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Secret Sex Mansion


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cr7cr7cr 2018.08.13
game is ok for a short Play

supertrucker 2018.05.26
to long of a wait for game to down load. game was ok at best.

lucas0057 2018.02.24
Aint nobody got time to wait for this game to load!

HOTTOMMY85 2017.10.13
One of the top five hottest games on this site.

teamtuba 2017.10.09
This game is reakky goid it got me off pretty good

KitCarsen 2017.09.28
An easy quick game for a bit of fun.

phillipkk 2017.07.16
the girls are hot in the game!

LX0809 2017.06.26
I agree with other reviews that the sex scenes are not very good. But anyway, this exciting game!

Tiodor 2017.06.25
The game is good and has some really good endings

littleGamer 2017.06.11
wasn`t that badrngraphis could be better


lasha296 2017.02.26
nice I really liked the story but the sex scenes were not very great

Arismetal 2016.07.23
takes a while to load but game is hot

Proder 2016.07.18
the game is pretty fun, i like how the graphics are setup.

Shimmin 2016.05.26
Pretty short game really, very simple as well.

Battkiddxx 2016.05.14
Great sexy game amazing story line

Cody321 2016.03.22
i love this kind of games

dan182661 2016.01.30
Love the story and the action

btforeman23 2016.01.02
i dont understand where the game is

carlvanan 2015.12.28
Nice game , but way too short and too easy

andrewp2201 2015.12.21
Interesting game, really short though

Boobmaster 2015.11.29
A little too easy for me, wish they made a second one

112112321 2015.10.29
such a good game,nice to play

BAD01 2015.09.22
good game , will play again .

Jackyll 2015.08.06
can`t wait for the second part

ariez 2015.07.29
Nice game but would have loved to see more animation.

Speed2000 2015.07.10
Great game has some really good endings

nothing322 2015.07.06
great game wish I could have banged the last one

rodrikirk 2015.06.21
damn i mean i dont really like it

hornygirlxx 2015.05.23
so sexy, wish i had a boy like that... i would be willing to do anything to that cock

Botjebuilder 2015.05.18
Hmm...bit of a lame game imo. Just click until u find the right answer to continue.

SK1TZ5150 2015.05.12
Pretty good game. Will be awaiting future episodes!

sehler123 2015.05.06
too short and you have click any option until you find one that works best

Jberg7694 2015.04.21
I really wouldnt know the game would not load

McCluff 2015.04.11
good game, I wait the second part

kinou21 2015.04.10
it is a very good game and i think i shall play it again sometime

mountzjl 2015.03.11
great gameplay. a little predictable, but good graphics/

Jay_Xavier 2015.02.05
the story is ok but i didnt like the ending i got. how many endings are there?

letsfuck1 2014.12.26
this game was easy they should make it harder

dadohl 2014.11.22
boring game but there is good sex

Petri33 2014.11.15
Looking hot game, but not tesdet it yet xD

sbbs 2014.11.07
I don`t like this type of games, but the graphic is nice.

meggie 2014.11.06
Its a very nice game. It has good graphics

wildsxwizzard 2014.10.10
hot game slow but good enjoy playing

Futuros 2014.09.30
Interesting but a little too predictable.

Justin Barriga 2014.09.26
all ways wanted to play in a mansion.

Benito_19 2014.09.07
awsome game loved the vids

Mr.Black24 2014.07.30
great graphics awsome features i loved it

Krombleface 2014.07.14
Found it way clunkier than the LoP games. What little plot there is is ridiculous.

leo131 2014.07.10
takes ages to load, so no clue what soever about gameplay and graphs

bitz94 2014.07.08
Superb Game. What a graphic quality I must admit.

PrincessLover 2014.07.04
i wish these game is fuck

yannos34 2014.06.29
did the whole game its fast

MJT 2014.06.28
i loved the idea of the game but they could`ve make it much better if they add more interesting lines to the story

jasmin225 2014.06.25
it was pretty easy to play

genkaw 2014.06.24
i really dont like this kind of games

DigBick12 2014.06.22
Plot twist. Still amazing!

FarezX7 2014.06.13
i like the roleplay of this game and graphics. great game

Almeho 2014.06.11
Interesting concept. Had gotten a 95 on the first try but had to experiment to get 100. Nothing happened with Veronica, though. I`m reading that others can at least get her nude so...there must be more tinkering with the stats to get that option.

frank1974 2014.06.10
good game,hot girls...i hope in 2 part

Alpha075 2014.06.10
Great game. Good graphics and hot girls

ygg 2014.06.06
I love the ending, what a twist

JoeAtlas 2014.06.02
Hot Game. How do you get past the third part?

markd321 2014.05.22
One of the better games here

KleeLeHorgen 2014.05.20
The stat system was kinda pointless because all of the options led to the same thing.

uiui69 2014.05.13
Nice graph and cute carachters

pandeyaryan555 2014.05.10
superb game i loved it superb graphics

TankCmdr 2014.05.05
Good game that is easy to play.

