

ROS620280 2017.02.08

raudi43 2017.02.07
very sexy game nice graphics

kemode 2017.02.03
Great game and graphics...Heaven is frickin` hot!

settledown 2017.02.02
Great game, hot graphics and another day gone

corvo666 2017.02.01
i love it so much . masterpiece and lovely beautiful girl

reddevil34 2017.02.01
I thought that the whole concept was awesom

quintdraken 2017.01.31
Entertaining and worth getting to all of the endings. I wish the characters were a little more flushed out and it did seem a bit rushed, but the graphics helped make up for it.

TightAssFucker 2017.01.29
The graphics were so fucking good

paul197678 2017.01.29
this is one of my favorites. I have reached all the endings

super220022 2017.01.27
I thought that the whole concept was awesome

spitfire12 2017.01.27
how many endings are there?

hornystoner420 2017.01.26
that game a over too quick

ghayjch 2017.01.23
The game was good but there were some lags but the girls ass was sensational I recommend this game.

Vilevan 2017.01.15
Very hard to get all the endings, but i love this game !

pussy2323 2017.01.15
Omg it was hatd to get all the endings but worth it

Calebfuller 2017.01.14
Really good graphics and sex scenes

gdlevy 2017.01.12
All 3 girls are hot and sexy

sexplayer111 2017.01.07
I`m stuck in this game, how to, you know, with Sinsin

XenoWarrior 2017.01.05
Awesome game, wish there was more. I didn`t want to stop!

stressrelief28 2017.01.03
fun game...tough to get all the endings...but all girls are hot!

a8hi 2017.01.03
Awesome game, loved the outfit of sin.....Maybe a little longer gameplay would be better

wiids 2017.01.02
Gameplay is very nice and the girls look amazing great job

tetashentai 2017.01.01
This game is fantastic, the animations are awesome!

bossco 2016.12.31
interesting game with epic graphics

Bumbledolt 2016.12.29
heaven looks heavenly wish i could fuck a girl like that everyday and yeah this website is awesome i love it thanks guys

watchonlyplz 2016.12.28
nice game, heaven so sexy. i love it

Mr.Porn15002 2016.12.26
my goodness! The scene with justice is soo hot

sexking15 2016.12.25
The graphics in this game are awesome

gfunk69 2016.12.24
graphics are awesome, models are well done. enjoyed the endings

lav2 2016.12.23
Wish there was more blowjobs and anal

lalix 2016.12.23
Character models are perfect!!!

lkjjkghk 2016.12.23
Great came really like the character models

Lancelot0020 2016.12.21
Nice story and options, but finding the spot can be done in better way, maybe more spots to choose or smthng

Zaycan101 2016.12.20
Very sexy game with amazing graphics

zander243 2016.12.18
Het man........how the hell i can fuck heavens....cant find her.!! HELP ME!

shogom 2016.12.18
maybe an ending where you can have all 3 of them

West123 2016.12.15
Creative Storyline and very hot sex-Scenes. I think click and find its a little boring
A Little short though. It could be a longer Story with more Options.
A Sequel would be good, the game have a lot of room for expansion.

lordx242 2016.12.10
i love the game loved the ending aswell

chickenjg 2016.12.09
Got all 3 ending. Recommend playing this

gob450 2016.12.09
great game i think the justice ending was the hottest

adamek02 2016.12.02
Interesting game and nice girls

ebstewart69 2016.12.02
so tired of games being way too difficult

lanslo 2016.12.02

Rayan12345 2016.12.01

khatria 2016.11.29
Great graphics and amazing story

lionlover 2016.11.26
just finished 3 ending, unexpectd ending, will try other endings too. kinda too short.

ooglieoog 2016.11.21
great game good graphics but scenes are too short and i cant seem to get all the endings????

69cjh69 2016.11.19
I cant get sex with heaven - help!

squid68 2016.11.19
i/ve completed three of the four endings . All these woman in this game are hot and the game has a interesting polt to it.

adyee 2016.11.19
all three girls are awsome & beautiful & sexy too

fiftypez 2016.11.16
loved the cop she was pretty fun

DrPezh 2016.11.16
was awesome game thanks to the editors

bigbobbyd 2016.11.15
Phenomenal game. Hot girls, great graphics. Sincerely hope they continue to build on this universe

jeffreytw98 2016.11.13
Good game, but it`s a tad short. Though I still can`t figure out the fourth ending.

eroticlover12 2016.11.12
graphics are excellent and this website is amazing

BobbygSmith 2016.11.11
First game I ever played on the site. 9/10

Andrioc 2016.11.11
Heaven Looks great but I sem to have missed something with her but the Enforcer is Hot!

BOOMBOOM3x 2016.11.10
one of the best games here to me

JacSavage 2016.11.10
fun fast story, dont miss any items tho

Orbmakram 2016.11.09
Decent story. Nice animation.

looneydude1 2016.11.07
Great story and awesome animations. Really cant get enough of it.

looneydude1 2016.11.07
Amazing game man, seriously deserves a the best rating

scythe41 2016.11.01
amazing game! not a fault. well worth it!

DNAdoc 2016.10.31
Wish I had Justice & Heaven together...

DNAdoc 2016.10.31
Brilliant graphics and game play. Enjoyable in every way.

snehith 2016.10.29
super game and awesome story

OmegaHeaven 2016.10.29
this is some ridiculously contrived story

sushil.shinde07 2016.10.28
story can be more reveling

sushil.shinde07 2016.10.28
great design and grahics are really good

Solo228322 2016.10.27
Very good game. Hot women and animation

kappaa 2016.10.26
The game has a happy ending for both parties.

vule123 2016.10.19
It`s amazing and a good storyline

Sola_KMT 2016.10.17
Very good game. Hot women, decent animation and not toi hard to play

Sola_KMT 2016.10.16
I got 3 of the endings and going to try again later.got to figure out haw to get into Sins pants lol

pimp_C 2016.10.15
Great game very hot girls many different sex scenes

funkydrummer1 2016.10.10
One of the best games mad yet!

mlubbe562 2016.10.04
guys i need help with this game pls guys

xXxVeNoMxXx 2016.10.04
Great game, I`m guessing given the way it ended there will possibly be a sequel? Hope so.

jupa1985 2016.10.04
wonderfull game indeed, wanna play it over and over!

leon190 2016.10.01
this game made me so horny the quality was amazing

LooneyDude 2016.09.28
very sexy and beautiful and the design was also great. At first, you need to get Heaven`s mood as high as possible.

figgah69 2016.09.28
damn this animation is amazing

ladiesguy 2016.09.27
i love this game the most

pisu 2016.09.24
i love this game its fucking awesome great graphics

brockefeller 2016.09.24
great game but I wish the ending was longer. ending 2 is such a cliffhanger

ggrraayy 2016.09.24
Amazing game, seriously deserves a 90+ Rating.

Rhino520 2016.09.22
Good game but a bit short

nohartz 2016.09.22
this is a cool games, it makes u wanted to know all the endings. but i think the sex scene is too short, how bout making more variety

sirchommy 2016.09.19
This game is fantastic heaven is so sexy great graphics also

123456@ 2016.09.18
I very like the games. Pls add more games

wolffeman19 2016.09.14
really good game and graphics, but a bit short

chilinh12313 2016.09.13
I`ve played this game for a lot of times now
And pleaseee guys make a game for Heaven because she is so goddamn gorgeous.

mcgeebers 2016.09.12
Heaven is so hot, i`d lilke more girls with that hair cut

mr.zero1 2016.09.12
Great character design but overall a bit short. took me some tries to get all three girls but i would say thats actually a positive point for the game. And I`m still missing the ending where you get to know what happened the night before... any tipps guys?

shade-assula 2016.09.11
it is quite good, on of the few games of its type that is actually challenging (to a degree).

GemLord 2016.09.10
Good game , could be great with more turns and twist , but to short for me to say great , still nice overall.

rhynorhyno 2016.09.09
short story but its fun and nice

KiddyG 2016.09.08
that game had potential. a really good start to a huge storyline. if it was developed more it could be amazin, but i liked it anyway

Steveywonder 2016.09.04
Very good game, wished it had more story lines / play time. Found all endings

joki123 2016.09.04
too short but overall its a nice game

FreestylerXXX 2016.08.27
What I rlly like about this game is that u have to think twice how u choosing answers and actions :)

bonder 2016.08.26
Great game, but the role playing was kind of meh, girls are greatly drawn though!

Freestyler9310 2016.08.25
Gr8 graphics, nice deals and rlly hot girls...Thumbs Up

xashish 2016.08.25
like this game. good graphics

firedemon69 2016.08.24
Graphics and animation is good, I liked the quality

Eduardofb 2016.08.21
A really good game, very entretainment

maryalice1 2016.08.20
the story line was amazing. I liked how justice played hard to get

ClaraOswald 2016.08.20
A little short for my taste, but still a good game.

satelitu 2016.08.19
good game, a little bit short, though., but good gameplay

martinmatin 2016.08.18
That`s a good idea to use a science fiction context. The limit for this game is the difficulty and the lack of possibilities for the story. As always, really sexy graphics.

tranqo 2016.08.16
Nice looking new game, liked it.

