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Saving Cloe


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wpgguy05 2018.02.21
Great game. Awesome graphics, really like the animations during sex. I like that there are so many different endings and get a chance to be with all of the key characters.

Ikzoo 2018.02.21
This is OBV the best game series ever created! I have a few minoe wishes, but nothing to complain about. 100%!

MDavid1995 2018.02.17
Really erotic and great game. There are so many choices which makes it even better. The only thing I miss is a longer Paul and Serena gameplay. I really liked Serena character I would like to see a longer version of their relationship.

nechapacka84 2018.02.17
Too many ends, too little sex

Turbulence 2018.02.17
Thanks for the help everyone. Best ending so far!

stevesmith755 2018.02.17
Been looking forward to this for a while now

gorndom 2018.02.17
For anyone looking for help finding the 9 endings of this game, google AIF Sans Mystery. The site has a full comprehensive guide to this and many more games.rnrnThat out of the way, Tlaero and Mortze, this is by far your best work thus far. Masterfully done. You`ve earned yourself a new patreon member for certain.

NoahPeale 2018.02.17
@Turbulence, go to work first and tell Serena that Chloe was more than a crush.

Turbulence 2018.02.17
CyrJ is it a dialogue option or something I have to roll over the screen for? I`m still not finding it. I truly appreciate the help.

CyrJ 2018.02.16
"Still trying to get the Serena/Chloe ending! Any help?" rnrn(SPOILERS) If you intercept Chloe at her apartment and comfort her after she pulls a gun on you, there`s an option to mention Serena to her on your walk afterwards.


homes7 2018.02.16
Tlaero`s adult games are the best there`s ever been. Period.rnrnThe Elsa-verse is her best work yet.rnrnAnd this is the hottest game in that series.rnrnI think I liked Dreaming with Elsa just a bit better, and Redeeming Jessica was probably the sweetest. But with all the side endings, this one is not just a wonderful concluding chapter but is just ridiculous levels of erotic.rnrnI particularly enjoyed the Xara paths. I was hoping she`d get a little action before the series ended and whoa, that did not disappoint at all.rnrnLove, love, love these games. Actual good, engaging plot, hot sex, and no ick.

Turbulence 2018.02.16
Loving the game so far! Still trying to get the Serena/Chloe ending! Any help?

oneonetheone 2018.02.15
love the story looking forward for the next onern

CyrJ 2018.02.15
Uh, sorry, the formatting on that last post seems not to have worked for some reason.

CyrJ 2018.02.15
Thus far I`ve encountered eight possible endings (some are the same basic outcome but reached by different means), and there are some branches I still haven`t explored. Anyway, really great use of branching storylines here. rnrn(SPOILERS in the following for endings found so far - this isn`t quite a walkthrough, just the conditions for the major plot and subplot points)rnrn----------------------------------------------------------------------rnrnIntercepting CHLOE at her apartment subplots (you go to work first):rn- Show her sympathy. Wind up accidentally helping her kill her father and run away with CHLOE (no sex scene, but a pretty hot action sequence where we see CROW naked).rn- Show her sympathy and tell her about your friend Serena. Run away with CHLOE and SERENA (HOT threesome scene).rn- Realise the gun she brandished at you was loaded and walk away from her. Meet Xara`s Angels and go on a double date with Miranda, Lucas and Xara (HOT foursome scene). Wind up running away with Xara.rn- Realise the gun she brandished at you was loaded and walk away from her. Meet Xara`s Angels and go on a solo date with Xara (HOT martial arts sex scene later that night). Wind up running away with Xara.rnrnGo to work and wind up blowing off the main plot of the game.rn- SERENA confesses her love to you (HOT sex scene in the office). You wind up getting married. (Honestly if I have one regret, it`s that the game`s main plot doesn`t have room for Serena. She`s awesome.)rnrnIntercepting CHLOE at the coffee shop (you go straight there):rn- Help CHLOE kill her father (let her seduce you and fuck her like a whore at the hotel - bad path that turns Chloe evil and ends with her framing and murdering you but... a little worth it). There`s another ending branch here that`s probably even worse, but I haven`t explored yet.rn- Help CHLOE recover her dignity and self-worth, but fail to comfort Miranda when she realises Chloe has been trying to help the good guys all along. (Without Miranda, the bad guys cannot be beaten, and ultimately you wind up running away with CHLOE.)rn- Help CHLOE recover her dignity and self-worth and reconcile with Miranda. The canon ending in which the bad guys are brought to justice and most everyone lives happily ever after (except Serena, dammit...).

shyman44425 2018.02.15
Challenging but not ridiculously difficult. Found several endings so far. Very much enjoy the game.