LazorusDefec 2014.04.29
Great game with a good twist... I just wish it coudve been longer!

kevo 2014.04.26
I Like this games play alot but it feels too simple. Maybe harder in part two?

network22 2014.04.26
Love the video aspect to the game. Nice different endings - hot sex.

dharker 2014.04.20
Great game, can`t wait for part 2

katiesmiling 2014.04.17
Good game i got a score of 95%! story had a great twist on it but it was a very short game

central62 2014.04.14
Fun game to play that keeps your off hand entertained and moving

network22 2014.04.14
Graphics are ok - game is a lot of fun

Leonidas22 2014.04.12
why does this open in another tab?

BigLoad 2014.04.11
nice sex scenes, but a weird storry line LOL. still tiked it though

demonwolf83 2014.04.09
excellent game good graphics and amazing story

dre110199 2014.04.07
great game, nice graphics and storyline

djaquafresh 2014.03.22
Pretty good, lots to do. ladies could be hotter though.

flat6 2014.03.19
very nice game, need more !

sexydude12 2014.03.19
i really liked the game and the twist

YasinRahman 2014.03.11
nice story but poor graphics

undeadzombie 2014.03.09
very good game but very short

blabla2 2014.03.08
game is good however the ending is a little disapointing

rihanna126 2014.03.07
Nice graph and cute carachters

mickodemus 2014.03.07
Really enjoyed the "twist ending" Worth the play

Paul McGann 2014.03.01
Awesome graphics and story.

Johnocart 2014.02.27
Great game with amazing graphics

SharkCity93 2014.02.24
Good game. It had a pretty good story.

elishacuthbert 2014.02.21
looking at the comments on the external site they file is 33mb and videos 50mbs

dennos123 2014.02.20
average game not liked at all.

andreanzha 2014.02.18
i love it,...
is game is fun for me

loriloves 2014.02.17
amazing graphics. I think im addicted to this game!! this is awesome!!!!!

qwert99 2014.02.13
good all around waiting on chapter 2 need more chapters

slayer.Rd 2014.02.10
such a great game . im waiting the second part of it !!

Melimelo 2014.01.30
Barely average game ... not my kind of stuff at all.

fill ur hole 2014.01.27
Good games, lots of potential, would love to see where if any sequels can go.

jchanbin 2014.01.27
I`ll give 5 stars to this game

jchanbin 2014.01.27
It`s a best game in this site

jchanbin 2014.01.27
The graphic is fascinating

jchanbin 2014.01.27
I want to have a thing with her

jchanbin 2014.01.27
this game is really fantastc

tater 2014.01.25
game was too easy, not much replay value

jona643 2014.01.23
Its a good game but theres a lack of graphic i feel like this would be a better game if just the graphic was a little more good

gnosh95 2014.01.18
A solid game, the stat system dosent play as much of a core mechanic as I would have liked, but visually appealing and fun. Good job.

shadowhawk332 2014.01.10
this game is well made and i think they should make more games like this

Yggdrazil 2014.01.07
its very interesting to experiment with the different stats

bjftaylor 2014.01.06
i love this game shes so hot.

borninmay123 2014.01.06
Great game but it is a little to easy in my opinion

terry2933 2014.01.03
the game is good but very slow

ltworf1 2013.12.27
interesting game, like he cut scenes hated the load times

johnboy82 2013.12.23
videos were a bit small, but fun, look forward to the sequal

Arkent 2013.12.23
Almost the best game i Play .I like the game because of the good graphics

ThenMust 2013.12.22
I Love this game very sexy and hot baby

akku 2013.12.20
nice game but its tough to play for me... graphics is awesome

BallIdiot 2013.12.20
Standard game by the maker. Graphics can use a bit upgrade.

sachsex 2013.12.18
good graphic and good game

gamer9 2013.12.11
video quality needs much improvement

youhna645 2013.12.11
the game is not very good no many options

JorranG 2013.11.25
This is a site redirect to play the game

Rajsu49 2013.11.24
hot game
any way to a veronica ending???

matsutetsuno 2013.11.22
Good, but not great, physical sounds would be good

crazynuts62 2013.11.19
I really enjoy the concept and animation in the game

Badvoc 2013.11.17
its good, would like to see the sequel

MaxxV2150 2013.11.12
Excellent game! Love the multiple story chances based on what you change up.