Tazzman37 2016.08.14
nice gameplay and the graphics were great.

mali1007 2016.08.12
the game had relly nice graphics

AegisFrost 2016.08.12
This gas Insanely awesome! The girls! The Endings! The Story was sublime!

HowlingCurve 2016.08.09
nice gameplay, easy run through and pretty good graphics

drummerboy5000 2016.08.05
phenomenal game and phenomenal storyline. overall great game!

xx69loverxx 2016.08.04
good game the grapic were amazing nealry there for my favoet but the story was short

river1032 2016.08.01
Is short but nice graphics

daredevil999111 2016.08.01
This game has got nice graphics

rohan1 2016.08.01
many girls, so good enjoyed it.

joboda 2016.07.30
Quite unusual and interesting story, I had fun getting frisky and playing as the bad boy. However the story ends a bit abruptly on medium difficulty, I was expecting to get it on with her outside of dreams, especially after such long playthrough, for that I wish there was a way of accessing the other scenes that I earned along the way vs playing it all again to get to the good stuff.

Robertt 2016.07.29
Very good, i loved it!!! Incredible!!

Luchs473 2016.07.29
Very hot and Interesting Story line with all three very Hot Girls! Super Graphics and Animation and easy Gameplay.10/10 Points

SylWrathe 2016.07.28
Heavens Ok, but the cop lady is better.... And seriously, getting arrested at the end? :(

martinmatin 2016.07.27
Good story, good graphics but the scenes are really basic...

AayushBhai 2016.07.26
Man I loved the game but the sex scene are too short. Maybe they should make a part two for this game.

crxz 2016.07.26
great graphics okay story nice game

WolfSpittexCZ 2016.07.20
This game have nice graphic and story. I love games where you have more endings and more options

invi1993 2016.07.17
nice gameplay, and great graphics. I love it.

bakarea 2016.07.16
heaven looks heavenly wish i could fuck a girl like that everyday and yeah this website is awesome i love it thanks guys

gazoz9875 2016.07.14
Very nicely game with a good story and graphics

mattrm 2016.07.11
I wish i couldve fucked heaven but i eneed up with the cop !

Datpussy12345 2016.07.10
All the girls in this game are truly Heavenly and serve Justice to sex with no Sins

Datpussy12345 2016.07.10
I`m stuck how do you bang Heaven again?

Datpussy12345 2016.07.10
I`m stuck on this game how do you bang Justice?

Datpussy12345 2016.07.10
It is a great game with great outlook I wish there was a gang bang ending though

mattjr 2016.07.07
great character and an interesting story

TheHermes12 2016.07.07
good game but i was honestly more intrigued by the structure of the world it would have been nice if it was elaborated

Big-C 2016.07.06
adorei muito bom recomendo

razeworld 2016.07.03
I don`t fuck Heaven, but fucking Justice =)

cobras81 2016.07.01
Hot womans, but too much things to do, so hard game :(

LegendarE 2016.06.30
good game, love heaven`s figure, great graphics, im kinda wet ;)

Jwilson 2016.06.26
This is a good game, Ive played it a couple time now.

JapanSeven 2016.06.26
Very short story and easy to play, good graphics as well.

freemoney6996 2016.06.25
Is it possible to be sleep with all the women?

Anonimo.123 2016.06.24
i think this game isn`t really goosd, but the graphics was amazing

Deathz1 2016.06.23
I liked this game Heaven is soo hot damn baby

mclovin3209 2016.06.22
Pretty fun but a bit short

Hand97 2016.06.21
Really simple game with great graphics

tomkno 2016.06.20
cant wait to find the other 5 ways to finis

tommie24 2016.06.17
good job for making this game

lil_eddie99 2016.06.17
very good game good graphics

dragonwarrio2262 2016.06.16
Great game i love the animations

taitaxx 2016.06.16
i love the graphics and animations plus the hot sex scenes

anon1989 2016.06.14
Nice game, great graphics, counter intuitive endings

chicoguapo35 2016.06.14
This game is so pretty and fancy and very hot. Nice one

AlkhiNeT 2016.06.12
very intresting game with very good graphics

KEV_in 2016.06.10
Have played all the endings like them. I kept still wondering how the story continue specially at the ending 2.

crimeslime 2016.06.10
a bit short, and no happy ending with heaven :(

wolf 123 2016.06.06
wow great game and amazing graphics

Lyxx 2016.06.06
Ths Game is so challenging

DevilzDick 2016.06.04
Game is not loading sadly. I look forward to this issue being resolved

Martellus 2016.06.01
Good free game with a nice plot twist for one of the endings. Additionally, two of the "good" endings involve threesomes--always a plus in my book!

Web Master 2016.05.31
Great game but how to have sex with Heaven?

cicciop 2016.05.30
Quite nice. but with too few choices

sinsy 2016.05.25
not bad mrdium grapheme but not bas

sportzboy 2016.05.25
nice game. Graphics and animation are high quality

zorriekie 2016.05.23
played better...could show more of the sex scenes

iivailoo85 2016.05.21
great game nice and easy to play

barksdalee 2016.05.21
nice game! nice vids, good site

wldsxwizzard69 2016.05.20
Great gameplay got two endings so far is there a threesome in this one?

wldsxwizzard69 2016.05.20
fun game played it over and over love the lop games

kanekiken 2016.05.19
this games story is pretty good if I do say so my self but I`m stuck at the part where your fucking justice and it has the options slow,medeium,and fast.

BigMitch 2016.05.16
Nice game. Solid story, good graphics, great looking girls.

xmachina 2016.05.11
a really great game with great graphics

Icefirex 2016.05.11
Interesting. Nice graphics.

Ohdear 2016.05.08
Amazing game, seriously deserves a 90+ Rating.

Hoswell 2016.05.07
A pretty good game not that hard and easy to get the good endings

Huntsman25 2016.05.07
fun not to hard not to easy just perfect.

chuck1995 2016.05.07
this is a super hot and sexy game

advaavda 2016.05.03
ending with sin and justice is fine, the ending with heaven..... is there another story ive missed? nice grapics, would like better and longer scenes. but dont like the police show up after the fucking and leave it hanging

HiImTable 2016.05.02
okay this game got me rock hard 3-4 times in a row o.o Great game

LalaLew1 2016.05.02
enjoyed the gameplay throughout. some more than others though,

Dragonslayr 2016.05.01
I liked the game, but I wish it would have been longer as far as story goes.

gammablade 2016.04.30
Like always you guys amaze me with your graphics and the ability to chose what we want to do and not forcing use to do one thing.

jellealmere 2016.04.27
Very good game, wished it had more story lines / play time

tomh02 2016.04.26
Short, but has some good roughs.

gbecchi 2016.04.26
Kinda short, but really nice nonetheless.

Randy don 2016.04.24
Awesome game!! Loved the graphics and sexy girl :o

redskull9450 2016.04.23
these game is amazing with great graphics and gameplay

GarthNyx 2016.04.22
The game has good looking graphics, a interesting story, albeit a short one. Definetly a very good game. Needs a continuation though, the game leaves you wondering what really happened the previous night

vpbrawler 2016.04.21
PF1 you guys are epic for making such games. Thumbs up. thanks a lot

Smifffy 2016.04.17
Nice game, only played through to 2 of the 4 endings but will be returning for more.
It is a little short but then stops the boredom of repeated play through to get all endings.

Cartasiand 2016.04.17
Not my favorite (too short) but nice anyway

Impressssive 2016.04.16
good graphic, wish for longer stories

izrale1175 2016.04.16
fun game needs to be longer

Alaster 2016.04.08
Game has good graphics and a great plot. Like many have said though, the game is short, and I wish we were able to learn more about the world cause it looks amazing.

The girls are beautiful and it`s what i think about when I fuck my rather plain looking girlfriend. Thanks for that.

masodesmati 2016.04.08
Nice game, Heaven looks beautiful but I always have a thing for Redheads... hehe

Hoxton 2016.04.07
great game with good graphics and sex scenes

sexyjazzy98 2016.04.05
good graphics, animation is good

idrunkwine 2016.04.01
graphics are great....gameplay is simple

sk8terdude 2016.03.31
this games graphics are awesome and this game it awesome

sk8terdude 2016.03.31
yea this game is way too easy to play through

Calisippian 2016.03.30
Justice is served, literally, in this game.... I kinda dig that!

eternalk 2016.03.30
Great game with great results very easy to play through

Jeantease 2016.03.30
all beautiful woman ! want to kiss all their body

Sylphrena 2016.03.29
Excellent game, wish it was longer however.

d3vilstrike 2016.03.29
very good game worth playing

lllllll222 2016.03.27
MAkein me want to be in the game

mankomuncher 2016.03.27
Very much enjoying this game , cant get enough

Sskout 2016.03.25
love the chicks and ideas!

ridman64 2016.03.20
Simple yet great story & ace graphics

AntAlex 2016.03.16
Fun to play and great characters. Was a bit too short. 8/10

stillnotsleeping 2016.03.16
forgot my previous password and no password request option.

so, i`ll say again. too short. not enough sex. plot was dull. What little sex there is is good though.

