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Schoolgirls spanking


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Badman.SP 2019.01.03
This is really fun if you are into spanking; the girls look great, the game has challenge, and achievements. No sex or anything close to it, but it`s sexy and really a lot of fun though, although the scene with the principal was a little disappointing. It`s sexy, silly and really well done.

Latexlover2708 2018.10.24
Love this game has a real comedy feel to it

CumLikeAHose 2018.09.17
Girls look great but bad design

D1NGBAT 2018.08.31
Good overall, different. Some boring bits where you don`t know whats going on, it just says `click` and when you do, sometimes nothing happens and sometimes you don`t understand what happens, but still, two classes in before I stopped. No the worst game ever.

cr7cr7cr 2018.08.12
funny game for a little quick playrn

Robert81 2018.07.22
Just completed this game for the first time with 2 expelled that was good for me

koiranosPlay 2018.07.11
That is a very funny and sexy game! I will definitely revisit it again!

supertrucker 2018.05.03
well my first time playing dident go to bad. i think ill get better the more i play.

hawk1019 2018.04.18
interesting, wish there was more you could do for punishing the girls.

matteous 2018.04.18
really great game ! love play it


strikersub 2018.04.18
really like punishing the girls

Porno33 2018.03.30
Animation is good and hilarious.rn

berhem 2018.03.20
The design of the girls are great. It`s not the best, however. There are other quality games on here that would hit home a lot better.rn

LKCrooked 2018.03.10
Nice Game, Nice Graphics. But it can be more interactive with the girls and maybe some nude sceens

stud6900 2018.03.10
The game keeps breaking by not clicking in the right place, the game stops, and I can`t progress any further after the test.

suggrddy69 2018.03.06
not a bad game at all ok fun!

crimsonfrog 2018.03.04
I am not able to get a high enough score

Roedebard 2018.03.04
the rules are somewhat intransparent at first. nice for a try but nothing which might tie me for longer play.

frnmel5731988 2018.02.20
Good Game! wish t could have more choices.rn

SweetRabbit 2018.02.19
this game was ok, but it could have more options

Ladies117 2018.02.18
Not a bad game to play. The graphics are good in my opinion. Maybe could have more optionsrn

blade2344 2018.02.17
game was ok could of used more optionsrn

probadora 2018.02.06
There are versions with a bug where you can never finish the class. I`m not sure what version is this.

dixiewildboy 2018.02.06
decent artwork, though its a bit annoying at times i enjoy it

smvtgr21 2018.02.02
Decent game. Can be hard to get top rankings. Good grahics

crimsonfrog 2018.01.24
not the best game too much effort with little reward

Nobody77 2018.01.20
Not that interesting.rnToo linear, with too much effort for little or no reward.

probadora 2018.01.19
This is note the final version of the game, don`t worry

robbie2801 2018.01.18
Good game but too repetitive. Could have more variety.

Bomber93 2018.01.17
good idea, with more skin and more action it would be really good... too repetitive, all girls have same body

MikeyH74 2018.01.16
Cool graphics but a really limited game.

AceA 2018.01.14
Good game hours of trying to beat itrn

bruh12 2018.01.14
Great game love the graphics

probadora 2018.01.12
It`s fun, and the developer is making a new one base on a swimming school. I can`t wait!

Bieler98 2018.01.11
it`s a strange game, it is kinda boring and there is a lack of nudity

alta!r 2018.01.10
very good and funny game.However there is no nudity which is sad

Hotto64 2018.01.10
nice game, I like the graphics and sounds of barbarian-games ;-)

kemode 2018.01.07
kind of a fun game but a bit of a bummer since limited interaction with the girls

cmelrod72 2018.01.06
great game just wish there was more things to do with the girls. Graphics were amazing though

lotonn178 2018.01.03
this game is great for teasing

James80 2018.01.02
funny game, too bad on the different options

Oconner 2017.12.30
Just a game nothing compared to other games, but spanking them was off the hook

blue177 2017.12.30
very repetitive but still fun.

shala 2017.12.30
On the one hand, the principle of the game is nice.rnrnOn the other, it is a bit too repetitive to want to try again after finishing ten classes. But completing the first 4 (or so) is rewarding enough

2347 2017.12.29
This is really fun if you are into spanking; the girls look great, the game has challenge, and achievements to be won. If you aren`t into spanking don`t bother as there is no sex or anything close to it. It is a lot of fun though, although the scene with the principal was a little disappointing. It`s sexy, silly and really well done.

kjex54 2017.12.28
Great game but wish there was more features rn

vertigob 2017.12.24
not bad but i wish there was more to do with the girls

ugo12345 2017.12.19
I really love this game, it`s quite challenging

GaGoBoKo 2017.12.16
Very fun and sexxy. Enjoyed playing this game.

lioside 2017.12.11
A great concept, the game is rather lacking in replayability though, fun the first time or when nothing else to do. I hope this game gets more content in the future though.

roxehify 2017.12.09
Poor art style and not much of a reward

icrazyur2 2017.12.08
what complete and total garbage real why even bother to post this sheet on your web site rn

captaincross 2017.12.07
very fun and sexxy .. loving itrn

stach56 2017.12.07
Very repetitive game but well executed. It`s quite funnyrn

OzzieGuy 2017.12.05
Game was ok. Graphics were nice, but the game play was a bit repetitive.