some_dude 2013.10.30
5 stars ... not bad for being a

kex899 2013.10.25
game wont load 4 sum reason . played it ages ago still a fun game. need 2 relese next game but

L_Siu 2013.10.24
Is this game a demo? It`s quite short and I don`t really get the story lol

Alessander 2013.10.23
it is a very good game and i think i shall play it again sometime

zackgord 2013.10.20
Game story is good but slow

Maisha3883 2013.10.14
omg i got one more to go cant wait

Maisha3883 2013.10.14
i seriously didnt know u get xpfor doing this

Maisha3883 2013.10.14
me ikey when dirty my boobs are hurtig

Maisha3883 2013.10.14
while helping yeh gonna let them lick it get the slime init

Maisha3883 2013.10.14
things comming up init wanna help

Maisha3883 2013.10.14
cool game i wsh i was fucked looks sexy

littlefury 2013.10.01
I really enjoyed this game, sexy girls as usual, and I can`t wait for the sequel (hope there will be)

LordBaldur 2013.09.29
bit low on graphs... but the sfy are amazing.. Enjoy! I recommend it

tomalak2 2013.09.26
great game and the sfx arent bad but the graphics are a bit slow

oldfart40871 2013.09.19
takes a long time to load, once loaded fun to play

sexyworld 2013.09.17
WOW! the game has cool grapics

Akoolomonch 2013.09.14
sweet graphics, amazing gameplay and i REALLY love the chicks in this game

yannos33 2013.09.11
i really like this game cant wait for part 2

Sam2013 2013.09.10
Good sci-fi intro. Great concept. Three stunning girls with different ways to dominate them. Love the videos. Haven`t managed to crack Veronica yet.

james7823 2013.09.04
Good game one of my best!

joey_kangaroo 2013.09.03
Love the videos in the game

longdick69 2013.09.02
this uz preety goood. i luv dis site. i love jacking off 2 dez games!

oranjeboven 2013.09.02
its a fun game.
creativly made.

alliekmcintosh 2013.09.01
i know its bit easy but i like it anyway :)

iLLusion68 2013.08.31
Not too bad, it was interesting. I didn`t like the fact that it took me to another website though.

stridertyagi 2013.08.29
nice storyline.. have to wait.. but real nice graphics

kylidd 2013.08.28
Love this games, but it took a long time to load.

nunu654321 2013.08.28
Would have preferred to stay on this site with the game but I`m getting use to loading up different sites to play decent games now.

ksexk 2013.08.27
Ok game good graphis hot girls just slow loading

wateshito 2013.08.27
amazing game never seen any thing like it, please continue with the second part

jboy757 2013.08.24
Thsi game took forever to load but boy was it worth it it was a great game

0ps 2013.08.24
amazing game never seen any thing like it

jjiillii9696 2013.08.23
waiting for the second one! plz!! come out!!

Cameron09 2013.08.22
Enjoyable game, nice graphics and gameplay.

derneger 2013.08.22
really good game liked it a lot

Deluxe_24 2013.08.21
Very good games and girls, great graphics, lot of options.

dr.pangloss 2013.08.20
The graphics in this were really nice. I love this site.

dadidu 2013.08.19
tHE GIRL IS SO HOOOOOOOT.... good graphic... weehoo

mmmarco123 2013.08.16
this game could have been better if it had more plot the graphics were good just not my favorite story

ccruiser 2013.08.16
omg needs hours to be loaded

iminsideboy 2013.08.15
good game although i wish that you did not have to go to a different web and i wish that you did not have to download it

hydester 2013.08.15
interesting game, not a type of game i usually play but good nonetheless

charlie44 2013.08.14
Different but a good game none the less look forward to more.

B_Ven 2013.08.14
realy nice game i realy liked it

cakewantmore 2013.08.13
its very good i like it but
takes forever to load

airgear123 2013.08.13
Nice nice game and very interesting so far

narutou122 2013.08.12
This was a pretty fun game, but I did find it rather challenging. All in all i`d recommend giving this some time though.

frank12 2013.08.12
really good graphics, could be longer!

resolute49 2013.08.12
A little disappointed. The game leads you along with little choice to vary the plot.

mattius92 2013.08.11
Awesome game, great graphics.

bob9085 2013.08.07
such a fun game woorth while waiting for

Derp18732 2013.08.06
Beautifull sand sexy woman, god damn, i want her now!!

lucvz12 2013.08.05
Nice game but a bit short in mine opinion...