Chenz15 2016.03.15
Awesome game, great girls and easy to play

Predator-X 2016.03.15
Wasn`t really interested in this game. Not enough sex scenes. And make it longer please!

notsleeping 2016.03.13
Wasn`t really into this one. Too short. Not enough sexy times. Animation was good, as always, but dull story and no engagement.

Olek97 2016.03.07
Good scenes,nice animations. Great gameplay

vedmendiratta 2016.03.07
great game nice and easy to play

Antoinas101 2016.03.07
good game but how do you fuck heaven

Antoinas101 2016.03.07
good game really nice graphics

mordo105 2016.03.06
great game and nice story

Acid66 2016.03.03
Amazing game and beautiful women as always.

Lucifer1@ 2016.03.01
massive graphics
massive story
splendid sex!

1rins1 2016.03.01
great graphics of all website

timothypayne241 2016.02.29
Hi there, I can really recommend the game. One of the best dating sims atm. Check it out.

AjaxVenom 2016.02.26
Amazing graphics and gameplay,just love the girls.

HankDaPigeon 2016.02.22
Never been that fond of lesson of passion`s games. they are pretty much the same game with different girls...

mandeklaas 2016.02.21
i liked playing this game and it was pretty easy

alsals 2016.02.20
it s have a very good story sexy girl and nice graphics

Yiannis 2016.02.18
Fun and easy game.Great graphics..interesting sex scenes..nice story with the only downside that it leaves you with a big question in 1 of the endings..

Thanatos197 2016.02.17
Fun game, a little short. Sort of sad you don`t find out what happened why you took the drugs/what is with the broken device.

fbbeast4444 2016.02.13
i liked it. couldve been longer though

ViperOrtonRKO 2016.02.13
This game I liked. It was interesting, as long as you get to have time with all three ladies, it is a marvelous experience lol.

Nme 2016.02.12
The graphics and enviroments are really good, the girls are hot as ****

frappr 2016.02.11
is there anyway to get that Officer? I just dont get it

Rocco Siffredi 2016.02.10
really nice game! good graphic, advincent story and an awesome graphic combo, can`t stop play this game

datdick69 2016.02.09
This game was soooo good had me cum so fast. ughh

aka78 2016.01.31
really cool game adorable sexy models must play

cookieman 2016.01.30
Nice game with good graphics. I like the story in this game

mountzjl 2016.01.26
Amazing game with great gameplay and graphics!

bobkuda 2016.01.23
an amazing game
plus a lot of different endings

maingram4 2016.01.23
The gameplay was fun and easy. The graphics were lifelike. The animation was wonderful. I would play this game again.

tightpantz 2016.01.17
heaven just took me to heaven

hentaimaster69 2016.01.15
ending 2 such a cliff hanger they need a pt 2 otherwise great graphics and plot

Skratshy74 2016.01.14
Nice graphics, not so bad of a gameplay, but man...still haven`t had sex scene.

mathadore 2016.01.12
I really enjoy sin ending!
Nice game

BabbeN 2016.01.10
A little wierd but overall a great game

toeknee 2016.01.09
having trouble moving pointer to bottom right so can`t progress :(

someguy469 2016.01.08
Played through multiple times. Good stuff.

bloodlad 2016.01.04
great game with great graphics

MickeyMcFuck 2016.01.04
Was a little confused how to get the other endings besides Justice at first, but really enjoyable story and game once I got past that point!

ggg56 2016.01.04
great graphics and an excellent story line

kallas 2016.01.03
excellent game first one i cleared without guides or having to look at the comments great design 10/10

gusdel 2015.12.30
really good game very hot i like the syfy

tododoto 2015.12.29
love the graphics and storyline. fantastic game

zhouyuanqiyue 2015.12.28
a bit lag, but quite good images

pussy1234 2015.12.27
Great game and graphics, shame the story line was a bit short

carlvanan 2015.12.25
Great game. Easy to play. Hot graphics. But the story is too short

The4K 2015.12.23
This game is really great design is amasing

sahz12 2015.12.22
having trouble getting anywhere in this game

DerSkipper0711 2015.12.21
Just a great game, like the plot and the girls are great. And it has a great soundtrack graphics very good, like usual on PF1

Gn0me96 2015.12.19
Great game and pretty easy to follow and get the different endings. The ladies are beautiful and the graphics are great.

PlayForceOne0597 2015.12.18
very interesting game with nice graphics

GandalfTheG 2015.12.18
it is a really nice si-fi game. good story

CaramelPieces 2015.12.18
heaven is very beautiful i love it

mart525i 2015.12.15
Good story and nice graphics, a bit short though

b.b 2015.12.15
the body suit looks so hot definitely heaven

mightypussy1 2015.12.13
Appreciated the game so much , i wanna play it again and again

ademar89 2015.12.10
Good graphics for very short easy game. Do not like ending for Heaven without explanation of what they were trying to forget. After one game must restart to get with Heaven again as that ending is blocked.

h3658434 2015.12.04
like the gmae with heaven and officer part it`s wonderful

SK4J0 2015.12.03
this is a great game i like it much heaven is hot xD

gullwing 2015.12.02
Sin was the best girl in this game imo but that suit of heaven just wow.

phazes 2015.12.02
A little bit more challenging than most but tons of fun and great story.

Yoshi9ist 2015.12.01
Information concerning the data disk: boundaries were crossed and the disk is the evidence. Destruction of the disk is tantamount to destruction of evidence and inhibition of justice. I can`t think of the "legal" term.

Kingoflimbs 2015.11.30
Nice. Too I could`nt get the last ending...

Adelfos 2015.11.30
Great game, no typos which is important.

coupdetat 2015.11.29
Great graphics,nice gameplay, recommended.

xFaZeworKx 2015.11.29
This is a really cool game. I enjoyed it alot

playforceonex 2015.11.28
Heaven is a wonderful place. Experience it and enjoy it.

akkiluv13 2015.11.25
nice game. hot graphics. easy story line

Wetninja14 2015.11.22
Gameplay is very nice and the girls look amazing great job

GollDll 2015.11.20
it was pretty easy but it was nice to play

adiiancu 2015.11.20
Great game. Easy to play. Hot graphics.

Joukat 2015.11.19
everything is awesome about this game

bigandfluffy1993 2015.11.18
Pretty good game, can get confusing sometimes but will get easier as you go on..

idcbaby 2015.11.16
i liked playing but it was a little short

Scissors 2015.11.14
damnnnnn justice is sooooo hot.

ski9072 2015.11.14
Not the best I`ve ever played, but it did make me horny

Jigger 2015.11.13
Interesting game, a bit short but great gameplay overall 5/5

st-007900 2015.11.12
Now this is a great game

lovernotfucker 2015.11.08
love this game wish sluts like this were real

blazenero 2015.11.05
Lesson of Passion is the best online 3D adventure game giver.

Masal 2015.11.01
Really nice storyline combined with casual fun. Great game overall

JustMeHere 2015.10.31
This game needs to be played over and over again, it is really funny

godsebose 2015.10.29
this was one of the games to be played

Shivx07 2015.10.28
A very good game overall. Quite short in storyline but great graphics. 7/10 for me.

Nerdyalien 2015.10.26
I like the game the graphics is great and i love the girls

Berowulff 2015.10.25
Great game, love the setting, the graphics, etc.
Ideal if you`re looking for some casual fun!

nopplloveme 2015.10.18
heaven looks heavenly wish i could fuck a girl like that everyday and yeah this website is awesome i love it thanks guys

Lolnanahaua 2015.10.18
Hot amd very good graphics

arbiter 2015.10.17
this game also has a good storyline

arbiter 2015.10.17
This game has great graphics

thenavigator 2015.10.15
This game is great. The story and freedom of choice is good and the graphics and pay off is EPIC. Make sure to bring a fuck ton of tissues

noobietalk 2015.10.14
nice graphics, but the ending was kind of short. wished the game would be longer.

rod.m 2015.10.13
heaven is beautiful, but the other girls are even better, despite being harder to get... nice rewards LOP

fuckballs 2015.10.13
Wow, great game! I was really into the plot and everything. It was super neat.

play40 2015.10.12
nice game with great girls and story

cl03141989 2015.10.08
such an awesome game i think i have gotten all of the endings

cl03141989 2015.10.08
this game was amazing i love this site

Gaff 2015.10.07
God I wish this game was longer :`(

romeokton 2015.10.07
Sin is hot, i enjoyed that game alot, played the all 4 endings.