Darksoul_5674 2017.12.04
Girls are hot game is weird

dixiedude1921 2017.12.03
no offence but kinda boring, needs alot of work

sexyfrank 2017.12.02
funny, well animated and you want to play again. very good

noogad 2017.12.01
it`s a funny game..and sexyrn

Prophet29 2017.12.01
not bad of a game,would play it more

sailorguy123 2017.11.29
playing this game the first time made me want to replay it so I could get everyone to pass basically well done and addictive

GamerGirl2017 2017.11.29
Nice graphics, Loved watching the girls being punished

GP69 2017.11.28
Nice to be able to spank a teenage girl and not get in to trouble for it!!!! lol

leechung838 2017.11.28
good game i like the animation

vukalo 2017.11.27
Interesting game, but I wish there are more options.

2347 2017.11.24
The game sometimes locks up; the punishments can vary; but it is sexy and a lot of fun as well as being pretty addictive. The Newsgrounds version is a bit different and better

Sl1der 2017.11.20
fun and sexy game. Slightly Addictive. thanks

whiskeysoldier 2017.11.20
interesting game, a little confusing, has wonderful graphics but not many optionsrn

JohnyB 2017.11.18
Funy and hot game . more this game :)

tairex 2017.11.17
i really like the graphics and the concept

Jaaru 2017.11.17
Nice looking new game, liked it,

TEX TIGER 2017.11.16
The game is very fun and interesting idea.rn

geunie 2017.11.16
Not the best game I`ve played! It needs more sex-scenes!

tesla 2017.11.14
short but fun and erotic

Stathis 2017.11.13
Good game but could be better (more actions, headmistress interactions etc).rnrnAnd that new Kelly image! :o

pooiii 2017.11.11
Very repetitive game but well executed. It`s quite funny

CrimeSpree 2017.11.11
could have more content to it, but quite funrn

JD079 2017.11.11
gotta love the schoolgirl aspect of this game... very enjoyablern

Danny King 2017.11.10
game doesn`t really go anywhere and it`s quite repetitive

mitchc187 2017.11.09
Not my kind of thing. Clicker which didnt really go anywhere

pirateon420 2017.11.08
Fun but silly little game. Sexyish?

JackFukHammer 2017.11.08
Good game, the dynamics of the game can be improved much. After sometime, the game gets repetitive. Some new punishment can be added for girls who are on the brink of getting expelled, like, we get to fuck them, There is plenty of room for improvement in this game, and I hope to see an updated version soon!

Badger 2017.11.08
nice game play a little short

bearbear 2017.11.04
really sexy girls but cant we have sex with them?

zalag 2017.11.03
fun, sexy game but a bit repetitive. Hopefully develop more of a story

cambridge4453 2017.11.02
It`s a classic piece of silly erotic, sexy, silly fun. It did get stuck in the end after I had got through my fourth year group and its alittle tedious if you get stuck with one girl left for a few lessons on her own. The spanked bottoms never go red, the gfirls never have knickers so they never get to pull them down or have them round theor knees, and the teacher is not ideal; but is fun and very sexy

Badger 2017.11.02
it was ok more content needed

Incest Dad 2017.11.02
Enjoyed playing this game

Bomber93 2017.11.02
the game is good, the graphic is simple but the girls look nice, i`d like more action since it`s a lot repetitive

Burton12 2017.11.01
Could do with being a bit more adult. Disappointing there was no nudity.

oranjeboven 2017.11.01
Great idea. Somehow the game kept stopping during Play, so i coldnt Play it through.rnMore sexscenes would have topped it. MAybe part two?

getspam 2017.10.31
It can give same minutes of fun, but after awhile it gets boring

drvwghia 2017.10.30
fun game but far too repetitive. also a little glitchy, had to restart a few times.

SupDude17 2017.10.30
Fun game but definitely needs more options than just spanking.

beneathuk 2017.10.29
It`s OK. Good graphics and reasonable, light hearted game play, would like more options though.

smnpeter 2017.10.29
very simple game but quite confusing not that good for me

netto 2017.10.29
The idea is great, it becomes a bit repetitive after a while

KaiOti 2017.10.28
So close to being a good game. Nice idea. Maybe some hotkeys for the girls? And something to break up the repetition.

anantjain36 2017.10.28
game is really goodrngood graphicsrn

Magic Knight 2017.10.28
Nice try for this game. Maybe some more options and then it will become an really interesting game.

Inkkubus 2017.10.27
Nice game but little to short

KitCarsen 2017.10.27
This isn`t the kind of game that interests me.

curan 2017.10.27
Funny but I would have liked a little more sex....

frnmel5731988 2017.10.26
Not Bad! would like to see more options.

Willie77 2017.10.25
Hmm. I`m kinda glad we didn`t have to deal with spank 1 thru 17 if version 18 is this tedious.

7900 2017.10.25
boring game nice graphics though.rnrnthe game have so much potential but need much more interaction options

dbob7419 2017.10.25
Disappointing, not enough interaction with the girls.

randy1 2017.10.25
not the best game you`ve come up with rn

quinnie420 2017.10.25
very fun and would play more.

koiranos 2017.10.25
no something to revisit but it was good!

Alorine 2017.10.24
It`s a little bit funny, don`t expect anything else

spanner 2017.10.24
Much too short needs more potions otherwise funny

ghostjar 2017.10.24
i wish there was more options for the girls, but very sexy non the less

HOTTOMMY85 2017.10.24
It is a very funny game, but that is it.

Jokee 2017.10.24
It`s fun and sexy, but there is no nudity, and it seems to fit poorly into the game`s window.

bullsextra 2017.10.24
super funny sexy and erotic

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