Badvoc 2013.08.05
a bit easy, good mechanics though, doesn`t seem to be a `bad` ending in the game though

sexy1999 2013.08.05
PLAY THIS GAME!!!! It was so Hot

lubus 2013.08.03
the girl need to be change its boring if the girls are same

lucyamanda 2013.08.03
the game is so slow, but nice

DaveRoberrt 2013.08.03
only thing I didn`t like took to long to load

hunghornylatino 2013.08.01
for some reason can`t play it

hornyboy501 2013.07.31
If the story had more in it, it would have been better, but still fantastic graphics...I love the girl that is inside the left-most door

marvelous24t 2013.07.30
i am stuck good graphics though

danilipe 2013.07.30
nice animations and gameplay

Yugolong 2013.07.29
Very well played game but was not very difficult

aleg 2013.07.29
Graphics were good and kept my interest. Wish the story line was a bit more varied.

Herrior 2013.07.29
its a great game i hope someone remakes it

mozza2k10 2013.07.29
gave up waiting over the slow speed of the game

inthe 2013.07.28
A nice game with some beautifull girls.

Amybaby 2013.07.28
I thought the game would be long but.. oh welll it was a sexy game it turned me on ;)

torltototo 2013.07.27
Btw the game is cool but maybe a bit easy, stats are useless, but girls are nice !

demon16182 2013.07.27
Really interesting, I enjoyed it.

canadiens_3 2013.07.27
takes way to long to load

youhna01 2013.07.25
its a good game not too easy .
and the girls are sex

brookchar 2013.07.25
Great game and graphics. Finally a game that has a girl with piercings.

rockmaiden1 2013.07.24
great game waiting for part 2

gartal 2013.07.24
good game.
but it takes long time to load.
I wait the second part

jamesdl665 2013.07.24
Very well played game but was difficult

The Beholder 2013.07.23
This was one of the most well written/most intriguing adult games I have ever played. It has kinks, but it is ambitious.

Briscoe_1001 2013.07.23
This was a really good game. I liked it.

duckray619 2013.07.22
great graphics hot women really great game

yonyhc 2013.07.22
It does take some time to load. Its pretty straightforward, still quite enjoyable.

ad1021 2013.07.21
animated videos are just fabulous they look real
all the girls are super hot!

tavish 2013.07.21
very detailed game. one of my top favorites

salamanda 2013.07.19
i enjoyed this games it has intressting micanics

hHurb 2013.07.18
a secret mansion game how cool is that

DCKing 2013.07.18
graphics was ok, the storyline was nice

donysabox 2013.07.17
Spend quite a while taking different routes, but nice game though.

noogad 2013.07.17
many diffrent endings , it`s good game

toxiblib 2013.07.17
good graphic, and gameplay is good too

sukdboobs 2013.07.16
A nice game with good graphics and interesting lineups....

arti316 2013.07.16
How do you get to fuck the last girl ? is it possible ?

kokopopo 2013.07.16
Beautifull sand sexy woman, god damn, i want her now!!

seannyboyy69 2013.07.15
i want the second part now

PurpleRain 2013.07.15
No time to wait so long to load a game.

prensaykut 2013.07.14
good game, I wait the second part

cool game but loading time was so long and when the game finally started it was way too easy and the sex scenes were way too small fix please for part 2

smallville7 2013.07.12
This is an all around good game. Was kind of shocking to find out I was the robot though

Jack123123 2013.07.12
hell yeah it was nice i like it :)

arti316 2013.07.11
is there any way to fuck the fourth girl that tells you you are the android ?

jimmy7 2013.07.10
very long load time and i got stuck in the library when looking up the definitions

Alex222 2013.07.10
I love this game, Its like a personal playboy mansion, kinda short though

loverlybitch 2013.07.09
I really liked this game!! ;O

kikaros23 2013.07.08
perfect!like a playboy mansion

dazza201 2013.07.07
one off my favourite games on this site

bored1234 2013.07.06
I wanna play this all the time!!!!!!!

phoenix1998 2013.07.05
great game.Thanks for walktroughs,it helped me much.

circlebox 2013.07.04
I liked the graphics and so.

But I think it could be more challenging, theres not much thing to do, besides click any option untill you find one that works best,.

jimbob379 2013.07.03
great game, vert good graphics

Forgotten 2013.07.03
Another Sexy Game but needs to be longer

oranjeboven 2013.07.03
Very nice.
great video sequences.

girt94 2013.07.01
Good game a bit too short

sk1761 2013.07.01
I wish this game was longer and more challenging.

mertoro 2013.07.01
rly nice graphic fun game

daltonsuggs 2013.06.30
good game and loved the graphics

mikesmith1111 2013.06.30
game is short but still great

large21c 2013.06.29
cool game with pretty good graphics

bonehead52 2013.06.29
this is one of my favorites, worth the wait every time

blahblahblah10 2013.06.29
Feels incomplete, but very sexy.

ryanfick01 2013.06.27
this is a great game. I love how you can get so many different endings

Herp 2013.06.25
This game is amazing! I enjoyed it!