WaffurS 2015.10.06
I see why she is called Heaven.

jedimastercopes 2015.10.04
i think I`m in love with heaven

Sexguy1 2015.10.02
this game is f**king awesome

toadofsky 2015.09.22
editor choice wont be wrong i guess, cool game

SharkTailTank 2015.09.20
good game like the graphics and the game play

drone1239 2015.09.19
great graphics good game play nice animation

mista0317 2015.09.19
gaame needs repairs froze up alot in the introduction

boboz 2015.09.19
one of my favorit games

mikolaj1210 2015.09.18
One of the best games here

McHaile 2015.09.18
One of the best game I`ve played here so far

1mplus 2015.09.14
A very nice and fast game :)

ruby0309 2015.09.13
Justice is the best chick of the lot but great game overall

guest0047 2015.09.13
Great game! i would like more things like this

ImArchangel 2015.09.04
I REALLY liked this game, good animation and story

varun2396 2015.09.03
This game is the best. I just loved the girls and the story

4rch1 2015.09.02
meh. these utopian stuff always creep me out

sexmen99 2015.09.01
Good game with exelecent story line. Also it is very hot jajajaj

dragon lover 2015.08.31
the games graphics are awsome

ArthasMenethil88 2015.08.26
Good game and I hope there is more of this and I hope it will have an Expansion for this game

Wakami54 2015.08.24
Very good game with good graphics!!

matkiller64 2015.08.23
the girl and the graphics are beautifull very good game

Winnson 2015.08.22
I got the cop. One down, 3 to go.

Fun game!

randyply 2015.08.22
Beautiful graphics beautiful girl!

Sexyman65 2015.08.21
The graphics of this game are amazing. I would play this again.

rodrigo_porti 2015.08.20
i finally got to fuck the cop!! i still dont know how to get heaven... tips?

rodrigo_porti 2015.08.20
im stuck trying to get heaven, i dont know how to do it. how can i?

bellymaster 2015.08.18
i want to cum inside her pussy

WilliamHBonnie2 2015.08.17
Great Game. Heaven is absolutely smoking hot

Darkwalker 2015.08.17
very interesting game. love all the different ways that the story can go.

mrscf22 2015.08.16
This one had me puzzled, wasn`t really my favourite! Meh...was ok!

jacob11947 2015.08.16
I just love the graphic and the game play is really interesting

Maskara 2015.08.16
Very good game the gameplay is very good

pachleonard 2015.08.16
the heaven ending is most certainly the best one!

Anima_libera96 2015.08.15
This was just a awesome game! Really like the animation and really hope there`s more games like this one comming

nospamzpls 2015.08.15
Love the Heaven ending! Wish the game was longer

osmama 2015.08.15
I really enjoyed the game. Graphics were good. Had a nice quick story.

VerMast 2015.08.09
liked the theme of the game 9/10

wizzywil 2015.08.09
love this website best games out their

donger74 2015.08.08
Scenes were great but it took a while for me to figure out how to get to Heaven. Is there an ending that doesn`t have me getting arrested?

wolfjack380 2015.08.07
I like it is okay but I keep getting stuck when I have to clear the guys records

csmith7166 2015.08.07
Is there any way to fuck Heaven or can I just not find it?

leory 2015.08.07
the game is pretty good

Blaze74 2015.08.06
Great looking game with some sexy girls

Shepherd1945 2015.08.03
Really love this game! Story line is long enough, and the "rewards" are descent to me. Great job.

Broken13 2015.08.02
Love this kind of adventures

tjdj65 2015.07.30
that game was fun with quality and quantity

majorefiction 2015.07.29
damn this game is just getting better and better

dizzle89 2015.07.26
In my opinion Justice is the best part of this game. Heaven is great and all but nothing beats doing it with a lady cop.

Mike82 2015.07.26
Quite a good story with an interesting sf atmosphere. I`ve been a bit disappointed by one of the endings, or I wished there would have been a more positive one.

terreur64 2015.07.25
its a nice game with good graphic but to easy

Kira1970 2015.07.22
cool game with sexy girls

Supercock 2015.07.21
just one question, i can only find ending 2 and 3, any tips?

Supercock 2015.07.21
great game with awesome looks, this and the physio are the best

koksiaz 2015.07.21
The graphics is awesome. I love this game

Lzlo 2015.07.20
I really like it. The best girl.

Lzlo 2015.07.20
One of the bust games. For real.

johnnyrotten 2015.07.17
Handcuffs... Yes! Lets see what else there is to offer. ;-)

James11947 2015.07.16
To be honest this game is very ...I mean it is perfect... it make me feel like being in heaven...
I believe you should make games with these types of topics..
But thanks any way...

jerrycom1234 2015.07.16
this game is very sexy you must make this type of games i like it very much your company makes best games ever best of luck for more

rocky1905 2015.07.15
feeling like i am in the heaven and enjoying

shockinglink 2015.07.09
Nice setup, hot sex, awesome endings, all in all it was a good game.

Ihavethehugest1 2015.07.06
god damn the officer in this game is amazing

lexisuarez 2015.07.04
I`m excited to play this game, but it won`t load...

sct5220 2015.07.03
3 hot girls....very nice!

eblogriz 2015.07.03
tell me how to get all the endings

satantemplar 2015.07.02
im stuck at the subway part what do i do?

complice72 2015.06.30
I really enjoyed this game. Great graphics and hisory. Any ideas could be expanded ( why we were arrested...)

mrbigpenis 2015.06.29
it was a great game but could have been better

Toddas 2015.06.27
nice game, though finding all the endings was a little fiddly

nutz104 2015.06.27
Hard to find the hacking thing at the end but was fun all the same.

PaulchenGoGoGo 2015.06.26
Great game, not too difficult - awesome girls

wanna fuckkk!!! 2015.06.24
this game is great it have a very good story sexy girl and nice graphics

dukefan123 2015.06.24
unique storyline with great graphics

blackopps799 2015.06.21
It has good characters but very difficult to find other endings

gruntn7 2015.06.18
Amazing graphics and a great gameplay.

hian 2015.06.16
Nice graphic, straight to the point awesome game play.

Vrba 2015.06.13
great game. awesome graphics

Quasta 2015.06.13
My favorite game so far, Awesome girls, great story.
Good job.

san552014 2015.06.13
i only get the cop girl but not any one else
can u help me!!!

ash ketchum 2015.06.12
i loved this fucking girl

luckyguy1 2015.06.12
This game looks so sexy

PaulIsGood 2015.06.11
Nice game overall. How do you get to Heaven ?

Ravager18 2015.06.11
I simply loved it.The girls, the setting, the girls again.

Ravager18 2015.06.11
I loved the setting and story! Almost as if I could live the dream.

pgrillo99 2015.06.11
fun game really liked it.

cjhayalebac 2015.06.10
too short , but great graphics :)

RITAM DADU 2015.06.10
this game is great. absolutely amazing graphics and great story endings

Red_Skif 2015.06.09
Nice game and very popular

mendiratta 2015.06.07
The officer is hot as hell .. animation is perfect but the story line up is little sloppy

Sparky01 2015.06.07
I like the concept of alternate endings. It makes the game more interesting.

nikunj 2015.06.07
Great graphics and a good storyline

haroldgoodwinson 2015.06.06
How do i get ending with Heaven? so confused

mikey416 2015.06.05
very original game, heaven is really hot

12543580 2015.06.03

fergal 2015.06.03
Good game like the options. A few different endings.

Diazke 2015.06.03
fun game and looks good.. had rouble getting sin but was worth it

SmilingDemon 2015.06.02
I guess Heaven looks like heaven!

Bilingo 2015.06.01
Good graphics, interesting story, and sexy girl, overall a good game

jakedon22 2015.05.30
absolutely amazing game, perfect graphics, sexy girls, its the works!

kuroko10 2015.05.29
Nice looking new game and nice animation

juansusurro 2015.05.27
Great game, especially if you want to get to the ending quickly, Each of the three endings is pretty easy to get to. I thought Sin was the best girl, but they are all very sexy,

Sethanos 2015.05.26
I`m always impressed with the quality of these games. Seriously, aside from a few spelling and grammatical errors, the story is excellent and the options are plenty. A+ game from developer again for sure.

dal00 2015.05.24
graphics amazing as usual and original story, one of my favs

frankline 2015.05.23
i loved this fucking game but the graphics and the animation are great

meeeeeee 2015.05.23
i like the class system it showes how people are

PlayboyBD 2015.05.22
Amazing Gameplay!!! Realistic

Sexypussy9899 2015.05.21
Great game, love Justice.

DylannB 2015.05.18
real good game, kinda short but great graphics and very realistic, would certainly play again

shibuze 2015.05.16
i get 4 ending, fun game?!

Atheon123 2015.05.16
Fantastic game, but it is pretty slow to begin with.

pilot1234 2015.05.16
super great graphics. check it out

vladi5 2015.05.14
the game could be better if the there was more choices and characters to interact with

Halo4life 2015.05.13
this a good game that has a great storyline

Rougou 2015.05.09
it`s a good story with a beautiful and sexy girl

bigsham 2015.05.08
It was a really good game.. gonna play again for another ending

KidRiteous 2015.05.08
great game. awesome graphics

ddbdl123 2015.05.08
the girls looks like my ex!!! stunning game really love it

spidder100 2015.05.07
great game looking forward into more games like this shit

DaneWolf 2015.05.07
I would love a followup on this game since Heaven and what has been going on is a mystery!

