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SPY: Agent 069


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Badman.SP 2018.12.22
Good but not great, graphically exceptional as always however it was a bit too short for me. Could have been a 90 if it had been longer but I`ll settle for an 80.

supertrucker 2018.09.20
A great game good graphics

MrTurner 2018.09.20
Uhh Agent Romanov... I mean 69.... what an amazing hottie! Love the idea, love the graphics! More of these please!

Rdtjuh91 2018.09.13
This is one of the nicest game i have played

supertrucker 2018.05.14
hot game worth playing I enjoyed one ending on my first try and looking forward to all the other ones

BSlick 2018.05.04
Love the graphics. Fair amount of replay value based on what you take in the beginning. My favorite is the gun /sleep pills for winning in a spy-like way and hot scenes. Ending #2.

drk1998 2018.04.13
Great Game and a Nice Story. id like to see more options throughout the story, that lead to more endingsrn

Danchi007 2018.03.15
Fun game sexy girl. I like the gameplay the graphics are goodrn

JonSmite 2018.03.15
cant we have a male agent as hero :-)

jcdd1 2018.02.08
This is seriously the best game of LOP i really hope there comes a part 2 of this !


razormark 2018.01.13
this is an awesome game, this is as close as im going to get to seeing Scarlett Johansson nude.

TEX TIGER 2018.01.01
The game is not especially.

*Cock_Sucker_Bitch* 2017.12.27
I love this game!!!rnTiffany look just like Scarlett Johansson.

Cypher 2017.12.23
Great game. But anyone else know it`s totally Scarlet Johanson?

tairex 2017.12.01
would have liked if it was longer but none the less the redhead makes up for itrn

lund69 2017.11.20
I really like the concept of the spy agent,great game overall,good graphics.rnrn

archer295 2017.10.24
nice game with some good graphics and the girls were hot as hellrn

kingtut8910 2017.10.23
The main character is super hot and the game is decent itself. Good graphics as always!

jay711 2017.10.14
great game great graphics great storyline. the agent looks like scar jo i loved it

Caseyfar 2017.10.08
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LarrySA_01 2017.08.13
Good graphics. One of my favorites so far.

Tiodor 2017.08.04
Excellent game, easy to play. The agent is sexy and graphics is good

KitCarsen 2017.07.09
Really hot girl...super game

getsuga 2017.07.08
its like black widow me totes like

krishnamurti 2017.06.15
that girl was too hot and the game was also good and graphics were great1!!rn

redpunk 2017.06.02
Really sexy girl....looks like scarlete johanson

Heskork 2017.06.02
Wow, The ame is so nice and megan was too slutty

intandint 2017.05.02
that`s a good job,meybe differet obout it.

htdck 2017.03.23
nice game, liked that i could lick the girl first

ianjames 2017.03.15
another great game with briliant graphics

youssef7 2017.03.03
amazing game but needs to be longer

soul1995678 2017.02.21
this game is way tempting the graphic is good and it`s amazing

Zamasu 2017.01.25

chickenjg 2016.12.31
great graphics and hot character

cristoph99 2016.12.26
great gameplay and graphics

cristoph99 2016.12.26
great graphics and the animation is just amazing

shredmann 2016.12.16
Must be caught and saled to see an ending 2..Fantastic game!I adore that hot agent...

coolw 2016.12.06
A very nice game, love redheads.

ValetSever 2016.12.05
Good graphic)) good animations))

ultima924 2016.12.05
love this game diffidently going to favorite it

nbrahul 2016.11.16
Anyone able to get Ending No.2 ? I able to get Ending 1 & 3 only...

kappa123 2016.11.09
great graphics great girl great story just an all round great game

vel119 2016.11.08
very very very hot. i like that agent for me, and the grafics are amazing

misterj 2016.11.01
good graphics and liked the interaction. great and nice game...

raymond.nivon 2016.10.28
great game, good graphics, fun story , good endings.
also the girl really look like Scarlett Johansson`s black widow which is great.

LuciferJ998 2016.10.24
Great Game and really love the story and art, the animation could`ve been better but somehow the agent looked a lot like scarlet johanson, which helped quite a bit

madboy001 2016.10.19
Super hot redhead. Black Widow for sure. I like the option to choose your accessories at the beginning. Gives more replayability.

jayjentorlaw 2016.10.03
my favorite game , black widow

PussyReece 2016.10.02
This Game is Awesome. The story, the graphics., the characters. Amazing!!!

rhynorhyno 2016.09.09
3 thumb for this nice game creator #the other 1 is my gf thumb# :p

sonicsex 2016.09.08
She looks a bit like scarlett johanson. A coincidence ? I think not !

Like that kind of stuff

Archer40 2016.08.10
When is part II coming out. Who wrote this story are they working on a second one.

Archer40 2016.08.10
Would love to see a more in depth sequel with more options and sex scenes

Archer40 2016.08.10
Should turn it into a lop exclusive like you guys did with eleanor. Also many sequels after that please

whitey1819 2016.08.09
Leo you need to put Tiffany into a LOP gold game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Luchs473 2016.08.05
Nice and Hot game with nice Story to, Graphic is ok but Animation could be a little better like in other Games

chicoguapo35 2016.06.11
I have beated this game so many times because its so perfect. Nice work!

chicoguapo35 2016.06.09
One of the first games on this site. Pretty good.

Archer40 2016.06.07
First game I played on this site and still one of my favorites. Need many more sequels and a higher rating than 85.

lifetaker11 2016.06.02
one of the best games i`ve played i like the type of story

zorrie 2016.05.28
Too short and more sex scenes please

aksi63 2016.05.24
Definitely one the best games LoP has made! Their are various options and a variety of different scenes which makes it fun for repeated plays. Hope the character comes again soon!

Bob2323 2016.05.15
Ending two was the best the girls are hot

tmk995 2016.04.27
Very nice graphics easy to play

Marx69 2016.04.24
Nice the fact to be the girl for once

terrem 2016.04.22
pretty interestig, was looking for a spy themed game

minion6970 2016.04.21
super easy to play, has excellent graphics, story line was short but still a good game.

Marolf 2016.04.11
If it ain`t scarlet, i`ll rip my head of. Beautiful Girls. Nice Game.

Hoxton 2016.04.08
great game. is the agent suppose to be Black Widow from the Avengers?

Ending 1: Have sex with megan and her guy.
Ending 2: Get caught by megan and her guy.
Ending 3: Go into the next room and wait for them to have sex.

all three endings can be done with tracker and gun.

bigbroom 2016.04.07
Anyone able to get Ending No.2 ? I able to get Ending 1 & 3 only...

justikman 2016.04.06
The games here are always amazing

eternalk 2016.04.02
sexiest girl yet looks like scarlet

pussyslayer69 2016.04.01
Sexy game

Got really hard for this game, I came 3 times, she looked like Scarlett Johansson

genius96 2016.03.30
wow the graphics was amazing

Sskout 2016.03.25
such a good lop game, always on point!

thstark42 2016.03.15
it was absolutely Hot !
and i coudn`t get second Ending 2 !!

jonnhy 2016.03.12
this game has very good graphics and the agent was so hot

Chenz15 2016.03.09
Tiffany was very hot and sexy
It was a hard game, I will try it later

kts2112 2016.03.08
really nice game.......but i didnt get ending 2....only 1 and 3

stalenidic92 2016.03.03
sexy game but would love a walk through soon

BOBOLOHO 2016.02.12

ziost 2016.02.11
Pretty good game, like the diversity of options and pretty good graphics

datdick69 2016.02.09
james bond didnt get this much ass haha! i love their games! the graphics way above anyhting else!

neil_64 2016.02.08
Is it me, or does Tiffany look just like Scarlett Johansson?

NaverNoob 2016.02.07
Good game, quite hrad? but this is no matter

darkminded 2016.02.06
easy game , hope our spyagent will return

11126 2016.01.29
excellent game easy to play sexy agent and good graphics

bitchy asshole 2016.01.29
agent 69 hotty i loved this game

afgh001 2016.01.29
Agent 069... absolutely hot. I`d love to see her in action again.
Very enjoyable and replayable.

nestor0353 2016.01.21
an interesting play games, has great themes. the model is very beautiful. I became very hot.

jarad 2016.01.19
one of the best games on this site

zkeithhardy 2016.01.15
awesome game amazing graphics

monik 2016.01.03
it was a nice game but impossible to arrive to the end 3

DonnieBGood 2015.12.30
Excellent graphic, fairly easy game and plot

Tapinha 2015.12.28
I love this game... the best i play until now.
Please do more like this.

Pommy963 2015.12.22
This game is really cool!!!

PapaShu 2015.12.20
I always enjoy games with multiple endings

markus7759 2015.12.19
great game good graphics not to hard

GandalfTheG 2015.12.18
i love how se resembels scarlett johanson

jonkieofstick 2015.12.15
amazing game but hard!!

buttbutt1 2015.12.15
great scenes, good animations awesome graphics

Siuz2 2015.12.14
sexy agent like black widow i like it

MAQBBW114 2015.12.14
Main Character is so Hot but the story could be longer and have more variety in gameplay options

mightypussy1 2015.12.13
Shes so hot so is the game

santosh24 2015.12.10
Damnn man this is epic i cummed really hard playing it *.* loved it !

Gordon80s 2015.12.08
One of my favourite game. Cool.

emrenano 2015.12.05
good but ? just faield first time

ben_aughty 2015.12.02
Very short and easy.