Muze 2013.06.25
It`s short perhaps for ONE playthrough. The game was designed to be REPLAYED! Try that for a different game experience and you will see how much more content is there. There are different RPG stats to try! Ok? Stop saying it`s short! You`re just missing the point!

Zero_21xx 2013.06.25
it`s too bad the game is short this game had a lot of potential

but it is still enjoyable nonetheless

epiclop 2013.06.24
Medium graphics and short

awong1 2013.06.22
Too short but has a lot of potential if it was developed better.. Maybe the sequel will be better

black2 2013.06.20
Good game though, with many diffrent endings

DeadSnake91 2013.06.20
Kind of short, but I liked it all the same.

SpxGuy 2013.06.19
Good graphics, but the gameplay is a little bit easy/confusing. Also, the sex scenes are a little bit short... Could be better, but overall, not too bad.

drats666 2013.06.19
wasn`t to thrilled with the story line or the graphics. but did remind of me some the older hentai type games from my past

brialdo1 2013.06.18
graphics were ok. storyline...meh.

DiegoJAyala 2013.06.18
It`s fun, a new use for 3DSV

smartie002 2013.06.17
awesome game great graphics nice storyline

burtonjosh 2013.06.17
Good Game .Not as real as I would have liked!

achubbykid 2013.06.17
cant wait for the second one

coboypunk 2013.06.17
Very nice game with good graphics and hot girls. Ok game play. I recomend !

unknown16xxx 2013.06.17
nice graphics could be longer though

Smil4TRE 2013.06.16
great game, but it`s a little too long.

tsuna364 2013.06.16
good game, I wait the second part

BettleJuice 2013.06.15
I really cant w8 to see 2nd part of this game

natashavincete 2013.06.15
can be played once .. if your bored can be twice ..

natashavincete 2013.06.15
liked it.. kinda slow but good

tl-morteza-tl 2013.06.13
this is good but i prefer games

andersxxx 2013.06.13
god game but it is short

junuih 2013.06.13
Enjoyed playing the game but its too short...

Nightel 2013.06.11
Its so long (slow) and I`m stuck :(

fmeyen 2013.06.10
Nice game, Good graphics and nice girls.

jameskan 2013.06.09
good game, I wait the second part

Blaze178 2013.06.09
Nice game. Could have been longer and have me interaction, but still a solid game with good graphics.

bigolr 2013.06.09
second part please. wish all game like this stay free.

ECRIDER 2013.06.08
Graphics were good and kept my interest. Wish the story line was a bit more varied.

ozorne_6 2013.06.08
I like the way this was put together. As a member of that site used to make this I know how much work is involved. thanks

Akrasjel 2013.06.08
nice twist with different skill combos - looking forward to more

sexyanus 2013.06.08
The game had a mediocre story line it could have been better

opt 2013.06.08
Nice idea, but was looking for better :(

Dvitaskis 2013.06.08
great story but for me it is to easy.

WilliamD 2013.06.07
Quite simplistic and full of cliche. Still funny anyway...

Scappy220 2013.06.07
A little dull and I would like it to be more interactive

Hieblan 2013.06.06
to easy, didn´t like the music, the story kind of fun but I still need the second part to say it, the game play not good, videos are just ok...many games in playforceone are 1000 times better than this

Belgram 2013.06.06
boring game, poor grafic. nice story

torand 2013.06.05
Honestly, i didn`t like it that much since you could go all Charisma and do very good, Most of the scenes weren`t that appealing either.

SamAce23 2013.06.05
It`s worth the wait, great game. I can`t wait for the second part.

sufre2510 2013.06.04
i can play this game all night

f1rstt1mer 2013.06.04
nice twist with different skill combos - looking forward to more

Jokke 2013.06.04
Very nice game with good graphics and hot girls. Ok game play. I recomend !

sturmi 2013.06.03
loved the game! the graphics are just absolutly AMAZING!

kpjr278 2013.06.02
Good interactive game, I like the multiple ending options

akb7525 2013.06.02
this game was not all that

whisper 2013.06.01
good game but loading time is so long

felexan 2013.06.01
I love this game great graphics

Ricoh124 2013.05.31
Who is Veronica? Can`t wait for part 2

Sir_Loins 2013.05.31
Some of the poses look like ones I have used in another part of Thrixxx. Anyway it was put together well so was fun and hopefully the next part will be more fully fleshed.