PeterDragon 2015.05.07
the story let a empty cos u cant discover even tring all ends but the why? or what happen for they take the drug for lost memory

nina20122020 2015.05.05
love the graphics and the girls! but its quite hard for me,,, couldnt finish it....

Chinnubandar 2015.05.05
this games id awesome . really good for erotic games.

no more comments b`coz this is the sexiest game ever !!!!

xabito 2015.05.03
awesome game, nice sex images but i cant earn all finals

polishero 2015.05.03
this game was fucking hot, the sex scenes were amazing!

Jacobi 2015.05.02
the best on this site for sure!

jaikumar 2015.05.02
luv to play the game more and more

manimani 2015.04.28
The girls in this game are so attractive! The graphics are amazing!!!

Pierel 2015.04.26
It is a pity that the affair was not disclosed! Godd Graphic and interesting game!

lionheart151 2015.04.25
nice game, wonder what was on the disc though

damndude 2015.04.23
Good game, but a bit short...

Clipse 2015.04.23
Very good, I liked the graphics

john milton 2015.04.19
an extremly beautifoul girl, but the game could have been developed better

Meltface 2015.04.17
My kind of game, the girl in the green top is so hot!

clashofclans 2015.04.16
i just love it amazing grafics

Doink 2015.04.16
A little bit short but still enjoyable

illusionbreaker 2015.04.14
Girl looks kind of like kelly

gambler420 2015.04.14
very hot chicks and good story

gambler420 2015.04.14
super hot game with sexy chicks

freedom12321 2015.04.14
was a cool game liked the ending to

Ulf45 2015.04.13
superb Game......I love the ending with Sin!!!!!!

SlionZ 2015.04.13
very good game but heaven ending cud be beter

hlc72 2015.04.13
this game has quite a good storyline, it would be great to play more games in that world (A, B and C class...)

daltonray 2015.04.12
good graphics, stuck at dad

absporty2013 2015.04.10
good fun nice endings and nice story

sexyboi6900 2015.04.10
really good game it has awesome graphics and is really fun

Sirskafti 2015.04.10
grate quality love this game.

smjack 2015.04.09
Game is a bit buggy when you click "play again". No real intuition at play when making choices except for your first interaction with Heaven. The sex scenes were fairly flat, even if the graphics were amazing. All in all... meh.

brocher 2015.04.08
the graphics is beautiful

msmelsta 2015.04.07
really good game, good graphics too

overheadavi1234 2015.04.07
this game has a very good story, loved to play it and great graphics

qazxsw123 2015.04.07
great game, great graphics, sexy girl

AK47908 2015.04.06
Games a little buggy when you hit play again, but its greate nonetheless! Heaven is FUCKING HOT! Love this game! I play it again and again!

adragon707 2015.04.05
Fun game, I agree it was a little easy but then again that just means you get to the action sooner. Well done dev`s

doncrue 2015.04.05
s have a very good story sexy girl and nice graphics

Nightwing323 2015.04.03
Good game. Like the graphics

Dicksmash Ironcock 2015.04.03
I found each ending in this game and they were all good.

AngelStorm747 2015.04.03
One of the best games produced by LoP. Graphics are on the spot, nice different outcomes. Even the Music is top art (wondering where I can get it for my mp3 Player...). I absolutly recommand this game!

shaurya18799 2015.04.02
i loved this game!!! those graphics are really hard to find. and it has amazing gameplay.

;lkjhgfdsa 2015.04.01
Does anyone know how to get with Sin?

sexman7888 2015.04.01
This was a great game but it could`ve been better lol

ThoriQQ 2015.03.31
Justice is soooo hot!!! Beautiful Graphics as usual!!

ThoriQQ 2015.03.31
nice graphics and sexy girls!!

oldgate 2015.03.30
Nice but kinda broken though :)

willemalm123 2015.03.27
the graphics in this game is really good! and i like the story!

hiimdeath 2015.03.23
oh my god justice is sexy as f

dakearney 2015.03.23
really like the game but a good ending with heaven would`ve been nice. maybe a sequel?

henry0909 2015.03.22
this game is good , sexy girls and nice graphics

Kane Ryan 2015.03.22
really liked the game play. It was smooth and well thought out. The graphics were excellent and the artistry was top notch. Keep it up.

nobo3000 2015.03.21
sweet game any one now how to get it on with heaven

LelaMarkov 2015.03.21
Good game, kinda slow though

qazxsw123 2015.03.21
lots of fun and great graphics

sexycaramel 2015.03.20
Aw I guess Im not that aggressive I ended up drinkining with trouble oh well

nimhr 2015.03.20
Lots of fun and excitment, wahou

deffy duck 2015.03.20
this game is fantastic its story in good and graphics too

gekodude100 2015.03.19
This is one of my absolute favorite games from them they do so well with graphics and story lines. though the spelling could be abit better.... but all in all it really is an amazing game!

Rapist Geoff 2015.03.18
Great game lots of exotic fun and adventure

glennisawesome1 2015.03.18
this game was so good. heaven and sin were gr8 characters.

RalphiusMaximus 2015.03.17
The artwork for this game is insanely good. I just wish they had a better ending for Heaven.

Also love the controls. Much more user-friendly than some of the older games.

andhind_arie 2015.03.12
cool graphic.... i like it

clavicusvile 2015.03.11
nice graphic and storyline but i still confused to get heaven`s ending

Nico3 2015.03.10
Funny, but scenario could have go further

MountainMan 2015.03.09
good one decent music and graphic animation is ok nice girls to bad i cant get to know whats on that laptop thingy

Arkath 2015.03.08
Interesting scenes, but the ending for Heaven was just... bad. A big, gaping plot hole.
Couldn`t help but feel the game was almost incomplete.

Xeradon 2015.03.08
this is flawless but too short

omega3597 2015.03.05
omg i love this game keep it up :D

gandalftheswaggy 2015.03.05
sin was very sexy but i cant find a way with angel

Black Wolf 2015.03.04
The game has great quality and a really wonderful story the part that you have sex with heaven is kinda disappointing i wish it had a happy ending, but overall great game

Danlovesfeet 2015.03.04
Love this game. I lived the sin ending the most!

SirBakedPotato 2015.03.04
prettty interesting game

messi12345 2015.03.02
a super game with nce graphics and the srory so god

rajatmittal 2015.03.02
very misterious how could i have sex with heaven

turbojim 2015.03.01
Well thought out game. The girls are really sexy and the animations....wow!

moonlightmagician 2015.02.28
one of the best game
good gameplay and good graphic

Tygertju 2015.02.28
nice game, did not solve the mistery yet though

Zeeno 2015.02.25
heaven looks heavenly wish i could fuck a girl like that everyday and yeah this website is awesome i love it thanks guys

shixblix 2015.02.22
a bit on the easy side, would be nice to be able to do all 3 girls without ending the game after each one

B.L.A.C.K13 2015.02.21
best game. graphics are outstanding as usual.

joe123454321 2015.02.20
Awesome game with great graphics and animation. Love all the endings ;-)

cram98 2015.02.20
Nice graphics. Not a bad game, I just wish there was more to it! Very Short.

ShitMeister 2015.02.19
Nice graphics and "sex scenes", but a little too hard for me.

James19 2015.02.16
awesome game.best figure ever

aki777 2015.02.15
Really nice music and the grafics are good too.

jamielee 2015.02.15
good game, interesting graphics but the endings could of been better

jr5000 2015.02.13
This is some good programing, Good short game. wish it was longer. more girls?

Cagny 2015.02.13
Great story - I wish there was more. Can we get a "Secrets of Heaven II?"

stumatt 2015.02.12
Good game - but can`t finish with Heaven

tnt888 2015.02.09
uff was hard to get through without walkthrough

umager 2015.02.09
Great game, nice grafic and love the storry...

jir57 2015.02.06
fun game after you figer it out

IllKeepTrying 2015.02.06
Very fun game, I love the graphics, got all the endigs :)

jdfe 2015.02.06
anybody know how to get the heaven ending?

5H3M4LE 2015.02.05
Another great game
Already starting to fantasize hot orgy with thick and hard cocks of guys from the team ....
A girls ????
Come on girls, come and sit on my face ... my tongue will make you scream ....

HanHub 2015.02.05
A good game with a social backround! Well done!

DomHOH 2015.02.05
wish to end it with heaven

jdfe 2015.02.04
love this game. It has some amazing graphics.

meance 2015.02.04
brilliant graphics awesome tits and pussy

Alkaid 2015.02.04
Heaven has a lovely design. I would love to see more settings in the future.

JFruit 2015.02.03
I think Justice is so attractive. Wish she was real

Drlove92 2015.02.03
A good concept, sometimes very confusing and very long with various endings

bob247 2015.02.02
this game is fresh it has a really cool concept

udfgs 2015.02.01
cool game with very good graphics

Luard 2015.01.31
its a good game but its too short

barney34 2015.01.31
this game is super good

karljaeger 2015.01.31
Another awesome lesson of passion game. Great quality, like all of them

myssterymann 2015.01.30
one of my favorite games on this site. just tricky and sexy enough to keep me interested but not frustrated. got all 4 endings but this really needs a sequel!!!