Good if you like scarlett Johansen though.

butyouarentbucky 2015.11.30
Good game and she looks like Black Widow

Kingoflimbs 2015.11.29
I enjoyed playing this game. Wish it had been longer though.

GrimjawDarkman 2015.11.28
I came so hard to this, I love Scarlett and she looks on point... Amazing

AZSxsmoke12x 2015.11.28
One of the best games on site

delltheman 2015.11.24
Very Hot Game have gotten 3 endings

Mainwolf 2015.11.20
one of the best looking games i`ve played on here

Sinful_69 2015.11.16
This game is soooooo sexy, i jaccked off to this numerous times. i love the idea of scarlett johansson. great story line and graphics as always

Scissors 2015.11.14
this game is soo hot and i like it

Scissors 2015.11.14
this game is sooo good. graphics look so real

katsan 2015.11.14
Nice. A little clunky in the operation but kinda fun.Of course having the character be a Scarlett Johanson look alike doesnt hurt.

Shakma 2015.11.11
What a great game, she looks perfect, sexy and beautiful and the gameplay is very good, great work with this game, i love it :)

remoremoit 2015.11.06
Great job of making her look like Scarlett Johansson!

PureFire 2015.11.04
Nice action of being a sex spy great quality.

bob_the_dealer 2015.10.30
amazing story line great game

big w00rm 2015.10.29
this game is in my top 10

TheMikeymac13 2015.10.28
This is my favorite game on this site :)

Trajan00 2015.10.27
Easiest way to do it is to go for the gun and the sleeping pills. Then you can knock out the bodyguard and go to megans house

Trajan00 2015.10.27
Another brilliant game by LOP

sansex123 2015.10.25
superb game!a totally great spy !

noobietalk 2015.10.14
This game has a nice ending. Although the story is kind of tricky and requires some logic

fuckballs 2015.10.13
Gosh diggity dang! What a great game this was! I really liked the part with the sex.

play40 2015.10.12
Mission Succeed . great game with very nice graphics , nice story I enjoyed it and I will play it again 4 sure

007mamba 2015.10.11
i played this game like 100 times and still couldnt get anywhere close to that big fella,i am still trying :D

MaxDillion 2015.10.11
THis game was hard....A bit confusing as such but in the end it was fun

Soccergod66 2015.10.08
really really fun. they might want to make the sex scenes a little better though

jedimastercopes 2015.10.05
beautiful girls
best gameplay

Vishesh 2015.10.05
great story and quality and graphics

soltero43 2015.10.02
Great graphics and storyline. It was alot of fun to play. A part two would be a great idea with more choices, interactions and sex scenes.

yurikyuubi 2015.09.28
in my personal opinion i thought the graphics were a little lack LUSTer

Erickcastillo1977 2015.09.20
Very good very good excellent

Erickcastillo1977 2015.09.20
Excellent gane I love you crital

SharkTailTank 2015.09.20
good story good game graphics

vandon 2015.09.09
good game simple good graphics interesting endings.

mana sharkawy 2015.09.08
finally i have got the 2nd ending

mana sharkawy 2015.09.08
it is a great game with a slutty spy

Snowstorm122 2015.08.29
Being a spy was very fun. Since you where also a sexy slutty one.

Snowstorm122 2015.08.29
This game was just great. The animation the sex and the talking they did. But the graphics where really good.

Anonymouz1248 2015.08.25
good game. i have to admit it also the graphics

Dwill 2015.08.25
Love this game best game ever

jayhawk4134 2015.08.25
best game i ever played

rodrigo_porti 2015.08.20
incredible graphics and good game but im stuck almost at the begining, i think i need omse help

whitey1819 2015.08.20
we need a sequal to this game, or need the agent to feature in another game! game was fantastic but short

ashley123456 2015.08.13
fun to play and really sexy

areoport 2015.08.10
great game overall but a bit hard

dodi77 2015.08.09
love the girls and the story.

VerMast 2015.08.09
worth my time awesome game

hamuse 2015.08.06
this is awesome. nice 3D but free wow!

jax2894 2015.08.05
the game was sexy and so were the graphics

mrnobody 2015.08.02
that girl is looking amazing so good made

EveWilliamS103 2015.08.02
Awesome game with amazing graphic

majorefiction 2015.07.30
this is one of the best game over here with the hot chicks in it!

technobrine 2015.07.28

Mike82 2015.07.26
Agent S is a really classy woman indeed.

akajam 2015.07.24
it was a real hottt game. my dick got hot hot and hotter. i have to the graphics are amazing

Pandabuffel 2015.07.24
A very nice game, loved the girl. Hard to get all endings though!

darknot 2015.07.24
Really good animation and graphics

darknot 2015.07.24
I relly like graphics and animation

SGrunge 2015.07.22
Fun game! But I have a thing for Scarlett Johansen.

Kira1970 2015.07.22
awesome game great graphics great sex scenes

Erand 2015.07.22
This is one of the first game i`ve played and I keep coming back, this agent simply rocks!

vympel9 2015.07.21
wow I love this game, the graphic are great, i so exitad

Bryce6990 2015.07.19
Please make a second game of this this game was amazing i loved ending 2

FrozenLad 2015.07.19
Graphics are very detailed and impressive!

anybodyhome1 2015.07.17
super hot game and really great graphic, i give it 8/10

johnnyrotten 2015.07.16
Ack... Busted. Off to the Brothels. Ending #3 is not coming as easy as I thought.

danielgomes1980 2015.07.14
i managed all the ending great game

danielgomes1980 2015.07.14
tough game but great story

danielgomes1980 2015.07.14
the story was wonderful and i loved the graphics

10BigDanny01 2015.07.13
Always thought Scarlett Johansson was sexy

DUXOFSEX17 2015.07.13
very good game especially sex scenes

ashleydiidii 2015.07.09
great gamee. loveee ittttt

KerbaxSiltero 2015.07.09
My fav devs do it again lol

beetle61904 2015.07.04
I am new here so just barely learning the ropes, but so far I am hooked. It`s like a mini fantasy . I even find myself getting aroused.

minecraftomg 2015.07.04
its almost as if i can smell it,,,,,u know what i smell :)

Rookey80 2015.07.02
I love these games, i have to keep playing to see all the different endings!!!

romeo_ketchum 2015.06.24
i wish Scarlett Johansson was between my thigs loved the game not to mention our black widow.........

wanna fuckkk!!! 2015.06.22
Good game good story, sexy chicks. thnx pf1

bigtrucker578 2015.06.14
nice models! great graphics really nice game

puessylover805 2015.06.14
shelooks like black widow = awesome

RITAM DADU 2015.06.11
great game with great graphics. i recommend it

ikke87 2015.06.08
damn this game is hot
and looks realy good two

rastafarians 2015.06.08
Great game with great endings.

Lolared 2015.06.04
this is probably my favourite game on here, But other games are good too :)

12543580 2015.06.03

bobovindo 2015.06.02
thats a cool little game :)

SmilingDemon 2015.06.01
I think we all want to bang that agent ( Scarlet Johanson )

b1m0123 2015.06.01
it was a very good game love the graphic

sogeking 2015.05.30
best game i`ve ever played... and good graphics!!

Kurakoi 2015.05.29
Awesome game! Time to find all the endings :D

dalagninja 2015.05.29
Fantastic Game! Time to get through all of the endings.

BTForeman33 2015.05.28
I wonder if this is the best agent game bcuz I think it is

obernardines 2015.05.27
it was absolutely Hot !
and i coudn`t get second Ending 2 !!

patrickus 2015.05.26
very good game and nice storyline

PlayboyBD 2015.05.26
Great gameplay!!! Realistic sexy secret agent!!

tfklinda11 2015.05.24
this is a fucking game and i like it

cerisa 2015.05.24
this is probably my favourite game on here, partly because of the audio and graphics, but mostly because of the fact that she looks like scarlett johansson, the hottest person i know. plz do more with scarlett johansson, and hot celebs over all.

nnr557 2015.05.21
briilliant game even the endings made me

lordtrex 2015.05.21
this gameplay isn`t the best but still good

kabilan 2015.05.21
great game sensual graphics i literally cummed in my pants!!!

jayjayisjay 2015.05.21
Great graphics, interesting story. Very very fun game.

2iu 2015.05.20
best graphics for nude games ever

nelrhey195 2015.05.19
i love its grahpics really cool man

tobias4840 2015.05.17
pretty decent to be honest

pilot1234 2015.05.16
some of the best grapgics ive seen

MrToothman 2015.05.15
very hot and sexy game with good story

ags cool 2015.05.13
Good game good story, sexy chicks

Zun 2015.05.13
Gameplay was awsome..its so extremely great i never image..

ahmed2001nael 2015.05.12
she is so sexy she is like scarlet Jonasen

lufiasrahza 2015.05.08
amazing games ! great and deserved high rates !

rex007king 2015.05.08
how come she looks like Scarlett Johansson

ddbdl123 2015.05.08
this game such an amazing, and i really love the spy agent. she looks like scarlette

nina20122020 2015.05.05
another gr8 game! lovely story, good graphics and i love the anal scene!

blumpybimp 2015.05.04
Scarlett Johansson as the model is a great touch, I love this game

shibuze 2015.05.03
im stuck when i meet the terrorist

ostater69 2015.05.02
the spy tools are lame, you need the same two

rock01011983 2015.04.29
Really hot girls.
Nice graphics.

richie223 2015.04.25
Using Scarlett Johanssen was a nice touch I must say. I`ve often seen pictures of the game where there is this black maid who i haven`t been able to find in the game. Anyone know if she`s actually in the game at all.