Chriswins 2013.05.30
I just cant wait for next part! Love this game!

shone61 2013.05.30
New nice looking game, liked it.

whisper 2013.05.29
i dont like this game, but not bad

rollbob33 2013.05.29
good idea. interesting concept. more pleasse

8gxm 2013.05.28
This was a bit too easy.

Keezar 2013.05.28
Not a bad game although in fairness I think it needs more work

smbotimer 2013.05.27
relevant comments concerning gameplay, graphic, animation

zandoor 2013.05.27
just would like to fuck them all

blackino1 2013.05.26
if it is a kind of test made to see if we like, i say no........

tcoller1213 2013.05.25
i cant get out of research skills part ughhhhh

hanibal194 2013.05.24
not bad but too short and not very good graphic

chairman066 2013.05.24
this was fun, and a little different to the normal games i play, i like the different stats and how you get them, but the girls are a bit easy....
nice anyway

maverick23 2013.05.24

aflores 2013.05.23
I really like this game.....animation cold use some work though.

1flaguy 2013.05.23
Game was fun and challenging graphics very good.

clador 2013.05.23
nice game, good graphics and animation, game play is a bit lacking for me

beruga 2013.05.23
too short and you don`t really have choices

derda 2013.05.23
It is a very good game. Very interesting.

cewj1967 2013.05.23
a good game with great graphics. The models are very sexy and fun to play with. Just wished it was longer game play.

LastLegion13 2013.05.22
To easy with choices made in the game being irrelevant to stories ending

MadAnd 2013.05.22
Godd, but it can be better....

vllad 2013.05.22
needs more open exploration and more chances to get perk points, also the textures and game play leave a bit to be desired

the_mist666 2013.05.21
que ricura mamita chupame todo

BallIdiot 2013.05.21
Interesting game play, but the graphics are not very erotic...

tedstits 2013.05.20
Great game, okay graphics but hot girls 8========D

pietje119 2013.05.19
i really really have liked playing this game

iwmdsbh 2013.05.19
To slow loading come one...

hafizh 2013.05.19
I think the game little bored..

Jack012 2013.05.19
nice game but it load very slow

stevie 2013.05.19
nice game although it took quite some time to load

zantha 2013.05.18
The pictures won`t load for me and I`m not curious enough to deal with it.

Elfe 2013.05.18
Ordinary game. Need to be developed. Girls are nice but screen play is poor. Need to be more challenging.

Tataigor 2013.05.17
Nice game and the girls are hot as hell,even got a hardon

Tyrchon74 2013.05.17
That was pretty fun. The story/plot is pretty good and the choices for your build make it replayable. I`m looking forward to part 2!

ziopaul 2013.05.17
maybe someone can share a complete walktrough? i can bring alexis to the fetish room?

1NT0X 2013.05.17
Good plot but limited game engine. It is just a multiple text options.

kinou21 2013.05.17
looking at the comments on the external site they file is 33mb and videos 50mbs.

andy_regresa 2013.05.16
great idea, good game. too short

fada 2013.05.16
Good game, very bad loading time

kret 2013.05.16
intresting game but has bugs on second girls and i can see black screen:(

Raiha24 2013.05.16
nice game although it took quite some time to load

dodge15 2013.05.15
game is good however the ending is a little disapointing

xoxox55 2013.05.15
took a long time to play, but nice

iraisht 2013.05.15
average game the scenes were not that great and the load time was terrible

vinuforyou2012 2013.05.15
Enjoyed playing the game but its too short...

Flosch 2013.05.15
who i find the second part?

Flosch 2013.05.15
nice game but much to reading

Teine 2013.05.15
It is what it is. An experimental game that is trying to revamp a genre of game playing. Adding an extra level of user interaction to affect game outcomes. It has quite a few bugs,, but hopefully the next one will be better.

rave1988 2013.05.15
too short for this loading time

glukos37 2013.05.15
Good game, very bad loading time

Piolt 2013.05.14
Ughh, I realy like The real-time-events games not turnbased games

SexyGuy12345 2013.05.14
Nice Game but too much reading

MetalSpider 2013.05.14
I enjoyed playing the game, but i was tired of reading... i got to say it is not great, but also not bad at all.