L@MeY :wOW 2015.01.30
cool game n amazing features
i love it

rk18 2015.01.30
pretty dope. has a cool setting

jafferris 2015.01.29
Nice game.Some good scenes, have seen better though.

cameronw 2015.01.29
secrets of heaven.? Well its not a secret anymore. Great game

jake83 2015.01.26
great game. All the girls are fun.

SmiLego 2015.01.26
Very enjoyable experience, I want more of it!

a_nanny_mouse 2015.01.25
fantastic game. good graphics and hot girl

qfsx870901 2015.01.25
only 4 endings,I want more!

sirdeadjester 2015.01.23
not bad needs a continue for heaven

schmi17 2015.01.23
got me interested...found 1 end...Keep playing for the othe ones.

zappy21 2015.01.23
Like what I see.but I can`t click on the leave button to exit the apartment.please help somebody!

hentai 01 2015.01.23
Nice game and with sound, will need to finished the rest later

hentai 01 2015.01.23
nice game, nice graphic but a little short.
still, good work

darksector 2015.01.22
great point and click, and nice point and clit :)

jan_cuk 2015.01.22
very good games.
But I`d always ended up with the first ending

azzahard 2015.01.22
amazing story and the girl is so sexy

Olympus 2015.01.18
A girl like heaven should be fucked till death :3

swisher420 2015.01.15
great game, great quality, great scenes

NaughtyTherese19 2015.01.14
you said it jokke it does have nice graphics, but then again so do most the games on pf1 so yeah I guess your right.

Jokke 2015.01.14
Very nice graphics with a good story and multiple endings.


georgeisjohn 2015.01.13
I loved all the girls, I just wish there was an ending where I could have all three!

Julian1000 2015.01.13
Interesting social commentary; not what I was expecting from you PF1.

nonamesleft1977 2015.01.11
great game. Can`t wait to see all the endings

whacker459 2015.01.10
I was really surprised with the quality of the game

infamous 2015.01.09
i did not expect to like this game as much as i did

masdoge15 2015.01.08
This game was really hot and almost a favorite, graphics were awesome

sex-ayback 2015.01.08
I can`t figure this game out!
Good graphics though!!!

Madoka_Ozawa 2015.01.06
good game, good story..

Nicholas_Hanz 2015.01.06
Very good game,beautiful graphic and animation.
but, i dont like the ending

Dacoa 2015.01.04
Good game it fun to figure out the different endings.

ladysman122 2015.01.03
good game but needs to be a bit longer

playone233 2015.01.03
I liked the game because kept me going back to get a different ending so it never gets boring.

licking 2015.01.02
wow this is pretty awesome. great graphic and story. I wonder though what information was on the device?

Dogtagz 2015.01.02
Really good game,and thanks guys for the walktroughs ;)
Maybe continue able :)

evo112 2015.01.01
Great design and visuals, as always. The women are gorgeous, particularly Justice. The cyber-punk storyline is pretty interesting, both new and retro at the same time. I was enjoying the potential mystery but action funnel you in particularly directions too quickly and the end comes much to suddenly to feel like you accomplished anything. Worth playing a few times.Amazing game

evo112 2015.01.01
Really nice game very fun to play

ocholoco 2015.01.01
good game,nice graphic and animation

lillianaire69 2015.01.01
Very nice graphics I love this game

MSKZVL 2014.12.29
such a great game, a little bit short, but the history is great

codeda1 2014.12.28
what an amazing game the graphics are beautiful and what a magnificant storyline

lexiid 2014.12.27
Really good game graphics are real good

Hotte11566 2014.12.27
Very good game the best i seen in a whiel good story!!

BlackoutJuan 2014.12.26
i dont really like this game so much

Kubain 2014.12.26
the best game till now, very cool graphics

ash ketchum 2014.12.25
very interesting game amazing graphics

jaylol098 2014.12.23
the game is stunning with a good story line very impressed

PFO_Lover 2014.12.22
It was and is a great game, awesome graphics and very helpful guide of asdf23 I enjoyed the game at its finest

vovan77 2014.12.21
Very good game,beautiful graphic and animation

Redeemer 2014.12.21
? how do you get the other ends? not with the officer, but with sin and the others. tip or hints to help please.

xeleron 2014.12.19
very good graphics wish i found them sooner

aceadventure 2014.12.17
This game has great graphics and is fun to play, honestly

flyaway3 2014.12.17
i keep ending with the same girl, it would be nice if there were instructions

RysOnoKon 2014.12.15
ohhh nevermind, i found it, but i kind of wish we could find out what happened the day before..

RysOnoKon 2014.12.15
i can`t get the fourth ending, can someone help?
I got the one with Sin "letting you in on her transactions"
the one with Justice "finding a new kind of love"
and the one with Heaven where you get arrested.... i can`t find the last one... help please?

sexydude45 2014.12.14
good game with sexy girls

stevvie 2014.12.14
if only the future could really be like this

JCPowerson 2014.12.14
great game, fine storyline

kilo123 2014.12.13
Good game , really sexy and fun to play !

AtlusFan 2014.12.13
Very good game. I think I got all the endings, but the one where you get to have sex with Heaven left me a bit heartbroken, I was really hoping that maybe they would figure out what they forgot. I even tried to improve Justice`s attitude towards me thinking maybe she`d lay off, but then it wouldn`t make any sense since the game clearly stated that there`s only 4 endings. IMO the best ending is Sin`s ending.

PoniSeirn 2014.12.12
Fun fun fun - got stuck quite abit though, kind of weird as well

arathor 2014.12.12
very interesting game, and story, but a little short, the graphics are great

candy007 2014.12.11
meine g??te, da bewegt sich was in meiner hose :D

Raziel69 2014.12.11
I enjoyed this game very good graphics sin is my favorite woman

raven.warrior.eternal 2014.12.10
very good game love the graphics and story

ricsmond 2014.12.09
Fantastic graphics and nice girls.. cool game !

kalbs 2014.12.09
it s have a very good story sexy girl and nice graphics

WEENER 2014.12.08
very good graphics and story

lolagedy 2014.12.08
I liked the game the part where you have sex with heaven is the best i recommend that

icrazyur2 2014.12.08
is it just me or does heaven look alot like emma stone

yoost 2014.12.07
really love this game.
to bad it is over that quick

moses54 2014.12.06
great game, a lot of fun while playing,
but I want more from this universe, great design, very beautyful girls

davecrow 2014.12.04
A bit fragmented and glitchy. Beautiful girl though.

LazyTiger 2014.12.04
Heaven is probably one of the best looking lady`s on LOP.

Do we do something with heaven if yes i couldn`t do it ca
n someone guide me

KingHeartlez 2014.12.04
Love the game, Big fan of sci-fi!

bannaking123 2014.12.03
one word to discribe this game..... awesome

Troy-Fizzle 2014.12.02
omg i luv this game soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much

inhindsight7 2014.12.02
I agree with the title, this is definitely HEAVEN

johnrico 2014.12.01
all 3 girls are beautiful and nice . love it so ,
coz i feel like on the heaven too and wow .................. can`t stop dreaming :D

johnrico 2014.12.01
girls so hot , damn cools story and it`s make me so realistic . . .

kemkemkem 2014.11.30
nice game urghhhh nice girls theyre beautiful

midwestspecialist 2014.11.28
Cool game, one of the more difficult, but also one of the better plots. Not nearly as cliche.

ryan22 2014.11.27
But other than that, all and I mean ALL 3 girls were awesone, very sexy and beautiful and the design was also great. The plot was also really interesting, I got excited to discover what happened but it seems you can`t. I hope a sequel comes out which lets you discover what happened. A 100 from me.And speaking of futuristic scenery, Thorn-E also needs a sequel because we never found out what was going on and why the end of the world was coming (as Thorne said in the intro).

Dustoori 2014.11.27
An enjoyable game, seems like it could be a lead-in to a wider story. I`d definitely like to see more of Smoke`s exploits.

blacktiger75 2014.11.26
amazing...but i don`t understand the finish of the game

EdHed 2014.11.26
Do we get the chance to get "closer" with heaven? I can`t get it

SenseiGrey 2014.11.26
I liked the pace and the plot. I haven`t finished all the endings, but I will soon.

Jumpingforce 2014.11.26
Very enjoyable game, with a great girl with scenes to get you goin heavy nice and quick.

fcash 2014.11.26
Anyone knows how to reach Ending 1?