Firekiss 2015.04.25
great Graphic the girls look realy nice

big0520 2015.04.25
great game and graphics. Of course, Scarlett Johansson really hot

camox777 2015.04.24
is that the black widow

zm20589 2015.04.21
Hot game, Sexy chick, What more can i say? All around hot game

Shishi Sonson 2015.04.21
Just perfect! Give us more like that!

QuickRock 2015.04.19
I loved the gameplay, It was very fun, exciting and I enjoyed it. Keep doing these type of games.

john milton 2015.04.19
guys you are great... i`ve enjoyed this scarlett johanson look alike so much.
great, great work

bzhlebreton 2015.04.18
Good simple game. Not too many endings though.

saman34 2015.04.17
superb graphics i`m seen this game

fergal 2015.04.10
good story, good graphics, like it!

Sirskafti 2015.04.10
love the multi endings and the main char is fun as well.

absporty2013 2015.04.09
hot game with very interesting endings

overheadavi1234 2015.04.08
good game, wish there were 4 endings, wouldve been fun to find

razorblueo 2015.04.07
THis was a really good game, i enjoyed it a lot! Recommended

RachaelRose 2015.04.07
awesome game.. i like the graphics

Sir Cumalot 2015.04.07
this is probably my favourite game on here, partly because of the audio and graphics, but mostly because of the fact that she looks like scarlett johansson, the hottest person i know. plz do more with scarlett johansson, and hot celebs over all.

deadpool7 2015.04.06
i didn`t really like this one as much as the others

SlionZ 2015.04.06
Great game. Just love it...

SammyG117 2015.04.06
Super sexy and really cool animations, fun game

Stilas 2015.04.04
Good game, i like the bondesque feel that the game has

sirwatkins 2015.04.04
loving the manual bj and the red head

Nightwing323 2015.04.03
Good game. Amazing graphics

PlayForceOne-Pilot 2015.04.03
Great! First game that I ever had! Nicest ever in history!

daniya13 2015.04.02
this was one of the best games ever

RickyBalboa004 2015.04.01
Excellent game. I like a lot of these challenging sex games.

fergal 2015.04.01
Liked it, a bit triky but worth sticking with!

ThoriQQ 2015.03.31
Excellent Game. Sadly it only have 3 endings

Yanaga 2015.03.28
wow great erotic game I ever play, great job guys, I acctually enjoy the graphic.

geminus123 2015.03.26
NIce Game...... I really enjoyed this game...

moebus 2015.03.25
good sexy game, lovely hot girls

bachhuyanh 2015.03.24
Nice game, the graphic is good

peakxl 2015.03.23
Amazing graphics as always. The blowjob and feel minigames are a bit iffy though. This is much better than alot of the other adult games out there on the internet however.

henry0909 2015.03.22
it was really hot . whoah

fusillier40 2015.03.22
WOW maybe best game ever!

HaloMagic 2015.03.22
Had a great amount of endings and was a high quality game

clavicusvile 2015.03.20
a bit difficult but it`s good game

deffy duck 2015.03.20
pretty cool game nice graphics

nomi61 2015.03.19
i`m new in here, please help me

chatur 2015.03.18
nice game.. i love spying...

Ellanox 2015.03.15
Another great game by LOP!

grimsigh24 2015.03.14
great game, very entertaining..

g0052710 2015.03.13
very sexy spy reminds me of black widow

xslayermkdx 2015.03.11
can be created extension for this game with 40-50 days something like johnny bullet good scenario deserves extension

long385 2015.03.11
i got ending #2 it was a very sexy game

fucklover86 2015.03.08
game was the best ever amazing and awesome gameplay

Ssslicer 2015.03.07
Good graphics game you can choose your equipment.. what else do you need?

GravnHD 2015.03.05
It was a good game, i couldn`t find all the endings but i will keep trying. I liked the graphics and the story, i think the team behind this did an awesome job here. Well done!

Jack0888 2015.03.05
it was a fantastic game!!!!!!!!!!!! it was realy hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wow

lordaniket123 2015.03.04
the game is quiet a bit good

swaggerjagger 2015.03.02
love the scarlett theme, really hot

Doberk 2015.02.28
Very beautiful game i really like it and that woman you know...

Sveta3073882 2015.02.28
it,s good similiar game!!!

RamanS21 2015.02.28
nice game and the girl is really hot

SomeOne12345 2015.02.28
A really good game but i felt it was a little short would love another game with agent s tough

matthewdrk 2015.02.27
not the worst game but not the best iv played on here i givea 6 out of 10

Patolino 2015.02.26
Nice game but short =/
Good graphics and a few options to explore.

jandd 2015.02.26
really good game. also very nice graphics

Mostachu 2015.02.26
great and nice game, really hot!!

he110ween99 2015.02.23
Anyone able to get Ending No.2 ? I able to get Ending 1 & 3 only...

stefw 2015.02.21
good gameplay and nice grafics
altough I find the game a litle short

anandha 2015.02.20
i love this game becase the gameplay is interresting because the animation

anandha 2015.02.20
i love this game so much becase the grafics

Ludwig42 2015.02.17
A bit slow in starting but soon gets interesting!

karim2015 2015.02.17
Great game with good story line and graphics

shadowchaser2099 2015.02.17
i loves this game so much

thirstttt 2015.02.16
sexy graphics and easy to play. great game

darren80425 2015.02.13
she was hot it`s a really cool game

Razzthird 2015.02.13
Wow. Possibly the greatest game I`ve seen

cooldude132 2015.02.09
Another great game to play

tnt888 2015.02.09
really nice game, nice graphics and song

Froodoo 2015.02.08
a really great game. Even if its a bid too hard for me. But that makes it interesting

emilx132 2015.02.07
love this game. Sooooo goooood

IllKeepTrying 2015.02.06
Very fun game, as well as graphics

Super God Frieza 2015.02.05
I like this game because of the great graphics that was pretty hot.

cram98 2015.02.04
It was a fun game. Played multiple times.

Alkaid 2015.02.04
The female model was very well done and animated.

pornbear 2015.02.03
Very nice ghrapics, gameplay could be better

Arno1243 2015.02.03
Superb Game I Could Play Again

Synful2 2015.02.03
good game and great graphic`s

EletronicZX 2015.02.02
That`s a super cool game with a nice history and genre :D

assassin1122 2015.01.31
its animation was good and super story

kontoltete 2015.01.30
damn!!!! i like this game so much!!!! i cant resist my self

jafferris 2015.01.29
HOT! Very much enjoyed this game.

hentai 01 2015.01.29
I had to click on slap his ass and shout YOLO.
Sadly there was no eater egg

hentai 01 2015.01.29
yay!!!new game!!!great and nice game...

hentai 01 2015.01.29
Bug? Blowjob on the bouncer wouldn`t move past MODERATE.

smbotimer89 2015.01.25
awesome game, great graphics, but i want more moaning...:D

zappy21 2015.01.23
Love this game.anybody know of a walkthrough?

xslayermkdx 2015.01.22
cool story nice girls more episodes will be nice

gwazz 2015.01.21
love the graphics only found 1 ending so far will try again

bicks26 2015.01.20
important to choose the right items

rapunxel 2015.01.17
The game has amazing graphics but how do i get diffrent endings

Ivan42 2015.01.16
Very good game. Hot and funny!

mrchow 2015.01.15
how long does it take to get all endings ? great game though

unholyamity 2015.01.14
interesting this game is really good

peazomango 2015.01.13
Is it me or the girl is like Scarlett Johanson?

sharathrahul 2015.01.12
very good game with nice graphics

Pigfortune 2015.01.11
Intensely suspenseful and intriguing game but don`t get too over confident or you might fail the mission and get seriously demoted.

Bananamate 2015.01.10
The animation was smoothe and great and enhanced the experience

nonamesleft1977 2015.01.10
Enjoyed the game very much! I will most definitely be playing again to see what ending I get next!

Syneid 2015.01.07
Good, not great. I like the original idea but it just ends immediately.

whyro 2015.01.05
i loved it!! awesome game!!

morzan 2015.01.05
another great game.it was fun fellas

Etho 2015.01.04
Of course, another good game. I like all the items you have to choose from, and all the actions you can do with them. I will be seeing some of the other games you guys have made as well. Keep up the good work!

jon234 2015.01.03
amazing game and very good story game really makes u think

Westy987 2015.01.02
Fun game. Megan is a very sexy character.

ocholoco 2015.01.01
very good graphics,nice animation

JohnXxXx 2014.12.31
This game it`s very good and I like the endings.
This game it`s WOW, one of the best game I ever play.

Danci007 2014.12.31
graphics are good the story is interesting love the multiple options animations are good

nahid123 2014.12.30
It took several tries, but I finally found all 3 endings. It was actually quite easy to get to endings 1 & 2, but I wanted to try all combinations with the other items from the case, so I was getting ending 3 multiple times. Very simple, and a good game.

andre991 2014.12.29
this game was great. love the endings. love it.

saramone 2014.12.23
Nice game and rly good story would play this again

jedipierce 2014.12.22
great story and girls. add more options to the story and more sex scenes

Demonofvengence 2014.12.21
Submissive woman are the best. love this game for it!

vovan77 2014.12.21
hot game.sex animation very good

camw123 2014.12.21
Great gameplay, and the character is awesome

omaga 2014.12.19
this game is my favorite lop free games of all time .... i am really in love with this character

showboy 2014.12.17
this game was freaking cool..
i like that we play the woman and can be submissive!
love that part alot

PFO_Lover 2014.12.17
This is a great game, but I agree about that it should have more endings, but I enjoyed it :D

MarkerGamer 2014.12.16
Great games, with several endings :D haha and the agent looks just like Scarlett Johansson *?* that`s why I ranked it with 100.

stevvie 2014.12.14
defo a fantasy of mine to be seduced by a spy

souldymono 2014.12.14
Another great gamme by another great website.