harryima 2013.05.14
uuhhh this game make me cuumm xx

ski9072 2013.05.14
I didn`t think it was all that bad, definitely not the best game on here, but also not the worst

ahmed58 2013.05.14
can i have walkthrough for this game please

deathgrip 2013.05.13
Ok as far as it went but game froze with alexis in fetish room

iannnnn 2013.05.13
Too short, too long to load

rowue 2013.05.13
to long to load - not enough fun to play

drizz 2013.05.13
I enjoyed the game, great premise, looking forward to the next. . animations needs work and game needs to longer with more interaction.

jmeoff 2013.05.13
Too funny! The reviews range from "Greatest thing since canned beer" to "Stinks on ice"!

feetlove999 2013.05.13
I wish the videos were longer, but overall not bad

bubs 2013.05.13
Awful. This game is no better graphically than games 10 years old. In fact, those older games tend to have entertaining story lines to keep you involved while this game is boring as hell.

branknock 2013.05.13
not a bad game once it loaded, had time to make a cup of tea and a sandwich.

randy06 2013.05.13
another great game when u get into it but want more girls and more sex like all the sexu can with all the girls cant wait to part 2 now

Spenc044 2013.05.12
Greatest game I`ve played on here. Great graphics and not very difficult.

peko 2013.05.12
Gives the impression its just an advertisement to waste my time, after a few minutes i gave up and thus rated it with a big fat zero!

RESSAT 2013.05.12
The game is very fun, but little difficult

ashish0808 2013.05.12
didn`t like the game much...no challenge what so ever

vitali 2013.05.12
great idea, good game. too short and low interactivity. let us see the next part.

Tataigor 2013.05.11
nice game,nice girls but too short

andy_regresa 2013.05.11
Good game! good animation and story!

trollality 2013.05.11
Some very NICE graphics! I like it.

electro*** 2013.05.11
To slow loading come one...

notes1 2013.05.11
very good game, but i would prefer full screen...

aeronai 2013.05.11
takes too long a time to load

boyo111 2013.05.11
Seen it before, not bad but not great yet either

gimmino77 2013.05.10
Godd, but it can be better....

Asghan 2013.05.10
Quite interesting story board... but missing a real end!

C.C. 2013.05.10
I like the three girls. Would love a 4 some. Is that possible? Hope part 2 has more options. Not enough sexual action. My opinion.

babugee 2013.05.10
nice graphics and animations

pusshound 2013.05.10
Girls are cross-eyed. The sex scenes are pretty good, but the game is too simple. They need to finish the story and make it a little more challenging.

Username1977 2013.05.10
It`s a good start but it`s too easy, not enough mystery, needs more options, and needs to be longer. I`ll give it a 6.5 because it has potential and could be very good.

shyman44425 2013.05.10
very simplistic game. not up to the normal standards of pf`.

imiko 2013.05.09
Not the greatest game that I`ve played, but it was alright I guess

geunie 2013.05.09
I am a bit bored with the gameplay, The game pretty much tells you what to do! The graphics are not that good! I find them rather old-fashioned!

macky14 2013.05.09
I dont understand everyones problem with the load time...Loaded just fine on my computer with IE...Videos played just fine too... I do wish the videos were larger and agree that it could be longer or more options, but pretty good game overall... Like the POV gameplay

derda 2013.05.09
Good game, decent graphics, overall a good gameplay

mrcoolerz 2013.05.09
good storyline, looking forward to the next part.

Mighty2000 2013.05.09
Well, not a real burner, but still worth to spend sometime on it.

KellysErmac 2013.05.09
Takes a while to load but its a good game

garonbrown 2013.05.09
This game has real potential. I liked the preview

STOWA 2013.05.09
Spend quite a while taking different routes, and the best score i ended up getting, was 107 with a Int/Cha/Str combo in that order. Anyone able to get higher?

A game with potential. If the concept building in the second game continues along this path (if there will be a second game), then i believe a very good game will be created indeed (one which is longer as well hopefully).
Some say that there isnt any real difference in what paths you take, and that may be true to the ending, but not in how you get there, as there is alot of options that differs in how you take your stats, and in which order you take the conversations, and that goes with most of the stat combos, which leaves for alot of play throughs and attemps if you want to find the best way to get the highest score, and see all the scenes :)

jaships 2013.05.09
Wasnt to happy with the game, kinda boring

Soulafein 2013.05.09
Seems slow to load but good game even if it could have more depth

fkf,fq 2013.05.09
wery good graphic
nice girls and wery interesant game

Blitzkriegbob 2013.05.09
seems incomplete and not fully thought to the end, thats a little sad because there is potential.

dickslinger 2013.05.08
This game is pretty good, but it`s a bit weird. It has a nice little twist as well. The animation wasn`t mind blowing, but you can tell the creator took some time to make this nice game.

jesk 2013.05.08
I think the game seems incomplete and the sex scenes are boring

Arbaal 2013.05.08
Really slow to load - might be cause of 3D sexvilla - , but game itself is pretty nice at its gameplay and graphs r very good.

s@nt!no 2013.05.08
Complete and utter garbage. Load time is atrocious, only 1 video played completely - the rest stuck halfway through, no real difference between the 3 options.