Leeman 2014.11.26
Very nice game, good graphics

mkobza 2014.11.22
Very interesting storyline. THe sci-fi theme really worked

nitroxmonster95 2014.11.22
The gameplay is really great and it`s nice to have a change of atmosphere for the "shake-the-mouse" type of games!! :)

soufix 2014.11.21
Nice looking new game, liked it.

ttomcat 2014.11.20
hot girls and a nice change in scenario from the usual date stuff

asdf23 2014.11.18
Ending 2-Having sex with Heaven

sorry, didn`t mean to scare you...
comfort her
introduce yourself
what do you remember from last night?
put your clothes on
pick it up
How do you feel?
Give her painkillers
Leave apartment

Why can`t we be nicer to each other?
Try to bribe her
Main Street

Friendly approach
The money Trouble. Where is it?
Sinner`s club

What were we doing in the club?
What did I take?
What`s a classy girl like you do in this club?
Give her the stuff
Say Goodbye

Give Trouble his share from the drug money

Your apartment

Why can`t we be nicer to each other
Give her 200 credits

Enter apartment
A girl like you belongs in a beautiful place like this
Are you going to be okay?
Did you know that we took a very strong drug yesterday? Apparently, we did it forget last night for some reason.
Okay, let`s do it
If you like...we could try to bring back our memories by retracing our steps...by redoing what we did last night
Kiss her lips
Unbutton her outfit a little bit
Massage her boobs
Unbutton her outfit more
Kiss her belly
kiss her pussy
Remove her outfit completely
Fuck her

Small device
Try to turn it on

Ending 3-Sex with Justice

sorry, didn`t mean to scare you...
comfort her
introduce yourself
what do you remember from last night?
put your clothes on
pick it up
How do you feel?
Give her painkillers
Leave apartment

Why can`t we be nicer to each other?
Try to bribe her
Main Street

Friendly approach
The money Trouble. Where is it?
Sinner`s club

What were we doing in the club?
What did I take?
What`s a classy girl like you do in this club?
Give her the stuff
Say Goodbye

Give Trouble his share from the drug money

Subway station
A class citizen
How can I help you?
How much are you offering?
Main Street

Your apartment

Why can`t we be nicer to each other
Give her 200 credits

Enter apartment

Despite you being a cop...you look absolutely gorgeous today
Any chance for a date?
C`mon, give me a chance.
There is a guy called Chance who wants me to clear his record...

Use handcuffs
Remove her collar
Massage her thighs
Lift her dress
Massage her ass
Remove her dress
Remove her shoes
Kiss her
Fuck her

Ending 4-Sex with Sin

sorry, didn`t mean to scare you...
comfort her
introduce yourself
what do you remember from last night?
put your clothes on
pick it up
How do you feel?
Give her painkillers
Leave apartment

Why can`t we be nicer to each other?
Try to bribe her
Main Street

Friendly approach
The money Trouble. Where is it?
Sinner`s club

What were we doing in the club?
What did I take?
What`s a classy girl like you do in this club?
Give her the stuff
Say Goodbye

Give Trouble his share from the drug money

Subway station
A class citizen
How can I help you?
How much are you offering?
Main Street

Your apartment

Why can`t we be nicer to each other
Give her 200 credits

Enter apartment

Subway station
Main street
Your apartment
Enter apartment
Hacking police records
Leave apartment
Main street
Subway station
A class citizen
Main street

Sinner`s club
Give her 2000 credits
Massage her thighs
Kiss her knee
Remove her sleeves
Expose her boobs
Massage her boobs
Remove her shoes
Remove her dress
Fuck her

mrsbig 2014.11.18
I actually really enjoyed this game. I liked that there are three girls to choose from. The concept, especially the names, are unique and this could probably be expanded into a LOP gold/longer game since there a lot of aspects of the story that were left unaddressed (like why we were arrested, etc).

gendo420 2014.11.16
great game,graphics are top notch

Brockleslar 2014.11.16
hot women but too much things to do

Brockleslar 2014.11.16
very beautiful girls and graphics too

Brockleslar 2014.11.16
very challenging and sexy

Brockleslar 2014.11.16
The game was very erotic ,i liked the girls too

flufy 2014.11.15
yes : thats a good game for, i ike it...

Petri33 2014.11.15
Hot womans, but too much things to do, so hard game :(

devils69 2014.11.14
nice graphics, setting also , lil bit to less options

zantha 2014.11.14
Very fun game, but the story lacks resolution.

Road Ninja 2014.11.14
Awesome graphics and images. Hot women too.

Maxim3190 2014.11.14
Love that there are multiple girls. Great graphics with a nice intertwining story.

Haegen 2014.11.12
Cool game great graphics and nice engings all in all awesome

rafic 2014.11.12
love the endings great graphics and lovely game

craft 2014.11.11
The find and click hotspot parts are a bit annoying. Got stuck on Justice for awhile cause of that

abominablepo 2014.11.10
Awesome game, great graphics, amazing endings. Definitely one of my favorites.

ThatInnocentGuy 2014.11.10
I love this game with a good and sexy story

ttt1 2014.11.09
i love this game, it had really good graphism but the game close when i fuck justice... :)

buttcrack 2014.11.09
heaven looks heavenly wish i could fuck a girl like that everyday and yeah this website is awesome i love it thanks guys

wonderboy001 2014.11.09
Nice game I thought Sin was the best they should make a game with just her.

xvhed 2014.11.08
great game with good graphics

AlkaDabra 2014.11.08
Amazing, endings were great. Also liked being able to move around the place.

EnTaker101 2014.11.08
This game was very erotic, i loved it

sbbs 2014.11.07
Along My Sex Date serie it`s my favorite one.

Zba 2014.11.07
excellent game really loved the graphics and different endings!!

Aksana 2014.11.06
Great Game. Superb graphics. Great background music

ozzywolf 2014.11.05
This story line is very good i like it, but one thing i dont like is you have to clean heavens father things to realise him or you follow heraven into her apartment and talk with her and have sex with her then police men come and pick you up and you will go into jail.

gallows88 2014.11.05
fun game . loved the endings

nova123 2014.11.03
this is one of my favourites, I like the girl very sexy but my favourite is justice I have a thing for policewoman but the other are great kove the sex scene as well

rock_star 2014.11.02
it was a fantastic game. graphics was also very good

feiz 2014.11.01
the graphics is good and it s fun to play

Adrieu 2014.11.01
Interresting game.Had fun to play this.

sithlordhugo 2014.10.30
it was a really good game... highly enjoyed it

kahn ar 2014.10.30
probably the best game on the site that i have played, the text options are tricky to find but can be rewarding

FuckAllNite 2014.10.29
very good game, but still dont know how to take Sin to bed..

nahid 2014.10.28
At first, you need to get Heaven`s mood as high as possible. Click the options "Sorry, didn`t mean to scare you", "Introduce yourself", "Comfort her" and "What do you remember from last night?" in that order.Then "Give her painkillers". Go outside, talk with Justice if you want at first, be sure to click on "Try to bribe her". Go to main street, talk with Trouble he`ll give you a stuff to deliver to Sinner`s club. Go to the club, talk with Sin, click on everything besides the bottom option, give her the stuff and then go to Justice again, give her the bribe money and she`ll leave. Go find Heaven-you`ll escort her to her neighboorhood. When you start talking with her, click on the options "A girl like you belongs in a beautiful place like that", "Are you going to be okay?" and the last one "Did you know...reason?"" (will appear only if you talked with Sin). Afterwards, click "Leave" and she`ll offer you to come to her appartment. Accept of course, and from there it`s kinda straightforward. There is a chance to blow it though, so careful of what you`ll choose to say when she says "It`s a shame we can`t remember...".

Hope I helped;) And you`re welcome in advance :)

mlg 2014.10.28
very challenging and sexy. i wish they make more like this

sexydailynudes 2014.10.28
Good game but too short for my liking, has the quality but needs some more quantity for it to be better

delj500 2014.10.28
Was not expecting that ending with Heaven like Justice`s ending better and is there a way to actually get those 1800 credits

johnnavaj123 2014.10.28
good one ...needs good thinking too :)

Ian1956 2014.10.25
Loved this game great gitls

Viking01 2014.10.25
nice game, and not to hard, good movements

akku 2014.10.25
The game is good it really deserves the editors pick

blackpenman 2014.10.25
I really liked this one, it is a refreshing new storyline differnet from most game son this site I have seen. I am still wondering how to fuck Heaven though, I really want to do her.

tolge 2014.10.24
I like the story. Feels like watching scientific fiction, but I involved in it.

sausageb88 2014.10.23
not bad...a little difficult......hot babes though.

Radielaviel 2014.10.22
Okay, this game had me at the edge of my seat. The girls were all beautifully designed, though Justice was the best. That was a real clincher though, what happened the night before? It`s bugging me. Nonetheless, that was enjoyable.

genec56 2014.10.21
really nice game abit hard but great game

relaxy66 2014.10.21
hmmm sexy game..need more

akku 2014.10.20
the graphics is good....tough game

Cburwell 2014.10.19
i love this game really is so amazingg

Pooliboy 2014.10.18
a good game even if it is a bit simple

Managert 2014.10.16
I didn`t get to get Heaven, but Justice was hot tho, I loved it.

woytaz 2014.10.16
Fun but it was too short in my opinion

Bundy007 2014.10.16
fun game. should be extended to past longer.

Swaggy44 2014.10.15
Good game but it is kinda hard.

john1414 2014.10.13
How do u convince her to stay with u?