Omar.ZX 2014.12.14
Amazing Game excellent graphics and storyline

trickybrown997 2014.12.14
This game is great, I wish i could get the other 2 endings thought im stuck

mange33 2014.12.11
This game is one of the best at playforce, it is very sexy! I have played it so many times, cant remember when i played it for the first time xD

nettox 2014.12.08
really great game with great graphics. To get second ending get the pheromones and gps but dont use the vial until the maid comes, and get caught

don5267 2014.12.07
tiffany looks alot like scarlett johanssen

SpaceGhost53 2014.12.06
One of the top games on LoP. Very well written and lots of fun to play!

glen280452 2014.12.05
this is a great game with excellent graphics

LazyTiger 2014.12.04
The best adventure game on LOP. The agent is stunning and everything is so well written.

The agent was great perfect tits and figure and if she was in real life i would fuck her all day long

KingHeartlez 2014.12.04
Great Graphics! Art is prefect!

inhindsight7 2014.12.02
I really liked the red head, plus the graphics were great!

chief007 2014.11.30
This game is real good, tiffany is super hot! nice game with different endings.

Spiritkai 2014.11.24
Red hair is the best! this game was AWESOME!

taysmith7111 2014.11.21
I enjoyed the game a lot, hd to o a few times to get to the end but i did it eventually

Zeropower 2014.11.21
one of the best games ive played so far really good

Fuckluck 2014.11.20
The graphics were great and so was the gameplay

Bogda3993 2014.11.19
It`s a great game. I love those graphics, animation is verry good...almost real life.

mrsbig 2014.11.18
Good graphics and the girls were hot. But not one of the best LOP game. I wish there was more.

J_Dymer 2014.11.16
the girls are pretty hot but I wish it went for longer

Lolreth 2014.11.15
This developed pretty quickly.

HentaiKing 2014.11.14
LOP has another hit. i cant wait till the next mission with "SPY: Agent 069"

Road Ninja 2014.11.14
Wonderful game and graphics.

djsexymini 2014.11.12
Awesome game !!!!!!! superb graphics & story

MKHacks 2014.11.11
i cant seem to get ending no. 2 any help?

kotokkotok 2014.11.11
can anyone get ending no 2?

AlkaDabra 2014.11.08
Really cool game, thanks for the comments on how to reach the other endings, couldn`t quite figure it out!

gallows88 2014.11.03
i love this game it has good graphics and the girls are so hot.

rawjim69 2014.11.01
great game i want another one!

fck 2014.10.30
like the agent truly bomb blasting material

w1drng22 2014.10.30
Nice graphics. But how could anyone cheat on Crissy. Gina is OK but Crissy is awesome.

MyNewNight 2014.10.26
Great graphics and nice ending

tolge 2014.10.24
Playing this game make me feels like a real secret agent. I enjoy it.

Wolf_Boy95 2014.10.24
great game a bit hard to understand at frst but once u understood the basic mechanic everythin went smooth 10/10

smok87 2014.10.22

Radielaviel 2014.10.22
I love redheads and interactive interfaces. That was fun.

dadohl 2014.10.22
best game i never see,

coolsauce 2014.10.20
really great game with great graphics, the multiple ending keep me coming back to get that elusice final one. and of course it`s hot as hell

drplox 2014.10.19
i love the gameplay and the graphics. it should have checkpoints though

playforceone2014 2014.10.19
it was absolutely Hot !
and i coudn`t get second Ending 2 !!

Johno51 2014.10.17
Nice game, good story, very cute girls

Powermad 2014.10.13
good game lacked the pasion tho

DancyPants 2014.10.13
Good game, got plenty much more games to play, very excited

alexinotank 2014.10.13
pretty nice game,it`s the first time i`m here,but it won`t the be the last one

chimchi 2014.10.10
I finally got all the Endings

Tanta 2014.10.09
Great game, a lot of fun

rahi50 2014.10.09
relevant comments concerning gameplay, graphic, animation

Iamdoge 2014.10.06
Is it just me or does she look like Scarlett Johansson?

Scarff_ 2014.10.03
Very Nice Game,Nice Graphics and Gameplay

vombat 2014.09.29
The agent is awesome. I love her )

notin 2014.09.29
very nice game i like the way u can ga throught differnet obstacles with some of the items u choose in the beginig

termhuss 2014.09.28

Delta1162 2014.09.28
This game is a real turn on, the art is amazing!!

WolfSpittex 2014.09.27
Great graphics as always you do i love this game becouse i love spy games :3 good work

DeeDe03 2014.09.24
Great game the graphics are very nice and the concept is too

nee7 2014.09.23
i got to the threesome, but i got demoted, lol

fifik 2014.09.20
i think that aigent was wery sexy

domee37 2014.09.20
very nice sexy and fucking game. I loved it.

kriss2 2014.09.20
The game is great here but stupid, because the break in the game.

LGGreen 2014.09.20
hot, sexy, what could i ask for more? of course, it has spies

artik20 2014.09.16
expected more from this game. didn`t really like it

Futuros 2014.09.16
Enjoyable game and interesting plot.

franky80 2014.09.16
fuck the gils are haevy

network22 2014.09.15
fun game - like the options to have different things happen

Kingston Killingham 2014.09.14
Great graphics as always, controls are a little touchy on a track pad but otherwise its awesome.

bignick95 2014.09.12
the graphics are awesome, no flaws in this game

Gershyn 2014.09.12
This game was so damn good. I loved the whole thing, seriously. I found the blowjob scene a little repetitive but that`s just me.

Raio10 2014.09.11
an awesome game i love this one i play it often if you haven`t played this you should.

BelleB 2014.09.11
Great Game, loved finding all of the endings, lovely graphics as always

drguy 2014.09.10
my gosh this was amasing make more!

slavegirla 2014.09.09
loved this game, was wonderful being a slutty agent

alexbaggins 2014.09.07
Can somebody tell me all the endings?

alexbaggins 2014.09.07
Love the game!
Being a Spy Agent! :D
Female James Bond!

YouNeverWin 2014.09.05
thanks for your good game i love lesbian sex please get lesbian games more

thebmc 2014.09.05
this spy looks like scarllet johansson, damn

devil_s 2014.09.05
I like this game. Nice story. Nice Endings.

Jacko611 2014.09.03
Love LoP Games, Cant fault this game

bklan1 2014.09.01

1 ending

i would be a spy ...

tapiocapudding 2014.08.31
Another hot game! I love the animation, makes it that much more hotter

saltycaleb 2014.08.31
the game has amazing graphics and storyline to follow with sexy characters

dickcum 2014.08.29
I need help where can have sex with megan

reaper194 2014.08.25
Good Game Overall but I feel the graphics were a tad less well done that usual LoP games

cool_shareefboy 2014.08.24
perfect game with the scarlett look alike. pure perfection

matiasvolo 2014.08.23
Great game!
Good Graphics en it was fun to play the game!

spartansfan2 2014.08.22
tiffany totally looks like scarlette johanson

AmazonianArcher 2014.08.22
Very good game, Tiffany is super hot and secret agent stuff is always amazing! Would definitely love to see more from Agent S.

TotallyRockHard 2014.08.20
nice game with great graphics, i really like the part where you give the guard a blowjob

b4tman73 2014.08.20
nice story and amazing graphics

patoramone 2014.08.20
i really like the girl in this game

Valkyrie360 2014.08.19
this is a great one with great graphics really enjoyed this

W1ll 2014.08.18
The artwork in this game was amazing. Loved the main girl!

zeroexe 2014.08.18
i got ending two, what did you get?

Evanator120 2014.08.14
so much fun too play great gameplay really well done game

smmccoy8838 2014.08.12
I expected a little more development her. The images are very good, but it`s too easy to get to the conclusions.

Lo4DinG 2014.08.09
well i like this kind of game ,secretly,spying, . . .

DutchmanTX 2014.08.09
Love this style of game. Good graphics and very arousing!

mmmbabyfuckmeintheass 2014.08.07
i like this game its fun attempting to get all the endings

Jaderx 2014.08.04
Fun, love trying to get all the endings

yangwu 2014.08.02
the graphics are great and gameplay too. I just need more exciting sound

vs1 2014.08.02
It`s HOT especially that she looks like scarlett johnsson

izick 2014.08.01
wow!!!! best game ever...!!!!!!

machinafinimundi 2014.08.01
Very nice game. The graphics is great but the animation could be improved.

codisniper 2014.07.29
love this game it deserve alot of good comments

vokk 2014.07.28
i love this game 10/10

Pachonzituh 2014.07.27
I just love these games, graphics so good !

qwertyasd12345 2014.07.27
X ray and sleeping pills yeah!

Juanksape 2014.07.25
Pretty good, this one was easy compared to other ones, but one of the best, highly recommended

lugia21 2014.07.25
Very Interesting and Great Graphics but its too short

MN@13 2014.07.23
This is one of the best games i ever played.

12214411 2014.07.22
It`s Scarlet Johanson. I enjoyed the game very much.

ballflappy 2014.07.22
id play this game over any over again

mangyfucker 2014.07.20
I love this game but I feel its a bit short

Iva_bigun_12 2014.07.19
Great game, good graphics and story

butch84 2014.07.19
Very good game, great endings.