CyrJ 2018.02.15
Very impressive. Really enjoyed the range of alternate endings, and the canon ending is super-satisfying.

phildog01 2018.02.14
great ending of the story. Each game getting better and better. I liked the story of each path and the renders are great

pieffepi 2018.02.13
Very, very nice game! Story is clever, and entertaining. Girls are beautiful. Nothing to complain really!

LordCorinth 2018.02.13
Nobody makes erotic adventures like these two, and I can only hope that their storytelling, complex characters and the fundamental respect for the women in them inspires more game makers to build erotic worlds that show us how eroticism and respect are not mutually exclusive things!

zantha 2018.02.13
Nine different endings, beautiful graphics, and the end of the first story line from this universe makes this one of my favorite games. Well done!

superior_angel 2018.02.12
Wow. The best game I played ever. Thank you.

w1drng22 2018.02.12
Just finished several different endings. Love this game.

w1drng22 2018.02.11
I`m not even through it yet and I love it. Great story line.

GP69 2018.02.11
A bit long winded, had to keep adjusting the screen to be able to read the text and make the choices, but all in all not a bad game. The girls are hot, and the end results if you play it right are worth it

MountieMan 2018.02.10
the best game I have played yet best graphics and everythingrn

sexyfrank 2018.02.09
All games by Tlaero and Mortze are masterpieces.

BrownDog 2018.02.09
Have enjoyed the whole series, though this chapter seemed a bit easier than the others. Still looking for two endings, Four and Martial Arts. Any clues?

cesaw70 2018.02.09
Absolutely fantastic series of games. I enjoyed them immensely.

kaxikayima 2018.02.08
unbelieveable ride... grat job Tlaero & Mortze

Gwakinho 2018.02.08
Great game with beautifull graphics and great storyline for all the series

Tiodor 2018.02.07
Nice graphics and sex scenes with beautiful girl

whoknows123 2018.02.07
Great game and graphics, wish there was an opportunity to have multiple girls :)rn

super1400 2018.02.06
thats fine, good gameplay and animation

chete79 2018.02.06
Very nice game. Graphics are very good and the story is good as well.

MAQBBW114EVA 2018.02.06
love this game ive gotten all but 1 achievement but its an awesome game

perpep 2018.02.06
I`m sad, the story is over ...rnI congratulate you for this magnificent saga.rnThe scenario was inventive and mysterious.rnThe characters have a real personality that makes them realistic.rnAnd the drawings ... wow, they are splendid.rnThe girls are hot, which does not spoil anything.rnrnI hope that your imagination will continue to be so full, and that you will continue to portray such sublime girls in such astonishing stories.rnrnGood continuation.

machiavelian 2018.02.04
Loved this game; the different endings are fun to find out and the graphics are gorgeous. super sexy story so far.

geunie 2018.02.04
I find it strange, that you never know at the end whether your choices where good or bad! You did find an ending! So what!!!! Was it THE ending or was it a fals ending, howmanny endings are there??? The feedback at the end of the game is completly useless

crimsonfrog 2018.02.04
only finished tunning with xhloe finish will try for others now

STNeish 2018.02.04
Absolutely my favourite of the series. The art is brilliant, of course, but the fact it`s about Chloe is what did it for me, I`ve kind of had the hots for her since the first game!rnrnExcellent work.rn

Mei Ling 2018.02.03
A beautiful story, sexy women and wonderful scenes. A perfect game

cromer 2018.02.03
Good game good graphics and sex schenes

ssgtpyro 2018.02.03
got the canon ending on my second try lol for a porn game I really loved getting to see these characters win out in the end super fun game all the games in this arc were amazing lol now if only I could find a randomly super powered girlfriendrn

bigdaddyt1964 2018.02.03
it took me more than 6 tries to get it right. I`ve played all the ones in this series and like the fact that they were difficult, without being so difficult you couldn`t play them.rnthey challenged me. the graphics were quite good, and the sex scenes were somewhat erotic.rnoverall most enjoyablern

lugians 2018.02.03
very nice game, hope to see more like it

akhilgupta32 2018.02.03
amazing game. it feels like i am in love with the girls in the game. just wishing all those girls are real

Quibus76 2018.02.02
I played the other three games and this is a lot easier. Nice graphics and sex scenes.rnrn

Jaaru 2018.02.02
Nice looking new game, liked it.