Powermad 2014.10.13
i like this game its hard tho

alexinotank 2014.10.13
pretty nice game,it`s the first time i`m here,but it won`t the be the last one

chriskelly13 2014.10.12
loved the game awsome features

dizzy1188 2014.10.12
wow wish my life was like that

alexbeubeu 2014.10.11
a vey goodgame with beautifull place, multiple ends is a good point.

denton9862 2014.10.11
Really enjoyed the futuristic setting!

danosaur192 2014.10.11
i like the animation and the gameplay is great

christopher117 2014.10.11
its a very grate game sexy girl and great graphics

christopher117 2014.10.11
heavenly game god story and very good

christopher117 2014.10.11
great game bit too much story in it tho but other then that really well done

mochabear415 2014.10.10
Really loved this game. It had taken me awhile t get with Sin but when I finally did it was worth it best ending and girl in my opinion. Just wish we could have more options for positions and stuff like that.

bert6262 2014.10.10
Enjoyed playing, would have liked a few more choices for interaction & sex positions and a few less clicks through dialouge, but a nice game never the less

Keltar 2014.10.10
Great game! liked the futuristic feel.

gfdgsfgsfd 2014.10.08
Loved the chicks and the idea !

aeronai 2014.10.08
i love heaven! i love the different endings too!

GreenPlayer 2014.10.07
I have yet to find, 2 endings, can anyone help me? i have found the bed ending, and the justice ending

w1drng22 2014.10.07
Interesting story. I would like him to get with Justice.

mburgballer 2014.10.07
Great game and great endings. Like everyone else said, knowing what they were trying to forget would be nice to know.

mert123 2014.10.07
Graphics are really good but I didn`t understand how to get other endings

RdmNo6 2014.10.07
I enjoyed the game, but I feel like the story could use a bit more length

acerman23 2014.10.06
loved this game cant wait to play more games like this

Swootard 2014.10.04
this game is tremendous! keep going guys

zhix 2014.10.03
This is great i liked this game, it was really fun to play and very intresting.

mattew 2014.10.03
Beautiful graphic! Nice game! And i liked and finished with policewoman...

Futuros 2014.10.01
My suggestion is to create a new game just with Sin. She deserves a game of her own where the possibilities are totally explored.

Cyguh 2014.09.30
I liked the game a lot. My favorite girl is Sin.

vombat 2014.09.29
Good game< perfect graphics .... but short

Miner123 2014.09.29
Entertaining game with good graphics and a lot of content to offer.

jershguy 2014.09.29
Good Story and Graphics.

dadohl 2014.09.28
it s have a very good story sexy girl and nice graphics

J.Prasetyo03 2014.09.28
Nice Game...... But is there a sequel to it......

tankzyy 2014.09.28
good graphics good story !
line but too short

BiscuitIV 2014.09.28
Awesome game, great graphics, good story1

ola1176 2014.09.28
this game was borring why does everything have to be payed with

IDontMatter 2014.09.28
AMazing girls. I could jack off to heaven all day

prawngod 2014.09.28
fantastic game great graphics good endingd

yauto 2014.09.27
good graphic and good gameplay

WolfSpittex 2014.09.27
Graphics are fantastic story on this game is awesome i love this game.

Justin Barriga 2014.09.26
I think the officer lady is hot

freofan2 2014.09.25
Confusing at first but I got it now

freofan2 2014.09.25
Loved this game, confusing at first but got the hang of it

perkjr_78 2014.09.23
Graphics are fantastic! Love the ending with the "dirty" cop hehe. Also very easy to navigate and know what you need to do next to accomplish your task. Great Job!

MartVR 2014.09.23
Very nice game! Liked the club girl and officer endings

Aksana 2014.09.23
great game. never boring. Like to play it again and again

Choco Renza 2014.09.22
extremely sexy, i really fells like heaven, haha

ako143 2014.09.22
that`s what you call game

sexmann 2014.09.22
it has a very good story sexy girl and nice graphics

footshot 2014.09.21
Wow what a cool story line , i was impressed it wasnt over in 2 minutes , thanks i enjoyed this :D

PikaFiend 2014.09.21
As usual, a fun story with lovely graphics to accompany it.

paulhogantanbunan 2014.09.21
the game were nice, the graphics are also very good

kriss2 2014.09.21
Help!!!!!! I did not get to play in full. Game break......And who knows how to play games from the Golden collection??

frulpo 2014.09.21
Good game. Like the Graphics

ExtremeGamer 2014.09.20
this game has sexy girls and very good graphics. and it is really hard lol

LGGreen 2014.09.20
girls are sexy, nice story and good simple gameplay

lovesandyyy 2014.09.20
the games is very good, but it play so hard

kriss2 2014.09.19
Why is this game only two poses????

artik20 2014.09.18
good game not much porn thogh

Aksana 2014.09.17
great game. awesome graphics and real fun. real time passer

ukmuppet1 2014.09.16
good game with a number of different endings very good fun

SnOwMaN08 2014.09.16
Good game. Like the Graphics

splodd 2014.09.16
I really love the multiple endings and the music is surprisingly good. Obviously the aesthetic quality is great too but I find the animation is lacking a little.

hornygirl153 2014.09.15
nice graphics..................reallly love the game...also the girls are very beaytiful

Excalibur2o14 2014.09.15
This game is very good the gameplay is very interesting and the graphics are very good i am loving the animations

omegas 2014.09.14
Awesome graphics. and The animation is really awesome.

w1drng22 2014.09.14
Nice looking girls. I thought it was a little harder than normal. Multiple pathways. Thanks for a good game.

newman23 2014.09.14
Very sexy ladies. Nice, quick playthrough with some decent replayability.

bignick95 2014.09.12
Wow... does heaven exist in real life? she is perfect!!!!!

Jinzo12 2014.09.12
Yea to clear the record all you have to do is go back to your apartment and click the thing on the table. It will clear the record.

Gershyn 2014.09.12
Very good game, fantastic graphical work as usual.

Futuros 2014.09.12
The game is most interesting. All sequences make sense, even if they are short...

ArokBE 2014.09.11
not bad, a bit short. very good background.

Is there any terminal to be used to clear the class A record ? or modify your own ?

Gippstar14 2014.09.11
Really enjoyed playing this game

crancnu 2014.09.10
awesome game, i loved it and it really turns me on :)

jamiev 2014.09.10
The game is decent, but only barely. The title is "Secrets of Heaven", but at no point in the game is the "secret" revealed - maybe this was meant to be the start of a longer game. At any rate, overall it`s just ok.

lordaegnor 2014.09.09
nice but diffucult game also graphics are best

pwnageseb 2014.09.09
God dammit, I don`t know how to get that A-class citizen`s record cleared D:

Jokke 2014.09.09
LOP delivers again! Hot chicks good gameplay and nice graphics, try it !!!
Keep`em coming LOP!

kaidester 2014.09.08
Incredible Game! Great graphics and super sexy girl

jonnypb 2014.09.08
very nice Graphics, could be abit longer game, but cant complain to much the ladies were hot

glukos37 2014.09.07
very nice graphics just a short game.

masonalex 2014.09.05
nice game and the girl is so beutifull

cimcim 2014.09.05
Love the game, awesome graphics but it`s kinda too short would love to see a longer version ;)

dajinxgod 2014.09.05
great game with a good set of dialogue through out it so far one of the best i`ve ever played

NotSoMagicMike 2014.09.03
loved the game, nice graphics and i loved the scenes.

darkminou 2014.09.03
A good game, but the different endings are too "close" to each others. Not so much diversity into them, it`s the sad point about it. But still a great game

rovanerns 2014.09.02
Game with good gameplay, however could have more interaction in hot scenes.

Zoomba444 2014.09.02
Very sexy ladies. Nice, quick playthrough with some decent replayability.

sirenx 2014.09.01
awesome game, especially the graphics and I liked the background music as well haha

ziopaul 2014.09.01
heaven is simpy amazing...!
love this game!

bigt1982 2014.09.01
When I clicked "Play Again" some actions were already done and some others couldn`t be made again. Would have liked a few more options in the sex scenes with the other girls as it seemed to be once and done. Other than that the game play was great and the graphics were awesome like all the other games.

johnnyistheman 2014.09.01
Really love the concept and ideas. More battles and scenes with the girl named "Justice" is appreciated. Great work!

Hotguy29126 2014.08.31
A very good story sexy girl and awesome graphics!

az89 2014.08.31
really want to know what actually happen. ending 2 is quite disappointing, just end like that, he go to prison. blehh

blackninja206 2014.08.31
very good game , good choices and good endings

latinpapi2381 2014.08.30
I like the game, but it needs to be more detailed. Better camera angle on sex scenes and options for different positions.

Hellward 2014.08.30
good game,maybe a bit to short but still good

handsome007 2014.08.30
I really enjoyed the game. Hot girls and great graphics.

bklan1 2014.08.29
Very good game with fun graphics
sexy girls
I recommend this

don`t forget to see the endings

blkan 2014.08.28
nice game
very pretty women with nice graphics


Ailanda 2014.08.26
I regret that it is not the good end with Heaven there

nizze 2014.08.26
Never found out how to finish the last ending with Sin.

raiha024 2014.08.26
the game is way too short.. but as always.. girls were great....

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