Truedaemon 2014.07.18
Very detailed, Interesting and Great Graphics

traffic_x1 2014.07.18
Would have enjoyed it more, if it were longer, great game though...

jsfrts 2014.07.18
GREAT game, just love it.

BigDick2508 2014.07.18
very good games, o love it

capoqsay 2014.07.17
i loved every second please make more

sexmach123 2014.07.15
great game and the girls make me hard

mehrann 2014.07.14
the game seemed too short

mehrann 2014.07.14
reheads are so damn hot this one doesnt disappoint!

brutesfail 2014.07.14
i enjoy a game with more then one ending

DewilNeverCry 2014.07.14
I really liked this game. The graphics were nice, I just wish there was a little more involvement with the sex scenes.

blasoon 2014.07.13
This game was great. I really enjoyed replaying it and trying to find the best way to use the different items.

Akkin 2014.07.12
I will love a spy: Agent 069 created in the manner of Eleanor, with a successful or unsuccessful infiltration in 50 days.

Ebile123 2014.07.11
it was an ok game. not what i`m used to on this site.

jackiano 2014.07.11
Amazing graphics and easily one of my favourites although it is a bit short

dacrazzzyj 2014.07.11
reheads are so damn hot this one doesnt disappoint!

olbrich 2014.07.10
incredible gameplay, different endings and a envolving story

spartan916 2014.07.09
the game seemed too short

Ashlynn Brooke 2014.07.08
I like this game. Nice story. Nice Endings. 10/10 :)

bitz94 2014.07.08
Loved it a lot. What a Game.

mangaz 2014.07.06
relly fun games want to play more cant stop

trotskythered 2014.07.05
another great game! I realy like all of the different endings!

raiha024 2014.07.04
this is a cool game!!!...

goldy1234 2014.07.03
Very very hot game, really good storyline and challenging enough to make it interesting. Also really sexy!!

Akkin 2014.07.02
This is a good game, good graphics, good animation, good story... but i`m sorry because the story is too short. I would want to see a possibility to Tiffany to go to the harem of Ahmed from herself. And it is not possible because Megan doesn`t want to sold Tiffany to Ahmed.

sexychick432 2014.07.02
I was amazed by this game good graphic wish there were more games like this!!!....

i enjoy how the plot is good and realises my fantisies of fucking agents

xxassloverxxx 2014.06.30
i love this game hot girls good quality

bodli 2014.06.29
Good graphics, hot girl...could make it longer

ZavierX 2014.06.29
this game is truly amazing

ZavierX 2014.06.29
i like boo sucking about this game

shadowlad 2014.06.29
Great graphics and really sexy

Zzmidozz22 2014.06.28
O.O very sexy and very hot game!!!!!

porkasaur 2014.06.28
this was a pretty hot game

David95 2014.06.27
a real sexy game gave me a hard on

Drakefyre3 2014.06.27
The Females are SO sexy it`s amazing

lovert 2014.06.26
best game ever More Story pleas xD

sexycrystal1980 2014.06.24
i like to get to the next part but im always say the wrong thing lol

sexycrystal1980 2014.06.24
this is a really cool game

paisa 2014.06.24
one of the best games ive played so far

romanreigns 2014.06.23
such a good quality game.this game can play lots of times without bored

gamer21 2014.06.22
She looks like Scarlett Johansson. sooo hot

assassin456 2014.06.21
the heroine was extremely sexy kudos
i found it a little hard to finish a sex scene

nasin 2014.06.19
the graphics was good and it was one of the few games where you play the girl

Mikkatje 2014.06.17
hmmm love it too few games where you can play the girl

Mr_Mark 2014.06.17
that was a great story :) great mechanics too

Sennin 2014.06.17
fun game curious to what outcomes would happen with the different choices

doubleG 2014.06.17
Not a bad game. Hard to get the different endings though.

pikac88 2014.06.16
good graphic love the game

randy06 2014.06.16
another great sex secenes and sexy ladys and want more

Keke1992 2014.06.15
Interesting ending, I like this~

abecs 2014.06.13
great game .good ideea with the save points

anvesh21 2014.06.13
great game .... awsum graphics n nice endings

mario123445 2014.06.12
why cant i get pass to the 2 episode

wrestleyou54 2014.06.11
Very well done.. quality females.. could use save points so you don`t have to start all over every time you start over.

Copenhagen12 2014.06.11
Great detail, and graphics. Very promising story line for future installments.

gasfoot 2014.06.11
Loved the amount of interaction in this game.

baggiemanun 2014.06.10
this game took an interesting approach
not to my favor though

Obvious 2014.06.09
i would play it over and over again! 10/10

ShadowRun 2014.06.09
Nice game, great story and variety of endings

ASSGARIAN 2014.06.09
Strange game but its okay

sushmitasen 2014.06.08
Love Scarlett Johnson

cloakas 2014.06.08
Interesting game worth a play

ygg 2014.06.07
Like this game, so addicting

Krombleface 2014.06.06
Lesson of Passion makes the best games

uriele 2014.06.06
i hate giving that damn bodyguard a head. rest of the game is really enjoyable...

tombomb12 2014.06.06
great graphics and love the choices of items

REEESES 2014.06.05
Damn this game is hot, I love the women in it.

scottmcm 2014.06.05
It was hot as all games in the "Lessons of Passion"-series is.
Ending 1 was quite straightforward though ...

Verethragna 2014.06.05
lession of passion is great in every game

vandark 2014.06.05
ther is another ep? Becouse i like it.

AOK-CB 2014.06.04
Lovely game. Just for XP.

wydude05 2014.06.03
The game play was good and the women are pretty sexy it was one of my favorites.

L0L2487 2014.06.02
Its a very fun game probably one of my favorites

wessmith 2014.06.01
fun game, good story, keep putting ones like this out!

lusty22 2014.06.01
this game is super hard and long not a good game

Safsbro 2014.05.31
Cool endings . nice game

hotvoter 2014.05.30
This game drives mir crazy! Its a very very hot girl! Its right the nose and eyes are similiar with scarlett nice

nitrosonny 2014.05.30
Nice game. In particular, the plot was great. Agent 069 reminds me off those Russian spies I have always fantasized about (Anna Chapman, Natasha Romanoff (fictional - Black Widow). All in all, a great experience!!

stellamarissex 2014.05.30
i like boo sucking about this game

thefenderman 2014.05.29
is there anything not perfect about this game?

jelmer1534 2014.05.29
nice story line good game great girl

taylord125 2014.05.26
Great game the spy was very sexy and great story

Floortile 2014.05.25
Not only is the agent super hot, but completely altering the story to fit the selected gear is a master stroke.

dawer222 2014.05.25
nice storyline and greaat girl

Sexy007 2014.05.24
fun game...like having a choice in the gadgets and the impact on the story.

kenshin2103 2014.05.19
nice but check point would be nice

Bonger27 2014.05.18
Great game, only got one ending but the long time is worth it

judeo 2014.05.18
excellent story.. excellent graphics

capkirk 2014.05.18
Great game, could only get 2 endings though

sevyn 2014.05.17
this game is really good.. graphics are amazind

deffy duck 2014.05.15
great game very good graphics i like this game

smax2 2014.05.12
nice girls, and i like when the story is something different from " boy meets girl, bot fuck girl"

smax1 2014.05.12
great game. i like the games where the protagonist is a woman

AngelStorm747 2014.05.12
Nice one, atractive models and cool Agent Story, Keep up the good work.

Raio10 2014.05.11
this is an amazing game how lesson of passion keep this amazing consistency is unreal i have played each game a few times and this is one of my best.

rikou 2014.05.10
A very great game, must play

Keegan_crow 2014.05.09
I don`t really like redheads even in games but she was pretty hot. I`ll play it again!

rocky1905 2014.05.09
nice game, loved playing it

kristin121 2014.05.08
Where is the continuation of this game?

DJdick777 2014.05.07
I fucking love this game!

Petro28 2014.05.06
I can`t get ending when you have pick a gun but its not working

cavalier4 2014.05.04
the game is really good but its also a bit complicated

Mashin 2014.05.04
The endings to this one were particularly good~

AnonymousGuy12 2014.05.04
Good game and great graphics

airgear123 2014.05.02
Good graphics and gameplay .

SerenaThea 2014.05.02
wow, agent 069 ? or more like `69`. nice

lolpop101 2014.04.28
Lesson of Passion " They are The Best , The Quality and The Scenarios they make in game

lolpop101 2014.04.28
this ones ok the graphics are pretty good. I personally only go far the ending as a couple cause I could not stand sharing or whoring my wife with another guy.

sexybitches 2014.04.28
his games graphics are good and the game is wonderful

sexybitches 2014.04.28
cooll n sexy makes me horny

K Whitzz 2014.04.28
Awesome! needs more endings and characters though.

Daniel Benton 2014.04.27
Beautiful graphics, beautiful girl, this game was definitely worth the play

TheDude79 2014.04.27
Lesson of Passion " They are The Best , The Quality and The Scenarios they make in game , is Top Notch , Outstanding Job

aron5345 2014.04.24
Great game, but I`m pretty sure it broke when I was in the club in the beginning...

toddyxxx 2014.04.23
Not the best, none the less Megan makes up for it!

jstowell1 2014.04.21
this game is bloomin amazing

Iluvpussy23 2014.04.20
i love this game and it has great graphics

Iluvpussy23 2014.04.20
Great game and really good graphics

violet0317 2014.04.19
Great game but I get stuck when she is in her room.

farkas 2014.04.18
Realistic story with good graphics. I enjoy this game.