Chairman1966 2018.02.02
I like this kind of story, nice finish to the way i played it....

Petro28 2018.02.02
I`ll be short, good game fitting ending and bonus scene is the best.

convulsiones 2018.02.02
I think dreaming with elsa and redemption for jessika were pretty good stories, the two others seem to be pretty weird and not even that entertaining or erotic

Crane1 2018.02.01
How do you change your score ratting? I just gave 99 to SC but it deserves 100!rn

citrus1980 2018.02.01
It`s more like Save us from this disgrace! Still the same awfully looking game engine, bad graphics, hard to read text as usual, and a boring and unappealing story, luckily i guess this was the end of this crappy elsaverse thing, it was about time!

Arjen 2018.02.01
i found it a difficult game but, the reward is amazing

stach56 2018.02.01
Nice game with sexy graphics.

jeanmimel 2018.02.01
the bonus scene is amazing ! rnjust find the 9 achievemnts ;)

adyee 2018.02.01
This is the fourth game of talero & motaze & i must say graphics are good even story line is like different episodes you must have to play redemption for jessika, finding miranda & dreaming with elsa first this game has nine different endings as per what choices you select it is kind of exciting.... looking forward to more from this series...

khahan 2018.02.01
Fun game and involved. Graphics are good, storyline is good. Choices to make affect different paths to take so there is good replayability to the game. Jessika is still my favorite from this series, but this capped the series off quite nicely.

marcus747 2018.02.01
I kind of liked it, I don`t know why it didn`t resonate with me so much, I felt like the story was really long and cumbersome. The graphics were fin, although Chloe looks like she`s 14, so that was a bit of a turn off. The story explains it well, but the childish look remains. Not a bad game, just not for me.

shyman44425 2018.02.01
I enjoy the extended story line. Still working on sorting out options. I will keep playing!

Corypheus 2018.02.01
It`s not bad. I`m not a big fan of the story, but otherwise a good game. The choices really matter. I was a bit disappointed that the longest ending did not have a special scene at the end. The one where you have to look for clues and find the portal to another universe. I didn`t like that story, and because of that it was kind of a drag. But I continued playing because I thought there had to be something special at the end of it. Well... there wasn`t. But this is just personal preference I guess.

cacotrepa 2018.01.31
Nice graphics, beautifull scenes. Easy to play

polo73 2018.01.31
nice game with sexy graphics. found 2 endings and will go on to find the other ones

Willshade 2018.01.31
I love the multiple scenes in this game it also has very good graphics

KitCarsen 2018.01.31
I played the other 3 and this is a lot easier. Nice graphics and sex scenes.

shooter7999 2018.01.31
Even though i don`t favour this gameplay, i enjoyed the games. Ease, nice-flowing and Serena.... Fantastic scenes.

volcano1234 2018.01.31
Decent graphics. Really easy game to play.

bummin 2018.01.31
Nice graphics, but not much of a game. Very few of your choices make a difference and 99% of the dialog choices are superficial. It`s basically just a cg comic with a few choices along the way for different paths.

L1nk1980 2018.01.31
I great ending of the story. Each game getting better and better. I liked the story of each path and the renders are greatrn

gustaveglans 2018.01.31
Like other games from this series (Elsa, Jessica, Miranda) it has a sophisticated story and it`s a bit challenging to find the best path. Graphics are really good and do not only support the story, but are highly sexy and erotic. One of the best free games around

DrunkNescafe 2018.01.31
Graphics even worst than previous games, all blurred and full of noise, seems someone was lazy. It`s the typical these days with big devs at Patreon, they just collect the money and instead of increasing quality they deliver shit.

JonSmite 2018.01.31
Played the ones before this Elsa, Miranda, Jesikka i like the story. Manage to fininish the game runing with Chloe, after killing her father, and with Chloe and Serena after the threesome. Got my attantion will try the "primary" route now.

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