CCraft26 2013.05.08
great game cant waited for another one just like it

knoll 2013.05.08
took a while to load, but a good game like to see where it goes next

mick149 2013.05.08
this is a really good game and has good quality videos... :)

gwazz 2013.05.08
the game seems incomplete and the sex scenes are boring

urbanita 2013.05.08
Quite interesting story board... but missing a real end!

rot 2013.05.08
Pretty good graphics. Didn`t have the problems others had. Anyone reporting scores. Recommendations on where to put skills? You need some charisma, I think, to get the third girl naked. Any way to get sex with her?

cocomicrob 2013.05.08
interesting story.. kind of short though, and the graphics could do a little improving, especialy the small movies.

kjdehn 2013.05.08
I want Kelly to do things to me

shivers1 2013.05.08
Ok game good graphis hot girls slow loading

ufmshamrock 2013.05.08
Does take a long time to load, The video sequences were cool , but low quality, also the ending kinda sucked, but maybe the story will pickup in the sequel.

Reyson 2013.05.08
Good game, decent graphics, overall a good gameplay

weliuscaesar 2013.05.08
under IE it will take 15 minutes to load, under chrome over an hour.
But the common, small screen vids, and gameplay such ease. No, not a really good game

KeithWWatson 2013.05.08
the game was allright, was way too easy

63ted 2013.05.07
Enjoyed game`s graphics and sound. Look forward to part 2.

addaxe115 2013.05.07
Ok game good graphis hot girls slow loading

Gordn3 2013.05.07
Nice game , but way too short and simple.

C.C. 2013.05.07
Did better the second time. I`ll keep trying. Looking forward to part 2.

mikicostanza 2013.05.07
Ok game good graphis hot girls slow loading

drackxman 2013.05.07
Why does it take so long to load ?

scannatore 2013.05.07
Not bad at all.
Maybe a little short

Muze 2013.05.07
There was a problem with the server - they didn`t upgrade what they were supposed to a few weeks ago. Anyways I had them fix it and upgrade to an even faster speed than what it was supposed to be. The game is loading much more quickly now.

@harrywibowo - what country?

jmeoff 2013.05.07
focus on: Intelligence/Score 106, Strength/Score 84,Charisma/Score 98

jcc1985 2013.05.07
Ok game good graphis hot girls slow loading

egane 2013.05.07
wery slowly loading
and i hope i find the best ending suun

generic99 2013.05.07
does the internet connection speed affect loading time? at some points it seems to be loading fast then it slows down again.

Jaaru 2013.05.07
New nice looking game, liked it.

randy06 2013.05.07
it takes 10 mins to load and its worth it in here u fuck two sexy ladys and one u hve to wait for chapter two to find out about her and u and mores exy ladys worth the wait

harrywibowo 2013.05.07
LoL its blocked for my country!? Too bad :(

49fp 2013.05.07
Good game. Did not experience loading problems and enjoyed sound and logic required. Do not get points for logging on to play force one as intro stated on sign up. Why?

steelfish 2013.05.07
At some in the game the storyline breaks the animation stops. Needs fixing. Otherwise it is pretty entertaining.

dreadwolf 2013.05.07
graphic, animation are ok

shishkabob 2013.05.07
Good plot but limited game engine. It is just a multiple text options.

dandydon 2013.05.07
too much like sexvilla (very mechanical)

Andy_1119 2013.05.07
Good game, very bad loading time

stefano71 2013.05.07
the game is not so good really

okiestud 2013.05.06
Pretty slow on the load up. Gonna surf while I wait

RushHour10 2013.05.06
Aint nobody got time to wait for this game to load!

bestia99rom 2013.05.06
No time to wait so long to load a game.

DarkMeph 2013.05.06
looking at the comments on the external site they file is 33mb and videos 50mbs.

fmeyen 2013.05.06
Perhaps with a good server it is woth to play this game. No time to wait so long to load a game.

BarbieSlut 2013.05.06
omg needs hours to be loaded

themoda 2013.05.06
good game, I wait the second part

spazytex 2013.05.06
gave up waiting after 5 min.

weliuscaesar 2013.05.06
takes ages to load, so no clue what soever about gameplay and graphs

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