TroyLancea 2014.04.16
great game the girls is so sexy

Drko 2014.04.16
awesome game as all of this type

Czerwiol 2014.04.15
Perfect, but i only maneged to get ending No.1

shahaf 2014.04.13
great gameplay, lots of fun

RhettSF 2014.04.12
Pretty good, when you get the correct ending

drz 2014.04.12
the girl is like scarlett johansson but i don`t like the gameplay

mohd zul 2014.04.08
it a great game and it had a great grafic to

GrayTiamat187 2014.04.06
I could only get the ending where I struck out with Megan at the bar, help.

wezel87 2014.03.30
Nice grapichs
Good story en very nice gameplay

perker.drake 2014.03.30
really good game. Great storyline and one I will enjoy playing for a long time to come

aron101 2014.03.30
i wish i could fuck agent s

blue2510 2014.03.29
great graphics hot girl love games like this

amanda200 2014.03.28
peole plz give me a cheat/spoiler alert on how to win

assholefucker 2014.03.27
excellent graphics.......animation is too good....damn

Mr. Derpy 2014.03.25
My favorite LOP game! Agent 069 aka Black Widow is hottt!

raidx 2014.03.25
it is a good game and nice graphics.I love the story

rand181 2014.03.24
Game is so much fun. I love the story

Eisblume23 2014.03.23
really nice game and good story

pitexs 2014.03.23
Good game loved the super sexy succubus. Only thing that was bad was the dick up the guys
and i love play this game

djaquafresh 2014.03.22
Great graphics! Wish you didn`t have to replay for every ending...

Assurbanipal 2014.03.21
Game completed all final tried even bad endings are with great ...k, agent 69 has a great body

logan985 2014.03.21
this game is fun, is like being a sexy girl james bond

undeadzombie 2014.03.18
not very interesting at all

er22as44 2014.03.17
Played this game multiple times because the agent looks like Scar Jo and I love it.

nonsidewiper 2014.03.16
This game is a little addicting

mehranmehran 2014.03.15
really good, it make me horney , god

joy vedanta 2014.03.15
great game..it could h ave been better if the spy agent was sexy

DerFinne 2014.03.15
Good Game for everyone something - nice girls :-)

stat3425 2014.03.14
anybody with ending no 4 or 5

Arkun 2014.03.14
This is an awesome game. There haven`t been many better.

probolle 2014.03.14
Love the maid scene :) something different yet arousing

MrsBubbaC 2014.03.14
I really liked this game. The graphics were nice, I just wish there was a little more involvement with the sex scenes.

morrowmts 2014.03.14
Good game, not too difficult, fun story

anri 2014.03.13
yeah! perfect game! i want to try it again

never_machine 2014.03.13
a really good game. worth a few tries

second 2014.03.10
very nice game , love the graphics give me more of these...love it :D

YasinRahman 2014.03.10
this game is so sexy +the agent has only medium sized boobs

cakewalk 2014.03.09
Good game, I like how you get different storylines depending on what objects you pick at the start. Would be great as part of a running series with different missions.

Schwalbe 2014.03.09
Tough game, but not tough enough!

Blitzkriegbob 2014.03.09
This is a great game though the gameplay is not suitable for an "themecentered" player.

Reflektor 2014.03.08
Love the game shes so beautiful!

kizzat123 2014.03.08
The game is one of the best that I have played.

kueller 2014.03.07
Fun game, not too long.

Sonic01 2014.03.07
This is one of my favourite games of PF1

groto20 2014.03.07
nice game... tricky storyline, i enjoyed it

erpoly 2014.03.07
Awesome game..i try all ending...i very enjoy when im using long story..

motorbebek2010 2014.03.06
This is a great game though the game play is very hard

snuff110 2014.03.06
Game has good graphics, but could use better animations. I enjoyed the story and the different endings. Over all it`s a good game.

somers69 2014.03.06
fun game but it would be nice if the sex scene animations were a little better

stevenwin 2014.03.05
haha we must careful to choose what we want to say nice grapic, not so hard to play

flinstone24 2014.03.05
This game is easy as pie. Nice graphics. Looks like real.

Baronen26 2014.03.04
Abit hard, but what do you expect from a spygame. Worth it.

sam2000 2014.03.03
Its a awesome game and awesome music

Rindevar 2014.03.02
It`s kind of a spy game: it is not the easiest to end well. But you`ll get the hang of it and well, you got to play it a few times to get it right.
Nice little story though I wish it is a male agent..

cloverbeauty 2014.03.02
I really love this game it`s really fun

saquib.khan966 2014.03.02
the game was amazing loved it

snowblinder09 2014.03.02
this is one of my favourite games

wardk88 2014.03.02
nice game i would so fuck that secret agentt

TANNY02 2014.02.28

Kryrev 2014.02.27
Hard to get ending 2, but a great game none the less!

paras99 2014.02.27
i love this game amazing animation

paras99 2014.02.27
this game is truly amazing

spyder2 2014.02.27
ending 2 is impossible to get!?!?

fireraven121 2014.02.27
pretty good game kinda short though

Architect12 2014.02.27
Loved this game, a lot of options to choose from. Only got to two endings though.
But it`s a lot of fun ! Recommended ;)

ef0505 2014.02.26
the animation is very well done

lester008 2014.02.25
agent 069 is sexy and beautiful..

Hutche 2014.02.25
Great game, I really liked this one. Have to keep playing to see all the endings.

SharkCity93 2014.02.24
The main chick looks like Scar Jo.

reinz4 2014.02.23
Pretty good game, i liked the gameplay and choices that led to different endings too!

TravisKay 2014.02.23
Ahh I moved too fast and ended up losing

hanibal194 2014.02.22
this game is juste veryhot and the girls very nice !!

Kowa 2014.02.22
great story liked the game

[HD] 2014.02.22
Just the game i wanted amazing game

madmax68 2014.02.21
great adventure, loved the action

davecrow 2014.02.20
Very good gameplay. Had a hard time finding the hide under the table option for alternate ending.

desh 2014.02.20
good game. lots of endings, good music, and good graphics. Thumbs way up. need more like this

gamegambit 2014.02.20
its such a good game with great charachters

LovelyJaaaa 2014.02.20
its kind of short and i dont really get the story line

seleneee 2014.02.19
i love this game the Graphics are amazing.

littlecletus 2014.02.19
cool game wish i had been a little longer and more sex

Calvin@PlayForceOne 2014.02.19
Best Game yet, amazing character, sexy as hell.

Calvin@PlayForceOne 2014.02.19
Really Good game, good graphics, sexy woman

BeaverCB18 2014.02.19
loved the story and great graphics

1ngrav3 2014.02.19
exactly what i was hoping for, greatgrahpics jizz -

heybarbie 2014.02.19
the best game, love it. alot!

Coco912 2014.02.19
The game and graphics were good. I mean c`mon the agent looked like Scarlett Johansson, what`s not to like? Overall, though, the game was good.

sucafer 2014.02.19
Good game good story, sexy chicks.

jono81 2014.02.17
awesome game, my new favourite!

Duclong 2014.02.17
good graphic but is difficult to play

hello2003 2014.02.17
is this a series or just one game

JCHANK 2014.02.15
The graphics were good and the game it was cool

JuanHarito 2014.02.15
Best game ever, I love every part about it

rider00 2014.02.14
it was absolutely hot i love the game

worldcome 2014.02.13
Way to short even with all those interactive choises

shixblix 2014.02.13
good graphics and liked the interaction. was kind of short though, got all 3 endings pretty quickly

Quinaln 2014.02.11
Megan is really amazing! It would be great to see her in many more games.

Cacatoes 2014.02.10
The girl is really hot (Scarlett Johanson ahah), but the sex scenes aren`t all that good, and there are not enough of them

drpanda 2014.02.09
the replay is really annoying

Marty09 2014.02.08
oh man after you use the gun on maid don`t you wish there was a part where it says go back and fondle maid

Marty09 2014.02.08
the game is fun.
ending 1: just fail(either let megan get away or get to the maid and press give up and let go)
ending 2: get gps and pheremones, touch megan face and plant gps after touching, get caught by maid(happens anyway no need to worry), use pheremones, get caught by megan and ahmed
ending 3: gps and gun, knockout bouncer with gun(if you want), talk to sal, touch megan face, plant gps, use gun on maid, approach and hack terminal, go to other fun(click under the table) then wail a little longer

darrenleong124 2014.02.08
it so sexy!the graphic so nice.i like that

shyman44425 2014.02.06
Probably an ok game. Got bored trying to get past the bouncer.

Momotaru 2014.02.06
oh wow what an amazing game and that graphic

iPownBoy 2014.02.06
Love it, great graphics and a great story line.

pl0xin 2014.02.06
Pretty good game, i liked the gameplay and choices that led to different endings too!

glen69 2014.02.06
hot babe in this one wish it was longer

da388 2014.02.06
Great graphic and real sexy

Voron 2014.02.05
lss 2013.12.30
It was a good story. just wish it had some more osition in it.

Battlefield123 2014.02.05
Good game , it is easy to play either
The animation is normal , but not worst

mathias400 2014.02.04
nice game good graphics
hot girl

Rskittles 2014.02.04
pretty cool, but short.... but i loved it none the less

Leorand 2014.02.03
Slightly short but other than that a great game

asiaacocaine 2014.02.03
this game was rlly nice ! Should make more like it

hagop 2014.02.02
Good game but it was a little bit short. would have loved if it was longer.

xplayer 2014.02.02

wilsonbond 2014.02.01
this is good game,i love it

SexySarahQc 2014.02.01
I love the character and how the animation work, It`s great!

Anarchy19 2014.02.01
I couldn`t get ending 2... but other than that, this game is amazing!

myworldguru 2014.01.31
Graphical character animation is so real and good. Texture of the character is in good quality.

Horaldric98328 2014.01.31
Great game + scarlet jo look alike = Fan freaking tastic!

nspagna255 2014.01.31
great game love the girls

l462 2014.01.31
A secret agent who looks like scarlett johansson, could it get any better?

weird56 2014.01.30
involve more characters in the gameplay

weird56 2014.01.30
hell.. nice arousing game

chairman066 2014.01.30
nice game, would like more endings though

thehrca 2014.01.28
the red-haired girl is hot

msbunny1221 2014.01.27
mmmm i LOVE it! i had him pound her in the ass after she spread Megans legs and ate that pussy. then i save the world. 5 stars and two dripping wet thumbs up!

mfrank 2014.01.27
Great game, not too easy nor too short - and the graphics are stunning

goldenguy 2014.01.26
i really like this game its very enjoyable

spirek 2014.01.26
The game is preety good. I like it.

conone 2014.01.26
good game so god graphics

benamin 2014.01.26
excelent game great graphics and sexy women

2noob2pwn 2014.01.25
one of my favorite games, hot chick!

ralle105 2014.01.24
i could only get ending 1

Karanraj 2014.01.24
Best graphic and animation .Editor`s choice is really nice for me.Yeah!

lovegamesss 2014.01.23
it is too hard to play.....just trying to get to endings

Djora9 2014.01.22
Hot agent, very good game

tsps1977 2014.01.22
quick fun game with hot chicks and lots of head

navneel100 2014.01.21
I cant get past the first part with the bodyguard i get stuck on moderate

brink900 2014.01.21
Good game and sexy babes.

zenday 2014.01.20
good game very interesting scenes in it

Jomati 2014.01.20
Great game!
Good Graphics , it was fun to play!

soporific111 2014.01.20
Took me a couple of tries to beat it, but a good game nonetheless.

Domopussykilla 2014.01.19
This was a very fun game. Absolutely loved all of the endings. sex was amazing!!

daman95 2014.01.18
the storyline is very rich

totalberliner 2014.01.18
very sexy girl, great graphics too

arathor 2014.01.17
an interesting game for sure, but a little short

Anony 2014.01.17
One of the best game in this site

TheCasanova1234 2014.01.16
The gameplay was different and was actually great, and the heroine was ....... more games where we play as the woman

raider_manhc 2014.01.15
very hot game..but more endings would be nice

CJ31 2014.01.15
looks like scarlet.. good game, nice graphics

Voron 2014.01.14
she resembles scarlett johnson...nice sexy assets;;;

panorama59 2014.01.14
Hot game with sexy girl..

Lucat 2014.01.14
Entertaining, very hot, choices are... okay, wish there were a few more things to explore, but no real complaints.

wezel87 2014.01.14
Great game!
Good Graphics en it was fun to play the game!

shark101 2014.01.13
nice game and graphics thanks

Gerobaka26 2014.01.13
This is a great hot awesome game! Amazing!!

cimmeris 2014.01.13
Damn they are hot. liltle hard to notive the timing moment.

wazza2 2014.01.13
nice game and graphics

adsl 2014.01.13
really enjoy it , got all the 3 ends, the plot is funny and original, very very nice!!

maml17 2014.01.12
very nice game and hot girl

amonym 2014.01.12
an interesting game for sure, but not really my type.

Derppi 2014.01.12
Nice game but a little bit too short for my taste.

kanett 2014.01.12
Nice garphics and gameplay story, like it ;)

Sniffer83 2014.01.11
Nice! Difficult but not impossible and great scenes. :)
Good Music!

Staines 2014.01.11
Im stuck how to seduce megan

Staines 2014.01.11
Good game with great music and anime

JHKamikaze 2014.01.11
Great game! Made me very horny. Graphics were nice, too

jacklupa 2014.01.10
OH GOD It`s good game but sometimes i dont know what to choose and i fail :(

i choose pistol and money ....

bqanderson 2014.01.10
tough game, but sexy as hell

Serntez 2014.01.09
Funny concept; all in all a nice game.

cheno3556 2014.01.09
This game is awesome, one of the best i ever played.

Buttlet 2014.01.09
Great game got me nice and horny

wandres28 2014.01.09
An excellent game with good graphics, good story and very hot.

Axle27 2014.01.08
This game is great. I live the interaction with the mini games.

decemberlove24 2014.01.08
this game has amazing quality graphics with good storyline !!! i hope it has a sequel soon !!

Spar7an general 2014.01.08
this game amazing and i hope for a sequel

ppd_607 2014.01.07
Nice.. I like to play this game repeatedly

Pogi12345 2014.01.07
How do I get a lesbian ending just the agent and the girl, not the maid?

Stathis 2014.01.06
Nice game. Tiffany is very hot and beatiful-didn`t notice the resemblance with S.Johansson at first.

In my first run, I got the automatic pistol and the cash (which prove no use if you have the pistol) and I managed to get the good ending (3). Got 1 as well. Couldn`t get number 2 until I saw in the comments. Thanks.

yopyo3812 2014.01.06
one of the lastest best game on pfo, gorgeous womans especially tiffany and she s huges boobs !

ppd_607 2014.01.06
I love spy games.. great graphics

Zoreli 2014.01.06
nice game but i have played better, graphics are nice

albert1983 2014.01.06
Good Graphics and beautiful girl. I`d like it

athossico 2014.01.06
Good graphics (as usual for this development team) - fully playable.
Short? Long? thats depends on players idea.

thedarkforce 2014.01.06
this game is really good but is very short

borninmay123 2014.01.06
The graphics are good and it is nice and long which is how a game should be

latetoshow 2014.01.05
very fun and sexy love the spy stuff

tbone357 2014.01.05
yummy. Great graphics. good story.

mrf 2014.01.05
haha I failed the mission but its a damn good game

mannertt 2014.01.05
I like the setting and the name Agent 69 is funny . On the first try I obviously was to fast, because I got ab abandoned by Megan after asking to go to a more quiet room.

funledupdave 2014.01.04
Excellent game, good graphics. Nice endings

hark 2014.01.04
i like this game, nice girl and even vetter gameplay

Jello 2014.01.04
Tiffany is super hot

Only ever seem to get ending one though

sadiablo 2014.01.04
Nice! Difficult but not impossible and great scenes. :)

Valartian 2014.01.03
Great game like always, nice graphics and of course "Scarlett"

dodge15 2014.01.03
great game love the fact that she looks a lot like Scarlett Johansson that just makes the game even more enjoyable ;)

crowa4 2014.01.03
tiffany looks a lot like Scarlett Johansson. Black Widow copy

kumarakshay 2014.01.03
love the game awesome lovely best and all other words

kumarakshay 2014.01.03
play force one `s best game

kumarakshay 2014.01.03
i think i will play it everyday

kumarakshay 2014.01.03
nothing to say about the game awesome just

kumarakshay 2014.01.03
game is awesome beacause this site is best

kumarakshay 2014.01.03
love the girl and game story is good

kumarakshay 2014.01.03
love this game very nice girls nice gameplay awesome

terry2933 2014.01.03
this game have three ending

kumarakshay 2014.01.03
nice gameplay liked it very much so written 5 to 6 comments fav game

kumarakshay 2014.01.03
love this game very nice girls nice

kumarakshay 2014.01.03
very nice game best graphics soo sexy game

Hotchick21 2014.01.03
Great game I really like the diverse choices.

Potatocakes 2014.01.03
This is a really great game, love the animation

ssb2308 2014.01.02
Cool game. It has amazing grphics

ForzaLazio1900 2014.01.02
I love the story. And the girl is sexy! One of the best games!

JK03 2014.01.02
I looooved that they made Scarlet J! She`s so sexy omg. This game was great, wish there were more endings but I`m definitely satisfied

D1 2014.01.01
Great Game, loving the scarlett lookalike

brianabyrne 2014.01.01
This game is great, it has awesome graphics and is a really good story.

kirazo 2014.01.01
I wish the sex scenes were more gripping.

yassar81 2014.01.01
Great game. playforceone is the best game site i ve ever seen before...

9sNate 2014.01.01
Good game, hot girl and good endings.

zerxisk78 2013.12.31
good game can only get 2 endings though anyone else know how to get the middle ending?

hugolopes 2013.12.31
I love this game, very sexy and hot.

Sam_hood 2013.12.31
Good game, good graphic, good story

brink7000 2013.12.30
Scarlett Johannsen huh? So hot. As always I prefer more lesbian action, but this was a fun and hot!

exp1ode 2013.12.30
Girl is awesome,shoud be more games with she
Playing again and again

lss 2013.12.30
It was a good story. just wish it had some more osition in it.

Will.Daws13 2013.12.29
One of the best games ever on PF1. Great graphics, super fun story, very attractive girls. Very good sex mechanic as well, great stuff to build from!

fattihh 2013.12.29
i dont love this game because gameplay hard

marcellusi7 2013.12.29
Nice game, good graphics, wish the sex was a little more intense

Faust7 2013.12.29
Both Megan and Tiff are one of the hottest girls of LOP for quite some time! Hope there will be more of them!
And, looking how much hots has Agent S towards Megan, it`s a bummer there is no "co-opting and teaming up against evil" ending with her

Hotguy22 2013.12.28
Awsome game sexy girls i omly can say: PLay it guys

mick149 2013.12.28
found 3 possible endings!!! Good game. Took a while for a new game to come out!

garonbrown 2013.12.28
Good girls and graphics. Can`t make the boobs too big.

GangaTacabirba 2013.12.28
I prefer the solution with the gun and pheromones. The gun for the bodyguard, pheromone for the girl and again the gun for the happy ending

danihell 2013.12.28
Lesbian end:

1) Choose GPS and Feromone
2) Use GPS in the night club after touching Megan face
3) Seduce the maid using Feromones

rockitgood 2013.12.28
wow what a way to be a cop i guess lol

tallguy69 2013.12.27
Once I figures out how deep to blow the guard I found success. Fun game!

bangbangman 2013.12.27
It took several tries, but I finally found all 3 endings. It was actually quite easy to get to endings 1 & 2, but I wanted to try all combinations with the other items from the case, so I was getting ending 3 multiple times. Very simple, and a good game.

rocky65 2013.12.27
tis game site great wish we could get all to go thru

seky 2013.12.27
the game is hard I lost three times

seky 2013.12.27
I am stuck with this game

ReFLeXGoD 2013.12.27
Really fun game and yet again amazing graphics :D

pusshound 2013.12.26
Not a bad game. Girls are hot. The graphics are good. This one is more fun to lose than win. The sex scenes need to be more explicit. Winning is pretty short, but losing in different ways is worth playing a few times.

EraseMethal 2013.12.26
Nice game i found all 3 ends. Also you can get 3nd end by 2 ways. How?
1st proper talk with sally
2nd instal sally gps tracker but talk with her 1st
Hawe nice game.

ania_F 2013.12.26
Agent S looks like Scarlett Johansson .
I like it.

croner 2013.12.26
nice graphic but too short

lolurfather 2013.12.25
Another great game by LOP!

voiddd 2013.12.24
this game is awesome.can`t wait for more games like that

C.C. 2013.12.24
Finally reached ending1. Still not what I`d like. I`ll try other routes.

C.C. 2013.12.23
No problem getting 2 and 3. Still working on one.

kimokono 2013.12.23
it is a good game and nice graphics

agulubuguluxde 2013.12.23
good gameplay and easy one.

C.C. 2013.12.23
Found 2 endings so far. Not one that I really like yet. I`ll keep trying. This is a bit short though.

danigonz 2013.12.23
I really love thise one. This kind of adventure game is my favourite. The sex scenes are really well integrated, and the control system is really intuitive. Really a great improvement.

And I really loved the main character, that gorgeous Scarlett-Johanson-like super spy. I hope this wont be her last adventre: she deserves her own series of games!

RDusk035 2013.12.23
This is a great game though the game play is very hard

dsa72409 2013.12.23
Fun game, quite nice. It could actually be longer and somewhat more involved and be a premium game.

oranjeboven 2013.12.23
Nice game, but too short.
could be much better.

Covo123 2013.12.22
Great game - but tough to figure out the first few times

ringknot 2013.12.22
The graphics and gameplay are getting better and better from LOP, pity that its a short plot. Looking forward to more of their premium games and updates.

Yozzy13 2013.12.22
So many ways to get to various endings! It was quite easy though :)

boobwiser 2013.12.22
good game, great graphics bit more raunch would`ve been nice though

Livestrong 2013.12.21
Nice storry with great girls. Also is the music lovely

Hotguy29126 2013.12.21
Absolutely a great and hot game!! NICEE!!!

electro*** 2013.12.21
Amazing game I like it very much...

Boob Girl12 2013.12.21
This Was Brilliant Game I Like To Play It Again

adsl 2013.12.21
good game. the grafics good, a little short.

Absal 2013.12.21
Like most of the games here its fun and has great graphics. Still trying to find more endings

Absal 2013.12.21
i like this game is very sexy

xmarianx 2013.12.21
i wanna more games like that and one question where is the ending 2

HarrietGarmin 2013.12.21
Can`t Find Ending 2 But Brilliant Game Very Impressed Nicer If A Little Longer

spykiller 2013.12.20
Good game and nice graphics

umywalka 2013.12.20
how to get ending with sex with ahmed and megan?

matthiasdk3 2013.12.20
good graphics nice and good story lind

hunted 2013.12.20
Good Graphics Good story
line but too short

ltworf1 2013.12.20
good game, wish there was more then 3 endings

Bezgreshen 2013.12.20
Like most of the games here its fun and has great graphics. Still trying to find more endings, but like most of the games from lessonofpassion its worth the time and effort to see more.

63ted 2013.12.20
Good graphics for a short easy game.

Ricoh124 2013.12.19
great mix of danger and sex

JuggaloPat69 2013.12.19
Great game, excellent gameplay

mahebass89 2013.12.19
sexy game i love it......................

thebestcrapule 2013.12.19
Agent S looks really like Scarlett Johansson. Really tempting and really nice graphics.

Alex_12 2013.12.19
sooooo excited to play this game

jcc1985 2013.12.19
great game great graphics wish it was alittle longer

stefano71 2013.12.19
quite nice, not one of the best, but quite nice

Slayer091997 2013.12.18
i love this game it has such good graphics but wish it was longer

JustJeff722 2013.12.18
Good game, but longer would be much better!

Badvoc 2013.12.18
Good but not great, graphically exceptional as always however it was a bit too short for me. Could have been a 90 if it had been longer but I`ll settle for an 80.

qweasd1 2013.12.18
Agent S is the best LOP character ever! MORE OF HER, PLEASE!!!

androsjy 2013.12.18
Thanks to Soveriegn for Ending 2, but for Ending 3, you can have multiple ways to get that... Guys, you can explore it with other items combination.

Mmaster 2013.12.18
it is good story and graph, thats why i used 85. but it is too short and so less ending to find :(

s@nt!no 2013.12.18
Nice, little game. I hope to see this become an on-going series.


bing6541 2013.12.18
You can also achieve ending 3 differently. It involves having sex with both Megan and Ahmed. Take sleeping pills from the inventory at the beginning.

Jaaru 2013.12.18
Nice lookin new game, liked it.

Calvin07 2013.12.18
One thing I can`t understand here and on other gamesites were u need to use your brain is people like joc11 that 1 day after a games release are shouting for a walkthrough.

FFS TRY FOR YOUSELF or are people so impatiente that they need to finish everything in 1 minute ??

This kind of games u really don`t need to be Einstein to solve. In the first attempt I press option A and play, if I get a ending the next time I press option B and see if I get a different result. If not I press option C and soo on.

The only thing u need is some sort of patientce. Would like to see those people play Zork ! or Myst back in those days were a walkthrough coulden`t be found on Internet for years. Propably they would commit suicide instead of trying

Djora9 2013.12.18
Great graphic and animation but a bit short

Soveriegn 2013.12.18
In order to get ending 2 and 3, you need to put the gps tracker on megan at the club AFTER you touch her head, but before you touch her leg. Seduce the maid at the hotel, you can use the pheromones here, and when you get to the room, don`t hide for ending 2 and hide under the table for ending 3.

androsjy 2013.12.18
Walkthroughs for ending 2 ? Anyne mind to share ?

mrcoolerz 2013.12.18
managed to get all 3 endings... click under the table to hide in the next room (after you hacked the terminal)

network22 2013.12.18
Excellent graphics and great story. Would love a walkthrough.

multiplex_1 2013.12.18
great game. is the agent suppose to be Black Widow from the Avengers?

Ending 1: Have sex with megan and her guy.
Ending 2: Get caught by megan and her guy.
Ending 3: Go into the next room and wait for them to have sex.

all three endings can be done with tracker and gun.

teo1193 2013.12.18
I just get the second ending, it`s a good game, but I wanna get all the endings, some advices for the rest??

jdillon250 2013.12.18
good graphics. Gameplay is ok. Hot girls.

Asher101 2013.12.18
This is a really good game
the graphics are amazing and the storyline is great as well
10/10 for this

kouklos 2013.12.18
really nice game, nice graphics and song

toshkino 2013.12.17
This game is really cool. Graphics are amazing.

joc11 2013.12.17
Sexy game but would love a walk through soon!

eagleata 2013.12.17
Good game good story, sexy chicks. thnx pf1

jimbornk 2013.12.17
really enjoy it , got all the 3 ends, the plot is funny and original, very very nice!!

Killian 2013.12.17
What should i do when get caught hacking terminal?

Man Of Steel 2013.12.17
to get the second ending get the pheromones and gps but dont use the vial until the maid comes, and get caught

Man Of Steel 2013.12.17
I was able to get to the maid but nothing happened
anyone know if anythings possible there or no?

ashish0808 2013.12.17
she resembles scarlett johnson...nice sexy assets;;;

pruha07 2013.12.17
the quick and short game from the manufacturer, but the red-haired girl "sweetie"

ikarichinji 2013.12.17
I love song it very beautiful

vlad01 2013.12.17
Is it me, or does Tiffany look just like Scarlett Johansson?

alei 2013.12.17
Ending 2: use GPS and pheromnes

walcolo 2013.12.17
I had to click on slap his ass and shout YOLO.
Sadly there was no eater egg

joek0 2013.12.17
Another great game by LOP!

secretadmirer100 2013.12.17
yay!!!new game!!!great and nice game...

bing6541 2013.12.17
Bug? Blowjob on the bouncer wouldn`t move past MODERATE.

X.man 2013.12.17
it was absolutely Hot !
and i coudn`t get second Ending 2 !!

androsjy 2013.12.17
Anyone able to get Ending No.2 ? I able to get Ending 1 & 3 only...

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